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Delta Dark
by Michael Roy (termijj@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ****
A horror/comedy about a 30 year old man-child named Josh, who runs a web series that involves him exploring the many creepy, abandoned farm houses littered throughout the Mississippi Delta. The show really takes off when a high school senior named Rob joins, but something seems to be watching them when they go into these homes. How long before they pick the wrong house?

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


An old fisherman is pulling a motorless boat ashore from a
Mississippi Delta swamp as the sun sets. He's almost waist
deep in the water. He doesn't notice the police cruiser
parked by the dirt path behind him, or the approaching
police officer.
                       OFFICER 1
What are you doin', Terry?
Terry quickly releases the boat and turns around. He has a
guilty look on his face.
I ain't doin nothing... I was
drivin by and seen this boat... I
thought I'd be neighborly and pull
it out the water for whoever it
belongs to.
The Officer takes a few steps closer and peaks into the
boat. There's nothing in it except a couple paddles, a
tackle box, and a fishing rod. No fish.
                       OFFICER 1
You know this area is off limits.
I know that. Like I said, this
ain't my boat.
The Officer knows Terry is full of shit, and the skeptical
expression on his face says so. The Officer shakes his head
at Terry before walking back towards his police cruiser.
                       OFFICER 1
Find another fishing spot, Terry.
The only thing you'll catch in
that swamp is malaria.
Terry watches the officer get in the cruiser and drive away.
Terry grins to himself.
      (to self)
Dumbass, cop.


Terry goes back to pulling the boat ashore. Fisherman
Terry's feet just leave the water when "something" grabs him
low and yanks him out of frame. The camera pans down and
shows a bit of blood spray into the tiny ruts left in the
mud by the fisherman's boots. Sounds of pain and screams of
agony are heard off frame as Terry is mangled.
The camera flies overhead to reveal a large, rundown house
deeper in the swampy woods. It's about half a mile from
Fisherman Terry. An old woman gives voiceover. Later we'll
recognize this voice as the character Funa.
      (Voice Over)
He been here longer than any of
us. A classic southern gentleman
wit manners. He neva strike a
lady... But you betta believe he
kill to protect what's his. He
been doin it since before you was
born. You best just stay away from
dat house.
                                         OPENING CREDITS
It's pitch black outside the vehicle. JOSH RIVERS (30) is
sitting alone in the driver's side of his Jeep. The engine
is off. Josh's face is lit only by the light from his own
handheld camera.
      (To his camera)
What's up guys. Josh here for
Episode 18 of Delta Dark. I'm
calling this episode 'Payback'. I
found out about this place from an
article in my town's library.
Everyone knows that in the early
1900's a lot of messed up stuff
happened in the South, and some of
the worst of it happened here in
Mississippi. In the 1920's, a
moonshine bootlegger named Gordon
Rice was trying to make a name for
himself. He was an up-and-comer in
this area, and when a big supply
of his was robbed, a rumor spread
that a black guy named Red
Armstrong was responsible. Gordon
thought this would be a good
opportunity to send a message. He


                       JOSH (cont'd)
figured that Red wasn't the kinda
guy the law would give a shit
about… Maybe he was right. Who
Josh turns the camera towards the abandoned house in front
of his jeep. The small home is one story tall, and is
illuminated by the jeep headlights. The house is surrounded
by dense, swampy forest. A few of the windows are smashed,
and parts of the wood are clearly rotten. 'NO TRESPASSING'
is painted across the front of the home in big red letters.
The front door is broken and dangling from the hinges.
      (Off camera)
This was where Red Armstrong lived
with his wife. Gordon and a couple
of his goons busted in this place
one night, grabbed Red and his
wife and tied them to some of
their dining chairs. The plan was
to kill Red's wife and leave Red
alive to spread the word about
what happens when you steal from a
white man, so that's what they
did. They slit the wife's throat
and they left
Josh turns camera back towards himself
      (To camera)
Over the next few days though,
nobody heard from Red, and
Gordon's goons started to
disappear, until one day Gordon
woke up in this house. The five
chairs were still set up in a
circle, just like they had been
when he and his goons killed Red's
wife. Only this time, it was
Gordon tied to the chair… along
with his own wife and two kids.
Red Armstrong sat across from him,
and he never said a word. He just
stood up, and started skinning
Gordon's family alive. He started
with his daughter's hands, then
her stomach, and just kept going
until she stopped screaming and
bled out. Gordon was begging and
offering Red money... But Red
never even said a word. After he


                       JOSH (cont'd)
finished with the daughter, Red
did the same to Gordon's little
boy, and then his wife, until him
and Gordon were the only ones in
the room still breathing.
Josh turns camera back towards the house
      (Off camera)
But Red never touched Gordon.
Instead, once the wife and kids
were dead, Red slit his own
throat. He stayed completely
silent the whole time. The article
I read didn't say anything about
what happened to Gordon after
that, and I could find any info on
him elsewhere, but I dunno how the
story could have gotten out if it
wasn't Gordon that told it. Let's
go in here and see if we can
figure it out.
Josh exits the jeep and heads into the house. He moves from
room to room slowly, inspecting the broken glass from the
windows and exploring every dark corner. Josh is giving
commentary the entire time. He makes suggestions on what
could've happened and tries to turn every obscure thing into
a clue to help validate his stories. When Josh is done, he
leaves the house the same way he entered. Once outside, he
puts the camera back on himself.
      (to camera)
Wow... A pretty messed up place
with a messed up background. It
felt weird being in there. Don't
forget, you guys can email me with
suggestions about where to go
next. My address is
dabigdick@deltadark.com. It's in
the episode description as usual,
and remember, the nights are
always darker in the delta.
ROB WOODS (18), an average looking high school kid, is
inches away from his computer monitor. His eyes are wide as
he's completely absorbed in Josh's show. Rob closes his web


browser as the episode of the web series "Delta Dark" ends.
He loves that show. His room is filled with posters of
classic horror movies and monsters. He takes a deep breath
and smiles. Just then his mom opens Rob's bedroom door with
sudden (and extremely unnecessary) force. It scares Rob so
badly that he almost falls out of his chair.
                       ROB'S MOM
      (in a soft,
       motherly voice)
Breakfast is ready.
      (annoyed and
OK, Mom... Damn.
Rob's mother shuts the door, leaving Rob with his privacy.
Rob sighs, steps away from his computer, grabs the backpack
lying on his bed and leaves his room. Before he leaves the
house he grabs a few strips of freshly cooked bacon from the
kitchen. Outside, he hops in his car and heads to school.
Rob is in a small but crowded high school cafeteria.
Chattering voices of students fill the room. Rob approaches
a lunch table and takes a seat between his two best friends,
MARK (18), wearing a collared shirt tucked into his khakis
and a Christian cross necklace, and BRIAN (18) wearing baggy
clothes and having hair that looks like it's never seen
shampoo. Their table is packed, with one end being occupied
by the more attractive kids, and the other end being
occupied by Rob and his buddies. After sitting, Rob starts
to empty the contents of his paper lunch bag.
Did you watch the new episode yet?
Yeah, I saw it. The house was
pretty damn sketchy
I thought the story was kind of
Are you serious?? That story was
fucking SICK!


He makes all that stuff up though.
And he's used the 'southern boy
sending a message' storyline like
5 times already
You don't know what you're talking
about. Nobody in your
Bible-thumping house should be
allowed to watch that show anyway.
It's the Devil's work!
Brian slaps at the cross necklace hanging from Mark's neck.
Why do you wanna mock someone's
Brian just laughs at him.
I thought he put a different spin
on the story for this episode. I
kinda dug it.
CODY (18), a dude with super-cool sideburns and an equally
awesome letterman jacket leans over the table from the
middle of the more attractive kids and yells towards Rob.
Will y'all PLEASE shut up about
that douche bag's show?
You jealous, Cody?
Of a thirty year old man who still
hangs around with high schoolers?
Nah, I'm not jealous
Mark smuggly takes a bite out of a french fry
His new episode already had 25,000
views when I watched it this


From the opposite side of Cody, his girlfriend Beth (18), a
super sexy homecoming queen type, leans into frame and joins
the discussion.
Probably all from him and his mom.
Who he still lives with by the way
Cody gives a douchey chuckle and high fives his girlfriend.
Green really is an ugly color on
Cody and Beth look confused. They look down at their shirts,
Cody scans his jacket, and they quickly give each other's
whole wardrobe a quick look over.
      (Confused to Rob)
Across the table from Beth, KAYLEY (18), a cute girl dressed
a bit more conservatively than Beth (but not prudish),
      (to Cody and Beth)
Green is the color of envy
With a friendly smile, Kayley looks down the table towards
Rob. Rob's face instantly turns red and he drops his eyes
downward towards his paper lunch bag
      (whispering to
       Mark and Brian)
Dude, she got my joke...
Rob is at his locker switching out his books. Brian is
leaning against the lockers next to him. Students scurry all
around them as they move to the next class.
Wanna go to the bridge tonight?
It'll be a great opportunity for
you to stand awkwardly silent and
eye fuck Kayley


Bridge parties aren't my scene. Is
Mark gonna go?
It's a bridge party. Not Bible
      (as he shuts his
I'm gonna have to pass too
If you say so
Brian walks off, supposedly to his next class. Rob shuts his
locker and walks in the opposite direction. Several students
pass by, but Kayley stands out to him. Rob's eyes lock onto
her as she passes by him, but she doesn't notice him at all.
Suddenly Brian appears from nowhere and slaps Rob in the
balls. It's a real cheapshot while Rob isn't paying any
attention, and it snaps him back into reality. Rob's face
turns red and he hunches over from the pain. Brian laughs
and trots away.
Rob gets home from school and walks into the kitchen to raid
the fridge. ROB'S MOM is washing dishes in the sink. Rob
steps away from the fridge empty handed. He rests his head
on his mom's shoulder.
There's no fooooood
                       ROB'S MOM
      (continuing to
       wash dishes)
There's plenty of food. You'd
notice if you were hungry enough.
Rob stands up straight and looks at the sink full of dishes.
Is the dishwasher broke again?
                       ROB'S MOM
As long as your dad thinks he's an
electrician, I'm the dishwasher.


Rob chuckles and gives his mom a kiss on the cheek.
We both love you.
Rob trots off to his bedroom and slides into the chair in
front of his computer. He goes straight to the Delta Dark
message boards and starts browsing. He reads one comment
from "Nightcrawler24" that says "Josh should think about
checking out that old hotel on highway 3. I get chills
everytime I drive passed it."
Rob types a response under the username DieDarkmanDie,
Rob continues to browse through the forums. He sees a long
list of comments from the Nightcrawler24 user. After a few
moments, Rob receives a direct message on his computer. It
says its from "ADMINISTRATOR."
      (as computer text
"dont u go to south delta high
      (as computer text
Josh's messages are flooded with emojis and spelling errors,
and he clearly has no idea what punctuation is.
"this is josh rivers :) :) :) u
gonna be at the bridge tonight"
      (as computer text
      (as computer text
"gotta porposition 4 u i will talk
to u there peace :)"
Suddenly, Rob's bedroom door bursts open. It's loud, and
scares Rob half to death.


                       ROB'S MOM
      (barging in the
Hey, Sweetie.
Rob almost falls out of his chair again.
Jesus, Mom! Why?! Are the cheap
jump scares REALLY necessary?!
                       ROB'S MOM
Sorry, Sweetie. I was just
checking to see if you had plans
Rob looks at the text box dialog that is still open on his
Yeah. I think I do.
About 20 people make up small get-together. The spot is
called "Graffiti Bridge", and since it's just a skinny
bridge covered in graffiti, it seems the title is just.
Headlights from vehicles light the bridge. A few kids,
including Beth and Cody, are sitting on the back of a
truck's tailgate listening to some horrible country music.
Others are sitting on the side of the bridge and gossiping.
A drunk guy is peeing into the river below. Rob and Brian
are drinking beers around a fire composed of wooden pallets.
Mark is with them as well. He's drinking a coke.
      (to Mark)
What the fuck are you even doing
Just hanging out.
Gonna get fucked up on a sugar
Brian taps Mark's Coke with his beer, causing the Coke to
foam over a bit.


Look, Rob said he was coming, so I
figured I would too.
I'm not gonna be here long if Josh
doesn't show up.
      (to Rob)
It probably wasn't really him.
Anyone can just change their
username to "administrator."
      (Giggling and
       sipping his beer)
Reverend Mark is probably right!
You got burned, bro. Someone from
the forums is fucking with you. At
least it got you out of the house
Why would someone from the forums
wanna fuck with me?
Because you can be a snarky shit
with your comments sometimes. And
you're on the message boards
constantly like a complete fanboy.
They probably hope you'll crawl
over to Josh and start gargling
his sack when he gets here.
A car pulls up and parks at the edge of the bridge. Kayley
exits the vehicle along with her older sister JENNY
(mid-20s) and two of Kayley's friends.
Speaking of gargling...
All four girls seem like they are walking straight towards
Rob. To Rob, the girls look like they're walking through a
Whitesnake music video. Rob tries his best to look cool
while simultaneously avoiding looking directly towards
Kayley. He fears the eye contact. The result is him looking
like an idiot.


The girls stop walking as the sounds of sliding gravel and
bad hard rock from the 90's fade in. An obnoxiously orange
Jeep is pulling up right behind Kayley's car. It's Josh.
Cody and Beth, still sitting on the tailgate of Cody's
truck, notice Josh. They each look at each other and roll
their eyes.
Jesus Christ when will he get a
fucking life?
Josh parks his jeep behind Kayley's car and walks towards
the bridge. With the exception of Jenny, Josh is at least a
decade older than everyone else at the party. He has a giant
arrogant smirk across his face. He seems like he's marching
with a purpose, so Kayley and her friends stop to let him
walk by.
      (as he walks by)
Hi, ladies
He makes a special effort to single out Jenny. He never
stops walking, but puts his middle finger right in her face.
Fuck you, Jenny. Cunt.
Rob, Brian, and Mark watch as Josh makes the rounds by
greeting some of the other party goers. Most people seem to
be cool with him, but some laugh when he turns his back.
Josh avoids Cody and Beth. After he's done, Josh points
enthusiastically towards Rob and walks towards him.
Rob Woods, right?
Josh slaps Rob's hand and squeezes it with a firm handshake.
Good to meet you, dude. You blow
my message boards up!
I love the show.
Oh I know.


Brian and Mark stand silent, but their goofy grins show
their odd amusement.
You wanna help me work on it?
      (getting excited)
Fuck yeah, man! That'd be awesome.
Sweet. You got a cell?
Rob digs into his jeans pocket and grabs his cell phone.
Text me real quick so I can get
your number
Rob obliges and Josh hears a BEEP come from his own phone.
Cool, man. I got it. I'll text
you, but just come by my house
tomorrow and we'll talk about the
plan and I'll explain how
everything works
Yeah, man, for sure.
Awesome. Now if you boys could
point me in the direction of your
loosest senior classmate, that'd
be great.
      (to Mark)
Show this man the harlot.
Mark points towards one of the girls near Cody and Beth


Her name is Morgan
Josh points proudly towards Mark and gives him a wink before
walking towards the poor girl.
Brian looks a Rob, who is still staring at Josh like a
freak. Brian takes a sip of his beer and laughs.
What the fuck just happened?
Rob knocks on the front door of a nice little home in a good
looking neighborhood. JOSH'S MOM answers the door.
Is this Josh's house?
                       JOSH'S MOM
Now and forever it seems.
Josh's mom leads Rob into the home and guides him to a
                       JOSH'S MOM
First door on the left.
Rob steps into Josh's room. The walls around the small bed
are covered with posters of 90's rock bands and
models/playmates from the same decade. Josh is sitting at
his computer, which looks to be a really expensive piece of
hardware. His computer desk is a mess, covered in papers and
equipment. Josh sees Rob and quickly stands up from his
computer desk to greet.
      (shaking Rob's
DieDarkmanDie! Come on in and have
a seat.
Josh gestures to an empty chair next to his, and Rob takes a
seat. Josh leans back, relaxed in his chair. Rob stays a bit
uptight. He feels like he's at a job interview.


So you're a pretty big fan of the
Yeah, man. Big time. I love it.
Cool. You got a favorite episode?
I dunno, but my favorite story was
probably from Episode 4.
Josh nods and smiles.
"The Exorcism." I still dunno what
was making the noise outside the
house during that show, but it
definitely helped make everything
Yeah. That one gave me nightmares.
That's awesome, man. So you would
be into working on the show with
Without a doubt. What would you
need me to do?
Josh adjusts himself in the chair and sits more upright.
I just need a sidekick. Someone
jumpy to go into the houses with
      (in disbelief)
You want me to actually go in the
      (sly smile)


Josh nods towards his bed. Laying on the bed are two high
dollar video cameras.
The show is good right now, but
I'm just not jumpy enough. If
there's one thing we can learn
from YouTube, it's that people
love to watch other people get
scared shitless. I need someone
with me who'll get scared
Why me though?
Josh takes a sheet of paper that was resting around the
carnage of his computer desk.
I printed out some of my favorite
comments you posted.
Josh reads some of Rob's message board comments
I FILLED MY PANTS', then another
user asked 'with shit or jizz?',
and you said 'BOTH! GREAT
      (a bit embarrassed)
Yeah I remember that one.
      (reading another
I remember that one too.
      (reading another


                       JOSH (cont'd)
Rob stays quiet and doesn't admit or deny that one.
There are nearly a hundred of
Josh raises the page of printed comments and taps it with
his finger.
I need this guy with me. Are you
Rob's excitement makes him laugh to himself for a few
When do I start?
Nice! You'll start a week from
today. Just come back by here at
around 10:00 and we'll ride to the
spot. There's really nothing you
need to do except carry that
camera and go into the house with
me. I'll still handle all the
editing and behind the scenes
shit. You got any questions?
Yeah, how do you find these
Seriously? First of all, NOBODY
knows the Delta like I do. I know
my way around every little crevice
hiding in this flat, soggy,
beautiful world. And also, those
houses, those fucking things are
everywhere. No matter where you
are in the nearest five counties,
you can probably skeet to one of
these sketchy old places. I've got
'em lined up for the next year at


You don't scout them out
beforehand at all?
Hell no, dude. That would make it
staged and suck the life out of
it. I gots to keeps it reals.
But what if there's a hobo waiting
in there with a shotgun?
What fucking hobo is gonna have a
Rob shrugs timidly
Anything else?
Where do you get all your stories?
Don't worry about that.
Josh quickly minimizes a word document open on his computer
The less you know, the better.
Rob and Mark are all sitting at the cafeteria table, as is
their routine.
I'm actually gonna be going in the
house, man... I'll be on the
      (genuinely curious)
But why?
Before Rob can answer, Brian sneaks up behind him and yells
in his ear in a Christian Bale style batman voice


Rob jumps and spills some of his soda. He looks annoyed at
Brian, while Brian laughs and sits next to him.
      (to Rob)
Are you nervous?
A little bit. It's not like I'm
not freaking out or anything
      (to Rob)
The show is good as is. What if
you fuck the whole thing up?
What do you mean?
I dunno. I mean, you're an OK
dude, but I don't see you being an
entertainer to 50,000 people.
You're about as charming as a dead
Fuck you, man..
      (From farther down
       the table)
I wouldn't worry about fucking up
that crap show. Anyone can do what
Josh does; even you. What you
should be worried about is how
your willingly being on that turd
of a web series is gonna make you
Brian gives Rob a soft pat on the back
Let the haters hate, dude.
Rob stands at the front door. He looks at Josh's jeep
sitting in the driveway. It's an obnoxious orange color and
the top has been removed off the vehicle. Rob checks the


clock on his phone. It reads 9:56 p.m. He's about to knock
on Josh's front door, but Josh opens it before Rob even
knocks. Josh is carrying two cameras. He hands one to Rob
and walks to his Jeep.
      (spinning his
       finger in the air)
Load up!
Josh puts the cameras on the backseat before hopping over
the door (instead of opening it) to get behind the steering
wheel. Josh cranks the vehicle and starts to slowly pull out
of the driveway before Rob gets in. Rob is trying to open
the door, but it's locked.
You're in the big leagues now,
man! Doors are for the peewees!
Hop that bitch!
Rob manages to hop over the door and roll headfirst into the
passenger's seat. Laughing, Josh shift gears and picks up
Josh is driving them to the setting of the next Delta Dark
episode. 90's rock music is playing on the radio and Josh is
rocking out with it. In the passenger's seat, Rob is
pilfering with the camera Josh gave him, and is noticeably
nervous. Josh mutes the radio.
Correct me if I'm wrong here, but
did I see you drooling over Kayley
Rose at the bridge last week?
No... Wha.. What?
Nail and bail that sexy little
geek... That's it. DO NOT let it
get real. I fucked around with her
sister for a while. You think
these houses I go into are scary?
Fuck around with one of those Rose
sisters for too long and you'll
experience true horror.


I don't really know Jenny, but
Kayley is a cool girl
Horse…. Shit… But it's your
life... and funeral.
The jeep turns off the pavement and onto a dark, lonely dirt
road. Tall stalks of corn grow in the field on their left. A
bit farther off the road on their right is thick, swampy
forest. Rob takes a deep breath. Josh notices how anxious
Rob is becoming.
What's got you more scared? The
thought of going in the house, or
the thought of having the episode
be watched by so many people?
I don't know. Maybe a bit of both.
I'm an actual fan of Delta Dark...
A big fan... I just don't wanna
screw it up
Josh nods in understanding and a couple seconds of silence
pass by.
So you wanna hear something fucked
Probably not.
Well I'm gonna tell you anyway.
This all took place about a year
ago. You may not understand now,
but you'll get it once you get
older... So I suspected I had a
hemorrhoid after about six months
of some fucking BRUTAL itch-ass. I
mean, it was tolerable during the
day, but at night I would wanna
grind at my butthole with a cheese
grater. So I hit up the google
machine and did some research, you
know? That's how I pegged it as a


Rob's noticeable nervousness transforms into noticeable
confusion. He silently listens
So then I head to Wal-Mart to buy
some Preparation H since it's the
only hemorrhoid treatment I've
ever heard of. In case you don't
know how it works, Prep-H comes in
two forms. There's the suppository
and the ointment. Now, I'm so
butt-timid that just standing in
the same aisle as the hemorrhoid
creams was freaking me out. There
was no way I was about to buy the
suppository. No way could I cram
anything up my butt. Maybe, just
maybe though, I could just gently
spackle some of the ointment
around my hole.
Josh pauses for a moment, perhaps to give Rob a chance to
ask questions.
So I get home and open the box
with the ointment, and I get a
little bit of a surprise. It turns
out, there's no spackling
involved. There's a tube that
attaches to the end of the bottle,
and you're supposed to cram that
mother fucker up your ass. In my
eyes, that god damned tube was
about as long as my forearm and
just as wide. There was no fucking
way. I said fuck the tube, and
went with Plan A. I just dabbed
some of that ointment on my finger
and spackled it around the itchy
part of my hole, and it kinda
helped, but not really.
Does this have to do with the show
Sort of.. Maybe. Anyway, I go to
bed after fixing up my butt, and
at around 3:00 a.m. the itch
returns with a vengeance. I roll
out of bed and sleep walk my way
into the bathroom like a zombie.


                       JOSH (cont'd)
I'm like a blind man, knocking
shit over as I hunt for the H.
When I finally grab the bottle, I
squeeze out some juice and start
spackling. Afterwards, I waddle
back to bed, cheeks squishing with
each step. I curl up and go to
sleep. Well, about an hour or so
later, I wake up again, and my ass
is feeling funky as hell. It's
sticky and crusty… I longed for
the times when it just fucking
itched. I rolled out of bed and
waddled back into the bathroom
where I jumped in the shower to
clean myself. I was cursing the
Preparation-H brand the entire
time. Once my bunghole was
purified, I went back to sleep.
When I woke up the next morning, I
realized what the problem was.
While taking my morning piss, on
the back of the toilet, right
where I thought I'd left the Prep
H, sat an open bottle of Crest
Rob processes the story for a couple seconds. Then he starts
to laugh.
You put Crest toothpaste up your
I did, and I learned a valuable
lesson from it too. Now I treat
Delta Dark like I treat my
asshole. I make sure I'm 100%
positive about what's going in it.
This show is my life, man. I love
it. And I work my ass off on it.
Josh puts his hand on Rob's shoulder.
You'll be fine. Trust me. I
wouldn't put you on the show if I
thought there was any chance at
all that you could screw it up.
We're gonna be like Batman and


                       JOSH (cont'd)
The gruesome twosome.
There you go! The Gruesome
Here we are.
Josh pulls the Jeep up to the house and parks. The house
becomes lit by the headlights. The entire left side of the
roof of the small home has collapsed, and old furniture
ranging from mattresses to recliners rots in the tall grass
of the front yard.
      (to Rob)
Game faces. Phones on silent.
Camera on you till we get inside.
Josh and Rob each turn on their camera. Josh points his
camera at himself. Rob points his camera at himself. Josh
speaks in a much softer, serious tone with the camera on.
He's in character.
      (To camera)
Welcome to episode 19 of Delta
Dark. Before we get going, I wanna
introduce my new co-host. He's a
fan of the show, and should help
us cover more ground in the house.
Say 'hello' to the viewers, Rob.
Rob looks into his own camera and gives a sheepish "Hi"
      (To camera)
This episode is called 'Delayed
Reaction.' I heard about this
place from my dad. It was one of
those heard from a friend kind of
stories, but I ran a quick search,
and it seems like there's some
truth to it. Anyway, the story dad
told me goes like this: Back in


                       JOSH (cont'd)
the early 60's, people around here
thought that this house was
cursed. There were some that
bought into that, and some that
didn't, but for the most part
everyone respected it and just
stayed away, until a group of kids
wanted to show how tough they
were. Three guys, about college
age, came out here after a few
beers and dared each other to go
inside. It took a couple of
minutes before the one with the
biggest balls went in alone. He
didn't even have a flashlight, so
he was definitely braver than us.
Josh points the camera towards the house. Rob is keeping the
camera on himself just as Josh instructed. The story is
clearly getting to Rob already.
They waited for about five minutes
for the first guy to come out, but
he never did. So the second guy
went in to look for him. Same
thing. He didn't come out. The
last guy that went inside is the
one that first told this story.
His name was Benny Smith. He was
just a normal dude working a cash
register at the local gas station.
He said that when he went in
there, both his friends were dead.
They were lying on the floor with
their eyes gouged out of their
heads. Benny said that he never
heard a scream or a struggle or
Josh moves the camera back towards him.
Benny told the police what
happened, and they came and
searched the area, but they didn't
find any bodies. Everyone thought
Benny had lost his mind, and a
week later, he proved everyone
right. After he didn't show up for
work one day, Benny's boss went to
his house to check on him. Benny
was there, along with the two


                       JOSH (cont'd)
other kids that went inside this
place. All three had their eyes
gouged out, and all three were
dead… So maybe you guys should
check on me and Rob in about a
Josh exits the Jeep, and Rob follows his lead. Rob is
freaking out, muttering soft obscenities that his camera can
barely pick up. They go inside, and Rob is jumpy as FUCK. A
critter in the trees just outside the home makes some noise,
and Rob nearly turns and runs.
      (whispering. Could
       be to Josh or
       could be to
I don't wanna be here, man. I
don't wanna be here…
Rob is TV gold. He's insanely enthusiastic and afraid. He
thinks every little thing in the place may be a clue to help
solve the bullshit mystery Josh just spilled in the Jeep,
and Josh happily plays along. They record for about 10
minutes and head back to the Jeep.
Once inside the jeep, Josh points his camera towards Rob
You feeling OK?
No, man. I'm feeling weird. We
need to go.
OK, dude. We're going.
Josh then puts his camera back on himself
      (pretending to be
This didn't feel right at all. It
was without a doubt the most
messed up place I've ever been…
But.. Yeah. Thanks for watching
guys. The night is always….


Before Josh can finish he sees a silhouette of a man-like
figure step through his jeep's headlights and disappear
behind the small house. Josh tuns off his camera and
completely breaks character.
What the fuck was that?
      (nearly in panic)
Lets just go please. For real.
Josh watches the spot where he saw the figure for a few more
tense seconds. He then turns his camera on and points it at
      (To camera)
The night is always darkest in the
Josh turns off the camera and rests it in his lap.
Seriously, though.. Did you see
that guy behind the house
      (freaking out)
The cameras are off, man! I'm not
fucking acting! Get me the fuck
out of here!
After a brief moment, Josh laughs, cranks the Jeep, and
drives away
Your camera is still on actually.
With shaky hands, Rob fumbles for the power button on his
camera. Once it's off, Rob buries his head in his hands to
gather himself. Next to him, Josh slaps excitedly at the
steering wheel.
WOOOOOO! You were fucking MADE for
Josh turns the radio up and shifts gears


                                         4 DAYS LATER
Rob is sitting in his room, watching the episode he and Josh
filmed. The last scene is him saying '"The cameras are off,
man! I'm not fucking acting! Get me the fuck out of here!".
Rob shakes his head. He slings his backpack over his
shoulder and heads to school.
As he steps into his first classroom, his classmates
actually applaud him. Even the teacher claps. And more
importantly to Rob, even Kayley is in on it. With smug looks
on their faces, Cody and Beth hold their applause. Rob
smiles and takes his seat.
Rob is sitting with Mark and Brian in their usual spots at
the cafeteria table
      (to Rob)
Hands down not a fucking close
call the best episode ever! You
are LEGEND! I'm about to watch it
Brian pulls out his iPhone and opens safari.
Was that story for real? Did you
really feel weird from being in
that house?
If by "weird" you mean
"terrified", then yes. You can't
even compare actually being in one
of those places with watching it
on a computer.
But you feel good now, right?
Cause Josh said the last guy
didn't freak out until later.


      (still looking at
       his phone)
Mark, you are truly a child.
      (to Mark)
I feel fine now. I just -
      (blurting before
       Rob can finish)
Holy Shit….
Brian flips his phone towards Rob, showing the view count of
the episode. It says 3,423,952.
Rob shows up to Josh's house and the two celebrate their
newfound fame. Josh skips the handshake and lifts Rob
completely off the ground with a massive bear hug.
Delta Dark is gaining more and more viewers, and Rob and
Josh going into more houses. Episode 21, 22, etc. "Cooler"
kids in the cafeteria are starting to sit closer to Rob.
Rob is at a party at graffiti bridge. There's a much larger
crowd hanging around the fire with him this time. Rob is
obviously enjoying the attention. Away from the fire,
sitting on the tailgate of their truck, is Cody and Beth.
They look towards Rob unimpressed.
      (to Beth)
Why do people get off on that show
so much?


Don't ask me.
A dickless monkey could do what
they do.
Cut to Rob. A few of his classmates are asking him about the
show. They aren't Rob's usual crowd, but he seems fine with
Where are you guys going next?
I dunno. I don't find the houses,
Josh does.
Do you even know anything about
the story of the next place?
Nah. That's Josh's job too. I'm
just the guy in front of the
camera the day it all goes down.
Rob hears an exaggerated throat clearing come from behind
him. He turns and sees Mark trying to get his attention
      (to crowd around
Be right back, guys
Rob walks to Mark, who is a good distance away from everyone
else. Far enough that they're sure there are no
What's up?
Have you not noticed Kayley?
Brian appears from nowhere and lunges between the two of
them. His arms are wrapped over Rob and Mark's shoulders. An
open beer in his right hand. He's clearly drunk.
      (to Mark)
Did you tell him?


Tell me what?
Brian puts his lips an inch away from Rob's ear
      (whispering slowly)
Kayley… Rose… Has... Been….
Looking…. At… You… All…. Night
      (reaffirming Brian)
Rob discretely looks in Kayley's direction. He's trying to
not be obvious. When his eyes reach Kayley, Rob makes
momentary eye contact. Rob averts his eyes as quickly as
he's able. He instantly starts to sweat.
      (getting nervous)
Oh fuck... What do I do?
      (ashamed of Rob)
What do I do??
Brian slaps Rob hard across the face.
You go talk to her, dumbass
Just go say 'hi'. You'll be fine
Rob nods and tries to gather his confidence. He starts the
long, slow walk towards Kayley. He makes his best effort to
keep his eyes up so that his faux confidence will show. He
reaches Kayley.
      (timidly to Kayley)
Well, Hello! I can't believe
you're actually speaking to me
instead of just staring!


I'm just messing with you
Kayley playfully slaps Rob on the arm
So things seem to be going pretty
well for you
Yeah it's strange. I'm still
getting used to it
Just don't let it go to your head.
I won't.
Rob glances back towards Brian and Mark who are staring at
him, eagerly waiting to see what Rob does next. Rob quickly
looks back to Kayley
Would you maybe wanna go see a
movie with me this weekend?
Yeah that'd be fun. Maybe you can
even put me in a movie.
What do you mean?
Or in a web series, or whatever..
Now Kayley is blushing, and Rob realizes that she likes him.
He smiles.
Oh, right. Maybe so.


Rob walks up to Josh's house and knocks on the front door.
After a moment, Josh's mom answers.
Hey Mrs. Rivers. Is Josh here?
                       JOSH'S MOM
No he's not. He moved out and got
a real job.
Josh comes jogging to the door from behind his mom.
You kid too much, Mom
Josh steps by his mom and greets Rob with a fist bump.
The Gruesome Twosome! Come on in,
Josh and Rob are sitting in front of Josh's computer. Josh
is showing him how some edits of the videos they've recently
How's the hype with the kids at
school? Still strong?
Really good. I'm getting invited
to a lot more parties because I'm
on the show.
Why aren't you passing those
invites on to your boy here?
Gruesome Twosome, baby. I could be
your 'plus one'.
I kinda already have a 'plus one'
Josh frowns and rocks back in his chair. He already knows
what's coming.


Oh you fucking idiot...Kayley
She's not what you think. She's
pretty, she's cool, she's smart-
She's a geek.
Well I don't think she's like her
I never said she was like her
sister. There's definitely a
difference. I DETEST Jenny Rose
with every ounce of my being. With
Kayley Rose, it's just a strong
Do you even have a reason?
You really wanna know?
Rob nods
OK... Where should I start? I
guess I could start with the
endless amount of cock blocking. I
hate banging in a car. I get
cramps. And I can't bring girls
over here -
                       JOSH'S MOM
      (Yelling from the
      (continuing with
Because of that. So when a girl
I'm seeing has a bed that me and
her can get it in on, I get really


                       JOSH (cont'd)
fucking stoked. I had that chance
about half a dozen times with
Jenny Rose, and every time I was
about to get my tip wet-
Cut to Rob, who's a bit grossed out.
      (continuing with
That little nerd Kayley would find
a way to make sure it stays drier
than a bucket of sand. She'd knock
on the door and say we were too
loud, or she'd tell Jenny she
heard a noise outside. She even
tried to steal my Jeep once.
How old was she?
Like 4? I dunno, man. Shit... Who
cares? The point is that even
though I was dating a girl that
was more than willing to put out,
I was getting most of my sexual
release at home, whacking off like
a god damned orangutan with my mom
in the next room telling me to
take the trash out.
That sucks, man.
No shit. That's not all either.
She also let the stinkiest
little-kid farts you've ever
smelled in your life.
Yeah. Me and Jenny would be
watching a movie, probably some
fucking Disney since Kayley was
with us, and then this stench


                       JOSH (cont'd)
would just creep up my nose like a
fucking Jihad. I'd gag. This
happened all the time too.
Here's another thing that really
pissed me off too. Since that
little shit Kayley was making sure
I wasn't getting any real action
with her sister, me and Jenny had
to get creative, so we dabbled in
phone sex. So there was this one
time that I sent Jenny a dick pic.
I spent an hour taking pictures of
my dong before I finally got one
that did my meat justice. I had to
make sure the lighting in the room
was just right and that there
weren't any large objects in the
shot that might dwarf the object
of the photo. I must have taken
100 pictures before I finally got
it perfect. I deleted 99 and I
sent the masterpiece to Jenny, but
Kayley intercepted it and showed
her damn parents.
Yeah.. Damn... They didn't
appreciate the effort I'd put into
that thing at all.
Josh scoots his chair back to his computer and goes back to
working on the videos.
When you gonna see her again?
We're gonna watch a movie at her
place tonight. Her parents aren't
Whatever, dude. Good luck I guess.


Rob and Kayley are on a couch in Kayley's living room. A
movie is playing on the television, but they're not even
watching. Kayley is sitting on her feet and knees. She's
facing Rob, and her legs are barely touching his. They are
talking about Delta Dark.
You didn't look like your were
pretending at all.
I wasn't. I freaked out before we
even got to the house.
Josh is such a tool, but he knows
how to tell a story. He does a
great job making that show.
Yeah, he does. It seems like he's
always working on it.
That's crazy to me. He was a
totally different person when he
was dating my sister.
How so?
He was a jock playing football for
I didn't know Josh played college
He did until he flunked out of
school. I remember Jenny saying
that Josh never really tried at
anything. I think he was kind of
blindsided by the real world after
he flunked out of college. I guess
it's good that he actually tries
with his show... But it's kinda
sad that he's 30 years old now and
all he really has in his life is a
web series.


The two share a moment of silence. Kayley's comment was a
bit of a buzzkill.
      (more upbeat)
But Josh does an awesome job with
Delta Dark. He makes it seem fun
and scary at the same time. I'd
love to go inside those houses
with ya'll.
You would?
Definitely! I get an adrenaline
rush just watching it on my
laptop. I can't imagine what it's
like actually being there.
It's a whole different kind of
rush. I could ask Josh about it.
Maybe you could come to one with
That would be so awesome. I really
do love the show... (pause) Can
you keep a secret?
I'm nightcrawler24 on the message
You've got to be kidding.
You're almost as active as I am on
those things!
Kayley shrugs.
I told you. I love the show.


On the TV, two lovers start kissing passionately and Kayley
Wow... That's hot.
Kayley looks back at Rob with bedroom eyes. She leans into
him and they start making out. Rob works his hand underneath
her shirt when Jenny abruptly bursts into the living room
through the front door. Rob and Kayley quickly separate, and
each of them tries to act casual.
Don't mind me
Hey, Jenny
Jenny walks passed the couch with a mischievous grin. She
rubs her fingers seductively across Rob's face.
      (to Rob)
So how does my sister taste?
      (even more annoyed)
Jesus, Jenny! Shut up!
Jenny just laughs and walks down the hallway towards her
I'll be so glad when she goes back
to college.
I was just about to round first
base too
Oh Really?
Rob nods.
But my sister had to kill the


I'm sure you've done the same
kinda thing to her before.
What do you mean?
Josh told me you used to interrupt
him and Jenny all the time.
Kayley folds her arms over her chest.
And what else did Josh say?
It's not a big deal. He said you
were only four years old.
I was like thirteen when Josh and
Jenny dated.
He said you had stinky little girl
farts too.
Is that all?
      (still laughing)
Nope. He said that you took a dick
pic he sent to Jenny off her phone
and showed it to your mom and dad.
He's a liar. I mean, maybe I did
tell him and Jenny to keep it
down. I was just starting 7th
grade when they dated. I was
trying to study and he would make
these loud, obnoxious sounds like
a cow dying underwater. I won't
deny that my toots stank. I'm only
human. But as for the dick pic, I
didn't have to show that to my
parents. That dip shit was so
drunk that he just sent it
directly to my dad.


I'd probably lie too.
So would I
On the coffee table in front of them, Kayley's phone BEEPS
from an incoming text message. She grabs it and starts to
Please tell me its not a dick pic
from Josh…
      (looking at phone)
No. You need to see this.
She shows Rob the phone and it's a video of Cody and Beth
creeping into a rundown home using handheld cameras. They
introduce the show as Mysteries of the Muddy Banks. Their
video is using special effects and high quality editing.
It's production is done in a way more flashy way than Delta
Dark's. Cody closes the show with a catch phrase saying ,
"There's more to be afraid of than just the mosquitoes."
How many views does it have?
Kayley scroll down, and though we don't see the number,
Rob's reaction says enough. His jaw drops and his eyes grow
      (in disbelief)
How is that possible? That show
sucked. I think it was trying to
be funny, but it failed.
Shit… I dunno. But that's a big
number. I gotta go talk to Josh


Josh is at his computer watching one of Cody and Beth's
episodes, and he's clearly sweating it. He sees Rob and
waves for him to come inside. Rob comes in and sits down
next to Josh.
      (as an episode
Can you believe this shit? I
should get a fucking lawyer
Maybe so.
'Mysteries of the Muddy Banks'...
What a stupid name....
Shiiiiiit.... What are we gonna
Josh browses through Cody and Beth's website on his
They've already got three episodes
up, and they're gaining views with
each one... This is trouble, man.
      (not confident)
Really? I think we'll be OK...
I dunno… Let me know the vibe
around school. That's our
I will.
Nobody even notices Rob when he walks in the classroom.
Every student is hovering around Cody and Beth, talking
about how awesome their show is. Rob just takes his seat.
His phone beeps. He checks it and sees a text message from
Josh. It says "must do a show tonigh come by my house after
u get out school"


Josh and Rob are inside Josh's Jeep. They are parked outside
an abandoned house, although this one looks substantially
less scary than the others they've been to. Josh and Rob
each have their cameras on and are ready to begin the
      (into his camera)
What's up guys. Josh here. I just
wanna start things out by saying
thank you for your loyalty. I love
that y'all stick with me whenever
some phony assed copy catting cock
sucking high schoolers try to
steal my show. Fuck those
imposters. I mean, maybe I should
lawyer the fuck up on 'em.
Josh's temper begins to flare up.
      (into his camera)
Or maybe I should keep it simple
and smack the sideburns off that
Biff Tannen looking son of a bitch
and chokeslam that slutty
cheerleader that I can GUARANTEE
is putting her thighs to the god
damned sky for every dick-slinging
eighteen year old wearing a
Rob looks worried. He turns off his camera and tries to
bring Josh back down to planet Earth.
Are you OK, man?
Josh calms himself down and clears his throat.
I'm fine. What's the problem?


You just seem a bit off your game.
You sure you're up for doing a
show tonight?
Fuck you. I'm a pro. Just shut up
and turn your camera back on.
Rob does as he's told and turns his camera back on. Josh
clears his throat again and tries to get into character.
Today's story is called "My Big
Rob sighs and realizes all hope is lost.
Montage of Delta Dark losing viewers and Mysteries of the
Muddy Banks picking up even more steam. Clips from their
show. Several clips of Josh, who is absolutely freaking out
over this.
Rob walks into Josh's room. Josh is at his computer. Josh's
hair is a mess and it looks like he hasn't seen the sun in a
week. It's like he's slipping into insanity. He sees Rob.
I think I've finally got an idea,
Rob noticed a sheet of paper on Josh's computer desk. In
sloppy handwriting, it lists a few of Josh's ideas. They
read like gibberish and include: be a substitute teacher,
prank mom, mooshy teeth, lip reading for dogs, give haircut
to crazy guy by the railroad, hotdogs.
I don't wanna change up the whole
Rob sits in the chair next to Josh.
Something HAS to change, man.
Everything is falling apart.


It's not as bad as you think.
People are still watching the
Josh waves Rob off. He doesn't want to hear it.
Just hear me out… Did you know
that there's someone else in this
town that had a video go viral?
Who do you mean?
Check this shit out.
Josh opens up a video on YouTube. It's a video of Mark in a
talent competition. He's dancing his ass off. He's like
Travolta from Saturday Fever mixed with Napoleon Dynamite.
The crowd in the video loves it.
That's Mark.
You know this kid?
Yeah. He's one of my best friends.
You met him.
At graffiti bridge. When you first
talked to me.
Josh struggles to remember, but doesn't seem to be recalling
He pointed you towards Morgan.
Oh yeah! Well we need to get him
on the show so he can bust some of
these moves.
He doesn't dance anymore.


Why not?
His parents didn't know he danced,
then they saw the video. They're
REALLY religious. They told him it
was sinful and made him talk to
their Pastor.
Josh continues watching Mark dance, and he's impressed.
Jesus… This kid's parents told him
that he wasn't allowed to dance?
Yeah. He was pretty down about it
for a while afterwards.
I bet he was. Look at this dude
move. Telling him not to dance is
like pulling the wings off a
Josh closes the video.
SHIT! Well we gotta think of
something. We need a way to get
back on track, or we can kiss our
whole following goodbye. I KNOW
that Cody and Beth are planning
something big. Those fuckers are
probably working on it right now.
Kayley has moved from her seat at the other end of the lunch
table, and she now sits next to Rob. Brian is sitting
between Rob and Mark. The crowd of "cooler" kids is no
longer trying to hang around Rob. They've shifted back down
the table towards Cody and Beth. Rob stares in their
direction, aggravated.
      (to Rob)
Stop worrying about it.


      (to Rob)
'A horse never runs so fast as
when he has other horses to catch
up and outpace'- Ovid
      (looking back to
What the fuck is Ovid?
Roman poet.
Brian throws a handful of potato chips into Marks face.
You disappoint me so much
From the cool end of the table, Beth leans forward to get
Rob's attention.
      (to Rob)
What do you think of our show?
I think you stole Josh's idea
Next to Beth, Cody leans into frame. His lips curve into a
cocky smirk.
We prefer to say it inspired us
We were gonna call it "Delta
Darker", but we thought that'd be
too much
      (to Beth)
What's your problem?


At first we just wanted to show
how easy it is to do the shit Josh
does, but then we realized we're
actually really good at it.
Beth gestures towards the classmates surrounding them
I was just telling them how NBC
called us about turning it into an
actual TV show.
      (genuinely excited)
No kidding?!
Brian slugs Mark in the arm.
It turns out people are a lot more
interested in watching a sexy girl
on camera than they are two dudes.
Who would've guessed it?
Cody gives his girlfriend Beth a playful slap on the ass.
Beth smiles back at Cody before giving Rob a sassy look.
That's awesome. Good for you.
Rob goes back to eating his lunch.
      (under his breath)
Rob is standing with Kayley in the crowded hallway as
students scurry between classes.
Across the hall, Rob sees Beth, checking her makeup in a
mirror hanging inside her locker.
      (to Kayley)
Maybe you really should come on
Delta Dark


Yeah. I mean, Cody a dick, but he
has a point. There isn't a lot of
sex appeal between me and Josh.
Would you want me to wear a
Rob gives it serious thought for a moment. Kayley laughs and
playfully slaps his arm.
Ok, no bikini... But seriously, I
think you really could help us
Well you know I'd be in. I think
it'd be fun.
I'll ask Josh about it.
Beth is checking her phone as she steps away from her
locker. Someone bumps her hard, sending the phone flying
from her hand. It hits the floor and slides right into Rob's
foot. Rob picks it up and sees a text message from Cody on
the screen. The message says "her name is Funa Bobbett.
She'll know where the house is. If its half as good as what
I heard we're looking at 5 million views easy." Beth storms
over and snatches the phone away from Rob. She gives him the
stink eye and walks away.
      (to Rob)
What a bitch... I've gotta get to
6th period. I'll see you after
Kayley kisses Rob's cheek. She then jumps in the stream of
flowing students and heads down the hall. Rob walks in the
opposite direction. Before he gets to his classroom, he sees
Josh approaching him. Josh is holding his video camera and
waving towards Rob.
What are you doing here?


I've got an idea, man.
      (points to Josh's
You went to this school, so you
know we've got kindergartners in
this building.
You don't see a problem with a 30
year old guy with a video camera
running down the halls of a
I don't have time to worry about
that. Who are those two dorks I
always see you hanging out with?
The dancer and the kid that
doesn't shower?
Brian and Mark?
Yes! Bring them by my place
tonight. I've got a good idea
about how we can get things back
on track!
Josh turns and starts to leave, but Rob calls out to stop
I should probably tell you
somethin about Cody and Beth.
Josh waves his hands in resistance to whatever info Rob may
I'm not gonna worry about what
they do anymore. It's all about
what we do, man. I'll see you


There is no road or driveway. Beth and Cody drive through
tall grass and pull up to a two story home. They get out of
their car and scan the surroundings. There's NOTHING around.
Not even fields. Just swamp and trees. The house is
illuminated by the headlights of their vehicle. The two
story home is wide enough that both ends stretch past the
car's headlights. Vines, and even slender trees, seem to be
growing into the homes walls. The home used to be covered
with white paint, but the color has turned dark and the
paint has mostly been chipped away. It's clear that the
outside of this house hasn't been tended to for decades.
Three concrete steps lead to a front door that is strafed by
two windows. One is covered by a brown tattered cloth, but
neither has glass. The place is fucking terrifying.
Cody exits the truck. Tall grass and weed comes up passed
his knees and stays that way all the way to the house. He
stares towards the house in awe.
      (mumbling to self)
Holy shit...
Beth steps out of the passenger side of the truck.
This place is amazing.
The each turn their cameras on and walk towards the front
door. The grass stays knee high the entire time. Cody is the
first up the three concrete steps. He twists the doorknob
and pushes. The door slowly CREAKS open.
Once inside, they scan the first floor with their cameras.
On the right side of the first room is a staircase leading
to the second floor. On the first floor, five doors lead to
different rooms. There are two doors on their left, two on
their right, and one straight ahead next to the stairs. A
strong odor makes them both pucker up.
      (holding her nose)
Damn, it reeks in here!


It's bad. Let's just get some
footage and go.
You go right, I'll go left
They split up. Cody goes into the kitchen. He's looking
around for about a minute when he hears a brutal scream come
from Beth on the opposite side of the house. Cody starts to
run towards his girlfriend, but his foot breaks through a
rotten part of the floor and slows him down. When he frees
himself Beth is still screaming. Cody gets to the entrance
room just in time to see Beth get dragged quickly and
violently into the room on the left. Her camera is left
lying on the floor. Beth's screams get louder. Cody dashes
to follow her into the room.
As soon as he's in that room, Cody is struggling, fighting
something. His camera never gets a good look at it though.
After a few seconds, Cody's arm is ripped off and it falls
to the floor with the hand still holding the camera. The
camera is angled in such a way that it gets a 3rd person
view of Cody dying, but still doesn't get a clear view of
what's killing him.
Josh is driving, Rob is shotgun, and Marc and Brian are
crammed into the tiny backseat. They're on a gravel road.
Fuck Cody and fuck Beth! I've been
doing this shit ten times longer
then them. I know what people
wanna see. Ya'll know what I'm
The Jeep responds with awkward silence. Josh hits the breaks
and stops the vehicle. He raises the parking break as he
scouts their surroundings.
Here we are.
Are you serious? The show is
called "Delta Dark." We aren't
even in the Delta anymore.


No shit, man! Look how steep these
hills are. And it's muddy as fuck!
Where's the house?
No house.I'm mixing it up. We're
about to tip some fucking cows.
What?? Fuck that..
Josh takes his camera and exits the jeep. He tosses the keys
at Brian.
Stay if you want. Crank up the
radio. And if your boy back there
starts dancing to the music, you
better not fucking narc on him.
      (to Mark)
I've got your back, man.
Josh hops a fence and starts climbing the hill, supposedly
towards cows.
      (to Rob)
C'mon, man....
Rob sighs, and gets out of the jeep. He raises the seat to
let Mark and Brian out
He's been weird lately. Let's just
amuse him
This is Jeremy Northcutt's land.
Josh is gonna get himself killed
You're just waiting on the chance
to bust out that slam dunk of a
prayer aren't you?


Farther up the hill, Josh is pushing on a cow with all his
weight, but the cow's not budging. Josh soon gets frustrated
and gives up. He steps back and gets ready to kick the shit
out of this cow, but he draws his foot back to quick and
slips face forward. Josh headbutts the cow on his way to the
mud. The cow wakes up and starts to walk forward. Josh sees
the cow's back foot coming right towards him. It's about to
step on his head. Josh closes his eyes and waits for death's
cool embrace, but the cow's foot grazes by his hair and just
misses him. Josh exhales.
Cut to Rob: When the other three guys reach Josh, he's
covered in mud. He's trying to clean the dirt and grit away
from his camera's lens. Josh sees Rob, Brian, and Mark and
starts in their direction. Josh's back is to Farmer
Northcutt's house.
Rob takes notice of how dangerously close Josh is to Farmer
Northcutt's house.
      (whispering to
       Mark and Brian)
Let's wait here. We probably
shouldn't be this close to that
crazy son of bitch's house.
This place smells awful.
Brian stops. Standing in place he lifts his foot towards his
I stepped in shit.
No shit you stepped in shit. We
all did. The ground has been
covered with it since we hopped
that fence.
Rob is the first of the four who notices Farmer Northcutt's
front door open up.
Get down!
Brian, Rob, and Mark all get their bellies in the mud, but
Josh doesn't. He's oblivious and confused about why everyone
just hit the deck about twenty yards away from him. Jeremy


Northcutt steps outside, shotgun in hand, and his eyes
immediately lock onto Josh.
                       FARMER NORTHCUTT
Josh swivels around quickly. Panic instantly sets in. He
tries to flee, but slips in the mud/shit at the edge of the
hill and he starts to roll. He rolls hard. He rolls fast.
And he's not rolling in the direction of his Jeep.
      (softly whimpering)
God be with us...
Mark kisses his cross necklace.
      (whispering to
       Mark and Brian)
We're OK.
Josh isn't. He's rolling like a
soccer ball…
Cut to Josh, who is still rolling down the hill head over
feet. He's showing no signs of slowing down.
Cut back to Farmer Northcutt, shotgun in hand as he scans
the field for Josh.
                       FARMER NORTHCUTT
      (Softly to himself)
That fella disappeared like a god
damned gook…
Still belly down in the mud, Rob, Brian and Mark wait
anxiously for Farmer Northcutt to go back inside.
                       FARMER NORTHCUTT
Farmer Northcutt goes back inside, and the second that his
door shuts, Brian, Rob, and Mark all hop to their feet and
start running downhill towards Josh's jeep. They're keeping
their knees high as they're plodding through the mud and


      (while running)
What about Josh?
Cut to Josh on the opposite side of the hill. He finally
rolls to a slow stop. He's down on his hands and knees
gagging, but managing to hold back vomit. Mud and shit
covers him from head to toe. There isn't a clean spot on the
guy. Some small twigs are sticking out of the thicker clouds
stuck to his shoulders and hair, making him look like Swamp
Thing. He gets to his feet and heads for the road.
Mark is alone in the backseat of Josh's Jeep. Brian is
driving, and Rob is shotgun. They're cruising at about 8 mph
and the jeep is jerking like crazy. Brian has no clue how to
drive a stick shift.
Rob is using his hand to brace himself against the dash.
Switch to 2nd!
Brian switches to 2nd and the ride gets a bit smoother. He's
going about 20 mph, running at around 8000 rpms, and the
engine sounds like its ripe and ready to burst. But none of
the idiots in the vehicle notice/care. Everyone in Jeep has
high adrenaline.
We need to find Josh.
Fuck that! We'll come back for
him. Northcutt was armed.
Armed with what? A bad education
and a pitchfork?
He had a shotgun, dipshit!
Rob stares skeptically at back at Brian.
He really did have a shotgun, Rob


Rob shakes his head in disbelief.
What's wrong with Josh?
I don't know. He's gotten really
goofy ever since Beth and Cody
started their show.
He's losing his fucking mind!
Maybe so. It's getting worse, but
he's been saying some weird shit
ever since I did that first
What weird stuff?
He was talking about something
that went behind that house. It
was after the cameras were off
too, so he was being for real. At
least I think he was.
What 'thing'?
I dunno what thing. I didn't see
shit. Josh says it looked like a
man, only bigger and skinnier. It
was weird. He kept insisting like
'I KNOW that I saw it'. He seems
like a loon now, but he almost had
me convinced. Maybe he was just
making stuff up, though. He said
it was all hunched over and just
creeping around that house.
Cut to Josh, who has finally made it to the road. He can
hear the high pitched squeal of his Jeep riding in 2nd gear.
      (to self)
What the fuck? They're gonna fry
my engine..


Josh starts to jog down the road in the direction of the
jeep. Josh is waiving his hands in the air to signal them.
Cut back to Rob, still talking inside the Jeep.
I was already freaking out. It's
probably for the best that-
Mark yells from the backseat when he sees the ghoulish
figure in the road. Brian had been so caught up in Rob's
story that he had taken his eyes off the road. When puts his
eyes forward, Josh is standing in the middle of the road
trying to flag them down. To the guys in the Jeep, after
hearing Rob talk about the 'thing', it looks more like a
muddy angel of death lit by the headlights than it does
Brian swerves off the road, dodging Josh and kicking up
gravel. The Jeep comes to a sudden stop in a ditch and dies
as Brian releases the clutch.
Rob is asleep at his desk, recovering from the night before
when the teacher yells his name and startles him awake.
Rob Woods!
Rob jolts upright and wipes slobber away from the corner of
his mouth.
Good to know.
The teacher continues the class lecture. From the desk in
front of Rob, Kayley turns around once the teacher's back is
Rough night?
Pretty rough


Did you hear that Cody and Beth's
parents don't know where they are?
Rob looks to his right and sees two empty desks that are
normally occupied by Beth and Cody.
Rob and Kayley are leaving school. They're walking down the
highway. Rob looks at Beth's locker for a few moments as
they pass by it. He remembers the message he saw on her
      (to Kayley)
Have you ever heard of Funa
I saw a text message on Beth's
phone that said a woman named Funa
Bobbett was gonna help them make
their next show awesome.
Look her up. Type 'Funa Bobbett
Rob pulls out his phone and does a web search for "Funa
Bobbett Mississippi" just like Kayley suggested. It pulls up
a mugshot of an old black woman. It looks like she could be
100 years old. Rob is able to get her address after a just a
bit of searching. He shows Kayley.
We should go talk to her
This could be good for me and
Josh. I feel like I should tell
him about it. Maybe we could make
it into an episode.
Please don't let Josh go talk to
that poor old lady. He'd spaz out
all over her. Did you ever ask him
about me helping with the show?


No, but I don't think I'd wanna go
talk to her today anyway. Look at
Rob holds his phone in the direction of Kayley, showing her
the mugshot pic.
And this pic is from the 80's. If
she's alive, she's gotta be like
700 years old. If my 65 year old
grandmother goes to sleep at 8:30,
then this lady had been in bed
since lunch.
Well then why don't you go ask
Josh about me joining the team.
Then me and you can go see her
tomorrow. If she can tell us where
Cody and Beth are then we can use
that as leverage to make sure Josh
lets me on the show.
That's sly of you.
Kayley smiles.
The door to Josh's bedroom is open, but Rob politely knocks
on the door anyway. In spite of the knock, Josh doesn't even
notice Rob. Josh's nose is nearly touching his computer as
he frantically edits a video.
What's up, dude?
Josh jolts upright and his head jerks to the side. Rob had
startled him.
Jesus, man. Can't you knock?
I did
Josh hesitates for a moment before huffing a "Whatever" and
turning back to his computer.


You need something?
No plans for a Friday night?
      (continuing to
       work at the
I've gotta get the show back on
track. Besides, I'm still picking
bits of cow turd out of my hair.
Rob takes a seat next to Josh.
I have some ideas that might help
with the show.
Josh stops working and swivels his chair around to face Rob.
I'm all ears.
I was thinking we could bring
Kayley in on it
      (mumbling to self)
Josh swivels his chair back towards the computer and goes
back to work.
Think about it. She's a cute girl,
and she'll scare easy. That's what
Cody and Beth have that we don't.
People eat that shit up
There's no way I could work with
that nerdy bitch
You shouldn't hold a grudge for
something Kayley did when she was
like 10 years old. And she's
nothing like her sister.


Woah woah woah.... I'm aggravated
by Kayley Rose. I dislike her.
Don't suggest that I have similar
feelings for Jenny.
Do you not?
Fuck no! I HATE Jenny. If Jenny
Rose and Hitler were in a
wrestling match, I'd pull for
We have to do something. Beth and
Cody are kicking our asses with
that Muddy Bank shit. Kayley could
help... And she wants to help.
Josh's shoulders sag in disappointment. He stops working on
the computer.
We're the gruesome twosome… I
don't even know what rhymes with
Rob smiles. He reaches forward and pats Josh on the back.
We'll think of something, man.
Rob pulls his car up to a small, rundown house in a very
poor neighborhood. On the front porch, rocking back and
forth in a wooden chair that looks to be as old as her is
the same woman they saw from the mugshot. Rob and Kayley
exit the car together and walk towards her.
      (politely to Funa)
Funa stops rocking. She squints and examines the approaching


Dem others mus be friends of
Why do you say that?
      (as though it was
Cuz ya'll a couple white kids.
Rob and Kayley come to a stop at the edge of Funa's porch.
I'm Rob and this is Kayley. We
were wondering where our friends
Dey best be home.
They aren't. Nobody knows where
they are
Do you know where they might be?
If nobody knows den dey probably
with da gentleman.
Da last man with manners. He more
of an old timer den even me!
Can you tells us how to find him?
Yeh I can, but I gonna say to you
what I say to dem friends of
ya'lls. You don't wanna find him.
We just want to know what you told
our friends


Aight den. Ya'll go down
dummyline. Turn off like you tryin
to get to Red Anderson's old
place. Keep drivin along James
McArtha's fields till you see dis
Magnolia tree. It gonna stick out
like a sore thum. Go by da tree
and follow da swamp. Ya'll gonna
get dare. But den ya'll gonna wish
you hadn't.
Rob and Kayley look at each other confused.
That's what you told the other two
people that came by here a few
days ago?
Rob and Kayley head back to the car.
Do you have any clue where she's
talking about?
No, but Josh will.
Rob and Kayley step into Josh's room.
You're turning into a hermit.
Gotta put in the work.
Josh turns and sees Kayley
Hey, Josh.


Rob senses the tension between the two.
She's part of the team now, right?
I guess it's worth a shot. If some
goblin ever jumps out and tries to
kill us with a math problem a geek
like her could come in handy.
What's your deal?
You know what my deal is.
You sent that picture of your dick
straight to my dad! I never even
saw it. Thank God.
Josh snarls at Rob
You talked to her about that
Will you guys please relax.
Kayley, welcome aboard.
Josh rocks back in his chair and folds his arms across his
I guess it's your show now, huh?
You don't think we need the help?
Cody and Beth are setting up some
big time episode right now that's
probably gonna bury us.
I know.
How do you know?


Cause that's the kind of bullshit
they'd pull. Disappear for a day
or two, let everyone worry, then
come home with some staged video
of them lost in the woods or some
shit... Fuckers.
What if I can tell you where Cody
and Beth are right now?
Josh grabs a camera off his bed and holds it out to Kayley.
If you really know where they are,
then yeah, you're in.
Josh is driving the Jeep down a narrow dirt road. Rob is in
the passenger's seat. Kayley is in the backseat. She's
leaning forward so far that she is basically between Josh
and Rob. Tall stalks of corn cover the field to their left.
To their right is thick, swampy jungle.
      (to Josh)
You sure you know where you're
Shut up, Geek!
Rob looks towards Josh, scolding him with his eyes.
      (apologetic tone)
I'm going where you tell me to go.
Red Anderson's place is right off
this road. You should know that,
Rob. It's where you got your Delta
Dark cherry popped.
Red Anderson was the episode
before my first. My first one was
'delayed reaction'.
Benny Smith...


So the Red Anderson thing is real?
I thought you made those stories
I don't make them up. I just spice
them up.
I think you do a good job with the
      (Surprised by her
      (to Kayley)
Tell him about Nightcrawler24
That's my username. I post on the
Delta Dark forums more than I'd
like people to know.
You're Nightcrawler24?? You were
gonna be my 2nd choice to come on
the show if Rob said no.
Yeah. I mean, I sure as shit
would've changed my mind when I
found out it was you, but you were
still the backup plan.
Everyone laughs when out of nowhere, a beautiful Magnolia
tree appears in the Jeep's headlights. It's far thicker than
the other trees around it, and it slightly protrudes over
the dirt road.
There's the Magnolia!
Josh turns the Jeep off the road and angles it towards the
Magnolia tree. Two lines where car tires had recently


flattened the grass ran underneath a log right passed the
tree. Josh leaves the Jeep running as gets out and moves the
large log acting as a barricade. When Josh gets back, he
follows the tire tracks into the thick woods. He's driving
parallel with a swamp and moving away from the corn fields.
They've been following the tracks for about 5 minutes. The
path is barely wide enough for the Jeep. Swamp and trees on
their right, trees on their left.
I thought I knew every nook and
cranny in the Delta, but I had no
idea these woods went so deep.
The Jeep's headlights reflect off Cody's truck as they near
the Gentleman's house.
That's Cody's truck.
I guess they're here.
Josh parks the Jeep next to Cody's truck. There is no moon
to be find in the sky, and only a few stars. It's pitch
black, but the headlights illuminate the outside of the
Gentleman's house
I don't wanna go in there....
You were so excited fifteen
minutes age.
      (to Kayley)
It'll be OK. It's not even gonna
be a real episode for us. We're
just gonna break up Cody and
Beth's party.
I'm gonna make it a real episode.
Josh leans passed Kayley and gets his video camera from the


Game faces on, guys.
      (to Kayley)
Just turn your camera on and
record yourself for now.
Kayley obeys. Everyone in the Jeep turns on their camera.
      (To camera)
Hi, guys. Josh here with Rob and a
new member of our squad, his
little sex puppet Kayley.
Cut to Kayley. She's still afraid, but she rolls her eyes at
Cut back to Josh.
      (To camera)
I'm calling this episode 'behind
the curtain.' As I'm sure everyone
knows, a couple of copycats
recently started up their own web
series using my exact idea.
They've been doing pretty well
too. But tonight I'm gonna show
you how setup and staged their
shit really is.
Josh points his camera at the Gentleman's house.
The hosts of that 'other' show,
who's name I refuse to even
acknowledge, have gone missing.
Funny thing is, that's their truck
right there. See, the two of them
are setting up their next episode
right now. They're hiding out in
this place and scaring the shit
out of their parents, who have no
idea where they are. They're doing
this just so they can set up
they're next awful episode.
Josh puts the camera back on himself.


      (To camera)
Let's go inside and say hello.
Josh gets out of the Jeep and starts walking through the
tall grass towards the front door. Rob and Kayley follow
behind him.
Something's off about this
Kayley grabs the back of Rob's shirt and holds it tight.
Ahead of them, Josh reaches the front door and pushes it
Josh steps inside and the stench hits him immediately. His
face puckers.
Wow... It smells like your farts,
Kayley is too afraid to laugh or get angry. She keeps her
grip on Rob's shirt as the two of them enter the house. The
place is pitch black. The only light available is the light
from their cameras.
Make sure your phones are on
Kayley grabs her phone and silences it.
CODY! Where you at, buddy?
No answer.
No answer.


I really don't like it here. I
changed my mind about this whole
thing... Let's just leave and call
the police.
I was the same way with the first
house I went into. It'll be fine.
I promise.
You guys scout around down here.
I'm gonna check out upstairs. You
know the routine, Rob. Kayley,
don't be afraid to give some
commentary. If you see something
that scares you or looks odd, talk
about it.
Josh climbs the steps to the second floor, scanning the
walls beside him with his camera. All the way from the
bottom of the steps, the wallpaper is torn by three long
scratches reminiscent of claw marks.
      (whispering to
      (calling down to
       Rob and Kayley)
They add some gnarly scratches to
the walls in here. That's actually
a nice touch.
Josh sniffs the air as he reaches the last step
      (loudly to both
       Rob and Kayley)
The smell isn't as bad up here.
Cut to: Downstairs, Rob and Kayley are looking through the
kitchen. Rob notices the broken floorboard.
Watch your step.
Why does it stink so bad?


Dead animal somewhere... And
Rob and Kayley walk slowly back through the living room and
into the room opposite the kitchen. The second they step
inside, they see blood smeared all over the floor and walls.
We're leaving NOW!
      (yelling up to
We need to bail, man! Something
messed up happened down here!
Cut to: Josh is looking into the 2nd floor bathroom.
What you got?
He steps inside and moves towards the tub when he feels the
floor sink beneath him. He hears sounds of cracking. Josh
stands completely still, but hears the floor start to give
even more. The second he tries to step away, a loud SNAP
causes the floor to cave in. Both Josh and the bathtub fall
downward. When they get to the first floor, they break right
through and keep falling. Josh falls for about twenty more
feet passed the first floor, and comes to a stop on the
wooden floor of a massive basement they didn't even know
existed. The tub breaks into half a dozen pieces next to
him. The room is too dark for him to see any of his
surroundings. Josh is panting heavily and trying to get his
cameras light on, but the camera is broken and useless.
      (In Pain)
After a few moments both Rob and Kayley are standing at the
edge of the pit created. They look down at Josh, shining the
lights from their cameras to show the setting below.
      (In agony)
Something's wrong with my leg!
Rob moves his camera light towards Josh's base, revealing a
piece of wooden debris jabbed clean through his knee. Hunks
of meat stick to the wood.


Oh fuck...
What the hell happened??!
You have to go get help... I'm
fucked up.
Kayley pulls out her phone and dials 911
      (to Rob)
I don't know how to tell them
where we are.
      (to 911 operator)
We need help... Kayley Rose...An
ambulance... I don't know,
somewhere around the McArthur corn
fields. Look for the Magnolia
tree.... No... I KNOW IT'S THE
      (to Josh)
We need the keys to the jeep!
Come down here and fucking get 'em
How do we get down there?
Josh mumbles as he digs into his jean pockets to get the
keys. He gags from the stench.
The smell...
When Josh finally has the keys in hand, he throws them up
towards Rob. Rob reaches for them, almost losing his balance
at the edge of the hole. The keys go right through Rob's
fingers and fall back down into the pit.


Shit! I'm sorry, man.
With shaky fingers, Josh points towards the spot where the
keys landed. He starts trying to crawl in that direction,
but every little movement puts him into more agony.
Put a light on them
Kayley scans the basement floor with her camera light,
searching for the keys. It doesn't take long for her camera
to stop on the pile of body parts about ten feet away from
Josh. A mound of limbs and torso colored red. Tattered
pieces of Cody's letterman jacket are noticeable.
What the fuck is that?!
      (freaking out)
Is that shit for real?!
      (taking heavy,
Oh fuck... Find the fucking keys!
Kayley and Rob both search desperately for the keys. After a
few seconds, something moving too fast to get a clear view
of darts across the floor below. It grabs Josh and takes him
out of Rob and Kayley's view. A trail of blood runs from
where Josh was towards the corner of the basement below, but
neither Rob nor Kayley can see him. They hear him scream.
The scream is fueled with more terror and is unlike anything
they'd ever heard. Both Rob and Kayley call for Josh, but he
only responds with more screams. After about five seconds,
the screams stop, and the house is as silent as a crypt.
We need-
Before Rob can even finish his sentence, Kayley turns around
and runs for the door in a dead sprint, shamelessly leaving
Rob behind. Rob chases after her.
Kayley is inside Cody's truck looking for the vehicles keys.
While trying to turn the interior light on she manages to


also turn on the truck's headlights. The lights beam right
into Rob's face as he leaves the house. He shields his eyes
with his hand. Kayley steps away from the vehicle.
No keys
Rob runs over to the truck to inspect for himself. He leans
into the vehicle when Kayley hears something rustling
through the tall grass behind them. She shines the light
from her camera in the direction of the noise and sees the
grass fold as something large and low to the ground scurries
towards them.
Kayley grabs Rob by the shirt and pulls him away. The two
are sprinting back down the path of folded grass left by
Josh's Jeep and Cody's truck. Rob slows down and looks back
only briefly. He sees the figure of a slender man stand up
from the grass. The figure is lit by the headlights of
Cody's truck. After a moment of standing stationary, the
figure darts off in the direction of the woods. Rob turns
back around and sees that Kayley never slowed down. She has
put some distance between the two of them.
      (yelling towards
Rob sprints after her.
Rob catches up with Kayley. She has her hands on her hips
and is wheezing as she struggles to catch her breath.
They're standing on the skinny path that was barely wide
enough for Josh's Jeep. Sticky, wet, swampy trees are on
their left and right.
What was that?
I dunno.. (pauses to catch
breath).. Is Josh dead?
What do you think? You think he's
back in that house right now
walking it off? Yes he's fucking


                       KAYLEY (cont'd)
Let's just keep moving.
They keep moving down the path away from the house.
How long do you think it'll take
to get back to that Magnolia tree?
Twenty minutes maybe
Rob turns a full circle. Shining his camera light behind him
before continuing forward.
I saw something.
Just now??
Kayley takes a few quick steps as she's ready to run. Rob
lunges ahead and grabs her shoulder to stop her.
No no no… Earlier back at that
house. I turned around and saw
something stand up out of the
grass. It looked like a man.
Did you see what was underneath
the floor with Josh?
No, but I'm guessing it was the
same thing I saw
The two take a few steps in silence. The sound of each dry
leaf or twig the step on seems amplified. Rob turns another
circle, checking behind them.
How many people do you think were
under that floor?
I dunno. It was the first 'mound
of human' I've seen in awhile.


It had to be like five or six. I
saw Cody's jacket.
So did I
They take a few more steps silently.
Maybe you should try 911 again.
Kayley reaches in her pocket and grabs her phone. She's
about to dial when they hear something big scurrying through
the trees to their right. They keep walking as normal, but
both are aware that something is near them. The scurrying
gets louder, and they walk a little faster. After a few
seconds, the scurrying sound has moved ahead of them on the
path. Kayley and Rob stop moving. After a deep GROWL,
something round flies from the darkness of the trees and
hits Rob right in the chest. It hits him so hard that it
almost knocks him down. It knocks the breath out of him.
They put the light on whatever it was that hit him, and see
Josh's head lying at their feet. Kayley and Rob both scream
and run off the path and into the woods on their left, away
from whatever threw the head.
Kayley is running a bit ahead of Rob. Branches slapping her
in the face as she dodges the trees. The solid ground under
her feet comes to a sudden stop and Kayley falls face first
into the swamp. She does her best to keep the camera above
water. The light from it flickers, but stays on. Rob hears
the splash and stops running just before he hits the water.
Are you OK?
Kayley climbs to her feet in the shallow swamp and looks
back towards Rob. Kayley can see the figure walking up
behind Rob, but Rob is unaware.
From Kayley's perspective: Rob turns and the Gentleman grabs
him by the throat. Rob drops his camera, but the light stays
on to illuminate the scene. The Gentleman slams Rob into the
dirt and proceeds to claw and pummel at his face and torso.
The Gentleman has mounted Rob and is wailing on him like a


UFC fighter. He rips off Rob's arm and throws it at Kayley.
The appendage flies right by her head. Rob screams and
struggles for only a few more moments before going limp and
silent. Even after Rob goes motionless, The Gentleman
continues to maul him for a couple more seconds. The
Gentleman stands and looks right at Kayley.
Kayley flees. She starts to wade through the swamp as
quickly as she's able. She doesn't turn to see if she's
being chased. She wades through the swamp for nearly a full
minute before plodding through mud and getting her feet on
more solid land.
Kayley isn't given a chance to rest. She turns around for a
moment and The Gentleman is only feet away from her. He's so
close that Kayley could reach out and touch him. Kayley
screams. She turns and keeps sprinting.
She sprints out of the trees and right across the dirt road
that Josh's jeep had rode down only hours earlier. She runs
into the corn fields. She runs about forty yards into the
corn and collapses. She's breathing so hard that she might
puke. When she sits up, she sees The Gentleman step slowly
across the row of corn. He walks from her right to her left,
disappearing behind the stalks. Kayley scrambles to her
feet. She's stumbling. The muscles in her legs are fried and
she is finding it difficult to even stand. When she finally
gets to her feet, she starts to run away, but after only a
couple strides she runs right into the chest of The
Gentleman. Kayley drops the camera. She screams and closes
her eyes. The Gentleman grabs her by the shoulders and
forces her to the ground. The Gentleman is 'gentle' with
Kayley, unlike he had been with Rob. Kayley is on her back,
crying. Her eyes are tightly closed. The Gentleman is so
close that she can feel the breath on her face.
The Gentleman's words come out in a deep growl.
Kayley opens her eyes and sees The Gentleman's face. He's
right on top of her. Only inches away. The Gentleman has a
rotting brown corpse of a face. It looks as though pieces of
him may fall off at any second.


Don't come back.
The Gentleman gets up and vanishes through the corn. Kayley
is speechless. Frozen in shock and alone, she struggles to
catch her breath.
Two police officers are driving down the dirt path with the
cornfield on their right.
                       OFFICER 1
There's always trouble around
here. I dunno why people won't
just stay the hell away.
                       OFFICER 2
Cause that swamp makes for good
                       OFFICER 1
Good Lord, Wilson... Have you lost
your mind? That swamp is filthy.
It's probably borderline nuclear.
If you eat anything that lives in
that sewage you'll get
dysentery... And that's the best
case scenario.
                       OFFICER 2
Relax. I'm just joking. But Terry
really does think there's some
catfish in there. I wouldn't be
surprised if we find him out here
                       OFFICER 1
He's already been out here. I saw
your idiot cousin pulling his boat
out of the water a while back. He
didn't have a single fish.
                                         CUT TO
Kayley is looking rough. She's still covered in mud and
swamp water. She looks like an emotionless zombie, walking
alone down the dirt path back towards civilization. In the


distance she sees the blue lights of a police cruiser
                                         CUT BACK TO
Officer 1 spots Kayley walking in the road towards them.
                       OFFICER 1
There she is.
                       OFFICER 2
What was the girl's name that made
the call? Kayley Rose?
                       OFFICER 1
Yeah... I hope that's Kayley.
We've only got so much room in
here to store up these dumbass
high school girls.
Officer 1 turns around to speak to the girl in the back of
the police cruiser. It's Beth. She looks just as rough as
Kayley, and seems to be in shock, but she's alive.
                       OFFICER 1
      (to Beth)
I think we found you buddy.
The camera zooms out to show the police car approaching
Funa Bobbett is alone, rocking in her chair on her front
      (to the camera)
He's a gentleman you know. Dats
rare dese days. You won't catch
him hittin a female... But you
betta believe he'll scare a bitch
so bad dat she won't neva come
Funa laughs to herself.


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From Vic Ruthenbeck Date 5/20/2015 ****
Great job! I loved the hook, sucked me right in. terrific settings and characters. I couldn't help but think this would make a great A&E Graphic TV series. just a thought. Awesome job, keep rockin' it!!

From Tim Tempest Date 4/24/2015 ****
Bored as all hell, I read this from 4-5 am. I loved it. I was drawn in by the setting right away, and the characters really came to life throughout. I thought the buildup to the Gentleman's house was perfect, and I was genuinely interested to see what happens next. The bits of comedy were refreshing and actually made me laugh out loud, pretty hard. There was a great mix of violence with suspense... not just unecessary gore. I think among the pieces of trash released today, this movie would be a masterpiece among them. All horrors are about ghosts or possession it seems anymore, and this reminded me that there are still some original movies to be made. I only wish this one was real. GREAT job with this, I would be interested to check out some more stuff by you.

From chloe newbon Date 2/28/2015 ****
it is very good to improve you should do either a scary or sad death

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