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Missing Inc.
by Seth Slaughter (sethslaughter@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Horror   User Review:

An obituary writer struggles with loss..but is there more going on then what first meats the eye.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


We open up on Triston washing his hands in the sink. He
walks over to the table and picks up a picture of a girl,
takes a drink then pins it on the wall.
"Missing Inc"
Triston is typing. We see "Obituary". He is typing we see
"Missing". Triston stops typing and looks at a framed
picture of a girl. He drinks from his whiskey bottle.
                                         BLUR OUT
DING DING. Triston opens his eyes. Face down on his desk
with a mostly empty bottle next to him. The screen is cut in
half. On one side we see Tristons face on the other we see a
letter with a wax stamp on it fall through the door and a
bell swaying. He looks at the framed picture of the girl and
we fade out.
DING DING BANG BANG. Someone is at the door
Triston, Wake up! I'm coming in
Aiden walks in and lightly trips on a shovel and some
bottles. He winces.
Damn dude, you smell like shit.
Yeah I know Aiden....It's
been...busy ya know.
I know you're busy. We're all
busy. My cat who lays around
eating crap and pissing all day is
busy. I'm just saying Amanda's
never going to take you back as


                       AIDEN (cont'd)
long as you're smelling like a
dumpster fire.
Triston throws a bottle at Aiden.
Shut up! I'm closer to getting her
back then you know Aiden. Mind
your business.
Triston is hunched over the kitechen table and Aiden is
rummaging through Tristons cubbards.
Aw don't be sad little brother.
Your desperation sickens
me...Speaking of business I want
you to wait until tomorrow to
write the obituaries. Write about
something else in the mean
Aiden drops a dirty gardening glove on the floor and is
about to take a bite out of the cereal he's made.
Gardening perhaps! (Laughs)
AAiden takes a bite then spits it out.
Ugh It's rancid, man!
He throws the bowl down and turns towards the door laughing
and disgusted.
I'll be back later. For the love
of God, hit the showers. I wanna
see your game face tonight.
Triston sits for a moment. The screen is cut in half. Half
on the letter and the other half on Triston. He eyes an
empty bottle on the table, goes to the cupboard and opens up
a new bottle. Pours a glass on ice. Takes a sip and walks
towards the letter. He picks it up. Music plays ominously.
He opens up the letter and holds a picture in his hand.
Hello Darling. Aren't you a pretty


He circles the room, drinking. He puts on a record and sits
at him computer.
Such a pity...you were so
young...so sexy.....Breast in
pieces child. (laughs)
Triston is doing his hair in the mirror. He splashes water
and his face and breaths deeply. He looks over at the framed
picture of Amanda.
What? ... Don't look at me like
that Amanda ... who says I don't
have the right ... YOU LEFT ME!!!
Triston goes from quiet and sad to filled with rage to
laughing maniacally. He takes a drink from his bottle.
                                         BANG BANG BANG
Triston pulls the picture face down and walks to the back
                                         BANG BANG BANG
It's Aiden and girl at the back door.
Triston my man! It smells like a
bed of roses took a crap in here!
Is that incense?
They were Amandas.
Really? Do you gotta burn them
every time?
Haha what?
Come on in babe. This is my
Triston lets them in reluctantly it seems. Aiden and Shelly
are intoxicated, stumbling and giggling.


Hi Aidens brother! I'm Shelly,
like the seashell, Do you have any
Triston goes in the living room and sits down. Aiden guides
Shelly to the couch.
Have a seat sweetheart and I'll be
right back.
She bites his finger as he walks towards the kitchen
Talk to Triston. You'll like him,
he's a writer.
Shelly looks up and down at Triston then reaches for her
cellphone and starts taking pictures of herself. They sit
next to each other on the couch.
So you're a writer huh. Like Scary
Stories to tell in the Dark or
somethin'? Cause when I was a kid
those books used to scare the
bejesus outta me. Do you know what
I mean?
Sort of. I write obituaries.
Like for dead people?
Precisely. You see I get a letter
slid under my door when someone
dies. They're my little gifts! I
open them up and inside is a brief
description...were they outgoing,
were they sweet, did they have
plans to be a veterinarian. It's
all nice but my favorite is the
picture that comes in my little
care package. I talk to them all
day and then when I've finished
writing their final biography, I
hang their picture with the


The others?
Oh yes, I've lost count. But it's
not just obituaries I write. I
also write about the missing.
Triston! You're scaring the poor
girl!. Here you go babe.
Aiden hands Shelly a drink and she starts drinking right
Whoa whoa take it easy!
So who slides the pictures or
whatever under your door?
I guess you could call it a family
business sweet heart. Triston and
I here work together.
Triston looks down
but I thought you said you were a
detective, baby?
Aw isn't she adorable!
Aiden takes a drink.
      (like talking to a
I am a detective kid. A private
detective! Usually a very angry
man or a very vengeful woman will
hire me to find a certain person
who hurt their little feelings and
make them disappear.
Shelly starts to stand.


You guys are freaks. I'm outta
Triston stands.
Now, now T-Bag. She's not going
Flashback of Aiden putting powder in Shellys drink.
The room starts spinning for Shelly. She falls on her hands
and knees.
Shelly sweet, sweet Shelly...
Mikey Simmons.
She spits
Screw you!
Oh! Haha you know this name? Mikey
had 99 problems but now,Shelly,
you ain't one. He was hoping you'd
feel nostalgic when I mentioned
him Shelly. He payed extra for me
to mention him which is stupid! I
could have just as easily not told
you and he would never know. But
hey I believe in karma. I don't
know what you did to piss poor
Mikey off so badly but let's just
call my brother Karma over here.
You've been bad and now Karma is
here to intervene Shelly.
Triston pulls out his letter opener. Shelly is now lying on
the floor. Shellys POV shot. We see Triston and Aiden moving
      (crying angrily)
You shouldn't have said that
Amanda...now we'll never be


A quick flash of blood on the floor
We see TRISTONs back. He is typing and murmuring. He takes a
drink. We see his hands are covered in dirt and so are his
shoes. We move closer and closer. TRISTON prints the paper
and puts it in an envelope and brings it out to the mailbox.
He walks back inside and pins the picture to the wall.It's a
picture of Shelly. He stands back and admires all the photos
on the wall. The distinct bell rings and an envelope is slid
under his door. He turns his head back and smiles.


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