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Opening Sequence Screenplay
by Jay Nicol (jaynicol1@live.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Organized Crime   User Review:

Screenplay for the Opening Sequence of a Crime.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Middle of the night, streets are empty.
Camera faces the moon, beginning cinematic shot.
We then see a whip pan down to the protagonist running
through the street to generate momentum. This continues with
alternating angles, his pace keeps high and doesn't slow
Diamond continues to run and crosses a road, after some
additional shots, we see a shift to his facial expression.
You can see he's anxious and very tense. After a perspective
shot of him running, there is a cut back to an intensified
facial expression before a fade out to the next scene.
An empty park area, full of foliage, perfect for Diamond to
use as cover for his shooting.
The scene begins with Diamond walking into the location, who
then spots his target (Club) who is seen walking in the
opposite direction on the pathway.
Diamond begins tailing Club, using walls as cover and
hopping over benches. Eventually he reaches his final cover
point and kneels down; positioning himself for the shot.
Despite the danger posed by Diamond, Club is oblivious to it
and carries on his walk through the park.
Soon after Diamond takes up his position, Club's phone
suddenly starts ringing. This alarms the bewildered Club who
sees that the phone call is from 'Spade', all the while,
Diamond starts lining up Club with his sights on his gun;
preparing for the shot.
Great emphasis is placed on the slow-down of time and the
constant switch between Diamond with his hand closing in on
the trigger and Club who is trying to understand what Spade
is saying.
We've been compromised.
We then see Diamond, making a final line-up of his shot.


What do you mean, compromised?
After this line, the camera turns to an intense expression
of Diamond's ruthless nature, accompanied by the sound of a
As club falls to the ground, shot down by Diamond, Spade
tries to further communicate with him, although to no avail.
Get out of there now!
Once Club falls to the ground, the audience are shown him
lying on the ground with his eye's closing as the scene
fades away.
      (Still on the
Club? Club?!
                                         FADE TO FIRST TITLE
The inter-titles begin, in between each title shot, the
camera will see Diamond walking towards the apparent dead
body of Club. This continues for some time, until all the
titles are finished, when finally, Diamond's hand grabs Club
which signifies the end of the scene.
                                         FADE OUT TO NEXT
Early morning after the shooting, bright, sunny and cold.
Traditional autumn weather. Not many people on the streets
at this hour, only a few coming and going. Shops are setting
A new character (Spade) is seen walking through a street
lined by shops and stalls. We see him continuing walking
until coming to a bench, where he sits down, taking what
seems to be an over-extravagant weight off his feet. He
takes a sip of his coffee once seated.


After placing the coffee cup down onto the bench, his
ringtone sounds causing him to look down to his jacket
pocket in puzzlement. Who could be calling him at this early
He holds up the phone and reads a text from Club, stating


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