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Reply or Delete? An Internet Love Affair
by Angel Terron (angelterron5@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****
A married woman meets and have a affair with a guy from a online dating site.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.




CHOICES. Choices are not about
right or wrong, left or right, or
even ups and downs. Choices are
about self-control. You by
yourself have the responsibility
to decide on how to control your
own actions, and no one else can
do that for you.


We can hear Skye arguing, with
Jeff/Jake under the narration, as
the rain drops continue to fall.
We hear the car door slam shut.
We see Jeff and Skye rushing from a house, Skye heading
toward her car crying. Jeff yelling.
Skye is driving through stormy weather, crying hysterically
as she tries without success, to compose her emotions enough
to effectively steer her vehicle on this rainy evening.
Skye loses control of her vehicle and collides head on with
an eighteen wheeler truck. Flash of bright light, Skye
screams, horns blowing, tires screeching, white screen.

                                         FOUR MONTHS EARLIER
Manny wake up babe.


      (Rolling over in
Hey what? Why are you up so early?
Im tired, Im not going to get up
for a couple of hours.
      (Hitting Manny)
Manny get up, you have a lot of
stuff to do before you leave
tomorrow, you have to get up now!
Babez in a minute.
Ok well I guess you will miss a
shower with me..
Manny quickly gets out the bed a chases Skye to the
                                         THE SHOWER
Manny and Skye are in the shower, you see a nude back being
washed, kissing.
Hey I just want you to know that I
am going to miss you when your
Aww, it's ony a few months, I will
call you everyday. I love you.
                                         THEY KISS
The two get out the shower and change clothes to start their
day. Manny is scheduled to leave in the morning.
Skye is preparing to go hang out with her friends today. She
and Yana are best friends. they have know each other for
over 20 years.


                                         DIALING YANA, PHONE
Hello, Yana wake up! it's Skye
Hey girl, what's up?
It's time to get up and go
shopping. I am going to come pick
you up.Rise and Shine
Ok, Im down. Just call me and I
will be ready.
Ok.. Well I am going to call the
other ladies and have them to meet
us for drinks
Okay, see you soon...
                                         HANGS UP PHONE
Skye is leaving her house, we see her picking up Yana and
driving to a local place to have lunch and drinks.
The ladies are already seated at the table when Yana and
Skye walk in. They are laughing and talking. Robin, Nia,
Hello ladies
Hey sweetie, how are you feeling?
I am good.. Just getting ready to
be by myself again..


looking around for a waitress.
This should be his last mission
Girl who knows.. I am over it..
Anyways, is it too early for a
You funny.. for real..
A waitress approaches the ladies to take their order.
Hello may name is Kay I will be
your waitress today, can I start
you ladies off with a cocktail?
Peach Martini please
I feel like a glass of Moscato
Umm I will get a beer, in the
bottle. budlite
      (looking at Robin
       and Lexus)
And what can I get the two of you?
I'm going to go with the Mojito,
raspberry. Thankx
      (looking shock and
There y‟all go with all
those girly drinks. Well, that
just ain‟t gonna work for
me. I need a real woman‟s
drink. Ciroc and cranberry for
me. Heavy on the Ciroc.


Ok get these right out to you.
A handsome guys is walking pass and all the ladies are
      (looking amazed)
Wow! you can say that again.. He
is FINEEEEE, He is the type I need
No honey, that‟s the type of
man only built for a Lexus. So you
can leave your little Toyota
Corolla in park. Thank you.
Well, I‟ll let y‟all
fight over that. I‟m so glad
I‟m already taken.
Okay... whatever, I will take him
Come on Lexus, you cant have all
the men
Right.. you so greedy
looking at Nia. being a smart ass
Shut up Nia... Yana, Humph, I
don't see why not. Ms. Lexus is
enough woman for all men. And
why you worrying about stray meat
anyway. Ain't you still booed up
with um, what's his name, Derrick?
Not anymore. I had to break it off
with him a couple weeks back.
So I am officially a free agent,
once again.


Good for you girl. He wasn't cute
at all. Just saying..you will find
someone soon..
Well hopefully sooner than later,
because a sister is backed up.
Waitress returns with drinks
Girl you are tripping right now.
TMI.. ok thats all I am going to
say TMI
Call me what you want, but I'm
dead serious, I need me some. But,
it won't be long though. I been
checking out this internet dating
site called Peoples Planet, and
I've come across some pretty
decent prospects.
Oh yeah I heard of that site.
What type of site is it?
Dating site Yana?
      (laughing and
       grinding in her
Yep Yep..
Girl, you must be CRAZY! Please
tell me it has not gotten that
bad. Cause to me you are clearly
screaming, DESPERATE! And it's a
whole bunch of crazies and
perverts out there. Too many for
me to be playing Russian roulette
with my bugina.
Yeah, seriously, Yanna. I‟ve
heard a few of horror stories
about how those dating sites can


                       SKYE (cont'd)
be very dangerous.
Girl some of those guys are not
who they say they are.. Be careful
Not to mention disease infested.
Whatever you meet off of that,
you're gonna have to make sure you
put a condom on that. Or maybe
two. Yeah, definitely two.
Why? You don‟t, heifer.
                                         ALL LAUGHING
Oh, no honey, you got me twisted.
Ms. Lexus is clean, hoe. I stay
strapped up, boo-boo.
      (still laughing)
Lexus, you are too much for me. So
Yanna, have you met anybody off
the site yet?
Not met in person or anything. But
I have been chatting with a few
guys on there. And I've actually
had some pretty decent
conversations, too.
Um, excuse me, Ms. Yanna, but I
know you are not paying; for this
are you? SCAM ALERT.
A paying site... hmmm
legal prostitution lol
Now you know ain't nothing free
nowadays. But it ain't even
expensive. Its only $14.95 a
months. So that comes out to fifty


                       YANA (cont'd)
cents a day to find a man.
Um, um, um. She trying to get some
wood on a budget.
So what‟s your preference,
they type of men you search for
when you're persusing this fine a
cut-buddy site?
You know I love me some
chocolate. But I also put that
I‟m open to date other races
on my profile. I think I might
need some latin spice or
something. I need a Manny in my
What you say? You need a tranny in
your life? Sky she done lost it.
This girl is trisexually confused.
Shut up, Lexus. So Yanna,
what‟s a Manny?
You know what a Manny is. Just
someone who's sweet, thoughtful,
responsible, hardworking, sexy,
and it would not hurt if he was
ohhh okay mamichula
      (trying to speak
Te quero um leche'
What are ya'll saying? English


Yes! That‟s what I‟m
talking about. Girl, I even
speak the language.
Give me all that Boricua in my
      (looking at Yana
       like she
       disrected Skye)
Nah, trick. That means give me
milk. And you know what they say,
why buy the whole heifer when you
can get the milk for free. See,
you done went from a fifty cent a
day, low budget hoe, to a no
budget hoe that fast. Um, um, um.
Never mind her girl, she‟s
just hating. Good luck on finding
your Manny on that Peoples Planet
or whatever. But I‟m here
to tell you, there‟s only
one Manny on this planet, and
I‟m happy to say he belongs
to me.
Well, I might not find a Manny,
but I know I'm gonna find me
something good on there, believe
that. But you don't gotta listen
to me, you can easily go check out
the website for yourself.
I doubt it. I am fine with my man.
Although he is always away. I
would never think about cheating
on him
Girl, well since you all gassed up
about it, I guess I'll go check it
out if they got a free trial or
something. Cause unlike some
people, Ms. Lexus is not spending
her hard earned dough on NO man.
All the ladies laughing


Yep girl, That's a huge sin. I say
if your not happy in your
relationship then get couseling or
leave. Dont cheat. No one wins in
the end.
                                         CUT TO
      (looking around)
Honey I'm home, where are you?
      (yelling from up
I'm up here, babe. I'll be right
Skye heading to the kitchen to get a glass of wine, Manny
comes down gives her a kiss.
      (kissing her)
Hey honey, how was your day?
      (sitting at the
It was good. Very productive, got
a lot of the stuff done before
this wedding. I never thought the
planning of my big day would take
such a toll on me.
Well, it's only few months away,
I‟m sure you'll be able to
pull everything together by then.
      (looking suprised)
Me pull everything together? What
happened to we?
Um yeh about that, at least you're
already sitting down. That's a


                       MANNY (cont'd)
good thing.
      (looking upset)
Que pasa? What? What is it now?
Skye please calm down, there is no
reason to get all heated.
Heated? I‟m not heated. I'm
calm. Now what is it? Tell me
already? come on....
Well, I know I was supposed to put
in time off for a few months, so
we could handle things with the
wedding. But some situations that
are out of my control came up, and
they need me, so I will be away
for an extra 3 weeks.
Why do you have to be like that?
This is my job, I have to go.
Troops are flying in and mission
need to be complete. Come on babe
stop acting like this.Damn
That‟s how it always is.
Everything is always about you and
work. What about me? And our
wedding? I have to see the wedding
planner by myself now. When are
you going to be here for me?
      (getting pissed
I am here for you! I've always
been here for you. Everything I do
is all for you and so we can be
okay. Come down off your damn
soap box for a minute and take a


                       MANNY (cont'd)
deep breath.
Manny shaking his head. pissed off
Tell me right now, is this what
married life is going to be like?
How the hell am I supposed to
know, you tell me? You're the one
whose always gone.
      (banging down on
       the bar)
You can't be serious. You're the
one who is always gone, Ms.
Author, tour, book signings, etc.
Shall I go on? So don't try to
put this all on me. Sometimes I
feel like I have to be penciled
into your precious schedule, just
to see my own wife.
      (in shock)
Ugh! I can't do this right now.
Why are we doing this wedding
anyways? One time should be good
enough ....or not?
What is your problem, are you
PMSing or something?
      (getting up from
       the bar)
As a matter of fact I am. So I
think it would be best if we end
this conversation right now,
before we both say something we
      (walking away)
That's fine by me.
Heading back to his man cave


Sure stomp off. Why don‟t
you see if your entitle to some
sky miles since your always
flying. Oh wait NO, The MILITARY
doesn't give you Sky Miles.
Skye takes a final swallow of her Moscato, before flinging
her glass across the room, breaking it as it crashes against
the wall.
Manny is up early packed and ready to go, while Skye still
pretends to be sleep. They had gone to bed mad at each other
rather than talking about their problems. Manny is down
stairs making coffee. Skye gets up to shower, she quickly
goes to her laptop to check her emails and just goes to the
people planet site to be curious, she laughs get dress and
they leave to the airport.
                                         IN THE CAR
      (loud sigh)
Hey Skye, please please do me a
favor don't start.
I'm not papi. I am so sorry about
last night. So how long are you
really going to be gone this time?
5 months... Why? you plan on
leaving me while I'm away? Just
joking babe, I will be back in 4
It's crazy... I am thinking about
taking a few weeks off so you and
I can take a romantic trip, hmmm
you never know what I might have
up my sleeve. ' Im good like that!


You better have a 4.5 carat
princess cut up that sleeve. Papi
I doint care what you do for me..
I am the happiest woman in the
world.I love you.
I love you more. Be good.
Driving.. fade out. Manny gets out the car the car.
Inside Skye house.She walks right pass her open laptop, She
is sitting on the sofa relaxing waiting for Yana to arrive.
Skye cell phones rings its Robin
Hello girl, whats up?
I'm good, so I hear that Manny is
gone.. How you holding up?
Girl I'mnot sure yet. Starting to
get use to him being absent
Well dont take it as if he doesn't
care, because I know that he
does.. He is one of the good
Yeh, I know, but some of the good
guys stop caring after awhile. But
I know that Manny loves me, I just
feel that he puts his job before
me some of the times.
Skye are you listening to
yourself? He is in the service.
it's not like he has a choice It's
his career.
I know , and if someone says that
my husbands job is a career one


                       SKYE (cont'd)
more time, I'm going to throw
I'm just saying, anyways, I'm
coming over with Nia and Lexus to
keep you company.
Yeh thats cool. Yana is coming
overe also. We will have girls
night and book club time.. ok see
ya soon. bye
Hangs up the phone..
Heads to the kitchen to get wine, and puts on some music and
starts singing and dancing. Picking up Manny picture and
kissing it.
2 hours later door bell rings, its Yana.
Hey girl.. So happy to see you..
I'm so bored
I'm here now.. Heyyy party over
here. I brought you your favorite
drink.. Moscato.. The good Shit.
oh yeh, thanks girl. Well Robin
called and she and the girls are
coming over. We are going to read
this book called Reply or Delete
by this new author.. I hear it's
pretty good.
      (looking curious)
What's it about? I hope its an
What? Girl you crazy, you know
that right? I have the perfect
doctor for you to see. I don't


                       SKYE (cont'd)
want to read about some woman's
boring life or someone getting
killed, there isn't any good reads
out there. Except for one book I
read about a guy giving love
advice, talking about asking your
partner, their short and long term
goals. Hell he ended up losing his
wife, because all his tricks
backed fired on him..
Oh wait, I heard about that. that
was too funny, I think in the end,
the white guy was the one
relationship that worked out.
Speaking of no good reads, ummm
you don't read.
Hold up trick or treat. I read, I
am a author, I just dont read
other authors books, just mine.
Skye, this is your first book.
duh. What books are you speaking
I'm a journalist who has to read
to write. What planet are you
People's Planet... yes
girl,remember the site I was
telling you about?
What the Hell, is that your come
back joke? if so then your losing
Come on, lets check it out Skye.


Nooooo.. ok later Damn girl, ok
In the back of her mind, she remembers that she attempt to
look at the site earlier today.
Damn ok girl, I'm glad I had to
really twist your arm.. so that
means... you will take a look?
Yes why? It's not like I'm looking
to meet a guy, have sex with him
or get married...
Wow! Skye in that order?
What? ok let me refraze it, I'm
not looking for anyone to do
anything with. Just want to see
what the site is about. geesh calm
Sure! your not fooling me.... awww
a little freak under all that
conservitive fakeness..
Door Bell rings and the ladies enter Skyes house
Ladie standing around
Hey guys, so glad yall made it..
      (looking around)
Damn Skye, I haven't been over to
your house in a minute. Girl you
got it going on. I love the


Looks alright, I did the same
colors months ago. I try to stick
with the season.. You know how I
do it?
Oh yes Nia, we all know how you do
      (calm, looking not
Okayyyy, now that we got that out
the way. Thanks Lexus, it's
important for the colors to work
in a room like this, and Nia, your
right, you had these colors months
ago, but sweetie wrong season..
Alright ladies, let try and have a
good night ok.. We are all grown
woman and we should conduct
ourselves as just that.
Oh wait, Lexus is not a female..
ok hold up, yes she is, she just
has a penis.
Guys enough, we get the point,
Whew. So ladies and Gent.. sorry
Lexus, can I say that?
No Skye! I am a Lady, unlike a
certain person here.
Ok well, ladies, thank you all for
coming over tonight, as you know
my husband is gone again, and I
hate spending my first night
alone. So here we are, lets have
some fun.


Alright then, lets get this party
Hey ok here is the book for the
book read, Lexus decided that we
should read this one because he-
excuse me- she has heard good
things about it.
Yes mehi, this book is off the
chain. it deals with cheaters..
Um did he just call us all a mehi?
what the heck is a mehi?
Shut up you 380 talking fool, all
you do is talk in circles. So just
Zipp it.
Yall better get Ms Betty Crocker,
before I put her ass in the fire.
      (getting up)
The only fire your going to be in,
is the one in your pants, I hear
your burning, u might want to get
that check out.. SoS, Help her,
her pants is burning and she can't
get it to stop. I hear Herpecil
      (looking at the
Im going to hurt this little girl.
The only little girl you see is
the one staring you back in a


Stop Stop Stop, y'all are too
funny, Really, come on guys stop,
now lets start the read at least
find out what the book is about.
I'm sorry Skye for disrespecting
you and your lovely home.
It's ok, but can we get on with
this party? Are we good?
Si Mami. I'm bueno.
Skye, I have a question?
Ok, but please no more cheap
No No ok I understand, but my
question is for Lexus?
Oh God....
She never stops... Damn shame
No yall I'm ok.. Shoot Yana,
what's the question?
Why the Hell are you speaking
Spanish, when it's so clear that
you're Black?
Whoop Whoop, ok Answer, can I
answer that for her? Pleaseeeee
let me answer that. Listen Bitch
I'm a Afri-can-rican, understand,
yes I am Black and Rican, dumb


Oh heck nall, did she just call me
a bitch?
Um hold on a minute- let me think.
Yes to answer your question, you
have anymore questions you want to
ask, whatcha going to do? You
about to make the ghetto come out
of me.
Let it come out, I will kick it so
far back in, you will be a newborn
by midnight.
What? What the heck does that
That means I will kick your butt
back into the year you were born.
I would like to see you try that!
Shut up! Damn are you guys on
another level, that we don't know
about? Why all the hostility?
I am good. He just works my nerves
at times.
And you work mine also. But again
I'm a lady and I am moving on from
this childish back and forth petty
Okay, good to hear, now can we
just relax and get on with this
evening.. We good?
I agree, wheww, the two of you
have made me thristy and hungry.


      (looking at Skye)
Me too, hey Skye can we eat?
      (heading to the
       kitchen to get
Yes Finally something we can all
agree on.
Vamos a comer- oh I'm sorry, that
means lets eat.
      (looking suprised)
Ok whatever - to what Alex just
      (looking tipsy)
Alright ladies, are we ready for
this book read?
Lets do this
Yes ma'am
All day everynight.
Alex really?
      (looking lost)
uh Yeh, really, what what?
      (holding up the
Okay okay so the title of this
book is called Reply or Delete an


                       ROBIN (cont'd)
Internet Love Affair
Ooooh, I like that title.
Me too, so this book is about the
Sort of, but more about a woman
who is married and is bored with
her life, her friends tell her
about this website and she
explores it. She meets this man
and they developed a relationship
over time.
      (looking at Alex,
hmmmmmm well say it aint so!
Well the woman falls in love with
this guys, but she finds out that
he has secrets
What kind of secrets?
Okay mami. lets go, hurry up. Lets
read it and see.
Wait a minute, let me see who is
at the door.
At the door, it's Skye's Nana best friend. older lady late
Oh Hi Ms. Ella, what are you doing
out this time of the night? Is
everything alright? Nana is she


                       MS. ELLA
Hey baby, I'm sorry for just
coming over like this, but its
your Grams, she is sick and has
been rushed to the hospital.
What's wrong, what happened, when?
                       MS. ELLA
      (standing in the
Well I went over tonight to check
on her and I knocked, ring the
doorbell,no answer, So I got the
spare key and went inside where I
found her on the floor.
Oh my God, where is she?
                       MS. ELLA
They took her to St. Luke Hospital
      (looking for her
Okay we must go, sorry ladies I
have to go, Yana lock up for me
ok, you guys are more than welcome
to hang out here if you want?
No no it's ok, go see about your
Nana. I will stay and keep a eye
on things for you.
      (leaving the house)
Ok thank you so much. see you guys
Alright ladies, lets regroup and
do this another night. I'm going
home, I have had enough for one


I agree, poor Skye a double whammy
Yes so true, Damn. makes you
wonder what she has done for her
luck to be so bad?
What Nia? What are you talking
I'm just saying...
I'm just saying, how about you
just shut your mouth, on second
thought get out, just go home. so
      (heads toward the
Fine, I'm out.
Adios, Peace, See ya!, any more
ways to say BYE. you get the hint.
      (shaking her head)
I'm leaving too, we rode together,
so I will talk to you guys later,
keep me posted on everything. Good
      (at the door with
       the ladies)
I don't have a ride home.
It's cool, I will make sure you
get home.
You sure, yall scaring me, one
minute yall are trying to kill one
another and now it's truce. hmmm
ok. well call ya tomorrow.


Yep, I will keep you posted on
Nana. Byeeeee Nia.. bitch
Yana Slams the door before Nia has a chance to respond.
Wow what a night.
Yep and you have the nerve to be
taking jabs, what is your problem
I don't have the problem Yana, you
do. Look lets face the facts ok,
we will never agree on anything.
I agree.. I mean I am so over this
thing, you and me, its been a
minute, so we need to move on.
Why did you stop calling me? What
was the real reason?
Because I wanted a real man in my
life, not a man trying to figure
out if one day he wants to be a
woman or man. Your confused, and
you played me. When we met on that
site, you pretended to be
something your not. Thats not
cool. People can get hurt doing
the stuff your doing.
Listen Yana, I am sorry if I hurt
you, but this is who I am. I am
trying to find my purpose in life,
and it's hard for me, because I
like men and women.
I know and thats why we are no
longer together, and you better
not ever tell anybody that we


Oh whats the matter, miss perfect
finally made a mistake and she is
to proud to tell the world that
she had feeling for a gay man. Let
me say this... I may be gay but I
am real.
      (leading Alex to
       the door)
Yes you are real Lexus... Real
confused, now get out..
What, wait a minute, my ride just
left, how do you propose I get
I said that I would see to you
getting home, I didn't say I would
give you a ride.. haha Good night
      (outside banging
       on the door)
You wasn't saying that a month
ago.. Yana come on give me a ride?
ok call me a Uber.
Um let me see, yes I can call you
a Uber. I will call the Uber
Mehi.. hahaha Bye Mehi
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
At the nurse station
Excuse me, can you tell me what
room Nellie Collier is in?


      (looking through
       her files)
Hi, um let me check, what's your
name? yes here she is, she was
brought in about 30 minutes ago.
The hospital is getting her room
ready, she will be admitted.
My name is Skye, I am her
grandaughter,can you tell me
what's wrong with her?
I'm sorry, I can't, but her doctor
is in the hospital, I can have him
paged for you. Just have a seat.
Ok Thank you.
                       MS. ELLA
Hang in there baby, she is going
to be alright.
I'm scared Ms. Ella.
                       MS. ELLA
No need to be baby, God has a
answer for everthing we go through
in life. She is in good hands.
                       DR. SLOAN
      (heading toward
Hello , I am Dr. Sloan, I
understand that you are Ms.
Collier's grandaughter? Nice to
meet you.
      (shaking his hand)
Hello, nice to meet you also, so
what is going on with my Grams? Is
she that bad that she has to be


                       DR. SLOAN
      (being hopeful)
Well how about I take you to where
she is and you can ask her all the
questions you want. She will be
Walking down the hall to Nana's room. Skye entering the room
      (leaning over Nana)
Nana, hi, can you hear me? I'm
      (opening her eye)
Skye, hi baby.
Hi Nana, how are you feeling?
What's wrong, I didn't know that
you weren't feeling well.
I don't remember, I woke up and I
was here. I had a little cold
earlier this week, but I was
feeling better.
Are you sure that it's just a
little cold? or are you trying to
hit on your doctor? and the only
way you could see him was to be
brought up here? tell me the
truth. cause he is kinda cute.
Stop, now you know that you're
married, and a married woman
shouldn't be talking like that,
but to answer your question, No.
Okay, but seriously how long have
you been feeling bad?


Well it's been a few weeks,
besides the cold, I was having
some pain in my side, but other
than that, I started feeling ok.
And I didn't want to worry you.
Nana, I'm your only family, you
should have told me, I love you.
I love you too, but with Manny
preparing to leave, I just wanted
you to spend all the time you
could with him before he left. You
guys needed that.
Aw Nana, But if your not feeling
well you have to say something,
dont ever do that again. ok?
Ok baby.. Have you heard from
Manny yet?
      (moving out the
No not yet.
                       DR. SLOAN
Ms. Collier how are you feeling?
I'm feeling ok I guess.
So what's going on with her, she
said something about a cold, would
a cold send her here? Be straight
with me.
                       DR. SLOAN
      (looking at Nana)
Well, I am sure that if she keeps
taking her cold med, thn she will
feel better. right Ms. Collier?


Yes Dr. Sloan.
                       DR. SLOAN
      (looking at Skye)
Ok well we are going to transport
her upstairs to a room. Just to
keep an eye on her ok?
Ok, well is it ok if I stay the
night with her?
                       DR. SLOAN
Sure. I will make sure you get
extra blankets. It was nice
meeting you, take care of your
Several interns come in the room to take Nana upstairs, Skye
heads outside in the lobby where Ms Ella is waiting.
                       MS. ELLA
Hey honey, how is she doing?
She seems to be doing alright, I
am going to stay here with her
tonight, I just want to say Thank
you for coming to get me. I just
wish I knew how sick she really
is.But she is in the best place
right now here at the hospital.
                       MS. ELLA
      (looking sad)
No problem, is it ok if I go
inside really quick to say good
night to her.
Sure go ahead, they are about to
take her up stairs. I am going to
see if I can get a better signal
on my cell so I can call Manny.
Skye walks off and Ella enters Nana's room. Nurses still
unplugging machines.
                       MS. ELLA
Nellie, hey, how you feeling? I
saw Skye in the hallway, she is
trying to get a signal to call
Manny. So what did you tell her,


                       MS. ELLA (cont'd)
or should I say what didn't you
tell her?
Hey Ella, how long have you been
                       MS. ELLA
I drove Skye here.
Good I'm glad that you here,
listen I don't want Skye to know
what's wrong with me ok. Promise
me that you will not tell her?
                       MS. ELLA
Nellie you know that I can't do
that, she is your granddaughter,
and she has the right to know
about your illness.
Yes she does, but not from you
Ella, I will tell her when I think
the time is right.
                       MS. ELLA
How can you say that? You don't
even know when the time is right?
Ella Yes I do, and she will know
in time, Trust me. you already
know what to do right?
                       MS. ELLA
Yes I do...
                                         CUT TO SKYE ON PHONE


Hey babe, it's been a crazy day so
far. I miss you tons already.
Why what's going on? are you
Well Nana is in the hospital sick,
and I'm not sure what is wrong
with her. Noone will tell me
Wow babe, I'm sorry to hear that.
I hope that she will be ok. Listen
I have to get ready to go, we are
about to board another flight.
Ok Babe, I love you. Be safe
Good morning Nana
Morning babe, how did you sleep on
that sofa?
It was different, how are you
I feel good Skye, It must have
been my sugar level, but I'm
feeling much better.
I need to speak with the doctors
to find out what is going on with
your health. You can tell me a
millions times that your alright
and I am still going to check it


Well I'm glad I only told you
oh you have jokes, well thats
good, now your back to my Nana. I
love you Nana, life would be empty
without you. So make sure you do
all you can to stay healthy ok?
Oh stop all that talk like that.
I'm fine and I'm not going
anywhere. So get up and go home. I
want to get some rest.
Nana It's ok, I have noone to go
home to, Manny is gone for a few
months, so the house is lonely. I
can stay up here with you for
Skye, Go.. I will be ok.
Ok are you sure? I can come back
Go child. Ella will be up here
this morning, and I am being
release today, so I will be home,
just call me later. Now get out of
here, I love you.
Skye getting up and folding blankets gives Nana a kiss and
leaves, stops by the nurses station
Um hi, my name is Skye, my
Grandmother Nellie Collier is in
room 555, can you tell me what
time she will be released?
Good morning, let me check. She
should be release by 11 this


Great, and when will her Dr. be
I am not sure, but he should be
here soon to make his rounds. Is
there a message I can leave for
Ok well I am going to leave, just
let him know that I would like to
speak with him.
When he arrives, I will have him
to call you. Have a good morning.
Skye smiles and walks out the door. Heads back to her house,
where she see Yana still alseep on the sofa
Yana, Yana wake up I'm back
      (half alseep)
How is Nana? What happend, is she
She seems to be alright, she says
that her sugar was elevated, so
they wanted to keep her, just in
Wow! well I hope that she feels
better, I'm going to head out, I
cleaned up for you, now go to bed
and get some rest.
Yeh I am a little tired. By the
way, how was last night? anymore


Um No, as a matter of fact I
kicked everybody out.
Shut the front door, are you
Yep. sure did.
That is too funny, now wait I have
to ask you this question? Why were
you going in so hard on Alex? How
well do you know him?
Ok Girl promise me that you wont
say anything, promise me.
Oh darn girl, What? Tell me.
Ok calm down, remember the dating
site I told you about?
Oh Lord, please tell me you
didin't meet him on that site?
Ok I won't tell you, but you hit
the hammer right on the head.
Smart Ass, shut the front door,
really? How- I mean did you know
he was gay? What happen, he is gay
right? or bi sexual? you know what
I mean. urgh
Hell No, Girl I met him and went
on 3 dates, on the 3rd date I
found out.. so disappointed


Girl Nooooo, you went out with
him, and you couldn't tell?
That's not funny Skye, I didn't
know, it wasn't like he was
holding a sign saying pick me I
like men also..He seemed really
manly, then after the date on the
3rd night, he decided he would
come out the closet, telling me
that he wanted to be more in touch
with his feminin side, and he had
the nerve to tell me that I was
just a project to see if he could
get it up? I mean really? Look at
me, who wouldn't be turned on by
all of this?
Well obviously, he wasn't, Damn
Yana, I'm so sorry. Wow I figured
something was up, because people
just don't go in on other people
for no reason, and you were
handing his head on several
platters. All this time we have
been friends, and you guys never
said anything.. Damn..
Yeh, I was shocked to see him
again, I didn't know that he knew
Robin and Nia,so he became one of
the girlfriends. Thats too much
for me to handle, whew, what a
waste, cause he is fine. Damn
Ok Ok question? Did you sleep with
him? come on tell the truth?
Depends on, what you mean by
sleep.We didn't do much sleeping.
OMG really? you slut after 2
dates, you give up the cookies..
Nasty. so how was it?


To be honest, it wasn't that bad,
as a matter of fact it was good.
Geesh. Really good.
Girl your crazy, he is fine
though. Maybe you can turn him
Um No! that's like having another
job, and you know how I hate
working my first one, ok chic, let
me get going.
Ok, thanks for hanging out, hey
did you guys get the chance to
read the book?
Nope, it's on the table if you
want to read it. Luv ya got to
Skye heads to the table, picks up the book and put it back
down and heads upstairs to her room.
Skye is rolling around in bed, the time is now 3 o clock in
the afternoon. She has slept for 5 hours. She gets up and
goes to get a glass of wine, and sits to attempt to read the
book, but she is distracted by the doorbell. It's Yana
coming back to get her for another ladies light lunch.
Hey girl, did you get some rest?
Yes I did , wheww that chair at
the hospital killed my back.
I bet... Anyways are you ready to
go shopping and get a few drinks?
Let me take a quick shower ok?
Um yes that's cool because you are
smelling extra right now. Can I
use your computer really quick to


                       YANA (cont'd)
check my email?
      (Heading up stairs)
Yep help yourself, can you sign me
out while your at it. Be finished
in 15.
Sure I can do that, and make it 20
minutes, damn girl.. smell like
you been sleeping in vomit.
      (yelling down
Nope not vomit, I just pass gas in
that chair. hahaha
      (looking at the
Skye you are nasty. Just hurry up.
Skye is up stairs taking a shower, and Yana is looking at
her dating page.
Are you on that People's Planet
site again, to find your next
For your information, Yep I am..so
weird it came right up in your
history.. hmmm..And as a matter of
fact, I met this guy name Marcus,
he is so fine, Dark Chocalate,
Bald and Tall. Yes girl , he give
me a sweet tooth.
Bald and Tall, Hmmm I like that.
Sounds yummy. just joking girl.
Stop lieing, you know you like
them lite and brite.


Ok yeh this is true, no lie, but I
have my lite and brite man. I like
them lite, nothing against a dark
skin man, but I love them lite
like I like my toast,
pancakes,cofee, wine should I go
I know Ms White Castle, you have a
stigma. I tell you that once to go
black you will never go back.
Shut up Dark Vander cause I had
white, and It's alright.
Damn got to shake my head on that
one.. Anyways, here is Marcus
picture. He is Fine huh?
      (shaking her head)
He is ok if thats what you like.
Not for me though.Besides I am
married and I shouldnt be
commenting on these so called
interest of yours. Girl you gonna
send me to hell.
Relax, ok so lets set you up a
dummy profile.
What, Oh nooo that's alright I
will pass on that. I'm happy and I
am married. You're not going to
have my picture floating all
around the internet.
Come on Skye its just a temp page,
you can always take it down. Manny
will never know about it.
      (Phone is ringing
       she steps away to
No Yana, sorry Im good, let me
take this call it's Nana Dr. be


                       SKYE (cont'd)
right back.
      (setting up the
       temp page)
                                         MOMENTS LATER
Hey is everything ok with Nana?
Yep, he just wanted me to know
that she was released and at
home,she is doing much better.
      (after setting up
       the page,close
That is good, as long as she is
out the hospital, because if it
was serious, they would have kept
her longer.
Yeh your right, I will give her a
call in a few to check on her, so
you ready to go? Lets do the dang
What? you mean lets do the Damn
No- I said it just the way I
wanted to.The Dang Thing.
Oh ok, you trying to be all brand
new on a sista. I gotcha
Nall just trying to keep a clean
      (looking serious)
Ok well in that case maybe you
should go back up stairs and brush
your teeth again, cause damn your


                       YANA (cont'd)
breath is kicking.
      (blowing her
       breath in her
Quit playing.
Leaving the house to go meet the ladies, you see them
shopping. Return back to Skye's house
Oh my goodness girl, that was so
much fun. I like this side of you.
Maybe I should move in and you
kick Manny out. Im with you more
than he is anyways.
Stop, thats not funny. I am going
to go call Nana and check on her,
get the glasses and pour us
something to drink.
Skye is on the phone talking to Nana.
Ok, I need to check my email again
Yana yelling for Skye to come to the computer.
      (on the phone with
Ok Nana, luv you, call later.--
What are you yelling about Yana?
Hey Skye, come here quick..come
      (standing over
Stop yelling, what's wrong?
Look , you got your first admirer.


What? What are you talking about?
What adnirer?What did you do? Yana
please tell me that you did'nt set
me up on this site?
Yep I did, girl, its just a temp
page, calm down.
Take it down, now. Yana I am not
playing, take it down. Why would
you do that? What if Manny or his
friends see this?
Calm down, I will take the picture
off ok? But leave the profile up,
look you already got 4 notes, lets
see who thinks you hot.
I don't give a damn, take all of
it down, Im not playing with you.
So take it off.
Halt... I thought you said you
were going to keep a clean mouth?
hmm yeh remember?
      (looking serious)
Yana, if you dont take me off this
site, your going to have a bloddy
mouth. No joke
Really Skye, wow such violence,
it's not that serious, come look.
Nope, Im not going to entertain
that. Im married and I took vows
to be faithful.
Skye, come here, it's not like
your going to pusue anybody on


                       YANA (cont'd)
here, I just want you to see what
you might be missing.
Really Yana, didn't I just say
something about your mouth being
bloody, well it may have come from
your missing teeth, if you don't
take it down. The only thing I am
missing is Manny, you know that
name right, let me see hes the man
I call my husband.
Stop, now your acting like a crazy
woman. Your not cheating if your
just looking. I mean like
Yana, do you know the bible?
Um yes, here we go with the bible?
Stop, because if you knew about
the bible you would know that the
first sin that Eve did was she
saw, she saw the apple, tempted by
eating it when she was told by God
not to eat it. So sin enters
through our eyes..
No it doesn't say that.
Well looking and Lusting is a form
of a sin. And I refuse to have
that Lusting Demon around me.
Skye , can you stop with all the
bible quotes, No sin is greater
than the other.It's a sin if you
can't correctly recite the bible,
so stop before we both go to hell.


Yana,That's not funny, you need to
go to church more and get
educated. Im serious, so stop
playing like that.
Ok I'm sorry, but calm down. I
know that I'm not being a good
friend right now, but come here
and look. Just look.
Yeh ok, remember that's what Eve
Look you have 4 new messages.read
No, I don't care what they are
saying, I am not interested.
Yes, sit down, look at this one,
he looks ok, his name is Amir, oh
look at him, his name is Ralph,
now he is a cutie. Wait.. oh my
lord... look at this one. His name
is K-dad. Now he is really
handsome, girl 6 ft caramel, just
like you like them.. lite. Oh
heck, read his profile. Dang, I
might take this one for myself.
Wow he is nice looking, I
shouldn't be doing this.
Too Late, you Looked. ooooh you
just sin. you look haha
Oh Stop. What is he saying
you read it.


                                         V.O READING THE
" Hello Beautiful,, I ran across your profile, and I must
say that you made my day. I am really happy that your light
was on. I hope that you will find my profile to you liking?
You have the most beautiful smile I have ever seen on a
woman. Your profile doesn't seem like it's complete? I would
like to know about you. If you would like to chat, then send
me a note. Until I hear from you Beautiful, have a good day.
Yana, did you put my real name on
No Skye, your name is Liberty..
Who? Why Liberty? You could have
come up with a better name.
Liberty because you need to be
FREED..Souds like someone is
Interested in you. hmmm
No Yana he is interested in my
photo, not me.
Same thing, he thinks that your
Beautiful, your beauty is attach
to your booty....go ahead send him
a message back.
      (shutting the
No.. Im Done.
Why didin't you just reply to his
Because for the 18th time, I'm
married and I am not trying to get
caught up in no drama.


What Drama, it's not like your
going out with him, your just
The problem is that I am married,
get that thru your head, I'm not
like you Yana, I don't meet guys
on the net, have sex with them and
then on to the next. I'm married.
I know, I know, girl damn, your
married, I heard you the first 3
times you said it.
So get over it, I'm not you.
What's that suppose to mean, I'm
not you. Clearly we are two
different people.
Listen Yana, I'm sorry, you have
been my friend for over 20 years,
we have gone through so much
together. I'm just saying that Ive
settle down now, I'm not
Interested in what is out there in
the streets. I found my one true
love, your just not there yet.
Wow. Girl, I feel so bad for
pressuring you, I am a bad friend.
I will take it down ok. Forgive
Aww, Thank you . I love you girl,
but your crazy..
      (Heading for the
Ok well I have to go, but if you
change your mind, your sign in
name and password is on the table.


      (closing the door,
       phone rings)
You know, your crazy right? You
need some professional help soon,
seriously, ok see ya.
                                         ON THE PHONE WITH
Hey babe, what are you doing?
Oh nothing papi, Yana just left
and I was about to read a book. I
miss you.
Reading is good, what book are you
Um it's some book that Robin
brought over for the book club
read. Not sure yet, I haven't had
a chance to read it yet.
Oh then it's probally about some
woman and her boring life or
somebody getting killed. You know
Robin. Love and Kill. haha
That's a good one, so whats going
on with you babe, you know that I
love you?
I love you too, I just called to
let you know that I will not have
my phone for a few days. Captain
found drugs on one of my guys and
he is putting everybody on lock
down. Crazy, but I will call you
once we are free.. haha. I just
want you to know that, I love you
very much. I can't wait to be back
home with you.


Wow, that is crazy babe. I'm so
sad, but I miss you.
I miss you more. Yeh they are
going to do a full investigation,
I was just able to give you a
quick call and let you know what
was going on?
Wow, babe, no communication. That
      (someone calling
       Manny in
Sorry, no communication for a few
days, but I have to go now, they
are calling me. But you will have
more time to concentrate on your
writing. I miss you.
Well I already miss you. Hurry
Ok I have to go, call ya in a few
days, tell Nana I said hello and I
love you tons.
Ok . Love you tons.
Skye hangs up the phone and sits down and cry, She throws
her phone across the room and it breaks.
      (talking to
Damn, I broke my phone. Shit Shit
Skye lays down on the sofa, and falls alseep.She sleeps for
about 2 hours, and wakes up to go buy herself another phone.
She arrives back home and sits at her computer to start her
writing, she notice that her people planet page is still
open. She sees another notification from K-dad, she is a
little nervous about opening it, but after a few seconds she
decides to open it and read.


Is he serious?
                                         V.O READING THE
If your Interested, please let me
know? I hope that you Reply, If I
dont hear from you today, then I
will assume you chose to Delete
      (Good Skye echo VO)
Ok I can't do this.
      (Bad Skye -echo VO)
Go ahead, Reply to his message.
Your not doing anything wrong.
Skye gets up from her computer and pace the floor, she sits
back down at her computer,looking at Jeff picture, she gets
up again and goes to the sofa. VO echo enters her head
      (Good Skye echo VO)
Just sign out of the page and
Delete it from your computer. your
a married woman. You love Manny.
      (Bad Skye -echo VO)
Look Skye, he is so Handsome,
besides Manny isn't here, you can
have a little fun until he gets
back. Go ahead Reply to his
      (Yelling, putting
       a pillow over her
Stop Stop Stop.. pause- What am I


                       SKYE (cont'd)
saying, Oh my, I am really going
                                         SKYE STARTS PRAYING
      (Getting on her
Dear God, please give me the
strenght to fight the Temptation.
Please. Amen
      (Bad Skye -echo VO)
You know your just a little
curious, hmmm just take another
look at his picture. Find out what
he really wants, as long as your
honest then your not doing
anything wrong.
      (Good Skye echo VO)
Remember you vows. And in the
bible it says, thou shall not
commit Adultery.
      (Bad Skye -echo VO)
The bible says you are to have fun
in your youth also.
      (Good Skye echo VO)
It's doesn't say that...Having fun
doesn't mean cheating.. Be careful
Skye, someone wants your soul to
be Damn.
      (Bad Skye -echo VO)
Well it should say it..So go
ahead, your soul will be
alright.Go look at the picture and
Skye gets up and goes back to her computer, She looks at the
camera and says.....
      (smiling, she hits
Well If I don't REPLY you won't BE


                       SKYE (cont'd)
seeing my story.
      (TYPING V.O)
Hello K-Dad, how are you?
                                         SKYE WAITING FOR A
      (2 minutes later
       reading screen VO)
Hello Beautiful, I'm good now that
I have received a Reply. How is
your day going?
Ok your good.... My day - you can
say has been a bit eventful.
      (TYPING V.O)
What do you mean by that? What
      (TYPING V.O)
I mean a lot was going on here,
dealing with friends, to say the
      (TYPING V.O)
Have I told you today, that your
      (TYPING V.O)
So your a Charmer huh?
      (TYPING V.O)
How would you know that? But right
now, the only woman I want to
charm is you. If you will allow
      (TYPING V.O)
So K-Dad, what's you name?


      (TYPING V.O)
My name is Jeff, Jeff Perks, and I
am sure that Liberty isn't your
real name, so let me ask you,
What's your name Beautiful?
      (TYPING V.O
No your right, my name isn't
Liberty, It's Skye.
      (TYPING V.O)
Really, hmm I like that name Skye,
does it come with a last name.
      (TYPING V.O)
Just Skye for now!
      (TYPING V.O)
Ok Skye for now. I guess this
means that Skye for now will be
speaking to me again later?
      (TYPING V.O
I didn't say that Jeff, but to
answer your question maybe. But
for now, I must be going. It was
nice meeting you.
      (TYPING V.O)
Ok well do you think that we can
chat later? I really want to know
more about you, if that's alright?
      (TYPING V.O)
I'm not sure yet, Maybe. Bye
                                         CLOSES HER LAPTOP
Skye calls her Nana to check on her, and then call the
ladies to go out for some drinks, they all agree to meet up.


Hey Skye, how you holding up?
Hey guys, Nia, everything is good.
Good to hear mama, Ive been a
little worried about you, but you
look ok.
Hola Chica, you look fierce
No I am doing good really, Im not
going to roll over and die because
Manny is gone. Thanks Alex, I feel
Where is Yana?
One never knows, with her. hmmm
Um I'm not sure, I called her, I
thought she would beat me here.
She probally stuck in traffic
Lexus, there wasn't any traffic.
Sure there was, all in her
Stop Lexus, don't start.


No seriously Lexus, that was
Not cool Lexus.Here we go.
I'm just playing... - NOT!
Ok Lexus, we are going to have a
good night and be on our best
behaviour right?
Ima be nice, I promise.
Yeh Good.
I like the Drama, as a matter of
fact a little birdie told me
someone has a secret. I heard that
Yana and Lexus have some type of
Must be a sick little birdie,
tweeting lies. But I will never
It's all good I'm going to find
out. yep, yall too up tight with
one another, something isn't
      (pointing at his
It's probally your breath, it's so
bad and interfering with your
judgment, you might want to go get
that freshen up.


Just leave it alone, it's none of
our business. anyways, who's
ahemmm excuse me, It isn't any of
our business your right, but I
want to know why they always at
each when we are together. Makes
no sense.
Nia, just mind your own business.
Hold on Sweetie, you obviously
have me mixed up with another
female, to voice that attitude.
Oh I'm sorry did I hurt your
feelings? I will say what I want
When I want to Whom I want. So
lets be clear on that Nia. Don't
go there with me girl.
Oh Goddness, what's wrong with you
I'm good.
I'm not sure, but she needs to
Yeh Whatever.
Ah Suki Suki, looks like I'm not
the only one with the Drama. nia
brings out the worst in a person.
She and Yana need to be on a
Islanded stranded, and beat each
other up.


Lexus, Shut up!
                                         YANA WALKS IN
Hey Everybody, sorry i'm late, got
stuck in traffic.
      (under his breath)
Yeh right, she got stuck in a
      (ignoring him)
Alex/ Lexus, I'm not going there
with you tonight.
I know cause you already did, 1
month ago.. ohhh did I say that.
It slipped, bad mouth.
      (suprised- shaking
       her head)
What, wait a minute, I knew it.
you guys hooked up before.. Damn
There she goes again.. Wow!
Somebody better get this girl.
Somebody should have, maybe they
would feel more appreciated.
What is that suppose to mean Nia?
Well since you asked, for some of
us it's not that easy finding a
man who will love us
unconditionally, like Manny, but
all you do is complain, complain ,
complain, nag nag nag. Hell you
should be happy you have a man,
who wants your needy Ass!


Oh Lord, No you didn't Nia.
What the???
Yes I did, Manny is a good man and
all Skye does is Bitch Bitch Bitch
about how she is so alone, Bitch
get over yourself, you better
watch your back, because while
your complaining about what you
dont have, another woman will take
him right from under you.
                                         SKYE STANDS UP AND
Listen you jealous whore on speed
dial, don't you ever mention my
husband name or have his name come
out your mouth. I am not a violent
woman, but Lord give me the
strenght not to knock your front
teeth out.
Let me just say, that If I want
Manny I could have him.
                                         SKYE SLAPS NIA IN
I told you not to say my husband
name, are you sleeping with him,
answer me Nia? And you can take
someone if they are not willing to
      (holding her face)
So sad, that you have to even ask
that question. Guess you really
don't know your husband, you saint
acting Bitch.


Yall better duck, We have Mike
Tyson little sister in the ring.
face punch in round one, Nia shut
up before round 2 starts with a
Go Screw yourself Nia.. Oh wait
you don't have to do that, so many
are line up to take a turn. Slut.
      (trying to pulled
       them apart)
Stop you guys.
                                         WAITRESS COMES TO
Um you ladies are going to have to
leave. sorry
You two are acting so Ghetto right
now, I'm /shocked.
      (trying to get
       another hit in)
Your jealous of me, you want my
life. well you can't have it or my
      (holding Skye)
Come on Skye,calm down, lets go!
      (upset, joking)
Dang, I didn't even get my drink.
I'm out. this is so redundant and


Wow, and I thought I got things
Poppin- The winner is Nia with a
      (breathing hard)
What are you talking about? you
mean TKO?
No, TKA. Trick Known Around.
Ha Ha, Go to Hell.
All the ladies leaves the resturant Yana heads back to Skyes
house clearly upset.
      (crying and mad)
Boy I need a drink.
Calm down Skye, why do you let Nia
get to you?
I know know, I guess I've always
known in the back of my mind that
Nia wanted Manny.
When people are mad and drunk
usaually the truth comes out.
Yana... Really, No one had a drink
yet. Do you think Manny and Nia
has slept together?
Manny with Nia.. Come on Skye, we
are talking about Manny, he's not
that type of man. Listen to


Hell we can never know a person, I
mean look at me. I've always been
faithful to Manny and he trust me,
but would you look at me and think
that I could possibility cheat on
I'm lost Skye- I know that you
would never betray Manny.You love
him too much, Heck you give me
crap about him.
      (pointing at the
Well you wrong Yana, look. I have
been chatting with Jeff, see I'm
not so perfect. I'm not a saint, I
have faults and temptations also,
so who is to say that what Nia was
saying is't true? What if she and
Manny have been together?
Skye you don't believe that?
I don't know, I really don't, I'm
starting to have doubts in my
Really Skye, all because Nia says
a few crazy things, now you have
doubts? Don't let her do that to
you. I am so sorry that I even
started this whole internet thing
with you.
Yana, I'm a Grown Ass woman and I
make my own decisions, you can
plant the seed, but it's up to me
to water it. And I did.
Did What?


I watered the seed, not once but 2
Oh girl, stop. I still feel
You did nothing wrong Yana. Your
my girl and I love you. Anyways,
so you and Alex really did date
huh? I thought you were pulling my
leg. Wow! he is still handsome,
there could be some hope.
Well that remains to be seen, or
should I say Unseen, because I am
with Marcus now.
So how is that going? You like
We are good, and yes I like him.
So have you talked to Manny?
Yes, and it's going to be another
3 days before we talk again, on
lock down, I miss him so much.
I know girl, it will be ok.. Well
I am here if you need me.
Alright, well I'm going to get
some rest and try to start reading
this book. Geesh everytime I pick
it up to start I get interupted.
Dang girl, you haven't started it


No time girl, But I'm going to get
it in tonight.
                                         NOTIFICATION BEEP
      (looking around)
What was that?
      (suprised, running
       to laptop)
A notification alert, Maybe its
Go see.
Oh it's that guy. Jeff.
From Peoples Planet? girl nooo
Shut the front door. so your
really chatting with him for real?
Not Really...
Either you are or your not, spit
it out, what have you guys been
talking about?
Nothing, just an introduction..
You Slut.
I'm not a Slut, thats not very
nice, I'm not doing anything.
Yeah but you want to huh?
No Yana, I don't we are just
chatting, nothing more.


      (leaning over the
Sure girl, ok so lets see what he
is saying.
Ok wait, let me read it to you. It
says Hello Beautiful, he always
starts his hellos off with
Sexy, I like that, to be
complimented everyday, girl I can
get use to that.
Anyways, it says, hello beautiful,
how was your day? I hope that we
can chat longer than five minutes
next time, you have really sparked
my Interest. So email me back.
Ooooh girl, what are you waiting
for, email him back.
      (shaking her head)
Wait, I'm not sure I should.
Yeh your right, Don't do it, think
about it, you have been saying
this for a while now, your
married, so just Delete his Ass.
      (Pretends to Hit
       Delete button)
Your right, I am not going to
Reply.... There 'Ive Deleted
myself from the site. What was I
      (heading toward
       the door to leave)
Way to go girl. Im so sorry, I am
a bad friend, you have a great man
and he loves you. Their isn't a


                       YANA (cont'd)
perfect relation around. you guys
will be find. Stay True, and don't
let what Nia said get to you.
Manyy only has eyes for you.
I'm good, no more chatting, Jeff
who? Bye Yana.
Yana leaves and Skye finally gets to sit down and start to
read the book.But then she hear her computer notification
again.She puts the book down and goes to the computer, and
sees another email from Jeff. smiling and saying to herself,
it was too soon to delete you. Lets find out more. hmmm She
open the email.
Hello again Beautiful, are you
      (TYPING V.O
No, I'm just watching some T.v
      (TYPING V.O)
What are you watching?
      (laughing looking
       at the black tv
The News, not showing much.
      (TYPING V.O)
Really, so there is nothing on the
news.. hmmm Interesting, seeing
that it is the news, and maybe it
should telling some type of news.
umm Crime.
Sweetie, that's everywhere you


I agree, so Jeff how old are you?
44 and if you don't mind me
asking, how old are you?
Oh, but I do mind... A woman never
tells her age.
Ok well can a woman tell me if she
is of a legal age?
your so funny, I know I don't look
15? But to answer your question, a
woman is of legal age.
I was going to see if you picked
that one up.. So Skye, do you live
in the city? and what do you do
for a living?
Yes, I live in the city, and I am
a writer.
Oh ok, hmm a writer, so you stay
behind a screen and keyboard,
Yes sir. So what do you do? and
are you married, with a kid or 2
or 3?
I am a realitor during the day and
I Repo cars at night. You can say
that I am a Jack of all trades. to
say the least. I do have kids
Oh ok. sounds cool.


Maybe one day you can write about
Wait what do you mean write about
Just saying.. calm down, I know
its too soon to be speaking about
an us..
Oh wow. ok you scared me, I
thought to myself, self get off
line right now, this guy is going
to be a crazy one.
No I'm not crazy, your safe. But I
have a question for you? If I gave
you my number, would you give me a
Maybe. Why, are you going to give
me your number?
Oh No thats to soon, I don't want
some crazy woman calling my phone
every minute of day looking for
attention.You might be a stalker.
Ok Ok good one. and No I'm not a
stalker. If I was a stalker, do
you think I would tell you. Duh? I
would be like, Hey Jeff, I am a
stalker, would you give me your
number, lest get to know one
another better, I can show you how
a stalker really works it.
      (typing his
       number. 5551212)
I like that, your funny too. hmmm.


                       JEFF/JAKE (cont'd)
But are you a stalker? Naw, just
kidding. Well I am going to give
you my number anyways, and if you
decide to call, then we will speak
more. Until then, have a good
night Beautiful.
                                         SKYE CLOSES HER
      (half asleep)
Hey baby, did I wake you, I'm
sorry if I did. Just calling you
to say good morning. Are you going
to come see me?
      (Jumps up)
Oh Hi Nana, are you ok? Is
anything wrong? I am coming to see
Ok just checking, me and Ella are
going to cook dinner here and I
want you and Yana to stop by.
Ok Nana, of course, we will be
there. Is it next Sunday?
Yes baby, don't forget. Well I'm
going to let you go back to sleep,
you young people sleeping your
lives away. love you
You got jokes early this morning
Nana. I am getting up now. and I
love you too, tell Mrs Ella I said
hi. I will call you later ok.


                                         THEY HANG UP, AND
Skye is in the shower, singing and smiling, thinking about
her conversation with Jeff. She dries off, and brushes her
teeth and hair, grabs her robe and goes down stairs to get
coffee. She sits down at her computer to try and get some
writing done, but then she decides to go to Jeff's page and
look at his profile again. She sees the number in the emal
and decides she will call him.
                                         DIALING JEFFS NUMBER
      (leaving a message)
Um hi Jeff, this is Skye from
Peoples Planet. Just calling you
like you aksed. um Ok talk to you
later. bye
                                         SHE HANGS UP THE
Dammitt so stupid, I forgot to
block my number, oh geesh. stupid
stupid stupid me.. Wow
Skye cell phone ring back and she looks at the caller iD,
its Jeff s number, she is shocked.
Hi there, I am returning a call to
this number.
Um yeh good morning, Jeff, It's me
Skye, you know form Peoples
Planet. I Didn't want anything,
just calling to say good morning.I
left you a meassage.


Oh, Well hello Beautiful, and good
morning to you. Wow that didn;t
take long, I am happy you called.
How is your morning going so far?
are you getting any writing done?
About to get started on it in a
few, just wanted to call to say
hello, and put a voice with the
Well if you want, we can put a
voice with a face. I really would
like to meet you face to face, so
what do you say to that?
Hold on a minute, lets just do the
talking on the phone thing for a
few, then we shall see what
happens, ok?
Ok whatever you want, I am a
patient guy. Besides you look like
you would be worth the wait.
hmmmm, meaning I think your
flawless, and your voice is like a
whisper, I luv it.
Wow you really know how to make a
girl blush. So Jeff tell me a
little more about yourself? Start
from the begining. I have all day.
Showing Skye sitting on the sofa, smiling and talking on the
phone, Showing her getting a beep and hitting the ignore
button.It's been 1 week and Skye is having fun talking to
Jeff, she has talked to Manny a few times off and on during
the week, but Jeff has her full attention.We see Skye
texting and running to the phone tripping to get to it, just
to talk to Jeff. She is so happy.
                                         SKYE PHONE RINGS


Skye answers the phone, but she didn't reconigze that it was
Manny. He is in a field with his troops.
Hi Babe, what are you doing?
Hmmm oh I'm not beautiful today?
Hello Skye, what are you talking
about, your always beautiful.
      (suprised its not
       Jeff but Manny)
Hey babe, I'm just playing, how
are you, I miss you so much, when
are you coming home?
Whoaaa slow down babe, one
question at a time. first, Im
doing good, I miss you tons, It's
been busy out here, but I will be
home in a few months. How have you
been doing?
I'm doing ok, just writing and
seeing after Nana.
Oh Ok, how is she doing? I miss
you guys and I can't wait to get
home. I just want to make sweet
love to you.
      (Feeling a little
ahemmm, oh oh sorry you got me a
little hot for a second, but Nana,
is doing good babe. Yeh I can't
wait to be in your arms again. I
love you.


Soon babe, real soon, just keep
doing whatever it is your doing
and wait for me.
Just hurry and get home. I miss
you. Oh by the way, I had a huge
blow out with Nia.She was saying
how I don't treat you well and
talking about how she can have you
if she wants. Boy I had to knock
her in her mouth.
Come on Skye, that not the way a
Lady acts, besides she can say
what she wants about me, as long
as you know that I love you, ok?
So stop with the Drama. Geesh.
Anyways I have to get back to
work. Love you. see ya in about 3
1/2 months.
                                         RUNNING ANOTHER MILE
After taking a shower, Skye goes to the kitchen to get a
glass of wine, and goes to her laptop to start writing. Her
phone rings and it Jeff.
      (excited when she
       sees Jeff name on
       caller ID)
Hello Beautiful, how are you doing
this afternoon? I was calling to
let you know that I will be in
your area in a few days, and I
would like us to meet up. Any
interesting to do there?
That would be nice, I don't think
I have anything planed, but let me
check on that ok. There is a
little camp ground out this way,


                       SKYE (cont'd)
would you like to go camping for
the day, with my friend and her
Camping huh? Ok sounds good, get
me all the info and I will see you
there. oh let me ask if their are
any Lion and Tigers and Bears
No Jeff, just Nature, aww is the
Big guy scared to be out in the
woods? It's not that type of camp
ground. We have cabins, so your
safe ok?
      (hanging up)
Ok I feel safe now, knowing you
will be with me, Ok well I have to
go , but I will call you later for
the info. talk to you soon.
                                         JEFF HANGS UP AND
      (phone rings)
Hey girl, what are you doing? I
need a favor.
Hey Skye what's up? What the
favor, I've been trying to get in
touch with you for a 2 days, girl
whats going on, Is Nana ok? And No
you can't borrow any money. I'm
broke! So don't even ask.
I've been a little busy, and Nana
is doing good. And girl Please.
borrow money, I don't think so,
Number one your Broke, Number 2
Your Broke, Number 3 Your Broke.
Ha Ha you have jokes, well what
can this Broke woman do for you?


Ok I need you and Marcus to come
with me to the camp grounds on
Wait, where? I thought that Nana
was cooking on Sunday?
Shoot, I forgot about the dinner,
ok well I will have to go for a
minute and then leave.But I am
going to meet a certain person
Sunday, and I don't want to go by
myself. So don't make any plans,
we will go after dinner with Nana
Ok and who are you meeting?
Guess? He's tall and handsome.
Wait, What. Who, tell me not Jeff?
What? How did that happen? I
thought that you deleted your
profile, you sneeky woman you. I
knew it.
Nope I sure didn't delete the
profile, after thinking about all
the drama with Nia, I decided to
explore for a few, nothing more,
but now he wants to meet. I'm so
Ok so where are we meeting?
At the Camp ground. Sunday after
dinner . Bring Marcus, just in


Ok, I can do that. I am so
shocked.So how long have you and
Mr. Jeff been chatting?
It's been about 8 days, girl and
it's been great!So excited to see
how he looks in person. So be
Damn girl, you didn't tell me.
Thats not cool.
Sorry, I needed to be sure. But
looks like you will get the chance
to meet him.
Ok are you sure you want to do
this? What about Manny?
It's just a camping trip. Nothing
more.Manny will be alright. He
will never find out. Ok I have to
go. see ya Sunday, and Don't say a
word to the ladies.
Sitting in church listening to the Pastor preach on
Audultery. Skye and Yana are looking at each other with a
smile. The pastor sermon is starting to get deep. Every body
is prasing and clappig.
How is the church doing this
morning, can I get a Amen for
being alive today, you should be
Thankful, the spirit is moving me
to speak on the of the
commandments. Thou shall not
committ adultery, I think I may
have hit a few nerves in here this
morning, I said Adultery is a
terrible terrible sin, But I say
to you that everyone who looks at
a woman or man with lustful intent


                       PASTOR (cont'd)
has already committed adultery,
this is an attack on sanctity of
marriage Matthew 5:28, turn your
page to Hebrews 13:4 it says, Let
marriage be held in honor among
all, and let the marriage bed be
undefiled, for God will judge the
sexually immoral and adulterous.
Can I get a Amen.
After church outside.
                       MS. ELLA
Wow that was a powerful message
today, the Pastor preach that
Yes he did, someone in church
needed that message. Thank you
Jesus.Ok well is everybody ready
to go eat? I made a huge dinner.
so lets go.
      (looking at Yana)
Service was good. So lets go eat.
Nana everything looks good.
Thanks baby, I wanted us to be
able to sit down today and be
thankful for everything we have. I
am so blessed to have a beautiful
grandchild, who loves life and
takes good care of her nana.
Awww, Nana, I love you.
Everybody eating and talking. Skye and Yana looking at the
clock on the wall, signal one another that its time to
Nana, Thanks for dinner, but Yana
and I have to leave, I will call
you later. Bye Ella. Call me if


                       SKYE (cont'd)
you need me ok.
Ella and Nana say their Goodbyes, and Skye and Yana leave to
go pick up Marcus. They all get to the gate and are waiting
for Jeff.
Black Jaguar slowing approaching the entrasnce, camera
slowly moving up to the window, and we see a handsome man
cruising up to the gate. The ladies see the car and get out
as the cars passes the entrance to park. They are looking -
slow motion. Skye and Yana looking at one another smiling.
OMG! I think that is him, Wow he
is Fine. Ok how do I look, let me
go over to the car.
Girl yes he is Fine, with a
capital F. You look good, go on
over there. Heck I am nervous for
      (yelling out the
       car window)
Yana, what are you nervous about,
be quite and get over here,
talking about you nervous. I will
give you something to calm
yourself down.
oh Marcus, your always thinking
about sex..
Nall I aint talking about no sex,
I am talking about a Zanax.. now
get in the car.
Skye heading towards the car, and Jeff gets out to introduce
himself, they hug. She hugs him as if she is losing her
Wow hello Skye, you more beautiful
in person, wow. Nice to finally


                       JEFF/JAKE (cont'd)
meet you. You are beautiful, so
what is the deal, where are we
Thank you Jeff, your Amazinly
handsome your self. Well we are
going to head to the cabin for the
night. Are you good with that? I
promise I won't let anything
happen to you.
Oh really? your going to protect
me from the lion tigers and bears.
hum, there aren't any lion tigers
nor bears out here. and yes I will
protect you.lets go.
Skye gets in the car with Jeff, and they follow Yana and
Marcus into the park grounds, until they get to their cabin.
Skye and Jeff can't keep their eyes off one another.
smiling, and he grabs her hand and hold it. They arrive to
their cabin and get out.
      (looking around)
Wow this place is nice.. you did
good babe.
Why Thank you very much. I
try..Glad you like it.
Yana and Marcus going into their cabin, saying see ya later
to Skye and Jeff
                                         ENTERING INSIDE THE
This is one of the bigger cabin
out here. We can go hiking and do
a little canoing later. But for
now, lets get some drinks.


Well we can do a hike later as far
as canoing, I don't like water
that much.And as far as a drink,
do you have some tea?
      (looking surprised)
Umm did you say Tea? Well ok, help
me with the bags inside the car. I
will make you a big glass of my
special Ice Tea. Come on, oh and I
have my special dish I would like
to cook for you.
                                         THEY GO OUTSIDE TO
We show Skye setting up the table and Jeff is relaxing
outside on the porch taking pictures.
Hey you, come inside, the food is
hmmm its smells really good. Now
lets see what your working with.
Show the food laid out, Potatoes, peppers, dinner rolls,
steak, and a cheese cake.
Hope you like it? Lets eat.
Wait, we have to bless the food
first, you do bless your food
Of course I do, sorry, Im just so
hungry. Lets bow our heads.
Lord, Thank you for this food we
are about to receive, that you for
allowing me to spend this
beautiful day with this beautiful
woman, in his name Amen


Amen. Enjoy
Well we have 3 bedrooms, so you
can chose whatever room you want.
They finish eating and Skye puts on some music, and Jeff
looks around. He chosen the room that Skye has all of her
stuff in. Skye comes to the room.
um hey, this is my room.
      (looking serious)
Oh is it? well you said whatever
room I wanted, and I want this
one, with you.
Yes I did say that, but I didn't
mean for us to sleep in the same
room. Jeff
Ok, we can just sleep in the same
bed.. Is that a problem Skye. We
are both grown adults, and we are
feeling one another, then why
should we wait. Heck, I know what
I want, and its you, tonight. Let
me stay in here with you. Let me
make you feel wanted. let me make
love to you all night. No need to
worry about what I will be
thinking, Trust me, I will be
back. Your beautiful, and I am so
attracted to you. Now whats your
Jeff, its our first meeting, and
though I am so attracted to you
also, I would rather wait and get
to know you better. Can you
understand that?
      (grabbing her and
       kissing her)
No, now let me have you tonight.


We hear the music playing in the background, and see Jeff
removing Skyes shirt and kissing her neck. We see Skye
removing his shirt and staring at his chest, then Jeff lays
her down and we see episodes of them kissing and Skyes
facialexpression. We show them laying in bed and talking.
      (kissing her
How do you feel?
I feel Amazing, wow, you explore
my body like you were looking for
freedom from a lock caged.I have
never had any man to take his time
with me before. It felt so good.
Locked caged, ok I have never
heard that before, but if its good
for you, then its good for me. I
am really happy I came.
Jeffs phone start to ring, and he is upset with a friend on
the other end. talking about his house alarm going off, and
he has to leave.
Whats wrong?
      (getting out the
I have to leave bae,Im so sorry,
my buddy said that my house alarm
is going off, and the police are
at my house. I think somebody
broke in. Im really sorry. I have
to go now.
Really, can you call someone to go
check on it for you. Do you have
to leave now?
No, but dont be mad, I will call
you as soon as I get back to the
city. I promise. Maybe we can get
together agin this week?


      (sitting on the
Wow, I can't beleive that on all
the nights, someone wants to break
into your house. Well ok, just
call me and let me know all is ok.
drive safe.
Jeff kisses her on the forhead, and heads out the door. We
here his car drive off. Skye lays back in bed and falls
Skyes rolls over to get her phone to see if Jeff called or
left a message. She sees a missed called, but no vm, views a
text message from Jeff. V.O. I had a great time with you.
Made it home safe,hope to see you again soon. Thank you
Beautiful. Call you later.Skye goes thru her phone to call
Manny, they speak for a minute, then she hangs up. She goes
to put her phone back on the table, and notice a condom
wrapper. She throws herself back in the bed thinking to
herself. Meanwhile, she goes to get into the shower, and
starts to reminisce about last night, she is day dreaming
that Jeff is washing her back. and then snaps out of it,
because Yana is standing in the door telling her name.
Skye, hello, girl whats wrong with
you? you were a millions miles
      (shocked and
Oh darn girl you scared me. Give
me a towel. what are you doing up
so early?
Well Marcus has to be to work by
11, so we are ready to head out,
so hurry up. Where is Jeff? When
did he leave?
Girl, he left last night, his
buddy called and said that his
house alarm was going off. hmmm, I
wonder. but anyways, we are going


                       SKYE (cont'd)
to see one another this week.
      (looking surprised)
House alarm.. hmm ok, I think
maybe he had one of his boys to
call up and do the hit it and run
game. well at least you didn't let
him hit it? did you?
He did... but it wasn't like that,
he made love to my mind my body
and my soul. it was amzing Yana. I
dodn't think he had somebody to do
that. He looks to old to be
playing games.
      (picking up condom
The older ones are usually the
ones who know all the games. Well
at least you use protection. so
how do you feel? Is this whole
thing out your system now?
      (getting dressed)
My system, what do you mean. I
plan on seeing him again. I really
like him.
Skye, come on girl, you did it,
now let it go. Plus Manny is going
to be home in a few months. You
really don't need any drama, just
forget about Jeff, and prepare for
your hunky husbands return.
Stop ok, its your fault that I
even decided to do this. besides,
I am not getting myself attach, I
just like his company. I am going
to tell him about Manny anyways.


      (heading toward
       the door)
Ok.. but don't say that I didn't
warn you, lets get out of here.
                                         FADE OUT
Skye is unpacking from her little over night trip. Her cell
phone beeps and she has a text from Jeff, saying he is ok
and he wants to meet up again on Friday for Valentines Day.
Skye is excited and send a text back saying she is looking
forward to seeing him.
Later we show Skye on her lap top reading message from Jeff,
they are communicating everyday. Meanwhile Manny calls to
see how Skye is doing. He says that he is sending her a
package for Valentines Days.
Hey Babe, I sent you something
check the porch to see if it's
      (checking outside)
hey baby, I haven't receive
anything yet. I am sure it will be
here today.
Ok well I hope you like it. What
are your plans for today?
Well I am going to go visit Nana
and then Yana and Robin and I are
going to go to a Jazz concert down
in Tampa.
Oh ok, well be careful, 6 more
weeks and a day. I miss and love
you very much.


Awww, we will be alright baby. I
love you too. Happy Valentines
Day. Talk to you in the morning.
Skye hangs up the phone, then it rings back, it's Jeff
Hey beautiful, are you all ready
to go? I can't wait to see you.
Yes sir, just text me the addy and
I will be there in 5 hours. I
can't wait to see you either.
See you soon.
Skye hangs up the phone, and waits for the text with the
addy. She puts it in her gps and heads to be with Jeff. We
see Skye singing to music and at times praying. She gets to
her destination, it a beautiful hotel 5 star, Valet come out
to get her car, and take her bag to the front desk.
Um hello, I am meeting my friend
here, his name is Jeff.
                       HOTEL CLERK
Hello, ok Jeff who? I need a last
Oh, wow I am embarressed. Um
      (comes up from
Jeff Perks.. Hello Skye, glad you
made it.


                       HOTEL CLERK
      (looking confused)
Jeff you mean Jake?
      (giving her a bad
No, It's Jeff Perks, and we will
be ok now, thank you. umm what's
your name? Marie.. enjoy your
evening. and make sure my guest
bags make it up to my room. Thanx
What was that all about? who is
Jake? Do you know her?
      (Holding her hand
       and kissing her)
No, I just met her tonight, and
she must be confused by the name.
stop with the questions. Lets
enjoy some Dinner and our stay
this weekend ok? Your safe with
Ok Mr. Perks, I never knew your
last name. I like that Jeff Perks.
Has a good ring to it. So whats on
the menu tonight.
      (smiling and
       walking away)
You are, and dessert.
                                         MOMENTS LATER
Wow this is a Beautiful hotel.
Nothing but the best for a
Beautiful woman. I want you to
relax and enjoy yourself tonight.
      (pulls a bear out
       of her purse)
Thank you Jeff. You didn't have to


                       SKYE (cont'd)
plan all of this for me. Here,
this is for you. Happy Valentines
Thank you very much. I have a gift
for you also, but you will have to
wait till after dinner to get it.
Let go get ready.
hmmm for me, you didn't have to
get me anything.Lets go, I will
follow your lead.
Leaving the area, they walk pass the front desk clerk, and
Jeff gives her a little smurk, and the desk clerk rolls her
eyes. They head upstairs to the room to get changed for
Wow, you didn't have to do this
for me.. this is gorgeous.
I know I didn't have to do this,
but I wanted this night to be
special. Skye, I am feeling a
certain kind of way in such a
short amount of time. You see I
don't like it when a woman plays
games, I want my lady, to know
what she wants, and I want to give
it to her.
But it's only been 4 1/2 weeks.
Don't you think that this is way
too soon, to be developing
      (kissing her)
If their are no feeling, then why
are you here? exactly. Now come
over here.


      (melting in his
Jeff, wait, I need to tell you
      (not paying any
What is it? Just relax. Let it
flow Skye
We show Skye and Jeff in bed after making love. Fade Out
Early morning, we see an un open condom package on the floor
and hear the showing running.
Oh noooo you don't, you can wait
till I am finish, then you can get
Oh, its like that huh? Ok, well
hurry up.
Jeff goes back into the room and he sees Skye purse, he
opens it and looks at her ID and takes one of her checks
out. he puts her purse back, and grabs a bottle of water
with a smile on his face. Minutes later Skye come out and he
jumps in.
                                         FADE OUT
I had a really good night with
you. Thanks for everything Jeff.
Your welcome, come on the cars are
here. I will follow you to the gas
station and fill your tank up ok?
Ok, no problem, I have a gas card,
so I will be alright.


Woman, didn't I say I got you? Go
to the gas station on the corner
before you hit the interstate. ok
They arrive to the gas station and at the pumps. Jeff tries
to get gas with his card and it declines, Skye notice that
he is having a issue with this card.
Hey, what's up with the Black
card? You balling like that?
Ha Ha, you got jokes.
Well what's the hold up?
Not sure, it says I have to see
attendant inside, give me a
minute, I will be right back.
Inside the store, the attendant is telling Jeff that his
card is declined. He comes back out not happy.
Whats up babe, is everything ok?
No, my card isn't working because
my son must have went over his
limit and caused my card to
decline.Sorry baby.
Wait, your son, how old is this
son? I thought your son was in
grade school, not driving and
caring a Black card. anyways,
don't worry about it. I will use
my card.
No I can't ask you to do that. Are
you sure? I will pay you back ok,
I promise.


Stop it, just fill me up and fill
your tank up , it's ok.. Plus I
owe you for a Fantastic night.
Thank you.
Jeff filling up his tank with Skyes card and he goes inside
his car to get a pencil and paper and trace her card info.
he then fills her tank up. He gives her the card back.
Ok Beautiful, you good to go. Give
me a kiss. I will call you later
tonight. Get home safe ok?
      (driving off)
Yes Sir. Thanks again. Talk to you
                                         FADE OUT
Skye gets back home, and notice a package at her door, its a
gift from Manny. dozen of stuff hearts and a card it reads.
your are so special. She puts the stuff in her room and gets
in bed. She gets up a hour later to knocking on her door.
It's Lexus
      (going to the door)
Alex, hey what are you doing here?
I just came by to see how you were
doing. I missed you guys the other
night. So whats going on?
Nothing, just getting home from a
lil trip, but all is good. Are you
Sort of, I needed someone to talk
to about my situation, I figured
that maybe you could help me?
What is the problem?


I need to speak to your pastor
about how I am livin my life
style. I really want to change. I
know that what I am doing is
wrong. God made me a Man and I am
here lving the life of a woman.
Skye I feel as though I am missing
all my blessing because of my life
style choice. You see when I was a
kid, I dreamed of always owning my
own business, and I am going to
make that dream come true. I have
prayed and prayed, but I feel as
though my prayers are going to the
ceiling and God isn't hearing my
lord, Alex, why now? What happen
to make you want to come to this
decision to change? God loves us
for who we are. He is not always
happy with some of our decision,
but we have to pray on it. I know
for a fact that the life style I
am living now, he is not happy
with it. But I pray for
forgiviness. It's tough to live
right in the eyes of God, but if
your truly wanting a change, we
can go speak with my pastor.
Yes, I would like to sit down and
speak to him, can you arrange that
for me? Thanks girl. I knew you
would be able to help me out.
Ok, I will set something up for
this week, and I will call you. It
will be ok. No one is perfect.
Keep praying..
Alex and Skye hug and he leaves. Skye sits on the sofa to
read the book she has never been able to start, and she
starts to cry and think about eveything that she has done.
She starts to pray and ask for forgiveness. Then her phone
rings, Its Jeff.


Hello Beautiful how are you
feeling? Im just calling to let
you know that I am home safe, and
I want to see you again soon. I
have plans next week for my
birthday, going to go to Vegas
with a few of my boys, but when I
get back, lets catch up.
Hey babe, I didn't know that you
had a birthday next week. Boy,
there are a lot of things I really
don't know about you. Well just
give me a call. I wish I could
spen your day with you. But since
you alrady made plans. have fun.
Don't act like that. I will see
you soon ok? Miss you already.
besides, I have to close a deal
while I am out there, work and
play. got to luv it.
A deal, what are you talking
Closing a deal on an office
complex. I forgot to tell you,
that I flip houses and office
complexs on the side.
No you didn't tell me that either?
What else should I know about you?
Anyways. have a safe trip and call
me on your birthday ok?
Babe I am a Jack of all trades. I
will call you in a few days ok?
Ok, talk to you then. Enjoy and
have fun.


Hey Alex, I am so happy that you
decided to come out to speak to
the pastor.
Why are you so sad looking, you
look like you lost your best
friend. Is Manny ok?
Yes, Manny is ok. I just have so
much on my mind right now. I have
this friend, that I havn't heard
from in a few days, and I am
worried about them.
Miss Thang, I know all of your
friends, so spit it out, who is
it. Why is this upsetting you so
      (crying and mad)
You have to promise me that you
will not tell Robin or Nia.
Child, your scaring me, what is
going on. This is the perfect
place to get all of the guilt and
sins out. Do tell, what has you so
upset? I promise not to say a
Alex, I am having an affair.. I
have been seeing someone for about
2 month now, and I think I am
falling in love with him, I don't
know what to do. I haven't heard
from him in about 4 days and I am
worried. I am more worried about
him than I am for Manny, I know
that this is wrong, and I dont
know what to do.. I feel so


                                         PASTOR IS STANDING
Skye, what happend? I thought that
you and Manny were ok? When did
this happen Why?
Well it all started from that darn
dating site, that Yana told me
about. I was just checking it out,
I met this guy, we started talking
and we met up, and now, I think I
am in love. But I am afraid,
because, I still love Manny. Can a
person love more than one person
at a time?
Let me answer that by saying yes.
I have a confession. I still love
Yana, thats why I am hear to speak
with the pastor. My life is
changeing, I have been through
Hell and back. I want to change my
life. I don't want to be Gay
anymore.You don't have to beat
yourself up about what you have
done, and what you are feeling.
All we need to do is pray and ask
for forgiveness, and start over.
Yes I said it. I still love Yana,
I want to be that man she needs in
her life.
Pastor comes out from behind the door, and speaks to the
both of them about their decision making. he is not pleased.
      (shaking his head)
Ahemmm. How are the two of you
doing today? I couldn't help but
over hear your conversation. We
need to talk about some of the
decisions the two of yo have made.
Skye, what you are doing is a sin
in the eyes of god. When two
people take their vows, they take
it in fron of god. How can you


                       PASTOR (cont'd)
disappoint your father, and Alex.
Your life style is against
everything we teach also in the
bible. You soul will be damn. you
both need to get on your knees and
pary and ask for forgivness. Our
god is a forgiving god. Trust and
veleive that everything will work
out. But its up to you to take the
first step. Skye, I have been
knowing you and your family since
you were a little girl. You have
family support, but what you have
done to Manny is shameful. Your
husband is over there fighting a
war that isn't ours, and putting
his life on the line for us as
Jesus did. you own him to be
faithful and love him forever. If
you don't love him anymore, you
don't cheat on him, you seek
couseling or you leave. He is
mentally going through enopugh
already. Your selfish and your
only thinking about your need. Put
yourself out the picture for a
minute, and see the sacrifices
that Manny has made for you , its
the same as Jesus did. He paid the
untiment price. He died on the
cross for our sins. You need to
bow down on your knees and ask for
forgiveness.Alex, you can work
through whatever your going
through. Both of you just Pray.
You will make it.
Pastor, I am so sorry. Please pray
for me.
I already have.
Thank you!


Skye is at her laptop trying to get in some writing. She
goes to the website, to see if Jeff has been on. She keeps
hearing her phone ring, and doesn't answer because its a
blocked call. After the 3rd time, she answer, and it Jeff.
Hi Beautiful, what are you doing?
Jeff? What wrong, why are you
calling me from a blocked number?
Where are you?
I am ok, I'm in Carolina, taking
care of some business, I am using
my brothers phone. I just wanted
you to know that I was thinking
about you. I will call you when I
get back from Vegas. I love you.
Umm ok. Well enjoy. I like you
                                         MOMENTS LATER PHONE
Hi babe, I miss you so much.When
are you coming home?
Hi babe, I miss you too, that's
why I am calling. I will be home
in 5 weeks. get ready baby, I want
you to start planning your dream
wedding. I love you and miss you.
Being away from you has made me
realize that I never want to be
without you. So how is the writing
coming along?
      (crying of guilt)
Aww baby, I love you. I am so
excited for you to be coming home.


                       SKYE (cont'd)
I will go with the ladies looking
for a dress. Manny. thanx for
being you. Oh Thank you for the
bears. I love you so much, and I
am so sorry.
Sorry about what babe. It's ok I
understand how you were feeling
when I left, no need to apologize.
Bears, what Bears? We have the
rest of out lives to be happy. See
you soon. I will call you tomorrow
night. So go to bed. I love you
Good night.Oh, I hope you like the
Lillys I sent. Love you
      (crying in silence
       music playing
       -When ur Gone)
Lillys....I miss and love you too.
Skye goes to the door, and noone is there. She looks down
and she see a vase full of Lillys. She picks them up and
looks around to see if their is anyone around. She goes back
inside. We see a car pull off down the street, but we cant
see who is inside. Skye is wondering how the flowers got on
the door steps, and she is wondering who sent the bear.
Skye is whispering to Yana about the bear and the Lillys.
The other ladies are sitting around having drinks and
assisting Skye with her choices.
      (in the dreesing
Yana, come here, What the heck is
going on? I got a dozen of stuff
bears and a vase with Lillys.
Check this out though, I spoke to
Jeff, he didn't mention anything
about sending me anything, plus he
doesn't know where I live. Manny
says that he sent the Lillys on


                       SKYE (cont'd)
Valentines Day,
Ok, so whats the problem? Manny
sent them.
No Dummy.I just got the Lillys
this morning on my door step. Why
would a delivery person just leave
them at the door, with no note? It
doesn't make any sense. This is
freaking me out.. I think it's
Jeff, I think he knows, where I
live. Plus he has been calling me
from a blocked number, doesn't
that seem weird?
Woa, that is some fatal atraction
mess. But did Jeff give you any
clues that he may have sent them?
NO. That's the thing. Im not sure
whats going on, but I need to talk
to him. I can't do this any
longer. I mean I love Manny, and
Jeff was a good diversion from all
i was going through. I just need
to talk to him. I haven't heard
from him today, which is odd. He
says he was going to be in Vegas
for his birthday.
Thats razy Skye. You better pray
that Jeff doesn't ave you address.
That is a going to be a big
problem. Try calling Jeff now, and
just ask him.
                                         SKYES DIALS JEFF
It's his voice mail, should I
leave a message.


Yeh girl, ask him to call you
Um hey Jeff, its me Skye, can you
give me a call when you get this
message. Thanx Bye.
The other ladies are yelling for Skye to come out and show
off her gown.
      (comes out)
Ok how do you guys like this one.
Ohh girl, I like the color. How
many do you have to chose from?
Three. But I think I may have the
one I like.
Try on the one with the straps,
wait till yall see this one.
      (rushing back in
       the dressing room)
Ok Ok , hold on, I think you guys
will like this one too. Darn they
are all Beautiful.
A woman that works in the shop comes over to the ladies to
offer them more drinks and comments on Skye in the dress.
Ok how about this one?
      (staring at Skye)
Wow you do look Beautiful, you man
must be very happy? He is a very
lucky man.
      (staring at Carmen)
Um, I consider myself to be the
lucky one. I am re knewing my vows
in a few weeks.


Oh really, so your already
married. hmmm Must be nice to do
it a second time around. I wish
that my man will commit one day
Oh so your not married? I am sure
he will propose one day. Just hang
in there.
      (talking crazy
Well If I can keep out people from
interfering in our relationship,
he might have time to focus on his
family and me. But he is always
away, working, so we don't spend a
lot of time together, but soon. He
make me feel so special sometimes,
he loves to call me Beautiful,
thats his favaorite term.
Well again, I hope it works out
for you, But Thank you for sharing
your story, um can we get another
glass of wine? Please
Sure, but I thought that you only
like Moscato?
Ummm I never told you what I
wanted to drink, how would you
know that I only like Moscato?
I must have over heard you
speaking to one of the ladies.
Apologies, I will get you a glass
of wine., by the way, you may need
to have that dress altered, your
waist line seems to be expanding.


                       CARMEN (cont'd)
be right back.
What the Heck was that all about
Skye? Do you know that woman? She
is creepy. "your waist line is
expanding" I would have knock her
in her mouth.
Hmmm, maybe she is just having a
bad day. Anyways. I think I am
going to go with this dress. I
really like it.
Ok, well I like it also, so when
the Weird Witch gets back, lets
toast to your selection.
a Sales woman comes back with another bottle to refill their
glasses, but its not Carmen.
Thank you, but excuse me, where is
your other worker, that was just
      (looking confused)
What other worker, I am the only
one on duty today, since it not a
busy day.
      (drinking and
The woman who was just here.
Anyways, heres a toast to my new
dress. Cheers
Skye and the ladies cheer and drink, the other ladies look
for thier dress, but moments later Skye is heard in the
bathroom throwing up.
Hey Skye, are you alright?


I don't know, urgh, I must have
drank too many glasses of that
wne. I will be ok, just give me a
Ok baby. Well I am going to get
Yana, so we can get ready to head
Skye comes out the bathroom and the ladies meet up at the
front couter to pay for their dress, Skye is still wondering
who the other woman was.Skye goes to pay for her dress, and
her card is decline.
      (looking at her
       name tag)
So Tina, you said that you are the
only one working today, so who was
the woman?
I don't know who she was, I
thought she was apart of your
group. She left you a wedding
gift. So you don't know her
either, wow so weird. But here you
      (reading the card
       and opening the
I pray that you will be happy
soon. Congrats on your new
edition. What the Hell is this. A
Baby Rattler.
What, Skye, what is that, who is
she? Why is she giving you a baby
      (looking at the
I am not sure, but lets get out of


Maam um your card has been
decline. Sorry, do you have
another form of payment?
Sweetie, um Tina this is a Black
card, and It has never been
decline, so try it again.
      (swiping again/
       cutting the card)
So sorry, its saying decline, and
now it's asking for me to keep the
card. Sorry Mrs. Diaz, I have to
cut the card up.
      (charging at the
What, you Witch, you just cut up
my 100,000 limit Black card? I
should choke you out.
      (grabbing her/
       looking at clerk)
Skye , stop, there must be some
good reason for it to be
declining. Just call your bank.I
will pay for it and you can pay me
back later, but we need to hurry
and get out of here before you
catch a charge. um Tina. Hurry.
The clerk rings up the dress and the ladies, go back to
Skyes house. Skye is on the phone with the bank, and she
gets some dibstturbing news.
Hey girl, they still have you on
      (talking to a bank
Yes, oh wait, hello my name is
Skye Diaz, and my card was
decline, and I am trying to find


                       SKYE (cont'd)
out why.
                                         SKYE GIVING ALL HER
Skye hangs up the phone, and is upset and pissed.
I can't beleive this.. Someone
stole my card, or should I say,
someone has my card info and is
charging up a storm. 48,000 in
charges in 2 days. What the heck,
who would do this? I had to put a
stop on the card. They will do a
full investigation. Wow! Wow!
People these days, will do
anything for money. Take my hard
earn money and steal from me.
urgh... I am so pissed right now.
Lord give me the strength.
Calm down. at least you will be
reinburst. So did they tell you
where the charges were placed?
What city, what store.
Yeh I know that they can trace the
sort of stuff.
      (grabbing notepad
       and sitting)
Yes, her are all the charges. Cell
Phone company, $650.00. Gas
charges, Plane ticket, Hotel in
Los Angeles. Macy's, Burger King..
really. Stupid ass bought a
Whopper with my black card. How is
that possible. Probally got it on
credit. No but serious, how do you
buy a whopper with a black card,
if you donr have it in your
Girl these days Identy theft is
popular, and these theives can
convert your card into their own.
What else is on the charges?


Best Buy, and what is this.
Victoria Secret.. Hell no.
Somebody is buying sex toys and
nities with my card, Manny is
going to kill me. How does all of
this add up to 48,000. Wait, there
is a transfer to a account in the
name of Carmen P. Day. Who the
heck is that?
Who is this person spending all
your hard earned money on a
Whopper and Vibrator. Eat first
and get herself a fix later, Hoe
on a theiving budget. shaking my
head. I would try to find out who
she is.
Oh I will, but I am going to let
the police handle it first. Then I
am going to have her my way.
I'm sorry Skye, but it's kinda
funny. a Whopper and Vibrator.
amaetur. But you go have it your
way. Whooper Ass. Get it - Whop
er Ass. that was a good one.
      (Kicking Yana out)
Shut up Yana. As a matter of fact
get out.
                                         FADE OUT
Skye is up early and over to her Nanas house.
      (looking worried)
Skye whats wrong, your outer
space. What is on your mind.
      (starts to cry)
Nana, I don't know what to do, I
have something to tell you. Well I


                       SKYE (cont'd)
have been seeing this person and I
am torn.
What other person, it better be
Jesus? What are you talking about
little girl?
Nana please dont judge me, I don't
need that right now. I need you to
listen to me, and help me. I m so
hurt and ashamed.
      (pointing up)
Oh I am not judging you, their is
only one an I leave that to. He is
my judge and your judge. What did
you do?
I have been having an affair on
Manny. I don't know how or why,
but I have been seeing this guy,
and I think I love him. I thought
I could control the feeling. I
mean It started out as a test and
then we went out, and I have been
spending a lot of time with him. I
really care about him, but I am
married. I don't want to hurt
Manny. I love him to. Is it
possible to love 2 men?
Skye, yes it is possible, but its
not right. Baby you are sinning.
God is not happy with what you are
doing. You need to let the thought
and this guy go, baby your
married, we take our vows before
God, and you made a promise to
obey and love and honor. Your not
lieing to yourself, your lieing to
the lord. Fix it, get on your
knees and pray ask god for
forgiviness, you must tell Manny
what you have done. It's not fair
Skye, he love you. He is out there
fighting for us, and you repay him


                       NANA (cont'd)
like this. Thats whats wrong with
this world today. young people are
not happy with themselves. We take
the little things for granted. So
what he is always gone, but he is
here, with you. Manny is you soul
mate. A lot of these military men
and woman, leave their spouse and
have to deal with the enemie, but
not knowing theres is another one
in their own home. Child I love
you, God will keep you strong and
forgive you. But you have to end
it now.
      (crying, get up
       run to bathroom)
Urgh, I feel so sick.
Skye, I may be a little old, but
your sickness is not your only
problem, I think you need to go
get yourself checked out, Have you
laid with this man?
Nana, noone says Laid anymore, but
yes we slept together.
      (looking at Skye)
Baby you are with child. I dont
know if its Manny or this Jerk,
but your pregnant. Go to the
doctors. I feel it in my soul
Skye.Your going to be a mother. No
matter what happens, its not a
curse, its a blessing. I am going
to be a Great Grams. I am so
Slow down Nana, we dont know that
for sure. I will go get checked.
But I just want to say to you,
that I love you and I don't know
what I would do if you ever left


      (leaves to get
Here baby, I will always be with
you, no matter what. This is my
mother Angel Pendant. I have had
it with me for over 40 years. My
mother use to tell me when I was
away so now I am passing it down
to you. Keep it, and when you need
me just pray and hold this really
tight. I will always be here to
guide you. you know when your
Mother die, I felt the need to
step up and raise you, Im a old
lady, but I prayed and you grew up
to be a very beautiful and
precious daughter. I love you..
Skye, never take life for granted.
We are only on borrowed time.
Nana, stop talking like that, your
scaring me. you talk as if you
dieing soon. But I know that you
will be here for another 50
years.. I love you.
      (walking away)
Tell Manny...
Skye is sitting at her computer to work, but keeps getting
sick and throwing up. She notices her phone ringing, but its
a block number, so she doesn;t answer. It rings again so she
answer it.
      (mans voice)
Hello, may I speak to Skye
This is Skye, who is this, and how
may I help you?


My name is Mitch I am a friend of
Jake. He ask me to call you.
Excuse me Who? I don't know anyone
name Jake, sorry you must have the
wrong number.
                                         SKYE HANGS UP, THE
Skye, I am sorry. I mean I am
Jeff's friend. he ask me to call
you and says he needs to speak
with you.
Ok Mitch, why did you say Jake?
Well I have to tell you something.
Jake and I are friends, but there
is something you have to know,
Well his real name is Jake not
Jeff. and he was pulled over for
speeding and he is locked up, and
needs your help.
Wait, wait a second, what did you
just say to me? Jeff real name is
Jake? What are you talking about?
What do you mean he is locked up,
Speeding doesn't get you locked
up, it gets you a ticket,so whats
really going on?
Ok are you ready for the truth?
Well here it goes. Jeff isnt Jeff,
his name is Jake Perks, and he was
arrested for Identidy theft. He
was pulled over for speeding, but
when they checked his id he had a
few stolen credit cards and other
people Id on him, so they ran a
check on him and found out that he
has warrants. 4 in 2 different


                       MITCH (cont'd)
couties. So he is locekd up in DC.
with a 5,000 bond. He needs you to
post the bail for him.
      (crying and mad)
Are you kidding me? The person ive
known for over a month isn't the
person I really know. Why should I
help him, he been lying all this
time. What the heck is he doing in
DC? He told me that he was going
to be in Vegas. What other lies
has he told me. MITCH. Tell me.
Well, He has 8 kids, 4 with
different woman, he has been in
and out of jail since the 90's. He
lives in Texas with his last child
mother. And he a con artist. Im
sorry to have to tell you all of
this, but he told me about you,
and said that you were good
Are you kidding me. I am in shock
right now. Where is he. I need to
speak with him. That Bastard. 8
kids, live in girlfriend. I am so
stupid. He played me.
      (conferencing a
Skye, I m sorry. But hold on a
minute, I think he is calling me
now collect from the jail. Do you
want me to connect you guys?
No. Hell No.. Wait yes put his
sorry ass through the line.
Mitch puts Skye on hold and connects the call so that Jake
can speak with her.


Skye Babe, how are you? I am so
sorry about eveything, this isn't
even my fault. see what had happen
Shut up. shut up shut up..
Jeff/Jake whatever you call
yourself. How could you play me
like that. You know how I felt
about you. There is nothing you
can say to make me ever speak to
you again. Tell your baby mama to
bail your ass out of Jail. Lose my
number and don't ever call me
again. Wait hold on let me ask you
this one thing. Why Why, did you
feel the need to lie to me?
Skye starts to vomitt, Jake can hear her throu the phone.
Skye, Skye, are you alright?
      (getting sick)
What, Hell No I am not alright.
What have you done to me, why..
You lower than low. Did you steal
my credit card info, answer me,
did you?
Skye babe, umm yes I did, but I
never used it. I swear it. Why are
you so sick. Answer me that. Are
you pregnant?
What, No Im not pregnant, and I
don't believe you. Listen, I have
given you too much time now, so I
am going to hang up. Your not
going to make me a stastic.
Calm down and come off that high
horse, first of all dont call my
kid a stastic, yes I lied, but I
am sorry. I have 9 kids and I have
a few ex girlfriends, but that


                       JEFF/JAKE (cont'd)
all. I am not perfect, it hard on
a man out here trying to provide
for his family. So dont judge me.
My high horse, you have some
nerve. oh so now it 9 kids. A real
man goes out a provide for his
family the honest way, not Lie
Steal and Cheat.. I am done with
this conversation. Goodbye.
Wait, let me say this one last
thing. I said 9 kids because I
know that your pregnant, I can
hear your sickness over the phone,
so say it... you having my baby.
and I will do it all over again,
because I take of mines.
Oh you think you know everything..
Dont you? Well ok Jake, I am
pregnant, but its not yours, you
see I have a little secret also. I
am Married, and a real man will be
taking care of his child. Goodbye
      (phone hangs up)
You are what.....
Skye hangs up the phone, and throws it across the room. She
starts to cry. She sits down at her lap top and do a google
search for Jeff/ Jake, and she pulls up his criminal record,
she scrolls thru it and starts to cry. she then thinks about
her credit card info being stolen and thinks that it could
be Jake. She also notices his age and Birthdate are
She calls all the girls over to tell them what is going on.
Skye is getting text messages from Jake saying he misses
her, he is calling, but she is not answering the phone.


Skye is sitting at her computer looking back at the criminal
background of Jake, and she thinks back to the time they
spent. She goes to her profile and stares at it and deletes
it. She reads some of her emails and starts to cry..
Meanwhile her phone rings, its Manny.
Hey baby, I havent heard from you
in a week. How are you/ I miss you
so much.
Hey baby, I miss you too. I have
some good news, I will be home on
Wed. Yes maam your man mission is
over. I can't wait to see you. I
love you.
What.. Yes. Oh I am so happy baby.
Wait till you get home. um.. hey..
I love you
I love you too. Well I have to go.
but see you in a few days.
Skye is so excited, but nervous, she needs to find a way to
get rid on Jake for good. She googles his real name and
finds a local address for him. She is going to go pay him a
We show, Skye picking him up from the airport and driving
home. They get to the house and go upstairs to make love.
      (Kissing Manny)
Manny, I missed you so much baby,
promise me that you will be with
me forever?
Babe, you are my world. Im not
going anywhere. I missed you. I
want us to reknew our vows, and I


                       MANNY (cont'd)
want to be with you for the rest
of my life.
They make love, and then Manny gets up to showere and Goes
down stairs to get something to drink. he sits down at the
desk where Skye does her work, he is looking to see how much
writing she has completed. He noices that Skyes has left her
laptop open and he sees all of the emails from Jake. He
keeps reading and he sees a email appt for OBYN. He is
confused. He gets up and goes back upstairs to get back in
bed. He is laying there thinking. Falls asleep.
We see Manny still in the bed asleep. Skye is up early
taking a shower.Feeling sick, she is vomitting. She finishes
her shower and gives Manny a kiss. He wakes up and ask her
where she is going so early. She says she needs to handle
something and she will be back soon.