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Towers: Fallon
by John Eicher (johneicherbuisness@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review:

The fifth episode of Towers, John reaches a tipping point of frustration as he is left in the dark on the connection between him and a mysterious figure names Fallon

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Jimmy and John are seen in Jimmy's house lounging on a couch
and love seat. Jimmy is on his phone and John is flipping
through an old year book.
Did you buy the "Mike's"?
I bought your pussy lemonade.
You know, nobody every told me why
you were in the chair.
My cock's so big it takes up all
the blood from the legs.
You're joking, right?
I swear you're more handicapped
than me.
John flips through a page in the year book, and notices a
prom picture of Natalie with a boy.
Natalie still won't return my
You got to plug when she's drunk
and you don't even have to deal
with it. That's a blessing not a
Does she sleep with guys often.
Natalie is like the handicapped
parking space. Only a very select
people get to enter it.


Then why is she ignoring me?
Because maybe you're just a
drunken mistake. Don't take it too
hard. In the boy code book that's
called a score. Just relax and
maybe it will happen again at the
It didn't feel like a mistake. Oh
well. Maybe i was just her type.
This guy with her in the old
yearbook looks just like me.
Jimmy looks up with his phone concerned.
What guy?
Just some dude dressed up with her
like they're ready for homecoming.
(John looks up)Why?
Can I see the yearbook?
What's going on?
I just want to see the photo.
(Jimmy rolls to John and grabs one
end of the year book). Let me see
John begins pulling, and him and Jimmy enter a tug of war.
What is wrong with you?
Just give me the yearbook?


Not until you tell me why you're
acting funny.
Trust me. You're better off.
John yanks hard and pulls the year book out of Jimmy's
hands. He quickly scans the photo and see's a caption below
the picture: "Sophomores Natalie and Fallon ready for
Homecoming". John quickly looks back at the photo, and
realizes the boy in the photo is Fallon. He looks back up at
Jimmy bewildered.
John you got too listen too me.
This is Fallon.
You got to calm down.
Natalie knows who Fallon is!
John please sit down and listen
too me!
John drops the yearbook and runs out the door.
John wait!
John walks up to Natalie's front door and frantically starts
knocking. Natalie opens the door and is terrified to see
I really need to talk to you.
Listen, about the party...


It has nothing to do with that?
Then why are you here?
Because I need your help.
      (closing door)
I'm sorry but just being near you
is going to make things worse.
Who is Fallon?
Natalie freezes and takes a deep sigh. Everything calms and
becomes less frantic. She slowly turns around.
He's nobody.
Please don't just write me off
with that. I've been asking
everybody and no one will give me
answers. I don't know who he is,
but we're connected somehow. Like
everything I've done in the past
month had something to do with
him. Natalie, I'm begging you if
there is anything you know, tell
me, because I am desperate.
Natalie pause and enters deep thought for a moment,
struggling on what too tell John.
We used to date and you look
Natalie begins to close the door, but John stops it with his
I know there's more too it than


Listen John, I really am sorry
about the party and if I gave you
feelings. It has nothing to do
with Fallen, but it was a drunken
mistake. That night should have
never happened. And that group of
guys you hang with, they're not
your friends. If I was you, I
would act like you did before you
ever met them... or me.
But i can't do that! I don't how
to describe it, but ever since I
stumbled into them things have
been happening to me that are
incredible, and tragic, and
revitalizing, and a billion other
things that I can't even begin to
comprehend. Whether we like it or
not, life is happening, and there
is something incredible going on,
so no, I can't pretend all of this
never happened, and I can't
forget. I need to know who Fallen
is, and why he is so related to
me. It's like this part of who I
am that I'm missing.
      (to herself)
...just like Fallen.
Everyone keeps saying that!
I'm sorry John. But I can't help
Natalie slams the door shut. John angrily stomps away and
screams in frustration. He turns around to see two little
kids watching him in amazement.
                       LITTLE KID
Holy Shit!


John burst into the room too see Nico, Robbie, Jimmy, and
Austin all sitting in a circle, clearly waiting for John.
Guys, you got to tell me what's
John we're all here because we're
concerned for you. Did you talk to
Yeah, I did. And she didn't tell
me anything so you guys can all
relax about that.
We got to tell him.
It's gonna piss him off.
We can't treat him like we treated
Fallon, and you know it.
Why not! I mean look at him!
Stop talking I'm not right here!
Rob you said this was a family,
and I thought I was a party of it,
but everyone knows about this
Fallen situation except me, and
the need to know is burning me up
on the inside.
You are one of us.
100 percent, pal.


Then let me in, and don't dodge
the question. Who is Fallon?
The guys all stop and look around at each other. Austin
turns and looks at John.
John, I can't tell you. I'm so
Find, then I'll go find him and
ask him myself.
Guys, he's gonna find out anyways.
Just tell him.
Don't even bother because I know
you won't. I mean what's even the
deal? Did this guy fuck my mother
or something? What is so pressing
that you just can't tell me?
John. Just stop talking.
Why? I bet Fallon didn't. I bet he
just ran his god dam'n mouth all
fucking day just like me.
You don't know what you're talking
Maybe I would if you told me! I
don't know if he was an idiot or a
He could be an asshole, a thief, a
murderer for all I know!


He was the best man out of all of
Then why isn't he here!
Austin sits down emotionally distraught, and John sits to
the floor in shock. There is an intense silence.
How did he...
He hung himself. None of us saw it
Everyone looks down and away from each other in emotional
He was exactly like you. Awkward.
Insightful. Courageous and
cowardly. If he wasn't laughing he
was moping. None of us could
figure it out, but he had us
figured out. If something was
wrong with us, he could just pin
point it... and he wouldn't take a
breath until he knew we were okay.
He'd be with us every breathing
moment. Even when he wasn't here
he would call us. Talk for hours
until it got to the most mundane
things. "I can't believe Natalie
called me. We should give Nico a
card for Jennifer. I hate the
outfield... (begins to cry) the
balls never make it that far"


We always made him play it because
we knew it pissed him off.
      (teary eyed)
We didn't want you to know,
because whenever we see you, we
see him. And we didn't want you to
feel like...
A replacement. I'm so sorry guys.
I'm not Fallon. Am... I even your
guys friend, or am I just a
Everyone looks down and no one says anything.
      (tearing up)
I'm so sorry.
John runs through the door.
John is seen sitting on the docks with a pack of cigarettes
in his hand and a lighter in the other. He is looking out to
the water with tears in his eyes. After a couple moments,
Jimmy rolls in behind him. He props himself out of his
chair, and pulls himself to sit right next to John. John
pulls out a cigarette and try's to light it.
John, you don't smoke cigarettes.
I do on occasion.
You're trying to light the filter.
(John looks at him confused) The
wrong end you idiot. Let me see
them. I'll help you out.
John hands Jimmy the pack of cigarettes and the one he was
trying to light, and Jimmy throws all of it into the water.


I thought you said you were going
to help me?
I just did. Luck gave you a
working pair of lucks, don't try
to take them away.
You guys didn't have to look for
Yeah we did. I did. Do you
remember the first day we climbed
the tower?
Of course I do.
Well when you and Austin were out
starting up the car, Nico and
Robbie were having the loudest
private conversation I ever heard.
Little do they know I'm paralyzed,
not death. They were talking about
you. Fallon. If bringing you in
was a mistake. Do you wanna know
what Robbie called you?
Another Fallon?
A blessing. (John is stunned) Now
I'm not a religious person, but I
can still understand the value of
something special
But what if the reason you guys
like me is because I remind you of
The reason we like you is not
because you're like Fallon. Me,
Austin, Nico, and Rob, we thought
it ended with him. Like all our
lives ended because we lost the
person who held us together. Then
you came in, and things have been


                       JIMMY (cont'd)
different, and not because you're
a shadow of your friend, but
because you care enough for all of
us. You're not Fallon John. You
just got the same heart.
      (teary eyed)
Wow Jimmy. I never heard you talk
like that.
Yeah well, when you're constantly
around a giant talking vagina, it
rubs off on you a little bit.
Was that a sex joke?
You're god dam'n right it is bud.
You're god dam'n right.
John and Jimmy enter the house to see everybody else waiting
for them.
Who are these assholes in my
All of them walk up and give John a bro hug.
I'm sorry about being a dick about
your friend.
We're all sorry for not telling
you sooner.
You deserved to know.
Austin comes over with four beers and one hard lemonade.
      (to Austin)
Are we good?


      (hands lemonade)
Would i have grabbed a women's
drink we weren't?
They both smile and open up there drinks
                                         SHORT TIME LATER
Everyone is scattered except for John and Austin sitting on
the couch.
A nickle? There's no way.
I swear to God this hobo would
have sucked my dick for five
I wouldn't eat a carrot for five
They both break into hysterics.
If i had a nickle every time I
heard that one, I'd be richer than
the hobo.
Alright you have to tell me, the
real answer this time, why were
you going to do it? Jump?
John takes the moment to think.
I think when it really comes down
too it, it wasn't the idea of
dying that excited me. It was the
hope that someone would save me.
I got to say something that's
totally out of respect for Fallon,
but still needs to be said. You're


                       AUSTIN (cont'd)
not like Fallon. Fallon is like
you. If that makes any sense at
A lot more thank you think.
I'm about to make a toast, but
first, I want you to remember
something. We needed you, and not
because you're like Fallon. It's
because you belong here. (Yells) I
think it's time for a toast guys.
Everyone comes into a circle with drinks in there hands.
What do we make this too?
      (puts drink in)
To being able to let go
      (puts drink in)
to unexpected blessings
      (puts drink in)
to wheel chair parking and friends
dumb enough to let me drive
      (puts drink in)
To new beginnings
      (puts drink in)
To Fallon.
They all cheers.
Fuck Fallon. He cancelled our
Yeah! What a douche!
Suck my living dick, Fallon!


Fuck you Fallon!
Are you guys serious?
Trust me, if he can here us, he's


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