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Kamen Rider Wolf Episode 2 "A Gift from Beyond"
by Jacob (jay_gravity@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

The following story is nothing but fan fiction. Kamen Rider is owned by Toei Company, and Ishimori Productions. Any music is owned by the Musicians and their Record Company/Labels


We open up to see Jake's trailer being hit by the morning
Maya was asleep on Jake's couch and the sunlight was beaming
through the window, hitting her face. She started to open
her eyes and she saw that she had a blanket draped over her.
She then sat up and looked to the side to see a cup of
coffee on the table near her.
      (in the kitchen)
With cream and sugar right?
Maya looked forward and saw Jake in the kitchen getting
orange juice out of the fridge.
Jake came into the living room with cream and sugar in hand,
along with a bowl of cereal and a glass of juice. He sat the
cream and sugar in front of her and he sat down at a small
dinner table.
Morning sleepy head.
      (holding her head)
What... what am I doing here?
      (eating cereal)
Well you passed out in the truck
on the way over here last night. I
called your dad and told him that
you were tired and you had called
and asked me if you could sleep
here for the night.
Maya grabbed the cream and sugar and started to put little
doses in her coffee. She brought the cup to her mouth but
she did not drink it.


Something wrong Maya?
She sat the coffee back down and rubbed her eyes.
Last night? Was it a dream? Or was
it real?
Yeah, it was real. If you don't
believe me, ask her.
Ask who?
Jake, with his spoon, pointed behind her. Maya turned around
and saw Okami on top of the couch sniffing her. Maya's eye's
widened and she let out a loud scream. Jake dropped his
spoon into his cereal and covered his ears. Maya shot up
from the couch and backed into the wall.
Maya! Maya! Maya! Calm down she
wont hurt you!
She stopped screaming and had a frightened look on her face.
Maya has tremendous spirit energy
Jake. I can see why the Experiment
went after her.
Jake nodded his head and continued to eat his cereal. Maya
slowly walked over towards Jake, and she kept eye contact
with Okami.
Jake, there is a wolf... a blue
wolf in your living room. It is
talking and it knows my name.
Maya turned towards Jake, who was still eating his cereal.
Why the hell are you so calm!?
Jake dropped his spoon again and covered his ears.


      (holding his ear)
I am calm because she has been
with me for the past 4 months.
Maya, this is Okami.
      (walking up)
It is a pleasure to finally meet
you Maya.
You're that blue wolf from last
night. But I saw you go inside
I can enter his body and release
my spirit from his body when I
So, last night really wasn't a
Correct, everything you witnessed
last night was real.
So Jake, really is the Kamen
Maya turned to Jake again and he smiled at her with a mouth
full of cereal.
Maya, I know this must come as a
shock to you...
Shock? No, I'm not shocked. I am
just confused. My best friend of
over 15 years is the one that has
been saving people for the past 4
months. Jake why didn't you tell
Jake looked to the ground in sadness.


Maya, please understand. I was the
one that told Jake not to tell
I know we don't keep secrets from
each other Maya, but Okami told me
that if...
Suddenly Maya jumped onto Jake and hugged him. He could hear
her tear up.
      (tearing up)
I understand. You did not want me
in danger, now I know why you have
been so protective the past couple
of months.
She let him go and wiped her tears.
Now I can finally thank you for
saving my life. Twice, now. But
before I do, i just want to know
one thing.
What's that?
      (laughing a little)
Last night at dinner... What was
with all of the "He's probably
ugly under that helmet?" stuff?
Jake covered his face in shame and Okami started to laugh.
"He's probably a guy with a big
mental disorder."
Okami laughed even more and Jake leaned back in his chair
and uncovered his face.
Oh shut up Okami!


Maya slowly stopped herself from laughing anymore and she
looked at Okami. Maya walked up and sat down in front of
So, Okami is it? The Japanese
translation for Wolf. So you named
this wolf... Wolf?
Yeah basically.
So Okami, I have to know.
Know what?
Did he come up with that whole
speech or did you make it up for
No, it was all him. I have not
laughed that hard in a long time.
Okay, both of you can change the
subject now! Please!
Jake picked up his bowl and walked into the kitchen. Maya
and Okami slowly stopped.
Well, right now my real question
is, what are you?
I am a spirit. I am a wolf spirit
that is tracking down evil spirit
energy to keep it from destroying
this world.
Okay, now another question, how
did you and Jake meet?
Okami looked down at the ground and didn't answer. Jake
walked in and leaned on the wall.


She saved my life.
Maya turned towards him with a confused look on her face.
      (laughing a little)
Saved your life? What do you mean
by that?
Well you see, the night I saved
you the first time, was the night
I became the Kamen Rider. I tried
to fight the Experiment that
attacked you, but the first
encounter was before I got my
Jake was pinned up against a tree with a monstrous looking
hand around his neck. He also had blood running from the
corner of his mouth.
                                         FLASH TO PRESENT
He beat me and left me their to
Jake looked at Maya and looked at Okami and smiled. He
walked up to Okami and took a knee in front of her.
Then Okami here saved my life. Me
and her combined spirit energies
and it is because of her that I
was able to beat that monster and
save you.
Maya looked at him and was almost in tears. She wiped her
face and smiled.
You really are like your dad. He
never knew when to give up.


Jake smiled and laughed. Maya went to pet Okami on the head
and her hand touched. Maya was confused.
So you are a spirit but you can
have a physical form as well
      (laughing a little)
I can actually chose to have a
physical form or not.
Suddenly, Okami became transparent and Maya's hand fell
through her.
Wow! That's amazing!
You think that's amazing? Watch
this, show her Okami.
Okami started to shrink down in size and Jake put his hand
on the ground. Okami walked into Jake's hand and he brought
it up to Maya.
Oh wow!
She stuck her hand out to Jake's and Okami walked into her
hand. Maya brought her up to her face.
She is so adorable when she's this
Jake started to laugh and looked at the trash can across the
room. He could see the summons from the bank that he threw
away the night before, sticking out of the top. Jake got up
and walked over to it. He picked up the envelope and opened
it. Maya was playing with Okami and she then looked at Jake.
She carefully put Okami on her shoulder and walked over to
him. Both Okami and Maya saw him reading a letter.
What do you have there?


It's a letter from the bank.
What's it about?
Something I should have done
months ago. Go and get the last of
whatever is in my parents safety
deposit box.
Jake looked at a clock on his wall.
The bank should be open right now.
Maya you want to come with me?
Um, sure. Why?
I don't want to go alone. Yeah I
will have Okami, but I would like
an actual person with me.
Maya and Okami looked at each other and smiled.
Yeah, let's go.
      (to herself)
I knew you would come through
Jake stuck out his hand and Okami jumped into it. She turned
into energy and entered Jake's body. Both him and Maya
walked out the door and headed to Jake's truck.
Lucius was inside his office , sitting at his desk and
looking at a computer screen. On it, he could see all of the
scientists inside the building. There was suddenly a knock
on his door.


A young female scientist, wearing all white, opened the door
and walked in. She was swiping the screen of a tablet in her
hand as she walked up to his desk.
                       FEMALE SCIENTIST
Mr. Lucius, they are ready for you
He grabbed his cane and stood up. The female scientist lead
him out of his office.
Dozens of workers were walking around the giant red ball of
energy. Suddenly a door opened and Lucius, along with the
female scientist, walked in. A worker walked up to them, and
removed the goggles he was wearing.
                       LAB WORKER
Mr. Lucius sir.
Is everything ready?
                       LAB WORKER
Yes sir, everything is ready. Now!
The Lab worker pointed at another to go the the red ball of
energy. He brought over a large syringe and slowly stuck the
needle inside. He extracted red energy into the tube. He
slowly took the needle out and removed the needle. He walked
over to Lucius and gave him the tube. Lucius examined the
tube and the red energy inside.
My dear!
He handed his cane to the female scientist and she gave him
a small little microchip. Lucius opened the side of the tube
and dropped the microchip inside. The red energy absorbed
the chip and Lucius walked over to a nearby desk.
Now, my little friend, go and
gather spirit energy from the


He poured the red energy on to the desk. Once all of it
dropped out, it started to move. It went to the edge of the
desk and dropped to the floor. Then, it went through the
crack of the door.
Are you sure this one will be a
success? That last Experiment was
not a strong one.
                       LAB WORKER
Yes sir. I am sure that this one
will be more powerful than the
last Experiment.
Good! Well, I shall leave you to
your work then.
                       LAB WORKER
Thank you sir.
The worker put on his goggles and went back to working.
Lucius turned around and the female scientist handed him his
cane. Both of them started walking towards the door.
                       FEMALE SCIENTIST
Hopefully this Experiment will
produce more results sir.
And for his sake, I hope so as
Jake and Maya where sitting at a table inside a back room. A
man in a tailored suit walked in followed by a guard, who
was carrying a long tin box.
                       BANK WORKER
Mr. Tyler, I just want to say
thank you for finally stopping by
and getting what ever is left
inside your parents box. I will
leave you two alone now, and let
us know when you are done.
Thank you very much.


The guard set the box down in front of Jake and Maya. Both
the guard and the worker left the room and shut the door
behind them. Maya turned to Jake and saw he was looking
around the room.
What are you looking for Jake?
Just making sure there are no
camera's in here. I think we are
Jake set his hand out on the table and Okami came out of
him. She walked to the side of the box and sat down. Jake
took a deep breath.
Are you ready Jake?
Ready as I will ever be.
Jake slid the box to himself.
Here we go.
He opened the top of the box and inside was two envelopes.
Jake took them out and set them on the table. He picked up
one and opened it up to see a pair of dog tags. He took them
out and hung them in front of his face.
      (smiles a little)
My dads dog tags.
He kissed them and put them around his neck. Jake then
picked up the other envelope and opened it. Inside was a
piece of paper, and Jake took it out and looked it over.
What is it?
      (laughing a little)
It's a will. A will from my dad.
It says, "I, Oliver Tyler, hereby
leave the property of our loft
near Lake Cheyenne to my son Jacob
Edward Tyler, in the hopes of him
taking care of it just like his
mother and myself. All property


                       JAKE (cont'd)
inside is to also be left to him."
Jake started to tear up.
      (tearing up)
He left the loft to me?
He looked at the date that was signed at the bottom.
      (tearing up more)
This was done the day before he
left on his last deployment.
Maya patted his shoulder as Jake saw another paper behind
the will. It was the deed to the loft. Maya noticed a tear
drop from his face and onto the deed.
      (to himself)
Thanks Dad.
Jake picked up both envelopes and looked inside them to see
Well I don't know how I am
supposed to get inside. Where is
the damn key?
Maya looked at the box and slide it to herself. She picked
it up heard something jingle inside. She tilted the top of
the box towards her and just then, keys slid down to the
opening. There were seven keys on one key chain along with a
picture of Jake's mother, father, and Jake himself when he
was younger.
Here they are Jake.
Jake turned to her and smiled. She gave him the keys and
Jake looked at the picture.
Oh hey, I remember this day. This
was taken by my Uncle, the day
before I caught first big fish at
the lake.


Those were good times. I remember
you being that short chubby kid.
What? Let me see.
Maya quickly grabbed the keys from Jake and showed Okami the
picture. Okami and Maya started to laugh. Jake slowly took
the keys back and put them in his pocket.
Yeah, yeah, laugh it up you two. I
couldn't help that I looked like
that when I was that age.
Oh, but Jake, you were so cute.
Look at those little red chubby
cheeks of yours.
Alright! That's enough!
Maya and Okami slowly stopped and Jake got up.
Thank you, now if you two are
done, let's get out of here and
head to the loft.
Okami jumped into Jake's body and Maya got up. Both Jake and
Maya walked to the door. Jake turned around to face her.
By the way, I am way more better
looking now than I did at that
Yeah, sure. What ever you say stud
She continued to laugh as she walked around Jake and opened
the door. Jake rolled his eyes as Maya walked out into the
hall of the bank.


The red blob of energy crawled towards the entrance gate of
the DeLuna Zoo. It went to the wall and jumped into the
cracks. It started to sink into the wall and it came out the
other side. It crawled towards the cages that held the
cheetahs. Inside the cage was a cheetah, lying down on a
large piece of rock. The blob dropped into the cage and
crawled towards it. The cheetah laid motionless and was not
looking at the blob. It got behind the animal and suddenly
attached itself to the tail. The red energy started to
expand over the cheetah's body and it started to roar in
pain. Suddenly a zoo keeper came up to the cage.
                       ZOO KEEPER
What the hell? What is that?
The red energy finally covered all of the cheetah's body. It
then started to form into a blob again and it dropped to the
ground. The cheetah slowly stood up and backed away from it.
The zoo keeper saw the blob crawl up and out of the cage. He
ran over and stopped it with the bottom of his shoe.
                       ZOO KEEPER
Now, just what are you?
He lifted his shoe only to see the blob start to shine. The
light blinded him and he fell back. He looked and saw that
the blob was starting to take a humanoid form. Suddenly the
red energy turned into a cheetah based monster.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Ah just my luck, a human!
                       ZOO KEEPER
The Experiment's eye's turned red and he could see the
spirit energy inside the zoo keeper.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Yes! That is a good amount of
spirit energy to start with!
The zoo keeper got up and started to run away from the
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Oh no, you cant leave now!


The Experiment started to run and suddenly appeared in front
of him. The zoo keeper ran into him and fell to the ground,
until the Experiment picked him up by the collar of his
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
The fun is about to begin!
The fangs from the Experiments mouth shot out and hit the
zoo keepers chest. Spirit energy started to flow out of his
chest and into the Experiments mouth. Moments later, no more
spirit energy came out and the fangs returned to the
Experiments mouth. He dropped the zoo keeper and he landed
on the ground.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Ah, tasty! Who's next?
Jake and Maya were driving through the city and Okami, who
was small sized, was sleeping on top the center console
inside. Maya looked at her and smiled.
She looks so peaceful when she's
asleep. I guess this is going to
be the only time I get to see a
wolf sleep up close.
Yeah, and you know what? Me and
her have been together all these
months, this is the first time I
have seen her sleep.
Jake turned down a road and stopped at a red light.
So exactly how long has it been
since you been to the loft?
I haven't been there in almost
four years. I mean, before my dad
left on his last deployment, he
told me that we were going to move
out there. So this should be
interesting. Do you remember the
times you, me, Warren, and our
families would go out there every


Oh yeah, those where some good
times. Those birthday parties
also, your dad would never
disappoint even if it was mine or
Warren's birthday.
They got on a bridge and Okami suddenly woke up.
Jake, turn around now!
Whats wrong Okami?
I since evil spirit energy! There
is an Experiment in the city!
Damn it, at a time like this!?
Jake checked to see if there was any oncoming traffic and
any cars behind him. Both ways were clear.
Alright Maya, hold onto something.
Hold on? Hold on to what?
Jake grabbed the emergency brake and pulled it. The trucks
tires started to skid and Jake turned the wheel. Maya
started to scream in fright as the truck made a complete 180
degree turn. Jake put the brake lever down and hit the
accelerator. Maya started to breathe heavily and looked at
Jake like he was crazy.
Jake, please promise me you will
never do that again.
Yeah, okay.
Okami, are you for certain that
there is a monster in the city
right now?
They are called Experiments Maya,
and trust me. For the past four
months Okami has never been wrong


                       JAKE (cont'd)
when it comes to attacks.
They got off the bridge and headed towards the city.
Citizens were screaming in terror as the cheetah Experiment
walked towards them. Everyone started to run away but
Rejects suddenly started to appear and try to block peoples
way. A Reject punched one citizen while another Reject kneed
another citizen in the gut. A woman that was running,
tripped and fell to the ground. She looked back to see that
the Experiment was a good distance away. When she got up to
run again, she was face to face with him. The Experiment
grabbed the woman's arm and picked her up.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
How does your spirit energy taste
His teeth shot out and hit the arm of the woman he was
holding. The Experiment started to steal the spirit energy
from her. No more came out and he let her go. The woman fell
to the ground and did not move. The teeth returned to the
Experiments mouth and he wiped his mouth.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Mm, that was delicious. Now that
makes ten spirit energies from
He looked behind him and saw eight citizens on the ground.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Now, who will be lucky number
When he turned back around, he saw two Rejects drag another
woman up to him. The woman was screaming in fright as she
tried to get out of the grip of the minions. About 50 yards
away, Jake and Maya pulled up. Jake opened the door and
Okami jumped out, then grew full sized. Jake and Maya got
out and saw the woman being dragged. Maya looked over and
saw bodies on the ground.
Jake, look!
Jake looked over and couldn't believe his eyes.


No! He already stole spirit energy
from people!
Well, we wont stop him by just
standing here.
Right! Let's go Okami!
Jake started running towards the Experiment and Okami
entered his body. Maya followed him and tried to keep up
with him. The Rejects got the woman to the Experiment and
she was trembling in fear.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
That's right tremble! It will make
your spirit energy more tasty than
it is. So, lets see how good it
will taste!
Just then, Jake came up and kicked the Experiment away. As
he rolled on the ground, Jake punched the Rejects away. Maya
got over and got the woman to her feet.
Get out of here! Hurry!
The woman took off running and the Experiment started to
stand up.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
You damn human, how dare you do
that to... Wait, this spirit
His eye's turned red and he saw Jake's blue spirit energy
also Okami sitting inside him.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Ah, yes! The Kamen Rider! We meet
at last!
The pleasure is all yours.
Jake crossed his arms in front of his waist and a belt
appeared. He brought his crossed arms up in front of his


Kamen Rider!
He flung his arms back and Okami's spirit came out of him.
She started pouncing around him and Jake transformed into
Kamen Rider Wolf. Jake ran to the Experiment and tried to
hit him but he ducked. Jake then went to kick but the
Experiment summoned a sword and blocked his strike. He swung
the sword at Jake and struck him repeatedly. He tried to
strike again but Jake ducked under the sword. The Experiment
swung his sword back and Jake jumped and kicked it out of
his hand. He wrapped his arms around the Experiments waist.
Jake flipped the Experiment over his head, performing a
German Suplex, and the Experiment landed on his back in
pain. Jake jumped up and went to grab him but the Experiment
brought his leg up and kicked Jake away. The Experiment got
up and ran at him. Jake summoned red energy in his hands and
flung his arms back. He suddenly turned into his red and
white form. As the Experiment got to him, Jake stuck his
hand out and stopped him in his tracks. Jake used his free
hand to start hitting different combos on him. Maya ran up
and started to watch the battle. Jake was still punching the
Experiment repeatedly.
      (to herself)
I can't believe how strong Jake
Jake grabbed the device on his right arm and slid it down.
Red energy formed in his hand and he slid it up. Jake ran up
and went to hit the Experiment. But suddenly, the Experiment
disappeared and Jake punched a hole through the wall in
front of him.
Where did he go?
Suddenly, Jake was struck in the back and he fell to the
ground. He looked around to see no one but Maya. Maya saw
something appear behind Jake and it was the Experiment.
Jake! Look out, behind you!
Jake turned around to only be struck by the Experiments
claws. He fell to the ground and went to punch him but the
Experiment disappeared again. Suddenly, Jake started to be
hit repeatedly. He fell to the ground and held his chest.


So, you use speed huh? Seeing as
you are a cheetah, I'm not
You're going to match his speed?
Yeah! Two can play at this game.
Jake summoned grey energy in his hand and flung his arms
back. He turned into his grey and white form. Jake grabbed
the blaster from his holster just as the Experiment appeared
behind him. He went to strike Jake again, but Jake turned
around and quickly shot him away. The Experiment fell back
and looked as Jake put his blaster back in his holster.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
You have fast reflexes now Kamen
Rider? But there is no way you can
match my speed!
The Experiment got up and suddenly disappeared.
Wanna bet?
Jake suddenly started running and Maya saw him disappear.
Jake caught up with the Experiment and he started shooting
energy balls at Jake. Jake dodged each one and grabbed his
blaster. He started shooting at the Experiment but he dodged
each shot. Both of them stopped running and Maya saw both of
them near Jake's truck. Jake pushed the Experiment back with
his foot. Maya started running towards them as Jake pinned
him against his truck.
The last Experiment I fought last
night said he has a master. So I
guess you have the same one. Tell
me who he is and why is he sending
you to collect spirit energy?!
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
If you think I will tell you, you
are wrong Kamen Rider!
He pushed Jake away and struck him with his claws
repeatedly. He went to strike again but Jake blocked the
Experiments arm and punched him. The Experiment stumbled
back towards Jake's truck. Jake went up to punch him again,


but the Experiment suddenly disappeared and the spikes on
his left arm put scratches on his truck. Jake's stood still
and Maya finally got up to him. She saw Jake fall to his
knees and drop the blaster in his right hand.
Jake, are you okay? What's wrong?
My... my...
My truck!
Maya stood in silence and tilted her head.
      (inside Jake's
Jake, are you serious right now!?
Oh man! I cant believe this!
Are you kidding me!?
She stomped towards him. She grabbed him by the helmet and
brought him to his feet.
There is a monster terrorizing the
town and you are worried about a
scratch on your truck!?
But, it's a big scratch.
You... you... you moron!
She started to say things in Spanish as she picked up his
blaster off the ground. She threw it at him and he caught
The scratch can be fixed!


She turned him around.
Now that Experiment is getting
away, so do your job...
Maya pushed Jake forward and he started to stumble over.
Jake brought himself back to reality.
Oh right! The Experiment!
Jake disappeared and started to run after the Experiment.
The Experiment was half a mile away and Jake caught up to
him. Jake started to shoot at him, but the Experiment kept
dodging. He got up to the side of the Experiment and tried
to punch him, but he caught Jake's fist.
Tell me who sent you! Now!
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
How about this Kamen Rider, If you
can catch me, then I will tell
Just then, the Experiment let go of Jake and started running
faster. Jake tried to catch up but instead he started
slowing down. Jake finally stopped and fell to a knee. He
held his chest while he started to breathe heavily.
      (breathing heavily)
Okami, what just happened to me?
      (inside Jake's
You have reached your limit Jake.
When transformed, your body and
stamina become stronger than when
you are in human form. But even
with my power, you cannot run that
fast for a long period of time.


Suddenly, the Experiment appeared behind Jake.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Whats wrong Kamen Rider, out of
Jake turned around as fast as he could and pointed his
blaster at him. But the Experiment kicked the blaster out of
his hand and pushed Jake back with his foot. Jake fell to
the ground on his back and the Experiment set his foot on
his chest.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Or maybe, you are just too slow.
He stomped on Jake's chest and Jake screamed in pain.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Oh, how easy would it be to
destroy you right now. But for now
I will let you live. However you
should know this, next time we
meet, I will destroy you.
The Experiment took his foot off Jake's chest and he started
to walk away.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
For now, I will go and give this
spirit energy to my master. Then I
shall come back to collect more.
Goodbye Kamen Rider!
No! Stop!
Before he could do anything, the Experiment disappeared.
Jake looked around and saw that no one was around. He
deformed and held his chest as he slowly started to stand.
Just then, Maya pulled up in Jake's truck. She got out and
ran over to him.
Jake! Did you beat him?
No, he got away.


Jake suddenly fell to a knee, in pain. Maya got down and
helped him back up.
Whats wrong?
      (in pain)
The speed of that Experiment, I
haven't been up against anything
like that.
The Experiment walked into a big empty room and rubbed his
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Oh, so full! I just have to give
the spirit energy in me and I will
be on my way.
So, I see you have returned.
The Experiment quickly turned around and saw Lucius leaning
on a pillar.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Master Lucius?
You have returned with barely a
scratch on you my friend. So that
must mean that you had no trouble
collecting spirit energy?
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Yes Master, no trouble, I have
collected ten humans spirit
Lucius started clapping his hands as he walked over to the
Ten spirit energies, bravo, that
is the most any Experiment has
collected. Now, go and give all of
that and get some more when you
are done.


Lucius patted him on the shoulder and started to walk away.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Thank you Master Lucius!
The Experiment started to walk the opposite way.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Just wait for me Kamen Rider! I
know you will come, and I will
destroy you.
Just suddenly, Lucius stopped walking.
The Experiment stopped and turned around. Lucius turned
around as well and walked up to him.
What was that you just said?
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Oh yes, the Kamen Rider. I know he
will come and find me when I go
back to the city. He tried to beat
me earlier but he was no match for
my speed.
You said that you would destroy
him. Now you are telling me he was
no match for your speed.
Lucius brought up his cane and pointed it at him. He started
to back the Experiment into a wall.
So what you are telling me is, you
had him in the perfect position to
be destroyed. But instead of
destroying him, you let him live?
Lucius finally had the Experiment pinned against the wall.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
But Master, he was weak, and I
knew that the next time we battle
I will be victorious. So I would
let him enjoy his final day of


Lucius lowered his cane and shook his head in
disappointment. He turned around and walked forward for a
moment. Suddenly, Lucius brought up his cane and pressed the
red button. Red electricity covered the Experiment and he
screamed in pain.
My poor friend, did you not know
that the Kamen Rider has been
causing trouble for us recently?
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
      (in pain)
Yes...yes I did but...
So you knew good and well that he
is to be destroyed on sight and
yet you let him live. Did you
think that there would be no
consequences for that?
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
      (in pain)
Master! Please forgive me! How can
I make it up to you?
I am glad you asked.
Lucius took his finger off the button and turned around. The
Experiment fell to his knee's and Lucius walked over to him.
Lucius took the bottom of his cane and lifted the
Experiments head up.
You can make it up to me by
bringing the Kamen Rider to me.
Beat him and bring him to me,
alive. Do you understand?
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
      (breathing heavily)
Y...yes Master Lucius.
Lucius turned back around and started walking away.
Now get out of my presence.


The Experiment slowly got up and he walked out of the room.
Lucius looked to the side and inside the wall, behind a wall
of glass, was a briefcase with the letter "C" on the front.
Lucius rubbed his head in annoyance.
I hope it does not get to the
point where we have to use you.
With Okami, full size in the back seat, Jake and Maya rode
down a dirt road about 11 miles from town. They reached some
woods and started to dodge trees that covered the road. Jake
saw something in the distance and smiled.
There it is. After all this time,
it still looks the same as I
Okami got in between them and looked outside in front of
So, is this the place?
Yeah, home-sweet-home.
They pulled up to a two story, rectangular brick building.
Jake turned off the truck as Maya and Okami got out. Jake
stepped out of the truck and almost fell forward. Maya ran
over to him and caught him.
No, no. It's okay Maya, I will be
Are you sure?
Yeah, I am.
Maya slowly let him go and Jake started to walk forward. He
made his way to the left side of the building with Maya and
Okami following. On the left side was the front door, and
Jake took the keys out of his pocket. He walked up to the
door and searched through the seven keys. He found a key and
unlocked the door.


Maya, Okami, are you two ready?
Both of them shook their heads and Jake slowly opened the
door. Jake walked in and saw nothing but dust on everything.
To the left was an oven and dining area. Above that was a
staircase leading to the second floor. Everything in front
and to the right was the living room. All of the furniture
had plastic covers on them. Maya and Okami walked in as Jake
mad his way over to a shelf.
It look different inside than what
it did, but then again, I haven't
been here in years.
Jake grabbed the cover of the shelf he was at and pulled it
down. Dusty blinded him and he started coughing and waving
dust away. Once it cleared, Jake could see pictures of his
family. He started to tear up a little.
I have been wondering where these
photos were.
Jake reached for a photo and Maya walked up to see that it
was a picture of Jake when he was at least six or seven. He
was on his fathers shoulders and his mother was kissing him
on the cheek.
This was always my favorite one.
No matter how much I said I hated
it when they where still alive.
Maya smiled and patted Jake on the back. He set the picture
back on the shelf.
Those where easier times, back
Okami looked at the stair case and walked over to them. She
walked up as Maya looked back at her. She patted Jake on the
arm and he turned around to see Okami halfway up the stair
case. Maya and Jake walked over and followed Okami up the
stairs. Along the wall they saw pictures of Jake and his mom
and dad. Maya saw one picture and she couldn't believe her


Oh my god, that picture!
Jake looked back and over to the wall. The picture Maya was
smiling at was of herself, Jake, and Warren. Jake and Warren
were wearing football jerseys and Maya was in a cheerleader
uniform. In front of them was a sign that said "DeLuna High
School Bears Class of 2012"
I remember this photo shoot. It
was our Senior pictures, and our
families decided to have them
      (laughing a little)
Yeah, I also remember that season.
Two wins, ten loses, that was not
a good time. My dad must have hung
this up when he came out here the
last time.
Both of them continued to walk up the stairs and at the top
was a hallway, with one door on each side. There was also a
big window at the end of the hallway as well. Okami was
looking out the window as Jake and Maya walked up behind
her. All of them could see a big lake in the back.
That lake is still as big as I
Jake turned around and walked over to the door on the right.
This is going to be interesting.
Maya and Okami looked back and walked over to him.
What is it Jake?
This is my room, and honestly, I
don't remember whats in here.
Jake grabbed the door knob and opened the door. He looked
inside to see a bed, television, computer, and some
trophies. All three of them walked in and looked around the
room. Jake put his hand on his bed and Okami jumped onto it.
She spun around and laid down.


Oh, this is comfortable.
Yeah, I know, because that is
where I am going to sleep.
Okami looked up to the window sill that was above Jake's bed
and jumped up. She landed on the sill and barely had any
room. She then turned small and she laid down.
Oh this is much better. This shall
be my spot.
Maya laughed as she looked across the wall at many of
trophies and pictures. She looked at the table the computer
was on and saw saw a picture of herself, Jake and Warren.
      (to herself)
Our first day of freshman year.
She looked to the side to see a black baseball hat with a
flat bill. She picked it up and what she saw on it, made her
Hey Jake!
Jake turned around and Maya threw the hat at him. He caught
it and saw the words, "Wolf Boy" in white and red lettering,
on the front.
Oh hey, my old hat! I thought I
lost this!
Jake put the hat on and looked his reflection in the
computer screen. Okami looked at the hat and saw "Wolf Boy".
"Wolf Boy"?
      (laughing a little)
Yeah, that is what they used to
call me in high school. Never knew
why, but I liked it and stuck with


Maya smiled and Jake adjusted his hat.
Maya, Okami, let's go.
Okami jumped off the window sill and grew full size. Jake
walked out with Maya and Okami following him to the stair
What are we doing Jake?
Jake pulled his cell phone out of his pocket as he was
halfway down the stairs.
Remember when I said I was going
to sleep in that bed? Well I cant
stay here if it stays dusty. Plus,
the property could use some
cleaning up.
All three of them got to the bottom floor and as Maya and
Jake made their way to the front door, Okami noticed another
door behind the bigger sofa in the living room.
So I guess I can possibly call in
some favors and...
Jake, what is behind this door?
Jake and Maya turned around and both were surprised to see
the door.
Oh that, that's the door to the
We didn't even check in there.
I can't believe I completely
forgot about that. Let's check it
out real quick.
Jake and Maya walked up to the door and Jake pulled out his
keys. He unlocked the door and there was nothing but
complete darkness. Jake turned on the light on his phone and
all of them saw a whole bunch of boxes.


Hold on, the power box should be
in here. Let me go and turn on the
Jake made his way in, swerved through isle's of boxes on the
floor. Maya took her phone out and turned on the light on
her phone. She walked in and Okami followed her. They also
made their way through and just then Maya's knee hit
something metal.
      (in pain)
Maya, are you okay?
What was that!?
It's okay, I just hit my knee on
something. I'm alright.
Jake found a grey box on the wall and opened the door.
Inside was the switches to turn on the power in the house.
Okay, I found it!
Jake went through all of the switches and turned them on.
Suddenly, all of the lights in the loft, including the
garage, turned on. The light above Maya turned on and she
saw what her knee hit. Whatever it was, was covered in a
thin blanket. But at the bottom, a wheel stuck out. Maya
took off the blanket and she could not believe what it was
covering. Her eyes widened with fear and she started to back
in to a nearby wall.
Well, it's good to know that the
power still works.
      (scared voice)
Oh my god. Jake!
Jake put his phone in his pocket and walked over to Maya. He
saw that she was scared.


Maya, what's wrong?
Yeah Maya, are you okay?
Jake turned around to look at what she was looking at and
his eyes widened as well. What they were looking at was a
blue motorcycle, a 2003 Harley Davidson Sportster XLH 883
Hugger. It also had scratches all over the left side. Jake
slowly walked around the bike.
Why... how is it possible. No...
no it cant be.
Jake looked on the right side of the gas tank and saw the
words, "Blue Dream". Jake slowly backed away and Okami could
see the fear in his eyes.
This is it. This is the same one.
Maya, what is going on?
That bike... that same bike was
So that was once Jake's mother's?
Yeah. But it is also the same bike
This is the bike she died on,
      (present Jake)
I still remember the night she
worked on the engine after having
it for a year.


Melissa was in the garage working on her motorcycle. She had
grease and sweat all over her face. She took a towel and
cleaned her face as much as she could. Suddenly someone
handed her a glass of water. It was Jake at 11 years old
watching his mom work.
      (past Jake)
So Mom, why did you take apart the
Because sweetie, for some reason
it has been making a weird noise.
So instead of paying an arm and a
leg for someone to fix it, I am
fixing it myself.
She took a sip of her water and set it down.
Do you know how though?
Yes baby, I do. I was taking
engines apart and putting them
back together when I was your age.
Ask your Uncle the next time you
see him. We had motorcycles when
we were teenagers and me and him
would race each other all the
She grabbed a wrench and continued to work.
Any time one of use would lose, we
would work on our bikes to improve
the performance.
Can I ask you another question?
Sure, go ahead.
Mom, do you love this bike more
than me?
Melissa immediately stopped and looked back at Jake.


      (laughing a little)
What are you talking about
Well, it's just that, I feel like
you have been giving your
attention to this bike more than
Melissa put the wrench down and cleaned her hands off with
the towel. She took a knee in front of Jake and looked at
him in the eyes.
Is that really how you feel?
Jake shook his head and Melissa smiled.
Jacob Tyler, I want you to listen
to me very well. No matter what,
this bike will never be more
important than you. You and your
father are my everything. So if
you ever think that I love this
bike more that you, tell me and I
will make it up to you. No machine
on Earth can ever take your place.
Do you understand?
Yes mam.
She wiped her finger across her face and got grease on the
tip. Melissa put her finger on Jake's nose and the grease
stuck to him. He crossed his eyes as he tried to look at his
nose, and Melissa started to laugh.
How about this, I am going to stop
working for the night. So let's go
and get something to eat.


Yeah! Go and clean your nose and
we will go, okay?
Melissa watched as Jake ran out the door. She wiped her
hands with the towel and set it on the bike. She walked out
the garage and turned the lights off.
                                         FLASH TO THE NEXT
      (present Jake)
Then one week after, was when it
It was a rainy night and Jake jumped out of a car. He ran
past police officers and paramedics. He saw Melissa's bike
laying on it's left side. He turned to see paramedics put a
stretcher inside an ambulance. On the stretcher was someone
covered up and the only thing Jake could see was a hand
sticking out of the side. The hand was covered in cuts. The
paramedics inside closed the doors and the ambulance drove
      (present Jake)
The last thing I saw of my mom was
her hand.
      (past Jake)
MOM!! NO!!!
Jake tried to run after the ambulance but someone grabbed
him before he could go.
      (past Jake)
                                         FLASH TO PRESENT
Jake wiped the tears off his face.


      (tearing up)
My father told me that he got rid
of this death trap. After my moms
funeral, he said this would be out
of our lives. But yet, it is right
here in front of me.
Jake turned around and searched the floor. He bent over and
grabbed a sledgehammer. Maya ran up to him and tried to stop
Jake, please stop! Your dad must
have had a reason not to get rid
of it!
Don't try to stop me Maya!
He turned to the bike.
You and I both know this thing
shouldn't be here! It belongs in a
pile of scrap!
Jake raised the sledgehammer up and was about to swing it
down. But before he could, Okami jumped up and grabbed the
hammer with her mouth. She ripped it out of Jake's hands and
landed on the ground. She faced Jake and started to show her
Okami, what the hell do you think
you're doing?
Okami set the hammer down in front of her and showed her
fangs again.
Maya is right Jake! There must be
a reason your father left this!
No! There is no reason my


JAKE! Please listen!
Jake turned his head and gave Maya and angry look. She gave
him the same look as she walked over to Okami.
Jake, think about it. That
Experiment was too fast for you
Jake did not answer.
Don't you think this could be the
solution to that problem? Okami
could you possibly put spirit
energy into this thing and give it
power to help Jake?
I don't know really. I haven't
tried to put my energy into an
inanimate object before.
Are you two not listening to
yourselves?! You are asking me to
use the thing that my mom died on!
Even if I wanted to use this,
there would be no time to fix it
up. Any minute now that Experiment
is going to show up in town. So I
will beat him myself. I don't this
thing. So give me that hammer,
Jake went to reach for the hammer and Okami snapped at his
hand. He pulled his hand back and saw her show her fangs.
Jake, remember that I can change
to a physical form. If you even
try to destroy this bike, I will
not hesitate to do whatever comes
Jake and Okami gave each other angry looks.


Now, hold on you two. We don't
need it to come to that...
Fine, I wont try anymore. I will
have someone come out here and get
Suddenly Jake's phone started to ring, he reached in his
pocket and pulled it out.
Who is it?
It's Warren.
Jake slid the call button and answered.
      (over the phone)
Jake, there is a monster in town
right now!
What!? Now?!
Jake put Warren on speaker phone. Okami and Maya came up to
Yeah, it's a big looking cheetah
monster. It's already attacked
people and their not moving.
Damn, he has already stolen spirit
energy. We have to get there fast.
Jake, who was that talking in the
background just now?
Oh, just a friend of mine. Warren,
where are you right now?


I am on the balcony of the
hospital. I can see the monster
and other weird looking ones
downtown. Doctor are trying to get
people to safety, I got to go!
Okay, be careful!
Jake hung up and put his phone in his pocket.
Come on we have to get to
Jake and Maya ran out the door and into the living room.
Okami quickly turned to the bike. Suddenly, energy from her
flowed into the bike.
      (to herself)
I don't know if this will work but
I can try.
Okami! Come on we have to go now!!
Okami hesitated to leave, but she finally stopped the flow
of energy and ran out the door to Jake.
Rejects continued to terrorize downtown as the Cheetah
Experiment grabbed a man by the neck and began to steal his
spirit energy. Energy stopped flowing out and the Experiment
dropped the man.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
10 humans... I have taken spirit
energy from 10 humans and still he
has not come? Ha, I must have
scared him off.
Scared who off!?
The Experiment turned around to see Jake, Maya, and Okami
run up to him. Rejects ran over and stood in front of the


Because, if you mean me, you are
horribly mistaken!
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
So Kamen Rider, you finally show
up. But it is too late. I was
bored waiting for you so I took
the liberty of absorbing spirit
energy from 10 humans. But now
that you are here...
His eyes turned red and the Experiment took a glance at
Maya's spirit energy. The Experiment wiped his lips as his
eyes went back to normal.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
I can take one more humans spirit
energy, and I will start with your
little friend!
Yeah, well two monsters before you
have tried, and you are just going
to end up like them to.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
We shall see! Bring the girl to
Let's go Okami!
The Rejects ran up to them as Okami's spirit flowed into
Jake's body. Jake ran up to them and dove between two
staff's. He rolled on the ground and a Reject tried to hit
him, but Jake quickly got up and caught it's arm. Jake judo
flipped the Reject on to the ground and ducked under a staff
aimed at him. He kicked two others away and turned to see
two Rejects swing down their staff's. Jake caught the
staff's and fell on his back, monkey flipping them over him.
He held on to one of the staff's and a Reject went to
strike. Jake block it's staff with the one he had and
quickly tripped the Reject to the ground. Jake got up and
quickly jumped and front flipped onto the Reject. A group of
Rejects grabbed Jake's arms and brought him up. Jake tried
to break free from their grip, but he could not. Two other
Rejects turned their attentions to Maya. Maya started to


step back as the started to approach her. Jake noticed that
Maya was about to be in trouble.
Maya! Get out of here!
Maya kept taking steps back as the Rejects got closer. Jake
tried once again to break free but the grip was too tight.
The Rejects backed Maya up to a wall and she closed her
The Rejects brought up their staffs and swung at Maya. Just
then she opened her eyes. She jumped up and drop kicked them
away. The Rejects rolled back and Maya slowly stood up. Jake
and the Rejects holding him, couldn't believe their eyes.
No! No longer will I be the damsel
in distress. I wont run! I will do
the best I can and fight!
The Rejects on the ground got up and ran to her again. One
tried to strike Maya, but she ducked and got him in a
headlock. The other one came to strike and Maya jumped up to
put it in a head scissors. Both Rejects started to go down
to a knee and Maya suddenly kicked away the one she had in
the head scissors. She then let to of the one she had in a
head lock and she stood in front of it. The Reject, who was
holding his neck seemingly to catch it's breath, tried to
reach for Maya. She brought up her left leg and kicked the
Reject back. The Rejects holding Jake let him go. Jake had a
smile on his face.
YEAH! That's my girl!!
Jake suddenly looked to the side. He and the Rejects just
realized that he was free. Some tried to grab him again
while others went after Maya. Jake punched and kicked the
one's trying to grab him. The one's going after Maya tried
to strike her with their staff's. She quickly rolled to the
side, got up and tripped one to the ground. She grabbed
another one and slammed it down onto the Reject on the
ground. She slammed her foot down onto to the chest of the
top one. Jake held two Rejects by the neck and smiled.


Well, looks like I don't have to
look after her all the time.
      (inside Jake's
She is doing surprisingly well.
Jake butted the two Rejects heads together and they fell to
the ground. Suddenly, the Experiment appeared in front of
Jake and slapped him away. Jake rolled on the ground and the
Experiment turned to Maya, who was fighting off two Rejects.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Well, I wasn't counting on her to
fight back. I will deal with her
Oh no you wont!
Jake came up from behind and got the Experiment in a full
nelson. The Experiment struggled to get out but some how,
Jake found the strength to hold on.
Your opponent, is me Experiment! I
will die before I let you touch
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Then, I shall destroy you quickly!
Yeah? We'll see about that.
As the Experiment kept struggling to get free, a belt
appeared around Jake's waist.
Kamen Rider!
Okami's spirit came out and pounced around Jake and the
Experiment. Jake transformed into Kamen Rider Wolf and he
threw the Experiment to the side. The Experiment rolled on
the ground and started to get up. Jake ran up to him and hit
the Experiment in the head with the shin of his right leg.
The Experiment rolled away and Jake walked up to him. The
Experiment summoned his sword and slashed Jake. Jake
stumbled back and The Experiment got up and repeatedly hit


Jake. The Experiment laid a heavy strike on Jake's chest.
Jake fell to a knee and the Experiment picked him up by the
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
You were brave to come Kamen
Rider. But, at the same time, you
are a fool.
Jake struggled to loosen the Experiments grip.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
And now, I will take the spirit
energy from that girl and every
other human in this city.
      (barely speaking)
No! I wont let you!
Gray energy formed in Jake's hand and he flung his left arm
back. He changed to his gray and white form and grabbed his
blaster. He shot the Experiment and he dropped Jake. The
Experiment stumbled back and Jake kept shooting him.
This ends here and now.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Yes, it does!
      (inside Jake's
Jake, he is going to use his
speed! Aim for his legs, now!
Jake shot at the Experiments legs, but he disappeared before
the shots could hit. Jake looked around and tried to find
him. Suddenly, Jake was struck in the back and he fell to
the ground. Jake's blaster was knocked out of his hand and
he was struck repeatedly. Jake's rolled on the ground and
the Experiment appeared in front of him.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Such a shame!
The Experiment kicked Jake in the side of the body. Jake
held his side in pain as the Experiment turned to Maya, who
was still fighting the two Rejects.


                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Now, for you!
He started to walk over to Maya and Jake desperately tried
to get up.
Jake, whats wrong?
      (in pain)
My body, I can barely move it.
Maya kicked a Reject away and she turned around only to be
face to face with the Experiment. She quickly took a step
back and went to punch him. The Experiment caught her hand
and grabbed her free arm. She struggled to get free.
Let me go you bastard!
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Oh, a feisty one aren't you?
Jake looked to his side and saw his blaster laying on the
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Now to make you number 11!
Jake found the strength to flip over to his blaster and pick
it up. He quickly got up to one knee and aimed his blaster.
He shot the Experiment away from Maya. Maya stumbled back,
and the Experiment suddenly disappeared. She looked over at
Jake, who was now on both knee's and holding his side.
She ran over to him and took a knee.
Jake, can you move?
      (in pain)
Yeah, but just barely.


                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
The both of you wont be moving for
Jake and Maya turned around to see the Experiment walking
towards them.
      (to herself)
Oh no, this is bad. I have no
Inside Jake's body, Okami started to glow.
Inside the garage at Jake's loft, Melissa's bike,"Blue
Dream", started to glow. It became a blue aura and it went
through the wall. When it got outside, it headed in Jake's
The Experiment got closer and closer, then he pointed his
sword at Jake and Maya.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
I am disappointed in you Kamen
Rider. The last time, you actually
put up a good fight. But now you
are as weak as a defenseless
animal. But do not worry. I shall
end you quickly and steal the
spirit energy from the girl.
Jake slowly got in front of Maya and shielded her.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Now Kamen Rider, die!
Jake and Maya braced for the final blow. But just then, a
blue aura came and hit the Experiment. He was sent flying
into a nearby wall. Jake and Maya heard an engine running
and looked in front of them to see the blue aura. It started
to form into "Blue Dream".
"Blue Dream"?
But how?


I summoned it here.
A small bit of energy came out of Jake's armor and Okami
appeared. She landed on the seat and turned to Maya and
You... summoned it?
Yes! I thought about what Maya
asked me earlier, so before we
left to come here I put some of my
energy into it. Thankfully, it
But why did you bring it here?
Jake, use this to beat the
No! Now is not the time to bring
that up...
Jake, listen to me! If you do not
use this, you will die!
So quit being a stubborn child and
use it!
Jake, please! Real quick, think if
your Mom was still alive and you
were in this same situation.
Jake said nothing and just starred at the bike.
She would want you to use it. So
please, use it.
The Experiment started to get up and saw the bike.


                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
I don't know how you would use
that thing, but I will destroy it
before you get the chance to!
The Experiment ran up to the bike and prepared to swing down
his sword. Jake looked up and suddenly shot the Experiment
away with his blaster.
Listen here you cheetah bastard!
Even though I do not want anything
to do with this piece of junk, I
will not just stand here and let
you touch it. This was my mothers,
and I wont let you destroy
something of hers!
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Oh yeah? What do you plan on doing
with it?
I am going to match your speed.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
My speed? Ha ha ha ha, don't screw
with me Kamen Rider! No matter
what you do, you can not match my
speed. But I would like to see you
The Experiment suddenly disappeared and Jake starred at his
mothers motorcycle.
Okay, just this once.
The little bit of Okami's spirit that was on the seat flowed
back into Jake's armor. Jake slowly mounted the bike and put
his hands on the handlebars. He took a deep breath and Maya
put her hand on his shoulder. He looked back at her for a
Go get 'em "Wolf Boy".
Jake slowly took off on the bike and suddenly disappeared.
The Experiment was running as fast as he could. He looked
behind him to see no one.


                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Ha, I knew that fool couldn't keep
up. Now I will go...
He started to hear and engine come up behind him. He turned
around to see Jake coming up behind him.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
As Jake got closer and closer, "Blue Dream" suddenly
transformed into an gray and white armored bike with the
head of a wolf on the front where the headlight was. Jake
brought up his blaster as he finally reached the Experiment.
He shot him in the legs and the Experiment went down.
The Experiment rolled on the ground and Jake appeared behind
him. He turned around to see Jake on his motorcycle, revving
his engine. Jake looked down to see that "Blue Dream" looked
Whoa, you didn't tell me that the
bike would transform Okami.
      (inside Jake's
Honestly Jake, this is a surprise
for me as well.
Well, I got to say, it looks cool.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
But... but how did you catch up to
me? It's impossible!
Impossible, you say? Well, I have
learned one thing in the past
couple of months.
      (inside Jake's
Really? Only one thing?


It's that nothing is impossible.
And let me tell you this! I am
going all out!
BG: "Holding Out for a Hero" Metal Version By Jonathan Young
and Savannah Stuckmayer
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
Spare me your words!
The Experiment brought up his sword and it started to glow.
He swung his sword and energy shot out at Jake. Jake quickly
rode away and the shots missed. The Experiment kept shooting
at Jake, but the bike was too fast. Jake aimed his blaster
and shot the sword out of his hand. He shot the Experiment
repeatedly and he stumbled back. Jake stopped and pointed
his front wheel at him.
I wonder...
Blue energy formed in Jake's hand's and he flung his arms
back. He turned back into his blue and white form. As he
changed, the bike started to change as well. It changed from
gray and white to blue and white. The wolf head's mouth on
the front changed to where it was showing its fangs.
Cool, so it can change forms as
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
You... how can you... you were not
this fast the last time.
Yeah, well, I had a little help
from a loved one. Now this is
where your story, comes to a
Jake revved his engine and rode towards the Experiment. Blue
energy surrounded Jake and the bike. Jake slowly stood on
the seat and some of the energy flowed into his feet. Jake
jumped up and the bike turned into a blue aura. It shot
through the Experiment. Jake came down and got in a kicking
stance. His foot hit the Experiments chest and Jake
disappeared within a blue aura before appearing behind him.
Jake's bike appeared next to him as he stood up and turned


Tell me something, do you know
anything about a Scorpion
Just then, Maya pulled up in Jake's truck and she quickly
got out. The Experiment turned to Jake and revealed a hole
in his chest.
                       CHEETAH EXPERIMENT
      (barely speaking)
A Scorpion... no. If I did, why
would I tell you?
The Experiment fell back and exploded. Maya covered her eyes
from the explosion. As the smoke cleared, Maya saw Jake
stare at his motorcycle. She ran up to him and Jake deformed
right as she got to him. She saw the bike transform back
into "Blue Dream".
Wait, it transforms to?
Yeah, I am just as surprised as
Okami came out of Jake's body and stood next to him.
Thank you for using this to defeat
the Experiment Jake. So what will
you do with it now?
Yeah, are you going to get rid of
it like you said earlier?
Eh... it did help me, like you two
said. It also just transformed as
well. Maybe both of you were
right, there might be a reason my
father kept this around.
Yeah I'll keep it.


Both Maya and Okami smiled and Maya gave Jake a big hug.
Since I am keeping it, I will have
to fix and clean it up first.
Jake mounted the bike and tried to start the engine. The
engine would not turn on and Jake kept trying.
Okay, you were working just a
minute ago.
Oh...uh... it might have been the
energy I put into it. I guess the
energy ran out.
So that means...
It's dead. But for right now.
Jake dismounted the bike and started to walk to his truck.
And where are you going?
There is a camping store about 5
blocks away from here. I am going
to need a ramp and some ratchet
Jake turned around and smiled at Okami and Maya.
It's going to be a long night.
Both Okami and Maya looked at each other and smiled before
they ran towards Jake. All of them started to walk to the


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