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Wide Awake
by Brittany Fabian

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

Flowers blow in a gentle breeze. The flowers are focused and
the background is unfocused until a car is seen pulling into
the driveway. The background is focused, foreground
unfocused, and SETH is seen shutting the car door and
walking into the house.
A.) The kitchen.

B.) A desk with a family portrait. A picture of a man sits
beside the portrait. Seth walks past in blurred motion.

C.)A counter top. Money is on the counter. Seth takes the
money and slips it into his pocket. The character is seen
going into the fridge, and walking out of the room.

D.) A messy bedroom. Seth walks out of view- his back is
only seen.

E.) A portrait of a beautiful girl sits on top of a messy
dresser. A sweatshirt is tossed onto it.

F.) A birds-eye view of a bed. Seth leans backward into the
bed, staring at the ceiling. Title: 'Wide Awake', is
Seth lays in bed, attempting to shut his eyes. A vibrating
buzzing sound goes off and his eyes open. Seth sighs and
rolls to his side to look at messages from his girlfriend
      (Through text)
Hey, why didn't you wait up today?
Seth rolls his eyes slightly and looks around the room.
I was in a hurry.


Well you said you'd bring me home
today. My brother had to pick me
up...he was 10 minutes late for
Seth texts on his phone.
Oh? That's all you have to say?
I'm gonna call you.
Seth lets out a large sigh, almost a grunt, strokes back his
hair. His phone begins to buzz, showing a picture of him and
Julia on the photo ID. He gestures to reject the call.
Seth's sister SOPHIA appears at the doorway.
Hey, mom put some money on the
counter for me, do you know where
it is?
Seth drops the phone and moves for the door.
Uh, no. Out.
Seth forces the door shut and walks back towards his bed.
Annoyed, Seth rejects the call and drops his phone onto the
Seth, his MOM, and Sophia eat dinner at the table. His
mother looks up at him with heavy eyes.
Your teacher called me today,
Seth lets out a sigh.
About class. You know, you need to
work harder than that.


Not to mention, I'm sure you took
the money mom gave me.
Seth stabs the air in front of her with his fork, making
Sophia flinch.
Seth...Please....you're gonna fail
that class...and whats that about
taking money from Sophia?
As much as I don't care (pause) I
think I'm doing fine. Alright? And
relax, I didn't take your money.
Did so!
Shut it, you little maggot!
Seth's mom looks at him, bringing a cup of juice to her
Stop that, both of you. Seth, you
know that reports like that aren't
going to get you into college. And
we're going to have to talk about
taking money from your sister like
Seth sighs.
Can I go?
Seth...I know its been
hard...after what happened to dad.
But, we can get through this ok?
Seth is already up from the table and has his back to his
I just need your help, ok? Money
is short around here. You need to
pass school, you need to get a
job...You need...you need to work


                       MOM (cont'd)
harder...For all of us, ok?
Seth walks away.
Seth sits on the couch watching TV when his mom walks in.
Julia's at the door.
Tell her I'm not here.
She walked all the way here for
I'm just not feeling well,
His mom exits the room, he listens.
I'm sorry. I guess he's not
feeling to well right now.
Hmm...ok. Thanks.
Seth's mom passes the room shaking her head.
Seth sits up from the couch, reaching for his keys.
I'm going out.
Just...Don't be out too late, ok?
The door is heard being shut.
Seth dials the keys on his phone. He drives in his truck
while Julia's message plays on his cell phone.


      (Over voice mail)
I know you're home...I can't
believe you didn't answer my call.
Anyway, I just wanted to talk.
(Pause) you know, I...I'm not
happy, Seth. I noticed that you
treat your family like crap, ok,
and I don't like being treated
like that either. You're just,
selfish and careless and
everything is worthless in your
eyes. And, and I'm getting really,
really sick of it. I think we need
a break. I'll talk to you soon...
The call drops. Seth continues driving, letting the speed
dial rise by a bit. A deer comes into the middle of the
road, Seth's eyes widen and he swerves around the animal,
loosing control and driving into a nearby tree. Seth is
seen, blood dripping down his head. He looks around, unable
to move. He breathes deep as his eyes close heavily. The
screen fades white.
Seth's eyes open gently, the blue sky is shown. Seth pops up
out of the grass in shock. He looks around nervously. He
turns around and makes eye contact with a girl, CONSCIENCE.
Hey, you!
Seth flinches, looking behind him, and back at the girl.
Seth struggles to stand up. He looks around.
Where...where am I?
Conscience begins walking away.
Your mind. Well...the peaceful
part of it anyway.
Seth follows her, stumbling. He catches his balance.


Wait, wait, stop. (pause) Am...I
      (with a smile)
WHAT, Oh my God, really?!
No. Heh. Well...not exactly.
Conscience begins walking away again. Seth grabs hold of her
Wait!...Who are you?
Me? I'm...part of your mind. I
help you make decisions. But you
haven't been listening to me very
Part of me? In my mind...? What?
Well, you know, the angel and the
devil, the right shoulder, you
know, the part you're SUPPOSED to
listen to. But you don't.
      (with a smile)
I'm Conscience.
So why am I here? Why are you


How do I say this in a nice
way...you're pathetic!
Seth looks at her, wide eyed and puzzled. He scrunches his
That doesn't even sum it all up.
You're stubborn, disrespectful,
you're a liar and you
just....hopeless. BUT I'm here to
I don't NEED help. I can do fine
on my own.
Let me just ask. What's your
Purpose? I have purpose.
Mhmm. If you really think that you
are such a great guy, then tell me
why you think you belong in your
world. Why do you deserve to live,
I just...can. I can do this on my
own, alright?
Ok, if you think that. If you
really do, then be my guest, and
figure a way out of here. Because
the only reason you got into that
accident, is because you don't see
yourself having a purpose on your
world. Life is worthless to you.
Conscience walks away, leaving Seth flustered. Seth raises
his hands in the air and shouts out to Conscience.
Why don't I just die then, huh!?


SOMEONE thinks you deserve a
second chance. If you can prove
yourself, that is.
Seth puts his hands in his pockets and looks up into the
sky. He squints his eyes and sighs. He follows Conscience.
Seth and Conscience walk through a path. Seth continues
having his hands in his pockets.
I'm gonna show what your family is
to you.
Pfft! My family? What about them?
They're fine.
We'll see.
Conscience looks back at Seth as the screen fades white.
Seth looks around, calm. His house is vacant, and quiet. He
looks around. He swivels around to see his mom's face, very
close to him, smiling. Seth jumps back.
Mom! mom...whats going on?
His mom continues staring at him and smiles, showing black
You couldn't have forgotten about
us, Seth? You said you'd help! You
said you'd help us!
His mother continues smiling as tears roll down her face.
Seth turns around and covers his eyes. He whimpers. The
sound of gunfire and yelling roars in his head. Seth falls
to his knees, covering his head. The gunfire stops. The
house is silent. Seth looks around and flinches at the sight
of his sister on the stairs.


Sophia wha-? What are you doing?
Seth tries to stand up. Sophia's face was slightly pale. She
holds out her arm, dropping a bear. Seth watches as the bear
falls down the stairs onto the floor.
Play...with me. Why won't you
Seth backs up- and bumps into a large figure. He turns
around as the figure falls on top of him. His mom approaches
him. She hisses.
Who... are we... to you?
The scene freezes, Conscience shows up in the corner of the
room. She shakes her head.
What happened to them!
This is who they are to you,
unworthy , disgusting. They are
nothing but graves to you. Just
like your old man.
Seth looks down at the body.
I never wanted this.
So who are they to you.
My...my family. They have never
left me...never given up on me.
They love me no matter what.
And... I, I love them.
Seth's lip quivers and he winces. He opens his eyes to see
that the house is once again quiet, and empty. The scene is
brighter. He looks up at the window, the sun blinds him as
the screen goes white.
Seth is sitting in a chair with his face in his hands.


That was, pretty ok for our first.
      (shocked, out of
There will be more. More you need
to fix. More hearts you need to
      (catching his
What was that...?
Your mind, the way you see your
family. Loved ones. You may have
changed a bit. That's the point-
to change how you see things. I
think you are doing good.
Conscience reaches out a hand to Seth. He grabs it and is
pulled up from the chair.
Lets move on.
The screen fades white.
Seth looks around. Cars drive past. It's warm. People walk
around him. Conscience appears behind him.
What's this?
See all these people? Amongst them
are people with expectations, or
dreams. Maybe some that are
carefree, but have lots to look
forward too. Well, among those
people are also those who don't
have much for themselves. Its
hard, you would think.


An old man comes up to Seth. He has on a ragged hat with
gloves that show his fingers. His pants are filthy and
ripped, His jacket is light. Seth looks at the man as he
gently brings out his hand. Seth moves back, feeling in his
pocket. He looks down to see dollar bills clumped in his
The man brings down his hand, and walks away, discouraged.
Seth looks down at the wad of money, then back at the man
who is walking away. Seth runs for the man and stops him.
Wait, Sir, please.
He slides the dollar out of his pocket and hands it to the
man. The man looks at the money with awe and smiles. He pats
Seth on the shoulder and walks away. Seth smiles and turns
around. Him and Conscience walk down the road.
Seth hands dollar bills to many people that sit on the
street. He hands a dollar to a man who sits by himself.
                       OLD MAN
Thank you, my boy. It's definitely
a pleasure to have someone as
thoughtful and kind as you, to
give to people like me.
Seth looks at Conscience who smiles. The screen goes white.
Do you get it?
Giving...I think?
      (with enthusiasm)
Yes! Now you're starting to get
What's next?
Something kind of special.


The screen goes white.
They look around. The legs of a girl are shown on a swing,
and Julia is shown on the swing. She holds the sides of the
swing gently. Seth looks at Conscience and back at Julia. He
runs towards the swing set.
She stares at him with a small gentle smile. Seth approaches
I've missed you.
Julia doesn't move, only looking passed Seth as if he wasn't
Why is she like this?
Conscience picks at a small flower.
This is how she is in your mind,
remember? She's obviously not that
important to you...
She IS, though.
Actions speak louder than words
Seth looks back at Julia who is standing. He walks towards
her, attempting to take her hand, but it goes right through
Julia, please, I. I know I've done
wrong. I'm a bad boyfriend. I'm
bad to you. And I can treat you
He reaches for her hand once again, he takes hold of it.
You mean a lot to me you know.


Julia looks at Seth. He smiles at her. He leans in for a
hug. She moves forward, causing him to lose his balance. She
has her back to him, he falls in for her, catching her. She
begins to fade out and disappear, causing him to fall.
Wha? ...give her back.
Seth looks around, nobody in sight.
Give her back! Please!
Seth crouches and holds his chest.
What is this? It hurts.
That's heartache. I guess you
really do love her.
Seth looks up at Conscience. At that moment, Julia's hand
touches Seth's back. He turns and looks at her with awe. He
hugs her instantly.
The Screen goes white.
Seth sits in the grass, head in his knees. Tears roll from
his eyes. He sniffs and looks up. His Conscience stands over
him. She beds down and puts a hand on his back.
Am I a bad person?
You've learned quite a bit about
Yes but...I don't deserve to
continue on with this.
You can't just throw everything
A flower bud is shown.


Once one door closes, another one
opens. You've closed lots of
doors. Good doors. And now one
awaits that you can open. And
maybe more. You have a lot to live
Seth looks up and wipes his nose and nodds. He smiles
The screen goes white.
Seth is back in the field, alone. He looks around
Hello, Son.
Seth turns around very fast to see his DAD sitting on a log.
His eyes widen.
Dad! Oh my God.
Seth put his hands in his hair.
What? What are you doing here?
I heard you were in trouble. What
have you done with yourself, boy?
I...I don't know what I've done.
I'm just doing bad, is all.
Seth shrugs.
No...I think you're just
misunderstood. Youŕe
misunderstanding yourself and your


Yeah, but I treat everyone and
everything very badly. Its no
wonder I got into that accident...
Yes but you're here...You've
learned a lot. Things happen for a
Seth looks around while his dad sits on the log with his
hands folded.
Dad, why did you die?
You see son, the work I did was
very dangerous.
His dad begins to chuckle.
I could have lost my tail at any
given moment.
His dad stops chuckling and has a serious look on his face.
But I did some risky things. I
served our country. I saved many
people. I've lost a lot of friends
too. (Pause) When I died, I asked
myself, why did I HAVE to enlist.
I have a wife and two beautiful
children. But then I realized, we
all have a purpose. I served and
protected my family, and many
others. I misunderstood myself,
and after some time, I now
understand what my duty was.
I really miss you, dad.
I miss you as well. And your
mother and sister...But I'm always
watching and protecting you.
Always know that. There is never a
time when I'm not there for you.


Do you know what I need to do now?
You need to go home, son. You'll
be late for dinner.
His dad smiles. Seth stands up and runs to his dad, he hugs
Thanks, dad.
I love you, Seth. You're a good
kid. I'll see you again. Kiss your
mom and sister for me.
      (wiping his nose)
I will.
Seth continues hugging his dad until the screen goes white.
Seth and Conscience sit on a bridge over looking a stream of
Uh...That was pretty emotional.
Conscience wipes her eyes.
A relationship between a son and
his dad that can never be broken.
You take after him quite a
bit...you did good, kid.
Conscience and Seth smile at each other generously.
So what do we do now?
Well, what do you think?...do you
think you may have a purpose?
Seth looks at her with hesitation.


I think I do. I need to take care
of my family, and take care of
others that I care about.
Including myself. I have a lot to
So what do you propose?
I'd like a second chance...I'd
like to live.
We'll see.
Conscience smiles at Seth.
Will I see you again?
Hmmm... that I cannot answer.
You're just gonna have to listen
to your heart and your mind. I'll
be there all the time.
Conscience smiles and winks at Seth. Seth is blinded by the
Seth is in a hospital bed. The heart monitor beeps gently.
(Birds eye view- mid forehead to start of nose) Seth's face
is shown. His eyes stir gently. They open and stare towards
the ceiling. The screen goes black.


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