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All's Fair
by Megan Williams (meganzwilliams@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review:

A double date reveals hidden agendas when Megan discovers that her ex boyfriend Marcel planned an evening of surprises for her and her boyfriend Carter.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


People are feverishly crossing streets on their way home
from work. To work. Going out to happy hour. Families.
Couples. Friends. All kinds of different groups of people.

MEGAN is on her way home from work. She is moving distinctly
slower than everyone else hustling and bustling around her.

Megan walks up to the front of an apartment building, greets
the door attendant, enters the lobby and waves at the front
desk person.

Megan waits for the elevator door to open and when it does a
group of small children run past her almost knocking her
down as they run through the lobby. She enters the elevator,
presses number six and the elevator door closes.

Megan pulls her cellphone out of her purse and dials a
number. No one answers, so she returns the phone back to her
purse and begins searching for her apartment keys.

The elevator door opens and Megan walks to apartment 620.
She opens door with key and enters.
There is a box located at the entrance of the apartment that
Megan does not notice as she walks in. She trips and falls
over the box, spilling everything in her purse onto the
She picks herself up off the ground and begins angrily
throwing her items back in her purse. She grabs her cell
phone and dials the same number that she did in the
elevator. While waiting for someone to answer, she grabs the
box and reads the card that is attached to it.
Hey Babe!
Don't hey babe me.


Why babe? What's wrong? Did I do
No, butů nevermind. Where you at?
Almost home. You there?
So you found your surprise?
What babe?
I said I got it.
You don't sound excited.
Megan grabs gift off floor.
I'm opening it now.
      (SCREAMS out of
Megan pulls dress and shoes out of box. She runs to the
bedroom and holds dress up to herself in front of the
                       MEGAN (CONT'D)
I love youuuuuuu!!!
Get dressed. I planned a double
date for us tonight.
Who are you and what have you done
with my man?


You said you wished I was more
I say a lot of things and you
never listen.
I'm trying babe. And you finally
get to meet the infamous Dee you
chose to hate for no reason.
You know why I don't like his ass.
Do I need to remind you about that
hoe Shonda?
Why you bringing up old shit?
Why you playing dumb?
Okay you got it. I don't want no
Uh Huh. How much time do I have to
get ready?
I have a stop to make real quick
but I should be home soon. We have
reservations at 6:30.
Gotta go babe. See you soon.
Carter is parked out front of a poverty-stricken high rise
apartment building. There are people hanging out front
soliciting and selling all kinds of items, from drugs, to
sex to clothes to CDS/DVDs. There is a woman sitting in
Carter's passenger seat who appears to be extremely annoyed.
They sit in silence for a small amount of time and Carter


becomes impatient with waiting for the woman to exit his
This is where you live right?
                       WOMAN #1
      (mumbling to
This fucking bitch ass
I don't have time to come up
today. I told you that before I
picked you up. I gotta get home.
                       WOMAN #1
But you promised.
I know, I'm sorry.
Woman #1 proceeds to gather her items and exit the vehicle.
                       WOMAN #1
Sorry as fuck. Lose my number.
I never saved it.
Woman #1 slams door and kicks car.
                       WOMAN #1
Fuck you Carter!
I can't. That's why you mad.
                       WOMAN #1
I'm mad cause you're a fucking
asshole and I should know better
by now.
An awkward silence overcomes the moment.
What? Am I supposed to say


                       WOMAN #1
      (storms off)
Hey! Wait!
WOMAN #1 stops dead in her tracks, smiles, puts her mad face
back on when she turns around to face Carter, and walks back
towards the car.
                       CARTER (CONT'D)
You forgot this.
Carter hands Woman #1 an appointment card from a doctor's
visit with the name Shonda on it. As soon as SHONDA grabs
the card, Carter SQUEALS off.

Carter picks up cell phone and dials a number.
MARCEL is staring at a ring box when his cell phone vibrates
and Carter's name appears on the caller id.
County morgue, you stab em, we
grab em.
I got a body for you. Shonda.
You still be fucking 'round wit
Only until she get that abortion.
So we good for tonight right?
Oh yeah. I can promise you this
will be a night Megan will never


Cool. I'm on my way home now. What
time we need to meet you and...who
are you bringing tonight?
Your mama. She keep begging me to
take her out.
Yo Dawg!!!
I'm just saying. Wouldn't you
rather I treat your mama to a
night out every once in a while
since I'm hitting that? It's only
Stop fucking playing yung.
Calm down killa. Don't send the
goons. Be at the karaoke spot by
Text me the plans for tonight.
As Marcel hangs up the phone his attention is directed back
to the ring box sitting on the sink. He picks it up and
looks inside and stares at it for a couple seconds. He takes
a deep breath, looking at himself in the mirror. He says a
quick silent prayer, crosses his heart with his fingers and
puts the ring in his pocket and exits the bathroom.
Carter leads a blindfolded Megan out the front door to a
limo that is waiting for them. Once inside, Carter removes
Megan's blindfold and she is pleasantly surprised to find
herself inside a limo.


      (staring at Carter)
You did this?
      (pours shot in
You planned this whole night by
Is that so hard to believe?
      (takes shot)
Stop doubting me woman.
Carter playfully grabs Megan and pulls her on top of him.
She grabs the alcohol and starts chugging. They begin
kissing, hugging and rubbing each other down. Things get
really heated but come to an abrupt stop when the limo
driver interrupts the moment.
                       LIMO DRIVER
      (opens car door)
Destination: Karaoke Kingdom.
Megan and Carter scramble to get themselves together after
their limo rendevous. Carter steps out first and assists
Megan like a true gentleman.
The karaoke bar is poppin. People are lined up around the
corner. Megan appears to be speechless when a hostess
approaches her, calls her by name and says follow me.
Carter and Megan enter the bar where the scene is even more
hectic and chaotic. They struggle to get through the crowd,
but they finally arrive at the VIP section where front row


section seats have been reserved for them. Megan and Carter
are seated.
                       HOSTESS #1
What drinks can I start you off
I want a Patron margarita with
sugar instead of salt. Be right
back babe. I'm going to the
Megan exits scene.
      (to hostess)
Can I get a blowjob?
                       HOSTESS #1
      (slightly offended)
Excuse me?
A blowjob. The drink.
                       HOSTESS #1
Oooohhhhhhh, sorry.
No problem. I wouldn't mind one of
those right now too.
                       HOSTESS #1
I'll be right back with your
Cut to Megan as she tries to make her way through the crowd
to get to the restroom. As she is navigating through the
bar, she locks eyes with a guy that resembles her ex lover
so much it scares her and she instantly takes off towards
the bathroom to hide.
Megan enters the bathroom having a slight panic attack and
immediatly calls her best friend, JIA, who answers the phone
to only hear heavy breathing on the other end.


Hello?...Helloooooo? (stops to
listen for a second) Bitch, I know
you ain't call me while you was
No...I'm tryna...catch my breath.
Who the hell chasing you?
Shut up. I just saw Marcel.
And he started chasing you?
No bitch. I just ran.
Why? Did he look like he was gonna
chase you?
You been watching Criminal Minds
Girlaaaaa! I can't stop. Imma lose
my job behind this shit. I had to
call out this morning.
We'll talk about your crazy ass
later. Bitch I said I just saw
Where you at?
Karaoke Kingdom? Without me? Bitch
fuck you.
Carter planned a surprise double
date for us tonight. This was our
first stop.


Your nigga Carter? Bout time that
sorry motherfucker started acting
BITCH, FOCUS! I said I just saw
Marcel. I haven't seen this nigga
in like 5 years. I can't go back
outside. What if he saw me run
You call me every other week
saying you seen him somewhere.
No bitch, forreal this time. I
know it was him.
You say that every time too.
I'm starting to forget why I even
called you.
I'm the voice of reason.
I hate you.
I'm just saying. We talk about
delusional people all the time.
I guess.
Don't sound so disappointed. You
are out on a date with your
sketchy ass boyfriend. Enjoy
yourself. Shit, he might even
propose tonight. Get happy bitch.
You're right.
Of course I am. But keep me
posted. This the episode where
Reed gets hooked on drugs, I gotta


                       JIA (cont'd)
go. Love you! (hangs up phone)
Megan puts phone down on bathroom counter and just stares at
herself in the mirror.
Why God? Why does this man
continue to have this effect on
me? Why can't I forget about him?
What is wrong with me? (sighs) If
I could really just see him one
more time, I would tell him
everything. I'd pour my heart out.
I know I say it every time, but
God forreal this time. I mean it.
As Megan is talking to herself, she doesn't even notice she
is not alone. An older woman exits a bathroom stall. Megan
is startled by the woman's presence.
I promise I'm not crazy.
                       OLDER WOMAN
We all talk to ourselves from time
to time.
Megan goes into restroom to pee, while the older lady washes
her hands and touches up her makeup.
                       OLDER WOMAN
I couldn't help but overhear your
conversation, and take it from me,
if your only hope for keeping a
man is to try and convince him to
love you, you already lost that
battle. I been chasing this one
man for years. 23 years to be
exact. Convinced myself he was the
love of my life and I had faith
that God was working things out
for us. He died last month. Live
your life hunny. You don't wanna
be my age on the dating scene.
Older lady exits. Megan quietly reflects on what she was
just told while holding back her tears. She looks at herself
in the mirror one last time, lets out a huge sigh, then
exits the restroom. Upon walking out she is greeted by
Marcel, who has the biggest smile possible on his face.
Megan is freaked out again at the sight of him and runs back
into the restroom. She quickly gains her composure, then


re-exits the bathroom. She tries to walk past Marcel as if
he wasn't standing there but he grabs her, pushes her back
into the restroom and locks the door. He appears extremely
excited and cannot stop smiling.
So you was gonna walk by like you
don't know me?
I don't know you. SECURITY!
Marcel places his hand over Megan's mouth. She swats his
hand away and they begin tussling as Megan tries her best to
get past him so she can exit the restroom. Marcel then picks
Megan up and literally puts her back up against the wall.
Shut up before I drop you.
Megan screams out for help and Marcel pretends to drop her
which scares/quiets Megan instantly. She surrenders to him
and there is a small silence.
Remember this position?
      (stern yet calm)
Put me down now.
      (as he puts her
Damn I was just joking.
Megan runs to the mirror to gather herself and check on her
If you'll excuse me, I have to get
back to my date with my fiance.
Megan makes her way back to where she was seated. She
immediately grabs her drink and starts chugging. So much is
going through her mind that she doesn't notice the female
sitting at the table until she hears her clearing her


I'm so sorry. I'm Megan. You must
be Dee's date.
I'm Candi. Nice to finally meet
you. I've heard such great things.
Thanks. Was there a man sitting
here when you arrived?
Yeah, he ran off somewhere.
Marcel is still inside the bathroom staring down at a ring
box. He stuffs the box in his pocket and exits the restroom.
As he is walking out, Carter pushes him back inside and
locks the door. Carter appears very frantic, jittery and
alarmed. He is talking jibberish and Marcel cannot barely
understand a thing he is saying.
We gotta end this date now.
I just got here.
You brought Candi.
You don't understand. Candi can't
be here. She's going to ruin
How much have you had to drink?
Not enough. Candi is my other
bitch. If Megan finds out she'll
leave me. We gotta end this date


I put too much into tonight for
Megan just to end it now. I'll
keep Candi busy. Let me handle it.
I don't know man. I feel like
Candi got some shit up her sleeve.
We should just call it a night.
Trust me. I have it under control.
You'll be good. Relax and enjoy
I need some weed. I can't lose
Megan dawg, she's everything to
Just see how shit goes. If it
starts to get too crazy, we can
end it.
Now untuck your dick and lets get
back to the bitches.
Carter and Marcel commence to exit the restroom when they
are stopped by the bar manager and security. The bar manager
is pleasantly shocked to see two males exiting a restroom
together. He assumes they are a couple who just finished a
quickie. As Carter exits, he high fives him and tells Marcel
they look good together. They both seem confused but realize
what is going on and quickly return to the table where Megan
and Candi are silently sipping their drinks.
Megan who notices Carter and Marcel coming her way stands up
to lovingly embrace Carter just to make Marcel jealous when
Carter unexpectedly introduces Marcel to her.
      (kisses Megan)
Dee, this is my Megan.


Megan's eyes get wide and she is in complete shock at what
just happened.
Yes, Dee. Short for Dee Bomb.
(grabs Megan's hand and kisses it)
Nice to finally meet you.
Megan who is still in shock cannot respond to what is going
on around her. She only smiles politely and sits down in a
daze. Candi has her eyes glued on Carter and he is trying
his best not to make any eye contact with her.
You guys ready to get your grub
Tell Chef Tony we need 4 specials.
And you can bring a round of shots
for the table.
Everyone else at the table are distracted by their thoughts
and have no additions or complaints for the food order.
Awesome! Be right back with shots.
Silence engulfs the moment and everyone is awkwardly looking
around the karaoke bar until Marcel breaks the silence.
Soooooo...Megan. Carter told me
how much you enjoy karaoke. Are
you gonna sing for us tonight?
Megan stares at Marcel as if he is speaking another
Yeah Megan. You should definitely
Megan snaps out of her trance.
Oh no, I don't think so.
Come on babe. It'll be fun.


      (mocking Carter)
Yeah babe. It'll be fun.
I'll sing if Candi sings with me.
Oh no girl, I'd clear this place
out. No way.
I'll sing with you. If that's okay
with Carter.
Megan again stares at Marcel knowing at this point he is
definitely up to something. Carter sees this moment as an
opportunity to ask Candi what tricks she has up her sleeve
and agrees with Marcel's idea to sing with Megan.
Yeah go ahead. Yall go sing your
hearts out.
Marcel excitedly jumps out of his seat, grabs Megan's arm
and they go over to the DJ booth to sign up for karaoke.
Carter waits until Megan and Marcel are out of earshot and
begins questioning Candi's intentions.
What are you trying to do?
Oh nothing.
I will deny everything.
I have proof.
Why are you doing this?
I've always wanted to know what is
so special about Megan that you
can't let her go. So when Dee
asked me to go on a double date
with you and your girlfriend, I
couldn't refuse.


You need help.
Whatever. You need help leaving
that bitch so God sent me here.
Don't pull God into your psycho
ass plans. I told you I can't just
leave her right now. We live
together. Its not that easy.
Please tell me whats so hard about
Everything. She really loves me
and I couldn't devastate her by
leaving her for another woman.
Would you want someone to do you
like that?
No. But I wouldn't want you to
string me along for my sake
either. You're hurting her either
Look, you know I love you and its
only a matter of time for us. God
rewards those who practice
patience. Its gonna happen for us
at the right time and tonight is
not that time. So can you behave?
for me? Pleeeeeaassseeeee (gives
Candi the puppy dog face)
You know I can't resist that face.
Candi is slightly turned on by Carter's sad face and she
proceeds to put her foot in Carter's lap and massage his
                       CANDI (CONT'D)
Promise me we'll be together one
day. Just us two.


I got you babe. (closes eyes in
Candi tries to remove her foot from Carter's lap but he
grabs it and moves her foot all over his lap in pleasure.
You're the one who needs help. Mr.
Foot Fetish.
Megan and Marcel are having a hard time coming to an
agreement on what song they should sing together.
What about this one?
Marcel shows Megan a page out of a book of Karaoke songs.
Sonny & Cher's "I Got You Babe." Megan stares at Marcel,
rolls her eyes and continues trying to find a song.
                       MARCEL (CONT'D)
Oooooooo, lets do this one.
Book reveals Marcel's song choice. Marvin Gaye & Tammi
Terrell's "Ain't No Mountain High Enough."
What are you trying to do?
Choose a karaoke song.
                       KARAOKE DJ
Yo! You guys are up next. You need
to chose a song and your costumes
Did you think those people
purposely dressed like that?
Cut to couple on stage dressed like Jay-Z and Beyonce
singing Bonnie and Clyde.


We are in DC. I've seen worst.
Here DJ, play this. How much time
do we have?
                       KARAOKE DJ
1 minute.
What song did you pick?
It's a surprise. You still like
surprises right?
Why are you here?
To karaoke.
I hate you.
Megan walks away from Marcel to choose a costume for their
      (yelling across
       the room)
Wear something sexy!
Megan gives Marcel the finger and tries to find the ugliest
thing she can wear in the costume box. She discovers a
fedora style hat, throws it on her head and heads back over
to the DJ booth.
                       KARAOKE DJ
We have a special treat for you
guys tonight. Special guests,
Alicia Keys and Usher singing "My
Boo." Show them some love.
Music starts and Megan gets the urge to walk off the stage
until she hears Marcel's voice singing to her.
[Usher intro:]

There's always that one person
That will always have your heart
You never see it coming


Cause you're blinded from the start
Know that you're that one for me
It's clear for everyone to see
Ooh baby ooh you'll always be my boo

[Alicia intro:]
I don't know bout you all
But I know about us and uh
It's the only way
We know how to rock
I don't know bout you all
But I know about us and uh
It's the only way
We know how to rock

[Usher Verse:]
Do you remember girl
I was the one who gave you your first kiss
Cause I remember girl
I was the one who said put your lips like this
Even before all the fame and
People screaming your name
Girl I was there when you were my baby

[Chorus (Usher):]
It started when we were younger
You were mine my boo
Now another brother's taken over
But its still in your eyes my boo
Even though we used to argue it's alright
I know we haven't seen each other
In awhile but you will always be my boo

I was in love with you when we were younger
You were mine my boo
And I see it from time to time
I still feel like my boo
And I can see it no matter
How I try to hide my boo
Even though there's another man who's in my life
You will always be my boo

[Alicia Verse:]
Yes I remember boy
Cause after we kissed
I could only think about your lips
Yes I remember boy
The moment I knew you were the one
I could spend my life with
Even before all the fame
And people screaming your name
I was there and you were my baby


They serenade each other and for a second Megan forgets she
is pretending to be mad at Marcel and is actually enjoying
It started when we were younger
You were mine my boo
Now another brother's taken over
But its still in your eyes my boo
Even though we used to argue it's alright
I know we haven't seen each other
In awhile but you will always be my boo

I was in love with you when we were younger
You were mine my boo
And I see it from time to time
I still feel like my boo
And I can see it no matter
How I try to hide my boo
Even though there's another man who's in my life
You will always be my boo

My oh, My oh, My oh, My oh, My Boo

My oh, My oh, My oh, My oh, My Boo

[Chorus (Usher):]
It started when we were younger
You were mine my boo
Now another brother's taken over
But its still in your eyes my boo
Even though we used to argue it's alright
I know we haven't seen each other
In awhile but you will always be my boo

[Alicia & Usher:]
I don't know bout you all
But I know about us and uh
It's the only way
We know how to rock
I don't know bout you all
But I know about us and uh
It's the only way
We know how to rock
Their duet ends, they are offered a shot by the DJ for
participating and return back to the table for more eating
and drinking.


When Megan and Marcel arrive back to the table, Carter is
staring at them with an inquisitive look on his face.
Do yall know each other?
       with Marcel)
That performance seemed so real.
Megan and Marcel awkwardly laugh it off. The food arrives
and everyone begins stuffing their faces.
So what's next on the agenda? Does
this place turn into a club? I
feel like shaking my ass.
My home girl has a spot we could
hit up later. Its right up the
street from here.
      (to Carter)
Can we go?
Carter eyes Marcel to see if it can be fit into the
schedule, he signals to him No.
But I wanna dance.
We have something else special
planned for you two that I know
you're gonna love.
I guess.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, a loud woman voice is heard in the


                       WOMAN #2 (OC)
Oh hell naw!
Everyone at the table notices the woman is coming in there
direction. Carter grabs Megan at the sound of the voice and
asks her to step outside with him. As they exit, the woman
arrives at the table and she is furious.
Whats up Cookie?
Bitch don't whats up me. You told
me you weren't doing anything
tonight. And you're here with this
raggedy nigga.
Fuck you.
No nigga, fuck you. (to Candi) Did
he tell you about the night we
first met him and Carter at the
bar and he ended up in my bed but
couldn't get his dick to work.
It was working fine for your
Marcel stands up, leaves tip on table and proceeds to exit
the building.
      (yelling to Marcel)
That's why I like girls now, you
fucking faggot!
Cookie! You're making a fool of
yourself. Everybody is staring at
I don't give a fuck about these
(as she holds up her middle finger
and poses for the cameras) And
fuck you too bitch. You know I
loved Dee.


Yall went on one date and he never
talked to you again.
So? I still loved him.
Anyway. I'm here on a double date
with Dee and Carter. I'm tryna get
him to admit to his girl that he
loves me.
Oh shit, my bad girl. You know how
I get in my feelings sometimes.
Look I gotta go before they leave
me. (grabs stuff and rushes
outside to find Megan, Marcel and
Cookie watches Candi run out the building, and when she is
out of sight, Cookie sits down as if she was previously at
the table. She begins eating and drinking what is left over
when she notices a waitress hovering over here.
      (to Cookie)
Ummmmmm, mam, may I help you?
Yeah, let me get a to go box and
Megan and Carter are talking amongst themselves, while
Marcel is busy tryna call Candi and see where she is.
      (to Marcel)
Sorry about Cookie. She has no
home training.
Thats yo girl. Everybody good?
They all make gestures to signal they are fine.


                       MARCEL (CONT'D)
We can start making our way to the
next spot. Its walking distance.
Good, I need to walk some of this
food off.
They begin walking down the streets of DC. Megan and Carter
are holding hands and being playful. They appear to be such
a happy couple. They all are making jokes about people and
things as they pass by it. A homeless man is putting on a
show and Megan tries to get Carter to give the man some
money but he refuses. Marcel makes sure to give the homeless
man some money. Megan notices. After walking for some time,
Megan begins to notice where they are after seeing numerous
posters for a Trey Songz concert that will take place in the
My boo Trigga in the city tonight,
how did I not know this?
Ummmmm, the stuff I would do to
that man. I get chills just
thinking about it.He could
definitely get it. Anytime he want
it too.
Carter turns around to give Candi the evil eye. She smiles.
Marcel notices their subtle exchange.
Maybe we can get a glimpse of him.
Aren't we coming up on the concert
hall where his show is tonight?
As soon as Megan finishes asking about the concert hall, a
staff member from the venue approaches her and Candi, asks
for them both by name and says follow me. They are both
reluctant at first because they do not want to leave the
guys behind, but Carter and Marcel both assure them that it
is all part of the surprise. Megan and Candi exit with the
concert worker.


Yo! That was a close one. I don't
know how much more I can take.
You good man. This stop should go
a lot more smoother than the last
I hope so. I can't have two of my
side chicks in the same room
The fat bitch. She used to give me
head on my lunch breaks. She kept
tryna fuck so I had to let her go.
She sucked me off the night we met
her and Candi at the bar. I
couldn't fuck either. My dick went
soft soon as she got naked.
I see we have a lot of hoes in
common. You ever fucked Megan?
Marcel freezes up at Carter's question and before he can
respond Carter busts out laughing.
I'm joking my nigga. I know you
Let's go inside and check on the


Backstage area. Long corridor with various dressing rooms.
Megan and Candi are led to their very own dressing rooms
that have their names on the doors just like the
Megan enters her room and takes a moment to admire
everything inside. She feels very special because of the VIP
treatment she is receiving. There is a table set up for her
with all her favorite things. Cabo Wabo tequila. Cute shot
glasses. Fried chicken and other appetizer type foods. She
finds her cellphone and makes a call.
                       JIA (OC)
Hey hoe.
What's good slut bag? I'm calling
to make sure you been hitting your
corners and making my money.
Of course I have, Pimp Daddy.
(laughs) Girl you not gonna
believe my night so far.
Why, what happened?
It was Marcel that I saw earlier
at KK's. He's Carter's friend,
This nigga got alias' now?
He must go by his first name at
Damn, what are the odds of him and
Carter being co-workers?
Only me.


Whatchu doing now?
In my dressing room at this Trey
Songz concert.
Bitch what? You went to see Trigga
without me? This relationship ends
right now.
I didn't know anything about it.
I'm so jealous right now. Try to
touch his dick for me.
What the hell is wrong with you?
I was gonna say fuck him but
you're on a date with two men so I
know thats not gonna happen.
I'm on a date with Carter. Fuck
Bitch you been seeing this nigga
everywhere for the past year and
when its finally him, its fuck
him? Girl you aint fooling nobody.
I hate you.
This is the moment you been
waiting for. Don't be a bitch
about it now. You can at least try
to get some closure. Shit, that
nigga might propose tonight too.
I'm not convinced this was all a
coincidence. God been doing major
work lately.


The silence lets me know I'm
right. Let that man know how you
feel cause Lord knows I'm tired of
you telling me.
Thanks for all your love and
Anytime boo. (hangs up phone)
Megan goes over to the table and pours herself a shot. She
is pacing back and forth through the dressing room. Her mind
is racing and she knows that she is going to have to really
confront Marcel if she wants to grow in her life and allow
herself to be loved and really love again. She begins
rehearsing things aloud that she plans to say to Marcel when
there is a knock at her door.
Come in.
Candi timidly peaks her head through the door and slowly
walks into the room. She felt lonely in her dressing room
and eventually worked up enough courage to pay Megan a
visit. She is apprehensive about being in the same room with
the woman who is impeding her dream of being with Carter
I was wondering if you smoked. I
got some weed, we can have a
little session if you want.
Girl, you couldn't have come at a
better time. I need to face a J
the way I'm feeling.
Candi grabs a seat and begins gathering items she needs to
roll up her weed.
Are you having fun on your date?
Carter seems like a very nice guy.
Oh he is. Extremely charming. All
he ever has to do is flash that
smile of his and I just melt. He's


                       MEGAN (cont'd)
a great guy. I don't deserve him.
Why would you say that?
I don't think I should say.
We're strangers. I don't know you.
You can talk to me. I promise your
secrets are safe. What happens in
this dressing room stays in this
dressing room.
Megan stares at Candi for a second then decides to give in
and finally tell someone how she really feels about Carter.
Okay. I don't even know where to
begin. Carter is a great guy. We
get along perfect. Sometimes its
surreal how cool our relationship
can be. Everyone thinks I'm crazy
and I'm starting to see why. I'm
never gonna find another man who
loves me like Carter does. He's
attentive. He gives me whatever I
want and I know he wouldn't trade
me for anything else in the world.
That sounds like you should be
happy. I'd kill for a man to feel
that way about me.
Yeah its a great feeling but its
hard to accept love like that when
I know I don't feel the same way.
We're comfortable where we both
are with each other. We act more
like roommates or friends with
benefits than an actual couple. I
feel like we're in an arranged
marriage and we both love other
people but for whatever reasons
we're stuck with each other. And
being stuck is not a good feeling
for me.


Do you really think Carter is in
love with someone else?
Yeah, himself. And I can't be mad
at that because I love me more
than I love him too.
So whats the problem?
I'm in love with another man.
Okay Jazmine Sullivan.
Sad but true. Its been years, but
for some reason I cannot shake
him. I see him everywhere I go. I
dream about him. Its to the point
where I need to get a restraining
order against myself.
I know the feeling.
Change of subject, how do you know
I mean Dee. Your date.
Oh, we met at a bar. We're just
cool. He randomly asked if I
wanted to go on a double date with
him and Carter. I didn't have any
plan so I agreed to come along.
So you knew Carter before tonight?
I've seen him around. We have a
couple mutual friends.


Everybody knows somebody who knows
somebody in this city.
No one knows you. But you're not
from here are you?
No I'm from North Carolina.
Is that where the guy you're in
love with is?
Oh hell no. I love my city but a
love life does not exist there for
So where is this guy? Is he in
this area?
Is he married now or something?
He better not be. But I wouldn't
be surprised. We lost contact a
while ago and who knows what he's
been up to since then.
I have some friends who are PG
police. They could find him for
I don't know if I'm ready. I been
praying to God for another chance
but I don't know. I can't do that
to Carter. He'd be devastated. And
we live together. Its just too


I don't understand why its so
hard. You break up, he moves out,
and you both move on. Everyone can
finally be happy.
You make it sound so simple.
You make it sound so complicated.
I just always believed that when
you love someone, you do whatever
it takes to show them. You jump as
many hoops as you have to.
True but what if you're the only
one jumping hoops? What if a guy
leaves you to start a family with
his child that you know you can
never compete with?
Oh. That is a tough situation.
And the more I try to tell myself
its life, shit happens, the harder
it is for me. I know we could have
worked it out but I was never a
factor. I never mattered, and that
hurts me the most.
Silence engulfs the room. Megan's last comment has put a lot
into perspective for Candi. She is impressed by Megan's
honesty and feels compelled to tell her the truth about who
she is and why she is really there.
                       MEGAN (CONT'D)
I'm sorry for being such a Debbie
Downer. The one time Carter is
trying to be romantic, I'm crying
about my ex to a stranger.
Well I'm not completely a
stranger. I did know of you before
the date.
Really? How?


I knew you were Carter's
girlfriend because of our friends.
I've never even met any of
Carter's friends. Crazy huh?
They ain't shit. You not missing a
damn thing.
You know what? I like you. Its
refreshing to have a convo with
someone who actually listens to me
and doesn't assume I'm the crazy
Awwwwwwww, thanks! I like you
I feel like there's a but coming
No, you're wonderful...Its
something else I want to tell you
but I don't know how to say it.
About you and Marcel, I mean Dee?
No. We're just cool. Its about
Oh god, last time somebody said
something like this to me I found
out about him fucking around with
some hoe named Shonda.
Well he hasn't been 100% honest
with you. And I don't know how to
say this...but...
A knock at the door stalls the conversation. Candi takes
this opportunity to avoid spilling her guts about her and
Cater, and she jumps up to get the door. Marcel is at the
door. He whispers to Candi that he wants to talk with Megan


alone. Candi galdy agrees, and slips out the room very
quickly but not before asking Marcel where Carter was.
Marcel enters the room, smoking the blunt Candi passed to
him before she exited. Megan is in her own zone and doesn't
even notice Marcel is in the room.
I see you're still a weedhead
      (slightly startled)
I see you are too. Where did Candi
I told her get the fuck out so we
could talk.
Shut up.
Had I known you was still
cheifing, I would have added a
smoke break to our date.
Our date?
Yes, our date. Are you having fun?
Yes, Carter and I are having an
amazing time.
You're welcome.
For what?
Enjoying the date I planned for
You're on a date with Candi.
Only because I thought a double
date would be better than me being
a third wheel.


What the hell are you talking
Marcel stares at Megan as if he is afraid to continue
                       MEGAN (CONT'D)
Marcel opens his mouth to say something but nothing comes
                       MEGAN (CONT'D)
I see you still would rather stand
there and look stupid than to be
real with me. I can't fucking do
this shit anymore. You and Candi
enjoy the rest of your date. I'm
going to find Carter and we're
Megan starts gathering her things, while Marcel appears like
he is about to explode with emotion. Marcel cannot decide if
he should go on with his plan or let Megan walk out of his
life again. The closer Megan gets to the door, the more
Marcel feels the urge to tell Megan everything. As Megan
approaches the door, she stops and turns to face Marcel to
say one last thing to him.
                       MEGAN (CONT'D)
You know, I been praying for this
moment. For a chance to tell you
how I really feel. Hoping that
maybe it would make a difference.
And I don't know what type of
scheme you running but that just
lets me know you haven't changed.
Megan, I love you.
Not enough to tell me the fucking
truth and thats all I ever asked
of you, and you can't even do
that. It's no coincidence that you
know the real me. The me that a
lot of peole never get to see. And
you chose to hide behind your
secret motives when all I ever
wanted was to be with you. Even
when shit between us got real
crazy, I never changed my mind


                       MEGAN (cont'd)
about you. I can't even love
Carter how I should because I
can't stop loving you. I can't
stop myself from thinking that as
soon as I decide to give Carter my
all, you was gonna pop your ass
back up and make me fall in love
again. Carter doesn't deserve
that. He's been nothing but great
to me while you do nothing but
stress me the fuck out. I've never
cried so much in my life. I loved
you. I still do and don't know if
I will ever stop. But thats my
problem. I tried showing you how
much I loved you. And that I was
genuine and not just for show.
Sorry I didn't get pregnant but
you should be sorry you never
told me you was tryna trap me.
Because I would have let it happen
because I've always wanted a
family too. I even looked forward
to being a stepmom. Thats the only
good thing I could see in that
whole situation. All my dreams
were crushed the day you decided
to be with your babymama. You
walked away from me without even
blinking. You let her disrespect
me in every way possible while I
spent my days tryna hold back
tears and bad words about you. I
never wanted people judging and
talking shit about you. I damn
sure didn't get that same
treatment. All i got was stories
to explain why you had to do what
you did and I don't wanna hear
another one. I trusted you. You
was my nigga. My best friend. My
everything. And you fucked it all
up because you couldn't be real
with me. So sorry if my attitude
not what you want it to be right
now, but what did you expect? For
me to forgive and forget and just
like I normally do. Where has that
got me? In a room pouring out my
heart and still getting no
response from you.


I don't know what you want me to
Say what's on your mind. Tell me
how you feel. Stop telling me shit
because it sounds good. You know
what? Fuck it. I'm over tryna make
you understand. You're smarter
than this dumb shit. you act like
you're so fucking stupid and I
hate it. You had to know that
after all this time I wasn't gonna
just sit on your face and pretend
your beautiful penis would make up
for all my hurt feelings. You
might be used to solving problems
with your dick and I'm sure hoes
don't mind but fuck that side
bitch treatment shit. I wanna be a
wife. A mom. I wanna come home to
a real family one day. You can't
give me that so whatever you're
trying to do here tonight is
pointless. You don't want to get
married, you don't want anymore
kids. How many times have you told
me that? I can't change your mind.
You don't have to. I changed my
own mind. I loved you from the
moment I met you. I always thought
you were perfect. And that scared
the fuck out of me. I wanted you
to want me as bad as I wanted you
but I could never tell how you
really felt. I assumed you only
wanted me for my beautiful penis.
that was easier for me to deal
with. I couldn't understand why
you loved me so much. And I
pretended I didn't care. I
pretended you never mattered. But
over time, I realize that you
cared more about me than I cared
about myself. You was ride or die
and I treated you like shit. I
could never say sorry enough. I
love you and wanna show you every
day for the rest of my life. I
wanna give you some kids. I want
you to be my son's stepmom. You're


                       MEGAN (cont'd)
whats missing in my life. You're
why I feel incomplete. I need you.
Marcel proceeds to reach into his pocket and pull out a ring
box as he gets down on one knee. Megan is in shock and
cannot respond to what is going on in front of her. Marcel
grabs Megan's hand, placing the ring on her finger.
                       MARCEL (CONT'D)
Will you marry me? I know this is
crazy but you still like surprises
At this moment, Megan faints from shock and disbelief.
Marcel picks her up and lays her down on the sofa and exits
the room to find help. Megan slowly comes back to
consciousness and notices a person standing over her.
                       MALE VOICE
Are you okay? Do you need
Megan is confused as to what just happened. She replies to
the voice by shaking her head no and thats when she feels
the pain coming from her head.
What happened?
                       MALE VOICE
You fainted and a man asked me to
sit with you while he went to get
Your voice sounds familiar. Almost
like Trey Songz.
                       MALE VOICE
I am Trey Songz baby.
Megan immediately sits up to get a better look at the
gentleman. This makes her extremely dizzy like she is going
to pass out again.
                       TREY SONGZ
Relax sweetheart.
Megan is so overwhelmed that she begins crying.
                       TREY SONGZ (CONT'D)
What's wrong?


My ex boo just proposed to me. My
boyfriend is gonna kill me. I
fainted and now I'm sitting here
looking stupid in front of Trey
Songz. Fuck my life.
You look beautiful baby. Is it
anything I can do to make you feel
I always said if I met you I would
ask you to sing the second verse
of "In the Middle" to me.
                       TREY SONGZ
"If I could be, believe me, girl,
then I would be your fantasy
I'll make you come right where
I'll be, on top of me
So can we get that close, where I
can feel your body sweat
Tryin' to make your body wet

Can we, climb the mountain top,
screamin' ecstasy
We so high up on this love, we
reach the peak
We ain't never coming down, baby,
keep makin' that sound
If I could just be..."
While Trey Songz is serenading Megan, Marcel rushes back
into the room with the paramedic crew to see Megan and Trey
Songz intensely staring at one another. Marcel becomes
extremely jealous and reacts.
What the fuck?
Marcel pulls Trey Songz away from Megan and throws him into
a table. Trey Songz gets up and charges towards Marcel,
pulling him down onto the floor where they begin fighting
and tussling. The paramedics call for help from security as
they try to break the fight up. Trey Songz's security enters
the room and they mistake that Trey Songz is being jumped so
they join in on the fight which causes the paramedics to be
pulled in as well. A major brawl has started and people are
being thrown and pulled every which way possible. The fight
spreads into the hallway and into the concert hall backstage


area. There are people filming the fight with camera phones
and real video equipment. Concert hall security finally
arrives and someone is tazed and threatened to be maced
before people begin to calm down and stop fighting each
other. The backstage area is completely cleared out and
everyone is forced outside on the streets.
Candi and Carter spot Megan and Marcel through all the crowd
chaos and rush over to them to see what happened.
What is going on? Are yall
Yeah man, everything good.
What happened?
Neither Megan nor Marcel will speak up, so Carter becomes
agitated and thinks suspiciously.
Babe, what the fuck is going on?
It's cool. I'm good. Don't worry
about it.
A concert worker approaches the group and hands Marcel a
ring box. Megan, who in all the commotion, completely forgot
about the ring on her finger tries to slyly remove it before
anyone notices it, but it won't budge. Carter notices what
she is trying to do.
What's that?
Don't play with me woman.
Carter grabs Megan's hand and stares down at the engagement
ring on her finger. He is speechless.


Dee is the guy you're in love
with? And he proposed?
Candi is filled with excitement for Megan and reaches out to
hug her when she notices Megan's dumb look on her face.
Carter is visibly upset, he is pacing back and forth while
mumbling things to himself.
I can explain.
Nigga fuck you. Megan Fuck you. I
been cheating the whole time. That
hoe Shonda is pregnant.
And Me and Candi just finished
You son of a bitch!
Candi is heated. She jumps on Carter and begins slapping,
hitting and trying to fight him as hard as she can.
                       CANDI (CONT'D)
I thought I was the only one. You
fucking sorry ass no good dog as
nigga. How could you do this to
me? I love you.
While Candi and Carter continue fighting, Megan texts
someone on her cellphone, then flags down a cab.
Carter you can go by the house and
get your shit tonight or pick it
up out the street tomorrow. Candi,
I wish you weren't a scandalous
bitch cause I actually like you. I
hope yall have a nice life
Megan walks past Marcel but she only stops and stares at
him, then gets in the cab and it drives off. Marcel gets in
the next available cab.


Marcel is unsure of what to do next, but the cab driver is
pressing him for a destination so he finally responds.
West Hyattsville Station.
Marcel is staring out the window of the cab when he receives
a phone call.
Hey ma.
                       MARCEL MOM
Hey baby. You don't sound too
good. Is everything okay?
Everything is ruined. Megan hates
                       MARCEL MOM
What happened?
I proposed. She fainted. I had to
whoop Trey Songz ass. We got
kicked out the venue. Megan left.
Now I'm in a cab on my way home.
                       MARCEL MOM
Why didn't you follow her?
I don't know.
                       MARCEL MOM
So you gone let this woman walk
out of your life again?
What am I supposed to do?
                       MARCEL MOM
Fight for her. Don't let her go.
If you really love her like you
say you do and I know you do, then
you'll get off the phone with me
right now and go find her.


                       MARCEL MOM
But nothing. You gotta take care
of this moment if you ever wanna
make something of your future. I
have a lot of regrets in life and
its not easy to live with. You
deserve to be happy just as much
as anyone else. We all make
mistakes abut the good thing is
love can overcome it. Love only
cares about love. And if Megan has
any ounce of love for you left in
her body, she'll understand. God
can't do the work until you take
the first step. You gotta trust
your feelings. Yall kinda love is
rare these days. Don't let your
pride steal your joy. You can do
it son. I'm hanging up now so you
can go. Love you.
Thanks ma! you're the best. Love
you too!
                       MARCEL (CONT'D)
      (to cab driver)
Change of plans. Silver Spring
station please.
Megan is pacing the floors of Jia's brownstone apartment.
She is relaying the details of her night. She stops and
stares down at her finger.
He poured his heart out and then
proposed. I still can't believe
Bitch me neither. Shit I was
joking when I said that earlier.
Damn I need to be a psychic.
This is the craziest night of my


what are you gonna do about
We're done. I feel a bit relieved
it happened this way. You know I
don't know how to break up with
You can stay here if you need to.
Thanks. I'm so fucked up right
now. I can't think straight. He
proposed. Like what the fuck? Why
would he do that? Why did he think
that was a good idea? What the
fuck is wrong with him?
He clearly loves you.
I feel like I don't know him. The
Marcel I knew would have never did
some shit like this. He always
told me he never wanted to get
Maybe he wanna show you he
changed. Its rare, but niggas are
capable of not being assholes all
their life.
I'm scared though. He loves me now
but what if it doesn't last? What
if he changes his mind again?
All that's possible. But what if
he turns into the man you know he
is. What if he really wants to
spend his whole life with you, no
question. That can happen to.
What would you do?


I wouldn't be in this situation
cause I would have went and got my
man a long time ago. But you
should give him a chance to
explain at least. Don't write him
off. You are still in love with
him, either this will be the
closure you need or the moment you
been waiting for.
Megan continues pacing and staring at the ring when there is
a buzz from the apartment intercom.
Are you expecting company?
No...(walks over to intercom) Who
is this?
Marcel is standing outside of Jia's apartment. He has no
idea if Megan is there or not but if anybody knows where
Megan is, Jia does.
Hey Jia. Its Marcel. I'm looking
for Megan. Have you seen her?
Megan is signaling to Jia to tell Marcel no.
Yeah she standing right here.
Megan gives Jia the finger.
Can you ask her to come
downstairs? I just wanna talk.
I'll let her know.
                       JIA (CONT'D)
      (to Megan)
Get your ass downstairs.
I hate you.
You'll thank me later.


Megan steps outside the apartment to find Marcel holding a
sign that says "Will Work for Megan." Megan walks over to
him without saying a word.
Before you say anything...
You said you wanted to talk. I
hadn't planned on saying anything.
Well shut up then and go with me
on the rest of this date. If you
still want nothing to do with me
afterwards, I'll leave you alone
I never said I want nothing to do
with you.
You never said you did either.
You left me remember?
I know. That was the biggest
mistake of my life. Let me make it
up to you. Finish this date with
me. I'll beg. I'll do whatever it
Whats the plan for the rest of the
It's a surprise. Just trust me.
Okay but...
Yes! Hold on.
Marcel makes a phone call and within a matter of seconds a
helicopter appears and lands right in the middle of the


They get in and fly over the city and land in a field a
couple minutes later. They exit the helicopter and there is
a limo waiting.
What now?
We still have a little more travel
time. The limo is gonna take us
the rest of the way.
I don't know about this. Where are
Do you have to know everything?
Do you have to be so secretive?
Do you trust me?
Megan does not respond.
                       MARCEL (CONT'D)
I said do you trust me?
Yes, you street rat.
Okay princess. Let's go then.
Marcel and Megan enter the limo. Megan lays on Marcel's lap
and falls asleep almost instantly. Marcel stares at her,
brushing her hair out of her face, as she just lays there
snoring very loudly. He then falls asleep himself.
Upon arrival of their destination, the limo driver wakes
Marcel who in turn, wakes Megan. When the driver opens the
door, the ocean breeze lets Megan know they are near the


The beach?
Marcel nods in agreeance. Megan is ecstatic. They exit the
limo and begin walking down the beach. She gets the urge to
kiss Marcel and stops herself at first, but then she says
fuck it and kisses him anyway. Very passionate kiss. Release
of all tensions between them. All walls come down. Marcel
takes off his shirt and puts it on the ground. He then picks
Megan up and places her down on the sand so gently. He
kisses her forehead, then her nose, then her cheeks, then
her lips, then her neck, then her collarbone, and then her
breasts. He then lifts Megan up so he can unzip her dress
and he pulls it off her shoulders to reveal her chest and
stomach area. He continues kissing her navel, then down her
stomach. He lifts up her dress and sticks his head
underneath. He pulls her underwear off with his teeth and
then goes back under the dress. Megan squirms and moans with
pleasure, she cums in a matter of seconds. Marcel stops and
pulls his head up from under the dress staring down at Megan
very intensely.
Whats wrong?
Are you sure you want this
beautiful penis?
Is it mine?
Megan reaches down and feels for Marcel's penis. She
unbuttons then unzips his pants, and pulls his penis out and
inspects it.
The royal penis is clean.
You know I had to make sure.
Megan then pushes Marcel down on his back and climbs on top
of him. She inserts his penis into her vagina and moans in
delight from the first pump. They both can barely contain
themselves but they actively try to keep it cool. Megan is


riding his dick so sensually, while Marcel caressing every
part of her body that is within his reach. He grabs her ass
and begins going deeper. The rhythm has increased and they
are both of the brink of release. Megan is holding back
words and mumbling all kinds of things until she can't hold
it in anymore.
I love you baby. I missed you so
Tears start to fill Megan's eyes. Marcel wipes them away.
Don't cry. I'm here forever.
You'll never have to miss me like
that again.
Megan's moans and groans are getting louder and louder so
Marcel picks Megan up and flips her over so that he can hit
it from the back. He re-inserts his penis and they begin
going at it like wild animals. Megan is burying her face in
the sand while Marcel is tryna keep a steady rhythm. Marcel
slaps Megan on the ass, and pulls her hair. She is loving
every minute of it. They both start breathing heavy and
Megan lets out the loudest moan ever. Both their body
convulses as Marcel slows down and they both lay down beside
each other in complete and absolute satisfaction. Neither
one can even muster the strength to at least cover
themselves up.
Oh my god. That was the best.
I had to pull out the daddy stroke
on you.
I've always wanted to have sex on
the beach too.
I know. I never forgot about that.
This was way better than I ever
Good. I plan to make all your
dreams better than you could ever
imagine. Especially the ones I
ruined for you. I meant everything


                       MARCEL (cont'd)
I said to you earlier. I'm really
ready this time. I'm not just
talking good shit either. I
promise. Imma prove it to you.
Follow me.
They both get dressed and he leads her to a beach house.
They walk up the steps and enter the house.
                       MARCEL SON
Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!
Megan freezes. Marcel puts his son down and the little boy
stops and stares at Megan for a small time.
      (to son)
Give her a hug.
Son pauses for a second and then runs up to Megan jumping
into her arms just as he did Marcel. Megan begins crying and
the son notices.
                       MARCEL SON
Don't cry. Be happy.
He gives Megan a kiss and wants to be put down and walks
away. An older woman comes into the room.
                       OLDER WOMAN #2
I finally get to meet the infamous
Megan. I've heard so many good
things about you, please don't
disappoint me.
I won't Mam. I always told Marcel
that you may have liked his other
bitches but you would love me.
                       MARCEL MOM
I think I love you already. Do you
get down with the puff, puff,


Proud weedhead.
Welcome to the fam sweetheart!
They both laugh and hug each other in a very warm embrace.
Another woman enters the room. Megan recognizes her to be
MARCEL'S BABYMAMA. Megan is taken aback by her presence.
                       MARCEL BABYMAMA
Don't worry. I'm not here to start
shit. You and Marcel belong
together. I always knew that. I'm
over it.
Megan is in shock. She cannot believe what she just heard.
                       MARCEL BABYMAMA
Somebody come get me when
breakfast is ready.
                       MARCEL MOM
Speaking of breakfast, we need
some food. Can yall go to the
market for me?
What you need?
                       MARCEL MOM
Megan and Marcel head back out of the house towards the
market. Silence defines the walk.
So you really did all that for me?
Yep. You told me I needed to solve
my own problems and I did.
How much did you have to pay your
babymama to apologize to me?


Nothing. It was her idea that we
get back together.
She said I was miserable without
you and she was tired of looking
at me moping around and being mad
at the world because of her.
So we have everybody's blessing
So I own you now?
Ah Boy.
And you'll pretty much do whatever
I want you to do right?
Lets not get carried away.
You're really really ready to be
with me forever and ever and ever?
No hesitation? No second thoughts?
You know how long forever is


And you know...
Marcel stops walking and gives Megan a look that lets her
know to stop questioning him.
                       MEGAN (CONT'D)
Okay, okay, okay. I'm
sorry....okay last question. I
Do you know what I wanna do to you
right now?
They start kissing and begin walking hand in hand down the


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