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The Necklace
by albert capehart (libertystars2012@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: *

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Allen and Eve was sitting on a log by the lake,and in Allen
hands was two heart ship nicklace.
come on!!! it's not goodbye. by
the way. i will always be right
next to you. all you have to do is
hold this and think about me. and
i will be doing the same.
turning her face from him with a sad look on her
face.holding the necklace from him and with a watering
eyes.holding him like it was no tomorrow
but why nigerian army? why can't
you just still here in liberia
with us.its just the same army
      (pull away still
       holding her by
       the showers)
Eve i know its the same army but
the pay is more in nigera
how long will you be gone for than
i don't know yet but am leaving
tomorrow. will you be there to see
me off?
i will try my best to make it.i
will be going to the USA soon with
my family
i got a brother out there. my
older brother. i have not seen him
for long now. if he was here
everything will be ok


i will miss you Allen
i will miss you too. make sure you
never lose this chain, i will find
you one day. i love you
i love you to
in saying goodbyes with a kiss on the lips. holding each
other like there is no tomorrow.
Eve has grown up and got marry to Allen brother in the U.S
not knowing it was his brother
that morning Eve and her husband Jimmy was at the dinner
table eating breakfast.some eggs and tea with toast. Jimmy
was ready for work and Eve was ready for he everyday turn
around the house.at the table holding his cup in his heans.
Jimmy said
honey thanks for the food it was
you are welcome my love
i don't want to be leat for work
today so i better be going now.
which the new boss they got
everybody has to be on time
let me get your bag
getting out chair and leaving the dinner table.she walked to
the leaving room where his bag was siting on the chair.
was standing by the door waiting for Eve she came head him
the bag kissed him and said her goodbyes
love you


love you more
i will call you when i get to
work, have a good day babe
walking out the front door Jimmy got into his car and pulled
out the parking
Eve when back into the house,made sure she cleaned the
house,got in her car
Steve in the shower singing, and Scarlet in the birthroom
standing by the door putting on her make up.
are going to still in there all
am taking a shower, what now
all your friends are at work and
what are you doing taking shower.
what kind of man are you Steve?
what are you talking about.i do
work. is it not my money that pays
the bill?
get a job a real job.
rolling her eyes and walking out the birthroom
steve getting out the shower with no cloths on walking and
room. standing in front of scarlet, she looking at him up
and down
now what where you saying?
if its was not because of your sex
I will be gone


you got that right.. now get dress
because you have to drop me off..
walking away from in front of her. she looking at his butt
Jimmie sitting in his office working on the computer. when
Scarlet walked in his office and sitting on the table.
what are you doing? this is the
what make this day any diff from
all the other times you had me
right on this table?
what if my wife shows up her? and
see you like this
don't you want me? yes or no?
I do. but we can't keep doing
this.lets go to the hotel
I like it right here. its more
Jimmie started kissing all over nick
after they got done doing something he got the phone to call
his wife. Scarlet putting on her cloths and leaving the
office. giving him air kiss
after her day to day time at the gym. she got back to the
house took a shower. looking for her ring,the chain from
long ago that Allen had given to her fall on the floor.she
got down holding in her hends. she had a look back into the
pass,to the moment when Allen said i will always be with
after she put it back on her nick and when on with her
business in the living room. siting in the living room her


cell phone was ringing it was Jimmy calling from work.she
took the phone off the table answer
hey honey. How's work going?
Jimmy in the office
      (on phone)
work is same old same old.how is
your day going?
just got out the shower babe.
what do you got on?
wait til you get home big boy
don;t forget after work i will
come get you. you know we have to
go get my brother from the
airport, he is coming in today.
how can i forget that.i hope he
likes me
this is his first time in the U.S
after the war the army had no use
for them so they send him her
: i will be ready babe.
i got to get back to work will see
you. Bye I love you
love you to.
Allen walking to get his bag, steve seen him walk up to him


you in the army brother?
yes I was but not anymore,
you just got in?
yes, do you know where I can find
my bag?
come on I can show you,by the way
if it not for you boys in the
army. than I got to go to war. its
a good thing your doing out there
you welcome
just go right over there and wait
your bag will come on that thing
by the way here is my number call
me sometimes if you need anything
walking away
In the car Eve and Jimmy got to the airport parked the car
and when in to find Allen.
Allen was standing in the airport with his army cloths on.
Looking like he was lost.
When he saw his brother. They had a happy time together.
Huge each other with faces laugh.


wow look at my brother, you all
grown up now wow.is this really
wow brother you also got big. Look
at your hair and what do they call
Eve standing there with a smile on her face
sorry. Brother I want you to meet
someone, Eve come meet my brother
Gus.Gus meet my wife Eve
she is beauty full brother. You
did well for yourself. It's nice
to meet you.
let's go we got more time to talk.
Let me help you with your bag
it's been long.25 years now. So
this is the powerful US everybody
keep talking about here?
this is just one part there is
more to see, we are going to have
so much fun now you are here
just make sure your save some of
the fun for me now
They all smile together
They got in the car leaving the airport.
They pull up in the drive way
Allen was like


this is your house?
yes, home sweet home brother, you
are going to love it here,
what I want, is some of African
food your got here
you came to the right house than,
Eve makes the best African food
around here
Siting in the back
anything you want I can make it
for you.
just make sure you make some for
me to.
you don't have to worry brother
when am done there will be no food
lift for you
I believe you. Honey don't see
this guy like this oh he can eat
Parking in the drive way they got out the car, took the bags
from the back Eve when and open the door.
They walked in the house Allen took one look at the inside
of the house and when
wow. You did do well for yourself
together brother we can make it
better, am so happy you are home
now. Eve will show you to your
room, I got some work to do in the


I just got here, and you leaving
man you never change
Jimmy and Allen huge each other and.
Eve will take good care of you; we
still got the weekend to have fun
ok than
don't worry Gus I will be nice
Jimmy kisses Eve and walked to the door, opening the door
I will see you guys tonight around
let me take you to your room.
Walking up to the room she opens the door putting the bags
hope its ok for you I did my best
in setting it up
it's better than what I had back
in the army
than its set than. I will be down
if you need anything feel free to
call me
thanks for my brother


Than Eve walked out the room and close the door, standing in
the room Allen looked around the room, he took a sit on the
bed. Falling back on his back
It was around seven that evening Jimmy pulls in the drive
way getting out the car opening the door to his house.
That night Jimmy and Eve were getting ready for bed walking
to the bed getting in it
so how did he like the room?
I think he loves it, he been
sleeping the whole day, the army
was hard on him
yes it was, a kid his age in the
army was hard at the time, having
to leave all you know was hard
wow that's sad, I hope he likes
the new life here all that is over
he can start over
      (Turning to Eve
       Jimmy kiss her
       and said his good
good night babe
good night
scarlet and steve in bed scarlet got her phone and start to
dal Jimmie number
who are you calling at this time
of night?
get a job like a real man than I
can answer you


steve looking her like she was out of her mind
Jimmie phone starts to ring over and over again
but honey answer your phone.
      (looking at the
its no body. just the job calling.
thats how they get you, when I
answer this phone right now its
more work
back in scarlet house she keep calling but no answer, she
got mad and got out the bed
so what did he not answer?
pls don't start with me tonight or
you will sleep outside
so that why you don't want to get
marry.to be calling your friends
them husband at night, let me go
to sleep. just make sure he pays
you this time
scarlet walking out the room.
It was morning that Eve enter the kitchen put some tea on
the stove, and set up the table with some tea cups and
apples and orange making breakfast.in making breakfast that
morning Jimmy walked in the kitchen ready for work. He
walked to Eve kissing her on the lips saying
morning babe. How was your night?
wonderful honey, how did you


I feel like a baby
Eve looked at him and laugh, Jimmy when and took a sit at
the table, taking morning newspapers to read.
: is Allen still sleeping?
I don't think so; I can hear the
shower running
go try and call him down for
ok, help yourself to some tea
Eve lift the kitchen, when she got in front of Allen she
knock the door three times. But there was no answer.so she
decided to open the door to let him know in the shower.
right when she open the door Allen had just got out the
shower and was coming to open the door in his (t).right when
she walked in she was shy, taking a look at his body with
the water running down his body.so she put her head down.
Pulling away.
am so sorry I knock but there was
no answer, wanted to let you know
that your breakfast is ready
its ok, I was in the shower just
got out, as you can see
Keeping her head down Eve turned around and walked at the
room closing the door. And standing in front of the door
taking in a deep breath.
Five minutes later Allen came walking into the kitchen,
Jimmy and Eve was sitting around the table eating breakfast.


I hope you like eggs brother,
because she killed this one
stop playing
all this for me? Its gonna take me
some time to get use to all this
so Gus how was the army like?
the army can do things to a man,
he will never forgets,
who woulden like to travel the
world.if I was back home I will
had enter into the army to.
honey the was you like life, you
can not make it in the army
And they all laugh out loud
anyways I got to get going see you
guys after work, and Allen Eve
will show you around today.
tomorrow my day off for the
weekend so we can have some fun
will hold you on to that
Kissing his wife goodbye Jimmy walked out the door.
It was morning Allen was sitting in the kitchen at the table
drinking some tea,when Eve walked into the kitchen all
dressed up ready for the market. she when up to him standing
by the door way.
good morning


      (Then Allen looked
       up at her and
good morning
am going to the market to get some
food, will you like to come with?
I will love to.it was will nice to
get out for a change
I will be waiting in the car
ok let me put on some closth
Eve walked to the door open it got in the car, after three
to four mins Allen came walking out the door locking it and
getting in the car.
Driving on the way to the market In the car
so how do you like it so far?
its ok,I can tell you its better
than where I was, that's for sure
why did you get into the army if I
may ask?
at the time I was all long back in
Africa when my brother lift to
come to the states. the only
parson I had was my good friend,
who I have not seen for years
I once use to love someone back
than but he when off to the army
too and that was it
she was everything to me we did
everything together


wow but what happen?
the army that's what happen
whats her name I may know her
Just when eve said that a car came crossing in front of them
taking her away from the conversayion. In a loud voice
what the hell man, don't you
fucking know how to drive.
      (Than she turned
       to Allen and said)
are you ok?
am fin, are you ok?
sorry people just don't know to
drive any more
Allen looked at Eve
There we go.
allen and eve in the market walking around when Scarlet seen
them coming and called out to eve
Eve turn around
they ran to each other
hi girl, how are you
am ok, long time no see


hows everything with you and
its ok, you know how it is when
you loving to men who don't want
to grown up..so who is this?
oh sorry, Scarlet meet Allen my
husband brother
how are you?
good. nice to meet you
so Eve hows your husband. what's
his name again?
he's good he is at work right now
I say that's how its should be,
what are you talking about again
all steve do is walking around
doing notting..I got to do
everything in the house
talk to him
everyday talking and talking, by
the way I got to go,, see you some
other time. nice to have met you
you to
bye girl


walking away
Scarlet walking out the door and Jimmie standing to the door
kissing her bye.
do you have to leave so soon?
yes,but i will be back,you know us
girls got to look good.its just my
nails,before you open your eyes i
will be back
what time because i don't know
when Eve is gonna be back
i will call first ok
ok see you,love you
they kissed.walking away to her car getting in and driving
Siting in the nail shop Eve got a call on her cell phone
Eve answer the phone, it was her best friend Roxy
In her house taking a shower
hey girl, how you doing?
am doing good. How about you?


girl you will not beleave what
happen to me yesterday girl
tell me pls I want to know
: do you know that this man was
sleeping with his sister boyfriend
in our bed when I got home.
what the hell. How did you find
it when like this girl I came home
thinking this shit is home so I
can get mu fucking on, when to the
room open the door, and he all up
in this man ass, I was feeling so
      (with a loud voice)
what the fuck rock-c
Woman doing Eve nail look at her and said
                       NAIL WOMAN
keep it down pls
who was that?
am at the nail shop, I feel so
sorry for you. You need to find
yourself a good man, someone to
love you for you
so tell me how is he?
he who?


Jimmie brother the one who came
back from the army
girl that man do not want you
now did I say I wanted him, all I
ask was how is he?
how is he in what way now?
have getting marry made you slow.
Is he good looking
what I don't be looking at him
like that pls his my husband
tell me
he kind of good looking it runs in
the family
I want to see him
why, I am not letting you around
this man pls
I don't care am coming over now
am not home
when you get home call me let me
know pls I got to see this man
see you girl


scarlet walked into the nail shop not seeing Eve. when she
hi girl
whats up, you come here to?
yes,wow they way am seeing you i
hope its good luck oh
i know right.its nice seeing you
ok. am done. make sure you call me
so we can make up old time
ok. i sure will
scarlet walked to one of the chair and took a sit
my girl,so what can i do for you
your own done act you don't know
what i like.
times change girl.but don't worry
i got you.
After working out Allen back to the house standing in the
kitchen getting something to drink, when he look up Roxy was
standing right over him, he grub her by the nick and put her
on the wall.
who are you what do you want?
      (Eve came running
       in the kitchen)
let her go she is my friend


yes am her friend
oh am soo sorry,did I hurt you
don't worry about it that's the
last time I come up on somebody
like that
pls forgive me for that, how can I
make it up to you
its ok allen you don't have to
are you sure?
was he talking to you? Yes you can
pay Me back
come again pls
you can pay me back by taking me
out to eat tonight
      (Allen looked at
sure if that's ok.
After saying that allen walked out the kitchen
Walking away Roxy was looking him up and down
girl you did not tell me that's
how good looking he is
just leave that man alone, you
just got hurt two days ago


oh my god you starting to sound
like my mother
you don't know anything about this
guy, I myself is just getting to
know him
I like him pls just talk to him
for me pls
ok.. ok I will lets just go clean
this house before my husband comes
Allen sleeping and dreaming about the war, people got him on
a table cutting into him and pulling out his guts.
And he got up with a loud voice
Allen when to peak Roxy up for the date.he pull in front the
drive way got out the car walked to the door. And rink the
door ball. Two times. Rock-c came outside with a red sexy
dress on with a happy look on her face, standing by the door
allen looked her in the face and said
you look nice
you look nice yourself,
Allen turned around and started walking to the car with
rock-c right by his side. they got to the car Allen opened
the door for Rock-c
thank you
Driving in the car rock-c was giving Allen the eye the whole
so tell me, do you have a


are you talking to anyone at the
whats the army like for guys like
the army is always the same
killing killing and killing all
ok.. where are you taking me
tonight if I may ask?
am new to this town, so its up to
you. The night is all yours
if its ok with you always wanted
to go walking in the park at
night,you don't have to if you
don't want to
am a man of my words, what ever
you want to do am all yours
Walking in the park it started to get clod and ROXY did have
any coat on
its kind of clod out here tonight
Just when she said that Allen took of his coat and put it on
her,when he did that Roxy starts to cry
what did I do something wrong?


      (sad voice)
than whats wrong, did someone die
from you, do you want to go back
No nothing like that
than whats wrong, why are you
crying for
its just that nobody ever did that
for me before
did what?
give me their coat before, you see
all the men I been around always
made me feel like shit, its always
about the sex than its bye.
I see. its ok rock-c you don't
have to worry about anything,
sometimes you just have to beleave
in yourself rock-c, don't let men
play you for a fool. You are a
beautiful woman, and you got a lot
to give, but one thing you should
always know, that in love always
know where you come from. So stop
crying everything will be ok
Looking dead into rock-c eyes and holding her face, Roxy
looked up at him, the both eyes when off and they start
kissing,when they stoped, allen hold her head and they
started walking again.
Jimmie was standing knoking the door with a suit on black
and white, Allen was inside the room looking at himself
holding a chine with heart locket having a day dream into
his pass with his lost lover.


open the door man, what are you
doing everybody is waiting for you
man, you are gething marry this no
time to be playing around man. If
you don't get out here now I will
kick this dam door down.on the 5,
1 2 3
In the room Allen took the chin not knowing where to put it
just put it down on the chair opening the door.
what were you doing in there?
      (Looking at his
       brother face)
am gething marry Jimmie
you can say that again,my own
brother time do fly, and to think
just yesterday you was a baby than
you all grown up.and gething marry
lets do this bro
am happy for you brother.
They walked into the church there where 10 people in the
church setting waiting for the wedding to start. They walked
to the front where the paster where standing
you look just right girl
don't worry about a thing we will
hook you up, today is your day


where is the top, I had it
somewhere here and now I can't
find what?
just sit down and lets do this
hair, go look in the guys room I
think your husband took it in
Eve ran out the room. Walking up and down in the church,
when she open the door the top was on top of the table. she
ran to it, just when she was about to walk out the room
She seen the chine on the chair, she walked up to it peak it
up hold it in her hand. and had her first day dream about
her pass. When she looked in her cloths and took out her
chine to, to see if it's the same as the one she was hold.
it was the same chine every line was in line. she started
Allen standing in the church with his brother Jimmie
standing right next to him dress in black and white suits.
The song starts to play to welcome in his new wife Roxy,
walking down Eve had a sad look on her face, a worry look,
is something wrong with Eve?
: I think so, come to think about
it she do look a little bit down
wow am getting marry
When Eve and Roxy got to the front standing in front of the
pastor, with Allen look into Roxy eyes, with a happy look on
his face, the whole time Eve face was sad and looking back
and back at Allen, Jimmie got worry he looked back at his
wife Eve, and she looked back.
today we join two lifes to be one,
Allen Ngozi and Roxy banks, so
today I ask the church who in here
give this woman to this man to be


                       PASTOR (cont'd)
I did
do you Allen Ngozi take Roxy banks
as your wife? To love and to keep
till death do your part?
      (Looking into Roxy
I do
and do you Rock-c banks take Allen
Ngozi as your husband to death do
your part?
I do
by the power given to me by the
state of Minnesota you are now
husband and wife, you can now kill
your new god found wife Allen
And than they killed. Everynody was happy for them, they
walked out the church
In the hotel room in the brethroom Roxy: was standing
looking at her ring in the marrow,than Allen came from the
back holding her showder
so how do it feel to be marry?
is that all you feel girl
you know what am trying to say


now you don't have anything to
worry about, am gonna love you for
the end of time
you sure about that? I can be a
hand full
I marry you right
And they started kissed
in the morning at the hotel Roxy got up and when out to try
to get a drink of water. but when she open her door she seen
Jimmie entering a room not too far she and Allen room.she
junp back so he can not she her. than she when back into her
room standing at the door. thinking.
Sitting in the room Jimmie and Eve getting ready for bed,
looking out the window Eve had a sad look on her face.
Holding the nicknis thinking
whats wrong honey? Is something
worrying you?
no nothing
then come to bed
give me a min sweet heart I will
be with you
good night
good night I love you
love u too


That afternoon Jimmie and Allen was sitting on the patio at
Jimmie's house. drinking and talking about life and the old
Allen life here is no diffiend
from the one we had back in
Liberia, the only good is the job
and the women we have in our life.
you can say that again brother
by the way how's your wife doing?
everything so far is nice
nice that's all it is just nice?
yes, what
don't tell me you got a beautiful
woman as your wife and you saying
everything is nice
what do u want me to say?that's
the only word that comes to my
head for now,
In that moment Jimmie remanber putting his hand in his
pocket and taking out the chain giving it to Allen
where did you get this? I been
looking all over for it. I lost it
at the wedding
Eve found it in the dressing room
and asked me to give it to you.
The funny thing is my wife has the
same chain on here nick


only two people in this world I
know who have a chain like this,
and that's the very first girl I
ever loved. But when I joined the
army I losted here info
maybe Eve is the girl now
Then they looked at each other and (lol) Eve walked on the
patio just coming from out. Walking to her husband kissing
him. And turning to Allen with a worry face, when she when
over to say hey to Allen the chain she had on here nick
showed just before she had the time to put it back in her
cloth Allen had seen it and out came his drink in his mouth.
man what is wrong with you? Why
did you do that?
am so sorry pls let me help you
with that am soo sorry Eve
its ok I got it, its ok I got it
Still trying to help Eve clean her cloths. Jimmie house
phone starts to ring in the house he got up and said
      (He got up when in
       the house peak up
       the house phone)
so clean this shit up I got to go,
And he started (lol) back on the patio Eve and Allen was
still trying to clean up the mess allen made.Eve was about
to walk back in the house when allen hold her by the hands
looking at her in the face saying
where did you get that chain?


from the store, why u ask?
noting sorry, I most be wrong
just say what u want to say I got
to go
it's ok
ok if you say so
Eve walked off the patio into the house going right to the
brithroom standing in the marrow looking at the chain
holding it and thinking
oh my God it is him, what am I
gonna do,tell him or tell my
husband, what amn I talking about
he is my husband brother, what
will people think about me if they
found out?
I will just wait and see how it
all plays out, I don't think he
knows about it yet,I will just
keep it to myself for now.
It was 2 o clock Roxy and Eve decide to go do some shoping.
while distant it looks like something was troubling her.
is everything ok Eve? Because ever
since after the wedding you been
acting a little strange
: it's nothing, just have a lot on
my head
what can you be thinking so much
that you are not taking advantage
of this nice day


how is Allen doing?
no need to worry about Allen
that's my job, all you need to
worry about is helping me pay for
this dress.
      (Holding the dress
       in her hand in
       the air)
lets go I don't feel like being in
here. i got to go
Putting the cloths down Eve walked out the store very
quickly, while Roxy scoot there in a shock for a minute
running after her out the store. Standing by the car crying
what is wrong girl? Why are you
crying. Did I do something wrong,
tell me you can talk to me about
its notting I just need some time
to myself, that's all
ok if you say lets just go home,
give me your keys am gonna drive
They got in the car and lift the
store parking lot
Roxy and Allen in the room getting ready for bed Allen
laying down on the bed with his hands folded looking up to
the ceiling , Roxy lay in the bed reading a book
honey today Eve was behaving
strange in the store,what do you
think is wrong with her
      (Allen was deep
       into his thinking
       that he could not
       hear her,
       flashbacking into


                       ALLEN (cont'd)
       his pass to when
       he and eve was
       lovers calling
       his name over and
       over again)
honey honey allen, allen
am sorry, what was you saying
again honey
forget it lets just go to sleep,
good night
      (Turning his back
       to the wall.)
that morning Allen decided to pay eve a visit at her house
when he got there no one was home.so he had a sit in front
of the house waiting for her in his car, waiting there for
about an hour falling at sleep, Eve pull up in the drive way
with a friend in the car
what is he doing here?
how will I know? Is that not your
brother inlaw?
wait here I will go see what he
When allen heard the car door cloths closing he get up, got
out the car
hey allen. Is something wrong?
we need to talk


talk about what allen?
can we pls go inside and talk pls?
: I came with a friend I don't
hive time right now Very busy
pls its just going to take five
minute pls
not now allen, I don't have time
Walking away from allen opening her house door entering the
house. Allen when in after here,Standing in the living
room,Allen pull her towards him and started kissing her
Just in that time when they was kissing eve friend from the
car came walking in the house looking for eve because she
forgot her keys to the room in the car, when the friend saw
them kissing she stoped at the door with a surprise look on
her face, closing the door back walking back to the car
I knew it were you
we cant do this any more. Am your
brothers wife
I never stoped loving you Eve,
I have moved on allen. When you
brother find out about this he is
going to kill us
did not think I was going to see
you again, many nights I cryed the
only thing that keeped me alive
was this.
I love your brother allen we can't
do this pls I don't want no
trouble pls


we can run away together. Just me
and you eve and start this over
why are you doing this, you life a
long time ago and forgot about me.
You said you were coming back for
me what happen allen?
I try many times but they will
just not let me leave
I love you eve
I love you too
And they started kissing again walking out the door together
(but not knowing Jimmie was listening in the kitchen he was
shock sitting at the dinner table)
jimmie siting in the living room with the tv on.
Eve pulled up in the drive way, looked at her face in the
marrow.got out the car open the door to the house,stoped by
the door and took in a deep breath.
hi honey
where are you coming from?
when out with Roxy
why were your phone turn off?
i called you about 10 times
sorry,my phone has not been
working very well for some time
Jimmie got up and walked away from the living room.


Eve siting at a table. when Allen came walking in
      (happy/kissing her)
what was it you needed to talk
about so bad?
Allen i love you,i always love
you,we can't do this anymore pls.i
don't want to hurt my husband.
after 20 years of waiting this is
what you got to tell me Eve.don't
you think i know you got a
husband,and the thing is he is my
thats all the reason for us not to
do this. he is your brother,and i
love him
Eve think about it pls. don't do
this ,you all i got right now.
Allen i can't its not right.
eve got up to leave,
      (looked back)
am sorry but this my goodbye
allen, here you can have this
Eve walked away


Allen walked in the house.Roxy is seting up the table for
honey where have you been? your
food is ready
just when you take a walk.
well lets eat.hope you like
it,this my first time making
african food
      (opens the bow put
       a spoon in his
       mouth and got mad)
what the hell is this? are you
trying to kill me?i can't eat this
whats wrong with it?
just get this shit from my side
why are you acting like this?
Allen got up from the table and when to the bed room
Roxy cleaning up the table starts to cry
Allen siting on the bed, having fash back.
Roxy walked in the room
Allen i don't know what i did, but
am sorry.next time i will be
      (looked up at
       her.she turned to
       eve before his


                       ALLEN (cont'd)
am sorry about the way i acted
before.come here
holding his wife thinking about another woman.they made
Allen and scarlet drove to Jimmie house,
jimmie and Eve siting in the living room having so family
time when the door bell starts ringing.
who is it at this time of day? is
anyone coming to see you?
no. not that i know off
Jimmie got up to open the door, it was Allen and scarlet
standing at the door.Jimmie looked her up and down.wondering
what the hell she was doing there with allen
whats up
hello jimmie
was in the area just stoping by to
say hi, are you gonna let me in or
come in, we were just lying down
family time
honey who is it?
it's Allen babe
is that roxy i hear?


no it's Allen babe and your friend
what a surprise. you again
they all siting in the living room.eve siting next to
jimmie,Scarlet looking at jimmie under eye.
your want something to drink?
what will you like scarlet?
you know.
am i missing something. do you two
know each other?
no honey, why will you even ask
no girl,anything will do ok
      (turned to eve)
babe pls get him something to
drink pls.
eve geting up,Allen looking at her hard
so hows Roxy doing?
she is doing ok


you don't seem yourself,whats
noting can i use the restroom
you know where it is help
yourself. but use the up one.
Allen walked up to Eve who trying to get some water from the
tap.holding her and kissing her on the nick
scarlet got up when to sit next to jimmie
what are you doing here?
when are you going leave her, so
we can get marry?
i don't know,its not that easy
like you can say it.
if you don't do it soon.i will do
it for you
can we talk about this some other
time pls.
what are you doing. are you
stupid. or something.your brother
is right here. you need to stop.if
jimmie find out. he is gonna kill
      (deep in her eyes)
why you acting like you don't want
      (pulling away)
pls stop this. i told you i can't
do this pls


      (trying to put his
       hand up her dress)
stop it.don't you love me?
don't do this allen pls. stop
      (kissing her)
i miss you
      (trying to get
pls stop
jimmie siting thinking whats taking Eve soo long
jimmie and scarlet walking up the stairs
Eve came walking to meet him
something came up, sorry i got to
so soon?
yes, maybe next time
bye girl see you
walking out the door
ok take care, nice to meet you
      (looking at his
hum,turning around and walking
back down stairs


camera moves in to Eve face
Allen is lying down on the bed,when there were a call at the
door it was Eve standing at the door.
you came
the only reason i came here is to
put an end to this Allen
walking pass him entering the room and standing by the bed
what do i have to do, to show you
that we are ment to be together
maybe you didnt get it the first
time. i said it.this is over. it
has been for years.
this can never be over
Holding Eve by the arm,in a rude way
can you stop,if you think this is
how to win me its not gonna work.
do you love him?
what kind of a question is that?
all i can ever be to you is your
friend Allen.what we had is over
so if you don't have anything
better to do am leaving
this is not over yet?
Eve walked out the room leaving Allen siting on the bed


Allen is getting into his car,Roxy is standing to the window
looking at Allen get in the car.when Allen drove off Roxy
got in her car and follow him.Allen pulled up to Jimmie
house parking five houses down waiting for Eve to come
out.not knowing that his wife Roxy was park in the drive way
of the house next to Jimmie and Eve house.
Allen phone starts to ring. it was Roxy calling him
      (phone on other
hey babe
babe when are you gonna be back?
i will be back soon.just trying to
get some work at the office.
what do you want me to make you
for dinner?
babe babe .whats wrong with your
putting the phone down on his wife,
you will get whats coming to you
Allen.you played the wrong bitsh
Eve came outside got in her car and drove off,being follow
by Allen in his car.
Jimmie showing of a hotel at his job to some people. when
walking out not looking
Eve breaks on her car when off.
oh my god whats going on,my breaks
its not working.
she got her phone to call jimmie


hello, babe whats wrong i can't
hear you
my breaks babe, i can't stop
your what? your breaks
yes,its not working.
i can't hear you let me go outside
so i can hear you better.
walking outside not looking around.Eve when of the road and
hit jimmie down.
oh my God i hit something.pls let
it just be a dog or something.pls
don't let it be a parson
Allen who was in his car and Roxy who was in her car
follower him. they pass by seeing notthing. not stoping at
when eve got out the car, and when to see, it was jimmie
dieing under the car, when she seen this she past out.
jimmie in bed not moving or talking.with eve by his bed side
crying holding his hand.
babe am sorry.pls don't die babe
pls don't die
the DR walk din the room. holding a paper in his hands
any news on my husband DR
am sorry but it looks like he is
going to need some blood. or he is
going to die,


oh my God
do he have brother or siters?
yes his brother is here, i will
call him
ok that will be good the sooner
the better. but for now ms Scarlet
will get him ready for the test.
scarlet walked in the door
and there were a look on Eve face she never had before.
what are you doing her?
i work her
pls make sure you take good care
of him for me
don't worry about anything i will
take good care of him.
thank you
by the way what happen?
he was hit by a car.my car my
breaks was out. and i know i just
changed it to. i don't know why it
by a car, you don't say.
who will want to do something like


sorry i don't understand what u
trying to say
are you that stupid or what.i did
it.it should had been you.than by
now me and jimmie can be together.
in saying that eve jumped on scarlet and they started
frighting,scarlet pulled a gun out her packet and when she
pulled it shoot.just in that time Allen and Roxy walked in.
the gun when off and hit Roxy and she die.lying on the
floor.after doing so it was too much for her she put the gun
to her head and pulled it. killing herself.leaving
the DR came runing in room.
whats going on here? oh my God
somebody help.
allen standing there holding eve in his arm, eve crying.
DR what about the test.whats wrong
with that
my husband blood test
yes DR how is that?
she id your sister is she
not.because your DNA and blood are
the same.


eve and allen looked at each other shock
one more thing the thing that
saved him was this necklace find
inside his body. for some reason
its stopd him from losing even
more blood doing the hit
eve talking the necklace from the Dr looking at


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From Zachary Murdock Date 5/10/2014 **
I completely agree with the other reviewer to a point. This is such a heartfelt screenplay and I adore it for that. this must have taken a lot out of you and I applaud you for writing it. What I was able to discern was heartbreaking material. IT REALLY IS DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND WHAT'S GOING ON THOUGH. Just a quick re-write could fix this and I look forward to reading it.

From John H. Date 4/29/2014 1/2
I'm no grammar nazi but this script could definitely use some proofreading for for spelling errors. It wouldn't be a bad idea to refresh yourself on the structure of a script while you're at it. All of the spelling errors made this script very difficult to read. A screenplay follows a structure not to be 'square' or boring, but to help the reader make sense of the story. The complete lack of structure made it hard for to tell what was actually going on. The plot has escaped me. I have virtually no idea what's going on here. What I have been able to garner from the story is very poor and uneven. Everything here needs work. The dialog, the plotting, the spelling and, most importantly, the structure. And please don't include things like 'LOL' and 'pls' during dialog or in the action. Most of all, you need to make sure that you communicate your creativity in a coherent way. This almost reads like your own private personal notes for a script, not something that is even ready to be deemed a first draft worthy of publication and feedback. Some positive notes: You seem to have a very deep understanding of the characters, this comes across in your work. This piece feels intimate and personal, and I wish I could be privy to the things you were feeling but it is just so incoherent that I can't make a circle from a triangle out of it. But intimacy, as a writer, is such a hard thing to capture. You do this effortlessly. I can tell this story means a lot to you. I just want it to mean a lot to me as well. So go brush this puppy up. Get it some new clothes and take care of it. I can't wait to leave you a glowing review. I know you can fix this script.

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