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by James Bicharri (jtamfx@gmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: 0 stars
A fictional story about a young girl caught between two families who lived an era of accusations, adoptions and murders on the one part, and on the other, lived a life of fear and destitution. A young girl lived and worked at her family’s home business, Every day after school she came home to a bustling beer and restaurant bar that had grown to be the local favourite over the years. This was her life, the way it was and always had been. She had always expected it to be that way. But she had always guessed change was bound to come, even when she least expected it and even if she didn’t want it. Then, one night in particular changed everything...

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A fictional story of two families who lived an era of
accusations, adoptions and murders on the one part, and on
the other, lived a life of fear and destitution. Both
families lived in Douala, one in the suburbs and the other
in the central and highly populated area. The Etundes lived
a life of intimidation, corruption, and murder to get what
they wanted. But the Fonteinns were hard working and a God
fearing family, and ran a legit business, but lived in fear
of being murdered by the Etunde's family.
Gloria lived and worked at her family's home business in
Douala, Kamerun - her adopted family nonetheless. Every day
after school she came home to a bustling beer and restaurant
bar that had grown to be the local favourite over the years.
This was her life, the way it was and always had been. She
had always expected it to be that way. But she had always
guessed change was bound to come, even when she least
expected it and even if she didn't want it.
Then, one night in particular changed everything. It was a
neighbour's son's thirteenth birthday party being held at
the family's local favourite bar/restaurant complex and
Gloria and her older step sister Blessing were expected to
attend it only for two hours; six to eight post meridian
It was around ten post meridian after cleaning up Gloria and
Blessing were ordered by their mother to take the many big
black trash bags outside with them to the rubbish bin a
little distance away from the bar/restaurant.
As the girls stepped out with the big black trash bags,
Blessing decided to race Gloria running down the dark alley
next to the restaurant to where the rubbish bin was. Gloria
hated running and moaned at Blessing to stop. She was about
to call for her again, but stopped dead in her tracks when
she heard the sound of the trash bag falling to the ground,
along with another dull thud.

Blessing"! She stammered, uneasily and knew something was
definitely not right.
She walked slowly forward in the dark and peered around the
corner, and her heart was suddenly racing. She noticed the
trash scattered about the ground, right next to Blessing who


was lying on the ground. She said to herself this was really
bad news as she gasped and ran over to her.
Blessing," she shouted, as she tried to get her up to her
feet, but there was no movement. "Was she dead", she
thought. She wondered what happened. There was no scream or
anything. Blessing had been stabbed as blood streamed down
her dress. Gloria looked around her inquisitively to see if
the attacker was still around.
Gloria was about to scream for help when she noticed a dark
figure standing in the moonlight shadows. Biting her lips
with her heart pumping hard, she did not know what to do.
She reminded herself that Blessing was probably dead and her
killer was about to kill her too which made her so
terrified. 'Was this the end', she questioned her thoughts
as she started crying.
But suddenly, somewhere somehow, she gathered some
miraculous strength and courage and yelled at the figure as
loud as she could, "In God's name, just get on with it if
you want to kill me too". To Gloria, it was like a horrible
nightmare, one of those where you try to run, but your feet
stay glued to the ground, or you tried to scream for help,
but your voice is already shot. However, she overcame it
with yelling.
Blessing! Where are you?
Was she dead?
In God's name, just get on with it
if you want to kill me too.
      (THE SHADOW)
I am not going to kill you. I was
not ordered to kill you; I will
make it my own mission to destroy
you if you tell anyone what you
have seen.
What orders? Are you an assassin?
      (THE SHADOW)
Yes! Something like that. I am
letting you go back to your family
and tell that a thug stabbed poor
Blessing killing her instantly.
You are to not tell them or anyone
else that you spoke to me, not
your friends, nobody, you hear me?


Gloria nodded shakily and felt like she was about to pass
out as the figure vanished into the dark shadows. She could
not believe this was happening as she ran back to her
parents to give the bad news.
                                         CUT TO:
The rest of the weekend became a blur. Blessings parents
closed the bar/restaurant when they found out that Blessing,
their beloved Blessing had been murdered. The alley leading
to the rubbish bin was closed off ready for officers and
investigators to do what is necessary to find the killer.
After a carefully investigative procedure it was deemed
Gloria was not safe living in Douala. She was sent off to a
small but special school in a small town in Bamunda, called
'Our Ladies and Lords'. She was driven to the school by her
mother in the family car living her father behind frail and
bitter for loosing Blessing this way.
Gloria, I am sorry things have got
to end up this way
Mum, it is not your fault.
At this point, Gloria felt like telling her mum so badly
Blessing's death was ordered by someone, but she knew that
it would be dangerous for both of them. However, deep down
she knew there had to be a reason for Blessing's death…but
Reluctantly, she dragged herself out of the car and walked
around to the trunk while her mum unlocked it for her and
helped to get her suitcases and backpack out.
Hey, try to just enjoy it here,
okay? Do not think about things
too much
Okay mum
Well, keep safe. I guess we will
see you over Christmas break. Do


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
you have your mobile phone with
you, so you can always call when
you need it
Mum assured her daughter suddenly grabbing and wrapping
Gloria into a warm tender hug.
I will miss you, Gloria. Please
try harder to stay safe here, my
daughter, I love you ever so much
I will try mum
Bye, my sweet heart
Gloria sighed and walked up to the school which looked like
a detention centre, the last place on earth any young girl
would want to be as she groaned and trudged inside.
But when she got inside, it was a lot lovely and it was a
total relief for her. The floor was tiled, nice and clean,
much cleaner than the ones back at her school in Douala. As
she walked down the hallway, she noticed two large halls on
each side specifying the ladies age group hall. To her
dismay, she also noticed that girls approximately her age
were bustling about in the halls as if they loved it; and
were in dark grey sweater-vests, brown skirts with white
socks up to the knees. She rolled her eyes and found the
scenery very strange as she looked around for the
principal's office dragging her suitcases along.
You seemed lost, my child. Are you
looking for the principal's
An elderly woman came behind her and asked while placing a
hand on Gloria's shoulder.
Yes ma! I am new here
I see! I thought we had a deadline
for enrolment. I suppose Dr
Faircloff has made an exception
this time. I was on my way to the
office anyway, follow me


The elderly woman commanded leading the way down a long,
empty hallway to the office area with a large empty desk
with five green chairs. On it was a red and white plague
indicating it was the principal's office.
When they got to the office, the principal seemed to be in
the middle of something. The elderly woman instructed Gloria
to sit on one of the chairs and wait while she went over to
sit at the secretary's desk with a name plague which read
"Mrs. Lovejoy.
It was a good twenty minutes while she was waiting when the
door swung open, but he was not the principal. He looked to
be a student in white trousers and a navy blue shirt. He was
on the taller side, and had an athletic build. Seating
himself roughly in one of the chairs, he glared at Gloria
with a frown on his face. Gloria bit her lips while staring
at him and wondered why he looked so angry. And his presence
made her feel almost small and insignificant.
Then suddenly, he snapped
Gloria did not realize she was staring at him and felt
awkward once he brought it to her attention.
Oh! I am so sorry
Yeah, It is so rude to stare
Gloria did not know how else to content his attitude as they
sat in an awkward silence for about another five minutes. In
those five minutes she thought really hard about her new
school and a new chance for her to explore and make new
friends. She was new there and no one knew her, so she could
technically be whoever she wanted to be...she assured
herself quietly.
Then, she took the first step to introduce herself.
I am Gloria, so, what is your
To her surprise, instead of anger, his face seemed more
surprised than anything.


EDWARDO. And what is your name
The boy replied giving her this weird look, like he felt
obliged to be talking to her, not because he actually wanted
Gloria Kelly Fonteinn
Gloria said and was so crossed with herself why she had to
give him her full name as he studied her for just another,
rather uncomfortable minute sitting close to him. Edwardo
stood up and left without saying goodbye but did inform
Gloria that he was leaving.
Aha, you must be our other new
student, Gloria Kelly Fonteinn,
A soft but firm voice echoed into Gloria's ears and she knew
that it was that of a principal.
Yes, I am ma
Good, you are welcomed and I have
here your schedules, the school
guide, your dormitory assignments,
and a list of extracurricular
activities including a pack filled
with everything you may be
interested to know about Our
Ladies and Lords School.
Gloria received other large piles of stuff as the principal
explained other aspects of the school, especially about
their goals and expectations. But in Gloria's thinking all
of these were kind of boring.
I am here to see to your
wellbeing. If you ever need
anything, feel free to stop by


Gloria thanked her but deep inside she had a bad feeling
that she was going to hate the place dragging her stuff
across the main hallway to her dormitory.
                                         CUT TO:
It was around mid-day when Gloria left the principal's
office and dragged her stuff across the main hallway, which
was now empty. She finally got to the door with the correct
number and tried the handle, but it was locked. She groaned
to herself in frustration.
Then, wondering what to do next, a bubbling voice from
behind inquired, smiling at her with dark brown eyes. She
was almost a head shorter and wearing that stupid uniform.
Are you the new girl?
Hey, I am Joanna Combey.
I am in this room too and it looks
like we will be roommates.
Aren't you supposed to be in
Ney, as a junior, I only have half
a day. I just come and chill out
here after my class most of the
time. Anyway, what is your name?
Oh I am sorry! I am a junior too.
My name is Gloria Kelly Fonteinn.
The girl took no notice of Gloria's unfriendliness as she
flicked the lights on and helped her pull the luggage into
the small dormitory for two but quite nice on the inside.
There were two beds separated by a night stand. There was
also a cupboard facing the foot of each bed and a desk in
the corner. Despite how small the room was, there was a
bathroom, sink and shower with soft cream colour to fit
nicely with the light green bed sheets with matching window


It was very clear that this girl was going to be Gloria's
roommate, one who loves talking a lot and asking awkward
questions of which Gloria finds irritating.
      (THE GIRL)
So where are you from?
I am from Douala
Gloria replied stammering with some annoyance, and tossing
her book bag on the bed.
      (THE GIRL)
That is so cool. I have always
wanted to go there. I am from
Fumbot. Not terribly cool or
Gloria was so tired after the long journey and tried to
figure a way to end the conversation or change the topic to
something that does not involve being asked relentless
questions. But it was not going to be.
      (THE GIRL)
Are you hungry? Let me take you
where we get our lunch. I have
some friends I could introduce you
to. I will also show you where the
refectory is and everything.
Gloria accepted reluctantly and set the rest of her stuff
down on the bed before following the girl back out into the
hallway, then back out to the main reception area and down
another hall where the refectory was. It was so difficult
for Gloria to keep up with what she was saying, running her
mouth all the entire time.
They both finally got there and Gloria was instructed by her
on how the food is obtained and where to sit to eat it. In
fact, Gloria followed her wordlessly through the line and
received the lunch for that day. The friends she was to
introduce were seated already, a table close to the window
overseeing a small lake not far away. All three of the girls
looked as if they all have pale eyes and looked exhausted as
if they have been scotched by the sun. All three pair of
eyes felt on Gloria as they approached the table.
      (THE GIRL)
Hey girls, this is my new friend
and roommate, Gloria. Gloria,


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
these are my friends, Mercy,
Rebecca and Justine. They are all
juniors too. We all would probably
be attending the same class
Gloria was kind of shy responding to questions such as
"where are you from?" "Why are you arriving here this late?"
and so on. She could not even look at them in the eyes as
she murmured some answers to the ever increasing lines of
Before anybody could ask further pressing questions, Gloria
felt somebody tap her on the shoulder from behind which made
her to jump and twist around in her seat.
I am sorry, Gloria, correct?
Gloria was surprised to see Edwardo looming over her and
even more than surprised to hear him sound so sweet when
some minutes earlier, he was so irritating.
Do you mind if I join you? I am
new here and do not know everyone
Sure, you can sit here!" Joanna
chirped. "Are you a friend of
Gloria's? What is your name?
Edwardo...I guess I am a friend of
By the way, I am Joanna. So, where
are you from?
Well, I am from Buea, actually. I
was having some trouble with my
school, so my parents opted to
send me here
And why are you here, Gloria?
Gloria new there was something odd about his voice, which
made her to hiss under her breath. It sounded like the voice
of Blessings murderer and reminded her of...'Not your
friends, not your family...nobody'. Stammering, she excused
herself to the ladies. She practically ran out of the
refectory. Luckily, she found a bench in the corner of the


hall and sank down into it. Her hands were shaking.
Instantly, she knew it was him. Edwardo was the one who
killed her sister, Blessing. The one that threatened her the
night Blessing was killed. While thinking about it, she
questioned in her mind what he was doing in a boarding
school? Then shockingly, she felt a hand on her shoulder and
that voice from behind her.
Everything alright, Miss Fonteinn?
Do not touch me.
Aha, so I guessed well you are
aware of whom I am then?
Why are you here in a boarding
I am just here to keep an eye on
you; to make sure you do not do
anything stupid or reckless to
violate our agreement."
He said with malice in his voice sending chills down
Gloria's spine.
I told you I would not. Please
Why should I do that? Your sister
could not keep her mouth shut, so
why should I believe you? You
thought your dear sister told you
everything about her life...uh?
Gloria was so confused and wondered what he was talking
about. What did Blessing do so terrible that she had to
die?" She felt dizzy, unsure of what to make of all these.
Edwardo is a sure murderer, or worse an assassin, watching
and making sure she didn't make any slip-of-the-tongue
regarding Blessing's death.
So, here's what you're going to
do, Gloria. You're going to
pretend you have nothing against
me and make sure your little
buddies think that we are related.
If you don't, then, well...I'm


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
sure you have a pretty good idea
of what will happen.
Gloria wondered how she was supposed to pretend to be a
relative with someone who murdered her own sister – someone
who had threatened to murder her too.
So will that be a problem for you,
Oh, N-no.
                                         CUT TO:
It was a Friday and that meant Gloria had the whole weekend
to get used to the place before actually starting classes.
However, she was definitely not in the mood for classes.
Joanna was actually really nice. The whole idea of sharing a
room thing wasn't as bad as she thought previously. Gloria
actually liked being in there with her new found room-mate.
It was an easier way to avoid Edwardo at all costs. She
suddenly became a little more comfortable around Joanna but
not completely though.
So, that Edwardo guy, who is he?
"Um...so does that mean I should
go out there?
Uh...yeah, go for it. He is cute.
No, he is totally gorgeous. I wish
I had a guy like that hitting on
Hey, trust me, you wouldn't...and
I assure you, that's not what he
is doing...hitting on me.
Gloria said stepping outside reluctantly, as if a cold
blooded murderer was capable of such a thing.

Outside the room, there was Edwardo standing there with an
angry look on his face.


Hello, Gloria. I see you have been
avoiding me since yesterday
Gloria rolled her eyes and asked she wouldn't. As shy as she
have been, she had absolutely no problem telling him off, or
trying to anyway.
Um...yeah, why wouldn't I? I don't
usually make an effort to people I
don't like
Oh, Gloria, that hurts my
feelings", he said, giving her
this devilish grin.
What do you want?
I was just wondering if you would
like to join me for lunch. After
all, we are relatives, aren't we?
He asked, whilst adjusting his jacket a bit, just enough so
that Gloria could see the razor-sharp stiletto he had
Great. Come along, now
He said as he walked away with a smirk on his face and
pleased with himself.
Gloria frowned but followed him anyway, hating him and his
creepy ways of getting what he wants. However, she took the
courage and asked what it was the purpose of having lunch
with him and why she should be pretending that they are
relatives when they are not.
Well, you see, it's easier to keep
tabs of you this way, so that you
don't get out of line with our
agreement. Or do you want me to
use this thing and split your
little pretty throat?


This made Gloria to gasp with her hands involuntarily flying
up to cover his neck and this made him to chuckle.
I didn't think so. I would really
hate to kill you anyway, as you
are much too crucial for the plan
What plan?
Hmm, I think I have said too much.
Not yet, you will know when the
time is right
Gloria became more frightened than ever, and thought of
committing suicide to end it all. She felt so badwalking
along ever so casually with the very same guy that murdered
her sister. To make it worse, going to have lunch with him
made her feel like throwing up. It was torturous and he was
very much aware of it and seemed not to give a dam about it.
Nonetheless, she moaned and reluctantly followed him through
the line in the refectory.
Gloria stared at him a minute as they sat down at a random
table. He took out his meal and prepared to eat as if this
was freaking normal; as if threatening her so that she would
pretend to be relative with him, was something people do on
a regular basis. She just could not get this guy one bit.
She wondered if he was even human. Then suddenly he opened
his mouth...
So are you adjusting well? You
seem to be keeping good company
He said, casually, with food in his mouth and made it sound
as if he was such great company.
Yes. Joanna is nice
She seems to be so. So are you
like really old or something
Excuse me? Like are you one of
those creepy people that suck the
lives out of children to become
younger. Or visit the fountain of
life or whatever?


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
Oh no Gloria, it is called the
fountain of youth, and by the way,
I do not partake in such
activities. Anyway, there is no
such thing. If you must know, I'm
Speaking to herself, Gloria said, 'so he is only four years
older than me' and was about to say something else when
suddenly a perky girl with curly dark hair and lots of
make-up came over to them.
Hey guys, I'm Justine, well
renowned class head. I'm just
coming over to inform you guys
that our annual home coming dance
is next weekend, so you need to
buy your ticket now. I see you
guys are full of energy.
No thanks, I don't...
Gloria started to say, when Edwardo suddenly slid a twenty
thousand CFA note across the table.
Two tickets please.
Justine stammered, pulling two tickets out of the little
handbag she was carrying and snatching up the money as if
she had never seen a twenty thousand note before.
As Justine scurried away, Gloria turned to Edwardo and gave
him the most deathly glare she could conjure up.
What?" Don't look at me like that.
You could just say thank you. I
did buy a ticket for you. Now you
can go and have fun with your new
found friends, and I can keep an
eye on you.
I hate you
Come on now; let's not throw a
fit, shall we? I believe that's


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
rather childish, don't you think?
Whatever. You just don't get it,
do you?
What's there to get, Gloria?
Gloria angrily emphasized to him how he has been acting like
this was no big deal. To her, it was a big deal because he
was the last person on earth she would want to hang around
with. In addition to that, she hated school dances and would
rather find better ways to have fun.
Can I please leave now? I have
more important things to do
You haven't even touched your food
I am not hungry,
Gloria, sit. You have not been out
of your room since morning. Surely
you must be hungry. Please sit and
eat your food
He insisted, with a tone of voice that was even more harsh
than usual.
Suddenly, Gloria thought of the stiletto in his jacket
pocket and immediately started eating as fast as she could.
                                         CUT TO:
Gloria returned to her room that afternoon feeling sick. It
was an ordeal to be remembered. She refused to answer to any
questions from her roommate. She didn't get out of the room
until Monday morning when she was ready for classes.
Wow, so that guy isn't anywhere to
be seen.
Good? I thought he was your


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
I-I mean good as in...Good because
he should be going to his own
class, not mine.
Oh, okay! Aha, so here we are: Mr
Johnson's Chemistry class.
Okay, Joanna, thanks so much.
Gloria was scheduled and as she peered into the classroom,
she saw a young dark-haired man standing at the front of the
class, writing something on the chalk board. She took a deep
breath and walked over to him.
U-um, e-excuse me
Yes? How can I help you honey?
I'm...uh...my n-name is Gloria.
I'm...uh...I'm sort of new here
Gloria stammered again, and sounded like she was so freaking
Oh yes, I think the principal
forwarded me an email about you.
Here, you can take a seat next
to...Mercy, over in the back.
To Gloria's relief, this Mercy was the same that Joanna had
introduced her to earlier. Gloria didn't know her very well,
but it was at least a familiar face, which she was more than
grateful for, as she walked over to join her.
She said, smiling up at Gloria as she came over to sit down
at the old looking brownie table next to her.


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
So, is today your first day of
classes, then?
Gloria nodded.
Cool, so are you liking it so far
Perhaps, this is only my first
class. It's just about to start.
It's difficult to say
Right, sorry!
She shrugged, and was about to open her mouth to start
another conversation, but Mr Johnson interrupted by
instructing the class to settle down so that he could begin
To Gloria's dismay, he introduced her to the entire class.
It sort of blew her whole
blending-in-so-no-one-will-notice-her scheme. A girl sitting
in front of her, whom she recognised to be the one who sold
Edwardo the homecoming tickets.
Hi, Gloria, right? Remember me?
I'm Justine. I sold your boyfriend
some tickets the other day
He is not my boyfriend.
Gloria snapped, surprising even herself how fast and
defensively she denied the insinuation
Oh? Hmm, is he new here too?
She asked, parading her heavily glossed lips.
Gloria wondered what she really looked like without all that
make-up on. She reminded her of a possessed porcelain doll.
We should show him around then


Of course
Something about Justine told Gloria she was slightly
two-faced. Like one of those overly bubbly girls that was
total angel to your face, yet talked rubbish behind your
back. Gloria had encountered a lot of them in her life.
Oh, by the way, Goria, this is
Oh, okay
Her name is Gloria, not Goria
So, let your friend know that if
he needs anything he can always
ask. I am class president you know
Finally, the agonizing break time was up, and Gloria got up
and left, trying to figure out her way to her next class on
her mind but took a wrong turn and ended up literally
bumping right into Edwardo.
Great, just my luck…
She said except that Edwardo wasn't even paying attention to
her and waved her away from him while on the phone. The
telephone conversation was intense and he looked like he was
about to kill someone, which wouldn't be the first time.
So Gloria decided to be wise and just continue on her way to
her next class, but at the back of her mind, she couldn't
help but wonder who he was on the phone with. It wasn't long
to her horror she found that they both shared a class
together later on that day and there he was sitting next to
Just kill me already, get it over
Excuse me?


Aren't you going to kill me as you
did with Blessing? Isn't that what
your phone call was about earlier?
No, not at all. In fact it was
quite the opposite.
On hearing this assurance, Gloria relaxingly asked what that
meant, but Edwardo insisted it was not the moment, place and
time to discuss the matter. He assured her that he will
inform her of the situation latter on, but that it wasn't
appropriate time and not the appropriate location.
However, Gloria was not having none of it and insisted.
Well, if it involves whether I
live or die later, I think I
deserve to know, don't you think?
Have patience, I am not in the
mode to discuss the issue right
Edwardo snapped and left the class without permission from
the lecturer.
At the end of her lesson Gloria was determined to get to the
bottom of things when she found Edwardo at the refectory
sitting on his own with his head in limbo.
So will you tell me now?
Gloria asked Edwardo, but he just laughed.
What? There is nothing funny here
So now it seems that you're the
one following me around. It's
rather strange, isn't it?
No! I am not! You are just hiding


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
things from me that I need to know
Gloria moaned biting her lip.

Edwardo acknowledged her concerns and asked Gloria to meet
him at the refectory later for dinner promising to explain
everything, before rushing to the boys' dormitory.
As Gloria stood there wondering what good was the promise of
a murderer could be, anyway, she felt someone tap her on the
shoulder from behind. She turned around quickly to see
Joshua towering over her.
Hey, how was your first day,
It was fine
Well I guess that's better than
having a bad first day
I guess so
Gloria excused herself and walked down the hallway to her
room. The day following Gloria's mum called to find out how
she was coping with the new school and friends. With the
excitement talking to her mum, she kind off wandered towards
the dark area behind the benches. It was an incredibly
stupid idea, because the next thing she knew, Edwardo sort
of appeared out of nowhere and tackled her to ground causing
her to drop her phone against the concrete floor.
Hey! What the heck!
Shut up! Are you stupid or
Edwardo growled, pushing himself upright, allowing Gloria to
get up as well. He gestured towards a knife sticking out of
the wooden apparatus shed behind the benches. The way it was
angled, if Gloria had not been tackled down, it would have
hit her right in the back of the head. It made her to gasp


What the heck – where did that
come from?
I am not sure who threw it, but
whoever it was, he or she is gone
now that I showed up.
Edwardo explained
Oh my God, that was so gross…are
you saying you were protecting me?
Gloria asked in disbelief.
Would you rather have that knife
lodged in the back of your skull?
No…but I don't understand. I
thought you wanted me to die.
Well, I'm no longer authorised to
do so.
Edwardo then went on to explain the phone call he received
from earlier. Cutting a long story short, he admitted he had
been fired.
Really? Why? You know, I think you
should go ahead and just give me
the long version
I agree, however, we must go
inside so that I can ensure your
Edwardo said, leading Gloria back through the park and to a
door on the side of the school.
Suddenly, Gloria realised that the door on the side of the
school entered a dormitory hallway, and was not familiar. It
led to the boys' hall, so that meant Edwardo was taking her
to his room, and she was right. As she had expected, Edwardo
unlocked one of the doors and signalled for her to enter
before he turned on the lights and shut the door behind him.
So, shall I start from the


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
That's where most people would
start, don't you think?
Very well, then. It started with
your grandparents, I mean your
biological parents
He explained to Gloria how her family had lived their lives
in Betoa and had a hostile relationship with a family by the
name of Eyunde. Over numerous times, the Fonteinns stole
from the Eyundes and to make matters worse, one of the
Fonteinns ran away with the Eyunde's youngest daughter –
Gloria's grandfather's brother.
Wait a minute, how is it that my
real last name is Fonteinns? I
thought that was just my adoptive
family's last name.
Gloria interjected.
Oh yes! If I am right, your
adoptive father is actually your
real grandfather's brother.
So, what you're saying is that my
adoptive father is actually in a
way my uncle
Yes, if you put it that way.
Anyway, that's how the last name
was carried over and which is how
you ended up with your actual last
name and the curse.
What curse? Are you real? That
magical stuff does not even exist.
Of course, that is what you think.
I was there in the past and it's
still there today.
Edwardo went on and explained the curse and why for
generations, it has not been reversed. The curse had a get
out clause where after every three generations, the cursed
family will have the opportunity to redeem themselves and
the next generation after that would have the ability to
reverse the curse. One of them is an Etunde and the other is
Gloria herself. He explained how the curse can be broken. If


Gloria kills a direct descendant of the Etundes, the curse
is broken, and if a direct descendant of the Etunde kills
Gloria, then the curse will be placed on Gloria's adoptive
parents, as well as put an end to Gloria's lineage.
That's just great! But that still
does not explain why you killed my
sister Blessing. Why was all these
hidden from me?
Well, you didn't exactly let me
finish, Gloria.
Then Edwardo continued with the story. He explained hoe
about half a century ago, a descendant of the Etundes' made
it his life's ambition to kill off any remaining Fonteinns
still alive, so that they would never reach that next
generation after the redemptive period. He explained how he
was able to kill Gloria's parents, but was not able to do
before she was born. It was after the death of Gloria's
mother she was taken in by her uncle. He explained how this
particular Etunde threatened his own family, he would murder
them all if Gloria ever found out who she was.
That's why your sister Blessing
lost her life. She was talking too
much and was too close of letting
you know of the curse. I am sure
that's why you were moved to this
Nonsense! Why didn't he just kill
me then?"
By killing you, he would have been
declared a coward by his family
members for being afraid of
meeting you face to face.
So, what was your role in all of
Well, sort off I am, no in fact I
was the hired assassin by this
Etunde descendant to kill
Blessing. He had me do all of his
dirty work. In fact anything he
felt he couldn't deal with.
Edwardo admitted sheepishly.


But you are only twenty one years
old. How did you get involved into
something of this magnitude at
such a tender age?
Gloria asked.
Instead of responding to Gloria's question, Edwardo just
laughed provocatively and said:
Of all the questions you could
ask, is that all you can ask?
Well, since you asked me that,
that is a different conversation
for another day, perhaps. For now,
I know it's going to sound
ridiculous, but I'm asking you to
have to trust me. I will do what I
can to protect you from this
Etunde until you are ready
Trust you? You must be full of it.
This is ridiculous. And what do
you me when I am ready? Ready for
Exactly my point, but please you
must trust me, Gloria.
Gloria bit her lip having thoughts of how she could possibly
trust a man who killed her sister and threatened to kill her
too if didn't keep her mouth shot. But genuinely, there was
something different in the tone of his voice that told her
he was serious. And in addition to the change in his tone of
voice, he did save her from the knife a while ago.
So why were you sacked by this so
called Etunde?
It was because my orders were to
kill you and your sister both to
make it look like a mishap.
So, why didn't you?
Edwardo was tired of the questions and excused himself for
telling Gloria a lot already. He promised to talk more some
other time, but instructed Gloria never to leave school


grounds without his express observation. Gloria agreed
mumbling disgruntledly
Gloria woke up the next morning to be reminded by her
roommate of her disappearance last night. She asked where
Gloria had sneaked off to after receiving a phone call from
her mother and never came back.
Sorry, I got caught up in some
things last night
Gloria mumbled but wished she could tell her roommate what
really happened.
Like what? Hope all is okay at
Oh yes, everyone is fine.
So then, what were you doing out
there for so long? I am curious.
Gloria intentionally ignored her roommate's question and
preferred to talk about the uniform of the day, and how she
didn't like wearing them. But Joanna will not let go.
Oh, I don't know. I am really
curious. Was it Edwardo? Have you
totally hooked up with him or
What! No! Yeah, I was with him,
but we didn't do anything, we just
He is an attractive guy, why
shouldn't you hook with him?
Yeah, he is attractive but no! I
just can't get involved with him,
Hey, don't bite by head off, I was
just curious. But I still don't


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
believe you. Anyway, let's get
ready or we won't have time for
breakfast before our first lesson.
Gloria admitted grumblingly as she pulled out a clean
uniform. She wasn't aware there would be uniforms or any
need for nice shoes. She was kind of stuck wearing her dirty
yellow trainers as shoes with stupid things she hated. At
the refectory, the grabbed their breakfast and headed to
their usual table. Before they could settle in their seats,
Edwardo joined them. And as soon as he sat down next to
Gloria, Joanna wiggled her eyebrows at Gloria suggestively.
So, how is everybody this
Edwardo asked politely.
Gloria didn't respond, but eyed him carefully. When he
glanced at her, it didn't seem as if anything had changed
between them, though. Gloria felt almost like the
conversation last night had never taken place. She was
tempted to rip open Edwardo's blazer to see if that stiletto
was still there. But she kept her cool; otherwise she
probably would have come off as slightly creepy.
We are good. Good goal last night,
wasn't it. Were you at the game?
Oh, no you weren't!
How do you know I wasn't?
I know because you were with
Joanna pointed out as if it were already obvious to
Gloria stepped in and stopped Joanna's provocative style of
communication. She knew Edwardo was the worst person to make
an enemy out of, certainly not her roommate.
Hey sorry, Gloria left the game
because she was on the phone with
her mother. She dropped the phone
on the concrete and I offered to
fix it for her.


Gloria wondered why Edwardo was so good at lying because she
knew it was not the case. She was even more surprised
Edwardo wasn't bothered one bit by the provocative questions
thrown at him by those at the refectory table. However, they
all separated and left for lessons that morning until later
Gloria and Edwardo met again.
So, I have to ask you something
Gloria said to Edwardo during maths that day.
And what might that something be,
You see, I was just wondering, you
know, about all the things you
told me last night. I mean some of
them didn't make any sense at all.
What parts of the story didn't
make sense to you?
Well, you said a lot of things
last night. The one that disturbs
me a lot is why your master didn't
kill me when I was a baby. Why
does he want to kill me now?
He couldn't because it would have
looked bad killing a newborn. And
he had made a deal with your uncle
or the person you have always
known to be your adoptive father.
Edwardo went on to explain how is master promised Gloria's
uncle not to kill Gloria unless she was found out. He became
livid when he found out that Blessing told somebody about
the whole story. Because he knew that Gloria and Blessing
went to the same school, Gloria would eventually find out,
so his orders to Edwardo were to kill them both.
Unfortunately, Edwardo didn't kill Gloria as planned.
Then for some reason, Gloria said sorry to Edwardo which
made him to laugh for the first time ever. The laugh wasn't
one of his creepy laughs. The laugh seemed genuine and


Don't apologize. Have you
forgotten that you are apologizing
to a person who was ordered to
kill you?"
Yeah, that's true. I guess that's
in my nature and I'm used to
saying sorry to people.
Okay, if you say so.
So, why didn't you do it?"
Why didn't I do what?
Kill me, of course.
Well, I just couldn't do it.
That's why.
Nonsense your reason is not good
enough. So what was it that made
you not to kill me? Or you didn't
want my blood on your precious
Gloria, are you seriously having
this argument? I don't wish to
discuss this anyway. May be some
other time, okay?
Well then. I guess I'll just go on
assuming that you didn't kill me
because you were afraid of my
magical abilities.
You sound like you want me to kill
you. By the way, you don't have
magical abilities.
Edwardo didn't join them for dinner that evening leaving
Gloria wondering where he might have gone. Gloria and Joanna
returned to their room for the night.
Do you have a dress yet for the
Oh no, I had forgotten of that.


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
So you can't go then? I can take
you into town tomorrow to get you
a dress!
As Gloria lay on her bed that evening, she reflected on
coming to her this school was most stressful as well as most
confusing thing that had ever happened to her. It was bad
enough that ego-maniac wanted to murder her. She reflected
should would rather be without the high school drama when
Joanna interrupted.
I was just kidding a little while
earlier, Gloria, you should
lighten up a little, okay?
Joanna, I am tired. Please go to
Gloria moaned as she pulled the covers over her head.
Gloria was getting a hang of this whole boarding school
thing she found herself in, however, it was safe to say that
things were slowing down a bit. Gloria was beginning to get
used to Joanna quicker and was able to become friends with
her real fast. Of course, this is obvious, they pretty much
lived with each other during the last few days.
Joanna is nice and good fun. She had always been really
helpful when Gloria had questions about the school and
everything. The way she was so confident kind of reminded
Gloria of Blessing a bit. Gloria wondered what it would be
like to have that much confidence - to not be afraid to just
be. And that is having the guts to just go for it and not
give a dam about what others think. But she didn't have any
idea how hard it is to change just one thing about one's
It was Friday after school, just as Gloria had promised,
Joanna was taking her into town to buy a dress for the


We don't need to take a Taxi or
anything. It's sort of a few
minutes' walk away from here. Oh,
but we must stop by the school
office and sign out and get a blue
pass. The blue pass shows
administration and people in town
that we're allowed to be out
Great to know.
Gloria sighed and was about to ask further questions about
the town when she was firmly griped around the wrist and
pulled back.
Gloria turned to see Edwardo was the one that was pulling at
her. He asked in a harsh, urgent voice, where she was
going. Gloria frowned and was about to open her mouth to
protest, but then remembered the deal – she wasn't supposed
to leave school grounds without Edwardo.
Is something wrong?
Oh, no I just – maybe I shouldn't
go to the party
What? What are you talking about?
Gloria returned the sigh and glanced over at Edwardo, who
was still giving her that accusing glare, then suddenly his
expression softened and he let go of her.
Do you mind if I join you guys?
Sure, if that is okay with you,
That's great!
Edwardo exclaimed linking his arm with Gloria's.
You don't have to freaking hold my
hand. I am a big girl. I can walk.


Gloria hissed as she frowned and yanked her arm away. Joanna
remained silent all the way until they got to town.
So, should we get a something to
eat, or should we get the dress
Let us get this whole dress thing
out of the way."
Aha! Alright! The dress shop is
just round the corner."
Gloria, Joanna and Edwardo went into the shop and found
themselves blinded by racks upon racks of just nothing but
dresses. Gloria in particular didn't think she had seen so
many dresses in one place at the same time. The dresses were
all arranged by colour and size.
I suggest that you would look best
in a red or orange dress.
Honestly, I couldn't picture
myself in any of them, though.
So have you found or decided on
anything you like yet?
Frankly, I don't know what to look
Thank God you brought me along,
then. Your party presence and
appearance could have been a
Gloria trudged over to the dressing room reluctantly. The
first dress she tried on was orange and had this thin long
straps and sort of flirty bottom, so she didn't really like
it. She tried the second, the third, and on the last which
was another red that came down to right above her knees.
This one was strapless, too but it didn't make her feel
uncomfortable. For a very long time, she felt very pretty –
a good feeling too. Then suddenly, a thought flashed through
her mind that she wanted to go out to show off to Joanna and
perhaps Edwardo what they think.


Gloria, are you going to come out
of there at all or what?
Yeah, I think I found one that I
Okay! Come out, then and hurry up.
We're kind of starving out here.
Gloria unlocked the door and stepped outside.
Wow, you look stunningly
beautiful. You have to get that
one, you will be gorgeous!
What do you think, Edwardo?"
Gloria glared at her, really didn't want to know his
opinion. As far as she was concerned, after all his opinion
didn't matter.
EDWARDO said, simply smiling just a little and it wasn't
that creepy smirk either.
After Edwardo's answer to Joanna's question, Gloria sort of
gaped at him, shocked that he was saying that. Nonetheless,
she said thank you quietly and went back into the changing
room. While she was there, she tried to figure out what he
meant by her being beautiful. Did he seriously mean that?
She reflected, biting her lips. Feeling pretty herself was
nothing compared to how it felt being called pretty by a
guy, even though it came from a murderer. Smiling to herself
in the mirror, she quickly changed into her regular clothes
having made a decision to pay for the last red dress.
After lunch they went back to the school, where Joanna
freaked and realised she had forgotten her expensive pen in
the office and had to leave. Gloria found herself alone with
Edwardo at the main hallway and nothing to talk about. What
more was there to talk about, she mumbled, then Edwardo


Edwardo opened his mouth to say something, but changed his
mind, because the next thing Gloria knew, he was kissing
her. She was stunned, her feet glued to the floor and she
couldn't speak. Not that she would have anyone listening to
her, though, because Edwardo hurriedly disappeared after
kissing her.
It took a while for Gloria to get back to normal herself
after the kiss. She searched her soul whether this was real.
She felt as if the kiss was just her phantasms or something.
Thoughts went through her mind, such as 'Edwardo would
never…would he? No, he wouldn't…but maybe, just maybe it's
real, then what?
No, seriously!
She moaned, stomping back to the dormitory, which was empty
because Joanna was still at the office in search for her
expensive pen.
Gloria was literally having a headache from all this, hoping
it was just a dream. But it wasn't, because it would be a
long unbearable dream to have standing. She slapped and
pinched herself, but to no benefit, because it was all too
freakishly real and frustrating. She reflected and
questioned herself on how she could be kissing the very same
guy that killed her sister Blessing. How was she supposed to
know that this wasn't all a part of one of Edwardo's master
plan to kill her off, too? It was scary and what was even
scarier was that she actually liked the kiss as she curled
up into a ball underneath he covers and quivered.
Why me? Why couldn't somebody else
deal with all of this heartache?
Did it seriously have to be me
Gloria heard the opened and closed again, but didn't come
out of her covers.


Gloria, why are you all wrapped up
like that?
No, reason. I am just trying to
I know you, what's wrong?
Nothing. Well, if you must know,
Edwardo kissed me.
Oh goodness me! Gloria! I told you
he liked you.
Yeah, yeah. Except you don't know,
he is just messing with me, I
Well, you don't know that unless
you talk to him about it. I mean,
what dude would buy a girl a
ticket to a school party without
having the slightest bit of intent
of asking her out?
Giving Gloria no time to respond to the question, Joanna
went on to explain how Edwardo acts all weird and proper,
but still a dude. In her view, she doesn't see why any girl
needs reassuring. Most girls would be ecstatic to get kissed
by a cute dude! She described Gloria as being so stubborn.
Gloria wasn't going to have it and whined, drawing out a
'no' as long as she could. It was probably childish but hey,
she didn't know for sure what was really going on.
On that note, Joanna gave up and cheerfully gave Gloria a
good night, wishing her sweet dreams. But Gloria refused to
respond and pulled the covers back over her head and drifted
off to sleep.
At 10:00 Am next morning, Joanna started poking Gloria to
wake her up. She explain to Gloria how important it was to
get up so that later, when they get ready for the school
party, they will be all awake and ready to go, emphasizing
why they can't go to the party looking like they just rolled
out of bed.Gloria mourned and admitted she could if she
wanted to go to the party looking like she just rolled out
of bed.


I don't think bed head will go
well with that dress of yours.
On reflection, Gloria thought of how pretty the dress was
and how badly she wanted to wear it. She thought of herself
in the dress and began to wonder what people would think if
she started dressing up more often. But she knew it would
never happen because she was far too indolent to keep up
with makeups beyond brushing her hair she knew was enough of
a hassle already.
Are you getting up or what?
Alright! Fine, I'm up, I'm up.
Good! By the way, before the party
some of the boys and girls were
going to go out to dinner at this
nice restaurant in town. You
should come too. Unless you and
Edwardo have other plans.
No, no! Absolutely not. We are not
doing anything together. I'll be
glad to go with you on my own.
So they got dressed, or rather, Gloria did because Joanna
had been ready and they left the dormitory to go get a late
breakfast. At the refectory they discussed their plans for
that evening. While they were all deeply into the
conversation, Gloria couldn't help but wonder where Edwardo
was. She hadn't seen him since the kiss. Not that she was
worried or anything, she didn't really care that much. Even
if she did care, it was seriously just a little.
From the refectory, they went back to the dormitory and got
ready for the party. Gloria, having received makeup help
from Joanna, she really felt like she was all a princess and
was actually looking forward to the party. As they left to
room to go out and meet with other boys and girls waiting,
much to Gloria's dismay, there it was Edwardo standing there
all dressed up. Actually she was not sure she could call it
dismay, she was just afraid of confrontation.
Wow, you girls look great.


Edwardo didn't say anything, but out of the corner of
Gloria's eye, she sensed some hint of a smile. During dinner
at the restaurant, it was awkward, even more so, Gloria
didn't say much and just sat there thinking the whole time
and wishing time got by faster. Then one of the boys pull
her aside before they made it for the party.
Hey, Gloria, can I ask you
Hmm? Sure.
"Well, I know this sort of late,
but I was wondering if maybe you
could be my date for this party
Gloria contemplated hard on this before she could respond.
It was Edwardo who paid for the ticket. It was Edwardo who
kissed her just under a day ago. If she says yes to the
other boy's request, Edwardo would probably get angry. If
she says no to this other boy, she could lose the
opportunity to be asked out for the first time by a very
cute looking guy. Eventually, she went for the former
Well, yes.
She said, acting calm while secretly thinking of being asked
out for the first time in her life.
Edwardo was furious but never reacted until later during the
party. The dance part was fun, for the most part when
someone grabbed Gloria's arm and practically dragged her out
into the hallway. It was Edwardo exercising his frustration
on Gloria for accepting the other boy's invitation. As far
as he was concerned, the kiss the other day and the payment
of the dance party fee was enough to show Gloria that he was
in love with her. What a jerk!
What the hell!
I could ask the same of you.
What? What did I do wrong?
Well, I was kind of hoping that
the kiss yesterday night would


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
have been a message that I had
feelings for you, Gloria. But
apparently that didn't mean a
thing to you. Everyone knows I
paid for your fee to the dance
party. Now you have made me look a
complete idiot.
Edwardo emphasized angrily
Edwardo, stop right there. You
have no right to accuse me of
being insensitive. You can't go
around killing people and expect
me to just fall for you. You don't
understand! That was my sister and
best friend you took away from me
forever. Do you even think about
Of course I do. It makes me feel
Oh no, you don't!" It doesn't, not
good enough anyway.
Gloria, I thought…
But Edwardo was unable to complete the sentence because
Gloria interrupted him.
Keep whatever you thought to
yourself, you thought wrong. I
must admit you are a very cute
looking guy and hot, but that's
not enough.
Gloria politely excused herself and said she had to go,
trying hard to hold back her tears as she went back to the
dance party. When she got back to look for her date, to her
dismay she found the other boy having an intimate dance with
another girl. She took the courage and tapped him on the
shoulder, but to no avail. The other boy, her date, turned,
looked at her and waived at her to go away.


Can't you see I'm dancing? Please
Gloria was in tears because it was all too much for her to
take in one night. She desperately wanted to get back to the
dormitory and cry herself to sleep. But she couldn't dare
leaving alone in the dark. Flashes of the apparent attempt
to kill her just a week ago rushed back in. She looked for
Edwardo, but he was nowhere to be found, so she went to a
corner and sat there looking frightened. Then, suddenly
there was a tap on her shoulder by Edwardo offering to take
her back to her dormitory if she wants to.
Yeah, please.
Gloria accepted, and the next thing she did was hug Edwardo.
A very bold move for her. And it wasn't just a desperate hug
either. It was a clinging 'I just need you right now' sort
of hug. Luckily, he didn't seem to mind though, given the
argument just a few minutes ago.
Gloria was guarded back to the dormitory safely by Edwardo.
He wished her good night with a kiss on the cheeks before
returning to the party.
Edwardo's return to the party was with the intention to have
a fight with the other boy for asking Gloria out to the
party. He was so disappointed when he got there and 'the
other boy' was nowhere to be found. Having searched for him
everywhere including toilets, he called it a day and left
the party.
After the party week, Gloria found talking to Edwardo, very
awkward, in class as well as at lunch, especially him hardly
saying anything to her. Gloria was beginning to wonder if he
really did mean all those things he said to her. Not that it
really mattered, though. Despite the humiliation received
from the other boy at the party, having Edwardo as a
boyfriend was far fetched. And going out with a boy who
asked her out to a party and ignored her for another girl,
was even worse. Then she thought of the holidays and was
glad she was going to leave all of the nonsense from the
boys behind.


By the holidays Gloria had been at the boarding school for
three months and a lot of people were packing up to go,
including herself. She was confident her mother would be by
to pick her up and take her back to Douala for a week. She
noticed that Joanna, her dormitory mate was not packing.
Why aren't you packing?
Oh, I'm staying here for the
Gloria could tell the smile was fake, so she sighed and sat
down on the bed and spoke authoritatively.
Look, whatever is going on at home
that you can't go home for
holidays, sucks. I know people
like their privacy, so I am not
going to pry, but you shouldn't be
all by yourself, especially during
this time of the year.
Hey, there will be people here
No, come with me. It will be fun.
What? Gloria, I don't know. I
don't want to rush in on your
family like that.
Oh, no you won't be rushing in,
trust me. This time every year, we
have more than twenty of our
relatives over, and most of them
just show up without alerting us
in advance. Nonetheless, it's kind
of fun, actually. Come on, my
household doesn't nibble. Trust
me, the worst thing that you could
encounter is my grandma's food.
She would make so much food for
you that you gain so much weight
and have to join Weight Watchers
Although this wasn't that very reassuring, Joanna eventually
accepted the offer and thanked Gloria, with a genuine
wrapping big hug. Gloria called her mother and asked if it


was okay for her to come home for the holidays with her
Hey, your friend will be fine, I
am positive.
As Gloria was busy help Joanna with the packing, somebody
started knocking at the door. She answered it, hoping that
it was 'the other boy' coming to say good-bye for the
holidays, but no, it was Edwardo.
What do you want?"
I heard you're leaving for the
Well, yes of course.
Before she could hardly finish what she was about to say,
Edwardo grabbed her by the crook of the elbow and pulled her
outside. It would have been appropriate if he politely asked
if Gloria could step outside for a moment. But no, he had to
be grabby.
Do you have the slightest idea how
dangerous it will be to go back
What are you talking about?
You will get killed.
Well a lot of people get killed
anywhere, I think I will be fine
That's not what I'm talking about.
Oh that!" You think I believe all
that nonsense. There are so many
holes in your story, it's a little
rigid to believe.
Gloria's response and lack of interest in the topic, this
made Edwardo to roll his eyes and bit his lips with anger.
He looked as if he was going to throw a fit but didn't.


Look it is true. I agree with you,
I left some things out for the
Yeah, you don't want the best for
me. If the was true, you would
have stayed out of my life.
Then, they were interrupted when 'the other boy slicked
behind Gloria and placed his arm around her waist wanting to
know what was going on. This annoyed her because she knew he
did this on purpose to piss off Edwardo.
I was just leaving.
Edwardo left, spatting and glaring at 'the other boy' hard
before stalking off down the hallway.
Was he messing with you, Gloria?
I'll give him a piece of my mind
if he doesn't lay off.
Who are you and swearing to give
Edwardo a piece of your mind? Who
gave you the right? And what are
you doing putting your arm round
my waist?
Well, cool off! I just came to say
goodbye. A mini-bus is coming by
soon to take me and Jennie to the
Yeah! The girl you were dancing
with at the party and totally
ignored the one you asked out to
the same party? Get lost and never
attempt to come near me again, you
Oh, yes! She is my girlfriend for
some time now. Sorry, I didn't
mean to offend you.
That's not good enough. If that
was the case, why go around
messing around with other girls?


Gloria asked, but refused to give him the opportunity to
respond as she walked back into her room slamming the door
on his face.
he way Gloria reacted towards 'the other boy'made her felt a
payback time, given the way he humiliated her at the party.
A few minutes later, Gloria came out of the room carrying
Joanna's luggage, and to her surprise, there it was Edwardo
Hey, you left your things here
without anyone looking after them.
Yes, but what is your business in
Where is Joanna? And why is it you
carrying her luggage about? Is she
Yeah, she is coming with me. I
didn't want her to have to stay by
herself over the holidays or
Well, that is great. I'm glad
you're doing that for her. You do
know why she can't go back home,
He then went on to explain how Joanna lost her parents and
how her grandma took her in as a foster child. He emphasized
how it was her grandma who paid for her to be here, but
unfortunately passed away last year. And that now the school
is pretty much her home, however, insisting that Gloria
should say it was him who said it. Gloria wrinkling her
eyebrows in confusion, wondered why Joanna didn't tell her.
Damn, that sucks. You probably
shouldn't have told me that, you
Yes, well I guess not, please just
don't tell her I told you.
Then suddenly, Gloria found herself in the arms of Edwardo
giving her the kiss, kind of the very first kiss she
received from him which made her knees knocking a few weeks
back. However, this time she kissed back.


What was that for?
Well, I had to. I couldn't help
it. I am very much in love with
you, and that the only way I know
to express myself.
Edwardo said, shivering because Gloria's return kiss sent
his knees knocking too. The two looked into each other's
eyes intently for a while and disappeared to opposite
directions without wishing goodbye.
This is a nightmare. What is
happening to me? Please God help
Gloria reflected, expressing some confusion in her thoughts.
She sighed and went back into the room to see if Joanna was
ready. It was apparent she was, because her second suitcase
was fully packed and she was sitting down next to it on her
Are we ready to go?
As they left to go outside to the parking lot to wait,
Gloria's mother showed up on time as suspected. Gloria's mum
gave both girls a huge hug as a welcome gesture to Joanna
with open arms.
Certainly, it will be great having
you girls for the holidays. You
can share a room with Gloria and
everything. You are welcomed to
stay whenever you would like to,
Thank you ever so much Mrs
Fonteinn. I could certainly help
out with your restaurant to pay
back your generosity.
Oh no Joanna. You're our guest,
and we will not make you work.
That's Gloria's job. In addition,
we have a lot of extra help around
the holidays anyway.


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
Okay ma, thank you so much, I
really appreciate it.
It took four hours to make the journey back to Douala, which
was very good, because, although Gloria kind of hated car
rides, she had chatty Joanna all the way. They went inside
through the back door and Gloria took Joanna up to her
bedroom, only to find a short stocky girl sitting at her
Gloria! You're home!
Yes, but why are you in my room?
Gloria asked, although knowing that this little stocky girl
was her cousin, Maria, who was twelve years old and an
extremely annoying girl.
I'm sharing your room with you.
In your dreams, get lost. Why
don't you share a room with Cousin
Patricia? You girls are of the
same age, twelve right.
I'm fourteen, thank you. I'm not
that much younger than you.
Maria grumbled, and left the room to report to Gloria's mum.
After settling down into her room, Gloria brought Joanna
downstairs to meet the rest of the family in the family
living room. To most people, Gloria's home was pretty
confusing – a strip of other random shops and restaurants
and business buildings, but made perfect sense to her. To
Joanna, it was given it being her first visit.
When they got to the living room, there were quite a number
of Gloria's younger cousins playing about and the living
room area was quite messy


      (ONE OF THE
Exclaimed one of the cousins, running up to give her a hug.
Hey, buddy,
Gloria said cheerfully, and introducing Joanna as her friend
who was to stay with them for the holidays.
Nodding courteously, one of the cousins – sixteen or
seventeen year old - tried to open a conversation with
Joanna, but she responded with a shy voice. Gloria was
somehow astounded and questioned what happened to outgoing,
confident, and cheerful Joanna she knew. Was Joanna
blushing? If it was, Gloria really hoped that didn't mean
anything, because it was kind of gross, Joanna could do so
much better.
Joanna, let me take you to the
rest of the family for you to say
Gloria said, trying to disrupt and awkward conversation that
was developing between Joanna and one of the cousins.
Sure, I will be happy to go with
At dinner time, Gloria's family had to put three tables
together to fit all of them. To Gloria, it was a dreaded
situation because it was a bunch of relatives that she
hasn't seen for forever, pinching her cheeks and gaping at
how much she had grown and all that. One very important
thing she noticed was that no one said a word about
Blessing. She wondered if it was because of someone that
young as Blessing was a very touchy subject, or because
maybe what Edwardo had told her was true. However, she want
to settle for the first option, but still she couldn't get
the second option out of her cranium.
Hey Aunt Paula, can I talk to you
or ask you about something after


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
      (AUNT PAULA)
Sure, sweet heart, you can ask me
At the basement where they do laundry to separate the
laundry into lights and darks before starting a load, Gloria
and her Aunt were able to talk freely.
      (AUNT PAULA)
Gloria, what was it you wanted to
talk to me about or ask me?
Well, do you know anything about a
guy named Edwardo?
      (AUNT PAULA)
Gloria, please tell me you do not
know him. He is one of the
Well, Yeah. Kind of, he goes to
our college.
Gloria said nervously, whilst her Aunt cupped her face with
her hands mumbled something softly but so rapidly in a
language she couldn't understand it.
      (AUNT PAULA)
What do you know about him? Tell
me everything, right now
Her Aunt ordered, suddenly not seeming much like sweet old
Aunt known to be.
Well, he is the one who killed
Blessing. He said he got fired and
not an assassin anymore or
Gloria whispered, while her Aunt nodded and wrinkled her
eyebrows at her.
      (AUNT PAULA)
Assassin? What are you talking
about? Edwardo is not a hired
assassin. He is Etunde's grandson.


Her Aunt whispered back, whilst Gloria gasped and went into
a reflective mode.
Gloria reflected on what this meant, especially that part of
Edwardo's story. At least, some of it was true. On the other
hand, Edwardo could have quite possibly been lying to her
about the whole protection thing all along.
So you do know about all this too?
About the magical powers and all
of that?
      (AUNT PAULA)
Gloria, are you okay in the head?
There is no such thing, and stop
being silly. Obviously, like any
other Etunde, Edwardo has messed
up your head.
I am not messed up in the head.
      (AUNT PAULA)
The truth is this, you are the
last of the curse. Yes there is a
curse, and if you live until your
eighteenth birthday, the curse
shall be broken.
Hey, you see! What different there
is to magic powers and curses?
      (AUNT PAULA)
As I was saying, if the curse is
not broken, it will spread and be
passed onto us, your biological
father's side of the family.
Her Aunt continued with her lines of explanation, but
interrupted the third time again.
I said it! Whatever, it is a
magical power?
      (AUNT PAULA)
Anyway, that is why the family
sent you away to boarding school,
to keep you alive until you turn
eighteen in a few months' time.


Having listened to her Aunt, things were begging to make a
lot of sense. But still, she had to be terrified of people
coming to kill her between now and a few months' time.
A few months' time, is it worth of
waking up in the morning to
possibly being killed later on,
maybe not waking up at all?
Gloria murmured to herself.
      (AUNT PAULA)
Do you understand?
Yes, my sweetest Aunt, I do
Gloria whispered, even though she was terrified.
      (AUNT PAULA)
I am going to discuss with your
parents that you are not to be
sent back to that school. It's
obviously clear that Edwardo could
kill you, and that is not good.
Gosh, why did I never knew about
all of this?
      (AUNT PAULA)
Well, because what parent will
tell their little girl that they
may not live to be eighteen years
old. It's amazing we have kept you
alive all these years.
Aunt Paula said, with some excitement.
But to Gloria, it was not exciting at all. But, suddenly,
for some reason, Gloria started thinking about 'The Kiss'.
How Edwardo had kissed her that one night after he had
tagged along with her friends when they went dress shopping.
Not that she liked it or anything, but Edwardo was a damn
good kisser. She felt as if her life just sucked sometimes.
Normal kids have to worry about the homework or whether or
not little Lilly wants to be their boyfriend or whatever;
but for Gloria, she has to worry about psychopath wanting to
kill her and pretty much bolting over her entire family. She
wished she would much rather be worrying about homework and
not a stalker of a grandson who killed her sister, Blessing.


Gloria and her Aunt had been down at the basement for some
time and Joanna was beginning to wonder where Gloria had
Sweet Aunt, please do not let
Joanna, my friend to know anything
about all these nonsense.
      (AUNT PAULA)
What nonsense? Do you think this
is all nonsense? To you, probably,
but to the rest of the family,
it's pretty serious.
Sorry! I will take it seriously,
but Joanna must not know of what
is going on, please.
      (AUNT PAULA)
All right then. I will make sure
none of this get to her. But you
must be very careful how you go
about your time from now on.
Her Aunt emphasized, strongly before meeting the rest of the
family in the living room.
It was noted time but Gloria and Joanna decided to go to
bed. After the long journey from school, they looked pretty
much exhausted, anyway. As they got ready for bed, Joanna
spoke within her usual self for the first time since they
"Hey, are you okay, Gloria?"
I'm fine. As long as I don't die,
that is. I mean, I may sound like
I'm just grumbling and
complaining, but really, the idea
that I might not live to be an
adult is incredibly disturbing.
"What? What the heck are you
talking about?


Joanna asked, confused with Gloria's sudden change of
At this point in time, Gloria felt like her life was pretty
much over. She knew what Edwardo was capable of, and to
think of the family he comes from, who knows what that
family as a unit could do? And to her this was very
disturbing idea indeed. And refused to respond to Joanna's
Do you miss Edwardo? You can call
him, you know.
Joanna probed, from another angle.
I'm fine! You know what? Let's go
out tomorrow, like do some
shopping or something with one of
my seventeen years old cousin.
Gloria suggested, as she would do anything to get her mind
off of this whole tribulation.
Oh, well, sure. That sounds great.
I'll love to see your city.
Well, I guess that does it. Good
Gloria said, before sliding under the covers.
Gloria muttered, trying to play it off as if it was nothing.
Joanna also went to sleep, but was still confused by
Gloria's sudden change of behaviour and wondered of her
Gloria, are you okay? You were
screaming.I had a nightmare.
Gloria, what sort of nightmare was
it that you were screaming in your
sleep and waking up in so much


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
Well, if you all must know.
Gloria responded reluctantly.
It was just a nightmare, but still, this one was freakishly
realistic and disturbing.
Gloria went on to explain the nightmare dream. She told them
how the person in the dream shouted at her to follow him and
how she could feel the breath against the back of her neck
as he spoke. She emphasized how this sent a chill down her
spine. She explained how she had wanted to run away but had
lost control of her senses.
She expressed how she followed the dark figure down the
foyer, which soon turned into a heavily wooded forest, but
the further he led her, the colder it got and the more she
felt like turning bark. Then finally, they got to a point
where the figure said to her, "we are here". The figure let
her into a house, and suddenly she stopped worrying about
what he was going to do, but instead was worried that
whoever owned the house would find them there and call the
constabularies. Then suddenly, the figure hissed at her not
to move, with a voice like ice.
Gloria explained how she froze where she stood and how the
figure turned the handle and opened the front door to the
house. And as she peered into the house from behind the
figure, she gasped in horror at what she saw. She explained
how she saw bodies, everywhere: of women, children, and men,
old and young people. She explained how none of them looked
wounded or harmed but they were laying in the middle of the
empty front room, limp and obviously lifeless which meant
nothing to the figure as he smirked and removed his covering
exposing his dark eyes lustrous.
Oh, that was it.
Gloria said, assuring them again that she would be okay, and
that they should go and settle back down to get a few more
hours of sleep.
Gloria settled back down against her pillow, still trying to
catch her breath, but could not sleep, so she just lay
there, staring up at her ceiling. A few minutes later, she
thought of Edwardo, of all people. Could he really kill all
those people like that? She thought of how Edwardo had saved
her that one time, and wondered whether it meant he was just


trying to get her on his side, or that he was actually
trying to protect her? In a confused state, she rolled over
slightly and pulled her phone off of her dresser, and
thought of calling him and asking him, but what good would
that even do? Then, she said to herself, she would be even
less likely to tell whether or not he was telling the truth.
Not that she would ever trust him, anyway, on account of him
killing Blessing.
At almost mid-day after they had eaten breakfast, Joanna,
Gloria's cousin and Gloria left the house to explore the
Wow, this is unbelievable!
Joanna gasped, admiring at the huge towers that surrounded
It was interesting to watch Joanna get so excited to see
something Gloria was used to seeing everyday of her life.
That is so cool. Do you live
around here?
Joanna asked Gloria's cousin.
Nah, I live hundreds of miles from
He shrugged, and mentioned something about some game store
he wanted to go into.
Gloria was going to walk in with them when she noticed
someone familiar walking towards them from across the
street. She could recognize those dark eyes from a while
You guys, I will catch up with you
in a minute.
Gloria said, as they turned to each other, shrugged and
agreed to meet up later before disappearing into the shop.
Gloria spun around to greet her stalker.


What the heck are you doing here?"
Just checking on you, you know.
Actually, I do know Mr Etunde, you
know. My Aunt told me all about
Gloria said accusingly, as he raised both eyebrows,
pretending to be shocked.
How did you know that was my name?
I just said my Aunt told me
everything. And she told me I
should stay away from you. If you
must know, she is pulling me out
of school. Thanks a lot for lying
your ass off to me.
Gloria said, raising her voice.
Stop it right now, you are causing
a scene.
He hissed, grabbing Gloria by the elbow and leading her over
to a nearby bench, where they both sat down.
Don't touch me! I know you are
just waiting for the right moment
to kill me. Knowing you, you will
probably wait until a few seconds
before I turn eighteen to finish
me off.
You obviously know nothing about.
Well, then why don't you just tell
me and stop being so evasive for
Fine, you want to know about me? I
will tell you


Edwardo said, rolling his eyes and hold a finger to her lips
to silence her.
Yes, I did lie to you. Etunde is
my grandfather. Yes, he is
planning on murdering you before
your eighteenth birthday. However,
I was not being evasive when I
told you that I am not going to
kill you. If I kill you then I
will be severely punished,
So, if you could, then you would,
Let me speak, please, Gloria. And
no, I would not. Before I actually
met you I would definitely would
have, but now that I know you and
know how great you are, why on
earth would I want to get rid of
you? And by the way, I am not
working for my grandfather
anymore, because I quit, not
because I was fired. Now I despise
him and the rest of the Etunde's
So then, why did you have to kill
It's hard to explain. Because,
living in that environment where
everyone is out for blood, it's
really hard not to get caught up
in it. Frankly, I only got good at
the whole assassination thing
because I wanted to be able to
protect myself and give the rest
of my family a reason to not mess
with me.
Why would your own family want to
mess with you?
Gloria, not all families are like
yours. In addition, I am the
youngest, so of course I am
constantly harassed. But, now I am
apt enough to pose some sort of a
threat to them.


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
Well, you sure pose some sort of
threat to a lot of other people.
Honestly, I try to fit in, I do. I
want to make you believe me, but I
don't know how to. I want you to
trust me, Gloria, please.
Oh great, was Gloria seriously about to trust a murderer?
Although he tries to justify his actions, he still killed
Blessing, which still deems him a murderer.
I would do anything to get you to
believe me.
I'll have to think about it.
Gloria whispered, and his expression softened and he leaned
back against the backing of the bench.
I wish we hadn't gotten off on
such bad terms. I really do like
you, Gloria.
Yeah, well, that was your own
Probably, but how has your break
So what? Now you're not going to
talk to me?
This is really hard for me,
Edwardo. Please don't push it,
Okay, I understand. I guess I'll
just get going though. Just be
safe, okay
He tried to bend over and kiss Gloria's cheek, but she
pushed him away.


Stop, please just stop there,
I'm very sorry. Bye, Gloria.
He said, before shoving his hands into his pockets and
turning around to leave.
Gloria was left on the bench alone and confused. This was
going to be tough, she reflected. He really did seem
believable, but then again, how could she know? Could she
trust in someone she knows could lead to being hurt or even
She sat there for a while, just thinking, until she felt the
presence of someone standing behind her. She immobilised and
turned her head slightly to see a creepy looking man
impending over her that she had never seen before.
Well, well, hello Miss Gloria
He hummed in a seductive voice.
Gloria stay rigid in the place where she sat, wishing that
she was just imagining things and that this horrible looking
man would go away.
Wow, so rude. The least you could
do is answer to me.
I don't know you. Sorry.
Well, that is odd, because I sure
know you. My baby brother just
adores you. You are very cute,
though. But too bad I have to do
He sighed, whipping out a dagger, similar in size and style
to the one Edwardo carries.


Lord Jesus, was this the end? Am I
going to die? Does this mean I
would never turn eighteen and my
family would be cursed forever –
whatever that means? God, why…?
Gloria questioned, in a loud voice.
Gloria was not quite sure what happened next, because
someone came out of nowhere and came between her and this
horrible man, knocking her off the bench and to the
concrete. She must have hit her head on, because the next
thing she knew, everything was black on her own bed.
Assumingly, she thought it was Edwardo who protected her
from being killed.
When Gloria finally fully woke up, she was surprised to find
herself back in her own bed, staring up at the ceiling. She
wondered if it was all just a dream. She tried to sit up,
but felt a sharp, shooting pain radiated through the back of
her skull.
Wow. No, it definitely happened,
whatever it was. But how did I get
back here on my own bed?
Ah, sleeping beauty is finally
Gloria heard a voice coming from the door of her room. One
voice that she most certainly did not expect to hear. She
turned slightly to see Edwardo leaning against the door way,
having a satisfied smirk playing across his lips.
What the heck, what are you doing
in my house?
I brought you back here and
somehow managed to persuade your
over-protective family that I was
holding you in my arms unconscious
because I had saved your life.


He exclaimed, showing signs that it had been a very trying
Gloria raised both of her eyebrows.
Wow, how did you manage to do
that? What happened, anyway?
My psychopath of a brother tried
to kill you. I got him away from
you, but in the process of trying
to save you, you fell and hit your
head on the sidewalk.
Before Gloria could blink, he walked over and sat himself at
the foot of her bed. She couldn't say it didn't make her
uncomfortable with him on her bed while she was still lying
in it, because it totally did.
So, what happened to your
psychopath brother?
Well, I didn't kill him, if that
is what you're hinting at. In the
process of saving you, he might
have stabbed himself, but he is
still alive and out there
somewhere. By the way, he is not
my only brother, anyway.
How many of these psychopath
brothers do you have?
Gloria asked, being intentionally provocative.
Tell me about it. I am the
youngest of the eight of us, and
the closes in age to me is twenty
four, Tony, the one that you just
That sucks.
Yeah, it was kind of lonely for me


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
growing up, because there was no
one of my age around to play with
and stuff.
Play, huh?
Yes, play, believe it or not, I
was once a kid, too you know.
Edwardo garbled, sarcastically.
Yeah, yeah so my family is okay
with you being up here, in my
Not really. I'm pretty sure they
still despise me, and certainly
don't trust me, but they feel like
they owe it to me for saving you.
Many thanks, by the way. I am glad
you hadn't gotten very far when he
showed up behind me. I don't know
what I would have done.
I know what you would have done.
And what might that be?
Gloria asked, probing into his mind.
You would have been dead, I assure
Well, that is a lovely prediction
coming from you. Thanks for that.
Gloria sighed, taking her own turn with the sarcasm.
However, Gloria really was amazed that he had saved her. He
intervened and in the process, his own brother was stabbed
to keep him from hurting her. That said a lot to her,
because if he really was on his family side, he wouldn't
have done what he did. Again, he could have just stood
behind him and encouraged his brother to kill her. Then she
sighed and leaned back against her pillow.


Anyway, how are you feeling now?
He asked, softly, while attempting to be discrete in
scooting himself closer to Gloria.
My head hurts.
Gloria! You're awake!
Gloria's mother exclaimed, as she suddenly came through the
Edwardo, immediately stood up and went to go wait in the
corner of the room.
Yeah, thanks to Edwardo.
Gloria sighed, hoping that would be like her putting in a
good word for him.
Not that Gloria cared about whether she liked him or not,
but because she definitely didn't like him, at least not a
lot, while her mother glanced at Edwardo and whispered to
Gloria, honey, he creeps me out,
I'm sorry.
You just don't like him because of
what he did to Blessing. Of course
you wouldn't like him because of
that on account of Blessing being
your daughter. Oops. I didn't mean
it like that."
I'm sure you didn't, sweetheart.
The only reason we let him in was
to find out what happened to you.
He told us he was trying to
protect you from an attack. But if
he was protecting you, how did you
end up getting hurt?
Mom, as I can remember, he pushed
me out of the way of a guy that
was trying to stab me. I tripped


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
or something and hit my head.
That says it. I figured that much
when I came up here a little while
ago. He was perched at your door
way the entire time, just watching
you. He had this look in his eyes.
Gloria, I think that boy is in
love with you.
Her mother said, lowering her voice even more so that
Edwardo couldn't hear her.
Yeah, I guessed so, but why are
you okay with that?
Gloria, if you know anything about
the Etundes, you would know that
they a very old-fashioned family.
Edwardo is so much younger than
most of them. And to put a kid in
that sort of environment where
people are so blood-thirsty, he is
got to be screwed up in the head a
little bit. Maybe, just maybe he's
trying to change.
You really think that?"
It says a lot for an Etunde to go
against his own blood to save a
Fonteinn. Actually, I'm pretty
sure it's unheard of. I'll bring
you up some dinner in a little
while, honey. You can share with
Edwardo if will still be around.
Then, Gloria's mother stood up and kissed her forehead,
glanced at Edwardo before leaving. Gloria stood up and
hugged her knees to her chest, resting her chin against
them. Edwardo walked back over to her. He didn't say
anything, but instead placed a hand on her shoulder.
So, you heard everything my mom
said, didn't you?
Yeah, she is not a very good
whisperer, but she is right.


He said, letting his hand slide off of her shoulder as he
sat down next to her.
Edwardo, went on to explain how his life had been pretty
screwed up, and how he is pretty sick of it, to be honest.
He emphasized how he wants to make things right between
Gloria and himself, but knows he couldn't, because he
couldn't bring Blessing back to Gloria and how he wished he
could. At this point, Gloria had turned to face him, trying
to ignore the tears that were welling up in her eyelids.
I know.
Gloria whispered, as he looked up at her, with those dark
How about we start all over?
He asked, evenly introducing himself formally as Edwardo
with a hand held out for Gloria to shake.
Instead of shaking Edwardo's hand, she pretty much threw
herself against him, wrapping her arms around his neck. It
took some seconds for him to process what Gloria was doing,
but after that, he circled his arms around her waist,
holding her tighter against him. In the spur of the moment,
Gloria admitted it, that she liked Edwardo, a lot. And it
killed her inside to know that it was probably the most
twisted and messed up thing in the world. But in that moment
she found herself, she didn't care. Maybe, just maybe it was
the fact that she had almost died today. Or maybe it was the
fact that Edwardo had been the one to make sure it didn't
happen. Maybe it was both.
Then, suddenly he pulled away from Gloria slightly and place
a hand on either side of her face, and leaned closer and
pressed his lips to hers. Surprisingly, instead of freaking
out and pulling away this time, though, Gloria kissed him
back, tangling her fingers within his soft, black hair.
Then, soon before she knew it, those soft, shy kisses turned
into something a little more passionate, and evolved into
full-blown making-out – tongue and all – the kiss. It was so
intense; they had to come up for air eventually. By that
time, they were both laying against her pillow, with his
hand resting against her hip, and letting his hand wander
upwards until it came back to her face, caressing it gently.


I love you.
This is all wrong.
I think we have been over this
He rolled off of her to give her some space, and propped
himself up on one elbow. (For the record, they did not have
What time is it?
It's like six.
Gloria got out of bed only to lose her balance and fall
Jesus, are you okay? I think you
have concussion. Do you want to go
downstairs now?
I'm fine. I'll be fine, I think.
It's not like I'm going to die
from it.
Gloria moaned, while Edwardo gave her another one of those
Gloria took his hand as they walked downstairs. She wasn't
really comfortable holding hands with him in front of her
family quite yet, but didn't want to lose her balance again
– falling down the stairs would really suck. They made their
way awkwardly into the family room where Joanna and Gloria's
cousins were. As soon as they got in, Joanna immediately
stood and went over to Gloria, but not without glancing at
Hey, how are you feeling? We were
all worried about you.
Yeah, don't worry about it.
Gloria watched as Joanna gasped at her and how she dropped
eyes to the entwined hands with Edwardo.


Oh, my God, Gloria. You didn't
tell me you have a boyfriend?
Yes, I have. So, what about it.
      (ONE OF HER
Gloria, you do realize you're
dating a murderer, right?
From that question, Gloria noticed Joanna's face drain of
colour as she instinctively took a step back from Edwardo.
After all, she didn't know. Surprisingly, Edwardo just
glared at Gloria's cousin and didn't say anything.
He is trying to change. You guys
don't understand.
I understand that he killed
Blessing. What is there to
But, he saved me from being killed
by his own brother and kept me
Oh my God!
Gloria tried hard to confirm Edwardo wasn't a murderer, but
that would be a lie, because he technically was one. He did
kill Blessing and could never change what he did, but that
was something they had come to terms with personally. As far
as she was concerned, it was nobody's freaking business if
she and Edwardo wanted to be together.
He loves me.
He is what, Gloria?
Through this time, Edwardo had remained silent, but had kept
a firm hold around Gloria's waist. Gloria knew he could have
very easily lied to her about all the things he told her up
in her room. But when she thinks of the kiss, there are some
things one just can't fake – passion.Gloria knew she was
sounding incredibly dramatic, but maybe it's just the stress
of the situation. She knew everyone in her family hates
Edwardo, but her mom seemed pretty fine with just dealing
with it. She wondered why everyone else couldn't. Why


couldn't they just see it? If he was on their side, she is
more likely to live to be eighteen.
Is that true EDWARDO?
Of course.
Why are you doing this? Aren't you
supposed to be on your own
family's side?
That's personal, if you don't
Edwardo replied, simply as Gloria's mom came in from
Oh, Gloria you should be resting,
I told you I was bring the food up
to you.
Gloria turned to go back to her room, and Edwardo turned to
go with her, but her mom prevented him from doing so.
I don't think so, young man,
Gloria needs to rest. If you think
you're going to be a freeholder,
you got another thing coming. We
are going to get you waiting some
Gloria's mom said throwing him a smock that said Fonteinn's
on it.
Gloria went back to her room alone, with the soup her mother
had made for her. While alone in her room, she thought of
the smock her mom threw at Edwardo, and felt how ironic and
comforting it was. Painfully it was to bear, Edwardo ended
up staying with the Fonteinn's at their house. He had been
there for almost a week and he hadn't had many chances to
talk to Gloria alone. Joanna was facing the same situation
having not been able to converse properly.
Hey, Gloria, can I talk to you
about something?


Joanna asked, one day while they were both doing dishes.
Gloria turned off the water and dried off her hands.
Yes, Joanna, I am all yours.
What's up? Oh, it's not about
Edwardo, can we not? I'm getting
kind of stressed about that.
Oh, it's not about that. Actually,
it's about your cousin. He asked
me out.
It wasn't a surprise to Gloria, though. She knew they have
been chumming it up all week.
Hey, you know he does not live
here, right?
Of course I know, but we're both
graduating this year and it turns
out Buea University is both our
dreams. I'm pretty confident we
can both get in. Did you know your
family members were talking about
sending him to "Our Lords and
What? Why? Wow! I didn't want to
go to school with John. That would
just be weird.
Your family wants him to be there
to keep an eye you and make sure
Edwardo isn't, like abusing you or
What? Oh my God, this is so
Joanna went on to point out how it was better than them not
letting Gloria go back to school.
Hey, Gloria, can I ask you
something else?"


Gloria asked, in an angry tone.
Why is it that you're the same age
as me and John, but you're still a
Gloria frowned and laid down in the cubicle. She really
didn't want to answer the question. Basically, she just
didn't want to talk about it and covered her face with her
Oh, come on Gloria, you can tell
No, no, no.
Gloria droned, sounding pathetic, but didn't care, because
she didn't want to tell her.
Please, Gloria tell me.
Gloria caved, but only because Joanna was being annoying.
She sighed and sat up and explained how she was held back
because she was dyslexic and could not read in the first
year and how embarrassing it was.
Oh, stop there. That's nothing to
be ashamed about.
Joanna interrupted, trying to motivate Gloria.
Ignoring the comment, Gloria explained how it wasn't fair,
growing up around John and Blessing, who were always
straight-A-Grade-students. No matter how hard she tried, she
could never get their scores, especially in Maths and other
technical subjects.
Hey, you are very good at other
Like what?
Like…I don't know yet, but I'm
sure there is something.


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
Oh, great! That was really
Gloria said with a sigh, when the conversation was disrupted
by Edwardo.
Hey, Gloria, your mom wants to
know if you guys have done washing
the dishes yet.
Yeah, we are done.
Okay, are you alright, though?
He asked, Gloria as if he knew there was something on her
I'll be fine.
Gloria assured him, before he went back upstairs.
It was New Year's Day, Gloria's mom drove her, and Joanna
and John back to 'Our Lords and Ladies. Gloria was anxious
about John and how screwed she would be seen walking out of
her mom's car as Edwardo. It was her worst nightmare a
shuttle bus from the airport pulled up just as she came out
of the car followed by Edwardo, then Joanna and John in that
order.Gloria forced a smile and a short wave at the shuttle
bus, but pretending to be really busy with taking the bags
out of the trunk of the car. Gloria was glad to see her mom
get out of the car and hugged her, Joanna and John goodbye,
but cleverly avoided contact with Edwardo which was
obviously clear she was not happy with him for murdering
Blessing. Although he is now part of the household, the
stigma would not go away. It would take some time for things
to work out, eventually.
Well, we are all back.
Gloria said, looking at Edwardo for a response.
Yeah, you do know I would be
sharing room with John, your
cousin, right?


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
What? Wow, I was not told that!
Yah, he is supposed to keep an eye
on me, so that I don't murder you
before you reach eighteen.
But you said you loved, are you
going to murder someone you say
you love?
Of course not. I have taken it my
duty to protect you. I just cannot
afford to lose you. Not like that,
Okay. If you say so.
Yes, okay. You can trust me on
that. I will see you at dinner
Edwardo said, authoritatively.
Truly, in a way, Gloria was happy they were all back at
school and most importantly, she being alive. She felt
forever grateful to Edwardo for saving her life from his
psychopath brother who was ready to murder her in broad
She felt truly protected, Edwardo on the one hand, and John,
her annoying cousin on the other hand. John was here now,
sharing a room with Edwardo, to be exact. It pretty much
sucked, and it was especially awkward, because they would
all be sitting at the same breakfast, lunch and dinner
tables. Gloria found this to be pretty ridiculous, though,
hanging around the tables with the same people day in day
out. She would have to explain everything to the letter to
her roommate Joanna, she pondered.
Hey, Gloria, you have a Chemistry
test next Friday.
Joanna reminded her as they sat on the floor of their room


Well, Joanna was the one studying. Gloria was decorating the
sole of her shoes with an orange sharpie.
Yeah, so what?
Shouldn't you be studying for it?
Yes, but I can't really
concentrate on that right now. I
have a lot on my mind.
Oh, do you need me to help explain
anything to you, I mean, on the
Gloria glared at her and regretted telling Joanna about her
learning barrier in the past. Just because she is a little
slower than most, it didn't mean she could do anything on
her own. Definitely, she didn't like the idea of people
knowing and thinking they needed to help her all the time.
And given the fact that Joanna liked talking a lot, it was
pretty clear she would tell the school about it.
No, I'm fine. Please is not
because of that.
Oh, what is it then?
Well, for one, I'm starving. And
for the other, I just don't know
what to think about anything
So, you are stressed up?
Basically, yes. Can we go eat?
They walked down to the refectory to get their dinner, and
then found a table that was empty. The dinner was kind of
silent and Gloria wasn't exactly sure what to say. She felt
like Joanna looked at her a little differently ever since
she found about Edwardo and his secret. They were still best
friends, but it was kind of different, maybe it was just
Gloria's imaginations running wild.


Hey, I didn't expect to see you
guys here at this hour.
Edwardo said, suddenly from nowhere.
Hi, how are you? Was John in your
I haven't seen him since right
after class. He mentioned
something about the library.
Oh, he never stops studying, does
Joanna sighed, as if that were somewhat of a turn-on.
I don't think so. Hey, aren't you
going to eat?
Gloria asked, noticing that Edwardo had no food in front of
I already did. I was just about to
leave, but then I saw you guys and
decided to join you.
Oh, okay.
Gloria shrugged, barely noticing Edwardo's eyes wander over
her head, observing something beyond her.
What's wrong?


Gloria wanted to know, turning around to see what Edwardo
was looking at. She connected Edwardo's line of sight with
that of the same guy she had come in contact with during the
What is he doing here?
Gloria whispered, sinking down into her seat, as if that
made her invisible.
I really don't know, but he better
get the heck out of my way.
Edwardo hissed, standing up and marching over to him.
Gloria turned and watched how the confrontation will
Who is that?"
That is the guy that was trying to
kill me during the holidays.
This is horrible.
Edwardo and his brother were apparently arguing about
something, but Gloria couldn't tell what. No one was getting
physical yet, though. That was good because she didn't want
to attract too much attention. Then to her surprise and
utter disbelief, Edwardo started back over to their table,
with him.
Hi, ladies I'm Edwardo's big
brother. It's so nice to meet you.
At this point, Gloria was so confused. She bit her lip and
asked herself whether this was the same guy that had tried
to kill her a few days ago. Then Edwardo spoke.
Gloria, please just listen to his
story. I want a second opinion on
whether or not it's total


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
Gloria looked at him, extremely concerned and tried to give
her concerned look so he knew how concerned she was, because
she was really concerned. This was a guy who had tried to
kill her and Edwardo was a guy she saw kill Blessing, but it
was a whole different type of fear being around someone who
had almost killed her. Somehow, somewhere she took courage
and decided to listen to what he had to say.
Okay, get on with it
Gloria stammered, nervously.
Well, I decided to come here,
because, well, Grandpa got really
annoyed when I didn't bring home
your precious little corpse and
especially because I let little
brother Edwardo beat me.
He said, adding a creepy giggle.
Frankly, it was so annoying listening to him talk,
especially the feminine lilt to his voice which seemed as if
it was set on turbo-drag queen-valley girl mode. Maybe he
just sounded annoying because Gloria hated him.
And so you are here to finish the
No, certainly not. I have decided
that I shouldn't go around killing
He said, with a sigh and some regret.
He went on to explain why he doesn't want to be loyal to a
family that kicked him out of it, because he tried to point
out that killing people was also cruel, probably even more


So, you see, now he is student
here, because apparently he thinks
he can pass as an eighteen year
old and he got in. The headmaster
is on crack too. Everybody is on
Edwardo moaned.
I am certainly not on crack. If
you are, it is not everyone.
Gloria pointed out, placing a hand over his.
Edwardo rolled his eyes and said to himself the timing of
making a joke was wrong.
Gloria thought the closest thing she has ever had to a
mental breakdown was after learning that Edwardo's brother
was in the same school with her. He had come so close to
ending her life – ending everything – and now was back. Just
the thought of her sharing the same class with him, drove
her crazy. And on top of that, the thought of running the
risk of seeing him in the hallways and at meals, and him
being only one hallway away while at sleep, would be a
complete nightmare. Then, Edwardo interrupted her line of
Gloria, are you going to be okay?
Edwardo whispered, as he walked her to her room.
I don't know. I'm kind of freaked
out right now. Can't you do
Seriously, Gloria was on the verge of tears, and was so
freaked out she was shivering.


I wish there was a way. You have
no idea how badly I wish I could
do something about this. He is my
brother, but I don't trust him at
all. And for the fact that he was
so close to…you know. Even if he
is telling the truth, I don't like
it that he being around us is
making you feel so sad and
Edwardo said, his voice faltering and trailing off as he
reached his hand up to brush her bangs away from her face.
Oh gosh, I really hate this.
Honestly I do. I hate the idea
that I may not live to be eighteen
years old if you know what I...
Edwardo stopped her mid-sentence to cup her chin in his hand
and press his lips firmly against hers. Although it was just
a brief kiss, when he pulled back, he placed his hands at
either side of her face, and looked directly into her eyes
with his dark ones.
That is not up to debate. I don't
care what I have to do, but I will
make sure that you stay alive for
as long as you're supposed to be.
He said, with some assurance.
Oh, what if I die in my sleep!
Gloria, stop being silly. You need
to just trust me okay? I thought
we have been through this already.
Yah, we have. I trust you, but I
mean it's still…this sounds
stupid, but it's really scary.
It's not stupid and honestly,
having my brother here doesn't
exactly make me feel comfortable
either. I mean, seeing him looming


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
over you like that, with a knife
in his hand, it was awful. I guess
I know how you felt about me that
afternoon and after that.
Yes, I guess you do. No point in
sugar-coating things.
Edwardo ignored Gloria's bluntness and then out of the
blues, softly asked if he could stay with her for the night.
Firstly, she reminded him of the rules and how they both
knew it was not allowed. Secondly, Joanna is not going to be
okay with it, but felt that she could be asked for her
When they got to the room, they found the door not locked
but Joanna and Gloria's cousin were inside almost half
undressed and in a compromising position when Edwardo and
Gloria opened the door. Joanna shrieked and quickly pulled
her shirt back on, her face bright red. To Gloria, it was
dramatic, not to mention they were both shirtless.
Oh my God. Were you guys- oh, my
God, my eyes!
Oh, shut up. Like you weren't
sneaking in here to do the same
Uh, no, actually…Well, I don't
know. Edwardo offered to stay in
our room for the night, because
neither of us feel comfortable
with his brother here.
Gloria explained, sheepishly.
Um, in your bed?
Joanna said, mockingly whilst Edwardo interrupted.
Yeah, I can assure you that
nothing will be 'got on' tonight.
Uh-huh. Alright, well, I'm going
to the bathroom to get ready for
bed. I don't want to find you two


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
naked when I come out.
You won't.
Gloria moaned, blushing a little though.
Are you going to get changed, too?
Edwardo teased, tugging at the hem of Gloria's shirt.
Ha-ha, nice try. I will wait for
Joanna to get out of the bathroom,
then I'll change in there by
Gloria said, slapping his hand away and setting the record
This may sound completely lame, but Gloria was totally
determined to remain a virgin until marriage. Maybe it was
because there were too many pregnant teens at her old
school, pretty much the only image of non-virgins she had in
her head. She did not want to become a part of that picture.
After they took turns getting changed for bed, Gloria
offered Edwardo a two blankets, a bed sheet and a pillow to
sleep on the floor. She had been nervous about two things
when it came to falling asleep. One was, the fact that she
would be under the sheets knowing that her boyfriend was
sleeping on the floor next to her bed. Another was that this
plan would be a blow and they all wake up dead in the
morning. Well, they wouldn't wake up dead at all, because
they would be dead anyway. This particular night, though,
Gloria had another nightmare similar to the one she had
while she was home on holiday. But this time, it was Edwardo
leading her into the house, and what she saw was even worse
compared to the previous nightmare. The nightmare scenery
got disrupted…
Hey, Gloria! Wake up!
Gloria immediately sat up at the sound of Edwardo's panicked
Gloria woke sweating and it was obvious that she had been
crying in the dream. She turned to Edwardo who was also


sitting up close to her, and buried her face into his bare
shoulder, crying uncontrollably.
Calm down, Gloria, you're okay
now, it's just a dream.
Edwardo whispered, sort of rocking her back and forth.
Well, they lived through the night and the next morning,
needless to say, was a major relief for Gloria she survived
to live another day.
The next day, Gloria didn't see Edwardo's brother around, so
she wasn't constantly being tortured by his presence.
Come, on Gloria, are you ready to
Edwardo suddenly asked her, snapping her back into the realm
of reality in which they lived, right?
Uh, sure. Lunch isn't over yet,
Gloria shrugged, sliding out of her seat and grabbing her
tray as Edwardo stood with her, linking his arm with hers.
Yeah, well, whatever. We have to
get out of here, I can't stand him
Who? Oh, never mind.
My brother. He's becoming
incredibly annoying and he has
these idiotic comments about every
single thing.
Edwardo ranted, as they walked down the hallway to his


Yah, I feel the same. I really
don't want to be anywhere near
him. He gives me the jitters and I
am always feeling as if I am being
Gloria said, clinging to Edwardo's arm.
I think you are the most beautiful
creature on earth.
Thank you?
Gloria said, biting her lip and focusing on his pretty eyes.
Good. Now tell me you love me. I
want to hear you say it.
Edwardo teased.
Edwardo, come on. We haven't even
been going out that long.
So, you don't love, right?
Well…I mean…I don't know.
With a little bit of annoyance, Edwardo sighed and tilted
her chin upwards with his finger. He let her know that he
thinks she was afraid of commitment. He just wanted her to
know that no matter how she felt or what she said she felt,
he loved her. He went as far as to let her know that he
would catch a grenade for her, or even jump in front of a
train for her.
I do love you, Edwardo.
She said, so softly it was almost a whisper.
I knew it.


Edwardo chuckled, pressing his face against Gloria's cheek.
Then he lifted his face away so that he could kiss her. She
melted into the kiss, lightly combing her fingers through
his hair to secure his face to hers. It wasn't until his
hands started wandering down to the waist band of her skirt,
she tensed immediately and grabbed his hand to stop.
Edwardo, stop.
She said, breathing heavily.
It's okay."
He mumbled.
He leaned forward to kiss her again, but without letting go
of her skirt. But before Gloria could process what he was up
to, the skirt was around and well above a comfortable level.
At this point, Gloria gasped and pulled back, tripped and
fell backwards onto his bed in the development, how
convenient. She had this feeling of her face going so hot
and her hands shaking so bad she thought she was going to
die if the kissing went any further. It became worse when
her eyes fell to the front of Edwardo's jeans. Then, a
gentle sweet voice echoed in her ears.
Gloria, I don't think we can do
this. It's okay, I'll take care of
He said, in a voice she had never heard him use before.
This new voice was hot. Gloria didn't even know how to
describe, it was just incredibly sexy. She felt it turned
the temperature in the room millions of notches, she almost
lost her mind.
Gloria whispered, giving in to the sexy voice.
Okay what?" When I say I will take
care of you, it meant I could only


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
do so by respecting your wishes. I
love you so much and you must stay
a virgin until after our wedding
He said, pulling himself away from her.
So what are you saying?
You heard me. Get up and button
your shirt. I am taking you back
to your room.
Are you sure you don't want to…
Don't even go there. You know I
want to same as you do, but I have
given you my word. It wouldn't
happen until we get married.
Thank you ever so much Edwardo. A
moment ago, I almost lost what I
strongly believe in. You may have
done horrible things but I am glad
you have a good and repentant
Thank you Gloria, let me take you
to your room.
He said, virtually carrying her out of his room.
I'll see you at dinner, right?
Gloria inquired, but he had gone before she could finish
what she had to say.
Two weeks later, Edwardo was nowhere to be found. Even his
weird brother had disappeared too. This was so disturbing
Gloria went sick. She refused to leave her room or eat. She
had turned eighteen just a few days ago and the curse had
been broken. Maybe, Edwardo had succeeded to make sure she
became free, and now able to live her life without fear of


being killed. As she lay there with many thoughts going
through her mind, there was this gentle knock on the door.
She managed to go to the door and when she opened it and to
her surprise, her mum, dad and Edwardo were standing right
What is all these Mum…Dad? What
are you doing here with him? He is
the reason why I am feeling like
We had to come and see you. Your
friend Joanna called expressing
concerns of your health. And
secondly, Edwardo came to see us
to ask for your hand in marriage
and would not leave until we gave
him answer. However, we couldn't
because an answer couldn't be
given in your absence. That's why
we have come to pick you up. The
rest of the family back home can't
wait to see. Happy eighteenth
anniversary anyway! The curse has
been lifted, you are free. The
entire Etunde's family has been
wiped out except…"
Darling, stop there. Gloria will
hear more of that on our way back.
Gloria, let me help you pack.
Why should I let you help me pack?
Do you know the pain you caused
me? Please just back off.
I'm sorry! I will explain why
It will take you much more than
that to convince me. Can you
imagine, disappearing like that
for two weeks. To you, it's normal
I suppose.
Darling, please I will explain,
but not now. Okay?
Do not darling me, you hypocrite.
I just don't want to talk to you
right now…


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
Gloria stop! When you give him a
chance to explain, then you will
know why he did what he had to do,
Gloria's Mum had taken part in the packing of Gloria's
things and made sure that every item belonging to her was
taken to the car. They all then went to the principal's
office to sign her officially off the school's register. It
was at this point Gloria realized she was not going to come
back to the school she so disliked from day one. To her
surprise, Joanna was in the principal's office together with
Gloria's cousin, to wish her a save return home. Even more
surprisingly, Edwardo also singed himself off the school's
It was getting late in the afternoon and drive back home was
certainly a long one. Gloria was not happy sitting at the
back seat with Edwardo and insisted he sits at the front
seat or else she is not going. As a result, her Mum decided
to join her at the back seat, allowing Edwardo to go to the
front. Having Edwardo in the same car infuriated Gloria.
I was so stupid. So flipping
stupid I could not believe I had
let myself get so attached to a
guy who was supposedly using me.
You are not stupid."
Keep quiet! I wasn't talking to
you, okay?"
Okay, I will keep quiet, but when
you hear the full background of my
story for disappearing the way I
did, then you wouldn't be flipping
at me like that.
I don't want to know and I don't
Okay then. Suit yourself.
The rest of the journey back home was on the quiet side. It
wasn't until 22:35pm before they got home. It was late and
most of the family members who were waiting had gone to bed.
Gloria's Dad and Mum were tied having done a return trip of
a thousand kilometres or more, in one day. So, everyone went


to bed hungry because they didn't have any time to get
something to eat.
Where is Edwardo going to sleep?
Don't worry! The room down at the
basement has been refurbished and
it's comfortable for him.
Thank God for that!
After they had drifted off to sleep, the morning came
quickly. Everyone went about their daily activities except
for Gloria who cried for most of the day. She was just so
depressed and distraught. She felt as if she was going to
die and would never get to do so many things she had planned
on doing. She felt she would never drive a car and would
never get to get a real job and start a family on her own.
After what seemed like a year of waiting in her room, the
only eventful things being when she would face the entire
family members. Then there was this gentle knock on her room
door and she went to unlock it.
Hey, Good Evening Gloria. You seem
to have locked yourself up in your
room all day. It's time and your
family is waiting for us
downstairs. Please have your
shower now. It is important you
participate in the discussions.
Don't you dare order me around?
Who do you think you're?
I'm the same guy you love and who
loves you ever so much.
Finally, the queen arrived after the entire family had been
waiting for an hour. The only spare seat left for her to sit
was the one besides Edwardo. How ironic it was, only that
particular seat was available. However, she preferred to
stand until her Dad commanded her to sit. As soon as she sat
next to Edwardo, then the entire family began to clap
What is all this? What is the


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
There are so many things we have
to be excited about. Where do you
want us to start?
Well, I hope it's not all about
Gloria asked, looking at him cynically.
Oh no, not entirely. He is just
part of the excitement.
Gloria's Mum replied, as she went on to explain why the
entire family was so excited.
Gloria's Mum then went on to explain, breaking things down
into various parts. First of all, she started by explaining
why the family was so excited Gloria reached her eighteenth
birthday the previous week. Secondly, the family is excited
because the curse placed on Gloria had been broken and she
is now free to live her life without fear of being killed,
thanks to Edwardo's protection. Thirdly, the family also, is
so excited because the Eyunde's family had been wiped out
except one - Edwardo. And fourthly, the family is excited
Edwardo had come to them with a repentant heart, having
killed their daughter Blessing.And finally, the family is
excited because Edwardo is in love and wants to marry
Gloria. On the last note, Edwardo did what he had to do,
especially a man in love. He went down on his knees…
Gloria, I love you so much and I
know you love me too. Will you
marry me
EDWARDO requested, presenting her with an engagement ring.
So you disappeared like that to go
and eliminate your entire family
so that you can come and marry me?
Oh no, he escaped to us three days
before it happened. He was
kidnapped by his brothers to their
Granddad from where he escaped.
They wanted him to disown his love
for you or be killed.


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
That is history now. Anyway, when
they realised Edwardo had escaped,
fighting erupted and they ended up
killing each other. This is
confirmed by the police.
So, you see, Edwardo had nothing
to do with what happened because
he was right here with us all day
and night."
Edwardo, why didn't you tell me
all this when you guys came to
pick me up?
You didn't give me the chance.
Wipe that stupid smile off your
face. You think this is a joke?
Sorry darling!
He exclaimed, still sitting on his knees.
Don't you darling me, not yet
Look here Gloria, my knees are in
pain here. Are you going to marry
me or not?
Edwardo asked, in that sexy voice she knows very well.
God, you know I want to do this.
But why is my heart so full of
Of course, it's normal for you to
feel that way, especially the way
I disappeared after our last lunch
together. I was kidnapped and
could not get back to you on time.
Okay then, I forgive you. This is
only because my parents have
confirmed your story.
Thanks! So are you going to marry


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
me or what?
Of course, I will marry you. I
love you too.
Gloria assured him, taking the engagement ring and helping
him off his knees.
The suspense was over. There was screaming, excitements and
jubilations everywhere. On a note, the joy and happiness
was like that of victory over the enemy. From an outsider's
perspective, one would have concluded that they won a war.
But from the Fonteinns' family perspective, the joy and
happiness was as a result of their freedom, freedom from the
hands of the Etundes. Eventually, the Fonteinns are free to
enjoy live without the fear of being watched, or killed.

No more watching over their backs when they go shopping…!
Gloria just smiled at Edwardo, and watched, pleased as he
smiled back. There was love in the air. And that's how she
knew it. Everything was over, and they were going to be
okay. But it took a while for things to go back to normal
completely. For one thing, marriage preparations would take
a lot of planning. For another thing, there was this huge
police investigation at the Etundes' household, which was
now just a pile of bricks and ash. And Edwardo had to be
eliminated from the investigations. This was not easy as it
was necessary he proofed his whereabouts during the past two
First, Edwardo's attendance at the school had to be checked
to confirm it match with his verbal evidence. Second, it was
difficult for him to proof he was kidnapped from school by
his brothers and taken to the Etundes' residence, but the
fresh wounds inflicted on him through whipping was good
enough. Third, he had to proof his whereabouts a week after
he escaped from the Etundes. The Fonteinn were able to
testify how he escaped to them a week ago and did not leave
their premises since then. Forth, clearance was given by the
police to Edwardo and that he should go about on how to
rebuild his life. And finally, completing the final year
with exams preparation, was a daunting task.
For a while it was just known locally as a mystery, though
Edwardo was the only one who knew what really happened. Of
course, he knew how his family operated more than an


outsider. It took a couple of months for the Edwardo's
whipping wounds to dry up.
Before the marriage, the family had decided that they must
finish the school year, which certainly was their last year.
Gloria and Edwardo were to work had to make sure they both
completed and had a qualification before they got married.
So, Gloria's parents decided that going back to public
school would be safe now. Both of them were going to be day
students. Edwardo didn't plan on going to university, but
preferred to help out at the bar and restaurant business
instead. But Gloria's goal was to go to university and
obtain a degree in media and arts and it was fine by
The family's excitement that evening suddenly got into
serious business - Gloria and Edwardo getting married.
Because I love you both, talking
about marriage and love is as old
as…well, talking! There are lots
of good material out there, but I
have been doing some research on
Gloria's Dad said, interrupting to start a proper
conversation on marriage and love.
Thank you Dad. This is going to be
interesting. Edwardo, please
listen and learn."
Of course, dear. I think we should
both listen and I'm sure we'll
learn a thing or two.
Hey, you young lover. No more
interruptions from you too.
Okay Dad!
Funny marriage quotes are great
for all sorts of occasions from
making toasts to giving advice, or
to simply making us laugh.
Nonetheless, they open our eyes to
the essentials of things like
communication in marriage and
balancing your desires with the
needs of your spouse. In most of


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
the quotes identified, they tend
to get to the heart of marriage
problems. One thing I've noticed
while researching quotes for
sharing with you, is that there
are a lot of really bad funny
marriage quotes. I mean you will
find quotes that get their humour
from playing on stereotypes and
bad assumptions about married
life, wives, husbands, in-laws,
and children. When we retell these
quotes, we subtly re-enforce the
logic behind them – logic that is
actually destructive to marriage.
For example, take this quote
'Marriage is a three ring circus:
engagement ring, wedding ring, and
suffering'. This may sound funny,
but very negative. There are lots
of quotes like this out there.
They all have the same message,
that marriage is the end of any
happiness you have; and that it is
endless and inevitable suffering;
and that smart people do not get
He advised, with conviction.
That's very true Dad!
Gloria and Edwardo exclaimed, together.
Of course, I'm right. But do not
interrupt me. This is very
important. As I was saying, in
this way, a disturbing worldview
is rooted in these quotes. This
becomes a mind-set and we all know
that a mind-set is a large
predictor of what will indeed
happen in your life.
He then went on to advise further that if Gloria and Edwardo
are going to choose some funny marriage quotes, say during a
wedding toast, they should stay away from negative kinds of


quotes. He emphasized that the best wedding gift one can
give a couple is a message of a positive and loving future.
From the day Edwardo turned up on
my door step, bleeding all over
his shirt, and with a repentant
heart, I forgave him of all the
bad things he might have done in
the past. He is going to be my
son-in-law, but for now I receive
Edwardo as my son.
Thank you ever so much, Dad.
Shush, I have not finished giving
my speech. Stop interrupting me.
Then he went into his briefcase and pulled out two laminated
sheets of paper and handed one to each of them. It contain
25 listed quotes which he believed were the keys to a
wonderful and successful marriage life. And they read the
list of marriage jokes together
As a concluding remark, he urged them to take some time to
study the contents of his laminated funny marriage quotes.
He then went on to crack a joke or two how he went down the
local supermarket to make a complaint about a vinegar which
got lumps in it, and of which the manager replied, 'Those
are pickled onions.'
Before the family members could conceptualize on the joke's
amusement, he added another joke on how he backed a horse
last week at fifty to one, and it came in at quarter past
five. This was so hilarious everyone laughed and laughed,
begging him to stop.
This calls for a drink. Oh no! I
have forgotten that I'm on a
whiskey diet. I've lost three
months already.
Gloria's Dad has never been known to be so excited even up
to the point where he cracked jokes. Everyone, even the
younger ones participated in the excitement. He had taken
out three bottles of Champaign, and insisted they all needed
a toast to celebrate freedom, Gloria's future husband, and
Edwardo being accepted into the family. It was their
tradition to break the glasses after drinking the toast.


Everyone had something nice to say. When it came to Gloria's
Dad's turn, he started with a joke again.
I'm in good mood tonight because
the other day I entered a
competition and I won a year's
supply of Marmite – one jar.
Whilst I was there, I saw this guy
chatting up a cheetah, and I
thought, 'He was trying to pull a
fast one'.
But Gloria's Mum wanted to have the last say directed
specifically to Gloria and Edwardo.
A wedding is one day, but a
marriage is a lifetime. You are
probably going to spend many hours
planning your wedding. There are
so many things to think about: the
dress, the cake, whom to invite,
and the honeymoon certainly. All
of these are important, but the
wedding is just one day, while
marriage should last for the rest
of your lives.
Yes Mum, I think we would have to
consider all of these things.
Certainly, however, alongside the
wedding preparations it is also
important to spend time as a
couple talking through your
expectations of marriage."
Sure, we will try our best to get
it right.
Edwardo, it is not a matter of
trying. You have to work at it
with all your spirit, soul and
body for it to work. Nonetheless,
as I was saying, you must sit down
to find out what you think you
have in common. Do not forget you
are still two separate individuals
with different backgrounds,
personalities, experiences, hopes
and fears. I'm very sure the


                       GLORIA (cont'd)
church minister who will be taking
your counselling services will
probably want to spend some time
with you talking through these
Gloria's Mum then went to explain how churches sometimes
offer marriage preparation, perhaps as part of a group with
other couples. She expressed how this gives the couples the
opportunity to think through possible areas of difficulty
and how Gloria and Edwardo will handle them as a couple.
Before we all leave to bed, I
would love to see you consider the
following topics seriously:
• Coping with conflict
• Sex
• Communication
• Money
• In-laws and family issues
• Children

On behalf of the entire family, I
hope that you have a wonderful
wedding day when it comes and that
it will mark the beginning of a
long and very happy marriage.
Thank you Mum for the well
appreciated advice. We all love
and pray that you will live long
to see your good works in us.
Edwardo said, thankfully as they all departed to their
various rooms for the night.
To be continued...watch for the final end to this remarkable
story in my next book to be titled
"The Healing Kiss of a Preacher".


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This is not how you write a script. It is not a play or a novel. Your descriptions were done wrong. It has to be a visual presentation. Short, sweet and to the point. Your dialogue is a mess. It has to be formatted correctly on who's talking, not in the form you did it, which was mixing parentheticals with the main character name. Wrong. These will instantly get rejected. To format and organize it right, check out scripts on daily scripts or screenplay explorer.

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