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Imaginary Imaginings
by Abigail Hefty (abigailhefty@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Teen Movies   User Review: ****

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

Tara wakes up slowly, when she suddenly cries out and curls
up, shaking.
They're not real, they're not
real, they're not real.
Her voice fades and she whimpers.
Sophie appears at her side, tapping Tara's shoulder.
Hey, Tara, it's okay. You're okay.
Come on, you have to go to school
today, you've already missed too
Tara relaxed a little, sitting up. She rubbed her face,
What does one more day matter?
NO. Come on, get up and -- did you
sleep in your clothes again?
Tara looks confused, and then looks down at her clothes. She
sniffs her shirt and shrugs. Sophie scoffs.
They're clean enough.
Sophie throws her hands into the air, surrendering, and then
helps Tara to her feet.
Fine, fine. Go freshen up, at
Tara sighs and grabs her hair brush, brushing her hair in
front of a mirror on the wall. Sophie sits on the floor,
watching. Tara puts on deodorant and then spins around
There, better?


You're gonna need some shoes, miss
Tara groans loudly and plops onto the floor, pulling on a
pair of shoes. She looks up at Sophie as she does so.
What day is it?
August twenty-seventh. Wednesday.
Third day of school. Well, your
Oh, lay off.
Sophie sighs quietly, causing Tara to give her full
Are you gonna be okay?
Tara hesitates, and despite her answer that is to follow,
she shakes her head.
I'll be fine. Now come on, walk
with me to school.
Sophie gives her a disbelieving look, but leaves it alone.
Both girls stand and leave the room.
Sophie looks up at the sky and bumps Tara's shoulder,
startling the girl slightly.
It looks like it's gonna rain
today. Did you bring an umbrella?
Nah. I'll be fine.
Sophie frowns and stops walking. Tara takes two more steps,
notices, and then stops, turning to face Sophie.
But you always say that.


Because I WILL be fine. You need
to stop worrying about me, Sophie.
There's nothing you can do.
Sophie looks hurt, and Tara shrinks back a little, ashamed
of herself. But before Tara can correct her harsh words, two
teens come, behind the two girls.
Hey, uh, who are you talking to?
Tara stammers, and looks at Sophie, who shakes her head.
Tara looks back over at Kristopher, and then looks down at
her feet, fidgeting with the hem of her shirt.
N-no one. I'm not talking to
Kristopher raises an eyebrow, shoving his hands into his
So you're talking to yourself?
Tara starts to protest, but Sophie takes her arm.
He's not gonna believe you, Tara.
They never do.
But --
Tara looks between Sophie, Kristy, and Kristopher, saying
nothing. Kristopher clears his throat awkwardly and holds
his hand out for her to shake. Hesitantly, Tara takes his
hand, pulling away quickly after she shakes it once.
I'm Kristopher.
And I'm Kristy.
And you are?
Tara looks at Sophie once more for help, but Sophie only
urges her along once more.


I can't speak for you.
T-Tara. My name's Tara.
Well, it's nice to meet you,
Sophie glares at Kristopher for making fun of Tara's
stammer, although he doesn't see it. Kristopher pockets his
hands again.
So, are you heading to the high
Yeah... I am.
Well, come on, T-Tara. We'll walk
with you.
Sophie stands between the Kristopher and Tara as they all
walk. Kristopher bumps into Sophie, but because he doesn't
see her, he raises a brow, confused. He wasn't close enough
to bump into Tara.
Uh, sorry.
What for?
I just... I bumped into her on
What? No, you didn't.
Sophie grins and purposely bumps into Kristopher, leaving
him even more confused. Tara tries to hold back a laugh,
clearing her throat. Sophie looks proud of herself. Kristy
looks at the other two, confused as well.
What's so funny?


Yeah, I just, uh, lost my balance
for a second there.
Uh-huh. Sure. Come on, let's just
get to school.
Tara, Kristopher, and Sophie exit.


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From Zachary Murdock Date 5/10/2014 ****
oh My GOD!!! Insanely good start! I WANT TO READ MOAR! NOW! Finish this thing and I'LL MAKE YOU AN OFFER, this is just amazing material. This is ridiculously good. At five pages, I'm already in love with the piece. Please add more to it. I would love to make use of this and we can really wow the world.

From John H. Date 4/29/2014 ***1/2
Finish this script! I really liked it. From the very first scene I get a very good impression of the two leads. Even Kristopher is a well thought out character and the story is very intriguing. I obviously don't know why Sophie can't be seen by anyone because you never explain it to me. I also don't know whether or not Tara has emotional problems or why she has missed school. And in the beginning, does Sophie magically appear out of thin air or was it actually an organic apparition? I really enjoyed this and I believe that it has a ton of potential. I really like your style and would love to see more of this script. Keep updating it and I'll keep reading it. Thanks!

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