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The Job
by Ben Davis

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Film Noir   User Review: *

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The time period of this setting is unknown. The scene open's
to a man named John, speeding in his car.
John parks his car and we see him open the envelope that we
realize was on his lap. The letter inside reads 'Letter of
      (Angrily Shouts)
Fucks Sake!
John parks and steps outside of his car, he pulls out a
cigarette and lights it.His distressed facial expression
slowly becomes more relaxed as he smokes the cigarette.
      (Chuckles to
Fucking bullshit.
John rips up the envelope and aims his lighter towards it.
burning the contents with the scene ending.
The scene opens to a distant shot of John sitting down in
his office, the shot shows a bottle of a beer near John and
a photo of his wife which he is looking at.
I tried Rose, I tried, it's too
much to ask of me after what
John places the photo, downwards, so he cannot see his
wife's face as he picks up his beer and takes a swig of it.
John's phone lights up and an unknown number is calling him,
he puts his beer down, get's out of his chair and the camera
zooms on his face as he answers his phone.


Whoever it is fuck off.
Now is that any way to talk to an
old friend?
It is when this 'friend' pissed
off the year my life turn't in to
a living hell.
What happened to Rose affected
everyone, not just you John, stop
acting like a bitch, it's been
three years.
You've got 10 seconds to tell me
why the fuck I shouldn't put this
phone down.
Okay.. Okay, look, I have a job
for you.
John is silent.
I'm glad I have your attention
now. I need you to 'follow' up on
some individuals.
      (Pauses, then
...What kind of individuals?
Does it matter? You need money, I
have that money... listen do you
want it or not?


...How will I be 'following' up
      (Acting smug)
I'm glad you asked, these..
Individuals owe us favours.
      (Continues to
What kind of favours?
Don't make me repeat myself, it
doesn't fucking matter.
..Fine, when do I start?
I'm glad you asked.
We are unaware of how far ahead in time this scene is from
the previous scene.
The scene is quick and flashes past, John is positioned,
photographing a assaulted man and he looks important.
You will not fuck us about again.
You will honour what you owe us.
I don't owe you fuckers shit.
I wasn't asking you to, I was
telling you, you corrupt prick.
Scene ends with a shot of John photographing the official.


John enters.
Is it done?
Of course it is, you ask too many
John throws a few photo's to show evidence of what he's done
and takes money from Sam in exchange. John leaves Sam's
office to be stopped by Sarah near the exit to the building.
So you're another one of Sam's
errand boys?
I'm not anyone's fucking errand
John finds Sarah extremely attractive, this is shown through
the way he looks at her.
That's a shame, I have a few
errands you could do for me..
As I said, i'm not a fucking
errand boy.
      (Gets closer)
Oh i'm sure I could change that,
have you ever wondered why you're
beating up on defenceless
John gives into temptation and gets closer to Sarah
And you know do you?
I have my suspicions, meet me
tomorrow evening in this building,
and we can confirm what I suspect.


The film cuts to the following evening John and Sarah are
entering Sam's office.
Lets hurry this up, I don't want
to be long gone if what you
believe is true if Sam catches us.
What happened to the stern cop who
only cared about money?
John grins
You search through the file paper
file storage while I scan laptop
for anything incriminating.
John complies and they search through the office until Sarah
finds something.
      (Hollers at John)
Hey, check this out.
These are some of the officials
who I was sent to make them
comply, they used to work for
They both come to the realization that Sam's benefactors are
giving corrupt officers or political activists with violent
pasts in power who can be controlled to complete jobs for
them which could be seen as morally wrong but is covered up
once the job is done.
That sonuva' bitch.
So this is what Sam would have us
do, not over my dead body would I
help those sick fucks.
Sam enters


I thought you'd never ask, you
dumb bitch.
Sam shoots Sarah
John runs at Sam, Sam anticipates this and smacks John with
the butt of his gone, knocking John to the ground.
Sam stands over John
You know, you could have joined
us, become part of our little
family, I thought you would have
jumped at the chance for one after
      (Pauses, then
       smiles at Sam)
You know, for the smart ass that
you think you are, you'd think you
would have saw this coming.
      (Kicks John in the
What the fuck are you talking
about? You deluded twat.
After he kicks John, Sarah is filled with rage and manages
to pull out her gun a shoot Sam in the neck before falling
      (Picks himself up)
You were always a dumb fucker Sam.
John checks on Sarah and picks her up, hoping he can save
her before she loses too much blood. The final shot of the
film shows John standing over Sam's corpse with Sarah in his
arms. Leaving the audience unaware of Sarah's fate.


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From Jocsan Date 10/7/2014 *
There are a lot of problems in this script that you should be aware of not to ever repeat in your next scripts. 1. Never add camera direction sure as long shot, panning, titling, etc. Thats the director's choice not yours, unless your going to director it yourself and your pay to write your script which has been approved of. 2. Check your spelling, punctuations and grammar. 3. Never being in a character like Sam into a sudden conversion without introducing who he/she is. 4. Try to make your readers invest in your characters, I see you try to make readers understand that Kevin was giving in to madness, yet it wasn't strong enough. 5. Work on dialogue. Get these things right on your next script will be great. I recommend The Screenwriter's Bible & Crafty Screenwriting books to improve & use its tips given. Good luck.

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