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Nothing Like Stand By Me
by Stephanie Swain (roji02@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Two girls ANN and MICKEY both (14)are running frantically
through the park. They are soaking wet and dressed in
typical late eighties fashions. "Joy and Pain" by Rob Base
plays in the background as they smash into small children,
run into garbage cans...basically accosting everything that
is in the way to their destination. They argue as they pound
the pavement with all their might.
You jackass! I told you we
shouldn't have ridden the log ride
last! The line was too long! If we
miss the bus my dad is going to
filet me!
Oh shut up, they're not gonna
leave us moron!
It's 7 thirty! We were supposed to
be ON the bus by 7:15.
Across the vast parking lot the girls spy a CHARTERED BUS
with it's headlights ON in the distance. Ann starts to drag
a bit.
You chunky turd, don't stop now!
Ann speeds up her pace again as they plod on.
                       ANN (V.O.)
      (grown up/calm)
It was two days before summer
vacation in 1987 and the annual
end of the year trip to Cedar
Point was a must at George
Washington Carver High.


The girls bound on to the bus in a panic and screech to a
halt beside the driver, attempting to catch their breath.As
they scan the bus for a seat it becomes very apparent that
BOTH of their races are very much in the minority. Most
every kid on the bus is black and it is jam packed except
for a spot open by an adult who we assume is a teacher.
      (under her breath)
Before Ann can even make a move for the open seat, Mickey
dives for it.
Sorry man...
Thanks Mickey. You suck.
Ann just stands there staring at the uninviting faces as we
hear nothing but the diesel engine idling in the background.
Alright Ann, go find a seat so we
can get moving. You girls have
kept us waiting long enough.
Ann begins the slow, torturous walk down the aisle scanning
for any place she can find. She makes it all the way to the
L-shaped benches in the back where a small crack that she
can slip into comes into view. As she attempts to make her
way over to it, the kids spread out so that is no longer
there. She continues to stand there until the teacher
finally grows weary of waiting and comes back to assess the
All right, you kids move the hell
over and let this girl sit down.
I'm tired, I'm hungry and done
with any type of foolishness for
the rest of this trip.


                       BLACK GIRL
But she all wet. I don't wanna sit
next to her drippin' ass for an
hour and a half.
Ann looks down at the floor shamed.
Don't you say another damn word
Trinity! You hear me? Move it!
Trinity moves over, allowing enough space as Ann takes her
seat and the teacher returns to his own. The bus begins to
MOVE and all of the kids (all of whom are black) look at Ann
with hatred. Then the barbs start. Whisperings of "It smells
like Wet dog" and "that's what white trash smells like"
permeate Ann's hearing but her eyes do not leave the floor.
Damn girl,(pointing to Ann's
shoes)is you wearing Pro-Wings? Yo
mamma suck somebody's dick for the
five dollars to buy those at
Ann finally looks up at her verbal assailants.
                       ANN (V.O.)
Now before you go thinking these
kids are just a bunch of racist
assholes, there's a little more to
it than that. Up until a few days
ago, some of them were actually my
friends. And then..... this
                                         CUT TO
Ann is walking with a cute black boy (14) in front of the
school. It's the end of the day and teens swarm about all
around them. He and Ann giggle and flirt innocently as they
stroll along slowly. BEHIND THEM, a muscle car comes to a
slow stop as we see the driver (Ann's stepfather Scott)
glaring at them with contempt. He is bearded, burly and blue
collar around every edge.


      (yelling loudly
       for all to hear)
Young lady (northern midwest
accent) I don't know what the hell
ya think your doin' but you better
get your ass in this car! We ain't
playin' no "Guess Who's Comin' to
Dinner" around our house!
Ann's face immediately transforms from carefree bliss to
absolute horror as she hears the words. Her friend just
looks at her with sadness as she makes her apologies and
runs for the car.
      (to her step
Jesus, Scott thanks a lot!
      (still loud enough
       for everyone to
Look, i don't know whatcha got in
your head but me and your mother
ain't havin' no nigger
Ann turns to find many of the students standing, gawking,
mouths dropped open. She jumps in the car and Scott PEELS
                       TRINITY (o.s.)
Did you hear me bitch? I sade, did
yo mama buy you those cheap ass
shoes with her dick suckin' money?
                       ANN (V.o.)
My stepfather, in less than one
minute, had destroyed what little
bit of anything I'd made of myself
in the 4 years I'd spent at that
school. Had the trip not already
been paid for, I would've backed
out. Hell I would've backed out
anyways but Scott made me come. He
was a selfish idiot. And
apparently, I wasn't too bright


                       ANN (cont'd)
Well...at least I don't have to
live with my grandma because my
mom's a crack whore.


You ghetto piece of shit.
Instantly Trinity and several other kids ascend upon Ann and
start kicking her ass.
                                         DISSOLVE TO
Ann is vigorously riding an exercise bike and watching
"Stand By Me". She speaks along with each word. Knows it by
                       ANN (v.o.)
My suspension ate up the last two
days of school which seems lucky.
But really, all that meant was two
more days of Summer at my house.
Overhead, a MAN and WOMAN begin to ARGUE and we hear
something SHATTER on the floor. Ann acts as if she doesn't
hear as she continues on, mouthing along with the dialog
spoken by Richard Dreyfuss as he wraps up "Stand By Me". She
looks up at busted CLOCK on the wall, noting the time.
Quickly she dismounts the bike and ejects the VHS tape from
the player. She bolts up the basement stairs as the arguing
gets louder.
Ann enters the sparsely decorated kitchen while her mother
SHARON and step-father continue their vicious argument.
Sharon is a small woman, wearing a nightgown and sporting
dark circles under her eyes that make her look well beyond
her 32 years. It becomes obvious that Ann is the subject of
their current argument.


She's not going back there! Do you
understand me?
Well goddammit, what the fuck are
we supposed to do?
You watch your filthy mouth
mister! Don't you take the lord's
name in vain in front of my
Ann ignores the argument as she opens the refrigerator,
nothing's inside. She digs through a bowl of change on the
table as though neither of them exist and stuffs it into her
Two toddler girls sit in a playpen together in the dowdy
living room with seventies style furniture and rust colored
shag carpet. Ann stops only for a moment to kiss them both
on top of the head before exiting out the front door.
Ann grabs an old ten speed that lays on it's side in the
yard, jumping on it and stopping just for a moment to sniff
the air before pedaling off.
                       ANN (V.O.)
Probably the worst thing about
living in our neighborhood was the
bread factory. We never had
groceries and smelling fresh,baked
bread every time you walked
outside ...well, I didn't know
what a perfect description of
irony that was at the time.
Ann rides her bike down the the narrow, cracked sidewalk
passing many delapidated houses and various down trodden
neighbors. Once on the main road she passes what appears to
be a couple of drug dealers on the corner who try to get her
attention. She pedals on to her destination (VIDEO STORE)
and once arrived, just drops the bike to ground.


Ann returns the video to the counter and tells the clerk to
ring it up again.
                       VIDEO STORE CLERK
You know...(pointing around) we DO
have OTHER movies.
Yeah...but I want this one.
The clerk begins ringing up her order but not without some
                       VIDEO STORE CLERK
Alright, whatever you say but I'm
beginning to worry about'cha
kiddo. It's summer, you should be
outside, living the good life,
playing with your friends. What
your doing is, I dunno, it's
startin' to get weird.
Well, I don't have any friends and
I have no interest in smoking
crack, becoming a hooker or
getting jumped into a gang
soooo...what else am I gonna do
around here?
The clerk purses his lips and hands her the video back.
                       VIDEO STORE CLERK
I have no argument for that. Enjoy
the movie...AGAIN.
Ann shews a homeless man away from her bike before mounting
it and taking off.
                       ANN (v.o.)
I knew it was weird. Obsessive. I
didn't care. In some strange way,
the movie had become my only
friend. It had also been the
catalyst for my first ever serious


Ann lays in her weathered, canopy bed thumbing through a
Tiger Beat magazine. Her walls are PLASTERED with posters of
River Phoenix. She's interrupted by a knock on the door.
It's her step dad.
Ay kiddo, you hungry? I got u some
ribs from Zukin's.
Ann just glares at him.
Oh c'mon...ain't you ever gonna
get over this? It's not that big'a
fucking deal. Those dumb monkeys
won't even remember this shit come
Shut up, don't call them that. YOU
moved us to this neighborhood. Why
did you do that if you hated black
people so much? Was I supposed to
never have ANY friends?
#1...I don't hate black people. I
grew up in a different time,
during the race riots...you don't
know what that shit does to you.
Yeah, well I'm toast now. I did
everything to try and fit in there
and none of it matters. I might as
well be Adolph Hitler's step
Alright, c'mon...the ribs are
gettin' cold. Your ma's in bed,
Motel Hell is about to c'mon
HBO....come out here and hang out
with me. Afternoon's kicked my ass
today, I need some company.
Ann reluctantly follows.
                                         CUT TO


Ann sits indian style on the floor while Scott is stretched
out on the couch-both of them chomping on ribs and watching
Motel Hell. A rather violent scene appears on the screen and
Scott begins to cheer.
                       ANN (v.o.)
We had been doing this since I was
eight. Even on school nights
sometimes. We never had groceries
in the house so Scott knew he
could always lure me out with
food. Big reason I was a chubby
t.v. junkie. We would eat, watch
horror movies,never really saying
a word.
Ann is riding the exercise bike and watching "Stand By Me"
again while we hear yelling from above her head once more.
The door to the basement OPENS then SLAMS shut as her mother
Sharon comes bounding down the stairs. She walks over to the
VHS player, ejecting the tape which enrages Ann. They argue
for a second until Ann notices that her mother has been
crying. Sharon begins to sob again while smoking a cigarette
and twirling a wet rag on her finger over and over.
                       ANN (v.o.)
They said what mom had was called
a "religious breakdown". I dunno
if that's real, but after she told
us the seals of heaven were
opening in the living room one
night during Remington Steele,
they had to call it something.
Being pregnant for basically 2
years in a row messed her head up
I guess. She'd been back out of
the psych ward for 4 months but
she wasn't all right. Not by a
long shot.
Ohhh...what is it? Why are you


Because I've had it. I can't stand
seein' you down in this basement
Sharon takes the rag and wipes her eyes, and straightens up
with renewed vigor.
      (matter of factly)
We're going to West Virgina for a
few weeks. It's decided. Scott
will drop us all off at Granny and
Wait,I thought you said they
didn't want us there, that we
weren't welcome.
Sharon drags on her smoke losing her defiant strength as she
exhales a white, puffy cloud.
Please, don't make me admit I'm a
liar Ann. I can't do this ya know?
Can you understand that questions
are something I can't handle and
just believe me now when I say
that this will be for the best?
Please? Don't make me explain.
Uhhhh...whatever. I guess I'm
getting tired of watching this
movie anyways. When are we going?
Ann sits smashed between two car seats (holding her sisters)
in the back. The song "Dead Man's Curve" plays loudly as her
step-dad Scott sings along in a high pitched voice to match
Jan and Dean's. Finally, Sharon grows weary as he leans into
her face with his rendition and she begs for him to shut up.
They argue as Scott feels like him taking her to the Sticks
should allow him to at least sing. He bitches about being in
bumble fuck and worries that they will all be raped by
hillbilly's and turned into sausage. Ann laughs while Sharon
groans with disapproval of how disgusting he is. Scott
suggests Mcdonald's for lunch and everything grows silent as
Sharon gives him a look that signifies imminent death.


                       ANN (v.o.)
Oh God, the very mentioning of
Mcdonald's was his attempt at
catapulting mom into a psycho fit.
                                         CUT TO
Ann paces the floor until (o.s.) we hear a car come to a
stop outside and the door CLOSES. Ann runs to open the front
door, babies stumbling after her. Scott enters carrying two
bags of Mcdonald's as Ann practically rips the bags from his
hands doling out the food as quickly as possible.
                       ANN (v.o.)
A couple of weeks before Mom got
put away, she stopped letting us
eat. EVERYTHING was the devil's
food so we would have to be as
covert as possible. But nothing
sent her more over the edge than
Everyone is gobbling down the food as Sharon emerges from
the bedroom. When she sees what's going down, she loses it
totally and begins stripping the food from her children's
hands before throwing it to the floor and smashing it into
the carpet with her feet. She screams wildly about how she
will not let Satan poison her children. The babies cry as
Sharon and Scott explode in a rager.
                                         CUT TO
Scott and Sharon scream at each other loudly as Ann rolls
her eyes while both of her sisters cry.
                       ANN (v.o.)
She had gotten over not letting us
eat at all but her position on
Mcdonald's stayed strong. It was
the devil's food and it wasn't
until years later that I'd
realize, in a way she was right.
But that was one of the worst
things about Scott. He loved to
torment my mom.


A short montage of the trip shows the car crossing the
bridge into Huntington and the SIGN that reads "Welcome to
Wild Wonderful West Virginia." Several shots of the
landscape, churches and locals as they pass a sign the reads
"Harts Creek" population 1,546. The car begins slowing in
front of a compound of sorts. As they turn down into the
driveway we see three houses built in close proximity of
each other next to a large field that is home to horses,
chickens and pigs.
Oh this looks like TOO much fun.
Ay kiddo (to Ann) you sure you
wanna give up three weekends at
the drag strip for this?
You keep your big mouth shut.
She's MY daughter and I know what
is best for her.
The car stops in front to the largest of the three houses, a
beautiful white three story with a tin roof. A gorgeous,
huge oak tree blankets the front yard with shade while the
right side is flanked with a full, lush garden. Two elderly
people a rail thin man and heavyset woman (GRANNY and POPPY
CHARLIE) emerge from the home to greet their guests. Sharon
is weary from the trip as she releases the toddlers as well
as Ann from their captivity. Granny squeezes them all, but
especially Ann before inviting them inside to eat.
A large dining table is set with every great food the region
has to offer. Chicken N dumplin's, green beans, cornbread
(still in the iron skillet) etc... Several people mill about
and we meet AUNT JENNY, UNCLE CLYDE and several cousins
including JASON who is about the same age as Ann. At first
it is awkward as they all seem to know that Sharon has had
some problems and the fact that they haven't seen them in
years. Granny tells Ann how much she's missed her since she
left when she was four and asks if she still remembers her
pony Dottie.
Scott stands around talking with Poppy and Uncle Clyde until
Ann comes out to join in. Ann asks what the large building


is next to the property that is separated by a fence. Poppy
tells her that it's the high school that her mother and
grandfather attended. When he says the word "grandfather" he
gets a bit choked up.
                       ANN (v.o.)
I still remembered Papaw Tommy
even though he passed away from
cirrohsis when I was little. He
liked to drink, somthing that his
god fearing parents could never
understand. It wasn't until that
moment I realized how hard it was
on Poppy to lose his son.
Poppy shakes it off and begins to give more history on the
                       POPPY CHARLIE
I tell ya, that place has been
good to us. Even long before it
became a school and provided slop
for the hogs months out of the
year. Used to be a prison at one
Ann's eyes grow wide and marvel at the unknown history.
                                         CUT TO
scenes of prison life from that time and long tables set up
with food being served to them.
                                         CUT TO
                       POPPY CHARLIE
Yep, folks thought I was crazy
building this house next to a
prison but I always knew the land
was blessed. In those days when
the timber business was a hurtin'
we could still count on boarding
some of the guards and 3 times a
week your Granny and her sisters
would make a meal for the
prisoners that we were paid a good
deal fer back in those days.
Ann asks how it became a school and Poppy tells her it
happened when they was just too many kids bein' bused 3


hours away. The towns people decided they needed a
highschool and the spot where the prison sat was the only
legit place. After lots of politickin' they persuaded the
state to cease the prison so that they may have a school. A
couple of loud, 4X4 trucks turn down into the driveway and
Uncle Clyde comes alive scooting across the bottom to his
own house. Several men exit the vehicles carrying beer and
they set up a card table in the yard and commence to
drinking and playing.
                       POPPY CHARLIE
I hope the Lord forgives Clyde
when it's time.
Ann comes back in the house only to find her mother crying
and hugging Granny. Aunt Jenny is entertaining the babies
and decides to take them out to see the pony's. Ann asks why
her mother is crying but Granny tells her not to worry with
it and to go see Dottie.
There are 4 ponies milling about in the luscious, green
pasture while the noises of hot bugs fill the air. Aunt
Jenny asks Ann if she remembers which one is Dottie. Ann
does and is happy that she can recall which one it is. Ann
asks Aunt Jenny if she knows why they left there when she
was a girl and why they haven't been back. Aunt Jenny tells
her that she doesn't feel right talkin' bout such things but
that she's just happy they are there now. Ann asks if it has
anything to do with her father JACK but her Aunt still
declines to discuss it.
                       ANN (v.o.)
I didn't know much about my dad
except that he didn't want me. I
met him once when I was four just
before we moved away but I didn't
remember him. All I remembered was
the night we left.
Ann is a little girl and is crying violently as she is torn
from Granny's arms by an unknown man as she and her mother
are put into a car. The car backs out of the driveway.
HEADLIGHTS against the house as it fades into the darkness.
I had recurring dreams about that
house and my great grandparents
dissolving into the night for


                       ANN (cont'd)
                                         CUT TO
It's twilight now as Sharon and Scott scream at each other
in the driveway. Scott says he's not staying the night as he
can't take another second in this po'dunk town. He bids
farewell to the kids and tells Ann he'll see her in three
Sharon is changing the babies into their pajamas as Granny
takes Ann around the room asking if she remembered staying
in there when she was little girl. She takes her in the
adjacent bathroom to show her that the sticker she put on
the toilet seat was still there. It's an image of a cartoon
pulling a flusher while being sucked down a toilet. It reads
"Goodbye Cruel World." Ann is tickled by the sight and then
her Granny remembers something else. She opens a drawer and
pulls out an old iron bank. It's a whale with a small boy
whose hand you put the change in and he feeds to the whale.
It is supposed to be Jonah and the Whale.
Ann stands outside on the porch with her cousins Jason and
Nate watching their Poppy cracking his whip. He has several
different vegetables set up that he hits and splits with
perfect accuracy to the delight of his audience.
      (to Ann)
Ya wanna go down to the creek and
gig for snakes?
That sounds disturbing but I
Ann and Jason slog through calf high water with what look
like miniature pitchforks at the ready. Jason explains to
her that the snakes will attempt to swim upstream which
gives them the appearance of sitting still in the water. Her


instructions are (if she finds one) to stab it, stuff it in
a bag and beat it dead against a rock.
This is just about the most
retarded thing I've ever heard of.
Ann notices many old rusty cars along the banks of the creek
and inquires as how they made their way down there. Jason
explains that back in the fifties a big flood came through
and filled up the whole valley.
Water is up to the third floor of Granny and Poppy's house
as they sit on the rough with their teenage children
watching neighbors float by and scream.
                                         CUT TO
When it was over, all this stuff
had gotten washed down in here and
sumthin' like a hundred and fifty
head was dead. They said when the
flood waters went down, they was
bodies a hangin' in the trees all
Ann looks up into the TREES that completely canvass the
creek and sees images of drowned souls hanging in the
branches. She shivers and Jason clues her into the fact that
their prey has arrived. Ann straddles the snake in silent
fear and raises the pitchfork (gig) slowly about to make a
stab. Suddenly the opening chords of "In the Still of Night"
by Whitesnake jolts her from the process. They both look up
the side of the mountain to it's origin and see a boy their
age cute/blonde hair blue eyes, resembles River Phoenix
(Alex) comes barreling towards them on a homemade zip line.
Ann tries to dodge him as he makes his ascent but he loses
control, kicking her in the head and knocking her into the
water. As she struggles to make her way up out of the water,
both boys attempt to help her as Alex apologizes profusely.
The music cuts off and all that can be heard is squealing
laughter from the hillside. It's another boy (Trent) red
hair/freckles also (14) who is holding the boombox.


You idiots, I almost pissed my
pants up here. Alex, I'm leaving
this fuckin' radio up here Mr.
Showmanship. If it gets mangled,
well I toldja so.
Trent makes the journey down the side of the hill to meet
his cohorts as Ann has made it up to a large rock where Alex
and Jason are checking her out. Ann's vision comes back into
focus on Alex who she is immediately swooning for and not
just because he almost knocked her out. Trent stands over
Ann still laughing without any sense of empathy for her.
      (to jason)
So this is your cousin?
Yeah this is Ann and thanks for
almost god dang killin' her the
first day she's here. Stupid
Ann rubs her head and stands before setting an irritated
gaze on the party crashers.
Yeah, and who the hell are you
Seizing the opportunity all three boys line up side by side
(hands on hips) and say "We are....The Three Amigos!" while
each of them does the signature Amigos greeting from the
movie. Ann fights her chuckle. Jason explains that they are
his buddies and that Alex is actually one of her cousins.
Ann appears deflated at the news.
                                         CUT TO
Granny and Sharon sit in the old, wooden dining chairs
snapping string beans into a bucket.
You can still snap a bean like
nobody's business Shar.
Sharon doesn't acknowledge the compliment as a worried look
creeps over her face.


I should check on the girls..
Sharon starts to stand up until Granny reassures her that
they are fine with Aunt Jenny. Sharon sits back down and
Granny asks if they will be joining them for church in the
morning. Sharon tells her she can't face all of those people
again. Granny tells her that nobody even cares about that
stuff anymore. Nobody thinks she's a tramp, if anything they
think Ann's father Jack is a lying, no account. She asks if
Sharon is going to let Ann see him while they are there and
Sharon says she's not sure. Maybe if Ann asks about it she
will but that she herself doesn't want to lay eyes on him.
Granny tells her she wishes that she'd reconsider about
church but Sharon says they can take the girls but that
she's not up for it.
                                         CUT TO
Ann, Jason, Alex and Trent are standing on the creek bank
pitching big rocks at the windshields of the old cars
breaking as much of the remaining glass out as possible.
Trent finally grows weary of it, saying he's bored. He
invites them all up to his house as he has just procured a
copy of "The Evil Dead II". Ann's eyes spin with excitement
as it is obvious she has finally found some kids that she
actually connects with. They agree and make plans for later.
Before Alex and Trent take off, Trent stops for a second.
      (to ann)
I'll swallow ya soul! I'll swallow
ya soul!
All four are stretched out on the floor intensely watching
the movie, eating popcorn. Ann is the happiest we've seen
her so far. Alex lays close to her, entangling his ankles in
hers. Ann's face is flushed. Jason looks disapprovingly at
them both.


Ann and Jason are walking back to the farm. Jason begins to
lecture Ann on the fact that he noticed her and Alex
flirting and that they are cousins and that it's gross. Ann
refutes his assessment but then asks how close of cousins
are they?
And they say only Hillbilly's are
into incest. Freak!
Ann follows Granny and Poppy into the church while Aunt
Jenny totes one of Ann's sisters on her hip. The fellow
parishioners greet Ann's great-grandparents as though they
are royalty. Most of them are excited to see Ann again after
all of these years but a couple give her sideways glances as
though she should be ashamed of her existence. Granny
doesn't seem to notice. All at once Trent appears behind
Granny and gooses her. When she turns to see the offender,
he steps out of the way of her sight. He then jumps in front
of her, startling her. Granny looks beyond annoyed when she
realizes who it is.
Granny, can Ann sit in the back
with us till they call us down
I am NOT your Granny Trent.
Ok, well then MYRTLE...can Ann sit
with us or not?
Granny purses her lips before seeing in Ann's face how badly
she wants to go back there and agrees.
Where's Jason and Alex? I asked
Aunt Jenny if Jason was coming and
she just mumbled.
Yeah, well their mama's don't
make'em come and that really puts
a bee in your Aunt Jenny's bonnet.
Your cousin Dale hasn't been in
this place since he was a teenager
and he don't think Jason has to


                       TRENT (cont'd)
come unless he wants to. Sometimes
he does.....
Trent catches sight of a woman in her sixties passing them
in the pew and stops her asking if she'd like a piece of
gum. The woman accepts warily, taking the stick and placing
it in her mouth. Trent wears a shit eating grin and wishes
her a lovely Sunday. As she walks away, he bursts into
muffled laughter. Ann asks what is so funny and he shows her
the pack. It's "Feenamint Laxative Gum".
Ann, Alex, Jason and Trent are all riding 4 wheelers on a
rural dirt road up in the mountains. Ann rides with Jason
while Trent and Alex follow behind on their own rigs.
It was crazy. Just a week before,
I was living the most pathetic
existence possible. Now, everyday
was a new adventure and I never
thought anything like this would
happen in the middle of nowhere.
Jason slows down when he comes to a HUGE/WIDE MUDHOLE in the
middle of the "road". Ann asks if the will turn back but
Jason tells her not to sweat it, he's got the skill to get
them across. Slowly he hugs the very edge as the tops of
their toes barely touch the mud. They balance gingerly and
make it across. Trent follows their trail also completing
the mission. They await on the other side for Alex who just
stares at the mud hole. While, Jason and Trent's 4 wheelers
are thick and sturdy, Alex rides a much lighter, sportier
C'mon dickslap! Sun's goin' down!
Alex shakes him off.
No. You guys did it the pussy way.
I'm pretty damn sure that if I go
fast enough,I canskip right over
this bastard.
Trent and Jason begin howling with laughter.


      (To jason and
What? Is that impossible?
Uh...hell yeah that's impossible!
No blasted way he can do it.
      (over the mudhole)
Wanna lay odds you piece o'shit?
Your serious?


You're a fuckin' idiot. Name it!
Alex turns around, going back a good piece so he can build
up some speed before racing towards his nemesis. (Opening
ominous guitar chords of Metallica's Battery begins to play
in the back ground.)
                       ANN (v.o.)
As he barreled towards us, I
actually started to think...maybe
he had a shot.
Alex is FLYING when he hits the mudhole. Instantly his front
wheels lock up in the mud slamming it to a dead stop and
throwing Alex's lower body forward into the handle bars and
crushing his genitalia. The 4-wheeler's engine dies as Alex
hangs forward from it screaming in pain. His audience
collapses in laughter.
Scott sits on the blown out velour pattern couch, open pizza
box in his lap stuffing his face and watching the movie
"Carrie". It's right at the part when Amy Irving is having
the dream where she kneels and places a flower on the grave.
      (with a full mouth
       of food)
Ohhh....u stupid
bitch...yeah...just get right down
beside it....


Suddenly Carrie's hand shoots through the soft dirt
startling Amy Irving and sending Scott into a fit of
laughter. He seems to forget that he's alone, if only for a
moment as the word "Hey" escapes his lips as he looks
towards Ann's bedroom. His face grows somber with his
lonesome realization and he throws the pizza box in the
floor. The poignant moment ends with Scott expelling a long,
disgusting fart.
Jason and Ann lean against the fence post talking. Jason has
a B.B gun and is attempting to show Ann how to shoot an as
yet unseen target in the distance. She takes aim at the
mysterious target and misses. Jason takes the gun from her,
steadies the barrel taking aim, when he is startled by Alex
who kicks him in the ass hard.
      (grabbing Alex's
       shirt collar)
You goddamn retard!
Ann is laughing uncontrollably at their argument and
tussling until she and Jason both notice that Alex has a
shiner on his right eye.
Hey idiot, what in the sam hell
happened to your eye?
Alex tells them both that he and his older brother got into
a bit of a scrape that morning over the last bit of Cookie
Crisp and he was elbowed in the eye as result. Alex goes on
to say that he would love it if they would be in a plot to
get him back. He explains that his brother is working
security on the grave yard shift at the mine and that they
should go scare him. The security shack sits at the end of a
dead end road but they could camp out by the river tonight
and then cross the old Atenville swingin' bridge when it
gets time. His brother would never see it coming. Jason and
Ann are both somewhat weary but agree. Alex gets excited and
claims he'll call Trent to come with. He snatches the gun
away from Jason.
Gimme that shit son. I'll show'er
how a man is supposed to shoot.
Alex levels the gun at the target again and it is finally
revealed. Across the field and creek is a mule walking along
the bank line. Alex pulls the trigger and the Mule makes a


loud hee-haw noise and kicks his back legs in the air. Both
boys erupt in laughter and high five. Ann tells them that it
was much sadder than she thought it would be.


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