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satans demon reaper (work in progress)
by craig (roastbeef_111@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review:

A group of friends party at a lake house, find a Ouija board, and unleash satin's demon reaper by accident, who wants there souls in as much pain as possible. For eternity

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


TARSHA DREW, a sexy but slutty teen, is sitting at a dresser
in her underwear putting on make up, while moving to the
music of power man 5000, the song (when worlds collide)
turned up loud. While SEASON WINTERS, a pretty looking bogon
teen who is into heavy metal is jumping around her room
singing to the song's chorus in her underwear.
      (Jumping around
Are, you ready to go cause im
ready to go what you gonna do
baby.baby.are you going with me
cause im going with you what you
gonna do baby.baby.......
      (Thows her hand in
       the air and
       shakes her head
       and screams)
After a little more of jummping around and singing,SEASON"S
MUM, a good looking woman slim easy going BANGS on the door.
                       SEASON'S MUM
      (banging on door
       yelling thru door
       holding a washing
Season stops jummping around
                       SEASON'S MUM
                       SEASON'S MUM


Season turns down the music.
      (yells to the door)
      (walking away)
      (punches away a
       teddy bear)
GOD!,shes always trying to control
my life...i hate it.
      (putting on make
Don't worry.The next 3 days are
going to be drinking,partying and
NO adults. And besides, aren't
your parents going away for like a
week or something?
      (Gets a smoke out
       of her packet)
Your right.Its going to be kick
      (brushing her hair)
I think im going to try and get
with blair this weekend.
      (Sitting in her
       window lighting
       her smoke)
Tarsha! You try to get with
everyone. Your like the town bike!
everyone's had a ride.
Season imitates riging a bike bell
Ring ring (laughs)


      (throwing a
       deoderant can at
Shut up!i am not!...Bitch!
What ever, just remember, Mary's
had a super secret crush on him
for ages.
      (stands up and
       looks for clothes
       to wear)
Hey! iv thought he's cute for a
while too remember. And we make
out at party's sometimes.
Yeah i know, but Brett told me
that Blair likes Mary to,I think
they could get together this
weekend. And you do have a
tendency to well...
      (picks up a skirt)
To what!..Get what i want.
No... ruin relationships
      (Putting on skirt)
What ever,they're not even
together. And she's had ages to
make her move! i mean... I love
her and all, but dam it!..I want
some fun this weekend.
All im saying is we are all
friends, and i hope the weekend
ends that way...Just be
careful,ok...Or at least
Season's phone rings. Season throws away her smoke and picks
up her cell phone of the dresser.
What ever happens..happens.


      (answers phone its
       season's boy
       friend BRETT)
Hey babe its me.
Hey, what are you up to?
Well me and Blair are nearly
ready, so we will be at yours in
about half an hour ok.
Ok, sounds good,ill call Mary and
tell her we will be there soon.
Yeah ok, see you soon.
Ok,bye.I love you.
Love you to. see ya.
season hangs up phone and starts to call mary
      (Now fully
They're on there way?
      (Putting phone up
       to ear)
Yup, they'll be here soon.
                       MARY'S DAD
Hello scott's residence
Hello mr scott is mary there
                       MARY'S DAD
Please hold.


Hey mary its season.
Oh hey whats up?
The guy's are nearly ready, so
we'll be at yours within the hour,
Ok sounds great.Im so excited,3
days of fun,i hope your not all
just going to drink the whole
Don't worry Mary, everything in
moderation,everything will be
great.we'll see you soon.
Ok see you then bye.
See ya
Season hangs up the phone and puts it on the dresser.
      (looking into the
       mirror it has a
       picture of season
       and her boyfriend
This weekend is going to be the
BRETT twin brother to Blair is a heavy metal looking guy
like season. Slim, and BLAIR Brett's older twin brother
slim, normal looking guy into partying. They are driving to
season's house.Brett's driving, while smoking a
cigarette,The music is up loud (heavy metal)and Brett is
singing along drumming on the steering wheel.After a bit
Blair turns down the music.


Hey! what the hell man! i was
listening to that!
      (Flicking thru the
       radio stations)
Sorry bro, but we are not
listening to that the whole
way,you know i can't stand it.
Sorry man im just super phyced.
      (Settling on a
Why? its just a weekend away,we've
done it before.
Yeah i know but...And, i don't
want to jinx it but..Me and Season
are going to do it this weekend.
I know right. But you can't say
I won't
I mean it bro,no one,not even
Mary,i can't have you screwing
this up for me,you tell Mary Mary
asks season season has a go at me
then bam!stuck in virgin ville.
Ok ok i won't, hounest.
Ok then.
wait!how do you know you and
season are going to...you know


We talked about it.I was at hers
last week and we were screwing
around,things got pretty hot,then
bam! like usual she puts on the
cold water,we had a talk and she
said wait till this weekend,
Hey,best of luck man,you've waited
this long.You've been together
since you were like what...13?
What can i say...she's special you
no.And all i can say is my time
has come and this weekend is going
to kick ass...Yeah! Hey talking
about getting laid.What about you
and Mary?
What about me and Mary?
      (Throw's cigiratte
       out the window)
Come on man!you already told me
you like her.
      (Turns and points
       at him)
And you promised not to tell
Brett sits quiet looking guilty
I told season.
      (hands on head)
Dude!you told her?
Im sorry,she got it out of me.


Got it out of you? what made her
sense there was something in you
to get out?
I don't know man,she knows me,look
don't worry she wont tell anyone
ok, your secrets safe.
Any way...its all ok.
Yes really,because...get
this....she likes you.
Yeah man season told me, she's had
this big super secret crush on you
for some time now.
You know i always felt like there
was a spark between us..ya know.
So what?
      (starts poking
Sooo are you gona make your move?
I don't know,..i just,...i just
don't want to start something,
then it not work and everything
changes, ya know
Whatever man,all i know is you
like her and she likes you...just
fucken do it pussy!...Make your
move. I mean she probably wont


                       BRETT (cont'd)
sleep with you till your married.
(laughs) but you never
know...stranger things have
Season and Tarsha are sitting at the kitchen counter. Tarsha
is finishing breakfast, and Season is drinking a coffee.Her
mum is staking the dish washer and cleaning the bench.And
her DAD a man with a pot belly but not fat, short with a
bald spot,and easy going, is at the table with a coffee and
a newspaper watching the t.v.
                       SEASON'S MUM
      (staking the
Hunny, i wish you wouldn't drink
that stuff.Your too young for
coffee.Have a juice.
Mum!Im nearly 18, im practically
an adult.
                       SEASON'S MUM
I know i know,...And i wish you
would wear some brighter
coulores...Like Tarsha.Hows your
juice hun?
Fine thank you mrs winters.
Mum! i am who i am.
                       SEASON'S MUM
I know i know. And i love you just
the way you are.Isn't that right
poo bear.
                       SEASON'S DAD
      (reading newspaper)
That's right hunny, just the way
you are.


                       SEASON'S DAD
Your welcome hunny.
                       SEASON'S MUM
      (wiping the bench)
So.....Are you all ready for your
big weekend?
Just then Brett and Blair pull up out side and honk the
      (Grabbing bags)
Sorry mum, gotta go, Brett's here.
                       SEASON'S MUM
Remember hunny, me and your father
are away for a fought night.
      (Walking away)
I know, im staying at Brett's
                       SEASON'S MUM
Ok well have fun and we will see
you when we get back.
      (Finishes juice
       picking up bags
       following season)
Buy mr and mrs winters.
                       SEASON'S MUM
      (Says good buy
       then yell as they
       go out the door)
Good buy hunny, BE RESPONSIBLE!
Season and Tarsha run to the car with there bags, greeted by
Brett and Blair, taking there bags and putting them in the
      (welcoming season
       into his arms)
Hey baby.


      (kisses Brett)
Are you ready for a wild weekend?
You know it,Hey Tarsha. You're
looking slutty as ever.
      (Pulls the fingers
       to Brett and
       gives her bags
       to Blair)
Hey Brett, fuck you!...hey Blair.
      (Taking bags)
Hey tarsha.
      (Winks at Blair)
You ready for a wild weekend?
We'll see,
      (Throws bags in
       boot then hops in
       car with season
       in passenger seat)
Every body in! lets go get
Mary,then were outta here..
Everybody gets in. Season lights two cigarets and gives one
to Brett. Brett turns on some heavy metal and they head off.
MARY a pretty teen girl who dresses nice, her father is a
christen, Mary is not quite a christen she still party's and
dates boys and stuff, just not on the same level as her
friends,she try's to be good. Shes making a cup of tea for
her dad who is at the table reading the bible.
                       MARY'S DAD
      (Stops reading the
       bible and closes
So Mary.Are you all ready for your
big weekend?


      (Bringing tea to
       her dad)
Of course daddy.Im so
excited,thank you so much for
letting me go.
                       MARY'S DAD
      (Taking his tea)
Well,my little girl is growing
up,i cant keep you locked away
from the world
forever....Just..... promise me
you'll be safe.And responsible.
I will daddy. I promise.
                       MARY'S DAD
And i know they're your friends...
but don't let them lead you astray
                       MARY'S DAD
I know i know they're good people,
but, just remember, i used to be
young to,ok,i know all
about..rocking the house,busting a
groove and getting down.
Daddy please don't talk like
that,its not cool.
                       MARY'S DAD
No.Dont worry i will be fine.
                       MARY'S DAD
Ok, but it won't stop me from
      (Puts hand on dads
I know.


                       MARY'S DAD
      (Takes Mary's
Come on. Let's pray.
Mary sits down at the table with her dad. They hold hands
close their eye's and bow their heads.
                       MARY'S DAD
Dear god and our lord and savior
Jesus Christ, blessed are we for
this life you have given us,and
for you're eternal love. Please
watch over Mary and her friends as
they enjoy this weekend away,let
them be safe, and no harm come to
them. Amen.
Just then the friends pull up outside and honk the horn and
call out for Mary.
      (Arms out for a
Ok thats me.
                       MARY'S DAD
      (Hugs Mary)
Okay darling,...You know the
polite thing to do is come to the
front door,instead of just honking
out front
      (picking up her
                       MARY'S DAD
Alright alright, have fun
      (Walking out the
I will buy daddy i love you
Mary runs to the car and Blair gets out to greet Mary and
take her bags.


      (Takes her bags.
       And is obviouse
       there is
      (Mary smiles and
       blushes a little
      (Putting bags in
You ready for the best start to
the holidays you can have?
I cant wait,i might even go a
little crazy.
      (Letting Mary in
       the back seat and
       hops in after her)
Whoohoo you hear that guy's,
Mary's going a little crazy this
That a girl Mary.
Alright everybody please keep your
hands and feet in the vehicle at
all times,..Now let's go par tay!
Everybody yells and cheers as they head off.
They arrive at the lake house they are spending the next 3
days.There's a two story house a distance from the lake that
has a dock and a boat with a small motor,and no one around
for miles the perfect place for a party filled weekend.They
all get out of the car and stretch.


      (Running to the
Come on Mary come feel the water.
      (Following Tarsha)
Wait for me.
      (Yelling to Tarsha
       and Mary)
Don't worry guy's,we'll get the
Tarsha and Mary are splashing and playing in the water.
      (Opening the boot
       to get bags)
Come on guy's, lets go check this
place out.
They get the bag's and head in side.Tarsha and Mary still in
the water.
As they enter the house it is big and nice and old.
Well.What do you think,is this
place sick or is this place sick.
      (Patting Brett on
       the back)
Dude.This place is ten times
better than what it showed on the
internet,we are going to partay.
What do you think babe?
Well done,this is very nice,lets
go check out our room.
Babe You are going to love it..


They take there bags upstairs,Brett and Season enter the
biggest room with a big double bed with four posts and a
covering across the top.
      (Throws bags to
       the ground and
       jumps and lyes on
Is this nice or what?
      (Puts down her
       bags and is
       looking around)
Im impressed.
      (Patting bed)
Come here beautful.
Season walks seductively to the bed and climbs on top of
Brett,they start to kiss,Brett starts to lift up her top.
      (Stops Brett
       lifting her top
       and stops kissing)
Not now,later,ok
God your sexy.
Why don't you go get the
drinks,I'll be down in a minute
then we can get this party
      (gives her one
       last kiss and
You got it babe,hurry up.
Season gets up,looks in to the mirror and adjusts her hair
and starts looking around the room admiring bits and
pieces.She sees a big old chest and goes to take a look.She
gets down on her knees and opens it.In it is just bit's and
pieces.Then she picks up a drawing of a demon in
hell,slaughtering people and souls leaving the bodies
screaming.She looks down and sees and old Wedgie board, she
picks it up.


      (Under her breath)
Ohh cool.
Brett yells from downstairs
Hey babe hurry up,theres a drink
down here with your name on it.
      (Yells back)
Season puts back the wedjie board, closes the chest and
heads down stairs,as she comes down the stairs Brett gives
her a beer then Tarsha and Mary come inside.
WOW! this place is fucken sick!
Its beautful.
      (Opening beers and
       gives them to
       Tarsha and Mary)
Drink up ladies the party is about
to begin.
      (Takes a beer and
       raises it in the
Fuck yeah,no rules.
      (Raises drink into
       the air)
No adults.
      (Raises drink into
       the air)
And to good health.
      (Raises drink into
       the air)
Here here.
They all take a drink


I don't know about you guys but i
am way too hot.lets go for a swim.
       looking at Brett)
I know im feeling hot.
So, its agreed, were going for a
They all agree and head of to get changed,as Brett heads up
the stairs Season calls back the others.
Hey guys.
Whats up?
Well im just letting you all know
that me and Brett might not make
it for a swim.
You don't feel like swimming?
Me and Brett Just need a
little.... us time.
Your gona fuck!
All im saying is if we don't come
out for a swim don't worry about
us,but feel free to take your
Good for you slut.
Im kidding, have fun.


Everyone goes to get changed.Season enters the room to Brett
pulling up his togs.
You getting changed or what?
Take a seat.
What? why?
Baby,trust me,take a seat.
      (Sits on bed)
Okay im sitting,What?
Season takes of her top and drops it to the floor then slips
of her pants and kicks them aside,and now stands in her
      (nervously exited)
Baby,what are you doing?
      (Walking over to
I said i was feeling hot.
      (stands up to meet
Oh baby your on fire.
      (Pushes brett onto
       his back onto the
Lay back,relax,and lets have some
You better not be shitting me


      (Crawls toward
       Brett and then
       sits on him then
       takes of her bra)
Looks like its your lucky day.
      (Put's his hand's
       togeather and
       looks up to prey)
Oh thank you lord for what im
about to receive.
They start kissing, then shows Blair and the girls in there
bikinis and his board shorts running down to the lake and in
to the water.Then cuts back to Season and Brett,Season
sitting on Brett kissing,Brett caressing her back and
grabbing her ass,then flips her on to her back,they satire
into each others eye's for a couple of seconds,then both
smile and start kissing again.Brett sliding his hand down
and up her outer thigh grabbing her ass. Then cuts to the
others swimming ,and splashing around, the girls jumping
around in their bikinis, pushing Blair under the water,and
splashing each other and just having fun.The camera cuts
back to Season and Brett.Season sits Brett up.And she sits
up and takes off her bra,then lays back down.Brett takes off
his pants,then caresses Season's breasts,starts to kiss her
neck down to her breasts,then down her stomach,and stops at
her underwear.Then slowly slides them off.Then starts
kissing up her inner thigh caressing her outer thigh whit
his hands.Then cuts back to the others,focusing on the
sexualness of it all as they continue to play in the
water,catching them smiling and laughing.Then cuts back to
Season and Brett.As Brett comes up to her face from making
his way up from her feet,and they start to have sex.Both of
them for the first time.
Be gentile.
I will.
Brett enters Season slowly,and Season breaths in with a
little bit of discomfort,and as Brett enters fully his face
says it all.Then they continue to have sex slow and
sensual.Not sex,but making love.And Season begins to enjoy
it.Then it comes to and end,and Brett rolls off on to his
back,and takes in happily what has just happened.And Season
cuddles into Brett.


      (Cuddeling in to
       Brett with her
       head resting on
       his chest)
I love you.
      (Puts his arm
       around her
       rubbing her
I love you too.
      (Looking up with
       his hands behind
       his head and a
       smile on his face)
This is going to be a good
The others come back inside still in the swimwear drying off
with towels.
      (Drying her hair)
Oh my god, that was so refreshing.
      (Opening a beer)
And we got it for 3 days.
      (Drying hair)
We should defenitly do this sort
of thing more often.
I agree.
Just then Season and Brett come down the stairs holding
hands and everyone cheers and eegs them on.
      (Turning up the
Allright,lets party people yeah.
Everyone cheers.


They are all sitting around the table with a deck of cards
spread out in a circle.They are sitting boy girl boy girl
with Mary and Tarsha next to each other.Brett is consuming a
full bottle of beer with everyone cheering him on.
      (Slams empty
       bottle on table
       after finishing
Fuck yeah! I love this game.
Brett gets another beer to open in a chilly bin next to him.
Ok Season,your turn to pick from
the circle of death.
      (Picking a card
       from the circle)
Ok ok...ummm i pick...this one.
She turns over her card and its a Q,
      (Looking at the
       sheet that has
       what each card
Ohhhh the queen.
What do i have to do?
      (Reading sheet
       then yelling)
Everyone cheers
ok you all know the rules.We all
start drinking on 3, then when
Season stops drinking the person
to her left can stop and so on and
so on till everyone has
stopped.Got it?


Lets do this.
They all count down 3, 2, 1, and they all shout WATERFALL!
they all start drinking there beers,everybody eying each
other while drinking.After not long Season stops drinking,
Blair keeps on drinking and finishes his beer and slams it
on the table.Straight away Mary stops drinking with
relief.Everyone is cheering on the last 2. After a little
bit Tarsha stops, then Brett keeps drinking till he finishes
his bottle then slams it on the table.Everyone cheers.
Ok..my turn
Blair hovers his hand above the cards then picks one and
flips it over its a 5
I got a Five Whats my fate?
      (Reading the sheet)
Kiss the person to your left.
Everyone cheers.
      (Looking at Mary)
The circle of death has spoken.
      (smiling and
Ok...If the card's say so.
Come on....Make it count!
There's a little hesitation but then they both go in for the
kiss.Everyone is cheering,except Tarsha,looking unimpressed,
Blair and Mary really get into it.
All right you to brake it up
They pull apart and smile at each other, and have a moment,
and Mary has a little giggle and looks away into her
shoulder a bit embarrassed.
      (Getting up out of
       his chair)
As much fun as im having..i gotta


                       BLAIR (cont'd)
take a piss.
Classy Blake.Your a real
Hurry up.Ok whos turn?
Tarsha is watching blair go to the bathroom with a look of
no good in her eyes.
My turn.
Round and round the circle of
death,what is your fate, what
card, will you get.
      (Picks a card then
       flips it over)
I got a seven.
      (Reading sheet)
Okay lucky seven?...Ship came in
to the harbour.Go.
Okay..a ship came into the harbour
carring a cargo of....ummm spices.
Tarsha is staring to no where
      (Snapping out of
Ship came in to the harbour
carring a cargo full of spices.
Im sorry,i dont feel to well.


You okay?
      (Getting up from
I think im going to be sick.
Want me to come with you?
No no i'll get Blair to help me.
Ok....hope you feel better.
Tarsha goes to the bathroom. the others continue the game.
Tarsha gets to the bathroom, looks behind to make sure no
ones followed,then opens the door enters and closes it
behind her.
      (Zipping up his
Tarsha! what the hell?
We dont have long.
Long for what?
      (Pulls down her
       top reveileing
       her breasts and
       walks up to Blair)
I think you know.
      (In shock)
Hey whow,what are you doing?
      (Pins Blair aganst
       the basin takeing
       his hand to her
Come on Blair,you know you want


      (Feeling her
I..i...i cant i..i like Mary.
      (Kisses Blair then
       grabs his croutch)
Come on Blair,it will be our
little secret,come on one last
fling before you take the plunge
with mary...I won't tell if you
       pulling away as
       she continues to
       kiss his neck)
I cant....Its not right.....Its
not fair on Mary.
      (Unzipping blairs
Baby, i won't tell a soul,I'll be
your dirty little secret.
      (Turns her over
       kissing her neck
       and feeling her
This is a one time thing.
One time.
It means nothing.
Just fuck me.
Blair bends her over the basin, lifts her skirt and starts
having sex with Tarsha,grabbing her breasts with one hand
and Tarsha sucks his finger on his other hand.Then he starts
running his hands down her back and holding her ass.Then
grabs her hair and pulls on it,pulling her head back.


Ohhh yeah! harder! fuck me...fuck
I hope Tarsha's okay.
She'll be fine. Blair will take
care of her.
Blair and Tarsha finish up
      (Pulling up his
Fuck!what have i done.
      (Adjusting her
Relax it was just a fuck..and you
werent half bad.
You gotta promise not to tell
anyone this is our secret.
      (Kisses Blair)
Relax..i wont say a thing.
They're gonna know somethings up
weve been ages.
You wernt that long ha ha
      (Not impressed
      (Adjusting Blair's
Dont worry i told them i was gonna
be sick,all you gotta say is you
held my hair back and that i blew


      (Running the story
       in his mind and
       if it makes sense)
Ok, yeah, that makes sense,i can
do that,ok.
Im over this game,
Ok so what do you wanna do?
Lets play darts.
Ill pass for now.
Sure ill play.
      (Getting up from
Great lets play.
Just then Tarsha and Blair walk in
Are you ok Tarsha?
Yeah im fine. Blair held my hair.
As she looks to Blair with a cheeky smile,and kisses him on
the cheek.
Thanks again.
      (Reply's bluntly
       and unimpressed)
Sure....no problem.
Were playing darts you guys wanna


Sure ill play.
na maybe later yeah.
The girls start playing darts and the boys stand at the
bench and open a beer they cheers there beers and have a
Everyone pretty drunk, Tarsha is up on the table danceing
sexually and drinking a beer,Season and Brett are on the
couch fooling around and Blair and Mary Are at the bench
talking and drinking.
Wow...im so drunk.
Yeah maybe we should have eaised
in to it ,it is the first night.
      (Touching Blairs
I like you Blair.
      (Looking to her
       hand touching his
       arm,he looks to
       her and smiles)
i like you too.
No i mean,..and stop me if im too
forward but.
Mary goes in for a kiss with Blair,he is a little taken back
but gives in and kisses her back. Tarsha see's them kissing
and rolls her eyes and gets down of the table and plonks
down with Season and Brett.
Well looks like the love birds are
getting together.
Season and Brett look over to the bench and smile at each


      (Looks back to
       Mary and Blair
Good for them.
Season and Brett get back to making out. And Tarsha rolls
her eyes.
      (Stops kissing)
I've liked you for so long.
      (Holding Marys
Me to,I was just worried if i made
a move things might get weird.
Sooo you wanna give us a go?
      (Answers fast and
       pauses and
       answers again
Yeah!...i mean, yes,id like that.
They both smile at each other so happy and start
kissing.They stop kissing, looking lovingly into each others
Shall we tell the others?
Lets do it.
Blair takes Mary's hand,and They walk over to the others and
sit down on a couch, excited to tell the others.
      (Sitting up right
       from makeing out
       with Brett)
Hey you too,your looking cosy.
Brett stops kissing Season on the neck and looks to Blair
and Mary.Tarsha rolls her eyes, Blair puts his arm around
Mary.And Mary cuddles in to Blair.


Well... me and Blair have been
talking and...
No way!
Yup! me and Blair are together.
Congratulations you guys. I mean
its about time.
Hey good for you too.
They look to Tarsha.
Wow im so happy for you.
Blair and Mary smile at each other and have a kiss, then sit
back Mary cuddling into Blair,and everyone else just sits
back in silence for a bit just listening to the music.
Whats up babe?
You all wanna have some fun?
God yes.
What do you have in mind?
      (Sits up)
Okay! this is going to be
great...wait here, ill be back in
a minute.
      (Grabbing Season
       at the waist as
       shes trying to


                       BRETT (cont'd)
What have you got in mind babe?
      (Hits away Brett's
Just wait here ill be right back.
Season runs up the stairs to her bed room, the others look
at each other shrugging,and Brett lights a cigarette.
Season enters her room and kneels down and opens the old
chest.She picks up the picture of the demon and looks at it
for a second.Then puts down the picture and takes out the
wedjie board, then heads down stairs.As shes walking down
the stairs she has the board behind her back.
So? whats the big surprise?
What have you got?
Season puts the wedjie board on the round table in the
center of the couches and sits down,everyone just looks at
it and each other.
Where the hell did you get that?
      (Lighting a
I found it earlier in my room. In
an old chest...isn't it cool.
      (Sits up)
Fuck yeah thats cool,fucken
      (Worried and
I don't know...
Whats the matter Mary...you
Shut up Tarsha.


No, im not scared..i just..is it
safe? i mean, iv heard storys
about these things.
Exactly! story's! that's all they
Dont worry mary. We will just talk
to a spirt,and if it gets to scary
we will stop.
      (Rubbing Mary's
If it even works,these things are
Who the fuck should we talk to?
Anna nicole smith,she was fucken
Kurt cobain,i bet he would have
some crazy shit to say.
I agree,kurt cobain would be
Ok,maybe he will think im hot.
What ever,ill just be impressed if
it works,you ok with this mary?
      (pauses and thinks)
Ummm,ok, as long as if anything
scary happens we stop,
I think we can all agree on


everyone agrees.
      (Puts out her
       smoke,claps her
Ok lets do this. Ill get some
candles, you guys turn of the
music and get the lights.
Everybody gets up to get ready.
They are all sitting around a coffee table with the wedgie
board on it,on the couches around it.The lights are off,the
room lit by candle light,and no music,its dead silent.Mary
takes Blair's hand,and he kisses it and smiles at her.She
smiles back.And the others are looking at the wedgie board
and each other with great anticipation and excitement.
So how do we do this?
      (Puts her pointer
       fingers on the
       talking piece
       that moves over
       the letters and
Everybody put your fingers on the
talking piece.
Everybody does so.Mary is a little more hesitant.But then
puts her fingers on.
Okay.Now everybody needs to
concentrate.Clear your minds,and
think about Kurt Cobain,and that
you want to talk to him and only
him.Got it?
Everyone agrees.
Ok.Now if this works.And we talk
to him.What ever happens,do not
take your fingers of the talking
piece.Got it?


What happens if someone does?
Well,iv read that if were talking
to a spirit. And we let go before
we end the conversation,the spirit
can be stuck in our realm....And
attach itself to us and
well.....the spirit can
Don't worry Mary. It will be
fine.Nothing will happen.Its only
dangerous if you call a bad
spirit,and were not doing that.ok?
She looks to Blair for reassurance.He gives her a smile and
a nod to say it will be fine.
      (Takes in a deep
       breath and
Ok...lets begin.We call upon Kurt
Cobain,to come and speak with us
from the spirit world.We wish you
to come in peace and speak with
us.Kurt Cobain,are you there?
      (Bad impersination
       of a ghost)
Woooooooo i think this is
buuuuulllll shit.
Everyone sniggles and thinks its funny.Mary just looks
around with an uneasy smile,and Season does not find it
      (Looks at Blair)
Can we all take this seriously


      (Try's to keep a
       straight face)
Yeah no sure,sorry,please,carry
Thank you.Kurt Cobain.we call upon
you from the spirit world to come
and speak with us.Do you hear
Everyone is waiting quietly staring at the board and each
Seriously! this is bull shit.
Relax.It will work.
Ill give him something to answer
us with!Kurt Cobain if you are
there do you want to fuck me?
See bull shit!
Just then the speaking piece moves to yes.
Oh nice one Blair.You trying to
tell me something?
      (A little unsure)
Ahrrrrr maybe Brett has a fantasy
about you, cause that was
definitely not me.
Hey fuck you man! I love
Season...fucking fantasy, yeah
right.No offense Tarsha.
None taken. Your not my type.


Just then the speaker piece starts to move.Everyone is
confused but lets it write.And all speak out the letters it
goes to.i space k n o w space a l l. Everyone has a look of
confusion while looking at the board.
What did it say?
I know all.
Oh come on! its Blair fucking with
Its not me!
Blair.Stop fucking around.Are you
moving the speaking piece?
      (Looks Season in
       the eyes,then
       everyone else)
It is not me.I swear to fucking
The speaking piece starts moving.
Ahhh guy's.Its moving again.
Everyone reads out the letters it goes to.i space a m space
g o d.
Did that just say?
I am god.
Its working.What is the meaning of
It starts to move again and just Season reads it out. w o r
s h i p space m e space y o u r space l i f e space w i l l
space b e space e t e r n a l.


What did that just say?
Worship me your life will be
Everyone looks at each other curious,scared and unsure.
What.The fuck?
Still think its bull shit?
I don't know what to think.
       hard.Then comes
       to a decision)
I think we should do it.
Ahhhhhh do what.exactly?
Worship god!...Give our lives to
Your serious?
Fuck,that! we don't even know if
it is god...it could be anyone.
Prove you are god.
Everyone looks at each other and gestures as to say,why not,
lets see what it says.
It starts to move.Season reads it out.l e t space m e space
s p e a k space t h r o u g h space o n e space o f space y
o u.


      (Looks to Season)
Let me speak through one of you.
Yeah fucken right!
      (With out
I allow you to speak through me.
Season no! What the fuck are you
      (looks to Brett
       with such
Trust me..... I love you.
I love you to.
Just then, while still looking into Season's eyes,he watches
as her eyes roll into the back of her head.
      (Worried and
Then she looks straight to Mary,eyes still in the back of
her head.
      (And speaks in
       Mary's mothers
      (Looking confused
       and caustiously
M Mother?
Tarsha looks to Brett and mouths,what the fuck? and Brett in
return just shrugs his shoulders with no idea.


Yes.Its me.Im so proud of you
snowflake.You have grown up so
      (Can't belive it)
It,It can't be......Can it? oh
mother i miss you so much.
I know,i miss you to. I might not
be there in the physical world,
but i have never left your side.Or
your fathers.I am always with
you.I love you both so much,and
just always remember,we will be
together again.
Please mother,prove it is you and
that we are talking to god.Should
we worship him? im so confused.
Snowflake,of course.Dear god and
our lord and savior Jesus
Christ,blessed are we for this
life you have given us and for you
your eternal love,and Jesus for
dieing for our sins,please protect
Mary and her friends on the trip
they are about to take,let them be
safe and no harm happen to them
amen. And yes snowflake,it is
god.And if you worship him and
offer your lives and soul to him
you will receive eternal life.i
love you snowflake. I must leave
now,i love you.
      (Tears running
       down her face)
I love you mother.mother?
Season's eyes close for a few seconds,then she opens them
and looks around,everyone shocked,and Mary crying with a
smile on her face.
      (back to her
       normal voice)
W what happened? did it work?


                       SEASON (cont'd)
Mary? are you ok?
Mary try's to hold back her tears,and nods to say its ok.
Mary. What the fuck just happened?
That was my mother.
Your mother died when you were 12.
Mary. that could have been anyone.
My mother was the only person who
called me snowflake.she called me
that because like snowflakes i was
unique and different,special. no
one else even new about it.
This is fucked up!
And the prayer she said.
      (Not understanding
       the signifagints)
It was the prayer my father said
just before you picked me up.
WOW! this is heavy!
Mary.....is it god?
      (she looks at
Yes! It has to be.I think we
should do it.
The speaker piece moves to yes then no then to the ? mark.
Everyone looks at each other.


What do you think guy's? i say we
do it. Brett?
I don't know. I mean, what just
happened was pretty unbelievable,
and Mary seems convinced.
Brett thinks about it for a few seconds,then looks to
Season. Who wants it so bad.
Fuck it. i love you baby,and i
always wanna be by you side. im
Well,if my brother agrees,and Mary
I do.
      (Shrugges his
Fuck it, im in to.
Everyone looks to Tarsha.
What do you say Tarsha? we've been
best friends since we were like
10. wanna hang out with us for
She looks to everyone,and they look to her.
Arghhhhh i am way to drunk for
this. Fuck it im in.
Alright. Were really going to do
Everyone looks to each other.smiling and nodding.
Ok.....on three.


Everyone looks to each other one last time,then Season nods
and gestures if they are all ready.
Can we just do this before i
change my mind or sober up please.
Okay. 1 2 3.
On the count of three,everyone says. "God we choose to
worship you,we give you our lives and our souls for
A few seconds pass and nothing happens.
Arrrrr did it work?
I don't know?
Just then the candle flames around them all go out. the room
is pitch black.
      (Sounding scared)
Why did all the candles just go
Then the candles burst into light again,but now they are
like flame throwers into the sky,2 to 3 meters high.
Is that suppose to happen?
Then all the beer bottles around them,all start to
explode,one after another,everyone is screaming and because
of the exploding bottles,they all fall back in their seats
and shield themselves with their arms,taking their fingers
of the board.Then in the middle of them in the air a fire
ball appears small and grows bigger and bigger,then turns
into a face.The face of Satan's demon reaper. Season reacts
different to the others as she recognizes the face,its the
same face as the demon in the picture she found in the old
      (Freaking out)
What the fuck is that!!!
Who are you?


You will know me soon enough.
What do you want?
Just then the demon face of fire burns even brighter.And the
friends begin to feel an excruciating pain on their
chest's.They all start to scream and grab at their chest's,
after a minute or 2 it stops. they are all crying in pain.
What the fuck did you just do to
us asshole?........ANSWER ME!!!.
You have given your self's to god.
And your eternal life awaits you
as promised.
      (A look of
       realisation of
       fear.And say's
       under her breath)
Oh no!
Waiting for us?...Where?
      (Starts laughing
       then says)
In hell!
Every ones face is horrified and terrified. Then the Demon
disappears,the candles go back to normal,But the stereo
turns on with the song from ac dc and starts singing "were
on a highway to hell" Brett gets up and turns off the stereo
while Tarsha goes and turns on the lights.
Ummmm could someone please tell
They are all in the living room sitting on the couches,with
Blair pacing around.Mary is staring in to no where in
shock.Tarsha is sitting in a ball crying.And Season is


tucked in to Brett as he comforts her with his arm around
      (Still pacing)
Were fucked! we are all so
incredibly fucked! I cant believe
he's fucken real.
      (Still crying.)
Who's real?
      (Stops paceing and
       nervously smiles
       with a chuckel)
The devil.
      (Calmly says)
Come on man, lets not jump to
conclusions and get everyone more
scared than we already are.
Don't jump to conclusions?...what
else could have it been?....THE
Well you know what i know.
Blair rips open his shirt to reveal his chest,which has a
burn mark on it of a demon goat head with star of David on
its forehead.Season sits up and lights a smoke.
      (calm and sounding
       sarcasticly funny)
This ain't good.
      (Looks down her
       top to see the
       same mark)
iv got the same mark.


      (Looks down his to)
Me to.
      (Looks down her
Me to.
      (looks down her
Me to.
Everyone looks at each other Scared and confused.
      (Sits down next to
       Mary and takes
       her hand)
I cant believe this.
      (Has stopped
       crying now)
You said it was god Mary! you said
it was good,and to trust it.
      (Looks to Tarsha)
It was my mother.Her voice,the
thing's she said.
Yeah! well thanks!...Some christen
you are......you can't even tell
god from the devil....The fucken
devil Mary!
       sarcasticly what
       they said.)
I didn't even what to do this
stupid seance,but you all made
me.oh don't worry Mary it will be
fine,we will only talk to good
spirits,nothing bad will
happen.And then i talked to my
mother with her voice,her words,im
sorry for loving my mother!


Blair comforts Mary.
Hey,Hey its alright,no one blames
Stairs to Tarsha.
      (In a firm tone)
Do they Tarsha.
Tarsha just rolls her eyes.
Hey.Come on guy's.Were all to
blame.We all agreed to play,and we
all agreed to.....well,you know.
He's right.Im sorry for snapping
at you Mary,Im just.....I don't
even know.
Its fine.and i know. I think were
all the same.
Well we still have no idea what
the fuck is going on. I mean who
was that thing? whats on our
chests And who the fuck did we
give our lives to?
Im telling you man. Its the
devil!It has to be.
Yeah i know,but it doesn't make
sense. I didn't know the devil can
imitate god. i mean isn't there
rules or some shit.
Satan knows the bible,inside and
out,and he uses it to trick people
into thinking he is good,and
that's a way he can trick people
to listen to him. A false profit.


So what is going to happen to us
      (Shrugging and
       shaking his head)
I don't know.
What do you think babe? your
pretty quiet.
      (Stubbs out her
Wait here.
Season heads up to her room.
Season kneels down,opens the chest and looks at the picture
of the demon.She takes it,closes the chest and heads down
stairs.And stands there in front of them.
Hey,you alright?
Season throws down the picture on the table in the middle of
them all,then sits down.
      (Leans forward to
       look at the
Whats that?.
As he picks up the picture he realizes the demon in the
picture is the same face he sore in the flame.
      (He knows this is
       very bad)
Oh shit!
Brett passes the picture to Blair,then sits back and lights
a smoke.And Blair and Mary both look at it with the same
expression as Brett.


No way!
What is it? you guy's are freaking
me out.
Mary takes the picture off Blair and passes it to Tarsha.She
responds the same.
Your fucking kidding me right! is
the the same thing we saw in the
flame? Season.Where did you get
      (Starts to cry)
Im so sorry guy's.it was in the
chest with the quigi board.
You knew about this?....and got us
to do that fucken seance any way?
I didn't know,i swear i had know
You found this with the board,and
thought using this board for a
seance was a good idea?
Im so sorry. I just thought it was
a picture,maybe the owners were a
little dark or something.
      (Holds up the
Or something's right.
Tarsha throws the picture on to the coffee table.A moment or
two pass.
Fuck you Season!
Lay off Blair, how was she suppose
to know the picture was real.


What ever man.
      (Stands up)
This is to much,and i am way to
drunk for this.im just gonna go to
Starts heading to bed.
Maybe she's right.Lets all just
get some sleep, and we will try
figure this out tomorrow.
Stands up and and puts his hand out to Season to come with
      (Nods in agreeance)
She takes his hand and they head up stairs to bed.
See you in the morning. If were
not dead.
Season turns and looks at Blair,as if to say,not funny.While
still walking.
I might go to bed to,
Yeah,ok.Do you want to,ahhh,maybe,
shear a bed tonight? just cause
well, you know,whats happened.
      (Looks to
Tarsha closes her door.(All the rooms have key locks on
their door) She takes off her shoes,then stands in front of
her mirror and just looks at her self for a bit.She she
takes of her clothes down to her underwear,then just stands


there with her eyes closed for a bit,with a look on her face
like shes preparing her self to see her body with the mark
on it.She opens her eyes,stares for a couple of seconds and
try's not to cry.Lightly touching it but its tender to
                                         SEASON AND BRETT'S
Brett is taking his shirt of.Season is sitting on the end
edge of the bed,obviously thinking about the night and
blaming her self.Brett walks over and and takes her
hands,she stands up with her head down.
      (Lifting her head
       up with his
Hey.Its not your fault.
She smiles. But its forced and knows he's just trying to
make her feel better.
Brett starts to take off her top,she lifts up her arms as he
pulls it off.She stairs at his chest,and lightly touches the
out side of it.He flinches and takes her hand,stopping
her.She looks up from his chest in to his eye's.
We will figure this out.together.
                                         BLAIR AND MARY'S
Mary goes to her bag and gets her nighty to sleep in.Blair
is just sort of standing around,Not knowing if to get
undressed or what,holding a pair of shorts he's going to
change in to . Mary stands up holding her nighty.
Well, i just gotta get changed.
      (Excited but
       trying to play it
Ahhh yeah,sure,go for it.
       embarressd and
       hand gestures for
       him to turn


                       MARY (cont'd)
Ummm do you mind?
      (Shakes his
       head,the thought
       of seeing her
       undress and turns
Oh,yeah,sure of course.
Mary starts getting undressed,down to her underwear,then
puts on her nighty. a sexy short silk one.
      (Walking to the
ok im done.
      (Turns around and
       likes what he
Oh wow.
      (Taking her hair
       tie out,turns to
       Blair and giggles
       embarressd then
       looks back to the
You going to sleep in your
Huh? oh, no,
Mary goes to her bag and grabs a mini statue of Jesus,while
Blair is getting undressed down to his underwear then puts
on his shorts.Mary taking sneak peeks,she puts the statue on
the dressing table,then goes and pulls the covers back and
hops into bed.Blair follows,then turns of the side lamp.Mary
is on her side facing away from Blair,And Blair is just
lying on his back.


Could you please hold me?
Yeah.of course.
Blair spoons Mary,and she puts her arm over his arm over
Im so scared.
Me too.
Tarsha is sleeping. Then she starts to dream.She starts to
move in her sleep as it gets worse,then it goes into her
dream,shes in a horrible place,fire everywhere,and the smell
is putrid,she dry reaches and puts her hand to her nose,and
she see's people being tortured by demons,whipped so much
their flesh is hanging from their backs,stakes through their
hands,some one on a machine with arms and legs tied by
ropes,he is screaming for her to help him,then a demon
starts turning a crank,pulling on the ropes.The man starts
to scream as his arms and legs are being pulled from his
body.Tarsha screams for it to stop,then his limbs are ripped
from his body,blood everywhere,all over the demon.The man
stops screaming and passes out.Tarsha is shaking her head
repeatably saying(no no no no no) But then the limbs start
growing back,the man wakes up and looks to his arms as they
start to grow,saying (no no no no) then the pain begins and
he screams as the limbs grow back. She starts walking
backwards shaking her head crying and muttering (no no no
no)Then she walks into someone,she turns and its a little
girl in a dress.
      (Drops to her
       knees,and takes
       little girls
What are you doing here?
                       LITTLE GIRL
i live here.


                       LITTLE GIRL
And soon you will too.
No.How can i stop him?
                       LITTLE GIRL
You cant.
Then the little girl puts her hand up to her forehead and
Diggs her fingers into her skin,slowly breaking the skin and
getting enough skin for a hand full,then starts to peel /rip
of her face.Tarsha cant believe what she is seeing and falls
back on her bum,just staring not believing what shes seeing.
                       LITTLE GIRL
i got to go,see ya.
She turns and starts to run away
As shes running away,from out of no where, a hell
hound,massive in size with decaying flesh,drawling mouth and
covers in a constant flame.Jumps out and mauls the little
girl,Tarsh screams (nooooooo)and watches as the hound rips
the little girl apart.Then while Tarsha is tossing in her
bed moaning,the clear water bottle on the stand next to her
bed just over half full starts to bubble and disappear till
there is none left.Then the wolf looks up to Tarsha,with
blood covering its snout,it starts to growl and slowly walk
towards her.Tarsha is terrified and starts to shuffle
backwards,then the hound runs at her,Tarsha screams
(nooooooooo)then the hound jumps at her,and she puts her
arms up.Then tarsha wakes up sweating something shocking.
      (Sitting up
Shes breathing heavy from fear.Just sitting there Realizing
it was just a dream. Sighs of relief,then rubs her face and
eyes to wake up. she turns on the lamp on the table next to


her bed,and grabs the bottle of water there.But realizes
that it is empty.
Im sure this was full?
She gets out of bed and puts on a short robe,then takes the
water bottle and goes to open the door. As she's going to
get some water.As she opens the door it slams shut.She lets
go and steps back in shock.
What the fuck?
She go's to open the door but as she reaches for it the key
turns and locks the door. She looks at it confused. Then she
reaches to unlock the key,but as she does all the fingers on
her hand bend backwards and break.She screams holding her
wrist with her other hand looking at her bent back fingers
Mary wakes up,hears the screaming and wakes Blair instantly.
      (Shaking Blair in
       a panic)
Blair,Blair wake up,Blair
      (Wakes up still
       half asleep)
What is it?
      (Then realizes he
       hears the
Tarsha stops screaming but obviously still in pain and
making all the sounds,like moaning and heavy breathing and
obviously crying.
Mary and Blair run out to the hall way Blair running to
Tarsha's door and Mary to Season and Brett's door,who have
not woken being the futurist away.
      (Banging on door
       franticly and
Season! Brett! wake up! Tarshas


                       MARY (cont'd)
Hurt You guy's wake up!
      (Knocking on the
       door and being
Tarsha?Are you okay?We heard
      (Calls out crying)
Help me!
The others walk over concerned.Blair is trying to open the
door but is locked.
Mary said you heard screaming.
      (Trying to open
       the door)
I don't know we herd screaming,the
doors locked,and she just called
out for help crying.Tarsha.I need
you to unlock the door okay?
      (Faintly calls out)
Everyone waits quiet,listening. But as Tarsha reaches for
the key with her other hand,again her fingers snap backwards
breaking them.Tarsha lets out a spine chilling scream of
pain,stumbling backwards,and drops to her knees. Everyone
screams out for Tarsha.Blair starts trying to open the door.
      (Yells to Tarsha)
Tarsha!step back! im gonna break
the door!
As he's about to ram the door,it burst's into flames.They
all step backwards.Tarsha can hear them yelling to her.
Tarsha! are you okay?


      (Says to everyone)
Its that thing from the seance! in
the flame!
      (Yells out to the
What do you want from me!
Then with a burst of flame,Daiplixasefura appears. a good 6
to 7 foot tall with horns, black eyes,long sharp claws,Sharp
blackish yellow teeth,bulky with muscles,his bottom half is
that of a goat,just a horrible scary looking demon and his
face is the worst ,that's what you remember.And Tarsha is
horrified and filled with the most fear she has ever
experienced,and it all shows in her face.
      (Rasies his hand
       and points his
       finger to her)
Your soul!
      (Crying and
Please no! i don't deserve
this!please! don't hurt me!
Daipilxasefura walks over to Tarsha and kneels down,face to
face.Tarsha turns away.daiplixasefura grabs her face and
makes her look at him,They stare into each others eyes and
daiplixasefura licks her face with his demon tongue,then he
smiles at her.He pulls down her jaw to open her mouth,then
takes his pointer finger claw and puts it in her
mouth,piercing her tongue,Tarsha screams.Then he pulls her
tongue out with his claw through it,and when its right out
he hits her chin with force to close it,making her bite off
her own tongue.She falls to the ground screaming in pain,
blood pouring from her mouth.daiplixasefura stands up
looking at the tongue on his claw,Tarsha looking at him,then
he tilts his head back and drops it into his mouth, eating
it.He walks over to Tarsha,then reaches down and picks her
up by the neck.She hangs there coughing up blood,then he
takes his spare hand and grabs the top of her mouth and
holds her there like that,then putting his hand in her mouth
to grab the lower jaw,and slowly pries open her mouth till
he rips her mouth/head open so the top half of her head is
just hanging looking down her back to the ground,then he


just drops her to the floor.then kneels down,puts his hand
into her chest,and rips out her heart,holding it up in the
air,then opens his mouth and swallows it whole.He then
bursts into flames and disappears.The flames on the door
stop.leaving the door like it had never been on fire.then
everybody hears the key turn and unlock the door,then the
door slowly swings open for them,revealing the aftermath of
a meeting with Satan's demon reaper.They slowly walk in
horrified and feeling sick at the site of the brutality and
their mutilated friend.
Mary falls to the ground an vomits,Blair kneels down and
comforts her.Season buries her head into Brett as he puts
his arms around her.
They are all in the living room standing around each
other.Looking sad,horrified,scared,and everything in
between,just trying to comprehend what has happened and the
thought of it happening to them.
Is that going to happen to us?
They all look at each other with concern,wounder and fear.
We gotta call some one.
And who do you suggest we call?the
ghost busters.
      (A blank look on
       her face)
Your not helping Blair.
Hey!i agree alright,we gotta call
some one.but who do you call for
this sort of thing?
Lets just call the cops.
You think they can deal with this
sort of thing?


Well we gotta tell them about
Tarsha.And i don't know,maybe they
can protect us or something?
And what do we say?Oh hey
officer,can you help us?we just
did a seance and summoned a demon
who slaughtered our friend and is
now trying to kill us!
They look at each other and realize how that would sound,and
second guess the idea.
We need to go to a priest,a
church.They know about this
stuff.They can help us.
I agree with Mary,maybe they can
do an exorcism or something.
Yeah.We gotta get to a church.
Definitely,but im gonna call an
ambulance first.We can't just
leave Tarsha there.
Okay,but once you've called
them,were off to a church.If we
stick around,we are gonna be stuck
here for questioning and i really
don't think we got the time for
chit chat.
      (Grabbing his cell
       phone out of his
Fair enough man.
      (using his phone
       but no reception)
Ahhh i got no reception.Try one of
your phones.
They all get their phones out and check for reception.


Me either.
      (Going over to the
       kitchen bench top
       to try the land
I'll use the house phone.
      (Picks it up to
       her ear then
       hangs it back up)
It dead.
Now what do we do?
We just gotta go.take the car and
head to the church,we can call an
ambulance or the cops what
ever,and we will be safe in a
church.Right Mary?demons can't
enter church's can they?
I don't think so.
Either way.I think its our best
As long as we get the hell out of
Alright.Lets go.
They all head for the car,but before Season leaves she grabs
the picture of daiplixasefura.Takes a look at it then puts
it in her pocket,then heads for the car.


They are all in the car,they do a skid as they drive off too
the church. Leaving a cloud of dust behind them.


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