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Brother in Arms
by Joe Morris (morrisjoe29@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



JORDAN BRADFORD, a good looking boy at the age of 14 with
sad piercing blue eyes, is sitting down on an emergency
truck as a horrific car accident looms behind him. He isn't
crying, but he can only look down at the ground in disbelief
with a defeated but angry look on his face.
His clothes are ripped, and is covered in bruises, cuts, and
bandages. Behind Jordan, the coroner takes away three dead
bodies with two cars totaled in the middle of the highway.
An officer comes over to Jordan and takes him to the nearby
                                         CUT TO:
Jordan is standing in the courtroom next to his appointed
LAWYER, is well put together in a nice suit, not as many
cuts and bruises on him anymore, but still has an angry look
on his face. The judge appoints Jordan to a foster home in
the Baltimore area, and then BANGS the gavel.
                                         CUT TO:
Jordan walks in to the foster home, with a nervous look on
his face. In walks MARY, the lady who runs the foster home,
with a kind, warm face.
Welcome, Jordan. It is really nice
to meet you, I heard about your
situation so I just wanted to say
I am extremely sorry for your
Thank You.
I actually have a family that
wanted to come meet you at the end
of the week, they heard about your
situation and were very interested


                       MARY (cont'd)
to meet you. Would you like to
meet them?
Yea, sure.
Perfect, in the meantime I want
you to meet all the kids here and
make yourself comfortable till we
find you a family.
                                         CUT TO:
Jordan walks over to the game area where all the kids are
playing video games. He seems timid, but curious at the
same time. The kids look over at Jordan with interest and
curiosity. Here Jordan is approached by one of the kids,
Hey kid, whats your name?
My name is Jordan, whats your
My name is Billy, I've been here
since I was ten years old, hasn't
been a family that wanted me yet.
So don't get your hopes up. You
wanna play some video games?
Yea, sure. How old are you now?
15 years old now. If you don't
mind me asking what brings you
My parents died. (Pause) In a car
accident. I would rather not talk
about it anymore. Lets just play
video games.


Okay, sorry for bringing it up.
Billy doesn't ask Jordan anymore questions and sympathizes
for him. Instead of conversing, they sit in silence and
play video games for a while to keep their mind off their
                                         CUT TO:
Are you ready to meet this family?
They should be here any minute!
Yea, I guess so. What am I
supposed to do with these people
They are just going to come here,
take you for some dinner and you
guys are going to chat and get to
know one another. I know you are
nervous but show a little more
enthusiasm! Its a new start for
Do I have to live with them
Oh don't worry about that right
now, just get to know them and we
will figure out if they are right
for you after. They are great
people though I think you will
love them.
In walks GRACE, a woman who looks to be in her early 40's
with a young boy by her side, JAMES. This woman carries a
gentle smile on her face as she walks in confidently.
Hello Mary! My name is Grace
Taylor we spoke on the telephone a
few days ago. I am here to meet
with Jordan.


Ah yes! Mrs. Taylor I've been
expecting you! Its so nice to meet
you in person. And who is your
handsome son?
My name is James, it is nice to
meet you. Thank you for allowing
us to have some time with Jordan.
Oh of course, it is my pleasure.
Jordan! Come here, and meet the
Hello, Jordan! Its great to
finally meet you!
Hey Jordan, what's up man? My name
is James.
Alright then, I will leave you
guys to it. Enjoy your night, and
when you guys come back we will
have a little chat.
Thanks so much Mary.
                                         CUT TO:
                                         CUT TO:
Grace, James, and Jordan are all sat down eating their
dinner at the diner. Grace and James sit next to each
other, and Jordan sits across from them. There is an
awkward silence at first, but Grace starts to orchestrate
the conversation.


So, Jordan we heard about your
story in the newspaper and we
wanted to get an opportunity to
meet you and possibly help you
out. What do you think about that?
I really appreciate it, but why do
you want to help me?
Me and James here had a similar
tragedy, just not to the extent of
yours. You see my husband was a
firefighter and died in a
firefight when James here was just
eight years old. We know how to
deal with the high's and low's, so
we thought we could help you.
I know how you feel Jordan, and I
can help you get through this.
I am sorry to hear about your Dad,
but for me, I don't think I will
ever get over what happened to my
parents. It's just not fair.
Well we would really like to help
you try, any boy that can make it
through something like that is a
special kid.
More silence comes as they eat their dinner, but James tries
to lighten the mood and converse with Jordan to make him
feel more comfortable.
Hey Jordan do you like football?
Yea, I love football its my
favorite sport. I'm not very good
at it though (Laughs)
Yea it's my favorite sport too. I
play on my high school team. Who's
your favorite team?


I'm a Redskin fan. What about
Same here! Too bad they suck
Yea, True. I want to thank you
guys for treating me to dinner by
the way it was nice to get out of
the foster home.
Oh it was our pleasure Jordan! I'm
glad we got the chance to talk!
Yea it was great meeting you
Jordan. Hopefully we can talk
again soon.
Okay honey well we will leave that
up to Jordan and Mary. Lets get
Jordan back to the foster home and
talk with Mary.
Grace calls over the waitress to get the check. The mood is
much better now, as Jordan was able to get his mind of his
tragedy for a couple of hours. All three leave as the
Taylor's take Jordan back to the foster home.
                                         CUT TO:
Jordan enters the foster home to see Mary waiting for him on
the couch in the living room. Jordan sits down with her
fully aware of the conversation that will ensue. While Mary
seems excited to talk to Jordan about his future, she can
sense Jordan's hesitance.
Hey Jordan! How did it go?


It went alright, they were very
nice to me and seem like good
Yes they are good people, I think
they would be a wonderful fit for
you. Listen, Jordan I don't want
to put too much pressure on you
right now but I want you to
seriously think about your future
and if you think the Taylor's will
be a part of it.
Well I like them, I really do.
It's just tough...it's tough for
me to let them take me in so soon.
I want to move on and find a
family, I just think I need
another day with them to make my
Okay, Jordan. I understand and I
am here to help in any way you
would like so I can gladly set up
another day for you to meet with
them. I will give Grace a call in
the morning to set something up.
Okay, thank you. I think I can
make a decision after my next
visit with them.
Wonderful, well it's time for you
to go bed Jordan. You should get
some rest. Goodnight.
Okay, Goodnight.
Jordan walks up the stairs to his room to sleep, and as he
lies down in bed he realizes he is alone, and he starts to
think. Confused thoughts run through Jordan's head as he
cant sleep while thinks about his parents deaths. He cries
uncontrollably until he falls asleep.
                                         CUT TO:


Jordan wakes up and strolls down into the kitchen, as Mary
is preparing breakfast for the kids. Mary greets Jordan
with some news.
Good morning Jordan! I have some
good news for you! Grace said she
could pick you up today to go over
their house for lunch and to hang
out with James! What do you
Yea, that works. What time is she
She said at about 12 o'clock she
would pick you up, so about a
couple hours. Why don't you eat
your breakfast and hang out with
the other kids in the meantime?
Jordan seems to have a little more energy and excitement
after hearing he would see the Taylor's later in the day. He
then eats his breakfast, and goes to the game room where all
the rest of the kids are and he starts to play video games
by himself until Billy steps in.
                                         CUT TO:
Hey Jordan whats up? What game are
you playing?
Not much, just playing some Call
Of Duty.
Cool. Can I play with you?
I'm good I'm just gonna play by
myself right now.


Seriously? Can't I just play too?
I just don't want to play with
anyone right now. Just leave me
alone man.
Jeez, alright. You don't have to
be a bitch about it. It's not my
fault your parents are dead, you
What the fuck did you just say?
You heard me, all you do is mope
around this place and it's
depressing, nobody cares that your
parents died so get over it.
Go fuck yourself!
Jordan loses his cool, and goes ballistic. He gets into a
fight with Billy, which gets ugly. All the kids surround
and watch as Jordan punches Billy in the face once, tackles
him to the ground and continues to punch him in his face.
Mary is then notified by one of the kids about what is
happening and steps in to pull Jordan off Billy. Billy is
left with a black eye, blood pouring from his nose and his
mouth as he lies on the floor.
Jordan! What is the matter with
you? Go shower and clean up! There
is blood all over you! The
Taylor's are going to be here any
minute and I can't cancel on them
Jordan stands there in silence, as he has cuts all over his
hands with blood on his shirt. Billy is being tended to and
awaits in ambulance. Jordan, clearly upset with himself
walks up the stairs slowly to get into the shower to get
ready for his day with the Taylor's.
                                         CUT TO:


Jordan, all cleaned up and finally calmed down is sitting
down on the couch. Billy has been taken to a hospital. Mary
notices a car pull up, and it is the Taylor's. Mary then
calls for Jordan to let him know.
Jordan! The Taylor's are here! I
want you to be on good behavior
now though, I have really talked
you up to them the past few days.
Just try and relax and have a good
Okay, I will. I'm sorry about
before, I don't know what came
over me.
In walk Grace and James with smiles on their faces, excited
to see Jordan again. Jordan is a little more receptive of
them the second time around, and as he says hello and shakes
hands, James notices the cuts on Jordan's hands but doesn't
say anything just yet.
Hello! Thanks you guys for making
time for Jordan today, we really
appreciate it.
Oh of course, our pleasure. We
couldn't wait to see Jordan again.
We are going to show you our home
today Jordan, how does that sound?
That sounds good, I would like
Well great! I will leave you guys
to it then. Have a good time
Jordan, I will see you later!
                                         CUT TO:
Grace, James, and Jordan all are in the car and Grace is
driving them to her home. James starts talking with Jordan.


So Jordan, what happened to your
hand? You alright?
James leave him alone, that is
none of your business. You don't
have to answer him Jordan.
It's okay, I got into a fight
earlier with one of the other
kids. I'm fine. The other guy had
to go to the hospital though.
Nice! That's what I'm talking
James stop it! That is
James gives Jordan a fist pound as they both laugh as they
finally pull up to the Taylor house. The house is big and
gorgeous, and isolated on a farm with a few horses running
around. They walk up to the house, and Grace walks in to
prepare lunch for the boys as they stay outside to throw
around the football.
                                         CUT TO:
Okay, I'm going to go in and fix
you guys up some lunch. Play nice
You wanna throw around the
football man?
Yea, sure.
So what do you wanna do when
you're older?


Uh...I don't know honestly. My
dad always would tell me how it
was a good idea for me to join the
military one day. So I've always
thought being a Navy seal would be
cool. What about you?
I have no idea, man. No idea.
Maybe I will become a firefighter
like my dad was, but I don't know.
Boys! Lunch is ready! I made you
guys some burgers, hope you are
James and Jordan both head inside for lunch after playing
football and Jordan gets his first glimpse at the inside of
the house, which is just as gorgeous as the exterior.
                                         CUT TO:
Grace is setting the table for lunch as James and Jordan
enter the kitchen and sit down to eat. Jordan seems to be
more comfortable with Grace and James.
So Jordan how has everything been
going at the foster home?
It's been going alright, after the
fight though I don't think many of
the other kids like me.
Oh that's alright, we can see you
are a good kid. Don't let those
kids get on your nerves though
they aren't worth your time.
Thanks. I know though, this kid
was just so cruel though I
couldn't take it any longer.


I understand, it will get better
Yea I hope so.
The conversation turns towards James as Jordan starts asking
him questions.
So hows school and football going
It's going pretty well, I mean not
school. I hate school, but
football is great we just won our
first game actually. I threw for
like 315 yards and 4 touchdowns.
We take school very seriously
here, James is just kidding, he
doesn't hate school. He's actually
a pretty good student, right
Yea I guess I'm not too bad in the
classroom, much better at football
Jeez, here we go.
4 touchdowns is pretty
James just eat your food please,
that's enough already.
There is a light mood at the table after lunch is finished,
and Grace decides that it's a good time get more serious and
asks Jordan to be a part of the family.
So Jordan, now that you have had
some time to think and you have
spent some time with us, what
would you think about living with


                       GRACE (cont'd)
us and be apart of our family?
I think I would like that, you
guys have been really nice to me
and I'm ready to leave the foster
home and move on. Thank you so
much for helping.
That's so great! I am so excited!
I can get enrolled at school very
soon, the school is great and you
will meet plenty of new friends!
Yea Jordan you just hang out with
me and I'll get you familiar with
school and all my friends, you
will be just fine.
That all sounds great, I can't
wait to make it official and move
Well I can do that right now
Jordan. I am going to give Mary a
call right now and tell her the
news, and soon enough we will get
all your stuff from the foster
home and get you moved in and
settled in to our home. You boys
go and watch some TV in the den
while I go call Mary and tell her
the news.
Grace stays in the kitchen and decides to call Mary, and the
boys leave the kitchen to go in to the den to watch TV.
Hello Mary! It's Grace Taylor, how
are you?
Hello Grace, I am doing well. Is
everything going alright with
Jordan at your house?


Oh, yes. It's going great! That's
why I called. I wanted to let you
know that we have talked to Jordan
about permanently moving in with
us and becoming a part of the
family and he said he wants to
join us officially! How wonderful
is that?
Oh my goodness! That is great
news! You guys are perfect for
Jordan! Let me get all the
paperwork started and you guys can
come to the foster home whenever
you are ready to make it official
and get his stuff to move in.
Thank you so much, I will bring
him back in a couple hours then!
See you later!
Perfect, see you then Grace.
                                         CUT TO:
                                         CUT TO:
Grace, James, and Jordan all sitting on the couch together
as all the paperwork is laid out in front of them on the
coffee table. Mary is sitting across from them explaining
what needs to be filled out.
Ok, so Grace and Jordan, all I
need from you guys right now is to
sign your names where it says.
Make sure you don't miss a
signature, and I will be able to
take the paperwork to the court in
the morning to make sure
everything goes through as


Okay great thanks Mary, so Jordan,
after you sign off on everything
in the paperwork you can start
packing your stuff in the car.
James will help you.
Okay, I'm all done now so I'll get
all my stuff from my room now.
I'll come help you Jordan.
Jordan and Mary walk up the stairs and enter Jordan's room,
Mary starts to talk to Jordan to make sure he is confident
in his decision.
Jordan, I want to make sure you
are comfortable with this decision
so how do you feel about the
Taylor's? You are comfortable
moving in with them?
I feel really comfortable with
them, I think they are a good fit
for me. I think it's time for me
to move on too. They seem like
good people so I think I'll be in
good hands.
Okay, good I'm glad you like them.
I think you have made a great
choice, you will be very happy
with them.
Thanks, I think I did too. I'm
looking forward to living with
I'm so happy for you Jordan.
Thanks, and thank you for all your
help, you have been great to me
and I appreciate it.


Mary goes over to give Jordan a big hug, and they both feel
a great deal of satisfaction. Jordan cries a little bit as
Mary hugs him. They then go on to move his stuff out of his
room and in to the car with Mary.
Grace, James, Jordan, and Mary are all outside finishing up
moving Jordan's things in to the car and Jordan and Mary say
their final goodbyes.
Okay Jordan, well this is it. Good
luck and enjoy your new family.
Thank you again for everything.
Goodbye Mary.
Thanks so much Mary! Goodbye!
                                         CUT TO:
Grace, James, and Jordan are all back at the house now. They
show Jordan his new room and help move his stuff in, they
also give him the tour of the house.
Okay Jordan, this is your room.
It's right across from James room
and mine is right down the hall.
The bathroom is right next to your
room. I will get you set up at
school in a few days in the
meantime. Lets get the rest of
your things out of the car and in
to your room though.
Okay that all sounds good. I love
the room by the way, thank you.
Jordan's room is all set up now, and Jordan can finally
relax. Tired after a long day, Jordan decides to go to sleep
in his new bed. He rests comfortably on the first night in
his new home.


Grace is up early in the morning, preparing breakfast for
Jordan and James, and trying to wake them up for school at
the same time.
James! Jordan! Wake up! Breakfast
is ready! You guys have to get
ready for school! Bus leaves in a
half hour!
                                         CUT TO:
Jordan tiredly rolls out of bed and walks downstairs to get
ready for school and eat his breakfast. James is sitting
down at the table as Grace brings some eggs and bacon for
the boys.
                                         CUT TO:
Good morning Jordan, come eat some
breakfast. You ready for your
first day at school?
Yea, I'm pretty excited, pretty
nervous though too.
Oh that's alright, you will be
just fine.
Yea don't worry about it Jordan
I'll take you around school and
show you where your classes are,
and come lunchtime you can sit
with me and my friends and eat
lunch with us.
Okay cool, thanks.
Jordan and James finish their breakfast and get their
backpacks to get ready to take the bus to school.


                                         CUT TO:
James and Jordan enter the school as the bell rings, and
James takes Jordan to his first class of the day.
Okay man, here's your first class,
let me know if you need help with
Okay, thanks James.
                                         CUT TO:
Jordan enters his first class of the day, and seems nervous
and uncomfortable until he spots a pretty girl, JESSICA. He
decides to sit next to Jessica as class begins.
As class goes on, most of the students seem disinterested,
including Jordan and Jessica. Jessica, bored and curious,
starts up conversation with Jordan.
Hey, whats your name?
Um, my name is Jordan. What's
Jessica. You new here or
something? I haven't seen you in
this class before.
Yea I am. I actually just got here
a few days ago. I live with James
Taylor, I don't know if you know
him or not.
Yea I think I know him, nice guy.
How do you like living with them?


It's been going pretty well so
far, can't complain.
The bell rings as class is now over, both Jordan and Jessica
get up and leave for their next class. Jordan, interested in
Jessica, doesn't let the opportunity slip away and builds up
the courage to ask Jessica for her number.
Hey, you think I could get your
number? You know just for class
and homework and stuff like that.
I might need some help getting
started here.
Yea, sure let me write it down for
you. Here you go.
Thanks a lot, see you later.
No problem, see you around.
Jessica gives Jordan a piece of paper with her number on it,
and Jordan is very excited. They both part ways and go on to
their next class.
                                         CUT TO:
Jordan meets James in the cafeteria for lunch and is waved
over by James to join him and his friends. James introduces
Jordan to all of his friends and Jordan sits down at the
Hey Jordan, how's the first day
Not too bad, got a girl's number
in my first class.
Wow! First class of his first day
and you already got a girl! Much
better than I can do.


I don't know about that, but yea
it hasn't been a bad first day,
I'm liking it so far.
Good, I'm glad everything is going
well. That reminds me, I gotta
introduce you to my girlfriend
You have a girlfriend?
Yea, it's been about a year now.
Her name is Kelly. I'll have her
come over to the house sometime
soon and you can meet her.
Yea that's cool, sounds good to
Grace and Jordan are sitting in the stands watching James
play in his football game. They are rooting for James as
Jessica comes over to talk with Jordan.
Way to go James!
Come on James! Score again!
Hey Jordan whats up?
Oh hey Jessica not much just
watching James play, whats up with
Same old stuff, just boring school
all the time. You mind if I watch
the game with you?


Yea sure, oh this is my mom by
the way, and mom this is my friend
Hi! It's very nice to meet you!
Hello Jessica, it's very nice to
meet you too.
So Jordan, how did you do on that
math test?
I got a 96, how did you do?
Not nearly as well as you did. I
got a 78. How are you so good at
I'm really not that good, I just
studied a lot more than I usually
Well whatever you're doing, it's
Yea I guess.
Listen, I'm having this party
tonight at my house, I'm sure
James knows about it too, so you
should come by.
Yea, that sounds like fun. I think
I'll be able to make it.
Cool, well I gotta get back to my
house to start getting ready for
later, so I'll see you later.
Yea, I'll see you later.


It was really nice meeting you,
Likewise Jessica, you should come
over sometime and I can make
What? I can tell you two like each
other Jordan, figure I would help
you out a bit.
Well thanks, I guess.
                                         CUT TO:
James is just getting home from his football game while
Grace is making dinner and Jordan is setting the table.
James enters the kitchen as Grace and Jordan congratulate
him on the game.
James! Great game man!
Hey James! Great job today!
Hey guys, thanks a lot. What's for
dinner tonight?
I made some steak tonight!
Awesome, what are you doing
tonight Jordan?
Jessica invited me to her party,
you going to go?


Yea I'll probably go for a little
bit, you want a lift there after
Yea sure that would be great.
The family finishes up dinner, and Jordan and James get
ready for to leave for the party.
Jordan, you ready to go?
Yea! One second!
Jordan comes down the stairs dressed and ready to go. James
and Jordan leave for the party.
Okay mom we're leaving now, I'll
see you later.
Bye Mom!
Okay, be safe, and don't come back
too late tonight. Be back by 12
the latest.
                                         CUT TO:
James and Jordan pull up to Jessica's house, the street is
packed with cars and music is coming from the house. They
both walk in the house where they are greeted by Jessica,
who has had a few drinks already.
                                         CUT TO:
Hi James! Glad you could make it!
Hey Jessica, thanks for the


Jessica eagerly greets Jordan and pulls him away from James
to grab a drink.
Oh, sure. Jordan! You're here!
Let's get you a drink!
Hey Jessica.
Have a good time Jordan!
                                         CUT TO:
Jessica takes Jordan in to the kitchen to get a drink.
Jessica convinces Jordan to take multiple shots of vodka.
Here, Jordan have a shot! You
gotta catch up and get drunk with
Jordan continues to hang out with Jessica the remainder of
the night and he continues to rip more and more shots.
Jordan and Jessica are now really drunk, and Jessica takes
Jordan's hand to take him to her room.
                                         CUT TO:
As Jordan and Jessica enter the room, Jessica comes on to
Jordan and they start kissing. Things start to escalate
between the two until Jordan gets a phone call from James.
      (Phone Rings)
Ah, shit. James is calling me,
hold on.
Forget the phone, come here.
Hold on. (On Phone) Hey James,
whats up?


Dude! Where are you? It's almost
12, we gotta go! Come outside now.
Fuck. My bad, I'll be out in a
minute. (Hangs Up)
Sorry, I gotta go home now. My mom
is gonna be pissed if I don't get
back soon.
That's some shitty timing Jordan,
I'll see you at school then?
Yea I know, sorry. But yea
definitely, I'll talk to you soon.
Jessica and Jordan kiss goodbye, and Jordan drunkenly walks
out of Jessica's house and in to James car.
                                         CUT TO:
Hey James, how did you like the
Eh, it was alright. Oh jeez, you
are really drunk right now aren't
Yea, so what?
So what? Mom is going to be
pissed, Jordan. I hope she isn't
still up.
It will be fine dude.
James gives Jordan an unsure look, and they drive home. They
pull up to their house, and walk in to see that their mother
is still up waiting for them.


                                         CUT TO:
Act cool, and just follow me and
get to bed quickly.
Okay, I'll try.
                                         CUT TO:
As James and Jordan enter the living room, they see that
Grace is still waiting up and she does not seem happy.
Hey mom, sorry we're late.
Didn't I say 12? It's 12:45! I was
worried sick!
Yea I know, we just lost track of
time. Sorry.
Just don't do it again please.
Jordan are you alright? You don't
look good. Jesus. You're drunk.
What's the matter with you?
Mom, he's fine he just had a long
day. I'm going to get him to bed
No he's not fine. Jordan, you
can't just stroll in my house
wasted late at night like this.
It's unacceptable!
Will you just leave me alone? Jeez
I'll do whatever the fuck I want.
Jordan! You gotta go to bed man.


Who do you think you're talking
to? Don't ever talk to me like
I mean, you aren't actually my mom
so I'll talk to you however I
Grace goes over to Jordan and slaps him in the face. James
grabs Jordan and takes him to his room to get him to sleep
to diffuse the situation.
                                         CUT TO:
Okay, get some sleep Jordan.
Listen, you can't be acting like
this, it's not right to me and
Thanks. I know though, sorry. I'll
apologize in the morning.
Okay, goodnight.
Jordan finally gets to bed after a long night, and is upset
with himself for what he had just done.
Jordan wakes up in a daze, and starts to realize what
happened the night before. He starts to get up and walk down
to the kitchen to apologize to Grace.
                                         CUT TO:
Grace is sitting down at the kitchen table drinking her
coffee and reading the newspaper when she is approached by
How are you feeling this morning


Eh, feeling alright I guess. I
wanted to say I'm sorry about last
night. I really didn't mean any of
Jordan, you just have to
understand that you can't
disrespect me in my own house like
that. I care about you very much,
and what you said really hurt me.
I may not be your mother, but you
are my responsibility right now
and I love you. I don't deserve
that. Now make sure you are at
dinner tonight because James is
going to decide his college
tonight. You should invite Jessica
because James girlfriend is coming
Okay I will be there.
Everybody is gathered at the Taylor house for dinner and the
announcement regarding James decision for what he will do
after he graduates high school this year.
Grace, James, Jordan, and Jessica are all sitting down for
dinner when SARA, James girlfriend enters the house and the
comes into the dining room for dinner. James introduces SARA
to Jordan and Jessica.
Jordan, Jessica, this is my
girlfriend Sara.
Hi Sara, nice to meet you.
Hey Sara, hows it going?
Hey guys! I'm doing well thanks.
It's nice to finally meet the both
of you!


Dinner looks great Mrs. Taylor!
Thank you Jessica, that's sweet of
you. Now that everybody is here,
we can all eat. Enjoy everybody!
Silence commences, as the only sounds that come next are the
sounds that come with eating dinner. Soon, dinner is
finished and as Grace brings out desert, she asks James to
tell everybody about the decision he has made.
Okay everybody, I got ice cream
for desert. While you eat your
desert, let's all listen to the
announcement James has for us.
Okay, so as you all know I have
gotten plenty of options to play
football in college however, I've
decided against going to college
and I've decided to join the Navy
and start my training to become a
Navy Seal after I am done with
high school. Jordan will be
joining me as well when he is done
with school.
Me and James have been thinking
about this for a while now, and
it's something we both really want
to do and we want to do this
Wow. I do say I am surprised by
the decision, however you know I
support you guys in what you want
to do. I think it's an admirable
life choice and I am very happy
for you.
Thanks mom, we knew you would be
understanding. This is just
something I wanted to do ever
since Jordan told me he want to be
a Navy seal, so I thought why not
make something of myself and
become a Navy seal with him? I'm


                       JAMES (cont'd)
really looking forward to it.
Grace goes over to James and gives him a big hug and a kiss,
and then goes over to Jordan and gives him a big hug and a
kiss, and gives them both words of encouragement.
You guys are going to be great, I
am very nervous as your mother,
but I trust you guys are going to
do a great job. I love you and
good luck to both of you.
It's a year later on now and Jordan is ready to leave the
house and join his brother in the Navy. Before he leaves
Grace has a word with him.
You leaving soon Jordan?
Yea I gotta get going now.
Okay, well I guess this is it the.
Goodbye Jordan and good luck. You
are going to do great. I love you.
Don't worry I'll come back. I love
you too, you have been a great
mom. Goodbye.
Grace and Jordan hug as Jordan has to leave now. Grace cries
when Jordan is gone, and Jordan sheds a tear as he leaves
the house. He is now grateful for all that Grace has done
for him.
                                         CUT TO:
Jordan has finally joined James as a Navy seal and they have
both surpassed their training in their mid-twenties, and are
being briefed on their first mission as seals by their Chief


                       COMMANDER HOWARD
Gentleman, we have an important
mission on our hands here. A group
of militants have been terrorizing
a village for the past week now,
and we have intel telling us that
there have been multiple murders
in the past few days. Our
objective is to terminate this
militant group within 48 hours
before there more casualties
occur. The chopper will arrive in
2 hours time to take you to your
destination. Good luck gentlemen.
                                         CUT TO:
The helicopter arrives as the Navy seals anxiously await.
The seals enter the helicopter one at a time in silence and
with seriousness as they know what awaits them.
                                         CUT TO:
James breaks the silence as he briefly talks to Jordan as
the helicopter is on it's way to the destination.
You ready, little bro?
Oh I'm ready brother.
Good, I got your back.
                                         CUT TO:
The helicopter lands about a few miles outside the
destination to let the team of Navy seals out and on their
The seals exit the helicopter and walk the rest of the way
to the village. They arrive at their destination, and notice
about 30 militants lurking in the village. The seals then
make their move and open fire.


GUNSHOTS ensue and their enemies drop to the floor, and the
militants are completely unaware that they are under attack.
The seals continue to fire.
                                         CUT TO:
As the militants take fire, 30 more militants appear and
start taking fire at the seals. The seals then retreat and
call in a helicopter to retrieve them as their numbers don't
match up to those of the militants.
      (Over Radio)
Commander! We need to evacuate
immediately! They outnumber us by
way too much!
                       COMMANDER HOWARD
      (Over Radio)
Roger. We will have a chopper at
your destination in 10 minutes.
The seals decide to retreat back as far as possible and try
to take cover until the helicopter arrives. In the meantime,
they still have to fend off the militants.
Moments later, James goes to take cover and is shot twice,
once in the stomach and once in the chest. Jordan sees this,
and rushes over to see if he is alright.
James! Are you alright?
Yea, I'm good man, just keep
Well I'm not leaving your side
man! The chopper will be here any
minute, just hang tight!
                                         CUT TO:
The chopper arrives and the seals rush to the helicopter.
James and Jordan lag behind as Jordan aids the wounded James
to the helicopter. The seals continuously take fire and try
to fight off the militants as they try to escape.


Jordan covers James and opens fire to protect James as he
limps to chopper. Jordan gets shot once in the leg as he
enters the helicopter, but the seals get away with no
casualties, only two wounded, Jordan and James. The medic
takes care of James and Jordan.
                                         CUT TO:
Jordan, let me take a look at your
I'm fine! Is my brother going to
be alright?!
We just stabilized him, he's going
to be just fine don't worry.
      (Sighs in relief)
Thank God.
Jordan goes over to James who is unconscious now, and hugs
I love you brother.


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