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Wrecking Ball - "The Visitor" Pilot
by Tania Penn (twistedwritertanita@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

Ballari Rivera is a border patrol agent -- Protecting the borders of Earth against dangerous and illegal aliens.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



BALLARI RIVERA, a 30 year old female wearing only a t-shirt
and underwear, shoots up from her bed and THROWS a loud
ringing circular alarm clock looking device with bright blue
and red lights across the wall, smashing it. Her bedroom is
messy, with clothes strewn about, photos in frames, and
various paperwork on a nightstand. Her shoulder length
black hair is messy and tangled. She is grunting and
grimacing. There is a bottle of half-empty Fireball Whiskey
on the nightstand.

Ballari is a Latina who was born in LOUISIANA. Because of
growing up in the south, she has a bit of an accent, which
comes out when she yells in SPANISH. Ballari currently lives
in LONE PINE, CALIFORNIA in a quaint little cabin near the
ALABAMA HILLS. She has lived in this house since she was
eleven years old. There is a persistent and LOUD KNOCKING
coming from the front door downstairs.
Cállate! Jesus Christ!
She cracks her neck, and flings her legs over to the side of
the bed. The knocking becomes persistent.
Dammit, pendejo! Shit, okay! Hold
on, I'll be right there.
She glances all around the bed, then stands up. Walking to
the foot of it, she picks up a rumpled pair of jeans, and
hopping, she slides each leg in, then puts on some steel
toed boots. She heads to her door and leans into the hallway
looking downstairs. From her POV, a shadowy figure can be
seen through the curtains.
I'll be right there, give me a
Ballari heads into the bathroom and looks at herself in the
mirror. Opening a drawer, she grabs a ponytail holder and
puts her hair up. She then opens a bottle of green
mouthwash and quickly swishes and spits. Opening her mouth,
she examines her teeth in the mirror, then scrapes her


fingernail across them. Exiting the bathroom, she grabs a
pistol perched on top of her dresser, and stuffs it behind
her back.
                                         CUT TO:
She opens the front door, AGITATED.
Who the hell are you and why are
you banging on my door at seven in
the morning?
                                         CUT TO:
A short, odd and portly looking bald MAN. His eyes are a
bright green, his eyebrows are non-existant. He is wearing
a beige colored sport coat and pants, holding what appears
to be a clipboard. Extending his hand, he says...
                       THE VISITOR
Morning, ma'am...I'm...
I ain't no ma'am.
She looks over her shoulder at nothing in particular, then
back at the odd fellow. The visitor leans forward to get a
peek inside the house.
I'm a busy woman. What the hell
you want?
                       THE VISITOR
Man of the house home?
      (raises voice)
Man of the house? The hell you
think I am?
                       THE VISITOR
Sorry ma'am. I assumed.


He appears nervous evident by the sweat he wipes from his
brow, and how his long yet pudgy fingers tap against the
wood grain of his clipboard.
Assumptions get people killed.
Staring at him, she notices a strange yet familiar MARKING
on the left side of his neck. She pulls the pistol from
where it was tucked into her pants. Holding it in front of
her, she taps it against her thighs.
You're off the beaten path. Why
did you come here? I live here
for a reason. Complete privacy
being the main one.
                       THE VISITOR
That thing loaded? You know how
to use it?
No, I don't. I just like to stand
here and look pretty holding it.
                       THE VISITOR
Now ma'am, lets not get all hasty.
You don't need to be playing with
those. What do you have it for
He puts his hands up DEFENSIVELY.
Well, maybe I'm an agent slash
assassin with THE BORDER PATROL
and I enjoy killing dangerous
illegal aliens.
The Visitor starts to shuffle his feet, and looks around the
                       THE VISITOR
Aw ma'am, border patrol? We're
hundreds of miles from the Mexican
border. What would a border
patrol agent be doing out in these
neck of the woods? Besides,
you're much too pretty for that.


Not Mexico, dumbass. Aliens of
the outer space variety. much
like yourself. See, that little
tattoo marking there gives you
away. And it's quite possible I
have a very itchy trigger finger
on account of you waking my tired
and hungover ass up.
She points her gun SKYWARD, and starts waving it in his
                       THE VISITOR
Oh ma'am, that's the sill...
Swiftly, she aims and fires, killing the man on the spot. he
falls face first on the front porch, CLEAR liquid pooling
beneath him.
Goddamn illegal.
She pokes at his neck with the tip of her boot to get a
better look at the marking, shaking her head. Tucking the
gun in the back of her pants, she squats down next to him
and examines the body.
      (exhaling loudly)
Yup, probably a criminal Vegan.
Bastard. I just had this damn
porch stained! Now you had to go
and ruin it by making me shoot you
and getting your damn sticky blood
all over it.
A cell phone is heard ringing. Ballari stands up and grabs
it from a small desk next to the front door. She looks at
the incoming call, and shakes her head. It's her partner,
RONAN JOHNSON. She grunts, biting her lower lip.
(whispers) Crap, five percent
battery life. Hey.
                       RONAN (VO)
      (his voice is
Dammit Balls, you're drunk aren't


Nothing like that. There was an
incident on my property. Need to
come here. Oh, and bring the
                       RONAN (vo)
Son of a bitch, Balls.
Ballari glances around her property to see if anyone or
anything else is out there.
Not my fault. Couldn't be helped.
Just get here.
There's a long sigh on the other end of the line.
I'll be there in thirty.
The line goes dead.
                                         CUT TO:
Ronan Johnson is slowly walking up the stairs. He's tall,
lean, and damn good looking. Salt and pepper hair, he's in
his late thirties. He has an intense look to his eyes.
There is obvious sexual tension when he and Ballari see each
How many times Balls, have I told
you not to do this? Goddammit,
sometimes you're just too...
He pissed me off. Escaped from a
galactic prison I bet.
Why…How? Oh, never mind...
A group of SCRUBBERS, dressed head to toe in black HAZMAT
gear, come bounding up the stairs.


Trust me. This one had bad
Ronan looks at the body, then skyward. He hitches his
thumbs into his jean buckle loops and shakes his head. It's
obvious this isn't the first time something like has
Why'd ya kill him, Balls?
He was a dirty Vegan.
Now what the hell you have against
non-meat eaters?
You dumbass! He was from Vega!
She looks angry and tired, pointing her gun skyward, like
she didn't get his joke. She starts to go off on a TANGENT,
talking in SPANISH, her words peppered with profanity. It
appears that Ronan likes to ruffle her feathers by the smile
on his face.
The Vegans are our allies, Balls.
Shit, you know the kind of trouble
this is going to cause us with
See that tat there? Telltale
prison marking. He was here
Ballari cuts herself off. Continuing to stare at the body,
she shakes her head as if remembering something. The
expression on her face changes to a combination of sorrow,
pain and regret.
Something wrong? You think he was
here for you?


      (changing the
My CHRONIKER went off this
Ronan raises his brows and leans in close to her face.
And you didn't bother to notify me
right away? Jesus Christ!
I may have thrown it across the
room. Might have busted it.
Ronan spins on his boot hell, throwing his arms up. The
scrubbers are putting the body into a plastic tub and
continue to clean up the porch.
Goddammit Balls!
What? It woke me up. Honest
mistake, I thought it was the
Because you're hungover.
Ballari says nothing. She knows he's right because he knows
her well. she just watches as the scrubbers take the body
away, and put it in the back of a black van. She crosses
her arms and shakes her head.
Come inside. I'll make you some
coffee while I take a shower.
Want any company?
Coffee only.
Thought I'd try.
                                         CUT TO:


They're heading up HIGHWAY 395 in the middle of the SIERRA
NEVADAS. Ballari is driving her 1977 BLACK PONTIAC TRANS AM
"Smoky and the Bandit" model. Through the windows they pass
small towns, ranches, and RV's. The radio is on and Ronan
is singing along, tapping his fingers on the dashboard.
Hey what do you 'spose he means
when he says to turn your head and
spit me out?
Ballari doesn't react or wince. She continues to stare
straight ahead.
You know exactly what that means.
I don't. I want you to tell me.
She's giving him a blow job.
Probably doesn't like the way he
tastes, so he's telling her to
spit it out. Obvious, dumbass.
So, is that an invitation?
I'm driving here. Think that
would be impossible. Besides, you
and I...
Ronan cuts her off, softly running his fingers on her
Is a damn good thing.
No, we're not. We should have
never happened. Won't be
happening again.
She glances over at him and smiles. He goes back to
drumming his fingertips against the dashboard. He stares
back at her with a dangerous looking gaze that looks as if
after a rough night of sex, he would strangle and dump your


body out in the desert. She turns back to stare at the road
still smiling because she knows they will happen again.
You know, the first time I saw
you, my panties caught fire on
account of my ovaries exploding. I
thought to myself, now that's the
finest ass man I have ever seen.
Oh yeah? And what do you think
Now? Now I don't wear panties
                                         CUT TO:
                                         CUT TO:
The interior of the Border Patrol. It's a nondescript
building in the heart of downtown BISHOP, CALIFORNIA. It's
simple and slightly depressed looking , with white walls and
wood paneling. The office is on the second floor, above a
coffee shop, which they own as well and serves as a "front."
Ballari and Ronan are sitting around a white, round plastic
table. There is a stack of paper plates, cups, and food
inside a styrofoam container the middle.
The hell is this shit?
Ballari leans in to smell it, then sits back down, scowling.
Ronan opens the container, and starts spooning it onto a
Vegan food. Spotted dick. It's a
delicacy in England. Tastes like
Ugh, no thank you. Something
called "spotted dick" isn't going
into my mouth.


Now that ain't true, darlin. I
can remember a couple of occasions
when you had a mouthful of my...
Just then, CAPTAIN TOMMY LEE HOWERTON, comes in through the
door like a tornado tearing up a small town. He's 6 feet
tall, white and grey haired, and has a beard. He's holding a
folder in his hand, waving it around.
Johnson! Rivera! Can you explain
to me just what the hell happened
this morning?
Ronan scoops a big helping of food into his mouth, pointing
at Ballari.
Ask twitchy trigger finger over
Look, Tommy. He was there for
reason, he was there for me.
To do what? Abduct you? Come
on, Vegans don't do that.
Oh sure, and all humans are good
and never commit any crimes. Come
on, Tommy! There are bad elements
in all the galactic races. Even
You know, you've probably just
sent back relations with them
several hundred years. Do you
know the hoops I'm going to have
to jump through with their command
to make this right? Goddammit!
I wouldn't have done it if it
wasn't necessary.
Ronan continues to say nothing, just stuffing his face.


      (raising his voice)
Necessary? I'll tell you what's
going to be necessary. You are
going to end up the ER for a boot
extraction, after I render you a
serious and most unfortunate case
of boot up ass!
It was him. One of them at least.
Howerton's face softens, as he drops the file on the table.
He takes a seat on the table, and glances over at Ronan.
Ronan seems to not be in on what they are talking about as
he shrugs. Howerton rubs his chin, thinking.
You sure about that?
Yes. I wasn't sure at first. I
was sure he was a dirty, good for
nothing illegal there to do me
harm. But, I knew who he was
after I killed him.
      (shakes his head)
Jesus, Ballari.
Ballari stands up and stands next to Howerton, putting her
hands on his shoulder. Their interaction suggests they have
a father/daughter type of relationship.
Believe me, nobody regrets this
more then I do. He was probably
the only one who had the answer
for me. For why...
Ballari lowers her head trying to contain tears. She
inhales, holds her breath and smiles, shaking her head.
I'm sure he wasn't the only one.
Howerton gently squeezes her shoulders, then stands back up
and grabs the folder, getting back to business.


I have an assignment for you. Last
night our sensor picked up an
anomaly somewhere between
That's a wide net to cast, boss.
What kind of anomaly?
Not quite sure. Not large enough
to be a craft. Humanoid, maybe?
Not the Vegan I killed?
No. Something else. I intercepted
some transmissions from last
night. GANYMEDES. Now, they
don't come down here for something
unless they absolutely think it's
Ah, Christ. I hate those
Then you better hop to it. Busy
day today for you two.
Ronan stands up, wiping his mouth.
Let's go.
Oh, Tommy. I need a new
What happ...? Never mind. Fine,
go and check one out.
                                         CUT TO:
Ronan and Ballari are sitting at a booth inside the
restaurant. It's more of the same, with walls that are wood


paneled, old blue/grey cushioned booth seats, and paintings
of the locals mountains on the wall. Ballari is shoveling
food into her mouth very unlady-like. In front of her is a
large plate of scrambled eggs covered in hot sauce, hash
browns, bacon and biscuits. Ronan is leaning back watching
her, drinking coffee.
Hangover food? You know, I find
it incredibly hot the way you eat.
She glances up from her plate, but doesn't say anything.
                       RONAN (con't)
Christ, I don't know how you eat
like that and manage to look like
you do. I don't know how you can
drink as much as you do for that
matter and still manage to be
upright, let alone shoot a gun.
It's a gift.
Want to talk about it?
Okay, so where do you suggest we
Well. We'll head into ONION
VALLEY, see if our Chronikers get
set off and go from there.
                                         CUT TO:
                                         CUT TO:


They are in a closed for the winter campground area. Some
snow has fallen, but it is mostly high up in the Sierra's.
Ballari and Ronan are walking around, holding out their
chronometers, searching. They both are shaking their head,
coming up empty.
                                         CUT TO:
Never gets old, huh?
What doesn't?
The view. It's spectacular. Ain't
nothing more beautiful then this
Yeah, I guess. Hard to say though
when I've never been anywhere
Ballari walks over to a collection of BOULDERS, and squats
down next to it. She's shaking her head. Her chroniker is
blinking, but not making any sounds.
Find something?
Yeah. Whatever it was, definitely
was here. But isn't anymore.
Trail is weak.
Huh. Definitely humanoid size.
Strange. You would think there
would be evidence of it's craft
around here.
Except Tommy's sensors didn't pick
up anything of craft size.
So where did it come from? Where
did it go?


Dunno. Maybe it was dropped.
                       RONAN (cont)
Or maybe it was always here and we
never caught it?
Well, whatever the hell it is,
could be anywhere right now.
Ballari reaches into her pocket and pulls out her phone. She
punches a number with her thumb and puts it to her ear.
Hey. We're here in Onion. Found
a sign of it, but trail goes cold.
Anything on your end? (pause)
Okay, we'll keep looking.
      (standing up)
What Howerton say?
Nothing new.
You sure this doesn't have
anything to do with what happened
at your place this morning? Bit
of a coincidence, don't you think?
It's too much of a coincidence.
Her voice trails off. She turns her attention back to the
peaks, just staring.
Stranger things have happened.
Yeah? Like what?
Like the fact that there are a
bunch of aliens snooping around
our planet here to begin with is


I think we need a change of
scenery. Too much ground to
Alright. After you.
                                         CUT TO:
Ballari and Ronan walk up to a new model small airplane, and
get inside.
                                         CUT TO:
Ballari gets in the pilot seat, and starts flicking knobs
and puts on a headset.
You're sober to be doing this,
The hell you think? I've been
driving up and down this damn
highway all morning. Now you
Buckle up.
                                         CUT TO:
                                         CUT TO:
They both are looking out their respective windows.


I'm going to head toward the
peaks, see if anything is crawling
up there.
Careful. Weather is
Ballari grumbles something incoherent under her breath.
There are storm clouds beginning to form. The plane looks
to be dangerously close to the peaks. Ballari is calmly
flying while looking around. The hit some turbulance,
causing the plane to bounce around. Ronan starts to fidget.
It is clear he isn't a fan of flying.
Anything on your side?
Not a damn thing. As if it just
up and disappeared.
Maybe Tommy's sensors are off. Or
maybe what he thought was
Ganymedes already picked up
whatever the hell it was out here.
Alright, let's head back.
                                         CUT TO:
They exit the plane and walk toward Ballari's car.
                                         CUT TO:
The sun is beginning to set and they have been driving in
silence for some time. The only sound is the rumbling of
the engine. Ronan's eyes dart around, he seems to be
uncomfortable about something.
Why do you suppose they like our
little valley so much?
Vast. Seclusion. High mountains
ranges nearly impossible for us to
maneuver around. Especially by


                       BALLARI (cont'd)
She yawns and cracks her neck, then reaches under her seat
and pulls out a flask. Ronan looks over at her, opens his
mouth to say something, then just decides against it.
                       BALLARI (con't)
Military from MOJAVE does a lot of
aerial exercises out here.
That's my point. With such a
heavy presence, why here? Aren't
they outing themselves to the
government? Serving themselves on
a silver platter?
Our illustrious government doesn't
know jack shit about them. They
think they do, and let them think
that. Think they have plausible
deniability or whatever shit.
Think they have the rights to the
secrets of the universe or
Aren't you contradicting yourself?
That is what we do, right? Keep
the public from finding out?
No, our job is to protect the
public from being taken, like they
have so many times before.
Roswell is their only bread and
butter. And because of their lies
and experiments, they got us into
this shit with the other races. I
tell you, they were lucky it was
those dumbshit band of OTAUKS that
crashed. They think that's all
there is, but our little friends
out there are a lot more cunning.
The others have a way of getting
around the military radar.


It's obvious she takes this very personally by her tone and
disdain for the military.
Balls, what happened that night?
What happened to you?
She just shakes her head.
      (under his breath)
But you can tell Howerton.
It's not like that.
What then? I've heard rumors,
stories. But you never talk about
it. I want to hear it from you.
The car speeds up the street toward the silhouette of the
hills. Being that it is winter, darkness comes quick.
                                         CUT TO:
That's why I do this, Rone. It's
for her.
a twelve year old Ballari awakens in her bed. It is the
same room she currently sleeps in. There are noises
downstairs. She looks over at the clock, it is 3:30 in the
morning. More noises. She decides to go and investigate.
When she reaches the foot of the staircase, she sees two
human type individuals. One of them is LEVITATING her
MOTHER, clad in a white cotton gown, about three inches off
the ground. There is a wood burning stove behind them, and
is about to flicker out. The shadows dancing on the wall
are ominous looking. Ballari tries to reach out, but is
frozen. She can't make a sound, either. The visitor she
had killed earlier in the day walks up to her. It smiles
and runs a finger across her forehead. She hears "Remember"
as if it was whispered.


                       BALLARI (con't)
And then they were gone.
Ronan doesn't say anything, just nods his head as the car
makes a sudden turn to the right up a dirt road.
You think about her much?
he slaps his forehead, immediately regretting that.
                       RONAN (con't)
Stupid, of course you do. I mean,
do you think you'll ever find out
what happened to her, or even get
her back?
I don't know. I won't stop until
I get her back, get some answers,
or die trying. And I just killed
the one who had the answer this
morning. Now it's lying on a slab
at Headquarters.
You mean to tell me?
Yeah. That thing was one of the
takers. It came back for me, at
least it looks that way. But I
don't know why.
I'm guessing because you've become
a great danger and they think
you're getting close to finding
out an answer? That and your
reputation for knocking them off.
Ballari just shrugs and shakes her head.
                       RONAN (con't)
Still, it doesn't make sense.
Howerton knows it. Vegans don't
abduct. That's a CEREN thing.
Hell, even a Ganymede would stoop
to that level if it needed to.
Well, this one did.


Unless it's not Vegan.
Well, maybe the lab techs will
find something out for us.
What happened to your dad?
Thought it was my fault. That I
was lying, protecting my mom or
whomever she ran off with. But
being a MAJOR in the Air Force, he
knew. He knows. No, first
chance he got, when I was of age,
he took a transfer in Nevada.
Haven't spoken to him in five
years, after Tommy found me. I
actually told my father what I do
for a living. That I was going to
find my mother. That I know more
then he does when it comes to the
outer reaches of our national
What did he say to that?
Major Jones said I was a liar. I
told him he was. That he knows
just what the hell was going on.
That he was in denial. That was
that. Found out later, they don't
know as much as they think they
Jones. So that's your last name?
Rivera-Jones. Dropped the hyphen,
dropped his name after that.
That why you started drinking?
If you saw someone you love get
taken, and if one of those things
physically touched you, literally
burning the memory of that day


                       BALLARI (cont'd)
with their sticky little fingertip
into your mind, you would get into
all kinds of shit to try and
distract your mind from it. Trust
She starts swallowing, and fluttering her lashes as if to
contain tears. Unscrewing the cap of her flask, she takes a
drink, then tucks it back under her seat. Ronan doesn't
know what to say, so he stares out the window as they motor
                       BALLARI (con't)
I know we do this because we've
all had our experiences, but...
                                         CUT TO:
The ragged spires of the Sierra Nevada mountain range look
like they scrape the night sky in the glow of the FULL MOON.
The trans am WEAVES through the road that snakes between
large boulders, kicking up dust in it's wake. Ronan tries
to lighten the mood.
                                         CUT TO:
Now that one there looks like a
Ronan smirks, pointing at a particular boulder.
Your observation skills never
cease to amaze me. All the rocks
out here resemble something
phallic to you.
Know what I'm thinking?
We're here for one thing only.


Nice night for camping. Yup, we
just pull on over in any of these
turnouts and...
The weather is unusual tonight.
Snow in the mountains, yet
suddenly it feels warm outside
when it shouldn't.
She suddenly hits the brakes, coming to a SKIDDING halt in a
flat, open and empty parking area. Dust dances around in
the headlights, which she quickly turns off. She points up
at their TWELVE O' CLOCK.
                       BALLARI (con't)
You see that? Sneaky little
From their POV, there is a red static light in the sky.
You sure that isn't just a plane?
Ballari rolls down her window, SHUSHING him with the
fingertip of her right hand.
It's not. Hear that?
Ronan listens for a few seconds, then removes her finger.
I don't hear a damn thing.
Exactly. Goddamn Ganymedes, think
they're so clever. It's out here.
We're close. You can bet your
ass they are here looking for
whatever it is.
What are you going to do?
Ballari reaches underneath her seat again, and pulls
something out that resembles a CATTLE PROD.


This. Kinda gives me a chick
chubby knowing what's about to
Wait, now. Sure you want to go
and stun them like that?
She aims the device at the red dot, ready to pull a trigger.
Suddenly,a FAST MOVING pale flash catches Ballari's eye in
her peripheral before she has the chance to pull the trigger
on the device.
She drops the device at her feet, and pulls out her gun from
behind her back. In the dark, she runs down a TRAIL toward
                       BALLARI (con't)
Ronan, come on, quick!
      (exiting the
Aw Dammit Balls!
                                         CUT TO:
Ronan running down the trail, TRIPPING over small rocks
several times. He stops about a hundred feet away, catching
his breath. Even though he is lean, he appears to be out of
shape. He glances in every direction, but can't see where
she went.
                       BALLARI (vo)
Hands up, now!
Balls, where are you?
                       BALLARI (vo)
How'd you get over there so quick?


                       BALLARI (vo)
Get over here and help me! Lost
him near the arch.
Ronan cuts across some VEGETATION. There are signs that say
OFF-LIMITS due to being a RESTORATION project. He's by her
side within seconds. Ballari is on her knees, leaning up
against a large rock. She is very still, as if holding her
breath. Her gun is drawn. Ronan sees her motion in a
SOUTHERN direction with her head. The pale flash is seen
again, running between smaller rocks. She takes off running
after it.
                       BALLARI (con't)
Hands up know, or I'll blow your
damn head off!
A NAKED and pale HUMAN LOOKING male creature appears from
behind the rocks. It is over SIX FEET TALL, TREMBLING,
bald, and relatively hairless. It is also lacking something
specially male. Ronan and Ballari CAUTIOUSLY walk up to it,
guns drawn. Ronan glances up at the sky, then back to
      (whispering to
They haven't moved either. Notice
Her eyes stay fixed on the creature.
Yup, saw that. Looks like we're
not the only ones chasing you.
The creature is still trembling, remains tight lighted, then
SHRUGS in agreement.
                       BALLARI (CON'T)
Now, raise your other hands.
A second pair of SPINDLY, PALE ARMS extends from where the
shoulder blades would be.
They both lower their weapons.
                       RONAN (con't)
What are you doing here?


I thought my human for was...Quite
precise. Yes quite precise.
Except you're missing one
important element, dipshit.
May I inquire what gave me away?
Ballari points at his crotch, then crosses her arms.
The fact that you're missing male
human plumbing parts was a
Yeah, meaning you have no tip.
You don't talk like an Otauk.
You're like the backwoods inbreds
of the galaxy. The special ones.
She eyes him with suspicion, raising her weapon again. Ronan
takes out a small device from his front pocket. He walks
over to it and runs it up and down SCANNING it.
Who are you? Ballari, there's no
record of this one.
What do you mean, no record?
She lowers her weapon HESITANTLY, then walks over to Ronan,
grabbing the device.
                       BALLARI (con't)
You're probably just using it
wrong, is all.
I am who they search for. Please.
You must let me go.


What the hell would Ganymedes want
with a bottom feeder like you?
Tell me, Ballari. Do you still
search for her? Do you watch the
sky in anticipation that she will
return? Night after night,
drowning your painful memories to
try and forget, but you cannot
forget can you. Does it still
pain you that your own father
blames you for her disappearance?
That he has abandoned you? Do you
want to know everything about what
happened to her?
Ballari BLANKS OUT. She looks stunned, dizzy, confused.
Ronan eyes here, then the creature.
Don't listen to it, Balls. He's
playing with you. (to the
creature) Stop mind-screwing with
her or I will shoot you!
How do you know?
Who are you? Why is there no
record of you?
I am not Otauk.
There is sudden burst of BRIGHT LIGHT. Ronan and Ballari
fall to the ground, as if they have been knocked
                                         CUT TO:
Ballari slowly sits up, noticing the sun coming up over the
mountains. They have been asleep since the night before.
She shakes her head, then taps Ronan. She reaches from the
front of her pants, pulling out her flask. Opening it up,
she takes a long drink. Ronan rests on an elbow, looking up
at her, confused. She offers the flask to him.


Want some?
Why the hell not.
He grabs it, still looking confused and finishes it off.
                       RONAN (con't)
What the hell happened? That's
like having the worst hangover
possible. Wait, did we camp out?
I remember saying that it was a
nice night for camping. But why
would we be just laying out here
in the dirt. Did we get drunk and
have sex and pass out?
What? No. Not sure what
She gets on her hands and knees to peek around the rock.
Ronan smiles, since her ass is in his face.
What are you doing?
He continues to stare at her ass.
Making sure the car was still...
She looks over her shoulder, catching him.
                       BALLARI (con't)
You staring at my ass?
It's in my face. Can you blame
      (ignoring him)
I just wish I could remember what
we were doing last night.
She grabs the flask back, and tries to take a drink. Nothing
comes out, though. Shrugging, she tucks it down the front
of her pants.


What's the last thing you
Driving. I remember driving up
here last night. Just don't know
Damn aliens.
What makes you say that?
Who else? Our memory has been
flash wiped. At least for those
last few hours.
He pauses, then his eyes grow wide. It's as if he realizes
something dreadful.
                       RONAN (con't)
I just had a horrible thought.
What if we've been out here longer
then we think? What if we've been
missing for days? What if
Ganymedes came down and did their
freaky alien shit to us?
Ganymedes! That's what we saw
last night. The light. In the
Aw crap. Think they probed us?
She doesn't appear convinced, pulling out her cell phone to
check the date and the time. She scrolls through her missed
calls and sees that there are four of them, all from
                       BALLARI (con't)
Well, the good news is, we've only
been asleep for a few hours. The
bad news is, we don't know if
we've been probed, although my ass
doesn't hurt. So, we can cross
off anal probation for me. And,


                       BALLARI (cont'd)
we've missed a bunch of calls from
Tommy. How's your ass feel?
Aw, crap. He's going to be
pissed. (He pauses) My ass is
Think he'll be more mad that I
took his bird for a spin without
asking or that he couldn't get a
hold of us?
      (standing up)
Probably a little bit of both.
I better call Tommy
She hits speed dial, putting the phone to her ear. SCREAMING
can be heard on the other end as soon as he answers.
                                         CUT TO:
Just where in the Sam Hill are
you? I've been trying to call you
all night!
                                         CUT TO
Sorry Tommy. We had a bit of a
run in last night. Memory wiped.
                       HOWERTON (vo)
Aw shit. Johnson with you?
Yeah he's here. We're fine,
thanks for asking.
There is silence on the other end, with a couple of muffled
voices heard.


                       HOWERTON (vo)
How soon can you get here?
On our way.
She hangs up looking at her phone, then to Ronan.
He wants us to come in.
That's all he said?
Pretty much.
We must be in pretty big trouble
then. You shoulda asked if you
could take his plane.
Ballari shrugs, then makes a face hinting that she is
There was someone there with him.
They were talking. It
Maybe it was MALLORY. She is a
little odd.
No. Not female.
You think he's in trouble?
Doubt it. Tommy can take care of
himself if he was. Come on, let's


They both slowly get to their feet, dusting themselves off.
Ronan reaches over to "help" Ballari dust her behind off,
but is rebuffed.
                                         CUT TO
Ronan and Ballari walking up the the car. They stare at the
skies for a moment then get in...
                                         CUT TO
Sure we can't stop by your place
first and...
Aw, come on. You don't even know
what I'm going to ask.
Either way, it's no. We need to
get to headquarters.
                                         CUT TO
                                         CUT TO
Ballari and Ronan exit the vehicle.
                                         CUT TO


Ballari and Ronan are laughing and appear animated stepping
off the elevator. Howerton is standing in office, facing
the elevator, hands on hips. Standing next to him, now
clothed, is the ALIEN they encountered at the boulders the
night before. Standing next to him is a COMPANION.
Wait, whoa. Hold on a second.
She recognizes it. Stopping dead in their tracks, Ronan
looks at Howerton, while Ballari raises her gun at the
What the hell is this?
Tommy. What is that jackass thing
doing here? He's the one that
flash wiped our minds!
Put down your gun, Balls.
Ronan raises his, aiming at the companion.
No. They have you under duress,
If they were Otauk, you think I
would be under duress? Come on!
You know those types are about as
sharp as a bowling ball!
Well then, what are they? And you
didn't answer the question.
Not under duress. They're
friendlies. They are here to help
I'm not buying that. (To alien
#1) You watch me? How do you
know about my mother? What do you
know about her?


Please. My name is Zen. this is
my companion, Dez. We are
Santa Maria! More pinche aliens!
Really? Jesus, just how many of
you illegals are out there?
We prefer non-citizens of your
planet. Or to be precise, future
The hell?
Ballari. Please lower your gun.
You too Johnson. I'm sorry, I
didn't tell you about them.
Wait, what?
What else are you hiding,
Zen is the one I first met. He
was my first contact. He's the
one that helped me set up the
border patrol. He's our backer,
our money guy, for lack of a
better word.
Ronan and Ballari look at him slack jawed, lowering their
What? You sure as hell didn't
think I was funding all this did
you? And the American Government
sure as shit doesn't know we


I just don't get this. Any of
Look. The Pandorans,are in
essence, humans. Us. The future
version of us.
What do you mean Howerton?
      (lowers gun)
Yeah, exactly, what do you mean?
And what about the second set of
arms? You have those just like
We do not. We are built very much
like you. However, we are able to
manipulate your mind and present
the looks and sounds of several of
our galactic neighbors.
How the hell can I be sure you
aren't manipulating our minds
right now, huh?
Not our intention.
Really now? I'm supposed to
believe that?
You know, come to think of it.
You all do look like some humans.
You know, Ballari, like those
Housewives on TV and the others
that have bad plastic surgery.
yeah. The weird high cheeks, the
over-filled injected lip look. The
over botoxed head. Strange.
Strange to you, perhaps. But in
our time, where we are. It is the
epitome of beauty. It is how we


                       ZEN (cont'd)
all look.
Ugh. I'll stay here, thank you
very much. So what do you want?
And why didn't you identify
yourself last night?
We came here to protect you,
Ballari Rivera.
What the hell do you care about me
to protect me?
Okay. Well, yes those were the
Ganymedes last night in the sky.
And contrary to what you believe,
that foreigner you killed last
night wasn't a Vegan. They are a
peaceful people...
Wait, wait, wait. No, hold on. I
saw the marking. The features.
That was definitely Vegan.
Balls, you know if it truly were a
Vegan, Galactic relations would
have been severely compromised, as
I had told you yesterday. But,
nothing. I reached out to them,
and they had never seen, nor heard
of this individual.
Ganymedes and Vegans share a
common ancestry, much like
yourselves and us. It isn't hard
or uncommon for them to mimick the
look and markings of a Vegan.
Yeah well, they can bite me.
When I encountered you last night,
I put a protective cloaking spell
over you and your partner. They
had honed in on your location. I


                       ZEN (cont'd)
was able to get their signals
mixed up.
They were here for you. They know
you pose a threat to them. You
are considered a great warrior up
there. You have several races,
namely the Cerens and Ganymedes,
very concerned.
Thank you. I guess?
I'm afraid a war is imminent
between their species.
And I'm supposed to care? I'm
sorry, but when it comes to the
going ons up there, my give a damn
is broken. Let them fight and
kill each other.
It does affect you. It affects
your planet. Our planet. Our
future. You see, there is
something here very precious to
them that they are looking for. It
is well hidden. The Vegans have
hidden it, and the Ganymedes covet
What is it?
We can't say.
What do you mean, you can't say?
You don't know, you won't tell us?
It means we are unsure. We are
only sure they seem to believe
this treasure they seek is located
somewhere in this valley.


Look guys. I've had my suspicions
for years that there is something
in our range up here that they
want. Or maybe they have a base.
You know this. Zen suspects this
as well.
Well, what's the problem then?
The problem, Ballari, is that
there will be a hostile takeover
of this planet by them and quite
possibly the Cerens. There have
been on-going peace talks between
those two.
Wicked bastards.
Yes. And I think they kidnap
humans because they want to know
how we run, essentially. What our
makeup is comprised of, how can
they mimic it. I think they are
trying to find out our composition
so they can adapt and take the
planet from us.
The Ganymedes and Ceren planets
are comparable to Earth. Except,
the oxygen and carbon levels are
So, what do we do?
Well, for starters, we need to
find whatever it is they are
searching for.
What about the body? Is it still
Yes. What about the body?


Zen over there is saying it's a
Ganymede, right? Maybe there's
clues on it? Where it's
Howerton sighs, crossing his arms.
All right. Why don't you two go
down to the basement, see if
Mallory has found anything out of
the ordinary.
Ronan rolls his eyes. Nothing in life lately has been
You know what I mean! Now get the
hell out of my sight!
The Pandorans stare at Ballari. She is becoming
You don't care for us much, do you
Oh really? What the hell gave you
that impression? My gun in your
face or the disgusted look on
Just remember. We are not your
enemy. We are here to help you.
I don't need or want your help.
Goddamn aliens. You all have any
idea the trouble all of you all
have caused? (pause) Come on
Ballari and Ronan head for the elevator, which opens just as
they approach. They get in, and the doors start to close
behind them.


Oh and Ballari? Next time, ask
before you take off in my plane?
Ballari curtseys just as the doors close
She's such a spitfire. Just like
her mom.
Zen and Dez glance over at Tommy, then to each other and
don't say a word.
                                         CUT TO
Ronan and Ballari step off the elevator and into the
makeshift MORGUE area. More of the same, clean white walls,
beige floor tiles. It's clean looking, not unlike your
typical morgue. Except this is where they bring the aliens.
On the slab lies the body of the one that Ballari shot.
Mallory, the lab tech is hunched over, looking at something
on the neck. Mallory is in her early 20's, has short curly
hair, wears glasses. Quiet, odd and mousy would be the best
words to describe her.
Oh hey Balls. Ronan.
Hiya there Mallory. So, anything
unusual with this one?
Yeah according to our visitors
upstairs, this isn't a Vegan.
Ballari stops in front of it, examining the head again. The
look on her face indicates that she does recognize that
They're right. Come here, take a
look at the marking.
Ballari and Ronan walk over to the other side of the body to
examine the marking. Ballari squints her eyes, noticing
something. She pokes her finger, wiping it across the neck.


The marking. Slight subtle
difference from Vegan convicts.
See that?
                                         CUT TO
It's very subtle. You wouldn't
know unless you were inches
Or from Vega. A Vegan would have
seen the difference immediately.
I've been telling you Balls, you
need to control that itchy finger
of yours.
Oh if it wasn't Balls, A Vegan
would have done this one in for
impersonating. They would have
killed it if it was a escapee as
well. Nope, she did them a favor.
Could have brought the war
between Gany's and Vegans right to
our doorstep.
      (To Ronan)
Ha! See?
Yeah whatever.
That's definitely the one...Or one
of the ones that came and took my
You were lucky. Who knows what
they wanted with you. I don't
know what I would do if I ever ran
into the Ganymede that took me.


They um, do a little...
Ronan makes a probing motion with his hands.
Oh gosh no. They like to do other
things. They did things to my
Mallory has a semi-crazed, semi-blank look in her eyes.
Ronan leans over to Ballari to whisper.
That explains a lot.
I'm sorry you couldn't get any
answers about her. Don't give up.
Question is, why was it coming
back for you?
I don't know. I'll find out. Come
on, I'm hungry.
Ugh. How can you eat after seeing
                                         CUT TO
Ronan and Ballari are standing on the back porch, staring up
at the mountains. He drapes an arm around her shoulder,
gently squeezing it. She smiles, but her gaze doesn't leave
the stars. In her left hand, she is holding a highball
filled with WHISKEY.
Thanks for telling me. About your
mom, that is.
She continues to stare at the sky.


You know, you're right. It really
is beautiful and quiet when we're
not out and about hunting aliens.
She reaches her right hand up to her shoulder, INTERLACING
their fingers. Ronan leans in closer, resting his head
against hers. He suddenly JERKS, as if a thought has
occurred to him.
                       RONAN (con't)
Hey, what if she's not even up
How do you mean? Where else would
she be?
Ronan grabs her glass and takes a drink. He points to the
What if they're keeping her up
there? Or in Red Rock? Or Fossil
Falls? They could be hiding her
in plain sight. Maybe that's why
they're constantly coming around
here. Making sure you don't find
that out.
She looks up at him, and they stare at each other for a
moment. She seems to be contemplating that idea.
But why? What would they want my
mom for?
                       RONAN (con't)
That's the million dollar
question. He said himself,
Howerton suspects the Ganymedes
have established some kind of
headquarters here on Earth. Quite
possibly up there. It makes sense,
doesn't it? What other business
would they have to keep coming
around? By now, the entire galaxy
pretty much knows who you were,
who you are now and what you do
for a living.


What other business would they
have you mean, then probing and
torturing humans, while sometimes
taking them? It's possible, I
She releases her grip from his fingers, and rests her palms
on the RICKETY porch railing.
Wouldn't the Pandorans mention it
to us?
They didn't mention your mom when
you asked. They didn't say a damn
thing about her either way. Sly
bastards they are. Hell, do you
think they are even trustable?
They're us. A more advanced us.
So they say. Tommy trusts them. I
have to trust Tommy.
They're aliens. They say they're
here to help us. To guide us.
Bullshit. I call bullshit on
them. (yells to the sky) I CALL
Ballari manages to crack a smile, then starts to LAUGH.
                       RONAN (con't)
Bottom line, you can't trust them.
None of that damn lot of them can
be trusted, Balls.
Okay, so who do I trust? My dad?
He left me. That worked out well.
My family in New York? They
don't give a shit about their
illegitimate relative.
You can trust me. Always. I will
always have your back.


You've had a little more then
Ronan smirks, then wraps his arms around her waist, nuzzling
her neck.
How about I have your back right
I said we weren't happening again.
What's happening? Nothing is
He trails kisses up and down her neck. It is obvious she is
powerless to stop him, and finally gives in.
That ain't fair. You know my weak
Come on, let's go inside.
                                         CUT TO
they appear to be watching them from an unk location close
She has a lot of anger and
That she does.
When do we tell her?
When it's time.


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