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Three Months in Paradise
by Dan Murphy (b9lazesnakes@aol.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

A 20 year old college student recollects a certain turning point in his life during one summer break when he was 15 years old.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Empty. There's no one in sight. Then, the sound of the front
door UNLOCKING can be heard as DEAN MURRAY, a young and
handsome 20 year old man walks into the apartment, with his
81 year old grandmother, JEANIE, following behind him.
She's carrying two white cardboard take out BOXES in a WHITE
Once he and his grandmother are inside, Dean closes the
front door and locks it.
Dean's grandmother turns to face him.
Could you please put these in the
Sure, Gram.
He walks into the kitchen to put the boxes in the
After that, he walks down the short hallway to enter the
bedroom on his right.
He FLICKS the lights on and walks over to a PILE of neatly
folded CLOTHES and grabs a pair of SWEATPANTS.
As he begins to undress, he takes his shirt off, showing a
WHITE T-SHIRT underneath.
Then, he hears the sound of the AIR CONDITIONER, blowing
cool air through the vent, which is located on the ceiling.
He looks at the vent really hard, staring at it as if
there's something wrong.
He's still fixated on the vent, blowing cool air.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:


A classroom, full of high school freshmen, CHATTERING,
amongst themselves.
An large BLACK MAN, the teacher of the class, looks over to
see a student, looking out the window.
The bell RINGS loudly, dismissing the joyous class.
Have a nice summer, everyone. Stay
Dean Murray, now 15 years old, gets up to leave the
classroom, which is now almost empty.
The teacher looks at him, proudly.
Have a nice vacation, Dean.
Dean looks at him.
Yeah, you too, Mr. Campbell.
He leaves the classroom, carrying his heavy book bag on his
                                         CUT TO:
A row of bright yellow SCHOOL BUSES are parked one after
Dean walks along side the evenly parked buses as he boards
the last bus in the convoy.
                                         CUT TO:
Crowded with rowdy kids, YELLING and SHOUTING, very loudly
as the DRIVER looks on, irritated.
As Dean boards the bus, the bus driver glances as him,
sporting a short smile as he makes his way tot he middle of
the bus.


He sits down next to ANOTHER KID, who doesn't want to be
bothered with.
Dean, then looks around, seeing that the driver is watching
the obnoxious kids in the back.
The door CLOSES, as the RADIO lets out a SQUAWK, letting the
driver know that it's time to depart from the school.
                                         CUT TO:
The school bus slows to a halt as the last of the kids,
including Dean leaves the bus.
Dean looks at the bus driver.
Thank you.
                       BUS DRIVER
You're welcome. Have a nice
Yeah, you too.
The door CLOSES as Dean CROSSES the street looking both
He walks up the street and turns right, feeling a little bit
uneasy as he continues his walk home.
                                         CUT TO:
It's empty except for the basketball hoop and a few parked
Dean looks to see nobody parked in front of the driveway as
he walks up to the front door, key in hand.
He unlocks the front door and walks in.
                                         CUT TO:


There's no one inside except that the SLIDING DOOR leading
out to the back porch is open.
Looking around his house, Dean walks into the kitchen and
toward a pantry, which is close to a nearby bathroom.
He takes his shoes off and walks over to see his MOTHER
outside, sunbathing in a multi-colored swimsuit.
He doesn't say anything to her and begins to go upstairs
toward his room to unload his heavy book bag.
                                         CUT TO:
Inside Dean's room, his bed is perfectly made and the walls
in his room are tacked on with various movie poster like
2001: A Space Odyssey, Young Frankenstein, Psycho, and even
a VERY LARGE POSTER of a SHARK, with his mouth open.
He goes to his closet to rest his book bag on the door knob,
letting out a sigh of relief.
Thank God.
He then starts up his computer and opens up his windows,
letting in the outdoors fresh air.
                                         CUT TO:
Dean's mother opens her eyes and looks around to see nobody
in sight.
She then takes a sip of her lemonade, which is almost watery
because of the melting ice cubes, making the cup all
dripping wet from condensation.
                                         CUT TO:
Once his computer is all powered up, he goes onto YouTube to
listen to some music while he waits for it to load.


                                         CUT TO:
Taking a break from sunbathing, Dean's mother walks into the
kitchen after shutting the sliding door, letting out a BEEP
BEEP sound on the home's security system.
                                         CUT TO:
Dean listens to the sliding door shut as "Better Not Look
Down." by B.B King plays on Dean's computer.
                                         CUT TO:
He walks outside his bedroom, looking down while he stands
on a nearby balcony which is built near his room.
Hey, Mom.
She goes to get another cup to pour more lemonade in.
Hey, Dean.
She walks toward the front door and looks upwards.
How was the finals?
He lets out a slight GROAN.
Well, the history final was good.
We didn't have to take a final in
my English class because we were
already finished with out work as
of today. We didn't have anything
to do.
Uh huh.


The engineering class, not too
good. The teacher was really a,
kind of a jerk-off and...
He struggles to finish his sentence, knowing that the
engineering class was partly difficult to him.
What about your algebra?
Dean sucks his teeth, expressing a sense of stinging pain.
He shakes his head.
Mr. Foster tried to help me the
best he could before the final.
You know that I studied really
hard for this final.
So, you didn't do good on your
It's that goddamn Van Gorder. That
teacher should be fired. He treats
everybody like shit, every other
He bites his lower lip in frustration.
God, I hate him.
Well, at least you won't have to
take algebra again.
Or go to summer school.
Do you think you pass that class?
I hope so, Mom.


He lowers his head, further down.
I hope to God I did pass.
She walks away, going back to the kitchen.
If you want, you can go swimming.
Nah, I'm okay.
He goes back to his room to listen to his music.
                                         CUT TO:
Everybody's at the dinner table with plates full of food on
them. Dean's stepfather, TOM, scoops up a spoonful of mashed
potatoes and then reaches for the pepper.
Dean's sister, Kristen, 11 years old, cuts up a piece of
steak on her plate and jabs it in her mouth and starts
chewing it up.
So, Dean how was school?
Your mother said that you didn't
do too well on your algebra final.
Dean winces a little as his stepfather starts to bring up
the last thing Dean would expect to hear from his
Yeah, I know.
So, does that mean you have to go
to summer school this year?


He lets out a SIGH of frustration.
I don't know.
Well, I'm not paying for it if you
do go.
I tried to do the best I could.
I hate summer school.
Did you talk to the math teacher
about it?
No, I couldn't because I had my
final and I didn't have time to
ask him.
Tom scoops up a spoonful of peas, listening to his stepson.
Dean takes a sip from his cup of Pepsi.
Tom turns to Dean.
You going camping this year with
Uh, maybe. I might.
It will be fun. You get to wake up
every morning, hearing the ocean
outside the camper. It's
beautiful, Dean.
Dean doesn't budge in.
You know Mom's cousin?


Who's that?
Bobby. You know, Mom's cousin. He
goes down to Sandy Neck to go
Dean takes a small piece of steak on his fork and dips it in
steak sauce.
I don't know him. I haven't met
him before.
Your sister's birthday comin'
up. We're wondering if you would
like to come down for the weekend.
I called him today if he's coming
down with his two sons to go
camping with him. He said that
they would come down.
Tom looks at Dean, sporting a grin.
Would you take some time to think
about it?
Dean shakes his head, still not sure if he wants to go.
Yeah, sure. Okay.
Tom takes a sip of his water and goes back to eating the
last of his steak.
Dean stares back at his plate and continues eating, thinking
about what his stepfather said about going down the beach on
his sister's birthday.
                                         CUT TO:


It's almost dark as Dean looks out his open window, taking a
whiff of the fresh air, outside, which is crisp and cool,
especially at night.
Just then, Dean's cell phone RINGS while it lays still on
his nightstand next to his alarm clock.
He walks over to see that it's UNCLE PETER, calling on his
cell phone.
He picks up the phone and PRESSES the RECEIVE button.
Hey, Uncle Peter, what's going on?
                       UNCLE PETER
Dean, how you doing, buddy?
Oh, I just got out today.
                       UNCLE PETER
Yeah? You done with school?
Yeah. It was a rough day. A rough
                       UNCLE PETER
Did you pass that algebra class?
I won't know until I get my report
card in the mail. I don't when
it's coming.
                       UNCLE PETER
But, do you think you pass that
I told Mom, I hope so. If not, I
would have to go to summer school.
There's a beat of silence as Dean pinches himself, fearing
for the worst to come.


                       UNCLE PETER
Yeah. That would sucked if you had
to go to summer school. You know,
waste your summer away from doing
work in an school full of
But, you know what it is?
                       UNCLE PETER
What's that?
You know that teacher I was
telling you about? Mr. Van Gorder?
                       UNCLE PETER
Yeah. I know what you're talking
Well, he yelled at the class today
before the final and he...
Dean stops for a moment, trying to control his inner
He's possibly the worst teacher I
ever met in my life.
                       UNCLE PETER
Huh. Really?
He shakes his head: No.
                       UNCLE PETER
Man, that sucks, y' know?
But, hopefully, I won't be able to
have his class again. That's for


                       UNCLE PETER
Yeah, that's true.
There's a beat.
                       UNCLE PETER
      (V.O.; cont'd)
Hey, look, I went with Auntie the
other day to look at a camper. I
was thinking of buying one.
Oh, yeah?
                       UNCLE PETER
But, not like the one you have,
you know, a slide-on. I was
thinking of buying a motor home.
An RV.
You mean, you going to start going
camping soon?
                       UNCLE PETER
Yeah. Maybe if I do buy one, I can
put some sheep skin on the side of
the camper.
Suddenly, Dean breaks into laughter. This is the first time
he laugh in quite a while.
Oh, really? That's funny.
                       UNCLE PETER
We're be like Dumb and Dumber,
riding around in a Sheepdog all
Dean can't help it but to laugh at his uncle's idea.
Maybe you should do that.
                       UNCLE PETER
Yeah. Me and you, we can drive
cross-country without Auntie. We
can go pick up some girls and


                       UNCLE PETER (cont'd)
drive across the country.
Yeah. Maybe we should go
cross-country in the Sheepdog.
                       UNCLE PETER
Uncle Peter's voice changes from tone from joyful to
                       UNCLE PETER
      (V.O.; cont'd)
I don't know. Well, I'm going to
let you go, kid. Alright?
Okay, Uncle Peter.
                       UNCLE PETER
      (V.O.; cont'd)
Talk to you later.
                       UNCLE PETER
He hangs up the phone and puts it back, on the night stand,
feeling a little better than before.
He lets out a small laugh, still thinking about his uncle's
idea or putting sheep skin on a RV.
                                         CUT TO:
With a grocery cart filled with 2 LITER BOTTLES of PEPSI,
his sister and mother, are stocking up for the house and
The trio enter an aisle, where Dean walks in front of the
cart, scanning the aisle like a hawk.


And I'll need some Ramen noodles
for the weekend.
NOODLES, stocked one on top of the other, dividing itself
away from the RED BOXES of Maruchan Ramen noodles.
He goes over to grab a box of noodles and places it inside
the cart, right beside the soda bottles.
Alright, now let's take a look at
the meat that on sale.
She grabs the supermarket's flyer and flips through the
pages, in a rather quick matter.
We need to get some Arnold Palmer
so that I'll have some for the
Yeah, you get your Arnold Palmer
and Dean,
Dean glances over to his mother, who's calling out his name.
.. grab some potato chips for the
She looks at the LAY'S POTATO CHIPS, which are on sale
inside the flyer as she holds it one hand.
Dean walks over to the chips shelf and grabs a bag off the
shelf and places it in the cart.
Is there anything else that you
need for the house?
Uh, no.
He takes a moment to think, wondering if he missed


No. I think I have everything I
need for the house.
Mom looks up to see that Kristen is gone, out of sight.
Where's Kristen?
Dean looks around him, searching for his sister.
Oh, she's probably down the soda
aisle, looking for some Arnold
Mom takes control of the cart and heads on down to the aisle
where the ice tea drinks are.
                                         CUT TO:
It's hot out. The black asphalt of the huge parking lot
outside the supermarket is burning like a hot fire as Dean
and the others push the loaded grocery cart toward the Jeep.
All right, let me open the trunk
so that we can unload this stuff.
She goes to unlock the trunk of her Jeep as Dean and his
sister start to grab one grocery bag after another as Dean's
mother goes over to the driver's side of the Jeep and starts
it up, turning on the AC on full blast.
Meanwhile, Dean and his sister are still unloading the
grocery cart while Dean's mother goes to the back of the
Jeep where Dean and his sister are still unloading.
Make sure you don't squish my
bread. I hate to have my bread
flattened like a pancake when I
find out later on, when we get
back to the house.
Don't you worry, we won't squish
the bread.


They're down to two more grocery bags and as they take those
two, Dean pushes the cart off the parking lot and away from
the Jeep.
After loading up the Jeep, Dean shuts the Jeep door and
begins to head into the Jeep, when suddenly, he stops for a
moment to feel the cool air coming out of the Jeep's AC
He closes his eyes for a minute or two before getting into
the Jeep.
                                         CUT TO:
Dean sits behind his sister who's sitting on the passenger
side of the Jeep while his mother takes the wheel.
She looks over her shoulder at Dean.
All set, Dean?
Yeah, I'm set.
She puts the Jeep into drive and turns on the radio.
To the beach, here we come!
Dean covers his ears, not wanting to listen to her loud
Mom! Mom! Mom!
She looks over to Dean, who's still covering his ears.
Oh, sorry.
As the Jeep stops in front of a red light outside the
supermarket's parking lot, Dean rolls down the window.
Blaine called me yesterday.
Oh, really?


I asked her if she wants to go
camping with us on my birthday.
What did she say?
She said that she might think
about it.
As Kristen and Mom continue on with her conversation, Dean
phases out of the ongoing talk and focuses his attention to
the open window.
With the summer heat burning up, Dean's sweating can be seen
on his forehead as he wipes it clean, clearing off the
He looks out the window and sticks his right arm out of the
window and makes wave movement with his arm.
Kristen and Mom are oblivious to what Dean's doing in the
The Jeep slows to a stop as another car is in front of a red
stop light.
Dean's mother looks into her rear view mirror to see another
car stopped behind her.
You all right, Dean?
Dean still focuses on the open window, not paying attention
to anyone right now.
Dean still doesn't respond.
Are you all right?
Dean suddenly looks at her, taking his eyes off of the open
Yeah. Yeah. I'm okay. Just


She begins to put her foot on the gas pedal as the Jeep
turns left into a different street.
Let me see if I can find some
Find some tunes, soul sista!
She breaks into laughter, smiling at both Dean and Kristen.
Dean cracks a smile, admiring his mother's goofiness and
                                         CUT TO:
The air conditioner is on and running as Dean, Kristen and
Mom carrying the heavy grocery bags out of the Jeep, and
into the house. The Jeep is parked inside the garage, shut
off and parked.
As Dean grabs the heaviest bag of the bunch, he let out a
SHARP WINCE as he struggles to let go of the heavy duffel
Mom looks to Dean, who's hunched over in pain.
Dean! Are you...
Dean puts his hands up, shooing her away.
No. No. I'm alright. I'm okay.
Are you sure?
She turns her back on Dean as he carries the grocery bag
into the house, without stopping.
Your back have gotten a lot worse
than before.


I know. It's this bump that have
gotten larger.
Mom and Kristen begins to load the groceries in both the
refrigerator and the cabinets.
Dean closes the door, leading to the garage.
All done.
Thank you, guys. Thanks for
Dean walks over to the kitchen to help his sister out with
the last of the groceries.
Dean takes out a big bag of KITS KATS and places the, in the
freezer near to the frozen steaks and chickens.
Kristen separates her Arnold Palmer away from Dean's stuff
for the house.
With everything put away, Dean goes to sit down on the
kitchen's island.
Are we going when Dad comes home?
Yes. Yesterday, he took the camper
to work.
Mom looks around her, seeing if she have what she's looking
Okay, so...
She grabs a few items from the supermarket and put them on
the kitchen table.
These are going with us in the
camper and...
She looks at the three different BAGS of chips, sitting on
the kitchen counter.


She points at them.
.. those are stayin' with Dean.
With everything all set for himself, Dean heads upstairs to
take a quick break from the shopping.
                                         CUT TO:
He sitting in there, listening to another oldies song,
"Pledging My Love." by Johnny Ace on his computer as his
mother KNOCKS on his door. His windows are open as the
sunlight beams through the curtains.
Dean turns down the volume and looks at the door.
Come on in!
Dean's mother enters his room with two neatly folded CLOTHES
to put away.
She hands them to Dean.
There you go.
She hands over the other pile.
That's done.
Dean goes over to his dresser while he's put away his
Are you sure you going to be all
right for the weekend?
Dean turns to face her.
Yes, Mom. I'll be fine.
She looks at him while standing in his doorway, leaning her
hand against the door frame.


Okay. If you want, you can vacuum
the pool if you're feeling up to
Have you talk anybody to anybody
Uncle Peter called me and I told
him about my algebra final.
Yeah? Did you tell about summer
I told him, I hope I don't go. I
mean, this is my first year, Mom
and I, it was very hard for me and
for you...
He looks at her.
... it was devastating for you
because of what happened at Dad's
You don't have to think about it,
Dean. I knew that you tried and I
knew that you out in all of the
effort you had.
Yeah. I mean...
He looks at her, convinces by her honesty.
You're right. I wish Dad could


She walks over to him and places her hand on his shoulder.
I'm sure he does.
She looks at his computer screen.
Listening to some music?
I'm listening to my kind of music.
Not the type that Kristen would
I don't blame you, Dean. I like
your type of music.
Dean smiles at her she begins to leave his bedroom.
So, do you have everything you
need? I know I feel like a pain
because you know, I worry about
Yes, Mom. I'm fine. I took those
Kit Kats , you know the big bag. I
put that in the freezer so that
they won't melt.
She closes his bedroom door.
                                         CUT TO:
The camper is on Dean's stepfather truck. all loaded up and
ready to go.
Dean's stepfather, mother and sister are heading out o the
front door as Dean's stepfather starts up the truck and
turns on the AC on full blast.


At the front door, Dean's mother is giving him a hug as she
KISSESS him on the cheek.
Be good, okay?
Mom walks off the porch toward the truck, looking over her
I'll call you later to check up on
Sure thing. I'll have my phone on
Helen, we got to get going. I
don't wanna get stuck in traffic.
Alright, alright.
Mom heads over to the passenger's side of the truck.
As soon as everybody's all set, the Ford pick-up truck pull
out of the driveway, leaving the cul- de - sac and the
All that is left in the cul - de -sac is Dean's neighbors
and Dean himself.
Still standing in the doorway of the house, leaning against
the door frame, Dean takes another look of the cul - de -sac
and begins to walk back into the house.
He closes the door and makes his way to the kitchen.
                                         CUT TO:
It's close to 5:25pm and Dean prepares himself dinner by
grabbing a pot from the cabinet below the stove.


With the pot in one hand, he turns on the water faucet and
fills the pot with water.
At a certain point, Dean turns the water off and places it
on the stove and turns on the heat.
Below the kitchen counter, Dean opens up the cabinet and
grabs a packet of Maruchan Ramen Noodles.
With the pot of water beginning to boil, he places the
packet next to the pot.
He let out a SIGH of exhaustion as he walks over to the
sliding door and looks out the window.
Outside, the sun is trying to break through the clouds as it
begins to set as the sun casted an orange glow through the
trees and leaves, lighting up the last of the light before
With the sun setting slowly, Dean walks back over to the
stove and takes out the dried up noodles and places it in
the boiling water, making an SIZZLING sound as it begins to
Looking for a fork, Dean opens up a nearby drawer and grabs
a fork to break up the noodles as the hot, steamy water boil
the noodles, almost becoming unraveled as the steam clouds
his face, making him a little sweaty on his face.
After a while, he takes the pot and shuts off the stove.
With the colander already in the sink, Dean pours the hot
water in the colander, draining out the noodles.
Now that he's done with the colander, he places it in the
dishwasher and puts the wet noodles back into the pot.
The last thing Dean needs to do is put the seasoning in the
noodles. He rips open the seasoning pack and sprinkles it
onto the noodles.
He takes his fork and mixes the noodles with the seasoning,
giving it a sense of smell to it.
With the noodles all set, Dean grabs a bowl and dumps the
noodles into the bowl and places it on the kitchen island.
                                         CUT TO:


After eating his dinner, Dean places the fork and bowl in
the dishwasher and closes it up.
It is quiet except for the birds CHIRPING outside.
Dean smiles as he heads upstairs to his bedroom looking at
the sunset's light, beaming through the upstairs' bathroom.
As he heads up the stairs, Dean shields his eyes from the
sunset as he looks at the beautiful sunset, setting in his
very own backyard.
He continues toward his bedroom to retrieve his swimming
                                         CUT TO:
With the sun giving out it's last beam of light, Dean exits
his home, wearing a pair of yellow swimming trunks and
carrying a towel in his left arm.
As he heads toward the gate door, leading out to the pool,
he stops short for a minute.
His mind is telling him something that he forgot to do.
He turns his back on the gate door to go back into the house
to retrieve the one thing he forgot to take with him when he
left the house: his cell phone.
He opens the sliding door and closes it, pacing himself.
                                         CUT TO:
In his bedroom, Dean looks over to his night stand, next to
his bed and grabs his phone and hurries back to the swimming
As he exits his room, he tosses his cell phone in the air,
                                         CUT TO:


With his cell phone and towel, Dean heads to the pool, now
feeling satisfied knowing he got his cell phone on him.
He walks over to the gate door and opens it and walks in,
closing the door, behind him.
In the b.g., CAR NOISES and an ENGINE ROARING can be heard
as Dean places his towel, gently next to a nearby table.
From the look of it, Dean has a LARGE SCAR, running across
his body and another right near his stomach.
He flexes his muscles a little before heading into the pool.
By this time of the day, the sun is gone now, but there's
still a blue sky hanging over Dean's head.
Dean walks over to the side of the pool, inspecting it very
On the bottom of the pool, there's a small clump of debris,
possibly from the trees, lopping onto the pool's drain.
Dean leans in a little bit closer to see the clump.
Jeez. It certainly needs to be
He leans back and steps away from the side of the pool.
That's a good thing I'm here.
He walks around the perimeter of the pool, heading toward
the pool's filter.
Dean kneels down to lift up the WHITE SQUARISH DOOR to open
the filter and is disgusted by what he sees.
He takes a moment to wait for the right time to pick up the
filter and empty it behind the wooden fence, surrounding the
swimming pool.
He reaches down and pulls up the filter, which is filled
with DEAD LEAVES, all wet and dripping with pool water.


There's still a chlorine stick inside as Dean takes it out
and drops it on the ground, which is graveled by rocks.
He takes the filter and dumps the debris over the wooden
fence, shaking it and banging it on the wooden fence,
loosening up the leaves.
He picks up the chlorine stick and puts it back into the
filter and puts the filter back into the pool.
Before diving in, Dean walks over to the pool's main filter,
which is a much bigger machine, almost the size of a trash
Dean FLICKS off the machine, turning off the pool's power.
With everything turned off and safe, Dean stands behind a
WHITE LINE on the cement and looks what ahead of him.
He sees the pool, calm and quiet.
For a moment, Dean thinks about something and then, without
any hesitation, he bolts down the side of the pool and JUMPS
into the pool, making a big SPLASH as Dean's jump causes
ripples to form in the pool.
Dean comes to the surface and pokes his head out from the
His hair is wet as he spits out some water.
He looks around, seeing no one in sight.
There are a few ripples in the pool as Dean swims around the
deep end, toward the two end corners of the pool, sticking
one arm out of the other.
He leans his wet arms on the lining of the swimming pool,
taking a quick breath before going underwater.
He sinks below the surface and swims his way in the middle
of the pool and breaks through the surface, GASPING for air.
A bird or two CHIRPS as Dean looks in the direction of the
sound followed by the sound of children, LAUGHING, having a
good time as he cocks his head toward the sound of the
It's almost nighttime as Dean kicks his feet toward the
stairs, sticking his head below the surface.
Once he reaches the stairs, he takes a moment to relax as he
sits on the first step of the staircase and smiles.


His hair is soaking wet from having to swim underwater as
several DRIPS of water hit the surface of the pool.
A nearby CAR passes through the street next to the house on
Dean's left as several CRICKETS start to CHIRP.
Knowing that it will be night because of the darkness
covering the blue sky, Dean gets out of the pool and grabs
his towel to wraps himself with.
He lets out a SHIVER as a cool breeze blows over him, making
him have goosebumps on his skin.
Looking around for the pool's power source, Dean walks over
to it and FLICKS the switch back on, making a soft WHIRRING
noise as water shoots out of the pool.
With that done, he walks over to grab his cell phone and
heads back into the house.
He closes and locks the gate door so that no one will get in
except for himself.
He walks up on the porch, toward the house, still covering
himself with his towel.
                                         CUT TO:
Once he's inside, he closes the sliding door and locks it,
sealing it shut for tonight.
Just as he's about to go upstairs, Dean's cell phone RINGS
its ringtone as he scrambles to put it own on the kitchen
He's still trying to dry himself up as he accept the call on
his cell phone.
He puts the phone to his right ear.
Oh, hi Mom.


What's going on?
Oh, nothing.
Yeah. Hey, uh, tomorrow, I'm going
to clean the pool. Just to give me
something to do. I seem to be
enjoying myself here.
That will be good. Maybe you can
get out of the house. Tomorrow's
weather is supposed to be sunny
and beautiful.
How is it down there at Sandy
Oh, it's just great down here. You
should've came. It would be
exciting for you to come down and
enjoy it.
Well, no. I like it here. It's
quiet and peaceful.
Did anybody call the house phone?
No. Nobody called.
Maybe nobody likes us.
She lets out a laugh, letting Dean know about her joke. Dean
accepts her joke in a non-serious manner.


No. No. Don't say that.
I'm just joking with you, Dean.
It's not that serious.
Dean chuckles for a moment.
      (V.O.; cont'd)
Well, everybody is walking on the
beach, checking out the stire.
All right, I'll call you tomorrow
to see how you are.
I won't call you early in the
morning because you'll sleep in
since you're on vacation.
Yeah. I most certainly enjoyed
that part of the being on summer
She laughs a little over the phone.
Okay. I'll call you tomorrow.
Alright, then.
She hangs up the phone as Dean lowers it from his ear,
ending the telephone conversation between mother and son.


Dean sniffs for a moment as he walks upstairs, toward the
bathroom to shower up.
                                         CUT TO:
It's a little after noon as Dean finishes vacuuming the
pool, slowly, and not going too fast or too quick.
After vacuuming the pool, he hangs up the vacuum head onto a
black chain linked fence and places the rest of it onto
another part of the fence.
Feeling a little thirsty from the hard work he did, Dean
heads toward the gate, leading to the sliding door.
                                         CUT TO:
Inside the house is cool since the air conditioner blows
cool air out of the vents, located on the floor of the
Dean goes over to the 12 pack case of Pepsi and grabs one as
he hears a noise outside his home.
He glances out the window to see a UNITED STATES POSTAL
SERVICE truck, pulling up, right beside Dean's mailbox.
Dean watches intensely as the mailman places the mail inside
the mailbox and drives away.
As the mailman truck leaves the cul - de- sac, Dean goes to
the front door, leaving it a little open so that he doesn't
get locked out.
                                         CUT TO:
Dean walks down his driveway, with no shoes or sandals, as
he starts to think about whether his report card came.
He walks over to the mailbox and opens it, without
Inside, a horde of MAIL, some it is ENVELOPES, regarding
bills from Home Depot or Lowe's.


In that particular bunch of letters, an envelope, with
"Brockton High School", written on it, along with "To the
Parents or Guardian of Dean Murray."
Dean fears for the worst now. His spine is tingling with
suspense and also hurting in pain as he tries to stand up
straight like a soldier.
He walks back to the air conditioned house and closes the
front door.
                                         CUT TO:
The sun is about to set now as Dean walks into the kitchen,
toward the island and places the mail aside from his letter
from school.
Holding his breath and letting it out, Dean rips open the
letter and sees that it is his report card.
On the report card, it reveals that he passed his English
class with an A, with in the Engineering for Everybody Life
class, he got a D and in the Algebra class, he received a D
and got an F on the final.
Dean sucks his teeth, knowing from the beginning that he
didn't pass on the Algebra final. But, he also finds his new
classes from next year.
      (under his breath)
Oh My God!
On the new classes list, he has U.S. HISTORY I, GEOMETRY,
Overjoyed and happy that he's going to be a sophomore next
year, Dean folds both his report card and his list of new
classes and holds onto them.
A great big smile shines over Dean as he laughs with joy,
celebrating his success all by himself.
He walks upstairs, toward his room to hide his report card
and list and then runs into the kitchen and grabs his can of
Pepsi and gulps some of it down.
                                         CUT TO:


It's dark out as Dean rests in his room, watching TV, bored
by what's on.
He takes the REMOTE CONTROL in his right hand and flips
through the channels and comes across the Spike TV channel.
Dean stops here as he puts the remote control down on his
nightstand as he watches "The Natural" on his TV.
He crawls to the end of his bed and stares at the TV.
He's transfixed by what's he's seeing.
We're not like kids anymore.
Nothing's ever the same.
There's a pause in the movie.
      (cont'd; V.O.)
What happened to you, Roy?
My life didn't turned out the way
I wanted.
Dean continues to watch without paying attention to what the
characters are saying.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Dean is still watching the movie as Roy Hobbs smashes the
clock tower with a baseball and hits a home run.
The background score by Randy Newman puts Dean in a happy
mood as he grins at the moment Roy run all three bases.
Then, toward the end of the movie, when Roy hits the
baseball with the Savoy Special bat, Dean stands on his
knees as the baseball flies into the lights of the stadium.
The lights EXPLODES into a hail of fireworks as Dean's grin
turns into a giant smile as Roy runs all three bases in slow


The triumphant movie score continues to move Dean as he
takes in a breath of fresh air as Roy continues to run all
three bases.
At the end of the scene, all of the parks that came from the
lights glisten over Dean's face as Roy runs toward his
The last thing Dean sees as the movie ends is Roy and his
teenage son throwing the ball back and forth while the
mother watches them from a nearby hill.
The movie ends and then the end credits rolls.
Dean haven't seen a movie quite like The Natural. It's
almost as if he just witnessed something spectacular.
He's speechless as he looks away, still remembering the
score by Randy Newman.
He starts to sing it as he goes over to his computer to look
it up to listen to.
He finds the music score on YouTube and the final scene of
the movie where Roy hits the baseball, sending it into the
He watches the scene again and again as he listens to the
score by Randy Newman.
To his amazement, it's almost as if Dean is changed for the
better as he looks around him, expressing extreme joy and
As he continues to play on his computer, the voices of Iris
and Roy from the movie echoes in his mind.
We're not like kids anymore.
Nothing's ever the same.
My life didn't turned out the way
I wanted.
Then, Dean hears another voice, ROY'S FATHER, echoes in his
                       ROY'S FATHER
You got a gift, Roy... But, it's
not enough. You've got to develop.


                       ROY'S FATHER (cont'd)
If you rely too much on your
gift... then... you'll fail.
Dean stops doing what's he's doing and freezes.
He knows something's up, but he doesn't know what.
                                         CUT TO:
Everybody is sitting at the dinner table, eating dinner. In
the middle of the table is a birthday cake, with the words,
"Happy Birthday, Kristen.", written on top of the cake.
Dean, along with his sister, mother, grandmother and
Kristen's best friend, BLAINE, a short brunette girl are
sitting at the table while Tom sits in the living room,
watching everybody at the kitchen table.
It's very sad about what happened
to that little girl. So sad.
Well, she did it. She was the one
who was with her when she was
Beside the birthday cake set on the table, there's a large
pan of lasagna and a glass bowl of garlic bread beside the
Dean grabs a piece of garlic bread and put it on his plate.
Jeanie looks at Dean, surprised that he's eating lasagna and
I never knew you like lasagna,
Also, the garlic bread, too.
Anyway, so, she was watching her
when she was murdered and the
prosecutors said that they found
Caylee's clothes in her house.


She grabs her fork and pokes it into a small piece of
lasagna on her plate.
Gram, I saw a movie the other
Oh, yeah? Which one?
The Natural.
Oh! I didn't think that you would
watch that movie.
I really like it though. I really
Do you think, Jeanie, that Casey
would kill that little girl and
think that she would get away from
Jeanie turns to face Tom while everybody else continue to
eat dinner.
Well, what they said was that they
found the roll of duct tape in her
car, but they also found her
computer and found out that she
researched on how to create the
      (to Blaine)
Are you coming this Saturday?
Blaine shakes her head: "No."
My mom's cousin is going down this
You can come if you want, Blaine.


Uh, no thanks. I have to go to my
brother's game on Saturday.
He plays baseball during the
You can come with us, Blaine.
No thanks.
Dean cuts up another piece of his lasagna and puts its in
his mouth to chew it.
So, I, the prosecutor, this Baez
I think that this Baez dude is a
Well, he was there along with
Casey and they presented the
clothes, the duct tape and even
her computer.
She shakes her head in disbelief, not wanting to believe the
fact that this shocking case is too much to bear or even
hear. But, she continues.
I didn't watch the entire trial at
all. Well, I...
She shakes her head, trying to see if she can remembered
anything from it.
I watched parts of it yesterday.
Tommy watched some of it last


                       MOM (cont'd)
night while I was sleeping.
Dean takes another look at his mother before finishing up
his lasagna that's on his plate.
Dean, maybe what you can do,
because you passed 9th grade,
maybe Gram can buy you a movie.
That would be nice.
Did you show her your report card?
No. I'm almost done with my
dinner. Once I'm done, I'll show
Jeanie looks at Kristen, who's whispering in Blaine's ear.
giggling in the process.
Dean chows down the last of his lasagna and then, leaves the
dinner table to get his report card from his room.
Jeanie turns to Dean's mother, who's getting paper plates
for the birthday cake.
You want me to help you out with
No, no, no.
Dean runs down the stairs, report card in hand.
He walks over to Jeanie to show her his report card.
She takes it into her hands and reads it.
English class, you got an A,
Algebra, you got an D?


She looks at his grade on the final.
But, you got an F on your final.
I know, but I passed, just barely.
I never thought he was going to
You know, if he didn't pass, he
wouldn't be able to take the MCAS
next year.
Yeah. It's important that you
passed the MCAS, Dean, because you
need that in order to graduate.
I was thinking, if he failed, he
would have to go to summer school,
but I was wrong.
Dean cracks a smile, knowing that he passed all by himself.
He lets out a laugh.
                                         CUT TO:
It's almost dark as the sun is still setting on the horizon.
A breeze of cool air blows over the swimming pool area.
Dean, Jeanie and Mom are sitting outside the pool area as
Dean sits down in a lounging chair while Jeanie talks to
Dean's mother about the verdict of the Casey Anthony trial.
      (to Mom)
The day that she went to court to
receive the verdict, the jury,
each one of them, said that she
was found not guilty of murder,
not guilty of aggravated


                       JEANIE (cont'd)
manslaughter and child abuse.
Also, and here's the strange
thing. When the verdict was being
read, a tree that was right next
to Caylee's home was struck by
Struck by lightning?
Jeanie shakes her head: "Yes."
On a glass table, next to several patio chairs, there's a
single white sheet paper with the words, "The Natural DVD."
Dean folds up the white sheet of paper and goes over to his
grandmother to hand it to her.
She grabs it and opens it up.
That's the movie I want.
Are you sure?
Dean nods his head: "Yes."
Dean walks away from Jeanie and walks to the side of the
He turns his head toward the pool and looks down.
His face reflects off the pool's calm surface as small
ripples form as Dean continues to stare at the pool's
So, that's that.


How's John doing?
Oh, he's doing fine. I caught him
drinking the other night.
As Jeanie and Dean's mother continue on with their
conversation, Dean drifts away, still looking at his
reflection, showing a face of uncertainty and a bit of
Then, as he looks at the pool's surface, he hears a FEMALE
VOICE echo in his mind.
                       FEMALE'S VOICE
Do you love me, Dean?
Dean continues to look on.
                       FEMALE'S VOICE
Do you love me?
There's a pause. A silent pause.
                       FEMALE'S VOICE
Dean, tell me.
                                         CUT TO:
Dean is in his bedroom, alone. His head is lean all the way
Then, as he looks up, he sees a blonde girl, CINDY HAZELTON.
She's a cute, beautiful girl with brown eyes and a perfectly
shaped mouth.
Dean looks at her, unable to tell her something.
He can't help it but to tell her what's on his mind.


I really do love you, Cindy.
No. No. You don't...
She turns away from him, disbelieving his statement.
Why don't you love me, Cindy?
Cindy doesn't respond to his question.
I know...
He tries to finish his sentence, but he can't because he
doesn't know what to say.
I know that I wouldn't harm you or
hurt you in anyway.
No, Dean. It's not that.
She turns away from him.
I may not be like the other kids
at school, but I do care.
She still doesn't look at him.
I wish I could've told you, Cindy.
Tell me what?
He looks at her in a very serious way.
I know.
He slowly turns his head toward her.


You really did love me ever since
you've known me. I never thought
of you being a complete opposite
of a person.
She puts her hand for Dean to touch.
Dean looks at her hand and slowly caresses it, gently.
      (cont'd; softly)
I do love you, Dean.
Dean can't take this anymore. He's baffled by Cindy's
He leans toward her as she opens up her arms as he caresses
her body.
He looks at her, face to face, knowing that she really does
mean it.
Within a minute, Dean KISSES her on the lips as Cindy holds
him, lovingly.
She hugs him closely as he continues to kiss her more and
more as he grabs her, gently.
Cindy starts to tear up as Dean continues on with the
I wish I could've too. I'm...
She chokes up as the tears start to form around her eyes and
drip down, rolling down her pretty cheeks.
I'm so sorry.
She kisses him some more as Dean hugs more, fully embracing
her body as he runs his fingers through her hair as he
kisses her cheek, pressing his lips against them.
Cindy begins to weep as Dean caresses her head, trying hard
to comfort her.
But, he takes her head and puts it on his shoulder as she
weeps more.


Dean looks away as he embraces her, lovingly.
Pulling the bed sheets over them, Dean tucks himself and
Cindy into his bed and kiss some more.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Dean is still looking at the pool's surface, still
reflecting his facial image as he expresses sorrow and
passion for the one person that he really did care about.
Dean's mother and grandmother are finishing up their
conversation as Dean stands himself up and walks over to
He looks at the two of them, trying to break a smile on his
You need to get a hair cut, dude.
Yeah. Your hair is getting a
little long.
Yeah, I know that.
I'll see if I can set up an
appointment for Ken. He can cut
your hair for you.
I gotta see if I can squeeze in an
appointment to have my hair done.
      (to Dean)
We're going Saturday to the beach.
Saturday's is your sister's
I am going to go this Saturday.
You are?
Dean nods his head: "Yes."


Okay. Guess I only need to stock
up some more junk for the camper.
Jeanie glances at her wristwatch and reads it. It's almost
Well, I should be getting going
now. It's going to be dark soon.
Jeanie gets out of his chair and looks at Dean.
She hugs him and kisses him on the cheek.
      (to Jeanie)
You got my paper?
I do, I do. I'll see if I can
order it.
      (to Jeanie)
Let me walk you out.
Mom and Jeanie walk out of the swimming pool area and into
the house while Dean follows behind them.
He locks the gate door, leading into the swimming pool area.
                                         CUT TO:
Dean is cooking some fried eggs for himself as he flips them
while they sizzle in the pan.
Just as he's about to grab a dinner plate to put the two
fried eggs on, his cell phone goes off.
Dean turns off the stove and looks at his cell phone.
On the phone, it reads, "uncle Peter" on the front of it.
He grabs his phone and answer it.


                       UNCLE PETER
What's up, man?
Hey, man! How are ya?
                       UNCLE PETER
Oh, doing all right.
                       UNCLE PETER
I heard that Gram came over the
other night and gave a birthday
cake to Kristen.
Yeah. She did. They're actually
right now down Sandy Neck.
Tomorrow is her birthday.
                       UNCLE PETER
Oh, yes. I was going to see if you
wanna come with us down the beach
this weekend.
Down to Sandy Neck?
                       UNCLE PETER
Yeah. Jason and his girlfriend
comin' along with us. I was
wondering if you want to come,
Dean puts the fried eggs onto the plate and grabs two slices
of fresh white bread to put into the toaster.
Sure. I'll go.
                       UNCLE PETER
Are you sure?


                       UNCLE PETER
All right, well, um, I gotta work
today. I'll probably be picking
you up around maybe 5:30 tonight.
I don't know how long I'll work
today. But, I and Auntie will pick
you up tonight. Alright?
                       UNCLE PETER
Take care, Dean.
He hangs up the phone on Dean places the phone on the
kitchen table, next to his plate.
The sun is already up and shining through every window of
the house.
With his breakfast sitting on the table, Dean pours himself
a glass of orange juice and walks over to the kitchen table
to eat his breakfast.
                                         CUT TO:
With a bag full of overnight clothes and his swimming
trunks, Dean ties it up, ready to go for tomorrow and
On his desk computer, he searches for some music and finally
settles on a song that's suitable for his ears. After Dean
done with the computer, he walks over to his windows.
The song, "Beautiful Day", by U2, plays in the b.g., not too
loudly, but it can be heard as Dean opens all of his
windows, letting in the glorious sunshine outside as the
song blares on the computer.
Dean looks at the sun for a brief moment and closes his eyes
and smiles, letting the sun's warmth, warm up his free -
spirited face.
He takes a deep breath and lets it out, carefully.


Several GUSTS of wind blow through the windows, making the
curtain flap uncontrollably.
Once the song ends, Dean rushes over to play another song on
his computer.
Now, the song he plays is "Down Under" by Men At Work.
While the song plays upstairs, in his bedroom, Dean goes
downstairs and walks toward the living room and glances at
the swimming pool, which is sparkly clean.
The sun is still shining as day becomes noontime as the sun
reaches the midpoint in the blue, cloudless sky.
                                         CUT TO:
Wearing only a pair of skinny black shorts, Dean walks
outside the house and looks at a pail full of gunk and
He takes the pail and dumps off the back porch, to the
ground below.
It's hot outside rather than inside since Tom left the air
conditioner on when he, Kristen and Mom left this morning.
Dean's forehead starts to sweat as he wipes it clean.
A nearby POLICE SIREN can be heard as Dean looks in the
direction of the loud, wailing siren.
It sounds like it's coming from down the street as he tries
to figure out where it's coming from.
Then, the sound fades as Dean walks toward the swimming pool
He goes over to the gate door and takes the padlock off the
gate door and places it behind him.
He opens the gate door. Birds can be heard CHIRPING
gleefully as Dean enters the pool area.
Quiet, except for the pool's filter WHIRRING and water
flowing around into the pool. making a soft, SPLASHING


Dean walks on the cement part of the swimming pool and looks
below, seeing that the bottom is clean and debris - free.
Satisfied, Dean grabs a garden hose, which is wrapped around
a post on the gate, surrounding the pool area.
He takes the hose and opens the gate door and heads over to
turn on the water.
He turns on the water for the hose by turning the knob,
counter clock - wise, making a squeaking noise as he turns
As he does that, water begins to dripple out of the front of
the hose's nozzle.
Dean heads over to the hose and aims it at the flowers.
He PULLS the trigger on the nozzle's head and water shoots
out of the nozzle, spraying out a certain amount of water,
hitting the flowers, softly as Dean cleans off the mulch,
which is sticking to the fence.
He walks over to another set of flowers. Some of them are
tulips and fern. The water continues to spray beads of
liquid, sticking onto the plants.
In order to give him some more slack, Dean yanks on the
hose, having it fall into the pool, making a splash in the
swimming pool.
Big, well rounded ripples form from the splash as Dean
continues to water the plants, carefully and modestly.
As he continues to move down the line, holding the hose as
he goes, the sun continues to beat down on Dean as he looks
upwards as the sun beams its ultraviolet rays at the
sweltering boy as sweat runs down his swollen back and his
He takes his hand and wipes the sweat off his forehead,
exhaling as he finishes watering the plants.
Once he done watering the plants, he places the wrapped up,
coiled up hose onto the fence and goes to turn off the
He turns the knob, clock - wise, making a squeaking sound as
the water turns off completely.
Dean shuts the gate door and puts the padlock on the gate's


Once that done, Dean walks away, knowing that his job is
                                         CUT TO:
It's only 5:15 pm. The sun is setting over the horizon,
casting yet another glowing orange light as the sun descends
over the backyard.
The green leaves on the trees are lit up with the sun's
lasting light. Night is coming soon, but the sun is not
ready to set down now.
Dean is looking out the window, holding his overnight bag as
he paces the floor, patiently.
Just as he walks back to the front windows, he sees an empty
street with several cars parked in their driveways.
Dean exhales a breath of air as he looks at his cell phone
for the time.
On his cell phone, it reads, "5:16 pm" as Dean shoves his
miniature cell phone in his pocket.
While he waits for his aunt and uncle to come to pick him
up, he looks over to his neighbor's house, which is empty,
except for a car parked in the cul - de -sac.
He then glances over to the cul - de -sac's start and sees a
red FORD SUV, speeding into the cul - de -sac and into the
driveway of Dean's house.
Dean opens the front door and closes it.
Inside, UNCLE PETER, a man in his early fifties and AUNTIE
DEBBIE, a woman, tan, in her early forties, see Dean in the
back of the SUV. Peter's behind the wheel of the car.
Auntie Debbie is sitting in the passenger side of the car.
Peter pulls out of the driveway, as he turns to face Dean,
whose all smiles.
                       UNCLE PETER
What's up, man?


Very good.
                       AUNTIE DEBBIE
Did you lock up the house?
Sure I did.
                       UNCLE PETER
Hey, I shaved my mustache the
other night. Don't I look any
Dean laughs at Uncle Peter, knowing that his uncle shaved
off his entire mustache on his face.
                       UNCLE PETER
So, what have you been up to?
Nothing new.
                       UNCLE PETER
Well, I got my report card in the
main last week and my new classes
for next year.
                       AUNTIE DEBBIE
What do you get for next year,
U.S. History I, Geometry, Spanish
I, English II and Biology.
                       UNCLE PETER
I never really did well in school
Auntie Debbie looks at him, knowing he's going say something
that he says when somebody passed their high school classes
or get new classes.


You didn't?
                       UNCLE PETER
Naw. I would nailed a kid's
project to the table. An lamp
shade or a wooden table. A small
one. One kid would come and pick
up his project, but it was like,
nailed to the work table.
Dean breaks out in laughter over his uncle's story.
                       AUNTIE DEBBIE
You did?
                       UNCLE PETER
Yes, I did.
So much for Engineering for
Everyday Life.
Uncle Peter laughs at Dean's comment.
                       UNCLE PETER
And then another time, me and
Uncle Paul, we went into the
workshop and made a mess of that
place. We flipped over the work
shelves. All of the paint that was
in the shop was all over the
place. When the guys came back,
there were like, "What the...?"
      (laughing hard)
Destroyed the shop.
                       UNCLE PETER
I mean, we did some stupid shit
back then, boy.
And you still do!
                       UNCLE PETER
Oh, really?!
Dean can't even catch a breath of air. His overloaded
laughter is killing him as his face is turning red.


Auntie Debbie is also laughing hard, trying hard not to lose
                       UNCLE PETER
I don't care.
                       AUNTIE DEBBIE
So, Mom, Tommy and Kristen are
down the Cape?
They sure are. Tommy's got the
                       AUNTIE DEBBIE
Did you eat anything yet?
No. I haven't eaten dinner yet.
Auntie Debbie turns to Uncle Peter, looking at him,
                       AUNTIE DEBBIE
Why don't we tried out that place
down by Dunk's?
                       UNCLE PETER
It's close by Dunk's, isn't it?
As Auntie Debbie and Uncle Peter continue to talk to one
another, Dean looks out the window, which is tinted.
He rolls the window down and looks out the open window as he
PRESSES the down button for the window.
Drifting away, ignoring his relatives' conversations, Dean
looks out the window, seeing several PEDRESTRIANS walking on
the side of the road. Some of them are walking their dogs
while others ride their bikes in the streets.
Dean can't help it but to watch as the car slows down at a
Uncle Peter looks in his rear view mirror, checking to see
if there's anybody behind him.
He notices Dean looking out the window.
                       UNCLE PETER
Awfully quiet back there.


Dean looks at Uncle Peter, hearing his words aloud as Dean
focuses his attention toward Uncle Peter.
I know, it's beautiful outside.
                       UNCLE PETER
Maybe someday I'll come over and
go swimming, y' know?
Dean smiles at him, trying hard not to laugh.
I cleaned the pool the other day.
                       UNCLE PETER
You did?
Oh, my god! It was so bad. There
was junk on the bottom. There's
was a dead frog in the filter.
                       AUNTIE DEBBIE
                       UNCLE PETER
Whatta ya do, kiss it?
Dean laughs at his question, pinching himself on his thigh.
No. I didn't.
Uncle Peter pulls into the restaurant's parking lot.
He finds an empty parking space and pulls into the space,
gently and carefully.
He puts the car in park by shifting the SUV's gears and
shuts the car off.
                                         CUT TO:
Almost full of patrons and waiters. Dean can be seen with
his relatives at a table, right next to the diner's front


Dean grabs a menu from the table and reads the back to see
if they got the soda that he likes.
Auntie Debbie goes into her purse to get her glasses in
order to read what's on the menu.
Uncle Peter opens the menu and looks at the Soup of the Day
and looks behind Dean to see if there's anybody there that
he knows.
                       AUNTIE DEBBIE
What are you going to get Dean?
Anything that you like?
Dean scans the menu, carefully. Then, he finds what he's
looking for.
Uncle Peter shoots him a serious look, wondering what Dean
is going to have for supper.
Dean looks at a specific part of the menu and scans it very
carefully, seeing if there's anything there he likes.
I'll just have a grilled cheese.
                       UNCLE PETER
A grilled cheese?
A grilled cheese on white bread.
He closes the menu and pushes it aside, toward the middle of
the table.
A WAITRESS walks up beside their table, with a small hand -
sized notebook in her hand.
Hi. My name is Lacey. I'll be your
waitress for tonight.
Dean looks at her and then takes a quick glimpse out the
He redirects his attention back to the waitress.
The waitress looks at Uncle Peter, who's all set to order
his drink and his supper.
      (to Uncle Peter)
What can I get for you?


                       UNCLE PETER
I'll have a water with a lemon
She scribbles down his order and then glances over to Dean.
A Coke, please.
Pepsi, alright?
The waitress scribbles down Dean's order rather quickly.
She looks at Auntie Debbie, whose still staring at her menu.
                       AUNTIE DEBBIE
I'll have a Diet Coke.
The waitress scribbled down her order and then looks at the
Do you need some time to order
your food?
                       AUNTIE DEBBIE
Yes, please.
                       UNCLE PETER
      (to Waitress)
I'll have the Soup of the Day.
The waitress scribbles down Uncle Peter's order and looks at
Auntie Debbie, still smiling.
I'll come back in a couple of
minutes, okay?
                       AUNTIE DEBBIE
Thank you.
The waitress walks away from their table and toward the back
of the diner.
Uncle Peter curls his head toward Dean, whose looks at him,
smiling with joy.


                       UNCLE PETER
So, what have you been up to?
Oh, nothing much. Gram brought a
cake over the house the other day.
Sort of an early birthday cake.
He looks out the window, seeing several cars pass by the
diner, traveling 30 to 40 mph down the road.
I saw a movie the other night.
                       UNCLE PETER
What was it called?
It was a baseball movie called The
Natural. Never saw anything like
that in my life.
                       UNCLE PETER
Oh, really?
Yeah. It's about a baseball player
who comes out of nowhere and helps
his team win the pennant.
The waitress comes back with everybody's drinks, including
Dean's Pepsi.
Dean shoots a quick glance at the waitress and then takes a
sip of his Pepsi to clear his throat.
All I can remember was Roy Hobbs,
the Robert Redford character,
hitting a home run for his team
and the baseball went flying into
the lights. Man, when that ball
hit those lights, they exploded...
Dean stops to see if he can remember that moment.
... like fireworks. I watched that
scene and I don't... I don't know


                       DEAN (cont'd)
what it was, but all I can see
were these lights bursting out of
control. Sparks raining all over
the field as he ran the three
bases. Everybody was in awe by
what was happening.
There's a beat.
I wish I was that guy.
The waitress comes back to the table and looks at Auntie
Debbie, who finally decided on her choice.
      (to Auntie Debbie)
Do you need more time?
                       AUNTIE DEBBIE
No thanks.
                                         CUT TO:
The red SUV is traveling down the road, gliding down the
road. There are only a few motorists at this time of the
The sun is almost done setting as the SUV continues to glide
swiftly down the short, windy road.
                                         CUT TO:
Inside, Dean is seated behind Auntie Debbie while Uncle
Peter drives the car with one hand on the steering wheel.
The car radio is playing softly as Auntie Debbie dials a
number on her iPhone and puts it up to her ear.
                       AUNTIE DEBBIE
      (to Uncle Peter)
Do you want anything from the Cod?
                       UNCLE PETER
No, not really.


                       AUNTIE DEBBIE
      (to Dean)
Dean, do you want anything?
No thanks.
Dean takes one more look at the windshield the car and then
directs his attention to the car window on his right.
He rolls down the window and relaxes himself by putting his
head back and letting the gusty wind blow over his face.
                                         CUT TO:
The red Ford SUV is seen to be pulling into an empty parking
space inside a parking lot next to a convenience store.
With all of the windows rolled down, Auntie Debbie hands
Dean a 20 dollar bill behind as Uncle Peter puts the car in
You sure you two don't want
anything from the store?
                       UNCLE PETER
Dean opens the car door and closes it, looking around,
seeing if there's anybody in sight.
With the 20 dollar bill in his right hand, he walks in as he
hears ANOTHER CAR pull into the parking lot with the radio
blaring loudly. All of the windows in the car are rolled
Dean continues to walk into the convenience store, fearless
of his surroundings.
                                         CUT TO:
Everything is stocked and priced individually and
categorized. From beef jerky to potato chips. Everything is
laid out perfectly.


The CLERK watches Dean like a steely - eyed hawk as he goes
over to the soda section of the store and picks out a Coca -
Cola bottle.
With a plastic bottle of Coca - Cola in one hand, he goes
over to the aisle, where the chips are and grabs one bag of
Lay's potato chips.
Satisfied, he walks over to the counter and places
everything on there as he waits for the clerk to finish
ringing up his items.
Dean darts his eyes, on his items and then looks at the
clerk, who's much taller than Dean.
After ringing up the items, the clerk TAPS a key on the cash
register, making a hard hitting tap on his fingertip.
That'll be $9.45.
Dean hands him the 20 dollar bill and looks to his right to
where the door is.
                                         CUT TO:
With the bag full of snacks in one hand, Dean steps out of
the store, smiling as he looks all around him.
As he heads in the SUV, he hears a NEARBY CAR, playing its
radio. The song, "Life in Technicolor ii" by Coldplay can be
heard, playing in the b.g. as Dean looks in the direction of
the car's radio.
He stops for a moment to open the car door and steps inside.
Uncle Peter outs the car in reverse as Dean puts on his seat
                       UNCLE PETER
All set, Dean?
Yeah. I got some snacks.
                       UNCLE PETER
Yeah? What did you get?


A Coke. Chips.
He tosses the bag by his side, making a soft ruffling noise
as the bag hits the cushion part of the chair.
                                         CUT TO:
The lock on the front door of Uncle Peter's house can be
heard unlocking, as the front door swings wide open.
Dean, along with Uncle Peter and Auntie Debbie, walked into
the house and turned on the lights in the kitchen.
Once everyone's inside, Auntie Debbie closes the front door
and locks it.
Dean places his bag on the kitchen table and walks over to
the refrigerator to put his 1 liter bottle of Coca - Cola in
the refrigerator.
Uncle Peter takes his John Deere cap off his head and wipes
the sweat off his forehead.
                       UNCLE PETER
Hot, ain't it?
                       AUNTIE DEBBIE
Put the AC on before you go to
                       UNCLE PETER
I will.
Dean walks into the hallway of the house. Another kitchen
table can be seen on Dean's right as he continues to walk
toward the living room.
                                         CUT TO:
The TV in the living room is playing a program on the truTV
channel. A MONTAGE of clips, showing people failing to
perform dangerous activities. Some are falling down, hurting
themselves while others slips and try to break their falls.
Uncle Peter and Dean are sitting on the couch, watching TV
while eating a slice of cheese pizza.


Dean puts his pizza crust on a paper plate and picks up his
bottle of Coke.
Uncle Peter is looking at the TV , cracking a smile,
laughing as he looks on.
                       UNCLE PETER
What an idiot.
This is...
He finishes up his slice of pizza, eating the entire crust.
This is good. Good pizza. Thanks,
Uncle Peter.
                       UNCLE PETER
You better watch for that dog,
over there.
He points out a relatively LARGE DOG, a HUSKY, lying down,
underneath a work desk.
                       UNCLE PETER
Make sure he doesn't go for your
Why? Does he likes pizza?
                       UNCLE PETER
Yeah. He'll eat anything.
Dean takes another look at the dog, who's still lying down,
under the desk, with its face buried in between his paws.
Uncle Peter lets out a sigh of exhaustion, tired from
today's work.
Did you worked with Uncle Paul?
                       UNCLE PETER
Yeah. Big Lou.
Dean lets out a small laugh.
                       UNCLE PETER
He's still wearing overalls and
he's gotten bigger the last time I


                       UNCLE PETER (cont'd)
saw him.
Dean takes another sip of his Coca - Cola.
That's disgusting. The way he
takes care of himself. It's
He lets out a shiver of disgust and revolt.
                       UNCLE PETER
Yeah. He sure is.
Uncle Peter glances over to the clock, sitting below the TV.
It's 9:34.
                       UNCLE PETER
He slaps both of his knees, one hand on one knee and one on
the other.
                       UNCLE PETER
I'm going to bed. I'm tired and
tomorrow, it's probably going to
be more tiring.
He gets up off the couch, pushing himself off by putting
each hand on the cushion part of the couch and pushing
himself up.
We'll be leaving early tomorrow,
                       UNCLE PETER
Yeah. Probably around 7:30 or
Uncle Peter walks out of the living room and looks at his
dog, who's fast asleep.
He turned to face Dean, who's focused on the TV.


                       UNCLE PETER
Good night, Dean.
Good night, Uncle Peter.
Uncle Peter turns his back on Dean and walks to the kitchen
and toward his bedroom.
All that is left in the living room is Dean, who's still
glued to the television.
The husky that is lying underneath the work desk, moves a
little bit as it tries to be comfortable.
As Dean leans back on the couch, his enlarged bump on his
back rubs up against the cushion part of the couch,
triggering a shooting, stinging pain, causing Dean to wince
in pain.
He holds back his breath, but then relaxes, knowing that
he's all right.
                                         CUT TO:
Early. The sunrise's glow beams through the windows of the
house. The front door of Uncle Peter's house is open as
Dean's uncle casually munches on a donut, a JELLY DONUT.
Walking in from the living room is Dean letting out a big
YAWN from last night's sleep.
He looks at the small, blue cooler that is placed next to a
box of a dozen donuts.
Uncle Peter points out the box of dozen of donuts.
                       UNCLE PETER
Want one?
Dean looks in the box and sees a different array of donuts.
One coconut, One glazed, One chocolate. etc.
He grabs one glazed donut and then grabs a white napkin.
                       UNCLE PETER
How did you sleep last night?


Pretty good.
                       UNCLE PETER
I forgot to ask you yesterday,
how's your back?
All right. Mom said that next
month, I'm going to see the back
He then changes the tone of his voice, going from serious to
The thing is, I haven't wore the
back brace for quite a while. I
don't know what he'll say.
                       UNCLE PETER
Well, you'll have to wait and see.
But, I'm not worrying about it
now. This is summertime.
Auntie Debbie walks into the kitchen, carrying her cell
phone in her right hand.
Uncle Peter turns his attention away from Dean for a brief
Dean looks at his glazed donut and takes a small bite out of
                       UNCLE PETER
Did you tell Jason that we're
                       AUNTIE DEBBIE
Yeah. He's coming down later on.
                       UNCLE PETER
Does he know how to get there?
                       AUNTIE DEBBIE
I told him to take 27 South and
then South 3 on the highway.
Uncle Peter looks at Dean.


                       UNCLE PETER
Did you bring your bathing suit
for the beach?
Yes. It's in the other bag in the
living room.
Auntie Debbie looks around, seeing if she can spot
                       AUNTIE DEBBIE
I gotta find that sunblock.
She walks over to a nearby wooden tale, next to the front
Uncle Peter takes one white napkin and grabs a coconut donut
out of the box.
I'll have another.
Auntie Debbie disappears into the living room to go upstairs
while Dean and Uncle Peter sit in the kitchen, munching on
some donuts.
                                         CUT TO:
Rolling down the street, going by different stores, going at
a speed of 30 mph.
                                         CUT TO:
Uncle Peter is behind the wheel while Auntie Debbie rides
Dean is sitting behind Auntie Debbie as he looks out the
tinted window, seeing several PEDESTRIANS walking on the
he SUV slows to a stop as another car is stopped right in
front of them, not moving.
Uncle Peter glances behind him, sitting that Dean is awfully
quiet and happy at the moment.


Auntie Debbie looks at Uncle Peter, who's looking behind his
                       AUNTIE DEBBIE
We need to stop to get some ice on
the way down there.
                       UNCLE PETER
Do you wanna stop at the gas
station down near K - Mart?
                       AUNTIE DEBBIE
Sure. I wanna also get some
snacks, too.
Dean glances at the front of the car as it continues to go
30 mph down a short, windy road.
As he looks back at the tinted window, he sees an empty GOLF
COURSE, all green and lush with grass. Then, without
warning, the golf course's sprinkler system BEGINS, spraying
a stream of crystal clear water out of the sprinkler's head.
Dean glances at both Uncle Peter and Auntie Debbie, who are
minding their own business, not even paying attention to
Dean's appearance.
Traffic. Heavy. Multiple lanes are filled with CARS, flying
by each other, going at a speed of 50 mph or more.
Near the highway is the SAGAMORE BRIDGE, a bridge
constructed together with big, steel bars, all connecting to
one another.
Among the many travelers on the busy highway is the red Ford
SUV, which is riding behind a white minivan.
All of the windows are rolled down, allowing cool air to
blow all around the car.
Even the sunroof is open, allowing the blue, cloudless sky
to be seen by Dean, who's sitting very still.
In his right hand is a pair of black sunglasses.


With the wind whipping his hair, left, right and forward,
Dean looks all around him as the SUV reaches the end of the
Seeing the exit coming up on his right, Uncle Peter puts his
single on and veers over to the right, turning the wheel
slightly to the right.
Dean continues to look to his left and right, seeing all of
the green leaves on the trees, moving freely as the breezy
wind begins to pick up.
Hot, burning sand filled the entire ground and area of the
beach. Several groups of BEACH GOERS are either relaxing in
the hot, sweltering sun or taking a dip in the cool,
refreshing ocean.
The OCEAN WAVES are crashing onto the battered and beaten
sand as the tide pulls back for another wave to crash onto
the beach.
On the farthest end of the beach, the Red Ford SUV is
maneuvering through the tough, rocky and sandy terrain as
little PEBBLES and ROCKS are being kicked up from the back
tires of the SUV.
On the left side of the traveling SUV, many different MOTOR
HOMES, RV'S, and SLIDE - ON CAMPERS are parked farther away
from the water. Some of the parked motor homes have several
FLAGS flapping wildly in the sea breeze.
With the SUV slowing to a halt, Uncle Peter spots Dean's
parents, standing outside another camper's spot, socializing
among themselves.
The SUV pulls into an empty space, next to Dean's stepfather
truck and parks right near the truck.
With everything all situated, Dean goes over to embrace his
mother, who's wearing a striped colored swimsuit and holding
a unopened can of Bud Light.
Kristen is walking toward the water as the waves softly lap
against the wet sand, making a short SPLASHING sound as the
wave pulls back for another to crash onto the sand.


Sitting in a beach chair, holding a unsmoked cigar is a man,
in his early 50's and wearing a white undershirt.
Another man, ROBERT, Dean's mother's cousin exits from his
slide - on camper, which is still attached to his pick - up
The man looks at both Peter and Debbie, surprised by their
He walks up to them.
You must be Peter, right?
                       UNCLE PETER
Yes. Yes, I am. That's me.
He then turns to Debbie.
He gives her a short hug, wrapping his muscled toned arms
around her.
Dean's mother approaches him, almost sporting a tan from the
scorching, hot sun.
Glad you made it.
She HUGS and KISSES him as he looks all around him.
There are lot of CAMPERS and PEOPLE out and about on the
beach. Some of the people are wearing different colored
swimming trunks while most of the women, beautiful as they
are, wearing two - piece bikinis.
Looking at the man with the unsmoked cigar, Dean walks over,
underneath the camper's awning, stepping into a medium sized
area of shade.
Robert turn to look at Dean's mother, questionably.
So, is this your son?
Yes. One of my sons.


I'm Dean. And you're?
Robert. Or you can call me Bobby.
Dean's mother stands by him, shoulder to shoulder.
Nice to meet you.
Dean shakes Robert's hands.
      (to Dean)
You know, your mother told me a
lot about you.
      (to Dean)
Did you eat breakfast? I have some
leftover blueberry pancakes that I
just cooked up.
No thanks. I had breakfast on the
way over here.
Kristen comes out of the camper, wearing a black colored
bikini with her hair in a bun.
Yeah, Kristen?
Could you help me with my hair?
The sides aren't where they're
supposed to be.
Dean looks away from his mother and sister and glances over
to see a chair that nobody's sitting in.
He sits in it and exhales, trying hard to cool himself off
from the burning summer heat.
Dean's stepfather, who's off the corner, goes to his wife.


The man with the unsmoked cigar is on his iPhone, checking
out something out that's important to his interest.
Robert puts her hand on the man's shoulder, introducing him
to Dean.
Dean, this here's my friend, Ron.
Ron looks up from his iPhone and sees Dean, sitting there,
He extends his hand out to shake Dean's hand.
How are ya, Dean?
Robert turns his back on his friend and goes to the cooler
to pick up a can of beer.
Robert walks over to sit down on his chair.
So, how's school going, Dean?
Ah, well, I'm going to be a
sophomore next year. I'm going to
Brockton High School.
How do you like the high school
It's fun, but it's such a big
school. The first few days there
we're quite frightening for me. I
was scrambling to find where I
have to go to get to that class or
that class. It was scary.
He passed his algebra with a D.
Just barely.
Robert nods his head, accepting the boy's mother's truth as
Dean grins.


Well, Congratulations, buddy.
He extends his hand out and shakes Dean's hand.
Thank You. Thank you very much.
What classes will you be taking
next year?
U.S. History I, Geometry, I have
to take that, which...
He cringes a little in uneasiness.
I don't think it will be hard as
Geometry is actually easier than
Yeah, because you don't have to
deal with complicated matter, such
as plugging in numbers and dealing
with negatives and positives.
That's too complicated for me.
As Mom walks away from the three men, Tom walks up to the
trio, looking at Robert.
      (to Robert)
Did you catch anything stripers
No. But, there was one guy three
campers down who caught a bass. A
really huge bass.
You know, fishing to me is
something that I haven't done in
quite a while.
Ron sticks his cigar in his mouth, between the lips.


Let me see...
Robert gets out of his chair and goes to the back of his
slide on camper. He opens up a small door in the compartment
area in the back and pulls out a FISHING ROD, one that is
commonly used for deep sea fishing.
He shoots Dean a look.
Let me show you how to fish here
on Sandy Neck.
He follows Dean toward the water, along with the fishing rod
underneath his arm.
As they reach the rocky shoreline, the two of them stop
Okay. Now...
He looks back at the camper and glances over to Ron.
      (yelling; cont'd)
Hey, Ron!
Ron's head perk up as he hears Robert calling out his name.
      (yelling; cont'd)
Grab the bait in the camper. It's
the cardboard box, next to the
What do you use for bait?
Sea crawlers.
When I was about 13, my family and
I vacationed up in New Hampshire.
Uh huh.


My stepfather's friend brought
some sea crawlers with him for
Ron walks toward Robert and Dean with the cardboard box in
his right hand.
By this point, the trio are standing next to a short, white
pipe, which is buried deep in the sand with the top sticking
out of the sand.
Now what you do is, you take the
fishing rod.
He places the fishing rod in the pole, slowly.
This pole is here so that the
fishing rod stays in place.
Ron gives the cardboard box of sea crawlers to Robert. He
opens the box. Inside, at least 4 or 5 sea crawlers are seen
to be crawling on its legs, almost like centipedes trying to
escape from the box, which looks rotted and filled with wet
Spanish moss.
I never handled a sea crawler
before. Sorry.
They pinch, but it's not bad at
No thanks.
Robert grabs the hook from the fishing rod and picks up the
slimy, crawly sea crawler and impales it on the hook.
Now, all I have to do is to cast
it away.
He takes the fishing rod and pulls it out of the pole.


You might want to step back, Dean.
I don't want to hit you with the
Dean takes a step back or two so that Robert can cast away
the giant fishing rod.
Robert takes the road and with a strong, tight grip on the
handle, he casted away the bait with a hard, hefty flung of
the wrist as the fishing line unspools out of the rod while
the bait falls into the ocean, many, many, many feet away
from the beach goers.
Damn. That was a very good job,
Robert ignores Dean's comment and walks toward the pole and
inserts the rod in the pole.
He winds it up a little.
      (to Dean)
We'll keep here today. See if we
can catch a great, big bass.
The duo walks back to the camper while the others continue
to carry out their conversations.
                                         CUT TO:
The sun is setting on the horizon, ready to descend down
below the invisible line that separates the ocean from the
Everybody's outside finishing their dinner, chowing down on
the last of their steaks as Robert exits from his camper
with a black, plastic garbage bag.
I got the garbage bag, Ron. I'll
take care of it.
When are we having a campfire,


Soon. Very soon.
Tom hands his empty plate to Robert.
Here, Bobby.
Robert takes the paper plate and throws it in the garbage
bag along with the garbage inside.
Ron pulls out his iPhone and briefly looks up something,
possibly on Facebook or some other social networking site.
Huh. Some guy in Barnstable caught
what look like a flounder.
A flounder?
See, I could've caught that here!
He walks away from the others, heading toward the fishing
rod, which is still in the pole.
Dean watches him as he reels it in, pacing himself as he
As he reaches the end of the fishing line, all which is left
is the hook. No sea crawler. No nothing.
Dean looks away, a little disappointed.
Mom looks over her shoulder to see Robert taking the fishing
rod out of the pole.
No luck?
Nothing. Ron! Can you give me a
hand here?
Sure, Bobby.
Dean, is Auntie Debbie and Uncle
Peter taking you home tonight?


Yeah, Mom.
Robert goes to the back of his camper and grabs a small
I figure, sun's setting now...
Everybody else's starting one up.
So, I'll start mine.
He starts to dig a hole, deep enough for the campfire,
scooping out large chunks of sand while Ron and Tom grabs a
few pieces of firewood.
Once the hole's deep enough, Tom takes three pieces of wood
and sticks them in the deep hole.
Lighter's in the camper, I'll get
And grab some newspapers from your
All right.
Everybody having multiple conversations, back and forth
while the campfire burns several wooden logs as the orange,
fiery, hot flames lick the sand, continually over and over
Dean grabs a marshmallow out of a plastic bag and puts it on
his stick to roast over the campfire.
That's funny, Peter. Really funny.
                       UNCLE PETER
But, you know Paul now, he weighs
over 150 pounds. Maybe.


Oh, God!
One time, me and Peter, I was
living in Brockton at the time and
it was hot out one day. This is
way back. Anyway, we're sitting by
the pool outside and it's like 100
degrees.. I mean, it was hot, man.
And, uh, me and Peter got badly
sunburned that day.
                       UNCLE PETER
That was when I was drinking that
I remember when I was little, you
had Coors beer in your house.
Everybody let out a big laugh.
                       UNCLE PETER
But now, I don't have them
Did you stop then?
                       UNCLE PETER
Yeah. I haven't had a drink in 14
years. My father wasn't like that
although he did...
He makes a hand gesture, pouring a invisible beer bottle in
his mouth.
      (to Dean)
Dean, you're awfully quiet, honey.
No, I was just listening.
Dean takes a bite out of the melted marshmallow. chewing
very slowly.
      (to Dean)


Yup. It sure is.
Hey, Bobby, did I ever tell you
that Dean's going to school to
become a movie director?
He really wants to break into the
Oh, really?
I've written two stories this
year. All of them were typed up on
my computer. One was called
Sunrise over Afghanistan and
another one called The California
He'd written them all by myself.
But, yes. I am a huge movie buff.
My entire room, if you could walk
into my bedroom, you can see
posters of 2001 and Psycho.
See, the thing is, Bobby, if you
tell him any year, he can tell you
the movies that were released that
Consider my birth year, 1996. The
movies that were released that
year was Twister, Independence
Day, Jerry Maguire.
Really? How do you know this


I study movies and I collect them
on my own. Think about it. I have
most of the James Bond movies in
my bedroom. Not all of them at
least. I'm a big sci - fi guy.
Which college are you thinking
about going to after you graduate
high school?
Well, you know, I was thinking
about going to college in Boston.
You're not thinking about going to
Harvard, are ya?
No, no, no, no. I don't want to go
to Harvard.
He shakes his head: "No."
It cost a lot to attend Harvard,
I don't know. I'm sure something
will come up.
You should probably start looking
into some colleges for your
future, y' know?
If not, then I'll go somewhere
closer to Brockton.
Robert gets up off his chair and wanders away from the
campfire and toward the ocean.
Dean looks around him and walks over to a nearby cooler. He
pulls out a can of soda and opens it.
He sees Robert, looking out toward the ocean while the waves
continue to crash into the sand.


Some of the people in the group look in the direction of
Robert's voice.
I bet I can catch a striper at
Not a chance, Bob. Fish don't like
the dark.
Robert looks down while Dean walks over to see what he's
looking at.
Buried in the wet sand, TINY BLINKING LIGHTS shaped like
circles blink on and off as Dean stares at them for a
      (to Dean)
Have you ever seen these before?
Yes. The last time I came to Sandy
Neck, I saw these sea creatures.
God, they're...
He bends over a little to get a closer look.
They're so tiny!
He then looks up toward Robert, seeing the fire's flames
lighting up his old, craggy face.
You know, I like you, Dean. I
really do.
It's been a pleasure meeting you.
I've heard all about you. But, I
never got the chance to meet a new
person who's part of my mother's
family. I mean, I've always grown
up to believe that my grandmother,
my aunt and my uncle were the only


Well, I've been around for a long
time and I have a strange feeling
about you. Your mother told me a
lot about you. You know, about you
being in the hospital for the
first six months since you were
Yeah. Everybody mentions that. And
yet 6 years ago, I had my last
surgery. What happened was, as a
kid up until I was 9, I had a
feeding tube near my stomach. And
when the doctors came and took
out, all I was left with was this
gaping little hole in the middle
of me. So, I had to get that
patched up.
Jesus, you really went through
that without any problems?
Yeah. And that was the last time I
went to the hospital.
Robert lets out a small laugh.
      (cont'd; smiling)
I told them. I said, "I'm not
coming back here." "Never going
back." "Told you."
Well, it's a hell of a history
record, I'll tell ya.
The two of them walk back to the campfire while Uncle Peter
and Auntie Debbie start to pack up.
Auntie Debbie glances at Dean, who's all set to go.
                       AUNTIE DEBBIE
      (to Dean)
You ready to go, bud?
Yeah. I'm getting tired.


Do you have your key to get inside
the house, Dean?
Yeah, Mom. I do.
Uncle Peter gets up off his chair, letting out a GRUNT of
effort as he shakes Robert's hands.
Peter, it was nice meeting you.
                       UNCLE PETER
Yeah. Same to you, Bob.
Dean kisses his mother goodbye and heads on over to the red
                                         CUT TO:
It's silent except for the radio playing softly in the b.g.
Uncle Peter is behind the wheel tired and exhausted from
today's fun.
                       UNCLE PETER
Do you have fun, Dean?
I did.
He turns his attention to the window while the red Ford SUV
glides down the empty road while Auntie Debbie tries to make
herself comfortable.
Dean looks right in front of him seeing the SUV's headlights
lighting up the entire road.
                                         CUT TO:
With his overnight bag filled with dirty laundry, Dean walks
toward the front porch, looking back at the SUV.
                       UNCLE PETER
I'll talk to you later, Dean.


Sure thing, Pete.
                       UNCLE PETER
Call me during the week.
I will.
The red Ford SUV speeds out of the cul - de - sac and into
the silent, calm night.
All that is left is Dean, who's unlocking the front door to
his house.
                                         CUT TO:
Dean jumps into the pool, causing a big splash to form in
his pool. Uncle Peter, Auntie Debbie, Mom and Kristen are
all either in the swimming pool or relaxing in their lounge
chairs, sun bathing.
                       UNCLE PETER
      (to Kristen)
I'm gotta get ya!
Kristen swims away as she lets out a laughing fit as Uncle
Peter playfully tackles Kristen.
Dean sinks his head below the pool's surface and swims
toward the shallow end, kicking his feet as he goes.
                       UNCLE PETER
Hey! Here's comes Dean.
Dean resurfaces.
Yo, man.
                       UNCLE PETER
What do you mean, "Yo, man?"
He's just acting goofy.


Hey, Peter. Do you think you can
go to the gas station to fill up
the propane tank for the grill?
                       UNCLE PETER
Yeah, sure.
He climbs out of the pool, soaking wet with his hair slicked
                       UNCLE PETER
Do you want to take Debbie's car?
                       AUNTIE DEBBIE
Yeah. I just got to move some
things in the back.
He goes to grab his black T - shirt and sits down in a
lounge chair, drying himself off.
Dean swims his way toward the deep end of the pool and dives
beneath the surface.
                                         CUT TO:
The grill on the back porch is on and cooking. Dean, armed
with a paper plate goes over to a wooden table and sits down
right next to his mother.
Dean, grab whatever you want. I
did all the cooking myself.
                       UNCLE PETER
He takes another bite of his hamburger.
                       UNCLE PETER
When do you go back to school,
September 7th. I'm going to be a
10th grader.


                       AUNTIE DEBBIE
Is Blaine in one of your classes?
No. She's taking some other
Dean takes a hot dog and stabs it with a fork and places the
meat in between the buns.
He then goes for the mustard and squirts it on the hot dog
while Kristen watches him.
Geez, do you really need all that
No. I just like having extra.
In the b.g., Tom appears stepping out of the house, wearing
a pair of shorts and a shirt.
                       UNCLE PETER
      (sees Tom)
Hey, Tommy!
                       AUNTIE DEBBIE
Hey, Tom.
Pool looks clean.
Dean cleaned it again when we were
down the Cape.
How could Dean do all that work
and yet he still have that big
bump on his back?
      (to Dean)
How do you do it?
Dean swallows up his chewed up food.
I pace myself. I don't do it too
fast. I don't want to hurt myself.


Well, you certainly don't want to
hurt yourself with your back.
Tom glances over the picnic table, observing it very close.
      (to Mom)
Do you make potato salad for Peter
and Debbie?
Dean chews down the last of his hot dog. He grabs a nearby
napkin and wipes his mouth clean.
      (to Tom)
No. They didn't want potato salad.
                       UNCLE PETER
Hey, Tommy, what kind of camper do
you have?
It's a Caribou. I bought it two
years ago and since then, we've
used it to go camping down the
                       AUNTIE DEBBIE
How much did it cost?
Tom casts a reluctant facial expression on his well -
rounded face.
$600. Maybe 750.
It does have a lot of space around
the sides.
We actually took it down to
Florida a couple years ago. Took
it to Disneyland one time. Do you
remember that, Dean?
What's your problem, Dean?


      (raising his voice)
Nothing's my problem.
Don't raise your voice at me. I'm
warning you.
Dean, take it easy. Relax.
Dean turns his head away from his stepfather, feeling a
little bit insulted.
      (to himself)
Who the hell do you think you are?
Raising your voice to your
                       UNCLE PETER
It's all right, Dean. Don't get
too upset about it.
Kristen, do me a big favor. Could
you grab me a bundle of napkins
for me?
Sure, Mom.
Dean leaves the picnic table and walks out of the swimming
pool area.
      (to Dean)
Where are you going, Dean?
To the bathroom.
He opens and shuts the gate door, ignoring his stepfather
who's still staring at him.
Dean opens the sliding door and steps inside the house.
                                         CUT TO:


Kristen closes the cabinet door with one hand and places the
bundle of napkins on the kitchen counter.
Dean heads over to the bathroom, ignoring his sister in the
Kristen looks at him for a brief second before he closes the
                                         CUT TO:
Auntie Debbie throws a floatable chair into the swimming
pool and walks tot he stairs of the pool, putting one foot
after another in the water.
Mom throws all of the paper plates in the trash barrel and
then walks back toward the picnic table while Tom sees
Kristen exit the house with the napkins in one hand.
Thanks, Kristen.
Peter, you wanna a water?
                       UNCLE PETER
Yeah. It's getting hotter and
hotter every time I'm sitting near
the sun. The shade's not helping.
                                         CUT TO:
The faucet in the bathroom sink is running. Hot, steamy
water splash over Dean's wet hands.
As the hot, crystal clear water creates a little puddle in
the sink, Dean takes his two hand and THROWS a cupful of
water onto his face.
He turns off the water faucet and grabs a nearby towel off a
towel rack and pats it on his face.
After drying off his face, he stares right into the bathroom
mirror and sees several bloodshot spots on his eyes. His
eyes are wide open.


                                         CUT TO:
With Kristen and Auntie Debbie in the pool, swimming in the
deep end, Mom grabs the mustard and ketchup bottles and
walks out of the swimming pool area.
I wonder what Dean is doing in the
She heads on inside, fanning herself with her hands.
                                         CUT TO:
Mom looks around the dinner table and kitchen, seeing where
Dean is.
Dean! Are you all right?
The bathroom door opens and Dean appears, just as he walks
out of the bathroom.
Yeah, Mom. I was washing my hands
in there.
Oh, I was wondering where you
Dean walks into the kitchen, sticking his fingers in his
ears, trying to get the water out of his ears.
Oh, can you grab a water from the
refrigerator? Uncle Peter wants
Mom notices something about Dean's answer. She looks at him,
sporting a curious look on her face.


Is everything's all right?
Yeah, Ma. Everything is...
He looks at her, knowing that she's curious about something.
Everything's all right with me. I
just don't like how he made me
look like a fool out there.
Who, Dad?