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Dead of Night
by John Bradley (johnrushbradley@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review: ****
After the zombie apocalypse strikes, twin vampires fight for survival against the undead and a vengeful master vampire, whom they have betrayed, as they race to save their estranged parents from certain death.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The setting sun awakens the bright lights of the Vegas
skyline, bringing the city to life.
Blood stained shoes shuffle along the cracked sand. Torn,
dirty pants. A blood soaked collared shirt. Gnashing teeth.
Hollow, opaque eyes.
DEAD MAN, a soulless vessel, moves towards the city like a
moth to a light.
A hundred yards away, car headlights shine as they maneuver
a curvy road towards the city.
Dead Man lets out a guttural SHRIEK. He breaks into full
sprint, chasing after the car.
SUPER: "Dead of Night"
Bright lights and loud noises overwhelm the senses. Hundreds
of inebriated party-goers in search of a good time.
A packed house.
DEVLIN, 40, debonair, sophisticated, mesmerizing eyes, sits
at a Blackjack table.
DEALER sits across from him, no one else at the table.
Devlin flips over his card, showing an Ace to go along with
his King. He smiles.
Dealer pushes a stack of chips Devlin's way.
You're on quite a roll.
Must be my lucky night.
Dealer flips cards between himself and Devlin.


AUBREY COOPER, 20, an air of danger about her, dark short
hair, blood red lipstick, leather jacket, approaches Devlin.
You almost done here -- I'm
I'll be a few more hands...
If that's alright with you?
You're in charge of this rodeo.
Devlin looks at his cards, two "Tens". Dealer looks at his,
two "Kings". Devlin stares deeply into Dealer's eyes.
You look like you could use
another card.
I could use another card.
Dealer gives himself another card, an "8". He stares at the
card bewildered as to why he took it.
Bust. You win again.
      (to Aubrey)
Where's your brother?
Aubrey shrugs her shoulders.
Thought he was with you?
Find him -- make sure he's not
getting into any trouble.
Dealer pushes a stack of chips Devlin's way. He scoops them
with a smile.
He takes a $5 chip, slides it over to Dealer.
Doing a great job.


PIT BOSS marches toward the table with NEW DEALER, switches
the two out.
      (to Devlin)
Have a good night, sir.
Already have.
Pit Boss marches Dealer away, holds him by the arm.
                       PIT BOSS
What the hell's wrong with you?
I swear, I don't know what
Aubrey meanders past rows of packed slot machines.
Where are you, Butthead?
She turns, her eyes light up. A few feet away...
JUSTIN COOPER, 20, stark features contrast his pale skin.
Sadness in his eyes. Aubrey's twin brother, stands at a pay
phone, ear pressed to the receiver.
Aubrey stops, crosses her arms. She watches her brother in
Justin doesn't speak, but appears to be listening. His face
grows more troubled with each passing moment.
Justin turns, spots Aubrey out of the corner of his eye. He
slams the pay phone back on the handle, flips around to his
Who, oh who is my brother chatting
with? Not like you have any
Just heard it ringing and thought
I'd answer.


What'd they want?
      (laughs nervously)
Some drunk guy trying to order a
Aubrey shoots Justin a smirk, shakes her head.
You're the worst liar I've ever
met. You'd think Devlin would've
made you a better one by now.
Whatever you say, sis-turd.
Aubrey reaches for the phone, grabs the receiver.
Maybe I'll just hit redial, see
for myself who you were talking
Justin, panicked, slams the receiver back down. Aubrey
stares at him, wide-eyed.
Look, there's something really
important I need to tell you--
Aubrey shakes her head, her eyes filling with concern.
You didn't do what I think you
did, did you?
A hand clamps down on each of Aubrey and Justin's shoulders,
causing them to jump.
They turn to see a smiling Devlin.
Who's ready to eat?


Packed with people. Waitresses busily move about.
Aubrey, Justin, and Devlin sit inconspicuously in the back,
scope the place out.
What about Chinese?
The three regard a group of Asian Businessmen drinking at a
We've been having them a lot
Justin smiles, motions to two attractive, scantily clad
women drinking at the bar.
They look yummy.
I can smell the venereal disease
on them from here.
Devlin nods to the end of the bar, where a clean-cut
BUSINESSMAN drinks by himself, watches the TELEVISION.
Are you sure you don't want--
Devlin shoots Justin an authoritative glare, quickly
shutting him up.
Aubrey, you know what to do.
Aubrey gives Devlin a flat smile, stands, saunters to the
The NEWS plays on the television.
She takes a seat next to Businessman, but doesn't look his
way. He sure notices her, though.
Aubrey motions to BARTENDER.


Crown Royal, please.
Coming right up.
Aubrey turns to the TELEVISION. NEWS ANCHOR reports from his
                       NEWS ANCHOR (V.O.)
Reports are the T.N.S. pandemic
has spread through cities all
along the east coast, as
authorities desperately try to
contain it.
Insert: Images of zombies attacking large crowds in a major
city square. Police pepper them with bullets.
Back to News Anchor.
                       NEWS ANCHOR (V.O.)
States of Emergency have been
declared in New York, New Jersey,
Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.
There are reports that the
pandemic is starting to make its
way west.
      (to Aubrey)
Crazy world we live in, huh?
Aubrey turns to Businessman, offers a faint smile.
It's all happened so fast, they
just got the first reports
Businessman returns her smile and extends his hand. She
shakes it.
Name's Bret.
She stares deeply into his eyes. Businessman is mesmerized.
Justin strolls by and slips a pill into Businessman's drink
without him noticing.


What brings you to Sin City?
A good time. You?
Marketing conference. Your reason
sounds a whole lot better.
Bartender drops off Aubrey's shot. She lifts her glass.
Then to a good time.
Businessman and Aubrey clink glasses, down their drinks.
Businessman, clearly loopy, tie loosened, laughs
And the she says, I thought you
were the plumber!
Businessman slaps his knee, barely able to keep himself
Devlin, Aubrey and Justin sit around him at the table. None
look amused by the joke. Businessman does not notice.
You're so funny, Burt.
It's Bret. My name's Bret, like
the quarterback.
Businessman lifts his arm, like he's throwing a football.
What's a quarterback?
Businessman looks around, bemused.
Where am I?
A horrified FEMALE SCREAM rings out.
Everyone turns in the direction it came.


Dead Man, who we met earlier, violently sinks his teeth into
FEMALE TOURISTS arm, squirting blood everywhere.
Several Guards come to her rescue. One shoots a taser into
Dead Man, with no affect.
Dead Man turns, leaps at that Guard, tackles him to the
Another Guard puts Dead Man into a choke hold, only to get
bit for his troubles. Guard shrieks!
The other Guards grab their clubs, beat Dead Man to a pulp.
They pick him up and drag him to a back room.
Casino Personnel rush to the aid of Female Tourist, who
drips blood everywhere.
Hushed murmurs room rampant through the Casino. The place
could break out into a panic.
Justin, Aubrey and Devlin stare at the scene in awe.
Did that really just happen?
Businessman breaks out into hysterical LAUGHTER, drawing
attention to the group. He claps his hands.
What a wonderful play! What did
you say it was called again?
Devlin motions to Justin. They both stand and help
Businessman to his feet.
Who are you guys? My name's
Burt...I mean, Bret. Like the
We're just taking you to your
They lead him away towards the bathroom.
Pit Boss stands in the middle of the Lobby, WHISTLES to get
the room's attention.


                       PIT BOSS
Sorry about the incident folks,
but everything's under control
now. Let's all have a good time
Pit Boss' words do little to ease the tension and concern
that's filled the room.
Pit Boss hurries to the back room Dead Man was dragged to.
Justin and Devlin carry Businessman into a stall, plop him
down on the toilet.
Justin reaches into his pocket, pulls out a syringe with a
tube connected to a large glass canister.
Devlin rolls up Businessman's sleeve, grabs the needle and
pokes it into the man's vein.
Businessman blinks his eyes open, looks at Devlin.
I can't get a tattoo, Bonnie will
kill me!
Businessman tilts his head back, his eyes shut. Devlin
Blood fills the canister.
Justin and Devlin emerge from the bathroom. Justin taps a
nearby Security Guard on the shoulder.
Hey, there's a guy passed out in
the stall -- I think he's had a
little too much to drink.
                       SECURITY GUARD
Shit, like I ain't got enough
problems tonight.
I hear you.
Security Guard makes his way into the bathroom.


An Official Voice echoes across the announce system.
                       OFFICIAL (V.O.)
Ladies and gentlemen, at this time
the casino is closing its doors in
response to a public health
crisis. If you are not a
registered guest at the hotel, we
kindly ask that you exit
Aubrey approaches her brother and Devlin. They stare at the
panic casino goers exiting.
Have you ever seen anything like
Black death.
The confused and panicked masses flood the streets as every
casino along the strip closes its doors.
Justin, Aubrey and Devlin flow out with the sea of people.
Several Emergency vehicles, sirens blaring, fight through
congested traffic.
Let's take the back way.
Dark. Dirty. Lifeless. Our three vampires make their way
Devlin smirks at a nervous looking Aubrey.
People should be afraid of running
into you in a dark alley, not the
other way around.


The comment relaxes Aubrey, makes her crack a small smile.
The three turn the corner.
LIGHT CRIES emanate from behind a dumpster. Aubrey stops.
Devlin shoots her an authoritative look.
We need to go.
Aubrey ignores Devlin, approaches the dumpster. She peers
behind it.
A YOUNG GIRL, 8, sits crouched, crying, back to Aubrey.
Young Girl looks up at Aubrey with her opaque eyes. Aubrey
gets closer.
Are you lost? Where are your
                       YOUNG GIRL
It hurts really bad.
What does?
Young Girl exposes a large, bloody bite wound on her
shoulder. Aubrey's heart sinks.
We need to get you to a doctor.
Young Girl's eyes flutter to the back of her head. She drops
to the ground, passes out.
Aubrey rushes to her side. She shakes Young Girl.
                       DEVLIN (O.S.)
Leave her!
Hey, stay with me, you can't go to
Young Girl opens her soulless eyes, SHRIEKS. She lunges at
Aubrey trying to bite her neck.
Aubrey jolts away, narrowly avoiding teeth.


Justin shoots over, grabs Young Girl, and launches her into
the dumpster.
Aubrey hurries to flip the lid shut. She holds it down.
Young Girl snarls like a rabid animal, trying to break
Justin grabs a large cinder-block, places it on top. Devlin
approaches, shakes his head.
Wolves do not concern themselves
with the fate of sheep.
Modern. Expensive.
An elevator door opens. Aubrey, Justin and Devlin exit. They
make their way toward the end of the hallway.
      (to Aubrey)
You okay?
I'm fine.
An apartment door opens. MISS DARCY, 60, widowed, in serious
need of a friend, rushes out.
                       MISS DARCY
I thought I heard the elevator.
Hey, Miss Darcy.
                       MISS DARCY
Have you been watching the news --
what's happing, it's dreadful?
The three vampires reach their door. Devlin pulls out his
keys, unlocks the door.
We were just out there.
                       MISS DARCY
Is it as bad as they say? I heard
it's a virus. Have you been in
contact with anyone?


Devlin fakes a violent cough.
Oh, plenty of people. I'm starting
to feel a bit of a cold coming on.
Devlin coughs in Miss Darcy's direction. She gasps,
horrified and rushes back to her apartment, slamming the
door behind her.
Devlin lets out a satisfied laugh as the three enter the
Sleek and modern. A black and white layout. Ultra violet
light protecting tinted wall windows show an amazing view of
the city.
The three vampires enter. Devlin shudders, begins to shed
his clothes.
I need to rid myself of this foul
stench of human. Prepare dinner,
my children.
Sure thing.
Devlin enters the bathroom, closing the door behind him. The
shower turns on.
Justin pulls out the tube of blood, shuffles into the
Justin grabs three wine glasses, sets them on the counter.
Aubrey storms after him, grabs Justin by the shoulder, spins
him around.
I need to know why you lied to me.
Justin, hands slightly trembling, fills the wine glasses
with blood.
We need to leave, tomorrow.
What? Why?


It's Mom... she's dying.
You spoke to her!
I didn't say a word, I just
listened. I call every year on her
Aubrey punches him square in the nose. He recoils.
What the hell's wrong with you?
You know what Devlin will do to
us...to them, if he found out!
She has a brain tumor. The doctor
said she only has a few months.
The news stuns Aubrey like a kick to the gut.
The shower shuts off in the other room. Justin and Aubrey
hurry to bring the wine glasses to the dining table.
Devlin emerges from the shower, refreshed, with a smile.
Let's eat!
The three vampires sit at the dinner table, sipping their
blood filled wine glasses.
Aubrey and Justin are distracted, clearly in their own
worlds. Devlin senses this, eyes them over suspiciously.
I smell...
(sniffs the air)
I smell lilac.
Justin and Aubrey exchange a confused look.
Devlin smirks and stands. He holds his hands behind his back
as he paces towards the twins.


See, after you've been a vampire
as long as I have, your senses
develop in ways you never thought
Devlin stands behind Justin, his face inches from the back
of his head. Devlin breaths deeply.
To me, secrets smell like lilac.
And you two absolutely reek of it.
The nervousness grows in both Aubrey and Justin.
I don't know what you're talking
It's been a long day with
everything that's happened--
Devlin squeezes his hands against Justin's head.
But, what I can't figure out is
why you two are spending so much
energy blocking me from reading
your thoughts.
Devlin spins Justin around, looks deeply into his scared
Devlin's eyes slowly grow yellow with anger.
Your mother.
Devlin, I--
Devlin snarls, baring his fangs. He slams Justin's head on
the table, spilling all three glasses of blood.
Devlin lifts Justin, launches him into the wall, putting a
body sized dent in it.
Aubrey jumps up, rushes to her brother's defense.
Devlin, stop!


Devlin hits Aubrey with a vicious backhand, sending her
I give you both immortality and in
return I receive disloyalty?
Devlin marches over to Justin, delivers several brutal kicks
to his abdomen.
You were both given a choice and
you knew the rules when you made
We know.
I'm sorry, master.
If I ever catch either of you
trying to communicate with your
parents... if I even so much as
catch you thinking about it, I
will drive down to that shit-hole
town I found you two and pay mom
and dad a visit. Are we clear?
Aubrey and Justin nod. Devlin regards the spilled blood.
Clean up this mess you two made.
Devlin marches to his bedroom, slams the door as he enters.
A beat down pickup truck cruises down a dirt road. Rows of
corn on both sides of it. This is middle America.
The decor modest and homey.
PATRICK COOPER, 50's, thick build, salt and pepper, hair,
grabs a pot of coffee with a calloused hand, fills two cups.
He grabs the cups, walks past a shrine dedicated to Justin
and Aubrey. Pictures, trophies, and other personal effects.


Patrick regards it solemnly before continuing to the
You almost ready, Martha -- we
don't want to be late?
                       AUBREY (O.S.)
Be right down.
MARTHA COOPER, 50, wholesome, hopeful eyes, despite the sick
nature of her body, ambles down the stairs.
You look beautiful.
Patrick hands her the cup of coffee. She accepts it with a
My hero.
An older truck from the 70's that has been shown great love
and care by its owner.
Patrick drives. Martha rides shotgun. The RADIO plays.
                       RADIO ANNOUNCER (V.O.)
Reports are coming in from all
across the country about the rapid
spread of the T.N.S. virus. The
CDC, which is calling this the
most dangerous pandemic in modern
human history...
Patrick turns the radio off. Martha gives him a look like 'I
was listening to that'.
We have more important things to
worry about today.
The truck passes a sign reading, "Welcome to Lincoln,
Patrick circles the packed parking lot, looking for a space.


I've never seen it this busy.
Martha points.
There's a spot back there.
A car cuts in front of them, HONKS. It steals the spot.
A HYSTERICAL WOMAN hops out of the car, covered in blood.
She rushes towards the Emergency Room.
Martha gives Patrick a worried look.
Patrick and Martha, holding hands, walk past the sliding
glass doors overflowing ER.
An ambulance, sirens blaring, comes screaming to the
Two EMTs hop out, push in a Bloody Man, who's in agony, on a
stretcher past Patrick and Martha.
A NURSE rushes up.
Bite victim, carotid artery.
Jesus, that's the fifth one today!
Patrick and Martha sit in adjacent chairs. Patrick fidgets.
He looks up at a clock, sighs.
Be patient, Patrick.
Martha extends her hand. Patrick holds it.


It's just... he should have been
back by now.
The door swings open. An exhausted DOCTOR rushes in.
Sorry about the wait Mr. and Mrs.
Cooper, it's been a mad house here
The T.N.S. pandemic?
Doctor nods.
Once you leave the hospital today
stock up on food and water. Listen
to the radio and don't leave the
house till the CDC says it's safe.
We will.
How did the test go?
Mixed. The Rophital has seemed to
stop the spread of the tumor, but
there's no sign of remission.
Patrick hangs his head, devastated.
I wish the news was better, but
hope isn't lost. There's a new
electrical based treatment I'd
like to try.
Electrical based?
It's really cutting edge and
patient trials have shown some
very positive results--
The door flies open, Nurse, blood splattered across her
uniform gives Doctor a panicked look.


Dr. Richards, we need you, it's an
I'm in the middle--
Before Doctor can finish his sentence, Nurse bolts out the
door. Doctor stands, takes a deep breath. He gives Martha
and Patrick an apologetic look.
I'm so sorry, let me check on this
and I'll be right back.
Patrick waves him to go. Doctor rushes out of the room,
closing the door behind him.
I don't want you to get down,
maybe this new treatment's the
I know, I was just really hoping--
A VIOLENT SCREAM comes from outside the room. Martha shoots
Patrick a scared look.
That sounded awful.
I'll go check it out. Just wait
right here.
Patrick stands and makes his way to the door. He opens it
and enters the
Patrick peers out to the right. Two ORDERLIES in the
direction of the crossing hallway.
Patrick hurries down the hallway and turns the corner.
A zombie gnaws at Doctor's neck, gushing his blood across
the wall like a bad Jackson Pollack painting.
The two Orderlies get a restraining jacket on zombie, and a
cover for his mouth. They fight him away down the hall and
into a room.


Two Nurses rush to Doctor's aide. They put pressure over the
massive wound.
A BLOOD CURDLING SCREAM from not to far away. Nurse #2
stands, wipes tears from her eyes.
                       NURSE #2
I can't do this anymore.
Nurse #2 runs away, brushing past Patrick.
You can't leave me here!
Nurse turns to Patrick, gives him a desperate look.
Sir, please go to your room and
close the door.
Patrick nods and backs away.
We pan out and see a large shadow figure standing at the
opposite end of the hallway, behind Patrick. IT SNARLS.
Patrick turns.
REDNECK ZOMBIE, large and menacing, glares at Patrick with
murderous intentions. Licks his lips.
Patrick raises his hands, backs up.
Hey, take it easy...
Redneck Zombie charges at Patrick, full sprint. He tackles
Patrick to the ground.
Patrick holds Redneck Zombie back, doing everything in his
power not to get bit.
Redneck Zombie's teeth are inches away from sinking into
Patrick's shoulder.
The room door opens, Martha steps out.
Get off of him!
Redneck Zombie turns to Martha, loosens his hold on Patrick.
He gets up snarling at her.


Martha holds her ground.
Redneck Zombie moves closer to Martha, ready to strike.
Patrick leaps up, slams Redneck Zombie's head into the wall,
momentarily dazing him.
Patrick zooms into the room, grabs the doorknob. Redneck
Zombie recovers, lunges at them. Patrick slams the door in
his face.
Redneck Zombie SNARLS, pounds on the door, trying to break
it down.
A CONFUSED PATIENT shuffles down the other end of the
                       CONFUSED PATIENT
What's going on out here?
Redneck Zombie turns, sees Confused Patient. He lets out a
SHRIEK and sprints after him.
Patrick paces around in a panic. Martha looks at him,
Patrick, talk to me. Tell me
what's happening?
Barricade... We need to barricade.
Patrick grabs the bed, struggles as he drags it in front of
the door, ripping wires from their electrical sockets.
You're destroying hospital
Patrick grabs two chairs, shoves them in front of the door,
on top of the bed.
They're dead. They're all dead.


Who? Who's all dead?
Aubrey sleeps in bed, breaths with a slight snore. She turns
in bed, mid-nightmare.
A thunderous BOOM shakes the building, jolts Aubrey awake.
She gets out of bed, tiptoes to her bedroom door, peeks out.
Her eyes meet Justin's, who peeks out from his bedroom at
the same time.
You hear that?
What was it?
The building rattles. Justin and Aubrey rush into the
Devlin stands in front of the window-wall, staring out with
a satisfied look.
What the hell's going on?
Without turning, Devlin motions them towards the window.
They approach.
Come see for yourselves.
Total chaos. Hundreds of zombies violently attack people.
Gunshots ring out. Explosions. Car crashes.


Aubrey and Justin stare at the scene in shock and horror.
Devlin smiles.
Oh my God.
We have front row seats to the end
of the world. It never felt so
good to be on top of the food
chain, has it?
This... This makes you happy?
Devlin turns to his two underlings, glares at them
You like hiding in the shadows?
Hiding who you are? Knowing if
they found out what you are they'd
destroy you? That's all gone now.
We can finally be who we were
meant to be without fear.
And what are we, Devlin?
The three vampires pause, a mixture of curiosity and
nervousness between them.
      (to Devlin)
Do we answer it?
                       MISS DARCY (O.S.)
Devlin, Aubrey, Justin... are any
of you in there? Please open up?
She continues to POUND the door.
Devlin marches to the door, swings it open, revealing a fear
stricken Miss Darcy.
                       MISS DARCY
Oh, thank goodness you three are


We were actually in the middle of
Miss Darcy shuffles past Devlin and into the apartment.
                       MISS DARCY
Have you seen the carnage out
there -- it's absolutely dreadful.
We're all in danger.
Some of us more than others.
                       MISS DARCY
The television said to stay
indoors until the pandemic was
over, but that it could take
weeks. I just wanted to tell you I
have plenty to eat -- you guys are
welcome to whatever you like.
That's very generous of you.
Devlin's eyes go yellow as he bares his fangs. Aubrey
reaches her arm out.
Devlin sinks his teeth into Miss Darcy's neck. Her arms
flail like a gazelle trapped in a lion's mouth.
Devlin gouges into Miss Darcy's neck till there is no
movement from his victim.
He looks up at Justin, who is horrified, with a bloody
Join me.
A vase smashes into Devlin's head, dropping him to the
ground in a daze.
Justin looks in shock at Aubrey, who just delivered the
vicious blow to their master.


Aubrey and Justin bolt out of the apartment as Devlin
struggles to regain his bearings.
Some lights off, the ones that are on flicker. The building
feels lifeless.
Aubrey and Justin sprint as fast as their legs will carry
                       DEVLIN (V.O.)
You two are dead, do you hear me?!
Aubrey and Justin exchange a concerned look as they turn a
corner. Justin points.
Smoke billows up the dark stairwell. They rush down, brush
past a couple of frantic people on their way up.
BOOM! Another explosion rattles the building. Aubrey and
Justin keep going.
What do we do now?
I thought you had a plan?
Hitting Devlin in the head and
running was as far as I got.
WHOOSH! Something flies by them down the stairs.
What was that?
Aubrey shrugs her shoulders. The two reach the smoky bottom,
so close to freedom.
                       DEVLIN (O.S.)
You thought getting away from me
would be that easy?


Devlin appears through the smoke, stopping Aubrey and Justin
in their tracks.
Justin and Aubrey back up towards the wall as Devlin
advances on them.
I'm your master -- I can see
everything you think, everything
you feel.
Realization sets in on Aubrey's face.
You knew I was going to attack
I wasn't sure you had the courage.
The world you grew up in has been
so docile. You two have been
coddled. You've had me protecting
you. You never had to use your
powers. You've never had to fight
to survive.
You're a monster.
Devlin backs them up to the wall, gets in their faces.
Aubrey and Justin shudder as they can feel his breath.
And so are you. Now it's time to
start acting like it.
What're you saying?
All is forgiven if you come back
with me now.
Shock and anger fill Devlin's face.
We're going home.


Then your fate is sealed, along
with your parents.
Justin throws a punch at Devlin, who easily avoids it.
Devlin slams Justin face first into the wall.
Aubrey rushes to Justin's side, protectively crouches
between her brother and Devlin.
Devlin cracks his neck, smirks.
You two are so weak, so pathetic.
Have you really thought this
Justin and Aubrey give him a questioning look.
I never held you against your
will. You chose not to go back.
Just like you're choosing to leave
now. Your parents would never
forgive you -- never accept the
monsters you've become.
Justin and Aubrey exchange a look with one another, 'Maybe
he's right'.
Luckily for them, I'm going to
burry you both so they never have
to see what you become.
Devlin's eyes glow yellow. He bares his fangs, ready to
A large blast crumbles the wall around the three vampires,
burying them. Devlin gets the worst of it.
Smoke clears, revealing a hole in the wall with a view of
the chaotic strip.
Cars engulfed in flames. Zombies, by the dozens chase down
and devour people.
Military Personnel, in armored vehicles, take down as many
zombies as they can with their heavy weaponry.


Justin and Aubrey slowly emerge from the rubble. Dazed, they
brush themselves off.
We need to find a way out of the
city, pronto.
Justin and Aubrey emerge from the blazing, smoke filled
condo. They gaze around the carnage and chaos, unsure what
to do.
A zombie comes barreling at Aubrey, tackles her to the
ground. It tries to sink its teeth into her.
Justin's eyes turn yellow, sharp claws extend from his
finger tips. He leaps at the zombie, slicing at its head.
The wounded zombie gets off of Aubrey, turns to Justin.
Justin nervously backs up. The zombie gets ready to strike.
A car SLAMS into zombie, taking it out, then crashes into a
Justin reaches his hand out, helps Aubrey up.
You okay?
Aubrey nods.
Two Soldiers in a camo Hum-V fire their machine guns at an
approaching wave of zombies.
One after another the already dead bodies hit the floor, but
more keep coming, attracted by the noise.
The swarm overwhelms the two Soldiers, dragging them out of
their vehicle, tearing away at their flesh.
Justin points to the armored vehicle. They rush to it and
hop in.
They hit the gas, weaving the Hum-V through fiery wreckage
and the undead.


Devlin emerges from the rubble of the burning condo, dusts
himself off. His eyes fierce as he watches his two pupils
drive away.
A zombie growls as it barrels at Devlin from his side.
Without turning, Devlin extends his claws and slices the
zombie's head off.
Green emergency lights illuminate the room.
Patrick leans against the wall, his eyes flutter to stay
awake. Martha lies asleep, curled in his arms.
A WOMAN SCREAMS in the distance, from being attacked. She is
quickly silenced.
Patrick shudders at the noise. A single tear drops from his
eye. This stirs Martha awake.
Martha wipes the tear from his eye. He quickly toughens up.
I didn't mean to wake you.
Is it safe to go out?
Patrick shakes his head 'no'.
We're going to be okay. We've
survived worse.
Yeah. Yeah, we have.
I was dreaming about them.
Oh, Martha...
I know you've given up hope--
It's been ten years.


We will see them again, I have no
I don't like you doing this to
No matter what happens, promise me
you wont give up on them.
Patrick squirms, not sure what to say.
I promise, Mart--
GUNFIRE ERUPTS not far from them.
Patrick and Martha stand, back away from the door. He
protectively shields her.
                       SOLDIER (O.S.)
Anybody alive in here needing
help? Last bus out of here leaves
Patrick and Martha exchange a questioning look. Patrick nods
reassuringly to her.
                       SOLDIER (O.S.)
Okay, see ya.
In here!
Patrick rushes to the door, clears the makeshift barricade.
                       SOLDIER (O.S.)
Hurry, the coast is clear.
Patrick takes Martha's hand, swings the door open. He is
greeted by the barrel of a machine gun.
SOLDIER stands at the other end of the barrel, nervously
looks them over.
Either of you bit?
Patrick and Martha both shake their heads 'no'. Soldier
motions for them to follow.


Green emergency lights are the only thing illuminating the
dark, lifeless hallway.
Soldier hurries them down the hallway. Martha has to stop
herself from shrieking at massive blood stains painting the
The low hum of zombies growling in the distance is ever
When they speak, it's in hushed whispers.
We're loading up on supplies,
medicine, anything we can get our
hands on.
The three turn a corner into a
Soldier hands Patrick a small bag, then starts scavenging
items, tossing them into the bag.
There's a couple hundred of us --
we're looking for more.
Early 80's, our government built a
huge doomsday bunker to hold a
thousand people,, lighting to self
sustain food, generators, the
What? Where?
Ten miles north of Creekbury.
There's nothing out there.


Soldier finishing raiding the room, motions for them to move
The three stealthily make their way towards a main
stairwell. Soldier motions them to stop. They peek around
the corner.
A group of zombies eat away at person. Soldier grimaces,
obviously knew the person.
I'm sorry.
Soldier motions them to turn back. He bangs his leg on an
overturned metal cart, making a noise.
The zombies SHRIEK, sprint after the three, who run as fast
as they can.
What do we do?
Soldier points to a room.
In there!
Patrick opens the door. Him and Martha hurry inside. Soldier
turns, opens fir, taking out four zombies. He runs into the
room and closes the door behind him, a second before the
remaining zombies reach.
Zombies furiously pound the door, cracking it. Soldier and
Patrick grab the bed, drag it in front of the door. A
temporary fix.
What now?
Soldier looks around, thinking. His eyes land on the window.
He raises his machine gun.


Stand back.
Patrick shields Martha as they take a couple steps back.
Soldier fires two bullets in the window, shattering it.
Tie the bed sheets together.
He peeks out the window, only a handful of zombies linger in
the parking lot. Soldier takes them out with machine gun
Patrick hands Soldier two tide bed sheets. Soldier wraps
them around the window frame.
Zombies crack the door even further, close to getting in.
Patrick slides down the bed sheet, lands safely on the
parking lot pavement.
The door breaks more, a zombie gets his body halfway
through, snarls. Soldier blasts it in the head.
Martha slides down the bed sheet next, lands safely in
Patrick's arms.
Soldier gets on the bed sheet just as the zombies crash
through the door.
They swarm Soldier, sinking their teeth into him. He screams
as blood gushes from him.
Soldier reaches out, with his last bit of strength, and
tosses the machine gun down to Patrick and Martha.
Soldier looks desperately at Patrick, who picks up the gun.
Patrick returns a compassionate stare.
Thank you.
Patrick puts a bullet right between Soldier's eyes. He turns
to Martha.


Let's go.
Patrick grabs Martha's hand. They rush for their truck.
The zombies turn their attention to the fleeing couple. One
by one they leap from the window, crashing onto the
Martha stumbles, drops to the ground, grabs her ankle.
You okay?
I'm fine.
She's clearly not. Patrick lifts her up, braces her, as they
limp to the car.
Several zombies gain ground on them. Patrick sprays them
down with bullets rights as they reach striking distance.
Patrick and Martha reach the car and get in. Patrick starts
it and runs over two zombie as he speeds away.
Congested with cars desperately trying to leave the city.
Justin and Aubrey's HUM-V crawls its way through traffic.
HORNS HONK. There is fear and tension on the road.
Justin driving. Aubrey riding shotgun. She digs through the
back, finds a couple of assault riffles.
Oh yeah, we'll definitely need
Whose great idea was it to take
the freeway again?
You didn't have a problem with it
twenty minutes ago.


We just need to get out of the
We're doing our best.
What the fuck?
Something up ahead catches Aubrey's attention. Justin turns
to look.
This isn't good.
A military barricade gets setup ahead. Two large trucks push
cement barricades, blocking everyone in.
Several Hum-V's, heavily armored, pull up behind the
A COMMANDER pops out the top of an armored vehicle, gets on
a bullhorn. His voice echoes loudly.
Under authority of the United
States military, the city of Las
Vegas and all its inhabitants are
to immediately to be quarantined.
The crowded highway goes into an angry uproar.
Anyone attempting to escape will
be met with deadly force.
The last comment sends the crowd into a scared murmur.
Aubrey and Justin exchange a 'what the fuck do we do now'
A VIOLENT SCREAM several yards behind them.
Justin and Aubrey turn. They see a commotion. Violent sounds
of zombies smashing windows.


Cars crash into one another in a desperate attempt to get
Shoot the infected!
Two dozen military personnel open fire with automatic
weapons, ripping into both zombies and people
Justin and Aubrey duck as several shots tag their Hum-V.
Fuck, what do we do?
They both peer out the window.
A jumbo military aircraft flies overhead, flanked by several
helicopters. It heads straight for the heart of the city.
Aubrey and Justin exchange a concerned look.
They're bombing the city.
A zombie slams on the driver's side window, cracking it. A
bullet rips through its head.
Justin sits up and hits the gas. He turns the Hum-V
sideways, barrels through several cars.
The Hum-V takes a deep dip over the median, crosses to the
empty other side of the highway.
Commander spots the Hum-V making a break for the desert,
points them out.
Eliminate them!
The soldiers turn their fire to the Hum-V. Several bullets
rip into it.
The soldiers turn as a wave of zombies jump the barricade,
ambush them.
The soldiers desperately fire, taking several out. But there
are too many of them. Gnarling teeth rip into several of the


The Hum-V reaches the desert floor.
Justin and Aubrey look in the rear view mirror, exchange a
sigh of relief.
We made it!
The Hum-V's wheel fly into the air, nearly flipping it over.
Justin and Aubrey bonk their heads on the roof.
Holy shit!
A GIGANTIC EXPLSOION turns Las Vegas into a fireball. A
mushroom cloud expands over the city and high into the sky.
The Hum-V's tires slam down on the sand. It comes to a stop.
Justin and Aubrey stare in awe at the destruction behind
That got him, right? He couldn't
have survived that.
I don't know.
The Hum-V speeds along, its headlights illuminate the still,
lifeless landscape.
Justin drives. Aubrey flips through radio stations. Static.
Static. More static. Finally she picks one up.
                       RADIO ANNOUNCER (V.O.)
Reports of blasts in dozens of
major cities including Hong Kong,
Paris, New York, Brussels and so
many others in a desperate attempt
to contain the T.N.S. virus from
spreading. The interior of the
U.S. has mostly been spared, but
with containment efforts failing,


                       RADIO ANNOUNCER (cont'd)
that could soon change.
I hope we get to Mom and Dad
before it's too late.
Aubrey grimaces, unsure what to say. She turns her attention
back to the radio.
                       RADIO ANNOUNCER (V.O.)
My God folks, this is the end.
Reach out to the ones you love and
hold them close.
LOUD BANGS over the radio.
                       RADIO ANNOUNCER (V.O.)
Hey, you can't be in here!
GURGLED GROWLS over the radio.
                       RADIO ANNOUNCER (V.O.)
Oh, God! Please, no!
A VIOLENT SCREAM. Teeth tear away at flesh. The screams
stop. The sounds of meat being devoured.
Aubrey shuts the radio off, exchanges a concerned look with
Justin points at a glimmer of light peeking over the
We're going to have to camp down.
The Hum-V sits parked in the desolate sand.
Aubrey and Justin put the finishing touches on covering all
the back windows with fabric, blocking out the sunlight.
They both curl up on the floor. Justin notices the concern
on Aubrey's face.
What's wrong?


What if we get home and Mom and
Dad don't forgive us? What if they
think we're monsters?
I don't know, Aubrey. All I know
is we'd never forgive ourselves if
Devlin got to them, or one of
those.... things. We have to make
it there.
Do you think Devlin... Do you
think he made it out of the city?
                       DEVLIN (V.O.)
I made it just fine, Aubrey. I'll
see you both at Mom and Dad's for
Aubrey and Justin exchange a scared look.
A girlie dresser with a large mirror attached.
Aubrey, headphones in her ears, connected to a
Walkman. She sports a leather jacket and a bad perm.
She fixes her makeup in front of the mirror. She puts the
finishing touches on her lipstick, smacks her lips.
She cuts off the music and marches out of the room.
She puts the lipstick down, searches for something on her
nightstand. She can't find it. A frustrated grunt.
Dirty laundry littered about, bed unmade, a Back to the
Future poster crookedly tacked to the wall.
A mini weight set in the middle of the room, Justin, in
a wife beater, bandanna around his head, does bench presses.


The bedroom door flies open, Aubrey storms in.
Hey, dilweed, stop borrowing my
hairspray without asking!
She marches to his dresser, snatches a bright bottle of
Looks like you've used enough
Aubrey makes an irritated face, flips him off. She sniffs
the air, waves her hand in front of her face.
God, your room stinks.
You can leave any time you know?
You better shower before
Christina's party. You're
girlfriend Mindy's supposed to be
Shut your stupid face.
The door opens, Patrick, now in his late 30's, enters,
stares at his kids with a look of reserved anger.
Martha, now in her late 30's, stands behind her man.
Okay, who did it?
Justin and Aubrey exchange concerned looks.
Did what?
Patrick pulls a fresh cigarette butt from his shirt pocket.
Well, I'm waiting.
Justin and Aubrey gulp.


You know they say those things
cause cancer. I want you guys to
live a long life.
I don't know how that got there.
Patrick turns to Aubrey.
Me either.
Please, just come clean and be
honest with us.
Justin and Aubrey shuffle their feet.
Then you both can be grounded for
a week.
Aubrey flails her arms up. Justin looks at his parents in
That's not fair! Mom, you can't
let him do this!
You should be thankful, one week
was my idea.
Aubrey and Justin look down, defeated. Patrick and Martha
exit the room.
You don't even bother hiding your
butts anymore?
Jesus, I forgot, I'm sorry.
Well, thanks to you, there's no
party for us tonight.
Oh, we're going. We just have to
wait for Mom and Dad to go to


                                         END FLASHBACK
Patrick driving, Martha riding shotgun, pulls the pickup
truck into the driveway. They both look tired and worse for
Patrick gets out, opens the door for Martha. He holds her
hands as they make their way to the house.
We have a couple hours to pack. I
bet we can find that base before
dark. I know the general area--
Martha stops in her tracks. Patrick turns to her.
We're not leaving.
Martha, it's not safe--
--This is our home. If the
doctor's right--
--Don't say it.
It doesn't matter. I'm staying.
Patrick puts his hands on his hips, sighs. Martha marches to
the house, slams the door behind her.
The fence surrounding the property is now wrapped in barbed
wire. The driveway entrance now blocked off with a makeshift
metal fence.
Patrick, covered in sweat, covers the last bare inch of
fence with barbed wire.
He wipes a puddle of sweat from his red face, flings it on
the grass.


The front door to the house opens. Martha exits with a tray
of food. A sandwich and a glass of lemonade. She makes her
way to Patrick.
I appreciate everything you did
Patrick grabs the sandwich, quickly woofs it down. He chugs
the lemonade.
There's still so much more that
needs done. I think tomorrow I'll
make a run to Jerry's farm, get
some corn, see if he's still
there. Raid his house if he isn't.
Things always seem darkest before
the dawn, but we will get through
Martha extends her hand. Patrick lovingly holds it.
DISTANT GROWLS. Patrick and Martha turn in their direction.
Two zombies meander up the dirt road towards the house. They
spot Patrick and Martha, make a mad dash towards them, ready
to kill.
I was hoping it would be a while
before they made it here.
The zombies run right into the barbed wire, tangling
Martha jumps. Patrick puts a reassuring hand on her
Go inside, I'll be there in a
Patrick grabs an ax by his feet, makes his way towards the
zombies. He whispers a quick prayer to himself. Then
violently decapitates one.
The dying rays of the Sun disappear over the horizon.


Aubrey, pale sickly, covered in sweat blinks her eyes open.
She grabs her stomach GROANS in pain.
Justin, in no better shape, awakens.
We need to get blood soon.
I know.
Sun's down. We should get moving.
A sleepy, quiet road. A family sedan speeds along.
JILLIAN, 30, a stark brunette behind the wheel, a shotgun by
her side.
BRIAN, 8, sits restlessly in the backseat.
How much further to Uncle Joe's
Just a few more hours. You want to
chase the chickens when we get
How long are we staying?
Probably for a while.
Are we ever going back home?
Jillian turns to give him a reassuring look.
I don't know, honey.


Devlin stands in the middle of the road, waving his hands
for her to stop.
Jillian turns her attention back to the road, gasps at the
sight of Devlin. She slams on the brakes, but it's too late.
The sedan clips Devlin, sending him flying to the side of
the road. He lands out of sight.
What did you hit?
Jillian pulls the car to a stop, turns to Brian.
Are you alright?
Brian nods.
Stay in the car -- I'll be right
Jillian grabs the shotgun, exits the vehicle.
Jillian raises the shotgun, carefully makes her way towards
You shouldn't have been out in the
middle of the road like that.
Jillian gets closer to Devlin. He lies on the ground,
wincing, faking pain.
Please don't shoot. I don't mean
any harm.
I didn't see you. I'm really


      (regards his leg)
I think... I think it's broken.
A Zombie GROWLS in the far off distance.
You shouldn't have been standing
in the middle of the road.
Please don't leave me out here. I
can't even run now-- they'll eat
me alive!
A Zombie GROWL is even a little closer now.
She extends her hand, helps Devlin up.
I'll drop you off somewhere safe
to recover.
Thank you.
She motions her shotgun to Devlin.
If you do anything to endanger me
or my son, I will end you.
Devlin nods. Jillian leads him towards the car. Behind her,
Devlin gives a Devilish smirk. His eyes glow yellow.
Aubrey drives. Justin rides shotgun. They both look in bad
She maneuvers the vehicle through a curvy canyon road.
Mountains all around.
Justin grabs his rumbling stomach.
I wont make it much further


Both vampires turn. Their gas light has come on.
Looks like our ride's hungry too.
Buried in the mountains. No other buildings in sight.
All the lights are on as if it was open for a normal day of
The Hum-V pulls up, parks in front of the pump. Aubrey and
Justin hop out, scan the area suspiciously.
Something doesn't feel right.
We need to hurry.
Aubrey grabs the nozzle, squeezes. No gas.
I'll get the pump on. Holler to
let me know it's working.
Justin meanders into the store. Aubrey crosses her arms,
gazes around.
Justin enters the dimly lit store, causing a bell to DING.
He makes his way towards the register, smiles.
Found it.
He flips a switch for the gas pump. The electricity suddenly
shuts off.
Aubrey looks up as all the lights shut off.


That can't be good.
Aubrey flips her head. Three sets of headlights, from three
different roads approach.
Justin, get out here!
The three trucks pull up to the station, surround the Hum-V.
Justin reaches his hand on the wall, walks along it till he
reaches a basement door.
There's gotta a generator or
                       AUBREY (O.S.)
Justin, get out here!
      (yells back)
Hold your horses!
Justin makes his way down into the basement. Feels around,
can't find a thing.
Dammit, we're screwed.
Justin flips around. Three zombies charge at him.
Two armed REDNECKS hop out of each of the three trucks. LEAD
REDNECK smirks at Aubrey.
I'm just here for gas and then I'm
out of here. I don't want any


                       LEAD REDNECK
Well, that's too bad sugar,
because trouble's found you.
Justin dodges one of the zombies, as it crashes into the
Justin reaches to a shelf, grabs a pipe wrench, slams it
into the second zombies face.
The third zombie tackles Justin to the ground, teeth
gnashing inches from Justin's face.
The six Rednecks slowly surround Aubrey, each with a cocky
                       LEAD REDNECK
We're going to take your fine
vehicle and everything in it.
I can't let you do that.
The six men laugh hysterically.
                       FAT REDNECK
She's a fine piece of ass -- maybe
we can take her too. Repopulate
the Earth.
                       LEAD REDNECK
Duane, that's the best idea I've
heard from you in a very long
The rednecks slowly converge on her. Aubrey smiles, exposing
her fangs, eyes glowing yellow.
Come and get it, boys.
Aubrey extends her claws. A moment of fear among the men.
                       FAT REDNECK
What the--


                       LEAD REDNECK
Shoot her!
Two Rednecks open fire, one clips Aubrey's shoulder. She
leaps in the air, slices one of their heads clean off.
Another one fires, missing Aubrey. She lunges at him,
sinking her teeth into his neck. Feeds on him.
She looks up, face covered in blood. Turns straight into the
barrel of a shotgun.
Lead redneck, possessor of said shotgun, offers Aubrey a
                       LEAD REDNECK
Say hi to the Devil when you go to
From behind, claws slice Lead Redneck's head off. Aubrey
looks at Justin with relief.
The other three Rednecks high tail it to one of the trucks,
speed off as fast as they can.
Thank you.
Justin leans down to Lead Redneck, sucks the blood from him.
He looks back up at his sister, both their faces covered in
Ever siphon gas before?
Jillian's sedan sits on the side of the road, running, no
one inside.
A hand opens the driver's side door. Devlin enters the car.
He glances at himself in the mirror.
A smidge of blood stains his lips. He smiles, licks it away.
I can feel you two. So close.
Devlin hits the gas, drives the sedan away.


Aubrey drives. Justin in the passenger seat. He turns to his
sister, sees the somber look on her face.
You okay?
It's not like I'd thought it be.
It was either them or us.
Doesn't make me feel any better
about it.
Patrick tosses and turns in bed. He swings his arm over to
Martha's side. It's empty.
Patrick jolts awake. He looks around the dark, empty room in
He takes a lighter, sparks it and lights a candle.
No answer. Patrick slides out of bed with the candle, grabs
the ax by his nightstand. He shuffles to the bedroom door.
Patrick exits the bedroom. He slowly steps towards the
No answer. Patrick shuffles down the stairs.


Patrick enters. Is immediately disarmed. He puts down the
Martha sits on the couch, a photo album in her lap. She
looks up at Patrick, quickly wipes the tears away.
I woke up and you weren't there. I
just wanted to make sure you where
I'm fine.
Are you having the dreams again?
Martha nods.
I wish you'd wake me up so you're
not suffering through it alone.
I always thought we'd see our
babies again one day, even after
all these years.
Now, with all this craziness
happening....I'm losing hope,
Patrick. I know you lost it a long
time ago, but I always thought
we'd see them again one day.
Please, don't do this to yourself.
A LOUD BANG outside the house startles them.
What was that?
Patrick rushes to the window, pulls back the curtains.


Several zombies are trapped in the barbed wire. Three
zombies have broken through the fence and barbed wire,
stagger through the yard.
Grab the shotgun and lock the
Martha stands, defiant.
I'm helping you.
No! Stay in the house, I'm taking
care of this.
Patrick grabs the ax, marches to the door and exits the
house, the door doesn't latch all the way.
Martha hurries
She grabs the shotgun from the bedroom doorway. Loads two
She heads back downstairs to the
The front door creaks closed, as if someone just opened it.
But no one is there.
No answer. Martha readies the shotgun. She creeps through
the dark, candle lit room.
Five feet behind her, the silhouette of a large male zombie.
His dead, hungry eyes stare right at her.
Patrick swings his ax, lops the head clean off a Zombie,
spattering himself with blood.


A second Zombie comes at Patrick, who turns and slices the
ax through its head.
Several Zombies now surround the perimeter. Many are stuck
on the barbed wire.
Patrick wipes the blood from his face.
Awe hell.
Martha SCREAMS from inside the house. Patrick turns,
Patrick runs faster than you'd imagine he ever could.
He trips over a rock, staggers to get back up.
Patrick reaches the front door and enters the house.
Patrick rushes in, looks around horrified.
Where are you?
WEAK MOANS from the Kitchen. He rushes towards the noise.
Martha lies on the ground, blood gushing from her neck. A
pool of crimson underneath her. The shotgun rests next to
her hand.
A zombie, its head blown off, lies a couple feet away.
Patrick hurries to Martha's side. He cradles her head, puts
pressure on the wound.
Patrick takes his white shirt off, coves the wound, quickly
soaking the shirt red.


We had a great life together
Patrick and I'm so happy I got to
spend it with you.
I'm going to get you through this.
Martha smiles, looks right into Patrick's eyes.
No you're not.
Patrick does everything he can to hold back the tears.
I...I can't go on without you.
You have to. You have to be here
when Aubrey and Justin come home.
Martha, I...
Martha grabs Patrick's arms with the last of her strength,
stares deeply into his eyes.
Promise me!
I promise you.
Martha's breathing becomes heavy. Blood gurgles out of her
mouth. Patrick elevates her so that the blood can drain.
Please don't leave me.
Martha's breathing becomes very rapid, then all of a sudden
Patrick gently lays Martha's lifeless body down. He brushes
her eyes shut and puts his shirt over her face.
Patrick turns his back to her, cradles his legs, rocking
back and forth, and completely breaks down into
uncontrollable sobbing.


We stay on Patrick for several moments as the grief gushes
from him.
Martha sits up, the blood soaked shirt slide away from her
face, revealing dead, carnivorous eyes. They focus squarely
on Patrick, who hasn't seen her.
She rises to her feet, growls. Patrick turns, horrified at
the site.
Zombie Martha lunges at him. Patrick is able to toss her
away, crashing her into the dinner table.
Martha...no, please.
Zombie Martha, unphased, rises to her feet. Her teeth gnash,
ready to bite.
Patrick backs away. Zombie Martha reaches for him. Patrick
crashes through a glass coffee table. Zombie Martha careens
after Patrick, lands on top of him.
Patrick uses all strength to hold her back as she moves
inches from biting him.
Don't do this Martha!
Their eyes connect. Patrick realizes there is nothing of his
wife left.
Zombie Martha's jaw gets closer and closer to chomping him.
His eyes search for a way out.
The ax rests only a couple of feet away. He extends one arm
out while holding Zombie Martha at bay with the other.
His finger tips squeeze around the neck of the axe. He
brings it in till he has a grip.
I love you, Martha.
With all his strength, he slams the ax blade into Zombie
Martha's skull, dropping her. She is lifeless once again.
Patrick lies there for a moment, wincing in pain. He lifts
himself up, picks a piece of glass out of his arm.
He tries to lift his left shoulder, but can't. A broken
collar bone.


He shuffles to Martha and removes the ax blade from her
The Hum-V creeps up to the dark, isolated lot. The house
appears to be uninhabited for years. An old bard sits
several yards away.
Aubrey and Justin hop out. They look sourly at their
Looks like we're staying in the
It wont be that bad.
It's pretty bad.
Remember Aunt Evi and Uncle
Martin's farm, we fell asleep in
their barn when we were kids.
We were like six, and that was a
two hour nap.
Dad was so pissed, they almost
sent a search team looking for us.
Rustic and dilapidated.
Justin and Aubrey make themselves a bed on the top floor
with a pile of old hay.
Do you think they'll still look
the same.
Justin shoots his sister a questioning look.
I guess. I honestly don't know.


It's been ten years. Do you think
Dad will be fat?
Or if Mom will have gray hair?
We need to get some rest. If
everything goes right, we can get
there tomorrow night.
I wonder where Devlin is -- can
you feel him?
A shiny new early 80's wooden colored sedan cruises down the
Aubrey drives. Justin rides shotgun.
Did you have to make all that
noise climbing out the window?
It's not my fault we had to sneak
out in the first place. If
somebody learned how to hide their
cigarette butts--
--Whatever, butthead. You better
be nice to me if you want to have
any chance with Mindy.
Something catches Justin's attention up ahead.
That doesn't look good.
Aubrey looks out, sees it too. A car broken down on the side
of the road. A man checking out the engine.


That's a shit place to break down.
They pull up next to the car. Devlin looks up, gives the
twins a smile.
You're not thinking of picking him
up, are you?
He's stuck in the middle of
He's probably a serial killer.
      (smiles at Devlin)
He's kinda cute.
Devlin approaches the car, gives a friendly wave. Justin
reluctantly roles down the window.
Car trouble?
Yeah. Thing started overheating a
mile back. I think it's a busted
hose. I'd have been so
screwed if you guys didn't show
You're not from around here.
Guilty as charged. I'm passing
through on my way to Vegas. I
think I got a little lost trying
to find the highway.
More than a little.
Is there somewhere we can take
You're not a serial killer, are


Aubrey punches Justin in the shoulder.
Don't mind him, our Mom dropped
him on his head when he was a
Is there a motel near by?
The King's Castle isn't too far,
hop in.
Delvin smiles and hops in the backseat. He smiles revealing
fangs, his eyes glow yellow.
                                         END FLASHBACK
Aubrey and Justin lie asleep where we left them. Aubrey lets
out a slight cough.
Smoke billows up to the second story where the two sleep.
Aubrey blinks open her eyes, coughs again, looks around
confused. Her eyes go wide.
The entire base of the barn is engulfed in flames.
Oh, shit.
Aubrey shakes Justin awake. He looks down, horrified at the
What the--
Aubrey grabs Justin's arm. They leap down to the first
The fire rages through every inch of the barn's wooden
Fiery lumber from the roof collapses, nearly taking out the
Aubrey and Justin make a mad dash for the door, crashing
through it and tumbling to the outside.


The barn collapses behind them as they pick themselves up.
They look around confused.
Forty feet away, Devlin stands with a gas can in his hands,
a wide smile on his face. He stands next to his sedan.
Justin and Aubrey spot him, both immediately struck with
Too hot for you?
Just leave us alone!
You know it's too late for that.
Aubrey cracks her neck, braces for a fight.
How do you want to do this?
Devlin laughs, unafraid by Aubrey's display.
Not now. I have business to take
care of before I deal with you
Stay away from them, you bastard!
Devlin shoots them one last smirk before coolly getting in
his sedan.
Justin and Aubrey chase after Devlin. He hits the gas,
leaving them in his dust.
Aubrey and Justin hurry to their Hum-V, stop cold in their
All four tires to the Hum-V have been slashed flat.
What do we do now?


Justin and Aubrey turn.
Several zombies, attracted to the fire, bolt in its
Get out of here.
Justin and Aubrey run as fast as they can down the dark,
desolate road. No zombies in sight. Aubrey lags behind.
Come on, Aubrey -- he has an hour
head start already!
Aubrey stops, puts her hands to her knees, closes her eyes.
Her breaths heavy, on the verge of hyperventilating.
This is all my fault.
Justin stops, turns back to her.
You told me not to stop and pick
him up and I didn't listen.
There's no way you could've known.
We had our whole futures ahead of
us and now... Mom and Dad are
going to die.
Justin grabs Aubrey's shoulders, looks her in the eyes.
You are the strongest person I've
ever met -- stronger than you even
realize. Whatever you set your
mind to, no one can stop you. I
need you, Aubrey. Mom and Dad need
you. I can't do this without you.
Aubrey looks at her brother, sees the sincerity in his eyes.
She nods, gaining confidence.


Fuck Devlin and fuck these
That's my Aubrey.
Aubrey and Justin rush up the driveway, where an older truck
sits parked.
They reach the truck and open it. Aubrey flips open the
visor and keys drop out.
Finally, we catch a break.
Aubrey turns the key in the ignition, the engine fires up.
Aubrey looks at her brother like he's crazy.
We don't have time for that.
Devlin has such a huge start on
us, we'll never catch him, no
matter how fast you drive.
So, what do we do?
Justin ponders the question for a moment.
Aubrey and Justin emerge from the house, covered head to toe
in clothes, scarfs over their faces and sunglasses over
their eyes.
This is a really stupid idea.
Driving through daylight while
Devlin rests is the only chance we


It's suicide is what it is.
Aubrey, behind the wheel speeds the truck down a dirt road.
Justin sits in the passenger seat.
Devlin doesn't know these roads
like we know them.
If we don't stop, we can get there
by nightfall.
They both regard the gas tank, barely over a quarter full.
Aubrey looks back to the road, her eyes light up.
Here it comes.
Justin looks. The Sun begins its ascent over the horizon,
directly in front of them.
It's been so long since we have
experienced a day.
It's beautiful.
Justin and Aubrey slide their sunglasses over their eyes.
A foot slams into a shovel head, digs into the dry, rocky
The shovel lifts a painfully small pile of dirt, tosses it
The foot drives the shovel back into the ground, tosses more
dirt aside.
We pan back, revealing a half dug grave.
Patrick wipes sweat from his bruised and tired face. He puts
the shovel down, winces at his left shoulder, which
is saddled in a self made sling.


He turns to the now repaired fence.
A dozen zombies struggle, tangled in the barbed wire.
Patrick focuses on the one closest to him, its hand reaches
out in a futile attempt to reach Patrick.
The anger in Patrick's eyes grows. He marches a few feet
away, grabs his ax.
Patrick storms towards the zombie, swings the ax fiercely
with one arm, decapitating it.
In a rage, Patrick continues to march around the yard,
lopping zombie heads off left and right.
Patrick drops to his knees, takes heavy breaths, trying to
calm the rage.
Patrick scoops from a big mound of dirt with his shovel. He
tosses it over a grave.
He weakly scoops more dirt, tosses it on the grave. His weak
knees wobble. He drops to the ground, absolutely spent.
Patrick, arm still slinged, crawls on the floor a bucket of
water next to him and a sponge in hand.
He scrubs away at the massive blood stains on the wood
Patrick takes the sponge and rings and out red into the
bucket. He goes back to vigorously scrubbing.
More zombies are back, tangled in the barbed wire.
Patrick mixes cement in a wheelbarrow. He takes his finger,
writes letters in the wet cement.
The letters read, "In Loving Memory..."
Patrick, in a suit and tie, stands by Martha's grave, his
home made tombstone adorning it.


He holds a Bible in his hand, silently reads from it. He
closes the Bible and stares solemnly at the grave.
Patrick looks through the bare pantry. A single can of
beets. His stomach grumbles.
He grabs the can, leaving nothing left. He pops the top open
and digs out of it with a spoon.
Patrick plops down on the couch, a bottle of whiskey in
hand. The shotgun rests beside him.
He chugs from the whiskey, sets it down. He looks over at
the gun.
The sun beats down.
Aubrey drives the truck, Justin in shotgun. Both still
clothed from head to toe.
If we can make it, this will save
us two hours.
You saw what the highways looked
like in Vegas--
--And we found a way to make it
They turn onto an access road overlooking the highway. Their
jaws drop.
The highway is a tangled mess of broken down cars, some on
fire. Hundreds of zombies meander the six lane highway.
Aubrey pulls the truck to a stop.
We can't do this -- it's worse
than I thought.


Aubrey examines the situation. She notices a grass patch
running parallel with the highway with few cars on it.
Aubrey directs Justin's eyes to the grassy patch.
The grass, we can make it there. I
just need to hit the gas and don't
I trust you.
Aubrey smiles. She takes a couple of deep breaths, focuses.
Her hands grip the wheel tight.
Here goes nothing.
Aubrey floors the gas, zooms onto the highway. The zombies
all turn to the approaching car.
The truck swerves through the wreckage, demolishing any
zombie that gets in its way.
Aubrey swerves the truck onto the grassy patch. The car
bumps along violently. This is definitely not an off-road
The truck plods over a zombie every ten feet or so, its
performance starts to drag.
The truck can't take much more of
What do you want me to do?
Maybe not run over so many of
The grass is coming to an end, a cement barrier is all that
is left.
Aubrey slams on the brakes, but it does little to help. They
brace themselves.


The car violently crashes into the barricade. Justin and
Aubrey fly through the windshield.
Light emerges through the blinks of slowly opening eyes.
Broken glass. The truck flipped upside down. Fluids from the
truck drip around them.
Zombies converge on them from every direction. The closest
ones only fifteen away.
The two vampires moan and groan, have extreme road rash.
They struggle to their feet.
Aubrey stumbles to her feet first, helps Justin to his. They
are both in pretty bad shape.
A zombie approaches them grabs Justin. Aubrey extends her
claws, slices its head off.
What now?
Justin, in a daze, scans through the fiery surroundings. A
lake sits a short distance from the highway. Justin points.
We swim.
The horde gets closer and closer, almost within reach.
Our clothes? The Sun?
I like our chances better there
than here.
Justin bolts. Aubrey follows, close behind.
Justin slices through a zombie that gets in their way. They
are so hurt, they can't move much faster than the zombies.


They reach the water, dive right in. The zombies follow, but
are not the most proficient swimmers. Justin and Aubrey get
distance between them.
The shore is a beautiful piece of untouched nature,
surrounded by large oak trees, providing plenty of shade
from the Sun.
Aubrey and Justin, clothes soaked and torn, swim to shore
with the last of their strength.
The Sun fries the patches of skin they have exposed, causing
them to smoke. They both SHRIEK in agony.
Aubrey helps pull Justin to safety, under a shaded tree. The
sizzling from their skin stops. They huddle close together
at the base.
They both grimace in agony.
You okay?
Justin looks over the burns on his skin.
Yeah. You?
Aubrey checks herself out, nods.
Hurts like hell.
Smells like fried chicken.
Sunset's in a couple hours -- we
can wait it out here.
We're only a few miles from home.
I bet we're ahead of Devlin.
This lake, it's right by Steve
Miller's. You remember that party
out here Freshman year?


I had my first real kiss by those
rocks over there.
I' really proud of you, Aubrey --
you got us this far.
I didn't do anything special.
We should get some shut-eye before
You should -- I'll keep watch.
There's no way I could sleep
You sure?
Aubrey nods. Justin closes his eyes.
A dusty, cheap motel. Justin groggily sits up on the
bed, sourly looks at his surroundings.
Aubrey lies on the bed asleep next to him, both in the same
clothes they were wearing picking up Devlin.
A sliver of light shines through the edges of the closed
curtains. It hurts Justin's sensitive eyes. He rushes over
to close them all them way.
Justin coughs, grabs his neck in pain. He shuffles to the
mirror, looks to see two red puncture holes over his
jugular. Fear strikes his face.
He rushes to the bed, shakes Aubrey awake.
What are you doing?
Aubrey sits up, looks around in confusion.


Where the fuck are we?
Aubrey recoils, grabs her neck in pain.
I have them too.
What you talking about?
Justin grabs Aubrey's arm, walks her towards the mirror. He
removes Aubrey's hand from her neck, revealing identical
puncture marks.
What the hell happened to us?
Something catches Justin's eye. A note left on the
nightstand. "Justin & Aubrey" written in fancy cursive.
Justin grabs it and flips it open.
Dear Aubrey and Justin, you both
must be very confused and scared.
Let me first start by apologizing,
I commandeered your car...
No fucking way!
Aubrey rushes to the window, opens the curtains, is hurt by
the sun. She reels back.
You okay?
No, I'm not okay! The car's not
out there. Mom and Dad
are gonna flip shit!
      (continues to read)
I am a vampire and now you two are
as well. The hunger for human
blood will slowly start to set in
This is a fucking joke, right?


Aubrey snatches the paper from Justin, continues to read.
Sunlight will begin to hurt. The
fangs should be starting to form.
Justin approaches the mirror, opens his mouth. Baby fangs
form where his canines are.
      (reads; realizes
       it's true)
You have two choices. Either go
back home where you'll be killed
as a monster. Or follow me and I
will teach you to live as gods.
Justin plops down on the bed, cups his face in his hands.
This can't be happening.
If you decide to follow my voice,
your old lives are dead, never to
be revisited again.
Aubrey lowers the letter, exchanges a concerned look with
                                         END FLASHBACK
The dying rays of the Sun set over the horizon.
Aubrey shakes Justin awake from his slumber. He blinks open
his eyes.
Time to go.
Aubrey and Justin run through the stalks as fast as they
can. They reach the end of the field.
They peer out. On the horizon sits the Cooper house, a
handful of zombies tangled in the barbed wire fence.


Almost there.
I'm scared.
Me too.
Patrick sits on the couch, the bottle of whiskey near empty.
He chugs the last bit of it, places the bottle down.
He wipes his mouth, blinks his bloodshot eyes. He looks
around aimlessly, in deep thought.
I lied, Martha. I'm sorry.
He drunkenly staggers to his feet, shuffles to the armoire,
filled with pictures of Justin and Aubrey. Now a picture of
Martha is next to them.
I'll be there soon.
Patrick stumbles back to the couch, plops down. He reaches
down and picks up the shotgun. He pops it open, makes sure
it's loaded.
He closes it and cocks it. He stares long and hard at it,
slowly raises the barrel to his mouth.
Patrick's body tenses, his eyes close. His hand shakes as
the barrel enters his mouth.
Suddenly drops the gun from his mouth, turns to the side of
the couch, vomits violently.
He takes breaths, slowly composing himself. Punches himself
in the head twice.
Don't you be a coward. Don't you
be a fucking coward.
Patrick wipes the tears from his eyes, psyches himself up.
He grabs the shotgun, jabs the barrel in his mouth.
He slows his breathing. His hand steadies. An intense
moment. This is the end. He's really going to do it.


Patrick pulls the gun out of his mouth, his eyes open wide.
Was it a hallucination?
Go away!
Patrick stands, ambles towards the front door.
Whoever it is, just leave. Please.
Dad, it's me, Justin --
Aubrey's here too. Are you both
alright in there?
Patrick's jaw drops, he loses his balance, nearly falling
over, catching himself on the wall. He trembles, completely
This can't be happening, she told
me it would.
                       AUBREY (O.S.)
Please, let us in -- you guys are
in danger.
Patrick grabs the knob, flings the door open. A stunned
Aubrey and Justin stand on the other side of the door.
There is several seconds of silence as the three stare at
one another in awe.
My... My children disappeared ten
years ago. They'd be almost thirty
Dad, we can explain--
Just let us in, please--


No... I don't know what you are,
but you're not my children.
Patrick goes to slam the door, Aubrey blocks it with her
foot. She forces her way in.
Aubrey, don't!
Patrick backs up, afraid. Aubrey's body begins to shake,
blood leaks from her ears and nose.
Dad, tell her she can come in --
we're not allowed to enter without
Aubrey drops to the ground, her body convulsing. Patrick
takes off running towards the back door.
Justin grabs Aubrey by the legs, pulls her out. The shaking
Are you okay?
Go get him!
Justin gently lays Aubrey down, takes off towards the
Patrick bolts out the back door, drunkenly hurries towards
the fence.
Justin rounds the corner of the house in hot pursuit,
fifteen or so feet behind.
Please, Dad, we're not going to
hurt you!
Patrick drops to his stomach, crawls under the fence and
barbed wire.


Something catches Justin's eye, makes him stop in his
Patrick makes it under the fence. He stands and takes one
last glance back, before hurrying into the woods behind the
Aubrey, still bloody and hurt, staggers towards her brother,
who just stands there, staring.
You're letting him get away!
Aubrey stops next to her brother, her eyes go wide.
She's gone.
They stare at their mother's grave. Aubrey puts her hand on
Justin's grieving shoulder.
There will be time to mourn Mom,
but right now Dad's scared and out
there with those things and we
need to get him.
Justin wipes his eyes, turns to Aubrey.
Then let's go get him.
Patrick, frightened and exhausted, rushes through the brush.
He stumbles over a fallen tree trunk. He labors to get up.
                       AUBREY (O.S.)
Dad, please come out and just let
us explain!
                       JUSTIN (O.S.)
You'll die out here! We're not
here to hurt you!
Patrick crouches behind a tree, holds his breath. Justin and
Aubrey pass by, only a few feet away.
Which way did he go?
Aubrey sniffs the air.


He's not far.
Patrick quivers at the comment. Aubrey and Justin run along
the path in search of him.
Patrick remains still, exhales deeply when the two of them
are out of sight.
He gets up, peeks from behind the tree. He runs in the
opposite direction his kids went.
Patrick continues his trek. He stops, breathing heavy,
covered in sweat. His hand touches his knee. Pure
Patrick pops up, looks around nervously. What was that?
A deer shuffles into view from behind some brush. Patrick's
eyes meet the deer's. He offers it a smile.
The deer's head pops up, alarmed. It bolts away. Patrick
looks at it curiously.
Patrick turns. A zombie, right behind Patrick, lunges at
him, sinks its teeth into his shoulder.
Patrick SCREAMS!
An object swoops in and takes the zombie out. It's Aubrey.
She decapitates the zombie with her claws.
Over here!
Aubrey rushes to Patrick, cradles his head. He looks at her
with sad eyes.
No, Dad! I didn't mean for this to
He coughs, his eyes flutter, barely hanging on to


We're going to take care of you.
Justin rushes over, looks horrified at the sight.
Patrick slips into unconsciousness.
What do we do?
Zombies GROWL in the near distance.
We have to get into the house.
Aubrey lifts her father. Justin and Aubrey hurry back
through the woods.
Justin opens the door, holds it for Aubrey, carrying
Patrick, to rush in.
She lays a bloody and unconscious Patrick on the couch.
Aubrey and Justin look over him.
Put pressure on the wound, he's
bleeding out.
Aubrey squeezes her hand over Patrick's shoulder, which
continues to pump blood.
He's going to turn into one of
those things if we don't do
Justin paces back and forth, thinking.
Aubrey places her hand on his forehead, turns to Justin


His fever is really bad. It wont
be long.
Justin's eyes light up. He walks over to them. Aubrey
caresses Patrick's cheek.
I have an idea.
Justin leans down to his father, sinks his teeth into
Patrick's neck.
Aubrey recoils in horror.
What the hell are you doing?
Justin releases Patrick, wipes the blood from his lips.
Turning him is his only hope.
Justin extends his claw, slicing open his wrist. His blood
drips into Patrick's mouth.
Aubrey drops to the floor, covers her face with her hands.
Fuck, this is bad. We promised
we'd never turn anyone into what
we are.
I know.
We should have never come here.
This was a huge mistake.
A finished basement. Filled with all types of clutter and
Patrick lies unconscious on a couch. Justin sits on a chair
overlooking him. Aubrey paces nervously by the stairwell.


It's almost sunrise.
If he were going to attack tonight
he would've done it already.
      (regards Patrick)
Do you think it's working -- is he
I don't know.
Aubrey shakes her head, has to compose herself so she
doesn't cry.
What... what do we do if he turns
into... one of those things?
You already know the answer to
Aubrey shudders.
A MASSIVE CRASH shakes the house.
Justin leaps up, exchanges a look of worry with Aubrey.
Jillian's sedan lies crashed into the side of the house. It
catches fire.
Aubrey and Justin exit the front door, head straight for the
A half dozen zombies rush in through the hole in the fence
the sedan created.
They look into the flaming car, no one inside. Terror
strikes their faces.
Aubrey extends her claws, slices through the first charging


They turn back to the house and regard the open front door.
They sprint back to the house, slamming the door on the
group of approaching zombies.
Devlin stands over an unconscious Patrick. A smile on his
face a wooden in his hand, hanging precariously over
Patrick's heart.
Justin and Aubrey creep down the stairs, terrified at the
sight of Devlin over their father.
Devlin, his back to them, doesn't turn.
I was worried about getting in
without an invitation -- but I
guess you don't need one when
there are no longer any humans
living here.
You don't have to do this.
I'm sorry I was too late to
formally meet Mom. I must say
though, I'm surprised to arrive
and find Dad turning.
Son of a bitch, this is all your
This is what's best -- what will
make the three of us a happy
family again.
Devlin lifts the stake, ready to drive it down into
Patrick's heart.
Aubrey leaps at Devlin, tackles him just before the stake
pierces Patrick's heart.


Justin chases after them both.
Devlin rolls with Aubrey, gains control, SLAMS her head into
the concrete wall, denting it.
Justin charges Devlin, who dodges and trips him to the
ground. Devlin delivers several vicious kicks.
Aubrey leaps on Justin's back, sinks her teeth into his
shoulder. Devlin SHRIEKS.
Devlin spins, launching Aubrey into a bookshelf, knocking
her out as the bookshelf collapses on her.
Devlin turns, makes his way to an injured Justin, who
struggles to get to his feet.
Devlin delivers several more vicious kicks to Justin's ribs,
keeping him down.
This will all be over soon.
If you kill our dad, then you'll
have to kill us. We're done with
You both are so weak and pathetic
-- unable to let go of the past.
Neither of you are worthy to be
what I am.
Devlin scowls, extends his claws, ready to strike.
Now I'm going to correct my
Devlin bares his fangs, lifts his arm.
A stake rips through Devlin's chest from behind. He gingerly
turns around, stunned.
Patrick stands, holding the end of the stake, eyes glowing
yellow, fangs showing. Devlin can't believe his eyes.
They're my children!


Devlin drops to the ground.
Justin staggers to his feet, approaches Patrick, who looks
at his son in awe.
This is what we were trying to
tell you.
Patrick drops to his knees, weak.
I'm so hungry.
Smoke drifts down into the basement. Justin notices.
Aubrey slowly emerges from under the collapsed bookshelf, in
pain. She looks over Devlin with hate.
Is he--?
We need to leave, now!
My truck... in the garage.
Patches of fire have spread across the exterior of the
house. Zombies pound on the house, hungry for a meal. More
sprinkle in through the hole in the fence, attracted by the
Justin, Aubrey and Patrick, all in pretty bad shape, emerge
through a window well.
Two zombies spot them, and make a mad dash. Aubrey extends
her claws, slicing both their heads off.
You're starting to get good at
Justin and Aubrey support Patrick as the three hurry to the
detached garage.


The family truck bursts through the garage. The truck plows
through any zombie in its way as it races for the hole in
the fence.
Aubrey at the wheel. Justin riding shotgun. Patrick lying
down in the back seat.
You don't have to run over every
one of them!
Who's driving?
Aubrey zooms the truck through the hole in the fence, turns
it onto a dirt road.
Aubrey and Justin look in the rear view mirror. Their
childhood home engulfed in flames. Martha's grave sits
solemnly by it.
Where should I go?
I don't know.
There's only an hour till sunrise,
you better figure it out quick!
Why me?
Cause I'm driving!
Ten miles north of Creekbury.
What's out there?
Doomsday bunker. A big one and
they're looking for people.


That's an hour away.
Then you better hurry.
Aubrey smirks, hits the gas to the floor.
The faintest glimmers of sunlight threaten over the dark
The Cooper truck zooms down the road, kicking up dirt as it
goes bye.
Aubrey and Justin stare warily at the horizon.
Ten miles north of Creekbury --
all I've seen is a shack.
We need a backup plan.
      (turns to Patrick)
Dad, are you sure--
Justin sees Patrick unconscious in the back seat. He turns
back to Aubrey.
He needs to feed.
And all of us need shelter.
Two decked out, heavily fortified Hummers drive from off
road cutting them off.
Aubrey slams on the brakes. The truck skids to a stop,
inches from hitting the Hummers.
What the--?
Three ARMED MEN with machine guns exit each Hummer. They
point their guns at the truck.


A LEADER approaches the truck, his gun held down.
                       LEAD ARMED MAN
Exit your truck with your arms
raised. Now!
Aubrey looks to Justin, who nods for her to follow along.
They both exit the truck.
Aubrey and Justin approach the men, hands raised.
                       LEAD ARMED MAN
That's far enough.
Justin and Aubrey stop.
                       LEAD ARMED MAN
What are your intentions here?
Shelter. We heard about a bunker,
wanted to see if we could get in.
Lead Armed Man spits, looks them up and down.
                       LEAD ARMED MAN
Strip down to your underwear, both
of you.
What? I'm not doing that!
                       LEAD ARMED MAN
As cute as you are, that's not why
I'm asking. You want in, we want
to see you haven't been bit.
Justin and Aubrey grimace, start to remove their clothes. A
couple of the Armed Men move towards the truck. Aubrey and
Justin get nervous.
Our dad's in there. He's not bit,
just needs his medicine.
Two Armed Men open the truck, regard a sickly, unconscious
Patrick inside. They lift his shirt.


Don't touch him!
Armed Man #2 moves the collar of Patrick's shirt, revealing
the gruesome bite mark on his shoulder.
                       ARMED MAN #2
We've got a bite!
We can explain -- it's not what
you think!
Patrick stirs. Armed Man #2 raises his riffle to Patrick's
head, ready to pull the trigger.
Aubrey's eyes turn yellow, fangs exposed. She leaps at Armed
Man #2, tackles him to the ground, just as he fires his
weapon, barely missing Patrick's head.
                       LEAD ARMED MAN
The Armed Men unload a barrage of bullets at Justin and
Aubrey, who go into attack mode.
Armed Man #2 fires at Aubrey, clipping her in the shoulder.
She sinks her teeth into his neck.
Justin runs towards two of the men, takes a bullet to the
leg. He grabs Armed Man #3 and tosses him away with
super-human strength.
                       ARMED MAN #4
What the hell are they?
Aubrey looks up, blood dripping down her chin, fangs on full
display. A fearsome image.
A zombie rushes up on Armed Man #4, chomps into his neck. He
fires his machine gun, taking out one of his own men.
A dozen more zombies rush towards the group, attracted by
the gunfire.
Both vampires and Armed Men stop fighting each other and
redirect their violence towards the undead.
Justin and Aubrey dispatch a couple of zombies each.
A group of zombies bum rush on of the Armed Men, devour him.


                       LEAD ARMED MAN
Lead Armed Man unloads a spray of bullets, taking out the
dead who are eating his friend.
The Sun creeps up over the horizon. Justin turns to Aubrey.
We need to go!
A zombie attacks Lead Armed Man from behind, getting several
bites in.
Aubrey sees the attack, rushes to the rescue, takes out the
zombie. She lifts Lead Armed Man.