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The Girl On The Lake
by Zachary Murdock (zacharybednar90@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

Written for fun.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


His feet plunge into the asphalt and his heart beats out of
his chest.

He is trying to exercise, but it's been so long since he
jogged that his body doesn't know how to handle it.

He is trotting quickly on a paved footpath that wraps around
a beautiful lake.

It's that perfect time of day, when the sun hits the lake
just right, that's it's reflection is no longer blinding but
calming and therapeutic.

He pounds through the winding curves and the sharp and
unexpected inclines. He follows the path.

He runs and runs. He pushes himself harder and harder.

He is drenched in sweat from head to toe. His white shirt is
so wet that it's sticking to his body, and his mesh shorts
look as if they've been glued to his inner thighs.

He pushes himself harder. He can't stop. He won't stop.

He is exactly forty years old. He doesn't look out of shape.
But his body hasn't worked this hard since he was in his
twenties. And for him, that might as well have been in
another lifetime.

He can feel his heart. Beating too hard. Too fast.

His breathing is starting to worry him, and his lungs are
starting to feel as if someone has picked tiny holes in

His name is KEVIN MCCLURE. And he has just given up.

He takes refuge in the shade of kind trees.

He bends over. Then he straightens out his spine. A
desperate form of stretching. He can't stop breathing heavy
and his legs feel like a thousand pounds.

He sits down in the shade and watches the more athletic and
determined joggers pass him by.

He lights a cigarette and pants like a mad dog.


He puts a hand on his chest, then two fingers on the inside
of his wrist.

His heart's beating too fast for his liking.

He wishes he wasn't so goddamn out of shape.

That's when he sees THE GIRL from afar.

She is a young girl, late teens to early twenties. She is
wearing a bright red sports bra and black tights, both of
which draw attention to her amazing figure. She is jogging
fast up the footpath, heading his way.

The closer she gets to him, the more beautiful he can see
she is.

He waits for her to pass so he can watch her from the back.

But much to his surprise, she stops in front of him and jogs
in place.

She looks at him and laughs.
                       THE GIRL
What are you doing all the way out
Kevin shrugs and smiles.

He has to squint his eyes to look up at her.

The sun's so bright now, it's no longer that perfect time of
I'm just enjoying the shade.
                       THE GIRL
I haven't seen you in a while. I
was starting to get worried. I
thought maybe I'd never see you
Do I know you from somewhere?
                       THE GIRL
Unbelievable. You forgot all about
me, didn't you?


I'm not sure if I did or not. You
don't look like someone I'd know.
                       THE GIRL
How can you say that after all the
time we spent together?
Yeah, no. That wasn't me. I'm
afraid you've got the wrong guy.
                       THE GIRL
No, I don't think so. You're older
now but you're still you.
Kevin looks at her legs. Not in a creepy way. He's wondering
how in the hell she can stand to jog in place for so long.
Where do you think you know me
                       THE GIRL
From here. I know you from the
Listen, Miss, I haven't been to
this lake in well over fifteen
years and I haven't ran it since I
was maybe your age. You've
mistaken me with someone else.
Someone younger.
                       THE GIRL
No. It was that long ago. You were
still in college then.
That was twenty years ago. You
must have been an infant at that
                       THE GIRL
No. I wasn't. And you never made
it this far before. Not even back
It's a big lake. I tire easy.


                       THE GIRL
What makes today so different?
I had a lot on my mind.
                       THE GIRL
And now?
Now I feel better.
She says nothing. She just continues to jog in place.
Do you have trouble standing
                       THE GIRL
I can't stand it.
There's extra space here in the
shade if you don't mind sitting
next to me.
                       THE GIRL
I don't need the rest.
Kevin squints up at her.
You really think we met twenty
years ago, huh?
                       THE GIRL
Of course we met twenty years ago.
You'll remember me eventually.
If you really knew me twenty years
ago, you'd know the answer to this
question without even having to
think about it. What was the one
thing I wanted back then more than
anything else in the world?
                       THE GIRL
He grins at her.


If I didn't know any better, I'd
say you were trying to flirt with
                       THE GIRL
Don't you know? That's why I'm
So you ARE flirting with me?
                       THE GIRL
Why else would I be here?
Well that's very kind of you.
He shows her his wedding ring.
But I'm a married man.
                       THE GIRL
No you're not. You've been
divorced for over a year. She's
actually engaged to someone new.
Someone younger.
Kevin no longer wants to play games.
Who are you?
                       THE GIRL
I'm The Girl.
I know you're a girl, what I want
to know is your name.
She doesn't answer him. She just continues to jog in place.
                       THE GIRL
If you want to to know, you gotta
keep up.
I'm in no mood to run.
                       THE GIRL
I'll wait for you then. Up ahead.
If you can make it that far.


The Girl continues to jog down the footpath, leaving Kevin
alone in the shade.

He calls after her, standing up.
Hey! What's this all about?
She hears him and turns around and starts to walk backward,
always moving, still heading down the footpath.

They look at each other.

She hollers back:
                       THE GIRL
If you really want to know, you
know where I'll be.
Then The Girl turns back around and jogs up the footpath and
out of sight and far from his reach.
Kevin enters THE PUBLISHER's office, still out of breath
from the jog.
                       THE PUBLISHER
Mr. McClure?
That's me. Sorry I'm late.
                       THE PUBLISHER
Have a seat.
They shake hands.

And he takes a seat in front of his desk that's littered
with manuscripts and post-it notes.
                       THE PUBLISHER
You're out of breath. Did you run
No. I was doing a little
exercising. An hour ago. I guess
that shows you how long it's been,


The Publisher politely chuckles at his self deprecating
                       THE PUBLISHER
Mr. McClure, I'd like to talk to
you about your book.
I am completely open to making
changes. It's not like I'm married
to the thing. Right now, it's only
a manuscript.
                       THE PUBLISHER
Yes, I can see that.
You guys didn't like it, did you?
                       THE PUBLISHER
No, we did. It's just that the
subject matter was handled in a
way that was just too dark for
this publishing company to stand
But it was a murder story.
                       THE PUBLISHER
Was it? Who was the killer then?
It wasn't that kind of murder
                       THE PUBLISHER
Then you tell me, what kind of
murder story was it?
It was a personal one.
                       THE PUBLISHER
Really? Should I be worried? Was
this autobiographical?
It wasn't a comedy if that's what
you were expecting.


                       THE PUBLISHER
We weren't expecting a comedy but
we were expecting there to be
comedy in it.
I put a few jokes in there.
                       THE PUBLISHER
Yes, but they weren't funny.
I can get better ones.
                       THE PUBLISHER
I'm not sure if that would make
any difference, to be honest.
What was wrong with it?
                       THE PUBLISHER
It was extremely maudlin, Mr.
McClure. Extremely maudlin and
incredibly shallow.
                       THE PUBLISHER
The characters didn't learn
anything from the events they
experienced, and the writing
became minimal during the last few
It was a style choice. It can be
                       THE PUBLISHER
Your tone was dismal throughout.
It was a serious story.
                       THE PUBLISHER
We believe you took it too


It talks about things like life
and death, two things that should
be taken very seriously.
                       THE PUBLISHER
Yes, but should they also be
They should be dealt with from a
personal viewpoint.
The Publisher smirks.
                       THE PUBLISHER
We're not entirely sure that many
people would share your personal
viewpoint. Your novel reads like
Plath on a bad mixture of
anti-depressants and sexual
frustration. Better yet, it is the
oven inside of Sylvia's brain. It
is simply unpublishable. No one
would want to read something like
this. People want to be
entertained, people want to wowed.
People want their hearts broken,
but they also want you to fix it
on the last page.
He reaches into his desk drawer, pulls out a thick
manuscript, and drops it on the desk.
                       THE PUBLISHER
What people don't want, Mr.
McClure, is a novel that tells
them that the world around them is
empty. That love is insane. Or
that people are all better off
Kevin takes his manuscript off the desk and flips through
But he's happy. He's really happy
                       THE PUBLISHER
Yes. But at what cost to himself?


Kevin gives up.

He sulks silently in his chair.

The Publisher's phone starts to ring.
The Publisher looks down at it, then back at Kevin almost in
                       THE PUBLISHER
If you'll excuse me, Mr. McClure,
I have to take this.
You're wrong about my work.
The Publisher ignores him and answers the phone.
Kevin slowly exits as The Publisher talks excitedly on the
phone with a promising writer.
An attractive COLLEGE CHICK sits alone at the bar looking at
her cell phone.

Kevin appears and sits down on the stool right next to her.
She doesn't look up at him, but he's looking at her.

RICK THE BARTENDER watches this as if he's about to witness
a train wreck.
Name's Kevin McClure.
She doesn't look up from her phone.
                       COLLEGE CHICK
What's yours?
                       COLLEGE CHICK
No? That's a funny sounding name.
Is it French?
She rolls her eyes and drops a twenty dollar bill on the
counter and leaves the bar.


She never even looks at him.

Rick The Bartender starts to crack up with laughter.
Kevin glares at him, slightly embarrassed.
Go ahead, laugh it up.
                       RICK THE BARTENDER
Oh don't worry, I intend to.
You wouldn't be laughing so hard
if you saw the chick I was talking
to this morning.
                       RICK THE BARTENDER
If it was your Mom again, I'm not
It was a girl. Hotter than that,
younger than that even. And she
wanted me, Rick. She was all over
me. I basically had to fight her
off and shoo her away with a
                       RICK THE BARTENDER
And then you woke up, right?
Believe what you want to believe.
                       RICK THE BARTENDER
I believe that you're a bad liar.
Have it your way, Rick. But this
girl I'm talkin' about was one
fine piece.
                       RICK THE BARTENDER
And that one wasn't?
There's no comparison.
                       RICK THE BARTENDER
This one didn't seem very
interested in you at all.


I've got my sights set a bit
                       RICK THE BARTENDER
So you're saying it was her who
was out of her league, not the
other way around?
Quit making fun of me and start
pouring me a drink.
                       RICK THE BARTENDER
No can do.
Kevin pulls out a crinkled ten dollar bill and shows it to
I can pay this time.
                       RICK THE BARTENDER
Do you have any idea how much
money you actually owe me?
A tab's just that, a tab. I'll pay
it back eventually.
                       RICK THE BARTENDER
You've been singing that same song
for over a year now. If you want
to drink, you need to start paying
it off.
Kevin slams his ten dollar bill on the counter.
There. Take ten dollars off my tab
and make me a drink.
The Bartender won't accept it.
                       RICK THE BARTENDER
You're cut off, Kevin. Come back
when you've got something a little
bit more substantial in your
pocket than chump change.
Rick, you're my friend. You can't
just cut me off.


                       RICK THE BARTENDER
You're wrong about me being your
friend, and yes I can. I can cut
off whoever I want to. And when a
tab starts to reach the eight
hundred dollar mark, that's when I
start to get restless.
You know I'm good for it. I got
some money headed my way.
                       RICK THE BARTENDER
Money for what? For your books and
short stories? You've written how
many and been published how much?
Never. Never in all the years I've
known you. Want some advice? Give
up on it, get yourself a real job.
I've read your stuff, Kevin, and
I'm sorry. But you're just not
very good. You're not like the
real guys.
Kevin shakes his head in disbelief.
                       RICK THE BARTENDER
I'm going to have to ask you to
leave now.
That's fine. I got better places
to be.
                       RICK THE BARTENDER
Then go there.
Go fuck yourself.
Kevin storms out in a huff.

Rick watches him leave. His face is stoned angry at him for
that last remark he made. He's lucky he left just then, or
else he would have been thrown out.
Kevin stands alone on the sidewalk in front his ex wife's
new house.


He is twisting the wedding ring he still wears around his

WENDY storms out to face him.

But she keeps her distance.
Why are you here?
Hey, Wendy. How's Mike?
You can't just show up whenever
you want. Do you remember the
restraining order?
I remember it.
Then do yourself a favor and honor
I just wanted to say hi.
I don't want to say hi to you
anymore. You are poison. You need
to stop coming around here, you
need to stay out of my life, and
you need to stop wearing that
gaudy fucking ring.
Kevin looks down at his simple wedding ring, confused.
Do you actually know what gaudy
means, Wendy?
You need to leave me alone. The
next time you decide to stop on
by, I'm calling the police. I'm
serious this time. Maybe they can
talk some sense into you.


I met someone today, Wendy. A
girl. She was young and she liked
me. She was a real good looker
Why do you think I give a fuck?
She was odd though. She said she
knew me from my college days. But
she couldn't have been older than
twenty. She was flirting with me,
You came to my house to tell me
that a pretty girl hit on you?
Kevin doesn't know what to say.
Go home, Kevin. You smell like a
fucking bar.
Wendy storms off.

Her new fiancÚ is waiting by the front door, staring Kevin
down. Her new fiancÚ's name is MICHAEL, and he doesn't look
a day older than thirty five. Wendy is Kevin's age, forty.

Michael puts his arms around her when she gets close and
they watch him walk away with disgust.
Kevin plunges into the steaming asphalt.

The footpath quakes beneath his feet.

This time he's going to run farther and harder than he ever
has before.

This time he'll make it all the way around.
He's determined.

But his body's still weak. It feels like it's falling apart.

So he pushes himself harder.


The Girl appears alongside him.

They jog together. Side by side.
                       THE GIRL
It's about time you showed up. I
hate it when you make me wait.
What took you so long anyway?
I had some stuff I had to figure
                       THE GIRL
Are your affairs now in order?
I'm not sure yet.
                       THE GIRL
But you're here.
Yeah. I am here.
                       THE GIRL
Are you starting to remember who I
I'm starting to. I still can't
place you in my memory. It's odd
but this all feels so... familiar.
                       THE GIRL
There was a time in your life when
you'd talk to me every day.
That's what I'm having trouble
                       THE GIRL
It was right before you left
college, remember? You hadn't met
Wendy yet. You were still with
Caitlyn then.
God. Caitlyn. I had forgot all
about her.


                       THE GIRL
She wasn't very kind to you.
No she wasn't.
                       THE GIRL
That was the first time we met.
You were in love with me then.
I was in love with you?
                       THE GIRL
More with the idea of me. You
liked to look at me. I'd let you
touch me from time to time.
I never cheated on Caitlyn.
                       THE GIRL
I never said we slept together.
But we did kiss once.
I don't remember that.
Kevin is wearing thin.

And having trouble keeping up.

His heart pounds harder with each stride he takes.
                       THE GIRL
I don't see how you could ever
possibly forget.
You think pretty highly of
yourself, don't you?
                       THE GIRL
Doesn't everyone?
No. I'd say that most people think
very little of themselves.
                       THE GIRL
I was talking about me.


Egotistical much?
                       THE GIRL
You used to think about me all the
time. You used to stay up all
night fantasizing about me and
what I looked like without my bra
Now you're just starting to creep
me out.
                       THE GIRL
I was flattered by it.
You must be easy to please.
                       THE GIRL
I am. I just don't like it when
you lead me on like you have
I've never hung you out to dry.
                       THE GIRL
You left me alone for twenty
But I came back, didn't I?
                       THE GIRL
Yes, but will you follow through
this time?
I feel like I'm having a heart
                       THE GIRL
Don't back out now.
Kevin clutches his chest and winces in real pain.
I really think I'm having a heart


His chest feels like it's about to pop under pressure.

His right arm is aching now.

Almost every muscle in his body is begging him to stop
He's losing his place beside her.

But he's determined to keep pushing harder and harder.

His legs feel as though they might give out at any time.

His feet feel like two scalding bricks.

And his heart is beating out of his chest.
I don't know if I can make it.
                       THE GIRL
You have to keep up. You can't let
me down this time.
I'm trying.
She screams at him:
                       THE GIRL
Try harder!
I can't...
Kevin collapses.

The Girl leaves him behind.
Kevin sits by HIS MOTHER's bedside.

The nursing home is a nice one. His Mother is very old, and
very much content with her surroundings.
How you doin', Mom?
                       HIS MOTHER
Kevin, how's Wendy?


We're not together anymore, Mom.
Remember? We got divorced last
                       HIS MOTHER
Yes, I remember. And it's been
longer than that. But I remember
you drove her away. With your
depression. It's contagious, you
That wasn't the only thing that
led to the divorce. You know that
full well.
                       HIS MOTHER
Yes. But it was the deciding blow.
You need to learn to control it.
I've been trying.
                       HIS MOTHER
You've been missing your sessions
with Dr. Kellerman and don't think
I don't know. I don't like paying
for something that you don't go
to. The payments are non
refundable. But I don't have to
tell you that. Maybe you just like
to take advantage of all the
things I do for you.
It's not like that, Mom.
                       HIS MOTHER
Then be there. Today. I don't want
to hear about you skipping out
again. This is good for you, you
need the treatment.
There was a time when I really did
need Dr. Kellerman. But that was a
long time ago. I was a kid then.
                       HIS MOTHER
You still need Dr. Kellerman.
Don't lie to yourself. And I don't
quite like the idea of you
canceling your medication. You


                       HIS MOTHER (cont'd)
were always better on it than off
The meds made me tired. I didn't
feel like myself.
                       HIS MOTHER
But they were working. Why try to
change something that's been good
to you for so long?
Because I was sick of the pills.
They stopped working.
                       HIS MOTHER
Dr. Kellerman never said that they
stopped working. Only that you
stopped taking them.
He didn't know the whole story.
                       HIS MOTHER
I worry about you, Kevin.
Sometimes I worry a lot. I can
still see you in that hospital
And I can still taste the liquid
charcoal. Mom, I'm not like that
anymore. That was twenty years
                       HIS MOTHER
But you've got that same look in
your eyes. I've seen that look
I'm sorry, but you're wrong. I'm
not depressed. In fact, this is
the best I've felt in years.
Kevin takes her hand in his and smiles at her.


Kevin and HIS THERAPIST sit across from each other.

HIS THERAPIST jots something down on his clipboard as Kevin
claps his hands and smiles.

He's just a little too comfortable in this kind of setting.
                       HIS THERAPIST
You seem... different today.
I feel different today.
His Therapist jots something else down on his clipboard.
                       HIS THERAPIST
How DO you feel?
Alive, Doc. I feel pulsating with
Kevin grins big and it sort of looks like he's blushing a
I met someone.
                       HIS THERAPIST
A woman?
Kevin nods his head and rubs his hands together.
She's something else, Doc. She's
gorgeous and sweet and young. And
she likes me.
                       HIS THERAPIST
How young, Mr. McClure?
College young. Not too young.
                       HIS THERAPIST
But that's still dramatically
younger than you.
Kevin didn't quite appreciate that.


She's young. But she's wise. It's
like she knows everything. I think
we may have met before in another
                       HIS THERAPIST
How are you so sure it's not this
I guess I'm not. But a girl like
that, you don't forget meeting.
Even if it's just one time.
                       HIS THERAPIST
Tell me about her. What school
does she go to?
I'm thinking it's my old school.
                       HIS THERAPIST
Your memories of the time you
spent there weren't exactly
pleasant. She doesn't remind you
of your... depression?
Not at all. It's impossible to
feel depressed around her. She's
got such a warm presence. It's
like I'm drawn to her. And it's
like she's drawn to me.
His Therapist pauses to write something else down on his
                       HIS THERAPIST
So. Lately, there have been no...
bad thoughts?
None whatsoever. For the first
time ever in my life, I feel
He nods his head and taps his pen against his clipboard.
                       HIS THERAPIST
Do yourself a favor. Don't become
too attached to this woman. This
isn't the first time I've heard
you mention being infatuated by a


                       HIS THERAPIST (cont'd)
young girl. Remember? That's when
your bad thoughts started to
become more than just thoughts. A
young woman like this is the
reason you started seeing me in
the first place.
But that was so long ago.
Everything's different now. I'm
different now. I'm better. And
this girl isn't like the others.
She doesn't want to hurt me.
                       HIS THERAPIST
And all the other ones did?
Not on purpose.
                       HIS THERAPIST
What makes this woman different?
Kevin thinks about it for a moment and offers him a
glimmering smile in return.
Kevin is up by the front door.

He takes off his wedding ring and is about the leave it
under the door mat when it opens.

His Ex Wife's new fiancÚ, Michael, stands up to him with his
eyes on fire and ready to pop off.
The fuck do you think you're
He gives Kevin a shove and almost knocks him over.
Get off my property.
Kevin puts up his hands as if to say "I surrender".


I don't mean to start any trouble.
I just came by to give this back.
Kevin shows Michael the wedding ring.
She's right. I have no business
wearing it anymore.
Michael's expression does not change. He is still livid.
Well... here.
Kevin drops the ring on the ground by his feet.
Make sure she knows I finally took
it off. And that I'll leave her
alone from now on.
He smiles at Michael.
She likes you, Mike. And you're
good to her. Keep it up, she's a
good girl. One of the best. And
worth it too.
Kevin and Michael look silently at each other.

Kevin nods his head and walks away.

Once he's out of sight, Michael bends down and picks up the
The Girl is alone in the shade.

She is not jogging in place.

She is actually sitting down just off the footpath and is
trying her best to cool off and escape the heat.

It's a hot one today.

She hears the sound of a jogger approaching, getting closer
with each THUMP.

Kevin appears.


When he sees her, he jogs in place and looks her over. From
head to toe.

She doesn't rise when she sees him.

They are examining each other silently.

Measuring each other up.
Kevin continues to jog in place as he looks around at
everything else in dog eyed wonder.
A smile starts to emerge on his face.

He looks down at her, beaming with enthusiasm and purpose.
                       THE GIRL
That'll do it.
Kevin can't stop smiling. He looks positively glowing.
I'm waiting on you now.
The Girl looks at him very seriously. With a slight air of
                       THE GIRL
Do you know who I am now?
I've always known. I never forgot.
She blushes adorably.

And then she smiles beautifully.

He is glowing and she is radiant.
They share this moment. This moment of happiness in each
other's genuine smiles.
She stands up and takes her place next to him.

He's ready for this.


And she is so in love with him now. She's always been.
                       THE GIRL
You came back for me.
I could never leave you. You're my
everything. You're what I love
most in the whole wide world.
Without you, I'm nothing.
Kevin looks ahead.
I need this.
Then he looks back at her.
I need you.
She is blown away by him.

She can't take her eyes off him.

He is everything she hoped he would be and more.

He is hers.

And she is his.
                       THE GIRL
Here. Take my hand.
Kevin holds her hand, and she squeezes it tight.

And she will never let go of it.
                       THE GIRL
Kevin looks ahead and smiles at the setting sun.
Take me there.
They run.

They run as fast as they can.

And they can't stop smiling.


This is the happiest moment of their lives.

They are free and in love.

Nothing can stop them now.

They stop looking ahead to look at each other while the
world spins out of focus.

They are so happy to be together. So happy and fortunate and

The world around them moves so fast that it becomes a blur.

And soon, so do they.

All the magical colors of the rainbow start to blow past at
lightning speed.

And it never stops.

The colors begin to blend together.

His Mother and Wendy walk up to THE RECEPTIONIST behind the

The main offices are nice and clean.

His Mother has a ball of wadded up tissues in one hand and
her mascara is bleeding down her face.
Wendy waits for the receptionist's undivided attention.
                       THE RECEPTIONIST
Can I help you?
Yes. The McClure family here to
identify the body.
                       THE RECEPTIONIST
Of course. Right this way.


THE CORONER pulls back the sheet for them to see.

His Mother starts to weep uncontrollably.

Wendy stands strong and looks down at Kevin's lifeless
                       THE CORONER
Is this him?
                       HIS MOTHER
                       THE CORONER
I need someone to positively
identify the deceased as Kevin
McClure, age 40, occupation
That's him.
                       THE CORONER
Thank you, Miss. And sorry for
your loss. The receptionist has
some necessary paperwork for you
to fill out before you leave.
Wendy can't her eyes off the corpse.
Where are they?
                       THE CORONER
Where are what?
You know what I mean.
The Coroner pulls the sheet down even further and shows her
the lacerations on his wrists.
That's what I came to see.
She takes a good hard look at them.

At the dry deep slits in both of his wrists.
Then she backs a few steps away from the body and looks The
Coroner up and down.


Thank you very much for that. What
may seem like an odd request to
you is closure to me.
Wendy reaches into her pocket and pulls out the wedding ring
Kevin had left for her and rests it next to his head.
Make sure he's burned with it.
And with that, Wendy leaves.

His Mother rises slowly to take a good at the body.

She runs her fingers through his ratty hair.
                       HIS MOTHER
He looks... at peace.
                       THE CORONER
He does, doesn't he?
                       HIS MOTHER
Very much so.
                       THE CORONER
Can you positively identify this
man as your son, Kevin McClure,
age 40, occupation unknown?
                       HIS MOTHER
He looks different now than he did
in life. He's no longer at war
with himself.
                       THE CORONER
Is this your son?
She takes a deep breath before answering the man.
                       HIS MOTHER
Yes. This is my son.
                       THE CORONER
Thank you, Miss. There is also
paperwork at the front desk for
you to fill out as well.
                       HIS MOTHER
They found him in the tub, right?


                       THE CORONER
Yes. I believe that's right.
                       HIS MOTHER
There was something strange about
it, correct? What he was wearing
                       THE CORONER
Victims of suicide have been found
in stranger attire, I can assure
                       HIS MOTHER
What was it that he was wearing?
                       THE CORONER
He had dressed himself head to toe
in brand new exercise clothes. But
that wasn't what was so odd about
                       HIS MOTHER
Then what was?
                       THE CORONER
Take a look.
The Coroner moves the bottom of the sheet over and shows her
his feet.

The bottom of them are black and blue and blistered and look
so swollen that they are twice their normal size.
                       THE CORONER
It looks as if he's been walking
non stop for days. This is a
deformity that takes an enormous
amount of time to become this
severe. It usually takes years for
something like this to reach this
point. How a person can live so
long with that kind of crippling
pain is beyond me.


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