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Someday (5 years later)
by Tamara (tamaramichalyk@gmail.com)

Rated: G   Genre: Drama   User Review:

A continuation to "Someday" by Drew Hayden Taylor

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Barb is sitting at the table eating lunch when the phone
begins to ring. She checks the number and is confused for a
moment as to who could be calling however she decides to
answer the phone.
      (On Phone)
Barb, I need to ask a favor from
Why should I help you? You
completely broke my mothers heart
five years ago and you didn't make
any effort to try and keep in
contact with us until now! What
could I ever owe you?
Barb, I have been watching the
news for you and Anne and I've
been paying attention to
everything that has been happening
to you two when last night I was
looking in the newspaper and it
mentioned a remembrance ceremony
for our father that was going to
be happening in the next few days.
I know I made a mistake Barb but
I really think I need to be at
this ceremony because I was never
able to attend his funeral. Please
Barb, I just need to know what day
it is? What time? and Where the
ceremony will be held?
Grace... I mean Janice, this isn't
fair to mom, she has finally
gotten over the idea of seeing you
again and this will only cause
this pain to be fresh and painful
all over again.
Please, Barb. I promise I will
stand off to the side and keep to
myself. Just give me a chance to
be there for my father that I was


                       JANICE (cont'd)
taken from.
You need to promise me that you
will avoid mom but if she sees
you, you will give her a chance to
talk with you. You need to
guarantee me that if you talk to
her, you will not run away like
last time and leave her
heartbroken for me to pick up the
pieces again!
I swear Barb. I am really sorry
for what I did, I just didn't know
how to react to everything I was
hearing. I had heard completely
different things my whole
childhood while I was growing up
so everything was so overwhelming
and I am sorry for hurting you and
Anne in such a way.
Don't apologize to me, I was not
the one who was devastated. The
ceremony is on Friday at 10:00am.
I hope to not hear from you!
Goodbye Janice.
Barb hangs up before hearing Janice say goodbye. She leaves
the phone extremely angry and decides then to do her best to
hide this from her mother.
Anne and Barb are entering the car, waiting on Rodney to
come to go to attend the ceremony. Barb appears to be very
nervous and Anne is already in an emotional state. Barb
attempts to stay calm in order to keep her mother at ease.
Barb, are you okay? You seem
extremely nervous.
I'm fine. I'm just remembering
all of the times we had with dad
and how much are lives changed
when he was gone.


I know, all I could think about
for the past 2 days was your
father and how much he meant to
me. I was thinking about our
wedding day and the stupid things
we used to fight about. I
remember how much he loved you
and... Grace. He changed when she
was taken. Everything changed.
Then there was the accident and
your father was gone and I had to
deal with this sadness without him
this time. Thank Goodness for
Rodney to come into our lives and
hold us together.
      (Almost in tears)
I try to forget how he changed
when Grace left, I want to always
remember the good in him.
Rodney pulls up in the driveway in a black suit and gets
into the car ready to drive Barb and Anne to the ceremony.
He calms down both the ladies and creates a more relaxed
atmosphere like he always did when he arrived.
The three of them pull up into the large field where their
father was buried and gather around his grave. The group of
people was fairly small and filled with close relatives and
friends. Barb searches around for Janice but cannot find
her. Rodney stands up in front of the crowd and begins to
      (Reading his
We are here to remember a good
man. A husband, a father and a
                                         HE CONTINUES... AND
Once everybody has shared their speeches, everybody lingered
around to talk. Barb gets up from her seat ready to leave,
when she spots Janice standing off to the side within


hearing distance. Barb looks over to her mother and
realizes she is not the only one who noticed Janice standing
there. Anne begins to make her way over to Janice.
Mom, there are people who are
trying to talk to you, Where are
you going? Please leave her be.
She is my daughter Barb, I can't
just lose her. I need to talk to
her, there must be a reason she
came this far for this ceremony.
She didn't even know your father
so she must want to see us.
      (directed at
Grace!! Grace, you came back. I
can't believe it. I thought I
would never see you again.
Hi, Anne, I really need to start
off by apologizing for my actions
last time I visited. I was
overwhelmed by everything that was
happening and I didn't know how to
react. I wanted to come today
because I wasn't there for my
fathers real funeral. I feel as
though I needed closure and this
was my chance to get it.
So this is your closure, isn't it?
you plan on leaving again don't
No, Grace, you can't just leave!
You can stay with us, just please
give us another chance to tell you
about us. I promise we will go
slower and if you feel overwhelmed
you can take a moment at any time.
Please, just give us another
chance, I really want to get to
know all about my daughter. I
mourned for you for years and I
don't think I can handle not even
having the chance to spend time


                       ANNE (cont'd)
with you for even a day. Please
Grace let me get to know my own
I guess I can stay. I can get a
hotel room for the night and fly
out tomorrow morning.
Nonsense, you can stay in our
spare bedroom. I am so happy.
Thank you so much Grace.
Janice goes home with Anne and Barb and spends most of the
night sharing stories and discovering the many things about
herself that she did not know. She gave Anne a chance to
get to know her for the night then flew out in the morning.
Anne was very pleased with herself and could not wait for
the next time Janice would visit.
Janice is all packed up and ready to go. She says her
goodbyes to Anne and Barb as she waits for her vehicle to
warm up.
I'm really glad that you stayed
and finally got the chance to meet
your family and understand your
real story.
This was surprisingly relieving. I
always wanted to know these things
and last time I left, I left with
more questions than answers. I
want to stay in touch with you but
I cannot make any promises to
Just remember Grace, We are here
for you and ready to support you
at any time. I love you. I want
to hear from you as often as


Maybe next time, you and Barb can
meet my parents and then you can
understand that even though I was
taken away, I still had amazing
parents who cared and supported me
my entire life. Thank you and
Goodbye. I love you too.


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