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by craig ennis (craige44@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review:

PLAUSIBLE DENIAL is a fictional story based on some actual events. Chance Edwards is a man that even the White House will neither confirm or deny his work.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Camera focus is on wall in office honoring fallen with

words"In Honor of the fallen during the Global War on

Terror" Chance Edwards is leaning against glass wall

                                         FADE IN:
Chance's Mom comes in room where Chance is watching news

report of the failed Iranian hostage rescue on TV she comes

over turns it off.
      (Walking over to
That is enough of that Chance. You

don't need to be watching that

                                         FADE OUT:
      (sitting at desk)
Is this you want to do? You just

turned 17, I will need both of

your parents signature for you

to enlist.
      (sitting next to
Are you sure you want to do this


                       MOM (cont'd)

Chance? You still have time to

back out.
      (sitiing in front
       of recruiter and
       next to his mom)
Yes this is what I want.
What are you thinking about

doing, what's going to be your

My dad was Infantry I believe I

want to do the same thing.
We have a Infantry unit up in

Manassas this would be your home

Are they airborne or anything

like that?
No they are a straight leg

Infantry unit your legs will be

your ride.
It is what it is.
Recruits are on cattle trucks as they pull into barracks.

Truck stops Drill Sergeants fling open rear doors and start


yanking recruits off. The Drill Sergeants call out names

for the recruits to form up in formation. After forming up

the assembled platoons they head to company barracks.
Line up Privates, we have shit to

do. Move, Move, Move, get your

asses up the stairs.
Chance does as the Drill Sergeants order.
Chance finds his rack places his gear on bunk. He is

introduced to his battle buddy Curtis Elliot.
How are you? My name is Chance

Doing alright I am Curtis Elliot

from Maryland.
Chance is on firing line getting ready to place his 1st 18

rounds off a 180 round belt in 1 of 10 targets. When giving

the all clear Chance unloads the 180 round belt firing at

the 10 targets. Chance runs out of ammunition the Range

Control orders shooters to the firing position. Chance

raise his hands to tell Range control he is out of ammo. The

Range control clears firing line while Chance and Curtis

Elliot go get target board and carry to supply shed. Chance


was supposed to control a 18 round burst into each target

onetarget at a time on range orders.
                       RANGE CONTROL (vo)
      (over loudspeakers)
Shooters to your weapon.
                       RANGE CONTROL (vo)
      (over loudspeakers)
With the 180 round belt clip place

a 18 round burst into each of

the 10 25 meter targets....

Firing line is hot fire when

                       RANGE CONTROL (vo)
      (frantically over
Cease Fire Cease Fire on the

firing line.
      (laughing over at
Crazy Huh? Do I have any rounds

      (back to Chance)
No you are out of rounds, Man

that is the craziest thing I

have seen. The Range Control was

yelling cease fire I didn't

think you were going at it hammer

down. I just kept feeding as you

held the hammer down.
                       SUPPLY SERGEANT
So how do you think you done?


I believe I did pretty good take

a look.
Hell look at all the hits

Sergeant it's pretty surprising.
                       SUPPLY SERGEANT
Well you need 156 out of 180 to

qualify to go down to the moving

targets. Lets count them up 159

hits you are a Go. Take your

place over there on the bleaches,

Elliot you need to go get back

on the firing line.
HOOAH Sergeant will head on over.
Good job man, catch up with you

in bit.
Chance and his company are getting ready to go on a 25 mile

road march kicking off the FTX. They march out to rain and

then build a foxhole.
      (walking to Chance
       and Curtis)
It's a 50% security for time

being, one of you pull security

while the other digs.


Tell me that we aren't going to

be in this foxhole for next

couple weeks Drill Sergeant.
You wont be in here the whole 2

weeks you guys will be out and

Sounds like this is going to be a

real fun time.
You two are burning daylight

sitting here gabbing me up, get

your asses to finishing this

foxhole I will be back around to

check on it.
      (Chance and Curtis
       reply together)
Yes Drill Sergeant.
Chance and Curtis are sitting in finished foxhole while it

rains for 2nd day.
      (Chance and Curtis
Man this sucks did I ever tell you

I hate the rain.
      (quickly resonding)
No you didn't but it sucks.


Chance and Curtis are standing on parade grounds after Basic

Training saying their goodbyes.
      (saying goodbyes)
It was great meeting you buddy. I

want you to look me up if you

come to Virginia.
      (saying goodbyes)
I sure will do that brother. Its

never everyday you make friends

for life is it?
You sure got that right.
Chance is on his weekend drill soldiers are doing drills in

Armory Cleaning weapons. Chance gets called in to the

Readiness NCO office.
      (behind desk)
Edwards do you want to skip our

Annual Training this summer at Ft

AP Hill and go to a training

session at Camp Dawson West

What kind of training is it



      (reaching for the
You will be trained in Air Assault

Mountain rappelling long range

patrols,waterborne operations and

small unit tactics.
You have to volunteer for this

Edwards. It's a take it or leave

it deal there wont be another

slot open for another 2 years.
Well in that case Sergeant I,

volunteer for this how can I

turn this opportunity down.
I have to ask this do you swear

that you volunteer for this on

your own free will?
I affirm that.
We have a problem though the

training date for you is in July

our AT is scheduled for June

16th. We need a reason to change

your AT.
How about high school exams would

that be reason enough to get a



                       CHANCE (cont'd)
Yes it would but you dropped of

high school how are you going to

doing this?
I will get a affidavit from the

principal saying that I am in

high school and that I need to

take my exams.
That would work if you can get

the affidavit. Are you going to

take care of it or do you want

me too.
I will go to my old school and

ask my old principal if he will

help me out.
Chance heads into his High School to get Principal to sign

off on swearing out an affidavit that Chance was still in

High School and had to change his annual training to attend

DELTA FORCE selection at Camp Dawson, West Virginia.
      (walking to school
       main office desk)
Excuse me mam.


                       HIGH SCHOOL REC
      (behind desk)
Hello Chance How are you?
I am doing good, I need to speak

to Mr. Hugh.
                       HIGH SCHOOL REC
Let me go check see if he is in

his office.
                       HIGH SCHOOL REC
Come with me he is in his office,

he said to bring you on back.
Chance and the principal sit and discuss what Chance needed.
      (sitting at desk)
How are you doing Chance been

long time no see?
Yes it has been sir.
What can I do for you Chance?
Sir I need you to swear out an

affidavit saying I have to take

exams in June. I need to get

this so I can get training

rescheduled for the National



Chance do you know what you are

asking me to do? I can get in

big trouble for this.
I know you can Sir I understand

the trouble you can get into.

Here is my Readiness NCO's phone

number you can reach him there

if you have any questions.
Alright let me think about this

Thanks that's all I can ask?
Chance is on bus with other soldiers heading to Camp Dawson

he is staring out the window watching anxiously as bus pulls

down under bridge into gate on base.
Chance and other soldiers are formed up into company sized

formation. A Drill Sergeant calls Chance over to form up

with 5 other soldiers. They head off to their barracks.
                       SERGEANT CD
Edwards Chance!
Sergeant here Sergeant.
                       SERGEANT CD
Form up here prepare to move out

to barracks, we will be headed


                       SERGEANT CD (cont'd)

out in 10 minutes.
The Sergeant takes the group to their room and explains what

is going on and how training will go for the next 14 days.
                       SERGEANT CD
For the next 13 days you will be

given different numbers and

colors that you will be

identified by.
                       SERGEANT CD
Edwards you are no longer private

Edwards you are Orange 23. Take

your rank and name tags off your

uniform. While training if

approached by military in civies

just answer all their questions

followed by your color and

Hooah Sergeant
                       SERGEANT CD
Hope you are ready for this, a

lot of people are doubting you

can handle this.
We shall see Sergeant this is

just the first day.


Chance goes over and checks the white board to write his

schedule down in his weatherproof pocket green military

                       SERGEANT CD
Alright guys this is what's up

today will be the only day I will

be able to help. Every Morning

you will need to get your

schedule off this white board.

The only advice I can give is

don't be late and don't miss your

HOOAH Sergeant
Chance is on 1 of two zodiacs, two teams of 7 are on zodiac

rafts floating and rowing around. They practice assault

tactics and recovery exercises using the zodiaks.
                       POND SERGEANT
You guys need to work as one, you

need to work together not

against each other.
I don't even know why I am here

on this thing I am never going to

see these again.
                       POND SERGEANT
You guys keep rowing.


Hey Serge seems we have goose

shit churning up.
                       POND SERGEANT
Alright now fellas flip your

crafts and recover them.
Chance checks whiteboard to write down schedule and see he

has rappelling training for the day. He heads out of

barracks to rappelling tower.
Chance is shown how to make a swiss sweat and is taught how

to rappel from a Huey's skid. Chance rappels off tower 5

times and then Huey and Blackhawk land in field next to

rappel tower.
                       RAPPEL TOWER SERGEANT
Have you done this before?
No my first time on a tower and I

have never rappelled before. Are

you sure I am allowed to do this?
                       RAPPEL TOWER SERGEANT
Then why are you up here? Yeah

you can do this just got to

listen you will do just fine.
I was told to get my ass up the

tower here so I am here. Got to

be honest with you I am about to



                       CHANCE (cont'd)
shit my pants.
                       RAPPEL TOWER SERGEANT
This should be real good, alright

here it is take your brake hand

place it in small of back to

stop descent. Do three controlled

brakes to the ground.
      (getting ready to
Roger that.
                       RAPPEL TOWER SERGEANT
Are you ready?
Yeah Sergeant
                       RAPPEL TOWER SERGEANT
On my 3 count I want you to go..

Ready 1..2..3 Go
                       RAPPEL TOWER SERGEANT
You made it, so you are back for

I have to go off this thing 10

times before I am done.
                       RAPPEL TOWER SERGEANT
I think you are good to go.
      (looking up at
       flying in over
What are they doing Sergeant?
                       RAPPEL TOWER SERGEANT
You are going to rappel out of

each one of them then you have a


                       RAPPEL TOWER SERGEANT (cont'd)

spot drop to complete this

training session.
It's getting a little high speed

low drag around isn't it?
                       RAPPEL TOWER SERGEANT
It's always high speed and low

drag around here. Now get your

ass on the ground and

follow them helicopters over to

the drop zone.
Sergeant I have to tell you I

have never been on one I cant

Rappel out them..
                       RAPPEL TOWER SERGEANT
Get your ass on the ground

      (Getting ready to
       rappel off tower
       for last time)
Aye Aye Sergeant
Both the Huey and Blackhawk fire up and head toward the

dropzone. Chance follows the helicopters over to dropzone

and goes up to the pilot of the Huey.
                       HUEY PILOT
      (standing outside
You need to go see the Rappel



                       HUEY PILOT (cont'd)
Master for further instructions,

That is him over there.
      (heading over to
       rappel master)
I was told to come over to see

the Rappel Master by the pilot of

the Huey.
                       RAPPEL MASTER
Stand fast for a minute we need

to wait on 3 more guys to do the

rappel. Have you ever done this

Nope never been on a helicopter

or rappelled from one this should

be interesting.
                       RAPPEL MASTER
Oh yeah its going to be fun. You

are going to be doing a four man

Sergeant this has to be some joke

I have never been to air assault

school. I cant rappel out a

                       RAPPEL MASTER
You are going to be fine, here

what is going to happen you are

the number 1 guy, you will be



                       RAPPEL MASTER (cont'd)
going out first when I say go. Do

you understand?
Yeah I understand don't like it

but I understand.
                       RAPPEL MASTER
When I tell you to I want you to

make way over to rope and hookup

around your D-ring. I am going to

check your tie off and then ask

if you are ready. Once ready I

want you to back into the door

stretch out your foot to climb

out on the skid.
                       RAPPEL MASTER
You are going to do three

controlled brakes to the ground.
I gotcha I understand this.
                       RAPPEL MASTER
Good, See you when you get on the

ground. When you are cleared

from the rope head over to the

Blackhawk for your last rappel.
Chance goes over to Rappel Master on Huey to get

instructions and wait until 3 other soldiers show up. He

climbs onto Huey to do a 4 man rappel, the Huey circles


dropzone then hover for the assault.
Chance is in doorway ready to rappel waiting on instructions

from the Rappel Master. When giving go signal Chance climbs

out while waiting Chance is forced upside down with feet on

bottom of skid. Then other soldiers go out slinging Chance

up back to the helicopter. Once on the ground Chance heads

over to the Blackhawk pilot.
The Rappel Master told me to come

over to do my final rappel. Do

we need to wait on others to get

                       PILOT BLACKHAWK
No climb on we are going to fly

up circle the drop zone then you

are going to rappel out.
Is there anything I need to know

                       PILOT BLACKHAWK
No just stand in door way and

once I say go just bound off the

helicopter. Remember to do your

three controlled brakes on way

down. You will need to go to the

outrigger and get your chute for

your spot drop.


                       PILOT BLACKHAWK
Get on lets do this.
                       PILOT BLACKHAWK
Get ready to rappel... GO
The Blackhawk helicopter should fly into shot hover a bit as

a soldier spot drops. Chance comes up out of the woods

holding a compass as to reading azimuth with rifle slung on

back . He comes up on a 4 member scout team sitting around

fire cooking eastern diamondback rattlesnake on bayonets.
What are you cooking?
                       SCOUT SERGEANT
Rattlesnake do you wanna try it?
                       FAKE GUARD1
I might try a bite.
                       SCOUT SERGEANT
Its actually not half bad just

like chicken. Oh by the way my

name is Sergeant these are my

Well hello Sergeant and guys I am

Orange 23, its a honor to be

here with ya'll.
                       SCOUT SERGEANT
Its great to have you drop in. How

is your training going so far?


It is going ok its kind of

                       SCOUT SERGEANT
What do you mean?
                       SCOUT SERGEANT
Well back in Virginia I have a

rank and name, we never do

rappelling or do it from

helicopters hell we never see

                       SCOUT SERGEANT
Yeah its a little different here.
Oh I would say it is I am

basically on my own wake up each

morning write my schedule and

head out. I will say that

getting here was a little wild

never thought I would ever be

parachuting out of a Blackhawk.
                       SCOUT PLATOON MEMBER
It is all part of selection.
What do you mean selection?
                       SCOUT SERGEANT
We will tell you later.
Chance checks schedule board and sees that he has to report

to the base Cantina at 21:00. Chance heads out the barracks


door to the Cantina.
                       CANDIDATE 1
Seems you have to report to the

Cantina, wonder what that is all

Not sure guess I will find out.

What ups with your gear being

                       CANDIDATE 1
They are sending me home, told me

that I was a credit to unit but

I wasn't what they are looking

Sorry to hear that brother, it

was great meeting you.
                       CANDIDATE 1
Like wise, well man I have to go

make a call home tell them I am

coming home early.
Don't want to run but it is

almost time for me to be at the

Cantina. Take care.
As Chance walks into the Cantina Guns and Roses song

"Paradise City" is playing on Jukebox over by the two pool


tables. Over on big projection TV is the summer Olympics in

Barcelona. Soldiers are in Civies drinking beer watching TV

playing pool and just hanging out. The Scout Sergeant comes

up to Chance.
                       SCOUT SERGEANT
Come with me.
Where are we headed?
                       SCOUT SERGEANT
There are a few guys that I want

to introduce you too.
Lead the way I am right behind

The Scout Sergeant takes Chance out back introducing him to

a Captain. There is 2 kegs on ice and older soldiers with

Special Forces along with Ranger Tabs on their sleeves

scattered around drinking and socializing.
                       SCOUT SERGEANT
Sir this is the soldier I was

telling you about.
So you are the one that has the

Pentagon all in a buzz?
I guess I am Sir. What is going

on out here?
Just some old guys having fun

blowing off steam. Three times a


                       CAPTAIN (cont'd)

year we gather here for

selection and midway through we

through a blow out to blow off

steam. How old are you son?
I am 18 Captain
                       FAKE GUARD1
Damn I cant remember when I was

18. How about you Sergeant can

you remember 18?
                       SCOUT SERGEANT
No Sir I just remember

volunteering for things that I

regretted later like this detail.
I just turned 18 two months ago

      (Scout Sergeant)
Well Sergeant suck it up its

almost done.
Do you drink soldier?
No Sir I am under aged I don't

Go on in to the bar grab a beer

and come back on out here. WE

will be waiting for you.


Ok I will be right back. Still

don't think this will fly but

I'll see.
Chance heads inside to go get a beer from the bartender. He

waits in line behind a guy then approaches window.
What can I get you?
Can I get a Budweiser in a bottle?
Sure do you have ID?
Actually I do Mam but I am only

18. The Captain outback told me

to come in grab a beer.
If you are with them guys outback

I don't need to check your ID

you are good to go.
You are looking good to go

yourself. Thanks for the beer.
You are very welcome, Thank You

for the smile.


Returning outside the scene is quite rowdy older soldiers

are doing Keg stands and playing drinking pushup games.

They are doing 10 pushups and then drink 1 beer from a dog

bowl.Chance watches as a older Sergeant is turned back over

from a keg stand the two Sergeants grab and turn Chance

upside down to do one and they do squats as Chance drinks.

At the end of the night Chance is drunk being taking back to

barracks by the bartender.
                       SERGEANT 1
Come here young'un its your turn.
What are ya'll going to do?
                       SERGEANT 1
We are going snatch your ass up

and flip you up side down and do

squats as you chug from the keg

I have done beer bongs never

chugged from keg upside down.
                       SERGEANT 1
Just don't let it go up your

nose. Grab him lets turn his ass

Chance watches out the window of the bus heads back home

reading a sign that reads " Camp Dawson Home of the 19th

Special Forces Group"


While going for a drive Chance comes across a broke down

vehicle in road with hood up. Chance pulls up gets out and

heads over to the open driver side door where Cathy

Northridge is sitting in car.
Is everything ok?
Yeah I am ok my car just died on

Let me take a look at it.
      (trying to start
I think your distributor cap is

bad its not allowing it to fire.
Is it a hard fix?
Not at all biggest thing is

getting another one it wont take

long to change out. Can I give

you a ride?
Thanks I only live a couple miles

from here if its no

inconvenience for you?
It's no inconvenience besides

gives me more time to see that

pretty smile.


I bet you say that to all the

girls you pick up on side of the

Chance pulls into driveway at Cathy's house.
I enjoyed meeting you.
I am glad we met too.
Can I see you again?
Slow down cowboy you are just

dropping me off its kind of quick

isn't it.
Maybe just figured I would try.
Well let me think about it. Here

is my number call me in four

Talk to you in few days. Bye
Chance and Cathy are on first date out at restaurant. They

are waiting for food to come.
What do you do in the military?


What do you mean ?
I saw your stuff in the back of

your truck.
Very observant I am actually in

the National Guard.
So what do you do?
                       FAKE GUARD1
I am in a infantry unit in

Manassas,VA. My unit is Bravo

Company 1/170th Inf. Det 1.
Do you train all the time? I mean

are you gone a lot?
No we just train one weekend a

month, in summer time I have a

two week Annual Training that I

go too.
That's a good thing I don't know

if I could deal with you gone

all the time.
I do have a full time job that

has me traveling for work. Most

of it is in Washington D.C. I do

travel overseas from time to



                       CHANCE (cont'd)
What do you do for work.
I am a human resources officer

for a company called Outsourced

Strategic Initiatives. We have

satellite offices around the

globe and are headquartered in

Chance and Cathy leave the restaurant and head home and are

in bedroom making love.
Cathy and Chance are at Doctors office, where Cathy finds

out she is pregnant.
Chance I am pregnant.
Are you sure?
Yeah I am positive the doctor

just said so. Chance what are we

going to do? How are we going to

handle this?
I don't know baby but we will

make it work.


It's going to be tough going to

school and being pregnant. I

never imagined I would be having

a baby while in High school.
The good thing is you will be

graduated before you have the

I am dreading the morning

It will Okay babe we will handle

Chance is on weekend drill with a DELTA rep hanging with him

trying to get Chance to join DELTA.
                       DELTA REP
Are you ready to come to Delta?
If you had asked me 8 months ago

the answer would be a definite

yes. Things kind of took a

unexpected turn in that time.

Things really have changed in my

life. Cathy is 5 months pregnant

I cant join you guys now. My

place is here with her and



                       CHANCE (cont'd)
Sean when he is born.
                       DELTA REP
I do respect your devotion to

Cathy and the baby but you do

need to decide on this. We have

set up a training schedule that

you will be able to transition

into without being

overwhelmed.Look we need to know

before your next drill if you

are committed to this.

to this.
By my next drill I will have a

answer either way. It's just a

lot to work out in my head and

weigh this all out.
                       DELTA REP
I sure would appreciate it, it's

a lot of work to get you settled

in and into the training

rotation. Just don't want to be

spinning my wheels with this.
Cathy and Chance are at home in living room on couch and

Chance's pager goes off. Chance heads off o get his bag and

comes back into living room.


Hey babe I have to go into work.
Again Chance this is becoming an

ass ache I thought you said you

were going to not work so much?
Look babe its my job I have to

support us and with the baby on

the way we need the money.
I know I just hate when you leave

I miss you. Plus for the last 3

months out of 8 you have been

gone a lot.
If I had a choice I would stay

home babe I have to get ready to

head in. I will be gone for a

few days it gives you the chance

to be away from me.
Don't be a ass all your life

Chance. You know how I feel about

I love you too honey I have to go

pack my flight leaves in 2 hours.


Chance and Director Head are walking off the ramp of C-130

into a secret hangar in Somalia. They walk into makeshift

command center for the operation to capture Warlord Mohamed

                       DIR HEAD
Chance since you are our go to

guy on situations like this I

wanted you here personally.
What are we doing here what's the

                       DIR HEAD
In 2 days DELTA and TASK FORCE

RANGER are going to snatch and

grab warlord Mohamed Azdid,

Operation Wrap up will be your

Seems simple enough so DELTA will

snatch him and all I do is

escort him back to the states?
                       DIR HEAD
Yep that's it just bring him back

to the U.S. A simple no thrill

mission what could go wrong?
Custer's last words, are you

going to take care of my AWOL

from this months drill?


                       DIR HEAD
Yeah Yeah I have got it covered.
As Chance is in Somalia, his unit back in Virginia has

weekend drill were during formation Chance is AWOL.
                       FIRST SERGEANT
      (standing in front
       of company
Private First Class Chance

Edwards stand front and center

if you are present.
It is October 3 1993 the day of the assault to capture Adid,

everyone is in command center standing around a table with

maps and papers spread out.
                       DELTA TEAM LEADER
      (coming over to
We are airborne in 2 hours.

Wanted you to know.
What's this got to do with me?
                       DELTA TEAM LEADER
You don't know do ya?
Know what?
                       DELTA TEAM LEADER
You are going in with us, we have

you on the third bird.
Are you shitting me?


                       DELTA TEAM LEADER
Not at all Sir, Director Head

thought would be good for you.

He mentioned something about

keeping you young.
Where is your Armory, I guess I

need to go get ready?
                       DELTA TEAM LEADER
It's down the hall through the

double doors you will see it.
Well I am going to head down grab

some gear I will be back when I

am done.
                       DELTA TEAM LEADER
Make sure you grab the live ammo

we don't play with blanks around

Would you like to rephrase that

old man?
                       DELTA TEAM LEADER
You just pull your panties up

it's going to get hot out there.
                       INTELLIGENCE STAFFER
Sir we have intercepted a cell

call it seems that Said Azdihn,

Usama Bin Laden's bodyguard is

here in Mogidishu to meet Warlord



                       DELTA TEAM LEADER
That's good news, we may get two

birds with the same stone. What

do you think Chance can we handle

one more without any trouble?
We got this.
                       INTELLIGENCE STAFFER (vo)
      (over loud
       speakers in
       command center)
The littlebird helicopters land assault group on rooftop of

building. The assaulters enter building clearing each room

as they secure building.
Get on the ground, get on the

fucking ground now.
                       DELTA TEAM LEADER
What do we have here?
Just don't stand there gawking,

get me some guys in here to

secure this room.
                       DELTA TEAM LEADER
Easy son I still have operational

control here.
You may have operational control.

I out rank you now get me two

fucking guys here now trooper.


                       DELTA TEAM LEADER
Yes Sir they are on the way.
      (calling dir head)
May I speak to Director Head?
                       DIR HEAD
Hello Chance how did it go out
Hi Dick it's going just peachy

out here, thanks for the heads up

on me going in with DELTA.
                       DIR HEAD
Thought you could use some

excitement, Did you get them?
Adid never showed he wasn't at the

meeting we did get Said Azdihn.
                       DIR HEAD
That's great you need to get him

out of there.
Sir we are kind of in a fix we

had one helicopter shot down Task

Force Ranger is taking

casualties. The natives are

getting restless out here I need

to get this package out of here

                       DIR HEAD
Give me abit I will try to get a

LITTLEBIRD in to get you both.


ROGER THAT. Hurry up every chance

you get.
                       DIR HEAD
Chance get to the roof the

helicopter will be there in 5

Copy that headed to rooftop

waiting for extract.
                       SAID AZDIHN
You are a coward to cover your

Shut the Fuck up or I will tape

your mouth.
                       SAID AZDIHN
You cover your face because you

are scared.
I am not scared of you or your

kind. I have no problem showing

you my face so you can see the

man who caught you.
                       SAID AZDIHN
You fool I have seen your face I

will be seeing you again.
You won't be seeing anyone where

you are going. You son of a

bitch I hope you think about me


                       CHANCE (cont'd)

every day as your ass rots in

                       SAID AZDIHN
This isn't over with. I will be

seeing you again.
We are done here, get on.
Chance and Cathy are at Sean's first High School baseball

game. Chance gets a page from Special Activities Group

Headquarters. Chance checks the pager for message and hands

Cathy keys to the car and goes over to use pay phone to

call cab. Chance hugs Cathy goodbye and squeezes her butt

before he goes.
Babe work just beeped me I have to
go make a call.
Not now Chance it's Sean's first
Where do you have to go?
I am not sure will find out once I

get to the office.
                       FAKE GUARD1
Just be careful I love you.
I love you to, here are the keys

to the car I will catch a cab

home grab my bag and head into


                       CHANCE (cont'd)

the office.
Come give me a kiss before you

run off.
Chance,Director Head and the CIA Director of Special

Activities Division Agent Black are in Special Activities

Group Headquarters briefing for Operation BIRD WATCH.
                       DIR HEAD
Chance this is Agent Black from

the CIA. He is here to brief you

on what's going on.
Now that is funny a guy working

for the CIA named agent Black. So

what can I do for you agent

                       AGENT BLACK
The President has signed

executive order 13321 which

authorizes the assassination of

a foreign citizen. Operation Bird

Watch is why you are here, you

are being asked to provide

observation and targeting of

target code named Thorn.


I have two questions for you,

first one is am I going to have

support to pull my ass out of any

fire and Who is THORN?
                       AGENT BLACK
Usama Bin Laden is THORN, our

intelligence branch believe he

is organizing a global terrorist

Nobody listened in the 1990's

about his rise to power. We all

watched with thumbs up our ass as

he threatened us.
                       DIR HEAD
Alright lets knock off the

politics this is serious, we need

to focus on getting this done

and getting you back home.
Aye Aye Captain
Chance and his spotter are dug in on side of mountain ridge

watching and observing Osama Bin LADEN at Tarnak Farms

outside of the Kandahar Airport. Chance is waiting on the

C-130 that is painted in civilian colors that is using the

airport in close proximity for clandestine operation to

drop a explosive on the compound.


ALPHA 1 ALPHA 1 this is


side, I repeat have THORN in my

                       COMMAND RADIO OPERATOR (vo)
Roger that ABLEDANGER, ETA for

BRUSHCUTTER is 10 mikes.
ALPHA 1 be advised THORN is

preparing to leave.
                       COMMAND RADIO OPERATOR
ABLEDANGER we have a copy on that,

continue to observe.
ALPHA 1 you need to speed this

up, looks like there is a lot of

movement down there.
                       COMMAND RADIO OPERATOR
Hold tight ALBLEDANGER they are

in route, you need to chill out

we aren't flying the plane.
What is the ETA on BRUSHCUTTER

                       COMMAND RADIO OPERATOR
Seems we have a situation here

ABLEDANGER, we are not getting a

green light from the White House.


What fucking situation do we have

here, What are you talking about

                       COMMAND RADIO OPERATOR
We are pulling the plug

ABLEDANGER on orders from the

President they are saying

children are on the ground.
You give the President this

message from me, tell him I

think he is a pussy and for the

record this will come back to

haunt us.BREAK

ALPHA1 be advised that I am

headed to extraction point

Charlie my ETA is 60 mikes. ABLE

DANGER over and out.
                       COMMAND RADIO OPERATOR
Copy that ABLE DANGER ETA is 60

mikes at extraction point

Charlie. See you guys on the

ground in 60 mikes.
Chance comes home walks into Sean's room kisses him on

forehead. Then heads into his and Cathy's bedroom puts his

backpack in closet sits on bed. Cathy wakes up and rolls


over. The two catch up then Cathy starts to rub Chance's

When did you get back?
My flight landed 3 hours ago I

just got in from the office.
I am glad your home, come over

here you look tense.
Its good to feel your touch baby.
You are always so sweet, so how

was the job?
Oh it was the worst one I have

had yet.
What happened is everything ok?
Everything went well, I am just

getting tired of upper

management not knowing what they

are doing.
Let it go babe come to bed you

got to be tired.
I am lucky to have you babe.


Yes you are. Now turn out the

light lets get some sleep.
Chance is in SAG Headquarters watching the news footage of

the 9-11 coverage on monitors inside the operations room.
Bin Laden is responsible for this.
                       DIR HEAD
Its to early to tell yet, but he

definitely is on the top 10 of

America's most noted terrorist

That's shit we both know Osama

Bin Laden did this, I just

remember BIRDWATCH he was there

he had him. We should have just

went ahead and dropped the bomb.
                       DIR HEAD
You need to let this go you hold

on to this shit to long Chance.

What we need to happen is

focusing on this new mission at

hand. It's going to get a lot

busier around now because of this.
Yeah I am over it shit happens

right? We have a new President



                       CHANCE (cont'd)
that has the balls to fight.
                       DIR HEAD
I need you focused here Chance I

know more than anyone your

sacrifices for this nation and I

am amazed at Cathy's support

through it also. America needs

all hands on deck Chance how do

you think Cathy will take the

long hours?
I honestly don't know Chief, it's

been 3 years since my last

assignment she didn't like me

walking out on Sean's first

baseball game.
                       DIR HEAD
I know it's been hard on you all

these years. Chance you will

never receive the public

accolades for your service all

these years but your country does

appreciate it. How long have you

worked here?
I have been here 8 year now

Chief, I joined the group a

month before the Mogidishu job.


                       DIR HEAD
Have you ever mentioned it to

Cathy about what you do?
No she still thinks I am a Human

Resources Officer.
                       DIR HEAD
That kind of fits the bill.
I figured I am such a people

person that it kind of

transferred to Human Resources.
                       DIR HEAD
I heard from Barbara that Sean

was playing basketball now a

He is giving it a shot he isn't

that tall I don't know how its

going to work out.
                       DIR HEAD
Its good for kids gives them

chance to get some basic

discipline and exercise I imagine

school work is also going well?
Hope that wasn't a swipe at me

not having my High School

                       DIR HEAD
That wasn't a swipe at you

Chance, but since you brought it


                       DIR HEAD (cont'd)

up. I am not the one who dropped

out of high school 9 years ago

and still wont get my GED I have

tried to get you to take it.
Look Chief I work for my living

never needed it, I have made it

this far and look at me now.
                       DIR HEAD
Speaking of Chief's, Chance I

guess there is no better time

than now to mention this to you,

I put you in for a promotion.
I don't know what to say What is

the promotion Boss?
                       DIR HEAD
Chief of Strategic Intelligence

you will coordinate with the

National Security Council and all

overseas Intelligence operations

that the new administration

Sir I am humbled thanks for the

chance and opportunity.
                       DIR HEAD
Intelligence after September 11

has changed we need new ideas



                       DIR HEAD (cont'd)
new blood and nobody else has

your Resume Chance.
I am so glad the country chose a

new direction with the President

the country needs strength and

resolve now.
                       DIR HEAD
I wanted to ask you don't you and

the President have some kind of

Just a little bit.
                       DIR HEAD
There has been rumors to that

effect. You don't need to hang

around here go home tell Cathy

the good news.
I am going to take you up on that

Dick, I might even throw a steak

on the grill tonight to

Kathy is kitchen preparing dinner Chance gets home and tells

Cathy about his promotion.
I like when you kiss the back of

my neck.


I love when you tell me how much

you like it. You know what else

you might like?
I got a promotion I am the new

Chief of Information I am no

longer doing Human Resources.

The job has me working out of

the same office just coordinating

with the Company's headquarters.
Will there be any travelling like

you used to do?
That's the good thing most of my

work will be here in Virginia and

Washington D.C.. I am going to

have to work long hours as a

trade off.
It is what it is we will have to

adjust I am just so proud of you

come here let me give you a

Two fake guards enter a Algerian prison were SAID AZDIHN is


being rendered the pay off the guard that is on duty 1 US

Million Dollars for the release of SAID AZDIHN.
                       FAKE GUARD1
I have papers for the release of

Said Azdihn.
                       ARABIC PRISON GUARD
I haven't heard of any such

                       FAKE GUARD1
Here are our papers as you can

see everything is in order.
                       ARABIC PRISON GUARD
I seem to have forgot about

Mister Azdihn's transfer wait

right here I will go get him for

                       FAKE GUARD1
Brother how are you?
                       SAID AZDIHN
Allah be praised for my day of

release has come.
Commander it is good to see you.
                       SAID AZDIHN
Mohamed it is good to see you,

you have grown up in these last

15 years.
I guess a lot of things have

changed in all this time.


                       SAID AZDIHN
Lets go we have lots to talk

SAID AZDHN with his two brothers ABDUL and ABDELA are on jet

airliner headed to the United States
                       SAID AZDIHN
This my brothers will be the

greatest thing we do.
                       FAKE GUARD1
Allah be praised for the infidel

will get what he deserves.
                       SAID AZDIHN
We should have this finished and

back home in 7 days.
Chance is car driving gets phone call from Director Head

Chance answers phone heads into Headquarters.
Hello Sir.. Yes I am headed in

now will be there in 20 minutes

see you in a few.
Chance arrives at office heads into get brief by Director

Head. Then calls Cathy to let her know he will be working

all night at the office.
                       DIR HEAD
Chance we were just informed that

Said Azdihn has escaped from the


                       DIR HEAD (cont'd)

Serkadji prison a week ago.
Why are the Algerians just

informing us now, What happened?
                       DIR HEAD
It seems the Algerians tried to

keep this quiet. They figured

they would have him caught and

back in prison without us

finding out. Apparently they just

walked in plopped down 1 million

US dollars and like that he was

freed. Imagine that.
I find myself watching stupidity

after stupidity with these

people. What happened to the

good ole days when we just shot

                       DIR HEAD
You should go call Cathy its

going to be a all nighter.
Baby I am going to be here at the

office all night.
Should I save a plate for you?
No don't do that I will just

order food delivered here to the


                       CHANCE (cont'd)

office, Have you heard from Sean

No I haven't he is not home he is

still at football practice.
That's right that slipped my mind

I guess I have been a little

distracted with work. I hope I

will be home in the early morning

I am going to let you go.
Ok babe Thanks for letting me

know see you in the morning hugs.
See you in morning hugs back.

Tell Sean when he gets home I

will see him tomorrow.
Sure Will
The Azdihn brothers are in a van outside Sean's school were

they are going to kidnap him, then will wake calls to

Director Head and Cathy to let them know Sean was



                       SAID AZDIHN
I have waited a long time for

this moment.
                       FAKE GUARD1
What are you talking about

                       SAID AZDIHN
For many years the thoughts of

revenge have consumed my days and

my nights and now I have my

                       FAKE GUARD1
Said look there he is.
                       SAID AZDIHN
I see him Abdul you and Mohamed

get ready to grab him as he walks

by. I spent 15 years in prison

because of his father. I told him

I would never forget.
Director Head is in headquarters as staff is trying to trace

the call from SAID AZDIHN. When Chance gets to the office he

is told about the phone call.
                       SAID AZDIHN
This is Said Azdihn I have a

message for Director Head. We

have Chance Edwards son tell him

in 24 hours we are going to kill

the boy.


                       DIR HEAD
Look there is no need to bring

the boy into this. Just let him

go and we can work on our

                       SAID AZDIHN
The pleasure of killing the boy

will make up for the time spent

caged like a animal.
                       DIR HEAD
Wait Wait no need to ..
                       SAG OPERATOR
Director we got it we traced the

                       DIR HEAD
Where is he?
                       SAG OPERATOR
He is here in DC he is over in

some abandoned buildings near the

Anacostia River.
                       DIR HEAD
Don't tell Chance we need him to

sit this one out.
Did I interrupt something seems

it got awful quiet when I walked

back in.
                       DIR HEAD
Chance I need you to sit this one

out, go home spend some time

with Cathy.


With all due respect Sir this is

the dumbest fucking thing I seen

you do.
                       DIR HEAD
I am sorry you feel that way. Now

go home be with CATHY I am not

asking I am ordering you. Its

the best thing to do right now.
The phone on wall in kitchen rings Cathy answers it is SAID

AZDIHN telling Cathy about kidnapping Sean.
                       SAID AZDIHN
Is this Mrs Chance Edwards?
Yes it is may I ask who you are?
                       SAID AZDIHN
No you may not just listen. I

have your son and in the morning

we are going to return his

What do you mean you have my son?

Who is this Who are you?
                       SAID AZDIHN
I am a old friend of your

husband's we go way back to

Somalia. He cost me the last 15

years of my life so now I am


                       SAID AZDIHN (cont'd)

going to take your son's.
I think you have made a mistake

my husband has never been to

                       SAID AZDIHN
Give him the phone.
Hi Mom
Sean its your mom I am sorry you

are there. How are you doing?
                       SAID AZDIHN
Give me that back. Look no more

talking tell your husband his

son is good as dead.
                       SAID AZDIHN
You will get his body back.
Chance listens to Director Head goes home where he and Cathy

argue about the phone call. Chance over turns the kitchen

table and backslaps Cathy across the face he storms out of

house. Cathy then calls SAG headquarters to tell Director

Head about the kidnapping and about Chance slapping her and

storming out. He heads back to SAG headquarters as Guns and

Roses sweet Child of mine on radio playing.


When did you go to Somalia?
I have never been to Somalia, why

do you ask?
No reason.
Look I can tell something is wrong

did I do something wrong?
Chance I got a call 20 minutes

ago someone claimed to be a old

friend from Somalia. He said that

he had Sean I didn't believe him

at first Chance. He put Sean on

the phone I heard him they have

him Chance.
Did they say anything else?
Yeah they are going to kill him

in the morning. Damn it Chance

what have you done why are they

doing this? What are you going

to do Chance?
They are going to kill him in the

morning and you sit here on your

ass, Do something.


I am not sure what to do right

now. Lets let the authorities

take care of this.
Get the hell out I hate you

Chance Edwards.
Babe stop this shit it's no since

throwing stuff calm down.
You piece of shit son of a bitch,

I told you to get the fuck out.
I am sorry babe I didn't mean to

hit you. I will clean this mess

later I have to go right now.
Richard its Cathy Chance got home

about 45 minutes ago and I told

him about a call I received

about Sean being kidnapped.

Chance flipped over the dinner

table and slapped me across the

                       DIR HEAD
Are you Ok do you need medical

No I am alright just a little

stinging. Richard Chance left out



                       CATHY (cont'd)
of here really pissed. I assume

he is headed in to the office.
                       DIR HEAD
Yeah that would be my assumption

that he is headed in. If he

comes in I will tell him that you

Thanks I would appreciate that.
                       DIR HEAD
Cathy I have to go Chance just

pulled into the office garage.
Chance pulls into parking garage at headquarters heads to

the locker room changes into black uniform grabs his weapon

tactical holster and straps bootknife on right ankle.

He heads out to ask where the phone call from pulling gun on

Director Head threatening to shoot him if doesn't give the

address. Then Chance storms out and Director Head calls

President Curtis Elliot to inform him about Chance.
                       DIR HEAD
Didn't I order your ass home?
Fuck you Sir, you are keeping

this from me and I know it.
                       DIR HEAD
Chance I tried to keep you out

and handle this without you



Do you think I wouldn't not know

How stupid do you think I am?
                       DIR HEAD
You aren't stupid by long shot,

we just want this guy alive.

Look we have to do this by the

book, the fallout out in the

political climate could be

Where is the address I know its

here on the desk somewhere. We

always trace calls where is it

                       DIR HEAD
You know I cant tell you that,

you are to close to this Chance.
Sir I am prepared to shoot you if

you don't give me the damn

address now I am going to shoot

                       DIR HEAD
1200 Industrial Way in Anacostia,

if you leave this office you

will be arrested. Someone detain

him don't let him leave... Get

me President Elliot on the phone.


Director what seems to be going

over there, talk is something is

                       DIR HEAD
Yes Sir Mr President thing is

Chance Edwards has gone off the

reservation. Sean was kidnapped

earlier today and we were working

on a plan to get him back.

Chance found out was his natural

self pulled a gun on me until I

gave him Sean's location. He

turned over the kitchen table

and slapped Cathy.
Chance and I go way back Director,

I can tell you that once this is

all over with Chance will be back

to his old self. What would you

do Director if you were in his

                       DIR HEAD
I had heard the rumors to your

past together. We cant have this

set a precedent me having a gun

drawn on.


I will talk to him when he has

calmed down.
                       DIR HEAD
Thanks Mr President I appreciate
How is Cathy is she Ok? I have

known her just as long as Chance

those two are a great example of

unconditional love. She has

stood by his ass through thick

and thin. I cant believe he

slapped her.
                       DIR HEAD
She is doing good, she was just

worried about Sean and Chance

after all of this.
Please keep me updated on the

situation and Richard you can

have anything you need at your

                       DIR HEAD
Will do Sir Thanks for the

Chance uses GPS to punch in the address he got from SAG

headquarters heads to warehouse pulls up to warehouse gets

out of the car. Chance heads into building sees Kalif


asleep at the bottom of stairs, Chance creeps up and slits

his throat. He then proceeds up the stairs. Where he hears

door shut heads toward the noise He enters the restroom to

find ABDUL AZDIHN using the urinal. Chance sneeks up behind

him sticks a knife through back of neck.

SAID is calling out over radio to KALIF and ABDUL as Chance

approaches the room where Sean is being held.
                       SAID AZDIHN
Abdul are you there?.. Mohamed

are you there?
Chance enters room where SAID is holding a gun to Sean's

head. Chance comes into room full bore sighted in on SAID

AZDIHN,the closer Chance gets the more SAID reacts with gun

drawn to Sean's head.

Chance fires a round into SAID right shoulder firing a shot

close to Sean's head to get SAID to release Sean. As SAID

falls back Chance reaches down and grabs is knife and

sticks it into SAID's stomach then wrenched it upwards. Then

with a final strike Chance backslashes SAID's throat.

Chance then goes over and picks Sean off of the floor as the

police and Secret Service agents arrive at the warehouse.
Take my hand are you ok son?
Yeah I am ok, Dad is it really



Its really me.
Is this what you do as a job?
Yeah its something like that.
                       SECRET SERVICE AGENT
The President sent us to take

Sean home to his mom.
Sean you go ahead I have to go to

the office and square some

things up. Please give your mom a

hug for me.
I sure will and DAD I LOVE YOU.
I love you to son.
Chance gets the police to take Sean home to Cathy, as he

hangs around to finish up at warehouse. As Chance pulls up

to the house Cathy is standing on front porch hugging Sean,

Chance gets out of the car Cathy and him share a eye

contact moment.
Mom you shouldn't be mad at dad

he means well.
Chance is reflecting (opening scene) in his office. A

staffer comes in to get Chance for the press conference


announcing the new organization and announcing Chance as the

Director of the Office of Strategic Intelligence.
                       OSI STAFFER
Sir it is time.
                       OSI OFFICIAL
Please rise for the Director of

Strategic Intelligence.


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