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by Daniel Balcombe (daniel.balcombe@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review:

Detective Rivers and his Partner Detective Lachson investigate the brutal and mysterious murder of two Police Officers in a back alleyway. Upon investigation they discover something far more sinister and terrifying then they could ever imagine. A work in progress, your constructive criticism is welcomed :)

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


                                         BLACK SCREEN:
"Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not
come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin
is revealed, the Son Of Perdition"
                                         FADE IN:
A City Skyline covered in rain and cloud. Buildings tall and
monolithic in the dark night sky.
We move down the buildings until we are on Street Level. A
empty street corner that leads to alleyways.

In the alleyway above a chained off door a light flickers
and snaps off.

After a moment a MANHOLE cover is blown into the air
followed by a large puff of smoke.
                                         CUT TO:
Rain drowns the street, no motion, no cars in sight. Just
rain flying onto the concrete ground. The buildings
surrounding the streets are cloaked in rain. Street lights
fight through the downpour as does the occasional store
A police car turns into the street, slowly driving,
cautiously, headlights beam through the thick rain.
OFFICER SIMPSON mid Twenties, good looking sits behind the
wheel driving the car, fully focused on the road in front of

OFFICER LUKA Late fourties sits next to him in the passenger
seat, both in Police uniforms, both staring into the
downpour ahead of them.


                       OFFICER SIMPSON
- You know what Luka, I'm just not
really a big fan of the place.
                       OFFICER LUKA
How can you not be a fan of it?
                       OFFICER SIMPSON
It's a old city that has a big
tower in the middle of it. Nothing
                       OFFICER LUKA
Come on Simpson, you have to be
one of the only people to say that
about Paris. You know it's the
City of Love right?
The car stops at a red light. Both officers look around.
                       OFFICER SIMPSON
City of Love? I didn't feel the
love over there. I just saw
Graffiti and pick pockets.
                       OFFICER LUKA
Well I guess each to their own.
                       OFFICER SIMPSON
Ye, definitely wasn't my favorite
place overseas.
                       OFFICER LUKA
What was?
They start driving again as the light turns green.
                       OFFICER SIMPSON
I really liked Austria, probably
because of the schnapps.
                       OFFICER LUKA
Of course! Did you do anything but
drink when you were over there?
                       OFFICER SIMPSON
What else is there to do?
                       OFFICER LUKA
I don't know. Maybe see the world.
Taste different things.


                       OFFICER SIMPSON
I tasted lots of different things.
Don't you worry.
The car starts to buckle and choke as LUKA grabs a stiff
hold of the steering wheel.
                       OFFICER SIMPSON
What's going on Luka?
                       OFFICER LUKA
I don't know, looks like it might
be the battery.
They pull the car over to the side of the road and come to a
complete stop. A 'check engine' light blinks on the
                       OFFICER LUKA
                       OFFICER SIMPSON
Awesome, stuck in the middle of a
monsoon with a dead car.
                       OFFICER LUKA
Well, that's why they gave us
SIMPSON picks up a radio connected to the dashboard and
speaks into it.
                       OFFICER SIMPSON
      (into radio)
This is car P43 we are stuck on
Eastern Street. Car seems to be
broken down.
Nothing comes back from the radio, no static just silence.

SIMPSON tries again.
                       OFFICER SIMPSON
      (into radio)
Dispatch this is car P43 we have
broken down on Eastern Street and
request a pick up.
Nothing comes back through the radio.
                       OFFICER SIMPSON
I think it's dead.


                       OFFICER LUKA
Shit, try your hand held.
They both pull radios off their shoulders and press a
button, they do not turn on or make a sound.
                       OFFICER SIMPSON
What the?
                       OFFICER LUKA
Everything is dead.
All the street lights and store fronts surrounding them shut
off in unison leaving complete darkness over the street.
                       OFFICER SIMPSON
                       OFFICER LUKA
God damn storm.
                       OFFICER SIMPSON
What do we do?
                       OFFICER LUKA
Well let's see if we can find
anyone or if any of these shops
are open. See if we an make
contact with dispatch.
                       OFFICER SIMPSON
Go for a walk?
                       OFFICER LUKA
A bit of water never hurt ya did
                       OFFICER SIMPSON
My uniform is going to be drenched
for the rest of our shift.
LUKA passes SIMPSON a raincoat. SIMPSON lets out a awkward
                       OFFICER LUKA
This should do the trick.
                                         CUT TO:


LUKA and SIMPSON are now standing next to the patrol car.
Their flashlights barely pierce the thick rain surrounding
                       OFFICER LUKA
Let's find some cover and asses
what's going on.
The officers walk forward in the pouring rain. Shielding
their eyes as they walk to a small covering in front of a
building. Underneath shields them from the rain as they look
                       OFFICER SIMPSON
Everything is completely dead out
                       OFFICER LUKA
Well it is 2am on a Wednesday
morning. Not exactly the right
time for a booming nightlife and
add in the rain.
They search through the rain for any sign of movement or
                       OFFICER SIMPSON
What should we do? Can't see
anyone passing by right?
LUKA looks up and down the street, nothing can be seen but
the hard rain and the faint outline of the surrounding
                       OFFICER LUKA
Well, try and find someone awake
around here with a phone I guess.
They leave the small shelter and walk through the rain. In
the distance a silhouette moves quickly through the rain.
SIMPSON notices that faint outline as it moves quickly down
an alleyway.
                       OFFICER SIMPSON
Hey Luka, you see that?
                       OFFICER LUKA
See what?


                       OFFICER SIMPSON
I think I just saw someone go down
the Alleyway just up there.
                       OFFICER LUKA
Probably just a homeless guy.
They continue to walk down the foot path. They get to the
alley and SIMPSON shines his flashlight down there looking,
not a lot can be seen in the darkness.

A loud SHREIK - deafening and high pitched cuts through the
sound of the rain as SIMPSON and LUKA jump back startled
holding their ears.
                       OFFICER SIMPSON
Holy shit what was that.
                       OFFICER LUKA
Down the alley, let's move.
SIMPSON and LUKA take off down the alley way, guns drawn
flashlights ahead of them. Water smashing all around them.
They run around some dumpsters and get to a dead end. Their
flashlights shine all over the dead end revealing nothing
but trash, graffiti and walls.
                       OFFICER SIMPSON
No one is here.
                       OFFICER LUKA
Then who the hell made that noise?
Behind SIMPSON and LUKA, a FIGURE rises as they are both
unaware. They walk forward, kicking through some discarded

SIMPSONS flashlight cuts in and out. He shakes it looking at
it as it cuts off completely, the same happens to LUKAS
flashlight complete darkness takes over.
                       OFFICER SIMPSON
You got to be kidding me, Luka
where are you?
LUKA doesn't reply, just the sound of rain and thud from a
flashlight hitting the ground.
                       OFFICER SIMPSON
A loud snap is heard, followed by a scream footsteps and
then another loud THUD.


                                         CUT TO CREDITS:
                                         FADE IN:
An alarm clock sits in a dark room reading 4:15am.

A phone starts to ring, after a moment of silence in the
darkness a light flicks on.

DETECTIVE JOHNNY RIVERS sits up half asleep in a bed,
rubbing his eyes as he reaches for a ringing mobile phone.

The room surrounding him is unkempt. A cigarette tray sits
piled with butts of previous cigarettes and a empty bottle
of JACK is discarded on the nightstand next to the buzzing
He picks up the phone and answers it.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Shit, alright.
                                         CUT FORWARD:
Pouring down rain, the early morning sun fights throw the
thick clouds.

The rain has slowed a little, not much.

DETECTIVE RIVERS is now walking down a street. He is wearing
a long trench coat covering his suit. The rain pours over
him as he walks to a blocked off Alley way surrounded by
Police Cars and Officers.

He doesn't seem phased by the rain, in fact his looks almost
relaxed as it pours over him.
OFFICER ROBINSON stands in the entrance to the alleyway. His
a young baby faced police officer. In front of him is a line
of police and some people with cameras asking questions.

ROBINSON notices RIVERS and signals for him.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
Detective Rivers?


                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Ye, that's me.
RIVERS pushes through the MEDIA and the POLICE line and
meets up with ROBINSON.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
Great Sir, I'm Officer Robinson.
your partner is already down the
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Care to fill me in on the details?
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
No problem, let me take you too
the bodies.
OFFICER ROBINSON starts to walk down the Alley way, Rivers
follows him.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
Two bodies found sir. It's really
messed up down there Detective.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Do we know who the victims are?
OFFICER ROBINSON stops and turns to RIVERS.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
Yes, Officer Simpson and Officer
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Police Officers?
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
Yes Sir.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
Ye, you don't even know the half
of it.
They continue to walk down the alley and turn a corned as
they get to a small group of Forensic Officers who have set
up large Umbrellas and Tarps to try and cover the scene.

Two white sheets cover the bodies on the ground. Blood has


soaked through onto the concrete but has mostly been washed
away due to the rain.

DETECTIVE LACHSON (36) wearing a gray trench coat and a suit
walks out from behind a bin holding a severed head with
plastic gloves on.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Whose head is this?
A couple of officers look away disgusted. DETECTIVE LACHSON
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Seriously I just found this, whose
head is this. Both of the officers
have their heads intact, this one
not so much.
LACHSON puts the head down next to the bodies and takes off
his gloves.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Not something you wish to see
Shit Rivers you manage to slither
out of bed this morning?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Two police officers dead, what do
you expect, you find anything?
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Nope nothing, everything is pretty
much washed out due to the rain
RIVERS and LACHSON bend down next to the bodies and peel
back the sheet revealing the officers bodies.

Their bodies are spilt from their groin to neck, leaving a
bloody empty cavity where their internal organs should be.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Someone did a number on these two.
No shots were fired but their guns
were drawn so something must have
spooked them.


                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
No struggle, no shots, no organs
left in the victims and a random
severed head.
LACHSON stands up.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Days like today make me really
question why I became a detective.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Ye someones gotta do it, might as
well be us.
RIVERS gets up and walks around the scene. Water has soaked
everything, rubbish piles and bins line the alley.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Where should we start?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
No lights down here, perfect place
to lure someone you want to kill
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
How would someone lure a couple
cops out of their car and down
this alley. Especially in this
kind of weather at that time of
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
That's what we got to try and
figure out.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Well, there's nothing here.
Everything's washed out. All we
got is their bodies and the head.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Yeah, maybe.
Officer come here.
Officer Robinson walks over.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
I need you to contact the City
Council and see if we can get any
footage from the Traffic Cams they


                       DETECTIVE RIVERS (cont'd)
have set up in the surrounding
couple of blocks alright.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
No problem Detective.
ROBINSON walks away.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
You think we might see the perp?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
We'll we got cameras at every set
of lights and theres a set on
either side of the Alley.
Something must have been picked
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Ok great. So, why did the officers
get out of their car and walk down
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Have you checked the car?
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
It was towed away earlier this
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Towed? So it wasn't working
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Shit. So you think someone planned
for this to happen? But how? How
does someone shut down a police
car, without being noticed once.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
That's what we are going to find
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Before we do that, I'm starved you
want to grab a bite to eat?
Forensics are going to clean
everything up and the bodies will
be taken to the Morgue to be
examined. Might as well kill some
time till then right?


                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Shit Lachson. We just discovered
two dead bodies and a severed head
and the first thing you think
about is eating? What's wrong with
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Hey, a mans gotta eat right?
                                         CUT FORWARD:
A small diner, a couple of people scattered around not a lot
though. The rain continues to pour outside, smacking up
against the diner windows.

RIVERS and LACHSON sit in a booth. They both have bacon and
eggs in front of them and LACHSON is reading a paper. RIVERS
is constantly dragging on a cigarette.

A TV hangs on the wall of the Diner - The murders are being
reported as LACHSON looks at the screen.
      (ON TV)
Two Police Officers where found in
the early hours of the morning,
brutally murder. Their bodies were
found dismembered and mutilated
that left the bodies almost
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Jesus Christ, the story is already
picked up.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
What do you expect? Reporters pay
good money for info like that.
DETECTIVE REDMOND (40) looking tired and worse for wear
walks into the diner completely drenched. He walks over to
the booth where RIVERS and LACHSON are sitting down.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Holy shit, Redmond you're back!
REDMOND sits down.


                       DETECTIVE REDMOND
Not quite yet guys, got a couple
more weeks off just thought I
would take some time around the
place, clean up and move things
around. You know, a fresh start.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
How's it all going?
                       DETECTIVE REDMOND
Slow and steady. Still all seems a
bit surreal.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
All in good time Redmond.
A waitress pours a coffee for REDMOND
                       DETECTIVE REDMOND
      (a beat)
So you guys working the new case
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Word gets around quick these days
doesn't it?
                       DETECTIVE REDMOND
Isn't that always the way?
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Yep. Media gets a hold of
something then blow it up as per
usual. Funny isn't it?
REDMOND looks the worse for wear, like he hasn't slept in
days. RIVERS notics this as REDMOND slowly rolls a plate
around on the table in front of him.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
You sure everything is alright
Redmond? You look like you haven't
slept in days.
                       DETECTIVE REDMOND
I don't sleep much now. Got these
nightmares runnning through my
head constanly.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
How's the Counseling going?


                       DETECTIVE REDMOND
Oh you know. Same old same old.
Take these pills and go on a
vacation. Shit like Hawaii is
going to bring them back right?
RIVERS and LACHSON look at eachother. Not sure what to say.
REDMOND notices this.
                       DETECTIVE REDMOND
Don't worry about it guys, you
have bigger fish to fry right?
This new guy you got. You think
it's serious?
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Serious enough to have the captain
yelling down the phone at 4am in
the morning to get my ass up and
get to the scene.
                       DETECTIVE REDMOND
You got anything on the perp yet?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Not a lot to go off due to the
rain, practically washes
everything away. But we found two
bodies of Officers and also a
unidentified severed head.
                       DETECTIVE REDMOND
A severed head?
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Ye. Think it's a homeless guy but
can't be too sure until we get
some dental records checked out.
                       DETECTIVE REDMOND
You think this guy is a pro?
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Well to be able to do that to two
officers without one getting a
shot off. The perp knows what his
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
There was not a lot left at the
scene. The god damn rain washed
everything away. The bodies are
going back to be examined now.


                       DETECTIVE REDMOND
Well, I don't envy you guys.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Who the hell would right?
                       DETECTIVE REDMOND
I guess that's what make you guys
like us one of kind ye?
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Or just to Stupid to realise what
it is we've got ourselves into.
                       DETECTIVE REDMOND
Anyway guys. I'm going to be
heading home. Got a couple of
things to sign off on so I can
figure out the life insurance
payments from Matilda.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Let us know if you need anything
alright. You're not alone in all
REDMOND downs the cup of coffee, stands up and shakes both
of the Detectives hands.
                       DETECTIVE REDMOND
Be smart out there and stay safe.
If we have some nut running around
trying to pick of the force, you
guys need to stay steely.
REDMOND leaves the DINER. Disappearing into the downpour.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Poor bastard. I don't know how he
is keeping it together.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
By the looks of things, not that
A mobile phone begins to ring. RIVERS pulls it out from his
trench coat pocket.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Ok, we will be there in 10.


RIVERS closes the phone and has another bite of his
breakfast, takes a big sip of coffee and stands up. LACHSON
looks confused.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
What they ready already?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
No rest for the wicked.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
I haven't even finished my...
      (RIVERS has
       already made his
       way for the exit.)
Shit ye, no worries I got this
LACHSON throws some money down on the table and finishes the
last bit of his coffee as he gets up to leave.
                                         CUT TO:
The police officers bodies lie naked on two metal tables in
a morgue.

DR DRAVET an older man in a lab coat and wearing glasses
sits reading a chart as LACHSON and RIVERS walks into the
                       DR DRAVET
Ah Detectives, I can see they have
two of the finest working the
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Doc, not every day two dead police
officers turn up with an extra
severed head.
                       DR DRAVET
Ah yes, the mystery head that was
found at the scene.
DRAVET pulls out the head and places it next to the bodies.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
What you find Doc?


                       DR DRAVET
Let's start with the head. The
incision that was made was one
clear swipe, hard to say what with
due to the rain and the fact that
the cut is so clean it is as
though it practically fell off.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Fell off?
                       DR DRAVET
Obviously Detective that didn't
happen. Someone cut it off with
such precision, delicacy but with
great strenght.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Have we identified whose head it
                       DR DRAVET
Yes we have. A homeless man by the
name of Rodney Shorts. 45, no
known family and a small list of
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Any connection to the officers?
                       DR DRAVET
Nope. I'm guessing maybe just the
wrong place at the wrong time.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Then where is his body?
                       DR DRAVET
Isn't that why you guys get paid
the big bucks?
LACHSON chuckles.
                       DR DRAVET
Interesting enough no blood is
left within the head. Completely


                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
So it's been cut off for a while?
                       DR DRAVET
Not quiet.
      (turning head over)
The head was Decapitaed after the
Officers were killed. You can see
here, a small circular incision on
the base of the neck, seems like a
surgical tool is used to drain the
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Jesus Christ Rivers. We've got
ourselves a real piece of work
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
What we got on the Officers?
                       DR DRAVET
Ah yes, the officers. What I have
found so far
      (turning one of
       their heads)
Two small incisions made on the
base of the neck, like the head.
From the base of the neck to the
groin, they are completely sliced
open and no internal organs are
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
All internal organs are gone?
                       DR DRAVET
No trace. And no blood left
anywhere. It's almost as though
their bodies were harvested and
DRAVET rolls over the right leg of SIMPSON showing a large
incision. He presses his finger into gash.
                       DR DRAVET
The Femoral Artery, one of the
major arteries in the body, should
realistic have blood still in it
right now due to the time of the
death, but as you can see by
pressing on it the body has been
completely drained of every drop


                       DR DRAVET (cont'd)
of blood.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
How does someone do that? Drain
someones body completely of blood.
                       DR DRAVET
By cutting this Artery is a good
way of doing it, but it would not
happen so quick. I believe the
incision at the base of the neck
might has something to do with it,
but honestly there is not a lot to
work off. We are dealing with
someone who knows medical
procedures, knows their way around
the structure of our bodies and
the right places to cut in order
to drain the bodies.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Dr Octopus.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
You know the evil doctor from
Spiderman, eight legs, crawls
around killing people.
Ok then not funny, mental note
                       DR DRAVET
I believe you've got someone
different on your hands here
Detectives. Someone calm enough
and confident enough to take on
two police officers and from close
range and not even bat an eyelid.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
A real nutbag.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Calculated psychopath is probably
more clinically correct Lachson.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Ye well as far as I am concerned,
this guy is a nutbag.


                       DR DRAVET
Well Detectives on that note, I
will leave you to it for now and I
will give you my full reports once
I've conducted a full examination.
                                         CUT TO:
A Bullpin sits with Uniformed officers moving inbetween

RIVERS and LACHSON sit in the bullpen opposite each other at

LACHSONS desk is messy with files and paper scattered across
it. RIVERS desk is much cleaner and organised. A cigarette
hangs from his mouth as he inhales and exhales without
taking it out

They are both searching through files.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
You got anything?
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Nope. Nothing matching what we got
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
You would think with so many cold
cases something would jump out at
us. Nothing.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Since when has anything in a case
ever just 'jumped out at us'
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
You remember the Melrose case?
That practically solved itself.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
That was pure luck. And stupidity
on the perps part.


                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Ye taking a pee in the house where
you just killed a family isn't a
smart move right?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Espically when you cannot aim
A mobile phone starts to ring, RIVERS picks it up.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
      (into phone)
Ok thanks Officer.
RIVERS puts the phone down.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
That was Officer Robinson
regarding the patrol car. Battery
is completely fried and they found
something else in the car under
the Battery cover.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
What they find?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
A note.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
A note?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Let's go and check it out, the
patrol car is down the Yard.
RIVERS and LACHSON get up and leave the building.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
This just keeps getting better and
                                         CUT TO:
A packed out POLICE car yard. The rain is still pouring as
RIVERS and LACHSON run from their car to a GARAGE.


STENSON (51) a mechanic stands under the bonnet of the
police car working on it.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
STENSON turns around startled, grease covered overalls.
Oh Detectives, you scared me.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Just one of those days I guess.
Ye, with the Police being killed,
don't know how safe we all are.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
What you find with the car?
Well the Battery is completely
fried, that's why it ain't
starting and of course the note
that was found.
STENSON walks over to a table and picks up a plastic sleeve
and hands it to RIVERS.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
      (To Rivers)
Completely fried? What the hell
does that?
No idea what coulda done this to
this car. Maybe lighting hit it
but the outside would be destroyed
too. Ain't you guys the
The letter was addressed to a
LACHSON and RIVERS look at each other, then down at the
letter which is blood stained brown paper.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
The Phlegethon seeps through the
souls of all who bleed. Redmond


                       DETECTIVE RIVERS (cont'd)
the seas will part as your blood
boils to the depths of the Sacred.
The Son Of Predition.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
I told you, Nutbag.
Whose Redmond?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
A fellow Detective, Lachson get on
the phone to the station and tell
someone to get to Redmond's
apartment asap.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Yes boss.
LACHSON walks away and takes out his mobile. RIVERS puts the
letter into a pocket.
Pretty scary stuff right?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Ye. Maybe.
So what's all it mean anyway?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
I don't know yet, but I think
we're going to find out. Can you d
o a full report on the car and
what may have caused it to stop.
We've got a friend to check up on.
                                         CUT TO:
REDMOND walks into a dark apartment. It is messy but
livable. He throws his keys down on a table and walks into a
kitchen. On the fridge are photos of REDMOND with a women
and two young girls. He stares at the photos before he opens
the fridge and pulls out a beer. He looks at the beer.
                       DETECTIVE REDMOND
It's warm.


REDMOND checks the fridge and no power is running through
it. He flicks a light switch near the entrance to the
kitchen and nothing happens. He flicks it on and off
                       DETECTIVE REDMOND
Powers out.
REDMOND walks out of the kitchen and looks out a window. The
rain is still pouring down.
                       DETECTIVE REDMOND
I miss you girls, more than you
will ever know.
REDMOND closes the blind which brings darkness over the
room. He turns and starts to walk when he stops.

He notices the door to the apartment is now open. After a
moment from behind REDOMND, the FIGURE appears and throws
him backwards, the beer bottle he was holding smashes on the
ground. The FIGURE moves in the darkness, quickly as REDMOND
crawls into his BEDROOM and slams the door shut and locks it
quickly. The DOOR is hit hard and buckles. REDMOND gets up
and runs to a cupboard, opens the door and reaches to the
top shelf and pulls out a box. He opens the box and pulls
out a REVOLVER. The door is hit again this time a HINGE
flies off.

REDMOND loads the revolver just as the door bursts open and
through the darkness the FIGURE moves quickly and grabs him
lifting him off his feet and throws him into the opposite
wall, cracking the plaster.

REDMOND drops the gun and slumps to the ground. He slowly
rises his heads just as the FIGURE still cloaked in darkness
steps in front of him.
                       DETECTIVE REDMOND
What the fuck are...
                                         CUT TO BLACK:
A knock on a door. Then Silence. Another knock.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS (OS)
Redmond, this is Rivers are you in
                                         CUT IN:
We are on the door, it's locked.


Another knock, this time louder. Silence, no movement.
Suddenly the door is kicked in and RIVERS, LACHSON run in
guns and flashlight drawn followed by three uniformed police
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Redmond, are you here?
Lachson search the bedroom,
Officers search the other rooms.
LACHSON moves over to the bedroom and notices the door is
missing. He walks into the room, flashlight drawn and his

REDMOND'S body is slumped in the corner of the room. His
revolver is near him and his abdomen is completely cut open.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
                                         CUT FORWARD
Officers and Forensic Officers are scattered throughout the
apartment as RIVERS and LACHSON examine the bedroom.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
No signs of forced entry.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
How the hell did the Perp get in.
Door was locked. Windows are
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Looks like they just appeared in
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
There was enough time for Redmond
to get to his weapon. So he must
have saw him coming.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Obviously not soon enough.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
God damn it Redmond who did this.
RIVERS bends down over the body of REDMOND. He notices the
same small incision on the base of the neck that the
previous victims had.


                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
It's got to be the same guy right.
Same incision on the base of the
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Well incisions are identical to
that of the Officers, no blood
seems to be present and all
internal organs appear to be
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
It's the same guy isn't it.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Power is out too.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Jesus. Two separate murders in as
many days, someones got a hell of
a Vendetta against the Force.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
That's going to be a hard one to
crack. Half of this god damn City
probably hates the Force with the
amount of crime and drugs it's
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
I don't get it though. How is
someone getting so damn close to
trained officers and how the hell
are they cutting out the god damn
power to only effect their
victims. I mean no one else has
power out in the apartment
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
That's what we need to find out,
we need something.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
There's nothing here Rivers.
Forensic have found nothing that
isn't Redmond. No finger prints,
no hair, nothing. No entry points,
no murder weapon. No fucking


                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
There has got to be something
here, a note a letter. They left
it at the last scene. Another has
to be here somewhere.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Assuming it is even their MO.
RIVERS and LACHSON search the room. Searching through
drawers everywhere.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
There's nothing Rivers.
RIVERS leaves the bedroom and walks around the apartment.
Looking around at anything unusual. He gets to the fridge
and looks at it. He notices a piece of brown paper sticking
out behind a photo stuck on the fridge. RIVERS pulls out a
plastic glove and puts it on, he takes the picture of the
fridge and a note falls to the ground.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Lachson, I found it
LACHSON walks into the room as RIVERS unfolds the note.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
What's it say this time?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Massacre - The Son Of Predition
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Really? That's it. No names
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
That's it.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
So I'm guessing he is planning
something big for this Phlegethon
thing he is talking about.
RIVERS slams his fist against the fridge.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
What the fuck does this all mean!
Son of Predition, Phlegethon,
Blood River. It's all bullshit.


                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
For all that we know it could mean
nothing at all. Could just be the
writings of some fucking guy
sitting in his room jacking off
over a picture of Satan or
                       DR DRAVET
The Son Of Predition is another
name for Satan basically.
Phlegethon I'm not so sure of.
DR DRAVET stands behind them.
                       DR DRAVET
I can't believe Redmond is gone.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Doc, so it is some Satan
worshipping sicko then.
                       DR DRAVET
Well I can only assume so, I mean
I haven't really studied it or
anything like that.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
I know someone who has.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Come on Rivers are you serious?
The kid is a freak and his Boss is
just as bad.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
We got two dead officers, a
severed head, a dead detective and
demonic notes left at the scene
with no explanation, no witnesses
and no sense. What else do we do?
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Bacca Morrison is a stoned out
scatter brain who reads too many
comics and watches too many


                       DR DRAVET
Bacca Morrison? Doesn't he work
with Rabario Martinez?
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Exactly. Rabario is even worse,
all witch craft and demonology. I
heard he drained the blood of ten
lizards to stop a girl from being
possed by a demon or something. He
is a freak.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Freak or not, we have nothing to
go off and all signs are pointing
to someone who knows what they
might know.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Come on Rivers, we are Detectives
this is our job not some witch
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Ye and what do we have?
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Are you being serious Rivers? Like
you are seriously considering
going to Rabario Martinez for help
on a case?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
What else you want to do? Wait
around for one of us to be
attacked and hope we can stop him?
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Rabario and Bacca are too stoned
to know what the fuck to do. This
is what we trained for isn't it?
RIVERS looks at LACHSON and then at DRAVET.
                       DR DRAVET
Hey I'm just a Doctor you two are
the Detectives.
                                         CUT TO:


A new day in the city as rain continues pouring down over
the city. A large tree filled park sits in the middle of the

BACCA MORRISON a young man sits underneath a Gazebo on his
own flicking through a comic book - Slaine - Demon Killer.

Next to BACCA is a small ashtray with a lit joint burning
away. He puffs on the joint.
TWO men approach through the rain carrying umbrellas and a
back pack each, they get to the gazebo where BACCA is.

RUPPIE & JACKIE, two bikie looking guys sit down opposite
BACCA and place the back packs in front of him.
You guys took a while.
The rain slows the whole fucking
City down.
It's always the way isn't it when
it rains. People always seem to
just be doing everything a little
bit slower than usual.
JACKIE notices the joint.
You just smoke that in public?
Not usually but look around you,
no one is here and the rain pretty
much covers me up from the street.
Anyway we got the stuff for
Everything as planned?
RUPPIE opens one of the back packs and pulls out a OLD
LEATHER bound book. BACCA picks it up and looks at the


The Book Of The Devil.
Straight from Mexico.
What's Rabario want with this?
I've heard stories.
What stories?
Stories about what this book
posses, spells and witch craft for
demonic spirits.
That sounds like it's right up
Rabario's alley.
RUPPIE opens up the other bag and pulls out a piece of
cloth. BACCA picks it up.
What's this?
That is a piece of material that
is said to have been worn by the
Devil when he roamed the earth.
Jesus, how do you guys find this
Mexico is a fucked up place, we've
got connections there.
BACCA puts the book and cloth into a bag next to him. JACKIE
looks at the comic BACCA was reading.
So your into all this demon stuff
too then?
That's why I work with Rabario.


Is it all real? Like legit?
What demons?
BACCA pulls out a paper and chucks it in front of JACKIE.
The story of the two dead police officers line the front

JACKIE reads the article.
Ye, they are out there.
                                         CUT TO BLACK:
                                         BLACK SCREEN:
                                         FADE IN:
BACCA sits at a table rolling a joint. He is surrounded by
old books and jars of weird looking things like shrunken
heads and weird looking creatures. A buzzing sound cuts
through the silence and BACCA gets up and walks through the
shop. Dream catches and other Spiritual Artifacts hang from
the walls of the shop.

BACCA opens up the front door and RIVERS and LACHSON are
standing there, shielding themselves from the rain.
Detectives, what brings you down
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
We've got some questions to ask
you, mind if we come in?
Um, who am I to say no right?
LACHSON and RIVERS walk into the store, BACCA closes the
door behind him. The OFFICERS look around at all the things
on the walls.


LACHSON walks up to a SHRUNKEN HEAD. Examining the jar
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
What the hell is this Bacca?
That is a Arabian Slave who was
caught stealing head. It was cut
off and shrunken. Meant to keep
the soul uneasy and unable to
cross over to the otherside.
LACHSON stares at BACCA.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Are you shitting me?
Well like, I wasn't there when it
happened but that's what Rabario
said anyway.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Jesus... Bacca is Rabario here? We
want to have a chat.
RIVERS walks over and looks at the head.
Ye man, follow me.
They walk past the table with weed and the joints sitting on
it. LACHSON looks at BACCA, BACCA looks back at LACHSON.
You got bigger fish to fry right?
LACHSON shakes his head and laughs, they continue walking
through the store where they get to a closed bright red
I hope you guys don't mind but I'm
going to have to ask you to leave
your weapons in those lockers over
there, grab a key off the wall and
stick em in.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Are you serious?


Hey man, Rabario doesn't like guns
to go into his place of spirits.
You know, fucks up the balance of
it all.
LACHSON and RIVERS looks at each other. RIVERS starts to
take off his gun holder, LACHSON rolls his eyes and does the
same. They place them in a locker and lock it. BACCA smiles
and opens the door.
Inside the room RABARIO MARTINEZ an older man, long Grey
beard and long gray dreadlocks up in a ponytail sits legs
crossed, closed eyes.

BACCA, LACHSON and RIVERS stand there for a moment, LACHSON
looks around, the walls are all bright colors, cushions line
the floor and bongs sit in cupboards.
Detectives how kind of you to come
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Rabario, we're here to ask you
some questions.
When is your birthday Johnny?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
We're not here for small talk
Please Johnny, it's just a simple
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
7th October.
RABARIO opens his eyes and smiles.
Please, sit down.
BACCA sits down, LACHSON and RIVERS stay standing. BACCA
motions to a couple of cushions. LACHSON and RIVERS
reluctantly sit down.


So your here to talk about the Son
of Predtition aren't you?
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
How did you know that name?
Bacca, please can you read for me
the Third Passage of the Book of
the Devil.
BACCA gets up and walks over to a closed cabinet, he opens
it and pulls out the leather bound book given to him
earlier. BACCA flicks through it and stops at a page, he
looks up at the DETECTIVES then begins to read.
The Phlegethon erupts once the
blood of the disciples is spilled,
filling the Lake with Boiling
Blood and The Son Of Predition
will Rise, bringing the End of all
The Son Of Predition is here
Detectives. His here feeding on
the blood of your officers, the
Disciples of the Law. The one
thing that holds back complete
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Oh come on, The Book of The Devil?
are you for real?
Please Detective.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
No you please yourself Rabario
      (to Rivers)
Rivers, we know what we are
dealing with, it's not Satan, it's
some crazy nut bag, not some
superhuman being.


                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
No, I knew this was a bad idea to
come here. I knew you potheads
would spin some crazy fucking
story about this. It's never just
easy is it, it's always something
unbelievable isn't it?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Lachson give it a rest.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Are you kidding me?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
You saw the killings what man
could have done this? Those
officers are highly trained and no
body would be able to do that to
both of them without getting hit
or a shot being fired.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
So you're telling me that you
think that some devil is walking
around our streets killing Police
Officers to create a big lake of
blood that is going to kill us
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
I don't know what to believe.
Detectives, there are things in
this world that stem beyond your
darkest nightmares. Demons and
creatures that cannot be
explained, but they exist, they
feed on the fear of the non
believers, they kill and punish
those who cross their paths.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Creatures? Really like what then
Vampires, Werewolves, Aliens,
creatures that you wouldn't


                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
      (standing up)
Oh God, I'm done, I'm done. I'm
leaving, I'm going home and
sleeping cause I've had enough of
this shit already and it's been
like five minutes.
      (holding up five
Five fucking minutes and I already
want to erase this from my memory.
RABARIO unbuttons his shirt revealing three large scar marks
down his chest. The same gash marks that were on all the
victims chest.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Holy Shit, they are the same cuts
that are on the victims.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
How did you get them?
I've seen him once before, The Son
Of Predition.
LACHSON stands in silence.
20 years ago, I was preforming an
exorcism on a 12 year old boy.
Everything was going well until
the demon revealed himself, The
Son Of Predition or what he called
himself, Raftree.
A Younger Rabario stands with a book in his hand, in front
of him is a small boy tied to a bed, blood soaked mattress
and cuts all over the boy. The BOY is screaming, blood
spitting out of his mouth eyes a blood red colour.

Two men in suits stand behind him, terrified.


Name yourself Demon. Tell me who
it is I am sending to the depths
of where he came from.
The boy jerks up in the air, the ties that were holding him
down snap off. The boy floats in the air, his head slowly
turns around, cracking as it turns a complete 360. He stops
and stares straight at RABARIO, smiling.

All the lights go out.
I'm Raftree the Son Of Predition
the torturer of souls, the bringer
of the Phlegethon and the father
of the damned.
The boy explodes, blood goes flying everywhere. RABARIO
takes cover as a small sharp PITCHFORK like object flies
from the bloody mess slicing him up his chest. A BLACK
FIGURE, moves quickly as it burst through a window, glass
shattering everywhere.

RABARIO lies on the ground staring out the window holding
his bleeding chest, the two men in suits rush over to his
                                         CUT TO:
RABARIO sits rubbing the scars on his chest. LACHSON and
RIVERS stare horrified.

RABARIO stands up and slowly walks over to a desk, he opens
a draw and pulls out a small piece of cloth. He holds it up,
it's the same one BACCA had earlier.
I had this recovered from Mexico.
The only piece of proof that
Raftree walks this earth. This was
caught on the glass window after
he jumped out of it.
LACHSON and RIVERS look at each other.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
How do we stop him?


I do not know that, but you have
found him that is one step done.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
So we are actually going with
this? Going with the whole demon
Detective you need to believe that
what you are dealing with here is
pure evil. I've seen these deaths
before, I've seen Raftree. He is
on this earth and he is in this
city, killing and draining the
blood of his victims for the
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Ok so, what do we do?
We need to prepare ourselves, find
a way to kill Raftree and finally
find the Phlegethon.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
And how do we do that?
We need to research history, find
where this has happened before in
time and follow the path of
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
That sounds like fun, I love
reading old books.
Sarcasm is the easiest form of
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Ah blow me, I'm going back to the
station to stock up on guns and
ammo, if we are going to face some
kind of demon, I need more than
the 'power' of good faith and
books on my side.


Your guns won't do anything but
anger Raftree.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Well, they are going to make me
feel more comfortable.
LACHSON starts to leave.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Lachson, will you be alright on
your own. Your going to need an
extra hand.
LACHSON pulls out a radio and speaks into it.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
      (into Radio)
Officer Robinson you still out by
the car?
Crackling feedback, the sound of rain and then Officer
ROBINSON speaks.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
Yes Sir, I'm still here.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
      (into radio)
Alright meet me around the front
in 2 minutes, we're going to the
station to get some weapons.
LACHSON nods at RIVERS then leaves the room.
The god damn apocalypse.
BACCA pulls out a joint and lights it.
RABARIO walks over to a BOOKCASE with RIVERS. They stare at
the countless books in front of them.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
So, where do we start?
RABARIO pulls out a giant old book and hands it to RIVERS.
This one will do.


                                         CUT FORWARD:
couple of OFFICERS sit behind a COUNTER at the front.
LACHSON walks over to a door and punches a code into a key
pad and opens the door, OFFICER ROBINSON follows him.
Rows of desks line a large office space, Police Officers run
around frantically with paper work and everything.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
You ever seen it as busy as this
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
It's our own that are dying now
Robinson, we need to stop it.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
Do you have anything Sir?
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Well, if I told you I don't think
you would believe me.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
Why don't you test me?
They walk through a door and walk up to a elevator. LACHSON
presses the button and they wait for the elevator.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Well currently we are going off
the assumption that there is some
kind of Evil Demon that is
creating a Giant Boiling lake to
drown the earth and bring hell to
all of mankind.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
Pardon me Sir but, what the fuck?
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Don't even ask, I don't even
believe it myself.


The lift opens it's doors.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
                                         CUT FOWARD:
LACHSON and ROBINSON walk into a WEAPONS ROOM. The walls are
lined with locked cabinets.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
Jesus, it's like I just stepped
into a Arnold Schwarzneger movie.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Ye well, I think the time is right
for it, you never been down here
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
No I've only been on the force
less than a year, I don't think
I'm privledged enough.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Well welcome to the big boys.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
Why do we have so many guns for?
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
To stop the bad guys.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
Jesus, who the hell are the bad
guys in this city.
                                         CUT FORWARD:
Two officers, JIMMY and KARL sit behind a front counter
playing with a deck of cards. No one is around them, just
the silence of the night.
I'm telling you man, the Patriots
ain't got nothing on the Steelers
this weekend.


Please Tom Brady's arm alone is
going to win us this game.
You see that's the problem with
Patriot fans, always on about Tom
Brady. Tom Brady this, Tom Brady
Ah Jesus Jimmy can't ya give it a
Of course typical Karl, always
backing out of a fight.
Ye well, that's a full house. See
it and weep Jimmy.
All the lights in the station go out at once.
Ah fucking rain.
Whens the back ups kick in.
Probably should have kicked in by
In the darkness, the sound of a door opening.
Hey, as you can see we are in the
middle of a blackout, please just
wait outside until we get the
power back on.
Jimmy wheres your flashlight, I
can't find mine.
Um, somewhere here.
JIMMY flicks a flashlight on just as a SMALL PITCHFORK flies
into his throat. The FLASHLIGHT drops and rolls on the
ground as KARL is picked up and snapped in half, the
FLASHLIGHT is flooded with blood.


                                         CUT TO:
A flashlight beams through the darkness of the weapons room.
The light shines on a wall of GUNS. Another light flashes on
revealing OFFICER ROBINSON smiling.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Jesus Robinson shut up and help me
get some weapons.
Faint GUN SHOTS and SCREAMS are heard coming from above
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
Shit, Detective do you hear that?
LACHSON pulls a SHOTGUN of the wall and starts to load it.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
I said Detective do you hear that?
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Of course I do, that's why I'm
loading this fucking shotgun.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
Holy shit, it's the guy that's
been doing all the killings isn't
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Lights off, police officers
getting killed. It's whoever has
been doing these killings that's
for sure.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
Holy shit.
ROBINSON fumbles with his flashlight, scared.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
We need to get out of here.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Ye, no shit.


LACHSON grabs more guns off the WALL. A M16 and a couple of
GLOCKS. He begins loading them all.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
Jesus Lachson we got to go now.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
The only way out is up from where
we came from.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
You got to be kidding me?
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
That's the beauty of the weapons
room, only one way in so no one
can steal shit.
There is now silence. No shouts, no gun fire nothing. A loud
SCREECH is heard, deafening almost.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
They're all dead.
LACHSON throws a couple of guns to ROBINSON and starts to
walk to the door.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
Are you serious? You want to fight
this thing.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Listen kid, you know what I've
learnt in life. The only thing to
do when someone is trying to kill
you, is to kill them first.
                                         CUT TO:
RIVERS is looking through the BOOK OF THE DEVIL. Gruesome
pictures and text line each page. ALEXIA MARTINEZ a young
beautiful girl walks into the room.
Oh no, what did Bacca do now?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Oh Alexia, no nothing Bacca did
that's for sure.


Oh so, why you here?
RABARIO walks out into the room.
Ah Darling your home. Detective
Rivers is here for the Raftree
I thought there was only two
killings so far?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
A third was found. A highly
trained Detective like myself,
same mo, no evidence or witnesses.
Jesus, so Raftree is really here
Darling, he never left this earth.
Only hid until the right time came
for him to rise again.
Where's Bacca?
His outside, meditating.
Oh wow, it must be bad.
I think everyone is a little
scared after today.
ALEXIA sits down.
So you working the case alone
Rivers, I thought everyone would
be working on it considering it's
Officers who are dying.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
My partner is down at the Police
Station getting weapons so we can
end this.


Are you serious? Guns aren't going
to do anything and it's crazy to
be at the police station now.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Why is that crazy?
If your a ancient demon trying to
kill off the whole police force so
you can make a Phlegethon,
wouldn't you go to the place where
all the officers are to kill them
all at once?
RIVERS stands up.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Lachson is there now.
We need to go.
                                         CUT TO:
LACHSON leads the way followed by ROBINSIN through a pitch
black office. Dead bodies line the floor, desks are
everywhere the place is completely trashed. Their
flashlights light the way in front of them, both holding
shotguns pointed forward.

LACHSON has a bag slung over his back.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
What the hell is this Sir.
They walk past piles of dead police officers.
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
A Massacre.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
I can see that, but what the hell
did this?


                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Apparently some guy called
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
Who the fuck is Raftree?
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Someone we need to find and kill.
Something moves in the darkness next to LACHSON. He jumps to
the side shinning the flashlight around, nothing is there.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
Jesus Christ it's still in here
isn't it?
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Ye I think so.
Their flashlights move around the office quickly nothing is
in sight.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
Where the hell is he?
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
I don't know, just keep your
eyelids peeled.
From behind LACHSON comes a black figure, moving quickly
through the air, out comes the pitchfork object and slices
LACHSON across the back. He screams in pain as he falls
forward. ROBINSON fires into the air hitting nothing but the
opposite wall. ROBINSON runs over to LACHSON.
                       OFFICER ROBINSON
Holy shit are you alright? What
was that?
                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Fucked if I know.
Blood pours from LACHSONS back as he rolls over holding the
shotgun up. Above them is the BLACK FIGURE, covered in
darkness. LACHSON moves his shotgun but the pitchfork comes
down straight threw the throat of ROBINSON. ROBINSON yells
and grabs at the pitchfork as it sticks out the other side
of his throat. He is picked up in the air and thrown across
the room, smashing through a glass window and crack as he
smacks into a wall. His body falls lifelessly to the ground.


                       DETECTIVE LACHSON
Mother Fucker.
LACHSON starts firing all around him, hitting nothing but
the building. His gun clicks and clicks as the ammo runs
out. A moment of silence as LACHSON looks around. Behind him
the FIGURE moves quickly picking LACHSON up and snapping his
back and throwing his body on the ground.

LACHSONS body lies in the light of a flashlight. The FIGURE
pulls out the pitchfork and slices down the inner right
thigh of LACHSON.
                                         CUT TO BLACK:
                                         BLACK SCREEN:
Rain flows in the darkness, smacking on the ground.

Footsteps are heard, running splashing through the water.
                                         CUT IN:
Water flows into the open doors of the Police Station and it
slowly floods the dead bodies. RIVERS and BACCA run into the
police station followed by RABARIO & ALEXIA.

RIVERS has a pistol held forward.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Holy shit we're too late.
What the hell happened man!
RIVERS and BACCA seperate searching. RABARIO leans against a
open doorway, ALEXIA stands next to him, hand on his
Dad are you ok?
It's too late, his gone.
LACHSONS body lies naked, torn and bloody. A large gash down
his right thigh drops it's last drop of blood. RIVERS runs
over to him sliding on his knees in the water.


                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
God damn it Lachson.
RIVERS looks at the guns surrounding LACHSON.
BACCA runs over.
No way man. The whole fucking
station is gone.
                                         CUT TO BLACK:
                                         BLACK SCREEN:
                       REPORTER (VO)
Astonishing scenes here where Army
Soldiers and FBI agents have
flooded the City Center, mainly
around the Police Station where
reports are that the Station was
attacked late last night, killing
every officer inside, leaving
behind no survivors in what can
only be described as the worst
Crime Spree this country has ever
                                         CUT TO:
RIVERS stands opposite a mirror washing his face. His
shirtless rubbing his eyes. RABARIO appears behind him.
Detective, I'm sorry about your
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
The whole God Damn City knows
about it. Army Soldiers and FBI
agents, is this the God Damn end
of the world?
If we don't find and stop Raftree
soon, I'm afraid it will be.


                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Jesus Christ.
If Raftree is planning the
Phlegethon, we need to move now or
it's going to be too late for any
A mobile next to RIVERS rings, he picks it up.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Loudly down the phone comes another voice.
                       COMMISIONER TRAWSTON
      (on phone)
Oh wow, your alive that's a
fucking relief. Mind telling me
what the hell is going on!
RIVERS pulls the phone from his ear, he sits it down on next
to him and turns the speaker on.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Commissioner, we have a situation.
                       COMMISIONER TRAWSTON
      (on loudspeaker)
A Situation? A situation is when
my Wife needs new Implants not
when the whole fucking police
force is wiped out overnight. Do
you know what we are dealing with
here? Do you know the strings I
had to pull to cover this shit up,
to stop a mass revolt of the
citizens with no god damn police
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
There's something you need to know
about the situation Commissioner.
                       COMMISIONER TRAWSTON
No Rivers, I think there is a lot
I need to know about the
RIVERS looks at RABARIO as he nods at him.


                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
There is an ancient demon here in
this city, his harvesting the
blood from his victims to create a
Phlegethon to take over the world
and bring hell to Earth.
Silence for a moment. RIVERS looks at RABARIO.
                       COMMISIONER TRAWSTON
A demon? Get your ass to my office
The phone slams off.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Well that went well.
RIVERS walks out of the bathroom and into a bedroom. He
picks up a shirt and puts it on, he straps a gun holder to
his chest and picks up a jacket.
Detective, we need to stop this.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
You Alexia and Bacca figure out
where this thing is. Find out how
to stop it, I need to pay a visit
to the comissioner.
Detective, we need your help.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Listen, your the voodoo guy, I'm
going to deal with the real
asshole. Go back to your store and
I will meet you there as soon as I
                                         CUT TO:
RIVERS is walking down a CITY STREET. The rain continues to
pour down, a few people are walking the streets, not a lot.
He turns a corner and the POLICE STATION is roped off by
ARMY MEN and reporters line the street. He stops and watches
as FBI AGENTS walk in and out of the building.


RIVERS continues to walk past the police station and into a
TALL building - TOWN HALL.
RIVERS walks into a LARGE OFFICE. Two men sit in suits
opposite COMMISSIONER TRAWSTON arms folded, angry looking.
                       COMMISIONER TRAWSTON
O the police force is here!
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
RIVERS looks at the two men.
                       COMMISIONER TRAWSTON
This is Agent Smithson and Agent
Riely of the FBI, they have been
asigned to this mayham.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
With all due respect Sir, I think
this is a matter beyond anything
we can deal with.
                       COMMISIONER TRAWSTON
Oh yes, the Demon you mentioned on
the phone.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Rabario believes that.
                       COMMISIONER TRAWSTON
      (cutting in)
Jesus Rabario Martinez the Witch
Doctor, the fucking idiot.
                       AGENT SMITHSON
Whose Rabario?
                       COMMISIONER TRAWSTON
Some nutbag who owns a local
store. A big believer in the
supernatural world, you know
demons, angels probably unicorns.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Did you see the bodies?
                       COMMISIONER TRAWSTON
No that is not my job.


                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Then you have no idea what the
hell we are dealing with.
                       COMMISIONER TRAWSTON
Demons do not exist Rivers, I
don't know how clear I can make
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Listen to me, you examine those
bodies and you will see that every
single one of them have the exact
incision on the right thigh, all
blood is drained.
                       COMMISIONER TRAWSTON
Demons do not exist RIVERS!
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Then how the hell did the whole
force get wiped out then? Who
walked into that police station
and sliced open the whole police
                       AGENT SMITHSON
Commissioner, I examined the
bodies this morning, they were
mutilated in ways that needed
precision and a know how of great
medical knowledge no man I know
could have done that as quickly
and easily as it had been done.
Also no blood was found either, in
any of the victims. Something is
not right here, now I'm not saying
it's a Demon but it is not as
simple as a man or women doing
                       COMMISIONER TRAWSTON
Jesus Smithson your an FBI agent
not a fucking witch doctor, don't
tell me you are buying this.
                       AGENT SMITHSON
Sir as unlikely and as far fetched
as this may seem, if you would
have seen what I saw in that
station maybe your mind wouldn't
rule it out.


The COMMISSIONER leans back in his chair staring up at the
                       COMMISIONER TRAWSTON
Ok then, just to go along with
your little theory Rivers, how do
we stop this Demon? An Exorcist?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
I don't know yet, Rabario is
figuring that out as we speak.
                       COMMISIONER TRAWSTON
Rivers do you understand what it
is you are saying?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Listen, I didn't believe it myself
but if you would have seen what
I've seen you would start to
understand we are dealing with
something bigger then a person.
                       AGENT SMITHSON
Commissioner, we would like to go
with the Detective here to
Rabario's place, see if we can
help out with anything.
                       COMMISIONER TRAWSTON
If you want to put yourselves
through that, be my fucking guest!
                                         CUT TO:
BACCA is sitting in a small out door plantation. He is
smoking on a pipe next to him is a pile of books, he is
currently reading one.

ALEXIA walks out stretching.
Hey Bacca found anything yet?
Oh hey, na not a lot but I got to
tell you, these books are heaps
better than my comics.


It's pretty messed up right?
Yep, all of this is based on
reality as well, something that
happened in our history.
Does that make it better or worse?
I don't know, I haven't decided
A moment of silence.
Do you think we are going to get
through this?
I don't know. I think it pretty
much depends on your Dad.
Dad is older now weaker I don't
think he can handle much more of
Well I think he is the only one
who can do this.
RABARIO walks out into the garden.
Bacca, Alexia have you found
Na nothing about Raftree how about
I've found bits and pieces but
nothing concrete.


Don't worry Bacca, we will find
something. There has to be a way
to stop Raftree once and for all.
RABARIO leans back against a wall, ALEXIA runs over and
grabs him.
Dad are you ok?
Oh no I'm fine, just getting tired
in my older age.
RABARIO stands back up and starts to leave the room.
Dad you sure you will be ok?
Ah yes Alexia, I will be fine.
RABARIO leaves BACCA stands up.
He will be alright Alexia, his a
tough old guy.
I don't know how much more of this
he can take though, after all
these years it must be taking a
ALEXIA leaves the garden, BACCA stands there for a moment.
He turns back around and sits back down and starts to read
some more.
RIVERS sits in the passenger seat of a black car. AGENT
SMITHSON is driving and AGENT RIELY sits in the back
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Thanks for agreeing with me back
                       AGENT SMITHSON
There is a lot in this world that
you don't know.


                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
I think I'm starting to see.
RIELY leans forward.
                       AGENT RIELY
Detective what my good partner
here is saying, you don't know
half of it.
RIVERS turns around.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Care to explain?
                       AGENT RIELY
Smithson you want to take this
                       AGENT SMITHSON
Go ahead Riely.
                       AGENT RIELY
Well Rivers, you know all that
shit you hear about the Government
covering up all supernatural
stuff? Well it's correct all those
crazy conspiracy theorist are
correct. You don't know what the
Government has covered up over the
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Are you serious?
                       AGENT SMITHSON
Yep, deadly serious.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Are you guys for real? How do you
guys know this? Your just FBI
                       AGENT RIELY
We're not really FBI agents. We're
a special unit.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
What? The men in black?
                       AGENT RIELY
Not quite but something like that.


                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
So Aliens exist?
                       AGENT RIELY
Well not quite Aliens, but Demons
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Ye I can believe that.
                       AGENT RIELY
But not just that all kinds of
creepy shit. Like Vampires,
Werewolves, Zombies. They have all
existed in some part of our
history, sure the numbers have
decreased but they are still out
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Are you kidding me?
                       AGENT RIELY
I wish we were but were not. If
you search hard enough you will
find it, not that I would advise
you to do that. We keep things in
order, well in order enough that
no one ever finds out about it.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
So who knows about this?
                       AGENT RIELY
Not a lot of people at all, your
one of the very few. We figured
you've seen enough to know the
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
So Rabario is right then about
                       AGENT RIELY
Yes Rabario used to work with us
to exorcise Demons. Obviously
after his last run in with Raftree
he stopped and went into hiding. I
guess he didn't hide well enough


                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Jesus Christ. Rabario worked for
you guys?
                       AGENT SMITHSON
He was never a Agent, just a
mutual client who wanted the evil
dead, like us.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
So what happens then? Do you guys
know how to stop Raftree? Stop
this whole mess before it's too
                       AGENT RIELY
We got a couple of ideas but
nothing concrete. There are
reports of Raftree before, many
years ago Rabario was working on
it but there was no concrete
solution to him. His a real pain
in the ass.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
I'll say.
                       AGENT SMITHSON
But we do have one way we think we
can stop him. We don't know if
it's going to work for sure but
it's a shot.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
What is it?
                       AGENT RIELY
Finding the Phlegethon and
drowning Raftree in it.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
How the hell do we find the
                       AGENT RIELY
It's a huge boiling lake of blood,
it's not that hard. You just gotta
think like a Demon and the only
logical place the Phlegethon can
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
You guys got that one figured out?


                       AGENT RIELY
We think so.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
So where is it?
                       AGENT SMITHSON
Under the City, in the sewers we
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Holy shit are you guys serious?
                       AGENT RIELY
Well that is what we are going to
search for.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
So we got to go down into the
                       AGENT RIELY
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
That sounds like fun.
                       AGENT SMITHSON
We need to speak to Rabario before
we go down, we are going to need
his help.
The turn down a street and out of sight.

The rain is still coming down heavy blanketing the city.
BACCA and ALEXIA sit on a huge desk, piles of books line it.
BACCA is puffing on a joint.

He leans back looking up at the ceiling.
So many damn books! It's doing my
head in!
Still nothing!


I can tell you everything you need
to know about every other demon
BUT Raftree. His like a fucking
RIVERS walks into the room followed by the AGENTS.
Oh shit.
BACCA hides the joint.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Really Bacca? We got bigger
problems. This is Agent Smithson
and Agent Riely, they are Agents
of some kind of special unit.
Men In Black?
                       AGENT SMITHSON
Something like that, we deal in
the demonic and supernatural
occurrences in this world.
BACCA becomes excited and stands up.
Holy shit I've heard about you
guys. I mean like nothing concrete
but I've heard stories.
Which ones Moulder and which one
is Scully.
                       AGENT RIELY
Huh, heard that one before.
So you guys are real, shit I
always believed you guys were.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
We don't have time for a fanfare,
the agents have some new info for
Oh shit lucky someone does cause
I'm done with reading.


                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Wheres Rabario?
His out the back, meditating.
                       AGENT RIELY
Wow so Rabario Martinez actually
works here?
Ye his my father.
                       AGENT RIELY
Wow, your a lucky girl. Your Dad
is like a legend.
Who would say that?
RABARIO stands in a doorway, looking tired.
Only Agents from Sector 3 would
think I am a legend.
                       AGENT RIELY
      (to Smithson)
It's him.
                       AGENT SMITHSON
Ah Mr Martinez it is a honor to
meet you.
Please Agents, relax have a seat
no need to be so nervous. I'm just
a man.
                       AGENT RIELY
Your like a legend. You have the
most successful exorcist rate in
like the whole world. Your a
Well some don't speak to kindly of
me. Extremest is a nice word they
                       AGENT RIELY
Well no one knows what we know


Please my name is Rabario and
please sit down, relax Agents.
Both AGENTS sit down, RIVERS stays standing. BACCA and
ALEXIA sit on the table as RABARIO takes a seat in the
middle of them.
So Agents, what is it that you
know about Raftree.
                       AGENT SMITHSON
Well Rabario, we don't know a lot
but we have some theories. One
Theory is that the Phlegethon is
being made in the Sewer System
thats under the City. we haven't
searched yet but we figure it's
really the only place big enough
in the city.
Shit, that is why you GUYS are the
Sector 3 Agents!
Everyone looks at BACCA as he keeps smiling in excitement.
                       AGENT SMITHSON
We also believe that a way to kill
Raftree, is to drown him in the
What's this Theory based off.
                       AGENT RIELY
Sorry if I may, I'm Agent Riely,
but you can call me Robert. I'm a
big fan. Anyway well we have this
Theory because in a Ancient
Article written by a Himalayan
Tribe, it is transcribed that The
Son Of Predition must suffer the
same fate as the souls he has
taken in order to be stopped.
                       AGENT SMITHSON
We've researched it and the
scripture checks out. At that
moment in time Raftree was
believed to be roaming the earth


                       AGENT SMITHSON (cont'd)
much like he is now. Only back
then it was deep within the
Himalayan Forest.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
I figured it's better than what we
have now. It can't be a bad start.
It's a good Theory. So we must
search the sewer system then.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Alright, we will all go down, the
more the easier to cover.
I don't think my Dad should go
down there.
Please Alexia
No Dad I'm serious. Your not as
strong as you used to be, you
can't fight demons anymore.
You are right Alexia, I am sorry.
Wow, that was easy.
No point arguing, you are my
Um guys, I'm not really a hero
type you know. Never really been
in a fight or anything.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Well it's time to learn Bacca.
Really? Is it really a good time
to start against a demon?


                       AGENT RIELY
Ah come on, aren't you stoners
meant to be relaxed? Stop being so
Wow playing that card?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Bacca we need as many people as we
need down there, we need to stop
      (giving up)
Fine, but we need weapons, even
though they don't do shit against
him you know, just to feel safe in
the dark sewers where a potential
demon may be waiting for us.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
The weapons at the station were
runined in the massacre.
                       AGENT SMITHSON
We've got that covered.
                                         CUT TO BLACK:
Rain flows down into the makeshift garden. BACCA sits
underneath a bit of shelter, looking out over the GARDEN.

A JOINT hangs from his mouth as he puffs away on it.

ALEXIA walks out sits down and puts her head on his

She has a puff of the joint and passes it back to BACCA.
Do you think we're going to make
it out?
I don't even know if the whole
world is going to make it out.


To think the fate of the whole
world rests on our shoulders. I'm
just a stoner I'm not a hero.
Well someone's gotta do it right?
You think the Phlegethon is really
down there?
I don't know if I want it to be or
not honestly. What do we do if we
come face to face with Raftree, we
don't even know if drowning him is
going to work.
Ah man, this is too much.
ALEXIA puts her hand on BACCAS shoulder.
Don't worry Bacca, we will figure
this out.
They sit there in silence as water lightly sprays them,
puffing on the joint.
packing up guns and loading them.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
I still can't believe you guys
have Weapon Stations all over the
                       AGENT SMITHSON
We always need to be ready,
prepared for the inevitable I
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
You don't sound so cheery.
                       AGENT SMITHSON
We're facing the end of the world,
something we have been waiting
for, our organization for hundreds


                       AGENT SMITHSON (cont'd)
and hundreds of years has been
waiting for this. It's happening
in this god damn city right now
and we are the only people that
can stop this. I'm fucking
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
                       AGENT RIELY
You know his not real right.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
                       AGENT RIELY
Jesus and God and all that.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
You would think after all the evil
you've seen. You would believe in
something good.
                       AGENT RIELY
I'll tell you what, if God is real
then why is there so much bad in
this world you know. Look around
every channel on TV shows someone
dying or killing. There is too
much evil in this world for there
to be a higher bean. The only
thing we can rely on is ourselves
and the human race.
                       AGENT SMITHSON
Pretty bitter right?
                       AGENT RIELY
You know what we've seen, ain't no
higher power out there. It's just
us, doing what we do.
                       AGENT SMITHSON
Ye, just us against the Evil.
isn't it grand?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
What about the exorcism's? Doesn't
God help you get them away?


                       AGENT RIELY
Come on.
If Rabario heard you say that he
would hit the fan.
                       AGENT SMITHSON
Riely is right, Rabario used
demonology to counteract the
demons. No one really knows how he
did it but he did it, worked
pretty much all the time, except
for on Raftree, nothing worked.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
How many sightings have there been
on Raftree?
                       AGENT RIELY
Recorded? About 7 times in the
history of our world. The last one
was with Rabario over 20 years ago
don't know where it has been then
but it's back now.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
If Raftree has been here before,
why is the world still standing?
                       AGENT SMITHSON
I guess we've always found a way
to stop him, but not kill him for
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
It doesn't make sense though, all
the power that Raftree poses and
it's taken it so long to come to
this point.
                       AGENT RIELY
Things like this aren't meant to
make sense, it's just how it is.
There is a plan for this world,
there is a plan for everything.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Maybe it's just time for the world
to end then? We've given it a good
shot and we aren't doing too well
so maybe it's the right time to
let something else have a go at


                       DETECTIVE RIVERS (cont'd)
this world.
                       AGENT RIELY
No your wrong Rivers, this isn't a
option of a new beginning for the
world if Raftree prevails it will
be the end of the world.
Everything we know, everyone we
love gone in a flood of boiling
blood causing the Demons to rise
and anyone left, well they won't
be around for long. Demons have a
way of finding you, no matter
where you are or who you are. At
the end of it all if Raftree
prevails, we don't exist nothing
will exist.
                                         CUT TO:
They have all gathered back in the FOYER of the SHOP.

RABARIO is spraying a can into the air.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
      (quietly to BACCA)
Hey what is this?
Hash Oil. Meant to keep evil
spirts away.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
What we are going to do, Chill
Raftree out?
                       AGENT RIELY
He used it in all his Exorcisms so
it must work right?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Well I guess he is the expert.
What you may find down there will
be pure evil, covered in darkness.
Raftree cannot reveal himself in
the light, so my advice is stick
to whatever light you can. He will
also throw demons and spirits in


                       RABARIO (cont'd)
your way.
Yes, Raftree will release demons
and spirits weaker than him to try
and stop you before he can
complete the Phlegethon.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
How does he complete the
After the final blood is drained
the River will errupt.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Jesus, how do we get him into the
Agents? Any ideas?
SMITHSON and RIELY look at each other then back at RABARIO.
                       AGENT RIELY
Well, we were just going to lure
him to the Phlegethon and then
blast him into the river. Or
something like that.
                       AGENT SMITHSON
Explosives, a lot of them. We want
to try and lure him into a trap to
hopefully flood the River and
drown Raftree.
This is suicide.
Not quite suicide, but as close as
you will get.
                       AGENT SMITHSON
Well, theres no time like the
present right? Let's do this.


Be careful out there and look
after each other ok.
RIVERS shakes RABARIOS hand.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
It's been a pleasure to meet you
I will see you when you are back.
SMITHSON and RIELY both shake RABARIOS hands.
                       AGENT RIELY
It's been an honor Sir. a real
Thank you Agent.
                       AGENT SMITHSON
Sir, it's been a pleasure.
SMITHSON, RIVERS and RIELY all leave, carrying a bag of guns
each, they walk out of the store into the pouring rain.
Are you sure you want to go down
Nope, I don't want to but we need
There is something I need to give
you, something that helped me get
through my time as a exorcist.
The biggest joint ever?
No Bacca, that is for when you
RABARIO opens up a wooden box and pulls out a necklace, he
hands it to ALEXIA.


What is this?
ALEXIA opens the necklace locket revealing a picture of a
It's your Mother. It was taken
just when we first started dating.
I retired from the Agency when she
became pregant with you to protect
you both from the Evil.
Dad, thank you.
I kept it with me through every
Exorcism, ever time I felt like
giving up I would remember what I
was protecting.
BACCA givews RABARIO a hug.
Any last words of advice before we
go down there?
Stay in the light, it's the only
way that I know Raftree cannot
really harm you. Also be careful
of the other Demons and Spirits.
They will be deafeatable but still
non the less, they can kill you.
Probably not going to be too much
light down there though.
You will find the light if you
search for it.
BACCA and ALEXIA start to leave. RABARIO grabs BACCAS arm.
I need you to promise me that you
will not let anything happen to
Alexia down there, I cannot lose


Don't worry, I will do anything I
can to keep her safe.
                                         BLACK SCREEN:
The sound of Rain pouring down.
                                         FADE IN:
The rain floods the City Streets. No cars in sight.

RIVERS walks forward, pushing through the blanket of rain.
His carrying a crowbar.

Shortly behind him is SMITHSON, RIELY, BACCA and ALEXIA.
Pushing through the rain, carrying bags of weapons and
They stop at a MANHOLE, they circle it.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Should we start here?
                       AGENT RIELY
I guess so!
RIVERS digs the crowbar into the MANHOLE and flips the cover
off. It smacks into the ground splashing water all over

RIVERS looks and smiles, ALEXIA laughs.
RIVERS pulls out a glowstick from a bag, cracks it and
throws it down the MANHOLE. It falls and hits the ground
about 10 feet down, a ladder leads down.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Alright when we get down there we
all need to stick together, no one
goes anywhere without all of us.
                       AGENT SMITHSON
When we find the Phlegethon, Riely
and I need to set up the


                       AGENT SMITHSON (cont'd)
explosives. We will need to create
as much light as possible so we
don't get attacked down there.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Ok then, what about these other
demons that Rabario mentioned?
                       AGENT RIELY
I don't know but we should be able
to handle them with our weapons, I
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Well, let's go down then shall we?
RIVERS looks at the hole and starts to decend down the
The groups stand in a circle underneath the City. The Sewer
is huge, a grate walkway lines one side beneath is a river.

The SEWER SYSTEM is huge, tall and seems endless

They stand on a platform, lights shine down the long
walkways that seem never ending.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
So which way?
Riely pulls out a map and looks at it.
                       AGENT RIELY
Well the Sewer system goes on for
miles and miles, so anyway is a
good way. But their are Sub
Stations every couple of miles,
probably have a office and
bathroom there, for the workers I
                       AGENT SMITHSON
      (Point down a path)
This way then.
They start to walk down the pathway, flashlights leading


You guys ever seen the movie The
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Is that the giant Cockroach one?
Wow Detective. I'm impressed.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
What? It's a good movie.
I'm just impressed you've seen it.
                       AGENT RIELY
What's it about? Giant Cockroaches
in the sewer?
It's about this plant that like
increases the size of whatever
eats it, kinda like steroids you
know. So these cockroachs eat it
and then they grow into like human
size and live down in the sewers
and eat people and shit like that.
You know, it's crazy.
                       AGENT RIELY
Jesus, I wish I didn't ask.
Ye how about we talk about
something less horrifying?
Ok then, what's your guys favorite
                       AGENT RIELY
Oh now that's a hard one.
Ye you gotta think about it, if
you could only listen to one band
for the rest of your life who
would it be?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
The Beatles definately. I mean
their music is so diverse and they
wrote so many songs you could just


                       DETECTIVE RIVERS (cont'd)
keep rotating them around.
Ye that's a fair call.
Anyone else?
AGENT RIELY stops walking and flashes his light down into
the water.
                       AGENT RIELY
You guys see that?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
See what?
                       AGENT RIELY
Something is down there?
Oh shit, is it Raftree?
                       AGENT SMITHSON
We would all be dead right now if
it was.
So what was it?
Suddenly a GIANT SNAKE LIKE creature flies out of the LAKE
splashing water everywhere.

RIVERS, BACCA and ALEXIA fall backwards, getting crushed by
the water.

RIELY and SMITHSON pull out there weapons and start firing
at the SNAKE.

The SNAKE wips its head and smacks SMITHSON into the lake.
RIELY continues to fire hitting the snake as blood flies out
of it.

RIVERS stands up and starts to fire into the SNAKE also.

The SNAKE shoots his head towards RIVERS. BACCA slices down
with a MCHETTE slicing the HEAD of the SNAKE.

BLOOD pours out of the SNAKE.

SMITHSON rises out of the WATER, RIELY helps him up as
RIVERS unloads a SHOTGUN into the HEAD of the SNAKE.


The SNAKE eventually falls down sinking into the RIVER.

RIELY and SMITHSON sit on the grate, panting SMITHSON
bleeding from a cut over his eye.

RIVERS, BACCA and ALEXIA walk over to the AGENTS.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
What the hell was that?
                       AGENT RIELY
Raftree must know that we are
                       AGENT SMITHSON
No shit.
That's not good is it?
                       AGENT RIELY
      (standing up)
No, but it means we must be
getting closer.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
So let's keep moving then? What
happens if we run into more of
these things.
                       AGENT SMITHSON
Our bullets look fine, let's just
reload and stay on guard at all
times. The quicker we move the
quicker we can end this all.
                                         CUT TO BLACK:
The group get to a opening.

A OFFICE and a BATHROOM sit on one side, the river on the
other side.
Oh about time, a toilet.
BACCA runs off into the toilet. SMITHSON and RIELY check
their weapons and reload. ALEXIA and RIVERS walk over to the
officer and go inside.


What do you think is going to
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
About killing Raftree?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Honestly, I would feel a lot
better about it if Rabario was
Dad isn't up to fighting Demons
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Ye I know Alexia. At least we have
the Agents with us, they seem to
know what they are doing.
I just hope their theory about
drowning him works. If it doesn't
I think it will be the end.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Well there is really only one way
to find out, just got to find him
Don't worry, I'm sure he will find
us first.
                                         CUT TO:
BACCA sits on a toilet, smoking a joint.

A slight noise below him in the toilet, BACCA looks down,
nothing there. He continues to smoke and humming a song.

Suddenly the toilet burst sending BACCA flying through the
SMITHSON and RIELY run to BACCAS assistance whose pants are
around his ankles.
                       AGENT SMITHSON
Bacca what the hell are you doing?


Something threw me off the fucking
toilet, what the hell was that?
RIVERS and ALEXIA run out.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Bacca what the hell are you doing?
Why does everyone assume I've done
Out of the TOILET comes a MASSIVE BEAST, sharp claws, huge
fangs, skinless and frightening.
Now think it was stil me?
SMITHSON and RIELY start firing into the BEAST as it lunges
forward smacking down into the ground near BACCA.

RIVERS pulls BACCA into the office followed by ALEXIA.

ALEXIA slams the door shut and they all look out the glass
windows of the office.
SMITHSON and RIELY continue to fight the BEAST. Dodging it's
attacks and firing their weapons into it, BLOOD is flying
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
We've got to help them.
RIVERS, BACCA and ALEXIA run out, holding weapons and begin
to FIRE at the BEAST.

The BEAST roars as it SLAMS it's fist against SMITHSON who
goes flying back into a wall.

RIELY runs over to a bag and rips it open. He pulls out a
GRENADE and throws it at THE BEAST.

THE BEAST pics it up and eats it.
                       AGENT RIELY
THE BEAST explodes sending BLOOD and GUTS everywhere all
over the SUD STATION and over the GROUP.
As the dust settles, everyone is covered in BLOOD and GUTS.


BACCA stands up and wipes his mouth and throws BLOOD on the
That is fucking gross.
                       AGENT RIELY
RIELY runs through the piles of blood and meat. SMITHSON
lifts a arm up from underneath some of the BEASTS TORSO.
                       AGENT SMITHSON
Can someone please get this off of
RIELY and RIVERS runs over and lifts the TORSO off of
SMITHSON who sits up and coughs out blood.
Jesus Agent are you alright? That
must have hurt.
SMITHSON looks up at BACCA.
                       AGENT SMITHSON
Of course it hurt! I think I've
broken a couple of ribs.
                       AGENT RIELY
Need a hand?
RIELY helps life SMITHSON up who screams in pain and grabs
at his ribs.
                       AGENT SMITHSON
God damn it!
ALEXIA is standing near the RIVER leading out of the SUB
Guys you need to look at this.
The GUYS walks over, RIELY helping SMITHSON walk.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Holy shit, the River, it's red.
                                         CUT TO BLACK:


BACCA and RIELY both carrying bags are walking ahead of

RIVERS is helping SMITHSON walk.

All are covered in dried blood and guts.
How come the River isn't Boiling?
                       AGENT RIELY
Ah the calm before the Storm. It's
said that the River completely
stops just before the final soul
is harvested and then bang, it
Who is the final soul to harvest?
                       AGENT RIELY
I'm guessing it's Rivers. His the
last remaining Officer.
Poor guy.
They continue walking.
                       AGENT RIELY
This river has been going for a
while now, I'm pretty worried we
are going to bump into Raftree
without really knowing it until
it's too late.
I'm going off the lights.
                       AGENT RIELY
The what?
The lights on the wall, they are
still going. Raftree doesn't like
the light so I am assuming when
they are out, he is close by.


                       AGENT RIELY
Hey that's not bad. You've got a
good brain for this stuff don't
Well I've read about this kind of
stuff most of my life, well for as
long as I can remember anyway.
                       AGENT RIELY
Ye what kind of stuff?
Like everything. Werewolves,
Vampires, Serpents, Mutants all
that fun stuff.
                       AGENT RIELY
Ye? Where you read that stuff?
Books, magazines, comics you know.
Probably nothing concrete like you
guys know but it's fun.
                       AGENT RIELY
Well I can tell you most of that
stuff is real, or has been real at
some period in our History.
Ye you know what I kind of figured
that out. I mean there myths have
to come from somewhere right?
                       AGENT RIELY
Exactly right.
So how did you sign up for the
Agency? I mean like I don't see
any adds for it around.
                       AGENT RIELY
I was actually in the Army about
10 years ago now. I was called out
to a Plane Crash one day in
Afghanistan where we were
Patrolling at the time. It was a
routine mission until we got
there. The plane had been hit by
something that fell from the sky.


An Alien Spaceship?
                       AGENT RIELY
Huh, no I still haven't seen an
Alien yet but it was a Meteor that
was holding a Demon Beast inside.
Holy shit, what happened?
                       AGENT RIELY
I was the only one that made it
out, ended up cutting off the head
of the Beast with my Bowie Knife.
I guess at that point they relised
I was good enough for the Agency,
knew about Demons anyway.
Wow, so what was the Demon?
                       AGENT RIELY
We had no idea where it came from.
Just know it was in a Metor.
That's messed up man. You went all
like Schwarneger on that Demon ey.
                       AGENT RIELY
Ye, I really don't like demons.
Not a lot of people do I imagine.
                       AGENT RIELY
Ye you would be surprised. The
amount of people I have come
across in my time with the Agency
that are on the Demons side is
What do you mean on their side?
                       AGENT RIELY
Oh they are out there, people who
worship the demons, the devil you
know all that stuff. In fact this
one guy we caught, a 38 year old
guy who was sacrificing children


                       AGENT RIELY (cont'd)
like lambs.
So you guys go after normal people
as well?
                       AGENT RIELY
Well you know, for lack of a
better word.
                       AGENT RIELY
Nothing normal about them. This
particular guy was stringing kids
up and slicing their throats and
bleeding them out why? To feed
demons that were living in his
Jesus, were there really Demons
living in his house?
                       AGENT RIELY
So what happened?
                       AGENT RIELY
Smithson and I apprehended him one
night and well, shit got out of
Really? Care to explain?
                       AGENT RIELY
Suddenly RIELY is pushed back violently smacking into a
wall. BACCA looks around just as he is grabbed and pulled
into the RIVER by a unseen FIGURE.
ALEXIA and RIVERS run over to the RIVER, SMITHSON slumps
down against a wall. RIELY lifts himself up and runs over to


                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
What the fuck was that? Where is
                       AGENT RIELY
Something dragged him into the
RIVERS rips off his JACKET and jumps into the lake.
SILENCE as the LAKE ripples. RIELY and ALEXIA stand there
looking into the RIVER.
                       AGENT RIELY
What's going on Riely?
                       AGENT RIELY
I don't know!
Behind them there is a LOUD THUD.

They turn around to see SMITHSON unconscious floating up in
the AIR.
                       AGENT RIELY
What the fuck.
RIELY pulls out his HANDGUN and looks around.
                       AGENT RIELY
Alexia, run.
RIELY grabs ALEXIA by the hand and starts to run.

Behind them all the lights start to flick off. In the
DARKNESS something moves, quickly.
dissapear down the TUNNELS.

RIVERS head shots of the WATER, bloody water dripping down
his face. Next to him BACCA appears, coughing up WATER and

RIVERS pulls himself out of the RIVER and drags BACCA out.

BACCA lyes on the ground, coughing out BLOOD.


What the fuck.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Why is it so dark?
Oh shit, Raftree.
RIVERS fumbles in the darkness.

There is a CRACKING sound followed by a GLOW STICK lighting
up the SEWER revealing a LARGE group of SKINLESS CREATURES
surrounding BACCA and RIVERS.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Oh shit.
The CREATURES step back from the LIGHT, BURNING as they try
and come close.

BACCA crawls right next to RIVERS.
The light it hurts them, you got
more glowsticks?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
In the bag.
Wheres the bag gone? I can't see
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Oh fuck I don't know.
One of the CREATURES swipes a claw, burning in the light.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
We got to make a move now, this
glow stick isn't going to last
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Any ideas?
Think we can make it into the


                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
What good is that?
I don't know man, maybe they can't
fucking swim.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
That's a pretty brave assumption.
Pass the glowstick.
RIVERS hands the glow stick to BACCA as the CREATURES stay a
small distance away, trying to get to them but burning in
the light.
You ready?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Ready for what?
Well, I'm going to throw this in
the direction of the River
clearing a path, then we are going
to haul ass, and swim like mother
fuckers out of here.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Bacca, are you fucking kidding me.
You want to wait here and see what
happens when this goes out?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Oh fuck me.
You ready?
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
How could I possibly be ready for
BACCA throws the GLOW STICK burning the CREATURES as they
sprint past the out stretched claws and jump into the RIVER.
                                         CUT TO:


A quite dark SUB STATION, no movement, nothing.

In the OFFICE RIELY peers up from under a DESK looking out a
window over the SUB STATION.
You see anything?
                       AGENT RIELY
RIELY sits back down under the DESK. They have a small torch
shinning in between them. RIELY is holding his pistol.
What are we going to do Riely?
                       AGENT RIELY
I don't know, I've never been this
fucked before.
That's reassuring.
                       AGENT RIELY
Ye no weapons, no explosives, no
lights, no partner and no way out.
This is a new one for me.
So what do we do then? Wait for
the world to end?
They sit there for a moment in silence.

RIELY moves the flashlight around the office he notice a
closed cabinet.
                       AGENT RIELY
I wonder whats in there.
One way to find out right?
                       AGENT RIELY
Alright, keep the flash light
pointed over there, I'm going to
go have a look.
RIELY crawls across the floor to the CABINET.


He gets to it and opens the CABINET door revealing A STACK
                       AGENT RIELY
Well, we got light.
Whats in the boxes?
RIELY opens one of the BOXES.
                       AGENT RIELY
Well I will be damned.
What is it?
RIELY pulls out a small wooden box that reads EXPLOSIVE.
                       AGENT RIELY
Holy shit.
There is a BANG on the OFFICE door, RIELY pulls out his GUN
and points it at the DOOR.

The DOOR slowly opens and crawling on the ground is RIVERS
followed by BACCA. Completely drenched in BLOOD.
Holy shit it's you guys!
                       AGENT RIELY
Close the door, I think Raftree is
out there.
RIVERS quickly closes the DOOR and they all Gather next to
the DESK.

RIELY begins to pass out FLASHLIGHTS.
                       AGENT RIELY
What the hell happened to you


                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Well I found BACCA down in the
RIVER floating, nothing around him
so I pulled him out.
                       AGENT RIELY
What happened down there Bacca?
I don't know. I just fell in there
and all that I remember is waking
up with Rivers pulling me out.
                       AGENT RIELY
Oh shit.
What no I'm fine.
                       AGENT RIELY
Rivers, Alexia move away from
RIVERS and ALEXIA look confused.
What no I'm all good man, I'm not
                       AGENT RIELY
Now, move behind me.
RIVERS and ALEXIA move quickly behind RIELY.
                       AGENT RIELY
Bacca, I'm going to ask you this
once and only once.
Um, ok.
                       AGENT RIELY
Shine this flashlight into your
RIELY slides the flashlight across the ground to BACCA.

BACCA picks it up and turns the flashlight on, he slowly
moves it up to his FACE and shines it on his FACE.

Nothing happens.


                       AGENT RIELY
Oh Thank God.
Dude, can I stop shinning the
light in my face now, it's kinda
hurting my eyes.
                       AGENT RIELY
Ye ye, sorry Bacca. I thought you
may have been possesed.
Holy shit man why would you think
                       AGENT RIELY
Well you got pulled into a blood
filled lake and blacked out, I
guess I just assumed.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Um guys.
RIVERS is looking up at the WINDOW leading outside.
peering in at them and the Shinning Lights.
                       AGENT RIELY
Alright, everyone keep your
flashlights on and let's move away
from the window, stay calm move
slowly no sudden movements just
calm slow moving back up against
the wall.
They start to move backwards. RIELY picks up one of the
WOODEN boxes and opens it revealing small DYNAMITE.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
You brought the explosives.
                       AGENT RIELY
No more like found them, in that
cabinet over there. I guess they
are used for blowing new
clearway's for the Sewer System.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
So, what's the plan.


                       AGENT RIELY
Well, I'm going to detonate this
bomb and attach it to a
flashlight, then I'm going to
throw it as hard as I can out
through that window and hope for
the best.
                       DETECTIVE RIVERS
Is that going to work?
RIELY turns around and looks at RIVERS.
                       AGENT RIELY
I fucking hope so.
RIELY lights a FUSE on the DYNAMITE and holds it until the
FUSE burns down.

He THROWS it smashing through the window flying over the

A MOMENT of Silence then one of the CREATURES jumps forward.

They flash their lights onto the CREATURE burning it as it
jumps back out of the OFFICE.
                       AGENT RIELY
Get down!
An EXPLOSION takes over the SUB STATION sending bits of the
CREATURES everywhere.

HUDDLED together is the group shielding themselves from the
BLAST as it wipes out and SPRAYS GLASS everywhere.
SILENCE as RIELY stands back up looking out through the
WINDOW at the darkness. He moves his FLASHLIGHT revealing
Holy Shit. It worked.
Suddenly A BLACK FIGURE shots through the WINDOW, A
PITCHFORK slices across RIELY as he falls backwards, BACCA
catches him.

RIVERS is grabbed and THROWN through the WINDOW into the

THE FIGURE moves quickly out the WINDOW.


                       AGENT RIELY
Save Rivers.
RIELY slumps to the ground, bleeding chest. BACCA grabs a
Alexia look after Riely and keep
the Flashlights on.
BACCA runs out of the OFFICE shinning his FLASHLIGHT around
the SUB STATION. Stepping over the BODIES of the CREATURES.
A SCREAM is head in the DARKNESS. BACCA flashes his LIGHT
revealing a BLEEDING RIVERS in the AIR, UNDERNEATH him is
the CHEST of RIVERS as blood pours down over the FIGURE.
BACCA shines the LIGHT on the FIGURE as it quickly moves out
of the LIGHT dropping RIVERS.

SCAILING the walls quickly The FIGURE moves to BACCA. BACCA
follows it with the flashlight.
Come on, you don't like light ey,
well Come on then! Bring it Mother
The FIGURE stops moving and disappears out of SIGHT.

BACCA frantically moves the FLASHLIGHT around searching.

A BUBBLING SOUND comes from behind BACCA.

BACCA turns around shinning his light to reveal the RIVER is
starting to BOIL.
Rivers, no man you can't be dead.
BACCA runs over to where RIVERS body is. His blood drips
down into the RIVER as it BOILS.



Come on man you can't be dead, you
got to wake up or it's the end.
BACCA keeps trying, blood soaking his hands as he presses on
RIVERS chest.
Rivers no please don't go!
FOOTSTEPS behind BACCA as he quickly turns around.

ALEXIA is standing there, FLASHLIGHT in hand.
Riely is dead.
So is Rivers.
ALEXIA looks at the RIVER.

It's BLOOD is boiling, spitting BLOOD everywhere.
It's too late Bacca.
It can't be.
We did everything we could Bacca.
ALEXIA sits down next to BACCA as the RIVER boils VIOLENTLY.
End of the world, I told you I
couldn't stop it, I'm just a


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