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Grimm Travels
by Michael Kiefer

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ***

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Enter study, sit in chair
Vinny walks into home, settles in
There's nothing good to read any
more. Everything's about vampires
and werewolves, and desperate pale
Gazes at distant book shelf and walks over
I've read all of these books, and
have never been able to really get
into 'em
Runs fingers along books to look at title. Stops at a
red-leather bound book marked with an elegant "G"
What do we have here?
Takes book off shelf, peers at cover
"Grimm's Fairy Tales"? I'm not a
child, why is this in my
Flips through pages, puts book on table
Oh well
Exits study, and moves to bedroom
Crawls into bed and blankly stares at ceiling


That book...Why haven't I read it?
Throws sheets off self, and peers through doorway into study
Groans, while slowly gets out of bed and stumbles into study
towards table with the book on top of it
Well alright, I might as well give
it a try
Sits in adjacent chair, and opens book
"The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tails"
huh? This is a bunch of
bull-hockey meant for children.
Begins to read first page
Seconds pass and Vinny falls asleep
Vinny wakes up under a tree, in a bright green pasture over
looking a quaint cottage
What...what the?...Where am I?
Looks around and spots cottage, with an old female goat
exiting through its front door
      (To Goat)
Hey you! What were you doing in


Goat frighteningly looks towards finny, and runs into
distant tree line
What could she possible have been
doing in a cabin meant for people?
Collect himself, and begins to walk towards cabin
Stubs his toe on a pile of stones
OW!What good will a bunch of
stones in the middle of a field
Approaches door,and knocks
Hello? Is anybody home? I think
you may have lost a goat...
                       GOAT (all)
      (Whispers from
       inside the cabin)
Hush hush shhhh shhhh
Hello? I know someone is in
                       GOAT (1)
We know who you really are! You
mean old wolf! You can't trick us
with that rough old voice!
Wolf? Huh? And my voice isn't
rough, its just a little scratchy
is all...
                       GOAT (4)
Yea right. Be off with you, before
our mother gives you her horns!


Her horns? You mean that old goat
I saw walk out of here?
                       GOAT (2)
That's right. She's our mama, and
she'll get you good if you try and
eat us!
Look, I don't even like goat. I
tried it once at Christmas and
hated it. Too gamy...
                       GOAT (3)
      (To goat 1)
I told you! He has eaten a goat
before. It is the wolf. He just
admitted it himself!
This is ridiculous, have a nice
Leaves front door, and walks away to the tree in which he
woke up from
Well that's enough of that
nonsense...Maybe I'll dose off and
clear my head before I figure out
where I actually am.
Begins to fade away
Enter wolf from tree line, walks past Vinny towards house
Vinny comes to and sees the wolf approaching he front door
What is that? Oh my god that's the
wolf they were talking about...
HAHA oh well
                                         CAMERA TO WOLF AT


Hello little goats! It is I your
mother. Do let me in please...
                       GOAT (all)
      (Whipsers from
       inside the cabin)
Hush hush shhhh shhhh
                       GOAT (1)
Who is it?
Dear child, it is I, your mum
                       GOAT (4)
If you're our mum, the why is your
voice so rough! You can't trick us
twice in one day you mean ol'
Oh, you see, while I was out
gathering food for us to eat, I
was stricken by a terrible cold.
                       GOAT (7)
If you're our mom, hold your hoof
up to the window, and we shall see
if it is truly you!
The wolf quietly runs away into the tree line
                                         CAMERA PANS OUT TO
What was that all about? I'd
better go check on them...


Walks to cabin
Knocks on door
Hello? It's not the wolf... I'm a
                       GOAT (5)
Show is your hooves!
Vinny puts hand up against window
                       GOAT (7)
By my tiny beard, it's a human!
                       GOAT (1)
What's a human doing all the way
out here?
      (To Vinny)
What do you want?
      (To goat 1)
I want to help you! Trust me...
                       GOAT (3)
Help us with what?
I want to help you get rid of this
wolf problem you've got!
                       GOAT (1)
Do you promise not to hurt us?
Sure kid. Now let me in
Goat (4) opens door
Vinny enters


All 7 goats stare at Vinny
Hello. How do you do?
Goats don't respond and stare blankly
OK, I see that I will just have to
talk... The wolf will be back
soon. He knows that your'e here
all alone, and he's hungry.
                       GOAT (2)
Where is our mom? She said she'd
be back later...?
Mama's not here. Now for the time
being, if you wish to survive this
mangy beast, I suggest you put
your trust in me.
All goats nod in agreement
Alright!... now... do you have any
                                         FADE OUT
Vinny is under tree looking over cabin

Goats in cabin

Enter wolf from tree line
      (To self)
Boy I hope this goes over well...


Wolf approaches and knocks on door

Holding chalk in a bag
Hello little goats! It is me, your
mother! Do let me in...
                       GOAT (all)
Show us your hoof and you may
Wolf covers hand in chalk dust

Holds up hand to window
                       GOAT (all)
Oh why yes, it is mother. Let us
open the door for her...
Goats open door
Now, finally, before the wolf stood seven shiny little
goats, covered in butter.
Wolf lunges at wolves and goats let out scream of terror
                                         TOTAL BLACK OUT
Scene opens to Vinny walking along tree line near house
What is God's name is taking that
wolf so long? I can eat a
porterhouse in under 30 seconds...
Vinny's attention is drawn to the house door as it slowly
opens. He crouches behind shrubbery in the tree line
Enter wolf through door. Wolf's stomach is bloated and drags
on floor.


      (to self)
What the...?
      (to stomach)
Hey quiet down in there!
Artificial stomach moves around
      (to self)
Well, that's what I get for eating
those butterballs whole...
Slowly hobbles to tree
Well I think a nice nap will help
me digest these little suckers
      (to self)
yea that's right, just fall asleep
Wolf falls asleep
Vinny creeps toward sleeping wolf
      (to self)
Now, where are those rocks I
tripped over?
Looks around for rocks
      (in direction of
ah there they are!
Scoops up rocks and places them next to rocks


      (to wolf stomach)
Hey, you guys ok in there?
                       GOAT (all)
Yea! Just get us out of this gross
On it!
Vinny reveals pocket knife from belt and proceeds to cut
open wolf stomach
Goats gasp for air and take turns sliding out of the stomach
with Vinny's assistance
All goats are out
      (to goats)
Now hand me some of those stones
over there (points to stone pile)
One by one, goats hand Vinny stones, while he places them in
the sleeping wolf's stomach
      (once stomach is
There we go...
Vinny reaches into pocket and reveals a needle and thread
Now lets sew this guy up
Vinny sews the wolf's stomach closed, with the stones inside
Wolf begins to wake up


                                         FADE OUT
What the... (looking at stomach)
wolf struggles to try and get to his feet
Woah what is this?
Wolf begins to panic
Vinny and Goats along with Mother goat reveal themselves
from the tree line
                       GOAT (all)
hahaha... He's really stuck
between a rock and a hard place
He sure is!
                       GOAT (mother)
      (to Vinny)
You know Vinny, you really should
get goin'
                                         ABRUPT BLACK OUT
Vinny wakes up in chair
Reaches into pocket, and pulls out a needle and thread


Well I guess that's no more
Tylenol-PM for me before bed...
                                         SCREEN TO BLACK


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From Jarrett Ksiazek Date 6/8/2016 ***
Interesting story. You blend a folk tale with reality to create a unique take on a classic tale. It did have me wanting more however. I can't help but wonder if this short story you have written can be branched off into a longer tale. Perhaps Vinny is still trapped in this imaginary land and goes about changing other folk tales? That would make the story more marketable to potential producers. Overall though, it's an interesting concept wrapped up in a well written story. Good job thus far!

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