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Towers: Pilot Part One
by John Eicher (johneicherbuisness@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review: **1/2
A series delivered through short bursts, Towers follows a suicidal young boy ready to end it all, but finds salvation through a group of misfit friends and the struggles of there misadventures.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


John stands on the side of a bridge looking at the edge with
sorrow in his eyes.
                       HOBO (V.O)
Don't do it kid.
Pan over to a hobo sitting on the side of the bridge with a
bottle and a ragged coat.
There's a lot more for you up here
than down there.
Like what?
      (Brief pause)
I'll give you head.
Are you serious?
I'll do just about anything for a
You're cheap.
Fuck it. Kill yourself.
Thanks for the support.
John walks away looking somber with his head down.


John sits down by the baseball field with his head down too
his cracked iphone. He looks through his messages just too
see old messages from his mother, espn, and spam. A pretty
girl nonchalantly sits next to him minding her own business.
John raises his head to wave. The girl turns and looks at
him for a second, and moves to a different bench. John puts
his head back down. Suddenly, a baseball rolls by under
John's feet. It rolls into the road, and John slowly walks
out to the road totally entranced. He bends over to pick up
the ball when he here's a car loudly honking. John looks
over to see a vehicle incoming, and is quickly "piledrived"
out of the way by a young boy.
      (Picking himself
Are you trying to kill yourself!
John picks himself up and looks at Austin stunned. Austin
looks at him angrily confused and there is a long pause.
After another moment, John raises his hand to give Austin
the ball. Austin looks at it for a moment, and slowly takes
the ball.
Do you play baseball?
John nods no.
You do now. We need an outfielder.
John and Austin walk onto to the field to see it full of
kids playing a pick up game. The stand out, a kid named
jimmy sitting in a wheel chair by the dug out.
Hey Austin! This kid handicapped
or something.
Everyone starts laughing and Austin slaps John on the
Be nice Jimmy or we'll start
playing soccer.


If my legs could move they'd be
kicking your ass!
      (To John)
Head out to right field. Oh!
didn't catch your name.
It's John.
John puts out his hand for a handshake, and Austin just
looks down and starts laughing.
Austin. Now go over to right field
and try to keep your head out of
your ass.
John begins walking, then halfway through, Austin calls out
to John.
Hey. (John looks over) You need a
I don't have one.
Nico! Do you have a spare glove?
      (On First Base)
Is he left handed?
Why don't you ask him?
Are you left handed?
      (Nodding up and


I'll pretend that just made sense.
Nico runs over to the dug out to get a glove.
      (Second Base)
You from around here?
Yeah. We go to the same school.
Do you do any sports?
I do bocce ball.
Rob turns back facing the field, and then turns back.
Are you... Does your bus run a
little bit short if you know what
I'm saying.
I usually walk when I'm in town.
Rob turns facing the field.
This kid is great.
Nico comes running back and brings the glove to John.
Sorry it's a little sticky. I
swear it's gatorade.
John lifts it up to his nose and sniffs it.
It smells like peaches.
      (Running back to
That was the flavor


      (to Rob quietly)
Does Gatorade come in peach?
Rob awkwardly shrugs and John puts on the glove with grossed
out look on his face. He jogs out and intensely squats with
his glove in the air. Everyone on the field looks and starts
laughing to themselves.
You doing some keigal exercises
over there?
Take it easy bud. It's just a pick
up game.
John relaxes his posture and looks embarrassed. Austin turns
around and winds up the first pitch to Carson. It's a ground
hit to second base. John runs to second base as Rob picks it
up. Rob tosses it to first and john chases the ball and runs
over to Nico. John get's in the way of Nico's catch, and
Carson makes it to first base.
What the hell are you doing?
      (looking down)
Austin runs over for a brief coaching lesson.
Look bud you don't have to chase
the ball around. Just stay in the
outfield and wait for it too come
too you.
Austin runs back to the pitching mound and John back to the
outfield. Jimmy rolls out to base with his bat in his hands.
Alright everybody back up a little
Are you serious?


Way to be a dick dude.
No he's right. I don't want you
guys making me feel better just
because I'm in the chair.
Austin winds up the pitch and it cuts to John standing
there. He looks relaxed, but then you here CRACK and the
ball flies over Johns head. Cut to Jimmy wheeling in to
first base.
Suck my handicapped dick!
John runs back as quickly as he can, but by the time he gets
the ball thrown to first it's too late, with Jimmy and
Carson both on base.
Dam'n it John.
I just kicked your ass and I can't
even walk. The real Slim Shady
can't stand!
      (To John)
Hey don't let them psyche you out
just keep your head in the game.
We got a solid hitter coming up.
Roque walks up to base wearing full head gear connected to
braces. He lines up to the plate and raises his bat. Austin
winds up and throws the ball. It passes Roque and hits the
catchers glove, and then after a moment, Roque swings. John
puts his hand to his face, but quickly refocuses. The
catcher throws the ball back, and Austin winds up for the
pitch, and launches it. Crack! Roque launches it up into the
air, and begins heavily speed walking towards first base.
Time slows, and John begins running back too catch the ball.
Inspirational music begins playing and John grows this
determined look on his face. He throws his glove up and the
ball lands in perfectly. Suddenly, he starts to stumble. The
music and slow motion stops, and John abruptly falls down
to the ground. The ball flops out of his glove.


John gets up and picks up the ball. He quickly runs towards
Jimmy, who is wheeling as fast as he can to second. John
gets winded by the time he gets close to jimmy, and tiredly
trots over to him, and smacks him with his glove before he
can get too base!
Ouch, you fucker!
That's three outs! You loose!
Everyone cheers and begins celebrating. Austin runs over to
Is the game over?
Oh it's just getting started.


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From AP Lundson Date 5/7/2015 **1/2
There are Some really good things about this. Firstly it makes you want to read on and find out what happens next. I've read the first five episodes now so you must be doing something right. I think it's because John's background is intriguing and the viewer will want to know why he was thinking of killing himself and how he got to where he is at the start of the story so I hope that is addressed as I read on. A lot of the dialogue feels natural, mainly the banter between the five friends. I particularly like the Jimmy character - realistic, funny and original to me. My criticisms and the reasons I only gave it 2.5 stars is I think when the emotional drive to each stroryline kicks in and is resolved the dialogue seems to get a lot less natural and rather a bit forced and on-the-nose. It would be great to get these issues across with a bit more sub-text I think. Also the structure could use some work. I think the episodes would work a lot better if you combined some of the stories to make them longer and it would give a better sense of the connections and conflicts between the characters. All in all though I did enjoy the shifts in tone between comedy and sadness and I look forward to reading more of your work.

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