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Towers: Super
by john eicher (johneicherbuisness@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review:

The premiere of Season 2, John embarks to break down the walls between Robbie's bullied brother and the outside world.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


John, Robbie, Nico, Jimmy, Austin, Kasey, and Natalie are
all seen walking down the side walk.
I don't understand why you just
don't call her back.
She started PUSHING my wheelchair.
Do you know how degrading that is.
If i needed a dumb bitch to push
me around I'd just ask John to do
Don't call her that.
Thanks Natalie.
Oh, you can take it.
Natalie places her hand on John's shoulder.
      (whisper to Nico)
Are they dating?
I have no idea.
We gotta stop by my house before
we go to lunch.
I can meet your brother.
Natalie punches John sharply in the arm and John gives her
an irritated and confused look.
No you can't.
They stop at Robbie's house.


Is he not home or something?
He's just not a people person.
Look, just stay here alright. I'm
just gonna grab some cash and be
back in a sec.
Rob enters the house.
Is anyone gonna explain that or am
I just gonna find out by myself.
Don't be a dick dude.
Rob's brother was just bullied
Like how bad?
Beaten to the hospital bad.
By who?
Lane did it.
Nico puts his arm around Kasey to comfort her.
It was a couple years back. Luke
was never really that out going,
but after the incident he
completely shut down on people.
Well maybe LUKE just needs some
one to give a welcoming hand.
John begins to move towards the house but Natalie grabs his
John, don't. Trust me.


Oh come on guys. This kid is
practically me. I can welcome him
to the group, like you did Austin.
This is a totally different
situation. I know you want to
help, but believe me, you can't.
Or maybe you all just didn't try
hard enough.
John begins running towards the house.
Trust me! I got this!
John enters the house and exits the scene.
Well, somebody better go stop him
before I get he's in a chair too.
John quietly walks through the hallways of Robbie's house
scanning the room's and doorways. He comes across a closed
door that reads "Danger: Luke's Room" on a little knock-off
sign. John looks up and smiles. He creeps through the door
and starts to see a "Super-Man" poster along with video-game
and comic paraphernalia scattered about. John walks in a
little bit to see Luke sitting in a bean bag chair totally
entranced in a video game.
Hi. Are you Luke?
Luke looks over shocked and drops his controller. He is
Luke continues yelling while John tries to talk to him


No I'm a friend! I know what
happened I'm just here to talk.
(Rob enters room) Oh Rob thank
Rob grabs John and slams him to the floor while Luke still
screams. Rob holds John in submission on the floor.
What the fuck is happening?
Rob let's go of John and he get's up.
I told you to stay the fuck
Rob, I'm your friend. We're
Get out! (John looks back at Luke)
John walks out of Robbie's house looking discouraged.
How'd it go?
I went inside, someone started
screaming who I presume to be
Luke, and Rob beat the shit out of
Well that could have gone worse.
Yeah well aren't I so dam'n lucky.
What the fuck was that. It's like
he didn't even know who I was. I
never seen Robbie so, emotional.


Robbie had to stand up for his
brother for a long time. For a
while, he was always angry. That's
why he spent so much time learning
how to fight.
But Luke, it was like I was trying
to kill him.
He was tortured John. Some people
can't be brought back.
I don't except that. I'm not
giving up on this.
Enjoy Robbie kicking your ass
John, let this go.
Let's just go to lunch.
Robbie knocks on John's front door. John answers and Rob
looks down ashamed.
Hey John. I just wanted to say I'm
sorry for what happened earlier.
No it's okay. I should have stayed
outside like you asked.
It's just, when we were growing
up, Luke got picked on
relentlessly, and all i could do
is go code red. Start screaming
and punching until it stopped, and
whenever I hear Luke is in


                       ROBBIE (cont'd)
trouble, all I can see is red.
After Luke... broke down...
(Robbie Pauses and takes a deep
breath). I'm all that he has.
It doesn't have to be like that.
Yes it does. Luke can't come back.
And maybe he's not the only one
gone. Rob, I've never seen you
excited, or depressed, or angry
until today. I think this took
more out of you than you think.
And what would you presume I do?
Rob it sounds like you lived a
life where you constantly had to
keep your guard up, but having a
hard outside means not being able
to let anyone in. Maybe it's time
you dropped your fist and stop
expecting the next punch.
That's how you get knocked out.
Well maybe your not fighting
You're never done fighting. (Rob
lightly punches Johns shoulder)
I'll catch you later.
John stands at his front door for a moment and let's out a


John is on the phone walking down the sidewalk talking to
Is Austin almost there?
Yes. This is a bad idea man.
We're doing a good thing here.
Just get Robbie out of the house
for a couple hours.
Where the hell are we supposed to
I don't know take him to the
trampoline park or something.
That is the shittiest idea I ever
heard. We're almost here.
Just figure it out. I got to go.
Commence operation hidden angel.
I hope Luke goes crazy and stabs
John hangs up and hides behind a bush and waits. He sees
Austin's car pull up, and Robbie walk out with Roller Skates
in his hands. John chuckles to himself and watches Rob enter
the car and leave. John runs up to the house and enters
through the window. He slowly walks through the hallways and
enters Luke's room. Luke looks at him scared once again, and
starts to scream for Robbie.


Rob! Robbie! Robbie!
      (hands up)
Stop! I'm not here to hurt you.
I'm a friend. I'm a friend.
Luke picks up a long lamp and nails John in the center of
the chest with the blunt end of it, knocking him to the
floor. John looks dazed, and glances up to see a Green
Lantern replica on his desk. Luke goes for his phone, but
John gets up with his hands up.
In brightest day! In blackest
night! No evil shall escape my
Luke looks at him confused and starts to calm down. He
starts to the mumble the quote with him, and get's clearer
as he goes on.
                       JOHN AND LUKE
For those who worship, evil's
might. Beware my power. Green
Lanterns light.
They both look at each other breathing heavy, and start to
catch there breath.
I'm just here to talk.
Why would anyone want to talk to
Because I was lost too, until
somebody brought me back.
Luke sits back down.
I'm not lost. I'm alone, happily.
I doubt that.


How'd you know Rob wasn't going to
be here?
I set it up for him to get out of
the house so I could talk to you.
And you think I need help.
John sees a 1970's superman movie poster.
I see your a fan of Christopher
Yeah well "Man of Steel" was a
piece of shit.
I liked it. What was wrong with
the movie.
Two words. Super murder. Super man
was a better Osama Bin Laden then
If he didn't stop him Zod would
have blown up the city any way.
Zod was after Superman, not the
city. All he had to do was fly
away and he would have saved like
a million people.
Bull shit. Bull shit. Bull shit.
Truth! Truth! Truth!
Your a god dam;n maniac.
                                         BRIEFLY LATER


The song Why Can't We Be Friends by War plays in the
background. Luke is wearing a Darth Helmet voice changer
helmet and John is wearing an Optimus Prime helmet and they
are having a toy lightsaber battle. They strike at each
other, and Luke holds out his hand and pretends to use the
force. John grabs is own throat and pretends to be choking.
Rob walks in the doorway and the music stops and they both
look at John in there helmets in shock.
This isn't what it looks like.
                                         BRIEFLY LATER
John, Austin, Luke, and Jimmy all sit on the couch as Robbie
stands and lectures them.
So this whole thing was hoax?
To break into my house?
Pretty much.
I knew something was funky when
Jimmy wanted to go roller skating.
You're a real detective Rob.
How did you do that?
You see they had these ropes that
held me up... (slaps John)The
chair has wheels you fucking
That hurts my head and my heart.


      (to Luke)
And how did you open up to him.
(points to John)
He knew the oath.
The oath?
Green lanterns.
John reaches across the couch to knuckle bump Luke. Rob
looks down and sighs.
You know me and Luke had an idea.
Movie night, the original Superman
And you would be cool with that?
Luke looks down sad and looks back up at Rob.
I want to have friends again.
Well I'm in.
I'll get the beer.
John, Luke, Robbie, Austin, Nico, Kasey, Miranda, Jimmy, and
Natalie all make them selves situated on the couch to watch
the movie. Luke sits on the floor in front of John and
Natalie who are sharing a blanket. Nico and Kasey sit
together on a blanket, Austin in a love chair, and Rob takes
a seat next to Luke. Jimmy sits on his chair as Miranda
walks over.
Sorry for being so rude about the
chair thing.


I'm sorry. I should have known.
Miranda goes to sit in Jimmy's lap and Jimmy starts to howl
in pain.
Oh my god I'm so sorry.
I'm joking. I can't feel my legs.
So stupid.
Miranda gets mad and walks towards the other side of the
room near Natalie.
I'm sorry. Not stupid. Naive.
Luke takes a sip of his beer and starts to cough. John
notices and hands him a hard lemonade.
These are for winners.
Of the knitting contest!
      (to Kasey)
How old is this movie.
      (to Nico)
About forty years old.
      (to Kasey)
We're getting drunk.
      (to Nico)
You bet your ass we are.
The movie starts and you can here the superman song in the
      (to Nico)
I thought you loved Superman.


      (to Kasey)
I love new superman. This looks
like it was filmed with an iphone.
Oh it's like a star wars opening.
      (to Natalie)
How does that not give you goose
      (To John)
I know what give me goosebumps.
Natalie leans in for a kiss but John hushes her.
                                         SOME TIME LATER
It's a bit later in the movie, and Nico and Kasey are
totally drunk.
Ha ha. Look. Naked Baby.
Oh my god it's a penis.
Baby penis!
Luke's face is irritated and sad.
Didn't this dude like snap his
neck or something?
Yeah his name was Christopher
Reeves. He started a whole
organization for people who were
Superman was in a wheelchair?!
Till the day he died.
Huh. Fuck you kryptonite.


Natalie leans her head on John's shoulder.
You know this was actually really
nice of you.
It's like I told you. I never give
Luke over hears and looks down and upset.
Can we just watch Man of Steel or
Come on guys just give the movie a
I did. And I'm bored. This baby
ain't doin' shit.
Show me some tits!
Super Tits!
Luke get's upset and walks outside. Everyone gets upset and
Robbie looks at John mad.
I'll be right back.
John gets up and walks outside.
Luke sits on his front door step and John sits down next to
Whats wrong bud?
No one likes the movie.


I wouldn't get to torn up, we
didn't make it.
Why did you come to see me? Was it
because you really cared, or just
to impress that girl in there?
Who? Natalie? Trust me that girl
is more confusing than tripping on
ecstasy. (Luke looks at him
confused)I'll explain later. The
reason I wanted to get through to
you is, because I saw a lot of you
in me.
You didn't know anything about me.
Not the nerd stuff. The feeling of
being alone, isolated. Before I
met these guys... I wanted to kill
myself. The guys told me what
happened, and I wanted you to know
what it feels like to belong
somewhere. And the movie, the
teasing, enjoy it. You saw how
Jimmy treats me. That's what
friends do. We call each other
names, trick each other, get
angry, scream sometimes. But
everything we do, it's for each
other. These guys, they aren't in
the hating business, and we're
always there for each other.
When I'm alone, I don't have to
worry what people think of me.
If you do that you'll never know
what it's like to have someone
genuinely like you. To feel cared
for, and believe I would not be
missing the world's best Superman
movie if I didn't care about you


I never had friends.
Well add one to the list. Now
let's go inside and laugh at drunk
people watching Superman.
They both smile and head back into the house.
                                         LIVING ROOM
They walk inside to see Jimmy and Miranda making out and
Kasey and Nico watching in total amazement.
He takes off his glasses and he
can fly.
How did Jimmy...
I have no idea.
They both sit down in there usual spots and John gets a text
message. He looks and it's from Rob. "Thank You". The
superman theme plays and fades out the episode.


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