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by Dwhyte Star (damionwhite777@gmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***
Short script concerning love and pain. A young man goes out drinking with his friends hoping to forget a bad relationship and ends up having a night that changes his life forever.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


PARIS, a 25 year old male moves through the congestion on
the dance floor while trying to keep his drink from
spilling. The music is loud and the lights are flashing as
sweaty people grind into one another.
      (Yo! Fernando!)
FERNANDO; an italian looking young (pretty boy) male holds a
girl close to his groin. He turns to acknowledge his friend
      (Thick spanish
Yeah man?
      (taps watch)
Its almost time to go man! Time to
call it a night!
It's time to go! I got a test
      (shakes head)
What man!?!
The girl Fernando is dancing with looks back and smiles at
Paris, who returns the nicety. She is not attractive.
      (To Fernando)
I said I think she might be a man!
Fernando looks at the girl and then back at Paris.


I think we should get going!
Fernando and Paris Make thier way through the people.
      (To Paris)
Where's G-man?
I thought he told you to stop
calling him that.
      (Looks back at a
       girls butt)
He hates that shit.
That's why I call him that.
Fernando and Paris reach the exit.
      (hands drink to a
       pretty girl)
He's outside, waiting for us.
Fucks he doing outside already?
Because he takes his tests even
more serious then I do.
Fernando and Paris make thier way through the exit and it
takes them -
Fernando and Paris exit the club and make thier way through
another crowd of people, laughing and everyone is having a
good time.
GERALD; a twenty something chubby guy runs up to Fernando
and Paris.
One hour!
      (To Paris)
You said you were going back in to
get Fernando and that was one hour


Take it easy G-Man, Paris and me
bumped into some easy sex, you
don't expect us to pass that up?
      (To Fernando)
You had sex in there?
No Gerald, he means...
      (Puts an arm
       around Gerald)
Forget it man. We're sorry.
The three friends make thier way back to thier car.
You know how important that test
is tomorrow Paris. 20 percent of
our whole grade!
      (Lights cigarette)
So if I fuck it up I still get an
80 right?
Yeah, assuming that you've aced
everything else up to now!
It's only about two, two thirty
Gerald. We got plenty of time to
rest up for the test.
Yeah, loosen up man. Be cool.
The three friends enter thier Honda Civic and pull away from
the curb, starting up some loud music from thier speakers.
A rap song booms from the stereo and the three friends nod
their heads along with the beat.
Paris and Fernando begin to sing along with the words while
Gerald smiles and enjoys the show.


      (To Gerald)
Gerald. I got Danielle's number.
      (Hits Paris)
She gave it to me last week.
Did you call her?
He's scared. He can't handle no
chick like that.
I'm scared she won't be able to
handle me.
      (To Gerald)
You know every chick I touch falls
in love.
I need to learn how to be like you
Paris. I haven't had any in
months, here you go just leaving
Ivory and now you got -
There is a loud smash and the screech of tires as Fernando
goes flying through the windshield of the car. Paris and
Gerald cover up as they go through the motions of a car out
of control.
The car hits a railing and flips several times, smashing
into other cars before coming to a skidding halt on its
The music continues to boom from the speakers of the car as
other car slow down or stop to view the accident.
One car stops and a woman runs out, she yells into her cell
phone but her words are inaudible.


Paris's eyes open and IVORY is staring down at him, half
smiling, tears in her eyes.
      (Almost inaudible)
You're gonna be okay.
Paramedics bust through the emergency room doors with Paris
on a stretcher, he is bloody and looks dead.
The noises of a hospital rooms; moniters beeping, nurses
wheeling things by and talking to one another in the
hallway. A basketball game on T.V.
Paris slowly opens his eyes, blinking several times - both
from the pain and from trying to focus his vision.
Paris slowly looks over to his right at the moniters.
Paris slowly looks over to his left, Ivory seems to be
sleeping in an uncomfortable chair - an open magazine
resting on her chest.
Paris tries to move but winces from the pain, he lets out a
low groan.
      (Eyes pop open)
      (Closes magazine,
       sits up)
Paris, stay still.


Ivory gets to her feet and moves to Paris' side.
Stay still. There's no point in
moving, your going to be in here
for a while.
      (Offers weak smile)
You might as well milk all the
attention and pampering while it
How long have I been here?
Three days.
      (Touches his cheek)
When we were together I thought
you were a baby face. I didn't
know you shaved... you have chest
hair too. You lied to me.
Paris touches his face, a beard is forming.
      (smiles, winces.)
You lied first. Virgin my ass.
      (moves to exit)
I'm going to tell the nurse your
awake. We can get you off that
I.V. and get some solid food in
      (Bolts upright)
What happened to me?
      (looks grim)
You don't remember?
Last thing I remember is saving
drunk ass Fernando from going home
with a dude.
Ivory returns to Paris side and takes his hand.
You got in a car accident.


      (Stares into space)
Shit. What's that? Three times?
      (To Ivory)
Fernando can't drive for shit.
Paris stares at the basketball game playing on the moniter,
he watches it until one team scores.
Where do they got those idiots?
Tears swell up in Ivory's eyes as she stares at Paris.
Paris finally locks eyes with Ivory.
Which room are they in?
You were in a car accident
      (sniffs away tears)
Paris tries to pull his hand free from Ivory but she will
not let go.
Where's Gerald and Fernando?
Fernando went through the
windshield... Gerald was worse
than you...
Get the fuck out of here.
They didn't make it Paris...


Paris struggles with his wires.
Let go of me. Get me the fuck out
of here - your lying.
      (Pulls hand free
       from Ivory)
NURSE! Get me the fuck out of here
Ivory grabs Paris's hand with both of hers, this time with a
stronger grip.
Paris listen to me!
      (Sits down,
       strenghtens grip)
Paris sits upright and stares down at his legs.
What the fucks going on?!?
      (Shouting over
Paris. You were hurt really bad.
Paris sits up in his bed, a tray full of food sits in front
of him uneaten. His beard is almost full and he has not
gotten any sleep.
The television broadcasts the music news, trivial nonsense
about some rappers recent extravagent purchases.


Paris looks down at his hands, his palms open - it is as if
he is looking for something in them, an answer.
Ivory walks into the room carrying a duffle bag, she is faux
chipper with a weak smile on her face.
I thought I might have to wake you
up. It is only eleven in the
Ivory sets the bag down on the visitor chair, the zipper is
a little broken and the sleeve of a shirt is visible.
I brought your clothes.
Ivory pointedly notices the food, pushing some of it around
with the fork.
I see you were starving today,
save any for me?
Why do you have my clothes?
So that you can get dressed, they
cut you out of your clothes when
you got here Paris.
Who's coming to pick me up?
Ivory pushes the food tray aside and gets closer to Paris,
he has yet to look at her.
Ivory places her hand into Paris', he does not grip hers.
I figured... that you could come
stay with me.


How would Thomas feel about that?
I'm trying to do you f... I want
to help you Paris, can we just
leave things like that?
I just thought I'd ask.
Ivory breaks away from Paris, moves to the bag and begins to
remove it's contents.
If you don't want my help then...
You getting mad at me?
I can stay with you, if everyone
is okay with that. Shit, I aint
got nowhere else to go...
Paris turns off the television via remote control.
How am I supposed to get dressed?
I can help, or I can call in the
nurse... just slip them on over
your legs.
We can try that.
The front doorknob turns and opens, Ivory walks in.
The living room. The television is on but it is on mute, a
plate of food sits uneaten on the coffee table.
Ivory closes her door and enters the living room, turning
the television off.


Ivory picks up the plate of food and heads for the kitchen.
Ivory enters the kitchen and dumps the plate in the sink,
along with a pile of dirty dishes. The fridge door is open,
she closes it and looks disapprovingly at the tire marks
left behind by the wheelchair.
Music comes on in another room, Ivory looks back at the mess
before moving towards the sounds of Marvin Gaye.
Ivory moves through the living room and enters the family
room, where the lights are low but Paris sits in his chair
holding a photo album.
Ivory notices a bottle of liqour, half empty, sitting on the
floor next to Paris's chair.
Did you hear the front door open?
This place is a mess.
Paris stares at the pictures.
If you were going to stay up late,
you could have done some cleaning.
Meet anyone tonight?
We're not going out anymore Paris,
so I don't see how that's any of
your business.


When we broke up we decided to be
friends. Is that how you respond
to all your friends when they ask
you personal questions?
What's wrong?
Are you serious?
Yes. What's wrong?
The same shit that was wrong when
you left. Or was it supposed to
get better all by itself?
First of all, don't curse at me.
Second, it looks like liqour
handled my part of the
conversation just fine.
Paris spins around in his wheelchair to face Ivory.
Paris picks up the bottle and takes a drink; Ivory is
visibly annoyed by this.
Why are you drinking?
Because I'm trying to get drunk.
You are, so why are you still
Becuase I'm trying to stay that
way. Why!?! Why does it matter to
Because we went through this when
we were together, I don't like to
argue with you when your drunk.


Right, and I stopped drinking to
make you happy.
Paris, if you -
And then when I was trying to make
you happy and did everything you
asked me to you fucked somebody
Ivory slowly moves towards the couch opposite Paris and has
a seat.
When I left, you asked me to stay
home. Why?
If you hate me so much... you keep
bringing up the same thing over
and over and over... yes Paris.
Yes, I cheated on you. One time -
out of four long years of up's and
downs. I know I picked the wrong
time to do it, when we were trying
to work everything out and you
were trying your best to make me
happy... that's when I suddenly
decided to cheat. I wish I would
have told you instead of you
having to find out, but what
happened happened. I'm sorry that
it did, but it happened and there
is nothing that I can do to
Did you love me?
I love you.


You hate it when I bring up things
from our past, you hate it when I
complain about things you did to
hurt me! You hate it, you want me
to just acknowledge what you did
to hurt me and then never "bother"
you with it again...
You won't let things go -
Your sorry.
You said you were sorry.
From the time I found out about
it, till now... that was the first
time you showed remorse for
hurting me. You said everything
else in the book, you threw it in
my face whenever we argued about
something... you ask me why I keep
bringing it up. That was the first
time you said you were sorry.
I didn't think I had to.
Why'd you leave me tonight?
I wanted to go out Paris. I needed
to... I don't mind taking care of
you. I just want to let you know
that; but sometimes I get tired. I
get tired and I want to do
something... for me.


You wanted to be around real men
for awhile.
I didn't say that Paris.
You don't have to. You don't have
to say that, I know it.
Paris takes a drink from the bottle and sets in on the
So let me ask you this. Would I
have a chance to be with you
Tonight had nothing to do with men
Paris. I wanted to be with my
friends, females...
Can you answer my goddamn
Paris, I asked you if we could
work it out along time ago. You
said no, because you didn't know
if you could trust me again. Why
do you want to know if you have a
chance with me if you wouldn't
even give me a chance with you?
Do you still want that chance? You
say you still love me do you still
want that chance, with a fucking
Paris I do still -
I can't carry you to bed and make
love to you like I used to. What
the hell would you want with me


You're putting words in my mouth
that I would never say...
I sit here... I sit here and
sometimes I can see it in your
eyes. You look at me like you used
to, when your only looking into my
eyes you look at me like you used
to... and then you remember that
my -
Paris squeezes the handles of his chair like he wants to get
You remember that my fucking
Paris hits himself in the thigh extremly hard, Ivory jumps.
That I'm stuck in this goddamn
chair for the rest of my life. You
keep telling me that I'm not less
of a man. I'm just as much of a
man as any other man! Then why
can't I walk!?! Why the fuck can't
I just walk!?! I'm a man!?! I'm a
man!?! Then why can't I fucking
stand up!?!
Paris pushes himself up to a standing position, pushing his
wheelchair away before his legs collapse underneath him and
he falls to the ground. He buries his face in his hands.
I can't even stand up...
Ivory covers her face in her hands, sobbing.
Ivory slowly lowers herself to the floor and crawls over to
Paris very slowly.
Ivory pulls Paris up by his shoulders and turns him over
until he is on his back, she then lays next to him and rests
her head on his chest - pulling his arm around her.


Paris slowly reaches around with his other arm and holds
Ivory as she cries into his chest. He closes his wet eyes
listening to the beginning of another old love song.
Paris wheels himself to the front of the class, his term
paper resting on his lap.
Paris stops and spins around to center himself, to face his
fellow students.
I um... when I started to write
this paper I had no idea that I
had no Idea what I was talking
Paris pauses to let the small chuckles pass.
I decided to write on a subject
that some people told me was dark,
uninviting... but that doesn't
make it a non-subject does it? The
title of my paper is "Stoic". I
trust we all know what that word
means but for those of you who
don't, you will by the time I'm
Paris looks down at his paper and shuffles it around.
At times we all wish that our
feeling would just go away, we
think that if we don't feel then
we cannot hurt. This is less of a
paper and more of a story about
what can happen when you get a
sample of what you wish for...
Paris looks up and locks eyes with Ivory, she smiles.


I was just getting out of a
relationship, and some of my
friends decided to take me out to
a club...


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From Laila Date 4/26/2017 ***
Try to use more descriptive words. Ex: "she smiled" say she beamed or grinned. Otherwise this is really good

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