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The Luggage
by hawk (sonyghost102@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Film Noir   User Review:

two best friends find themselves in a difficult situation when a drug bust goes horribly wrong. quickly they must react fast to the mystery or else not only will a gang be after them but a secret corrupt orginization with intent to kill

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Mid-afternoon on a typical Friday day; A bell rings as
students pollute the streets with their lives of living up
to the daily Quo.
Camera focus zoom in at top of hill on pullback dolly
zooming out, rolling down the hill..
(Camera sees the begining of the school to all of the fences
on both sides of the street to the people near by)
                                         CUT AWAY
Zoom out to table where male (STR) is sitting next to
female(INT) outside on chairs by a table.
There off in the distance sits two individuals who are
looking like the causal people such as those out to eat that
talk story.
                       MALE (ML)
Look there he is..
                                         ACTION SHOT [HAND ON
Camera shows student with a earpiece walking across the
street holding a bag
                                         MEDIUM SHOT [BOTH]
Don't stare, there is another
group after what he is holding
                                         CLOSE UP [FEMALE]
Female looks concerned and annoyed as the male continues
                                         PAN [TO MALE]
There are under cover cops
surronding the area, our best


                       MALE (cont'd)
chance is waiting for all the
filthy animals to kill eachother
off before we take our move
                                         MEDIUM-LONG SHOT
Shows the kid, followed by the D.E.A and police department
opertives , followed by the impulsive gang "Snakes"
                       FEMALE (ML)
      (EXT. Backround)
Ugh, and i'm stuck with a sniper
bait partner for a mission like
                       FEMALE (ML)
      (EXT. Backround)
Look! Even the "Snakes" heard
about the trade off at Windowsill
                       MALE (ML)
      (EXT. backround)
oi i outa twist that pretty little
neck of yours....wah, those
bastards heard about the drug bust
to? hm.. that must be what boss
meant by other group.
Male makes neck squeezing impersonation
                       FEMALE (CU)
      (EXT. Under Roof
Awh, big bad S.T.R is afraid of a
little competition
                       MALE (CU)
Alright before I piss off the boss
and kill his new play toy lest get
on topic shits about to go down
Oh Whoopity dooo (sarcasm)
Male gets up and begins walking to alley, then female after
saying oh whoopy do, gets up stubornly camera is angled at a
medium long shot. across the street, actosrs have microphone
on cloths, cloths should look like, white on male with
black pants, Str is a black guy. INT is a asian girl.


*engine rambles* as thug gangstas begin to talk story
                       CHAN (MS)
      (White jacket)
God help me if this lil punk ass
bitch is wearing a wire i'm
calling backup.
*Turns off engine*
*Chan* Opens door and exits vechile walking out and is
blinded by the sun so he covers eyes and grunts then spits
on floor and walks towards middle of alley.
                       JACKY (MS)
      (black jacket)
Alright its payday for us, don't
fuck up and get your act together
*Jacky* Opens door and exits vechile walking out and is
blinded by the sun so he covers eyes and grunts then spits
on floor and walks towards middle of alley.
Camera angles with over shoulder shot starting on jacky on
the right side of the car, (passenger) towards chan. Pan
across van left to right as van doors open and men burst out
with guns*
                       JACKY (MS)
      (Looking at kid)
Here, now give it here
*hands bag of marbles/weird object to kid as the kid hands
over the suitcase*
                       DYLAN (OV)
Kid puts hand on ear confirming message from dea as snake
member hears this and turns around.
                       JACKY (CU)
*turns around* Brat working with
the DEA?! HUH Bitch.. awh
shit..you said that to loud don't
know how my partner going to feel


                       JACKY (cont'd)
bout that
                       CHAN (LD)
What the fuck did I just hear you
say ? Get the fuck out of my way
jacky i'm beating this kid to a
Jacky sarcasticly says "You said that too loud" talking to
more so himself rather then the person. The kids face is
scared and he begins to back away but falls on his ass while
taking steps backwards.
                       CHAN (CU)
Get up punk, i'll show you what I
do with kids working for the
                                         CUT AWAY
                                         JARS OF CLAY- GOOD
                                         CLOSE UPS OF GUN AND
                                         CAUSE IM TURNING UP
                       JACKY (MS)
WOW! what the hell was that?
Chan jumps back scared and then books it with the bag of
dope then runs to the van.
                       JACKY (MS)
Where you going fool! we're not
done here, couple gun shots scare
you? Hey kid where do you think
your going!


                       DYLAN (MS)
Leave me alone!
Jacky runs and catches the kid and slaps him to the floor
with a power slap then is about to punch him in the face
when suddenly STR appears (MALE)
                       MALE (CU)
Should pick on someone your own
size scumbag.
Jacky pulls out a knife then MALE uses jin-jitsu move on him
and disables his arm and (possibly taking him down to the
                       JACKY (MS)
Your guying to pay for this you
My regards to your boss
Jacky is laying down about to get up and with a messed up
arm MALE swoops in and nails jacky in the face with a side
kick. Then MALE grabs the suitcase and pushes the kid out of
the way knocking him agaisnt a dumbster.
                       FEMALE (ShdS)
All that trouble for this crappy
looking thing how the hell do you
open it.
                       MALE (M-LS)
It aint rocket science blondy,
Male walks towards cop car and drags the snake member
towards it and steals one of the cops that are dead pack of
smokes in the car.
                       JACKY (CU)
      (paniced but in
Where the fuck you taking mee,
where the fuck are you , fucking


                       JACKY (cont'd)
worthless worst shithead partner.
                       MALE (ShdS)
Shut up
                       JACKY (MS)
      (exusted looking
       to floor)
Camera angles on the dragging of jacky from the middle of
the alley to the cop car. Pan shot from ankles only to
shadow 10-20 feet follow still shot. Jackys face on closeup
needs to be showing signs of the will to give up bbut still
trying to show domiance. Medium shot to tilt pan to a smoke
of light geting lit.
                                         FEMALE AND MALES
                       JACKY (POV)
Ugh whats going on..
Cop takes snake gangster into car then drives away.
Cop drives then fixes mirror with a smirk on his face as the
camera shoots a POV shot and then blinks.
                                         COPS HAND OUT WINDOW
Cop ashes cigerette as gangster guy passes out in the back
                       COPPER (CU.P)
      (Lookin Fly In
Paydays commin up for this bad
Camera acts as eyeballs from POV blinks slowly twice and
then CON. to fade out


                       DYLAN (CU.P)
Kid moves himself to a more compfy angle then looks up and
shuts his eyes.
                                         ENTERS FLASHBACK
EXT. Establishing shot of building than INT. Medium Shot of
kid waiting anxiously.
                       DYLAN (CU)
Be strong, Be brave, be you. be
strong be brave be you
The Sargentes office door creaks open slowly as camera sees
a hand on the door
                       DYLAN (CU)
      (whispers quickly)
Kid paces towards the exit with his head down as the door
opens and then copper appears coming out of the door with
folded arms.
Camera is panning down hallway
Camera is over the shoulder shot
Camera is high angle pan ~spin
                       COPPER (MS)
Are you ready? Toughen up, you're
getting paid for this.
                       DYLAN (OS)
      (Looks up)
Yep..nope, maybe Still need some
time to think about it.
As kid paces to door seemingly like he doesn't want to do
this but has to. Cop laughs and places hands on the kid
introducing his pupil/jrcop to give him good starting rep.
                       COPPER (MS)
      (Forwardly Speaks)
Hello, this will be the
influtrator and will be
responsible for the transfer of


                       COPPER (cont'd)
project X,Y Files.
                       BAUSS (MS)
Here take a seat ,
Its a pleasure,
Whats your name?
                       DYLAN (MS)
I'm dylan, guess your the guy
paying me *laughs*
                       BAUSS (CU)
Today your service will be to work
along side special agent hendrick
and carry the package, everything
inside the package is
confidential. And..
                       DYLAN (MS)
      (Quickly adds)
Okay so I just have to talk to
evil big thug gangsters that have
guns and shanks that could scowsh
me at any given moment is what
your saying right?
The kid moves with paces. pacing back n fourth for moments
then gets stopped by copper with a hand as copper gives him
a look that means get to the point.
                       BAUSS (MS)
Ah so you have been briefed, don't
sweat it kid I read on that essay
you sent me what kind of person
you are.
                       DYLAN (CU)
Copper leans up against the wall and folds his arms as the
kid begins to look down
                       BAUSS (Pans)
Thats right, your the kind of kid
that has no sympathy for others,
who's only it in for himself,
without care for how really


                       BAUSS (cont'd)
important this mission is. Your
the kind of kid that will always
be a fuck up but get lucky every
once in awhile, lest just hope
this time, its been awhile.
                       COPPER (CU)
We'll have the DNA samples soon,
lest hope these guys weren't smart
about there finger prints.
Copper begins to exit placing his hand on dylans shoulder
then waits by door.
                       DYLAN (MS)
It was a pleasure meeting you sir.
                       BAUSS (MLS)
      (Tough Handshake)
Don't mess this up or be prepared
to be put on my bad side. I
already don;t like you.
Dylan walks out with copper
                                         FADE TO BLACK
40 year old virgin/ Grandmas boy inspired~Degital
Contamination EP1.
Call of duty /sponsor ) A computer hacker delevops a online
virus within a system of an online game creating a new world
that perfectly starts linking xbox live games to eachother
untill it gets worse. Computer games have entered the
equation. DUN DUN DUN.
                       DYLAN (ms)
Wh..where is it, oh god im
screwed. Ow my head...
Kid gets back up then walks away past the dead cops.


                       DYLAN (vo)
What if i know to much..
Walks down the alley then turns into the street. The camera
then turns into a long shot zooming out moving back.
Within speculation there are unique features such as old
statues lined up on shelves with home made extravagant
items. Then a kid appears exiting his door to his room;
jamming out to his headset and making some peanut butter and
jelly sandwiches.
Music-Plays over before kid appears.
Music fades away after kid takes a piss and sits on bed
playing xbox.
                       XBOX FRIEND 1
In the background you here a faint sound of a guys laughter
under the noise of loud girly obnoxiousness.
Sam puts down his sandwich on a plate on the bed. Picks up
his remote controller.
                       SAM (MS)
      (Consuming Food)
Yo i'm back and this sandwich
taste freaking amazing
                       XBOX FRIEND 2 (-)
Yo stop chewing so loud, your like
a fat cop thats been deprived of
his donuts for ages, right now
                       XBOX FRIEND 1
Oh sam, I don't believe we'd know
what to do with you if you got fat
                       XBOX FRIEND 2 (--)
      (evil laugh)
Probbly cut em up and make bacon
outta em


Sam playfully over exaggerates eating his sandwich while we
hear the video game in the backround and his friends online
                       SAM (MS)
mmmmm such a good sandwich, hope
this one taste as good as the ones
you owe me lauren >:OO
                       XBOX FRIEND 1
Maybe in your wildest of perverted
dreams loser...FUCK
Female dies in video game
Karma is a bitch ain't it? that
sandwich has been in my wildest
dreams, how'd you know?
                       XBOX FRIEND 1 (--)
      (Girlie dreamer)
You can just call me ms psychic ,
one day time travling assitant to
Mr.Sherlock Holmes >;DD
                       XBOX FRIEND 2 (--)
More like Ms Psychotic the girl
gone mad that sherlock time
travels in the future to bring
                       SAM (CU)
Wow you two play nice, well anyway
I gotta go, peace n take care
leaves house with skateboard and or drives away
A cigarette smoke lights up the room with a warm sensation
of light but a pinch of death in its tone. Copper goes to
ash his cigarette while male begins to re-adjust his pile of
papers then hands them out
camera fixates on a over the shoulder shot of female doing
her make up as the audience sees male pass out papers then


sit down, along with copper and as he begins to sit he ashes
his cig.
                       MALE (MS)
So there seems to be a problem
male has eye contact on copper.
                       FEMALE (MS)
No shit
                       COPPER (MS)
      (confused firm
You got what you wanted, I've done
my part.
That's the thing, We didn't get
what we wanted, so your part isn't
up to date yet.
That's bull! This bitch was the
one that made a mess, NOT me
Your lucky I don't slit your
throat right here and now asshole
thats not what he's talking about
Copper gets passed a cigerrete then relaxes taking a puff as
male begins pointing at the paper previously handed out.
                       MALE (MS)
This is our problem. Age 17. In
high school, and relatively isn't
popular so it should be a clean
                       COPPER (MS)
What do I have to do with this?
                       MALE (OS)
Easy. Talk to the kid you set up
in the drug bust and make him tell
you all about (Sam).


      (angry but
Can't catch a break with you guys
can I
Male and female get up and walk towards the door about to
                       FEMALE (OS)
Just remember, fail to do your job
and me and this big asshole will
take a feild trip to your house n
speak to that family of yours
Female and male exit then copper opens up the file pulling
out three peices of paper. One of a picture of Sam, the
other of his house and then the last of his school
Dylan enters store acting suspicious as people walk by him
with occasional glares and threating body language, as dylan
twitches from lack of medication he begins to consult with
an employee.
                       DYLAN (MS)
Hiiiii doooo youuuuu havvvvvveee
anny briefffff casssesss?
What..ya, there in um..
Clerk looks around the isles till he sees finance/furniture
items and then points.
                       CLERK (MS)
Ya right there 4 isles down in the
Finance section, sorry a bit new
to the job (haha) but dude are you
                       DYLAN (RS)
      (Walks to isle)


Dylan walks to the brief cases and gets one than walks out
of the store after purchasing. Audience sees actor in wonder
bewildered about what could happen next.
Playground is seen in the background past a long field
layered by short thin cut grass.
Sam walks for awhile than halts at the top of the park. Not
that many people around as in the distance Dylan appears.
Sam takes off one of his ear phones holding a mysterious
briefcase in his hand.
Sam waves then moves the brief case to the floor and kicks
it under bench.
Long time no see man, how you
been good, this job got me
stressin though
must be fun workin just like your
dad, buddy ol champ" haha
Bestfriend makes joke with a big ol smirk placing hand on
dylan shoulder
yea its a hard life, so hows your
dad speaking of which?
      (Looks out into
Don't know, hes barly around after
he got that job in the city
Well ain't that harsh donn't worry
man my familys barly around to,
just gotta persavere.


      (Reaches for
Ya man I know well something weird
happend to me the other day, I was
in the bathroom and go out to grab
my breif case and right next to it
was a completly same exact
version. So I grab the one I
thought was mine and spend the
whole bloody night trying to open
it to do nothing but trial and
fu**ing error.
                       DYLAN (MS)
      (Lost in thought)
Dude, I think you grabbed my bag,
wow!... should of thought of that
, we went shopping and got the two
good ones for a deal.
                       SAM (OS)
      (happy but in
Nice! so..wheres the bag I had.. I
had some very important..
Editing work: Both Sam and bad guys speak at same time
Sam:Important Badguy: Useless (mad)










Nine In The Afternoon
by Panic At The Disco
Come Right Out And Say It
by Relient K
on Five Score & Seven Years Ago
[Hidden track "The Parting Glass"]
Rain - blackmill
Cleaning Apartment
by Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet
on Requiem For A Dream
Bad Wings
by The Glitch Mob
on Drink The Sea
. Zyra) (Jai Wolf Remix)
on Say My Name Remixes
I'll Be
by Edwin McCain
on Misguided Roses
Faded (ODESZA Remix)
by Zhu
on Faded (The Remixes)


Continue: "Useless" male mutters to himself looking at the
paper on his desk
                       FEMALE (MS)
      (Highly irritated)
So your going to love this, the
kid decided to fuck with us.
Female opens door then walks in fiercely
Always have something to bitch
about, prison inmates are more
pleasant to be around than you.
Male relaxing playing darts/ drinking wine sitting down at
      (Hands over bag)
Fine then "boni-ba-tete" bitch.
Oh hell no, where is it!?
      (fake exaggerated
My guess is Sam has it, apparently
he hearts star.
      (still pissed.)
What have I told you about giving
me useless information
                       FEMALE (RS)
Oh but i get so much fun out of
watching you suffer.
Male looks through the bag for an address and finds "In case
of emergency" papers. Now giving him a lead on the address
of Sam he begins planning his movements on a separate piece
of paper.


                       FEMALE (WS)
You know its not very man like
calling a beautiful woman like me
a bitch.
Oh so you can call guys a bitch
and still be called a woman?
Female heads towards the door, opens it then turns around
holding her sniper aimed at male.
                       FEMALE (CU)
Sniper bait, pew pew.
                       DYLAN (MS)
      (busy opening bag)
Don't you ever stop eating!?
Sam is nearby with peanut butter and jelly containers making
a sandwich.
Dylan turns on a stereo to a loud volume
                       SAM (MS)
      (happily making
Can't help it, my level of food
admiration is over 9,000
Dylan tries prying the lock open 4 different ways. Camera is
on slider viewing 4 peices of equipment that didn't work
such as a hammer, rench, hot glue, etc.
                       DYLAN (MS)
      (getting angry)
If only I could know whats inside
this damn thing
                       SAM (OS)
You never really told me what this
bag was all about anyways, seems
like useless luggage to me.
Sam walks over to Dylan and notices that there isn't that
many numbers on the lock. Sam begins to try to open it the
normal way.


Sam what are you doing, there's
like over 9,000 combinations to
this damn thing it could be.
                       SAM (MS)
      (Goes to bag)
You said you were working with the
detective right? Just so happens I
know his birthday.
                       DYLAN (MS)
      (stands aside)
yea.. who would be so dum to..
                       SAM (MS)
      (interupts dylan)
Got it
The luggage opens up as both Dylan and Sam look into it and
Why would the police..give...it
just doesn't make sense.
Sam shakes his head as if he didn't see anything and
continues to make his sandwich.
What are we going to do with
      (Eating sandwich)
First off, there is no we. YOU got
yourself into this, YOU get
yourself out of it, i want nothing
to do with it.
Sam walks over to dylan offering a bite of his sandwich.
Then continues to look into the bag as dylan facepalms.
Wow bro thought we were homes yo
We are, just not when it comes to
mysterious boxes filled
with...that kind of stuff.


Dylan and Sam turn towards the door as they hear knocking
                       SAM (WS)
      (Excitedly goes to
Its like 8 o' clock, someone
expecting a late night date..hmm
is it Kelsea???
Calm your tits, Its probably just
a neighbor complaining about the
noise, turn it down will ya.
Sam goes to turn off the music but still stares at the door
being a clutts as he walks.
heeey Dylan what should we do
about this luggage?
Before answering the door Dylan turns back
                       DYLAN (MS)
      (Clears throat)
Just put it under my bed or
Dylan opens door
                       COPPER (MS)
      (Shakes hand)
Long time no see kiddo
Kid looks surprised but abit worried.
What...What brings you here, to my
Sam walks up to the door
                       SAM (WS)
Did we get a noise complaint
officer? I turned it down as you
can tell..care for a donut?
                       DYLAN (WS)
      (laughs but hintly
Don't be piggist sam


                       COPPER (WS)
      (sarcastic laugh)
Piggist? haha good one kid
Dylan walks inside and signals sam to go back to the room.
                       SAM (WS)
Ah private policey stuff eh? I
Sam walks into next room as dylan sits down and copper walks
in looking at the place, picking up nic nacs seeming abit
stressed about something.
                       COPPER (WS)
Your friend is interesting..
                       DYLAN (WS)
      (sits on the couch)
Yea thats just sam. his own breed
of weird.
Door noise is heard in the background, sam walks to bathroom
then goes back to the other room but leaves door slightly
open to spy.
                       COPPER (WS)
Must be hard to be friends with
someone weird, knew a guy like
that in the task force and he
didn't really last that long.
                       DYLAN (WS)
I guess..I mean hes weird n all
but aren't we all abit on the
                       COPPER (WS)
      (overly serious)
Well small talk aside I didn't
come here to talk about your
                       COPPER (WS)
      (Planting words)
The bag that you were suppose to
deliver wasn't the right bag was


                       DYLAN (WS)
It was! I gave them the bag, I did
my part..Hell i still didn't even
get paid yet AND I COULD HAVE
I heard, I'm glad your okay dylan.
What do you remember about that
I don't remember much besides it
all going irritably wrong, fuck
dude Its hard to even talk about
Sam keys in on conversation, slightly opening door.
Camera on mono pod lean forward shot of shadow in hallway,
lean back zoom in on face poping out of the door which is
Please I need all the details for
my police report, boss would be
mad if i didn't. Its important kid
tell me
                       DYLAN (MS)
Alright...alright..it began at the
morning?? i guess thats how ill
start, so in the morning...
Alarm clock rings, Dylan wakes up slams the button off and
then music plays over scene as Dylan wakes up to the
                       DYLAN (MS)
ahhhh...What time is it
Dylan walks around to the bathroom brushes his teeth and
then walks back into the room. Looks at the alarm clock more
closely this time
                       DYLAN (MS)


He rushes into the bathroom, spits out the toothpaste, then
repeats to himself.
                       DYLAN (MS)
Here..wheres the bag? no..no..
that wont do..stupid. Supp foo..no
that wont do either..
                                         COP INTERUPTS
Cop face palms shaking his head
                       COPPER (OS)
      (Lighting up
Get to the part where your about
to meet the gangster already.
please, i dont have all night.
Yeah sorry I get side tract
easily, alright anyways...
                                         JUMPS BACK TO
Bell rings, students leave class
                       SAM (ES)
Hey! Wait up bro
      (Hand shake)
Whats up, aye sorry I can't hang
Heeey man when do we ever hang,
commonnn I even got the girl you
like to come!
                       DYLAN (OS)
Where are you going anyway??
                       SAM (MS)
      (Jokes around)
Skate park, we all gonna drink n
watch the stars man, but hey if
you really can't come its all
good, two arms meant for two


                       SAM (cont'd)
different girls anyway ;)
Both walking towards off campus but before they diverse
dylan takes a piss, drops his backpack next to his friend.
                       DYLAN (MS)
Haaaa like she would even get
close to you, yeah man anyway lest
talk about next time we can hang,
hold up, gotta take a piss
Sam leans on the wall whistling a tone, then sees the girls
hes going to hang with, dylans girl ain't there though.
Hey my beauties, we still down to
parrrrrty tonight?
Sam sats down his backpack next to dylans getting distracted
by beautiful girls
A girl mentions that Cindy is looking forward to having fun
Ahh damn, SUCKS that my homie
dylan cant make it, don't worry my
ladies ill make the night
un-forgettable, stars will be
shining, feelings will be high and
we'll get freaking high
Dylan hears sam, shaking his head trying to focus on what he
has to do, he expresses a sad emotion on his face based off
the trust he has for his friend sam.
Speaking of which...Hey bro I
gotta go, girls are leaving and
there my ride home, good luck with
whatever you gotta do man, talk to
you later!
                       MALE (CU)
      (Washing his hands)
Peace...seeya around
Quietly says seeya around.


                                         COP INTERUPTS
Dylan talks about how he grabbed the backpack then headed
out to the drug meeting
                       COPPER (CU)
      (Blows out smoke)
And then???
I don't really remember.. I got
there..everything went wrong.
                       COPPER (CU)
      (Lighting up
I have all night.. itll come to
Sam starts ease droping again.
                       DYLAN (MS)
I really don't remember man, and
i'm really tired sorry i couldn't
be of any help.
Copper insist to get more knowledge from him reluctant to
leave the household, then sam comes out of the room.
                       SAM (CU)
Hey man, when your parents coming
Soon actully, theyll be here at
like 12:30..what time is it like
                       COPPER (CU)
Well, i'll be back tomorrow to see
if you remember, goodnight you two
and stay safe
Sam and dylan walk copper to the door, he leaves kind of
pissed off but yet satisified with the information he got


Female enters room as two adult men sit at a table
      (looks over a t
its about time, anyways, we have a
go for tonight
                       FEMALE (CU)
      (leans back on
are you guys finishing the job?
                       MALE (WS)
      (smart assly)
Yep, this is the real mans job,
boss obviously chose me because
your to lazy and inefficient.
Is that a challenge?
female uses her hands to fake shoot her partner
      (quickly pulls out
You think your better?
                       FEMALE (WS)
5 seconds, 1 shot , 1 kill
Both male and female begin shooting at eachother as second
male laughs and lights up a cigerete. - music plays over
the sink in the backround is heard, a knock on the door
                       FEMALE (ES)
      (faint yelling
Male standing on the other side


      (confused smirking)
heeey I want to speak to you about
the last mission
Backround noise from the sink fades away female answers the
door wearing nothing but a towl
Well ain't you looking pretty for
once, still not my style though
      (closes door)
male prevents female from closing the door and walks in
                       MALE (CU)
      (Detective feeling)
Your report doesn't add up, what
really happend when you went to
check on copper?
female sighs and then sits down and crosses her leg over the
                       FEMALE (WS)
Hes no longer a problem, and I
have the next clue to where the
bag might be. want to see it?
                       MALE (WS)
wow growing up in the buissness
world I see lil princess brat
but your the kinda brat that if
gets lucky, a sexy beast such as
myself might be able to give some
attention to..you know..fix your
lonely problems.
male begins flirting with female getting closer sarcasticly.
female pretends to flirt back with body language, with there
faces nearly inches apart the female kisses the males neck
then bites the males ear and begins to whisper


                       FEMALE (WS)
      (Pushes male away)
Your the kinda pig I enjoy killing
with the same knife I kill the
rest of pigs with. Tasty to,
waiting to die, now what do you
sits back down while pushing male away maybe kicking him in
the shins.
                       MALE (MS)
      (turns serious
I want half, 50%, 50/50, thats
only fair for me doing most of the
female glares
a fourth, 25%, 25/75 , you males
think you do all the work just
because your stronger, truth is
big foot, if it weren't for me we
wouldn't even get a 16th of what
were going to get. take it or
leave it, no higher.
Male begins to get upset and want to say more or nothing but
he shakes his head angerly admiting shes right
                       MALE (MS)
      (sits down)
Fine, but tell me what happened
with copper
alright, guess thats only fair, it
would make a good example of what
i could do to you anyways, well
only if you upset me that is
Female is walking down street towards house, copper is
outside dylans house smoking a cigerate.


                       COPPER (MS)
      (Puffs more)
Whats the pleasure of seeing you
                       FEMALE (CU)
      (Flirts for cig)
Think I can bum a drag tough man?
Copper laughs in chicks face blowing smoke at her
                       COPPER (CU)
Nope, its my last one.
                       FEMALE (MS)
      (Quickly wraps
       arms around neck)
Your right. it is.
Female snaps coppers neck
by Manafest

Female shoots up the house, dylan and sam freak out
Wheres the bag!?
Sam throws heavy stuff towards the female, then she changes
the song on her ipod and continues to shoot at them.
female laughs
Dylan tosses her the luggage. hiding a note under his
Sam tries to be brave and get the gun from female by walking
slowly but then gets shot and dies
                       DYLAN (CU)
      (Runs near sam)


                       FEMALE (WS)
Didn't intend to kill but its just
your luck that your friend didn't
know his place, now now where are
you, can't have any witnesses,
female walks towards bedroom has dylan runs towards the door
then gets shot in the back and dies.
      (Tries to open
Looks like its payday for me
Fails at opening luggage, then walks out of the room into
the front room, pick pocketing the copper for the rest of
his cigs then smokes them while turning on the t.v and
putting her legs up.
      (talks to self)
I'm gonna get a nice ass car,
going to free my home girls from
there shitty jobs stripping
and..hmm think its time for a
better sniper to.
T.V plays in the backround :This just in, a male killer is
on the loose terrifing many bystanders waving around a gun.
PD has offically caught up to the theif and news reporters
on scence report gunfire.
                       FEMALE (MS)
      (Grabs luggage)
Looks likes its one less share,
well time to go give this to boss.
                       MALE (MS)
      (confused and
Wow killed them both? stupid
fucking mistake, what if they...
Female laughs
                       FEMALE (CU)
I already took care of the bodies
but figured id leave some blood
left behind with my initials in it


                       FEMALE (cont'd)
to show I dont fuck around
                       MALE (CU)
I guess i see why your the bosses
                       MALE (MS)
      (Looks around)
So wheres the luggage?
Over in the kitchen why?
Females gun is on the table, male notices this slowly
looking back at female, points his gun towards her and grabs
the luggage.
                       MALE (MS)
Looks like you aint gonna get the
credit though, if i give them to
him he'll pay me more than your
lously deal of 25 75, sucks your
gun aint in yo hands, make a move
i dare you, a bullet will land
right inbetween your eyeballs.
                       FEMALE (MS)
Fine take it, but you'll never get
the clue from me then.
Male laughs then nervously leaves females room but right
before he does he looks at female
                       MALE (MS)
Nice try, but i don't need your
false clues, i'm getting paid now
and there aint nothing you gonna
do, sense you helped me get this
bag ill give you acouple bucks.
Male leaves
      (Looks at photo)
To bad.. dumb fool won't get
anywhere without this clue.. guess
i'm going in solo , fuck it who
needs them anyway. all that


                       FEMALE (cont'd)
beautiful money is for me..
Photo of sams mother
Sams mother and sister enter the house, and begin to talk
about sam
                       SIS (MS)
      (Tears in her eye)
I still can't believe hes gone..
He's still with us in
spirit..maybe hes still alive
somewhere out there..pray to him
sis walks to brothers bed and crys in pillow placing hands
under it, finding a note saying :
I'm not sure the best way to
explain this but my bestfriend
dylan doesn't know i've been
tracking him outside of school..
long story short im either dead or
in hiding right now, but theres
something I want to give to you
guys, but please don't freak out,
take it and go as far away as
possible.. please..your son.. your
brother, forever I will love you
both...i'll meet you in heaven.
sister begins to cry screaming mom~!
                       SIS (MS)
      (Enters room)
Oh..my..lord..this can't
be...how..wait..what..where is it?
how could he do this to us!!!
sister and mother look in closet and pull out the luggage
entering the code givien in the note, to find there there


Limo drops off sister and male at airport,
                       MOM (WS)
      (sister mumbles
       same thing)
Goodbye hawaii
Both actors are in rich expensive cloths yet still look
terribly sad.


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