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The Last Supper
by melissa wares (melissawares@ymail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Ashleigh (sister) is getting plates and dining essentials
together while she sets the table for five. Adam (brother)
is sitting at the table trying to steal a piece of chicken
before it is time to eat. Cameryn (mother) is sitting at
the head of the table nagging Adam about how he is fucking
off his life and everything else.
Ashleigh is setting the table for dinner. Adam is already
sitting at the table with his mother, Cameryn. Adam is
slyly trying to steal a piece of chicken. Cameryn slaps his
hand as she relentlessly nags Adam about the way he is doing
absolutely nothing to better himself or his life.
       frustrated at
Now Adam! you missed school two
days this week, you're supposed to
graduate in January. Almost
nineteen still in high school!
      (says the word,
       'barely' over
barely!And did you even apply for that
trade school yet? And how are you
going to get accepted into any
other college? Do you really
think you'll be able to get into
your sister's school?
Ashleigh stops what she is doing and immediately has a look
of disgust on her face.
      (Looking at Adam)
Ugghhhh! he better not come to my
school. And if he does, he better
act like he doesn't know me....You
are so embarrassing!
Ashleigh finishes setting the table and exits towards her


      (directed at
       Ashleigh as she
Yeah! We all know how you got a 4
point 0.
      (Directed angrily
       toward Adam.)
Boy you hush your mouth go wash
your hands. We're about to eat.
You need to go get a job if your
just gonna mess off your
Adam rises from chair and heads to the kitchen sink.
      (mumbles under his
You need to tell Ashleigh she
needs to wash more than her hands.
Vincent Jones (brother 2) and Aaron (friend) of the Vampire
gang bangers enters through the kitchen door. They appear
high on marijuana and go straight to the table and reach for
some chicken.
      (while handing his
       mom a wad of
Moms, you all right? How was work?
This knucklehead fucking up
again? You want me to set him
Vincent balls up his fist and faces Adam.
Lil bro you know I'll set you
straight. Mom's stressed out
enough ever since Dad's been away.
      (Jokingly making a
       funny face)
HUH, set me straight?
      (shaking his head)
MA, Can I eat now?


      (with a smile on
       her face)
No, son. Let your brother and his
friend get their plates first.
      (Looking around
       but directing the
       statement towards
Hey Bro, Where's that hot sister
of yours?
      (Starts to exit
       the kitchen going
       Ashleigh's room)
Yo man, I'll be back.
Aaron winks at Vincent while he exits the room.
Ashleigh is looking in a full length mirror at herself. She
is admiring how good she looks in her new outfit. Aaron
enters through the door without her seeing him.
      (creepily walks up
       to Ashleigh)
So you're Vincent's older sister
      (licks his lips)
Mmmmmmmm yum.
Aaron lightly chuckles. Ashley does a slight jump,
Startled, but looks at Aaron and is suddenly in a trance of
      (havin a moment of
Ohhhh, I know who you are.
You're that guy I saw on the
news...those horrific things that
happened to your family.
Aaron puts his arm around Ashleigh's shoulder.
Don't worry darling
      (says with a evil


                       AARON (cont'd)
I'm doing much better now!
Aaron starts kissing Ashleigh's neck. Ashleigh starts to
make happy sensual noises, as if she is enjoying Aaron's
      (In an aroused
You know I always thought you were
      (evil chuckle)
Aaron goes in for the bite on Ashleigh's neck. Ashleigh
struggles and then falls dead to the floor. (We see the bite
marks on her neck with a slight trickle of blood coming
out). Aaron wipes the blood from his mouth and looks at
himself in the full length mirror, a smile on his face. Once
he has cleaned up, he exits back into the kitchen.
Cameryn is at the kitchen counter making her a drink
(Hennessy and coke). We see the fifth of Hennessy and it is
almost empty. Vincent is at the table grubbing on some
chicken very voraciously. Adam is sitting at the table
looking annoyed and frustrated at the same time.
What's that girl up to, Aaron?
      (says with a smile
       on his face)
Oh! she's just lying around in her
      (very frustrated
       loud voice)
MAAAA can I eat now!
      (speaks while
       focussing on her
Child! let your brother and his
nice friend eat first! Did you
wash your hands boy! How many
times do I have to tell you to do


                       CAMERYN (cont'd)
Aaron starts slowly walking up to Cameryn at the kitchen
counter while she is still focusing on her drink. She is
leaning over the counter, her back is facing Aaron.
      (with an evil
Yes ma'am. I'm sure gonna eat
good tonight.
Aaron chuckles real evil and low.
Aaron reaches Cameryn and his teeth are literally inches
away from her neck. Vincent is too focused on his food and
Adam is sitting there with a " what the fuck is going on
      (with a loud angry
       annoyed voice)
MA, can I eat now? ....Shit!
      (with a very low
       intriguing evil
Don't worry Adam I'll take care of
your mother.
Aaron goes in for Cameryn's neck while chuckling in a low
      (In an aroused
Oh Boy! What are you doing?
Cameryn is smitten by what seems to her to be Aaron's sexual
      (with a bewildered
       look on his face)
Man let me go get Ashleigh. This
food is gonna be cold and gone
Vincent exits towards Ashleigh's room.


Aaron grabs Cameryn by her hip and plays along with her
thinking he is making sexual advances. Adam is extremely
focused on the chicken but throws Aaron a pissed off look.
      (very assertive
Fuck this shit. I'm eating! I'm
Adam reaches for the chicken.
Aaron goes in for the bite on Cameryn's neck.
      (with a large
       smile on his face)
Today must be my day.
Aaron bites Cameryn's neck sucking all the blood out of her
until she falls down to the ground leaving a bite mark with
blood coming out of it on Cameryn's neck. Adam while he is
about to take his first bite of chicken suddenly turns his
head and sees what Aaron has done to his mother.
Vincent enters into the kitchen with his gun and is in a
furious state of mind (He just found his sister Ashleigh,
      (Angry as he could
       possibly be)
Man what the FUCK happened to
Vincent looks over to see his mother on the ground in the
same condition that he had just found Ashleigh.
Vincent looks up and sees Aaron standing there with a huge
grin on his face, blood is dripping from Aaron's mouth. Adam
is sitting there in shock.
      (directed at
       Vincent in an
       evil tone)
You're family definitely has a lot
of 'TASTE'


Vincent rushes Aaron and he raises his arm in an attempt to
shoot Aaron.
      (in a
Ha ha ha! Man do you know who I
Aaron abruptly lunges at Vincent and bites his neck. Vincent
is trying with all his power to defeat Aaron. Vincent tries
so hard to reach for his gun that has fallen on the floor
during the tussle. Suddenly Vincent's body goes limp as
Aaron is sucking his blood. Vincent falls to the ground and
is left with a bite mark on his neck with blood coming out.
Adam starts looking around the room in a panic, he is
looking for an object to kill Aaron with.
Yeah I've seen enough movies. I
need a stake to drive through your
heart mother fucker!
Adam looks over at the door in contemplation whether he can
make the escape.
Shit! I'll never make it.
Adam looks at the kitchen counter and sees a steak knife not
too far away sitting next to a watermelon.
      (while going for
       the steak knife)
You gonna learn today!
Adam looks up at Aaron.
Little boy, please! It took you
three times to pass the second
grade! What are you gonna do?
Man, Fuck you.
Adam with extreme determination on his face rushes for the
knife sitting on the counter next to the watermelon. Aaron


takes a leap for Adam. Adam's hand barely reaches the
      (pissed off)
Man! I'm tired of all yawls shit!
I love a four course meal!
Aaron shows facial expressions of a battle won.
Adam is struggling to keep the knife in his hand. It seems
like Aaron is about to take total control over Adam and bite
his neck. Suddenly you see what seems to be something like
a special force that takes over Adam. (adrenaline rush)
      (stern voice)
God DAMMIT! I said leave me the
fuck alone.
Suddenly Adam gains control over the tussle with Aaron and
manages to lunge the knife into Aaron's heart.
      (In a high pitched
       evil laugh)
It was worth the meal
Aaron falls to the ground dead.
Adam looks around the kitchen, at Aaron, Cameryn, and
Vincent... All laying there dead. Then he looks at the
Popeye's chicken sitting on the table. He pulls out the
chair. He sits down. He begins fixing himself a plate. He
grabs the red hot sauce and puts some on his chicken.
Adam takes his first bite of chicken with a relief for
FINALLY he can eat.
Now that's the way I like
So Adam is now sitting at the table by himself, enjoying his
chicken dinner in peace.


Out of no where Ashleigh walks in. Her skin is pale and her
lips are bright red. (vampire make-up). She steps over
Vincent and Cameryn's dead bodies and gets to Aaron's body
and pulls the knife from Aaron's heart.
Ashley licks the steak knife she pulled from Aaron's heart
clean, and then she tosses it into the sink and then
casually sits down at the dinner table, joining Adam.
      (in a pleasant
       voice directed at
So Adam I really miss our family
      (eating his
I know this chicken is good..
Can you pass me the honey lil bro?
Adam reaches for the honey and hands it to Ashleigh across
the table.
Ashleigh put the honey on her biscuit.
In the background you slowly start to see Cameryn getting up
off of the floor. Her skin is now pale and her lips are
bright red and she walks over to the counter and grabs her
drink and then takes a seat at the table joining Ashleigh
and Adam for dinner.
Cameryn joins in the pleasant dinner and conversation with
Ashleigh and Adam.
      (directed towards
So Baby, how is school?
Adam shows a weird look on his face for just a second and
then goes back to enjoying his meal.
Adam's plate of food is almost gone.
      (directed towards
Go ahead Son eat some more.


In the background Vincent slowly starts to get up off of the
floor. His skin is now pale and his lips are bright red and
he casually joins his family at the dinner table.
Vincent begins to make his plate. And then starts to eat.
The family seems congenial and friendly now...filled with
light hearted dinner conversation.
Adam becomes comfortable with his whole family now being
Satisfied, he leans back in his chair, pats his stomach with
a smile on his face.
      (while patting his
This is nice, What's for dessert?
Ashleigh, Cameryn, and Vincent stop eating and talking... a
sudden silence. They all look intently at Adam. And they
all start a evil chuckling.
                       NEWSCASTER'S VOICE (OC)
It's time for the Fox eleven ten
o'clock news with Khloe Kennedy
Good Evening. Today's top
stories, New politicians take
office in APEX. The question of a
new county hospital for APEX
arises. And tonight's breaking
news of Vampire sightings and the
strange reports of blood all over
the city.
show scenes of splats of blood at various places in the
Starting On Friday December 18th
there is a mandatory curfew for
the whole county. If you are on
the streets after 8 pm you are
subject to arrest. It still has
not been confirmed that the causes
of these blood stains are from


                       KHLOE (cont'd)
vampires. It also has not been
confirmed that vampires even
exist. All These conclusions are
coming from anonymous phone calls
to local news stations and the
police and from the unexplained
traces of blood throughout the
city. It is advised to remain
calm and always be aware of your


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