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The Legend of The Shape
by Ethan Nepper (Ethan_Nepper@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Horror   User Review: *
A short fan film of the well known Halloween franchise.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Camera walks closer towards a pumpkin in a darkened room.
Point at the home in the street of the Matthews and slowly
walk over to the curb pointing at Glenn walking out the
                       SCENE 2 (Mom)
Glenn! You forgot your books!
Glenn walks back into house.
Glenn walks into the kitchen where his Mom waits for him.
                       SCENE 3 (Mom)
Forgetting something?
Glenn grabs the books and hugs his Mom.
                       SCENE 3 (Glenn)
Thanks. If I forgot that I
would've been screwed.
                       SCENE 3 (Mom)
And I wouldn't be able to bring
them to your school.
                       SCENE 3 (Glenn)
Oh god. That would be one crappy
Sam comes from upstairs to downstairs and enters the
                       SCENE 3 (Sam)
Glenn, would you wait for me
before you leave?
Glenn sighs and checks his phone for the time.


                       SCENE 3 (Glenn)
Yeah, I guess so. But you got ten
minutes so you'd better hurry up.
                       SCENE 3 (Sam)
Thanks. I owe you big time!
                       SCENE 3 (Glenn)
Yeah you do.
Sam pours a bowl of Fruit Loops for himself.
                       SCENE 2 (Sam)
So, what's the rush?
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
I have a test tomorrow that I want
to study for.
Sam walks int0 the dining room and sits down.
                       SCENE 2 (Sam)
Can't you go after school?
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
No,I have a stage crew meeting
                       SCENE 2 (Sam)
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Now get moving. We need to leave
Glenn walks towards his Mom's rooms.
Mom is on the phone talking to Dad about how the morning
                       SCENE 4 (Dad)
So how were the boys this morning?
                       SCENE 4 (Mom)
Well Glenn was a little stressed
and Sam was late, again.
Dad sighs with disgust.


                       SCENE 4 (Dad)
Sam is always slacking off! I
don't understand why it is so hard
to set a goddamn alarm and wake
                       SCENE 4 (Mom)
Listen I am going to the store, do
you have any special requests?
                       SCENE 4 (Dad)
You know, actually it would be
great if you could get me a box of
those Jimmy Dean Delights!
Mom writes it down on her long list of groceries.
                       SCENE 4 (Mom)
Anything else?
                       SCENE 4 (Dad)
Ooh yeah and those Tofu Breakfast
Writes that down as well and grabs her keys but forgets her
                       SCENE 4 (Mom)
Okay gotta go now, bye love you.
                       SCENE 4 (Dad)
Thanks and love you too.
Hang up phone and walk out the door to car. Start it but
realize the list was forgotten.
                       SCENE 4 (Mom)
Oh SHIT! How did I forget the
                                         CUT TO


Mom gets out of the car and begins to walk towards her
house. The Shape rises from behind the car and follows her.
Mom walks into the house and doesn't notice that the door
didn't close as fast as normal.
We are close up to the license plate as the car starts and
drive away. The shot is held onto for 20 seconds after
departure. Though we do not know it is The Shape driving
the car away not Nancy.
Glenn and his two friends Richard(Dick) and Alexis begin to
walk out of school after an extra long time in study hall.
                       SCENE 7 (Alexis)
That was so terrible! Why again
do we have to sit around after
                       SCENE 7 (Glenn)
Let's just not talk about
studying. I am officially ready
to go home and lie down for a bit.
                       SCENE 7 (Alexis)
This one boy was staring at me in
Algebra today. He was So cute!
                       SCENE 7 (Seth)
Who was that!
                       SCENE 7 (Alexis)
      (With Irritation)
Oh, well you know that guy Kyle
Andrews, that was him. Also, I
don't appreciate the way you asked
                       SCENE 7 (Seth)
      (With Rage)
HIM! Oh this is just ridiculous!
I'm gonna... I'm gonna...


                       SCENE 7 (Glenn)
Knock him out right? Or are you
gonna kick him in his balls?
                       SCENE 7 (Seth)
Oh well, um you see, I don't know
cause he's a basketball player and
I'm not big and tall.
                       SCENE 7 (Alexis)
Don't worry the three of us know
that you're not gonna do anything
to him right?
                       SCENE 7 (Seth)
Uh, I dunno maybe not. But if I
decide to would it prove that I'm
                       SCENE 7 (Alexis and Glenn)
Yeah, totally!
Start walking as Alexis babbles on about Kyle's eyes and
                                         FADE OUT
                                         CUT TO
While walking Glenn is looking out in the distance, Dick is
admiring Alexis as she talks. Suddenly a car alarm blares
surprising all three. Alexis screams.
                       SCENE 2 (Seth)
Who the hell was that?
Continue talking about incident as car suddenly drives away
and leaves.
                       SCENE 2 (Alexis)
I dunno.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Did we just miss that turn we were
supposed to take?


                       SCENE 2 (Seth)
Oh yeah! We missed the turn that
we have to take to get to Alexis's
                       SCENE 2 (Alexis)
How do you know where I live?
                       SCENE 2 (Seth)
I just do...
                       SCENE 2 (Alexis)
Okay ummm freaky and bye.
Alexis runs other way and turns corner going to her house,
Glenn and Richard are left to walk and talk by themselves.
                       SCENE 2 (Seth)
She is so hot running!
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
What the heck! Could we not talk
about my best friend like that!
                       SCENE 2 (Seth)
Geeze sorry but I have to speak
the truth.
Glenn elbows Seth in the side playfully.
                       SCENE 2 (Seth)
Ouch that hurt!
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
      (More Serious)
You do realize that whether she
says yes or no you'll never get an
answer unless you ask.
                       SCENE 2 (Seth)
What do you mean by that?
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Oh come on, you know what I mean!
                       SCENE 2 (Seth)
No really what do you mean?


                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Oh you cannot tell me that you
don't like her more than as a
Dick gasps a little but clearly pretends to have no idea
what Glenn is saying is true.
                       SCENE 2 (Dick)
I don't like Alexis! I mean, what
even makes you say that?
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
      (Not Convinced)
Alright whatever. It's just the
way that you talk with her and
look at her.
                       SCENE 2 (Dick)
Hey can you ask if I can go to
your place?
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Yeah, I'll see.
Glenn grabs his phone and dials his Mom.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Hey, Mom, can Richard come over
we're on our way over?
With nothing except breathing, he hangs up and calls back.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Mom, I was wondering if Richard
could come over.
Still, more breathing and no verbal response.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Call is ended because The Shape hung up.
                       SCENE 2 (Dick)
Is everything all right?
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Actually, I have no clue.


                       SCENE 2 (Dick)
What do you mean?
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
You know what, it's nothing.
                       SCENE 2 (Dick)
So, am I allowed to come over?
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
My mom was either screwing around
again or, well, I dunno. But
either way could you please come
                       SCENE 2 (Dick)
Yeah, I guess. But I swear if I
get into ANY trouble you're dead,
my mom will kill you and me as
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Okay, Okay, Okay!
As Maria is walking home, across the street a man is seen.
He wears coveralls and a white mask. Maria sees him.
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Um, excuse me? Do you need
He says nothing.
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Could you tell me why you were
staring at me?
The Shape turns and walks through a yard. Maria turns and
continues walking.
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
      (To Herself)
Well that was weird. You know
what they say Maria, on Halloween
everyone is entitled to one good


Maria takes out her phone and calls Glenn to tell him about
her encounter with The Shape.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Okay, so you mean to tell me that
a guy was staring at you?
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Yeah, pretty much.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Then why are you calling me? Was
it that scary
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
It just worried me, I mean how
often do you catch a guy in a mask
staring at you?
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
All the time!
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Whatever I'll see you later then.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Okay bye, wait are we still on for
the movies tonight?
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Yeah but I still dunno what we are
gonna see.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Okay well bye see the ya bye...
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Wait! Did you just say bye we ha
bye? Who even says that!
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Screw you Maria!
Maria hangs up phone and walks into her house...


Approach the house not talking when Glenn and Seth see that
the blind is tilted as if someone is looking at them from
upstairs. Both just ignore it and walk towards the front
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Dude it's locked.
                       SCENE 2 (Seth)
Are you sure?
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Yes I'm sure, and what really
sucks is that our locks got
changed so I have no keys to get
Glenn knocks believing that Mellie is home.
                       SCENE 2 (Sam)
Glenn and Seth jump/scream when Sam jumps out in his
Halloween costume.
                       SCENE 2 (Seth)
Damn kid what the hell is your
problem! Are you stupid or under
the impression that you're funny?
                       SCENE 2 (Sam)
You know what, learn to take a
joke like Glenn does see he's
laughing! Oh and the only stupid
one here is you okay. I think we
all can...
Glenn stops chuckling and gets serious so he can intervene
before the two start to fight.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Okay could we please not bicker
over this stupid quote on quote
                       SCENE 2 (Sam)
Well why don't you tell Seth to
not swear and be such a bully.


                       SCENE 2 (Seth)
Seriously! I'm a bully! Well
Glenn, why don't you tell him to
quit trying to annoy me on
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Shut up, both of you! In this
situation none of you were in the
right. Sam, you know Seth scares
easy and gets mad about it whereas
I do not. Seth, Sam is ten years
old and isn't used to swearing and
kids try to annoy older people, we
loved to remember. Now can we all
stop fighting?
                       SCENE 2 (Seth and Sam)
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Thank you, now shake hands,
apologize and let's get inside.
Both shake hands and apologize to one another.
                       SCENE 2 (Sam)
I checked earlier, the back is
locked as well as the front.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
All right well my new keys are
pretty much ready, can I leave you
two alone?
                       SCENE 2 (Srth)
Yes, I'll be nice I promise.
                       SCENE 2 (Sam)
See ya later Glenn.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Bye! Don't get into any trouble
and don't break the windows! We
got them last year!
Glenn runs toward a busy street and the camera points to Sam
and Seth.
                       SCENE 2 (Sam)
Should we just break the window?


                       SCENE 2 (Seth)
Let's do it!
Cut to a scene inside of the house, Seth is climbing through
the window and unlocks the front door.
                       SCENE 2 (Sam)
Finally, I swear I'm so hungry!
                       SCENE 2 (Seth)
Hey I need to go make a phone call
I'll be upstairs.
                       SCENE 2 (Sam)
Okay but don't be too long you're
supposed to be watching me.
Camera watches Seth descend up the staircase into Glenn's
room. He grabs his phone and calls Maria to talk to her but
it goes straight to voicemail.
                       SCENE 2 (Seth)
Hey Maria, I was just calling to
say hi and see what you're doing.
Uh well I guess you could text me
or even call me back, do both for
all I care. See you at the movies
Aim camera at Seth who is facing the window. Suddenly the
closet door opens and the shape steps out!
                       SCENE 2 (Seth)
What the...
The shape chokes Seth to death. We hear the shapes heavy
breathing and though Seth is not screaming he is terrified.
When dead the shape throws him into the closet and walks out
the back door. Sam hears the door slam closed and runs over
to investigate.
                       SCENE 2 (Sam)
Seth! Where are you going?
With no response the camera points at an open gate.
Camera follows Glenn as he walks down the side walk closer
to home. Suddenly a car pulls up.


                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
Hey kid! What are you doing out
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Mom must not be home because both
doors were locked so I went to
pick up my new keys.
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
Hmm. That's very uncommon for
your mom to do that. Also it was
a very inconvenient timing!
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Oh god, tell me about it!
With the camera standard not in between them we see both are
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
I'm headed home want a ride back?
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
Come on get in!
Point camera at the car departing as the Tahoe follows
                                         FADE SLOWLY
Point the camera at Sam's face. He has a worried look on
his faces hen he sees his dad's car pulled up.
                       SCENE 2 (Sam)
Hey guys, how was work dad?
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
It was work. How was your day?
                       SCENE 2 (Sam)
Oh it was boring, but on the
bright side I have no homework.
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
Good, where is ypur mom?


                       SCENE 2 (Sam)
Um, about that, I haven't seen her
all day. When we got home she
wasn't here.
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
Oh, I hear that the doors were
locked, how did you get in?
                       SCENE 2 (Sam)
Seth and I took out the screen and
opened the windows.
Glenn Scoffs and Dad is mad.
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
Listen to me junior! You were
already late for school for the
fifth time in row. You know that
we just got those windows over the
summer! So you go and mess them
                       SCENE 2 (Sam)
Listen Dad, I'm sorry. I just
didn't want to be stuck outside
for an hour, it's cold and I had
already been waiting for about
twenty minutes so I decided why
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
Sam, I don't want to talk about
this right now. W'll settle this
whenever your mom gets home.
Speaking of which I'm calling her
right now and finding out why she
still isn't home at 5:15.
Dad walks over to the phone at the desk in the dining room
and calls mom.
                       SCENE 2 (Mom)
This is Mellie, leave a message
and I'll ge back to you.
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
Jesus Mellie, where are you? The
boys have been waiting for you?
Sam messed up the window, please
get back soon.


                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
I'm going to eat because I have to
go to the movies later.
                       SCENE 2 (Sam)
Who are you going with?
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Seth and Maria. No you cannot
come and no I do not know what
we're seeing.
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
Ok you can go but be back by 11.
Glenn takes out a box of Mac and cheese and puts the water
on the stove. Dad dials again. Phone picks up. Breathing.
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
Hey honey, when will you be back
Nothing but the Shape's slow breathing...
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
Hon, will you answer me?
Breathing continues.
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
Okay , don't answer me... I guess
I'll see you when you get home.
Put down the phone.
                       SCENE 2 (Sam)
Well, I'm going to go play the
Sam happily runs upstairs.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Did she say anything?
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
Nothing except breathing.
Glenn puts on a puzzled look.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Um dad, when I called mom earlier
she only breathed. Do you think
something happened!


                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
No I doubt it, let's just play it
by ear and wait.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Ok, I need to change for the
movies. Make sure my water
doesn't boil over.
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
OK, you got it.
As The camera follows Glenn up the stairs and into his room,
we are able to see Sam sitting in the living room playing
the Xbox. Glenn lies down on his bed when it dawns upon him
that Seth was supposed to be here.
                       SCENE 2 (Sam)
Glenn, can I talk to you for a
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Yeah but make it quick.
Glenn walks into the living room to listen to what Sam has
to say.
                       SCENE 2 (Gle n)
What do you need to tell me?
                       SCENE 2 (Sam)
After you left when me and Seth
opened the windows,he went
upstairs and he never came down.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
What do you mean?
                       SCENE 2 (Sam)
Uh, I mean the he kinda,
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Well then where on Earth did Seth


                       SCENE 2 (Sam)
I have absolutely no clue, I was
hoping that you could find out.
Glenn sighs and walks to his room, he then calls Seth. The
phone rings and Glenn notice that Seth's phone is by the
closet door.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Sam get over here!
                       SCENE 2 (Sam)
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Seth's phone is on my floor.
                       SCENE 2 (Sam)
I wonder how it got over there?
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
i don't really now...
Repeat the camera move from scene 2 opening. Glenn walks
out of his house along with Maria. They plan on walking to
the theatre on 27th street.
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
So Seth ditched us, huh?
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
To be honest, I have no idea what
happened. Sam and Seth were at my
house and they broke in through
the window, Seth went upstairs.
Sam said something about him
calling somebody. Sam said that
he heard something upstairs and
that there was nobody there.
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Yeah, it worried Sam a bit.
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Yeah, so do you wanna see a horror


                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Duh, it's Halloween
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
I can tell, we've got all of these
kids trick or treating.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
I love a good old movie that
scares the crap out of me!
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Yeah, I do too.
As Maria and Glenn continue walking down Oklahoma, the
camera points at the two friends and turns to see the car
that the shape stole start and begins driving down Oklahoma.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Maria, could I ask you something?
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Yeah totally...
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Uh, this is going to sound really
weird but...
Glenn takes a long pause.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
You know what, it's really stupid
but... You ... You know what,
never mind...
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Oh no, you've already built up
enough suspense. You can tell me
anything! We are best friends and
always will be!
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Alright... Now this is going to
sound really cheesy but, um, uh, I
just feel like someone's watching
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Really? You too?


                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Yeah! I mean it's weird cause I
don't think that anyone else has
noticed but I'm really freaked
Not knowing that Glenn is being serious and thinking that it
is some stupid prank to freak her out, she laughs as she was
only joking...
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Why are you laughing? I'm being
serious about this!
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Wait a minute! Slow your roll...
You're joking right?
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
No. No I'm not. I keep seeing my
Mom's car, I called her and there
was breathing, she's no place to
be found and not to mention Seth
just happened to go missing as
well.also I keep on seeing a guy
in a white mask... So no, no I am
not joking...
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
That guy you keep on seeing sounds
an awful lot like the man that I
saw earlier today.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
I wonder why this is happening and
what else is gonna happen?
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
All that I know is that I haven't
seen him again, so it must be
karma... Maybe you should have
taken me a bit more seriously.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
That's so not cool.
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Just don't even give it any of
your time. I'm sure that it's
just your idiot parents and Sammy.
It's Halloween remember?


                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Yeah, I guess... Let's just keep
Camera continues to follow Glenn and Maria down Oklahoma...
Which is one of the busiest streets in Haddonfield.
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
I'm so excited to see the movie
but not for the walk back.
                       SCENE 2 (Glee)
You and me both...
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
I think that we should watch
Paranormal Activity!
                       SCENE 2 (Flenn)
I've only seen the first and the
fourth... Let's go!
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Thanks! You're paying right?
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
I was planning on it.
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Okay good. I have absolutely
nothing for money.
Camera watches as they continue down to the theater through
the parking lot.
                                         FADE OUT
Glenn and Maria walk out of the theater beginning the walk
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
That was okay... I really prefer
the slasher movies.
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Yeah, me too...


                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Why don't we go back to my place,
I have A Nightmare on Elm Street.
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Yeah it's a plan but once we get
there I'm gonna run back home and
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Alright, I'll get it ready and
make some popcorn since we didn't
get any at the movies.
                       SCENE 2 (Naria)
Sweet! I'll be about fifteen
minutes so be ready.
Glenn is standing in the doorway of his house and Maria is
on the sidewalk.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Please try and hurry up.
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Don't worry like I said it should
take me fifteen minutes, twenty
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Ok... See you soon then.
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
See ya...
Maria starts walking and Glenn goes inside. Scene fades on
a shot of Maria walking and cuts to inside of Glenn's house.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Sam! Dad!! Mom?
No response from anyone in the family but Glenn soon finds a
note that says dad and Sam went out to the police to see if
they can find mom..
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Gone to the police station looking
for mom, dad and Sammy...


                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Sweet, house to myself.
Glenn picks up the landline but there's no signal.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
What the heck?
Glenn grabs his cell phone and calls dad.
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Hey dad.
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
Oh how was your movie?
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
It was a ghost movie so not as
interesting for me...
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
That sucks.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Yeah, listen I have Maria coming
over for a movie would you mind
staying out?
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
Sure. Sam and I can go see a
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Thanks, what's going on with mom?
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
The sheriff sent out the deputy
and his squad to search and ask
around but that they can't file a
missing person form just yet.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Okay well keep me posted on the
situation. I hope to god that
they find her quick.
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
I know, I do too. But I'll let
you know and have a good time.


                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Thanks... And we're just going to
watch a movie or two.
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
Ok, love you.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Love you too, bye...
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
Glenn turns on some lights and begins to pop popcorn... He
also runs up and grabs the movies. He puts Wes Craven's A
Nightmare On Elm Street in and gets the house picked up...
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Okay, butter done and popcorn,
Glenn salts and butters the popcorn when suddenly his phone
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Hey it's me. Are you ready?
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
I'm all ready, I just need to
clean a few things up.
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Good cause I am just finishing up
over here.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
All right then I'll see you soon.
By the way my dad and brother are
gone so we can be in peace.
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Ok that's nice.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Speaking of which, it's quiet on
your line, where is your family?
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Trick or treating with friends in
Russellville. It's a long drive
home and they probably stopped off


                       SCENE 2 (cont'd)
someplace after.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Oh, well I'll see you soon then?
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Yeah I have just gotta...
Maria lets out a blood curdling scream and Glenn becomes
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
MARIA!!?? Are you okay? What's
going on? Is this some joke of
We see a shot of the Shape from the back but we see the
reflection of his face in the mirror. He is holding Maria's
phone. He then turns around towards Maria. She is alive
but stabbed in the back and lying on the floor she is
unconscious. The Shape tilts his head as if admiring his
handiwork and lifts her up and hides her in a closet. We
cut to another shot of Glenn on the phone demanding for
answers but then getting the Shapes breathing.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Maria I swear to god if this is a
trick! I'm coming over there and
you'd better not scare me!
The shape hangs up Maria's phone.
Glenn runs up to his room and grabs his sweater. He then
gets down on his knees.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Please, dear god, let her be alive
and let this be a prank... Please
I'm begging you!
Glenn stands up and walks out, thought he doesn't notice it
the closet door is open and there is blood on the wall.
Glenn is confused and also scared but continues to walk
closer to Maria's house. Finally he makes it there and


                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Maria? MARIA? Are you here?
Glenn simply opens the door up and walks in.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Maria! Cut the crap! I'm not
gonna play this game with you
especially after that movie.
Glenn opens the basement door and makes it half way down the
steps and runs back up.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Okay well I hope you're upstairs
cause I'm not going down to the
Glenn walks upstairs and sees blood on the floor. He backs
up and begins to become scared.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Ma-Maria? Please come out
Nothing... He walks further into the room and turns to the
bathroom to vomit and looks inside and sees Seth.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
AaaaAhhhhhhhh! Oh my god! Seth!
Glenn runs out of the main room and into the entrance area.
Maria still alive but cold and unconscious body is pushed
out of a closet and onto Glenn. The shape remains inside
and Glenn falls down with the body.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Oh god, oh god no! Please god
help me!
Glenn sees that she is still alive but quickly losing blood
when he stands up and runs into the closet to get a shirt to
hold on the wound. However a body falls out when he opens
the closet door and knocks Glenn down the stairs. Glenn
looks although injured and sees that it's his mom.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Aaahhh! Mom! No! Mommy! Mommy
I'm so sorry mommy!


While Glenn cries about his mom and friends the Shape steps
out of his hiding place and Glenn sees the man stand a t the
very top of the staircase. At first he couldn't see him and
then a light will illuminate his face as if our eyes were
getting used to the dark.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Oh. No. Oh god help!
Glenn is trying to get his moms corpse off of him but he
couldn't. Soon however he saw that the shape was carrying a
very large butcher knife and slowly began descending down
the stairs.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Oh no! Help! Somebody help me!!
Glenn soon pushes his mom off of him and the shape is close
to him.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Mom I'm so sorry but get the heck
off me!
As Glenn finally begins to force his moms corpse off him the
shape is behind him and slices the back of his right leg
near the back of the shin and ankle.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Ahhh! Ow! Oh!
Grunting and crying Glenn staggers out of the house and the
chase sequence begins.
Glenn runs out of the house of horrors and runs down the
street. When glenn finally gets some distance between them
the shape walks out the door and follows him. There will be
a cut when Glenn crosses the street and is the on 47th
instead of 49th but we don't know that. Glenn is screaming
and begging for help when he runs up to his neighbors porch.
He beats on the door but there is no answer. He then reads
a note taped onto the inside that read... Gone for the
week! Happy Halloween!
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Oh god, no! Mariana! Rick!


Glenn gives up and runs through their backyard and jumps the
fence. He falls into his own yard.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Oh! God help me! PLEASE!
The shape followed him and suddenly the motion sensor lights
activate and Glenn runs to lock the gate. The shape smashed
through it as Glenn has running into the house and locked
the doors.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Oh god, please make it stop...
Glenn runs to the phone to call the police but there was
still no signal. He slams down the phone and runs to the
kitchen. He grabs the small kitchen knife that he has.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Ohhh. What do I do?
As Glenn sits down in the kitchen behind the snack bar the
Shape walks up and stabs Glenn once more in his back.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Oh!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
(Shrieking, crying)
Glenn turns around and slices the shapes knee. The shape
fall and Glenn stabs him in the chest. He thinks that the
shape is dead and runs upstairs to grab his phone from his
room. He grabs it and hides in a closet after opening the
balcony door. He begins to dial 911 but then the door
downstairs opens and the shape walks up the stairs. He sees
the door open and walks towards it when Glenn opens the door
and pushes the shape off the balcony.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Please be dead... Help!! Oh god
help me please!
Glenn looks over the balcony and sees that the shape is
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Oh, I want my mom and dad.
Glenn grabs his phone and calls his dad.
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
Hey Glenn, how's the movie?


                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Dad you need to come home now.
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
We can't, we're still looking for
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Oh but dad, I found mom...
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
That's great! We'll be home soon
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
She's dead...
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
She's dead. She is Seth. But
Maria needs our help. Get the
police to her place.
Dad begins to cry.
                       SCENE 2 (Dad)
Glenn hangs the phone up and goes to where the shape fell
and dabs the blood on the ground.
The camera is shooting a POV shot with The Shape's
breathing. He is approaching Maria's house.
Maria wakes up and begins to crawl down the stairs. When
she sees Glenn's mom she shudders and whimpers. She crawls
into her parents room and hides behind their bed. She hears
the door open and sees The Shape start to walk up the
stairs. She quickly runs out of the house and soon makes it
out to Glenn's house.


                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Help! Glenn help me! Somebody
The same trick that was used with Glenn's chase scene is
used and Maria runs to Glenn's house. She is following a
trail of blood drops.
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Oh god... Glenn! Are you okay!
Maria runs up to the front door but it's locked. She then
runs to the back yard and sees Glenn laying in the grass.
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Glenn! Are you alright?
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
You're okay! Oh thank god!
Both begin to cry.
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Do you know about Seth?
                       SCENE 2 (Glebn)
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
And your mom...
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
He's still at my house. What do
we do?
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
I'm calling the police...
Glenn and Maria take Glenn's phone from upstairs downstairs
and Maria watches the front door.
                       SCENE 2 (Operator)
911, what's your emergency?
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
I need the police and an ambulance
as quick as you can please!
                       SCENE 2 (Operator)
What's the emergency?


                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
A man tried to kill my friend and
I! He killed my mom and another
                       SCENE 2 (Operator)
What is your location?
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
3041 south 47th street and also a
small house on the corner of 49th
in Cleveland. That house shares
an alley with 50th!
                       SCENE 2 (Operator)
The police are on their way.
Glenn hangs up the phone and Maria comes walking over to him
with a worried look on her face.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
What's the matter?
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
When I got here the door was
locked and closed. Now it's open!
Glenn puts on a scared face and runs over to the door.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Well where is he?
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
I don't know.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Get down to the basement and hide
in the storage room.
Maria looks at him like he's crazy.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Just go!
Maria quickly runs down stairs and Glenn begins to walk
around although he's scared he is brave and ready for the
terror to end.
                       SCENE 2 (Glebb)
Alright. Where are you?
Maria lets out a scream.


                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Oh no!
Glenn runs downstairs.
In the basement, Glenn comes running down the stairs into
the storage room and sees The Shape strangling Maria.
                       SCENE 2 (Glenn)
Get off her!
Glenn begins to try and pull The Shape off of Maria. He
then pushes Maria and chokes Glenn.
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Maria took a knife while running downstairs and uses it to
stab The Shape. She pushes it into him and the Shape falls
with it in his back.
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Glenn! Are you okay?
Glenn stands up. The Shape fell onto him and knocked Glenn
                       SCENE 2 (Maria)
Been better...
Maria and Glenn laugh and stand to go upstairs. When they
get there Glenn and Maria hear the back door open. They
take a minute but then run to the basement. The body and
knife is gone!
The names of the cast and crew is displayed.


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From Brian Carney Date 8/1/2016 *
Something is terribly wrong with your formatting. It looks like you are naming each scene in the slugline... Not sure if you understand how sluglines work. EXT means Exterior, or outside ....INT means interior, or filmed Inside. ...After EXT. or INT. you put the location ....example: INT. BRIAN'S HOUSE - DAY or EXT. SMALL PARK - NIGHT EXT. BRIAN'S HOUSE - NIGHT -- this would be a shot of The outside of a house And then, your dialog " SCENE 3 (Mom)" and "SCENE 2 (Glenn)" ...This should just be the characters name. Nothing else. just "GLENN" and "MOM" ...I highly suggest you read more about writing screenplays and even read scripts from some of your favorite movies.

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