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by Tyrone Edwards (t_rone01@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***1/2
A child is born by a virgin in present time USA and becomes a sinless man who faces many trials from people and the devil himself,but knows he was sent here to replace a curse by the first man and woman.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



A scripture from the Holy Bible written in white letters
with a black background reading:

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten
son,that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish,but
have everlasting life.
John 3:16

A picture of the whole world appears from outer space and
starts moving in closer to the earth and suddenly a voice
begins to speak while entering the earth's atmosphere.
                       NARRATOR V.O.
This is the story of a man, who
was born by a virgin, sent here by
GOD to bring good news to the
poor, announce release to
captives, heal the broken hearted,
redeem someone who feels afraid,
ashamed, unimportant, and replace
our curse from Adam and Eve with a
blessing of repentance.
The sky is full of clouds moving when the word MESSIAH
appears in big bold letters moving through them over the
United States and into the state of Kansas getting closer to
the ground where there is an old red station wagon driving
very fast on a dirt road in the country.
It is a light fog misty night and God has told MARY and
JOSEPH to move to another location that is safe. God knows
people are out to harm baby JESUS and must protect them.
Joseph is driving franticly in the old beat up station wagon
trying to make it to a safe and local hospital.Mary is
having labor pains in the back seat about to have baby Jesus
in a minute now.
      (In labor pains)
Hurry Joseph it's almost time!!!
Joseph is driving fast as he can trying to make it to the
hospital but realizes they might not make it in time. There


is a old barn up the road that Joseph sees with no one
around that should be safe and decides to pull over.He
brings the car to a SCREECHING stop.
Joseph what are you doing,why are
you stopping here?
Mary listen, we're not going to
make it to the hospital,so I must
get you out this car and into that
Ahh!!! Joseph are you crazy,I'm
not having my baby in no dirty
Mary please trust me,everything is
going to be alright.
Joseph opens up the car door and jumps out of the car
looking nervous and frantic knowing he can't carry Mary into
the barn, then he sees a wheel barrel full of hay and
decides to use that, then Mary screams.
The baby's coming Joseph, My God,
My God, Help Me Lord!!!
Joseph runs and grabs the wheel barrel full of hay and puts
Mary into it, then runs towards the barn.
Dear Lord help me, I need you now
Joseph I hope you know what you're
doing and you better not drop
Just hold on Mary we're almost
Mary screams in agony as they go inside the barn and upward
in the sky there is a shining star as the birth of Jesus


Three FARMERS are wise to the fact that an angel told them
about a child being born tonight, and that SENATOR HEROD was
looking to harm a child being born this day. They are tired
and have been driving around for hours looking for this star
an angel of God told them would appear in the sky when Jesus
is born.
                       FARMER 1
Man we've been driving around all
night and still have not seen this
                       FARMER 2
You know what your right;I'm tired
of looking for this baby that
Senator Herod thinks is being born
Farmer 1 is in the back seat looking through a bag in search
of some food they brought and doesn't see anything.
                       FARMER 1
Hey which one of you guys ate the
last sandwich we had in here?
                       FARMER 2
Oh...uh sorry man I got a little
hungry and that's all we had to
                       FARMER 1
Yeah,because I was saving that
sandwich for me,besides you guys
ate your sandwiches already.
                       FARMER 2
Hey I said I was sorry man I
didn't know,what do you want from
                       FARMER 1
What I want! What I want! I want
my sandwich back! That's ok,guess
who's buying dinner next time.
                       FARMER 3
Yeah,yeah,you two always
complaining at least your not
driving, so will you please shut
up. And you know what


Farmer 2 looks up in the sky and sees the star,then cuts him
                       FARMER 2
Hey,hey,look there it is!!!
All of them are looking up to the sky with astonishment.
                       FARMER 1
I can't believe we found it.
                       FARMER 3
Ok calm down,we need to make sure
that this is it.
They pull up to the barn next to the old station wagon and
get out looking around. They see the wheel barrel tracks
leading to the barn doors,so they decide to go knock on the
doors to see if anyone is inside. They're listening for
noise but don't hear anything; so they open the door and go
inside looking around the barn. The barn seems empty until
they walk in further and see Mary and Joseph. They are in a
corner of the barn with baby Jesus sitting in a manger.
                       FARMER 2
Excuse us folks we followed a
northern star here looking for a
child,is he here?
Mary and Joseph try to shield the child thinking the farmers
are there to hurt him.
                       FARMER 2
My God is that him,may we see him
Farmer 3 grabs his friend and pushes him back and tries to
explain why they are there.
                       FARMER 3
Please excuse my friend
folks,we've been driving for a
while now in search of a star
which would lead us to a child.
Mary and Joseph still looking fearful of the men that they
might hurt their child,so Joseph stands in front of them.
Who are you?


                       FARMER 3
We are just three sheep farmers in
search of a child we were told
that has great purpose.
Now Joseph is really looking concerned and wondering who
these men are.
Wait a minute,who sent you?
                       FARMER 3
We got word that Senator Herod was
looking to harm a child being born
this day.
The other farmer steps in front of him and cuts him off.
                       FARMER 1
Exactly,but while we were at home
an angel of the Lord came to us
saying a great joy has come to all
                       FARMER 3
And on this day a savior has been
born,who is Christ the Messiah,the
                       FARMER 1
The angel told us we would see a
star,and would recognize the baby
by being wrapped in swaddling
clothes,and lying in a manger.
Mary is watching both of the men go back and forth and
realizes they are not here to harm the baby,but fulfill the
prophecy an angel of the Lord told her. She touches Joseph
shoulder and steps in front of him.
Gentlemen I believe you,an angel
spoke to me also saying I shall
bear a child that will be sinless
and pure. He will be called the
son of God.
One of the farmers walks up to Mary and gently grabs her
hands,looking directly into her eyes.
                       FARMER 1
Ma'am may I ask what is your name?


My name is Mary and this is my
husband Joseph.
                       FARMER 1
I just want to say it is a honor
to meet the mother of our savior.
Why thank you,the Lord has truly
blessed us with this beautiful
                       FARMER 2
So I ask you my friends,what is
the name of this child?
Showing baby Jesus lying in the manger and up close to his
                       MARY (O.S.)
The three farmers begin to kneel and worship,knowing they
are in the presence of Jesus Christ their messiah.
                       FARMER 2
God almighty has sent us a
messiah,to save us all,to God be
the glory.
The number and words 12 Years Later appear at the bottom of
the screen and Jesus is a young boy growing up in the city
of Wichita,Kansas. The family is at home and Jesus is in his
room on the computer studying. Mary knocks on the door and
comes in to see what he is doing.
Knock,knock,watcha doing in here
little man?
Just studying,trying to finish
this homework.
You need any help with anything?


No,it's just world history I think
I got it covered.
Yeah you should,but ok I'll be in
the kitchen finishing dinner if
you need me ok?
Joseph comes up behind Mary with a basketball in his hand.
Hey Jesus your up for a little one
on one?
Joseph can't you see he's
studying,he doesn't have time to
play games.
Nonsense,all work and no play
makes way for a dull day.
Joseph please.
What? Even God took a break on the
7th day.
Jesus looks at them both smiling.
You know mom I could use a
break,this internet can be
overwhelming at times. It's just
so much information.
You see the boy could use a break.
Come on Jesus I owe you one from
our last game anyway.
Yeah ok just don't be out there


Don't worry mom I'll make this
game quick so Joseph can practice
some more on how to beat me, ha
Jesus walks over to Joseph and grabs the ball out of his
hands,then runs outside with Joseph running after him.
Joseph and Jesus are just finishing up a game on the court
as Jesus makes the last shot to win the game.
Yeah! I beat you again Joseph!
Good game Jesus,but I think that
last shot was luck.
      (dribbling ball)
No luck Joseph just skills...just
Joseph stands there looking at Jesus and can't help but see
how he's growing up,he now feels the need to talk to him
about life.
Jesus I want you to know that if
there's ever anything you want to
talk about I'm here.
I mean anything,you don't have to
feel ashamed or embarrassed. In
fact come here.
They walk over and sit down on a bench outside.
Listen I know you're at the age
right now where girls and sex may
be on your mind.


You can talk to me Jesus,tell me
what your thinking.
Well I think girls and women are
beautiful,but I don't think God
put them here to be used as sex
slaves or objects.
Why do you say that?
Because every time I'm on the
computer using the internet it's
just so much sex for this or sex
for that.
So what do you think about sex?
I think God put sex here to have
when you're in love and married to
that special woman.
I see,do you have a girlfriend?
Before Jesus can answer that question Mary calls Joseph
interrupting their father and son talk.
Joseph...Joseph you have a phone
call about a job.
Ok here I come. I want you to hold
that thought Jesus I'll be back in
a little bit.
Joseph goes into the house leaving Jesus outside alone. As
some time passes Mary is finished making dinner and begins
to look for Jesus to come and eat.
Jesus...Jesus...where are you?
Dinners ready!


Jesus is no where in sight,so she goes and gets Joseph to
help her look for him.
Have you seen Jesus?
Yeah he's outside sitting on the
Uhh...no he's not.
They both go outside to look for Jesus. As they continue
looking a group of young boys are walking down the street.
The boys usually play with Jesus and hear her calling his
name. They approach Mary and Joseph to tell them where Jesus
                       YOUNG BOY
Your looking for Jesus;he went
into the temple down the street.
We wanted him to play with us,but
he said he didn't have time to
Mary and Joseph look at each other then back at the boys.
Thank you fellas,we'll find him.
Mary and Joseph push open the temple doors quietly trying
not to disturb the meeting that several dozen of people are
attending. They're both looking around to see if Jesus is
there,and suddenly they hear one of the men LEADERS
Whose child is this that asks all
these intriguing questions?
Joseph taps Mary's shoulder and points to where Jesus is at
and makes a face like please go get him. Mary is now moving
to the front of the temple with her hand up in the air
trying to get Jesus attention.
Excuse me sir that's my son and we
are sorry for interrupting your


Jesus steps down out the pulpit walking over to Mary.
Oh no problem,that's a pretty
smart boy you've got there,what's
his name?
Wow,that's a powerful name;you
need to keep an eye on him I can
see him doing something big in the
future. You folks take care.
Thank you,and once again sorry for
Oh no problem.
The leader turns his attention back to his meeting,but you
can hear his voice a little in the background as
Mary,Joseph,and Jesus walk towards the temple doors.
                       LEADER (O.S.)
You see we must continue to stand
up for our rights! Any questions?
Still walking towards the door Mary puts her arm around
Jesus wondering why he was there.
Jesus,what were you thinking,you
just can't walk in on a meeting of
community leaders and just start
asking questions,you're just a
But I had to mother;I was just
doing my father's business.
Mary just shakes her head and then kisses Jesus forehead.
Oh Jesus,you're something else.
Let's go home,dinners ready.


Joseph opens the door for them and a burst of sunlight hits
them in the face as they leave out. Joseph puts his arm
around Jesus shoulder to give him some fatherly advice.
You see Jesus there is a time and
a place for everything,and I
believe God will show you the
right time and place to make
yourself known to the world. Just
be patient.
Mommy's baby just want to let his
little light shine.
They all begin laughing as they walk out the door.
It is a bright and sunny day with the words A River
Somewhere In Georgia at the bottom of the screen and there
is a large crowd of people standing around a river waiting
to be baptized by JOHN THE BAPTIST. People in the water are
lined up single file and John is baptizing people one after
another and speaking loud so everyone can hear him preach
the word of the Lord.
                       JOHN THE BAPTIST
      (speaking loud)
As it is written in the book of
Isaiah the prophet,the voice of
one crying in the wilderness comes
to prepare the way of the
Lord,making his beaten paths
John is known in the area for preaching,but not for drawing
such a large crowd so the police was notified. Two POLICE
OFFICERS are standing back listening to John making sure the
situation doesn't get out of hand and to see what John is up
                       OFFICER 1
Man this dude is crazy,he is
forever trying to put together one
of these rallies for your soul
speeches. Don't they call him John
the Baptist or something?


                       OFFICER 2
Yeah,talking about preparing a way
for who's to come,and every time
no one comes it's just him in the
water baptizing people with
hopeless dreams.
                       OFFICER 1
I don't know why he doesn't
realize no one can save these
people,this world is doomed for
                       OFFICER 2
Sad to say partner but I
agree,it's going to take a miracle
to save this crooked world.
John is still baptizing and preaching.
                       JOHN THE BAPTIST
Every valley shall be filled;every
mountain shall be leveled,crooked
places shall be made
straight,rough roads made
smooth,and all mankind shall see
and understand the salvation of
The crowd is becoming more excited about what John is saying
and the officers are starting to feel a little uneasy,so now
they're trying to clear people out and stop this before
things get out of hand.
                       OFFICER 1
Let's keep it moving people
nothing to see here.
                       OFFICER 2
Unless you want a loitering ticket
I advise you to leave.
John sees what the officers are doing and begins preaching
even louder.
                       JOHN THE BAPTIST
      (speaking loud)
You generations of vipers,who
warned you to flee from the coming


                       OFFICER 2
Okay,I've heard enough of
this,time to bring this party to a
Both officers are now walking over to John to stop him from
preaching. John sees them coming and points directly at
                       JOHN THE BAPTIST
You see,look as your authorities
come and try to quiet the truth!
As they reach the edge of water one officer waves his hand
at John with a come here motion,as John comes out the water
to talk with them one officer grabs him by the arm,and the
other one has his hands on his handcuffs ready to take them
                       OFFICER 2
Okay John were going to have to
ask you to end this now,because
you do not have a permit for this
gathering,and if you don't comply
you leave us no choice but to
place you under arrest.
                       OFFICER 1
So what do you want us to do John?
                       JOHN THE BAPTIST
You know what I want you to do?
John then snatches away from the officers grip and backs up
into the water looking at them and pointing his finger even
more fired up with his preaching.
                       JOHN THE BAPTIST
Repent...!Repent...! Turn away
from your sins and be baptized,for
the kingdom of heaven is at hand!
                       OFFICER 1
John come here now!
As John is continuing to preach in the crowd behind him a
hand comes up and touches different people shoulders as to
move them aside. The hand is moving closer to John and is
now at the backs of the officers,two hands touch the
officers shoulders and they turn around moving aside looking
puzzle as to who just touch them.


                       JOHN THE BAPTIST (O.S.)
I baptize you with water,but he
who is coming after me is mightier
than I,whose shoes I am not worthy
or fit to take off,or carry,he
will baptize you with the Holy
Spirit and fire.
Stepping down in the water directly behind John he turns to
see who is behind him. It is Jesus standing there looking at
him. John pauses and can't believe who his eyes are looking
at Jesus himself in the flesh.
                       JOHN THE BAPTIST
It is I who need to be baptized by
you,but you come to me?
Yes John I come to be baptized by
you,because it's time for me to
fulfill all that is right.
                       JOHN THE BAPTIST
I baptize you in the name of God
the father and the Holy Spirit.
John is looking so humbled and honored,he then takes Jesus
and baptizes him. As they stand back up a glowing white dove
is descending on Jesus as the Spirit of God enlightens
him,then the voice of God speaks.
                       GOD V.O. (O.S.)
                       JOHN THE BAPTIST
Yes Lord I will decrease while he
must increase.
The living room is dimly lit with some old furniture in
it;Jesus is in there alone standing by the fireplace,he is
just staring into the fire looking tired and weary from his
fasting for the last 40 days.
Dear heavenly father I come to you
now asking for strength and wisdom
in my time of need. Father you
know what I must do and what is to
come in my life. Please condition
my body for what it has been going


                       JESUS (cont'd)
through for the past forty days
and nights.
Suddenly the DEVIL enters the room wearing an all black suit
and he is walking very slowly with a sinister look on his
face. As he approaches Jesus he puts his hands behind his
back like he is hiding something.
I've seen you here all evening and
you haven't eaten a thing,aren't
you hungry? I have a sandwich.
The Devil brings one of his hands from behind him and has a
delicious looking sandwich which he tries to temp Jesus to
eat. Jesus is still looking down at the fire in the
It is written,man shall not live
by bread alone,but by the words
that come from the mouth of God.
The Devil puts his hands behind him and now is just staring
at Jesus,he then points to the fire in the fireplace.
Ok,let me ask you this,if you are
the Son of God,throw yourself down
into the fire. For it is
written,he will give his angels
charge over you,and they will hold
you up on their hands.
Jesus then lifts his head up and looks directly at the
On the other hand it is written
also you should not tempt,test,or
try the Lord your God.
The Devil takes a step back putting his hands up in the air
and nods his head up and down. He then points both of his
fingers at Jesus gesturing for him to come with him.
I see,ok you mind if I show you
something? Come with me.
The Devil takes Jesus outside and next to the boarding house
is a large hill which the Devil points to the top,they both


walk up to the hilltop and you can see things for miles and
miles. The Devil stretches out his arms as to show Jesus
what he could give him.
All these things I will give you
if you fall down right now and
worship me.
Jesus puts his hand up in a stopping gesture looking at the
Get away from me Devil,for it is
written,you shall worship the Lord
your God,and him alone you shall
The Devil steps back and a black mist appears that he starts
to dissolve into leaving the presence of Jesus.
Okay,okay,I'll leave you alone,but
you will see me again.
Jesus kneels down and begins to pray with angels above him
appearing and ministering to him.
                       NARRATOR V.O.
From this time forward Jesus began
to preach repent,and correct your
ways for the kingdom of heaven is
at hand.
It is a sunny day and there is a large church with a parking
lot that is full and several people are going inside for
morning service.
The church is jammed packed and the choir is just finishing
an uplifting song,Jesus is in the pulpit and the PASTOR is
standing up at the podium about to introduce Jesus to the
Good morning saints,today we have
a special quest. Some of you may
know him and some may not,however
I think we all can benefit


                       PASTOR (cont'd)
spiritually from what he has to
say. So without further ado,may
the church give a welcoming amen
for...Jesus Christ!
The whole church says amen and claps with praise as Jesus
stands and walks to the podium to speak.
Thank you,thank you,Pastor,and
everyone here on this glorious
There are two women in the audience talking and the Devil is
there listening to them as Jesus continues to speak.
                       WOMAN IN THE AUDIENCE 1
Hey isn't that Mary's son Jesus,I
heard he was a preacher.
As the pastor said my name is
Jesus and I have come here to give
you a message.
Back to the women in the audience talking,but can still hear
Jesus speaking in the background.
                       WOMAN IN THE AUDIENCE 2
Yeah and a good one too,I heard
him the other day at Stone
Mountain Park and girl he tore it
                       JESUS (O.S.)
That on the day of judgment men
will have to give account for
every word they speak.
The Devil is listening to Jesus and does not like what he
hears,so he leans over to the women talking to say
Yeah I'll bet he had his hand out
passing around that offering plate
                       JESUS (O.S.)
By your words you will be


                       WOMAN IN THE AUDIENCE 2
Yeah but isn't it better to give
than receive?
Yeah,that's what these preachers
want you to think,so they can ride
around in their Mercedes and
Cadillacs while you're struggling
to make ends meet.
                       JESUS (O.S.)
And by your words you will be
                       WOMAN IN THE AUDIENCE 2
Yeah I hear you,but you just can't
worry about things like that,you
just got to believe God and stand
on his word.
                       WOMAN IN THE AUDIENCE 1
Basically let go and let God.
                       WOMAN IN THE AUDIENCE 2
Amen to that sister.
The two women clap hands in agreement.
Yea,yea,yea,heard it before,we
shall see.
Jesus stands at the podium in the pulpit still speaking to
the people.
The spirit of the Lord is upon
me,I have been sent here to save
the soul that cries out help,and
release the chains of captivity.
All you have to do is confess with
your mouth and believe in your
heart and accept God into your
life and your world will never be
the same. These words from
scripture have become true today.
Different people in the audience began to question Jesus
about what he is saying. The Devil is sitting in the mix of
people during the questioning just listening and watching


                       MAN IN CROWD 1 (stands up)
How can you say that,only the
messiah can fulfill that promise.
                       MAN IN CROWD 2
Yeah who do you think you are God?
People continue to shout things at Jesus questioning his
                       MAN IN CROWD 1
Are you trying to tell us you are
the messiah we've been hoping for
sent down here in human form to
save us?
The pastor stands up and comes to the podium with Jesus.
Saints...please...saints this man
did not come here to be judged,but
only to give words of
                       MAN IN CROWD 1
But pastor this man is saying that
he is the Christ,our savior.
I ask everyone here to examine
your hearts and read your bibles
to know the truth,because God can
not lie.
Several people begin to leave not believing what Jesus is
saying or who he really is.
Jesus has been traveling from different cities and towns and
is currently outside the city just walking and talking down
the street with a small group of people following him
listening. More and more people are beginning to listen to
him speak and consider his words are the truth.
I must preach the good news of the
kingdom of God to other cities and
towns also,because I was sent here
for this purpose.


Human beings are not the only ones listening to Jesus
words,but many evil spirits have begun to realize who he is
and the power he really has;an ELDERLY WOMAN is filled with
evil spirits just looking at Jesus walk by.
                       ELDERLY WOMAN
Ah! Leave us alone! What have you
to do with us Jesus? Have you come
to destroy us? I know who you
are,the holy one of God!
Jesus turns to the Elderly Woman quickly to silence the evil
spirits in her before people can hear her.
Silence evil one and leave this
                       ELDERLY WOMAN
But anointed one where can I go?
Be silent and speak no more.
She can't move her lips anymore because the power of God has
silenced her,so Jesus points to a rat on a trash can.
There flee into that rat and be
The evil spirit leaves the woman goes into the rat causing
it to jump and take off running. The Elderly Woman shakes
her head and is back to herself. She looks at Jesus puzzled
not knowing what just happened. Jesus continues down the
street speaking and reaches the corner,then a gang
approaches him with his future disciples JAMES being the
leader at the time;he is also filled with evil spirits and
doesn't like the way Jesus is talking to the people.
Hold up man,I don't know who you
think you are walking through my
hood like your some God or
Jesus instantly turns to James with a fierce look.
Be still,evil spirits;come out of
this man,now!!!


James goes into convulsions as the evil spirits leave
him,then drops to the ground breathing hard and foaming at
the mouth looking up at Jesus yelling.
Who are you! Who are you!
The sun is in James eyes so Jesus steps forward to block it
so James can see who he is.
My name is Jesus and you are James
correct? Stand up James I want you
to follow me, because I have
things to show you.
Jesus extends his hand out to help James up and dust him
off. James stands up looking astonished about what just
happened and people around him can't believe what they just
Thank you,thank you,Jesus where
you go so will I,can my brother
John come with us?
Jesus turns and looks at John nodding his head in a yes
The harvest is indeed
plentiful,but the laborers are
few,come let us go.
They continue to walk down the street with a larger crowd
now and come in front of this fishing store. PETER and
ANDREW are standing there talking when Jesus approaches to
ask them to become disciples.
Hello gentlemen,do you know who I
Why yes we do,you are Jesus Christ
the one they call messiah.
Do you gentlemen believe that?
Yes I do believe you are?


And so do I,the great I AM in the
Jesus smiles at them then turns to walk away but pauses for
a second then turns back around.
You know what gentlemen I want you
to come and follow me.
But Lord my brother Andrew and I
are just fishermen and sinful in
many ways.
Have no fear for I will make you
fishers of men if you follow me.
Peter and Andrew look at each other then back at Jesus.
Lord where you go so shall we.
They continue walking with Jesus asking different people to
become his disciples.
                       NARRATOR V.O.
There were eight more disciples
Jesus summoned named:
JUDAS making it twelve in all.
Jesus gave them power over unclean
spirits,to cast them out,and heal
all kinds of sickness and disease.
Jesus and his disciples are walking downtown as a large
crowd follows listening to him speak his purpose for coming
to earth.
Do not think that I have come to
destroy or undo the law of the
prophets,but I have come to
fulfill. For truly I tell
you,until the sky and earth pass
away and perish,not one small
letter nor one word will pass from
the law,until all things are


                       JESUS (cont'd)
As Jesus is talking an OLD BLIND MAN is coming down the
street yelling his name.
                       OLD BLIND MAN
Jesus,Jesus,where are you,I need
you to heal me,help me please!!!
The old blind man walks up and falls into Jesus arms crying.
I am here,how can I help you?
                       OLD BLIND MAN
Lord,I have been blind my whole
life hoping for the one day to
finally see,when I heard you were
in town I just had to come and
meet with you for a healing.
Jesus stands the old blind man up and puts his hand over the
old man eyes,then speaks.
Blessed are the humble who rate
themselves insignificant,for
theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are they that mourn for
they shall be comforted. You may
go in peace.
Jesus removes his hand from over his eyes and the old man
blinks and looks around smiling because he sees the world
now and everything in it.
                       OLD BLIND MAN
I can see,I can see,Jesus my Lord
has healed me,thank you Jesus!!!
The old man walks down the street yelling "I can see glory
be to God". People looking and saying it's a miracle as
Jesus continues to walk down the street speaking.
Blessed are the meek,patient,long
suffering for they shall inherit
the earth. Blessed are the
merciful,for they shall obtain
mercy. Blessed are the pure in


                       JESUS (cont'd)
heart,for they shall see God.
Jesus and the crowd are now at an intersection with a stop
light turned red. A MAN IN A EXPENSIVE CAR pulls up to the
light and a HOMELESS MAN comes up to his car with his hand
out to ask for spare change.
                       HOMELESS MAN
Excuse me sir do you have any
spare change?
                       MAN IN CAR
Spare change uh yeah right.
                       HOMELESS MAN
Sir anything will do,can you help
me please?
                       MAN IN CAR
Get away from my car you dirty
bum,get a job.
He pulls off fast almost running the man over leaving dust
flying in the air. Jesus looks as the man drives away
shaking his head.
How terrible for you who are
rich,for you have had your easy
A MAN ON THE STREET is laughing not understanding what Jesus
is talking about.
                       MAN ON STREET
Man I knew this guy was crazy,you
don't want to be rich? It's all
about the Benjamin's baby.
What does it profit a man to gain
the world,but lose his soul. You
may laugh now,but later you will
mourn and weep.
Man stops laughing looking at Jesus.
                       MAN ON STREET
But Jesus,I have to make money to
live and enjoy things in life


No one can serve two
masters,because he will hate one
and love the other. Listen,stop
being anxious and worried about
your life. Look at the birds in
the air,they neither sow nor reap
nor gather into barns,and yet your
heavenly father keeps feeding
them. Are you not worth much more
than they?
Jesus turns and crosses the street while the man is still
standing there looking confused. As they cross the
intersection there is a restaurant on the corner. They have
been walking for a while now and James suggests they stop.
My Lord,can we go into that
restaurant to use the restroom?
Yes Lord I have to go.
My friends wherever we are welcome
so shall we go.
They all go inside the restaurant.
Jesus and several disciples are in this old grimy restroom
with one light working and the other one flickering on and
Thank you Lord I needed this stop.
Yes better out than in.
Suddenly a man burst open the door to the restroom with
sores on his body,SIMON tries to stop him but the man pulls
away and sees Jesus then falls on his knees.
                       MAN IN RESTROOM
Lord if you are willing,please
cure me and make me clean.
Jesus stretches out his hand and touches the man forehead.


I am willing,be cleansed.
Man stands up immediately cleansed from sores.
Give a testimony to your church,so
they can have evidence of your
                       MAN IN RESTROOM
Yes Lord I will and thank you for
healing me.
In front of the restaurant with a large crowd standing
outside waiting as Jesus and his disciples come out from
taking a break,people are clapping and cheering as Jesus is
looking around seeing the crowd has grown. There is a WOMAN
WITH A SIGN that says "pro abortion Jesus it's my body"
standing there shouting trying to get Jesus attention,he
puts his hands in the air to quiet the crowd to speak.
For I tell you love your
enemies,do good to those that hate
you,pray for those that mistreat
you,and bless them that curse you.
Seek first the kingdom of God,and
all things will be given unto you
                       WOMAN WITH SIGN
Yeah but what about us women who
are raped,beaten,and become
pregnant;it's our bodies don't we
have the right to choose?
Jesus turns and looks at the woman.
The body you have now is not your
own,for it was given to you by
                       WOMAN WITH SIGN
So you're saying we don't even
have control over our own bodies?
No,I am saying God is the maker
and finisher of all things;who are
you to take his place?


Soon as Jesus finishes saying that there are five gunshots
going off in the background and people running and screaming
for cover. Jesus is just standing there with his disciples
trying to shield him when a woman comes up running and
screaming. James steps in front of Jesus trying to stop her.
Ma'am stop that's far enough!
                       WOMAN IN DISTRESS
Jesus,Jesus,they shot my son come
help me please!!!
Ma'am please calm down!
                       WOMAN IN DISTRESS
Jesus do you hear me he's dying,
please help me!
Where is your son?
The woman grabs Jesus hand and takes him around the corner
to an alley where her son is lying on the ground bleeding
from gunshots.
                       WOMAN IN DISTRESS
He's over there in a pool of
blood;I think we're too late!It
looks like he's dead already!
Peter goes over to the body to check for vitals to see if
he's still alive.
Sorry ma'am he's gone.
                       WOMAN IN DISTRESS
Oh no that was my only child now
he's gone!!!
O you of little faith,for he is
not dead but just sleeping.
Jesus walks over to the man and touches his forehead.
Young man,get up.


The young man opens his eyes looking like he just woke up
from a nap. People around talking and saying it's a miracle.
While everyone is standing there saying it's a miracle an
UNBELIEVING MAN is standing there shaking his head not
willing to accept what just happened.
                       UNBELIEVING MAN
Who is this man that speaks this
blasphemy? Who can forgive sins
and raise the dead but God alone?
Jesus turns and looks at the man knowing his thoughts and
Which is easier to say,your sins
are forgiven or arise and go in
                       UNBELIEVING MAN
I don't know,but all I know is
that only the messiah has the
power to forgive sins and raise
the dead.
Jesus puts his hand on the man shoulder and looks directly
at him.
Exactly you said it yourself.
Jesus turns and looks at the young man he just brought back
to life.
Young man your sins are forgiven
and you may go in peace.
                       YOUNG MAN
Wow...thanks my man;I don't know
how you did it but I feel good as
new. Now it's payback time for
them suckers that shot me.
Young man remember vengeance is
mine says the Lord.
                       YOUNG MAN
I hear you my man,but this revenge
is mine and it's going to be
served cold.


Young man turns and walks away like he's not listening to a
word Jesus said.
                       UNBELIEVING MAN
Wait a minute;you're going to let
that gang banging thug go on and
keep living,sins forgiven?
I've come to build up man,not tear
them down,to show love and offer a
way to eternal life.
                       UNBELIEVING MAN
So you've come here to save
cheaters? But what about good
hearted people trying to make it?
People who are healthy do not need
a physician,but those who are sick
do. I came not to call the
righteous,but sinners to
                       UNBELIEVING MAN
Yeah it sounds good,but I just
don't know if I can believe that.
I just don't know.
Man walks off scratching his head. Peter taps Jesus shoulder
to get his attention.
My Lord,we must keep moving it's
not safe around here.
A van pulls up with the other disciples in it to take Jesus
to another location.
                       NARRATOR V.O.
Well you see my friends Jesus
taught that God treats even the
worse sinners not as enemies to
destroy,but as lost sheep he seeks
to restore to his flock.
The sun is setting overlooking a pier on the coastline with
several shops along it. Jesus is alone because he sent his


disciples to look for a place to stay tonight. There is a
store next to him with an outside drinking water dispenser
but the jug is empty. Three WHITE MEN walk pass Jesus
laughing and talking and a MEXICAN WOMAN is coming with a
jug of water on a dolly to replace the empty one. The men
stop and look at the woman as she passes them.
                       WHITE MAN 1
Look at that,damn Mexicans are
taking all the American jobs.
                       WHITE MAN 2
Yea know what you mean,wish they
all go back to Mexico. Hey can you
cut my grass when you're
                       WHITE MAN 3
All shut up Billy,at least they're
not afraid to do a hard day of
honest work.
White man 3 turns and looks at the Mexican Woman to say
                       WHITE MAN 3
Please forgive my friends lady
their just drunk.
The woman stays quiet but looks angry at what the man said
as she walks over to the dispenser next to Jesus and begins
to replace it. The woman is talking to herself not realizing
Jesus is sitting there.
                       MEXICAN WOMAN
I can't stand those racist
bastards,always thinking someone
is trying to take what they're in
control of.
Jesus turns and looks at the woman.
Can I have a drink?
The woman then notices Jesus sitting there and tries to
apologize for what she just said.
                       MEXICAN WOMAN
Sorry I was just thinking out
loud,I don't mean that about all
white folks.


Do not judge,criticize,and condemn
others,so that you may not be
judged,criticized,and condemn
                       MEXICAN WOMAN
Yea I know,but that just makes me
mad,you don't know me,but judge
me. Why are you asking me for a
drink anyway?
Do you know what God gives and who
is asking you for a drink? Because
if you did you would ask him for
everlasting water.
The woman looks puzzled,but know she's heard that before.
                       MEXICAN WOMAN
You know you sound like this guy
named Moses my mother use to tell
me about.
The woman hands a cup of water to Jesus.
Everyone who drinks from this
water shall be thirsty again,but
if you drink the water I give
you,you will never thirst again.
My water in you will become a
spring bursting with everlasting
                       MEXICAN WOMAN
Wow,can I have some of that water?
Jesus stands up looking at the woman.
Yes you can but first go get your
husband and come back.
The woman puts her head down looking shameful.
                       MEXICAN WOMAN
Uh,sorry sir I don't have a
Jesus reaches out and touches the woman chin to lift her
head up.


You've been married three times,so
who is the person you live with
                       MEXICAN WOMAN
Uhh...she's my wife.
Oh...I see you're married to a
woman,so you're homosexual.
                       MEXICAN WOMAN
Yes I am gay and married to a
woman,why is that a problem to
Be fruitful,multiply,and replenish
the earth;can you being with a
woman do that?
                       MEXICAN WOMAN
No,but there is always adoption.
So if everyone was gay how would
life go on?
                       MEXICAN WOMAN
I'm pretty sure some super smart
doctor or scientist would think of
Man is not God and life is not
made, it is created by God in
                       MEXICAN WOMAN
Who are you some kind of psychic
or something? Should I bow down
and worship you here?
The woman begins to bow but Jesus lifts her back up.
The time will come when you will
not worship the father here or
there. Do you know who you
worship? The time has come to
worship God for what he truly
is,which is love and pure in
spirit. Seek and you will find an


                       JESUS (cont'd)
everlasting peace of mind.
                       MEXICAN WOMAN
I believe a messiah will come and
tell us what we need to know.
Very close up looking directly at Jesus face.
I am Him...I am Him.
The both of them standing there and the woman smiles with
music playing in the background.
The night is clear as the capital building is lit up with
lights as people are walking and talking on the stairs
The room is dimly lit and there are several judges sitting
at a round shape table talking in front of a big American
eagle painting on the wall. There are a bunch of papers on
the table scattered like they're looking for something,then
a COURT ASSISTANT enters carrying a paper file case to tell
them some news about Jesus.
                       COURT ASSISTANT
Excuse me your honors,JUDGE
THATCHER sir,I have some
information on this Jesus person
we've been hearing about.
Judge Thatcher sparks up a big cigar then turns and looks at
his court assistant.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
Is that right,what have you come
The assistant opens his file case and pulls out some paper
then hands it to Judge Thatcher.
                       COURT ASSISTANT
Well,you know all the miracles and
diseases he so called cured and
how he walks around like he's God.
This man is nothing but a son of a
carpenter named Joseph,and his


                       COURT ASSISTANT (cont'd)
mother Mary is a homemaker.
The judge is looking through the papers then stops looking
at this one page.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
So it is true that he can cast out
demons and heal the sick?
Judge Thatcher hands the papers around the table so the
other judges can read it.
                       COURT ASSISTANT
Yes I couldn't believe it,but our
people reported this to me.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
Has anyone spoken to his parents?
                       COURT ASSISTANT
Not yet sir,but we're on it.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
I want a full report of this in my
office as soon as possible.
                       COURT ASSISTANT
Yes sir,oh there is one more thing
I need to tell you sir...they say
he raised someone from the dead.
Another judge is sipping on his coffee and spits it out on
the floor after hearing what the assistant just said.
                       JUDGE 2
What!!! Who does this man think he
is? Gentlemen,I think we have
another John the Baptist on our
hands. Now we all know how our
great GOVERNOR HEROD took care of
him,sounds like we need to come up
with another plan of action. If
you know what I mean.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
Exactly I think it's time to take
a closer look at this so called
All the judges began laughing sinisterly and in the corner
of the room there is the devil standing there in his black
suit smiling.


There is a large crowd of people all spread out on this
hill,Jesus and his disciples are at the top sitting and
taking a break. Jesus has been speaking to people all day
and it is now starting to get late. Peter has been walking
around the people and notices everyone seems tired and
hungry;he then walks back to Jesus to make a suggestion.
My Lord it is getting late,can we
send the people home to rest and
Jesus stands up and looks around at the people.
They do not need to go home,give
them something to eat here.
Peter is looking around for food shaking his head because
there is none there.
But there is no food here.
Are you sure keep looking.
He then spots a young boy carrying a couple of fish
sandwiches. Peter waves for the young boy to bring the
sandwiches over so he can show Jesus this is all the food.
There is nothing but these couple
of fish sandwiches this young boy
Hand it to me Peter and tell
everyone to have a seat.
Peter tries to get everyone's attention as Jesus takes the
food and raises it up in the air looking up to heaven.
                       PETER (O.S.)
Everyone please can I have your
attention,Jesus wants to feed you
so he is going to bless the food
we have.
Peter is looking nervous because he knows it's not enough
food to feed everyone.


My father bless this food and make
it abundant for the nourishment of
their bodies.
As Jesus lowers the bag there are a lot more sandwiches for
the people to eat,and everyone can't believe what they have
just seen. Jesus turns and hands one bag after another to
his disciples.
Now go and feed the people while I
go and pray.
People begin passing bags and eating. Everyone is happy and
thanking Jesus for feeding them as he walks through the
crowd and then out of sight on the other side of the hill.
The words SEVERAL HOURS LATER at the bottom of the screen
appear and now it is dark and the water has a light misty
fog on it. The disciples have gotten into an old wooden boat
with the name JEHOVAH written on the side. They were all
asleep and are beginning to wake up as the disciples, ANDREW
and MATTHEW stand up and stretch, they begin looking around
because they do not see Jesus there on the boat.
Hey,have any of you seen Jesus?
Last I heard him saying he was
going to pray.
Peter is looking around and looks out to the water and sees
a strange figure moving towards them in the misty fog,and
then he points at it in total fear.
      (screaming in fear)
Look it is a ghost,yaaaa!!!
Jesus is in the mist walking on the water towards the boat
as several disciples are screaming in fear.
Do not be afraid it's me.
Is that really you Lord?


Yes it's me Jesus.
The disciples quiet down and Peter leans forward trying to
focus to see if that is really Jesus he's looking at.
Lord if that is you;permit me to
come to you on the water.
Jesus is waving his hand telling Peter to come on the water.
Peter is climbing out of the side of the boat and steps onto
the water and begins to walk on it.
Guys look I'm walking on water.
Suddenly a strong wind begins to blow and he takes his eyes
off Jesus looking down at the water. Peter is frightened and
begins to sink.
Ahhh!!! Lord save me please!!!
Peter goes under water kicking and screaming then Jesus hand
reaches under water to save him. Peter grabs his hand and
Jesus pulls him up looking at him shaking his head.
Why is your faith so little and
why do you doubt?
I'm sorry I thought I was going to
Those who truly believe in me
shall never die.
Jesus and Peter climb up into the boat and all the disciples
get down on their knees and begin worshiping Jesus.
Truly you are the Son of God,the
messiah himself.


Jesus is walking downtown in Charlotte with his disciples
and his following is larger now. It is so many people now
that his disciples are starting to shield him afraid someone
might try and hurt him. They are at the corner of an
intersection about to cross when a long black limo pulls up
and stops;the door flings open and two men wearing black
suits get out. They are looking at Jesus when seconds later
another man gets out. He is the very well known SENATOR COBB
and is loved by the people,because you can hear them
shouting his name. He steps forward to Jesus smiling with
his hand extended wanting to shake his hand,but the
disciples shield him. Jesus touches their shoulders and they
move so Jesus can shake his hand.
                       SENATOR COBB
Hello Jesus Senator Cobb's the
name and I just wanted to let you
know that I personally do not have
a problem with you.
That's good to know.
                       SENATOR COBB
But I would like to know,why do
you violate the rules handed down
by the elders of the past?
And why do you violate the
commandments of God,for the sake
of rules handed down to you by
your elders?
                       SENATOR COBB
What commandments are you talking
Jesus steps in closer to the senator so he can hear him
Honor your mother and father and
the days shall be long on earth.
You and your elders curse and
disrespect your mother's and
                       SENATOR COBB
Hey no way,I love my mother and


You are such hypocrites,understand
this;it is not what goes into the
mouth of man that makes him
unclean,but what comes out of it
makes him unclean.
Now the crowd around them is growing because people are
trying to hear what they are talking about,but the disciples
are holding them back so Jesus and the senator can continue
to talk.
                       SENATOR COBB
Ok Jesus,why are you working and
healing on the Sabbath,isn't that
a day of rest?
Jesus looks at him smiling.
The Son of Man is Lord even of the
Sabbath. I ask you,is it lawful
and right on the Sabbath to do
good or to do evil?
The senator puts his head down for a second thinking of what
to say.
                       SENATOR COBB
I think you should do good
Jesus nods his head up and down in agreement.
Make it a practice to love your
enemies and do good to them that
hates you.
                       SENATOR COBB
So if my enemy comes up and
punches me,what should I do?
Jesus turns his head to the right side.
If someone hits you on the
cheek,turn and offer the other.
                       SENATOR COBB
Oh I see,just take what they're
dishing out and just get beat up
and bullied around.


Listen,bless them that curse you
and pray for them that mistreat
The senator steps back shaking his head and hands not
agreeing with Jesus.
                       SENATOR COBB
You see that's your problem,your
too kind,people are just mean and
crazy out here.
Why do you call me,Lord,Lord,and
do not practice what I tell you?
Be merciful as your Father in
Heaven is also merciful,love one
another as I have loved you.
The senator is rubbing his chin staring at Jesus then points
at him.
                       SENATOR COBB
Ok,you say your the Son of God
sent from heaven,well show us a
sign of your divine authority.
A wicked an morally unfaithful
generation craves a sign,you know
how to interpret the appearance of
the sky,but cannot interpret the
signs of the times?
The senator becomes frustrated with Jesus and throws his
hands up in the air and turns around shaking his head,then
gets back into the limo. The bodyguards jump in behind him
closing the door and the limo burns rubber taking off fast.
JUDAS then comes walking up to Jesus.
My Lord the senator was displeased
with what you said.
Jesus watching the limo go down the street then turns and
looks at Judas.
Judas,every plant my Heavenly
Father has not planted will be
torn up by the roots. They are
blind guides and teachers,if a
blind man leads a blind man they


                       JESUS (cont'd)
will both fall into a ditch.
Now there is a SICK WOMAN crawling on the ground through the
crowd trying to reach Jesus,because there are people in her
way she cannot reach him. She extends her arm out just
enough to touch the bottom of his clothing. Jesus turns
quickly looking around after feeling the touch.
Who touched me? For I felt a whiff
of power leave me.
Peter is looking around also and sees the woman crawling on
the ground;he then grabs her to lift her up and shows her to
Here is the woman that touch you
Lord,she was on the ground so you
couldn't see her.
So you were the one who touched
                       SICK WOMAN
It was me Lord;I have HIV and was
told I was going to die so I just
had to come see or touch you.
Jesus touches both of the woman shoulders and looks directly
at her.
Woman,great is your faith and by
your faith you are healed,now go
in peace.
Woman begins to praise and thank Jesus as we hear a song
playing in the background.
The office is medium sized with several book shelves in it
and a big clock in the corner. The governor is sitting at
his big old fashion brown desk on the phone talking with a
Supreme Court Judge about what they should do about Jesus.
                       GOVERNOR HEROD
This Jesus is nothing but a
imposter of John the Baptist.


His assistant comes in and walks to to his desk waiting for
him to get off the phone.
                       GOVERNOR HEROD
Let me call you back,I have
something for this false prophet.
                       HEROD'S ASSISTANT
Governor Herod sir,you wanted to
see me?
Herod turns and looks at his assistant and leans back in his
                       GOVERNOR HEROD
Yes,I want you to do a
background,credit,and back taxes
check on this Jesus to see what
comes up.
                       HEROD'S ASSISTANT
Ok,is that it governor?
Herod leans up forward from his chair pointing his finger at
his assistant then starts tapping it on the desk.
                       GOVERNOR HEROD
Make sure you talk to all his
disciples to find out how they
feel about him,because one thing I
know is that you can't please
everybody. Somebody is not going
to like what you're doing.
                       HEROD'S ASSISTANT
Yes sir right away.
Jesus and his disciples are sitting on some park benches
taking a break from all the walking they have been doing.
Children are in the background playing at the playground and
a dog comes and starts to lick Jesus hand,as Jesus is
petting the dog a mid age WOMAN WITH A PINIC BASKET and a
young child approaches to offer Jesus some food.
                       WOMAN WITH PINIC BASKET
Jesus,I brought you some food to
eat,please have some.
The woman has the basket open showing Jesus the food.


Thank you,but I have food already
and the food I have you know
nothing about.
The disciples looking around at each other wondering what
Jesus is talking about.
Lord did you eat already,because
I'm kind of hungry.
My food is to obey the will of the
one who has sent me and finish the
works he gave me to do.
And what is that my Lord?
Jesus reaches down and pulls up a plant out of the grass
showing it to his disciples.
The crops are now ripe and ready
to be harvested.
Jesus puts the plant back into the grass patting the soil
around it then dusts his hands off. He looks at his
disciples with a sincere face wanting them to understand
what he is saying.
The Son of Man shall come on the
glory of his father with his
angels and reward every man
according to his works. Truly I
tell you;there are some here who
will not taste death before they
see the Son of Man coming into his
The disciples are looking very concerned now.
Lord make our faith greater so we
can have the ability to succeed.
James if you have faith like the
grain of a mustard seed you can
say to a mountain;"move from here
to there"and it will move and


                       JESUS (cont'd)
nothing will be impossible to you.
So my Lord,who is the greatest in
the kingdom of heaven?
Jesus looks around at the children playing then turns back
to look at the child with the woman who offered him some
food. He waves his hand at the child and moves over so the
child comes and sits next to him.
Whoever will humble themselves and
become like this child
trusting,loving,and forgiving is
the greatest in the kingdom of
But Lord what if I lead a child to
do wrong off what someone showed
me while raising me?
Woe to the world for such
temptations to sin. It is
necessary for temptation to
come,but woe to the person that
brings it.
As Jesus is sitting there talking the children in the
background are starting to come over and are yelling Jesus
name. All the children crowd around Jesus
smiling,laughing,and calling his name. Judas doesn't like
what he sees so he puts his arm in front of Jesus and starts
to move the children back.
Hey,all you kids get back and give
him some room.
Jesus looks at what Judas is doing and grabs his arm to stop
Judas,leave the children alone!
Allow the little ones to come to
me,do not forbid or restrain
them,for such as it is in heaven.


As all of this is going on about 100 yards away are two FBI
AGENTS sitting in an unmarked car watching Jesus with
                       AGENT 1
You know what I think this guy is
full of it,all I see him talking
to is drug dealers,hookers,and low
lives. To me he seems like some
fast talking slick con man. If we
keep letting this happen he might
try to run for president or
The agent hands the binoculars to the other agent and he
looks through them.
                       AGENT 2
Yeah next thing you know he'll be
trying to change laws and get
people to follow him. That can
cause all kinds of mistrust in our
good ole government.
                       AGENT 1
Get Governor Herod on the phone
and update him on the latest about
this Jesus character.
In front of a huge beautiful mansion with a circular
driveway then going around the house toward the back where
there is a beautiful deck that Jesus and his disciples are
sitting having breakfast and enjoying the morning sun.
Ah,what a beautiful morning isn't
it my Lord?
Jesus is leaning back in his chair with his eyes closed and
This is the day that the Lord has
made,let us rejoice and be glad in
The sliding door on the back of the house opens and a young
woman comes out carrying a bucket of water and a jar of
ointment. She walks over to Jesus and kneels at his feet.


                       WOMAN WITH BUCKET
Jesus may I wash and massage your
Jesus looks down at the woman.
Yes you may,thank you
                       WOMAN WITH BUCKET
No thank you Lord,cause it is my
pleasure to serve you.
The woman takes Jesus shoes off and begins to wash and
massage his feet as she is doing this Judas is looking at
her with a look of disgust. Judas comes over and grabs her
jar of ointment to see what kind it is and where she got it
Hey,who is this woman and where
did you get this ointment,this is
expensive ointment to be using,you
could feed a lot of poor people
with the money spent on this.
Jesus looks at Judas knowing his heart is not in the right
Leave her alone,do you care so
much for the poor Judas?
What are we if not poor?
The poor you have with you
always,do not deny me this bit of
oil,for me you have not always.
Judas hands the jar back to the woman then walks away
looking shameful. Jesus looks around at his disciples almost
wanting to cry.
She is preparing me for what is to
And what is that my Lord?


My burial,come let us go.
Jesus gets up out of his chair and the disciples looking
around at each other confused.
Your burial,my Lord what are you
talking about?
Let these words sink into your
ears,the Son of Man is about to be
delivered into the hands of men
who oppose God.
But Lord,I don't understand,you
are the Almighty Son of God. No
man has the power to kill you.
Yeah Lord if anything we should
take out them punks.
The other disciples are agreeing with what Peter and James
are saying,but is also concerned about what Jesus just said
about dying.
The Son of Man did not come to
destroy men's lives,but to save
them from the penalty of eternal
What must we do about this Lord
because I don't want you to die.
I want you to go ahead of me into
every town and place speaking the
word of God,but be warned I send
you out like lambs into the mist
of wolves. Put on the whole armour
of God and trust in Him.
So Lord,,we even have the power to
cast out demons?
Jesus walks around the disciples touching their heads to
bless them.


Behold,I have given you authority
to trample upon evil spirits and
over all the power the enemy
possesses,and nothing in anyway
shall harm you.
James is looking down at his hands turning them back and
forth excited about what Jesus just said as he touched his
head walking by.
My God,this is power beyond
Jesus stops and turns around to look at James.
Do not rejoice that you have power
over evil spirits,but rejoice that
your names are enrolled in heaven.
James puts his hands and head down.
Yes Lord,we shall remain humble
and do what you asked us to do.
All things have been given over
into my power by my
Father,blessed,happy,and to be
envied are those whose eyes see
what you see. Come let us go.
They're all in this big beautiful living room with stuffed
animals and expensive paintings hanging on the wall. They're
preparing to leave when out of the kitchen comes the RICH
MAN owner of the house trying to ask Jesus a question.
                       RICH MAN
My Lord what excellent and perfect
good deed must I do to possess
eternal life?
Jesus puts his hand on the man's shoulder looking at him
with a friendly smile.


My son,there is only one who is
excellent and perfect. That is
Almighty God himself,but if you
want eternal life you must
continue to keep the commandments.
                       RICH MAN
And which commandments is that
You shall not kill,commit
adultery,bear false witness,honor
your father and mother...
Before Jesus can finish telling the man the rest of the
commandments he cuts him off.
                       RICH MAN
Ok,ok,I've done those things since
I was little,what still do I lack?
Self sacrificing character that
comes with spiritual maturity.
The man's face frowns up as he looks at Jesus not believing
he just said that.
                       RICH MAN
But Lord I have that.
Jesus looks around the man's house at all the material
Go and sell everything you have
and give to the poor and you will
have riches in heaven,and come and
follow me.
The man pauses for a second scratching his head then rubbing
his chin.
                       RICH MAN
Everything Lord...let me think
about that.
Rich man walks off back into the kitchen with his head down
looking sad.


It is easier for a camel to go
through the eye of a needle,than
for a rich man to go into the
kingdom of heaven.
James walks up next to Jesus as they both watch the man go
back into the kitchen.
Who then can be saved from
external death?
Anyone and everyone who has left
lands for my sake will receive
many times more,and will inherit
eternal life. With men this is
impossible,but all things are
possible with God.
They all turn towards the front door which Simon opens to
see hundreds of people waiting outside and yelling Jesus
You see my friends when truth
speaks you will know it in your
heart,but it will be up to you to
accept it.
Lord your saying we have free will
to believe or not?
Yes Peter,that's why we must
always go and preach the truth
because the truth will set you
Yes Lord I believe the truth is
the word of God,and if we accept
it,we will be free from spiritual
Jesus puts his arm around Peters shoulders smiling at him.
Ahh Peter let us go and preach the


Jesus and the disciples are going different places preaching
and touching people throughout the country.
                       NARRATOR V.O. (O.S.)
As time went on Jesus drew more
and more
hatred. Many officials and
unbelievers tried to set traps and
slow his following,and was
determine to stop his claim that
he was the promised messiah. By
any means necessary and they
finally found someone willing to
betray him.
In the air flying around in a circle looking at the Empire
state building in New York,N.Y. with the moon shining bright
in the background.
The room is dimly lit and Judge Thatcher is with five of his
fellow judges sitting at a long wooden table which is facing
the door. There are flags of the USA and state of NY in each
corner behind them,and several of the judges are smoking a
cigar. Judge Thatcher has an envelope in front of him on the
desk and they are talking about different things when
suddenly the door opens and in comes Thatchers
Assistant,Judas,and two agents behind him. Judas walks in
front of all the judges about six feet away from the table
looking very nervous.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
Is this the man we've been waiting
for,who are you?
Judas is standing there biting his lips looking at the
judges nervously.
My name is Judas from Wisconsin.
I've come here to give you what
you have been looking for. That is
the man you know as Jesus Christ.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
Is that right,what information do
you have for us.


Well first things first,what's in
it for me?
                       JUDGE 2
A man right to the point I like
                       JUDGE THATCHER
Well,we hear you deal in silver
and right now we have some stocks
in silver that could make you a
lot of money.
Oh yeah,how much money are we
talking about?
Judge Thatcher hands the envelope in front of him to his
assistant for him to give to Judas.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
Let's just say you won't have to
work anymore and just worry about
what you're going to buy.
All the judges at the table begin laughing as Judas is
opening the envelope to see what's inside. As he is looking
at the paperwork he is smiling and nodding his head up and
down in agreement with the amount of money.
                       JUDGE 2
We take it you like the amount you
Oh yes these figures are just fine
                       JUDGE THATCHER
Ok we've held up our end of the
deal now what do you have for us?
Ok first thing I think you should
do is a background check on him to
see if he is who he says he is.
Judges talking and nodding their heads in agreement.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
Ok we're in that process now,what
else do you have?


                       JUDGE 2
Yeah tell us something we don't
know because we're paying you a
lot of money for your information.
Well keep checking he could be
stealing someone's identity. And I
see people give him money all the
time,but him being Jesus he just
gives it away to needy people.
Judge Thatcher sits back and folds his arms thinking of a
plan of action to get Jesus,and then it hits him.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
I see,but that's money he never
claims on his taxes. That's it
gentlemen we'll come at him with
identity theft and tax evasion.
Then we'll see how holy he is when
his ass is under fire.
Everyone in the room starts laughing except Judas who is now
looking pitiful.
                       JUDGE 2
That's one hell of a plan,great
idea Thatcher.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
Ok Mr. Judas from Wisconsin we
have a deal,now where can we find
this criminal?
Judas looks reluctant but goes ahead anyway to give up
Well,I need to make a couple of
calls to find out where we're
having dinner tonight,because we
always eat together. Once he's
there I will call you with the
                       JUDGE THATCHER
Good idea,do you have a picture of
him so there won't be any mistakes
of who we're after.
Judas taps his finger on his lips thinking.


Tell you what,to make sure your
men know who to arrest,I will kiss
him on the cheek.
Judge Thatcher smiles and loves that idea.
                       JUDGE 2
Let me tell you this Mr.Judas if
you're thinking about playing us
for some fools you better think
again. Because I guarantee this
will be your last game.
Your honor I wouldn't dare to make
any of you look foolish. I want
this to be a win win situation.
Judge 2 nodding his head up and down.
                       JUDGE 2
Good man.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
Perfect! This is going to be one
last supper this want to be savior
will never forget.
Everyone begins laughing again except Judas.
At a house in Brooklyn NY from street level moving pass it
on a clear night with the moon shining in the background.
Several of the disciples are setting the table on a long
antique dining room table that has scratches on it,and there
is a old grandfather clock in the corner which James is
messing with. There are no lights on just several candles
burning on the table,and two big candles hanging on the wall
at each end of the table. Andrew is walking from window to
window looking outside to see if Jesus is coming.
Boy I'm so hungry,they need to
hurry up and get here because I'm
ready to eat.


James sit your greedy self down
you're always hungry.
Hey my friend what can I say I
enjoy eating,but I wouldn't call
it greedy.
Oh yeah,what would you call it
Just plain old hungry,and why are
you so worried about what I eat?
I didn't say I was worried I'm
just saying.
Will you two please shut up you
both sound like a pair of
crackling hens,we're all going to
eat very soon.
The front door opens and Judas comes in.
Hello,hello,how's everyone doing
this evening? Boy it's chilly out
there this evening.
We're good,hey where you been at
all day Judas?
Judas walks over to the table looking at the food.
Well you know here and there
taking care of business. Boy does
that food smell good,are we ready
to eat? Is Jesus here?
No not yet,him,Peter,and Simon
should be here any minute now. I
hope everything's okay.


Oh I'm pretty sure they're
ok,besides who would hurt the king
of kings?
You know what Judas if I didn't
know you any better I'd think you
don't believe he is.
Judas just stares at James for a moment.
All come on now James you know me
of course I believe Jesus is
king,and here to save us.
Yeah ok brother I'm just saying
you've been acting kind of funny
Andrew is still looking out the window hoping to see Jesus
and his fellow disciples.
Hey guy's there's a lot of police
patrolling like they're looking
for somebody. Aaa...here they come
The front door opens and in comes Peter,Jesus,and Simon.
Ahh there you guys are,thought you
got lost or something,everything
James looks at Jesus face wondering why he is looking sad.
Yeah we're fine,what's going on
though it's police everywhere.
Yeah I was just telling them
that,it's like they're on a mass
manhunt or something.
James steps in front of Jesus looking at him.


My Lord what is it,is everything
Jesus smiles at James and puts his hand on his shoulder.
Everything is going just as it
should,let us sit and eat.
James senses something is not right and waves his hand at
Peter and Andrew to stop them from talking about it.
Ok fellas enough about that lets
eat. My Lord will you do us the
honors and bless the food?
Jesus is sitting at the middle of the table and Peter comes
next to him trying to explain himself on what happened
earlier that day.
Hold on James,can't you see he's
tired,he's had a long day of
people asking him for this and
that over and over again,he's
probably tired from everyone
asking for something.
How do you know Pete,he's probably
tired of being with you all day,I
know I would.
Hey what's that supposed to
mean,you trying to say I've been
asking him for things all day?
Well if the shoe fits.
Jesus listens to them go back and forth and has had
enough,so he raises his hand for both of them to be quiet.
James and Peter please,I say to
you,ask and keep on asking and it
shall be given to you. Seek and
keep on seeking and you shall
find. For everyone who continues
to ask and seek shall find what


                       JESUS (cont'd)
the Almighty Father has for them.
Sorry my Lord,I just get upset
when people say they love you but
act different when it's time to
show it.
Yeah Pete but one thing you can
count on is people being people
and doing what ever they want.
Whoever declares openly and
confesses he is my worshiper
before men,I will also declare and
confess him before the angels of
God. But he who rejects and
refuses me,I will refuse and
reject him in the presence of
angels of God.
Peter grabs Jesus hand and looks directly at him.
That's why I speak my love for you
Lord openly!
Peter,whatever is done in the dark
shall come to light,and whatever
is whispered in ears behind closed
doors will be proclaimed upon
Yes Lord that's why I show my love
for you because you've saved me
from so much.
Thank you James,and to all of you
I know we've been through a lot
Jesus still looks sad and now the disciples are starting to
become concerned.
My Lord are you ok really?


As Jesus is sitting at the table looking at his disciples he
knows it is time to tell them what is about to happen to
The Son of Man will be handed over
to authorities and chief justices
and they will sentence me to
death. I will be
mocked,whipped,and beaten.
Disciples are shaking their heads and not understanding what
Jesus is talking about.
      (in a loud voice)
No this can not be I don't believe
Oh believe it James it will and
must happen.
What do you mean this must
happen,how,and why?
My Lord what are you talking about
the people love you and can't wait
to be in your presence.
Not everyone loves and accepts me
My Lord you must live forever.
Listen to me and understand that
the son of man came not to be
waited on but to serve,and give
his life as ransom for many.You
have been with me for so long and
given up everything to follow me.
Through all of it you have been my
friends,and I have loved you,but I
tell you now the hand that is on
this table will betray me.


The disciples are looking around at each other shaking their
heads saying "no not I master".
Who is it that will betray you
master,can you tell us?
One of you that is eating bread
with me here tonight and knows
what's in his heart.
Judas is looking around very nervous.
Teacher,which one of us and when
will this happen?
Please Lord tell us who!
Jesus leans forward looking down from one end of the table
to the other.
I want you to be on your guard and
be careful you are not led astray.
For I will give you a mouth and
wisdom all your enemies combined
will be unable to stand against or
And what sign should we look for
when this is about to occur?
There will be mighty and violent
earthquakes,famines in various
places,wars and rumors of
wars,deadly and devastating
diseases,but do not be alarmed or
panic for all this must take place
Lord,are you saying this earth
will pass away?
The universe and the world will
pass away,but my words shall
remain forever.


Andrew hits the table then stands up looking directly at
Lord I don't care what happens,I'm
going to worship you until the
Andrew,you will be hated and
despised by everyone,and some of
you they will put to death.
Andrew starts to sit back down looking like someone just
knocked the wind out of him.
You mean by me just loving you
they're going to try and kill me?
Wait a minute did you really mean
kill us as in great bodily harm or
to kill our spirit.
You guys of course he meant to try
and discourage us and not
literally kill us,right Lord?
I tell you my friends;do not be
afraid of those who kill the body
and after have nothing more they
can do. But I warn you whom you
should fear.
And who is that Lord?
Fear him who after death has the
power to put you in hell!
The Almighty God himself.
Yes,yes my friends the one and
only true living God.


The disciples are looking around at each other then Jesus
stands up.
Only for a little while longer I
am with you,for where I am going
you may not come.
And where is that Lord?
Peter grabs Jesus hand with a tight grip looking up at him.
Lord,I want to go with you.
Jesus looks down at Peter.
You will come later.
Peter keeps his grip on Jesus hand then kisses it.
Lord I will die for you!
Will you Peter,will you die for
Yes Lord,I will die for you.
Jesus knows what's to come and still looks at Peter with
love for him.
Ahh Peter,I tell you in truth
before the cock crows three times
you will deny me.
Never,never,Lord if I would die
for you how could I ever deny you?
Jesus just nods his head looking at Peter then turns and
looks up to the heavens.
In my Father's house there are
many mansions. If it was not true
I would have told you. I am going
to prepare a place for you there.


My Lord what are you talking
about,are you saying your going to
Lord how are we to get to
heaven,what must we do?
Jesus still looking up to heaven.
Believe and know I am the way,and
the truth,and the life no one
comes to the Father but by me.
Lord I believe you are the only
way to God in heaven,but how will
we get other people to believe it?
By knowing and speaking the truth
Matthew,for the truth will set you
But what is the truth Lord,I mean
real truth?
My friends real truth is believing
and knowing in your heart,soul,and
spirit that what you are doing is
100% right,without the shadow of
But what if they still don't
Then Matthew that is their
choice,your father God in heaven
loves you so much that he gave you
the freedom of choice.
Free will,yes I understand Lord.
There is a spread of food on the table and a loaf of bread
by Jesus. He picks up a piece of bread and starts splitting
it up and passing it around to the disciples.


Take this;this is my body which is
given for you,do this in
remembrance of me.
There is also a pitcher of grape juice by him which he picks
up and pours into a cup then raises the glass towards
This cup is the new testament
ratified in my blood,which is shed
for you for the forgiveness of all
sin. Drink.
Jesus hands the cup to the disciples and they take turns
drinking out of it.
I have so desired to eat this
Passover dinner with you before I
suffer. I shall eat no more until
it is fulfilled in the Kingdom of
God. A new commandment I leave
with you; love one another as I
have loved you.
Jesus then turns and looks directly at Judas.
Do quickly what you have to do.
Judas stands up and looks around then leaves and Jesus looks
back up to the heavens.
Now the Son of Man will be
glorified.I must leave now and go
to central park to pray.
The disciples look concerned not wanting Jesus to leave
fearing for his safety.
Lord don't go they'll be looking
for you there, please don't go.
Yes Lord stay here where it's safe
so we can protect you.
Jesus walks over to Andrew and James and puts his hands on
their shoulders.


My friends the time has come for
the Son of Man to die and be put
in the ground like a grain of
wheat,so many can be born in my
But Lord you can't die you're the
Christ,the Messiah,the Anointed
Oh yes James I can and I will so
that many shall live.
Andrew drops to his knees and grabs Jesus hand not wanting
him to leave.
My Lord please stay I don't know
what to do without you in my life.
Jesus lifts Andrew back up to his feet.
I want you all to remember what I
told you,believe and trust in
Almighty God. Don't worry you will
see me again.
Jesus looks around the house then to his disciples and
starts to walk to the door. Peter,James,and Andrew get
behind him to leave with him. Jesus turns around to see the
disciples behind him then smiles at them. He grabs the door
handle and opens the door and they leave.
The night is quiet and there is a lite misty fog as Jesus
and disciples Peter,James,and Andrew are walking through
central park. The disciples are looking nervous and
concerned about what Jesus told them at the house. They keep
walking until they come upon some park benches and Jesus
decides to stop.
My Lord is everything alright? Why
did we stop here?


I am going to pray and I need you
to stay here. Pray that you don't
fall into temptation.
But Lord,may we come with you?
Peter no! Stay and pray.
Jesus walks off behind some bushes where the disciples can't
see him as he kneels down on a bench to pray for strength.
Father,if you are willing,remove
this cup from me. Let not my
will,but always your will be done.
As Jesus is praying a black mist appears behind him with the
face of the devil looking at him frowning. Jesus is sweating
and in agony on what's to come as the black mist disappears
a shining light appears as God himself.
Father listen! Satan has asked me
repeatedly to give them to him,to
have them out of your power and
keeping so he may sift them like
sand. But I pray for them
father...that their faiths not
fail,and when one is strong may he
help another.
                       VOICE OF GOD
JESUS is still looking up praying intensely with sweat on
his forehead.
Thank you father,their lives are
so precious to me,may their eyes
be opened and see the true meaning
of love.
                       VOICE OF GOD


Now I know what I must do because
the hour is at hand. Give me the
strength father and...your will be
done,your will be done!
                       VOICE OF GOD
Yes father,in you I find
strength,may your Holy Spirit keep
me focused on what I must do.
Jesus feeling strength in his spirit,stands up and walks
back to his disciples to find them sleeping.
Peter...Peter...wake up,I was gone
only a little while and you all
can't even stay up to pray?
Judas is on the phone in central park talking to Judge
Thatcher about where Jesus is with the FBI standing around
him listening and waiting to arrest Jesus.
Yes,yes,I'm at the location and
they're here right now,I'm about
to take them to him. Don't worry I
know exactly where he's at your
Judas hangs up the phone.
Ok gentlemen were going this way
and the man I kiss on the cheek is
him,then you guys can do what you
do. Okay let's go.
                       AGENT 1
You just show me where that
bastard is at and we'll handle the
                       AGENT 2
You can bet your ass on that one.
Several other agents start laughing as they walk to where
they see Jesus and his disciples standing in a circle


talking. The agents run up and surround them,and Judas steps
between them towards Jesus. He pauses looking at him then
leans in and kisses him on the cheek.
Judas,you betray the Son of Man
with a kiss?
The disciples look nervous and Peter pulls out a knife to
fight and cuts off the ear of one of the FBI agents.
Yah! Run my Lord,we will hold them
off for you!
The disciples and FBI agents are fighting as Jesus is just
standing there.
Peter,no stop those who live by
the sword shall die by the sword!
As Jesus is saying that he puts the ear of the FBI agent
back on. As he stands up the agents surround him.
Your officials and leaders have
seen me many days,but you come at
night with guns and clubs to take
me as if I was a thief.
The agent behind Jesus hits him in the head with his club
and Jesus falls to the ground.
                       AGENT 1
Ah shut up,I don't want to hear
anymore of that holy moly jumbo.
Get him fellas!
They began beating Jesus and the agents are yelling at him
to stop resisting,but Jesus is not resisting he is just
rolling on the ground in agony from the beating.
                       AGENT 2
Should we read him his rights now?
                       AGENT 1
Why? This mister know it all
probably knows them all anyway.
We'll worry about that when we get
him down to the station.


Both agents stand there watching them beat Jesus nodding
their heads in agreement.
The words SEVERAL HOURS LATER appear at the bottom of the
screen as the courtroom is halfway filled with people. More
are trying to get in as the deputies are blocking the door.
Several judges are sitting up front in the juror section and
Judge Thatcher is on the bench. On his right there is a
television with a blue screen showing and a empty witness
chair to his left. The door where they keep the prisoners
opens and in come two agents and Jesus in handcuffs all
bruised up and bloody. The people in the courtroom can't
believe what they are seeing as they drag Jesus in front of
Judge Thatcher.
                       AGENT 1
Here's the man sir,he kept
resisting so my agent's had to
restrain him.
The judges are looking at Jesus with disgust and hatred and
the Devil is sitting in the courtroom also. The blue screen
goes off and Governor Herod appears on the T.V.via satellite
preparing to bring a judgment against Jesus.
                       GOVERNOR HEROD
Jesus you have been charged with
tax evasion,identity theft,and a
slew of other charges too many to
name. What have you to say? Who
are you really?
Jesus just stands there with his head down saying nothing.
                       GOVERNOR HEROD
Do you understand I have the power
to save your life and set you
free,and you have nothing to say?
Jesus still standing head down says nothing. A agent steps
over to Jesus to see what's wrong with him.
                       AGENT 1
You do hear the governor talking
to you don't you? Hello anyone
Jesus has his head down and is still silent as the agent
steps away with both hands up looking confused.
                       GOVERNOR HEROD
You know what...I think this man
is a fraud. I don't believe he's
done what people say he did. I


                       GOVERNOR HEROD (cont'd)
think he's nothing more than a
2bit magician fooling people with
his magic. I see nothing here,you
may do with him as you please. I
wash my hands of it.
Herod goes off the T.V.screen and then outside of the
courtroom there is Peter with a crowd of people standing
around waiting for a verdict. There is a Woman in the Crowd
next to Peter looking at him as if she has seen him before.
                       WOMAN IN CROWD
Hey aren't you a friend of Jesus?
Peter looks at the woman shaking his head.
Who me? No,no,I don't know the man
In the courtroom now,the Prosecuting Attorney has a witness
he can bring so the judge can question him.
Your honor we do have a witness
you can question about this man.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
You do,okay let's hear what he has
to say,bring him in.
The attorney gestures to the agent to bring the witness in
and as he opens the door an old man enters the courtroom;he
is the blind man that Jesus gave sight to sometime ago. He
walks over to the witness chair so the Bailiff can swear him
      (right hand raised
       in air)
Do you swear to tell the whole
truth and nothing but the truth,so
help you God?
                       OLD BLIND MAN
      (right hand raised
       in air also)
I do.
Judge Thatcher pauses for a second looking at some paperwork
then directs his attention to the witness.


                       JUDGE THATCHER
Do you know this man right here
they call Jesus Christ?
The old man looks at Jesus.
                       OLD BLIND MAN
Yes,I know who he is.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
And how long have you known him?
                       OLD BLIND MAN
You know your honor it's been so
many years I can't even remember
to be honest.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
So you're saying that this man is
a dear friend of yours?
                       OLD BLIND MAN
Yes he is a dear friend indeed.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
I see,is he the one that used
magic on you and took some of your
money at one of his gatherings?
The old man looks at the judge then back at Jesus.
                       OLD BLIND MAN
I don't know about magic or him
taking my money,but I do know I
was blind but now I see.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
So your saying that this man right
here made your blindness go away?
                       OLD BLIND MAN
Yes he did your honor.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
How and why would he do that for
you? Did he owe you something?
                       OLD BLIND MAN
No he didn't owe me a thing,and if
you had any idea of where he came
from you would know how he did it.


The judge is starting to get a little frustrated with the
old man answers.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
Look,we know he came from Kansas
so just answer the questions
without your riddles please.
                       OLD BLIND MAN
I have been blind since birth and
Jesus gave me sight. That's all I
                       JUDGE THATCHER
Ok,why did you say we do not know
where he came from;you believe
this man was sent here by God
himself and is not an imposter of
the devil full of evil spirits?
                       OLD BLIND MAN
I believe that if God was not in
him he could not have made me
see,and why would the devil want
me to see this beautiful world God
Judge Thatcher has had enough of the old man answers and is
now totally frustrated with him.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
Ok sir I've heard enough,thank you
for your time you may leave now.
Old man gets up and starts to leave;Peter is still outside
the courtroom in a crowd with the same woman standing next
to him. She is trying to see if he is one of Jesus
                       WOMAN IN CROWD
Are you sure you don't know him? I
could have swore I saw you with
him at one of his gatherings.
Sorry ma'am you have me mistaken
with someone else.
Back in the courtroom and the bailiff just finished swearing
in a police officer who witnessed Jesus preaching at one of
the gatherings.


                       JUDGE THATCHER
Hello officer you have been swore
in and I just want you to remember
you're under oath now.
                       OFFICER 2
Yes I understand your honor.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
Alright,what have you to say about
this man.
                       OFFICER 2
Your honor I saw this man
misleading and corrupting people
with his repent speeches.I know
that's not a crime but he did not
have permits for those locations.
Oh and people gave him money like
he was a king or something too.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
Do you know how much money was
                       OFFICER 2
I'm not sure of the amount but it
was quite a few people giving it
to him saying anything for king
                       JUDGE THATCHER
I see...Jesus you are Jewish
aren't you? Do you consider
yourself the king of the Jews?
Jesus still standing there head down saying nothing.
                       OFFICER 2
Your honor we can't find him in
our database either,he must be
under an alias or something. I
don't like the way he stirs up the
crowd with his speeches,it's like
he's trying to start a riot.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
Is that it Jesus,your some kind of
rebel freedom fighter looking to
overthrow the government?
Jesus still quiet head down which now has made Judge
Thatcher angry.


                       JUDGE THATCHER
Ok Jesus,I'm tired of asking you
all these questions and you just
stand there like a mute. Now I am
two seconds away from putting you
on death row. Now for the last
time;are you the messiah everyone
talks about?
Jesus lifts up his head and looks directly at the Judge
I AM,and from this time on the Son
of Man shall be seated at the
right hand of the power of God.
Courtroom goes in an uproar,people yelling put him to death!
An imposter as Judge Thatcher bangs his gavel.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
Order...order...order in the
Everyone in the courtroom quiets down and Judge Thatcher
shakes his head in disbelief.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
Officer do you have anything else
you would like to say?
                       OFFICER 2
Just that I told you this guy is
crazy and I rest my case.
                       JUDGE THATCHER
Jesus do you have anything else to
say before I give my verdict?
Jesus is looking at Judge Thatcher then looks up to the
      (looking up)
Your will be done father,in you I
Jesus looks back at Judge Thatcher.


                       JUDGE THATCHER
Jesus you leave me no other
choice,the people have spoken and
I find you guilty on all charges.
I sentence you to death by lethal
injection and may God have mercy
on your soul. Get him out of here.
Court officers grab Jesus and take him out the courtroom
into the crowd where Peter is as people are yelling guilty.
There is a Man in the Crowd next to Peter that notices him
as a discipline.
                       MAN IN CROWD
Hey here is one of his
friends,don't you know him?
Damn it people how many times do I
have to tell you people,I Don't
Know The Man!!!
Just as Peter finishes saying those words there is a window
open with a crow in it,and it begins to crow. Guards are
taking Jesus pass Peter and Jesus looks at him and Peter
starts to remember what Jesus said to him earlier.
Peter is in the crowd looking at Jesus and starts to burst
into tears before he runs away.
As the narrator is talking off screen a sign that says DEATH
ROW is showing while moving slowly along the cell corridor.
Passing each cell there are different inmates doing
pushups,reading,and sleeping. Still moving slowly and coming
upon three cells containing Jesus in the middle one and two
convicted INMATES in the other two.
                       NARRATOR V.O. (O.S.)
In the beginning before all time
was the word,and the word was with
God,and the word was God. He was
present originally with God. All
things were made and came into
existence through him,and without
him was not even one thing made
that has come into being. In him
was life,and the life was the


                       NARRATOR V.O. (cont'd)
light of men.
Jesus is kneeling in his cell praying and the two convicted
inmates are trying to talk to him.
                       INMATE 1
Man you mean to tell me they got
you here on tax evasion and
identity theft,boy you must have
pissed some people off in high
places,because that's the most
bull crapping charges I ever heard
to be on death row. Who's your
Both inmates are laughing and shaking their heads.
                       INMATE 2
Yeah let me know so I will never
have him on my case.
                       INMATE 1
Hey Jesus you ever heard the
saying railroaded,because that's
what you got buddy.
Inmates still laughing.
                       INMATE 1
Now I understand why me and this
fool are here,but all I heard you
did was talk and try to help
                       INMATE 2
Naw man,they say this fool claims
to be the Son of God.
                       INMATE 1
Is that right,so is it true man?
                       INMATE 2
Let me ask you this Jesus,which
God are you the son of.
Jesus lifts his head up from praying and stands up,then
walks to the front of his cell and puts his hands between
the bars.
The Lord our God is one.


                       INMATE 2
Oh yeah,for all people?
All nations shall be gathered
before him,he loves you no less
than others.
                       INMATE 1
Loves us,Ha!!!
                       INMATE 2
If that's true,how come I don't
know him then?
Because you have not looked for
One inmate grabs a mirror and tries to get a better look at
                       INMATE 2
I haven't looked for him where?
Search your heart,he stands at the
door and knocks,if any man
believes he will come in and give
you rest.
                       INMATE 1
Jesus,where is this kingdom I've
heard you praying about?
My kingdom is not of this world.
                       INMATE 1
Then what are you doing here?
As soon as the inmate finishes asking that question a ray of
sunlight comes through Jesus cell window and shines on him.
Jesus face is up close as he looks up to heaven.
I came into this world to bring
good news to the poor,freedom to
those in prison,pour light into a
world of darkness,and replace a
curse with a blessing.


                       INMATE 1
You know what my mother told me
about that curse,it's about Adam
and Eve and eating that apple from
that tree isn't it?
                       INMATE 2
Hold up man,I know your not
falling for this mumbo jumbo,if so
man you been on death row to long
Inmate 1 sticks his hand out the bars and around the wall to
grab Jesus hand. Jesus sees his hand then grabs it holding
                       INMATE 1
Jesus when I die will you remember
me when you're in your kingdom?
My son as God as my witness you
shall be sitting with me in the
glory of God.
                       INMATE 2
You've got to be kidding me,uh oh
heads up guys.
Suddenly several Guards come walking down the cell corridor
with shackles and billy clubs.
You three shut up and step back.
The guard hits Jesus in the stomach with his billy club and
then spits on him.
Messiah yeah right,we'll see how
much a savior you are when we have
you strapped to that bed and your
God lets you die. Oh yeah say
hello to the devil for me.
The guard stands there laughing while the other guards are
putting shackles on inmate 1 preparing to take him to the
execution room. Inmate 1 is putting up a fight because he
doesn't want to die,so the guards have to carry him pass
Jesus cell screaming.


                       INMATE 1
Jesus remember me I don't want to
burn in hell,remember me please I
believe in you ahhh!!!
As the guards carry him off the one guard still standing
there looking at Jesus smiling.
Don't worry we'll be back for you
two real soon.
Guard walks off laughing.
                       INMATE 2
Man when I die if I come back as
anything I'm going to get that guy
and give him what he deserves.
Vengeance is mine says the Lord my
friend,vengeance is mine.
                       INMATE 2
Yeah,yeah,yeah I know you have all
the answers.
In the prison visitation room there are two rolls of six
booths with protective glass in them. There is a guard on
each end of the row watching for anything unusual. Several
people are in the booths visiting inmates as Mary,Joseph,and
other people are waiting in line down the hallway to get in.
They are coming to visit Jesus for the last time,trying to
comfort him. A buzzer goes off and the Desk Guard signals
Mary and Joseph to come forward to the desk.
                       DESK GUARD
Who are you folks here to see?
We are here to see Jesus
Christ,I'm his mother Mary and
this is my husband Joseph.
Guard looks down at his paperwork.


                       DESK GUARD
Ok,yes he's here on death row,you
know he's scheduled for execution
this evening?
Mary looks at the guard sad almost in tears.
Yes we know that's why we need to
see him now.
                       DESK GUARD
Ma'am I'm really not suppose to
let anyone on death row be seen
Sir,if you don't mind me
asking,but do you have kids?
                       DESK GUARD
Yes I do,why you ask?
Because I want you to understand
what if that was your child in
there? You would do whatever it
takes to see him,so can you please
understand our situation?
Guard is thinking and looking at his paperwork.
                       DESK GUARD
Yeah I hear you...tell you
what,I'm going to let you see him.
The desk guard motions with his hand for Joseph to lead in
further to him.
                       DESK GUARD
I believe he is innocent,I believe
he is the messiah,because who
could put up with all this and not
go crazy? God bless you both and
tell Jesus I'm praying for him.
Joseph grabs the desk guard hand and begins to shake it.
Thank you,thank you my friend and
may God also bless and be with


Desk Guard nods his head and points in the direction for
them to go.
                       DESK GUARD
Just go straight down that
Ok thank you sir.
Mary turns and grabs Joseph by the arm.
What did he say to you?
Just that he believes Jesus is
innocent and that he is the
Well amen to that at least we're
not the only ones that know the
Yeah right.
Mary and Joseph walk down the hallway to the visitation room
where a guard tells them where to sit and wait. Both of them
are looking around at the gritty prison walls;then guards
bring in Jesus all beat up.
Jesus what have they done to you?
Mary begins to cry as she looks at the face of Jesus.
Jesus listen,I know what you told
us about why you're here,but we
can't just sit here and let them
do this to you. We're going to get
you a lawyer and try to get you
out of here.
As Mary is crying Jesus is staring at her but speaking to
No,do not get me a lawyer or try
to get me out of here.


But Jesus,we just can't let them
get away with this unlawful
treatment they have been giving
Joseph,this is the will of the one
and true God that sent me here.
Mary is crying as they're talking.
Joseph has his head down shaking it in his hands.
It's just wrong,it's like they
never heard of innocent until
proven guilty.
Jesus still staring at Mary crying.
Yes my son I hear you calling me
but I just can't bare to see you
go through this.
Mother do not weep for me,but weep
for yourselves and for your
children. Be on your guard and be
careful you are not deceived,for
many will come in my name saying I
am the Christ and the time is at
hand. Do not go after them. You
will be betrayed even by relatives
and friends. People will despise
you because you stand up for my
name,but not a hair on your head
shall perish.
So what do you want us to do my


Just be still and know I am the
Lord your God.
Yes my son I understand.
We have to be strong Mary, I know
it's hard.
Visiting Room Guard walks over and taps Jesus on the
                       VISITING ROOM GUARD
Ok Jesus visiting time is
over,time to go back to your cell.
Jesus stands up and touches the glass and Mary reaches out
to touch it also.
My son,dear Lord be with him.
Stay strong Jesus,stay strong!
Jesus is looking back at Mary and Joseph as the guard is
taking him away.
The cell corridor is dimly lit and several inmates are
standing at their cell doors trying to see who the guards
are coming to take next to be executed. They are carrying a
bunch of chains and shackles and come upon Jesus cell where
he is praying.
Ok Jesus,stand up and put your
hands out,it's that time. Told you
I'll be back.
Jesus stands up and puts his hands out then the voice of a
woman begins to sing the Lords prayer.
Everything is happening in slow motion: guards putting
chains and shackles on Jesus,the guards and Jesus are
walking down the corridor and other prisoners are spitting


on Jesus,one prisoner even grabs Jesus through his cell bars
and pushes him down.Jesus just gets back up and keeps on
Voice of woman still singing Lord's prayer as everything
still moving in slow motion. Doors of execution room open up
showing Judge Thatcher with several other judges,media,Mary
and Joseph. As Jesus turns and looks the other way he sees
the gurney. It is in the shape of a cross so each arm can
lay out straight. Jesus lies down and the guards begin to
strap his arms down real tight as he quenches in pain.
Guards begin inserting needles in his arms,but one guard
purposely pokes Jesus in the hand with his needle causing
even more pain. Right above the gurney hanging on the wall
there is a sign saying "THIS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS".
Voice of the woman singing Lord's prayer stops and a guard
is standing over Jesus looking down at him.
Jesus,do you have any last words
to say?
Jesus is in agony from the beatings,needles,and straps being
so tight. His face is sweating and mouth is dry as he looks
up to God.
Father forgive them,for they know
not what they do.
The guard hears what Jesus said and makes a face like he
can't believe what he just heard.
Wow,maybe this man really is the
In the execution room the guard hits the switch to start the
injection process and the fluids begin coming down the line
into Jesus arms. He begins to cough and shake as the drugs
begin to take effect,then he looks up to God one more time.


      (breathing heavy)
Father! Father why have you turned
away from me.
Breathing heavy with a tear rolling down the side of his
face. There is blood coming out of his arm where the needle
      (breathing heavy
       in agony.)
Father into your hands I commit my
Jesus lets out one last heavy breath.
It is finished.
Jesus eyes close and his head turns left lifeless. Mary and
Joseph are hugging each other crying.
Outside the clouds are covering the sky with thundering
sounds and people are looking up.
Back in execution room the guards are looking and wondering
if Jesus is dead,so the guards turn and looks at the prison
Doctor,could you check his vitals.
Doctor walks over to check and see if Jesus is still alive.
He's gone.
Guard looks over to the judges and nods his head to confirm
that Jesus is dead. There is a television outside the prison
with a crowd of people watching and waiting to hear the news
about Jesus. A newsroom ANCHOR appears on the screen to give
the official news of Jesus death.
      (on t.v. screen)
Ladies and gentlemen,we have just
gotten word that the man known as
Jesus Christ is no more,he is
officially dead.


There is thundering and lightening in the sky as the crowd
outside the prison responds with some crying and some people
                       MAN IN CROWD
      (looking confused)
He saved others from death but
couldn't save himself?
                       WOMAN IN CROWD
We have just killed a right and
just man.
Soon as the woman finishes saying that the devil comes
walking over looking at the woman then looks up to God.
      (looking up)
You have won for now.
                       VOICE OF GOD
A glowing lightning chain appears and wraps around the devil
to bind him up as he yells in defeat.
Ahh!!! But I will still have my
reign on them,Ahhh!!!
Glowing chain has the devil wrapped up and begins to spin
him off into a black mist that he disappears into leaving
the presence of God.
The words Three Days Later show on the bottom of the screen
as the prison doctor,Mary,and Joseph walk down the corridor.
They're going to get the body of Jesus for a proper burial.
As they come to the morgue door they see the two Door Guards
asleep who were told to make sure no one remove Jesus
body,except the prison doctor.
Hey you guys wake up! What are you
doing? You're suppose to be
watching the door.


Guards wake up not realizing what's going on as the doctor
opens the door,turns on the lights,and sees there is no body
where they laid Jesus.
Hey where's the body? I know I put
it right there.
Doctor looking confused and snatching his head.
Did you two guys let anybody come
in here?
Guards looking at each other shaking their heads no then
look back at the doctor.
                       DOOR GUARD
No sir we've been here everyday.
Guards and doctor still looking confused.
This can't be what's going on
                       DOOR GUARD
Uh sir,maybe you just placed the
body in another spot.
Look I know where I placed the
body and it was right here.
Doctor points to the spot that is empty.
                       DOOR GUARD
Sir other than us closing our eyes
for a second we never left this
door unguarded.
Just for a second huh,yeah right.
The doctor looks over at Mary and Joseph and sees them
smiling at each other.
And why are you two smiling,you
know something I don't know?
He has risen,he has risen!!!


What! Ma'am what are you talking
It is true,we must go tell the
others. Thank you doctor for all
your help.
Joseph grabs and shakes the doctor hand,then him and Mary
hurry off to tell the disciples.
It is a beautiful sunny afternoon and the disciples are in
the backyard sitting at a picnic table about to have lunch.
Peter is at the barbecue grill grilling hot dogs and
hamburgers as they reminisce about Jesus.
Boy,I sure miss him.
Yeah I miss the way he gave you
that sense of purpose just being
around him.
Yeah it was like you just knew in
your spirit everything was going
to be alright.
I know that's right,not a day goes
by I don't think about him.
Peter comes over with a tray of food and places it on the
table for everyone to start eating.
Ok guys can we keep the mood lite
and uplifting,I'm sure that's the
way he would want it.
What you trying to say Pete,you
don't miss him?
Sure I do,but that is not going to
bring him back.


I just can't believe Judas did
that man. And for what?
Money my friend,the love of it is
the root of all evil.
Back in the days when I was in the
streets we had a thing called
loyalty. Judas better be happy I'm
a changed man.
Well from what I hear he won't
have to worry about anyone hurting
Oh yeah,why you say that?
Cause he took care of that
himself,one to the head and Judas
is dead.
You know what,kind of serves him
Don't say that,don't say that
James. We all make mistakes and
nobody on this earth is perfect.
Yeah except one and he's gone now.
All the disciples at the table with their heads down giving
Jesus a moment of silence.
Suddenly Mary and Joseph burst open the back door very
He has risen,he has risen!!!
All the disciples turn and look at Mary.
Mary,what are you talking about?


Mary and Joseph walk over to the picnic table where the
disciples are.
Remember what he told you,his
purpose,and why he was here?
Huh yes,but Mary are you sure?
Wait a minute,you're telling us
Jesus was not in the morgue? His
body is gone,just disappeared.
Joseph,can you make sense of this?
Joseph steps forward and puts his arm around Mary.
We went to the morgue;there were
two guards at the door,and when we
went in the body was gone.
And you both are 100% sure of
I couldn't believe it,but I saw it
with my own two eyes.
Jesus is alive!
Mary,I loved him too,but you can't
do this to yourself.
Peter it's true,the prophecy it's
been fulfilled!
Suddenly there is a voice in the background that says Peters
name,and they all turn to see Jesus standing there with a
heavenly glow.
Why are you slow to believe and
trust in everything that they


Peter walks over to Jesus.
My Lord is that really you?
For it is written the Son of Man
must be given into the hands of
sinful men,and put to death,but on
the third day shall rise.
All the other disciples get up and come around Jesus to see
See my hands and feet,touch me for
yourselves and see,for the spirit
does not have flesh and bones as
you see I have.
The disciples are touching him and seeing that it really is
My Lord we could not recognize you
because of your dazzling glow.
Yes Lord your shining bright like
a diamond.
Lord we heard you went through a
lot of pain and suffering.
It was necessary that I suffer all
these things before entering into
his glory.
Andrew grabs Jesus hand and kneels down in front of him.
Please stay with us Lord and teach
us more,we need you know more than
Jesus pulls Andrew to stand up.
Behold,I will send forth to you a
comforter that my Father has


Will he be as holy as you Lord?
Indeed he shall be your friend.
You may call him the Holy Spirit.
My Lord,our hearts are filled with
such joy. You are alive,it's a
Disciples are happy and praising Jesus.
Yes...yes my friends you are
witnesses of all these things.
Peter comes in front of Jesus and kneels down in a praying
My Lord,please forgive me for
denying you. I was just scared and
didn't know what to say.
Jesus gestures for Peter to stand up.
Peter let him who is without sin
cast the first stone. Your sins
are forgiven and know this,you
shall be the rock on which I build
my church.
Peter hugs Jesus and is rejoicing.
Thank you,thank you Lord,I shall
magnify your name as long as I
live. I'm so happy you're alive!
Yes Peter,glory be to God.
James walks over to whisper something in Jesus ear.
My Lord,what about Judas?
What about him?


You know how he betrayed you and I
don't know if you heard he killed
Jesus shaking his head up and down listening to James.
Yes James I know how and when.
Look all I'm saying is that I can
understand if you're upset.
Upset,oh no James I'm not upset at
What! Ok I understand you being
you Lord, but that fool better be
lucky he took care of himself
before I did.
So what are you saying James?
You know Lord I'm from the
streets,so I'm just saying I would
have took care of him for you.
Two wrongs does not make it right
Yeah,but it sure makes it even.
As James finishes saying that he sees Jesus face turn angry
and steps back a little.
Even...know and understand this
all of you vengeance is mine says
the Lord!
Sorry,I understand.
Listen,if you know and love me
understand that the Lord your God
will take care of all things. He


                       JESUS (cont'd)
has the whole world in his hands.
Disciples begin praising Jesus.
Yes Lord I'm just happy you're
Jesus starts to ascend into the sky towards heaven with his
arms spread out like wings. As he talks all of the
disciples,Mary,and Joseph are praising him.
      (floating in sky)
Go in peace and teach all nations
to love one another as I have
loved you. Seek the Kingdom of God
and all things will be yours.
Showing the different faces of the disciples,Mary,and Joseph
up close.
      (still floating)
Do not worry about tomorrow
because today's troubles are
enough,know I am with you
always,and I shall return for my
faithful servants.
As Jesus finishes saying that he ascends into the clouds and
disappears into heaven.


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From Thomas Paraiso Date 4/29/2016 ***1/2
Your probably Jewish, I take it? Good story, complete and thorough

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