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by Adam Wiles (alwkingpromin@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

This is a stage play that I transformed into a screenplay. I hope that this movie interests someone. At the end there is a message of hope. This is a religious story as well as a drama. Intense. but also true to life events.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Alex, Ron, and Jeff are at Alex's house talking and passing
a joint.
Hey, guys, that party Friday night
is going to be off the hook.
Man, You definitely know how to
throw a party.
Well, I'm just glad you have your
own place. Man, I hate living in
this house. My dad is crazy. I
just can't take much more of this.
He wasn't this way until mom died.
You know you can come chill at my
place, at least until you can get
on your feet. Man, I know you feel
like you bum off of people, but
don't think of it that way. I
wouldn't offer if I didn't mean
Yeah, well, you just don't know
how close I am to living on the
streets. It'd be way better than
living under the same roof with
that jerk.
Well, just know the offer is
Jim, Alex's dad busts through the door.
What the hell is going on in here?
I know you ain't smoking that crap
in my house.


Dad, give it a break, would you? I
am 18 I can do whatever I please.
Did you forget whose paying your
rent? I ought to kick you out. See
how long you last before you come
crawling back.
      (To his friends.)
You guys can wait outside if you
want. I'll be out in a minute.
Ron and Jeff go out. Alex and his dad stay in the room.
As a matter of fact, DAD. I have a
place to go. So, PLEASE, do me a
Where did I go wrong with you? I
mean, look at how you dress. You
leave this house dressed like
you're going to a freak show. I've
seen the freaks you've been
hanging around lately. Now, you
have to start bringing them around
Dad. STOP IT! At least they accept
me for who I am. You've never done
anything for me.
You better shut your smart mouth
if you know what's good for you.
No, dad. I'm tired of your crap.
Alex rushes his dad. Jim punches him in the stomach. He
crunches over. Then Jim backhands him knocking him on his
So you think you can take on your
daddy. Come on you, faggot. You
are a piece of crap. Worthless.
You are definitely no son of mine.


There is a knock on the door. It is Ron. He came back to see
what is taking Alex so long. Alex jumps up off the floor.
      (Going to the
What do you want?
You ready Alex?
Yeah, I'm ready.
Don't bother coming home tonight.
You want to do your own thing,
live your own way, do it somewhere
else. I'm tired of putting up with
you. Just go on, get out of here.
I can't stand to look at you.
Alex walks out the door. Jim exits, slamming the door behind
                                         SCREEN GOES BLACK.
It is a Friday evening. Betty is just coming in from work.
Dan is sitting in recliner reading news paper. Betty puts
her purse down and takes her shoes off. Sits on the couch.
      (To Dan.)
I'm so tired. How was your day at
Boring as always. It's just the
same old stuff everyday.
Well, honey. Why don't you ask
your boss to let you have a few
Sundays off.
Betty, I'm tired. Can't I come
home without you on my back


I was just asking honey. You never
seem to want to go to church with
me anymore. I miss you being with
I hear you Betty. I wish all I had
to do was worry about going to
At that time, Monica enters dressed like a punk teen. She is
heading out to meet her boyfriend Alex.
Where do you think you're going
young lady? You cannot be done
with your homework yet.
Monica slumps down on the arm of the couch.
Oh, please. I don't need to study
to keep up. My school is full of
idiots. That includes half the
I don't care if you think you're
the smartest person in the world.
You're not going anywhere tonight.
You're never at home anymore. It
wouldn't kill you to spend time
with your family once in a while,
would it?
      (Snapping back.
       Getting up to
       head out the
Why? So I can sit in here and
become couch potatoes like you
guys. Y'all are boring.
Don't smart mouth me young lady.
If you worked around here as much
as you spend time on that stupid
telephone, maybe your mom and I
wouldn't be so tired.


Get over it, Dad.
Monica. Your attitude had better
change because if it doesn't,
you're gonna find yourself at home
this weekend. No phone, no
friends, and especially NO ALEX!!!
Dan, the whole neighborhood can
hear you.
I don't care.
Monica, honey. We're just
concerned about you, that's all.
All I know is we make the rules
and she rewrites them.
I'm not the problem. The problem
is YOU DAN!!!
Oh, so now I'm Dan. I'm your
father young lady and you will
respect me. Just get back to your
room, cause you're not going
anywhere tonight!
WRONG! I've made plans with Alex
Monica, come here. (To Dan.) I'll
talk to her.
You better talk to her. I'm tired
of her mouth.
      (Trying to get
       through to
Monica, we've talked about that
boy before and he is trouble and


                       BETTY (cont'd)
so is that GANG he hangs out with.
Those guys are my friends and you
can't stop me from being with
But you know what? Those kids at
church are a whole lot nicer.
Oh, yeah. They're a LOT of fun.
Whenever Alex comes to church with
me, they just sit there and stare
at him.
They ought to stay away from him.
He's a jerk. And that's putting it
Dan, just drop it.
Monica stands up in a rage.
Why don't both of you drop it. I'm
out of here!
      (Stands to get
Monica storms out the door without looking back.
      (Turns to Dan.)
Honey, we're losing her.
Don't be so dramatic, Betty. She's
just a kid. She'll get over it
like she ALWAYS does. It's not
like we can tie her up and beat
her. Although I'd like to


Dan that wouldn't solve anything
and you know it. We have failed at
setting a good example for her. We
all USED to go to church together.
(Picks up her Bible.)
Betty, I'm working 60 hours a week
at my job and we're still barely
getting by. If things don't start
to change around here, you just
might have to get a job working on
Sundays. Some things in life are
just more important.
There is nothing more important
than the Lord, Dan. You know that.
Let's just stop arguing about it.
FINE! Thank you!
Betty looks at her watch and then towards the door. Looks
I hope Monica is okay.
                                         SCENE FADES TO
Camera fades up on Monica sitting on front porch swing,
talking on phone.
I've got to get out of this house.
                       ALEX (On the phone)
Well, a group of us are getting
together at The Hut tonight. We're
going to grab a bite to eat and
then Ron is having a little party
at his house. Nothing big, we'll
just hang out.


Well, you know how his parties
turn out. (Laughs)
Exactly. So what do you say?
Okay, I called Alisha. I was going
to ask her to come get me and take
me to her house. But I'll just get
her to take me there. I know she
won't stay. She doesn't party. if
you know what I mean.
Yeah. She's one of those...
Hey, watch it. I go to church too
you know.
Yeah, but you're not like them.
They're just weird.
A car pulls around the corner. It is Alisha.
Hey, there she is. I'll see you in
a few. Bye, I love you.
Alisha stops in front of Monica's house and gets out. She
walks up the side walk to the front porch.
Hey, Monica. How's it going?
Hey, thanks for coming.
No problem. But what's wrong?
Nothing, it's just my parents.
I've just got to get out of this
Monica, I wish you'd come back to
church. Everyone misses you.


I haven't been in so long. I feel
like everyone there judges me.
They will never accept Alex.
We used to be best friends. What
I don't know. I guess we just
drifted apart. It happens. Things
change, people change.
Yes, but it didn't change until
you started dating Alex. He is so
obsessed with you.
      (Laughs a little.)
You're starting to sound like my
parents. Alex is Alex. You just
have to accept him for who he is.
But you deserve better. You're
pretty. You're smart. That guy is
a jerk. I just hate seeing him
pull you down with him.
LOOK! I do not need a sermon right
I'm sorry. It's just that I'm
worried about you. I'm so afraid
something terrible is going to
happen to you if you stay with
There's been a little change of
plans. I need you to take me to
meet some of my friends at The
Hut. Alex is meeting me there and
then we are going to party and I'm
going to have a great time and
forget about everything, at least
for tonight anyway.


Whatever... I just wish you would
listen. I'm going to be praying
for you.
Starts to walk back to get in the car.
Thanks, but you really don't need
to. I'm fine. Pray for someone
that needs it.
You do need it...
Alisha just shakes her head and walks around to get in the
car. They drive away. Scene fades.
                                         AS CAR PULLS AWAY
Camera fades up on a diner called The Hut. Inside, some of
the friends have already arrived.
Hey, where's Alex? Shouldn't he be
here already?
Don't worry. He'll be here.
Monica's meeting him here,
Man, all I want to know is who's
bringing the beer?
Don't worry. Alex will have us
covered. He has that fake ID. I
told him to make sure he brings
the good stuff.
Any party, any time, any place.
Well, he needs to hurry up, so we
can eat and get out of here. I'm
tired of sitting around, waiting.


Yeah, I know what you mean.
Monica walks in.
Hey, Monica. What's up?
      (Pointing at Ron.)
You baby.
Ron gets up and lets Monica have his seat. He stands behind
her chair.
Hey, what's wrong? You look like
you've been crying.
It's just my dad. He's so stupid.
He still thinks I'm a little kid.
He tried to say that I couldn't
hang out with you guys anymore...
(Looks around. Looking for Alex.)
Hey, where's Alex? He was supposed
to be here already.
Hey, look at these dorks. They're
praying before they eat.
Everyone laughs and makes jokes at a boy and his sister
sitting at the next table over.
Oh, Hallelujah! (Laughs)
You guys, stop. They're praying.
SO, who cares? Praying to some
imaginary being in the clouds.
Please, STOP!
Brandi looks at Monica with a raised eye brow, as if "who do
you think you're talking to?"


      (Recognizes Joshua)
Joshua Harris, is that you?
      (Getting up and
       going over to
Monica! Oh, wow. I didn't even
recognize you. You've changed.
      (Spins around,
       "showing off")
You like it.
Well, it's not that I don't like
it. It's just... well... it's
different, that's all.
Monica, if I were you, I'd quit
talking to this punk. You know
what Alex will think.
Well, Alex can get over it. Me and
Joshua have been friends for
years. And plus, I'm sick of you
guys telling me who I can and
can't talk to.
Monica, we miss you at church.
We'd love to see you come back.
Alex walks in and catches Monica talking to Joshua. He walks
up and pushes Joshua from behind.
What do you think you're doing,
talking to my girl?
Alex, stop it. Josh, this is my
lovely boyfriend, Alex.
Monica reaches up to brush his face with her hand and he
pushes it away.


Alex... (Offers hand for a hand
shake. Alex just looks at him.) it
really isn't what you think. I was
just inviting Monica to come back
to church. I didn't mean any harm.
You know you can come too. It'd be
great to see you both.
You know what. (Pushes Josh as he
The worker starts to get nervous. She keeps looking at them.
Why don't you get yourself and
your little Jesus Freak friend and
leave? (Pushes the table that his
sister, Chasity is sitting at.)
      (Trying to pull
       him away.)
Alex, STOP.
Yeah, man, come on, don't fight.
Yeah, man, not tonight.
Alex, I wasn't looking for
Maybe trouble came looking for
you. When are you FREAKS going to
stop thinking you run the place?
You think you're invincible or
Alex, come on. We're leaving.
You're high as I don't know what.
Why is it you always have to
embarrass me when we go out
Shut up, Monica. This is between
me and your friend.


Alex pulls a gun on Joshua. Joshua starts backing up
protecting his sister. Monica rushes toward Alex and pushes
his hand, the gun goes off shooting Joshua's sister. Joshua
screams and runs to his sister. The worker grabs the phone
to call the police and ambulance.
Chasity!!! No.
Monica tries to grab the gun, it goes off again shooting
Oh God, no Monica. What have I
done? God no, please Monica, don't
leave me!
Alex. Come on. They are calling
the cops. We've got to get out of
Alex, Ron, and Jeff run out the door. The girls stay and try
to help Monica.
                                         SCENE CHANGES TO
The camera pans over from above the restaurant looking down.
We can see the ambulance pull into the parking lot. The
girls are gathered outside talking to a police officer near
the door. The worker is also there talking with Officer
Cates. Joshua is standing off to the side, he is praying,
waiting on his dad to arrive. The camera then focuses on the
Worker talking with Cates.
There are two in there. They are
injured. It looks bad. Oh good,
there's the ambulance. Took long
Where is the person who did this?


It was a guy dressed in black. He
ran that way with two other guys.
The girls stayed here with the
girl who was shot. There was also
another person shot. I'm not sure
of the condition
Wayne, Joshua's father arrives. He runs to him and hugs him.
Dad... Dad... I can't believe it.
She's in there. They wouldn't let
me stay with her. Dad, I don't
know what's going to happen.
Oh, God. I can't believe this
happened. (To the officer at the
door.) That's my little girl in
there. I've got to be with her.
                       CATES' PARTNER
Please, sir. I understand, but we
are trying to gather all the
details. We can't let anyone
      (To Josh)
It's okay, son. We are going to
make it through this. We have the
Lord on our side. Let's pray right
now. (They walk away from the
Cate's Partner walks up to Cates with Brandi and Rachel.
                       CATES' PARTNER
Officer Cates, you stay here and
get all the information you can
from these girls. I'm going to
look for the boy. (He runs off in
the direction Alex went.)
      (To the girls.)
Are you related to any of these
Well, Monica is our best friend.
Is she gonna be okay?


I can't say for sure right now.
But we're going to do the best we
can to make sure they're both
taken care of.
This wasn't supposed to happen. We
were just going to go to a party.
I don't know what Alex was
Is that the guy who did this?
Yes, his name is Alex Cooper. We
were here together tonight. He's
very protective over his
girlfriend, Monica. She was
talking to this guy in there and I
don't know. I guess he got
jealous. I never thought he would
have done something like this.
Look, I know he was your friend.
But you will be helping Monica and
the other family involved if you
tell us everything we need to
Okay, we will do what we have to.
EMT workers come out pushing both bodies on a gurney. Monica
is unconscious. Chasity is awake.
Oh, Chasity. My baby girl. You're
going to be okay. You have to be
Chasity... I'm so sorry. I wish it
would have been me.
Don't say that Josh. You had no
idea this was going to happen.
It's okay. My life is in God's
hands. Please, try to reach out to
Alex. He needs to know the Lord.


Chasity is put into the ambulance. Wayne and Josh hug.
      (To his father.)
Dad... I'm so sorry.
      (To the EMT.)
We will meet you at the hospital.
Please, be okay Monica!!!
                                         CAMERA FADES TO
The camera pans up on Dan brushing his teeth. Betty is
already in the bed reading the Bible. Dan comes out of the
bathroom connected to their room. The TV is on and Dan
crawls into bed. After a while he speaks.
      (To Betty.)
When are you going to turn out
that light? Aren't you through
reading yet?
I'm sorry. I'll turn it off. (She
lays her book down and turns her
light off. After a slight pause,
she looks at Dan.) Aren't you
going to turn your off?
Mine's not glaring on the TV.
I hate it when Monica runs out
like she did. Do you think she is
still mad at us?
Oh, I'm sure she is. She stays
Well, what do you expect? We
haven't really been the best of
parents. We haven't really gave


                       BETTY (cont'd)
her when she really needed.
What do you mean, she's got
everything... We give her money,
she has nice clothes, we feed her,
and put a roof over her head. What
else is there?
Yes, but Dan, you haven't really
shown her the important things in
And what's that?
Your time... Your caring... Your
love... Just you.
I can talk to anybody. But I can't
talk to my own daughter. I can't
even talk to you. Doesn't she
realize that I love her and that
I'd do anything for her.
I'm just so worried about her.
Monica just hasn't been herself
lately. And those kids she hangs
out with... Have you seen the way
they act?
They are just kids. You're being
No Dan, I'm not paranoid. Well,
this one guy has a tattoo and one
of the girls has an ear ring in
her lip. That's not our Monica.
Betty. They are just kids. You
worry too much.
I just feel like something
terrible is going to happen to her
if she keeps hanging out with


                       BETTY (cont'd)
those kids.
The phone rings. Betty answers it.
Hello?... Yeah, hold on, he's
right here. (She gives the phone
to Dan.)
Hello?... This is Dan... Yeah,
that's right. Yeah, but what's
wrong?... Yes, oh God, what? No,
oh God, we'll be right there!!!
What is it?
It's Monica. SHE'S IN THE
Oh God, no... I told you something
would happen to her.
They rush out the door.
                                         CAMERA FADES TO
Alex comes into his bedroom.
Oh God, this can't be happening.
Tell me it's all a nightmare. Oh
God, what am I going to do? I'm so
Jim once again, busts through the door to Alex's room.
Alex! I just got a call from the
cops, what have you done?
Dad, go away. I don't want to talk
about it right now.


You stupid fool. (Pushes Alex up
against the wall.) They're going
to be here in a minute. What have
you done? Answer me, boy!
Dad, it doesn't matter. My life is
over. Nothing matters anymore. I
accidentally shot Monica.
Dad, it was an accident, I
You stupid idiot. (Pushes Alex on
the bed and punches him in the
face.) Look at you, you're nothing
but trash, just like your mama.
Dad, don't bring mom into this,
you know it's not her fault.
(Stands up to Jim) Dad, you don't
understand. You never cared about
us. You never tried.
Look at you. You disgust me. I
hope you burn in Hell.
Jim puts his hands around Alex's throat and starts choking
him. Officer Cates walks into the room.
Mr. Cooper, that's enough.
I'll tell you when I've had
enough. Look at him. He makes me
sick. All he does is cause pain
and aggravation. (Goes for Alex
MR. COOPER! I said that's enough!


Officer, it was an accident. I
promise. I did not mean to hurt
anybody. I was just trying to
scare Joshua, Monica grabbed the
gun, honest.
Alex, you can explain everything
at the station.
Officer, is Monica okay? How about
Joshua's sister?
There is still no word on them
yet, Alex. They are still at the
As Officer Cates escorts Alex out of the room. Jim is
fussing the whole time calling Alex a failure, good for
nothing, never going to amount to anything, piece of trash,
Alex, you have the right to remain
silent. Anything you say, can and
will be held against you in the
court of Law.
                                         CAMERA FADES TO
Officer Cates and Alex are sitting in a room. Cates is
asking questions.
Alex... do you understand that you
could get a lot of time for this.
If it wasn't for Monica and
Joshua's parents not pressing
charges. You're a very lucky
person. I just got to ask. Why did
you have that gun anyway?
Officer Cates, I'm so sorry. I had
that gun because I had something
else planned tonight. I've always
got pushed around by my dad. You


                       ALEX (cont'd)
saw that. All my life I've always
been called a failure, even by
teachers and other students in
school. My friends only used me
for what they could get from me.
But honestly, I was going to end
it all tonight. I was going to
kill myself right there in front
of everybody. I figured I'd get
their attention somehow. I didn't
mean for this to happen. I'm so
Alex, there is a place where you
can get help. It is called Teen
Challenge. There are places all
around. They even have a location
here, at the New Foundation
Church. They have a wonderful
volunteer team that can be there
for you and help you.
I don't know. I don't do the whole
church thing. I'm not even worth
to step foot in a church. And
besides, how can they help me?
They don't know what I've been
Alex, you are worth it. You are
not alone in this. There are a lot
of teens getting help there. And
it's working for them. You should
hear some of the testimonies. They
have dealt with a lot of teens who
feel depressed and have even
attempted suicide. But let me ask
you this. You may get people's
attention, but what good would it
do you? You'd be dead.
I'm sorry. I've just got so much
on my mind right now. I just
really don't want to talk about it
Come on, I'll take you home.


No! Can I stay here just for
tonight? I don't really want to go
home to get beat down by my dad
Alex, you can stay at my house if
you'd like. You can stay as long
as you need to.
Why are you doing this?
Because Alex, I do care. And there
are a lot of other people that
care about you. I just want you to
be safe and I want to keep my eyes
on you.
                                         SCREEN GOES BLACK.
After the screen fade to black on the screen there is a
                       SCREEN STATEMENT
Betty, Dan, and the friends of Monica and Alex are sitting
in the waiting room. They are waiting for the doctor to come
in and talk to them.
Oh God. Please, let our little
girl by okay.
This doesn't seem real. Things
like this aren't supposed to
The Pastor from their church enters. Betty and Dan stand to
greet him.


Betty. Dan. I came as soon as I
heard. How's Monica doing?
We haven't got to see her yet.
(They sit.) They told us when we
got here that as soon as they got
her in a room and stabilized that
we could go back and see her. But
they already took her off to the
operating room before we got a
chance to see her.
On my way up here, I met Wayne in
the hallway. No news has been
received about his daughter
either. How are the two of you
holding up?
Okay, I guess. But, we're scared,
Pastor. I just don't understand
her. I mean, we told her not to go
out, but she just goes out away.
She doesn't listen to a word we
say. It is like she's living in
her own little world. I know I
haven't been everything I
should've been. I haven't lived
right in front of her.
Dan, that doesn't matter. You're
her father. She knows that you
love her.
What's happened has happened.
There is nothing we can do about
that. But what we can do, is pray.
Would you pray with me?
Everyone bows their heads to pray, except for one friend.
The other friend nudges him and tells him to "Be respectful.
Put your head down."
Dear Lord, we just ask that you be
with the surgeons as they work
with Monica. Lord, we know that
you are the great healer and you


                       PASTOR (cont'd)
can do all things. We just pray
that you give the doctors the
knowledge to do whatever they can
for Monica. Lord, I just ask that
you be with Betty and Dan, as well
as the other friends and family
who have experienced these times
of heartache and pain. We pray in
Jesus' name. Amen!
As the Pastor says Amen, the doctor enters the room. Betty
and Dan stand again to greet the doctor.
Hey, I'm Dr. Davis. Please, have a
seat so we can talk.
Is she okay, doctor?
Due to the fatal conditions your
daughter sustained. I'm sorry to
tell you, but we lost her.
I'm so sorry. We done all we
Monica, NO!
Not our little girl.
                                         SCREEN FADES TO
The doctor's are working with Chasity.


                       DOCTOR (Chasity's Doctor)
Everything is going to be okay,
Chasity. God's going to take care
of you. We will be praying for
you. (Talks to the nurse.) Keep
her as comfortable as possible.
Doctor goes to the door and lets Wayne and Joshua in the
Doc, is she okay? Can we talk to
She has been asking for you. She
is very weak, but she is on her
own. I'm sorry, we can't do
anymore. But take as much time as
you need with her. We will be
monitoring her from the desk.
Chasity? Chasity, it's daddy. Can
you hear me?
Chasity wakes up.
Hey, dad. Hey, Josh. I know
there's not much time for what I
have to say. Dad, how's Monica
Well, sweetie, Monica didn't make
it. She passed away.
      (Closes her eyes.)
I don't think I'm going to make it
either, dad.
Chasity, don't talk like that.
Daddy, I'm ready to go. Jesus has
given me peace. It's time for me
to go and be with him and see mom.
I'll tell her you said hello. But
before I go, promise me one thing.
You too, Josh.


Anything Chasity.
What is it?
Josh, I want you to be the one to
give this to Alex. (Takes out a
letter and a cross necklace.) Dad,
please never blame him for what
happened. It was an accident. I
just know that he needs to know
Jesus, like I know Jesus. Promise
my, dad. Promise me, Josh.
I promise, but Chasity the doctor
said you're on your own. You're
going to be just fine.
Daddy, I'm ready to go. Keep your
eyes on Jesus. I love you dad. I
love you Josh. Look, daddy, it's
Jesus. Can't you see him. He is so
bright. I'm coming Jesus.
Chasity reaches up as if to reach for Jesus. Wayne takes her
by the hand. Her hand that is reaching up falls onto the
bed. She slowly slips away.
Time seems to slow down here. The doctor and nurse rush in
and try to save Chasity.
Chasity... Chasity. Please, God
no. Baby. Please, no!
Chasity. Oh God, no. Dad, I'm so
sorry. I wish it would've been me.
Amazing Grace starts being sang over the action that is
going on.
                                         CROSS FADE SCENE


From the previous scene, when the scene cross fades into
Chasity's Funeral, there is a girl singing Amazing Grace on
stage. As the girl is singing, people enter and come around
to greet Wayne and Josh. They are sitting on the front row
of the church. Among the people, are Betty and Dan. Alex
enters towards the end of the song, but stays at the back of
the church. At the end of the song, the Pastor steps up to
the stage and speaks to the people.
Let us go to the Lord in prayer.
Dear Heavenly Father,
We come to you today, to lift up
Wayne and Josh. Lord, we just ask
that you be with them, as well as
other friends and family who have
experienced this great loss. In
Jesus name, Amen.
(To the people)
Friends, we're here to show
respect for Chasity Dawn Harris
and her family. Wayne has asked to
share a few words with us.
Wayne walks up to the stage and shakes hands with the
Pastor. The Pastor sits in a chair on stage and listens.
From the tragic events over the
last couple of days. We have found
that life is truly just a vapor.
And whether we want to admit it or
not, God wants us to make a
decision and follow him. The other
night as I held Chasity's hand, in
the hospital, even then she was
giving God the glory. That is the
way she lived her life every day.
If my daughter were here today,
she would have a message for each
person in this room. The message
would be that Jesus loves you. And
there's nothing that you can do to
make God hate you. If you'll just
accept Christ as your savior.
(Looks up and notices Alex sitting
in the back.)
Alex, my daughter even gave me
something to share with you...
Well, she wanted Joshua to be the


                       WAYNE (cont'd)
one to give it to you
Josh stands as Alex comes down the isle slowly. He is
Dear Alex, I know that you didn't
mean to do what you did, and I
want you to know that I forgive
you. I'm going to a better place,
so please don't worry about me
anymore. But run to the cross of
Jesus. There, you will find peace.
Jesus loved you so much that He
died for you. So give Him your
heart and live for Him. He'll
forgive you, if you just trust
Him. Your friend, Chasity.
Alex has made his way down the isle of the church. He and
Josh hug.
Alex, she also gave me this to
give to you.
(Takes out the cross necklace.)
She said she doesn't need it
anymore and that she hopes that it
will remind you of what JESUS did
for you.
      (Broken and crying)
I'm so sorry. Wayne, I don't know
how you could ever forgive me.
But, I'm tired of living my life
the way I'm living it. I know I
deserve to be punished for what I
did. I want to ask Jesus to
forgive me and come live in my
Wayne hugs Alex.
Pray to God, Alex. All you have to
do is call on his name and believe
that he died and rose just for
you. (To others sitting in the
room.) You can do this too.


      (Praying, very
God... I'm not worthy to come
before you. I know that I've done
wrong and I confess that I am a
sinner. I do believe in what you
did on the cross for me. And I
believe that you rose again to
give me life. I want you to come
live in my heart right now. God,
I'm sorry for what I've done.
Please, forgive me. I want to live
for you now. In Jesus name, Amen!
                                         CAMERA FADES TO
Wayne and Alex are riding in a car. Wayne is driving Alex to
his house.
I can't say enough how sorry I am.
I know that I'm forgiven, but I
also know the pain that I've
caused you for my stupid choices.
Alex, I'm just proud of you for
making the right choice tonight.
I'm not saying that it was meant
for my daughter to die at such a
young age, but look at what has
come from it. You have made the
most important decision of your
life accepting Christ as your
Wayne, can you please take me
home? I want to try and talk to my
dad about what I've done tonight.
He needs to know before it is too
late for him.
And don't forget about your other
friends, Alex. Tell everybody you
can about the Jesus that lives
inside you now. You have got one
powerful testimony. Use it for the


                       WAYNE (cont'd)
glory of the Lord.
Thank you so much. I probably
couldn't have been as strong as
you have been through all of this.
I hope I would be that strong. But
I don't know.
It's not easy. But I've come to
know the peace that God brings in
hard times. When I lost my wife, I
thought my world would be over.
But, I got into a great church
with a great pastor who loves me
and taught me that God's grace and
mercy far exceeds what man is
capable of. If you just trust that
He is all you need. You can make
it when it seems all hope is lost.
Because HE will be your hope.
Wayne pulls into Alex's driveway. Alex gets out.
Thanks again for the ride. I hope
that I can get through to my dad.
He really needs what I have now.
Wayne watches as Alex goes into his house. He bows his head
to pray. He starts to break down.
God, thank you for giving me
strength to get through this time.
Lord, thank you for using me to
get through to Alex. Lord, I know
that nothing happens without you
being aware. Lord, I just pray
that you be with Monica's mom and
dad as well. Lord, I can only
imagine what they are going
through. Give them the strength
that they need to get through this
time. Lord, I ask all this in your
wonderful Son's name, Jesus
Christ! AMEN!
                                         CAMERA FADES TO


Before the credits roll up a screen with words fades on and
On screen these words are shown.
                       SCREEN STATEMENT
The Bible tells us that the angels
in heaven rejoice when just one
person receives Christ as their
Savior. Alex's decision to follow
Christ was the most important
decision of his life. Now he can
be a witness for Christ. However,
for Monica it is too late to make
a decision. Chasity made her
decision while she was still
alive. The Bible tells us that it
is appointed unto man once to die,
and after this the judgment.
                       SCREEN STATEMENT (2)
Monica will have so many excuses
when she stands before God. It
doesn't matter if we go to church.
It doesn't matter if our parents
are Christians. It doesn't matter
if our names are on a church roll
or if we've been a leader in
church. If we haven't accepted
Christ as our Lord and Savior, if
we never ask him into our hearts,
then we will never see the Kingdom
of God. Hell wasn't created for
man. It was created for Satan and
his followers. It was God's
perfect plan that none would
perish, but all would come to
repentance through faith in Jesus
Christ. We are the one's who
choose to deny Christ and refuse
HIS plan for us. He went the
distance and became the ultimate
sacrifice for our sins. He loved
us so much that he died for us.
Monica, never accepted Christ as
her Savior. She chose to reject
His plan of eternity for her. Now
she has been sentenced to hell.
There is no way that we can defeat
hell accurately. It is a place of
utter torment and outer darkness.


                       SCREEN STATEMENT (cont'd)
A place of sorrow and pain. We
can't even imagine what it may be
like to be completely and totally
separated from God.
                       SCREEN STATEMENT (3)
Hell is definitely a real place.
Jesus Christ bridged the gap
between us and God. Only through
Him can we defeat the torments of
hell. Jesus didn't come only to
save us from hell, but to give us
life and life abundantly. Only
those who come by the way of the
cross will see heaven. Scripture
says that every knee shall bow and
every tongue will confess that
Jesus Christ is Lord. Only those
who bow in this life, believe in
Him, and ask him to come live in
their hearts will go to heaven. We
must recognize that we are sinners
and that Christ died for us, this
is Salvation. But just as sure as
there's a hell, there is a heaven.
After Christ died on the cross and
was resurrected, he ascended into
heaven and has gone to prepare a
place for all of those who believe
in Him. Do you know Him? Will YOU
be there?!?!


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