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Diversity Plan
by Carmen L Miller (cariller1@aol.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

A high powered woman navigates the murky waters of the financial industry, juggling family and work. As we examine the lives of those who work and play in the world of finance. Scandal, drama, comedy, romance, family and friends. This dramedy takes a look at what it's like to be from a diverse culture, in a homogenous industry.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Chicago skyline into office window where people in cubicles
are scrambling to answer phones. One floor up, Diana stares
out of window and screams into the phone.
      (On the phone)
Sell Sell Sell damn it, sell it
all. Why do you not listen! I
don't care, Do it NOW. This is a
disaster. Just Do it. Everything
we've got remotely related to
credit swaps or real estate
backed, get rid of it this
instant. I don't care what they
said upstairs, I'm panicking. It's
Time to panic. They should have
panicked months ago when we knew
Lefger was a house of cards.
      (Voice-over as she
       slams phone shut
       before answering
       another call)
September 16, 2008 The day the
bottom fell out failures of
massive financial institutions in
the United States, due primarily
to exposure of securities of
packaged subprime loans and credit
default swaps issued to insure
these loans and their issuers,
rapidly devolved into a global
crisis resulting in a number of
bank failures in Europe and sharp
reductions in the value of
equities (stock) and commodities
worldwide. That's a really
technical way of saying, a bunch
of people bought stuff on credit
that they couldn't afford and
banks,and the governments issued
securities to back up those
purchases, mortgages, etc.... and
now there's a bill due. Today.
And here I am in the thick of it.


                       DIANA (cont'd)
This is not the day I had planned
Diana grabs phone as Bobbi appears in her doorway. Before
she can say hello, to the caller or to Bobbi, Ted pushes
past her and enters Diana's office. An obviously irritated
Diana says
      (scowls into the
I'll be right with you (places
caller on hold)
      (frantic, but
I'm sorry, He wouldn't (glares at
Ted). I'll grab that from my desk
( indicating the call on hold) I'm
sorry. ( scurries to desk)
      (walks up to
       Diana's Desk and
       hovers, trying to
       catch a glimpse
       of her computer
So what's the plan Girl Wonder?
Looks like this thing is the real
deal. I'm no doomsayer but I've
seen a couple of these.
Everybody's ready to jump because
they were caught pants down. How
about it? You holding up?
      (looks squarely
       into his face and
Well, I haven't been a fan of
mortgage backed securities since I
passed my 7s. So I don't have a
lot of clients in that boat. As
far as my managed portfolios,
we're gonna stop the bleeding
today and see if we can't protect
more people. But enough about me
and My business, don't you have
some elderly people to frighten
into their graves or little
children to push in front of
school busses or something. I'm


                       DIANA (cont'd)
trying to get some actual work
done. You do know what that is
don't you.... I'm sure that at
least one of your clients need to
hear from you today.
      (smug expression)
I'll let you rookies duke it out
in the trenches. We're gonna ride
this one out with most of our
clients long term, short term
losses only matter when you're not
dealing with high net worth
clients, looks like you've got
your work cut out for you, so I'll
let you get back to that.
      (rolls eyes/he
Well, thanks for the pep talk...
appreciate that. ( she sits down,
types on keyboard, her phone
rings) This is Diana, yes,
remember what we discussed earlier
this year as a possibility, well
it's happening today, Yes, we
prepared, I just need your ok to
move the funds. exactly. I'm going
to put you through to Bobbi to
finish up. No , no worries.
      (gets up from
       desk, pokes her
       head out of her
       doorway speaks to
       Bobbi who's desk
       is right outside
       her office)
Team Huddle, 5 minutes.
Bobbi, holding phone up with her shoulder, while typing,
looks up and nods to acknowledge that she heard Diana.
Diana, Bobbi and Emerson head into an empty conference room.
Diana carrying two cell phones and an I-Pad, Bobbi carrying
a box of file folders, and Emerson carrying 3 cups of coffee


and a pen & pad. They shut the door and Diana paces, while
the other two listen intently.
      (Paces back and
Three things before days end. One,
Emerson, go through these files,
everybody that is not in a
discretionary account, I want
signed LOA(s) from them today.
Two, Bobbi, sell everything we
have that is remotely connected to
Fannie/Freddie... this is the tip
of a very ugly iceberg and I want
to stop the bleeding now. Three,
sift all of our managed
portfolios, everybody with
high/moderate risk profiles, I
want them on the phone today.
We're not hiding people.... we're
going to war.
      (stands and stops
       Diana from pacing)
You're sure? We're not
over-reacting are we? Do we
really want to panic our clients
like this? it could just be a
blip/ a bad day...
      (looks gravely at
       Emerson, then to
We are in for a series of very bad
days, the kind of days that used
to send brokers out of 18 story
windows....I honestly believe,
it's a mini-depression.... We must
protect our clients. they have to
know we're on their side. That we
are being honest and that they can
trust us to do the right thing.
While we sit here talking, people
are losing their dreams...
retirement/college for their kids/
buying a home... and the only
thing between them and total
financial devistation is us. This
is the real thing, not dress
rehersal so if ever there were a
time to make sure our clients


                       DIANA (cont'd)
understand what we're up against,
it's now. They also need to
know.... we can handle it.
What if they can't come into the
office today? What if they're
travelling? or something?
Find them/ and sign them! Bobbi
make sure our cub here knows where
to look for emergency contacts and
the red line fax. We're not going
to take any chances today. Now,
you have your orders... get
Bobbi and Emerson exit, Diana starts placing calls on each
phone alternately yelling symbols, quantity numbers and sell
orders into each. Scene moves to hallway
Do you think she's right about the
recession starting from today's
climate? Is it really that
Yes. I've never seen her this
intense, so let's get focused cub
and do exactly what momma bear
asked. You are getting baptised
by fire Emerson. You picked a
great time to choose this career
Tell me about it.
they walk to the end of the hall, he goes in the direction
of his cubicle, and she goes to her desk in front of Diana's
office. Diana follows astill talking alternately into both
phones, passes Bobbi to enter her office, shuts the door.
Both Candy and Irma are speaking into phones finishing up
orders from other advisors. Emerson, Adam, and Robby rush to
the window as both women hang up the phone. Robby arrived


      (scans the men
Robby honey, what can I do for
The other two men glare at her and then look to Candy, who
waves Irma off dismissively. Robby saunters over and stand
in front of her to place his order first.
Candy hands both of the waiting men tickets, they tell her
that they've already filled out their orders.
Cool, I can take them both, I have
a couple of entries ahead of yours
but I promise to do them both. Are
either of these Rush orders or can
we get them in by days end
RUSH!!! please, it's for Diana.
ummm RUSH, the guys were pretty
      (she takes a deep
You know what, I got you. I'll
handle these right now.
Small talk about dogs and weekend plans can be heard from
Robby and Irma as Candy frantically enters the sell orders
one on the phone and the other into her computer
simultaneously. No errors, she receives wire confirmation of
both orders and hands the receipts to the men waiting
anxiously. Irma checks the wire to see if her order has
been placed. It has not
Where's my stupid receipt, someone
must have taken it by mistake.
Irma glares at Candy. who shrugs her shoulders and smiles
shaking her head to indicate that she doesn't have it.
Irma checks the wire again, then looks to her computer
screen and giggles.


Oh, I should probably press send.
Honest mistake.
Irma presses a key and then rises from her desk and goes to
the wire to retrieve Robby's receipt, rolling her eyes as
she passes Candy's desk. She rips the receipt from the wire
with a flourish and glides over to present Robby with his
Here you are precious.
Emerson places his hand on the cage window and says
      (visibly relieved)
Thank you so much Candy, you are a
lifesaver. We got it in at thirty
five dollars. Brilliant. and it
all looks perfect.
Yup, you saved the day girl. Thank
you chica!
adam hi-fives Emerson as they walk away from the window.
Candy sinks to her chair relieved and continues to enter
orders from the stack on her desk.
What the? twenty two dollars? I'm
so screwed. Thanks Irma! Great...
Robby storms off in the other direction. Muttering about
retirement age.
Candy turns toward her computer to hide her smirk.
Kellen and Candy enter and go for coffee machine at the same
time. Kellen backs off awkwarly, looks at the floor then
slowly up Candy's legs. Candy turns slighty , because she
can almost feel him staring and blushes. Kellen, embarassed,
makes small talk.
Crazy day huh? I bet you guys are
getting bombarded in the cage.
How's it going in there?


Crazy day huh? I bet you guys are
getting bombarded in the cage.
How's it going in there?
Candy steps away from the machine to let him get his coffee
      (looks at the
       floor sheepishly,
       still blushing)
Yeah it's pretty... insane in
there. I've put through a weeks
worth of trades today already.
It's pretty brutal.
Well just keep smiling, we'll all
get through it if we stay
      (smiles wide)
I will. How about you? How's your
team doing with this stuff? Is
everything ok?
      (smiles wide)
Nowhere near ok....but like I
said, I'll keep smiling.
Kellen winks and walks away. Candy blushes again. while
dressing her coffee with cream and sugar. Adam walks in and
goes to the fridge for bottled water. Looks at Cands and
Let me guess, Mr. Sky Blue Eyed
Wonderful just walked away.
(laughs)... chile you are
He is so fine. I'm sorry. I know,
but when I grow up.... I want one
of those. (laughs)
Guuurrrrllll, me too, but mine
will look more like Victor.


      (mocking gasp)
But Adam, fraternizing is against
company policy! (smiles)
      (side eye, smirk)
But fantasizing ain't... Candy,
you have yours and I have mine.
Candy glances at the clock on the microwave
      (suddenly frantic)
Oooh let me get back to my desk
before Irma sends out a search
party. Anything more than a five
minute break and it's a federal
crime with that lady, meanwhile,
she can go all over the world and
I don't say a word.
That's because you're glad when
she's gone. (laughs) Yeah, let me
get back to my desk. the boys
absolutely fall apart when they
have to answer their own phones.
Both Exit the Breakroom
Three trainees in their cubicles working frantically and
watching the DOW and NASNAQ tickers intently as they talk
across the aisles. emerson is head down, on the phone.
Robby is casual, Sandra is slightly confused.
      (to Emerson)
I don't know what you're so
worried about. Mutual Fund
managers are generally pretty good
at this sort of thing. That's why
a keep my clients in them for the
most part. The only people hat
really have to worry are the
cowboys who think they have
crystal balls. Am I right?


I think everybody has a reason to
be extra cautious toady. And in
the weeks leading up to today.
Remeber a few months ago when
Lefger was in the news, the
writing was pretty much on the
wall. If you weren't preparing
people to move then... welp.
Well, Ted said that all of that
was doom and gloom reporting.
Lefger is just too big to fail.
I'm sure the banks have some sort
of fail safe to stop the bleeding
today. You'll see. He said most
of this is just political
posturing at election time. Right?
Exactly. You're gonna have a lot
of people riled up for nothing at
the end of the day.
      (picking up the
Well, I'll just tell them Diana
had me rile them. they can take
it up with her. Other than that,
as long as I'm the low man on this
here totem, I'm doing what I'm
      (swings his chair
       around toward his
Way to get ahead bro. That kind
of attitude will keep you right
here in the bull pen. while us
forward thinkers, will be all
corner office.
      (rolls eyes..
       talking to
He'll have his corner office when
his daddy leaves anyway. The rest
of us have to earn it.


Ted walks through the aisle, leers over Sandy's shoulder a
little too close. He whispers something. She follows him to
his office, shuts the door behind them.
Sitting huddled at Diana's desk, Bobbi, Emerson, and Diana
stare at her computer screen...Pan across office, each team
is doing the same thing... doors shut people huddled at
screens watching the day's final numbers
Denny and Ted sit in Denny's office
      (looking stern and
Still think it's a simple market
correction? I'd call this a
crash. The housing bubble has
burst and our mortgage backed
securities aren't worth the paper
it would take to print all those
tickets on. We have not seen a
million of these and our clients
deserved a call. Thankfully, I
gave Kellen, Victor, and Diana the
go-ahead to reach out to those who
were at the most risk. You seemed
busy... So I figured you wouldn't
mind. Like the old days... when
these kids were just trainees.
Meanwhile I also took the liberty
of making some trade adjustments
for our managed portfolios too ...
it just seemed prudent. You can
explain it to those clients
Ted's face drains of color, and he's rendered speechless
Don't thank me Ted... it's what
partners do. Next time, **and
there most likely will be a next
time if analysts are correct...
pay attention.
Meanwhile in Kellen's office; Victor, Adam and Kellen are
going through the day's events. The mood is relief rather
than doom and gloom.


      (Sittin on the
       edge of his desk)
Adam, you are a dynamo. Man, when
you slid that last order in just
before the bell it was like a Hail
Mary touchdown pass.
Hi-Fives all around
I just know who to give my orders
to... Candy was flying through
those things. I don't think she
had one trade correction. She's
the bomb!
We'll have to remember both of you
at Christmas. Just glad we staved
off total disaster and we'll still
have jobs tomorrow. Not everybody
can say that. I'm just glad I
don't live on the planet Denial.
People lost their shirts today.
      (speaking quietly
       to himself
       thinking out loud
       looking at Victor
       out of the corner
       of his eye)
Shirt, pants, socks and drawls....
      (barely overhears
       Adam and bursts
       out laughing)
      (confused by the
       laughter looks at
                                         CUT TO DIANA'S


      (half relieved,
       half exhausted)
Damage report? How bad did we
We didn't lose...overall, our
client's portfolios are down 18%
versus the industry average free
fall today, I'd call us champions.
      (nods in agreement
       and tries to
Yeah, we saved a lot of people a
lot of money today. The upside
looks very good. Solid solid work
If my clients are down, I take it
as a loss. You guys did some
amazing work and you should be
very proud of yourselves. Go have
a drink on me... but I still have
a bunch of calls and promises to
make.I'm gonna be cleaning this up
for a few more hours.
Don't beat yourself up today.
Nobody could have done what you
did... when the real truth of how
bad this is comes out, you'll be a
hero to your clients. Girl, you
have to stop being so hard on
Bobbi hugs Diana then she walks out with Emerson.
                                         CUT TO TED'S OFFICE
Sandy walks out as Robby walks in. He smirks as she leaves.
      (looks up from
       desk in disgust)
So how is it that your orders came
in so far after the price drop?


Well, Irma was talking and I was
trying to get her to hurry up
      (interrupts him)
Look, Irma has forgotten more
about this industry than you will
ever learn. Don't try to put that
crap on her. If you screw up, own
But I-... yes sir. I screwed up.
You sure did. And I won't forget
it. You will be accountable. We're
not taking this on the chin for
you. I won't play nepotism with
your incompetence. Do you think
I've worked this hard to bring you
into the company so you can make
me look like a fool?
      (hangs head)
No sir.
Just get out. tell your mother,
I'm going to the club for dinner.
Robby exits deflated. Moments later, Sandy reappears with
her coat at his door.
You ready? Let's get out of here.
Bobbi and Emerson are sitting at the bar with mixed drinks
in front of them. Adam walks in, followed by Candy.
      (hugs Bobbi,
       greets Emerson)
Girl, that was crazy right? I have
never seen anything like it. I
thought people were going to jump.


      (hugs Bobbi,
       greets Emerson)
Girl, that was crazy right? I have
never seen anything like it. I
thought people were going to jump.
      (to Candy)
I know, right.
But thanks to my girl, our orders
got placed. Fancy fingers over
here saved the day.
gestures to Candy and laughs
everybody can't say the same. I
heard Ted giving Robby the
business when I was leaving. You
would have thought he was adopted.
Talk about French... oui oui
The four of them laugh. Emerson orders a round of scotch
and sodas. Adam turns up his nose. Emerson adjust his order
to a glass of Chardonnay
I feel kinda bad for him. He's
been struggling in the trainee
program lately.
Don't feel bad for Robby. As long
as Ted is a partner, he'll pass
the program, one way or another.
most likely... the other.
They toast to making it through the crash.
Diana walks into her placial suburban home after 9 pm. She
looks worn out. Brian greets her with a kiss. She follows
him into the kitchen where Asia is scrolling through her
ipad and talking on the phone. a stool perched up to the
island countertop. Brian takes her coat and grabs a plate
from the stove. Diana kisses Asia on the cheek as she is
talking to a friend...


      (into the phone)
Sometimes you have to bully a
bully, so I said, that's why I'm a
size 2 and you're a size you...
      (to Brian)
ASIA! Is this what we're teaching
her? Seriously?
Mom, stop listening, ugh....
Asia grabs her things and exits to her room
      (rolls eyes, calls
       out to her)
I-I-.... hello to you too...
I hear it all day at school.
That's actually pretty tame.
      (kisses his cheek)
Sorry honey, how was your day?
      (hands her a glass
       of wine)
Uneventful. I would ask you, but
I've already seen the news and
seeing as I made dinner three
hours ago.... here.
      (gratefully grabs
You do love me. It was
horrendous. I can't even. The sky
is falling for real.
      (pulls out her
       chair at the
       dinner table,
       takes plate out
       of the microwave)
C'mere girl. Tell me about it.


She shakes her head wearily and sits across from him and
begins to tell him what happened...
Kellen is walking in with a random blonde female as the
group is walking out. Candy is rather intoxicated.
      (holding onto
       Candy as she sees
       Kellen enter)
Chica, I'm gonna need you to
stepping on my toes, these shoes
are not cheap girl. emerson, let's
get this lady a cab and pronto.
      (slurring slightly)
Waaait, Kellen just got here. He
might want to do a shot with
No mami, you have had enough and
he has company. I'm gonna help you
not be an idiot tonight. Let's go.
I've got your purse. C'mon.
Kellen notices them and waves hello.
Are you guys heading out? We just
got here... let's...
      (cuts him off)
maybe some other time Kel. It's
been a long day. We're gonna roll
Kellen shrugs and heads to the bar with his friend, not
noticing Candy making moon eyes at him. The four of them
leave the bar. Grab a cab together
      (to Candy)
I am so proud of you for not
saying anything silly. Well, for
not saying anything.


      (smiles languidly)
I-I wanna have his babies.
      (Shakes his head)
I really didn't want to know that.
Packed in the cab as each is dropped off. Adam sees Candy to
her door. Last two left, Emerson and Bobbi look at each
other awkwardly and laugh....
What a freakin' day.


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