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Towers: Melody
by John Eicher (johneicherbuisness@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review:

The fourth installment of Towers, tensions are high between Nico and the group as a mystery of his past weighs on his shoulders.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The boys sit at a restaurant table conversing and laughing
with each other.
Kid looses his virginity and he
can't even remember it.
I kinda remember it.
What i remember is waking up and
there being a fucking rat pancake
in my carpet.
We were all drunk. What were we
supposed to do?
Not turn my living room into a
steel cage match.
What did you tell your mom?
I just said I ran it over and
covered it up with a pillow.
Wheel chair pity?
Wheel chair pity.
The waitress comes over to take orders.
Okay guys are you ready to order?
No I still need a minute.
Okay I'll get you last. (To
Austin) What would you like to


I'll have the forbidden fudge
      (Whispering to
That sounds like a code word for
John does a spit take with his water.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'll just
have a vanilla milkshake.
A hunka chunka sundae will be
I'm just gonna have a water, thank
The waitress turns and looks at Nico waiting, and Nico get's
Can you come back in a sec? I need
some more time.
Might I suggest the hunka chunka?
It's my personal favorite.
I bet
What is that supposed to mean?
Oh I'm sorry you must be slow. I'm
calling you fat.
There is a dead silence as all the other tables turn and
look to see the occurrence. The guys looks at each other
shocked. Jimmy looks up at the waitress and shrugs.
We're handicapped?


John is seen being tossed out while everyone else is already
outside except for Jimmy. A restaurant is seen wheeling
Jimmy out.
The hell is wrong with you?
That lady was shaking me down to
order. I asked her to give me a
minute she kept pressing.
Well now we can't get ice cream
It's okay. I'm lactoast intolerant
It's lacTOSE not lacTOAST you
fucking moron. You're not allergic
to wheaties are you?
Well if i ate them with milk it
would make me gassy.
What is your problem?
Guys it's November eighth.
Oh. Nico why didn't you...


Don't you dare pity me! You know
I'm glad we got kicked out. I'm
going home.
Nico walks off scene.
What's up with November eighth?
It's nothing. Don't worry about
it. He'll be fine tomorrow.
I think I'm gonna go home too.
So what, the days just over? Why
don't we just go talk to him?
Look bud, don't take it personal.
There are things that are just
better if you let them be. Go home
Everyone walks away and John just stands there stunned at
what just happened. After everyone is gone. The waitress
walks back out.
Your friend left his wallet
John opens it up to see Nico's I.D
John walks up to Nico's front door. He knocks a couple times
and waits to no response.


John waits a little longer and sighs. He then stops and
begins to listen closely. He can here a piano faintly
playing in the background, and he presses his ear to the
door. After a moment of thinking, John slowly walks into the
house. He stands at the foot of the stairs and he can here
the keyboard from upstairs. He can start to hear faint
singing too. John walks up and stands in Nico's doorway
unnoticed. Nico is singing and playing the keyboard.
And I tried to make you notice,
And i tried to make you stay,
and a million reasons noted,
not one when you went away.
oh oh ohhhh.
Nico turns around shocked to see John there.
What are you doing here?
You forgot your wallet at the
resaurant. (John tosses it) That
was really good, you know.
Well what's it about?
It's just a song.
Well I'd love to here it.
Do i look like your stage monkey?
I'm sorry. I just wanted to here


Yeah well we all don't get what we
want, do we?
But that was really good. Come on
bud, just sing it.
Go away.
I really want to here it. Please.
Nico angrily turns around.
Sing me a song. I'm fucking
serious. If you're gonna stand
there and beg for music then sing
a song! (pause) I'm waiting!
John looks around awkwardly and starts singing the tune to
"Hey Jude" quietly to himself.
Hey dude. How have you been. This
is really, uncomfortable. I think,
I'm gonna stop, because this is
really weird and I really don't
want to do it anymore.
Nico turns around and puts his head down, not facing John.
Look, I'm sorry. Please, just go
man. Just leave me alone.
John looks at him for a second and exits the house.
John is scene walking down the side walk with his phone up
to his ear.
      (Voice Mail)
Hey it's Natalie. Can't talk on
the phone right now because I'm
doing something. Leave a message


                       NATALIE (cont'd)
after the beep.
Hey it's John. It's been about a
week and you haven't called me so
I thought i would. Call me back,
you know if you want too. I would
really like to talk too you. You
know. See what's going on between
us, and the thing. So call me. Or
not. It's your call, or whatever.
It's John from the party, so bye.
John is walking with his head down when Rob bikes up besides
That might be the saddest voice
mail I ever heard.
Hey Rob.
Eh don't take it too hard. Life's
not always blow jobs and
lollipops. Just be glad when it
gives you something to taste.
Wouldn't that mean I'm the one
giving head.
It's always putting something in
our mouth. It's just up to us
whether to suck it or not
You know Robbie, that was actually
really deep, in a gross, perverted
sorta way.
So why are you walking from Nico's
He left his wallet at the


Well that was nice of you to
return it.
Yeah well he wasn't super excited
to see me.
Yeah. Just go easy on him. It's a
rough day for him.
You know everyone keeps saying
that and I have no context to put
that under. He just get's pissy
with me and whenever I ask what's
going on everyone just says "Don't
worry about it". It's starting to
piss ME off.
Rob hits the kickstand on his bike so he can stop and really
talk to John.
It's his sister's birthday.
Do you SEE is sister around
Is she?
No she's not dead. Just gone.
What happened?
Nico's dad's an alcoholic asshole.
Always has been. After Nico was
born, his Mom left soon after, and
it was really just him and his
Sis, Jessica. The only thing they
had were each other, and they were
inseparable. It was like that
until the week she turned
eighteen. Left with no note,


                       ROBBIE (cont'd)
address, nothing. Took Nico's
heart with her. The guy's been a
different person since.
John looks down and took a long moment to process.
And she really just left him like
It was a shock to all of us. No
one saw it coming. We can't figure
out what's worst, the fact that
Nico doesn't have her anymore, or
the fact that she didn't care
enough to stay. That's why we're
all he's got. We just may look
like a group of assholes looking
out, but were more than that.
We're a family, and you're on the
inside now, so you got to get used
to these kinda things. Look, we
all understand Nico is being a
total dick today, but he needs us,
and every person who leaves him
puts him right on the track to
being like his fuck-up of a
father. He's a good guy at heart.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Yeah i think i get it.
Good. The group been's off for a
while, especially Austin, but
having you here, that fresh
vitality, it's bringing us back I
I appreciate that, but Austin
seems like he's the most together
out of all of us.
He didn't bring up Fallon?
Who the fuck is Fallon?


That's not for me to give away.
Rob puts up his kick stand and starts to bike away.
But wait! I'm so lost.
      (looking back)
Aren't we all!
John walks up to Nico's door and knocks on the frame. He
turns around and is angry to see him.
I know about Jessica.
Well congratulations Dr. Holmes.
You solved the case. Do you feel
Look I just came back here to
Well i was just begging for it,
wasn't I.
Look we all go through rough
You seem to have your fair share.
I know how it feels!


Do you really? Do you have a case
of depression.
Don't act like it's just you!
What cross do you have to bear!
The room goes silence and Nico is stunned. There is a pause.
I know how it feels to be lonely,
just like you.
Nico turns around
But you don't know how it feels to
have it taken away.
Because I never had anything to
loose. I mean, I have a house to
go to. A warm bed to sleep in.
Food. Statistically, I'm one of
the luckiest people in the world.
I could be someone starving in a
third world country, or an abused
child, or dead. I could not be
breathing today. I could have
robbed myself of that. But it all
felt so... empty. Just numb in
this state of indifference. But
then I found you guys. A family of
four. And coming into it, it comes
with a price. The promise of joy
matched with the possibility of
despair. Knowing that getting to
smile means eventually having to
cry, but we can't get caught up.
She left you. It sucks, I know.
But Jimmy, Austin, Robbie, they
would be here in a drop of a hat
if you let 'em. It's addicting.


                       JOHN (cont'd)
The despair. It would be so much
easier just to cling on too it
forever, and just let it rob you.
Let it become you. Just die. But
death is coming for all of us
anyways. It could be eighty years
from now, it could be tomorrow,
but too spend this limited time
here just killing it. I'm not
doing it, and you aren't either. A
family of four.
It's five now.
There is a silence.
Do you want to here my song
Yeah. I think i would.
Nico begins playing the keyboard.
lay down, teeter off a the flight
of stairs,
Only so many memories, for a soul
who didn't care
Nurture, my best friend my little
was it loss of interest, or was it
half a scheme.
Four notes makes the measures
The rhythm isn't, perfect
metronome's a broken heart.

And I tried to make you notice,
And i tried to make you stay,
and a million reasons noted,
not one when you went away.
oh oh ohhhh.

So burn your mementos,
forget, and be reborn,
keep your steps quiet,
be silent, don't slam the door.
I don't know to miss you,
I still question why.


                       NICO (cont'd)
Blood ties are unwoven,
I was here to pass the time.

I'll leave the front door open,
keep track in back of mind.
I spend the last breath hoping,
your heart was part of mine.
Oh, ohh, ohhh.
That's all i got right now.
Well it wasn't as good as MY song,
but I think it was pretty good.
If Paul Lennon was still alive to
here that song, he would hang
himself all over again.
There are so many things wrong
with that sentence.
God, you're just like Fallon.
John sighs and looks down.
I think it would be really less
depressing, if went and tried to
flip this day around.
John, Austin, Nico, Jimmy, and Rob are all seen throwing
eggs at the wall of the frozen hut.
Frozen Hut Ice Cream made my legs
stop working!
There Ice Cream gives me the


So does toast!
The boys are seen laughing and yelling and enjoying there
time. As the boys keep throwing eggs, John walks over to
      (throwing eggs)
Yeah what's up?
I really need to talk to you.
      (throwing eggs)
About what?
It should really be between us.
      (throwing eggs)
We're all family dude. Just say
But Austin...
      (thowing eggs)
Who's Fallon?
Austin stops throwing eggs and turns white. He looks at John
and just can't process.
No one you need to worry about.
Austin goes back to throwing eggs, but the look on his face
his completely joyless. John just looks down and gives up.


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