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by Tania Penn (twistedwritertanita@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review:

Henry Beckett has been having dreams about a mysterious woman for months. One morning she walks into his bar inquiring about a job. Henry finds out that he hasn't been having dreams, but past life/ cell memory recognition, and that Emily Rogers and him are fated to be together in every life time. Except, in this life -- there is an obstacle.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



HENRY BECKETT wakes up ABRUPTLY from his sleep. There is a
VO of a female voice that says, "Remember me." He shakes
his head and rubs his eyes, then looks at the clock. It's
FOUR AM. Henry sighs, then lays back down.
Who are you?
Henry dreams of this woman every night, but her face is
always blurred and he can't seem to remember her name. Henry
is in his late thirties, dark hair, light eyes. He is not
conventionally handsome, but attractive. He is just laying
there staring at the ceiling, until he slowly closes his
eyes and falls back asleep.
                                         CUT TO:
Henry is standing in his kitchen - it's small and cozy. He
has a glass of water in his hand, and is staring out the
window into the darkness.
Henry looks up at a clock. It is 5:30 in the morning. It's
a large "BIG BOX" type of gym, and isn't too crowded yet.
Judging by the amount of sweat on him, he's been running on
the treadmill for a while.
                                         CUT TO:
Henry is just standing under the water, looking tired and
lost in his thoughts.
A quiet, cool and overcast SUMMER morning in Santa Monica -
there are a few joggers, and bike riders. A delivery van is
parked in front of his wine bar.


                                         CUT TO:
Henry is behind the BAR, opening up boxes and putting away
inventory. It is a beer and wine bar, with a large
collection against the wall behind him. The bar is cozy and
earthy, with slate floors, wood beams, cobblestone walls and
dim lighting. There is a long table in the middle that is
held up by WINE BARRELS. He has a RETRO JUKEBOX in the
corner of the room, and is singing along to an OTIS REDDING
tune that is playing. The front door opens, and his best
friend TOMMY O'NEAL, walks in, sweating and dressed as if he
was jogging.
Hey buddy, need any help?
Mornin' Tommy. Yeah sure, come
back here and help me stock these,
will ya?
Tommy smiles and nods. He is a little bit shorter then
Henry. Tommy has a slightly, but not overly, muscular lean
build. He has a "WEASELY" look to him, but in an adorable
way. Tommy has short brown hair and green eyes. Thomas
owns a diving company called UNDER PRESSURE.
Well, you look like shit.
Been here since six-thirty.
Ah, Christ. It's her again, isn't
It is clear they've talked about the woman in his dreams
before. Henry removes the READING GLASSES from his face,
and sets them on the bar.
I don't know what I'm going to do.
I don't know who she is, why I
keep dreaming about her. I almost
saw her face last night. It was a
little more clear this time.


Thomas sighs, then begins to take wine bottles out of boxes,
and sets them on the shelves behind them.
I already told you to try...
I'm not trying that hypnosis
Listen, I know you think it's all
crazy psychic talk bullshit, but
it works. Trust me. This has been
going on long enough, you need to
talk to someone.
I have you to talk to.
Just call her. She's a good
friend of mine, she'll take care
of you. Might give you a little
insight as to why you keep having
these dreams.
Henry rubs his eyes, leaning against the bar.
                       THOMAS (con't)
You hardly sleep, and you have a
business to run. You're running
yourself ragged. What will it
hurt? Maybe there's a deep rooted
issue that you need to resolve.
Probably has nothing to do with
this girl in your dreams.
You taking the boat out today?
I take it out every day. And
don't change the subject!
Oh fine then. Give me her number
and I'll call this doctor...


WESTINGHOUSE. Yeah she's great.
Friend of my mom's.
Thomas pulls out his wallet, and SLAPS a business card on
Henry's bar. Henry glances down at it, grumbles something
under his breath, and continues to stock bottles.
                       THOMAS (con't)
So, any luck on finding an
accountant yet?
Not yet no. I've had several
inquiries, but they wanted far too
much for their services.
Well you know I'm more then
Henry gives him a look of disapproval.
As I recall, you and numbers don't
get along quite so well.
Well yeah. Just trying to help my
best friend out.
The sound of a ringing CELL PHONE. Thomas unzips his track
suit pants pocket, and takes it out to answer.
UNDER PRESSURE diving services,
this is Thomas. (pause) Yes.
Yeah you must be certified.
(pause) We open at Nine. Okay, we
can do that. (pause) See you
Thomas slips the cell phone back into the pocket, and heads
toward the door.
Gotta go man. Just booked a scuba
charter to Catalina.
I envy you sometimes, you know.
The freedom.


You're surrounded by booze and hot
chicks all night, I envy you! I'll
see you tonight.
Be safe.
The BAR PHONE rings. Henry turns to answer it.
                       HENRY (con't)
                       EMILY (vo)
Hello, I'm inquiring about the
accounting position. Is it still
Henry leans back against the bar, cleaning some glasses
while talking.
Yes it is.
                       EMILY (vo)
Wonderful! I was wondering if
perhaps you had some time tomorrow
where I could come in and
interview for the position?
Tomorrow is fine. Any reason you
can't swing by today? I have a
couple of others I'm interviewing.
                                         CUT TO:
There are numerous MOVING BOXES, in a small studio space.
The back of EMILY ROGERS is visible. She has shoulder
length brown hair, is tall and voluptuous. She is walking
around carrying a small box and organizing things.
Well, it's just that I've recently
moved here from New York, and am
still unpacking. As luck would
have it, some of my things were
lost in transit, but have now been
found and are supposed to be here


                       EMILY (cont'd)
                                         CUT TO
Henry's face softens. His breathing looks visibly erratic,
but he doesn't seem to know why. He appears to be intrigued
by her. He is silent for a few moments.
                       EMILY (vo)
Are you still there Mr. Beckett? I
have several years experience,
worked in WALL STREET and I
graduated with honors from YALE.
Yeah, yeah, I'm here. Sorry,
didn't get much sleep last night.
Why don't you come in at nine
tomorrow morning?
                       EMILY (vo)
Fabulous! I appreciate it.
She hangs up. Henry stares at the receiver for a few
moments, furrows his brows, then hangs up the phone. He
realizes he didn't get her name.
                                         CUT TO:
It's a quiet MONDAY NIGHT, around SEVEN PM. IZZY, the
bartender/manager is behind the bar with Henry, pouring
drinks. Izzy is in her late 20's, has bright pink hair and
tats on her arms.
Hey Iz, you mind closing up? Think
I'll head home and try to get some
Course, boss. You look like shit.
Thanks. See you later.
                                         CUT TO


Henry and Emily are dressed in PERIOD GARMENTS from the
early 1900's. They are walking arm and arm down a BOSTON
street at night. They pause under a gas lamp, where he
grabs her by the waist and steals KISS. A group of THUGS
come out from the SHADOWS behind them, armed with knives.
                       THUG #1
Hand over your money and we won't
hurt the lot of ya!
Emily, get behind me. (to the
thug) My pockets are empty.
Please, we are a couple with
little means.
                       THUG #1
Aye. Your little lassie here is
quite the dish.
THUG #2 and #3 walk over and FLANK Emily. She starts to
Please don't harm her. If you
wish to bring harm, bring it upon
It'll be okay, my love.
                       THUG #1
Don't make promises you can't
keep, Henry. Now you hand over
whatever coin you have on ya, or
hand her over.
I told you. We have nothing.
                       THUG #1
Very well then.


Thug #1 motions with his head. The other 2 grab Emily by
the elbows and walk her over, protesting and kicking, to
thug #1.
Sweetheart? (To thug #1) What do
you mean to do to her?
                       THUG #1
Thug #1 turns to Emily and RIPS at her dress with his knife.
the other 2 take her into the dark alley just behind them,
and throw her onto the ground. Henry runs over to attack
them, but is SLICED across the abdomen. It isn't a fatal
wound, but enough to keep him from standing up.
Please don't hurt her! Please...
Emily's shrill screams pierce the air, when one of them
MUFFLES her sounds. Thug #1 continues to rip at her dress,
as they take turns RAPING her. Emily is crying and still
trying to fight them off, while Henry is left to watch. He
tries to get to his feet, but is in pain. Reaching out to
her, he begins to cry.
                       HENRY (con't)
Thug #1, doesn't seem satisfied with his time with Emily. He
grins at Henry, then DIGS the knife deep into Emily's
stomach. She opens her mouth to say something just before
she dies. Thug #1 then begins to desecrate her body by
having sex with her corpse.
Remember. Me.
                                         CUT TO:


He sits up and looks at the clock. It's four am. He rubs
his eyes with the palms, shaking his head.
                                         CUT TO:
Henry is wiping down tables and doing various other tasks.
He looks up at the clock. It's EIGHT THIRTY FIVE. The door
opens. Thomas walks in.
What happened to you last night?
One of those girls from the dive
yesterday, wanted to stick around
a while.
Well, you could have brought her
Sorry dad. Yeah, we couldn't quite
seem to get past my bedroom.
Henry just laughs and shakes his head. He's walking around,
organizing, shuffling paperwork, scooting bar chairs in.
So, what's going on today?
Well, I have an interview coming
in at nine. She called yesterday
She sound hot?


Thomas props himself up, taking a set on top of the bar.
Thomas. You know that isn't a
requisite of mine for the job. He
or she must be affordable and
You need to get laid.
And get down from there. The bar
is for glasses, not asses. Heaven
knows where your ass has been.
Fine, fine. Mind if I stick
around and check her out?
If you must.
Henry looks back up at the clock. It is now EIGHT FORTY
FIVE. He appears nervous and restless.
What's going on? That dream
Yes. Except this time, it was
much more clear. I saw her face.
Heard her name.
Was she hot?
Christ. Yes, but that isn't the
thing. It didn't feel like a
dream. It was like...Another
lifetime. So realistic. It was


Yes. She was raped and murdered
then raped again in front of my
I woke up as I always do at four.
I just felt, I don't know. I
can't explain. I feel like I need
to find her.
Except you don't know who she is.
(Pause) You need to go talk to
Dr. Sybill.
Yeah, perhaps I shall.
The door creaks open again. Emily Rogers walks in. Her
hair is in waves around her face, she is dressed in a cream
colored button down short sleeve shirt, and a lilac pencil
skirt, which caresses her curves. Henry turns to look at
her, slack jawed. He turns to look at Thomas. Thomas can't
register the look on Henry's face. Thomas walks over to
greet Emily.
Hiya, you must be here for the
accounting position.
      (extends her hand)
Are you Mister Beckett?
Naw, naw, that's my friend over
there. Cat got your tongue or
something, Henry?
Henry composes himself and walks up to Emily. He
immediately recognizes that she is the woman in his dreams.
Hello, you must be Emily?


She extends her hand out to him. She looks baffled.
I'm sorry. I don't recall giving
you my name when we spoke
yesterday, Mr. Beckett.
Realizes the mistake he made. He assumed (correctly) that
was her name, since that was the name in his dream.
Of course you did. And please,
call me Henry. I think you were
just a bit preoccupied with
moving. Did your missing items
Yes, they did, thank you.
This is my friend, Thomas. (pause)
Here, sit down.
Henry pulls a chair out for Jessica to sit down. He looks
up at Thomas, who is standing behind her, giving him a
thumbs up and mouthing "nice!"
                       HENRY (con't)
So, you mentioned you've worked on
Wall Street? Quite a change to go
from that to working in a bar.
Yes, well. It was quite
stressful, to say the least. Then
the building and all my
co-workers, um...I
There is a faraway look in her eyes. It is understood she
is talking about 9-11. Thomas reaches across and taps her
I see. I'm so very sorry to hear.
I was fortunate
that I was off that day...I've
been looking for a change, and
well, I love wine. Quite
honestly, I like to see this as a
bit of an apprenticeship as well.
It's always been a dream of mine


                       EMILY (cont'd)
to open my own wine bar.
Very well. How about the salary?
I'm sure it's not what you were
accustomed to.
The salary is fine.
They stare at each other for a few moments. Thomas is still
standing behind her mouthing "hire her"
Well, okay then. When can you
When do you want me?
Want you?
To start?
Ah, yes. Tomorrow morning will be
Of course. Thank you Mr. Beckett,
I mean, Henry.
Emily scoots her chair out to stand up. Henry does as well.
She extends her hand and they shake. There is a bit of
connection/attraction, which Emily seems to brush off. Henry
cannot, however.
So tell me, why did you relocate
from New York?
Well my fiance is a bit of a
vagabond. He's a sculptor, and
wanted a change. I did too after
what happened. He has some of
his work in a gallery here in


At the mention of the word "fiancÚ", Henry seems to go pale.
Okay, well tomorrow then.
Henry escorts Emily out.
Damn, a fiancÚ. Pretty girl. Here
I was hoping she would get your
mind off those crazy dreams of
yours. (looks at Henry) You look
like you've seen a ghost.
It's her.
What do you mean her? Like her,
Holy shit. So, when she says she
didn't tell you her name...
The dream I had of her last night,
I finally remembered. Her name
was Emily.
Thomas wipes his hand across his mouth, thinking.
Well, she sure didn't seem to
recognize you.
Well, that was her. She did
forget to tell me her name. How
was I to know her name? That it
was the same as in my dreams?
You need to call Dr. Sybill today.
Right away. She can put you
under. It sounds like...
Like what?


She does this thing, cell memory
recollection. Past lives. Maybe
your lives have intertwined and
that's why you dream about her.
Maybe you're soul mates.
Past lives? Completely nonsense.
Besides, you heard her. She has a
Nonsense? Non...? You have been
dreaming about this woman, for how
long now? You finally see her
face, her name coincidentally the
night before you meet her.
Henry stares at the chair that Jessica was sitting at.
Perhaps you are right. Too much
of a coincidence.
I tell you. It worked for me. If
it wasn't for Dr. Sybill, I
wouldn't have my business right
How do you mean?
Remember my fear of drowning? Even
though I live on a boat and run a
business out of it? Well, turns
out during some deep hypnosis, I
had drowned as a child in a
previous life.
No shit? You never told me that.
Because I know what you think
about all that stuff. But I'm
telling you now, because you are
having these dreams and need to
find out the root of why you are
having them about that woman, whom


                       THOMAS (cont'd)
you just met!
Alright then, I'll call her today.
Need me to come along? I can be
there for moral support.
Thomas gives Henry a friendly punch on the arm.
What did I just do? This woman, I
just met, is engaged to be
married. I hired her without
checking her qualifications, her
references. So unlike me.
Yeah, that's more like something I
would do.
What if she's utterly useless?
Thomas turns to walk out the door.
Send her my way then. I'm sure I
can think of something. See you
Henry, still staring at her chair, just waves him off.
                                         CUT TO:
Dr. Sybill Westinghouse is in her 60's, has a brown,
shoulder length bob, short and thin and is dressed casually
in a long sleeved maxi dress. She runs her office out of
her home - a cozy and quaint cabin just a few blocks from
the beach. The inside of the house is decorated in beachy
shabby chic, with lots of pink, blues and greens. The home,
as well as her, are very laid back.
                       DR. SYBILL
Please, sit down.


Henry looks at the couch with all it's pillows. It looks
like it's going to swallow him up. He tosses a few out of
the way to make himself comfortable.
Not at all what I expected.
                       DR. SYBILL
I try to keep it casual and
comfortable for my clients.
Henry just nods. he appears nervous, twiddling with his
thumbs, eyeing various photos in frames and her certificates
and college degrees on the wall.
                       DR. SYBILL
Relax, Henry. I promise this
won't hurt a bit.
I'm sorry. I've just never done
something like this.
                       DR. SYBILL
Many people haven't. Thomas told
me a little bit of what has been
bothering you.
                       DR. SYBILL
That you have these dreams that
keep you up. Dreams of a woman.
The same woman.
Did Thomas tell you I met her
                       DR. SYBILL
I've been dreaming of this woman
for months. A couple of nights
ago I finally, clearly see her
face and hear her name. The next
morning, she walks into my bar
interested in an accounting


                       DR. SYBILL
Are you sure you had never seen or
met her before? That maybe it was
your subconscious...
No. She just moved here from New
York. I have never been to New
York. It's too much of a
coincidence. Look, Thomas told me
you do some kind of cell memory
something or other, past live,
hynosis. Can you put me under and
help me with this?
                       DR. SYBILL
I can. Okay Henry, I need you to
relax. Close your eyes and take
deep, slow breaths. (Pause) Are
you relaxed.
                       DR. SYBILL
I'm going to count backwards very
slowly from five. When I get to
one, we will begin. You will tell
me what you see, okay?
      (sounding tired)
                       DR. SYBILL
Five...let your mind
relax....four....your shoulders,
torso, down to your toes you are
feeling no stress. Just relaxed.
Three...your mind is
opening...two...and one.
Henry looks completely relaxed, and possible asleep.
                       DR. SYBILL (con't)
Henry, can you hear me?
                       DR. SYBILL
Tell me what you see?


Green grass. Hills. There's
Emily. She's holding a child. Our
child. (he smiles)
                       DR. SYBILL
that's good. Tell me what else
you see.
We are very poor. We live in
Belgium. We're peasants. But we
are in love.
                       DR. SYBILL
Do you know what year it is?
                       DR. SYBILL
Okay. Tell me what else you see?
      (begins to cry)
Thomas! No, Thomas no! Emily!
                       DR. SYBILL
What is happening, Henry? Who is
Our boy. Our precious boy. He
drowned. Thomas is dead.
Dr. Sybill looks taken aback at first, then not so
                       DR. SYBILL
Is this the dream you have, Henry?
No, no! Oh, my boy, my precious
                       DR. SYBILL
Okay Henry. This isn't real.
Remember, we are just trying to
find our information. We are
trying to find the moment of that
dream that keeps happening.


Okay, okay.
                       DR. SYBILL
Let's see if we can go to a
different time. Let your mind
expand and open.
Henry is swallowing, then relaxes again. His eyes flutter
under his lids for a few moments. He smiles.
Emily and I are waltzing.
                       DR. SYBILL
Are you still in Belgium?
No. France. We're aristocrats.
Dancing at a(((party))))
                       DR. SYBILL
Do you know what year it is,
It's 1859.
                       DR. SYBILL
Okay. Is this the dream you have
of Emily?
No, it's not.
                       DR. SYBILL
Okay. Let's see if we can move on
from here. Can you do that Henry?
Relax your mind. Let it travel.
He shakes his head and his eyes flutter again. Suddenly,
his body goes tense.
This is it. We're here.
                       DR. SYBILL
Tell me what happens.
We live in Boston. It's 1910.
Emily and I just came back from
the theater and we're....we're
walking down the street. I stop


                       HENRY (cont'd)
to kiss her under the lights. I
shouldn't have stopped.
His breathing becomes erratic.
                       DR. SYBILL
That's okay, Henry. Keep going.
What do you see now?
They were hiding in the dark. They
want my money, but I don't have
                       DR. SYBILL
Who are they?
I don't know. Three of them. One
of them has a thick Irish accent.
The one who asked for money. The
other two, they grab...they grab
Emily. There's nothing I can do,
Oh my God, I am so sorry!
                       DR. SYBILL
Remember Henry, this isn't real.
We are just trying to find out
what happened. Try to relax. Tell
me what happens next.
I've been stabbed! Oh Emily, I'm
sorry! I can't stand up to get to
her. They're attacking her,
raping her and...Oh my God! The
Irish one just plunged the knife
deep into her chest. Emily is
dead. She's dead!
Henry is reacting badly, shaking and sobbing. Dr. Sybill
realizes she must get him out of his trance like state
                       DR. SYBILL
Henry, Henry. Listen to my voice!
I am going to count to three, and
when I do, you are going to open
your eyes. Ready? 1..2..3.


      (opens his eyes)
Wow. What just happened?
He wipes his eyes with the palms of his hands.
                       DR. SYBILL
Very interesting.
How so?
                       DR. SYBILL
Well, it isn't unusual.
      (sitting up)
What isn't?
                       DR. SYBILL
Did Thomas ever tell you about his
fear of drowning?
He mentioned the other day that
you helped him yes...Wait, you're
not saying?
                       DR. SYBILL
Under regression, Thomas had
drowned as a small child living in
Henry starts to laugh and look around.
Come on! You're pulling my leg.
                       DR. SYBILL
I didn't put the visions you had
of you and Emily living in Belgium
into your mind. You did that. And
you volunteered the information
about your son, Thomas, drowning.
So, Thomas is my son?
                       DR. SYBILL
Was. In your previous life. The
constants in your regression was
Emily. Connected souls have a way
of finding each other in every
lifetime. Thomas most likely was


                       DR. SYBILL (cont'd)
a brother or even your father in
your other lives. In this one, he
is your best friend.
You know it's funny. He refers to
me as 'dad' on occasion, since I
do always worry about him. Should
I tell him?
                       DR. SYBILL
I'll leave that to your
discretion. It doesn't make a
difference one way or another.
Henry sucks in his lips and starts to fidget again.
                       DR. SYBILL (con't)
Just as you and Emily will be
attached each lifetime, Thomas
will always be there as well.
Well you see doc, there's a
problem with that theory.
                       DR. SYBILL
What would that be?
In this life, Emily has a fiancÚ.
                       DR. SYBILL
Even so, fate brought her to you.
Clear across the continent, to all
of the cities, she came to settle
So, what are you saying? What
should I do? She doesn't seem to
remember me, the way I do her.
                       DR. SYBILL
She suffered a terrible, most
horrible tragedy in your last life
together. Sometimes, when that
happens, cell memory almost has an
amnesia like state. That is why
she doesn't recognize you and is
with someone else. Yet, she was
still drawn to you.


So, what do I do then? You say we
are soul mates, destined for each
                       DR. SYBILL
I don't condone breaking up
someone's relationship. Let fate
take it's course. Get to know
her, let her get to know you.
That's going to be hard.
                       DR. SYBILL
What I can say is, neither of you
will find happiness with someone
else. She may marry him, but that
union will not be a joyous one.
And, you will never find true love
Well, that's comforting. I need
to help her remember.
                       DR. SYBILL
Like I said. Fate put her in your
path. There's a wrinkle, but she
must iron that out herself. If
she remembers, somehow. Then, it
will happen.
What do I do in the meantime?
                       DR. SYBILL
You wait.
At least can you prescribe me
something to help me sleep?
                       DR. SYBILL
I can't, but I can refer you to a
psychiatrist that can.
No...I'll figure it out.


                       DR. SYBILL
There's plenty of over the counter
and homeopathic remedies that can
                                         CUT TO:
                                         CUT TO:
They are in the galley of the boat. It is clean and simple,
with lots of wood. Thomas grabs a beer, tossing it to
Henry. He then cracks one open for himself.
So how did it go with Doc. Sybill.
Find the answer you were looking
Yeah. It was interesting to say
the least.
How so?
Well for one, the dream isn't a
dream but a past life memory. The
way she was killed, it kind of
gave her cells some kind of
Which is why she doesn't remember
Except she found you. All the way
from New York, she found you.


What the good doctor said. Said
that fate put her in my path.
That's good, right?
Yeah, I guess.
I guess you gotta wait for her to
break up with her guy. So what
else did you find out?
We've had a few lives. We lived
in Belgium, had a child that died.
We were aristocrats in France.
Then there was Boston.
Hey that's funny. Belgium is
where I drowned.
Henry opens his mouth to say something, then decides against
It's nothing. I better head to
the bar and check how things are.
Left Izzy in charge. Thanks for
the beer.
Alright man, I'll swing by in a
All right.
                                         CUT TO:
The bar is crowded, but being that it's a wine bar, isn't
too loud. There is muffled conversation and laughter, "I'm
on fire" by SPRINGSTEEN is on the jukebox, and Henry is


behind the bar. It's the kind of cozy neighborhood place
that locals hang out at. Emily walks in hand in hand with
her fiancÚ, RENE LAUTRETTE. Henry is pouring wine, looks up
and forces a smile as she waves.
Henry! I wanted to bring my
fiance by to see where I will be
working. This is Rene.
Rene extends his hand, and appears to be friendly enough.
Henry smiles and shakes it, butthere appears to be
underlying tension between the two men.
Hello Henry, pleasure to meet you.
Pleasure is mine. Your accent...
Ah yes, I'm from France. Been in
the United States for over ten
years, but can't seem to shake it.
I think it's lovely. It's what
initially attracted me to you to
begin with.
Spent a few years in France,
apprenticing at a winery there.
Beautiful country.
Yes it is. I try to convince my
lovely Emily here, to move back
one day. I would love to raise
our children there. But, she is
so American. Maybe you can
convince her for me?
I uh, will do what I can. So, how
about a drink? I have some
amazing french wines. Bordouex
blend, perhaps?
Well, we were only swinging by on
the way home for introductions.


Oh come on, Rene. One drink. All
you ever do is work. We never get
to enjoy a moment out like this.
Henry glances back and forth and notices a discomfort
between the couple. Rene's jaw is clenched. Just then,
Thomas walks in. Henry notices him, and his face softens.
Thomas, come and join us for a
drink. (to Rene) Rene, this is
my best friend Thomas. Thomas
this is Emily's fiance, Rene.
Hello. (To Henry) Guinness.
Henry grabs a glass, and pours a beer for Thomas, then sets
it on the bar.
So, Rene, Emily told me that you
are a sculptor? (Rene nods) What
do you sculpt?
The female form, mostly.
Oh, do you do it from life? Like,
does someone actually model nude
for you?
Yes, I have models come to my
I don't know how you artists do
it. I could never stare at a nude
body straight faced and not want
to, you know...
Emily looks uncomfortable at the mention of that, as if
there have been incidences where Rene has been caught in an
uncompromising position.
Well, it's always very


Yeah, I don't know how
professional I would be, you know
what I'm saying?
I bet you've sculpted Emily plenty
of times.
No, she has never been my muse.
What he means is, it's not
something I'm comfortable doing. I
mean, posing for him is fine. Just
having others see my sculpted form
seems, odd to me.
Rene takes a sip of his wine, and appears tense.
Yeah I suppose you wouldn't want
to mix your personal life with
business. Never a good thing.
I completely agree with you,
So, Thomas, what is it that you
do? Do you manage the bar?
Me? Oh no. No, I um, run a scuba
charter business. Under Pressure.
I did want to call it Deep
Penetration, but Henry talked me
out of that.
Emily starts laughing, but Rene doesn't find that amusing at
I would love to charter a trip
with you.
You certified?


Yes I am.
Well, all right then! Let me
know, and I'll set you up. I know
all the cool spots out here.
I will, thanks.
How about you, Rene. Are you
Me? No, I don't have desires for
such things.
You're missing out.
We must be leaving now. What do
we owe for the wine, Henry?
On the house. See you tomorrow at
9, Emily.
See you tomorrow.
Henry watches as Emily and Rene walk out the door, him
leading her by the hand.
I don't like him.
He seems okay.
Did that look like a couple in
love to you?
      (wipes the bar)
I don't know.


Something off about him.
He's an artist. They are all a
little left of center.
He seems south of crazy if you ask
He's French. They are very
intense people.
Yeah I guess. Well buddy, I'm
going to head out.
Already? You just got here.
Got a date.
Of course you do. Take it easy,
I'll see you later.
Later buddy.
                                         CUT TO:
A month has passed, and it is apparent by their rapport that
Emily has settled in with her accounting duties. She walks
over to the bar, with some files in her hand.
It only took me a month, but I
think I've finally balanced
everything from the past year
here. Honestly, Henry, I don't
know how you managed without me!
You are a Godsend, that is for


Emily laughs,then takes a seat.
                       HENRY (con't)
So, Emily. Tell me, when you're
not balancing books, what do you
like to do in your off time?
Oh a little of this and that.
Nothing too outlandish.
Such as?
I'm most definitely an outdoorsy
girl. Kayak, paddle board, ski,
scuba, hike. I just got my
pilot's license. I would really
love to jump out of a plane.
Nothing out of the ordinary or too
crazy! (winks)
well, you're just very run of the
mill and boring, aren't you? You
know, I also ski and I'm a
certified diver as well. And I
have jumped out of a perfectly
good airplane a time or two.
We're kindred spirits, you and I.
I suppose we are.
Don't laugh, but I actually have a
bucket book.
As opposed to having a list?


I'm intrigued. So what's in this
bucket book of yours?
Places to see mostly. Zip line in
Costa Rica...
Done it. Worth it.
Hmmm...Hike up to Machu Pichu,
sail around Greece, see the
turtles in Galapagos. Run with
the bulls in Spain...
They start laughing. Emily is just gazing at Henry, as if
she feels something.
I take it back. You're crazy.
Certifiable! I wouldn't even run
with the bulls.
I don't know if he's mentioned it,
but next week I'm going out with
Thomas. I mean, not
"out"...(flustered) I'm
chartering a trip out toward
Catalina to swim with sharks. Have
you done that yet?
No, no I haven't.
Well, if you're free next Friday
morning, would you like to join me
on what might possibly be my last
day on Earth?
I'll reschedule if there are any
deliveries that day. I would be
delighted to join you. Sounds fun.
I'll tell you what though, the
day you run with the bulls is most
likely your last day on Earth.


You might be right! Oh Henry, it
would be nice to have an activity
buddy. Rene doesn't like to do
these types of things. In case
you didn't notice, he's more of an
indoor introverted type.
Well, a man is allowed to have his
own interests and desires.
Yeah, he has a few of those.
She pauses, as if unsure whether or not she should have said
I'm sure you are his biggest
desire and interest.
I guess. I don't think he finds
me very inspirational. Don't get
me wrong, he loves me, but when it
comes to his heart.
His heart?
I mean, his art.
Sounded like a Freudian slip.
I don't think I inspire his
Henry walks over from behind the bar, and pulls up a seat
next to Emily. He gently puts his hand over hers.
I'm sure you are his muse. How
could you not be? If you don't
mind me saying, you would inspire
me everyday, if I had hands like
his that could create.


Emily gulps, as if she feels a twang of initial attraction
to Henry. He releases his hand from hers, smiling.
      (gets up)
So it's a date then? next Friday,
I look forward to not becoming
shark chum.
Emily laughs heartily, gently squeezing his shoulder before
heading toward the door to leave. Henry just gazes at the
door, smiling and dreamy looking.
Oh, and actually, I almost forgot.
Rene is a fabulous cook and
wanted to invite you over for
dinner tonight, if you would like
to join us?
Absolutely. Yes, I'll be there.
Good. 6:30?
Should I bring anything? Bottle
of wine, perhaps?
That would be nice. Something
that would go with a
      (he winks)
I have just the thing.
See you tonight, Henry.
Thomas walks in just as Emily is walking out the back door.
Oh hello Thomas! I talked him
into joining us next week.


Great! You heading out?
Yes I am, see you later.
Alright, see ya.
What brings you here my dear boy?
Seeing if you had any plans for
tonight, besides working. Want to
catch a movie or something?
Emily invited me over for dinner.
Says Rene is a fabulous cook.
Well, that isn't awkward at all.
Henry brushes him off with the wave of his hand.
I'm sure it will be fine.
You need a plus one?
She didn't specify "and guest"
with the invite.
Just looking out for you. So how
are things going? She seem to be
working out. The job, I mean.
Yeah, yeah. She's great. Smart,
efficient, organized.
      (heads back out)
Good. Alright then, call me. Let
me know how it goes.
                                         CUT TO:


Their condo/building is a bit inland from the beach. It is
white, European architecture, surrounded by trees. Henry
pulls up in his car, a BLACK BMW. He pauses and stares at
the building for a moment, then EXITS.
                                         CUT TO:
Henry looks nervous. He's holding a bottle of wine and
looks to be deciding whether to ring the doorbell or not.
Finally, he RINGS it.
Henry! Come in.
                                         CUT TO:
The inside of the condo is white, with wood floors. It
isn't cozy, looks more like a museum. There is abstract art
on the wall, and several pieces of Rene's sculptures are
positioned. Their furniture is black and tables are steel
and glass. It looks cold. The kitchen is more of the same.
Rene, Henry and Emily are sitting at a table, drinking
wine and laughing.
Emily was right. You are a
fabulous, fabulous cook.
Thank you Henry, I'm glad you
could join us. Do you cook at
Me? No. I would burn water. I
actually have burned water!


I believe every man should learn
to cook. Women love that. You
learn how to cook a meal, they
will be lining up for you!
Well, I don't want to brag, but I
can pour a mean bowl of cereal.
I can teach you!
Thank you Rene. I'll take that
into consideration. Not sure how
good a student I'll be.
It would be my pleasure. My Emily
speaks so fondly of you.
Rene kisses Emily's hand.
Oh well. Emily has been a great
help to me. I'm surprised my
business lasted as long as it has
with the way I was operating
Now, now. You're not completely
hopeless. I just had to make a
few minor arrangements.
She grabs the bottle of wine and fills up Henry's empty
Emily, you are a lucky woman. Rene
is handsome, French, and a great
cook. I can see why you are
marrying him! Hold on to this
They are a little bit tipsy. Rene laughs and raises his
glass to Henry.
Henry, if I didn't know any
better, I would think you were
making a pass at me!


      (smiling awkwardly)
I am lucky.
Well, Rene. If I were Emily, I
would marry you.
Their laughter becomes more RAUCOUS. Rene however, eyes
Emily and Henry suspiciously for a moment, then smiles
Emily tells me that you are going
with her to swim with sharks
tomorrow, yes?
She's talked me into it. My best
friend Thomas charters a boat that
takes tours out. He's been
bothering me for a while to try
it, so thought I would.
Hmm. Tell me Henry, have you ever
been married? Do you have a
girlfriend? Or perhaps a
No, no, that's quite all right. No
boyfriend. And no girlfriend for
that matter. My work and
extracurricular activities keep me
busy. (looks at Emily) I'm still
waiting for the one.
      (raises his glass)
To love. And to Henry finding his
To love.
To the one.


Henry and Emily exchange a quick glance, and all three
Henry looks at his watch, and decides it's time to leave. He
scoots the chair out from under him and stands up.
I thank you so much Rene and Emily
for your hospitality.
Leaving already?
Yes, Henry already? The night is
still young.
Yes. I unfortunately, am not. I'm
afraid I haven't had much sleep
lately, and would like to be alert
for tomorrow's dive.
Rene and Emily stand up and escort Henry to the front door.
Thank you for coming over. And
for bringing that fabulous wine.
You really know your wines, Henry.
(pause) And I mean it about
teaching you how to cook.
Rene shakes Henry's hand, and gives him a friendly pat on
the back. Henry winces slightly, and a quick look of
discomfort registers in his face.
Thank you. (to Emily) Goodnight
Emily, I will see you bright and
early at the boat.
Emily leans in, kissing Henry on the cheek.
Goodnight Henry.
Various people walking past the docks, getting on boats,
etc. Thomas is loading equipment.
                                         CUT TO:


You guys ready? It's going to be
a perfect day today.
      (sitting up)
Can't wait.
Now Henry, if I didn't know any
better, I would say you look a
little bit nervous!
Henry, nervous? The guy who races
cars on a track, jumps out of
planes and has climbed to the top
of Mt. McKinley, nervous? Naw!
Sharks. I don't like the thought
of becoming a creature's dinner.
Aw, buddy, we'll be fine. Only
sand and tiger sharks out there.
Have yet to see a great white.
Then, I would be worried.
That's comforting.
Henry, I'll hold your hand if need
She reaches across and gently squeezes his hand. Henry
smiles as Thomas looks on nervously.
Well, here we go.
                                         CUT TO:
Under Pressure backing out and heading out into the open


                                         CUT TO:
The three of them looking content as they continue to head
                                         CUT TO:
They are putting their wetsuits on, and assisting each other
with their gear. Thomas watches as Henry goes in,
immediately followed by Emily. Various scenes of Henry and
Emily swimming, looking on in amazement at the different sea
creatures, small sharks, kelp beds. They swim side by side
and look as if they are starting to get close.
                                         CUT TO:
Thomas assisting them with getting back on the boat, and
helping them with removing their equipment.
How was it out there?
Fabulous Thomas! So peaceful and
beautiful under the sea, don't you
agree, Henry?
      (staring at her)
Yes, it's quite beautiful down
See any sharks?
A few small ones, thankfully.
You know Emily, if you really want
to swim with sharks, a friend of
mine charters a boat out of SAN


Oh? I think I've heard about
that. Cage diving with great
whites, isn't it?
That would be the one.
Oh Henry, doesn't that sound fun!
We should try it.
Before Henry can answer, Emily looks embarrassed, as if she
realizes that she may have crossed the line asking him on
such a trip. Henry just smiles and nods.
                       EMILY (cont)
Oh, I'm sorry Henry. I feel so
comfortable around you, live we've
known each other our whole lives!
Thomas and Henry glance at each other. Thomas raises his
eyebrows, as if to say "she's starting to remember"
You know, the three of us could
go. Could be fun. Maybe Rene
would like to join us? If
anything, just for the vacation.
Oh, he's not one for open seas,
I'm afraid.
Well, the three of us then.
Emily smiles awkwardly.
I'm going to grab a beer, anyone
I'd love one.
Of course, buddy.
                                         CUT TO:


The sun starting to set, as the boat heads back toward the
                                         CUT TO:
The sound of a ringing cell phone. Emily reaches down,
pulling it out of her duffel bag and answers it.
Hello darling. (pause) Yes we're
on our way back. (pause) Don't
worry, I'll make it there in time.
(pause) Okay, I'll meet you
there. I love you.
Henry winces slightly at that.
Plans for tonight?
Rene has a gallery show tonight.
He's very excited.
Sounds great.
You're more then welcome to come.
You working tonight?
Yes, I'm afraid so. But give Rene
my best.
the boat slowly pulls into it's spot. Thomas jumps out
with a ROPE, tying it down.
Thank you so much Thomas. I had a
great time.
She goes up and hugs Thomas.
Anytime Em. See ya later.


Goodbye, Henry. I'll see you
      (smiling awkwardly)
Bright and early.
Emily comes up and gently kisses Henry on the cheek, much to
his surprise.
Well, then.
Thomas snaps his fingers in front of Henry's face.
Snap out of it, loverboy.
She's lovely, isn't she. Perfect.
She considers me her "activity
Activity buddy? Is that what the
cool kids call it nowadays?
Nothing like that.
For your sake, I hope not.
Nothing has happened. I told you,
I wasn't going to pursue anything.
I'm letting fate take it's
Just be careful. I don't trust
that man of hers.
He's not dangerous. He's just


Yeah well. She's an engaged
woman, and you're treading in
dangerous waters, and I'm not
talking about the shark infested
Weren't you the one that told me
to go and see dr. Sybill? You
both said that she is my soul
mate. And besides, dr. Sybill
I know what I said. And she's a
great girl, but I dunno man. I
just have a bad feeling about
this. Just be careful.
I haven't done anything!
                                         CUT TO:
It is white and bright, with Abstract paintings on the walls
and numerous SCULPTURES scattered around. There is an
eclectic mix of people standing around, observing, talking,
snacking. Rene is standing off in a corner, looking very
cozy with an EXOTIC LOOKING FEMALE. She is one of his
models, but appears to be a little bit more then that. Emily
walks in wearing a strapless and knee length body hugging
bandage dress. Rene looks up and meets her gaze, waving her
over while sending the model away.
Hello darling, you look
      (tightly smiling)
Thank you. Is that one of your
Rene can tell that there is an accusatory tone in her voice.


Fuck sake, Emily. Must you always
sound so suspicious? She's just
one of the models!
I'm not...I was just asking. You
sent her away without introducing
her. It's just, I would like to
meet some of these women who keep
you from me for hours at a time.
And I told you I don't like mixing
my business with you.
Fine. I don't want to fight. This
is your night. (awkward pause)
So, how is it going?
It is fine. I'm sorry, my love.
You look ravishing. I'm happy you
here. Did you have a nice time
with the...sharks?
Yes, it was a lot of fun. I
really wish you would try it once
with me, Rene.
That is for you, my dear. Not me.
Thought I would try. Would you
mind getting me a champagne?
He grabs her elbow, kissing her on the cheek.
I will be right back.
Emily looks around, her eyes meeting the model, who happens
to be standing at the bar. Rene get close to her,
whispering in her ear. The model LAUGHS. Emily sighs,
looking uncomfortable and glancing at the various works of
art. Her eyes start to mist over, but she takes a deep
breath, holding it in. Rene walks back over with her flute.


Thank you. So, show me around?
Of course.
He offers his arm, and leads her to some paintings. He is
talking, but continues to glance over his shoulder at the
model at the bar. Emily doesn't notice, but she doesn't
appear to be listening much to what Rene is saying either.
                                         CUT TO:
You don't mind that I stay a
while? There was a mention of an
after party.
Of course not, dear. This is your
night. I'm just tired. Sunstroke,
I think. Probably should have
planned that trip for another day.
It's alright. What's important,
is that you were here with me.
Rene kisses her on the cheek. She manages a slight smile.
                       RENE (con't)
Don't wait up.
the valet brings her car around, a WHITE MERCEDES S-CLASS.
She hands him a tip, and gets in.
                                         CUT TO:
                                         CUT TO:


Emily is staring straight ahead, sitting at a red light. She
looks like she is zoning out, then her eyes mist over. She
shuts them, as if to stop the tears, then opens them again.
Emily looks at the clock. It is almost 1 AM. Looking in her
rear view mirror, she backs up the car, then heads over the
the left turn lane, which has just turned green.
                                         CUT TO:
Emily heads to the lot in the back. It is empty, except for
Henry's car. She takes a deep breath, and checks her makeup
in the mirror. She adds some more lipstick, then fluffs
up her hair.
                                         CUT TO:
Hey. Wow. You look beautiful.
How did it go?
It was. Nice.
Something wrong?
I think Rene is cheating on me
with one of his models. Or all of
Why would you think such a thing?
Henry walks up and stands behind Emily. He is breathing
quietly but heavily. He raises a TREMBLING hand to put on
her shoulder, then lowers it. She is still running her
finger across the jukebox, smiles, then seems to settle on a
song. She punches a number and COULD I HAVE THIS DANCE by
ANNE MURRAY begins to play.


I could see it when I was there.
Their body language. And, the
funny thing is? I don't feel torn
up over it. He told me not to
wait up. Said that he was going
to an after party. (huffs) An
after party, can you believe that?
I'm sure it was nothing. He loves
You know, when I was a little
girl, I used to have dreams that I
was dancing with a handsome
stranger to this song. I love
this song.
Henry smiles, then extends his hand. She grabs it, and he
embraces her. They begin to waltz in unison around the bar.
There is a montage of them waltzing in their various life
times. It is apparent this is their dance. The song is
coming to an end, and they stop dancing. Their breathing is
labored, their faces get closer together. Finally, Henry
can't take anymore, and TENDERLY, he puts his hands on
either side of Emily's face, and pulls her in for a kiss.
Their kiss becomes more PASSIONATE, with their hands all
over each other's hair and bodies. He lays her on a table
behind them, pulling her dress to her hips, and she wraps a
leg around his waist. Suddenly, she stops him and pushes
him off.
Henry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I
can't. I'm so sorry.
Emily pulls her dress down and fixes her hair.
I shouldn't have done that. I was
just angry with Rene. I'm so
sorry Henry.
She scurries toward the back door and leaves. Henry runs
his hand across his mouth and shakes his head, sad.


                                         CUT TO:
Henry sitting on the edge of his bed. He is wearing only
draw string pajama bottoms. His hands are clasped, his
head hanging.
                                         CUT TO:
Emily is laying in bed, running her fingers across her lips,
presumably thinking about Henry. She hears a car door shut,
then an alarm. Looking over at the clock, it is 4 AM. The
sound of a bolt turning at the front door tells us that Rene
is finally home. Emily turns to her side, her back to the
bedroom door, and shuts her eyes. Rene walks in and SMILES.
He takes off his shirt and walks toward the bathroom,
closing the door behind him. The sound of a SHOWER can be
heard. Emily opens her eyes and just stares blankly in
front of her, then closes them again.
                                         CUT TO:
Emily is driving and looking at her GPS. She turns down a
tree lined street. Slowing down, she stops in front of a
CHARMING WHITE BUNGALOW. Henry's car is in the driveway.
She exhales, then glances at the driveway and decides to
pull in behind him.
                                         CUT TO:
Emily, dressed in a flowery knee length sundress, glances
around the neighborhood, as if she is afraid of being
caught. She walks up the steps and knocks on the door,
still looking around. Henry answers the door, still
shirtless and in his pj bottoms and looks SURPRISED. They
don't say a word. He opens the door to let her in, then
sticks his head out the door, appearing to check if she was
                                         CUT TO:


They stand inches from each other, still not speaking. After
a few seconds, Emily leans in to kiss Henry. He closes his
eyes, but is rigid. She pulls back and runs a hand across
his cheek. He flutters his eyes, and his breathing becomes
ERRATIC. She is shaking her head, 'no.' Finally, Henry
leans in and kisses her FRANTICALLY. He wraps his arms
around her waist, leading her to the bedroom.
                                         CUT TO:
They are still kissing, while Henry unties her dress, and it
falls to the floor. We see a montage of their SILHOUETTES
making love. It is slow, tender, gentle.
                                         CUT TO:
Henry is on his back. Emily's head is in the crook of his
shoulder. She kisses his neck, and he turns to kiss her.
Her arm is wrapped around his waist, a leg draped over him.
They look serene and peaceful.
Do you have any family, Henry?
No. Thomas is like family to me.
No siblings?
No. My parents divorced when I
was four. I only saw him a few
times after that.
I don't know. I guess he never
really wanted to be a dad. He
moved to Europe. Germany, I
think. Can't be sure. I don't
even know if he's still alive.


What about your mother?
She was diabetic. The bad kind,
where you have to take injections?
She had a hard time with it her
whole life. She didn't take as
good care of herself as she should
have. I mean, she did when I was
a child, but as soon as I grew up
and left...Anyway, she passed away
about ten years ago.
I'm so sorry.
This was her house. I grew up
here. When she died, she gave it
to me. It was paid for. So, I
sold my condo. With that money,
and with she left me, I opened the
What did you do before that?
Well, after France I managed a
winery up in Napa for a few years.
When mom got sick, I moved back
down here. Managed a bar for
another few years. Learned the
in's and out's of it. After she
passed, I thought I would try my
hand at being an owner. (pause)
What about you? Family?
Only child. My parents are still
alive. Still married. They live
in Connecticut.
I'd love to meet them someday.
Emily smiles, stroking Henry's cheek, running her fingers
across his lips.
I need to leave.


      (turning to her)
Don't go.
I mean, I need to leave Rene. I
need to be with you.
Henry caresses her face and smiles.
I am with you. Always.
I'm just so afraid.
I don't know. When I first met
you, I felt like...I can't explain
it. Like you've always been a
part of my life. When I met Rene,
I felt drawn to him, yet...
she swallows and shakes her head.
I don't know. I agreed to marry
him. To move here with him. But,
it never felt quite right. Now it
feels absolutely wrong. And I feel
Has he hurt you? Has Rene ever
laid a hand on you?
No, nothing like that. But he can
be quite possessive with me. I'm
not sure what breaking up with him
will do.
Tell him that it isn't working
out. That you are suspicious of
his affairs.


I've brought up my suspicions of
his affairs before.
He gets angry. He denies it.
Do you love him?
Do you love Rene?
She rolls off Henry's shoulder, and stares at the ceiling.
Her expression is blank. She plays with her engagement
ring, spinning it around her finger.
What would you say, if I told you
that I love you. That I just know
in my heart, you are my one?
I would say, listen to your heart.
And that I love you too.
I thought I had love for Rene. He
was so charming when we met. He
lavished attention and gifts on
me. His proposal was so
wonderful, so romantic. Then
suddenly it stopped as soon as we
moved here. Then I met you, and
things just felt...different.
Marry me, Emily.
I know lying in bed isn't
romantic, but marry me. Have you
ever been to Thailand?


Neither have I. But it looks
beautiful. We'll go there for our
honeymoon, stay in a hut on the
beach. Make love all day and
night. If we get the chance, swim
with a shark or two.
That sounds nice.
Henry rolls over on top of her, cradling her face in his
hands. He kisses her cheeks, the top of her head, her lips.
Marry me, Emily.
Why does this feel so right?
He continues to kiss her.
Marry me.
They make love again.
                                         CUT TO:
Henry and Sybill just stare at each other for a few moments.
He is fidgeting his legs, making popping sounds with hims
mouth and twiddling his thumbs. He appears to be unsure
about what to say.
                       DR. SYBILL
Are you going to sit here the
entire session, or would you like
to talk about something.
We made love this morning. Emily
and I.


                       DR. SYBILL
I see.
She is under the impression that
her fiancÚ is cheating on her.
                       DR. SYBILL
So, they are still together?
She says that she is going to
break it off with him. That she
loves me. That she feels
connected to me.
                       DR. SYBILL
Did you tell her anything?
About my dreams or our sessions
here? No.
                       DR. SYBILL
How so?
                       DR. SYBILL
She seems to be remembering.
Yeah I guess. She said that we
are kindred spirits.
                       DR. SYBILL
And that you are.
I don't like the idea of having an
affair, going behind Rene's back
like this. He's been polite to
me. He's trusted me with taking
care of her. I feel like I'm
betraying him.
                       DR. SYBILL
Well Henry. Humans aren't
perfect. We make mistakes. We
try to learn from them. But,
Emily and you together is not a
mistake. No matter the
circumstances to get there. It


                       DR. SYBILL (cont'd)
was just a matter of time before
the two of you would have ended up
together, I strongly believe.
Well, that being said. I'll feel
much better once she is free of
                       DR. SYBILL
Are you still having the dreams?
Henry thinks for a moment, and looks surprised.
Actually, no. Not in a few weeks
come to think of it.
                       DR. SYBILL
Still, you seem. Disturbed.
Of course I'm bothered.
                       DR. SYBILL
Do you think this Rene is going to
harm Emily or yourself if and
when, he finds out?
Can't say. He doesn't seem like
the violent type.
                       DR. SYBILL
Well. Let's just take this one
day at a time. That's all you can
                                         CUT TO:
The bar is crowded. It's a SATURDAY NIGHT. Henry is behind
the bar pouring drinks. Thomas is sitting down at a table
with a pretty BLONDE, his date for the night. They are
laughing and flirting. Rene STORMS in, and he looks
agitated. Henry tenses, he thinks he's been found out.


Henry. Is Emily here?
No, she doesn't work at night. Is
there something wrong?
We got into an arguement. She was
very upset and said she wanted to
call off the wedding. Then she
Oh. I'm sorry to hear that.
I need to make this up to her.
Rene looks around the bar, as if he doesn't believe Henry.
He glances at Tommy, who gives a polite nod.
How long has she been gone?
She left over an hour ago. It's
not like her to do that, and I'm
You try calling her?
She won't answer my calls. Can
you try? She might answer if you
call her.
Oh I don't know. She might think
I want her to come in and work.
Henry pauses and stares at Thomas, who looks concerned.
She's never left like this before.
Well you know...She's a woman.
They can be unpredictable, right?
I'm sure she's fine. She's
probably home right now.


Call her. Please.
All right. Hold on a sec.
Henry turns for the bar phone and starts to dial.
He looks over at Rene nodding.
Where are you? Rene is here
looking for you.
                                         CUT TO:
Emily is walking alone along the beach. It is dark and
there is nobody else around.
I'm taking a walk on the beach.
                                         CUT TO:
Get back in your car. It's not
safe for you all by yourself out
                                         CUT TO:
I'm fine, Henry. I don't want to
go back home.
                                         CUT TO:


Well, right now you need to.
Is that her? Emily, please come
Listen. You're not safe walking
alone on a beach at night out
here. Please, listen to me. Go
                       EMILY (vo)
I don't want to go home to him,
Henry. I want to stay with you.
Emily. Go home, now.
Rene heads behind the bar, grabbing the phone from Henry's
Emily? Emily, please.
She hangs up and the line goes dead.
She hung up on me.
Rene hangs his head looking sad. Henry isn't sure what to
Maybe she will listen to me and go
home. Why don't you head there
and wait?
Okay...Thank you Henry. I
appreciate how you watch out for
Henry forces a TIGHT SMILE. He's uncomfortable, obviously.
Of course.


Goodbye, Henry.
Henry nods, while Rene exits out the rear door. Thomas
watches him, then gets up and heads to the bar.
What the hell was that about?
He and Emily had a fight. He came
here looking for her.
Where is she?
Walking along the beach somewhere.
Told her to head home.
He say what they fought about?
She wants to call off the wedding.
You don't look too surprised.
Henry has a serious expression as he looks up at Thomas.
They stare at each other for a few seconds.
Oh no.
It was going to happen.
I know, but.
Why does this bother you so much?
I love her, she loves me.
It bothers me because of him. Like
I said, I don't trust the guy.
He doesn't love her. He just
wants to possess her. Emily knows
that. I know that.


Exactly. Guys like that...If he
finds out...Have you slept with
Henry presses his lips together, shaking his head.
I'll take that as a yes.
Emily and I belong together. We
always have, we always will. We
are bound to each other.
Ok now...now you believe this
stuff that a few months ago, you
were so adamant to write off as
complete horse shit!
I thought you would be happy for
me. Or do you just want her for
yourself? Another conquest,
God no! I don't feel any
attraction to her in that way.
She's a beautiful girl. I feel...
Protective of her, if anything. I
feel, I've always been protective
of you, Henry. I love you man.
You're my best friend. You're
like my brother. And I'm just
saying, something about this
doesn't sit well with me.
People call wedding's all the
I know, just. Just be careful.
After she breaks it off with
him...Maybe try not to be seen out
as a couple for a while is all I'm


There is nothing to worry about,
Thomas. I'll be fine.
Okay. Whatever you say.
Henry looks over at Thomas's date. She looks bored.
You better get back to your date
there. She doesn't look too
Thomas smiles and nods, slapping Henry on the shoulder.
Turning to head back to his date, there is a concerned look
on his face.
                                         CUT TO:
Henry and Emily are making out heavily, peeling off each
other's clothes.
You sure this is safe?
Yes. Rene is in San Francisco on
business. He knows we're over.
He's already started packing up
his stuff, see?
Henry glances around and notices several moving boxes.
      (out of breath)
they continue to kiss and tear each other clothes off
The drop on the bed, making out, ripping each other clothes.
Henry still appears nervous and tense.


Don't be so nervous Henry. He's
gone. He won't be back until
I know.
We've got plenty of time. Then
once he's gone, you will have me
any and every time.
Henry grunts and smiles, cupping her face.
You are now, and always will be
They make love tenderly. A montage of them on the bed, in
the shower, back in bed. They are laying down, staring at
each other.
What is it?
What do you mean.
He strokes and kisses her face, her neck, her shoulders.
The way you look at me. It's as
if you're looking into my soul.
You know, the first time we met,
you looked at me like that.
Henry just smiles and doesn't say anything.
                       EMILY (con't)
The first time you looked at me, I
felt something stir inside that I
had never felt before. It scared
me, yet comforted and consumed me.
If I told you, I'm not sure if you
would believe me. Maybe one day
I'll tell you.
Henry! Don't tease! Tell me now.


She tickles him, nibbling on his ear and neck.
I used to dream of you every
Dream of me? You mean dream that
you would find true love?
No, I mean you. I saw your face.
I knew your name. I saw...
He pauses, continuing to gently stroke her face with his
fingers. She furrows her brows, looking confused.
You saw me? I appeared to you in
your dream?
I know it sounds...preposterous.
But it's true.
He ponders telling her the rest, then decides against it for
the moment.
Just kiss me.
She smiles, then leans in to kiss him. Emily straddles him,
intent on making love again.
There's something else you're not
telling me. Tell me.
In time.
She continues trailing kisses up and down his neck, across
his chest...
Tell me.


She starts kissing his stomach, COYLY looking up at him. He
knows exactly where she is headed. He's obviously enjoying
Tell me, Henry.
Just then they both hear the front door opening, and hurried
footsteps walking toward the bedroom. Emily and Henry sit
up. Henry wraps his arms protectively around Emily.
Oh my god.
I thought you said...
                                         CUT TO:
He said he would be back toni...
Just then Rene storms into the bedroom. There is RAGE in
his eyes when he catches them in bed together.
What the fuck is this? What the
His accent becomes more pronounced with his anger. Rene
approaches the foot of the bed.
Rene. You and I are over. I love
Henry. We love each other.
      (To Henry)
You? How long has this been going
on? You have been fucking my
fianceÚ for how long now?
I am NOT your fianceÚ!
Not long, Rene. I swear to you.


I swear I will KILL YOU! The both
of you!
Rene, you have no right! We are
OVER! YOU are the one who has
been fucking multiple
women...BEHIND MY BACK! You
cheating son of a bitch!
Goddammit woman! You do not speak
to me like that! I own you! You
belong to me!
I am not your property Rene! I am
not some sculpture you can carve
and conform to how you like.
You bitch! I will carve you. Both
of you!
Rene heads out of the room. Emily and Henry look at each
other, then leap out of bed and attempt to quickly put their
clothes on.
                                         CUT TO:
Rene is in a frenzy, RIFLING through the knife drawer.
You want to see me carve! I will
carve! No man will ever want you
                                         CUT TO:
Henry and Emily look at each other. They can hear what Rene
is doing, and quickly get dressed. Henry runs over to shut
the door.
Hurry up and call 9-1-1.


He wouldn't...
Just do it!
Emily nods, then turns to grab her cell phone sitting on the
nightstand. Her hands are shaking as she punches some
numbers in.
Hello? Yes, hello! My
ex-boyfriend is threatening to
kill me...to kill us!
She quickly rattles off the address, when there is a loud
pounding on the other side of the door.
                       RENE (vo)
Open the fucking door! Open the
fucking door right now Emily!!
Please hurry! I think he has a
knife. We've locked ourselves in
the bedroom.
                       DISPATCHER (vo)
Try to stay calm ma'am. I have
units on the way.
Are they coming?
Yes they are on the way. (to the
dispatcher) Please hurry!
Stay on the phone with me until
they get there, okay?
Okay. Okay.
Henry has his back to the door, but there appears to be no
lock on it. He looks as if he is struggling to keep them
contained in there. Finally, after a couple of minutes have
passed, there is a big push, and Rene bursts in armed with
a large BUTCHER KNIFE. Emily lets out an ear piercing


Oh my god! He broke in! He has a
large knife. (to Rene) Please,
don't do this! The police are
Henry backs up to Emily, using his body as a shield.
Okay, you first.
There is a sinister and familiar look on Rene's face as he
waves the knife in front of them. Taunting them. Henry's
eyes get wide.
You don't need to to this, Rene.
It's not worth it. It's not worth
throwing your life away.
Rene doesn't say anything. Instead, he slices Henry across
the abdomen, like the thug did in his dream/past life. Henry
doubles over, grabbing his stomach and falling to his knees.
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!
He just stabbed Henry in the
stomach! Henry!
Emily puts one hand in a defensive position as Rene looks to
her next.
Why, Rene, why?
Everything is in slow motion. Henry's mouth opens at that.
There is a flashback to what the thug #1 had said just
before he killed Emily in his previous life. It is clear
that Rene in this life is the thug. Henry, even though in
extreme pain, forces himself to get to his feet. Rene
readies the knife. He is going to plunge it into Emily's
stomach. Henry stands up and blocks the knife from plunging
into Emily. Instead, he is stabbed in the stomach.


Still in slow motion, Henry falls to his feet. Rene is
still armed with the knife, ready to stab Emily. The police
storm in, guns drawn. They order Rene to drop the knife. He
refuses, or doesn't hear them in his fury and raises it over
his head to stab Emily. She cowers, putting her hands over
her head. Gunshots ring out, and Rene falls to his side.
Emily continues to scream and cry, then glances down at
Henry, who's breathing is becoming shallow and erratic. His
eyes are rolling to the back of his head.
Oh god, Henry no! Stay with me,
Henry. Stay with me!
She looks up at the officers, there is pleading and fear in
her eyes.
                       EMILY (con't)
Help him please! He needs an
ambulance! (To Henry) Please,
stay awake! Stay with me! Oh
god, Oh god.
Emily is cradling his head and shoulders, rocking him. Henry
is bleeding out. He looks up at and tries to smile.
                       EMILY (con't)
The police run around, talking on their radio's, assessing
Rene. Medics rush inside as well. Henry lifts an arm to
her face, and gently caresses her one last time.
Remember. Me.
No, no, no! Henry, stay with me,
stay with me...
His arm drops and his eyes close. She is shaking him,
cradling him...2 medics comes over to assess him. There is
chaos as they load him on to a stretcher and begin CPR.
Medic #1 notices all the blood on Emily.
                       MEDIC #1
Ma'am, are you hurt?
Emily is shaking, crying. She doesn't answer him. Medic #1
puts a hand on her shoulder, she flinches.
                       MEDIC #1


It's not my blood. Not mine. Is
Henry going to be okay? Please
tell me he's okay...Oh god.
                       MEDIC #1
Come on. Let's get you in the
ambulance with him.
She smiles slightly, as if there is a glimmer of hope that
Henry will be okay. Medic #1 helps her to her feet, and
walks out with her to...
                                         CUT TO:
Henry is hooked up to several devices. Medics are still
performing CPR as he is loaded in the ambulance. A crowd
has gathered outside.
                                         CUT TO:
They are still frantically trying to save him. Emily sits
down, and grabs Henry's hand. She is trembling. She sits
up and realizes something. Emily grabs her cell phone and
                                         CUT TO:
Thomas shows up, distraught looking. Emily wraps her arms
around him. A doctor is talking to them, and it doesn't
look good. He mouths, "I'm sorry." Emily loses it, sobbing
and gripping Thomas. Thomas is shaking his head, trying to
contain his tears. They both fall to the floor, still
                                         CUT TO


Emily is dreaming of Henry. This is the first time it has
happened since he passed away. They are dancing to a waltz.
It changes to the Boston location, where Henry is stabbed.
She wakes up screaming.
A small crowd is gathered around the casket at the service.
Several familiar faces from the bar are there. Thomas and
Emily are standing shoulder to shoulder, stunned. He has a
protective arm wrapped around her shoulder. Dr. Sybill
walks up, tapping Thomas on the shoulder. He turns to hug
her. They stare at the casket for a few more moments.
You know, it's so weird.
What is?
To love someone so much. Someone
you just met. I had only known
Henry for a couple of months, and
we had only been together one of
those months. But, my heart is
broken in a way I never though
imaginable. It hurts so much,
Thomas! I feel... (crying) I feel
like my soul has been ripped
apart. Like I'm no longer a whole
person now that he is gone.
I know. He felt the same way
about you.
I love him so much, Thomas! So
much. And since he died, I've
been having these dreams about
him. They're so real...


You know, he used to dream about
you. What do you dream about?
You'll think I'm crazy.
Try me.
Well, they don't seem like dreams.
More like images, really. As if
it really happened. Us waltzing
somewhere. So very long ago. We
were happy. Then I had this
Emily puts her hand over her mouth, trying hard not to lose
What was it?
We were kissing...Under a
light...And these men come up, and
grab me...And...and....one of them
stabs him in the stomach...just
like Rene did...And they attack
me...Oh it's horrible! I probably
have that one because of what
                       DR. SYBILL
That's not the reason, my dear
Emily. I'm so terribly sorry,
MISTY EYED, he nods and tries to smile as she leans in for a
                       DR. SYBILL
Those aren't dreams you're having
my dear.
Doc, maybe now isn't a good


Doctor? What..what are you
talking about that they aren't
                       DR. SYBILL
I'm a doctor of Psychology. I've
assisted Thomas and Henry was a
recent patient of mine.
Henry never told me he was going
to a psychologist.
Dr. Sybill extends her hand.
                       DR. SYBILL
My name is Sybill Westinghouse.
And I know this may not be the
most appropriate time. But when
you're ready, I would like for you
to come and see me. We can
discuss those dreams that you have
been having. I can give you some
insight as to what they mean.
She pulls a business card out of her inner jacket pocket and
hands it to Emily. Emily looks at it for a few moments,
then glances at Thomas.
She's solid. It might be a good
idea to see Dr. Sybill. She can
help you. Trust me.
                       DR. SYBILL
Dear, just call me when you are
Dr. Sybill gently taps Emily's hand.
                       DR. SYBILL
      (To Thomas)
So unimaginable it ended the way
it did. I'm very sorry Thomas.
Emily. Take care of her.


I'll look after her.
Dr. Sybill walks toward her car, while Thomas comforts
                                         CUT TO
Emily is sitting on a cozy looking bed, that is obviously a
hotel. It looks somewhat luxurious yet comfortable, like a
SHERATON or MARRIOTT. She's sitting cross legged on a bed,
dressed in a tank top and undies, piles of tissues around
her. She just stares blankly into space. Laying down to
sleep, she doesn't shut her eyes. It's as if she's afraid
to. There is a quick flashback montage of her and Henry
together. Her eyes are now closed.
      (wakes up)
Shaking her head, she grabs her purse, pulling out Dr.
Sybill's card. Looking at the time on the nightstand, it is
EIGHT PM. She decides to give her a call.
Hello? Is this Dr. Sybill.
(pause) It's Emily. I'm sorry
I'm calling late, but I was
wondering...okay. (pause) Yes,
tomorrow morning is fine.
She curls up in a FETAL POSITION and cries herself to sleep.
                                         CUT TO
Emily looks slightly disheveled, since she hasn't slept
well. She's wringing her hands. Dr. Sybill is sitting
across from her.
                       DR. SYBILL
Can I offer you anything?
Chamomile tea?
I'm fine. Thank you.


                       DR. SYBILL
I'm sure you have some questions
for me. About Henry.
Isn't there some kind of patient
doctor confidentiality clause or
something? Are you allowed to
tell me.
                       DR. SYBILL
Circumstances in this case are.
Was Henry crazy?
                       DR. SYBILL
No, no dear. Far from it. Did he
tell you anything about me? Or
about any dreams he may have had
about you?
He mentioned before Rene...
Her face displays a range of emotion, as if she is trying to
keep from crying again.
He had started to tell me that he
dreamt of me before we met.
                       DR. SYBILL
You've heard of soul mates?
                       DR. SYBILL
Have you heard the term, split
No. No I don't think so.
                       DR. SYBILL
A split apart was a theory of
Plato's. He thought that every
human was a part of one soul, and
that another person in the world
was the other half of that soul.
That the two halves, in each life
search for one another, to feel


                       DR. SYBILL (cont'd)
whole again. When they find each
other, the bond is undeniable,
powerful. You and Henry are an
example of that. You are each
other split aparts.
How can you be so sure of that?
                       DR. SYBILL
The dreams that Henry had, weren't
really dreams. They were images,
flickers of your past lives
together. So when you came into
him bar...
He knew who I was.
                       DR. SYBILL
Yes. And now that Henry is gone,
you are having those visions.
Yes. I have dreams, visions of us
dancing. Then I have a horrible
                       DR. SYBILL
Where you are attacked? Henry is
stabbed, much like recently
Yes! How did you know?
                       DR. SYBILL
That is the vision that troubled
What did it mean? And why
couldn't I remember Henry when I
saw him, huh? Why wasn't I having
dreams before all of this
happened? Before...before he
                       DR. SYBILL
Because in that life, you were
tortured and killed in a horrific
manner. When something like
happens, it can cause the cells to


                       DR. SYBILL (cont'd)
not remember in the next life.
But I was still drawn to him. I
still found him.
Dr. Sybill nods.
                       EMILY (cont)
Why did I remember after he died
then? After it was too late for
                       DR. SYBILL
Henry didn't realize it, but
sacrificing himself for you in
this lifetime was the catalyst to
cause you to remember. To set you
Emily stands up angry.
But now, Henry is dead! Before we
had a chance to live our lives!
Dr. Sybill sighs, clasping her hands.
                       DR. SYBILL
And that is sad, and tragic and
Tragic and unfortunate? And Rene
is dead as well. I never really
knew the kind of monster he was.
And I will never get that horrible
day out of my mind. It will haunt
me forever.
Emily starts to pace, looks like she is thinking.
But if I die, we will be reunited,
                       DR. SYBILL
Oh no dear. I mean, yes you will.
In the next lifetime...


So that's what I have to do. I
have to die.
                       DR. SYBILL
Emily, you don't understand. Yes,
once you die, your souls will be
reunited in the next life. But,
you can't take your own life.
Why not? What difference would it
                       DR. SYBILL
Because, you will have the same
problem in the next life. You
won't remember him. Suicide is a
tragic, tragic event. You may
never even get to the next life.
You can't be so sure.
But I can't live without him?
Don't you understand? I can't
live without Henry!
                       DR. SYBILL
Oh my dear...
Dr. Sybill gets up to hug her.
                       DR. SYBILL
You must wait. When your time
comes, you will be together in
your next life. I'm sure Henry is
watching over you, waiting for
But I want to be with him now.
                       DR. SYBILL
I know, my dear. I know.
What do I do in the meantime?
                       DR. SYBILL
You live.


I don't know how.
                       DR. SYBILL
Henry would want you to live your
life. Keep doing the things that
made you happy. Do the things
that you had talked about doing.
Just live. And when the time
comes, you will see him again.
I don't know if I can.
                       DR. SYBILL
You can always come and talk to
me, anytime. And Thomas. He will
always be there for you. He has
been and always will be a part of
your life. Previously, now and in
lives to come.
Thomas? Are you saying? I don't
have any romantic feelings toward
him at all. He feels more like a
brother to me. What are you
                       DR. SYBILL
Your relationship with him is
nothing like that. It never is.
But the three of you are connected
in every life. Keep him close.
The two of you can keep the memory
of Henry alive. He will always be
there for you.
                       DR. SYBILL
Celebrate Henry's life.
                                         CUT TO
There is a for sale sign out front.
                                         CUT TO


There are boxes littered around. Emily is taping one of the
boxes up. Her phone starts to ring. She looks to see who
is calling, then answers it.
                                         CUT TO
Emily and Thomas are sitting next to each other. Emily
looks confused to be there. Thomas has an unreadable
expression on his face. Henry's ATTORNEY, WILLIAM MENDEL,
walks in, holding a folder. He extends his hand to Emily
and Thomas.
Good morning, Miss Rogers, Mister
O'Neal. Miss Rogers, I explained
a little to Mr. O'Neal here...
Please, call me Thomas...
Thomas, that Mr. Beckett had
updated his trust recently. That
is why the both of you are here.
I, I don't understand. Updated? I
understand why Thomas would be
here, but me?
Yes. He came in a week before he,
uh...passed. He was specific
about changing the language in the
What language?
Well...Because he has no family to
speak of, initially Thomas, you
were Mr. Beckett's sole
beneficiary. But, as it were, he
named Miss Rogers one as well.


Thomas reaches over and gently SQUEEZES Emily's hand.
Yes, his home, Miss Rogers. He
wanted you to have it.
She looks over at Thomas, sad and confused. Thomas smiles
and reassures her.
You should, Emily. It would have
been your house.
I don't know if I can...
And as for his business. He has
left ownership to be divided
between the two of you.
Emily and Thomas look at each other, then down at the
ground. The are sad, silent.
How do I live there? Without him
Thomas? There will always be
Yeah, but that's good. It's good.
(to Mindel) Um, so the business.
I can't believe Henry would
actually trust me. I can see
Emily running it, she practically
started to once she came on board.
I only do the numbers. I don't
know anything about running a wine
Well... I have spent enough
mornings there helping him out, I
think we an figure it out


                       THOMAS (cont'd)
There are a few other items that
he has left to each of you.
Furnishings, his vehicle. Also,
the matter of his life insurance
policy. You are both the
beneficiaries of that as well.
At that, Emily doubles over and starts to SOB. It becomes
more then she can take. Thomas leans in to her, wrapping
his arms around her shoulders. He glances skyward, as if
looking to Henry.
Thomas...I'd rather have Henry
here. I can't...I just can't...
She ABRUPTLY gets up, storming out of the office. Thomas
excuses himself and runs after her.
Emily is pacing on the sidewalk, her hands cupped around her
mouth, as if she is trying to MUFFLE her own cries. Thomas
comes up and embraces her.
It's okay, Em. We're going to be
okay. We can do this.
I don't know if I can, Thomas. I
wasn't planning on staying here
much longer. I was thinking of
going back to New York. It's just
too painful.
Please don't leave. You're all I
have. Henry was like my brother.
And he's gone, and I feel so lost
and empty without him too. I know
the pain you are in, I'm in pain
Thomas pauses, taking a few deep breaths trying to compose


I know how much you loved each
other in such a short time. And I
know Henry, and he would want
this. He wouldn't want us crying
over him. He would want us to
move on. He loved his bar. And
he is trusting us to take care of
it. The place practically runs
itself anyway. Izzy is a great
manager, she knows what to do.
She'll know what to do. Okay?
Don't worry. I've been promising
Henry every night since he died,
that I will take care of her. That
I will look after you. Okay?
We're going to be Okay.
I think you being in his home will
be good for you. Keep him close
to you. Henry had a lot of great
memories there. Make your own
memories, Emily.
I don't know how...
It'll take some time. But we're
going to be all right.
He tips her chin up to look at him. Thomas nods, smiling,
then kisses her cheek.
                                         CUT TO
It is a few weeks later, and the bar has re-opened. A crowd
is gathered around Izzy, Thomas and Emily. Emily walks over
to the jukebox, turning it off. Then she turns back to the
crowd, ready to speak.


I know you all loved Henry. We
all do. And we all miss him.
Henry loved this bar. So for
Henry I make a toast. To the most
beautiful, fascinating, courageous
and giving man I have ever known.
To my love. I love you always.
To Henry!
To Henry!
The crowd raises their glasses, shouts of "To Henry" are
heard, as well as clanking glasses. Emily turns the jukebox
back on and plays Henry's favorite song, "WHEN I FALL IN
                                         CUT TO
Thomas and Emily are on a chartered trip together. They are
cage diving with GREAT WHITES. They are smiling, laughing,
taking photo's of each other.
                                         CUT TO
Emily is cooking dinner, pouring a glass of wine for Thomas
and his DATE. More smiles and laughter. It is clear that
Thomas and Emily are NOT getting together. They have more
of a sibling type of relationship.
                                         CUT TO
It's a busy Saturday night, Emily and Thomas are dancing -
he's twirling her around.
                                         CUT TO


It is CHRISTMAS TIME, one year later. Thomas pulls up
curbside, Emily is in the passenger seat. They exit the
vehicle, Thomas retrieving a suitcase from the backseat. He
walks to the sidewalk where Emily is standing, rolling it
over to her.
You know, I'm a little jealous.
I know...
You know, I don't get why I
couldn't just come with you.
Thailand baby! I've always wanted
to see it.
I know Thomas. It's just...Henry
wanted to take me there for our
honeymoon. I just need to do this
trip alone. I promise, when I get
back, we'll go somewhere.
Someplace else on the list.
There are other places that Henry
wanted to see and do. You and I
will do those together. We've got
Yeah, yeah. But, Thailand!
Take care of the bar. I'll see
you in a week. I love you Thomas.
She leans in to hug him. Thomas wraps his arms around her,
rocking her.
Love you too, kid. I'm going to
miss you.


It's just a week.
All right. Be careful.
I will.
From Emily's POV, she is waving at Thomas, who is smiling.
                                         CUT TO
Emily is at the counter, getting her ticket.
                                         CUT TO
There's a long line. Emily checks her watch while shuffling
                                         CUT TO
Emily puts her things in the overhead compartment, then sits
down in FIRST CLASS.
                                         CUT TO
A JUMBO JET taking off.
Emily is walking along the beach, alone. She is smiling,
looking content.
                                         CUT TO


She begins to unpack her clothes. She has a PICTURE of her
and Henry, and sets it next to the bed.
It's so beautiful here Henry. You
would absolutely love it.
She sits on the bed, listening to and looking out the open
window at the crashing surf. She smiles. She grabs the
picture and holds it to her chest. She is content.
                                         CUT TO
Emily wakes up, still cradling the photo. She looks at her
watch. It's EIGHT AM. She sits up, then...
                                         CUT TO
She's standing up the shower, just letting the water hit
                                         CUT TO
Emily is wrapped in a towel, looking at her clothes hanging,
deciding what to wear. She settles on a sundress, the one
she wore the day her and Henry first made love. She smiles.
                                         CUT TO
She is walking down the beach. There is a slight breeze and
a few people milling about in the surf. She sees a street,
and turns to walk toward it.
                                         CUT TO


The street is bustling with merchants selling different
things - clothing, trinkets, various souvenir items. People
are milling about. She looks around, as if to decide what
to do later.
Coffee, black please. Small.
                                         CUT TO
Emily is sipping her coffee, walking down the street,
touching dresses, looking at the various outdoor markets.
Kids come up to her asking for money, etc. She looks at her
watch, then toward the beach, and opts to walk back toward
                                         CUT TO
Emily is sitting on the sand, still sipping her coffee. She
smiles, watching a FATHER AND DAUGHTER playing in the surf.
She picks up her camera, and takes a picture. She looks at
her watch. It is almost TEN AM. She glances down the
beach, and sees a couple holding hands, kissing. A sad look
comes over her.
                                         CUT TO
There is some commotion, and a confused look registers on
her face. She tilts her head, as if staring at something
that seems unusual. She TWISTS her coffee cup in the sand,
so it doesn't tip over. STANDING UP, she raises her camera
to take a picture, lowers it, lifts it again, the lowers it,
looking SHOCKED now. Around here, people are heard
laughing, chattering, running toward the beach. Her eyes
widen. She looks around at everyone. Emily decides to sit,
her knees in front of her. There is a RUMBLING SOUND. She
closes her eyes raises her head and smiles.


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