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For the Men
by Laila (lailarayborn@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review:

Scene of a short story.. Young trans man and his journey of saving/finding ways to get closer to having top surgery.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Camera pans right to show a semi full coffee shop, leads to
the cashier.
Medium shot of Jay making latte/ coffee as customer walks
into left side of frame.
Pan left 180 degrees of Jay walking with a finished Latte in
hand to be delivered to the table by the window with the
well dress gentlemen sitting and fiddling with his phone.
Cut away of Jay setting the Latte down.
Pan up from coffee cup to Jay
Here is your coffee sir, if you
need anything else don't hesitate
to ask, ill be around!
Thanks, I appreciate it.
Jay begins to turn and walk away
Alex grabs Jays wrist, and Jay quickly turns.
wait! Could I get some sugars with
this please?
Oh! yeah! Im so sorry, I totally
Jay reaches into his apron and grabs two packets of sugar.
Its okay. Thank you so much.
Cut away of Jays face
No problem, anything else I can
get you?


Cut away of Alex's face.
No, but I do have a question for
Medium shot of Alex sitting, and Jay standing
Okay, of course!
I noticed your trans pin on your
      (Jay looks down at
and I just wanted to say that I
had a nephew who was also trans,
he was an FtM.
Oh, that's awesome! I dont many
other trans men around town, what
was his name?
His name was Will. Short for
William, after he legally changed
his name through the courthouse.
That sounds awesome!
      (Looks down and is
       a little hesitant)
but I noticed you kept using some
of your words in the past tense..
did he transition back? or..?
      (Looks down at his
       latte/coffee and
       looks back up)
Yes, well, do you have some time?
Maybe you can sit with me and I
can explain it to you.
Alex's POV shot of Jay standing
      (stumbles a little)
oh! yes, yes absolutely, let me go
clock out on my break them.


Cut away of Alex pouring in his sugar, mixing, and taking a
sip of his drink and looks out the window
      (sits at the table
       with alex with a
       drink in hand)
Sorry about that, so, continue on
about William.
Alright, well, William committed
suicide 2 years ago.. he was only
19. His house was not as accepting
to him as I was, but I hadnt met
him in time. His family, my
brother, kept William away from
all other family members because
he was so embarrassed of his son..
well in his eyes, daughter...So i
had only met him twice about 6
months before he has passed. He
was always talking about getting
top surgery done, but his parents
never allowing it.. I wish he had
been here longer so he could've
asked me, because I would sure as
hell pay for it all and help him
every step of the way... you know,
he is a person too and I wish his
parents would've seen him the same
way i saw him. A normal man, who
just needed a little modification
to help get rid of his dysphoria.
Cut away of Jay in shock
Im so sorry sorry to hear about
that sir... I am so sorry for your
loss, and its just horrible to
hear about these tragic losses in
our community due to things like
not being accepted.
Medium shot of Alex looking out at the window, then turns
his head back to Jay
Please.. call me Alex..
      (puts his hand out
       to shake with
This isnt the best way of


                       ALEX (cont'd)
introductions, but I had forgotten
to tell you my name earlier..
Jay reaches his hand out and shakes Alex's hand.
Could I ask you something
      (Nods head
Have you done top surgery yet?
      (laughs and looks
No, but my binder is doing a hell
of a job. I'm still saving up for
my surgery, my family cant afford
it right now and they are already
helping me with my T-shots.


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