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by Kenneth Delaney (kenny59@warwick.net)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***
A romantic love story with some drama and comedy mixed in. It's a story of fate and what's meant to be. A boy and girls separate journey through life and it's ups and downs after being born in the same hospital, only a few hours apart.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


INTRO, A series of old photos appear on the screen as the
credits roll. Photos are black and white in various, famous
parts of Brooklyn from the early 20's to early 70's. ie
Coney island, Ebbits field, Prospect park etc..Shot follows
sky downward to a Brooklyn neighborhood, then a street, then
angle on a street signs that say 12st & 8th.
JOAN DELANEY is in her late 30's, talking on her phone. The
long cord extends across the room and wraps her up at every
angle. She is wearing round glasses and short brown hair.
She is in her kitchen. The aroma of chicken casserole fills
the air, as she prepares dinner for her 4 children. She is
in the late stages of pregnancy. The noise from the other
room is loud, as the children are scampering around the
apartment. The children, 2 boys and 2 girls, range from ages
5 to 15. Suddenly she grabs her lower abdomen in severe
pain. She knows the pain well, then doubles over, grabs the
kitchen sink and drops to one knee.
      (painfully yells)
get your father. Hurry!!! He's at
Joan is referring to Kelly's Tavern, which is across the
street from the apartment.
MAUREEN 10 and CHRISTOPHER 5 appear at the kitchen door in a
panic. They Turn and run Down the hallway towards the front
door. They pass "PATCHES", their black and white spotted
boxer. Who is barking in a frenzy.


MAUREEN and CHRISTOPHER run out of the building door, run
off the stoop, Chris jumps the last 3 steps. They hold hands
in between two parked cars . 8th Av is a busy street,
traffic hurries by. They look both ways and look again, as
they were taught to do. They sprint across the street to the
corner bar. Camera pans on sign above the door , KELLY'S
From the front door of the bar, the days bright light
darkens the rear of the bar. Cigar smoke lightly fills the
air. Behind a long bar running down the right side of the
room stands BILLY DELANEY, the bartender. He has a white
rag draped from his shoulder, over a red and black flannel
shirt. His hair is black and slicked back with "wild root
hair tonic". The toothpick in his ear looks like it is
permanently stuck from all the tonic. He is leaning one foot
on the bar as he talks to the lone patron, JOE, an older
gentleman, who is reading the Daily Horse Racing Form. BILLY
speaks out of the side of his mouth always fearful of having
bad breath.
                       BILLY D.
      (heavy brooklyn
Whodya' like in the dird?
I'm thinkin' POLISH VISION to win,
and GEORGIA PINE in the exacta.
Boxed of course. I'm feelin' lucky
today. yes sir!
                       BILLY D.
Of course! I've heard that before!
The bar door swings open and slams against the wall. MAUREEN
and CHRIS burst into the bar. Joe nearly falls off his stool
he is so startled.


Dad, dad, come quick, It's mom.
She's hurt, I think she's having
the baby! I don't know! hurry!
BILLY runs from around the bar toward the front door in a
panic, stopping and going, not knowing what, or if, he
forgot anything in the rush. He Reaches the front door,
stops and realizes what he forgot.. he is the only one
working the bar. He turns to JOE before running out the
                       BILLY D.
      (in a panic)
Go Billy! I got it, I got it!
                       BILLY D.
Ok..Thanks, thank you...OK, Wait,
you have to..you gotta twist da
ding on the tap to get the water
Billy! Go! I got it! get outta
here! I been here long enough to
know how things work. Now get
outta here!
                       BILLY D.
OK, OK thanks!
MAUREEN, CHRIS and BILLY rush out the front door. Billy
fumbles through his pockets looking for his car keys.
JOE leans up onto the bar and watches BILLY and the kids run
past the window out of site. He looks around the bar just to
make sure he is the only one there. Reaches over the bar and
pours himself another beer from the tap.


Don't mind if I do! Yup! I knew I
was feelin' lucky today...ya gotta
twist the thing to get the..
Maternity ward room, double doors swing open. Joan on a
gurney being wheeled into a birthing room, hurridly. People
make way for the crew of doctors and nurses surrounding
Joan. Billy brings up the rear, worried.
      (addresses Nurse)
Prep room 3. O negative, she's
lost a lot of blood.
owwwww. Help me doctor, I'm in
pain. It feels like the last two!
Hang in there Joaney, almost
                       BILLY D.
      (to doctor)
Doc, take care of her, she lost
the last two.
We'll do our best Billy, you have
my word.
The medical crew pushes Joan through another set of double
doors, turn and stop Billy from going any further. Billy has
to let go of Joans' hand, they lock eyes as she's wheeled
                       NURSE #1
I'm sorry Mr. Delaney, you can't
go any further.


We'll take it from here Billy.
                       BILLY D.
Please Doc.... I love you Joaney.
It's gonna be ok. I'll be right
      (in pain)
Billy, Billy, I love you too.
                                         CUT TO
Angle in from head down at the moment of birth. Baby boy
crying as doctor holds him up and hands to nurses to be
cleaned up.
It's a Boy! Everything is OK
A clean, and wrapped in a blue blanket, baby boy, is handed
to a sweaty and exhausted, but smiling Joan.
                       NURSE #2
Congratulations Mrs. Delaney, he's
Thank you so much! He is
beautiful! and special, yes sir
you are, you are my special one
You are here for a reason. I don't
know what it is? But there is a
reason..Kenneth...Kenneth William
                                         CUT TO


The FDNY is battling a working fire, in a 4 story tenement
building. The 1st floor is a store front, with apartments
above. Fire is showing out the windows on the 3rd floor.
Various Fire companies are positioned at the scene.
Firefighters are racing into the building, in what looks
like an organized chaos. There are reports of people trapped
above the fire. The CHIEF at the scene is looking up at the
building, listening to fire reports and giving orders to
arriving fire companies.
      (to Fire Lt.)
Get a line going to the floor
above, we got people trapped.
Aye Chief.
( Turns to Men)
Let's go, lets get this line
going. We're going up to four!
      (into radio)
All units, be advised, getting
reports of people trapped, floor
Various fire fighters are venting the roof and checking
surrounding exposures. Upon hearing reports of people
trapped, ANGLE ON BILLY, a red mustache and curly red haired
fireman. Drops down the front fire escape and enters a top
floor window, that is pushing heavy black smoke.
BILLY feels his way around the wall of the room. He is
virtually blind in the smoke, its extremely hot,and getting
hotter by the second. The room is in danger of flashing
over. Suddenly in the black blinding smoke he feels a


lifeless arm. He immediately gets on the radio, pulls the
victim over his shoulder and makes his way back to the
window he entered.
                       BILLY F.
      (into radio)
166 Roof to Battalion, 10-45. I'm
taking her down front fire escape.
      (reply over radio
10-4 roof. Help is on the way!
A blond, straight haired woman, early 20's, late stages of
pregnancy, watches fire. (It was common place in the 1970's
for family to watch husbands and fathers battle fires.)
BERNADETTE, on edge, watches BILLY FLYNN, as he emerges from
front window with a young child in his arms.
      (hand hits her
OH...MY GOD BILLY, Be careful! oh
god... I can't look!
( she covers her eyes, but peeks
through her fingers)
ANGLE ON Billy F. coming down the fire escape, as he reaches
the street, he hands the child off to paramedics and notices
Bernadette standing off to the side. They lock eyes, he
smiles and walks over to her. The paramedics work on the
child who looks like she'll be ok, thanks to Billy F.
                       BILLY F.
Hey hun, watcha doin?
What in Gods name is wrong with
you? Why wouldn't you wait for
help? You almost gave me a heart


                       BILLY F.
Well what in the heck did you want
me to do? Nothing?
Bernadette is trying to get over what she just witnessed her
husband do, when suddenly she grabs her belly and bends over
in obvious discomfort. Her water breaks.
Ooh..Ooh Bill.
                       BILLY F.
What's the matter? The baby? The
baby? Bern?
YES THE BABY! What do you think?
Get me to the hospital!
                       BILLY F.
Give me the keys..where's the car?
Where's the car?
BILLY hurries to put BERNADETTE in the passenger seat of
car. He runs around the front of car, still in full fireman
bunker gear, and jumps into drivers seat. All while trying
to drop his Scott Pack breathing mask into the street. He
starts the car and speeds off.
                       BILLY F. (BILLY)
      (into radio)
FLYNN to battalion, I'm taking my
wife to the hospital...she's
having a baby.
      (over radio/os)
Ok Flynn, good luck and good job!
(To all members)
Hey everyone, Flynn's having a


Various voices over the radio congratulates Billy F.
      (breathing heavy)
Don't take Ocean pkwy...we'll get
stuck in traffic....Take Coney
Island avenue.
                       BILLY F.
Don't worry, I'm taking Ocean
pkwy, It IS faster, there won't be
traffic. You don't know what your
talking about.
Car is speeding down the pkwy, driving over what seems like
every bump in the road.
AAH..What are you doing? Get out
of the right lane..your killing
                       BILLY F.
      (almost amused)
What?! The bumps? They will help
with the birth.
Billy F. pulls up to Methodist Hospital ER and skids to a
stop. He exits the drivers side and runs around to the
passenger side to help Bernadette out of the car.
                       BILLY F.
      (to anyone)
Help, Helloooo...can anyone help?
My wifes in labor!
                                         CUT TO


Doctors hands hold up a crying baby girl and hands her off
to the nurses for clean up.
Congratulations Mrs. Flynn! It's a
Nurse hands off baby, wrapped in a pink blanket, to
Bernadette, who is overjoyed.
                       BILLY F. (BERNADETTE)
Hello! Hello my girl. Hello My
Billy D. stands looking through the glass into the
nursery,where the the babies sleep and are cared for. Nurses
are tending to some babies, feeding, changing, etc. He is
staring in wonder at his new son. Billy F. walks up to
window and stands next to Billy D. Billy F. also stares in
wonder at his new daughter. Billy D. smells the odor of
smoke and looks over at Billy F, who's still in his rubber
boots, dungarees and FDNY Ladder 166 t-shirt.
                       BILLY D.
Hey, how ya doin'? Fireman? New
                       BILLY F.
Yeah, how'd ya guess? Yes, that's
my little girl, SHANNON.
BILLY points to SHANNON.
                       BILLY D.
Hey alright! Congrats! That's my
son right next to her.


Camera shows shot of the babies next to each other. KENNY is
crying his eyes out, SHANNON is not, she is staring quietly
at Kenny.
                       BILLY F.
Well Congrats to you also!
                       BILLY D.
The two Billy's turn to each other and shake hands, smiling.
                       BILLY D.
                       BILLY F.
Hey! Me too!
Both men chuckle and look back into the nursery.
                       BILLY D.
Girl Huh? First?
                       BILLY F.
No..second, another girl!
                       BILLY D.
Hah, good luck, I got 2 girls and
2 other boys. He's number 5.
                       BILLY F.
Ugh! I know what that's like. I'm
one of seven.
                       BILLY D.
      (shaking his head)
Jeez! seven?
At that time the men notice that Shannon seems to be the
only girl, out of 15 or so babies, in the nursery. Camera
shows wide shot of room with one pink wrapped baby surround
by all blue wrapped babies.


                       BILLY D.
Hey, it looks like your girl is
the only one there.
                       BILLY F.
Yeah. Doctor said she's been the
only the girl born here in last 3
or 4 days. All boys. Never
happened before. Strange huh?
                       BILLY D.
Yeah wow! I guess that makes her a
special one too!
                       BILLY F.
Yeah......I guess so!
Men quietly go back to staring into the nursery. Wondering
what will become of their beautiful, healthy children. A
lifetime awaits.
                                         CUT TO
Camera shoots down at Kenny and Shannon, lying next to each
other. They are facing each other, wide awake, just staring.
Neither one is crying this time.
                                         DISSOLVE TO
Joan and Kenny, are in the children's section, browsing
through racks of clothes. Kenny is 5 years old now and bored
out of his mind. Along comes Bernadette and Shannon, who is
also 5 years old now. They too are browsing through the
store. They end up in the same section, the parents
browsing, the children see each other and lock eyes. Shannon
holds up her new doll to Kenny and waves hello. Kenny smiles
but is shy and he looks away, when he turns to look again,


Shannon is gone. His smile fades as he quietly scans the
area to see if he sees her again. He doesn't.
Bernadette and Shannon wait for the B75 bus after a long day
of shopping. Bernadette holds Macys shopping bags and
Shannon is holding a new doll, paying no mind to the world
around her.
ANGLE ON the B75 bus across the south side of the street
stopping for the red light.
OK. Get ready here comes our bus.
Ok mommy.
ANGLE ON Joan and Kenny, they are walking to catch the same
bus. They are across the street, west of the bus stop, and
halfway down the block. They are also returning from a long
shopping day. Kenny sees the bus stop for the red light and
picks up his pace. The light for the bus turns green and it
proceeds through the intersection to the next stop.
Mom, there's the bus! HURRY UP!
Don't worry, we'll get the next
No, come on mom!!
Don't Run, Ken! Don't run!
Kenny ignores Joan and bolts towards the corner to get
across the street, so he can catch and hold the bus for his
mom. Joan follows, picking up her pace.


ANGLE ON the "WALK" sign turn to the blinking "DON'T WALK"
sign. The 'DON'T WALK" sign now holds steady red.
Shot of a dump truck speeding down the street, in opposite
direction of B75 bus.
ANGLE ON B75 bus pulling up to the stop. Bernadette and
Shannon board the bus. Bernadette lets Shannon drop the
tokens into the slot to pay the fair. She smiles at the
driver and makes her way to the rear of the bus. They finds
seats, put the bags under the seats and sit down. Shannon
sits on her knees and faces the window.
ANGLE ON Kenny, he is running for the intersection and is
about to set foot into the street. He passes some
pedestrians and a middle age spanish woman, who has stopped
on the corner to wait for the red light. The woman sees what
is about to transpire and covers her eyes.
ANGLE ON Joan she is running behind as fast as she can, to
catch up to Kenny. Kenny is running, oblivious to anything
but the bus.
From Joan's (POV). A hand reaches into the screen about to
grab Kenny's jacket. A few other O.S. screams and yells.
CLOSE UP of dump truck rumbling by, no brakes, no horn. The
Truck driver never sees Kenny darting into the street.
A close up shot from outside bus, looking in at a kneeling
Shannon, who is staring out the window, watching the little
boy she waved too, not so long ago, about to be run over by
this speeding dump truck.


Shannon (POV) She was watching all that has transpired
across the street. She sees the truck speed past and keep
going. She then sees a woman clutching her child tightly.
The woman is yelling and crying at her child. Shannon
recognizes the boy from Macys, she raise her doll and waves,
but this time no smile. The bus closes its doors and pulls
away from the stop. Shannons eyes stay fixed on Kenny and
Joan as the bus pulls away.
                                         CUT TO
Joan is clutching her son tightly, not knowing if she should
be angry or happy. Still unable to process what almost
happened. She is crying. The bus pulls away in background.
Kenny sees that his mom is upset, but unsure why. All he
understands is they missed the bus. He never notices that
Shannon was on the bus.
OH KEN, You need to listen to
mommy! you have to listen to me!!
I'M sorry mom. Sorry! I was just
trying to ..
      (cutting him off
NEVER, EVER leave my side or run
off like that again. Do you
understand me? Never!!
      (looking down)
Yes mommy.
      (looks up to sky
       to herself)
Thank you God! He is..he is a
special one. You keep him safe.


                       JOAN (cont'd)
Please God, always keep him safe.
Joan clutches Kenny a few seconds longer. Not wanting to
ever let go.
                                         DISSOLVE TO
A black screen appears. Love Reign O'er Me, sung by The Who,
begins to play, Rain drops begin, PAN down from a lit street
lamp onto a empty city street, it's night. Kenny, now 15
years of age appears, running through the rain, carefree and
wild, stopping to put his arms up, as the rain pours over
his face. He looks down and sees a girl on the corner, blond
and beautiful. She spots him, smiles and runs. Kenny gives
chase. He turns the corner and it's fields and hills in
bright day light. The girl is atop one hill, rain still
pouring down. He again gives chase. He gets to the top of
the hill and jumps off onto a cloud. He is floating on a
cloud looking down afraid and excited all at once. He jumps
from the cloud and is back on the city street chasing the
girl, he's so close and reaches out catch her and as he
touches her arm she disappears, he never sees her face. He
is under the street lamp again pouring down rain, blackness
all around as if he's under a spotlight. Hands extended to
his sides, spinning, face up drinking the rain, singing in
his dream, LOVE REIGN ON ME!
                                         CUT TO
PAN on Kenny, who wakes up choking as if drowning. His
Mother, Joan, sits on the edge of the bed Sprinkling water
from a glass, onto his face to wake him up to go to school.
He wakes to realize he was dreaming and the rain was his
mother sprinkling the water on his face.


AAH, WHAT the Heck MOM???? What
are you doing????
School days, school days, time to
go to school days...Come on
Kenneth time to wake up, and go to
glorious school.
      (putting the
       blanket over his
Come on mom, I'm up!! Go
Joan gets up and leaves the room to prepare breakfast. Kenny
waits until she leaves to rise up and walk to the bathroom
and gets in the shower.
                                         CUT TO
Kenny sits in class, doing work and talking with classmates.
The final Bell rings and the kids get up and leave class.
Kenny leaves class, walks to his locker and puts his books
away. It's Friday and the school week is over. He heads for
the front door and exits the school. Upon exiting school he
is handed a piece of paper from a group of girl students,
not from his school, he can tell because of the different
catholic uniform dresses they are wearing. He says thank you
and reads the flier. PAN ON the flier.
                                         CUT TO
Close up on a white flier with bold black letters. sign says


dance music. The gym is decorated from floor to ceiling in
streamers and balloons. Teens are dancing and hanging out.
Some random boys are trying to spike the punch and caught by
the nuns in attendance, where they are promptly escorted out
by their ears. ANGLE on crowd over the gym towards stage
where DJ is set up. Girls from Kearney, an all girl high
school, are hosting a dance. Various other schools are in
3 girls, dressed in height of 80's fashion, teased, poofy
hair. Tight spandex pants, and too much make up for 15 year
old girls. They are snapping the gum that they are chewing,
they are sitting on a lower bleacher, checking out the
Wow, a lot of schools are here,
Xavier, Xavarian, Ford. We did a
good job decorating this place, I
      (snapping gum)
Yeah, a lot of schools were
invited from all over brooklyn. I
even heard a few from the city
were too.
That gets the girls attention, most kids at that age,
thought if you were from the city, meaning manhattan, you
were the shit.
What? the city? where are they?
See any cute guys? Where are the
Xavarian guys?
Huh? Not Yet. I wonder if Joe is
here? He's from Xavarian.


Hey, where are Jen and Lisa? you
guys see them yet? We need the
PYT'S all together. (this
particular group of girls called
themselves the Pretty Young
Things, PYT).
Girls laugh.
There they are!
      (shouting and
Lisa and Jen, also in the same 80's fashion, are making
their way over from the punch bowl, after chatting with 2
A group of teenage boys are hanging out in the corner,
poking fun at the nuns walking the dance floor, making sure
nothing inappropriate is happening. The style these boys
sport, ranges from mullets to crew cuts. Black rocker
clothes to khakis and ties. Some are talking about the
girls, others are talking about fighting rival schools. All
are cursing just because they think it's cool. Kenny is
quietly checking out a cute blond girl across the gym. He
sports a brown mullet haircut. He has a pimply face. He is
wearing blue jeans and a long sleeve button down shirt. He's
still awkward and unsure of himself and who he wants to be.
      (scanning the room)
Dude, check her out, she's pretty
hot. what I could do to her!
      (spotting her)
I know her...she's a slut!


NICE! how do you know her?
You don't know shit! why you
      (looking away
       obvious lies)
No no, yeh I do know her. I uh,
hooked up with her at a keg party
once. At the Bandshell. She won't
remember me though. She was
get the fuck outta here!
KEN just rolls his eyes, and shakes his head.
Oh yeah? What's her name then? You
fuckin' lying bastard!
      (looking at ken)
You hear this shit? This kid is
Ha..that kids never hooked up with
a girl a day in his life! Hey
Chris? you still a virgin right?
All the boys howl and laugh at Chris. Chris laughs also.
Close up on Kenny laughing, he then spots a cute blond girl
across the floor. The boys continue talking and laughing,
but he is too distracted to hear, or care what they are
talking about. He decides to make his way over to ask for a


I'll be right back.
Where you going????? YO?
(JOHN sees what he is looking at)
Ooh! Good luck Hamma!!
Where the fuck is he going?...oh,
I bet he crashes and burns.
      (at Chris)
He's going to ask that girl if she
ever hooked up with you.
      (panics for a
No he's not! Is he? No right?
Come on.
The boys howl and laugh again.
      (looking around)
Shad up asshole!..hey Chris. You
hook up with her too?
JOHN points to a heavy, unattractive girl in the corner. All
the boys laugh again. Chris does not.
your mother!
Mother jokes always meant you were beat and had nothing else
to say. The boys howl once more, then quiet down quick when
a nun walks by very slowly, staring at each of them.
Kenny makes his way through the dance crowd. The song
changes and he makes an awkward dance move, to fit in on the
dance floor, it's painful to watch. He feels like everyone


is staring at him, his palms get moist. He dances his way
toward Shannon and her friends, who are also dancing at this
      (to Shannon)
Don't look now, but I think you
have an admirer, this guy likes
(she makes a head nod in Kenny's
      (turning and
       looking sharply)
Where? Who? That guy?
(pointing at ken)
Shannon is mildly flattered that someone is interested in
her, but, still a little disgusted, because he is sooo not
her type of guy.
Kenny gets closer. The closer he gets, the more nervous he
becomes. He can feel himself start to sweat. Shannon is
trying not to look, but still watching him from the corner
of her eye. The closer Kenny gets to her, the better looking
she thinks he is. Shannon too becomes nervous. Kenny is only
10 feet away now and is getting up every last bit of nerve
to ask this girl to dance. Shannon is getting ready to talk
to him, excited and nervous.
As she turns to talk to him, he walks right by without even
seeing her. His tunnel vision brought him to another cute
blond, dancing very close to where Shannon is.
      (head down, not
Uh...do you wanna...uh.. dance?
                       BLOND GIRL
      (looking around to
       see if anyone
       else will ask her)


                       BLOND GIRL (cont'd)
ugh, I guess so.
Kenny and this random Blond Girl dance off together. Shannon
is mildly disappointed, She holds her attention to Kenny a
little longer, unsure as to why. She then returns to dancing
with her friends. The PYT'S roll their eyes at the
                                         DISSOLVE TO
Shot of a brown, beat up SUBARU, heading north on the NJ
Turnpike. Motley Crews " home sweet home" blasts on the
Kenny, now 20 years old. Dressed in his "Cracker jack" Navy
Blue, Dress Uniform, is driving home on leave from military
duty in Norfolk VA. The Subaru is littered with trash,
cassette tapes and his green sea bag, filled with his
      (singing loudly)
I'm on my way, I'm on my
waaayyyy...home sweet home,
tonite, tonite , I'm on my
waaayyyyy...home sweet hooome!
Kenny happily yells at other cars passing the banged up car.
Camera follows car off exit 13A and over the Gothels, then
the Verrazano bridge, making his way into Brooklyn.
                                         CUT TO
Brown Subaru pulls up and parallel parks into a spot.


Kenny shuts the car off, the cars engine putters to a halt.
He puts "the club" anti theft device, over the steering
wheel, and locks it, he pulls on it to make sure it's
locked. He checks his face in the mirror, pushes back his
floppy hair on top. He is trying his best to look like
JOHNNY DEPP from " 21 jump street". Then exits the vehicle.
He is wearing blue jeans , timberland construction boots, a
white turtle neck under a black "champion",sweatshirt.
Camera follows him as he walks toward the front door of a
bar called, SALLY O'BRIEN'S. He shows his fake ID to the
bouncer and is let in with no problem. Camera shot from
outside bar window sees Kenny being greeted by friends.
Sally O'brien's is crowded with people, all underage.
Kenny is greeted with thunderous applause and yells. Hugs
and pats on the back by a group of mostly guys who are all
dressed very similar in fashion, with the exception of
different colored sweatshirts. He also hugs Damian's
girlfriend Elena. A pan of the bar crowd reveals most of the
patrons are underage and dressed very much alike. Including
Shannon who pays half a mind to the commotion at the front
of the bar. Shannon is in the bar drinking and hanging out
with her friends.
      (looks over)
What the hell is going on over
UGH who knows? who cares?
Shannon looks a few seconds longer but doesn't recognize
anyone she knows. She returns to her friends. ANGLE ON KEN
being greeted by his friends.
      (Squeezing the
       back of kens neck)
Welcome home brotha!


What's up kid? Welcome back, we
missed ya!
WHATS UP SQUIDLY??? missed ya man!
What's up boys? Glad to be back.
let's have some fun tonite.
      (hugging ken
       around his neck)
hook you up tonite bro! I know
some good sluts in here. woohoo
yeah boyee!!
Some of the bar patrons look at CHRIS with disgust.
what are yous looking at? Mind
your business!
The people turn away and go about their own conversations.
Yeah rite man. You haven't changed
a bit. You still a virgin?
All the guys roll their eyes and laugh. After a few more
hello's, hugs, and introductions, Damian and Kenny make
their way through the crowd and to the bar. Damian nudges a
few people out of the way. He is a big guy and slightly
intimidating, no one nudges back. They get a spot at the bar
and order 2 beers. Kenny and Shannon are back to back
standing at the bar. They do not notice each other at all.
Missed you guys bro! Great to be
home! Hey Elena looks great man,
she's such a sweetheart. You
lucked out my man.


Thanks bro, yeah she's awesome. Me
too brotha, me too! been a long
time, you look good man.
      (reaches for the
Thanks man, you look good too
bro..I see those steroids are
working out for ya!
Both men laugh As Kenny reaches for the beers, at the same
time Shannon turns towards the bar and orders a drink.
Kenny's hand reaches for the beer just as Shannon reaches to
pay the bar tender. The backs of their hands touch, they
both pull away quickly and nervously.
      (without really
       looking at her)
Whoops sorry!
      (turning back to
       her friends)
That's ok, no problem.
Kenny and Damian leave the bar and make way back to their
friends with beers in hand.
Oooh. he was cute!
      (looking around)
Oh yeah? where did he go?
Shannon turns to the crowd and doesn't see Kenny at all. He
has disappeared into the crowd out of sight. Shannon huffs.
Oh well!
                                         DISSOLVE TO


Camera moves from left to right behind police recruits,
target shooting. Stop on recruit Kenny's back and pans in.
Kenny stops shooting, he stares down range. He presses
button to retrieve paper target. He takes target down and
counts bullet holes. Rich comes into view with his target in
hand also.
How did you do?
Aah, I suck! Threw a few rounds.
A training instructor appears and directs recruits to pack
up, clean up and get going to the next class. The Recruits
quickly clean up ammunition brass, pack up their gear and
quickly get in formation. They march out of the shooting
range, to the sound of company leaders cadence.
                       RANGE INSTRUCTOR
Pack it up recruits! Police your
brass and get going! see you next
time maggots!! Let's go, let's go,
let's go!!
United States Park Police class 602, is sitting in a class
on search and seizures. Half the recruits struggle to stay
awake. ANGLE ON KEN he is twirling his pencil and staring at
the clock on the wall. The Bell rings, Class 602 gathers
their books and form up and marches to the next class.
USPP recruits are working out with fitness instructors. Push
ups, pull ups and various other exercises are performed.
They are a tight group of classmates having endured 5 months


of training so far, only 1 month to go until graduation, and
they are ready to hit the streets.
                                         CUT TO
Kenny and Rich are roommates. They are dressing and getting
ready to go to dinner with other recruits. U2 plays in the
background. They are discussing/arguing, who the designated
driver is tonight. Kenny insists it's his turn, because Rich
was the DD last week.
      (fixing his hair
       in the mirror)
Where are your keys?
My turn to drive tonite! I'm
driving! That's why!!!
Oh no your not! Think I would
trust you driving my car? No
No way dude, you drove last
night..my turn.
My car, I drive.
Dude, stop being an asshole.I
don't care, It's my turn, you can
have fun tonight with the fellas.


Seriously, I don't feel like it
tonight. You can enjoy a few beers
with the guys.
Kenny stares at Rich for a few seconds w/o speaking. A
slight tension builds between them. No words are spoken,
neither one wants to give in. Finally a sharp rap on the
door breaks the silence and the tension.
OH!!! Let's go ladies, the men
are hungry!
Both men look at the door than back to one another.
You sure bro?
Yeah man.....it's cool!
      (looking back into
       mirror one last
Aite! Suit yourself sucker!!
Both men walk towards the door when Rich pulls Kenny, by the
back of the shirt and flings him to the bed. Rich runs past,
out the door, hysterical laughing. Kenny gets up and gives
chase, also laughing.
Aaah! Fucker!
Camera follows out and watches men pile into car and drive
off. Matt and Stephen jump in the back seat of Rich's 2 door
Chevy Cavalier.
                                         CUT TO


Rich is driving. Kenny is sitting shotgun. Matt and Stephen
are in the back seats. Moral is high. The men are in a good
mood, chatting to each other.
I took the FDNY test not too long
Goddamn man! you still don't know
what the fuck you want do? do you?
      (singing U2)
Aah, I don't know... but I still
haven't found what I'm looking
So you wanna get on FIDNEY?
FIDNEY?? What the fuck is that?
THE FIRE DEPT? What do you call
the NYPD? NIPDEY?? You fuckin'
The men laugh. Stephen does not.
      (breaking a smile)
Fuck you assholes!
Hey, you think that girls here
tonight? The one that hooks us up?
Remember we met her playing
shuffle board? The waitress?
I don't know? maybe? She probably
hooks everyone up. She ain't
hooking us up at all. You're nuts!


      (after a few
       seconds of
       silence from the
Man..you gotta clean this thing.
It's filthy. Look at this.
( picking up some garbage)
You know what? You're right. It is
From Kennys POV. He sees 2 sets of headlights in the
distance, in the oncoming lanes. They are racing in and out
of traffic. The road is 4 lanes. 2 east bound and 2 west.
Separated only by double yellow lines. Suddenly one vehicle
swerves into Richs lane head on. It then attempts to veer
back into it's own lane. The car is now broad side to Richs
      (warning yells)
Rich never sees the car. It happens too fast. There is a
violent impact in which Richs car T-bones the other vehicle,
flips onto it roofs, after it cuts the oncoming vehicle in
two pieces. Glass and car parts explode into the interior of
the car, and all over the highway. Richs car slides approx
75 feet from point of impact. One half of the other vehicle
is thrown 200 feet from the point of impact. Both cars come
to a complete stop. There is nothing but silence now.
Pan from Richs car back. Muffled sounds and voices. people
racing toward his car. Other vehicle is in two pieces.
Smoking engines. Glass and car parts litter the road. A body
lays motionless on the double yellow line, in the middle of
the road. Car fluids have leaked everywhere. Sound of a
heartbeat. All traffic has stopped and has begun to back
down the highway. A loud Heartbeat begins to fade. slower
and slower still. Camera pulls upward looking down.
Heartbeat stops. People rush to both vehicles.


                                         CUT TO
A sunny, windy morning. Close up on a dark brown casket.
Camera pans up to a funeral scene. Family members, friends
and a formation of Police officers in dress uniforms. The
camera moves across the faces of the officers and stops on
Kenny. Taps begins to play after the priest speaks. All
officers hand salute. Tears fall from Kennys eyes.
Eternal rest give unto the
faithful departed, O Lord!
And let perpetual light shine upon
      (making the sign
       of the cross)
May they rest in peace.
People leaving the cemetary walking back to their cars, USPP
form up and march off. All but Kenny. He stays until all
have left. When he knows he's alone and no one can hear he
speaks to Rich, and places his hand on the casket.
I'm sorry RICH, it shoulda' been
me...it' shoulda' been me.
                                         DISSOLVE TO


Camera focuses in on a name plate, on a teachers desk.
pans up to see Shannon, who is seated at her desk, head down
writing some notes on paper. Enter her friend and fellow
teacher Kim.
What the heck?!
      (looking up)
What the heck with you?!
What are doing? It's friday. go
home already.
I know..I know. I just want to be
prepared for parent/teacher
Yeah. I did mine already. I hate
them. Parents are always on the
defensive. Makes me feel like the
bad guy sometimes. They don't
understand how much work we put
into this, and that their kid
isn't the only one we teach. I
mean really, come on!
That's for sure....
Got any plans this weekend or just
staying home?
Shannon pushes back her chair and stands to reveal her very
pregnant belly. She has a bit of a hard time getting off the


What am I gonna do? I'm ready to
pop any day.
Jeez..look at you.....So...how are
things with..Him?
I don't know. He's in denial about
everything. You would think after
3 years, and what's about to come.
(pats her belly)
He would straighten up. You know?
I'm just about fed up. I think if
we just got married, he
would....straighten up. I hope.
      (shanking her head)
That stinks, you deserve sooo much
better. Well anyway if you need
me give me a call. I got nothing
going on this weekend. OK? I'm
Kim turns to walk out of the classroom.
Ok Kimmy...Thanks. I'll see ya
Monday. Have a good weekend.
                                         CUT TO
Shannon is sitting on a white couch. Her blond hair is
falling over her glasses covered, blue eyes. She is reading
A new motherhood book. A chocolate lab is curled at the foot
of the couch. There is loud music and what sounds like a
party, coming from the attached garage. A loud bang startles
her and she looks up from her book, huffs and shakes her
head. The door from the garage opens and out steps John,
emerging from a cigarette and pot smoked room. John is a


tall, lanky man, eyes half shut from being high, he looks
older than his real age, due to the years of battling
addiction. He closes the door behind him, trying to hide the
activities in the garage. It does not work.
What was that?
Nothing..don't you worry about it!
John is looking around shelves and bookcases for something.
He finds his wallet and removes cash.
Where are you going?
To the store..I'm outta
Shannon knows it's probably to score more drugs.
You can't drive. You're drinking.
      (pissed off)
I told you to mind you
business...didn't I? For your
information, im taking my bike.
But what if I did drive? So what.
Who's gonna stop me? You???
      (looking back into
       her book)
John stares threateningly at Shannon as he walks out the
door, slamming it shut, startling the lying dog. Who then
begins to whine.


      (pats the dog)
It's ok girl, it's ok.
                                         CUT TO
A few hours have passed. The lights are out. Shannon is
asleep on the couch. The garage is quiet. John has not
returned. A loud slam up against the front door awakens
Shannon.. John opens the door and stumbles in. He is bloody,
beat up mess and in obvious pain.
Oh my God. What happened to you?
What happened? Where were you?
      (cutting her off/
Nothin'..Nothin' I got hit by a
car on my bike. ha ha..You should
see the bike.
Well are you alright? Do you need
to go to the hospital?
I don't need no hospital..I'm
He stumbles by her towards the kitchen and goes into fridge
looking for a beer.
Where's all the beer?
You drank it all! You could have
been killed. You go out drunk and
on who knows what drugs. Get hit


                       SHANNON (cont'd)
by a car and you don't even give a
shit about me or the baby. What
about us? What if there was a real
emergency? What if i needed you?
Shut up! Not now. I don't wanna
hear this bullshit again.
(mocking Shannon)
What about us? What about the
(screaming in her face)
What about you? What about you?
What about me????? What about my
life? I can't do shit anymore
with you around.
Shannon is crying, breaking down.
What if there was a real
emergency?? Then fucking call
Shannon is fed up with her situation. She can't live like
this or give her child a life like this. She is disgusted
with him and she is disgusted with herself for staying so
That's it. I'm done. I cannot do
this anymore. I deserve better
than this. I'm calling my father
to come and get me.....It's over.
Good, Go ahead. I don't care. I
don't need this..or you...or
John leaves the house again. He slams the door behind him.
We hear the engine start in his truck. Headlights pull out
of the driveway and down the street.


Billy F. arrives, He stands near the open front door, with
his car keys in hand. Shannon walks up with her suitcase,
they embrace. Billy F. grabs the suitcase, turns and walks
out of the house toward the car. Shannon follows, turns and
looks into house one more time and closes door behind her.
The dog sits near the open front door, she wants to take her
but cannot, she feels regret for leaving the dog behind,
knowing he will not take good care of her. The dog licks her
as she bends over to pet her.
      (bending over
       petting the dog)
I'll come back for you. You be
good girl ok?
The dog howls and barks as Shannon leaves for the last time.
                                         CUT TO
Cameras on a neon sign, FITZPATRICKS, is relatively quiet
for a Monday night football game. Kenny is at one end of the
bar on his cell phone. Chris, Damian and Matt are sitting at
a round table near the front window, watching football,
drinking beer and eating wings. Kenny is heard yelling into
cell phone and returns to the table angry. He has battled
depression ever since the accident. He currently is going
through a breakup with his girlfriend. It has been very hard
on him. He wants to stay together and she plays with his
feelings. Coming back, then leaving. Over and over. He stays
because she comforts his depression. This is who he was on
the cell phone with.
      (at ken)
Dude? What's up man? What's going
on now?


You gotta snap out of this kid.
You're killing yourself over this
broad. She's not worth it man.
Enough is enough.
His depression has been compounded also by the death of his
father, the breakup with his ex girlfriend and his guilt
from the car accident.
Come on man. Give me a break.
She's gonna come back.
No she's not bro! She's not! I
know she's my cousin and all, but
she's not worth all this. No joke!
But she calls me all the time, so
I go get her, she spends the
night, and I think everything is
gonna be ok, then she tells me she
doesn't want to get back together.
I just don't know what else to do.
She does that cause you are safe
to her. You know? You're always
available, you're always there.
She knows that you're gonna be
there when she calls. You're on
her string. Come on man, wake up!
I hate seeing you like this.
Kenny is silent and just stares out the window. He knows
it's true, but does not want to believe it. He is looking
out the window, but hearing every word. He is defeated and
not confident.
Look at her...she's no good. She's
not a good person. She wasn't even
there for you when your father
died....I can't take you like this


                       DAMIAN (cont'd)
anymore bro. Your fucking
Kenny hears "pathetic" and becomes extremely defensive.
Fuck you bro! That's not cool.
      (fed up)
NO! I'm serious! You are. Look at
Fuck you! Did you forget how it
was? How it felt? Did you?
This is not about ME right now!
It's about you! And that was years
Come on boys..take it easy.
Settle down boys..we're all
friends here. Kenny he's just
trying to...
      (to matt)
Nah Man! This kids better than
that. He's a better person than
(to kenny)
You just gotta get your confidence
back. I know this whole accident
thing still bothers you, but it's
not your fault dude. You have to
get over that. What happened,
happened. You can't change that!
It wasn't meant to be that way.
You weren't meant to die that
day....And you and Caryn aren't
meant to be together either...ya


                       DAMIAN (cont'd)
know man?
I don't know that. Neither do you!
I can't get over either one. I'll
never get anyone like her
again..it's just not gonna happen.
Kenny finishes his beer with a long swing, itching to just
get out of there, to get away.
Yes it is bro! It is gonna happen!
Shit's gonna start looking up for
you. I know it! We love you man,
and we're just looking out for you
is all.
Kenny pushes out his bar stool and turns to leave. His head
is spinning from all the emotions.
      (dropping some
       cash on the table)
I'm gonna split..go home..I'll see
you guys later.
Come on man don't go home. Don't
leave like this.
KenNY shakes hands with all three friends. He is unable to
look them in the eyes. He doesn't want to admit that they
were right.
All right bro!
I'll see ya. Love yo brotha!
The men watch Kenny as he leaves the bar.


                                         CUT TO
Kenny exits FITZPATRICK'S and runs to his car which is about
a half a block away. It's pouring rain outside. He opens his
car door and gets in soaking wet.
                                         CUT TO
Kenny wipes his face and pushes back his wet hair. He looks
in the mirror. Searches the car for something to dry his
hair and face. You can barley see outside the car it is rain
so badly.
What the fuck!
Kenny then pulls out his pistol, he keeps it holstered in
the small of his back. He places it on the passenger seat
and stares, long and hard, at it. He then puts his hand on
the weapon. Close up on gun then back to Kennys face. He is
struggling with what to do next. He turns away and watches
the rain hitting the windshield. He is contemplating ending
his life. He takes a deep breath. The reflection of the
rain looks like tear drops down his face. He then starts
car, puts heat and wipers on, puts car into gear and drives
                                         DISSOLVE TO
Telephone ringing.
Kenny is still asleep in bed. A bit hungover from the night
before. Still wrought with emotion. He leans over and
answers the phone.


      (just her voice
       over the phone.)
Ken? Are you all right?
      (alert now)
Yeah why? What's the matter?
A plane just hit the world trade
What? A plane what?
Kenny rises out of bed fast and looks out the window to
notice it's a clear blue morning. last nights rain has moved
out. It looks like a beautiful day. And he wonders how this
happened. He turns on his TV and sees one of the twin towers
pushing heavy black smoke.
How did this happen? It's a
beautiful day..not a cloud in the
sky. Holy shit!
I don't know..oh my god..all those
Alright ma, lemme go, I gotta make
some calls right now.
Okay, okay..so you're alright


Yes ma! Don't worry. Okay love
you too!
Kenny is standing in front of his TV, phone in hand watching
the events unfold. Shot of TV. Another plane flies into the
second tower and explodes. Ken can't believe what he just
witnessed. He gets weak.
                       TV ANNOUNCER
My God! A second plane has hit the
world trade center? I think
another plane has crashed into the
twin towers....yes... Ladies and
Gentlemen....This is not an
accident..it is this reporters
opinion that we are under
attack...a terrorist attack. My
Close on Kenny. He is still standing in front of his TV. He
feels helpless. He puts on some clothes, grabs his keys and
runs out of his house.
                                         CUT TO
Shannon is standing in living room of her parents house.
Frozen, staring at the TV. Ryan Ann, about a year and half
old, is in her arms oblivious to the horror occurring at the
World Trade Center. Close on TV. Tower number 2 collapses.
                       TV ANNOUNCER
      (in shock)
LORD! Ladies and
Gentlemen....Tower number 2 has
just collapsed. Tower number 2
has collapsed. There is nothing
left. Just a giant cloud of
dust..I can't imagine what panic
is going on down
there...........Again The World
Trade Center Tower number 2 has


                       TV ANNOUNCER (cont'd)
Shannon panics...she knows people there, friends, firemen,
coworkers. She doesn't know what to do, as we all felt
helpless, She paces the house aimlessly, crying, looking at
the TV. She is hugging Ryan Ann tightly.
      (to her dad crying)
I..don't believe this...I can't. I
know people there.
                       BILLY F.
      (in shock)
I know a Lot of firemen down there
who probably didn't make it..I
don't even know what to say?
Billy F. hugs Shannon and Ryan Ann. Camera stays on them
for a few seconds.
                                         CUT TO
Kenny P.O.V. a 360 degree view of what was once the World
Trade Center. Huge twisted piles of metal and concrete
surround him. He stands in disbelief as giant spot lights
brighten up the piles. On the piles are thousands of first
responders and construction workers, frantically digging and
moving piles of rubble, searching for survivors. They know
the rescue operation will soon turn into a recovery
operation, So they work tirelessly, hoping to find a few
survivors. Kenny walks up to one pile and joins a long line
of men on a bucket brigade. They pass filled buckets of
rubble to one another and dump them near the edge of the
ruins. All are still in shock.
                                         CUT TO


To find solace Shannon jogs, almost zombie like. The only
way she is able to deal with the attacks, and to wrap her
head around what has happened, is for her to go jogging. She
is looking up as she slowly jogs, Papers from the WTC float
to ground. The smell of burned rubble is in the air. Shannon
jogs by out of camera shot, as it focuses on 1 piece on
paper that floats all the way to the pavement.
                                         CUT TO
Kenny is on a pile with hundreds of other first responders,
still digging and passing buckets. It looks like a steady
fresh batch of people are arriving, food and water tables
are being set up, news cameras are everywhere. They have not
pulled a live person from the pile since last night. No one
gives up hope. Suddenly atop the pile men shout for silence.
It takes only a few seconds for the entire site to stop.
Engines stop running, welders stop cutting, people stay
silent. All for the hope of the man on top of the pile might
have heard a person calling from within a void, or a banging
on metal as a sign that someone is there. It only takes
seconds to quiet down, but they remain silent for minutes,
which feel like hours. It's the time men take to say a
prayer, or reflect on their own lives.
Quiet down! Quiet down!
The men all listen, hoping to hear something, anything. Some
take this time to pray or to reflect on their own lives. All
stay silent, but they hear nothing...nothing...not even a
bird chirping. The men slowly return to digging and bucket
brigades. Kenny takes this time to leave the pile. He makes
his way down carefully.
                                         CUT TO


Camera on interior of front door. Door opens. Kenny enters
the room, closes and locks door behind him. He tosses keys
on table near door. He is exhausted. His light blue United
States Park Police T-shirt is barely recognizable. It is
covered in soot, cement, dirt and WTC dust. His once
polished black boots are now a dirty Grey from working on
the pile for days. He stinks of wet concrete. He carries a
six pack of beer. He withdraws his gun and holster and
places it next to keys on table. He removes his badge from
around his neck and does the same. Camera focus on dust on
table from where he placed the items. He walks into kitchen,
pops a beer, and swings down most of the bottle. He finishes
the beer in 2 gulps and pops a second when the phone rings.
He looks at caller id and it says 'MOM'.
      (voice over phone)
Hey Ken, It's mom.
Hey mom, what's up?
How are you? How's it going down
there? Are you being careful?
Yessss mom I'm being careful. But
it's bad..it's real bad. I'm
still in shock, ya know? They're
are starting to limit the people
they let in too help. It's getting
harder to get in there. They only
want FDNY, NYPD and PAPD. I'm
trying but I think my days are
almost over down there.
Well hang in there, I'm praying
for you and everyone else. And
please...be careful! Oh my, I was
thinking, imagine if you got on
the fire dept early? you might
have been there. God is protecting


                       JOAN (cont'd)
      (rolling eyes)
I will mom, don't worry. I never
thought of that.
I'm just glad your dad isn't alive
to see this. It would have killed
him to not be able to do anything
or help. It would have just killed
Yeah. I know.
I see alot of him in you. You're a
good man Ken. Just like he was.
      (not wanting to
       talk anymore)
Yeah well, I don't feel that way.
It's just been one bad thing after
another. Speaking of that, how are
you feeling?
well, everything...
      (cutting her off)
Happens for a reason! I know, I
know, well whatever the reason for
this is... it sucks!
Well, you remember that either
Alright, ok mom. Love you!


      (as if she can hug
       him through the
Ok Ken, I love you too. And don't
you worry about me I'm feeling
fine so far.
Alright, Bye!
Kenny hangs up the phone shaking his head, feeling guilty
about how he just spoke to his mom and not realizing he
finished his second beer. He goes back to the kitchen and
pops a third. The phone rings again. Without checking the
caller id he picks up, annoyed.
It's his ex girlfriend Caryn.
      (visibly upset)
Ugh! What is it? I don't wanna do
this now, I can't do this
now...not now!
I've been thinking, with
everything going on, I want to
come back. I want to come back to
Hello? Hello?


      (eyes shut)
I'm here.
How do you feel about that? Me
coming back. To us getting back
Kenny opens his eyes and a glimmer of confidence comes over
him. Like a momentum shift in a sports game.
I don't know, I really don't think
I can right now, not with all of
Please..this whole thing has made
me think about things...about us.
Please give me another chance.
It's for real this time. I won't
leave again. I promise.
How do I know that? How do I know
I can trust you? Cause right now
I'm not sure I can. It's just too
much for me to handle right now.
please, please...I need you now..
Against his better judgment, and due to mental and physical
exhaustion, he reluctantly agrees. In his head he thinks, I
waited so long for this day, but now that this day has
arrived, he doesn't care anymore. He doesn't care about her
any longer, he is over her. But he feels he owes it to
himself to try again, just because he has waited so long, in
so much pain. It may be meant to be? Everything happens for
a reason. Right?
Ok. I'll call you later.


OK handsome, I love.....
Kenny hangs up the phone before he hears the words. He looks
down at the empty third beer, smirks, and retrieves the
                                         CUT TO
Shannon is pushing Ryan Ann on a baby swing, in a playground
near her apartment in bay ridge Brooklyn. She is standing
behind her. With them is Kim. Camera on Ryan laughing in the
swing, loving to be pushed.
So, what the heck? Have you heard
from him?
No, not recently. He hasn't called
or sent child support for that
matter, in awhile. I think he is
living with a girl, his girlfriend
or something.
What a jerk! I can't believe him.
Yeah well, It's sad. For Ryan
especially, But I'm over it. I
just wish he would do the right
thing, with the child support.
Yeah, how did the court hearing
go? With the lien on his house and
wage garnishing.
It's all done. If he sells his
house we get what he owes and if
he works on the books, we get part
of his wages. I'm sure he'll find


                       SHANNON (cont'd)
a way to get around it, he finds a
way around every responsibility he
has, but if he gets caught he's
going to get arrested for being a
Well that's good, hopefully you
guys get something. Anyway. How's
Mike? Did you guys get back
together or what?
      (rolling her eyes)
Yeah I guess, he's good. I'm just
not really into him. I mean he is
a nice guy. And with everything
going on ,9/11 and all, It's nice
to have someone, for now I guess.
He is a nice guy.
Yeah, too nice, a pushover even.
I'm not really attracted to that.
But whatever.
Alright, I gotta go. Remember, we
have that report due. It's very
important for our Masters ya know!
No lolly gagging.
      (smiling and
I know, I know. I'll get it done,
Don't you worry!
Yeah I'm sure.


What the heck!?
      (gives Ry a kiss)
Alright. see ya. Bye Ry! Love
Bye Kim love you too!
Bye Kim, call me later!
Shannon continues to push Ryan a little longer, moving to
her front side and makes silly faces at her. Ryan laughs and
                                         CUT TO
Close up on eyes covered by yellow firing safety glasses.
Gunshots are heard all around. OS Muffled orders are being
given to various students. Pan back, reveals Kenny's face
wearing a black FAM ballcap, T shirt and ear protection.
Continue to pan back and he is waiting for orders to be
given by a senior instructor. He is to begin his qualifying
obstacle course. He is confident, excited and focused. He
knows he is better on the move than stationary.
                       RANGE INSTRUCTOR
      (to Kenny)
You ready?
(Kenny Nods)
With camera backing up. Kenny unholsters his pistol and
begins his turn. He duck walks with his pistol close to his


chest, but pointed out. Camera slowly moves around his left
side. Still focused on him. A target, showing a islamic
turban fighter, pops up on his right side. He turns his
upper body partially to the right, perfect form, and fires
two rounds center mass of the target. Direct kill shot. This
continues for 4 more pop up targets. All shots hit the mark.
                       RANGE INSTRUCTOR
      (yells o.s.)
Nice shooting, keep going!
Still focused on Kenny, Camera moves to his rear and follows
his movements. Kenny, with his pistol close to his face,
drops magazine clip from the pistol, sig saurer P229 40
Caliber, and reloads another clip. He does this without ever
taking his eyes away from the course. He enters a vacant
building which has been converted to a maze like structure
on the inside. Still carefully duck walking with a purpose.
Target after target pops up. Kenny is locked in and on point
with all threats that emerge. Some shots are either center
mass or head shots. All are kills
                       RANGE INSTRUCTOR
      (giddy O.S.)
Fuckin' awesome dude! Keep it up!
Keep it up!
At the exit door of the vacant, Kenny kneels, safely clears
his weapon of extra ammo and lays it down at his feet with
the slide locked open and magazine out. He puts his hands up
indicating his weapon is safe for the instructors to
retrieve it. Kenny is then handed a paint semunitions
handgun. It's an exact replica of his on duty weapon, except
that it fires paint bullets. He locks and loads semunition
hand gun. He is sweating, but his breathing is controlled
and he is focused.
                       RANGE INSTRUCTOR #2
Kenny nods. Focused.


                       RANGE INSTRUCTOR #2
Kenny rises and enters another building.
                                         CUT TO
Kenny enters from rear of airliner and surveys the scene.
There are a few seats occupied, some with dummys other with
live humans. Suddenly a man dressed in full black head to
toe, with a paint ball mask on, Jumps from a seat on Kenny's
right hand side, points a rubber knife at Kenny and yells..
                       RANGE INSTRUCTOR #3
Kenny promptly puts two pink paint balls in the mans chest
and one directly in the face mask. Kenny continues up the
aisle. Another man dressed the same as the first pops up
with a knife in hand. POP, POP, POP. again 2 shots to the
chest and one to the head. That threat is eliminated. Kenny
continues into the first class section, pulls back the
curtain and is swiftly confronted by a third terrorist. This
man grabs hold of Kenny's weapon and attempts to pull it
away. Close quarter combat training kicks in. Kenny pushes
himself into the terrorist using his enemy's momentum
against him. This takes his enemy off guard. Kenny then
switches up his own movements, turns his hip and pulls enemy
over his own body. This cause the terrorist to land into the
seats of first class. Kenny steps back, makes room, and
points his pistol at the instructors face mask. Kenny and
the Instructor stare eye to eye. The instructor knows what's
on Kenny's mind and he reacts.
                       RANGE INSTRUCTOR #4
Don't do it! Don't you do it!
The instructor is angry he got tossed. Kenny looks at
instructor, smiles and proceeds to blast him in the face
mask 3 times with the pink paint pellets, rendering him
unable to see through it. Laughs are heard from other
instructors from the rear of the plane. The instructor is


pissed but impressed with Kenny. He makes his way to the
flight deck door and assumes a P.O.D. (Position Of
Dominance). He faces the passengers. He surveys the scene,
He accomplished his task. Mission complete. He feels like a
Ladies and Gentlemen, Federal Air
Marshal!!!. I want everyone's
cooperation please. Put your hands
on the seat in front of you. Do
it! Do it now!
One last look at Kenny in control. He smiles.
                                         CUT TO
Shannon is packing for a trip to DISNEY WORLD with her
family. Her boyfriend, Mike, is there also. She is still
unsure about Mike and wondering why she got back together
with him. He is a nice guy, but not for her. She puts it off
to the events of 9/11. She doesn't want to be alone, but
doesn't want to settle either. Ryan Ann enters the room with
some items she wants to pack.
Mommy? should I bring my hat?
Ryan Ann holds up a "goofy" hat with the long ears.
Of course. How could you go to
Disney without your Goofy hat.
Plus it will help keep the sun out
of your eyes.. (at Mike) It's so
hectic packing for Disney. But we
love it soo much. (at Ryan) right
RY Toast?
Right MOM!


      (rubs ryans head)
Yeah, me too.
Ok Ry, go in your room and finish
getting what you want to bring ok?
Ok Mommy.
Shannon and Mike watch as Ryan leaves the room.
      (sighing at mike)
Listen. There's something I want
to talk to you about.
      (knows the look)
Oh No. What is it?
I don't think..ugh..How can I say
this? I just don't think this is
right. I mean, It doesn't feel
right for me. Us you know. Ugh
I hate this! I just don't feel
right with us. I'm not sure..I
think we should just stay friends
for now.
What? But why? I don't
understand? I thought things were
      (cuts him off)
No, It's not that they were bad,
and your such a nice guy
I..I..just don't want to string
you along anymore.


I can't believe this is happening
again. Isn't there anything I can
do? Please, anything?
No Mike, I'm sorry. I just don't
feel for you like that..
      (stunned and
       shaking his head)
Wow! I didn't see this coming.
      (feeling bad)
I'm sorry Mike, I really am.
you could have told me before I
packed for Disney,
(turns to walk out)
You can't come back this time.
Thats it! I'm done.
Mike looks at her one last time, picks up his bag and walks
out of the apartment, the heavy door slams shut behind him.
Shannon watches him the whole time, she never sheds a tear.
She sighs and continues packing for her vacation. She is
over this fairly quickly, she feels bad, but a weight has
been lifted from her. Time to move on.
                                         CUT TO
Flight attendants are finishing up the final walk through
and clean up of the airline before it touches down.
Passengers and putting away items and returning from the
bathrooms. The fasten seat belt sign dings and lights up.
                       FLIGHT ATTENDANT
Ladies and gentlemen, please
fasten all seat belts, raise tray


                       FLIGHT ATTENDANT (cont'd)
tables and stow any remaining
items you have in the overhead
compartments, as we prepare to
land. We are making our final
descent into Orlando, FL. Home of
Disney World. Thank you for flying
Jet Blue Airlines and we hope you
enjoy your stay. And for
residents...Welcome home!
Everyone cheers at the announcement of Disney World. Shannon
obeys the flight attendant and checks Ryan's seat belt, tray
table and then her own. She smiles and tickles Ryan under
the chin. Ryan Ann then stares out the window to watch as
the plane makes it's descent. She still wears the headphones
for the TV in the seats.
The airline lands safely and taxis to the runway. Flight
ground crews hustle to get tarmac up and start unloading
The airplane is taxing to the terminal.
                       FLIGHT ATTENDANT
Please remain seated until all
fasten seat belt signs have been
turned off. Thank you again and
welcome to Orlando.
Passengers applaud. As do Shannon and Ryan. The plane enters
the terminal and the jet way is put into position. The ding
of the fasten seat belt sign goes off indicating it is safe
to unfasten seat belts. Shannon unbuckles herself and Ryan.
She retrieves bags from overhead as do most passengers. They
wait their turn to enter the aisle to exit. As they walk the
aisle camera focus on forward seats and a man rises from his
seat dressed in business casual clothing, he retrieves his
bag from under his seat and also waits his turn to enter the


aisle. The man is Kenny, he is on duty as a Federal Air
Marshal, working the flight to Orlando. He then sees an
opening and steps into the aisle to retrieve his bag from
the overhead. He has blocked Shannon and Ryan's way. They
wait patiently without really looking at Kenny. Kenny then
steps back into his seat checking his phone. Only quickly
glancing in Shannon's direction.
      (looking at cell
I'm sorry.
      (looking down at
It's ok, no problem. Thanks.
As they pass, Kenny looks up and to the rear of the plane,
without ever looking at Shannon's face. He surveys the rest
of the passengers exiting the plane.
                                         CUT TO
Kenny is undressing and talking on cell phone. His gun and
badge lay on dresser in front of him.
      (O.S. desperate)
Please don't do this, we just got
back together...I love you. We are
meant to be together. I'm sorry I
hurt you for so long. Is this why?
Are you just getting back at me?
NO. It has nothing to do with
that. I just think....I know, I
shouldn't have gotten back with
you. I was over you and didn't
want to get back. BUT. I went


                       KENNY (cont'd)
against my better judgment. I felt
like I owed it to myself to at
least try. But I was wrong. It's
But I love you! I love you! Please
don't do this. If you do this you
can never come back. Thats it!
I know. I can't anymore. I've got
enough going on in my life. I
don't love you Caryn, I'm sorry. I
can't deal with this..I found out
mom has cancer. I can't deal with
that and this relationship, a
relationship that I know is not
right for me.
      (angry crying)
You're just trying to get back at
me you fucking asshole! I hate
you! I hate you!
Caryn hangs up. You hear the dial tone. Kenny sighs but is
relieved that it's finally over for good. He feels a weight
lifted from him.
                                         CUT TO
Various shots of Shannon, Ryan Ann and her parents on rides
and playing games in Disney world. Walking through the park,
eating, shopping and just plain having a good time.
                                         CUT TO


Back in Brooklyn Shannon puts a sleeping Ryan Ann into bed,
still wearing her GOOFY hat and holds her stuffed dog named
brownie. Shannon tucks her in, kisses her on forehead,
leaves the room and closes the door. She checks her
answering machine and it's filled with messages from Mike.
Some he is drunk some not. She deletes them all, and gets
ready for bed.
                                         CUT TO
A musical montage of A series of shots of Kenny exiting and
entering airplanes. Different days, different clothes,
different airlines. He is constantly on the go. Walking
different airports and checking in at different gates.
                                         CUT TO
Continual Music montage of Kenny checking in at Various
Hotel desks and entering hotel rooms. Working out in Hotel
fitness centers. Living out of his suitcase. Various o.s. of
hotel staff welcoming Mr. Delaney to whatever hotel he is
checking into. Alone.
                                         CUT TO
Continual Music of Shannon driving Ryan Ann to babysitters
or preschool. Then Shannon working in her classrooms,
teaching her children. Picking Ryan Ann up from wherever she
is. And at home cooking dinner for herself and Ryan. And
watching television. Alone.


                                         CUT TO
Music fades as camera pans down on a restaurant scene. Busy.
waiters hustling to deliver orders. people eating, drinking
and conversing. Camera pans on Kenny with some random girl.
He is bored and uninterested at anything she has to say. He
even checks his cell phone for the time. The girl is
oblivious to his boredom. He is looking around the room for
a quick exit if needed.
uh huh..oh yeah? wow...
(to waiter)
uh..check please!
                                         CUT TO
Car pulls up to an apartment building. The girl is still
rambling about something. Kenny is dropping her off at her
home. He doesn't want to get out of car but he does.
Ok well good night. I had a good
                       GIRL #1
      (still talking)
Ok well will you call me?
Kenny is racing back to his car.
Yeah..yeah..I'll give you a call.
Ok good night!
Kenny is out of there in a flash. He squeals his tires
peeling out. The girl watches as he pulls away. She heads
toward the apartment, stops and looks again for a second to
see if Kenny comes back. She waits a few seconds then opens


her door and is greeted by numerous cats. Kenny Picks up his
cell phone and makes a call.
                       GIRL #1
      (bending over
       petting the cats)
Hello my darlings, mommys home.
      (gets the voice
Jesus Christ dude. why the hell
would you set me up with that
chick? Oh my god.
She's probably still talking to
herself. Alright man I'll give
you the details tomorrow. Hey, but
if you know anyone else, now that
I'm back on the market give me a
                                         CUT TO
This scene is played over a few times. Each time a different
girl. Different date, Same restaurant. Each date Kenny is
forced to look interested and involved while each random
girl talks about their lives and how they want to live it.
He just smiles and nods. Checking his phone and asking for
the check. Downing his beer or glass of wine. One girl
actually is a disinterested as he is. And he thought maybe
potential with that one. Yeah rite! As one random girls
gets up to go to the restroom, he actually slams his
forehead onto the table and shakes his head. At this point
the waiter arrives.
Ken my friend you look like a man
with a problem. You are in here
every week with a different girl.
I wouldn't think that's a problem.


      (looking up)
Ugh! You don't know the half of
it. these are all blind dates. I
met them all for the first time on
these dates. NEVER EVER am I
going on a blind date again. EVER.
At that point the girl returns from the restroom. And Kenny
looks at her guilty, thinking she heard his conversation. He
gulps. The waiter walks away smiling looking at Kenny. Kenny
looks at the waiter and mouths the word EVER to him and
Hey! You ready to go?
                                         CUT TO
Kenny visits his mother in Toms River, NJ. She is very ill
with cancer, she is frail and weak from the chemo and
radiation treatments. His brother Chris lives with her.
Kenny brings her flowers and candy. She has lost her hair
and today is having a bad day. but she is positive and
always trying to look on the bright side of things. She
loves seeing her special boy.
Hi mom, how are you?
      (reaching out for
       a hug)
Hi KEN, ahh I'm ok. feel a little
sick today but I'll be fine. Oh so
nice thank you.
      (handing flowers)
Just thought it would brighten up
your day a little.


Joan hands flowers to Chris and he brings them into kitchen.
Kenny says hello,hugs him and watches as he walks out of
When are you gonna cut the cord
with that kid? He's friggin 37
years old.
      (shooing him and
       sitting down
Oh you stop! Don't start with me,
he has no where to go. Plus It's
at least company for me.
      (shaking his head
       and sitting also)
Yeah I guess, but whatever. So
what do the doctors say? How much
longer for treatments?
Oh I don't know? They couldn't get
it all, so i guess they have to
give me treatments until It's all
gone, soon I hope. I get so sick
the days after. It's terrible.
      (putting his hand
       on hers)
Ugh, I'm so sorry you are going
through this, I wish..I wish I
could do something. I hate seeing
you like this.
      (patting his hand)
I know Ken, I know. I'll be fine,
don't worry about me. Everything
happens for a reason.


HEY! That's what I'm supposed to
say to you. Ya know!
They both laugh. Later they eat lunch together and talk some
more. Joan is thrilled to spend the day with her son.
                                         CUT TO
Shannon and Kim are studying for their masters degree final
in special education. Chinese food boxes around them. Half
full glasses of wine. Books and papers askew on the table
and couch.
      (slams a book
Ugh I'm done, I need a break, my
brain needs a break for a little
      (sits back in the
Yeah me too.
SHANNON tops off each wine glass and the girls take a sip.
So, what the heck? How did he take
Who? Mike?
Yeah Mike....who else?
      (rubbing her face)
Not good. He's still calling me.
Trying to get back. I don't know
what to do? Maybe I made the wrong


                       SHANNON (cont'd)
Oh stop! No you didn't. It's for
the best. I mean he's a nice guy
and all, but you were never going
to love him. If you haven't by now
your not going to. Besides, you
said it yourself..he's a pushover,
and you don't like that.
Yeah I guess. I just feel bad
about the whole thing. Ya know?
You know what you need? You know
what would make you really feel
What? What?
      (holds out her
Your nails. Go get your nails
done. Go to mimis and get your
damn nails done. Go ahead I'll
watch Ry.
No, oh stop. I thought you were
gonna' say something else. I
can't, we have to study. I thought
you were gonna say a vacation or
No, F studying and go! I got Ry.
(looks at Ry)
Right Ry? Want me to watch you


                       KIM (cont'd)
while mom goes out? What do Ya
Ok Kim? Can we play games?
Of course we can. As a matter of
fact I wouldn't watch you if we
couldn't!! Go get one.
Are you sure? Thank you sooo much.
I think it will make me feel
Shannon gets up and gets her shoes on and her purse. She
hurries, mimi's closes very soon.
All right have fun, and don't
worry about studying. There will
be plenty of time for that. And
hurry up, they are closing soon I
      (one last time)
Ok, ok you sure?
      (cutting her off)
YES! GO! What the heck!
                                         CUT TO
Camera close up on MIMI'S SALON neon sign. You see some
Chinese writing under it. Pan back, Shannon enters the
salon. She is greeted as everyone is when they enter MIMI'S,
with a chorus of HIIIIIIIEEEEE'S! Camera shot through glass


from outside looking in. She proceeds to counter, a brief
exchange with counter person then proceeds to a chair and
sits down.
Shannon gets hers nails painted and sits to dry them. She is
the last customer in the salon. Chinese women are cleaning
their work areas and sweeping up the floors. All's quiet
until a loud knock on the door which catches everyones
attention. Shannon looks toward the door. She sees a dark
haired girl desperately asking the woman to get her toe
nails done. She puts on a sad face and points to her toes.
You can see her mouth the words "just my toes". Shannon
recognizes her from her mothers school. The owner of the
salon reluctantly lets her in. the shop is closed but they
do her a favor cause she is a regular.
OK OK Let ha in! She regula, she
come here all da time!
They unlock the door and let her in. She is greeted with the
same chorus of HIIIIIEEEEE'S!
      (smiling and
Ooh, thank you so much! HIIIEEEE
to you all to! Thank you thank
you! Im going to Boston. And
running late as usual Thank you so
      (waving her away)
Yes yes, you lucky I like you
rady. You just sit down and we
hurry up fo you! sit ova dere!
Elena does as she is told. She sits across from Shannon and
recognizes her.


Hey Hi, William O'conner school
      (forgetting her
Yes yes, Hi. How are you?
OH my god, I'm so late. Shannon
Yes...oh uh...Eileen?
AH! That's right! Elena, sorry.
How are you?
Good, Good. Going to Boston with a
bunch of people. Gotta get my
nails done. Mimi's is the best!
(Loud enough for Mimi to hear)
Dank you!! you da best too, young
Yes. I know!
How's your mom?


She's doing good. She just got a
promotion. She runs 6 schools now.
      (wide eyed)
Wow, that's awesome!
Yeah I know right! She deserves
it, she works so hard.
Tell her I said hello, and
congratulations. Are you still
Yes I will. Yeah still
there...for now.
Oh cool, that's great, I loved
that place. So whats been going
on with you?
For some reason that question opens the flood gates for
Shannon. She proceeds to tell Elena her life story. She
tells her about John, and Ryan, and Mike and all her life
experiences. Soup to nuts. She feels comfortable enough with
Elena to tell her everything. The camera circles them slowly
as you hear mumbled bits and pieces of Shannon's life. Elena
stares intensely. The camera finally stops on Shannon.
So, that's about it...I guess.
The girls are getting ready to leave as MIMI waits by the
front door.
      (continuing joking)
sooo..if you know anybody?


Shan, my wheels have been turning
the whole time. This whole time
you were talking and I'm thinking
I know the perfect guy.
      (so happy)
Yes, you guys would be perfect.
You would definatly get along.
He's my husbands best friend. He's
very cute. You will like him.
Ok Alright then! Sounds
The girls walk toward the front door and MIMI unlocks it and
lets them out. They hear a chorus of BYEEEEEEEEE'S from the
staff and the door close behind them. Both girls say BYEEEE
as MIMI slams the door shut and locks it behind them.
Cutting off the BYE's.
      (looking for a pen)
Give me your phone number..this is
soooo great.
Ok well, we'll see. I never been
on a blind date before. It's kind
of exciting. Thanks Elena!


Shannon writes down her number and gives it to Elena. The
girls hug and say goodbyes. They turn and walk in opposite
directions. Camera on Shannon's smiling face. She feels good
about this.
                                         CUT TO
Shots of Crowd at Fenway park, The RED SOX are playing the
Baltimore Orioles. Shot of fans cheering hits and runs,
people buying beer and eating hotdogs and popcorn. Camera
shows Kenny and friends sitting and enjoying the game.
      (getting up)
Who wants a beer? Kenny you
ready? On me.
Hell yeah! If you're buying then
I'm drinking.
Nice! Elena anything for you?
Ooh yeah, I want uh..popcorn or
crackerjacks, a pretzel and a wine
cooler, if they have them..if not
a smirnoff ice..rasberry please.
Damian just stares at her straight faced and doesn't say a
word. Kenny and a few others laugh. Damian walks off with
one of the other friends.
Oh I forgot to tell you I met
someone for you! She so nice. I
used to work in the same school as


      (shaking his head)
No No..no more blind dates I'm
done with those. The last blind
date I went on, the girl cursed
more than a truck driver having an
argument with a sailor. No way!!
Kenny puts his hands over his ears, and shakes his head NO.
Like a three year old not wanting to listen to his parents.
LA LA LA I'M not listening to
Oh come on, She's so nice I used
to work with her at WILLIAM
O'CONNOR, and ran into her
yesterday. Please..please let me
tell you about her? Please.
      (rolling eyes)
Alright, alright go ahead, but
only cause I trust you.
      (clapping her
       hands together)
Ok ok..she has blond hair, blue
eyes, and is sooo pretty. She
perfect for you...but one thing.
Ok here we go..I knew there was a
She has a daughter. A 3 year old.
And? (pauses) That's it?
That's it! yes. That's it.


Good, jeez, I thought you were
gonna say she used to be a dude,
or she won't be available until
her sentence is up or something
like that. You scared me for a
Damian returns with beer and food. He struggles with the
excess stuff he bought.
      (fumbling with
Alright what's going on here with
you two?
      (grabbing beer
       from Damian)
Your wife is trying to set me up
with a convict with one leg over
I'm telling him about Shannon,
That's right, but she needs my
approval, I mean I question my
wifes tastes. Look who she
They all laugh.
Alright, give me her number.
I don't have it. I left it home by


WHAT!? After all that, you left
it home? You gotta be kidding me?
uh oh, I don't know!
      (shaking his head)
Come on Elena? You pumped him all
up and you forget her number?
Uh. I know. I know. I'm so
sorry! I'll call you when we get
home, I promise!
OH man, and i was gonna tell you
to take her to Mid evil Times.
It's a no brainer!!
They all laugh again and continue with the game.
                                         CUT TO
Kenny returns home from a long flight from the West coast.
He's tired and wants to rest. The phone rings.
Kenny, it's Elena.
Hello Elena. What's up?
I have that number for you.


What number? Oh yeah right from
Boston. Ok
Oh god, I'm so sorry it took this
long..it's 555-1234. Call her!
She's gonna think I didn't give it
to you.
      (writing it down)
Ok ok..555-1234, got it. I'll
call her. Thanks Elena. ok Bye.
They hang up with each other. Kenny looks at the number and
places it on the table by the phone. He doesn't call at that
time. He's too exhausted, he just lays on the bed face first
and passes out.
                                         CUT TO
Kenny is getting dressed from a shower. He dries his hair
with a towel sits down in living room and picks up the phone
with the number in his hand. He looks at it and dials. The
phone rings once and the power goes out. Blackout!
      (damning his luck)
Oh well, there goes that! That
can't be a good sign.
                                         CUT TO
Shannon and Kim are working on a report for school when
suddenly the phone rings once. Shannon gets up to answer it
when the power goes out. It turns out the entire Northeast
is in a blackout. From Detroit to Maine down to Virginia.
For most, the Blackout of 2003 lasted 2 days. All cities and


towns stopped for the 2 days. It was relativly calm for a
summer blackout, not too many incidents of violence or
unrest. Most people took it in stride.
What the heck is going on? I
wonder who that was?
I'm sure it's nothing. Probably
just something in the building.
power will be back on soon. We
gotta get this paper to the city.
Yeah ok, let's get going.
The girls pack up the books and papers and head out the
door, not realizing the entire city, the entire northeast is
in a blackout.
                                         CUT TO
Pan up to see cars stuck at intersections, Dusk is setting
in. All the lights are out. Horns beeping, crowded streets
due to stranded commuters. No trains are running, people
just figuring out what is happening. People trying to hail
cabs. Police attempting to direct traffic and civilians. Not
chaos but slight panic, 9/11 is still fresh in everyones
mind. Talk of terrorism, but nothing confirmed. Shannon and
Kim drive through the streets of Manhattan very carefully.
They are making way to their college, to hand in a report
due today. Taking in what is going on.
                                         CUT TO
FOCUS on Alarm Clock Radio. Power is back on, the radio is
blaring news reports of the blackout. It startles Kenny into
waking, he instinctively grabs his gun on his night stand.
Realizing the blackout is over, he settles down and rises


for the day. Later on he is drinking coffee and conversing
on the phone.
Yeah..yeah, crazy stuff huh? Yeah
ok, I'll be there, no worries.
Alright I'll see you tomorrow.
Kenny hangs up the phone and sees the number that Elena has
given him. He sighs and dials the number. Answering machine.
Another bad sign. He is thinking that this is not gonna
Yes, hi this is Kenny, Elena gave
me you phone number. I hope it's
ok to call, I tried calling the
other day but the blackout
happened. Unbelievable right?
Anyway, if you want to give me a
ring my number is 555-6789. Ok bye
He hangs up and goes out.
                                         CUT TO
Shannon and Ryan Ann enter the apartment and put some bags
and things down. She checks her mail and phone messages. She
tells Ryan to go pee and wash hands. She hears the message
from Kenny, totally forgetting that she gave her number to
Elena and then figuring it's been so long that he would
never call. But then she smiles because she liked the
message and how he sounded.
Shannon has put Ryan to bed and sits with a glass of red
wine, picks up the phone and dials Kennys number. He


      (o.s. over the
Hi! This is Shannon. Elena's
Yes yes. Hi, How are you? Oh my
god I didn't think I'd ever get to
talk to you.
They both feel immediate comfort and connection with each
other, if only over the phone. The conversation lasts over 2
hours but feels like 10 minutes. Never an uncomfortable
silence. They make plans to go out the next night. All is
well. Shannon hangs up the phone and feels really good about
the upcoming blind date.
Shots of the "WARRIORS" softball team wearing black and
silver colors. Shot of Kenny making a play at second base,
throwing a player out at first, Then up to bat and getting a
double. Another shot of Damian hitting the winning run in.
Kenny crosses home plate to score the winning run. The
Warriors celebrate, and then shakes hands with opposing team
in good sportsmanship. The Warriors head to a caged dugout
to pack up their equipment. Kenny is removing his cleats on
the bench next to Damian.
Ay, nice win kid, nice win. we
needed that one.
Yeah man, nice shot up the middle,
I knew it was gonna be close, but
I figured I could beat it out.


For sure man, with your wheels,
I'll send ya every time!
Yo..let's go celebrate this win
We're going for a few beers, you
coming or what?
Nah I can't man, I got that date
tonite, the one that Elena hooked
me up with.
Oh, that's right, when did you
talk to her?
Yeah, yesterday we talked for like
2 hours, it was nice. She seems
really nice. I'm looking forward
to it.
You excited? Come have a beer and
calm your nerves down before you
go out.
They walk toward the cars.
Yeah sure, she sounds real cool,
seem to have allot in common. Ya
know, I was done with blind dates.
The last one I had was
terrible...if this one don't work
out I'm REALLY done with blind
dates..no joke!!
Hey waddya got lose? right?


That's right! Nothing!
      (shaking hands)
Alright later bro, good luck. Let
me know how things turn out.
Ok man thanks, I'll talk to ya
tomorrow, let you know how it
      (yelling back at
Tuesday. Next Game. 6 o'clock.
Miller 4 Be there!!!
Ok Got It! I'll Be there.
                                         CUT TO
Shannon is getting ready for her date. Putting on make up.
Straightening up her apartment, etc. Ryan is running around
the apartment excited that Kim will be watching her.
Suddenly a bang from the other room and a scream from Ryan.
Shannon races into the back bedroom. Ryan is sitting on
floor crying and holding her shoulder. Shannon picks her up
and checks her out.
Mommy, mommy I fell, my shoulder
hurts. I'm sorry mommy.
      (looking and
       feeling her
It's ok honey. What happened?
Where does it hurt?


Shannons uncle, a pediatric surgeon is checking Ryan out. He
looks over her then pats her head.
                       UNCLE JIMMY
      (looking at
Broken collar bone, she broke her
collar bone.
My college bone?
No Ry, your collar bone. Its ok, I
like college bone better.
(at jimmy)
What do we do?
                       UNCLE JIMMY
Nothing, give her some motrin, and
keep her arm in a sling for a
while, and try not to use it. You
can't do too much for it. She'll
be fine in a few weeks.
Ugh, ok. Well thank you so much
Jimmy. I really appre..
                       UNCLE JIMMY
      (waving her away)
No problem at all, anything for
you guys. Ok see you later. Bye
bye Ryan see you later..remember
to not use it for awhile. Feel
Ok Bye. Thank you for helping my
college bone.


As Jimmy walks out the door the phone rings. It's Kenny.
Shannon answers, almost forgetting he was coming.
Hey, are you almost ready? I'll be
there in a bit.
Ugh, you're never gonna believe
this...but..my daughter just broke
her collar bone, so I don't think
I'm gonna make it tonight. I'm
really sorry.
Oh no! Oh my god, is she ok? No no
don't worry about tonight..another
time. Do you need anything? Can I
do anything for you guys?
No no..it's ok, she be fine. I
just don't think tonight's a good
night now.
Ok no worries. Please call me if
you need anything and call me when
you can. I hope she feels better.
Ok bye now.
Thank you so much. And thanks for
understanding. Ok, I'll give you a
call. Bye.
They hang up and Shannon closes her eyes thinking the date
will not happen, saying to herself that he probably thinks
it's an excuse to bail on the date.


Kenny hangs up phone. He feels bad for Ryan, but also thinks
that it might be an excuse to not go out with him. He
thinks, oh well, strike three you're out. He turns the car
around and heads to the bar where the team is celebrating
the victory. Moments later, just as he parks his car in the
lot, his cell phone rings. He sees the number, and it's
Shannon. She feels guilt, and just want to reassure him that
she really does want to meet him.
Hey? Everything ok?
Yes, I just want to make sure you
know that this is not an excuse,
and I really do want to go out. I
just can't leave her right now.
But I wanna make a plan for next
week. If thats ok with you?
No no, I totally understand, It's
no problem at all. Yes let's make
a new plan. How's next Friday
night sound? Say 7? I'll pick you
That sounds great. I can't wait.
Ok, I'll see you then.
Ok cool, I hope Ryan feels better,
I'll talk to you then. Remember,
if you need anything, let me know.
Ok? Alright bye now.
Thank you! Ok bye.
Shannon smiles and holds the phone to her fore head, having
a good feeling. Kenny hangs up, smiles, also feeling good
about things, he steps out of car and heads into the bar.


The cheer of the team is heard from outside upon the
entrance of Kenny.
                                         CUT TO
Kenny pulls up to an empty spot, halfway up the block from
the apartment building. He gets out of the car and calls
Shannon from his cell phone.
Hey, I'm outside..to late to bail
out now. Ok I'm up the block, I'll
be outside of my car. Ok, black
shirt, black pants got it!
He is not sure if he's close enough to the apartment. He's
looking around to make sure it's the correct block, a little
nervous, but cool. He then looks down the street and sees a
girl dressed in all black standing further past the
apartment, She is overweight and unattractive. He thinks oh
no! He thinks about leaving before they even meet, hoping
she didn't see him.
      (to himself)
Ugh, I'm gonna kill her..
Just at that moment a petite, bright blond, blue eyed,
tanned girl, steps from the apartment building and into
view. She seems to be glowing to him. He watches as she
looks up and down the block. She sees Kenny and smiles, she
makes her way to him. He waves and smiles. He's really
nervous now, but still cool on the outside. Kenny POV as she
gets closer, he is awed by her beauty and her smile grows
bigger with each step. It lights up the dusk. He is very
happy now.
Shannon POV. As she approaches she thinks, wow, he is cute.
Much more than she expected. His brown eyes are warm and
inviting, and his smile is full of life. For a woman who is
guarded, she feels immediately safe with him.
They are now facing each other, locking eyes, wide smiles.
They shake hands, when they touch there is something between
them, as if a sense that they know each other, although they


have never met or even look familiar. But there is a
connection, a comfort. They both feel it. Like it's meant to
They hold the hand shake for a few seconds, smiling and
staring into each others eyes.
Ok, are you ready?
Of course, let's go.
      (opening her car
Alright lets do it!
He closes the door and walks around back, remembering the
movie A BRONX TALE, he peeks in the window and sees her
reach over to open his door. He thinks and laughs to
himself, aha, a great one! He gets in the car smiling.
What's so funny?
Oh nothing!
                                         SWISH PAN
Kenny and Shannon sit across from each other in HENRY'S END
restaurant in Brooklyn. The same place he has taken all of
his dates, but this date is different from all the others,
it's special. They have great conversation, never an
uncomfortable silence, laughing and smiling, totally into
each other.


                                         SWISH PAN
They walk together, holding hands, looking at the Manhattan
skyline. Still so much to say to each other. Seeing a future
with each other. It's a perfect night.
                                         SWISH PAN
After a few more dates they enter the apartment, kissing and
undressing each other as they make their way to Shannon's
bedroom. There they make passionate, slow love. Shot of
hands coming together as they grow closer still. The Who's,
Love Reign O'er Me, Plays in the background.
                                         SWISH PAN
Kenny is kneeling meeting Ryan Ann, for the first time. She
has made him a string of beads, he is taken aback as to how
mature this beautiful 3 year old is. He wants them in his
                                         SWISH PAN
Kenny and Shannon pose for pictures upon Kenny's graduation
of FDNY probationary school, he is no longer an air marshal
but has fulfilled his dream and restless nature and has
become a New York City Fireman. He is in his CLASS A
                                         SWISH PAN


Kenny and Shannon hold hands as they exchange vows. Ryan Ann
stands between them holding onto them. They exit the church
and the crowd throws bird seed and waves ribbons, as the
Happy couple enter a white movie set, car extra.
                                         SWISH PAN
Focus on keys unlocking a front door. The door opens and
bright sunlight comes in. Kenny and Shannon walk into and
empty house they just purchased. Ryan Ann runs through the
door now 5 years old, and runs to what her new room is to
be. Kenny and Shannon smile and kiss. All is right in the
                                         SWISH PAN
Kenny, dressed in a suit and tie, along with Shannon, Ryan
Ann, and Shannon's parents, stands before a family court
judge. The judge is congratulating them on Kenny's adoption
of Ryan Ann. They all hug, cry happy tears, there is not a
dry eye in the court.
                                         SWISH PAN
A funeral service is held for Joan Delaney, she has passed
from her battle with cancer. Kenny stands next to a pregnant
Shannon. They hold each other, Shannon is weeping. The
Families all hug and say goodbyes.
                                         DISSOLVE TO


Shannon is preparing breakfast for Ryan Ann, she suddenly
gets a pain in her belly that she knows are the
contractions. Her water breaks. She is calm and gets to the
phone and calls Kenny. He is at the firehouse.
      (into phone)
KEN! yes..yes..my water broke,
I'm ok..yes I'm gonna call your
sister and get to St. Anthonys.
Ok.. No.. I'm Fine..calm
down..calm..KEN It's ok, we have
time. Ok..Ok..see you there ..be
careful...I love you too!
                                         CUT TO
Shannon is sitting comfortably in bed, Kenny enters the room
nervous and excited.
Hey, hey..you ok? Is he ready?
are you ready? What's going on?
Yes, I'm fine. Everything is fine.
take it easy and calm down. The
doctor will be in soon. Don't
                                         CUT TO
Shannon is in labor giving birth to baby boy. She doesn't
push long, the labor is not that long. It goes smoothly as
can be. The Baby boy is cleaned and wrapped, then handed to
Shannon. Kenny comes into view and hugs and kisses both of


them. They stare at the baby and each other for a bit. Both
smiling and exhausted.
ANGLE on Shannon, it's after midnight and she has asked for
her baby, LUKE, to be brought to her. The hospital is dark
and quiet. Her TV is on very low. She is getting herself in
a comfortable position to hold Luke. The room door opens and
a middle age nurse enters the room holding Luke. The nurse
is smiling and Luke is not crying. Shannon must catch her
breath for a moment when she sees the nurse. She cannot take
her eyes off her as Luke is handed to her. Shannon is a
little frightened and speechless. The nurse has a striking,
uncanny resemblance to Kenny's mother Joan. A bit younger,
but her to the tee. Shannon, in her exhausted state, thinks
it actually could be her, yet she knows she died a few
months ago. Or, she thinks she is dreaming The nurse wears
no name tag. As she hands Luke to Shannon, she has a look of
pure love. The look that only a mother or a grandmother can
                       NURSE #3
Here he is, your beautiful son,
UH, Thank, thank you...you look,
you look so much like...
                       NURSE #3
      (still smiling
Yes I know, I get that allot.
It's unbelievable, I can't...
                       NURSE #3
Yes Shannon, yes it is
unbelievable. Having a child is
unbelievable, that we can produce
such a thing..it's the most
special and precious thing in
life. He feels special, SHANNON,


                       NURSE #3 (cont'd)
(the nurse touches lukes forehead)
there is something about him. He
has a quality about him that I
have felt only once before..with
my own son.
      (now looking at
He must be special, because of the
way his father and I met. We met
on a blind date. Crazy huh?
                       NURSE #3
Well SHANNON, that settles it. It
was meant to be. LUKE was meant to
be. Everything happens for a
reason, it's all planned out for
us. That's what I always told my
son. Everything happens for a
ANGLE on Shannon still looking at the nurse. Her smile fades
a bit, knowing that Kenny's mother always said those exact
words to him, from birth to the day she passed away. It was
one of those things she believed in so greatly. Shannon is
speechless as the nurse smiles softly and kisses Luke's
                       NURSE #3
Goodnight SHANNON and Goodnight to
you Baby LUKE. If you need us
we'll be here right away.
ANGLE on Nurse, she looks at Luke and Shannon for a another
second or two then turns and quietly walks out.
ANGLE on Shannon, she cannot speak a word. Her eyes follow
the Nurse out and she stares at the door as it closes behind
her. As she is still staring at the door it opens again,
This time Kenny walks through.


Hey, you're awake? I couldn't
sleep, I left RYAN with your
parents, I wanted to see you guys.
Kenny sees the look on Shannon's face. It looks Like she has
seen a ghost.
What's the matter? Are you
      (snapping out of
       it and smiling)
What? Yes, yes I'm fine. Did you
see that nurse that just left?
      (turning toward
       the door again)
What nurse? Do you need a nurse?
No, no never mind.
You sure? I can go get her quick.
Yes it's fine. Don't worry about
it. It's nothing.
Kenny embraces Shannon and Luke. He kisses them both.
Shannon never tells Kenny about the nurse who brought baby
Luke to her in the middle of the night, who she believed was
his mother and Luke's guardian angel.
                                         DISSOLVE TO


CLOSE UP on a desk Plaque that says DR. LUKE DELANEY. PAN UP
to various plaques, diplomas and awards on the wall. PAN ON
Dr. Delaney, a younger looking 35, Handsome, light hair blue
eyes, fit. He is in a shirt and tie, long sleeves rolled up
and is standing behind his desk talking on the phone. On his
desk is his Grandmothers (JOAN), cancer chart.
      (on phone excited)
We might have found a link.
this is unbelievable, I think we
got it this time.
Yeah I hope so. I have to call
RYAN. She's covered the story.
I mean what else could it be? Too
many cases down there, There was
no history of cancer in my family
and none since. And within a few
years my Grandmother and Great
aunt die from it?
Yeah, she has it, she just texted
me, she's on her way.
Ok, get everyone together in the
board room in an hour.
This is unprecedented, it will
change everything.
Ok buddy, hey GREAT JOB MAN! Ok
see you in a bit.
                                         CUT TO
A door swings open, following a man who enters a bright
room, holding charts and folders. Pan through room reveals a
group of Men and Women Doctors and Scientists. Some are


sitting shuffling through papers, some are standing talking
to each other, all a patiently waiting for this meeting to
begin, they are around a large table and chairs.
PAN ON Dr. Luke, He is standing at the head of the table,
arms leaning on it reading over some reports. Another
unidentified man is standing next to him also reading this
report. Luke looks up and gets all in the rooms attention
and then addresses those in attendance.
      (loud but not to
OK everyone can I have your
attention please? Give me a second
people please.
Luke waits as everyone takes a seat and quiets down. They
give him full attention. He commands the room.
Thank you everyone for coming on
such short notice. We all know why
we're here. We have been working
on this long and hard. Some of you
have sacrificed a lot of time,
time away from your families to
conduct this research. I commend
you and your dedication, and I
personally thank you. Some of us
have joined us a little later than
others, but your work and research
has been equally as important. And
I thank you for that also!
Pan on an unidentified Dr.
                       UNIDENTIFIED DR
Back on Dr. Luke.
      (smiles and puts
       his hand up as to
       say stop it)
Thank you, thank you. All of our
hard work, this team that we put


                       LUKE (cont'd)
together, hard work wasn't all for
nothing. We believe, and I say
this with an optimistic caution,
we believe we have found an
inexpensive treatment that
counteracts the growth of the
cancer cells in lining of your
abdomen, the peritoneum.
Cheers, applauds and hand shakes all around the table at the
sound of this news.
Hold on now, The lab rats have
responded amazingly well to this
treatment, it has reversed the
attacking of the cells and made
them all but disappear....I don't
want to say CURE yet, but it a
HUGE step in the right direction.
                       UNIDENTIFIED DR #2
Ok, This is great, so what's next?
Now, with the FDA's approval, we
test the treatment on patients. We
already have a few lined up and
                       UNIDENTIFIED DR #2
      (shaking his head)
This is unbelievable, If this
works, The world and Cancer
treatment will change forever.
                       UNIDENTIFIED DR #3
We're talking Nobel peace
prize...Heck forget that! Saint
hood. Luke they are gonna have to
make you a saint.
Laughter and more cheers from the group.


OK..OK..now everyone knows why I
started this research. My
Grandmother, who I never met, was
diagnosed with this back in 2003.
She lived in Toms River, New
Jersey. She died in 2005. My
Great Aunt, who lived directly
across the street from her, was
diagnosed in 07' and died in 08'.
There was never a history of
cancer in the family before then
or since then. They found a link
from a company called CIBA Geigy
Corp, among other companies, who
were dumping waste from their DYE
plant into the Atlantic Ocean.
Well..it was also leaking its'
waste into the drinking water back
in the 1980's and early 90's.
                       UNIDENTIFIED DR
Unreal what these people think
they can get away with.
Yeah well get this, The cancer
rate in children was growing in
the area. 69 Families settled a
lawsuit with these
companies..although, they never
acknowledged liability. Unreal
Well we also believe the "cancer
cluster" was not specific to
children. My sister the
journalist, RYAN ANN, you know
her, has done extensive research
and investigation on this and what
she found out was distur......
Luke is cut off by the Board room door swinging open. A tall
Blond haired, Blue eyed woman walks with a purpose through
the door. She is strikingly beautiful, model like, wearing a
dark business skirt and blouse. She, like her brother Luke,


commands the attention of the room. Holding a thick tan
folder in her hands, she looks at Luke and walks toward him
and slams the folder down onto the table.
      (finishing lukes
      (waving his hand
       as an
Ladies and Gentlemen, my big
sister, Ryan Ann.
Yes, what I uncovered is
disturbing. I found another link
between these companies and the
cancer rate. We believe due to the
high rate of diagnoses, not only
in children, but in the elderly
also, was connected to the same
water from the same leaks. After
the settlement, these companies
continued to leak waste into the
drinking water, while the very
high ups and certain EPA bosses
covered up the problem and looked
the other way. Whether they were
paid off or not I don't know, most
of the ones involved are dead. go
figure right?
                       UNIDENTIFIED DR #2
So what does all this mean? What
happens now?
IT means that it's all connected.
My grandmothers cancer, the same
cancer this team has researched,
and this case are all related. It
means that people are responsible
for the sickness of others and no
one looked into it for years. The


                       RYAN (cont'd)
cancer rate in that area over the
last 50 years is astronomical, no
where else in the country has a
higher rate than there. It means
the investigation that I conducted
will be turned over to the proper
people, that I know, in the
federal government. They are
already on board to reopen this
case and finally, maybe, put a
stop to this. In todays world of
environmental protection they
can't wait to get their hands on
this file.
Applauds and cheers throughout the group. Moral is high from
the great news that has been shared. A cell phone rings,
It's Luke's. He answers it and suddenly a panicked look
crosses his face.
      (into phone)
Are you ok? Alright, alright,
I'm on my way!
Wants wrong? What's the matter? Is
it Erin?
Yeah, I gotta go. I'll call you!
(at one of the unidentified Drs.)
Can you handle the rest of this? I
have to go!
                       UNIDENTIFIED DR
Yes, go Luke, Get out of here.
Luke runs past Ryan and some other doctors out of the room.
Luke is hurrying through the hallway, unsure of where to go.
He sees the reception desk and runs to it, almost slipping


and falling into it. There are 2 nurses behind the desk
wearing blue scrubs. They are both on the phone and one sees
his anxiety and puts up her hand as if to say one second.
                       NURSE #1
      (noticing lukes
       DR. ID)
Hello Dr. sorry, she's in room #
Luke heads in one direction still unsure of where to go.
                       NURSE #1
Other way DR!
Luke quickly stops, turns around, looks at nurse and points
the other way. The nurse smiles and nods as Luke jets down
the hall.
Thank you, thank you.
                       NURSE #1
      (to herself)
hehe.. anytime Dr.
                                         CUT TO
The camera fixes on a sweaty blond woman in pain, attempting
to control her breathing, pushing, screaming at times. PAN
ON Delivery Dr. and Nurses.
Ok, ERIN, you're doing great. Keep
breathing, one more push and....
Delivery room door opens and Luke scrambles in just as Erin
gives birth. The Doctors and nurses cut the cord and clean
up the newborn baby. Luke runs to Erins side.


ERIN I'm here!!
LUKE you son of a bitch!
      (holding up baby)
IT'S A BOY! Congratulations Erin
and Dr. Luke Delaney.
It's a boy..oohh..please give him
to me. Luke It's a boy!
Luke runs to her side and hugs and kisses her forehead.
It's a boy. I didn't think you
would make it.
What are you kiddin'? I wouldn't
miss it for the world! You did it
baby, you did it!
We did it!
Nurse hands the Delaney's a fresh and clean newborn baby
boy. He is wrapped in light blue blanket and white hat. The
Delaney's smile as they hug and kiss the baby.
                                         DISSOLVE TO
Luke is staring into the nursery room, fixated on his
newborn son. He is bleary eyed and exhausted. It has been a
long, hard road to this point. Erin is sleeping in her room.
He is leaning on the glass with his hands in his pockets,
smiling in awe. He stands there alone. It's late, quiet,
most of the babies are asleep. It makes him remember how his


mother and father tell the stories of how he didn't sleep
the first year and half of his life. This memory makes him
chuckle. Suddenly the silence is broken. Luke never even
notices the other man standing and looking into the nursery,
next to him .
Yeah. You?
      (smiles and points)
Yeah. That's my boy right there.
      (looks and points
Hey awesome. That's my daughter
right next to your little guy!
Well would you look at that?
(turns to man and extends hand)
The man extends his hand to shake Lukes hand and chuckles.
Luke notices the man is a little younger then he. Dark hair,
and dark eyes. He is wearing a blue FDNY fire department
      (chuckling, puts
       other hand to his
Hey me too...LUKE!
      (points to his
You a fireman?
Yeah...E 22..The vipers nest!


Luke chuckles and quickly remembers a " vipers nest" story
his dad told him once. Another story for another day he
Awesome. My dad was a fireman. E59
Cool. That's a busy shop. What a
The two men go back to staring into the baby room.
Hey, maybe they will meet up and
become friends one day?
Yeah maybe, you never know. It' s
just the beginning!
The men continue to stare into the nursery room in awe, They
speak no more, all is quiet, a million things cross their
minds about their children's future. How will they turn out?
Who will they be? Will they be good people? Who will they
end up with? All the things a new parent thinks about when
starting their journey of parenthood and new life.


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From Zachary Murdock Date 5/10/2014 ***
Great example of fate and it's infinite reach on man. Kind of heartbreaking and tragic but romantic as all hell. Just one question, what's with the parenthesis? And there are more than a few annoying little typos throughout. Do you have any plans for a film adaptation? You sound like a filmmaker...

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