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Someday (5 years later)
by Brianna (beebs.davison@gmail.com)

Rated: G   Genre: Drama   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Barb calls an ambulance for Anne after Anne had a heart
attack. Barb not being allowed in the ambulance calls Rodney
to drive her to the hospital. She now sits on the phone with
                                         DISSOLVE IN
Rodney, I need you to pick me up
and drive me to the hospital.
Don't ask question just please
pick me up right now.
Okay? I live just down the street
calm down. I'll be right there.
Barb and Rodney hang up the phone. Moments later Rodney
pounds on the door, and Barb comes rushing to swing the door
wide open. Barb bundled up in her outdoor clothes runs out
the door to Rodney's car. Rodney closes the front door and
walks to the car. They begin to drive to the hospital.
So? Barb are you going to tell me
what exactly is going on? I am
little confused here.
Rodney my mother had a heart
attack. She has been stressed and
depressed ever since Janice walked
out on us. She is a complete
wreck, okay. There you go. That is
what is going on.
Ok sweets, I was just asking. I
really hope she is okay. I mean
she should be okay right? God
please make Anne okay.
Just shut up Rodney. This is
serious. It's all because of
Janice that so-called sister of
mine. I told my mom Janice was no
good at all, but no she looked
right through my opinion. If


                       BARB (cont'd)
Janice just gave Anne an
explanation as to why she left we
wouldn't be in this situation
right now. I tell yeah this is on
Janice's hands.
You can't go blaming other people
for Anne's sickness. Just focus on
the fact that you are responsible
for making sure Anne is okay and
feels loved. I'm sure that's
exactly what she needs right now,
some love.
Whatever. You're right Anne just
needs some love right now. She is
my main focus. Don't miss the turn
up here. It should be coming up
Barb I know where I am going; I
don't need a back seat driver.
Rodney and Barb arrive at the hospital and are directed to
Anne's room. They enter the room and see Anne lying in bed
awake, and happy they have arrived.
Oh you two made it. I am so glad
to see your faces. Barb I am sorry
you had to go through that. I
don't quite know what happened to
me. I felt fine all morning.
It's all right, just scared me
half to death. But I'll tell you
what's wrong with you. You are
still holding on the Janice. Ever
since she left with no reason 5
years ago you have been stressed
and depressed. Mom you need to
forget about her. She is
responsible for you being in the
bed, she was disrespectful for
leaving us like that.


Now Barb what did I just say in
the car on the way here? Stop
pointing fingers. Your mom doesn't
need to be getting heck from you
right now. She needs LOVE
Ugh whatever Rodney. I think it is
wrong she just left. If it is
affect me and my mom 5 years after
the incident I think she should be
responsible for the way she just
came in and then left like that.
Barb it is not her fault entirely
that I am in here. It is my
responsibility to take care of
myself. I chose not to get over
Janice leaving, so here I am. We
are all responsible for our
actions, and this is one action I
should have thought through. It
wasn't worth my time and energy to
stress over Janice leaving with no
Yeah I guess when you put it like
that. I just want you to know that
I will always be here for you mom,
and I will never leave without
letting you know my reason. Rodney
and I are going to go and get some
food do you want anything?
Yes please. This hospital food is
Rodney and Barb exit the hospital room to get food for Anne
and themselves. Right when they leave Janice enters the
hospital room unexpectedly to see Anne.
Janice?! What are you doing here?
I never thought I would see you


Well the word got around that you
were in the hospital because of a
heart attack.
Wow,the word spread that fast?
: Well yeah I suppose. I just
wanted to make sure you're all
right. I mean I didn't want
anything bad to happen without me
saying a proper goodbye.
Well it would have been nice if
you gave us a proper goodbye 5
years ago my dear.
There was too much to explain
then. I am ready to explain. I
just couldn't do it then.
I'd like to hear why you had to
leave so abruptly. I have been
stressing ever since, and look
where I am. I am not blaming you,
as I told Barb we all make choices
that can affect ourselves greatly,
but it can also affect others.
That is why we have to be careful
when making certain actions and
decisions. I chose to be concerned
for why you left, and you chose to
leave without giving a reason. It
affected Barb and me greatly.
I know I wasn't thinking when I
just left. The reason I left was
because I knew I wasn't able to
give you both the love I know you
wanted. I felt like you expected
me to be the little girl I was
before I was taken away. The truth
is I wasn't ready for that. I love
the family that raised me, and I
know it must hurt to hear me say
that but it is true. I am sorry
Anne I just couldn't find the


                       JANICE (cont'd)
words to tell you 5 years ago.
That is why you left?...
Rodney and Barb enter the room with food, and surprise hits
their faces when they see Janice sitting at Anne's bedside.
Barb puts the food on the tableside while Rodney stays put
at the door entrance.
Well this isn't going to be pretty
You're right Rodney this isn't
going to be pretty. Why are you
here Janice? You don't deserve to
be here after what you did. Anne
is here because of you.
Barb I found out she was in the
hospital and I wanted to say a
proper good-bye in case anything
happened. I was just explaining
why I left so rudely 5 years ago.
I was at a loss for words.
Barb it's all right she told me
her reasons. That's what I needed
to hear; it feels like I can be at
I am not interested in your
reasons Janice. The only thing
keeping my mouth shut is the fact
you put Anne at ease. Consider
yourself lucky because usually I
don't forgive this easy. Now I am
going to leave so you both can
have some time and then I think
you should really just leave
Janice. Mom the food is just over
here on the table.
I am not interested in your
reasons Janice. The only thing
keeping my mouth shut is the fact
you put Anne at ease. Consider
yourself lucky because usually I


                       BARB (cont'd)
don't forgive this easy. Now I am
going to leave so you both can
have some time and then I think
you should really just leave
Janice. Mom the food is just over
here on the table.
Thank you Barb. I wouldn't forgive
someone who did what I did. This
time I will leave with a proper
Bye Janice.
      (To Janice)
Buh-bye fashion queen.
Well I didn't expect her to
understand, but I am hoping you
do. You guys will always hold a
place in my heart because you guys
are my real family, but I love the
Wirth's they raised me and made me
who I am today. I know you and
Barb will be fine without me. I
just wanted to come by to make
sure you are okay, and well it
looks like you will be with the
care of Barb and Rodney. It was
nice seeing you again Mrs. Wabung,
maybe I will see you sometime
soon. Goodbye.
I understand why you left, and I
want to thank you for coming to
see me and explain yourself. It
has taken a lot off my shoulders.
But Barb and I never had those
expectations of you. We knew you
would simply just be you. That's
all we wanted. If you just told us
how you were feeling it would have
saved all the tension and trouble
between us. But I have to thank
you because it brings Barb and I
closure, so thank you Grace. Have


                       ANNE (cont'd)
a safe trip home, and well I still
love you and you will always be my
little girl.
Janice leaves the hospital on good terms with Anne after she
took responsibility for her actions, and gave Anne a reason
as to why she left 5 years ago. Barb and Rodney enter the
room. Rodney holds a small Christmas tree and a bucket of
Since its Christmas, and Christmas
is your favourite holiday I
thought I would brighten the mood
with decorating a tree to put in
your room. This year were bring
Christmas to you Mrs. Wabung!
Oh Rodney. Ill bet this took a lot
for you to do, since I know you
hate Christmas.
Well Barb mentioned it so I went
through with it. Looks like I'm
not the Grinch of Christmas after
Okay enough with the emotions and
all. Let's get decorating!


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