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Streamers - "Uninvited Guests" - Episode #1 - W.I.P.
by Chazbone (acrea3@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review: ***
Streamers is a show about technology that allows people to jump to and from different stream lines of existence. Hunters are those that persecute the use of this technology afraid of the changes intruders might cause. Streamers is the story of Kendrick Holtz as he learns the pain and glory of stream jumping, this is his tale.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


We see a sterile office corridor, interior bathed in
fluorescent light.
A metal object SMASHES through a window on the side wall.
ALARMS blare on impact, red lights flashing.
The Remaining glass is kicked out of the broken window, a
figure crouches through...
KENDRICK HOLTZ (33), tall, muscular and hasn't shaved in
weeks, ENTERS.

He's wearing a sleek, all black, body suit with a few
zippers and pockets on his chest and thighs. An empty
satchel is tied around his waist.
      (into his ear
Holy hell! This alarms ear
splitting! How long will it take
to kill Mike?
Kendrick double checks his wrist display. A red icon
(Kendrick) appears flashing just a few millimeters away from
a green icon (destination).

Kendrick looks up to see a large metal door just a few feet
in front of him.
                       MIKE (V.O)
Give me 15 seconds. You there yet?
Placing the charges now. Are you
sure this will work through such
thick steel?
Kendrick unzips a pocket on his leg and pulls out three
small, triangular shaped charges. He arranges them on the
door and activates each one by pushing the center button.

Kendrick walks away from the door and brings up his wrist
display. He activates a detonation sequence by tapping the
screen, the timer reads five seconds.


                       MIKE (V.O)
If they're placed right they'll do
their job. Quit yapping and start
the sequence, times ticking away
Kendrick taps his display again, the countdown starts. He
crouches and covers his ears.

The countdown reaches zero. We hear a heavy vibration coming
from the charges.
Mike...you give me some duds or
                       MIKE (V.O)
Patience is a virtue Kenny baby!
Time is not our friend. Marinas
minutes way from the escape point
and neither of us are...
                       MIKE (V.O)
Relax, I had a visual on her two
minutes ago, she's fine. We'll
both be waiting for your sorry ass
with bells on. There you go...
The vibration is replaced by a clicking sound. Then silence.
The door quietly slides open.

Kendrick enters through the doorway into complete darkness.
Kendrick holds up his wrist display and pushes another icon.
Turning on a bright light that project from the display,
illuminating the room.

We see four walls with an elevator on the opposing wall from
No, no, no, this can't be right!
                       MIKE (V.O)
What now? You're worse then my


Another damn door! We don't have
time for this Mike! I thought you
did recon?
                       MIKE (VO)
You know where we are, you should
be ready for anything. The plan
hasn't changed. What we came for
is down that elevator shaft. He
wouldn't have made it this hard if
it wasn't.
You better be right Mike, or it's
your ass. I've got two nodes left,
you think it's enough to crack
open these doors?
                       MIKE (VO)
My ass indeed Kenny baby, just
line em up and fire away!
Kendrick pulls out some more nodes from his other leg

Elevator door slides open on it's own.

Kendrick freezes.
I uh, I got it Mike. We're good.
                       MIKE (VO)
What the hell happened? I got no
readings, where are the nodes?
We're good Mike. Just get back to
pick up and make sure Marinas
                       MIKE (VO)
Kenny, no man. You step in there
and you kill radio. I don't like
Kendrick is in the elevator, looking for a button to push.
There is none.

His earpiece dangling on his chest, inaudible SHOUTS from
Mike still bleating.


Kendrick looks forward.

Elevator doors slide close on.
MARINA ROSE (30), is running for her life through a forest.

She has long hair that is currently stuck to her sweaty,
terrified face. Her mangled left leg severely reduces her
running speed. She is wearing the same suit as Kendrick
except with more rips and tears.

Dogs HOWL in the distance.

Marina stops in her tracks and pushes her ear piece.
      (into ear piece)
Does anyone hear me? Mike? Ken?
Come in dammit!
Marina continues to move forward through the forest.
      (into earpiece)
I'm almost at the escape point!
Anyone? I need help!
MIKE GULE (36) stares at the array of security monitors in
front of him while casually sipping out of a coffee mug.

The satellite dish behind Mike has a few wires cut and
re-arranged, he's hacked in to it.

Mike is an extremely well built man with a big bushy beard.
He is wearing a similar suit to Kendrick and Marina.

Mike focuses in on one monitor, a feed of Marina running
towards the ocean shore.

The satellite and receive behind Mike flashes red.
                       MARINA (VO)
      (over the receiver)
God dammit Mike come in! They've
got the dogs on me, I'm at pick
up. Where the hell are you?


Mike takes a sip of his coffee and sets it down.

The camera pans out and we see to dead Hunters at Mikes

Mike gets up, careful not to trip over the Hunters, towards
the receiver.
                       MARINA (VO)
Mike shuts the receiver off and returns to his seat.
Kendrick is in complete silence.

A few moments pass and the lights flicker.


A poppy 80's song, heavy with synthesizer, quietly bleeds
from above Kendrick.

Kendrick looks up bewildered and unable to find the source
or reason.

Kendrick can't help but bob his head.

The lights and music cut off abruptly, the elevator shakes
and stow.

The doors slide open to reveal a dimly lit open.

Kendrick proceeds with caution.
Kendrick enters into a narrow hallway. He can only go
forward or back into the elevator.

With each step he takes forward, a light overhead turns on,
only illuminating a few feet in front of him.

Kendrick glances down towards the end of the hallway, we see
a faint green glow.
      (into his radio)
Mike, you hear me? I think I found


No response, only static.

Kendrick picks up steam and starts jogging towards the glow,
lights popping on to match his speed.

As soon as he reaches the end the entire hallway slights up.

The green glow is almost blinding.
There you are.
Kendrick slowly extends his reach and grabs at the "Moirai"

It's a perfect green sphere with two jade handles protruding
from both sides.

Kendrick grabs both handles, the sphere is level with his
chest and his elbows protruding.

Kendrick flips the device over to reveal three gold lined
pockets, key holes, empty of their contents.
The rest is on you babe.
Marina is hyperventilating, struggling to carry her weight
on one leg.

The HOWLING has grown louder as the dogs draw near.

In the distance we see flashlights and outlines of figures.

Marinas looks around for a place to hide and settles on some
brush by the shore.

HUNTER #1 enters.

Hunter #1 is carrying an automatic rifle equipped with a
flashlight and is decked out in full military gear, all
                       HUNTER #1
      (into shoulder
No sign of her. Waters calm,
terrains too firm for tracks.


                       RADIO OPERATOR (VO)
He's not satisfied, keep looking.
                       HUNTER #1
How about you send someone else
out here to freeze with me? We're
on an island, they're not going
                       RADIO OPERATOR (VO)
Negative, Vaults been breached.
All personnel currently occupied.
Hurry up and find her, we can't
let them escape with either piece
of the device.
The Hunter continues his search near the shore.

His flashlight passes over Marina's hiding place a few

Marina flinches to stop her heavy breathing.

Hunter #1 gives up and exits.
      (to herself)
Dammit Kendrick, where are you?
Marina opens a pocket on her chest and pulls out three small
golden tablets hooked to a golden chain.

Each tablet has a different foreign figure engraved on the
head, the bottom extends out with varied ridges, like a key.
                       KENDRICK (VO)
M! Pssst, M! Where are you?
Marina flinches again, not sure if it's really Kendrick.

Quietly she puts the tablets back in her pocket.
                       KENDRICK (VO)
M! Where are you? I got it M!
Kendrick, is that you?
Marina throws off the brush and limps into the open.

Kendrick stands a few yards away from her, their eyes meet.


A small smile slowly spreads on both of their faces.

Marina limps towards Kendrick but he runs and catches her
before she falls.
You're hurt!
I'll be fine Ken, just a busted
Let me take a look! Where's Mike?
Kendrick frantically yet gently begins examining her wounds.
It's fine Ken! It's fine! I don't
know where Mike is either, just
stop for a second.
Marina pulls him away from her leg and forces their eyes to
meet again.
We did it Ken, we really did it
this time.
Marina pulls the chain of tablets out from her pocket and
hands it to Kendrick.

He rewards her with a passionate kiss and embrace.
Let's get the hell out of here,
just got to find...
The bushes behind Kendrick rustle, interrupting him.

Kendrick steps in front of the wounded Marina, shielding

Mike enters through the bushes with an assault rifle hanging
from his shoulder.

Kendrick lets his guard down.
How come I always enter either
before or after you two are
gettin it on?


Kendrick releases Marinas hands and pulls out the "Moirai"
device from his satchel.
And how come whenever we make
plans, you're always late?
Kendrick extends the device towards Mike.
Ole faithful, atta boy Kendrick.
Always coming through, let me see
Mike grabs the device.

Kendrick turns to Marina.
Not just me Mike. Marina did her
part too, I told you she'd do
good. Not bad for a rookie?
Mikes eye's are transfixed upon the device.
Yes, yes she did wonderful.
Quit holding back then, let's see
if we got what we came for!
Eager beaver baby! I love it!
Are we sure it's safe to use? I
mean do we even know hold old that
thing really is?
Can't be any more dangerous then
waiting out here for the Hunters.
Besides, we used Scotties device
to get here and that thing was,
well, you all saw it. The Moirai
device is the real deal.


Your boy toys right Marina doll.
We need to get our asses off this
island and back to our origin
Why don't we just jump from here
Silver and the Hunters have the
whole island on lock. The device
is useless on this rock.
God knows how the hell they pulled
that off. (beat) Enough school
time boys & girls, let's get a
move on.
Kendrick grabs Marinas arm and puts it over his shoulder to
help her walk.
Come on, once we get in the water
you can rest.
Kendrick and Marina begin towards the shoreline.

Again, DOGS BARKING can be heard not so far off.
Let's go people!
Mike pulls a large rubber square from his chest pocket,
pulls a protruding pin and tosses it into the ocean.

A small BANG ignites the square as it inflates into a
somewhat respectable raft.
Alright you first M, balance the
weight for us. It's about ten
minutes of rowing till were out of
the lockdown zone. Once were in
open waters, we can jump home.
Kendrick and Marina step into the ocean and brace themselves
to enter the raft.

They both freeze when they hear the cocking of a rifle
behind them.


They slowly turn around to see Mikes teeth shining an evil
smile, his gun aimed at them both.
Unfortunately this is where the
love story ends birdies.
What the hell are you doing Mike?
Mike, this isn't funny, we don't
have time to...
Aint no joke baby, aint no joke.
Now, time is of the essence. M,
be a doll and hand the keys over
would ya?
Mike takes a few steps towards Marina, gun raising to her

Instinctively Kendrick steps in between the two.
Too far Mike! What the hell are is
going on!
If it makes you feel any better, I
didn't sell you out to Silver.
Which is why time is really of the
essence right now Kendrick. Now,
Kendrick hesitates but eventually gives in.

Kendrick nods to Marina to give Mike the keys.

After the exchange Mike keeps his gun pointed at her head.
Dammit Mike! You got what you
want, get the hell out of here!
That's the plan. Now turn around
Kenny and bring the raft up to the
shore for me.


Mike grabs the satchel from Kendrick and places the tablets

Kendrick takes a few steps into the water and grabs the

Kendrick notices a small stick in the water by the raft.

Kendrick "trips" into the water, hands digging in the sand.

Mike looks over to check on him but keeps most of his
attention on Marina.

In the dark night, Kendrick is able to slip the stick from
out of the water into the raft without Mike noticing.

Kendrick begins dragging the raft back to the shore, back to
the other two.
That's it, nice & slowly.
You're going to get us killed
Mike! You're leaving us here to
die! For what?
A whole lot of sweet, sweet cash
      (turns to Kendrick)
That's close enough. Step slowly,
away from my escape vehicle and
back up here with your blushing
The BARKING dogs are even louder.

Kendrick with his back still to Mike quietly slips his hand
over the stick.
You don't have to do this Mike.
True, I don't have to play second
fiddle to you and yours anymore
either. This is for me...
Mike is tackled from behind by a large canine, initiating a
vicious wrestling match.

Mikes satchel flies from his grasp after the tackle, landing


a few feet from him and the dog.

Marina runs to the device and inspects it, finding both the
device and tablets unharmed.

Kendrick rushes to grab the dropped assault rifle from
behind the snarling dog, which is now on top of Mike.
Help! Get this thing off of me,
Jesus help!
We have to go, now!
Marina reaches to grab the satchel but Hunter #1's foot
stomps down on the strap.

Hunter #1 has a gun pointed at her forehead.
                       HUNTER #1
Oh boy, what ya got there?
      (turns to Mike &
Good boy! Good boy! Get at em!
Marina stares at the barrel of the gun.

Hunter #1 returns his focus to her.
                       HUNTER #1
Now, you and you're friends have
caused quite the commotion today.
Where's the third one?
Kendrick steps from out of the shadows behind Hunter #1,
raises the butt of his assault rifle, and BASHES him across
the back of the head.

Hunter #1 goes out cold.
We need oars Kendrick, oars!
Kendrick turns around to find Mike still struggling with the

Kendrick's eyes dart around the sore line, looking for


Scottie had to stream them in
separately. They should be around
here somewhere...
Kendrick looks at his wrist display and pulls up another map
of his current location.

He selects an option titled "Escape" and a blue icon appears
flashing just a few feet from his current location.
There's no time, grab the device
and head for the raft!
Marina runs towards the water with the device.

Kendrick heads in the opposite direction, towards the
flashing blue icon.

He stops and finds a long plastic bag protruding from the
sand, half buried.

Kendrick digs up the bag and finds a note in the middle, a
big heart with the name "Scottie" in the middle.

Kendrick smiles and runs off towards the raft.
Kendrick unwraps the plastic and pulls out two oars as well
as some food and water.

Kendrick tosses the supplies in the raft and hands an oar to
The silhouette of a man sits in front of a large panel of
televisions each displaying different streams.

This is SILVER, the leader of the hunters.

                       RANDOM HUNTER
Sir, two of the streamers have
escaped. We have one in custody,
however it's not the one you
And where are the other two?


                       RANDOM HUNTER
They left via the water Sir. They
will be out of the lock down zone
in minutes. That is if we don't
send in air support, Sir.
Then what are you waiting for?
                       RANDOM HUNTER
Sir, the device is on board with
the two streamers. I'm hesitant to
send in air forces, I didn't want
to lose it.
                       RANDOM HUNTER
Sir, what's so funny?
You can't destroy the Moirai fool!
Send in the Reapers. Send the damn
streamers to the bottom, then send
our divers in to retrieve the
device. Do you hear me?
                       RANDOM HUNTER
Yes Sir!
No survivors!
Hunter #1 groggily gets up from the ground, rubbing his

He grabs his shoulder radio and heads over to Mike.

Mike is trying his best to keep the dogs teeth from his
face, but his strength is fading.
                       HUNTER #1
      (into his shoulder
Command, Bruno picked up the
streamer. Detaining him now and


                       HUNTER #1 (cont'd)
heading back, copy.
                       RADIO OPERATOR (VO)
He wants to know what happened
with the others. He's expecting
                       HUNTER #1
      (into shoulder
I lost them in the trees by the
time I came up to Bruno. Damn mutt
took off without me and got the
sucker. I think they made off into
the water.
                       RADIO OPERATOR (VO)
Detain the subject appropriately
and have the canine stand guard.
Back up will be re routed your way
for pick up.
Hunter #1 pulls a syringe from his side pack and kneels down
besides Mike.

Mike tries to resist the needle but the dog keeps him
pinned, lashing at his face.
                       HUNTER #1
Oh I wouldn't do that buddy.
Needles the easier route to go.
Less painful at least. Bruno,
hasn't been fed in awhile ya see.
Help please, someone help me.
                       HUNTER #1
Oh don't worry, we're gonna help
you alright. You'll be back in a
jiffy once Silver's done with you.
You son of a bitch!
                       HUNTER #1
There, there now.
Hunter puts the syringe up against Mikes neck and plushes
the plunger.

Seconds pass and Mike stops struggling and closes his eyes.


Hunter #1 pulls the dog off of Mike and a rope from his leg

Hunter #1 ties Mike up.
Kendrick and Marina sit opposite each other in the raft,
rowing together as fast as possible.

Marina takes a swig of water then hands it to Kendrick and
returns to rowing.
We're almost there, just keep up.
Are you telling me to keep up? You
seem like the one that's slowing
down over there.
      (a little winded)
Yeah, well. I guess I should of...
Phew, I guess going to those
classes with you would've payed
off right about now.
Marina lets out a small laugh.
How did all this happen?
I don't know babe. I don't know
who got to him. I thought, I just
thought wrong on him I guess.
Do you think he found out about,
you know, us leaving?
I don't think so, he would of said
something if he did. He really
screwed everything up for us.
The two row in silence for a few moments.


So what do we do now?
Well since Mikes no longer here to
take the set of keys we stole from
Silver back to our origin stream
that duty now falls on us. I'm
sorry Marina.
Kendrick reaches into his suit from his neckline and pulls
out another golden chain, this time with two tablets with
different engravings then all the others.
So that's why your back up plan
only had two keys, Mike was never
coming with us. You never even
asked him did you?
Marina, I, I couldn't.
Why not? He was your best friend!
Things might of played out
differently had you asked. We were
abandoning him Kendrick.
I only have these two keys, that's
all the Deputy gave me. One for me
and you, I figured he gave Mike
his own.
Kendrick takes a few seconds to think.
It was the Deputy's idea.
What was?
He knew. Somehow he just had a
feeling about Mike I guess. I
don't really know, he wouldn't
explain it to me before we
streamed over. He just promised me
to take them and keep it quiet.


So what, we would plug our two
keys in an Mike would do his.
Except we go home, to our origin
stream and Mike gets sent god
knows where? What the hell is
wrong with you?
I was following orders. (beat)
Besides, the Deputy was right.
Wasn't he?
The two row in silence again.

The silence is interrupted as we hear the water break a few
hundred out from the raft.

A large, bright white extends from the water and illuminates
the nearby area.
Get down!
Kendrick and Marina both duck down inside the raft.

Marina slowly peeks over the edge to get a view but is only
blinded by the light, she ducks back down.
What is that thing?
Silver must have built himself a
submarine of some sort. That's my
only guess.
But how? Does it see us?
I don't know, all of his gadgets
are new technology. Both streams
have only had access to the alien
tech for a few years. Just stay
low for now and give me the
The Hunters have Mike tied and hanging from a wall by his


A few Hunters have their weapons aimed at Mike, who has his
head low in shame and discomfort.

Silver ENTERS, we still only see the back of his head and
not his face.
Well, well, well. Micheal Charles
Gulee, or is it Gule? Does it even
matter? No, I guess not.
      (head down)
Kill me already, why, why drag me
through this?
Now, now Micheal. That's not how I
treat old friends!
      (head down)
What are you talking about?
Kendrick and Marina hide in the raft, the submarine still
glaring it's light.
What do you think they will do to
We don't need to worry about that
right now. Just ourselves.
Is it gone?
Kendrick peaks over to get a better view.

The submarine has begun to slowly make its way towards the
It's coming our way. Get up and
slowly start to paddle. We need to
head for the shoreline, to the


Silver is pacing in front of Mike, who has his face down
You see, technically this isn't
our first meeting for you and I.
At least the essence of you and I
met before.
We've come close plenty of times.
But trust me baby, you and I aint
ever met before.
Of course, of course. I'm assuming
you're unaware then?
Of what? Get to the point already
and kill me.
Ah, yes. Here is the Micheal I
know. So quick to give up, so
eager to achieve death. It gets
quite boring Micheal, after awhile
at least.
What the hell are you talking
about Silver?
Mike finally looks up but Silver is still pacing in the
shadows with his back to Mike.
I find it strange, baffling
really. The fact the the Deputy
decides to keep his employees so
misinformed, in the dark. That
can't be good business practices,
can it?
You're telling me. Why do you
think I made other plans?
Wait? Other plans? You betrayed
fates favorite couple? Oh please
Michael, tell me more. This is


                       SILVER (cont'd)
such an exciting development!
Kendrick and Marina have directed the raft towards the
shoreline and away from the submarine.
I think we're clear.
Yeah, we only have a few hundred
more feet of the island shore to
use until were out in the open.
I'd give us about fifteen minutes
of treading open water till we can
activate the device.
Then we're home?
Then we're home. And we can start
figuring out how to end Silver and
his hunter for good.
Or what?
Or we can just jump somewhere else
and get lost together. Start over
somewhere new.
Marina, baby, you know I would in
a heartbeat. You're the only thing
I have to go home to. But we both
know that's not possible, we don't
have anywhere safe to jump to. My
keys only take us to the origin
and Silver's could take us,
anywhere. It's just not safe.
Marina gives Kendrick a soft smile and reaches in to her

She pulls out ANOTHER chain with two more golden tablets,


each with similar yet unique engravings from the other
Where, where did you get those?
Do you really think YOU were the
only one the Deputy trusted?
What are you talking about?
He's got a few tablets that no one
else knows about. He's had those
jumps scouted and are all deemed
as safe environments, at least for
Marina, what are you saying?
The Deputy gave us these jump
tablets to escape. He knew we
wanted to leave. Here's our chance
What? What about the device? The
He's the only person that knows
where these tablets will take us.
He's okay with us getting lost as
long as the device and Silver's
keys gets lost with us.
Kendrick can't contain his smile, he drops his oar in the
raft and gives her a hard embrace.
We did it sweetheart, were a few
feet away from our new beginning.
The couple shares another kiss.


Let's get back to the oars and
stop waisting time. I want to
stream out of here as soon as
Marina responds with a smile and both of them return to
their respective sides & oars.

They're able to make a few strokes before a slight buzzing
can be heard in the air.
Kendrick...what's that noise?
Kendrick stops rowing and puts his ear to the wind, his face
contorts into a look of horror.
      (To himself)
A bright slight shines down on the raft, illuminating the
couple from the air.
Row! Just row, were almost there
Mike is still being interrogated by Silver, who has yet to
step from the shadows.

Mike is a lot worse of with some fresh wounds around his
face, lips busted, eyes swollen...
I wish you wouldn't hold out
Micheal. I'm curious as to how
Kendrick got down into my vault to
steal my device. He couldn't of
done so with out help.
Mike doesn't respond.

Silver gives a nod to a Hunter, who cracks Mike in the ribs.


Interesting Micheal, very
interesting. No worries another
issue for another day. New subject
then! How much did this mystery
group pay you to still my device
and betray your friends?
No response.

Silver nods again to the Hunter.

Before the Hunter can hit, Mike answers...
I...It wasn't money.
How noble? What was it then? A
position of authority? Women? What
tickles this Micheal's fancy eh?
They set me up...with a new life,
in a new, a new stream.
Well, can't say that I blame you
then. It's a rough life being a
Hunter. I couldn't imagine the
type of life you and your precious
Deputy must attend to. Disgusting
really, invading other streams.
Messing with fate and such.
What did you mean...this Micheal?
What? Still haven't figured it out
yet? The Deputy really does do his
men a disservice by keeping them
so oblivious.
      (head down)
Spill it Silver baby.
Each time you jump, from one
stream to the next. You've never
wondered, never got just a little
thread of curiosity as to why?


      (head down)
Why? Why what?
Why each stream is so different
and unique from each other. Yet!
Yet at the same time, just the
same. There's tiny nuances,
patterns, generic redundancies
that ties them all together.
      (head down)
Silver steps from the shadows and is face to face with Mike.

Silver's face still blocked from the viewer.
Look into my eyes Micheal and
behold the answer that eludes you.
Mike slowly raises his head and looks Silver in the eyes.

Mike's mangled face contorts into a look of bewilderment.
What the...No, no, that's not
Marina and Kendrick are rowing as fast as they can.

The light has grown brighter, the noise even louder.

The water around them has become turbulent as the Reapers
engine above the raft hovers close above them.
I can't see Kendrick!
Just keep rowing sweet heart,
we're almost there.
A high pitched, piercing beep rings down from the Reaper


The couple are forced to cover their ears for protection.

Marina dives to the bottom of the raft, Kendrick lies on top
and covers her.
Marina, can you hear me?
The noise from the reaper subsides, the humming of the
engine stops and it's noise disappears.

For a moment the raft is alone in silence.
Are they gone?
I don' think so babe. We have to
move fast, I need you to listen to
I'm pretty sure were about out of
the zone. Take the tablets and get
the device ready, just like I
showed you.
What are you going to do?
I'm going to get us into the
clear. When I give you the sign
you wait for me to get my hand the
device then you turn the tablets
as fast as you can. Do you got me?
Let's do it.
That's my girl.
Kendrick tries to row as quietly as possible from the bottom
of the raft.


Marina fumbles through her pockets and the satchel to insert
the tablets into the Moirai device and activate it.
It's all good, I think I got it.
Good sweetheart, just a few more
feet. When that thing glows green
we know were good.
It's already starting!
Marina holds up the device which indeed has begun to faintly
glow green.
Almost there!
A faint blue light rains down on the raft from the Reaper

Marina hides the activated device back into the satchel.
Dammit! Get ready babe.
The glow grows even brighter from the Moirai device.
                       SILVER (V.O.)
Hello? Mr. Holtz? Are you there?
Who was that?
Above the raft a bright video screen pops above them.

A mans silhouette can be seen but the transmission is a bit
                       SILVER (V.O.)
Hello streamers! I believe you
have something of mine and
surprisingly, I would like it
Who are you?
I know that voice...


                       SILVER (V.O.)
You can call me Mr. Silver, Ms.
Rose I presume? Please forgive the
lack of face to face
communication. My advisors inform
me we should have the feed
stabilized in moments. Brand new
technology, you understand I hope.
But now in the mean time I would
advise you stop rowing Mr. Holtz,
before I sink your little craft.
Hello Silver. It's a shame you
couldn't come get us yourself.
                       SILVER (V.O.)
Well you know how much I would
love to be there, but the cards
unfortunately didn't play out that
way this time. Perhaps in a
different stream we would be
having this chat face to face.
What do you think Holtz?
Kendrick, look!
Kendrick looks down at the device, still hidden in Marina's

The glow is so bright it's starting to show through the
      (to Marina)
It's ready, get it out and be
ready for my word.
      (ip towards the
I don't know, I guess it's
                       SILVER (V.O.)
You guess it's possible? Well boy,
you disappoint me. We both know
not only is it possible, we both
know it is happening! Tell me did
you ever figure out just exactly
who I was? At least in relation to
you, Mr. Holtz?


The video screen has begun to fix itself, becoming clearer
with each second.
I've had my theories, just not
enough time. Frankly, I don't
really care. You're the one that
seems obsessed with us really.
                       SILVER (V.O.)
Obsessed? Yes, maybe with a sense
of duty. A pride to get the job
done. Lets not forget you are the
intruders, you are the invaders
into my realm. You are the
uninvited guests. The bounty was
placed, I am merely doing my duty
as a Hunter in fulfilling it.
That's bull shit and you know it.
We had no idea what we were
messing with at the time, how can
you fault an entire civilization
for one mistake?
                       SILVER (V.O.)
There's a reason why you and your
people shouldn't be playing with
the grown up toys. I grow weary of
our conversation Mr. Holtz. I will
give you one chance to surrender
to me and face a judge for your
I've seen the Hunters justice
system! Surrender means death!
What are you waiting for?
Marina rips the device from the satchel and extends it to

Kendrick grabs the other handle.

The video screen has fixed itself and the feed is completely


Kendrick and Marina both freeze in the moment as they stare
at the man on the video screen.
Not possible...
The viewer finally gets to see Silver's face.

Silver (65) is An older, scarred and worn down version of
Kendrick Holtz. Their faces almost similar despite the
difference in hair color.
Why hello Kendrick, it's great to
finally see such a handsome face.
Who are you?
Me? Well don't you see. I'm
Kendrick. Well this streams
version of Kendrick at least.
Thank god my mother had a better
choice in names.
This, this isn't possible.
Marina, the device! Now!
Marina reaches for the tablets that are already inserted
into the device and turns the first one.

The Moirai device begins to vibrate and glow even more

Marina reaches for the second key...
Hmm, not a wise move on you part.
But expected none the less,
goodbye Mr. Holtz. Open fire.
The Reaper above cuts the video screen and replaces it with
a hail of gun fire.

The raft is instantaneously shredded.


Marina is unable to turn the second key as Kendrick tackles
her into the water.

Bullets penetrate the water around them as Kendrick and
Marina try to swim as deep and far away from the Reaper as
Silver's panel of tv's has changed to one signal feed: the
Reapers vision, raining bullets on the raft.

After a few moments he holds his hand up for the assault to

Silver scans the screen, seeing nothing but wreckage.

Silver turns to the Hunter behind him.
Send the salvage team. No one
rests till we have two corpses.
The waters are calm and littered with pieces of the raft.

The Reaper has left leaving nothing but moonlight.

A few quite moments pass before two heads break the surface
of the water.

Kendrick and Marina both gasp for air and grab a piece of
wreckage nearest them.
Holy shit...we made it. I think we
made it.
You're...you're hurt Ken.
Kendrick looks down at his arm and sees a small wound.
It's just must've grazed me, I'm
fine. You?
Do you...do you have the device?


Kendrick pulls the glowing Moirai device from beneath the
water and rests it on the wreckage between them.
You ready to go home baby?
Kendrick can't help but smile, he brushes the hair back from
Marinas face.
The smile quickly fades from his face.
Marina, sweetheart. Talk to me.
Kendrick swims over to her side and rolls her to the right.

A large bullet hole is leaking blood profusely from her
Shit! Shit! Marina, baby don't go
now. We're almost there.
Kendrick desperately tries to get her onto the piece of
wreckage and out of the water, but the piece is to small.

After a few attempts she falls back into the water.

Tears begin to pour down Kendrick's face.
No! Dammit, no!
Bright lights in the distance begin converging on Kendrick's

The hum of boat engines can be heard drawing closer.
Kendrick tries one more time to get her onto the wreckage,
nearly succeeding.

The piece quickly gives out and dumps her back into the
ocean, this time her dead weight succumbs to gravity as the
ocean swallows her.
No! Marina! MARINA!


Kendrick dives down in an attempt to saver her.

He returns to the surface empty and wrests his head on the
piece of floating wreckage.

He sobs alone, the Hunters boats are even closer.

A spotlight shines on him...
                       BOAT OPERATOR (V.O.)
      (from a
Remain where you are with your
hands visible! You are hereby
under arrest.
The Moirai devices green glow reflects of Kendrick's face
catching his attention.

Kendrick takes the remaining two tablets out, leaving just

He puts the chain around his neck and grabs ahold of the
Moirai device, hands shaking.
      (to himself)
Not yet, dammit, not yet.
The device is shaking so hard, Kendrick struggles to hold

The boats are only a few yards away from Kendrick and he can
hear the guns cocking in anticipation. T

he device instantly explodes in a bright flash of green
                       BOAT OPERATOR
      (shielding eyes)
What the hell was that?
The light disappears and the boat crews struggle to regain
their sight.

They return their focus to Kendrick last spot, which is now
completely void of human life.
Silver sits with his chin in his hand in silence staring at
his Tv screens.


He lets out a heavy sigh, takes a sip out of his glass and
then violently tosses it at the head of the nearest Hunter,
who luckily ducks.
Anyone want to explain how the
hell THAT just happened?
                       RANDOM HUNTER
Sir, the Reapers technology is
brand new. It's aiming system
hasn't been tested. We got one
You got one? One? You expect me to
reward some half assed job? I want
you to go find him! Get me
Crawford, now!
                       RANDOM HUNTER
But sir, we don't know where he
jumped to. We would...
I swear to god if you want to be
breathing by breakfast, shut the
hell up and get me Crawford!
I hate streamers!
Silver kicks over the nearest chair he can find.
A few people roam down a busy street and stop at a crosswalk
waiting for it to change.

An android is scanning people's faces as they walk by and
advertising to them.

RANDOM KID 1 & 2 enter.

Early teens donning the newest fashion, neon colors with
chrome accents.

They walk by the android who scans each of their faces.


      (robotic voice)
Reading. Teenagers. Retrieving
appropriate content. Displaying
      (movie phone voice)
This summer, in a world crafted by
time, one Hero will do whatever he
can to protect the one's he
                       RANDOM KID #2
Hey! Stupid ad bot!
                       RANDOM KID
Hey, you gonna go see the new Time
Crafters movie Friday though?
                       RANDOM KID #2
Na, that craps way to cheap. Those
graphics are so fake dude!
The light changes and the two boys begin to cross the
                       RANDOM KID #2
The guy gets into the tightest
situations and always escapes last
minute. Just pops in and out of
the time line whenever he wants,
it's just not believable.
                       RANDOM KID
Well he's a Time Crafter, he can
literally craft time. What do you
                       RANDOM KID #2
I don't know man, just now a days
you gotta have the wow factor.
With all the technology we got
today it's just to easy to be
lame. You know what I'm saying?
A loud crackle rings out from the middle of the intersection
that draws the boys attention.

They stop and stare as the cars behind them start to honk.

The noise grows louder and the drivers behind them get out
of their cars for a better look.

A green flash sparks in the center of the road.


                       RANDOM KID
                       RANDOM KID #2
What the...
A large rush of wind explodes from the center of the
intersection accompanied by a green blast.

Everyone shields their eyes and bends away.

The dust settles they look at the source of the commotion.

Kendrick lies in the middle of the street in, hundreds of
gallons of water rushing away from his body.

He struggles to get on his feet, collapses and coughs up
some water.
Both RANDOM KIDS look at each other in shock and awe.
                       RANDOM KID
Yeah...I know what you're saying!
Random kid 1 & 2 and the rest of the on lookers run to the
middle of the street, some offering to help.
Where, where am I?
The crowd grows larger and tighter around Kendrick.
Stay away! Marina!
The crowd starts to part from the back, we hear someone
yelling back.
                       FEMALE VOICE
Alright everybody, get back.
Nothing to see here. Phoenix PD is
here, go back to your lives
Kendrick collapses back onto the street floor, to weak to
support himself.


The crowd finally parts.


An almsot identical version of Marina Rose (32) makes her
way onto the scene. She is dressed in her full police
uniform, which is more simplistic grey version of our
standard cop get up.

Officer Rose apprehensively approaches Kendrick.
                       OFFICER MARINA ROSE
Well, you rang?


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From Thomas Date 2/19/2014 ***
Wow, nice story. I'm signed up for reading more. Good job, just - maybe - make the episodes a bit longer unless it was meant to be a half hour long. (A little hard to tell)

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