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The Hunt For Rodney Malcolm
by David Bell (davidbell10@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: **1/2
Rodney Malcolm is accused of murdering his friend Steve even though it was an accident. The chief of police ends up going on a massive hunt for him, trying to stop his killing spree. NOTE: This script was originally an R-rated script, and it was edited for PG-13. If there are any very gory parts, they can be edited out for a theatrical release.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



                       RODNEY (V.O.)
I didn't ask for this. I didn't
ask for an accident that'll affect
my entire life. I didn't ask for
the death of my buddy Steve, and I
didn't ask to be chased by the
warden of police. But every time I
look at my hands, and my weapons,
I realize something.
Cut to his bedroom. He's rubbing his hands, rocking, and
staring at a bag of guns.
                       RODNEY (CONT.)
I live in a country where all
people think of is killing, and
bloodshed, and misunderstandings
that lead to wars. I now realize
that I'm a representation of
America today, and I must do what
America does.
He looks at the camera.
                       RODNEY (CONT.)
I must win against my enemies.
It's not my fault, anyways. It's
like Pearl Harbor. They attacked
me when I did nothing. And what
was I supposed to do? Confess my
crime? No! Of course not! So, I
must beat them at their own game.
Even if I have to kill every
single officer that Mr.
Christensen throws at me. I will
not be defeated by my own kind.
                                         FADE OUT.


We see Rodney standing next to his friend Steve. They're
working on paper to test it's durability.
Another day, another dollar.
Yeah, I guess so.
How's your mother? Is she doing
No, Steve. She's in the hospital
with cancer. Doctor says she might
not make it.
      (Eyes wide)
No, shit. I'm sorry, man. I didn't
realize she was terminal. But,
hey. There's other relatives you
can hang out with, right?
My dad died when I was three, my
brother resents me, I have no
aunts and uncles, and my
grandparents live in Florida.
Alone. They're probably dead as
Sorry if I'm acting like a dick,
Steve. It's just that my mother is
the only person I've got left.
      (Eyes narrowed)
What about me?
I'm talking about family who're
close to me. You're not family.
You're just you. How come you
didn't know about my mother's


                       RODNEY (cont'd)
condition or anything about my
You never told me.
And you never asked.
How's YOUR family?
Mom resents me for not taking up
craftsmanship, and my Dad is
probably in Tijuana.
Sorry I asked.
Nah, it's alright. I didn't know
him much anyways when I was a kid.
He was in Tijuana.
Of course. You must've seen him at
one point, though.
Of course I did. I was five, and
he came back to visit one time. He
and my mom got into a fight when
she introduced me to him. He said
that it wasn't his fault he didn't
take it out in time.


Steve gradually starts tearing up paper.
                       STEVE (CONT.)
He called me a filthy disgrace. A
failed abortion. An apology letter
from his nuts. The saddest thing
that ever came out of his balls. I
hated him, and he hated me. I was
only a child!
Steve, you don't have to keep
I will! He packed up his bags, and
left us forever without even
looking at my mother again! The
last thing he did was through a
bottle of vodka at me and my
He slams his fist into a stack of paper. The paper scatters.
Steve storms out of the building. Rodney watches in
disbelief as Steve cusses over and over again.
Rodney is laying on his bed, staring at the ceiling.
                       RODNEY (V.O.)
Stephen Williams was fired from
his job that day. I didn't know
what was wrong with him. I guess I
shouldn't've brought up his dad. I
tried to stop him from continuing,
but he persisted.
Rodney picks up a phone, and calls Steve. We see Steve pick
up with yelling in the background. The following sequence is
a back and forth scene between Rodney and Steve.


Hey, Steve. It's Rodney.
Oh, hey, buddy. How's it going?
      (Eyes narrowed)
Is everything okay? I hear
Don't mind that. It's just my
STUPID BITCH WIFE who's not happy
about my losing my job.
Look, man. I'm willing to take the
blame for what happened. I
shouldn't've brought up your dad-
We see Steve's eyes go wide as he ducks. A glass bottle
smashes into the wall behind him.
      (Jumping up)
Yeah, you're sorry about what
happened. Listen, buddy. I
couldn't give two shits about that
dead end job.
Are you drunk?
No, but I'm about to be. I just
got home after clearing my head in
a couple of alleys.
Alleys? What?


You should've seen it. A couple of
guys came up to me, and beat the
hell out of me. But I'm fine. Just
a few bruises and a stab wound in
my femoral artery-
Long pause. More yelling.
I gotta go. I'm bleeding like a...
Click. Rodney hangs up the phone, and turns over on his bed.
Rodney walks up to the house. He starts banging on the door.
Steve? Buddy? You there?
Come in.
Rodney opens the door, and sees Steve in his living room.
He's sitting on a chair, cigarette in one hand, gun in the
other. The room is dark. Steve has a tourniquet around his
leg, and it's dark red.
Steve? Are you okay?
Never better.
He takes a puff of smoke. Rodney slowly walks toward Steve.
What happened to Christina?
Oh, you mean my stupid wife?
He takes another puff of smoke, and sighs.


                       STEVE (CONT.)
What happened?
Somebody called the police during
the fight, but they never showed
up. I don't know what happened.
Maybe they got the address wrong.
Anyways, the fight ended with
Christina going through the
window. I took her to the
hospital, but she died on the way
there. So, I went and buried her.
No, Steve. You know I don't smoke.
I thought you didn't either.
When stuff like this happens to
you, you don't know what you'll
Steve cocks the gun.
Give me the gun, Steve.
Steve stands up, pointing the gun at Rodney.
It's all your fault, too. If it
weren't for you, we'd be happily
married. Living in a condo
somewhere. Having children. But
no. You had to bring up my father.
I said that you didn't have to
tell me the story!
Steve starts walking towards Rodney.
And THEN! And then, I lost the
love of my life after I got fired
from that goddamn job. All because


                       STEVE (cont'd)
of you.
Dammit, Steve! Give me the gun!
Steve stops in front of Rodney, putting the barrel of the
gun to Rodney's head.
Screw you, Rodney! It's all your
fault! I'm gonna splatter your
brains all over the walls, then
I'm gonna join my wife. We'll be
happy together again while you're
rotting in God knows where-!
Rodney grabs the gun, and forces it away from his head. The
two start wrestling with the gun. They slam into walls, and
knock down pictures. Steve is screaming "It's all your
fault" constantly, and Rodney forces the gun towards Steve.
Eventually, the trigger is pulled, and we hear a loud
gunshot. Steve's eyes go wide.
I'm coming, Christina.
Steve collapses, dead. Rodney is still holding the gun in
his hand, staring at Steve's body in disbelief. He stands
there for a moment, and he hears a neighbor.
What in the hell is going on?
Cheryl, call the cops! Somebody's
been shot!
Steve drops the gun, and runs.
                                         FADE OUT.
We see Rodney sitting in a room. The door opens, and the
chief walks in.


                       THE CHIEF
My name is Harold Christensen.
I know who you are.
The chief walks over and sits down in front of Rodney.
                       THE CHIEF
Stephen Williams's neighbors saw
you shoot him in his own home.
Can you prove it? You've only got
one witness. I could've walked in
and picked up the gun right after
the killer ran off. My prints
could've rubbed off the original
prints. The point is that if
you're accusing me of murder,
you've got no proof. And you don't
know how it even went down. It
could've been an accident.
                       THE CHIEF
Was it an accident?
Yes, Mr. Christensen. It was.
                       THE CHIEF
Elaborate? How about Steve killed
his own wife the night before. He
said that the neighbors tried to
call the police, but they got the
address wrong. There was a goddamn
window smashed!
                       THE CHIEF
We're not blaming Steve. It's too
late for that now.
I went to Steve's house this
morning to see how he was doing.
He pulled a gun on me and said how
it was my fault that he killed his
wife. It was self defense!


                       THE CHIEF
This is now considered third
degree murder. I don't believe in
self defence, but I do believe in
accidents. The fact is that you
killed someone. And you have to be
punished for it.
This is absolute BULLSHIT!
Rodney slams on the table.
                       THE CHIEF
Let's get you into a cell.
The chief stands up and walks out of the room as two guards
walk in. One has a gun. Rodney is forced up, and he goes for
the gun. In a struggle, Rodney shoots the officer with the
gun, and points it at the other officer, whose cowering in
fear. Rodney glares at him, and shoots him. He runs out of
the police station with people chasing him. He jumps over a
fence, and shoots two officers chasing him. Rodney stands
there for a moment, looking at what he's done. Then, he runs
away. The chief walks outside with a couple of guards.
                       OFFICER 1
That man has some skill.
                       OFFICER 2
Where did he learn that accuracy
with a gun?
                       THE CHIEF
I don't care where he learned
that. He's gonna get somebody
killed. You saw the look in his
eyes. Our hearts demand blood from
our own making. His heart demands
the blood of others.
                       OFFICER 1
Holy shit.
                       OFFICER 2
That was deep, man.
                       THE CHIEF
What are you two still doing here?
Get back inside, and send out a


The two run back inside as the chief watches Rodney run
away. We see the officers work on sending out a wanting
notification on Rodney during a voiceover.
                       THE CHIEF (V.O.)
It's gonna be dark everyday until
we catch him. He's armed and
dangerous. He can kill anybody at
any time. While we could locate
him via satellite, it's only a
matter of time before he disposes
of the gun. He's trekking through
rural areas. Areas unidentifiable
by cameras. But still, we will not
rest until this man is brought to
justice by the law. He will be
punished for what we will now
consider as second degree murder.
The hunt is on: The hunt for
Rodney Malcolm.
                       OFFICER 1
That was deep.
                       OFFICER 2
I know, right?
Closeup of the chief's eyes.
Rodney slows down, and bends down to cough violently. He
catches his breath.
He puts his hands on his head.
                       RODNEY (CONT.)
Shit! Shit! Shit! What am I gonna
do? I just killed...
                       RODNEY (CONT.)
Five people in one day! Jesus
Christ, I'm screwed. The cops are
gonna get me, they're gonna put me
in the electric chair, and my
third degree murder charge just
turned into second degree


                       RODNEY (cont'd)
manslaughter! Dammit!
He stands there for a moment.
                       RODNEY (CONT.)
Well, shit. What now? Do I just
give up, or keep running?
Starts walking immediately after he says it, putting away
his gun.
                       RODNEY (CONT.)
I need a drink.
      (Sitting down)
Beer. Now.
The bartender brings him a drink, and Rodney pays him. He
starts drinking when he looks at a man next to him.
                       MAN IN BAR
      (Looking at
       Rodney's gun)
You a cop?
Nah, I got this from a cop,
though. I'm not one.
                       MAN IN BAR
How'd you get a cop's gun?
Long story.
                       MAN IN BAR
I've got all the time in the
Where do I start? This friend of
mine, Steve, got fired from his
job after he gave an angry story
about his drunk dad. After that,
his wife, Christina, tried to kill
him because of it. But, he killed
her first. I visited him, and he
tried to kill me as well. So, I
accidentally killed him. After


                       RODNEY (cont'd)
that, the police tried to put me
away, and I killed four of them
with this here gun. Then, I came
running to over here to decide
whether to take a stand against
the police, and possible go on a
mass murder spree against them, or
let myself go, and possibly die
from it.
                       MAN IN BAR
      (Staring with wide
Jesus Christ, man. I'm calling the
Are you serious? I have a gun
here. I could kill you.
                       MAN IN BAR
Are YOU serious? Everybody has a
gun these days. They'd kill you
quickly. Now, I'm calling the
police. It's better to get
arrested than to die fighting.
Rodney pulls out his gun, shoots the man, and dives under
the bar. The whole place erupts with people firing all over
the place. glass shatters everywhere in the bar, and Rodney
is taking cover. Colors are flying everywhere on the floor.
The shooting eventually stops as Rodney finds a shotgun
behind the counter. He looks over to see that the bartender
is dead, riddled with bullets. Rodney looks up to see that
one guy is left with everybody else dead. He jumps up with
the shotgun, and kills the remaining guy. He drops the
police gun, and collects everybody else's guns in a duffel
Now, it gets interesting.
Rodney walks out of the bar with the bag, and a glass of
We see the chief sitting with his two officers.


                       THE CHIEF
How's the search coming along?
                       OFFICER 1
We've tracked the signal from the
pistol, and we found it in a
blood-soaked bar. We've traced
bullets, and Rodney only killed
one person. Either everybody else
killed each other, or Rodney has
good aim with a shotgun that could
only hold eight shells.
                       OFFICER 2
How could eight shells kill twelve
people? Well, it turns out that
surveillance showed that he only
killed two people. So, add 2
people to his list of murders.
That's 7 murders from this guy.
                       THE CHIEF
      (Taking a drink)
This just gets better and better.
                       OFFICER 1
Also, since everybody killed each
other, we thought, where'd their
guns go?
                       THE CHIEF
He didn't.
                       OFFICER 2
He took all of their guns, and we
saw him leave with a duffel bag.
                       THE CHIEF
Good God. He's almost unstoppable.
What'd he take.
                       OFFICER 1
We saw four pistols, a shotgun, a
sniper rifle, an uzi, and a couple
of assault rifles. We also saw
three knives, and a couple of
                       THE CHIEF


                       OFFICER 2
So, chief, to put it in simple
terms, we're screwed.
                       OFFICER 1
Unless we can get a helicopter or
something to blow him the hell up.
                       OFFICER 2
We actually might be able to do
                       OFFICER 1
Or we can send in an air strike.
                       OFFICER 2
But we don't know where he is.
                       OFFICER 1
Oh, right. I guess that's also a
no to the helicopter.
                       OFFICER 2
Not necessarily. If he was in the
city, we can get him that way.
                       OFFICER 1
So, we CAN use the air strike!
                       OFFICER 2
Well, no, because-
                       THE CHIEF
getting a squad together, and
we're gonna hunt this bastard, and
we will take him down even if it
takes a whole army.
The chief walks over to a drawer, and pulls out two western
rifles. He loads them, stuffs them into holsters, and puts
ammo belts around his chest.
                       THE CHIEF (CONT.)
But in the end, I'm gonna kill
this bastard for what he did to my
                       OFFICER 1
This guy is so deep.


                       RODNEY (V.O.)
I must win against my enemies.
It's not my fault, anyways. It's
like Pearl Harbor. They attacked
me when I did nothing. And what
was I supposed to do? Confess my
crime? No! Of course not! So, I
must beat them at their own game.
Even if I have to kill every
single officer that Mr.
Christensen throws at me. I will
not be defeated by my own kind.
We see Rodney sneaking into a hospital room. We see an old
woman on the hospital bed. He walks up to her.
Hi, Mom. I know you probably can't
hear me, but I just wanted to see
you. If you ever were awake, and
saw the news, you know that I've
done a lot of bad things. I've
killed seven people. One by
accident, but the others were me
all the way. I don't wanna kill,
but those bullets I've fired were
necessary. I had to to keep my own
life. I had to.
Rodney puts a letter on his mother's torso.
                       RODNEY (CONT.)
When you wake up, be sure to read
                       RODNEY (CONT.)
I'm gonna get some money, and send
it in anonymously to help with
your cancer. Pull a Breaking Bad,
and get you money. Except instead
of meth, I'm gonna have a
different plan.
He brushes her hair slightly, and leaves through the window.


                                         FADE OUT.
We see footsteps as we pan up to the back of a Rodney's
head, concealed by a hood. He walks up to the counter.
May I help you sir?
Yes, my poor poor mother has
cancer, and I'm in need of money
to help her get better. It takes a
lot of money, and I don't have
that much.
So, you need a loan?
No, I'm making a withdrawal.
I'm sorry?
I'm sorry. Let me rephrase that.
This isn't a withdrawal.
Rodney pulls out a shotgun, and shoots the banker point
blank. She falls backwards onto the floor.
People start screaming, and running. Rodney points the gun
at people.
                       RODNEY (CONT.)
Calm down, everybody! This is
gonna be quick. I won't kill until
I have to.
People keep panicking.


                       RODNEY (CONT.)
      (Cocks gun)
An old woman doesn't comply, and Rodney walks up to her.
                       RODNEY (CONT.)
Ma'am, please get down. I don't
wanna hurt you.
                       OLD WOMAN
I know your kind. You just wanna
treat yourself. You just wanna
live in a castle.
I've killed eight people, and I
just wanna get rid of my mother's
                       OLD WOMAN
Don't lie to me, young man. Just
rethink what you're doing. There's
better ways to deal with these
Oh, for God's sake.
Rodney knocks the woman down with the butt of his gun.
                       RODNEY (CONT.)
The manager brings out two bags of cash, and gives them to
                       RODNEY (CONT.)
Pleasure, mate.
Rodney runs out.
                                         FADE TO LATER.
The chief and the two officers examine what has happened.
                       OFFICER 1
What happened?


                       BANK MANAGER
He just came in, shot a banker
with a shotgun, knocked down an
old woman, and stole the money.
                       OFFICER 2
Anything else?
                       BANK MANAGER
The old woman said that his mother
has cancer, and he's also killed
eight people.
                       THE CHIEF
                       OFFICER 1
He's killed eight people.
                       THE CHIEF
The chief throws a notepad across the room.
                       THE CHIEF (CONT.)
That bastard's going for the
                       BANK MANAGER
                       OFFICER 2
The "bastard" is Rodney Malcolm.
He's apparently on a killing
spree, and he's now trying to cure
his mother's cancer.
                       BANK MANAGER
                       OFFICER 1
Consider yourself lucky. You
could've faced the fate of that
lady banker.
We see what's left of the banker being wheeled by.
                       THE CHIEF
However, we're getting closer. I
can smell it.


                       OFFICER 2
How can he smell it?
                       OFFICER 1
Shut up.
                       OFFICER 2
So, what's next, sir?
                       THE CHIEF
We search his apartment, and get
the money back.
                       OFFICER 1
We're searching again? But we
found nothing before!
We see Rodney drive by his apartment, which is surrounded by
police. They're searching the place, and Rodney sees the
chief walking out of the building. He sees Rodney.
Son of a bitch.
                       THE CHIEF
Malcolm, you bastard!
Rodney speeds off as the chief gets in his car with his two
officers. They start a chase. They're turning corners
constantly, and it's basically just a regular car chase.
Eventually, the chief rams the back of the car, and the
money falls out of the back. Rodney slows down a bit, and
the two become neck and neck. We see the chief pull out a
gun, and tries to shoot Rodney. He puts his head down as
glass shatters. Eventually, the road is cut short as the
chief stops his car, but Rodney doesn't see the ending. He
flies up what's sort of a ramp, and he flies backwards
upside down, landing on a roof right side up behind him. The
chief with his officers look up in disbelief.
                       OFFICER 2
Holy sh-
                       THE CHIEF


Rodney shifts in reverse, and goes fast. The chief and the
officers follow him, but they're driving forward. Rodney's
on a metal awning, and the officers are right under him.
They continue down the street until the awning ends, and
Rodney falls off. Rodney lands on top of the chief's car,
smashing it. Rodney drives off the smashed car, and drives
off. The chief crawls out of his car with the officers. One
of them is wounded badly. The Chief stares at the car
driving off.
                       OFFICER 1
Harold, he's injured badly.
                       OFFICER 2
What happened?
                       OFFICER 1
Your legs are broken.
                       THE CHIEF
How? How the hell could he do
                       OFFICER 1
Maybe with his car.
                       THE CHIEF
I'm not talking about your friend.
He can go screw himself for all I
care! How could Malcolm escape
from me?
                       OFFICER 1
You know what? You're not very
                       THE CHIEF
I DON'T GIVE A SHIT! I've been
after this guy for too long! Eight
murders, possibly more, and we've
only encountered each other twice.
They were both won by him! HIM!
That filthy animal is beating me
at my own game!
                       OFFICER 2
I think I can see the light.
                       OFFICER 1
Maybe you should just give up.


                       THE CHIEF
                       OFFICER 1
It's obvious what he wants! He
wants to cure his mother's cancer,
and he wants us to leave him be.
This all started from an accident
that led to his friend's death!
How much more blood are you gonna
shed until you finally get what
you want?
                       THE CHIEF
You don't know what I've been
                       OFFICER 1
We've been next to you since we
first started! My best friend
could die from this stupid shit!
                       OFFICER 2
I'm already gone, man.
                       THE CHIEF
Shut up. If you were me, you'd
wanna stop this guy. He must be
brought to justice.
                       OFFICER 1
Sir. He's lost his pulse.
                       THE CHIEF
Good, now we can focus on what
                       OFFICER 1
You know what, Harold?
                       THE CHIEF
He stands up, and speaks in a strong voice.
                       OFFICER 1
You're a dick! That's right! You
heard me! You're chasing somebody
that's clearly outsmarted you, and
you won't give up even after one
of your top officers is killed. MY
BEST FRIEND! You're a total


                       OFFICER 1 (cont'd)
asshole. What would you do if you
were in his shoes? You'd probably
do what he does. Oh, wait! You'd
probably just turn yourself in!
You know what? SCREW YOU AND SCREW
Long pause. They stare at each other, and then the chief
pulls out one of his pistols, and shoots the officer in the
head, who falls backwards on his back on top of the other
officer. A pool of blood is formed.
                       THE CHIEF
You're fired.
The chief walks away, and we see a long shot of the bodies.
                                         FADE OUT.
Rodney stops his car on the side of a road, and sits there
for a moment.
Jesus Christ, that was awesome.
He looks around in his car for a cigarette.
Shit. And I was just about to
He hears a helicopter.
Damn. It's not even over.
We see a helicopter with the chief in it. He has a machine
gun with him and a megaphone.
                       THE CHIEF
It's just getting started,
Malcolm! Give up now, and nobody
else has to be added to your 9
murder streak.


To hell with that!
Rodney goes fast down the street, and the helicopter follows
closely. Eventually, the machine gun goes, and starts
hitting the car. Rodney jumps out of the car with his bag of
guns, the helicopter flying over him. He gets up, and
sprints towards an alleyway. The helicopter can't follow at
this point because of how narrow the alleyway is. Rodney has
escaped again. The chief gets out of the helicopter, and
looks at the car. He points towards the car, and the
helicopter blows it up. He then looks at the alleyway.
                       THE CHIEF
It's only a matter of time...
Rodney stops to catch his breath, and he sits down on a
What am I doing? Why is this
happening to me? At this point,
Mr. Christensen is trying to kill
me! I don't know what to do now!
Rodney stands up, and looks around. He looks down the alley.
Europe's that way.
Rodney begins his long and arduous journey toward the east
end of America. He gets a ride, and it ends with a shotgun
blast. Rodney kills a truck driver, and drives it towards
the Bay of Fundy. He reaches his destination, and walks up
to a sailor.
Looking for a boat ride around the


I'm looking for a boat ride to
Why don't you just fly there on a
plane, or take a cruiser there?
I'm on the run, and this seems the
most reasonable solution.
From who? The IRS? Those guys will
bite you in the ass.
No, the law. I've killed ten
people, but I had to. I killed to
escape, and I killed to avoid
You didn't kill all those
witnesses in that bank. Just a
Come on. Don't think I don't watch
the news. You're wanted in 45
Listen, kid. I've been wanting to
head to Europe for 15 years. I've
never had a fishing buddy to stick
with me along the way. Whaddaya
You won't rat me out to the


Why the hell would I? I'm not
gonna risk losing a partner. I get
lonely easily. However, once you
get to Europe, you're not getting
a ride back to America with me.
Fair enough. I hate this shit hole
of a country.
Let's get going, then.
The two start sailing off, and begin their journey.
The two are sitting on the boat, the sailor watching the
What's your name, anyways?
Robert. Last name isn't important.
Why not?
I never give people my last name
in case they hold a grudge against
me, and go after my family.
Smart, but do you think a guy like
me is gonna go after your family?
Well, you're the one with the big
bag of guns, and ten kills.
I wonder if you're just gonna
think of me as the guy who's
killed ten.
Yeah, probably.
Rodney looks at the harpoons inside the ship.


What's with the harpoons?
I don't just have harpoons. I've
got other fishing stuff. I fish,
mainly. I've gone out to deep
water to fish before. Gotten
octopus, shark, you name it. If
it's legal, I've got it.
So, you can kill shark.
Kid, I've been out at sea for
twenty years. Fifteen of them were
spent my myself. I've killed more
sharks than you can imagine.
2,000. You've killed 2,000 sharks.
Okay, not that many.
                       SAILOR (CONT.)
I've killed thirty sharks. I was
able to salvage 20 of them, and
eat them.
Thirty is still good. More than I
could kill.
I can teach you to kill sharks.
Nah, I don't really see how it can
help me out that much.
Kid, we're out in the Atlantic
Ocean. There are sharks
everywhere. If you're gonna
survive out here, you're gonna
have to kill a few predators. This
is like a watery jungle. It's kill
or be killed.


The sailor climbs to the top of the sail to adjust it.
Why're you going up there when you
can just adjust it down here?
I don't believe in that "today"
"Today"? Dude, this stuff goes
back to Columbus, and you're not
even using it!
Well, I just don't like it. I
believe in doing things yourself
instead of just getting others to
do it for you. Kinda like your
killing spree.
Shut up, old man. You don't know
The sailor slides down the pole of the sail, and looks at
I don't think YOU know you.
You say that you kill for a
reason, yet you killed a banking
clerk for no reason. You kill
witnesses when there were clearly
witnesses at that bank. You wanna
cure your mother's cancer, but
you're going AWAY from her without
even checking on her. Face it,
kid. You don't know what you're
Hey, I know what I'm doing.


And what'll you do when you reach
Europe? Go into hiding? Your bag
of guns is obvious. When the
police tracks down the license
plate of that truck you stole,
they're gonna realize there's a
boat missing, and they're gonna
start searching surrounding
countries. It's only a matter of
time before they find you. You're
pulling a Butch Cassidy. You're
going to another country where
it's just gonna start up again.
Shut up!
Rodney punches the sailor in the face, who grabs one of his
harpoons. Rodney pulls out a gun, and aims it at the sailor.
You will not do that again. I'm
your only chance of getting you to
Europe at this point. We're too
far from land for you to swim OR
sail back.
I should give up. Turn myself in.
That's not what I'm saying.
Yes, it is!
I should take you back to America,
but you'll just kill me then. I
can help you, Rodney. You know I
The two stare at each other. Eventually, Rodney drops the
Shit. You're right.
Okay. Now, let's get to Europe.


The sailor puts down the harpoon, and steers the ship.
Look, it's not your place to judge
Well, you know your faults. It
seems like you're just improvising
whatever the hell you want.
Do you ever shut up? You've been
giving speeches since I got here.
Oh, really?
Well, nobody said you had to
listen to me. It was a good idea,
You don't even know why I'm going
to Europe.
Okay, Rodney. Why are you going to
My brother. He's resented me most
of my life, but I think he's the
only one that can help me now. He
owns a corporation in England, and
I think he can help me with my
troubles. Clear my name, get a
lawyer, or just help me disappear.
Basically using his money. But
he's my brother. He's supposed to
help me.
And you say I'm the one who's


You look exhausted. You can go
inside the ship and take a nap if
you want.
Sure. I'll go do that.
Rodney goes inside the boat, and lays on the couch to sleep.
The chief is staring at a picture of Rodney, and is throwing
darts at it. He's talking under his breath, and then he gets
a phone call.
                       THE CHIEF
                       OFFICER 3
Sir, we've got some more
information on Ronald's
The chief grabs a pen and paper.
                       THE CHIEF
Go ahead.
                       OFFICER 3
We've tracked the license plate of
a truck that was reported stolen.
It ended at the Bay of Fundy, and
there was a boat missing. We think
Rodney has left America
completely, and is on his way to
Europe as we speak.
                       THE CHIEF
How the hell can he do this? Is he
bribing people?
                       OFFICER 3
He has no money. We think he's got
a hostage. Also, he killed the
owner of the stolen truck.


                       THE CHIEF
That makes ten deaths.
He adds a tally mark to a wooden board on his desk.
                       THE CHIEF (CONT.)
If he ever gets to Europe, find
him, and bring him back. Use
maximum force. I don't care if you
have to disable him. I wanna kill
that bastard myself.
                       OFFICER 3
The other guys were right. You're
Rodney wakes up, and walks out to the deck, where the sailor
is up, steering.
You needed that sleep.
How long has it been?
A little over a day. We're about
halfway there.
Over a day? What?
Yeah, you slept all day yesterday.
I don't think you've slept in
Rodney starts stretching his back.
Probably not.
Any dreams?
Of course. I am human, aren't I?


That's debatable.
What was that?
Damn right, it was nothing.
Rodney goes to the back of the boat, and sits down. He
watches the waves rippling as the boat glides over them.
Eventually, the sailor sits beside him, lighting a
What did you dream about?
Silly things.
So informative.
My brother.
      (Cigarette in
What's that?
My brother. I haven't seen him in
ten years. It's been so long. I
dreamed that he was gonna try to
kill me, or that he wasn't even
gonna talk to me.
Kid, let me tell you something
about siblings. They're pricks.
They bite your ass, and you bite
theirs back. However, when you're
grown up, they're grown up as
well. You say he owns this
corporation in England. Dammit,
he's your brother. He has to help
you. He's family.


I should start calling you Sir
I should call you Sir
I'm very close to shooting you.
Yeah, well you still need me, and
we're only halfway there.
Rodney stands up and walks off, the sailor following. Cue
montage of them sailing among the waves. At one point,
dolphins jump alongside the boat.
Why are there dolphins? We aren't
even going that fast.
Continue montage.
                                         CUT TO NIGHT.
We hear a splash, and Rodney jerks awake. He sees the sailor
at the edge of the ship with a harpoon.
Damn! I missed!
What the hell is going on?
Sharks. Moment of truth, kid. It's
time you learn to kill a shark.
You ever thrown a spear?
Yeah, once.
The sailor hands Rodney a harpoon, and directs him to the


Rodney stands there a moment, and then throws the harpoon.
We hear a crunch.
                                         CUT TO MORNING.
Rodney and the sailor are eating shark meat.
You're a natural.
I know, I can't believe I killed a
I'm not even surprised that you
killed ten people.
Why am I even running? We can just
stay out here, and eat sharks,
drink water through a filter, and
be merry.
Nah, a storm would come along, and
kill us.
Yeah, true.
The sailor looks off in the distance.
Oh shit.
Rodney turns and looks where the sailor is looking.
      (Eyes wide)
Oh shit indeed.
We see a storm in the distance barreling towards the boat.
Rodney, get inside, and get ready
to plug up holes. We've got a
storm coming.


Rodney runs inside the boat, and grabs a bucket of stuff in
it. He squats down, and hears hard rain and thunder. The
camera stays on Rodney throughout the entire sequence. The
ship rocks back and forth as the sailor yells.
A hole appears in the side of the ship, and water comes
pouring in. Rodney jumps over, and tries to plug up the
hole. After he plugs up the hole, the boat jerks, and he
hits his head on a pot, knocking him out.
                                         CUT TO BLACK.
Rodney wakes up in a pool of water that was formed inside
the ship. He gets up and walks onto the deck of the boat,
where he sees that he and the sailor have reached land. He
sees the sailor checking his map.
Welcome to Europe, kid.
If we were out in that storm any
longer, we would've drowned. We
merely drifted to shore after I
plugged up the holes YOU were
supposed to plug up.
Hey, if it wasn't for your
reckless sailing, I wouldn't've
been knocked out.
It's not MY fault you're so


Shut up. I don't need you anymore.
What're you gonna do? Shoot me?
Rodney goes into the boat, and grabs his bag of guns. He
walks out, and pulls out a pistol.
                       RODNEY (CONT.)
Yeah, I think I will.
The sailor walks up to Rodney, and puts the barrel against
his head.
Go ahead. I've got nothing else to
live for. I've lost my boat, I
have no money, and no friends. Go
Long pause.
                       SAILOR (CONT.)
Do it.
The two stand there a moment, and Rodney takes the barrel
off his forehead. He stuffs the pistol back in his bag.
You've got one friend.
The sailor smiles as Rodney walks past him, up the beach.
The sailor climbs back into the boat with a bucket, and
starts throwing out water.
Rodney is walking down the street, and a few people bump
into him. He eventually sees a tower with the name of
Dave-Co. He walks towards it. We see him walk into an
office, and sees a secretary.
May I help you, sir?
Yes, I'm looking for Dave Malcolm.


Do you have an appointment?
I didn't know brothers needed
appointments to see each other.
The secretary's eyes go wide as she presses a button to call
Dave's office.
Mr. Malcolm?
There's an American here to see
you. Says that brothers don't need
Tell him to leave the bag in
there, and come in.
We see Rodney walk into the office, but there's nobody in
there. He closes the door behind him, and walks to the
middle of the room. A man jumps out from behind him, and
smashes a bottle against his head. The two start wrestling.
Where's the gun? I know you've
sneaked one in!
What the hell! I left the bag in
there like you said!
You're here to kill me! I know you
For God's sake, Dave! I'm not
trying to kill you! I'm trying to
get your help!
Dave stops, and Rodney throws him off of him. Rodney tries
to explain, but Dave's secretary runs in with pepper spray,
and sprays Rodney in the eyes. He screams, and falls to the


What the hell! I had this under
Everybody's voices overlap.
      (In the Midst)
I thought he was killing you.
      (In the Midst)
Dammit, woman! This is coming out
of your paycheck!
      (In the Midst)
Officer 3 runs into the chief's office.
                       OFFICER 3
Sir, I... Sir?
We see the chief stabbing a picture of Rodney.
                       THE CHIEF
                       OFFICER 3
The chief looks up. He looks like he hasn't slept in days.
                       THE CHIEF
                       OFFICER 3
I have some new information on


The chief is walking around while saying the next lines. He
lights, then immediately puts out three cigarettes, fixes a
drink, and throws it in the trash without drinking it.
                       THE CHIEF
That bastard. I've had enough of
him. Never in my entire career has
anybody escaped me. This guy has
gotten away with PURE LUCK! I hate
his guts so much. When he gets to
Europe, there will be hell to pay.
I'll send an entire army after
him. What the hell do you want?
                       OFFICER 3
I've just gotten word that Rodney
Malcolm has just reached England.
He's currently with his brother,
CEO of Dave-Co.
The chief walks up to the officer, and throws his hands onto
his uniform.
                       THE CHIEF
That bastard. I've had enough of
him. Never in my entire-
                       OFFICER 3
Sir, you already said that.
                       THE CHIEF
Send every man after that bastard
this instant. Dead, alive, I don't
give a shit at this point. I want
to see his body.
                       OFFICER 3
Sir, it'll take time to get him
back to America. We could either
take twice as much time with
American troops, or have the Brits
send him over. However, we can't
get every man after him.
The chief takes his hands off of the officer, walks over to
his desk, grabs one of his pistols, and kills him. We see
his body slump down to the floor.


                       THE CHIEF
Nobody says what can't be done
besides me. I'm going to England
to find this son of a bitch
We see Ronald and Dave facing each other at a desk.
You want me to what?
Make me disappear. I'm tired of
having the law on my back.
You can't really just make a
person whose killed 10 people
Yes you can. You stage a death.
A death that doesn't produce a
An incinerator.
Or a plane crash.
Or an explosion of an entire
Deborah, leave.
The secretary leaves.
She must be a handful.
Rodney, I shouldn't stage a death
just for a convict to escape the
law. You can't escape the law.
Hide in the smallest or deepest
place of the Earth, and the law


                       DAVE (cont'd)
will figure out the best way to
get you out in the open, even if
they have to try and kill you.
This is inescapable, Rodney. You
could lose everything.
For God's sake! Does everybody
have to make a speech?
Rodney, I'm just trying to look
out for my brother. After a death
is staged, it's only a matter of
time before Harold Christensen
catches up to you, and kills you.
You care about me?
Of course I do, idiot.
What have you been saying about
That you despised me, and I
despised you too.
It's been too long.
Wanna walk around town with me? I
can show you a few places I
usually enjoy. If you don't mind
that is.


Rodney and Dave are walking down the sidewalk.
This is my personal playground.
The whole town, or just this
The whole town, but this street is
my favorite street. It's all you
really need. Dining, shopping, et
Dave stops.
Rodney, I'm really trying to talk
to you here. We've only been
separated for god knows how long.
Why are you even trying to talk to
me? You hate me.
Yeah, well you hate me right back.
Look, you're only gonna be in
Birmingham for a short while, and
then you're gonna be dead. Just
enjoy life for once. You've never
liked life before. All it was was
just "Mother, mother, mother!"
You loved mom, too.
Yeah, well she's dying. And you
were trying to illegally solve her
problem. Hey, let's get lunch,
shall we?
                                         CUT TO DINER.
Dave and Rodney are eating lunch in a diner.


Okay, how are we gonna fake your
death, anyways?
I was thinking we could stage a
car crash.
They'd need a body.
Drown in a river?
They'd need a body.
Get blown up in a building.
That actually could work.
Wait, what?
Dave calls out to their waiter.
Can we get a couple of boxes, and
the check?
                                         CUT TO BUILDING.
Dave and Rodney are looking at an old abandoned building.
This could work.
I've been needing to get rid of
this building for a while now, and
now I can do that. Just set up
some explosives, you can sneak out
the back, and we can blow this
place up. Then, I can write
something up that you were killed
in the explosion.


It's fantastic. It's perfect. Mr.
Christensen will never suspect it.
I can get Deborah to have some
people set up C4. You take the
remote, and meet me back at the
Dave-Co building. I'll give you
the remote.
Not that bad of a plan. Let's try
it out.
Dave and Rodney start walking back to the Dave-Co building.
A helicopter is soaring over the ocean with Ride of the
Valkyries playing.
                       HELICOPTER PILOT
Sir, you've been playing that song
nonstop for 7 hours. Make it stop!
                       THE CHIEF
Never! I want that bastard to hear
this music to know that I'm coming
for him!
                       HELICOPTER PILOT
Shouldn't you wait for us to reach
England before playing it?
                       THE CHIEF
Nope! I want it to build up!
                       HELICOPTER PILOT
We're gonna be flying for 7 more
hours. By the time we get there,
the speakers are gonna die!
The chief gestures for another pilot to take the original
pilot's place. The pilot walks up to the chief. The chief
shoots him, and throws him into the water.
                       THE CHIEF
You don't tell me what to do!
We see in a zoom out that the helicopter is attached to a
plane with a cable.


We see Rodney trying to sleep in a bed. He rolls over.
How is this even gonna work? How
can I get killed so that there's
no body? Mr. Christensen will find
me no matter what I do. I could
get blown up in a building, or
fall in the river.
Rodney gets up, and lights a cigarette.
Well, there goes 10 years of not
smoking down the drain.
Rodney walks over to the window, and looks out at the town.
Tomorrows the big day. I either
die, or turn myself in.
Rodney puts out his cigarette, and goes to sleep.
We see the chief getting out of his helicopter, and a
British man is greeting him.
                       BRITISH GREETER
Good day to you, sir!
                       THE CHIEF
Dave-Co. Now. Where is it?
                       BRITISH GREETER
We've been told ahead of time what
you were doing here, and we've
kept an eye on your Rodney. He's
on the way there, and I can take
you to him.
                                         CUT TO STREET.
The two are driving in a car down the street. Eventually,
the greeter speaks.


                       BRITISH GREETER
He should be in the building on
the right.
                       THE CHIEF
Thank you, good sir. The rest of
my squad is still following us,
Wide shot of the street. A few vans are following them.
                       BRITISH GREETER
Yes, sir.
                       THE CHIEF
Good, I'll just get out here.
The chief gets out of the car, and it drives off. He waves
for the squad to stay in it's place, and he pulls out one of
his pistols. He looks at the building.
                       THE CHIEF
Alright, Rodney. I've won. There's
nowhere else you can run now. I'm
gonna walk in there, and I'm
The building explodes in a fiery eruption, and the chief
flies backwards onto the ground. The squad starts freaking
out as the chief gets up, looking at the fire in horror.
                       THE CHIEF
What? What? WHAT???
                       SQUAD MEMBER
Maybe he got tired of your stupid
                       THE CHIEF
Hey, buddy. I've got an idea.
The chief picks up his gun.
                       THE CHIEF (CONT.)
The chief shoots the squad member, who dies.
                       THE CHIEF (CONT.)
      (To the others)
See if you can find a body! Or any
trace of him! If not, we ask the
Brits what happened!


One of the members walks up to the chief.
                       SQUAD MEMBER 2
Sir, what if this was staged?
                       THE CHIEF
What do you mean?
                       SQUAD MEMBER 2
Well, he's been avoiding us. He
might be faking his death as a
means of escape.
We suddenly hear gunfire, and the chief rushes over to the
fire, and sees Rodney in a gunfight with the squad. He has
an uzi, and is shooting the squad. The chief pulls out a
pistol, and shoots Rodney twice. He falls to the ground, and
the chief walks up to him.
                       THE CHIEF
I've got you now, you rotten
bastard. Take him to the plane!
And get his brother as well. He
might know more.
The squad members grab Rodney, and start dragging him off.
We also see squad members running into the Dave-Co office,
bashing Dave with their rifles, and dragging him off.
We see the chief walking into a room with Dave in it. He
sits down, and looks at Dave.
                       THE CHIEF
Mr. Malcolm, you do realize that
your brother is an extremely
dangerous criminal who's killed
ten people.
I've heard of people who have
killed more than ten people.
                       THE CHIEF
Yes, but Rodney had a large bag of
guns, which we've confiscated.
I don't give a shit if you've
confiscated it. All I know is I'll
take it off your hands, and sell
the weapons for money. You can


                       DAVE (cont'd)
never have enough money.
                       THE CHIEF
Indeed. Well, I'm guessing you
won't be trying to get him out of
Sir, I haven't been involved with
my brother in year. I don't care
what happens to him. All I know is
that he just wanted me to fake his
death because I had money. That's
my only crime is getting rid of a
building that I already needed to
get rid of, and fake a family
member's death. It's not like I
can be fined by doing my job.
                       THE CHIEF
Yeah, well you tried to make a
dangerous criminal disappear. I
should charge you for treason.
Are you serious? I did what he
wanted me to do, and I've answered
your stupid questions. I just
wanna go home. I just wanna manage
my business. Look, helping out
family isn't treason. You've gotta
know that.
                       THE CHIEF
Fine. You win. Take his stupid
guns, and leave. But don't kill
anybody with them. I really want
you two to share a cell.
Dave grabs the bag of guns, and leaves. We see the chief
walking into another room with Rodney in it. He sits down in
front of him, and slaps him in the face.
Nice to see you too, Mr.


                       THE CHIEF
That's only a small taste of
what's coming to you, you mangy
I think England's getting to your
                       THE CHIEF
Ten lives have been taken by you.
The number will rise until my
demands are met.
                       THE CHIEF
Excuse me?
I want extremely special treatment
of my mother. I want her cancer
cured. No matter how much you have
to do to help her.
The chief looks at Rodney, then flips the table to the side.
                       THE CHIEF
You've killed ten people, and
you're telling ME what to do?
I just want my poor mother to live
through her cancer. She's all I've
got left.
The chief punches Rodney in the face, who becomes terrified
of the chief.
                       THE CHIEF
That's right you bastard! Be
scared now! It's all me for the
rest of the time you're here. It's
me and my fists!
The chief continues beating up Rodney, who's screaming from
the pain.
What is your problem?


                       THE CHIEF
I've been waiting for this moment
for far too long! Do you think
I've enjoyed killing my own men
over something as pointless as
So, why are you trying to kill me?
                       THE CHIEF
Because... DAMMIT!
The chief throws himself into the wall, and starts crying.
                       THE CHIEF (CONT.)
You were my big break.
Somebody's bipolar.
                       THE CHIEF
I was gonna show my boss that I
can solve a case of an accidental
murder. I haven't sent somebody to
prison for murder in over twenty
years. You were gonna be the one
to impress the boss. And when you
kept escaping, my determination
increased, and my anger rose.
                       THE CHIEF
Rodney, you've killed ten people.
You've gotta let me put you in the
electric chair. I'll do anything
for a promotion. I'll even try to
get rid of your mother's cancer.
Sorry, Mr. Christensen. I'm not
gonna let you do that to me.
                       THE CHIEF
Then, I'll just kill you myself.
The chief jumps for Rodney, and grabs him by the neck. We
suddenly hear gunfire as Dave bursts through the door with
Rodney's shotgun, he blasts the chief in the leg. He grabs


Rodney, and they both run out the door. Dave pushes Rodney
Run, I'll hold them off.
Wait, Dave, stop!
Nevermind. I'll start running.
Rodney runs off as Dave fires the shotgun again, and runs
off into a different direction.
Rodney climbs into a window of the hospital where his mother
was before. He walks up tot the bed, and sees that it's
      (From Behind)
She died while you were in Europe,
Rodney. I already asked the
doctors where she was.
Rodney starts breaking down in tears as Dave walks up to
him. They put their arms around each other as Rodney
collapses to the floor.
Rodney, they're coming for you.
I've got your bag of guns right
here. You can either run, or give
up. I'm turning myself in. I
didn't kill anybody. Just broke
you out.
      (Looking at Dave)
Why did she have to die, Dave?


It's part of life. I loved her
too. Rodney, she's gone. You have
to give up on her, and focus on
other things.
Like what?
The doctor said that Harold
Christensen ordered a pulling of
the plug. He ordered them to let
her die.
Rodney looks at Dave, and his sadness turns into anger. He
stands up, grabs the bag, and throws it outside.
I'm going for him.
Rodney breaks into a museum, and starts firing with an
assault rifle. The alarm blares, and he hears police sirens.
So it begins...
Rodney runs to a flight of stairs, and chucks a grenade at
the door, when some police officers are arriving. The
grenade explodes, and glass flies everywhere along with a
couple of officers. A few more officers run in, and Rodney
fires his assault rifle, killing three more.
Rodney runs up the stairs to the second floor as more
officers run in. Suddenly, the chief arrives with his squad
of twenty men.
                       THE CHIEF
Boys, secure the area. Me and the
men go after him.
The chief pulls out one of his pistols, and his men move
forward. The front few get to the top of the stairs, and
he's shot in the head. Blood spurts onto the other men, and


they're blinded. Two more shots are fired, and two more men
go down. We see Rodney with his sniper rifle.
We hear a window shatter, and Rodney looks behind him to see
a guy coming in through the window. He runs over, and swings
his rifle, hitting the man with the butt of his gun. The man
falls to the ground below.
Rodney tosses his gun down below, and pulls out a smaller
assault rifle. He looks behind him, and sees five more men
jumping up, firing their guns. Rodney shoots at the men, and
we see glass shattering around artifacts as two more men are
hit. The other three scatter to different places.
We see gunfire as Rodney dives behind a display. More glass
shatters, and Rodney blindly fires around the case.
Suddenly, he slowly jumps out, and sees that the men are
hiding behind the cases. We see a slow zoom-in of a man
shaking with his rifle behind a case. Suddenly, two sais
come down into his eyes, and he starts screaming. The other
two men come out of their hiding spots, pointing their guns
at Rodney, who's behind the man with his sais in his eyes.
Rodney drives the sais deeper, and we hear a crunch as the
man stops moving. The tips come out the back of his head,
and Rodney pushes the man aside. While doing this, he pulls
out his uzi, and shoots the remaining men, who were shaking.
Rodney looks up.
Is that all you got, Mr.
Christensen? Pathetic! Give me a
Rodney tosses his uzi aside, and pulls out two deagles. He
runs off into a corner. We see the chief looking up the
stairs in anger.


                       THE CHIEF
He will not escape us! The rest of
you! Get up there! Officers, too!
The remaining eleven men along with five officers run up the
stairs, and the chief follows them with his pistol out. The
first two men reach the top, and one of them is taken out
immediately. The second starts blindly firing around. The
rest of the group reach the top, and start moving around.
That makes twenty-five, Mr.
Christensen. Time to make a
The men look around to see where it's coming from.
                       THE CHIEF
What choice?
We see Rodney behind a case.
You either kill me now, or take me
in and kill me in an electric
Rodney runs off, and the chief is still looking around.
                       THE CHIEF
I'm killing you now. You've caused
too much trouble for me. I will
end your life here.
Not if I end your life first.
We see a man get hit in the head with a grenade, and a group
of five men are caught in the explosion. One of them live
with his leg gone. He starts screaming, and then it suddenly
stops. We see Rodney stabbing the man's body, then running.
The chief looks behind him, and sees the stabbed man
                       THE CHIEF
What did I ever do to you?


You killed my mother, Mr.
Another man is shot in the head, and the whole team turns,
and fires from where the gun was fired.
                       THE CHIEF
Firing stops.
Thirty-one... You ordered the
hospital to pull the plug on
keeping my mother alive.
Another man is shot from behind, and the men turn around,
and continue shooting.
                       THE CHIEF
Firing stops.
Thirty-two... You're the rotten
bastard now, sir. You just took
away my happiness. Now, I take
away your LIFE!
Another grenade is thrown, this time in a bundle, and the
rest of the team is blown up. The chief is the only
survivor, and he's badly wounded even worse than before. He
gets up, and fires his gun twice.
                       THE CHIEF
Come on, Rodney. Let's settle this
like men.
We see Rodney stepping into the light behind the chief.
That makes forty.
The chief turns around, pointing his gun at Rodney. Rodney
has a small pistol, and he's also pointing it.
                       THE CHIEF
It all comes down to this, Rodney.
The final standoff between foes.
The final battle of-


Do you ever shut the hell up?
The chief tries to shoot Rodney, but his gun is empty.
Rodney tries to shoot as well, but his gun is empty as well.
They both toss their guns aside.
                       THE CHIEF
No matter. I still have another-
As the chief reaches for his other gun, Rodney pulls out his
remaining knife, and stabs the chief. The chief pulls out
his pistol, and fires all of his rounds into Rodney's
abdomen. Rodney falls onto his back, bleeding. The chief
pulls out the knife, and walks up to Rodney, reloading.
                       THE CHIEF
I would just leave you to die. You
would bleed out, and I would win.
Then again, that would give you
another chance to escape. And I
can't have that.
The chief finishes reloading, and points his gun at Rodney's
head. Rodney looks up in fear.
                       THE CHIEF
Tell your bitch mother I said
Music builds, and then we hear a shotgun reloading. The
chief turns around to see Dave holding a shotgun to the
chief's head.
Get away from my brother you
filthy f-
Dave blasts the shotgun into the chief, and his head
explodes. Blood sprays out for a split second as the chief's
body falls to the floor. Dave kneels down to his brother.
You can bleed?
Dave, save the jokes. I'm dying,
I can see that.


Can you save me?
I don't think so, Rodney. You may
have to join mom.
Rodney becomes afraid.
I'm sorry, mate. You've had a good
run, though.
Forty police officers, and one
chief of police.
Where the hell is their backup,
Mr. Christensen might've been so
sure that he could kill me, he
excused them.
Well, shit. That must mean no
ambulances are coming.
Dave turns to get help, but Rodney grabs him.
Dave, stay with me... Please...
Slow zoom out to show the two there on the floor.
                                         FADE OUT.
We see Dave, now a middle-aged man, at his desk, working. We
see his secretary walk in with a letter.


Sir, I've got a letter from that
publication company.
Dave takes the letter and reads it.
It's been accepted for
publication. They're gonna hold an
opening ceremony, and they wanted
me to attend. When the book gets
published, of course.
Dave tosses the letter aside.
Aren't you going to attend your
own publication ceremony?
Deborah, it was painful enough to
write the damn book. It'll be more
painful to answer people's
questions about it.
You didn't have to write a book
about what your brother did. He
killed 40 people, and you're
praising it.
I made a remembrance of my
brother. The biggest thing people
will remember is that a chief of
police went bat-shit crazy over a
guy who killed some of his men. I
wrote a whole book about it.
People will remember my brother.
Well, if that's what you want,
Get back to work, Deborah. You
need money, too.
Yes, sir.


The secretary leaves the room. Dave picks up the letter,
folds it, and puts it into his desk. He continues working,
then he stops for a moment.
The world will know about the hunt
for Rodney Malcolm.
He continues working.
                                         FADE OUT.


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From Michael Roy Date 3/16/2015 **1/2
I'm about 20 pages in. I feel like you mean for this to be action/comedy, cause it's pretty outrageous. I dig that about it, but I think you should set that tone in the beginning. I was expecting something pretty serious at first, then it goes over the top later. It made it so I was laughing at it rather than with it till I realized that you meant for it to be funny. But if you keep the outrageous tone the whole time, I think it could be a lot of fun.

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