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The Unexpected Life of Calvin Gates - The Lost Hours (Pilot)
by Tania Penn (twistedwritertanita@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

Calvin Gates has been bitten twice -- by a zombie and a vampire. Now walking a fine line between those two lives, while still human with a weak heartbeat, Calvin tries to find a balance, possibly a cure as well as some answers to his unique situation.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


CALVIN GATES is in the woods, taking a piss. There are
sounds of GURGLING GRUNTS, and SNAPPING SOUNDS around him.
Before he can process what is happening, A ZOMBIE proceeds
to bite his leg. Calvin falls to the ground, WRITHING in
pain. There is a quick flash of something else, and just as
soon, the zombie is decapitated, and Calvin is BITTEN on the

Calvin's body seems to be going through SEIZURES. His
vision BLURRED. out of the corner of his eye, something is
laying beside him. The thing next to him is EMITTING a HIGH
Calvin turns his head to look at the creature laying beside
him. It is also convulsing. Calvin's mouth begins to FOAM,
his breathing ESCALATES, but he cannot seem to move.
You. Were...Tainted.
WHEEZING sounds escape Calvin's throat. He manages to slid
a hand across the dirt and touches the Vampire's face. It
appears to be in his late teens, like Calvin. It's also
JEANS. Calvin eyes register CONFUSION. It doesn't look
like one of the infected ones.

Calvin retracts his hand at the feel of it's skin. He
blinks his eyes RAPIDLY, as if trying to focus. He seems
Hey wait...What are you? What did
you do...
There is still GRUNTING AND MOANING. Calvin looks up at a
LARGE OAK TREE about TEN FEET away from him. The body is
against the tree, with the head sitting next to it, still
making noises. The sound of a HELICOPTER can be heard
passing over the trees.

Calvin looks down at his leg, which has just about healed


over. Still confused, his runs his hands over his face, and
his tongue across his lips and teeth. That's when he feels
He POKES at one of his canine teeth with a finger, PRICKING
IT. There is a dot of blood. Brushing the side of his
neck, he can feel TWO SMALL BITES. Calvin notices
something, and presses two fingers to his CAROTID, and
starts mouthing...one.........and waits. Over the course of
TEN SECONDS his heart has beaten twice.
Oh my God, oh my God. Um...My
name is Calvin Gates. I live at
406 Oakwood Drive. I'm seventeen
years old. I like surfing...
He pauses, and looks at the color of his skin. It has taken
on a slight greenish/grey translucent hue, like the stranger
beside him.
What the hell am I?
Calvin looks at his watch. It is SEVEN PM. He's out after
Oh crap, oh crap!
He stands up, and appears to be fine. The helicopter is
getting louder/lower. The HUMMING of engines can be heard
coming from Mullholland just above him. He starts heading
up the EMBANKMENT, and is surprised at how quick-footed he
is. He walks up to his MOTORCYCLE, and, now in the
sunlight, he notices his skin is slightly itchy. Calvin
grabs the LEATHER JACKET that was sitting on the seat of his

Over waves of heat coming up from the asphalt, there is a
CARAVAN of approaching HUMVEES. Calvin puts his helmet on,
since he has no idea what his face looks like.
                       SOLDIER #1
Hold it right there! If you can
understand what I'm saying, hands
up now or we will have to shoot


Guns are drawn, and Calvin raises his hands a little too
                       SOLDIER #1
Open your visor, son.
The soldier, RIFLE RAISED, approaches Calvin. Calvin flips
it open, but looks down at his feet.
                       SOLDIER #1
What's your name?
Calvin. Calvin Gates. I know,
I'm not supposed to be up here,
after curfew. Lost track of time.
Stupid, I know. (pause) Can I
close this thing? My eyes are
sensitive to the sun and I'll have
a hard time riding.
The soldier nods, and Calvin flips it down.
                       SOLDIER #1
Encounter anything unusual up
You mean an infected? No, no. I
just stopped to take a piss and
take in the view. that's all. I
was about to head home when I saw
you roll up.
                       SOLDIER #1
It's after curfew. We can take
you in. Especially since you
appear to be a minor.
Yes sir. Still in school. I'm a
senior at Pacific High. I live
only ten minutes from here.
Please, my mom is probably
freaking out big time.
the soldier stares at him for a moment, then lowers his
weapon. He makes a sweeping motion with his other hand.
                       SOLDIER #1
All right. Get the hell out of
here. But next time...


Yes sir. Thank you.
Calvin hitches a leg over the motorcycle and starts it up.
Kicking up dust, he quickly spins out of the turnout and
down the highway.
                                         CUT TO
The Vampire appears to MELT into a puddle of muck. A pair
of legs is seen next to the body.
                                         CUT TO
Calvin pulls up into the driveway
                                         CUT TO
PACING, CRYING, POTS and PANS slamming are heard coming from
the KITCHEN. Calvin's ten year old sister MELISSA comes
RUNNING to the front door.
Mom! Mom get over here!
Melissa runs back toward the kitchen. From Calvin's POV, he
looks into the entry way MIRROR. His face is ASHEN, RED
SPLOTCHES are on his cheeks, dark shadows under his eyes. He
looks like crap.
Missy, wait! It's me, I'm fine!
MRS. GATES comes running out of the kitchen, holding a
colander of ravioli. Upon seeing her son, she drops it to
the floor. The innards of the ravioli split open,
resembling BRAINS.
Calvin? (pause) Melissa run into
the bathroom and lock the door!


Mrs. Gates grabs a heavy candlestick next to her, and hoists
it over her head.
Don't come any closer, Calvin! Why
oh why!
Mom! I'm fine. I just got
tumbled by a wave. I know I look
like hell, but come on! I'm okay.
He takes a few steps toward her, but she doesn't lower the
If I was infected, how would I be
here talking to you, huh? How
would I have been able to ride my
motorcycle and find my way?
Seeing his rationale, she lowers the candlestick and hugs
Calvin, I was so worried!
She cups his face in her hands, and confusion registers on
her face.
Oh Calvin, you're so cold. Your
skin, it feels...
The water was just really cold
today, that's all.
Calvin grabs her wrists to lower her hands. She takes
notice of the color.
What's wrong with your hands?
You're always so tan Calvin.
I forgot my riding gloves. I'm
fine. Hey, what's for dinner? Or
was that it on the floor?


It was lobster ravioli with pesto
sauce. Looks like it'll be
takeout tonight. That's if
they're allowed to deliver at this
Sounds good mom. Do you need help
cleaning that up?
That's okay. Why don't you go
upstairs and shower.
All right. Hey, don't forget
about Melissa. Missy! You can
come out now.
Oh goodness. Almost forgot!
Melissa, he's okay!
Calvin turns to run upstairs...
                                         CUT TO
It's a typical teen boy's room, with clothes strewn about,
an unmade bed, desk and computer in the corner near the
window. Calvin shimmies off his jacket, throwing it on the
chair near the desk. He SNIFFS the air. Looking around his
room and inside the closet, he shakes his head then heads to
the bathroom.
                                         CUT TO
Linda, Calvin and Melissa are sitting at the kitchen table.
Since take out wasn't available, there is a variety of
leftover food on the table. Melissa is staring at Calvin
I'm really sorry about dinner
kids. I guess curfew hasn't been
lifted for businesses just quite


      (picks at plate)
It's Calvin's fault.
Now, now dear. It's not your
brother's fault.
He looks weird.
I do not.
Well, actually, your skin does
look a little peaked. Are you
sure you're not coming down with
Mom, I'm fine.
You look like an infected.
Honey, he is not, now just stop
Look at him. He doesn't look
right. You sound like Calvin, but
you don't look like him. You look
like dead Calvin.
Missy. I'm me. I'm fine.
Something's wrong.
Calvin is getting frustrated with this interrogation. He
stares into his sisters eyes.
Look at me Missy, I'm fine. There
is nothing wrong with the way I
look, okay?


Linda looks at Melissa, then Calvin strangely.
Wow. How did you get her to be so
Calvin decides to try his power of persuasion on his mom.
I'm fine mom. Okay? No more
talking about it. Let's eat.
Okay dear.
They all sit in silence, stuffing their faces. Calvin
starts to chew his food, looking satisfied. But once he
swallows, he looks uncomfortable. He starts GAGGING.
Excuse me.
He quickly gets up and runs out of the room. Sounds of
VOMITING can be heard.
I told you, you are coming down
with something. I'll clean that
up, go lie down.
                       CALVIN (vo)
Okay mom. (more heaving.)
                                         CUT TO
It's the next day, and Calvin is ringing the doorbell of his
neighbor and best friend, DILLON.
Dude, what the hell?
Even though early morning, Dillon is munching on a bag of
DORITOS. He's TALL and THIN, and a bit NERDY.


I need to talk to you.
Where were you yesterday? You
never showed up? And what is up
with your pale skin? Gross.
Dillon coughs Dorito dust all over Calvin's cheek.
Can I come in?
It's not a good look on you bro.
Dillon PAUSES, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his
You still sick? I called last
night and your mom said you were
Yes. I mean no. Kind of, I
guess. Dude, just let me in!
Calvin ducks underneath Dillon's arm and enters the house...
                                         CUT TO
You look like death man,
Dillon shuts and bolts the door behind him.
Yeah, well.
Calvin leans in toward Dillon, and INHALES the salty, cheesy
aroma coming from the bag.


I'd offer you some, but your mom
was saying you were tossing your
cookies last night. Stomach bug
or something. (Pause) You missed
some killer waves yesterday.
Calvin nervously PACES in the entry way of the house. In
the background, a TV can be heard.
Your skin looks so...Day of the
Yeah I know. Obviously I'm not
dead. Not really, at least.
Calvin removes his SUNGLASSES, exposing his eyes which are a
GREYISH COLOR, much like the infected one. Dillon's face
begins to contort, and the bag of chips fall to his feet.
Wha, wha, whats wrong with your
eyes? Those are contacts, right?
Look, I need to tell you
something. I don't know how to
explain this, but please...Don't
freak out.
Dillon takes a cautious step closer to Calvin, PRESSING the
skin on his face. He retracts and shrieks.
Your skin! It's so cold! You
look like...like...But you can't
be. YOu wouldn't be, couldn't be
talking to me right? Right.
You probably won't believe me when
I tell you, but please, I'm
begging you. You need to believe
me. I have nobody else I can tell
this too, okay?
      (raising voice)
Tell me!


Shh! Will you calm down? Where's
your mom? You'll wake her.
She's at the gym. It's just us.
Okay. First off, I have to
say...I'm not going to bite you,
okay? I have no desire to bite
Yeah, okay.
Okay. I need you to stay relaxed
when I say, I was bitten, but...
Ah! Aha! uh-uh, stay away from
me! Oh my god, I can't believe I
told you we're in the house alone.
Dillon FRANTICALLY looks around for a weapon, grabs a VASE
on the table next to them, and HOISTS it over his head.
Calvin starts to chuckle.
Really? I told you, I'm not going
to bite you. (pause) Like I was
saying, I was bit, but...something
else bit me at the same time.
What do you mean something else?
And at the same time?
Calvin opens his mouth to speak, then shuts it, He motions
with a finger to "hold on", then leans up against the wall
behind him.
I'm pretty sure a vampire.
Come again?
A vampire bit me.


A vamp...a vampire?!
Dillon CHOKES on his laughter, lowering his vase.
No such thing, dumbass! Ah, you
got me, right? This is some kind
of prank...You're getting back at
me for...
A few months ago, zombies were the
thing of horror flicks. And now,
we have a curfew and aren't
allowed to go into certain area's
because there are infected camps!
Wait a minute! I invited you in!
Oh crap, oh crap. You're here to
drink my blood aren't you?
Dillon is in EXTREME PANIC MODE now. He runs into the
                                         CUT TO
...and jumps on top of the couch.
You're going to kill me and drink
my blood and you're going to eat
my brains! My brains!
Would you shut up! It's still me,
relax. You're mom might kill you
though, for being on her nice
couch with your dirty-ass sneaks.
Dillon is still facing back and forth. Calvin reaches up
and grabs Dillon's wrist.
I'm not going to drink or eat
anything of you. Ick. Here, feel


Dillon is still, feeling the faint thump of a pulse. Then
another thump seconds later.
Wow. You still have a pulse. A
very slow one, which isn't normal
by the way. But you have one.
I know. I barely have one.
Dillon jumps off the couch, INTRIGUED.
You can't be a vampire dude. I
don't know what you are, but
you're not undead, right?
That's just it. I don't know what
I am. All I know is, I was riding
by the no trespassing zone, I had
to take a piss and next thing I
know, something bit my leg. Then,
a second later, I was bit on the
neck. Here, look.
Calvin turns his neck so Dillon can see the two faint PIN
This guy swoops in, lightening
fast, and separated her zombie ass
head away from her body. Then he
bit me. I don't even know how she
escaped the containment fence to
begin with.
Well, therein lies the reason for
the no trespassing zone. Obvious
security issues.
So, this vamp bites me right
after, then starts seizing right
next to me. He kept saying I was
Tainted? Because the infected bit


I guess. Then he just died.
Dillon feels the pin pricks on Calvin's neck.
What do you mean he just died?
Yeah he just died. Kept saying
tainted then died. Maybe because
the infected chick bit me first.
No shit?
No shit.
So, you crave...what?
In and Out. A taco. Dorito's.
I'm so hungry. But my digestion
is slow. I try to eat food, and I
can't. Obviously, makes me puke.
I could just lick that chip powder
off your fingers.
Please don't.
I don't crave blood. Or, brains.
At all.
You're like a Vambie.
A what?
A Vambie. A vampire/zombie
hybrid. Except, still kinda,
sorta human. Michael Morbius.


Comic books. He's a scientist
that turns himself into a living
vampire. You're better looking
I don't read comics!
You should read this one.
But you're saying I'm still human,
right? I mean, you're the smart
one...That's why I'm telling you
this. Can it be fixed?
You're human, but barely. Fixed?
Hell, I don't know.
Dillon gets up to turn off the TV, then starts tapping his
Hey, do you have any cool vampire
like powers?
I'm fast. And, I have uber
sniffing powers. I can persuade.
I convinced Missy and my mom to
stop saying there was something
wrong with me. Other then that,
I dunno. What are vampire powers
That's a start! Hey, try to
hypnotize me.
You know, like on TV! Make me do
something against my will.
I'm not going to do that to you.
What if I hurt you?


Naw, you wouldn't.
Oh, now you're so calm about this?
Just try it. Look into my eyes
and tell me to, oh I don't know.
Strip down naked and run down the
What? No way! What if I
accidentally send you off running
into the direction of the
infected? Forget it.
Okay, point taken. Are you super
strong? Why don't we test that
I don't know...I don't feel any
Wait...You were out in the sun.
Yeah, so?
Does it do anything to you?
I get a little itchy...Kind of
like an allergy. Nothing I can't
But you can't regular food.
I know! Have you tried blending
your food?


Yeah, yeah. Throw in some raw
meat, a little brain. Make a
fleshie milkshake. Throw some of
that, you know, cow blood that
comes in the steak packages.
      (lights up)
Hey yeah! Wait, no...I don't want
to eat anything raw. Gross.
Dude, your options are limited.
This might be your only recourse.
You're part vampire - vampires
drink blood. You're part infected
- they eat raw flesh. And you're
still human - we eat cow.
Worth a shot.
I think we have some eggs and
hamburger meat here. I'll make
something for you, might as well
Okay, what the hell. But just
warning you, if it doesn't work,
there's going to be an ugly mess
all over your floor if it's
anything like last night.
Which you will be cleaning.
(pause) No worries. We'll figure
this out.
Dillon SMACKS Calvin on the shoulder, then shakes off his
Whoa. That's like smacking stone.
                                         CUT TO


Dillon is blending up Calvin's concoction. Calvin is
making faces, but knows he doesn't have a choice at this
point. It's a little thick, so Dillon opens the fridge and
grabs a carton of milk.
You lactose intolerant?
Never was. Who knows about now.
Put it in, I'll probably get sick
either way.
All righty then.
The concoction is creamier now. Dillon grabs a glass,
pouring the PINKISH-YELLOW drink in a glass.
Bottoms up.
Ugh! Smells disgusting.
Looks like brains. Pinch your
nose so you don't smell it while
you drink.
Calvin takes a CAUTIOUS sip -- He shrugs, then downs the
entire glass.
So? you gonna hurl?
Calvin's eyes are darting around, as he waits.
No, I think 'I'm okay. You know,
that wasn't half-bad, thanks.
They both stare at each other for a few moments.


I think you should tell your mom.
No way!
But she's a nurse. She's been in
the military. Maybe she knows of
something that can help you.
If she knew of something that
could help me, don't you think
they would have used it on the
infected? No, bad idea.
How about the National Guard?
Are you kidding? Even worse! Who
knows what they'll do to me. Lock
me up with the other infected in
their camps? Do tests on me? No
You got a point. We need to do
something with you, though. You
look like crap. You can't go to
school like that tomorrow. (pause)
Hey speaking of point.
Do you...?
Dillon opens his mouth, tapping at his own canines.
Oh, yeah. Don't freak out, okay?
Calvin opens his mouth, pressing his tongue to the roof of
his mouth to activate his FANGS.
Here, see?


What am I looking at? Other then
it looks like you haven't brushed
for a week?
Look at my canines. They're
there, but small. Here look
Dillon leans in and sees the small needles extending from
his canines. There is also an ORANGE liquid coming out of
the tips.
What's that?
Dillon touches the baby fangs and gets a PRICK.
Oh shit! Oh no, am I a vamp now?
Dillons starts jumping up and down PANICKED again.
Here, give it to me.
Calvin grabs his finger and sucks on it.
Wait, no! What are you doing?
I think it's like a venom, like a
rattlesnakes. So, I was sucking
the venom out of you just in case.
Wasn't much at all, though.
Okay thanks, Edward frikkin
Cullen, for that. (Pause) Guess
you can't judge a vampire by the
size of their fangs.
Ha frikkin ha, Dil-do!
Just teasing, calm down.
Sorry. Still trying to figure
this out. You know what I need?
To ride some choice waves. To


                       CALVIN (cont'd)
feel normal for a few hours, what
do you say?
Sounds good. Still, we need to do
something about your skin before
we go out in public.
As long as I keep my body covered
up, I'm golden. I'll grab my
Yeah, but your face. You're a
total butter face now.
Screw you!
Seriously, with your goth looking
eyes and greyish corpsy skin,
you'll never get SAMANTHA to go
out with you now! Hell, I have a
better chance of getting with her.
I don't look like bad.
Dude, you're in denial. It's bad.
Well, what do you suggest I do?
For starters, we can try some
makeup. Might make you look like
a corpse in a coffin, though.
Maybe a spray tan? And you're
going to need some contacts. I
know this place where they sell
Halloween contacts, might be able
to find some there.


I don't know if we can get them
today. So you should play it safe
and stay home sick tomorrow.
You're right. But first, we surf.
Show me.
Show you what?
How fast you are! Come on, I
won't tell any...
Before he finishes his sentence, Calvin is at the other end
of the kitchen, perched on top of the counter.
Awesomesauce! Hey I just thought
of something. If that guy that bit
you died, there for sure would be
others out there, right?
Other vampires?
Yeah. He wouldn't be the only
one, right? Hey, what if he has a
maker or master? Do you think
you're in danger?
A maker...
Yeah. Maybe there's a head
vampire and he'll be looking for
Huh. Do you think that's a good
or bad thing? That's if, if there
is someone else out there.
Can't say. But at least, maybe
you can get some kind of answers?


                                         CUT TO
Vampire SEBASTIAN HITCHCOCK is sitting in a tree in Dillon's
backyard, watching the boys with great interest.
                                         CUT TO
Dillon and Calvin are sitting on their boards, bobbing in
the surf.
Hows that sunblock working? Your
skin itch?
Seems to be alright. Not itching,
Hey, so I have a ques...
Dillon is cut off by the CIVIL DEFENSE SIREN. Soft billows
of beige and grey smoke ASCEND from the mountains to the
east of them.
I wonder how they determine if
they are really dead to do that. I
mean, they are dead, but not
really. Why are they kept alive?
And for how long?
Trying to find a cure I guess?
I just wonder how they determine
how they go into the fire.
Maybe after several tests. Who
knows. I don't want to find out.
Think it'll ever end?


It has too, right?
They look behind them, trying to find a good wave to catch.
But they are small ones that keep cresting.
Waves suck today. Much better
yesterday. Sorry man.
Well, damn.
Oh yeah, so I have a question.
Do you think the infected and
vampires take a piss?
All that stuff they ingest has to
go out somewhere…But they're dead,
right? The infected are stone
cold, should be six feet under,
filled with embalming fluid kind
of dead. Yet they walk around,
biting the unfortunate ones they
have run into. How do they digest
that? Do they take a crap? Do
Do. I. What?
Go to the bathroom? Do
Christ, Dil. Yeah, I mean barely.
It's only been a day. It is
weird, different. Hard to
How so?


I'm not going to discuss how I
take a crap okay? It's just
different. Leave it at that.
Fine. Confide in your best friend
that you're some anomaly of a
human/vampire/zombie, but don't
confide to me how you take a dump.
(Pause) Does it hurt?
Curfew will be in a few hours.
Sorry about the suck ass waves.
Yeah. Let's just ride this next
one in.
Looks to be a foot high one.
Killer. We're living on the edge.
Shut up.
Dillon stands up ready to catch the ripple, but is knocked
off his board. Calvin can't help but laugh.
Let's just paddle in.
Dillon nods, then HOISTS himself onto his board.
What do you say we go up there and
check it out?
What? The culling of the
infected? I don't even think we
can see anything.
I've heard there's a spot by the
fence where you can get a good
look at them.
They start paddling toward shore.


Yeah but is it safe? You think
the guard would actually let
anyone get that close?
Worth a shot. Waves suck, we have
time before curfew. It's only a
few minutes up the road. (Pause)
It's not like they can kill you.
Yeah, well, you're not exactly
Sure I am! I've got you. Anything
happens, you can use your super
vamp powers to get us out of it.
My super vamp…And if the guard
sees us, then what? See me
running down the hill at
lightening fast speed with you on
my back won't seem a bit
suspicious to them?
You just persuade them then. Come
on! We've got nothing else to do.
Yeah I guess. Alright, you drive.
                                         CUT TO
Calvin and Dillon are at "THE HILL", along with a few other
CURIOUSITY SEEKERS, standing around a chain link fence.
There's a second ELECTRIFIED fence topped with BARBED WIRE
on the inside. People laugh as INFECTEDS walk into the
electrified fence and get ZAPPED.
Man, that's gotta be the worst
smelling barbecue ever! Salt
air, decamp and sizzling zombies,


How do you think I feel?
OH yeah, your super sonic sniffer.
Sucks to be you right now.
Ya think?
A guy being dared by friends behind Calvin and Dillon walks
up to the fence and immediately vomits at the stench. Calvin
looks around, noticing that the outer perimeter of the fence
is caked in vomit.
Look at all that.
Dillon covers his nose, and starts to dry heave. The sounds
of heavy sobbing come up behind them. It's a WOMAN in her
Oh my Benny!!! How did this
happen Benny!
She appears to be talking at one of the infected who was
zapped, and obviously doesn't recognize her. She turns
away, sobbing.
Sucks. I don't know what's worse
for them…A funeral or having to
see someone they love like this.
Dillon nods his head in agreement, trying to keep from
vomiting. A group of kids around TEN YEARS OLD, start
taunting the infected on the other side of the fence with
long branches.
                       KID #1
Zombie whack a mole!
This just isn't right. Come on,
let's get out of here.


Turning to head back down The Hill, Calvin notices a GROUP
OF SOLDIERS walking between the two fences, out of his
peripheral. The Soldier that stopped him is one of them.
Calvin puts his sunglasses back on and his hoodie over his
What is it?
That soldier there. Saw him when
they stopped me on Mullholland.
So? We're not trespassing, we're
                       SOLDIER #1
      (To Calvin)
What's up man?
                       SOLDIER #1
You're the one from the other day.
What are you doing here?
Everyone hangs out here. It's the
thing to do. I mean, look around.
A few of us on this side huddled
like rounded up like cattle
watching the cattle on the other
side of the fence. Wondering if
someday we may end up being over
                       SOLDIER #1
That's pretty sick, don't you
think? And, I was talking to your
friend here.
Calvin opens his mouth to say something, until he hears what
sounds like someone talking in his head.
Walk away Calvin...


What? You say something Dil?
No. (To soldier) I think it's
sicker that you all have these
people locked up like animals,
then just burn them up after
probably doing experiments on
them. That's what's sick!
The soldier looks around at the infected, then at the people
Tell him you are leaving now. Walk
      (To soldier)
We're leaving now.
                       SOLDIER #1
Get out of here. Now! (to crowd)
Time to leave, everyone disburse
yessir. (To Dillon) Did you hear
Hear what?
It was like a voice in my head.
Well if it was in your head, how
am I supposed to hear it, dumbass.
The voice told me to walk away.
Which is what we're doing. (lowers
voice) How do you think it got
What got out?


      (whispers lower)
The one…The one that bit you?
There's got to be a gate, right?
That get's the infected in and
They continue to walk, Dillon takes off his glasses and
cleans them with the hem of his t-shirt.
I guess there would be.
What if, every so often, one is
accidentally let out to spread the
I guess it's possible. But why?
I think that guy there has
something to do with it.
You know how many soldiers are up
Yeah, but Cal. He was on the road
at the same time you were there.
They knew an infected was
released. They were probably
tracking traffic up there. Hell,
they probably saw your motorcycle
go up Mullholland, set one loose,
it bit you. They didn't plan on
seeing you alive, or whatever it
is you are right now.
Yeah I guess. But why?
Who knows why? the government
likes to do freaky shit
experiments. Maybe they are
trying to find a cure, and when
they run out of bodies, they need
to get fresh ones in.


That's just wrong.
Yeah, well. It's the government.
That's why you need to talk to
your mom...
No way!
She works for them. She might
have answers.
Yeah, like she's going to tell me!
Let's do some recon and go find
the gate!
What is that going to prove? We
could get caught.
Not trying to prove anything.
Well, maybe a little…but I'm
bored, come on!
They head in a SOUTHEASTER DIRECTION, following the path of
the fence. Stumbling over rocks and through thick
vegetation, they come to a DEAD END - the fence meets a high
granite wall.
We can climb over it.
And then what? No, too dangerous.
Wuss. Fine, let's try another
Dillon picks up a LARGE BRANCH, tapping the fence before
going around the granite wall. The boys zig zag around
several boulders and through brush. Calvin stops to smell
the air. They come upon the end of the chain link fence. It
has a small NO TRESPASSING sign. The interior electrified
fence isn't on this end.


Your handy dandy super sniffer
getting a whiff of anything?
I don't smell anything, other then
your stink…And a squirrel.
This doesn't look very secure.
Look at that post. How hard would
it be to slide on through it?
Not very hard.
Calvin glances around trying to find any evidence of
security, traps, or cameras.
Now what? It seems reasonably
safe. I don't smell or see
We explore.
Dillon SHIMMIES through the fence, and is now on the
infected side.
Dude! What are you doing? What
if an infected comes up?
You'll smell it before it's here.
Throw me over your shoulder and
we'll haul ass!
Or I'll just leave your ass for a
Adventure awaits!
Dillon is GLEEFUL, running.
                                         CUT TO


They stop at the entrance and LISTEN. It's dark, with just
a small PINPOINT of light at the other end. They can only
hear droplets of water.
Nothing unusual. Just smells like
mold, moss and tin. Come on, I
think it's all right.
                                         CUT TO
Dillon is sliding in the muck, but Calvin is traversing
though the tunnel with ease.
Christ, I feel like I'm ice
skating here. Why aren't you
sliding around?
Part vampire. Duh. Almost there.
They make it to the end of the tunnel and exit...
                                         CUT TO
The chapparell is more ABUNDANT on this side, along with
wildflowers. Calvin and Dillon notice a EUCALYPTUS TREE
next to them, the bark peeled away in a strange manner. It
looks like claw marks. Calvin walks up, touching and
smelling the tree.
Looks like someone or something
has been trying to climb their way
Mountain lion.


Kitty using the tree as a
scratching post?
Or kitty was afraid and trying to
get the hell out of dodge.
On the bright side, it doesn't
smell fresh. Look, there's the
second fence again.
Dillon walks up to it, with his hand extended.
Check this out.
Calvin slaps Dillon's hand
It's electrified dumbass!
Remember? We're standing in a
puddle. That'll stop your heart
for sure.
I want to try something.
Dillon steps out of the puddle and onto a patch of dry dirt.
He touches the fence with the back of his hand.
Interesting. Minimal shockage.
What does that mean?
You know my uncle's cattle ranch
in Bakersfield? I've touched that
fence by accident a few times...
Explains a lot...


I'm going to ignore that. Anyway,
his fence, the amperage feels
stronger then this one.
So you think, if there was a grave
concern to keep these things from
going out in public, the fence
would be stronger?
Yeah but, we saw a few get zapped
and fry a bit.
But what if they are able to
learn, or worse, you get a rogue
one that doesn't get zapped? It
makes it's way through a hole or
gap in the fence, moseys along
until it finds fresh meat. (pause)
Maybe that's what happened to
you? And if one is able to get
They'll all get out.
Exactly. Dude, nobody is safe. I
don't know how it is in the other
cities with the other camps, but
here…Don't you think the guard
allows business as usual here? We
can go to school, hang
out…everything is normal, except
for this and the mandated curfew.
Maybe they don't even know there
is a breach here…Maybe we should
tell someone.
But what if…They want everyone to
become infected?


Be mindful, Calvin.
You didn't hear that?
No, you hearing things again?
He's coming. You must leave.
Who's coming?
What the hell are you talking
Heed my warning! Now!
God, get out of my head!
You're scaring me.
The voice! It's that damn voice
again. He's telling us to leave.
That he's coming.
Well then maybe we should listen
to the voice.
Calvin, get up get up get up!!
Someone is coming!


Dillon grabs Calvin by the elbow, hoisting him to his feet.
TWO SOLDIERS round the corner, guns drawn.
                       SOLDIER #2
Hands up where we can see them, or
I'll shoot!
Now would be a good time to do
your vampire thing, Cal.
                       SOLDIER #2
You are trespassing on government
property. This is a no civilian
zone. Turn around!
The two soldiers run toward the boys
                       SOLDIER #3
Turn around. Hands up, now!
Reluctantly, Dillon and Calvin do as their told.
                       SOLDIER #2
You. (To Calvin) What's wrong
with your skin? You don't look
right? You infected?
We uh, wanted to see those things
up close. For Halloween.
                       SOLDIER #2
Yeah, he was messing with the
texture and makeup and we wanted
to see if we were getting it
                       SOLDIER #3
Halloween is five months away.
I like to prepare in advance.
Captivate him, Calvin. It's your
only chance.


Dammit! Stop it.
The voice?
      (in his head)
Can you hear me?
Yes. Now do it. More are coming.
Calvin removes his sunglasses, looking directly into the
soldiers eyes.
                       SOLDIER #3
What the hell is wrong with your
eyes? What are...
He raises his rifle. Calvin puts a hand on both of their
You need to lower your gun and go
back to your unit. There is
nothing to see here. You never
saw us.
                       SOLDIER #2
Okay son. Be careful out there.
They turn, one of them on the radio saying codes that the
perimeter is secure.
Wicked cool! That was awesome.
Let's get the hell out of here.
                                         CUT TO
That was close.


You alright? I mean, other then
the obvious.
Just…Who keeps talking to me?
Trying to protect me. Am I going
crazy? What if I'm dying or
I think you're already worse. No
I'm serious. I've only been like
this for a day now. What if I
don't wake up tomorrow? What if
the undead part of me takes over,
like right now? I could kill you
and not mean to.
Do you feel like your dying? I
mean, any more then you
are…have…crap I don't know.
Calvin begins to have a PANIC ATTACK, looking at his hands.
Whoa man! You're not getting
like, all infected-undead like on
me, are you?
What the hell am I going to do?
How am I supposed to live...
Or not live?
Shut up! This isn't funny! This
is my life…And not a word about
that either!
Just relax. But I mean it, I
think you really need to tell your
mom something. She is a nurse and
maybe she can help you.


How am I supposed to tell her
Tell her while doing your vampire
voodoo hoodoo on her.
I've already done it once. And
besides, I don't know how
dangerous it is, or if it is.
Have you done it to me?
What? No, of course not.
You could be lying and I would
never know.
It's only been a day. I told you
about my situation just hours ago.
You're the only one in the entire
world who knows what has happened
to me.
You could be lying about that too.
Just please…Help me out here by
not being so damn annoying. This
is possibly the worst thing that
has ever happened to me.
Or you could see it as the best
You nuts! I don't think there is
anyone out there in the world like
Exactly. Embrace it. You have
super speed. You can persuade
people to do what you want. You
have any idea how powerful you
are? Man, the things I would


                       DILLON (cont'd)
You don't want this. Trust me.
We'll figure something out. Let
me work on getting those contacts
for you. Tell your mom your not
feeling good and go upstairs to
your room. I'll call later.
Thanks dad.
Calvin exists the vehicle. Dillon looks up at Calvin's
window, thinking he sees something. It disappears. he
shakes his head and...
                                         CUT TO
Calvin waves as Dillon drives off. He heads to the front
door and..
                                         CUT TO
Mom I'm home. Shouldn't have gone
out, Still not feeling good so I'm
going upstairs to rest.
Melissa is walking down the stairs.
Tell mom I'm not feeling good,


                                         CUT TO
Calvin lets out a deep exhale, throwing himself on his bed.
He doesn't notice Sebastian standing in the corner.
Now, now now. My dear boy.
Sebastian is BRITISH and has a deep, GUTTERAL sound to his
voice. His appearance is MENACING.
What the?!
What to do with you. Can't eat
you. Surely, I can't kill you.
Who the hell are you?


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