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The Last Good Men
by Brett Slaughter (golfnotom@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

A Veteran thief and his team is hired by the Secret Service to help uncover an inside threat. This explosive read will make you laugh, sit on the edge of your seat, and show a courage rare in most, except for the last good men.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Marine One takes off from Andrews Air Force Base. Two F-15s
take off following the helicopter. The F-15s circle the
airspace above DC.
Marine One, hovers above the Pentagon and then over the
National Mall.
Marine One, lands on the White House lawn as Secret Service
Agents scan the area.
PRESIDENT CAROLYN JARVIS, steps out of the helicopter. A
beautiful blond full of grace and class. She's fifty years
old, but looks much younger.
Vice President KEVIN SUMMERFIELD, follows the President off
the helicopter. In his late fifties, he's groomed to
ANN, the President's assistant, runs up to the helicopter.
She's a dark haired beauty in her twenties with a perfect
Madam President, the Director of
the Secret Service wants to meet
with you immediately.
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
Tell him to give us twenty
I'll tell him, but I don't know
what he'll say.
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
I'm the President, who cares what
he says.
That's one way of approaching it.
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
I'm kidding. I'll try to be ready
in ten.


The President walks into the White House. The Vice President
pauses on the lawn with Ann.
I'll make sure she makes it in
Thank you. I need all the help I
can get.
Very elegant and tidy, the room has a large bed in the
middle of the room. A vanity and couch sit in front of the
President Jarvis examines herself in a mirror as she takes
off her earrings.
CHAD JARVIS, walks into the room and sneaks up behind her.
Chad is in his early fifties and in great physical shape.
Chad Kisses the President's neck and rubs her shoulders.
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
What a day.
How long do you have?
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
Five minutes.
Dammit, that's not long enough.
President Jarvis turns around and faces Chad. He kisses her
on the lips.
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
It used to be.
I guess a lot has changed, but one
thing hasn't!
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
Oh yeah? What's that?


My love for you.
The two kiss and hug.
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
I love you too.
Remember those days back when I
was in Desert Storm and you were
finishing up at Yale?
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
Of course.
We thought those times were hard.
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
Yeah. We had no idea what this job
would be like.
No one else could do it better
than you.
Chad kisses her on the forehead.
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
That's exactly what I needed to
It's the truth.
President Jarvis looks at her watch.
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
Oh brother, I have to go.
Come back and see me before
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
I will.
President Jarvis opens the bedroom door.
Madam President?


President Jarvis turns around.
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
Chad salutes the President while at attention. The President
salutes back. The two youthfully smile at each other before
the President exits the room.
President Jarvis and Summerfield both stand in the Oval
Office when ED VONDERSMITH walks in.
Vondersmith, the Director of the Secret Service, is in his
mid forties and is quite handsome with his white curly hair.
Madam President.
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
Ed, how are you?
The President shakes Vondersmith's hand.
I'm doing pretty good.
Hi, it's good to see you Director.
Vondersmith and Summerfield shake hands.
Mr. Vice President. It's always
good to see you.
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
We don't get to see you a lot.
Yet you trust me with your life.
That really isn't too much to ask.
Is it?
It's harder than it looks.


      (light chuckle)
Well your people have done a great
job so far.
The President sits on the couch, followed by Summerfield and
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
What's so important that the
Director of the Secret Service
wanted to see just the two of us?
Well, it seems we have some
greater threats than usual.
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
What's different this time?
The threats are untraceable. They
hold water and are very dangerous.
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
Domestic or foreign?
Most likely domestic, but we don't
know much about it. On top of
that, they are specifically
addressed to the Vice President.
Comes with the job, right?
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
Well I don't understand why you
can't figure out who the source of
these threats are.
Well, we have.
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
Then who is it?
Somebody on the inside.
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
Inside the Secret Service or
inside the White House?


The Secret Service.
Has that ever happened before?
Were they successful?
Yes and yes.
That's a good enough reason to
take it seriously.
The President stands up and paces around.
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
What's the plan to fix this?
We want to bring somebody inside.
Someone with the experience and
the resume that proves they have
been able to get out of dangerous
situations. Someone that's
independent and has respect for
their country, but also has a
touch of larceny in them.
Why someone with a touch of
A rat can smell another rat before
he smells anything else.
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
Do you have someone particular in
I think I know of somebody, that's
just about perfect for the job.
A fast rock song plays as we see the desert landscape.
A 1969 Dodge Challenger and a 2014 Dodge Challenger travel
over a hundred miles per hour as they stay parallel to each


JACK SPADE drives the classic while LEROY, Jack's son,
drives the new Challenger.
Jack is in his early sixties and has dark hair down to his
shoulders. Leroy looks just like Jack only thirty years
younger and with blond hair.
A half mile away, ZINC stands in the middle of the two lane
highway. He is in his late twenties and has blond hair. He
holds a timer in his hand that's wrapped around his neck.
WILSON runs up to Zinc. Wilson is in his late twenties and
is a handsome African American.
Are we ready?
They're gonna be here in a few
seconds. Is Rawlins ready?
Yeah, we're all set up.
Oh shit, here they come.
Wilson runs to the side of the highway.
About five hundred yards away from Zinc, the cars speed
toward him.
Hey Zinc. Good luck.
Yeah man, you too.
The two Chargers continues moving towards Zinc. At high
speeds they pass Zinc, who is still in the middle of the
highway. Zinc looks at his timer as Wilson runs toward him.
Looks like the old man won again.
Jack looks over at Leroy and winks. Both Jack and Leroy turn
their wheels to the left while lifting the emergency break.
The cars do a one hundred and eighty degree turn so that
they are facing the way they came.
Dude, that was amazing!


I sure haven't seen that before.
Leroy revs his engine.
Ready for a rematch?
Jack revs his engine.
Sometimes it takes people multiple
times to learn the same damn
They both hit the gas and speed toward Zinc and Wilson.
Jack and Leroy stop their cars on the side of the highway.
Zinc and Wilson run up to them.
How'd we do?
You broke last week's record. I
had you at nine seconds.
That's awesome, I wish Rawlins was
here to see it.
How did the kid do on the return?
You beat him by one gray hair.
I knew they'd come in handy
RAWLINS walks out from behind a rock. He has a Rockstar
energy drink in his hand.
Rawlins is in his early seventies. He's blond and a little
One hundred and thirty seven miles
per hour of pure dust, an
assortment of toxins in the gas
tank and a man's pride. I couldn't


                       RAWLINS (cont'd)
have missed it for all the
Rockstars in the world.
Rawlins chugs the drink.
The group laughs.
The last thing you need is a
Rawlins tosses the drink on the side of the highway.
Groupies is what I need. Hell I
just need to get laid. I don't
give a damn who she is. Her
weight, her hair color.
I thought you were going to stake
out the bank.
Somebody pick up my damn can, I
don't believe in littering. I did
go to London. I caught the first
red eye to San Antonio. I'm
telling you, this is gonna be
Like taking candy away from a
Easier, a hell of a lot easier.
And this time there's lots of
candy and no screaming kids.
Jack puts his arms around Zinc and Wilson.
Well boys, let's get our passports
ready. Time to go to work.
I read the news today oh boy.
About a guy who just robbed a


The English Army had just won the
And those damn Americans done got
Get out your John Lennon records
and straighten your teeth. We're
going to England.
A high rise, upscale bank in downtown London.
A spacious lobby with multiple desks and counters. Every
desk has a person sitting behind it. A long front counter
with multiple tellers stretches the length of the room.
Zinc stands in a corner while Wilson sits on a sofa beside
Jack and Leroy casually walk into the bank. They walk up to
SCARLET, a teller who stands at the front counter.
Scarlet has an English accent and is very pretty. She is
attractive enough to be a model instead of a teller.
Welcome to the London Financial
Center, How may I help you?
Now when did they start putting
models in as tellers?
Since when did rich Americans
start putting their money in UK
I guess both started today.
Well what can I do for you?


My imagination could come up with
a long list.
What can I do for you that
pertains strictly to banking?
The list just got way shorter.
Jack rolls his eyes and nudges Leroy aside.
Pardon my son here, he was never
taught to take anything serious.
I can handle this. We're here to
open an account.
How much are you planing to
deposit today?
Oh, about a million dollars.
Oh really?
Yeah, but it's my money.
Well than, you will not be seeing
me. You need to go upstairs to see
Mr. Angle.
I'm sure he's not as attractive as
some here.
I'm afraid he is not.
Where is he ma'am?
Scarlet points at an elevator.


Just take that elevator up to the
top floor.
I think it's best that you show us
the way.
That's not necessary.
Oh, It would be my pleasure.
How bout if you take me up the
stairs and he can take the
Fine by me.
Leroy and Scarlet walk toward the stairs.
Leroy, don't loose track of your
Leroy turns to Jack.
Of course not.
Leroy and Scarlet enter the stairway as Jack walks toward
the elevator.
Rawlins gets on top of a table and starts making weird
This is the dumbest bank in the
world. You idiots wouldn't know
how to deposit a one dollar bill
if you had too.
Wilson and Zinc join Jack in the elevator.
      (to Jack)
Looks like our distraction is
doing his job.


Good to know he's useful for
The elevator door shuts as a security guard walks over to
Come on you idiots, name that
movie. "You can call me a dirty
son of a bitch, but if you ever
call me Daddy again I'll finish
this fight".
Three second pause.
Come on you idiots. It's John
Wayne. Tell me you've at least
seen Brannigan?
An elevator opens. Jack, Zinc and Wilson, walk out into a
hall. At the end of the hall a security guard stands with
his back to the men.
I got it.
Zinc walks up behind the guard and pulls out the guards
pistol. The guard turns around.
What the?
Hey, how you doing?
Zinc grabs the guard, covers his mouth and leads him toward
a closet.
This way Cheerio.
Zinc locks the guard in the closet. The guard bangs on the
closet door.


Leroy and Scarlet stand in the stairway. Scarlet nears the
front door. Leroy grabs her arm as she opens the door.
Leroy notices Jack, Zinc and Wilson walk through the
I usually never do this, but I've
never fallen in love with a woman
so quickly before.
Do what?
Leroy sweeps Scarlet into his arms and kisses her
passionately as he waves the men by.
Jack, Zinc and Wilson walk down the hallway.
You don't usually kiss women?
I just lack experience. I'm very
innocent as you can tell.
Couldn't tell at all.
Scarlet and Leroy continue kissing.
Jack opens two huge doors leading into an office. Jack, Zinc
and Wilson walk in. The office is very large and luxurious.
MR. ANGLE sits in a very comfortable chair, facing the men.
In his early fifties, he is dressed in a fancy suit. He has
a very solid English accent.
                       MR. ANGLE
What's all this rubbish?
Mr. Angle stands up abruptly.
Are you Mr. Angle?
                       MR. ANGLE
Yes, I sure in the hell am.


Well then step back. Wilson, do
your thing.
Wilson walks up to Mr. Angle's desk and starts typing on his
computer. Mr. Angle pushes Wilson.
                       MR. ANGLE
Get the hell out of my office.
Jack takes out a really big pistol and points it at Mr.
Angle's face.
If you don't cooperate, I'm gonna
shoot you with this very big gun,
and you don't want that.
                       MR. ANGLE
You bastard, I don't want you to
shoot me with anything.
That's what I figured. Just get
the hell out of the way and let it
Mr. Angle gets up and Wilson takes his seat. Wilson starts
typing on Mr. Angle's computer.
Leroy and Scarlet sit on the stairway kissing.
I've always wanted to explore
America. I've been to New York,
but never Texas.
Well You ain't been to America
until you've been to Texas. Texas
is the heart of America; and the
Take me with you.
I'll see what I can do.
I'll make it worth you're while.


Scarlet kisses Leroy and noticeably gives him a little
Looks like we're going to Texas
I don't know how long Rawlins is
going to be a distraction.
It's working perfect, I'll be done
in a sec.
                       MR. ANGLE
What exactly are you doing on my
We're taking back what you owe us.
                       MR. ANGLE
I don't owe you anything. I've
never even seen you before.
Assuming Americans, such a correct
I guess you're forgetting about us
bailing you out of two wars.
                       MR. ANGLE
Do you work for the US government?
Nope, I'm a Texan not a socialist.
I'm done. Thirty million into our
Good boy. Now let's get the hell
out of here.
Guards yell from the hall.
Zinc peaks through the door.


Shit, they're in the hallway.
                       MR. ANGLE
      (to Jack)
Good luck you American bad ass.
We'll need it to find our way out
of this city.
Guards bang on the door. Zinc points at Mr. Angle.
He must have pushed the panic
                       MR. ANGLE
      (to Jack)
I guess now we're even.
Like John Wayne said in North to
Alaska, "Not Quite".
Jack punches Mr. Angle causing him to fall onto his desk.
Leroy and Scarlet walk into the room from a hidden door.
What'd we miss?
Not much, just a thirty million
dollar transfer.
Who the hell is she?
Don't tell me Leroy.
I can't leave her behind. I love
You don't even know her. We don't
have time for this shit.
British sirens come from the streets.


What do we do now?
Out the window.
Jack walks over to the window and looks at the street below.
The ground is five stories below. Jack notices the roof of
another building within jumping range.
We'll jump to that roof right
                       MR. ANGLE
      (to guards)
In here.
It's our only chance.
Jack jumps to the other roof, followed by Wilson, Leroy,
Scarlet and finally Zinc. Each one makes it successfully
without injury.
Guards storm the office.
Where are they?
Mr. Angle rubs his chin.
                       MR. ANGLE
The window.
The guards run to the window and don't see anyone.
They must be gone.
                       MR. ANGLE
Ah, dammit! Damn Texans.
They were from Texas? What the
hell were they doing here?
                       MR. ANGLE
Robbing our bank you stupid
The guards pause.


                       MR. ANGLE
Don't stand there you idiots. Go
get the city police on the horn.
The guards run out the door.
A Constable drives his police car down an alley with Rawlins
in the back of the car. Jack stands in front of a rental
car, in the middle of the alley blocking the way of the
police car.
The Constable stops the car as Zinc walks up to the driver
side of the police car from the back. He points a taser at
the Constable and fires.
Leroy, get him out.
Leroy opens the police car door. Rawlins exits the police
A few minutes later and I would
have been caught.
A few minutes later and we'll all
be caught.
Rawlins unlocks his handcuffs with the Constable's keys.
I won't be needing these anymore.
Rawlins throws the keys at the Constable.
Rawlins walks over to the car and comes to a dead stop as he
notices Scarlet.
Good golly! Who the hell are you
and why haven't we been introduced
A siren sounds near.
Never mind the chick. Let's get
the hell out of here.


That's a damn good idea.
Jack, Zinc, Leroy, Scarlet and Rawlins all pile into Jack's
rental car and drive away.
Vondersmith walks into the shower room of the Capitol
building. The Speaker of the House, HARRY JACOBS, walks out
of the shower with a towel around his waist.
Jacobs is a big and tall Southern Democrat in his seventies.
                       SPEAKER JACOBS
What the hell are you doing here?
What does it look like?
                       SPEAKER JACOBS
Looks like you got lost in the
Mall again.
Greetings from the White House.
                       SPEAKER JACOBS
You're in the wrong damn building
and besides, we don't know each
Jacobs sits down on a bench. Vondersmith sits down beside
No one is going to recognize me
over here. Besides, we need to
talk. We've got a problem.
                       SPEAKER JACOBS
No shit we have a problem. You're
not fulfilling your part of the
original agreement.
The guys think we should hire some
more men. The good ones just out
number us by too damn much.


                       SPEAKER JACOBS
I don't have the money. Unless of
course, you wanna take from your
share. Which I'm quite confident
you don't.
I thought you said your budget was
a hundred and fifty million.
                       SPEAKER JACOBS
It is.
You only have twenty agents
getting five million a piece. That
leaves you a lot of dough.
                       SPEAKER JACOBS
Don't forget, I have to pay you.
But I'm only getting ten million
for my work.
                       SPEAKER JACOBS
Yeah, ten million more than you're
You wouldn't want me to go public,
would you?
                       SPEAKER JACOBS
Now you think about what you just
said before you answer my next
question you little shit.
What's the question?
                       SPEAKER JACOBS
Are you threatening me?
I would never go public.
                       SPEAKER JACOBS
You damn right you wouldn't. You
got money in this thing and
besides, your job is a walk in the
park compared to mine.


I'm the man on the front lines.
All you do is get elected.
                       SPEAKER JACOBS
You don't know how hard it is to
tell some degenerate rat bastard
constituent you feel sorry for
them. Do you?
No, but that's not what you do.
You just play golf at the damn
country club.
                       SPEAKER JACOBS
Boy, you must have never run a
campaign. Look, you stick with the
men you got and stick to the plan.
Work on that Texas Jack rabbit in
the mean time. And tell your boys
to act clean. Them Texans can
smell stink a mile away.
Sorry to have bothered you Mr.
                       SPEAKER JACOBS
And Vondersmith, we ain't ever
seen each other and you were never
I'll remember that.
A fast rock song blasts as we see the empty desert
surrounding Vegas.
The neon lights of Freemont Street light up the city. The
California and Main Street Station casinos along with all
the others, stand out.
The Stratosphere stands tall. The Casinos on the strip
glitter and shine like gold.


As the song continues to play, Zinc stands at the end of a
craps table shaking two dice in his hand. Two beautiful
women stand next to him.
Big money, big money!
He rolls the dice and everyone cheers.
He high fives Wilson who stands beside him. He then kisses
one of the two beautiful women.
Sheet covers move around before we see Scarlet's hair as she
lies on her stomach. Scarlet scoots her whole body down, as
Leroy's face is revealed. He smiles as if he's just had the
best sex ever, cause he did.
God save the Queen!
Leroy lies on his stomach as he kisses Scarlet's belly
button. Scarlet smiles in pleasure.
I love America!
A casual intimate setting while a band plays a Dean Martin
Jack walks up to the bar. A woman sits at the bar with her
back turned to him. Jack faces the bartender.
Did someone call for me?
Before the bartender can respond, the woman turns around and
faces Jack.
Yes, someone did.
Jack immediately recognizes BETH.


Beth is a stunning brunet, with a perfect body. She looks
like she's in her thirties but is surprisingly in her
fifties. She is arguably the most beautiful woman in the
You must be the most beautiful
woman to ever walk through this
Jack, a lot of beautiful women
walk through this casino.
That's true Beth, but you're the
Still a charmer every once in a
Beth kisses Jack on the lips.
I've missed you.
How you been?
The usual. Staying busy. What
about you? Staying out of trouble
or not getting caught?
You know me, I can't get caught.
As for you, it's been way to long.
Let's spend some time together. Go
somewhere more private. What do
you say?
Beth places her room key on the bar and Jack takes it.
It's about time we got caught up.
Jack kisses Beth.


It sure is. Meet me in thirty
Beth stands up and walks away as Jack admires her. Nearly
out of sight, she glances back delivering an enticing smile.
Leroy, still smiling approaches Wilson and puts his arm
around him.
Is he wining?
Zinc kisses one beautiful women and then kisses the other
What does it look like to you?
Looks like he's winning something.
      (to women)
This is for you two.
                       BEAUTIFUL WOMAN
The band?
Yeah, whatever you say.
Leroy walks up to Zinc
Why do you always pick the stupid
Just in time for my special roll.
Zinc rolls the dice, letting them slip from his hands.
                       CRAPS DEALER
You are a winner.
      (to Leroy)
I told you I was a winner.


Only when your good luck charms
are around.
Jack stands in the elevator when two men, each holding a
food tray, walk in. Jack pushes the button for his floor.
The two men stand behind Jack. The man on the rights's Glock
pistol sticks out of his jacket.
      (facing forward)
Hey, any of you guys remember the
last time a bellhop carried a
The man on the right looks down at his jacket as Jack hits
his elbow down on the tray, slamming the tray into the man's
groin. Jack then uppercuts the left guy's tray, causing it
to smack the man in the face.
Jack knees the man on the left in the stomach, then slams
the back of his head against the elevator wall. Jack knees
the other man who is kneeling, in the nose. Jack stands
back and looks at the two men on the floor.
Damn! I still got it.
The elevator door opens, three men stand in the entry
pointing their guns at Jack. One of the men is AGENT DEXTER.
Agent Dexter is bald, in his late fifties and has a very
tough persona coupled with a raspy, gravelly voice.
                       AGENT DEXTER
      (to Jack)
Well, looks like you got off on
the wrong floor.
Jack turns around.
Looks like were gonna get off on
the wrong foot. Or should I say
Jack shoves Dexter's pistol into his nose, causing Dexter to
fall over.


Jack grabs the other two men's pistols and slams the two
guys together. He elbows one guy in the nose and then grabs
the other by the tie and punches him in the face.
Dexter reaches in his pocket and shoots a taser gun at Jack
hitting him in the back.
Jack collapses.
In the middle of the room, a long table with sixteen chairs
around it is surrounded by a dozen secret service agents.
Agent GLEN stands next to the doorway. Glen is around fifty,
looks and acts very professional.
Agents TRAVIS, PHILLIPS and MORRIS stand in the conference
Agent Travis is in his late fifties with silver hair. Agent
Phillips is in his mid forties and looks very clean cut.
Agent Morris is black and is in great physical shape.
Agent Dexter's four men, still bleeding, use Jack's head to
storm through the double doors. Dexter walks in behind them
with a pissed look on his face. He holds his pistol in one
hand and a Kleenex against his bloody nose with the other.
                       AGENT DEXTER
Drop him.
The men drop Jack.
                       AGENT GLEN
By the looks of things, he must be
as stubborn as they all say he is.
Dexter pulls back his gun, cocking it. He then points it at
                       AGENT DEXTER
      (to Glen)
Remind me again why I can't kill
this son of a bitch.
                       AGENT GLEN
Because we need him a hell of a
lot more than we need you.
                       AGENT GLEN (CONT'D)
Men, you're all excused. And if
you see anyone suspicious, take
them into custody immediately.


Everyone but Dexter, Glen and Jack, walk out of the room.
                       AGENT GLEN
Mr. Spade. I have to say it is a
pleasure to meet you.
      (standing up)
Pleasures all your's.
                       AGENT GLEN
I'm sorry we had to taze you. It
was both rude and inconsiderate.
However, I didn't exactly know how
many of my men you were going to
Look, why don't you get to the
damn reason you want me here. If
not I'm just gonna break your neck
and kill all your men in time to
play another round of Keno
                       AGENT GLEN
There really is no need for all of
this hostility. But since you're
rushing me, I'll get to the point.
First of all, do you know who we
Well, you're too damn sloppy to be
professionals. My guess is either
you work for the US government or
you're a bunch of crazies with
guns. Either way, you guys could
really use a hell of a lot of
                       AGENT GLEN
I know that, which is why we need
you. We're all Secret Service. The
Vice President is getting
increased threats. Our job for
you is to help us protect him.
I'm a bank robber not a damn
Secret Service agent. I'm sure you
already know that considering
you're into that wiretap and U-N


                       JACK (cont'd)
                       AGENT GLEN
Look, we're not asking you, we're
telling you. Either you work for
us or you and your entire team get
deported to England. It's as
simple as that.
Well buddy you can kiss my Texas
Jack stands up and starts to walk out of the room.
      (turning around)
I'm not one to bow down to elites.
But, you have a nice day.
                       AGENT GLEN
      (talking to radio)
Kill Leroy and capture the rest.
You wouldn't do something that
stupid you sleazy son of a bitch.
                       AGENT GLEN
Dexter, show him I would.
Dexter walks over to the window and pulls back the blinds
revealing the casino floor. A gunshot noise is heard and
Leroy falls to the ground.
You bastard!
Jack dives into Glen, throwing him to the floor. Jack
punches Glen repeatedly. In response Dexter hits Jack on the
back of the head with his pistol, causing Jack to black out.
A large and dark hallway that looks like a prison. Little
dark rooms fill both sides of the hallway. At the beginning
of the hallway is an elevator.


Elevator suddenly opens.
Agents Travis, Glen, Dexter and Vondersmith, all walk out of
the elevator. They proceed to walk down the hallway until
they reach the end and suddenly stop.
Agent Travis opens an old wooden door. Agent Travis then
turns on a small sixty watt light bulb, revealing Jack
Spade. Jack is soaking wet, tied to a chair and looks awful.
                       AGENT GLEN
This is the man sir.
Untie him. This isn't the way we
treat our co-workers.
                       AGENT DEXTER
      (whispering to
You're lucky.
Agent Dexter unties Jack from the chair causing Jack to fall
off the chair.
                       AGENT GLEN
Good morning Agent Spade.
Don't call me that, shithead. Does
anybody have a Jack Daniels bottle
lying around?
Jack tries to stand up.
We can get you one. I understand
that you weren't willing to
cooperate at first.
Jack falls over.
I was a regular good Ole boy pain
in the ass, thank you very much.
Now could someone tell me why the
hell you knocked me out and stuck
me in this dungeon?
                       AGENT GLEN
We wanted to give you an idea of
what Britain's prison system was


You could've just told me.
You wouldn't have believed us.
I'm a first hand witness of their
institutions, and their
accommodations are far worse than
Do you wanna go back?
So will you help us?
It's either prison or helping us.
It's up to you.
I ain't helping you guy's.
                       AGENT DEXTER
What is it with you? Are you
I don't like government, that's
                       AGENT TRAVIS
That's all?
Yep, I don't like being told I can
only have prostitutes in the
Silver State. I don't like having
to pay taxes and I especially
don't like that I have to
participate in universal health
care. Hell if I wanted that I
could live in Great Britain and
rob American banks.


                       AGENT DEXTER
I think you're scared.
Boy, I've seen a lot of shit in my
life. Shit that would make a man
piss his pants and then drink it
to get his mind off of it.
                       AGENT GLEN
This whole time you've never
mentioned your boy. Do you not
even care that he died?
You didn't kill him.
                       AGENT GLEN
How can you be so confident?
Cause you know that if you did,
I'd cut your balls off and shove
em down your throat.
You really seem to know us. Why is
You boys ask a lot of shitheaded
questions. You know me. You've
looked at my papers. You've looked
at my record in Vietnam and all
the other shit I've done for you.
We do know you, we know what
you're about. When duty calls,
Jack Spade answers the phone.
Not this time.
                       AGENT GLEN
Jack, I know enough about you to
know that you hate inside
traitors. That's what we're facing
here. Someone inside wants to kill
the Vice President of the United
States and you're the only one who
can help.


Does the Vice President know you
want me to help?
Not necessarily exactly who. But
he'll sign off.
This shall be interesting. If I do
this I want my men involved.
At some point they will be.
And when will I see them?
                       AGENT GLEN
We guarantee their safety.
I believe I said when can I see
                       AGENT DEXTER
We're the US government, we can
guarantee their safety.
One last time, where are they?
They're safe. I mean come on We're
the US government. What more do
you need?
You came to me to help you,
therefore I do not feel safe at
                       AGENT GLEN
Good point. We can arrange a
meeting. Right director?
Yeah, that's arrangeable.
Make it happen boys and get me
some better sleeping arrangements
while you're at it.


Jack and Vondersmith stand outside the Oval office. Jack is
dressed very nice and looks professional. His hair has been
cut and he's had a fresh shave.
Now when we go in there, be very
Vondersmith opens the door to the Oval office and the two
men walk in.
Mr. Vice President. I wanted you
to meet the new head of your
protection detail.
The Vice President walks toward Jack.
Is this a joke? Because I'm
definitely not laughing.
Told you this would be
What's going on?
You son of a bitch. I don't want
him near me.
Why? Maybe I'll tell everyone what
really happened?
I'll tell you what really
happened. I got all the credit and
that pissed you off.
You and your northeastern shits
can all go to hell. You're all a
bunch of wimps trying to take
credit for doing nothing over
I came back and told the truth.


You're a journalist who lied to
I told the truth. The truth you
didn't want to hear.
You betrayed us for your own
special interest.
No I didn't. I told the truth. I
called you what you really were. A
bunch of blood thirsty rebels who
were no better than the animals we
were fighting.
Jack punches Summerfield in the face causing him to fall to
the ground.
Vondersmith tackles Jack to the ground.
We were being patriots. Unlike
Vondersmith and Jack wrestle on the floor.
      (to Vondersmith)
Get the hell off me.
I'm arresting you.
You will do no such thing.
You can't punch the Vice President
in the face and just walk away.
I'm not being arrested.
You have to be. You obviously
can't protect him.


He'll have to.
What the hell?
I was wrong. You're right Jack, I
used you guy's for my own
political gain. I betrayed you.
But I need you now. I have a
family that doesn't want their
Father to die.
Four secret service agents walk in the office.
                       SUMMERFIELD (CONT'D)
Don't worry guys we just made a
little noise that's all.
Vondersmith gets off of Jack.
Everything is fine guys.
The agents walk out of the room.
Do you promise to apologize to
every soldier you insulted?
Every single one when this thing
is over.
How can I trust you?
Jack I love America. Just like you
I see it as the best country in
the world. I want to protect it,
but I can't do that six feet
When I give you an order you have
to follow it.


I think I can handle that.
Okay, let's go to work.
Jack shakes the Vice President's hand.
What the hell happened between you
guys? You knew each other before?
I think it's best we don't explore
and discuss that part of our
      (to Vondersmith)
In other words, don't ask shit
headed questions.
Jack walks out into the hall in front of the Oval office.
Agent Glen walks up to Jack.
                       AGENT GLEN
What do you say we go see your
I believe that's the best damn
thing I've ever heard you say.
The strip club is very fancy and expensive. Women in bikinis
walk around. Leroy, Zinc, Wilson and Rawlins are all
enjoying the view from the front row.
They have five empty beer bottles each, along with a three
foot stack of one dollar bills. Leroy's hair has been
completely shaved.
Jack and Agent Glen walk toward the men.
And you call this a safe place to


                       AGENT GLEN
Hell everyone's too distracted to
do anything.
You got a point there.
Rawlins notices Jack.
Boss is that you?
Hi guys.
Rawlins hugs Jack very tightly.
Not the best place for us to show
affection there Rawlins.
Well guys here he is. Hairless,
ball-less and working for the
Government. I thought the day
would never come.
Jack faces Leroy.
Son, how ya doing?
Damn good.
I see they've took your's too.
Yeah, shaved it all off.
Boss I love working for the
Government. Free boos and sex.
It's like a Clinton Bush
extravaganza. Throw in some
basketball and Obama would be here
You'd have to add some socialism
to include him.


Jack looks over at Wilson who looks like he's out of it.
                       JACK (CONT'D)
Hey Wilson, having a good time?
      (out of breath)
Like the best ever.
I assume you've all been
Several times over.
                       AGENT GLEN
He means about our mission.
Yeah this probably isn't the right
place to discuss our secrets.
Good thinking, let's get the hell
out of here.
Yeah let's go talk about how we're
gonna help the Government fake
another moon landing to encourage
Everyone, but Wilson stands up and walks away.
      (looking back)
Come on Wilson.
Wilson stands up and walks toward Leroy.
This was the best two days of my
life. Are there places like this
back in Texas?
Strip clubs?


Just a few, just a few.
Is it true in strip clubs too? You
know, how everything is bigger in
Wilson squeezes his chest.
Yep, those are bigger too.
Let's go home.
Not yet, unfortunately. Not yet.
A historic home from the early eighteen hundreds, elegant
and in perfect restored condition.
Agent Glen and Dexter stand in the entryway facing Jack,
Leroy, Rawlins, Zinc and Wilson.
                       AGENT GLEN
Gentlemen this is where you will
be staying while training.
Nice crib.
Very classical. Stylish, yet
structurally sound.
Rawlins pounds his fist against the wall.
                       AGENT GLEN
Please be careful, this home is
over two hundred years old and is
designated to be the embassy for
Why don't the damn Iranians use


                       AGENT DEXTER
When our relationship is on better
terms, we're hoping they'll make
use of it.
Our relationship with the Middle
East is great for them. We pay
them five bucks a gallon for
something that shouldn't cost more
than a quarter.
It's taxes and the
environmentalists that run the
price of gas up.
No, it's the corporate executives
                       AGENT DEXTER
Enough of this shit.
                       AGENT GLEN
What he means is you guys relax.
We'll be here in the morning to
pick you up. I'm sure you're dead
tired from having to leave Vegas
so suddenly.
Jack and Leroy look at each other in fear.
We forgot about our women.
                       AGENT GLEN
Well on that note have a great
                       AGENT DEXTER
      (to Agent Glen)
Let's get the hell out of here.
Jack relaxes his feet on a desk while reclining in a chair.
He holds a cell phone to his ear.


I swear, I'm on a secret mission
for the government. Look if you
don't believe me come out to D.C.
Leroy paces around the room with a cell phone to his ear.
I am so sorry. I swear. I miss you
and love you. I'll wire you some
money and you can come out here.
Rawlins sits on a couch in between Wilson and Zinc, with his
head resting on Wilson's shoulder.
Great, they're bringing their
problems out here with them.
Get off me.
Wilson pushes Rawlins over so that he is on Zinc's shoulder.
Am I okay here?
Yeah, you're fine. You feel like a
woman's body and I like it.
Rawlins jumps up.
I'm sleeping in one of the
bedrooms. I don't care how many
damn ghosts there are. At least
none of them will molest me.
Rawlins walks away.
      (to Wilson)
I knew that would work.
Agents Glen, Travis and Dexter all stand in the middle of
the alley. They face Jack, Rawlins, Leroy, Zinc and Wilson.


Ten more Secret Service agents dressed in camouflage and
holding paint-ball rifles, stand behind Glen, Travis and
                       AGENT GLEN
Today you'll see what it's like to
protect someone. This is your
training Agent, Agent Travis.
                       AGENT TRAVIS
Gentlemen You'll each be provided
with paint-ball pistols while
these agents attempt to kill you
and take the Vice President.
                       AGENT DEXTER
      (to Jack)
Good Luck Texas.
                       AGENT TRAVIS
Rawlins will stand in for the Vice
                       AGENT DEXTER
Oh by the way, no one has ever
passed this test the first time.
      (to Dexter)
I've never taken this test before,
but I'm sure you have.
                       AGENT GLEN
We'll be watching from a balcony
so be on your best behavior.
Agent Travis walks toward a building on the street.
                       AGENT TRAVIS
Get in position men.
The ten men scatter throughout the alley.
Agent Dexter and Glen watch from a second story balcony.
Rawlins you get in the middle.
Leroy and Zinc, you guy's get
behind him. Me and Wilson will get
the front.
Jack and Wilson stand in front of Rawlins, while Leroy and
Zinc get behind Rawlins with their backs facing him.


      (to Rawlins)
Mr. Vice President, we've got you.
everything is gonna be fine.
                       AGENT DEXTER
      (to Glen)
He's really going along with this
                       AGENT GLEN
He's taking it more seriously than
you ever have.
Dexter snarls at Glen.
Two agents appear and fire at Zinc and Wilson, but Zinc and
Wilson fire back hitting each man with paint pellets.
Look out guys, it's started.
Two agents from the left and two agents from the right side
of the alley, walk out firing. One hits Zinc while the other
hits Wilson.
It's on us now.
Jack and Leroy shoot all four.
You got his back Leroy?
Leroy gets behind Rawlins with his back toward him.
You got his front.
Leroy sees an agent, the agent then fires hitting Leroy in
the stomach. As Leroy hits the ground, Jack turns around and
fires at the man. Jack then turns around and sees four
agents facing him.
Jack dodges in front of Rawlins, missing numerous pellets
while firing his paint-ball pistol. Jack and Rawlins fall to
the ground. All four Secret Service agents have multiple
paint spots on their outfits.
Jack looks over at Rawlins, who is on the ground beside him.
You alive, Mr. Vice President?


There ain't even a drop of paint
on me.
Agent Glen and Travis walk out clapping. Agent Dexter is
following the pair, but looks irritated.
                       AGENT GLEN
Bravo, I have to say that was
pretty damn good.
Jack stands up.
                       AGENT TRAVIS
Good? Best we've ever seen.
It was okay.
                       AGENT TRAVIS
Better than okay. Hell, you broke
the damn record.
                       AGENT GLEN
      (to Dexter)
What'd you think about it?
                       AGENT DEXTER
It looked pretty damn sloppy to
Do you have a problem with me?
                       AGENT DEXTER
You broke my nose. That might have
something to do with it.
Well, I think it's because I'm
better than you at this stuff.
That bothers you. You know why it
bothers you? It bothers you cause
you've been trying for twenty
years to do what I just did in
twenty seconds.
Agent Dexter lunges toward Jack.
                       AGENT DEXTER
You son of a bitch!
Agent Travis and Agent Glen pull Dexter off of Jack.


                       AGENT GLEN
Get a hold of yourself Agent
Dexter. Getting along is the only
way that we can save the Vice
President's life. Now we have an
event to prepare for, so get
                       AGENT DEXTER
I'll be back at headquarters.
Agent Dexter walks away.
                       AGENT GLEN
Jack, the Vice President wants you
and your men to come to the White
House for breakfast in the
Well I must say I've never been
invited to the White House for
breakfast before.
The grandeur of the dining room is breathtaking. It's both
very elegant and spacious.
Jack, Leroy, Zinc, Wilson and Rawlins walk into the room.
Agent Glen stands near the table.
                       AGENT GLEN
Gentlemen the Vice President
should arrive shortly. Please take
a seat and I apologize for the
Agent Glen exits the room.
The men stand awkwardly waiting.
Well, I feel out of place.
I think we all do.
I bet someone is watching us in
another room.


Wilson gives the middle finger to a painting.
I really, really feel out of
Rawlins starts sweating.
Well get used to it.
President Jarvis approaches the room and listens in, but
does not make herself known.
One time I went to this house in
Odessa. I thought it was a real
gem, cause every time I took a
shit, I could pull a lever and the
water would take it away. I mean I
grew up taking a shit in the
ground and burying it, and now I'm
a guest at the freakin' White
The President walks in followed by Ann.
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
Well you can come flush your shit
at my house anytime.
Madam President. I am so sorry.
Rawlins lifts the President's hand and lightly kisses it.
Jack rolls his eyes.
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
Oh please, who do you think I am
the Queen of England?
Far above her ma'am.
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
Jack Spade. I never thought we
would shake hands.
The President shakes Jack's hand.


Madam President I thought it would
be an amazing experience to meet
you, but I have to say you are
much hotter in person than I
Chad Jarvis walks in the room.
Jack posses an embarrassed look.
I certainly agree.
As the first man you probably want
to shoot me for saying that and I
would understand fully.
How could I shoot a man who's just
being honest?
I like you, not only your taste in
women but also your outlook on
Leroy looks at Ann.
I don't mean to interrupt but I
would love to be introduced to
this lovely lady.
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
Ann is my personal assistant. She
helps me run the country.
Leroy shakes Ann's hand.
I love powerful women.
And I love powerful men. But in
some cases I make an exception.
Well Leroy you just got told.


I'm a very powerful man. I'm here
aren't I?
More like along for the ride. We
allowed you here to appease your
You've done your research on me.
Summerfield walks into the dining room.
I'm starved, shall we eat?
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
Jack you take good care of my
number two, I need him to stick
I'll do all I can.
That's good enough for me.
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
Well we have meetings to prepare
      (to Ann)
I hope I will see you again.
Oh you will. Multiple times.
Damn Leroy, how do you do it?
At least now he can't say it's the
The President and Ann walk away.
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
You sure do know a lot about them.
Have you been hanging out with the
Secret Service guys?


I just try to be on top of things
before I need to be on top of
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
I completely get it.
You do?
                       PRESIDENT JARVIS
I may be President, but that
doesn't mean I've totally
forgotten what a social life is.
Jack, Summerfield, Zinc, Leroy, Rawlins, Wilson and Agent
Glen sit at the table.
So gentlemen what are you all
Don't we need some menus?
Nope! Just order what ever comes
to mind.
If you can think it they can bring
MILHOUS the butler walks into the dining room. Milhous is
very eccentric, but appears boring and stiff. In his late
thirties he's of Romanian descent.
My name is Milhous and I will be
your server this morning.
Milhous? Where the hell have I
heard that name?


I think that was the surname of
Bill Clinton's woman.
No her last name was Rose or
Dandelion. Some sort of carnation.
Well I'm glad Ole Bill chose
yesterday to come for a visit.
Bill Clinton was here yesterday?
Yeah can't you tell, half the
furniture is missing. Of course he
left all the ones with stains on
What do you mean?
Never mind. Inside joke. How bout
if we order.
I'll get the biscuits and gravy.
And I want the gravy just like my
mother cooked it.
Good luck with that.
It will be done.
I'll take an omelet. A fried egg
in the middle and scrambled on the
I'll have coffee, orange juice and
one blueberry pancake. Eighteen
inches wide.
I'll take a Rockstar, a Dutch
Brothers coffee and a Granny Smith


Bet you won't get this one right.
Try me.
I want a Bavarian cream donut from
Dunkin Donuts. A maple bar from
Krispy Cremes. A slice of Virginia
ham, a strip of Kansas Bacon and a
Louisiana sausage patty.
How in the hell are they gonna be
able to do that? I mean three
different states. Come on.
Oh there's a way. It will be done.
And a big ass glass of eggnog.
It's august Wilson.
That doesn't change anything.
It'll all be ready in ten minutes.
Milhous walks away.
Mr. Vice President, he didn't take
Your order is recorded on the
White House recording system. Your
meal has already started cooking.
Everyone at the table finishes eating.
Is it all how you ordered it?
Damn, my Mama must be back there.
That's impressive, cause she's
been dead for years.


I'm impressed. I really am. I even
measured the son of a bitch.
Eighteen inches exactly.
I can't believe this. Louisiana,
Virginia, Kansas. All the states
covered. And the eggnog tastes
like it came out of the cow this
It did.
Wow. All my tax money was worth
this one meal.
What are you talking about, none
of us pay taxes we-.
Jack quickly interrupts.
Alright thanks for breakfast but
we got work to do.
Don't worry Jack, I don't pay
taxes either.
An outdated diner with booths and a long counter. Jack sits
casually at a booth across from Beth.
I've been thinking about it. What
do you say after I get done with
this Secret Service bit, me and
you settle down?
You settling down?
Jack takes Beth's hand and holds it in his.


Yeah, I mean come on. I have
enough money. We can build our own
villa down in the Gulf. Just
watch the sunset every night.
Are you serious?
Damn serious.
Why though? I mean you come out of
nowhere and show up every few
months and now you want to settle
down. Why?
I don't know, I just feel like it
I just don't want to be waiting
for you and then you suddenly
change your mind.
I've always known the time would
come where I would slow down a
bit. I guess I just never thought
I'd find someone like you.
But why with me? Why not with
someone else?
Because, I , I don't know.
What are you trying to say?
I'm trying to say that I'm in love
with you I guess.
Really? You guess?
Beth takes Jack's hand.


Yeah. I've just never said it
before to anyone, so it's hard.
Well I'm flattered.
Now the question Darling, Is do
you love me?
I could see myself with you
Now that's not what I asked you.
Yes, I believe I do.
I wouldn't trade that response for
all of Texas.
Jack kisses Beth on the lips.
A few cars remain in the garage. Ann approaches her car, a
fancy sports coupe. She notices a note stuck to her wiper
blade, and then picks it up.
Meet Me In The Basement of The
Pentagon at 8 pm. Signed The Best
Looking Secret Service Agent
You've Ever Seen.
Ann smiles and lightly laughs.
The basement is dark and has various storage. Leroy stands
beside a Cessna 162 Skycatcher.


We must be special. We're probably
the only two people in the world
that can stand in this building
without military credentials.
I can just about go anywhere in
the world now.
You've become a pretty powerful
Yep, so you wanna go for a ride?
I can't say I've ever left the
pentagon in a Cessna before.
Let's do it.
Ann makes a shocked face.
Leroy giggles.
Let's take a ride in the plane.
That's what I meant of course.
Sure, so you had nothing else in
We'll just have to proceed to that
Leroy winks at Ann.
The song "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay plays.
A wall opens up. Leroy flies the plane out of the basement
and into the sky.


So how did you make this happen?
Well the Vice President hooked me
up. I mean I didn't think it was
too much to ask since I'm helping
save the World.
Leroy and Ann share a light laugh.
The Plane flies over Washington DC at sunset.
They fly over the Capitol Mall close to the ground. People
stare in amazement.
The plane flies over the Potomac river toward Colonial
You know my job is more important
because I'm working with number
one. You're just working for
number two.
Yeah, your boss is my boss's boss.
That makes you a thousand times
more important than me.
Maybe not a thousand. More like
Just ten, huh?
The two smile and laugh at each other.
The plane returns to the garage. Leroy parks the plane and
shuts it off.
Well, we're back. How was it?
Ann leans toward Leroy and gives him a three second kiss.
I think we've reached that point.
The two proceed to make out as the song continues to play.


Leroy walks up to the front door, following Ann who does not
notice him.
Ann turns around.
Wilson, Zinc and Rawlins watch from thirty feet away.
It's great to see you.
It's good to see you too. Look I
have a lot of meetings. I have to
That's fine, that's fine. Let's do
something tonight.
Leroy, what we have is a conflict
of interest. I'm sorry.
Ann kisses Leroy on the cheek.
We can bend the rules a little,
can't we?
Ann shakes her head at Leroy and then enters the White
House. Leroy turns around and walks toward Zinc, Wilson and
If I do say so myself, a kiss on
the cheek is not the way you wanna
go, post first date.
Well after what we did last night,
there really is nothing new


After one night?
That reminds me back in 1969-
Out of nowhere, Scarlet approaches Leroy and slaps him
across the face.
You piece of crap.
What the hell, what the hell did I
And you have the gall to act
innocent after what you've done.
Wilson covers his mouth with his hand and leans toward Zinc.
How in the hell could you promise
me all of those things and then
leave me in Vegas. I mean I've
never been to America and this is
how you treat me?
Agent Travis runs up to Leroy completely out of breath.
                       AGENT TRAVIS
This woman claims she knows you.
She does.
                       AGENT TRAVIS
Well she said she was gonna kill
you and I tried to stop her.
And you took me seriously?
Any smart man would.


Look we can settle this. Scarlet,
we're staying in a house. It's
very fancy. We have to do some
training exercises, so why don't
you wait there for me and we'll
talk about it later.
Yeah, I'm going to wait somewhere
for you.
Leroy tries to hug Scarlet, in response she knees him in the
Scarlet walks away.
Damn, that's gotta hurt.
Yeah, especially after last night.
Wilson covers his mouth in laughter.
Oh shit!
Agent Glen and Agent Dexter stand ten feet away.
                       AGENT DEXTER
What kind of white trash have we
dragged out of the dumpster?
Jack walks up to Travis and Dexter and puts his arm around
The best kind. Now boys, you got
any more damn records we can
Dexter rolls his eyes.
                       AGENT TRAVIS
We can probably come up with
All the men start to walk away.


How did Scarlet even get in here
in the first place?
That's a very good question.
A deep forest with a good sized river running through it. A
small boat is docked on the edge of the river.
Agent Dexter, Travis, Phillips and Morris stand beside the
river. They face Jack, Leroy, Wilson, Zinc and Rawlins. All
the men wear suites.
                       AGENT DEXTER
Today, I will be in charge of your
training. Jack, you will play the
Vice President. We'll see if your
boys can handle this.
I think you'll be surprised.
Why are we each wearing a suit and
tie out in the jungle?
                       AGENT PHILLIPS
You need to be ready for any
situation in your normal clothes.
                       AGENT DEXTER
Agent Phillips and I will be in
the boat, with Jack in the middle
of the river. It's your objective
to take us out and grab him before
we can do anything about it.
Agent Dexter and Agent Phillips get into the small boat with
Jack tied up in the middle. They float toward the middle of
the river.
Okay we need to get on the other
side of that river.


Let's hike a few miles up so that
they don't see us coming.
Great idea Wilson.
Wilson, Leroy, Zinc and Rawlins hike up the river.
Zinc, Leroy, Wilson and Rawlins walk across some logs,
crossing the river.
They reach a wooded area with a small patch of bare ground.
A stick breaks causing the men to look around.
Did you hear that?
I sure did!
SURVIVAL MAN, comes running out of the trees.
Survival Man is in his late thirties and is extremely buff,
like Arnold Schwarzenegger buff. He's decked out in green
paint on his face and wearing camouflage.
Survival man kicks Zinc in the forehead. He then uppercuts
Wilson in the jaw.
Leroy charges the man, but he grabs Leroy and throws him ten
feet. He then runs up to Leroy and kicks him in the stomach.
You saved the meanest Son of a
Bitch for last.
                       SURVIVAL MAN
Yeah old man.
Rawlins puts his fist up to box. Survival man attempts to
hit him three times, but Rawlins dodges each one perfectly.
Rawlins kicks the man in the knee, punches him in the nose
and then twice in the stomach.
Survival man stands acting as if nothing happened.
Oh shit. This is gonna be harder
than I thought.


Rawlins jabs Survival man in the nose. The man pauses and
then falls over, out cold.
Maybe not.
                       AGENT DEXTER
Looks like your team sucks.
Something must have happened.
                       AGENT DEXTER
It did, they failed. Phillips row
us back to shore.
Zinc, Leroy, Wilson and Rawlins slowly walk up to the boat,
where Jack, Phillips, Travis, Morris and Dexter stand.
What the hell happened. Did you
get in a damn fight with each
We got ambushed.
Rawlins, looks like your fine.
I taught the son of a bitch a
                       AGENT TRAVIS
Well that doesn't make sense. This
is a restricted area. Government
Well the son of a bitch is a half
mile up that trail if you want to
get your ass kicked too.
                       AGENT TRAVIS
Agent Dexter, isn't that where the
CIA trains?


                       AGENT DEXTER
I think so.
                       AGENT TRAVIS
And you didn't warn them?
                       AGENT DEXTER
Didn't cross my mind I guess.
You, Dexter. You did this on
purpose. You probably planned it.
                       AGENT DEXTER
You're a paranoid Son of a Bitch.
I'm sick of this.
Jack takes off his jacket.
                       JACK (CONT'D)
You wanna do this for once and for
all. Come on. Kick my ass and
we'll move on.
                       AGENT DEXTER
      (to agents)
Let's get out of here.
All you do is talk. You either
finish this or never speak again.
                       AGENT DEXTER
Agent Dexter punches Jack in the eye, causing Jack to fall
to the ground.
Damn, that didn't turn out the way
I thought it would.
Jack barely stands up.
                       AGENT DEXTER
Are we done?


Jack punches Dexter so hard in the chin that Dexter's tooth
falls out as he falls to the ground.
Now were done. And now we can get
the hell out of here.
Jack picks up his jacket and walks away, while Dexter lies
on the ground out cold.
Agent Glen and Director Vondersmith sit at the bar sipping
beer and eating chips.
I cannot wait for all this shit to
be over.
                       AGENT GLEN
Tell me about it. I just hope
everything works with Jack.
You don't think he's to smart for
us, do you?
                       AGENT GLEN
He might be.
Well I'm not as worried about him
as the others.
                       AGENT GLEN
What do you mean?
Well some of the guys might be
getting suspicious.
                       AGENT GLEN
Don't worry, if Jack can't sense a
conspiracy, than no one else will.
You're starting to think too
highly of him.
                       AGENT GLEN
Hell no, I just see him as he is.


And what exactly is he?
                       AGENT GLEN
A worthy opponent.
Leroy sits in a large bathtub relaxing.
Rawlins knocks on the bathroom door.
How's it going in there?
Everything hurts.
Well someone is here to see you.
Tell em to go away.
The door swings open revealing Scarlet, who wears a long
Are yous sure?
Don't go away. Please don't go
I don't plan on it.
Why are you here? I mean why did I
get so blessed for you to come
I realized that you were just
doing what you had to do. And I
apologize. But words just never
seem to be enough.
Scarlet unbuttons her pea-coat and slips it off, revealing a
blue satin nightie.


You're right words are never
Scarlet steps into the bathtub and kisses Leroy as she slips
onto his body.
Agent Glen talks with Agent Dexter in his office, while
Agent Travis, Jack, Leroy, Wilson and Rawlins all sit
outside listening.
Agent Glen yells and in response the men listening look
Agent Glen opens the door to his office.
                       AGENT GLEN
Agent Travis, we have a drive to
make in Baltimore today. Get these
boys ready and make them put some
damn makeup on to cover the scars
of their idiocy.
A street in Downtown Baltimore. Over a thousand people fill
the street as Summerfield gives a speech at a podium.
Jack stands a few feet away from Summerfield. Leroy, Agent
Dexter and Agent Glen are spread throughout the crowd.
The crowd hustles and bustles. People attempt to get as
close to the Vice President as they can.
LEATHER JACKET MAN rides his bike near the event.
Rawlins eyes the man with his binoculars from a roof top.
Jack watches the man as well. Rawlins talks into his ear
Man in a leather Jacket riding a
bike appears to be mighty
I see him. Continue tracking him.


Jack notices that Leroy and Dexter are closer to the man
than he is.
                       JACK (cont'd)
Leroy can you get a little closer
to the subject?
Sure can.
                       AGENT DEXTER
Let's not get too excited, the man
hasn't done anything yet.
Uh, isn't our purpose to make sure
he doesn't do anything at all?
                       AGENT DEXTER
Why don't you go back to thieving
                       AGENT GLEN
Let's keep this a clean line.
Leather Jacket man rides around in circles next to the
barriers. He does a few tricks and just loiters around.
And besides my Father's tag line
is shithead, not yours.
Suddenly Leather Jacket man backs his bike up twenty feet
and then peddles as fast as he can.
                       AGENT DEXTER
Well I don't give a damn what your
father says or thinks. I just call
things the way I see them.
Shut up shit head.
Boys I hate to interrupt but what
the hell's going on down there?
Leather Jacket Man jumps the barrier and rides through the
We got an interceptor.


I got him.
Leroy chases Leather Jacket Man from behind. Jack runs
toward him from the front.
                       AGENT DEXTER
Do not treat this man hostel.
The crowd starts to panic.
The son of a bitch is headed
toward the stage.
Permission to tackle?
                       AGENT DEXTER
No, not until we see a gun.
Permission granted to myself.
Jack reaches Leather Jacket Man first. He grabs the handle
bars and lifts up hitting Leather Jacket Man in the chest.
Leather Jacket Man throws up as he hits the ground.
Agent Glen, Dexter and Leroy arrive to the spot where
Leather Jacket Man lies on the ground.
                       AGENT DEXTER
      (to Jack)
You stupid son of a bitch.
Are you pissed I saved your bosses
                       AGENT DEXTER
This man wasn't a threat. You
screwed up again.
I didn't know he had no weapon.
All I knew is he was headed for
the stage and that's enough for me
to tackle the shithead.
                       AGENT DEXTER
You're a joke and a failure.


Kiss my ass.
                       AGENT DEXTER
You want to know the truth?
Usually I'd say piss off, but
please entertain me.
                       AGENT DEXTER
The only reason we brought you and
your boys along is to make the
Vice President think he's safe.
Yeah, all you are is a false sense
of security.
                       AGENT GLEN
Agent Dexter it's time to shut the
hell up.
Get this shithead out of my face
before I shoot him.
                       AGENT DEXTER
Screw you!
I already kicked your ass once.
What's it gonna take?
Agent Glen shakes his head at Agent Dexter.
Agent Glen walks twenty feet away and stops.
                       AGENT GLEN
Agent Dexter Get over here.
Agent Dexter walks over to Glen.
                       AGENT DEXTER
I'm done. I can't deal with this
prick anymore.
                       AGENT GLEN
You're just gonna have to deal
with him.
                       AGENT DEXTER
This guy is getting to me, I can't
take it.


                       AGENT GLEN
Three days till Portland. By then
we should have figured out who the
inside threat is.
                       AGENT DEXTER
I don't know if I can do it.
                       AGENT GLEN
Don't say that. You can't wait
seventy two hours?
                       AGENT DEXTER
Well I guess we'll see.
Glen walks over to Jack.
Did you calm the shithead down?
                       AGENT GLEN
Look, don't mind him. He's a
little hotheaded because you have
more authority than him.
He's jealous of me uh?
                       AGENT GLEN
Yes. He's been working for twenty
years to be on the Vice
President's protection and you
were placed here in a matter of
Jealous of my job? Damn! He can
have it. I mean shit, the only
thing worse than this job is
prison. I mean that was the
Jack and Glen both laugh.
Vondersmith and Agent Glen walk out to the back porch of the
Windsor mansion. Speaker Windsor lies on a lounge chair
smoking a cigar while holding a gin and tonic.
Your wife said you'd be back here.


                       SPEAKER JACOBS
Boys, the lighter's on the table.
Vondersmith and Glen both pick up a cigar and light it.
                       SPEAKER JACOBS (CONT'D)
Ain't nothing like smoking a Cuban
and drinking a gin and tonic while
looking at the stars.
Windsor takes a drink.
Windsor's schnauzer wanders around the back lawn.
                       SPEAKER JACOBS
We're so damn close. I can smell
that Oval Office just a calling my
name. My dog will be playing on
the lawn, as a damn resident.
Just three days till Portland.
                       AGENT GLEN
After that it'll take twenty four
hours till we find the body.
I'll be doing what I have to do
back here at home.
                       SPEAKER JACOBS
And just like that I'll be the
free leader of the free world.
And I'll be in Jamaica drinking
Mai Tais.
Leroy and Jack stand in the entryway, facing a wide mirror.
They both tie their own ties.
So did you ever settle things with
your two girlfriends?


How'd you choose?
I just picked the one that didn't
give me the cold shoulder.
In other words he didn't have two
And you Rawlins? Where's your
I believe the correct English when
referring to my love life would be
women. And I think it's about time
I settle down.
A knock on the front door.
Leroy opens it revealing Scarlet dressed in an elegant
evening gown.
You look beautiful.
Leroy kisses Scarlet on the cheek.
And where are you two off too?
Only the most expensive restaurant
in DC.
You two have fun.
Leroy escorts Scarlet out the front door.
      (to Jack)
And where are you headed?
To see a gal.


I know it's happened before but
maybe it's best the Secret Service
doesn't use prostitutes.
No way, I don't do that.
Well you're gonna have a boring
night then.
Oh this visit will not be
platonic. And what about you? You
are gonna have a boring night.
I have a good book of classical
poetry from the French revolution.
As for Wilson and Zinc, I think
they're just gonna watch the game.
Well have a good night and don't
wait up for me.
Jack goes out the front door and closes it behind him.
Wilson and Zinc run up to Rawlins.
Did he buy it?
Who gives a shit! He's gone!
What's the E-T-A.
D.J. at nine. Strippers at ten and
I believe the drinks should arrive
any minute.
A knock is heard at the door.
Oh I believe we have arrival.
The restaurant is very nice. White lights, wine glasses and
well dressed people fill the restaurant. Leroy sits across
from Scarlet. They study their menus.


Fish or meat?
I'm leaning toward the Salmon.
Scarlet grabs Leroy's hand.
Leroy sees Vondersmith and Ann sitting at a table fifty feet
away. The two are kissing pretty intently.
I'm so glad we could be here.
Leroy studies Ann.
Are you paying attention?
Ann gets up and walks toward the restroom.
Yes, I just have to pee.
Leroy abruptly gets up and moves toward the bathroom. He
goes down a hall hidden from the eating area. He sees Ann
and grabs her arm before she goes into the women's restroom.
Ann turns around and sees Leroy.
Leroy, are you alone?
No, but why are you lip locking
with the Director of the Secret
I don't like him. I just thought
it would help further my career.
Yeah conflict of interest, uh?
I'm sorry. I swear. I still like
you. I, I, gosh you're so
attractive right now.


I was just thinking the same thing
about you.
Leroy and Ann began to make-out.
Scarlet walks up to Leroy.
Leroy backs away from Ann.
Is every American a shithead, or
just you?
Leroy chases Scarlet out of the restaurant.
People fill the rooms from wall to wall. People are
drinking, dancing and screaming. Every age and race is
represented. The song "Mama Told Me Not to Come" blasts from
multiple amps. Everyone is drinking and making a mess.
Zinc holds a glass of whiskey and points at Rawlins who has
two ladies on his lap as he drinks.
Come on Rawlins, teach me how you
used to do it in the fifties.
Rawlins stands up and dances impressively to the song.
Yo, you got some soul in you?
Damn right I do. Hit it DJ.
The DJ changes the song to "Soul Man".
Rawlins dances to the song and sings along in perfect tune,
while his moves have perfect rhythm.
Suddenly the front door busts down. Cops storm the house.
Every one runs in all directions. Chaos ensues.


Rawlins runs down the street in his boxers...
The sailboat is first class with a roomy deck on top.
Remnants of a candlelight dinner remain at a table for two.
Jack and Beth dance on the deck to the song "You're The Best
Thing That Ever Happened To Me" by Dean Martin. Beth wears a
very attractive satin blouse and sparkled skirt.
I've been thinking a lot about you
You have?
I've been thinking about the first
time we met. You look the exact
same. Beautiful, young and
completely out of my league.
It was twenty years ago. I was
waiting tables.
We had a one night stand. But it
was different. I couldn't stop
thinking about you, I still have
that problem. But at least it's a
damn good problem to have.
Do you think you love me?
I don't think. I know.
If we're gonna do this, we're
going to do this all the way.
All or nothing.
Then yes. I do want to be with you


That means more to me than
anything I've ever heard before.
And coming from Texas, you've
heard a lot.
Damn right.
Jack kisses Beth.
The front of the house is trashed. Everyone is gone, but
garbage fills the front yard.
Leroy walks up to the house in shock.
Is everybody dead?
Leroy walks inside the house and notices the inside is even
trashed worse than the outside.
Leroy digs for the phone and finally finds it and begins to
dial numbers but nobody answers the other line.
Lying in bed, Jack holds Beth in his arms as they kiss.
Jack's phone begins to ring.
Uh, maybe you should get that.
Jack continues kissing Beth.
Don't worry about it.
What if it's important?
More important than this.


Good point!
Leroy, Wilson, Zinc and Rawlins walk out of the entrance to
the DC jail.
You're damn lucky they didn't ship
you all to England.
Now I remember why we're doing
this Secret Service bit. I was
paired with a guy named Tootsie. I
don't wanna ever go back to
Well you can think about that
while we clean up the house before
my Pa gets back.
Hey Leroy, how was your night?
Not as good as your's. And
definitely not as good as
Air Force One.. Very roomy and spacious. Nice leather
chairs. Jack sits across from Leroy. Zinc, Wilson and
Rawlins sit near them. All three are fast asleep.
What happened to them?
I don't know.
They look dead.
Probably just tired from all the


Agent Glen walks up to Jack and Leroy.
                       AGENT GLEN
We should be their in about two
hours. Real simple layout. Just
another speech in an open park
I promise I'll act a little more
with my brain than just my first
                       AGENT GLEN
Jack, instincts is what separates
a good agent from a bad one.
I'll remember that.
Located in the center of downtown Portland, Oregon, A square
about the size of a city block, crowded with people.
A coffee shop sits on the edge of the square, along with
some large buildings. Snipers rest on top of the buildings
that surround the square.
Summerfield stands at a podium, on a stage, facing a crowd
of over a thousand people.
Black Suburbans and Police cars block the streets
surrounding the square.
Jack sits next to Leroy at a table. They both look out the
window at the Vice President.
I've been thinking a lot lately
about life and emotions, things
like that.
You and emotions? That's got to be
a different conversation.
Leroy, if you find a woman to
settle down with. Do it! This
life, our job is not the way to


                       JACK (cont'd)
waste your life away.
This job really isn't as bad as I
thought it would be.
It's no different than prison.
Always chasing something you can
never obtain. It's hell, there's
no growth, no self improvement.
But haven't you had fun? I mean
what the hell brought this up?
Life isn't only about fun Leroy. I
remember my Vietnam days and how I
was honest and accountable. I was
true to my comrades. Maybe toeing
the line isn't such a shitty way
to live one's life. And I've
decided I'm in love with Beth.
It's about time you admit that.
Well I don't think any of us could
have survived prison, especially
Where is Zinc right now?
Try him on the radio.
Jack pushes his ear piece in.
Zinc, where the hell are ya?
Jack posses a puzzled look on his face.
                       JACK (CONT'D)
Come on Zinc. Where the hell are
Could there be something wrong?


I don't know, but I don't like
this. You keep an eye on the V.P.
I'll find Zinc.
Jack stands up.
You got it.
Jack runs out the door of the coffee shop.
A dark hallway blocked off by curtains.
Jack runs behind the stage in search of Zinc. He runs up to
Agent Travis.
Have you seen Zinc?
Agent Phillips slowly creeps up behind Jack.
                       AGENT TRAVIS
No I haven't, but it looks like
someone's behind you.
Jack turns around and Agent Phillips hits him in the
forehead with his pistol causing Jack to hit the ground.
                       AGENT PHILLIPS
I'm not Zinc. Agent Travis, you go
take care of the rest.
                       AGENT TRAVIS
Are you sure you can handle him?
                       AGENT PHILLIPS
Yeah, don't worry about this guy
at all.
Agent Travis runs toward the front of the stage. Agent
Phillips drags Jack by his feet, ten feet to a suburban. He
opens the door and shoves Jack in the back seat of the
Jack starts to wake up and notices Zinc, who is passed out
next to him. Agent Phillips doesn't notice Jack is awake and
shuts the door.


Jack kicks out the passenger window, hitting Phillips in the
side of the head, knocking him out. Jack then slaps Zinc's
cheek. Zinc wakes up and mumbles.
Zinc, I think we got a problem.
You got to help me.
Jack pushes his ear piece in.
Leroy, Wilson, Rawlins, we have
agents going rouge. Don't trust
No response.
Come on guys, did you get that?
No response.
      (to Zinc)
They cut our damn communications.
Why the hell would they do that?
The Vice President. Shit! I have
to stop them. You better stay
here, just don't trust anybody.
Jack runs up the back of the stage, where Wilson is
Wilson, are you okay?
Yeah Jack, what's the matter?
Somethings up.
Agent Phillips fires a shot, hitting Wilson in the shoulder.
Jack fires back at Agent Phillips, a paint-ball pellet hits
Phillips in the eye. Phillips falls to the ground.


Sons of bitches switched our
Jack runs up the stage toward the Vice President. As he
nears the stage, three agents stop Jack. They hold him back.
Jack punches Agent one in the face. Agent three and two grab
Jack and hold him as Agent one punches Jack in the chin.
Agent one throws another punch, but Jack ducks and knees
Agent one in the chest. Jack then kicks Agent three with the
back of his foot as he punches Agent two in the stomach.
The Snipers fire at the stage, purposely missing the Vice
President. From the right side of the stage, Agent Glen runs
to the aide of Summerfield. Jack runs from the left side.
Jack grabs Summerfield as Agent Glen helps him carry the
Vice President away.
People scream and panic while running in all directions.
The snipers continue to fire at The Vice President, but they
just hit the ground of the stage.
Rawlins notices SNIPER ONE, who is standing on a tower in
the back of the amphitheater, facing the stage. Rawlins
climbs up the tower toward sniper one.
Agent Glen holds Summerfield by his jacket, while Jack
stands beside Summerfield. Agent Morris and Agent Travis
also stand on the side of the stage.
                       AGENT GLEN
I guess we can fix both our
problems now.
We need to get the Vice President
to a safe location.
                       AGENT GLEN
That won't be necessary I'm
What the hell is going on here?
                       AGENT GLEN
Agent Travis, I'll take care of
Mr. Summerfield, if you deal with


What the hell are you talking
about? You're not involved in this
assassination attempt, are you?
                       AGENT GLEN
Hell, we orchestrated it.
Agent Travis sticks his pistol in Jack's forehead.
What the hell are you gonna do
                       AGENT GLEN
Well, we don't need you two
Agent Glen points his pistol at the Vice President. Agent
Morris draws his gun. In response Summerfield pushes Agent
Glen's gun away. Jack then grabs Agent Travis's gun and hits
him in the head with it.
As Summerfield struggles with Agent Glen, Jack punches Agent
Morris. Agent Glen punches Summerfield in the face, Jack
then puts Agent Glen in a choke hold. Jack then kicks Agent
Morris and Agent Travis in the head, while he still chokes
Agent Glen. Jack then let's go of Agent Glen and uppercuts
his jaw.
      (to Summerfield)
We have to get to the Suburbans.
We'll go through the crowd. They
won't shoot us in front of people.
As Sniper one positions himself to shoot at Jack and
Summerfield, Rawlins, who is on the side of the tower, takes
a knife out of his pocket and stabs Sniper one in the ankle.
Sniper one screams in pain as Rawlins gets on the platform
of the tower and struggles with Sniper one.
Jack and Summerfield run through the crowd. Jack pushes his
ear piece in and starts to talk.
Zinc, Leroy, the Agents are bad.
Are either one of you out there?


This is Leroy. I'm headed toward
the tower.
So are we.
Rawlins and Sniper one continue to struggle with each other.
They have their hands around each other's throat. Sniper one
punches Rawlins in the face and then grabs a pistol from his
jacket. Rawlins stands up and kicks the pistol onto the
Rawlins pulls out his pistol and shoots Sniper one, but
notices it is a paint pellet. Rawlins then shoots Sniper one
in both eyes, knocking him out.
A sniper from another tower fires at Rawlins, and hits him
in the leg. Rawlins falls off the tower to the ground below
and can't get up.
As Leroy arrives to the tower, he approaches Rawlins.
Rawlins, are you okay.
It's just a leg shot. But get on
that tower get the rifle and shoot
the son of a bitch out of the sky.
Leroy climbs to the top of the tower and remains on his
stomach. The other sniper fires, just hitting the tower.
Leroy positions himself and fires, shooting the sniper in
the shoulder, wounding him.
Good or bad, nobody shoots my
Leroy climbs down from the tower. Jack and Summerfield run
up to Leroy and Rawlins.
                       LEROY (CONT'D)
      (to Jack)
What the hell are we gonna do?
We got to get out of here.


What about Rawlins?
Don't worry about me kid. I'll
make it fine. I can be a
He's right, Let's go.
Jack, Summerfield and Leroy start to run away as Agent Glen,
Agent Phillips and a number of agents, run toward them.
Rawlins gets up and fires his paint-ball pellets
sporadically at the group of agents. Agent Travis and Agent
Morris, both fire, hitting him in the chest. The Agents run
past Rawlins and fire at Jack and Leroy.
Jack, Summerfield and Leroy run toward the black suburbans
across from the square. The agents hide behind benches and
light posts, as they fire at the three men. Leroy shoots
sporadically in an attempt to distract.
Jack reaches the front door of the suburban. He opens it and
pushes Summerfield to the passenger side. Agent Glen fires
at Leroy hitting him in the back. Jack watches as Leroy
falls to the ground.
Jack we gotta go.
As Jack speeds off, Agents, Morris, Phillips, Travis and
Glen all shoot at the suburban.
                       AGENT TRAVIS
We gotta get to a damn suburban
right now!
                       AGENT GLEN
Alert every authority within a
thousand miles. Jack Spade has
gone rouge and just kidnapped the
Vice President.


Jack drives the suburban down a one way street that doubles
as a light rail train track, in the wrong direction. Jack
opens the center console of the suburban and finds a pistol
with real bullets. He picks it up and pulls the hammer back.
A black suburban behind Jack, speeds up to him. Men on both
sides of the suburban shoot at Jack's suburban.
      (to Summerfield)
Get down. We got company.
As Summerfield ducks, Jack notices a train coming toward
them. He shoots back at the driver of the suburban killing
him. The dead driver's foot slams the gas, causing the
suburban to slam into Jack's suburban. As the suburban
pushes the other suburban, Jack is not able to stop at the
stoplight to wait for the train.
Holy shit we're gonna die.
Summerfield grips the grab handle.
Jack grips the steering wheel and slams the gas to the
No we're not.
The train gets closer to the two suburbans. The train blows
it's horn at the suburban, but Jack is unable to get out of
the way. Finally, Jack notices a side street that he can
barely squeeze onto.
As the train comes closer, Jack hits the gas and turns onto
the side street, missing the train by an inch. The train
hits the other suburban head on. The suburban flips right
side up and lands on a sidewalk. The train screeches to a
fiery stop.
How the hell did you that one?
I have no idea.


Jack drives the suburban downtown. Summerfield sits in the
passenger seat looking afraid. Jack's cell phone rings. He
quickly answers it.
Agent Glen, with cell phone up to his ear, stands next to
Agent Travis. Zinc sits on the ground beside them.
This better be damn important.
                       AGENT GLEN
Here's the deal. You've got two
choices. You bring back the Vice
President and we let you go away.
The other choice is that I come
after you and you die.
Your men just shot up my team you
piece of shit. What the hell makes
you think for a second, I'm gonna
make a deal with you? You messed
with the wrong Texan, shithead.
                       AGENT GLEN
Don't threaten me. Just face it
Jack, your son got involved with
this whole thing because of you.
His blood is on your hands. Now,
do you want to fix it and bring
back the Vice President? Or do you
want to be stupid and have me kill
      (in the background)
Forget about me Jack.
                       AGENT GLEN
He doesn't think I'll do it. But
you know I will. Now you don't
wanna save that stuck up rich guys
life, do ya?


Only if it'll piss you off.
                       AGENT GLEN
Oh how eloquent.
A shot is fired in the background.
                       AGENT GLEN
Your man Zinc is dead. Now listen,
I'm sick of trying to reason with
you. My politeness is over, you
made this personal.
Now you listen. Damn right this is
personal. You just killed one of
my boys and for that, I'm gonna
bring so much damn hell down on
you, you'll think you're in the
middle of a Texas hailstorm. I'm
warning you, you're a dead son of
a bitch.
Jack hangs up.
Zinc lies dead on the ground.
                       AGENT GLEN
      (to Agent Travis)
Get a helicopter and find this son
of a bitch. I want this Texan
wishing he was back at the Alamo.
                       AGENT TRAVIS
Yes sir.
                       AGENT GLEN
He would have a hell of a lot
better odds there, than he does
going up against me.
                       AGENT TRAVIS
Damn right.
                       AGENT GLEN
And where the hell is his son? And