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Sons Of Anarchy Episode 801 "A Fearful Summons"
by Alison Hedley (alisonthedley@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****
An imagined continuation of the television show "Sons of Anarchy" beginning where the series finale left off.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Camera starts on tight shot of the gavel on the clubhouse
table. In the background "He's Got the Whole World In His
Hands" By Laurie London, remixed to a slower, eerier melody
is playing. Panning out Chibs remains seated at the head of
the table. Shadows dance on the wall as dusk falls outside.
Chibs picks up the gavel and absent-mindedly begins twisting
it inbetween the fingers of one hand.
                                         MOVE TO EXT.
Chucky stands outside the TM Garage with a hose. As the
camera rotates around,the large empty Crows' cage from
Gemma's house comes into view. He diligently continues his
work cleaning out the cage, eager to have something
productive to do to help Gemma while he waits for her
                                         MOVE TO EXT. OF A
Nero Padilla and Wendy Case carefully unload two sleeping
boys from the back of a car. Over the song still playing a
Harley engine roars in the background. It's loud enough to
wake Abel, who lifts his head from Nero's shoulder and looks
up with an expectant smile. In the distance a solitary,
shadowy biker on the highway speeds by. He doesn't stop, and
Abel, convinced it's not his father, rests his head back on
Nero's shoulder and tightens his arms around his neck.
                                         MOVE TO EXT. OF
Red and blue lights flash against a rocky outcropping.
Police question the driver of a big rig who looks dazed but
otherwise ok. A large truck sits askew at the side of the
road. Its side panel reads "Papa's Goods." Stationed
directly in front of the rig stands a patrol car, with a
single crow perched on the light bar. The crow obscures the
last "s" from Papa's Goods so all that's visible is "Papa's
Good." The camera pans out to reveal a tense-looking Althea
Jarry. She paces forward, away from the scene, and pulls out
her cell phone covertly.


Chibs picks up his cell phone. His eyes close. His shoulders
slump forward in resignation. He pauses for a moment and
then straightens his shoulders, his jaw locking with
Over Chucky's shoulder Officer Eggley approaches and calls
out to him. Still with hose in hand he turns toward her with
a big smile. Camera pans down to empty, dripping crows'
                                         MOVE TO INT.
Wendy tucks a sleeping Abel into bed and kisses him on the
forehead. Nero appears in the doorframe with his cell phone
in hand, looking completely stricken. Wendy walks out toward
him and closes the door 90% of the way behind her. Through
the sliver of open door Wendy screams out and shakes her
head, then crumples toward the floor. Nero catches her and
they fall together, sobbing. Camera shifts focus to Abel in
the foreground, asleep with a toy motorcycle clutched in his
                                         EXT- TM
Chucky staggers back, bawling, against the door of the
Airstream trailer. Just before it slams closed behind him
there's a glimpse of Unser's crime board with a large
photograph of Gemma leaning against it. In the background a
vase of roses decays. The door closes and Chucky completely
loses himself to tears on the steps of the trailer.
Chibs stands up from the head of the table and begins
walking resolutely toward the door, to tell the rest of the
club his news. Almost as an afterthought he looks down and
realizes he still has the gavel in his hand. He turns back
around and slams the gavel down on the table, just as "He's
Got the Whole World in His Hands" ends in the background.
Althea Jarry approaches the door of the ice-cream parlor.
Dressed in somewhat disheveled plainclothes, her hair is
loose and wavy around her face. An eerie silence on the road


and the lack of vehicles passing provides an apocalyptic
backdrop to the devastating news the club has received,
though in fact it's just very late at night. She stands in a
small circle of light and lifts her hand to the door, then
hesitates. She checks out her reflection, fluffs her hair
and then knocks. Chibs appears at the other side of door,
large bottle of alcohol in his hand. Through the glass panel
he appears annoyed, but he opens the door anyway. He stands
aside to let Jarry pass and she walks in authoritatively,
broken glass crunching under her feet, then leans against
the counter. Their twisted tango begins again.
How many of those have you had?
Is there a problem here...Officer?
It's almost sunrise. Have you been
here all night?
Chibs ignores her. Jarry steps forward and gently caresses
Chib's stomach and smiles up at him.
You feel that tugging sensation?
That's your liver trying to escape
through your navel.
Chibs pulls back with a snort of disgust
I'm sorry. I'm sorry to joke. I
just... I thought you might need
someone to talk to....
Look what are you doing Althea? I
don't need a mommy, I don't need
priest and I sure as hell don't
need a cop. We stopped serving
ice-cream hours ago now so unless
you have some official business
here you need to get the hell out
and leave me be.
He turns his back, looks outside and drinks deeply from the
I talked to some of the club out
at the port earlier. They said you
came here, that you needed some


                       JARRY (cont'd)
time alone?
Aye alone! And THEY actually
listened to me!
He takes a final swig from the bottle, then lets it drop to
floor. As the empty bottle rolls away loudly over a river of
its broken brethren, Chibs bends down to retrieve a fresh
Jarry once again approaches him but as she tries to touch
him he shrugs her away. Chibs struggles with the bottle, his
brain is eager but his fingers fail him. Finally he slams it
on the counter.
Jesus Christ!
Chibs slumps backwards against the bar, slowly sliding
toward the ground, camera pulling downward with him. Tears
threaten at the corners of his eyes. Jarry's legs come into
frame. A second later she slides down next to him, bottle
open in her hand. She takes a large, inelegant gulp and then
hands the bottle to Chibs.
It was instant Filip. He wouldn't
have felt any pain...
Chibs cuts her off
Stop it! Dammit Althea
His tears are flowing freely now. Jarry grabs the bottle for
another swig then rests her head on his shoulder. For one
brief moment they are as they were, the fight of the day
before and the horror of the accident forgotten. She takes
one more deep swig for courage
Tell me what you need me to say,
how I can help you... what I'm
supposed to do here. (A small
ironic laugh) Do you know how many
times I've done this before?
There's a script for when we talk
to the families of victims. A
literal script they give us! "Your
loved one was killed, there was no
pain, we are so sorry..." I've got


                       JARRY (cont'd)
the whole damn thing memorized and
here I am with you and I don't
know what to say. Except for the
same goddamn, generic script, I
just don't know what to say.
There's nothing to say.
I know you were close...
We weren't close! He was my
brother. My BROTHER. I loved him.
Chibs throws the bottle. It slams to pieces and Jarry jumps,
startled at his anger
He was my brother.
Chibs turns and abandons all composure, lets out a
scream/sob of anger and despair then turns and cries into
Jarry's hair. She tenderly begins caressing his hair and his
shoulders. Within a moment or two he looks up from her
shoulder, bleary-eyed. He pauses, then begins to hungrily
kiss her. He starts to open her shirt, she begins kissing
him fiercely and passionately, wrapped up in the moment
until she pulls open his cut, and her fingers come to rest
on the freshly stitched "President" patch. It's
weather-worn, not the gleaming white of a new ornament. She
pauses abruptly, staring at it. He senses her hesitation.
Is that so disgusting to you?
Jarry pulls backward, closing her shirt, realization dawns
This isn't a new patch Filip. This
is HIS patch. He must have given
it to you before he...Jesus Christ
you knew?!
Chibs lights a cigarette and ignores her question
Earlier you warned me off of you,
you pushed me away, because you
KNEW this was going to happen. It
wasn't an accident, was it? You


                       JARRY (cont'd)
knew what he was planning?!
Chibs takes a long drag from his cigarette
It was YOU who ended whatever this
sick game is Sweetheart. Or don't
you remember?
I expressed concern! I have always
been concerned. But until now
you've always been able to help me
see that this...us...whatever we
are doing here is worth it. But
today you didn't! You practically
threatened to hurt me if I didn't
back off.
So what's that for you..foreplay?
You knew this was going to happen
and you were scared. You didn't
want me in a position where I
could get hurt. You saw that your
new role would bring more heat
from both sides of the law down on
us if we stayed together. Dammit
Filip you were PROTECTING ME?!
Chibs whirls around and pins her against the bar by her
I was protecting my club.
Althea gasps a bit and her eyes get large with fear. He
releases her and stands up. He wobbles a little on his feet
and grabs a chair. With his back still to Jarry he says
All I have is my club. This whole
thing between us. You run and I
chase you, it's dangerous. Althea,
you are a cop. Whether you show up
here in those clothes practically
begging for me to bend you over
the bar and take you, or with your
uniform and your badge on official
business, you never stop being a
cop. And it doesn't matter what I


                       CHIBS (cont'd)
want anymore. Jax died for this.
For this club. And that's in my
hands now. My responsibility.
He turns to face her once more. We see tears again.
It doesn't matter what I want
Chibs walks away into the darkness and camera pans to Jarry
looking shocked and devastated on the floor.
Venus adjusts her hair in the mirror. Reflected behind her
is Tig, sleeping sprawled out on the bed, but fully clothed.
Venus gives herself a hint of a smile as she stares at her
reflection. She feels at peace with herself for the first
time in a long time. Tig begins to stir on the bed.
Good Morning Baby
Morning Sweetheart. What time is
It's early still Sugar. I just
wanted to make sure I was up
bright and beautiful for you first
Venus springs up from her vanity and sashays over to the
bed. She snuggles up behind Tig. From the rumpled state of
his clothes and the half-made bed beneath him, it's clear he
didn't sleep well or much at all. She begins gently rubbing
Tig's shoulders.
How are you doing Baby?
I'm tired, I'm sore. I feel like I
got hit by a truck, and my best
friend actually DID get hit by
one. But other than that, I'm
He rolls over and kisses Venus gently


Honestly I don't know what I'd be
doing if you weren't here.
Probably diving into a bottle like
Chibs or going on an STD endurance
competition with Happy.
Venus smiles widely, kisses Tig on the cheek and hops nimbly
from the bed. She begins to walk from the room toward the
Well now that's exactly what I'm
here for! To protect you from the
evils of the bottle! And while I
can treat you to all kinds of
endurance competitions, I find
STDs to be particularly
unladylike, so you are well
protected from those too.
(Clamoring and banging from the
kitchen) But speaking of ladies, I
believe I am failing be a very
good ole lady at the moment, as
you've been awake at least 4
minutes without any breakfast.
We hear more clamoring in the kitchen. Camera pans in closer
to Tig's face as he smiles at Venus' words. Venus returns to
the room with a tray of breakfast food.
There you go Sugar, just like you
like it.
Tig takes a quick bite of bacon and eggs and a gulp of
orange juice. His eyes begin darting around the room, and
it's clear that after his moment of domestic bliss with
Venus he's raring to get up and go.
Thanks Baby that's perfect. I'm
just not too hungry this morning.
Not at all disturbed Venus lifts up the tray so Tig can get
up from the bed.
Of course you're not! It's a full
day today?
Tig lumbers into the bathroom while Venus stands in the
doorway. He half-heartedly throws some water on his face and


pats it dry with a towel. He shakes his fingers through his
hair, assesses himself in the mirror and is ready to go.
Antithesis of Venus' elaborate morning routine.
It's going to be a big one. We
have the other Charters'
presidents coming by the studio.
They're still in town but they're
anxious to get back home quickly
since they've been here awhile
now. Then I have to be around to
help Chibs with planning, (he
chokes up just the slightest bit)
you know, the funeral.
They walk together out of the bathroom. Venus picks up Tig's
cut from where he left it crumpled on the floor and follows
him to the front door. She croons in her best Marilyn Monroe
Lots of responsibility, Mr. Vice
She helps him on with his vest and lovingly caresses his new
patch. Complete opposite of Althea. Her playful tone
You wear it well, Alexander
Tig picks up her hand from his cut and kisses it gently.
Thank you.
They share a tender moment, ending only when Tig reaches
around and squeezes Venus' ass. She shrieks and jumps. Tig
opens the apartment door. In a joking parody of the 1950's
husband leaving for work:
Bye Wifey!
Have a nice day at the office
Across the hallway from Venus' door an elderly lady hovers
at the open door of her apartment, letting out her cat. She
takes in Tig leaving in his full MC regalia, and Venus in


the doorway in her silk nightie and robe. She looks at both
with obvious disgust. AS Tig approaches she picks up her cat
as if to avoid the scary biker and his transvestite "wife."
Tig leans into her as he walks by.
Nice pussy!
Elderly woman reels back with shock and horror and slams her
door. Tig turns and winks at Venus who smiles back at him
from her doorway, waving as he leaves.
A misty morning. Against the idyllic background of sheep and
horses in pastures, with a freeway in the distance, is the
small yellow farmhouse from opening montage. As camera pulls
tighter a porch swing on the porch of the farmhouse comes
into focus, and on it rocks Wendy Case, sitting with her
knees hugged up to her chest and a blanket wrapped around
her. She's lost in her thoughts. The front door opens and
Nero Padilla appears with two cups of coffee in his hands.
The boys are both still asleep.
      (Arousing from her
The boys, they're both still
sleeping. The long drive yesterday
must've tired them out.
That's good. The longer they
She chokes up, then wipes tears away from the corners of her
eyes and stares resolutely off into space.
You don't have to tell them alone
Mama. I'll help you.
He hands her the coffee and takes a seat next to her on the


I know. Thank you. (Desperate to
change the subject) I see why you
love this place.
It's beautiful, isn't it? On
mornings like this I look out and
I feel, I don't know, like this is
an entirely different world out
here. Like places like this, so
peaceful and beautiful, can't
possibly be on the same earth
where there's so much chaos and
mayhem. How can there be ByzLats
(he throws an awkward gang
sign)and turf wars and violence
and death in a world where places
like this exist too? (Long pause)
I feel the Hand of God in this
place. Like I can see what He was
trying to do when He made this
whole messed-up planet. You can
practically see His brushstrokes
still on the canvas here, you
know? Here it all makes sense to
Death reaches here too Nero.
Nero turns to Wendy, suddenly more passionate than quietly
pensive as he was moments before.
It doesn't have to Mama. Yes, we
both had a horrible loss. And my
heart is shattered so I don't even
know WHAT you are feeling. But
this can be the end of all that.
The end! The last person we have
to bury before his time. I tried
so hard to explain to Gemma, to
Jax that this place existed...this
PEACE existed. Getting here
though, it's a choice. And I guess
I got to them too late. What Gemma
did...what Jax had to do... they
made their choices.
He clambers off the porch swing and kneels down in front of
Wendy, clasping both of her hands around the warm cup of


But YOU came. You took those boys
and you came here. Everything Jax
ever wanted for them, everything
Tara ever did. You are the one who
made it right. Those boys can
finally have that peace.
What peace?! The peace of having
every single person they love die
in span of a few months? Some
freaking peace.
Nero gently pushes her hair back from her face, stares at
her pointedly.
Not EVERY person they love.
I just, I never thought I'd be
doing this alone. I mean even when
I thought I might take them if
Tara went to jail, she'd still be
there to talk to. She'd still be
their mother. And then after she
died..I hoped me and Jax, it was
so messed up I know because I
loved Tara, but I hoped maybe me
and Jax had a future together.
That ALL of us would get away from
it. But instead I'm all alone with
two boys who are going to need so
much more than I can give them.
What were Jax and Tara thinking?!
I can barely keep my houseplants
alive. I've been sober for two and
a half minutes, who am I to have
kids? (Pauses) But you're right. I
do want this peace for them.
You are NOT alone. I'm here for
the long haul Mama. There was a
time when I thought me and Gemma
had a future too, remember? And I
looked at those boys, I thought of
them as my grandsons, you know?
Familia. My love for Jax just
cemented that feeling. I will be
here for all of you no matter


I appreciate that Nero. I know Jax
meant a lot to you.
He did, you do. Those boys...they
mean everything.
Wendy leans forward and puts her head on his shoulder
briefly in a silent gesture of thanks and closes her eyes.
From inside the house we hear a small voice which interrupts
their moment of peaceful camaderie.
Wendy! Wen---Mommy?!
Wendy stands up resolutely, puts her coffee down on the
table and wraps the blanket tight around herself again. A
half smile plays across her lips.
He called me Mommy!?
He called you Mommy.
Wendy's brief smile fades as she remembers the weight of
what she's about to do.
Ok. I better go in and...
She turns and walks toward the door. Camera is tight on her
arm as Nero reaches over and grabs her firmly, but gently.
Together, remember?
He opens the door and holds it for her as she walks in. The
door slams shut behind them as they disappear into the
house. Camera pulls back out from the farmhouse to the field
and a couple of young lambs grazing.
                                         END OF ACT I
TO, Rat Boy, Quinn and Montez sit around the bar at Red
Woody. None of the girls are in for the day yet. The


environment is extremely quiet, subdued. All of them seem
tired, and each is lost in his own world. They all raise
their heads when they hear the door open. Tig walks in.
Slowly he begins walking over and hugging each guy as he
Hey guys, how you doing?
Mumbled responses from the guys. No one is looking at anyone
else. Jax's absence is palpable.
Chibs in yet?
                       RAT BOY
Nah we haven't seen him since he
left last night. Jarry came around
looking for him though
Well hopefully she found him and
treated him to a handcuffs and
hummers party at her place. He
could use a little tension relief
right now.
Door swings open and Happy walks in
Speaking of relieving
tension...you survived the night
Happy? No fast-acting gangrene
chewing away at your dick?
I'm good...I splurged for the
forty dollar hookers this time.
Tig smacks him on the shoulder as he walks by and Happy
grimaces just barely but then has a small, sick smile play
across his lips.
You really are the cheapest
bastard I've ever met Man. How's
your shoulder?
It feels awesome. I love the way
it burns whenever I flex my arm...


Cheap and completely crazy.
Tig walks toward the bar where the rest of the guys have
settled back into position, Happy sits down and we see him
clenching and unclenching his arm and nodding. There is some
uneasy laughter. The door opens again and as Chibs enters
the room goes silent. He is talking on a burner cell phone,
walks past the guys, nearly oblivious, and cracks a beer.
The guys exchange glances but say nothing.
      (On phone)
But when can you release him? We
have out of town family members
who want to stay for the funeral
but they have to leave the day
after tomorrow at the latest.
Pausing to listen. Raises his voice as he responds
What do you mean an autopsy?!He
rode his bike into the front of 20
ton semi-trailer! There! Case
cracked! Cause of death
determined! Now that I'm done
doing your job for you, tell me
what time I can come by and pick
up my brother!
Pausing again
I don't give a shit about county
procedure and regulations. Figure
out whose grandma can wait a day
to be sliced into McNuggets and
get it done. Hello?
He throws his phone down and it skitters across the bar. His
back is to the brothers as if he can't bear to face them.
The guys are tense all around him. Slowly Tig comes up to
Bureaucratic headaches, my
Goddamn medical examiner won't
release the body without an
autopsy. Anyone who dies outside


                       CHIBS (cont'd)
of a hospital, can you believe it?
And according to Mr. By-The_Book
ME, they do them in the order the
bodies come in, and they have a
lot of bodies they have to get to
Happy stands up in the background and takes a couple of
steps forward.
Want me to add one more Boss?
Tig shoots Happy a look over Chibs' shoulder. Happy shrugs
and sits back down.
I'm sure we'll figure something
out. The presidents are still
coming by?
Yes. Packer and a couple of the
others want to stay for the
funeral to pay their respects
which is why I'm trying to get the
medical examiner to move his arse.
Gaines...isn't amused by how it
all went down.
Yeah, didn't think he would be.
And Alvarez is on his way over.
What does our favorite little
river jumper want?
Probably just to pay his respects
as well. (Long pause) A lot of
people loved Jax.
I know brother.
Both men go silent. After a short pause Chibs seems to raise
himself out of his reverie and sees TO sitting at the far
end of the bar. TO looks like he has absolutely no idea what
he should be doing.


Sorry your first day was such a
mess, Brother.
It's alright Man.
And the Mayhem vote. You know we
will NEVER sit at that table again
without you there too. It was just
business that we had to take care
of from before you patched in. Jax
didn't want that burden on you,
and neither did I.
I understand, it's all good.
Chibs walks down the bar toward TO. TO reaches out as if to
shake Chibs' hand but Chibs grabs him by the hand and pulls
him in tight for a hug.
Glad to have you on board Brother.
Both men turn as the door opens and Marcus Alvarez walks in.
Alvarez makes a beeline for the guys and Chibs comes around
the bar.
I'm so sorry hear about Jax. I had
all the respect for him. He was a
true outlaw, Ese, a real stand up
guy. He was good to do business
with, but more than that I was
always proud to call him my
Chibs and Alvarez embrace.
Thank you Marcus.
You'll let me know when the
service is going to be? I want to
call up all of our charters and do
it up right for him.


We're trying to have it tomorrow
night but we're running into some
issues with the ME releasing him.
Alright some of my guys are a
day's ride away so I'll tell them
to head up right now just in case,
and hopefully you guys will have
everything straightened out by the
time they get here. If not they
can sit tight until it happens. He
was my friend and they'll show him
the respect he deserves.
That means a lot to us Man, thank
Long pause as Alvarez weighs what he is about to say. He is
clearly uncomfortable.
It makes me sick to have to bring
up business at a time like this...
      (Cutting him off)
We're still holding on to Diosa,
Marcus. As far as we're concerned
the partnership goes forward
exactly as planned.
I'm not worried about Diosa right
now Ese. We have time to figure
that out. Pussy pays today, it
will pay tomorrow. I'm talking
about Connor Malone.
Chibs looks heavenward and steels himself to hear what
Alvarez is going to share. Tig leans in expectantly
Malone's exit plan arrived in town
last night. I guess before you
guys swept in and decided to kill
a King and make Connor the big
dick in town, he called in a favor
with his supplier out in Hungary.
The supplier arranged a plane to
get him out of here but the only
problem is, the supplier decided


                       ALVAREZ (cont'd)
to make the trip himself and make
sure that Connor was even worth
saving at this point. I guess he
had some fears the Charming gun
trade was dead whether he saved
Connor or not. And now Connor is
losing his shit because apparently
the Eastern Europeans don't do
business with anyone whose skin is
darker than a slight suntan, and
the supplier wants to meet the
distributors for his product this
Bloody Christ!
And not to push you, Ese, but if
this gun trade goes away because
my homies and me look too much
like the gardeners, this peace Jax
worked so hard to make is going to
be a distant memory.
Chibs takes a swig of his beer and thinks for a moment. He
holds it out to Alvarez who shakes his head.
Want one?
Thanks Man, but it's early
As if suddenly seized by an idea Chibs whirls around toward
I need you, TO and Happy to ride
out to Tully's guys' ranch. Happy,
you're good to ride?
So all we have to do is to put a
pretty white face on the deal long
enough to appease the dealer and
get him back on a plane to
Goulashville. Ask Tully's guys if
they will come and meet the
supplier today and calm down any


                       CHIBS (cont'd)
fears he may have about our nasty
Californian way of celebrating
diversity. Tell them we'll treat
them to a month of free pussy at
Diosa for their trouble. Then when
the Eastern Invasion has ended,
Marcus's crew runs the guns as
Alvarez smiles and stands up, shaking Chibs' hand.
Thanks for helping out Mano.
Of course! Sorry that there's
another hiccup before everything
is running smoothly.
It's alright. (Nodding toward TO)
Not everyone can be as open-minded
as the Sons. Good choice by the
Damn straight.
Congratulations Ese.
Thank you!
Alvarez walks over to TO and shakes his hand. He and other
clubs members talk together quietly in background as camera
shifts to Tig and Chibs at the bar.
Watching TO and Alvarez, Tig leans in toward Chibs and
speaks under his breath
I think you've got a good plan
here Boss, but are you really sure
we should bring TO with us out to
the Ranch? I mean I like the guy
I told TO that he's part of
everything from this point forward
and I meant it. Either Tully's
guys are going to be ok with him


                       CHIBS (cont'd)
or they're not. And if they're not
I'd like to find out sooner rather
than later.
Sounds good Prez.
The title is out of his mouth before Tig can stop himself.
Both men lock eyes momentarily. There is pain on Chib's face
before he speaks again.
      (Averting his eyes)
And try to keep it under control
out there, alright? Whatever their
reaction we don't need a war with
White right now.
Absolutely! You're ok waiting for
the Presidents without me?
I'm fine
Tig gives him a long, searching look. Clearly, he doesn't
think Chibs is fine. However he decides now is not the time
to push further and turns toward the others.
Hap, TO, you're with me!
The three men make their way toward the door. We see them
say their goodbyes in the background as Alvarez walks back
up to Chibs.
I'm heading out too. I've got to
make my calls to the other
charters. Let me know if you need
help with anything on my end. And
remember, call as soon as you know
on the service, alright?
I will brother, thank you.
As Alvarez follows the others out Chibs calls to Quinn,
Montez and Rat Boy


Quinn, Montez, I need you to head
out to Diosa. Let the girls know
that even with Jax gone nothing
will be changing.
Sure Boss
We're on it.
Rat you're going to go over to TM.
There are some papers in a file
we're going to be needing going
foreward with Diosa. Chucky knows
what they are. Also tell him I
have no idea on what's happening
with Jax but he needs to get the
shop ready to hold a memorial if
we can get the body released. We
can't do it here or at Scoops, so
he's going to have to make that
shop look right if we want to be
able to honor him properly.
Tables, chairs, anything he needs
to order tell him to do it and not
worry about the cost.
                       RAT BOY
No problem.(hesitates) You need
anything else?
Chibs just shakes his head and drinks his beer. As Rat Boy
leaves Chibs is left alone in Red Woody, a solitary figure
behind the bar, beer in hand. He seems very much alone in
the world. Camera pulls up and away.
Sitting at Gemma's desk is Chucky. Paperwork is stacked upon
the desk as though it's been backing up for awhile. On the
ground in the corner, nearly out of frame, is the empty bird
cage. Chucky is staring off into space with his hand
hovering above the paper as if he was filling something out
and got distracted. A shy knock at the door rouses him from
his thoughts.
Come in


The door opens slowly and Brooke Putner appears holding a
brown paper bag. She is slightly disheveled and her eyes are
rimmed red from crying. She steps into the office almost as
if she's on hallowed ground, she seems nervous.
Sorry, I don't know if it's ok for
me to be here. One of the guys in
the shop said I should come in...
Chucky stands, always the benevolent gentleman. Motions
toward the couch.
Of course you can be here! Take a
Thank you. I just talked to Rat
and he said he was on his way over
here so I thought I'd try to meet
up with him for a minute. (She
gestures toward bag) I brought him
a sandwich.
Well I'm sure he'll be happy to
see you.
Brooke continues speaking almost as if she didn't hear
I was too young to remember my mom
actually dying. But I remember the
food. Years later, we still had
casseroles in the deep freeze in
our garage. And every Friday night
my dad would pull one out and we'd
eat it. God knows what he was
thinking! I mean, these things
were years old..even in the deep
freeze it's kind of gross...but he
always hated to waste stuff I
guess. Anyway he'd tell me my mom
made them before she died, just
for me. It always made me feel
special, like my mom was still
around a little bit. Like we had a
date with her every Friday night.
Then one week when I was 5 or 6 my
dad asked me to pull out the next
casserole. And I was so proud of
myself, I felt so big and like I


                       BROOKE (cont'd)
was his real helper, you know? But
when I pulled it out, there was a
sticky note taped to it. And I had
just learned to read so I was so
excited to see the note my mom
left for me. But it said, "So
sorry again for your loss Gary!
When you're done please return the
container. I hope you like
casserole. Love, Janice" She was
our next door neighbor. And I
realized in that moment that my
dad was a liar and my mom left me
completely alone. That night was
the first time I ran away. (Long
pause.) Anyway, I don't know why I
told you that story (uncomfortable
laugh) Just that, when someone
dies I know you're supposed to
bring food. Maybe I should have
made a casserole...
Chucky sits down next to her and puts an arm around her
I think a sandwich is perfect.
A pause of companionable silence as they sit next to each
What are you going to be doing
with your time now Brooke? Do you
think Wendy is still going to have
you help out with the boys?
I don't know. I mean it was Gemma
who I was working for...
Well stuff is obviously going to
be kind of up in the air for
awhile. I'm not sure what's going
to be happening with TM. And of
course if Wendy decides she wants
to keep you on I know you'll want
to be with the boys. But in the
meantime I could really use your
help around here, if you're
interested. Gemma was always
really good about the paperwork,


                       CHUCKY (cont'd)
until Tara died (he tapers off)
Brooke turns toward Chucky, her expression searching and sad
How could she do it Chucky? Gemma
loved Tara! And Jax! Gemma was his
mother and he killed her ?! And
Unser! I just don't understand how
this all happened.
Tears are in the corners of Chucky's eyes as he stands and
walks toward the window looking into the shop.
Don't judge them too harshly
Brooke. You have to understand the
life, the club, the loyalty. When
you're on the good side of it all,
it's the best thing in the world.
But when it breaks apart the
pieces cut down anything in their
paths. Gemma and Jax knew the
life. Unser knew the risks he
took. But don't mistake this for a
tragedy. It's a love story, pure
and simple. Unser's love for Gemma
lead him to her side even though
he knew joining her would mean
certain death. Gemma thought Tara
sent Jax to jail and crushed the
club, and acted out of rage on
impulse. Jax loved Tara so much he
had to kill her murderer, no
matter the pain it caused him.
Gemma loved Jax so much that she
couldn't bear to be on this planet
if being here would cause him
pain. And Jax loved his mother so
much that he couldn't live with
himself after killing her. There
was murder and death, yes. But
there was no hatred. Only love and
loyalty so profound it transcended
death itself. Each willing to
sacrifice their life for the
person they loved most.
He turns back to Brooke with a smile on his face though the
tears are flowing freely.


That's the kind of love most
people wait a lifetime for Brooke.
And I've been lucky enough to
witness it up close and personal.
Yeah I guess I see it. And I want
that kind of love. But... no more
death. There have been too many
funerals in my life. Too many
Do you love Rat? That deep,
would-die-for him kind of love?
What? I mean, yeah I guess. I
mean. Yes. Yes I do love him.
Well you need to get clear on that
because I see the way he looks at
you. Think long and hard about
him, because just like Jax, Gemma
and everyone else in SAMCRO, he
loves deep. And that love is for
you AND his club. You can't
separate the two. So if you want
to be with him, it's all of this
(he gestures around the yard) you
have to accept. The good and the
bad. And me too, I'm the Ugly.
Brooke laughs
So how about it? You want to help
me out here for a little bit? I
could really use a hand. Two in
Brooke laughs harder and stands to join him next to the
Gesturing to some papers on the desk Chucky begins to tell
her which are invoices and which are receipts. (Ad Lib)
Their dialogue fades as the camera pans out


Happy, TO and Tig pull up to farmhouse on their Harleys.
Sitting on the porch are three members of Tully's gang. They
begin to nudge each other and start pointing toward TO. The
men look shocked and surprised. The head of the crew stands
up and spits. As SAMCRO begins taking off their helmets TO
leans into Tig
Are you sure about these guys Man?
They look like some serious
trailer-dwelling Backwoods Bubbas.
Oh yeah. These are Tully's guys.
They're RINOs brother, Racists In
Name Only.
In name only? That one has a
confederate belt buckle! Pretty
damn sure that's a sign of
      (Cutting TO off)
No, it's a sign of stupidity and
I'd much rather they come wearing
Walking toward the porch
Hey Guys! How are you!
      (Ignoring Tig, to
What the hell is this?
Just here to talk some business
      (Again to Happy)
Why is that guy in a cut?
Tig climbs the steps of the porch and stands directly in
front of Leader so he has no choice but to look at Tig.
Happy and TO stand at the bottom of the porch stairs.


We make our guys wear them. You
know,kind of like a uniform? (He
eyes the guy's confederate belt
buckle) Not everyone pull off a
buckle that fabulous Man.
He's black!!!
Tig looks back toward TO
Who him? Nahhh Man, he just fell
asleep in a tanning bed.
Yeah don't ever mix Tanqueray and
tanning Brother.. bad combo
Leader pulls back from Tig and speaks to Happy over Tig's
What the hell is happening to
SAMCRO?! First you show up with
half a fag and now a nigger?
      (Stepping up one
Watch it Man.
      (Placating Happy)
We're good Brother
Leader takes in Happy for a moment. He seems sufficiently
intimidated to back down for the time being.
What is it you guys want?
We want to cut you guys on a deal
with have doing some gun running.
It just involves showing up to a
meeting this afternoon and putting
a pretty white face on a deal.
He looks around at the trio of Bubbas with a hint of
amusement. TO, picking up on it...


So if you know anyone with some
pretty white faces....
Tig whirls around giving them an "If looks could kill"
Happy and TO are laughing in the background.
Leader steps in toward Tig, getting right in his face.
It's bad enough YOU come here, but
bringing him with you is
completely disrespectful to who we
are and what we stand for. You
think Tully is going to ok this
kind of a deal? He's going to be
disgusted by it, you race-mixing
      (Calling out)
Are you sure about that? Our
friend Juice told us Tully was
down with the Brown.
Tig waves him off, trying to keep the situation under
Enough guys!
That's prison!
Tig tries to grab Leader's arm to in a calming manner. The
Leader jerks his arm away like he's been burned.
Don't you EVER touch me you sick
Happy's really pissed now and comes charging forward.
Stop! Stop Hap!
This time Happy's up two stairs before Tig can get him to
stop. He stops coming up the stairs but also refuses to go
back down to ground level. TO joins him on the second step.


Okkkkk lots of tempers. Let's all
just calm down. There's an upside
here for everyone if we can all
just calm down and hammer it out.
You guys like pussy right? Just
come to one meeting today for us
and you've got all the Aryan Pussy
you want free at Diosa for the
next month.
Yeah, WE do like pussy. But if you
think we would ever, EVER make a
deal with you and your boyfriends
you have another thing coming.
Tig is desperately trying to keep his temper in check and to
deliver a good result for Chibs on his first day as VP.
I thought you guys were the newer,
friendlier Aryans? More Vanilla
Pride than White Pride? Tully said
you are color blind if there was
business to be done.
We will deal with other colors
when we have to. We'll even deal
with fags when have to. What we
will NEVER be ok with is the
mixing of the races. It's against
everything we stand for. Don't you
have any pride? You give him a
patch and call him your equal?
Come on man. We've done good
business before.
Yeah, before you brought your
monkey brother to our house...and
before you started running around
with your tranny girlfriend.
Camera pans to TO and Happy on steps


      (Under his breath
       to Happy)
Tig DOES know Venus has a dick,
Yeah, I imagine by this point it's
come up.
Camera back on Tig. His jaw is clenched but he is trying
mightily to keep everything under control. One last try
Listen you don't have to like me,
my club, anything. Just let
business be business and we all
come out on top.
      (Menacing growl)
Get the hell off our property
Tig takes one last look around. The two other Bubbas are
leaning forward in their chairs, ready to jump up. He feels
the tension of Happy behind him. Realizing nothing is
getting solved in this moment he decides to go.
Alright, alright we're going
TO, Happy and Tig make their way down the stairs. Just as
Tig steps off the bottom step
That's right Fag Boy. Turn around
and go home to that sick,
freak-of-nature whore you love so
Tig pauses at the base of the stairs. Happy puts his hand
out to stop TO from walking further away from the porch,
anticipating Tig's reaction. Tig whirls around and begins
charging up the stairs. Happy cracks a big smile.
About damn time!
Happy and TO charge up behind Tig. Tig grabs the leader and
begins punching him repeatedly in the mouth. The leader is a
big guy but slow, he's easy brought to the ground by Tig's
rabid anger. Happy vaults over Tig and Leader on the ground


and begins pummeling on the the two stooges. One guy tries
hoping over the railing and running from the fight but TO is
right behind him, bringhing him to the ground quickly. The
fighting and scrambling continue for a few moments until
SAMCRO has the men completely subdued. Wiping sweat from his
forehead, Tig straddles the Leader as TO and Happy come up
behind him. He pulls out his knife and cuts off the belt
buckle, handing it to TO. As he sheathes his knife he pulls
out his gun. The leader starts whimpering on the ground but
his cries are stifled by Happy who put his boot over his
Now you can call me whatever name
you want. Doesn't bother me. Hell
it reminds me of my mama, makes me
all warm and fuzzy inside. But the
next time you want to say one
goddamn word about my woman you
just remember this.... my lady's
got more balls than you do..
The sound of a gun clicking. The Leader's eyes widen in
horror and he realizes what's about to happen. He lets out a
muffled scream. Gun, buried firmly in his testicles, goes
off. Leader is left writhing in pain as SAMCRO members run
toward their bikes. As they quickly put on their helmests
Tig leans toward TO and Happy.
You guys saw I was the calm one
there for like 90% of that, right?
Pretty sure you just took a bad
situation and made it a whole lot
worse VP...
      (Revving his
Yeah. That's kind of my specialty.
The three bikes peel off. We see TO throw something over his
shoulder and the camera focuses in on the confederate flag
belt buckle, cartwheeling across the pavement until it comes
to rest in the mud by the side of the road.
                                         END ACT II


Chibs is back at the head of the table, the presidents from
the other charters in the other seats around him. Gaines,
seated directly opposite Chibs at the foot of the table, is
leaning forward with extremely aggressive body language.
And that's it? He managed to break
free, and if not for losing
control of his bike just in time
to go head first into a big rig he
would have escaped Mayhem all
together? You expect me to believe
that shit?
Chibs is measured in his response, it's clear he's repeated
himself a couple of times and is getting frustrated.
He wrestled away the gun from
Happy and shot him in the arm. We
tried to stop him but he was out
the door before any of us could
get to him. If you wait a bit
Happy will be back here and I'm
sure he'll show you the wound. In
all honesty, he'll enjoy showing
it to you. And he wasn't trying to
escape Mayhem, just to make sure
it landed on his own terms.
Right, sure. He planned to die.
Even if I believed that, and I
don't, that's not the way this is
supposed to work.
The end result is the same
The result is NOT the same if I
can't trust how we got there.
The facts are the facts. I don't
really care whether you believe me
at this point or not.


Yeah I can tell. But you should. I
am a president too here. MY
president was murdered and STILL
there is no justice. If the club
can't give justice to me, maybe I
need to look outside the club for
      (Apalled at Gaines)
Let's calm down here brothers.
Careful Gaines. You ARE a
president, and as one you are
sworn to work for the best of the
club as a whole, not just your
charter. It would be a bad idea to
make the rest of us wonder if you
truly have the best interest of
the club at heart or if you're
still hell bent on personal
      (Snort of disgust)
Says the man who trained under Jax
Teller, single-handedly the most
selfish and destructive president
this club has ever seen.
Chibs is up from his chair before Gaines can even finish his
sentence and is charging for him. Gaines is up as well,
ready. Chibs lunges at him and lands one punch square in his
jaw before Packer is able to pull him back.
Enough, ENOUGH!
Chibs and Gaines stand a few feet apart, staring each other
down. Gaines dabs at the corner of his lip where a slow
trickle of blood begins. It is clear that Chibs hates
Gaines, on some level he blames him for Jax's death.
Let's all sit back down and TALK
about this. You're not going to
solve this with your fists
Slowly they back away from each other. Their eyes remain
locked. Both men resume their seats. Packer takes this
moment to take control of the meeting.


I don't really know what happened
here yesterday. And frankly, I
gotta agree with Chibs. I don't
care that much how it went down as
long as it ended the way it did.
This situation was unique. When
was the last time a president
willingly put himself up for a
Mayhem vote?
       cutting him off)
When was the last time a president
murdered another president?!
Packer glares at Gaines, who, disgusted, goes quiet.
I had nothing but respect for the
way Jax handled this situation. He
made a mistake with Jury. It was
horrible, but he owned it. It took
a lot of balls to look us all in
the eye and apologize. And I'm
sorry but I can't believe a man
who could do that was the kind of
coward who'd run away from the
Mayhem. He didn't have to own his
mistake. Hell, we had voted it was
self-defense! If he hadn't
confessed he would have walked
away from it all scott-free. I
think he didn't want to burden his
club. The man lived on his bike,
he wanted to go out on his bike. I
respect that. I think since he
owned his actions he had the right
to make that choice. And as far as
I'm concerned, if my brothers
agree with me, the matter is
There are murmurs of assent and agreement from around the
table. Everyone is on board except Gaines, who again stands
in disgust.
What about Jury? Where was his


He begins to walk toward Chibs again, Packer holds out a
hand and Gaines pauses.
You know what I think? I think
your president was a weak coward.
I think he ran away and would have
made it if he didn't ride as
horribly as he chose to preside. I
think all of you (he turns and
gestures toward the table) are
just as weak; eager to forgive
because it's easier to bury him a
hero than label him a coward. And
I think YOU (leaning as close to
Chibs as Packer will let him) were
in on it the whole way.
Gaines turns and walks toward the door of the room. Stopping
one last time with the door open beside him he turns.
Patching into the Sons was the
worst decision Indian Hills ever
made. Maybe it's time we rectify
that mistake.
The door slams shut behind him as the presidents are left
behind in shock.
      (To Chibs)
You've got a serious issue there
      (Half smiling)
Aye, when do I not have issues?
Well however it shakes out with
him, we're behind you.
I know that, and I appreciate it.
One by one the presidents stand from the table and shake
Chibs' hand/hug him.
We'll be here through tomorrow
night. Let us know when everything
is finalized. No matter how much
of a mess this all became, we


                       PACKER (cont'd)
loved Jax.
Thank you Brother.
Their chatter fades to background as the camera pans out and
focuses on a mugshot of Jax on the wall.
The inside of a small, somewhat shabby farmhouse. Amid boxes
and 1960's style furniture, some still covered with sheets,
we see Abel on his stomach lying on the floor, playing with
his toy motorcycle. A sandwich crust on a paper plate and a
grape juice box are on the floor next to him. Camera pans so
Abel is in background and focuses on Wendy and Nero, staring
at him from the kitchen where they are standing.
He's doing good, Mama. As good as
can be expected.
      (Sarcastic laugh)
Well if anyone would be good at
this by now it would be him,
right? He's kind of an old pro at
getting this sort of news.
Yeah I guess. ( A beat) There's no
rush, obviously. But I called the
school district out here. He was
doing so well at his school back
in Charming I thought the
structure might be good for him
while he goes through this.
There's a great school with a
pre-k just five miles down the
road. Whenever you're ready we can
go see it. I have to go back up
for the funeral and to get Lucius,
but other than that whenever you
want to swing by there I'd love to
go with you.
What are you talking about Nero?


Look I know it's early, you don't
have to make any decisions yet,
but he's going to need a school at
some point.
A school here? Just how long
exactly do you think this vacation
is going to be?!
I thought you said... This morning
you said you wanted this peace for
them? I think it was always Jax's
intention that you and the boys
stay down here. Or he said maybe
go out East with your family. But
I figured since you liked it here
you'd be staying.
Wendy turns and walks back into the kitchen and starts
aimlessly cleaning up. She begins pulling dishes out of the
cabinet, looking at the decades of dust accumulated on them,
and then rinses them in the sink. She wants to keep her
hands busy as she talks.
It's beautiful here Nero. And I
appreciate all you've done for me
and the boys, and all the help
you're offering. But Abel and
Thomas have had their entire world
tipped upside down. Their mother,
father, grandmother, gone in the
space of a few months. It can't
possibly be in their best interest
to pull them away from their home,
from Abel' school too. They need
SOMETHING in their lives that is
familiar right now.
Nero reels in shock. He seems completely aghast at Wendy's
Mama you can't be serious?
Bringing these boys back to
Charming?! Back to everything Tara
and Jax died to keep them away


There's nothing wrong with
Charming. There WAS something
wrong with having a father in a
gang and a grandmother who made
Bloody Mary look like the Virgin
She turns to face Nero, water still running in the sink,
dish brush in hand.
All that was poisonous about that
town is gone now Nero. And it's
their home. MY home.
Don't you understand? It's the
club Wendy?! The club is in the
town. And those little boys will
be the Princes in Waiting, heirs
to the Teller Dynasty.
Wendy turns back to the sink with a snort of derision.
What exactly is it that you think
is going to happen Nero? The
second we're back in Charming the
club is going to kidnap the boys
and patch them in? Pretty sure
they don't make cuts in their
size. The club isn't going to be a
part of their lives. I'll make
sure of it.
Nero grabs her, firmly, but gently and whirls her around.
The water continues to run
It's the legacy Mama. Their
father's ghost haunts every corner
of that town. And maybe you can
keep the club away from them, but
you'll never keep them away from
the club. It's in their blood. You
allow them anywhere within 100
miles and they will make their way
to it like homing pigeons finding
their true north. They'll search
out their father. Revere him. Turn
him into a hero and a god. And Jax
knew this. He KNEW this! It's what


                       NERO (cont'd)
happened with him and his father.
He didn't want that confusion for
his boys. He wanted them to hate
him so they'd never repeat his
She shakes off his grip and walks out the back door. The
pastoral scene outside is beautiful, sharp contrast to the
argument that was ensuing inside. Nero follows out.
At the end, Jax hated himself. Of
course he wanted his boys to hate
him too. But those were the
thoughts of a suicidal man who had
lost everything, not those of
someone capable of making rational
choices. Of course I will teach
those boys to love their father.
They need that comfort. I won't
vilify his memory.
You're making a mistake.
      (She ignores him)
I hope we can still come here
often. It is beautiful here. And
Abel loved the lambs this morning.
My home will always be open to
Jax's boys. I made him a promise
it would be (Pause). Look go back
there for a few months, a year.
Maybe you're right that that
stability will be good for them at
first. But then you need to go
somewhere, anywhere else. I will
never stop reminding you of what
Jax, what Tara, wanted for them.
(He waves his hands expansively)
They wanted this.
Wendy leans over and gives him a gentle peck on the cheek.
I know you won't. You're a good
man Nero.


A good man. I hear that a lot. A
lot of good it does me.
You'll drive us back up in the
morning? I don't want to miss the
funeral and Chibs is trying to
make it happen tomorrow night.
Yes Mama. I'll drive.
Camera pans up and out from back porch toward the pasture.
The field is empty as birds chirp in the background.
Chibs sits on the roof of Redwoody, in the same place he sat
only 24 hours before with Jax beside him. He smokes a
cigarette and looks out at the ports contemplatively. Though
he sits alone he sits all the way to one side of the bench,
as if to leave room for Jax. He is not yet used to his
absence. From below comes Tig's voice.
You up there Boss?
Aye, get your arse up here.
Chibs stubs out his cigarette and turns to face Tig
expectantly as he comes up the ladder. It is clear from his
posture that he is not happy with him.
So how did it go with Tully's
Well good mostly. Except for the
very end. It turns out they don't
have the balls to help our
Brotherhood now we accept
Aye. About 20 minutes ago I got an
irate phone call from the
farmhouse. Apparently you shot off
Tully's cousin's sac. Well done on


                       CHIBS (cont'd)
keeping it peaceful.
I'm sorry Brother, I really am. If
it makes you feel better there was
no way they were dealing with us
even before I neutered Bubba. They
didn't buy my line about TO and
the tanning bed.
Imagine that. (lighting another
cigarette) Well we knew this could
be a result of changing the bylaw.
I can't say I didn't expect it. It
would have been nice to part ways
with Tully on a good note but when
was the last time things were
easy? Maybe we'll get lucky and he
hates that cousin.
Tig, with palpable relief, comes and sits next to Chibs.
Thank you Brother.
But this puts us right back into
the thick of it, exactly where we
don't want to be. Connor's dealer
is demanding a meeting today and
obviously Alvarez and crew aren't
the picture he wants to paint. So
with Tully out we have no choice
but to go ourselves and convince
him of our racial worthiness.
I'm thinking then this meeting IS
one we need TO to skip ?
Honestly I'm not sure if he's the
bigger liability or if you are.
I deserve that.
Chibs' phone rings and he looks down at the Caller ID


Skeeter calling me back (answers)
Tell me you have good news for me.
Skeeter has one hand on his cellphone, one hand applying
lipstick to the corpse of a very elderly woman.
Sorry Chibs, I don't.
His hand pauses above the corpse as he studies his
I talked to both guys I was in
school with over at the ME's
office. Neither of them can do
anything to push the process
along. I asked them about paying
off the ME but apparently he's a
totally by-the-book asshole. If
you try to grease him it's only
going to cause you trouble.
Chibs stands with frustration.
Dammit! There's no other Medical
Examiner who can release him?
Nope. That's why they're so backed
up right now. The other ME was
called out to help in the Stockton
office. Apparently they've had a
serious crime wave there in the
past week or so.
Chibs rolls his eyes heavenward at the irony.
I have hundreds of people making
their way here. You're saying
there's literally nothing to be


Sorry, but yes, that's what I'm
saying. Short of a sheriff's order
to expedite the autopsy there's
nothing anyone can do.
(Long pause)
Are you there?
Yes, sorry. Alright, thank you for
your help.
Oh and hey, Gemma and Unser are
being delivered tomorrow if....
      (Cutting him off)
Chucky's dealing with all that.
Chibs snaps his phone abruptly and turns back to Tig.
Any luck?
I'm not sure yet. Come on, let's
head downstairs. I want to get
this meet with Connor over and
done with so we can wash our hands
of this business once and for all.
The two men walk toward the open hatch and descend into


Chibs, Happy and Tig pull up to a warehouse. It's located
amidst a very industrial area. Big rigs come and go in the
background. Tig nods toward the building.
I swear to God if there are dolls
in there I'm quitting.
Connor Malone walks out the man door next to the large
slider. He gestures the men forward. The three men dismount
their bikes and follow him in.
The men walk into a large, cavernous room, poorly lit. Every
surface is covered with religious statues, relics and
iconography. There are abandoned church pews, kneelers,
confessionals stacked multiple layers deep. Camera pulls in
close on multiple different statue faces as Tig speaks
Oh wonderful. Statues. Much less
      (Callin out to
You are hiding your shady gun
trade from your Shamrock-wearing
brethren in a warehouse that is
practically a shrine to the Irish
Catholic church?!
Hide in plain sight, I always say.
I have a friend at the diocese
who's happy to let me use this
storage space for meetings as long
as I keep the church coffers well
Connor pauses right before opening the door to the office of
the warehouse. He is very much on edge and gives the aura of
a man who realizes he's alive on borrowed time.
You've not heard anything from the
Kings yet then?


Nothing yet Con. Seems like they
haven't realized there's been a
coup de 'etat.
Thank Jesus for that.
Connor crosses himself then brings the crucifix to his lips
and kisses it. Tig, looking around, superstitiously and
uneasily, does his own clumsy attempt at the sign of the
cross as if to ward off any bad juju the statues might be
sending his way.
Good then. We might yet all make
it out of this alive. As long as
we keep him (gestures toward
office door) happy, his
connections should be powerful
enough to keep even the kings at
Connor opens the door and walks into the office. Chibs, Tig
and Happy follow him in. Chibs comes to an abrupt halt,
causing Tig to walk right into this back. Happy comes stops
just in time to avoid walking into Tig. Shock and confusion
register on Chibs' face as the camera pans around to reveal
Ethan Zobelle, seated behind an extremely ornate wooden
desk, carved with religious iconography. An oversized and
similarly ornate crucifix hangs behind him on the wall. He
is flanked by two bodyguard types with chiseled. Eastern
European features. Zobelle stands, ever the gentleman, and
extends his hand.
Mr. Telford. Such a pleasure to
meet with you again.
Chibs, Tig and Happy all just gape at Zobelle.
      (under breath)
Aw shit
What the hell are you doing here?
Zobelle smiles placidly as Connor looks in terror from one
man to the other. He is clearly afraid he's seeing his
chances of survival slipping away before his eyes.


You know each other?!
Yes, we do. I had some dealings
with SAMCRO a few years back,
before I met you. Unfortunately
our interests ultimately ran
counter to each other and we had
to part ways. But, the past is the
past. Bygones, am I right Mr.
Zobelle sits back down in his chair, lights a cigar, and
gestures Chibs toward the empty chair in front of him.
Shell-shocked, Chibs takes a seat and Happy and Tig stand
behind him.
Say your piece then.
When Mr. Malone first told me he
had found a distributor for my
weapons here I imagined it was
probably what was left of the
Aryan Brotherhood. After all, he
knows my organization's position
when it comes to racial purity.
The blacks and browns are free to
buy our weapons, kill each other
with them and save us the trouble,
but they are not welcome to be in
possession of our money or
inventory. I remembered the AB
here as being somewhat dimwitted
though, and I was concerned he
might be tempted to find easier,
darker distributors. When he told
me though, that it was SAMCRO who
would be running for us, I admit a
rather...visceral response. (He
looks toward Connor) You see we
weren't great friends the last
time around.
Connor looks heavenward as if he is prepared to be
assassinated right there on the spot.
However I recalled watching the
news this morning, and hearing
that the last branch of that
particularly diseased family tree


                       ZOBELLE (cont'd)
which caused me so much trouble,
had died last night. And of course
this changes everything.
How so?
Well. If it were still Mr. Teller
at the head of your organization
I'm afraid I would have had to
rather forcefully decline the
offer to keep the gun trade flush
in California. But I think you and
I can be businessmen and come to
some sort of agreement.
      (Long pause)
Aye, we'll run your guns.
Happy and Tig exchange glances in the background.
On one condition. We want 10% more
than we originally asked.
Zobelle stumps out his cigar and leans forward.
Forgive me my indelicacy, Mr.
Telford, but you don't strike me
to be in a position to do much
Well forgive me MY indelicacy, Mr.
Zobelle, but you are right about
Mr. Malone. He WAS planning to use
brown to run your guns, which is
why you were getting such a cheap
price on the service. White labor
is more expensive.
There is a long, stunned pause. Connor tries to be
simultaneously invisible and to move toward the door at the
same time. The silence is broken when Zobelle lets out a
loud, uncharacteristic guffaw of shocked laughter. Behind
him the two bodyguards, a beat later, begin to laugh.


Impressive Mr. Telford. I always
knew I liked you. Yes, an extra
10% for your cooperation. And
course you and I will be in close
contact both through Mr. Malone
and directly, just in case he gets
any further aspirations.
Zobelle throws a side eye to Malone and then stands to shake
Chibs' hand. Chibs shakes his hand stiffly and then turns to
walk toward the door.
      (Calling out)
Oh I was wrong earlier, wasn't I?
Chibs, Happy and Tig stop and turn back around toward
About what?
The last branch of that family
tree didn't die, did it? Mr.
Teller had two sons, didn't he? I
presume they are alive and well?
Both Happy and Chibs advance a few steps back into the room
and Tig puts a calming hand on Chibs' shoulder.
Alive and well and far away from
That IS wonderful news! I myself
am not lucky enough to have any
descendants. You see, Charming can
be quite fatal for the children in
ones life.
The weight of the threat hangs in the air. Chibs looks as
though he would give everything to attack Zobelle. Happy is
practically panting with the effort it is taking to keep
himself in check. Zobelle, having caused the effect he
desires, gives a dismissive wave of his hand.
We'll be in touch Mr. Telford.
Make sure not to let anything
damage this agreement.


Chibs turns and storms from the room, followed by Happy, Tig
and Connor. They emerge squinting in the bright sunlight.
Chibs kicks the side of door and lights a cigarette with
shaky hands.
You completely threw me under the
bus? He could have shot me!
He already knew you had planned to
work with Brown! I wasn't telling
him anything he hadn't already
figured out. He needs you alive
for your Irish contacts.
Jesus Christ.
Connor swivels and heads back into the warehouse, shaking
his head.
So what are we doing here Boss?
What can we do?! We lose this gun
trade and we have every single
gang of every shade of the rainbow
after us, not to mention one very
pissed off father who thinks the
best way to avenge his daughter's
death is to end the Teller line
once and for all. We're going to
have run his goddamn guns. And
we're going to have to pay the
Mayans what they were going to
pocket anyway and take the extra
10% just to cover our costs.
Or I could just go in there and
arrange a touching father and
daughter reunion....
We can't kill him Hap. At least
not yet. It sounds like in the
years since he left town he's made
some very powerful allies. And the
last thing we need is to think


                       CHIBS (cont'd)
we're cutting off the head of the
snake only to find out we've just
clipped the toenail of a tiger.
No. We wait. (a pause) God DAMMIT.
Alright, we'll make it work. It
will just be for a bit until we
get our facts straight anyway.
(Pause) Ok THIS time can we all
just agree I was the calm one?
The three members of SAMCRO begin mounting their bikes.
I think you were just too scared
of the statues to move.
      (Shaking his head)
Where's the love Brother, where's
the love?
Before he finishes strapping on his helmet Chibs pulls out
his phone. He stares at it a moment, contemplating, then in
a rush of decision opens it.
Hang on a second guys. (Into the
phone) Hey, it's me. I need your
A somewhat dilapidated house. Scattered, half-started
do-it-yourself projects scattered in the front yard. Three
bikes roar up in front of the house and into the driveway,
riders are TO Montez and Quinn. Dusk is falling.
So it's the end of your first full
day as a Son, what do you think?
It was definitely eventful!
Really? I thought it was kind of


Yeah well you weren't responsible
for starting a race war.
Don't worry about Tully's guys.
They're just angry and have been
      (cutting him off)
They lost the Civil War?
Well I was going to say since we
got a black president but you're
probably closer to the truth.
And we'll get it figured out.
You'll see, we always do.
Shit's going to be better now,
you'll see, calmer.
Of course that's another thing
we've been saying..since the end
of the Mayan War.
They all laugh and then lapse into companionable silence.
After a moment Quinn reaches his hand out and shakes TO's
hand, then pulls him into a hug. Montez follows suit.
Seriously Brother, we're all happy
to have you on board.
We are Brother.
Thanks guys. It's awesome to be a
Son. It's something I always
wanted, but never thought could
happen. Anyway, I'll see you guys
in the morning.
See you tomorrow!


Bye TO!
Quinn and Montez begin backing down the driveway. They wave
as they go. TO stands in the doorway and waves, then goes
TO enters into a dark house. The only light on is in the
kitchen. As he walks in the camera pans through the kitchen
coming to rest momentarily on a picture taped to it of two
young African American boys, one about 4 years older than
the other. From the clothing and the car the boys are
standing in front of it is evident the picture is from the
early 80s. The camera continues to track through as TO walks
through the kitchen to the dining room, shrugs off his cut,
and hangs it on the back of a chair. Looking at the cut he
lets out a contented sigh. Out of the darkness of the living
room behind him, a voice interrupt his thoughts.
You're moving up in the world. Or
perhaps we should say, down in the
world, shouldn't we Taddarius?
TO doesn't turn. Shock and pain play across his face.
      (With a grimace)
Hello, Mother.
Chibs pulls up on his bike next to a large, roll-top door at
the back of St. Thomas, about 8 feet off the ground. Beside
him, a hearse driven by Skeeter arrives. The back area of
the hospital is dirty with some scattered litter, very
industrial. An abandoned shopping cart is overturned next to
a dumpster. A small forklift is parked. As Chibs and Skeeter
walk toward the roll top it opens and standing behind it is
a man in a white lab coat holding a clipboard, and an
orderly with a body in a zipped up bag on a stretcher. The
orderly takes the clipboard, hops down and hands it to Chibs
to sign. Camera tight on Chibs as he signs his name.
                                         INTERIOR OF NORCO


In a repeat of the night before, Wendy Case leans in and
tucks Abel into his bed. A pack and play at the foot of the
bed suggests Thomas is in the room too. As with the night
before, Nero stands in the sliver of door, with a half smile
on his face as his witnesses the domestic scene. Wendy
stands and ruffles Abel's hair, then pulls out a suitcase
and sets it on the edge of the bed putting in the clothes he
had on as well as a raggedy stuffed bunny. Nero gives a half
shake of his head and backs away from the door, pained.
                                         INTERIOR VENUS VAN
Tig and Venus sit at a table in front of a roaring fire at
her apartment. In front of them is a game of Monopoly. Venus
rolls the dice, moves her piece and then claps excitedly.
Tig shakes his head, Venus exhorts him to hold up his end of
the bargain. Obediently he strips off his shirt. They're
playing Strip Monopoly. It is clear that while Tig and Venus
are now our model of healthy, domestic bliss, they will
always be just a bit different. After he pulls off his shirt
he starts to take his next turn, then just throws the dice
over his shoulder, leans over the board sending pieces
flying, and begins to kiss a giggling Venus.
                                         INTERIOR OF TATTOO
Camera in tight on Brooke Putner's face who is wincing
slightly. Pulls out slowly, revealing her lying on her
stomach in a tattoo parlor. Her shirt is up and the camera
focuses for a moment on the tattoo gun working on her back.
A crow-eater tattoo, identical to the ones other woman in
the club have had, is being etched into her back. Camera
circles to reveal Rat Boy, holding her hand in his and
smiling. At first he appears to be there simply for moral
support, but as the camera continues to circle it's revealed
he's also getting tattooed. On his forearm, identical to Jax
Teller's JT tattoo, Rat Boy is having a headstone inked into
his arm. The words "RIP Jax Teller" are etched into the
stone. A small trickle of blood runs down the headstone as
the camera focuses in on it.
                                         INT TM SHOP
Chucky is diligently sweeping up the floor of the shop. In
the corner are dozens of white chairs stacked as well as
some white tables leaning against the wall. One of the
auto-lifts has been prepared with two boards over it and
covered with a black Sons of Anarchy blanket in order to
create a makeshift stand on which to rest Jax's coffin. He
looks around, pleased with his work, but as he does his gaze
holds on the window into the office. It is clear he feels


Gemma's absence acutely. Moments later camera is on tight on
a pair of wooden hands dumping a vase of dead roses in the
garbage, then grabbing the picture of Gemma from the
Airstream trailer. Camera then focuses on the picture of
Gemma, now framed, being set lovingly on the counter in the
TM Office. Behind it is the once empty birdcage, now being
used to house files. Chucky arranges the last few new, fresh
red roses in the vase next to her picture, and steps back
and admires his handiwork with a smile. Gemma now is back in
the TM office, in all her splendor.
                                         INT CHURCH WAREHOUSE
Ethan Zobelle sits at the desk in front of the crucifix. He
is looking at something in his hands with tears in the
corner of his eyes. Camera pulls in tight to an image of a
younger Zobelle with a little blond girl in his arms, about
5 years old. She's giggling and eating a ice-cream cone.
Camera is tight on Zobelle's face as the tears start to come
more freely. Unable to bear the pain he tosses the picture
down onto the desk and stands up and walks away. Camera
pulls in tight to where he's thrown the picture. It's landed
on top of another, much bigger black and white picture. In
it are Wendy, Nero, Abel and Thomas, frozen in positions of
happiness. Wendy holds Thomas who is leaning over to pet a
lamb. Abel is laughing and feeding another lamb. The picture
is clearly from the farm, earlier that day.
                                         EXT ST THOMAS
Camera is tight on Chib's face as he pulls a flask from his
cut and takes a long swig. Camera pulls out and the forklift
begins lowering the stretcher with Jax's body on it down
toward the back of the hearse. Skeeter is waving it down
slowly. Camera pulls back in tight on Chibs as the body
lowers in front of him, momentarily obstructing the viewers'
field of vision. As his face again appears as the body
lowers, the camera softens on him and sharpens on a squad
car in the background across the street. Pulls in tighter
and we see Jarry watching, silently. Camera again sharpens
on Chibs, and he takes another swig. The orderly and Skeeter
move the body onto Skeeter's gurney and push it into the
back of the hearse. Camera from interior of hearse looking
out, focuses on Chibs one last time as the door slams shut
and Chibs is seen through the window of the hearse.
                                         INT NORCO
Wendy walks into the living room. She starts to say
something to Nero who turns and walks away from her, clearly


frustrated. He heads out to the car. Wendy stands still for
a moment then picks up a broom with an attached dustpan. She
begins sweeping angrily, stopping to pick up random bits and
pieces off the floor. She picks up Abel's discarded toy
motorcycle from earlier and sets it on the table. As she
continues to sweep the half eaten bread and crumpled grape
juicebox Abel was drinking earlier come into view. Wendy
sweeps again, and the bread and the juice box go tumbling
toward the dustpan. With one swoop they are in the pan, and
it slams shut abruptly.


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From angie Date 6/5/2015 ****
This is fabulous! Every detail was perfectly executed. Great job! Can't wait for 802!

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