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Ghost Detective - Episode 1 - Emily Brown
by Raymond Hess (rayhess2000@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review:

Pilot episode of a series I want to write. An inept Homicide Detective suddenly develops the ability to communicate with the dead. The spirits of his victims help him solve their murders.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



ERIK CRESSLY, a mid 40's trucker has been walking the
neighborhood looking for an easy attempt. He is standing in
the back yard of MRS. STEVENS'S residence watching in the
window as EMILY BROWN and FOUR OTHER GIRLS sit on the floor
in pajamas talking and laughing.
                                         CUT TO TAMPA POLICE
the Captain's office.
Now Damn it Jim! We've got more
than enough homicides that have
gone cold case! Listen, Jim, I
know you're new at this but
please. We need to solve these
murders! Our department is a
laughing stock to these bastards.
I understand Captain, I'm sorry.
I'll work harder I promise.
I don't like saying this, Jim, but
your job is on the line. Start
catching these criminals and I
mean start now.
Yes sir.
EMILY BROWN, FRIEND 1, FRIEND 2 and FRIEND 3 are sitting in
a circle playing truth or dare.
                       FRIEND 1
Okay Emily, it's your turn.


Okay, let's see. Truth.
The three friends groan.
                       FRIEND 2
Emily, you're the only one that
hasn't picked dare yet.
                       FRIEND 3
Yeah come on, live a little.
      (looking around
Okay, fine. Dare.
The three girls smile. Friend 1 pulls a joint out of her
purse. The other girls look stunned.
                       FRIEND 2
Where did you get that?
                       FRIEND 1
Stole it from my older brother's
Guys, seriously? I've never done
anything like this before.
                       FRIEND 3
Now's a good enough time to start.
      (to Friend 1)
What about your mom? I can't
smoke this in here!
                       FRIEND 1
Damn right you can't! Go out on
the back porch. We'll sit here
and keep watch.
Friend 1 hands Emily the joint. She takes it and stares at
it, not looking confident.
      (to Friend 1)
And if your mom comes downstairs?


                       FRIEND 1
We'll give you a signal. If you
see us all wave our hands in the
air she's coming. Put the joint
out, run around the house and come
back in through the front. You
can flush the joint in the
I can't believe I'm about to do
They all laugh.
                       FRIEND 1
Here's a lighter. Go on now,
we'll keep watch.
Jim gets his work uniform off. He's wearing a white t-shirt
and boxer shorts. He gets in to bed, sets the alarm, and
shuts out the light.
Erik watches through the window as Friend 1 hands Emily the
lighter. Emily stands up, Eric crouches behind the deck.
She is standing right in front of him, he can see her legs.
She lights the joint and hits a couple times.

The girls inside are watching. Suddenly they throw their
hands in the air.
Emily runs towards the side of the house. Erik lunges just
as she rounds the corner and tackles her. Emily screams.
The three friends turn away from the window as Mrs. Stevens
comes downstairs.
                       FRIEND 1
Hey mom! What's up?


                       MRS. STEVENS
Well I was upstairs thinking how
quiet it was down here. And when
teenage girls are quiet, I know
that means there's trouble going
Everyone laughs.
                       MRS. STEVENS
But honestly, I'm getting ready
for bed, I was coming to say
                       FRIEND 1
Oh, okay goodnight mom.
The other friends say goodnight.
                       MRS. STEVENS
Are you guys okay? Where's Emily?
                       FRIEND 1
Uh, she said she was gonna be
sick. So she ran outside. She's
probably upstairs in the bathroom
by now.
                       MRS. STEVENS
No, I just came from the bathroom.
What was wrong with her?
Mrs. Stevens walks to the porch door and looks out. She
opens the door and steps onto the deck, looking down.
                       MRS. STEVENS
      (from the deck)
The girls get up and run outside.
                       MRS. STEVENS
      (looking out past
       the deck)
What was really wrong with Emily?
The girls look to see one of Emily's shoes laying in the


Jim is sleeping in his bed. The only light visible is from
the moon and streetlight.

Sounds of things falling cause Jim to stir. He sits up
listening, doesn't hear anything else and closes his eyes.

Another noise, louder this time, in his room forces his eyes
back open. He is scared. He lays looking straight ahead
before he turns around.

He turns to see the ghost of Emily Brown sitting in his bed
staring at him.

This causes him to scream and jump out of bed on to the
What the fuck! Who are you? How
the hell did you get into my
                       GHOST EMILY
      (struggling to
I...I...I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know?
You got in here somehow!
                       GHOST EMILY
      (grabbing her
Honestly I...the last thing I
remember is him choking me.
Him who? Choking? Wait a minute.
Jim walks closer to the bed.
You're not...are you? Are you
                       GHOST EMILY
Am I what? No. I mean, am I?


For fuck's sake I can see through
you. Holy shit, holy shit, holy
Jim leaves the room and enters the bathroom.
Jim turns the light on and faces down in the sink throwing
water on his face. When he looks up he is alone.
      (to himself)
Okay, get it together. There's no
such thing as ghosts. I must have
been sleep walking or something.
Jim bends down to splash more water on his face, when he
looks up Ghost Emily is sitting on the top of the toilet.
      (jumping back)
What are you doing in my bathroom?
                       GHOST EMILY
      (frustrated and
I don't know, okay? I woke up in
a swamp where the man left me, and
I started walking. I don't know
where I was going, but I
instinctively walked in to your
Okay, well, I don't believe in
ghosts so...
                       GHOST EMILY
I'm not a ghost! I'm a person! I
mean, I used to be a person. I
don't know what I am. I was
normal, okay? I had a family and
friends. It's not like I'm here
trying to haunt you.
Okay. So what are you doing here?


                       GHOST EMILY
I don't know!
Ghost Emily puts her head in her knees and cries.
                       GHOST EMILY
      (picking her head
I can't even cry real tears.
      (scared but
Okay, just relax. I guess we can
figure out why you're here, but I
gotta be at the station early
tomorrow. Can you just wait here
until tomorrow?
                       GHOST EMILY
I don't know. What am I? If I'm
a ghost why am I not moving toward
I don't know. Honestly, I don't
believe in Heaven.
What do you believe in?
Jim stares at her shaking his head.
                       GHOST EMILY
Wait. You said the station. Like
what kind of station?
The police station. I work for
the Tampa Police Department as a
Homicide Detective and oh my God
you were murdered!
                       GHOST EMILY
You said you remember the man
choking you. Then you walked here
but don't remember how or what
drew you here? I'm supposed to
help find your killer.


                       GHOST EMILY
Or I'm supposed to help you find
my killer.
Holy shit that's it! I don't know
why I can communicate with you,
but you can help me find your
killer! My ass is on the line
with my job. You can save it for
                       GHOST EMILY
But how do I help?
Jim looks at the time which reads 2:30 in the morning.
I'm gonna go back to my room and
get dressed, you're going to take
me to where you are. I mean,
where your body, um...
                       GHOST EMILY
Oh...I have to go find my body.
      (showing empathy)
Yeah. Don't worry, we'll fix all
of this. I'll be right back,
don't go anywhere.
                       GHOST EMILY
Are you sure? Cause I thought
about making an appointment to get
my nails done.
Ahh...right, okay. I'll be right
Jim leaves the bathroom in a hurry.
Mrs. Stevenson is on the phone with police. The girls are
standing next to her listening.


                       MRS. STEVENS
      (into the phone)
Yes, sir. Yes we know she was
here at...what time was it girls
that she went outside?
                       FRIEND 1
Like 1:30.
                       MRS. STEVENS
      (into the phone)
My daughter said it was around
1:30 she didn't feel good and ran
outside. Yes. Right. And then I
went outside to check on her and
found one of her shoes laying in
the yard. We haven't heard from
her since. Yes, thank you so much
that would be wonderful. Okay.
Bye bye.
The girls look at Mrs. Stevens
                       MRS. STEVENS
Cops are on their way. I guess I
better call Emily's parents.
Jim drives. He still looks nervous and comfortable. Ghost
Emily is in the passenger seat looking at herself in the
                       GHOST EMILY
Jesus I look like shit. I mean I
was no beauty queen but damn. I
could use some sunlight.
      (nervously and
       trailing off)
I think you look just.....fine....
                       GHOST EMILY
Nice try buddy. I'm a little too
young for you.


I've never dated anyone without a
heartbeat. That might be an all
time low for me. No offense.
Ghost Emily smiles. The mood feels lighter.
I'm Jim, by the way. Jim Dorrity.
                       GHOST EMILY
So you don't remember where he
left you, Emily Brown? Will you
recognize it if I get you there?
                       GHOST EMILY
I hope so.
The closest swamp area I know of
is about 45 minutes from here.
We'll try there.
After a few seconds of silence Jim's RADIO starts buzzing.
Jim instinctively turns up the volume with one hand while he
continues driving.
      (voice over)
All units we have a 10-57,
possible 207 in progress. Repeat
10-57, possible 207 in progress.
Address is 4261 Lilac Drive,
Tampa. That's 4261 Lilac Drive,
                       GHOST EMILY
Hey that's my friend's house!
That's where I got taken from.
Well they know you're missing
then. They called out a missing
person with possible kidnapping.
                       GHOST EMILY
Do we need to go there?


We? Definitely not. Me? No,
we're going to find your crime
scene and be prepared to call it
                       GHOST EMILY
Oh so it's WE again?
Jim looks at Ghost Emily unamused.
                                         CUT TO STEVENS
Mrs. Stevens is on the phone with EMILY'S FATHER.
                       MRS. STEVENS
      (into the phone)
Yes Mr. Brown. Yes the police are
on their way. It's probably
nothing you know? But I didn't
want to take any chances.
      (voice through the
No I appreciate it Rebecca. If
you don't mind my wife and I
coming by now to hear what's going
                       MRS. STEVENS
      (into the phone)
Of course, absolutely. I'll see
you in a few minutes.
Mrs. Stevens hangs up the phone and looks in the distance,
                                         CUT TO JIM'S CAR
Jim drives, still looking nervous. Ghost Emily sings along
with the radio playing "I Will Survive". Jim keeps giving
her annoyed glances to which Ghost Emily does not notice.

She stops abruptly.


                       GHOST EMILY
I think we're close.
This looks familiar to you?
                       GHOST EMILY
Yeah, something seems very
familiar about this.
Jim slows down, with his hi beams on he is looking for
anything. His lights reveal footprints up ahead.
Those tracks there. I'm going to
follow them, if something strikes
a nerve let me know.
                       GHOST EMILY
      (looking ahead
We see the POV from the outside of the vehicle following the
feet tracks about a quarter of a mile through the woods. The
car comes to a stop and we are back inside of the car.
Okay the tracks end here. Straight
through these trees it opens up,
there's all swamp past here. I'm
going to walk it and see what I
find. Wait here.
                       GHOST EMILY
No. I'm coming.
Jim unbuckles and they both open their doors.
They shut their car doors. Jim turns on his flashlight.
Stay close.
Jim walks about ten feet and turns to see Ghost Emily still
standing next to the car. Jim walks back over to her.
What are you doing? I told you
stay close.


                       GHOST EMILY
It's sinking in. I'm dead. I'm
going to walk through those trees
and see my own dead body.
Ghost Emily cries harder. Jim looks frustrated but sorry
and very slowly and cautiously leans forward to hug her. She
hugs him back, resting her head on his shoulder crying.
      (out loud to
This is fucking crazy.
Emily lifts her head up and looks at him. Then she punches
him in the shoulder.
      (laughs and takes
       Ghost Emily's
Come on. I'm right here with you.
                                         CUT TO STEVENSON'S
Mrs. Stevens, EMILY'S PARENTS, the three friends and TWO
POLICE OFFICERS are in the kitchen talking.
      (to Friend 1)
So you're saying Emily just said
she was sick and ran outside? That
doesn't make any sense to me.
                       FRIEND 1
Yeah, I don't know. We thought it
was kinda strange too but
                       FRIEND 2
Okay wait. If we tell you
something will it be held against


                       OFFICER 1
      (to the adults)
Folks, would you give us a moment
with these girls please?
The adults look concerned but leave the kitchen.
                       OFFICER 1
      (to Friend 2)
Okay, spill it.
                       FRIEND 2
Well, there may have been another
reason Emily went outside.
                       FRIEND 1
Stop it what are you doing? That
doesn't matter.
                       OFFICER 1
      (To Friend 1)
Let her talk.
                       FRIEND 2
I'm sorry but I can't have this on
my conscience. It was a dare. We
were playing truth or dare, we
handed her some marijuana and
dared her to smoke it. That's why
she was outside.
Officer 2 begins taking notes.
                       OFFICER 1
      (to Friend 2)
Okay, I thank you very much for
your honesty.
                       FRIEND 2
What does that mean? Are we in
                       OFFICER 1
No, no you're not. We have more
important things to worry about
                       FRIEND 2
      (looking at the
Yes, sir.


                       OFFICER 2
But this is a good thing girls. We
don't have to think the worst.
Maybe the drugs were spiked. Maybe
she got confused and ran off.
Maybe the high will wear off and
she'll come back with a story to
                       FRIEND 1
      (looking out the
       window with tears
       in her eyes)
I just want her to be okay.
                                         CUT TO SWAMP
Jim and Ghost Emily walk hand in hand as Jim shines his
flashlight ahead of him. Suddenly he stops and his light
shines on a built up mound of trees and mud in the middle of
the swamp. At the bottom of the mound, a body.
                       GHOST EMILY
      (crying to herself)
Oh God.
Does this look familiar?
                       GHOST EMILY
No. I don't know. I can't focus,
let's just go see if it's me.
They continue to walk toward the body. When they get there
they look down and Ghost Emily begins crying. The body has
on the same clothes as Ghost Emily only they are torn and
muddy. Jim kneels down and brushes the hair from the body's
face. Emily lays there, eyes wide and unfocused. Her mouth
is open and there are bruises around her neck.

Jim stands back up and pulls Ghost Emily toward him, again
she cries on his chest. After a few seconds he moves her
                       GHOST EMILY
Do you think you can find who did


I do. Go back to the treeline and
sit down. I'll call this in.
Emily walks away. Jim watches her about fifty yards away
sit down in the mud in front of the trees. He dials his
cell phone.
      (into the phone)
Captain, it's Jim. Yes sir, I
know what time it is.
      (voice over
       through the phone)
This better be good Jim
      (into the phone)
Well, sir, we've got a homicide to
report. I found a body of a young
female, out here in Leedman's
swamp where all the locals fish.
      (through the phone)
A body? What the hell were you
doing out at the swamp this time
of night?
Jim looks over at Ghost Emily.
I guess you could say I had a
premonition. Anyway, something
led me here and for a reason
      (POV in the
       Captain's Room)
You're fucking weird. So a body?
And you're sure it's a homicide?
      (POV Jim, rolling
       his eyes)
Yes, sir. She's got bruises
around her neck.


      (POV Captain's
Okay, call it in. I'll be there
Jim hangs up his cell and grabs his radio.
      (into his radio)
Attention all units, I need a
10-55 on a 187 down at Leedman's
Swamp. Repeat, 10-55 on a 187 at
Leedman's Swamp. One victim,
female, teenager, appears to have
been strangled. Requesting
assistance, over.
Jim looks at Ghost Emily. She watches him, unemotional. He
smiles sympathetically, then turns toward the body.
      (to the body)
Emily Brown who did this to you?
                                         CUT TO STEVENSON'S
                       OFFICER 1
      (to Officer 2)
That's us. We gotta go.
They rush into the living room.
The adults are all on the couch. They stand up when the
officers walk in.
                       OFFICER 1
Look, there's no easy way to put
this. It might not mean anything
at all, but we have to go down to
Leedman's Swamp, one of our
detectives just found a body.


                       OFFICER 2
You're welcome to follow us. But
you have to stay back once we get
The adults follow the cops towards the door.
                                         CUT TO LEEDMAN'S
Ghost Emily is back with Jim as Jim sets up caution tape a
certain perimeter around the crime scene.
                       GHOST EMILY
So what happens now?
Now? We wait for the rest of
Homicide to come, and start
looking for clues.
                       GHOST EMILY
I mean after. I mean, you're not
going to just leave me out here
are you?
No. We've notified a Coroner.
Once he pronounces you and signs
the certificate he'll take your
body to a morgue.
                       GHOST EMILY
Wow, 18 years old and the first
certificate I ever get is my death
Look, I'm really sorry. I mean
that. Nobody should have their
life taken away like this, but so
young, it's awful. I promise to
do what I can to get this guy.
                       GHOST EMILY
Awe be still my beating heart. Oh


I wish I was like you.
Ghost Emily gives Jim a funny look.
Easily amused.
                       GHOST EMILY
Well it's how I deal with being
dead apparently.
Two police cars arrive with their lights on, followed by an
ambulance and the Coroner's van.
Jim. Whatcha got?
Here captain.
They both kneel at the body.
Yeah I'd say she was strangled.
Cute though. If she were still
alive and a few years older she
would have been just my type.
                       GHOST EMILY
Fuck you!
Ghost Emily kicks the Captain but her foot goes right
through him. Jim covers his head.
      (freaking out)
Ohhhh, Christ.
What is it?
Uhhh nothing, probably just a
Skeeter's are gonna have a good
feast before we get her out of


Jim looks at Ghost Emily. She looks pissed. He shrugs his
We're gonna take her tonight. But
I don't want to search the area
until the sun's up, so you can go
back home and get some rest.
                       GHOST EMILY
No! Jim I don't want to wait!
Captain are you sure we can't
investigate now? I mean we're
already here you know?
Overachiever, I like that. I'm
going home, you're welcome to stay
here alone with a dead girl and
investigate all you want. Just
make sure you let the Coroner know
when you're finished.
      (not knowing how
       to respond)
Thank you, sir.
As the captain walks away the adults and the friends arrive.
They stand at the caution tape looking horrified. The
captain nods as if to say, it's her. Emily's parents break
down, as do the friends. When Jim turns to look Ghost Emily
is already standing there with them.
                       GHOST EMILY
Mom! Dad! I'm sorry! Don't cry,
please. I'll be okay!
Not knowing her spirit is there nobody responds to her.
                       GHOST EMILY
Jim! Help them please!
Jim approaches.
      (To Emily's
Folks I'm very sorry. You have my
word that I am going to find the
person who is responsible for


                       JIM (cont'd)
They nod in acknowledgment.
                       GHOST EMILY
Jim tell them I said it'll be
Jim looks at her crazily.
                       GHOST EMILY
And tell them I'll always watch
over them.
With a conspicuous head motion he tells Ghost Emily to walk
to him. Then he turns with his back facing the adults.
Are you crazy? How am I supposed
to tell them that?
                       GHOST EMILY
Tell them you talked to me.
I'm not sure if you know this, but
most people will think that's
Sir, who are you talking to?
Uhhh..nothing, no one. I talk to
myself. It's how I think.
They look at him concerned.
Anyway, I'm sure Emily would want
you to know that she will be okay
and she will watch over you. I
mean if I was dead that's what I
would want my parents to think. I
mean, shit...
The looks of concern grow.


Look I'm sorry I'm just a little
shaken up. Why don't you guys go
back home and try to relax. I'm
not going anywhere until I can get
some evidence to find her killer.
Emily's mother comes to Jim and hugs him. Ghost Emily hugs
her mother from behind causing Jim to give her a dirty look.
Don't let anybody treat my
daughter like just another body,
You have my word.
The adults turn and walk away.
                       GHOST EMILY
Now what?
Now I see what I can find. Do you
remember anything else that might
help me?
                       GHOST EMILY
If I did you'd know.
They walk back over to the body. They circle it looking for
any clues. Jim kneels down and pulls down her waistband,
looking for any signs of sexual assault.
                       GHOST EMILY
      (kicking Jim)
Hey pervert stop it!
      (feeling the kick)
Ow, damn it! How come I'm the
only one you can do this to? Just
relax okay, I'm trying to find
possible DNA.
Jim continues looking around her thighs.
                       GHOST EMILY
You know this is the farthest I've
ever gone with a man.


Jim puts the waistband back up and looks up at Ghost Emily
Really? Are you getting some kind
of joy out of this?
                       GHOST EMILY
Awe Jim, don't tell me this is the
farthest you've ever gotten with a
Jim gets up and starts walking away from the body.
Maybe there's something farther
Jim walks farther out as Ghost Emily stays at her body and
looks around.
                       GHOST EMILY
Jim? Is this something?
Jim jogs back over. Ghost Emily is holding an orange fiber
strand in her hand.
                       GHOST EMILY
Look under me there, there's more
just like this.
Jim kneels down and collects some fiber samples putting them
into an evidence bag.
                       GHOST EMILY
What do you think it is?
I don't know but it doesn't belong
there. We need to get this
analyzed. I'm heading to the lab,
are you coming or staying?
Emily looks over at the Coroner van.
                       GHOST EMILY
I'm coming. Can I just have a
moment with myself?
Yeah, take your time.


Jim walks over to the Coroner's Van. Ghost Emily kneels
down beside herself.
      (to the Coroner)
Okay, once she's ready you can
take her body.
Once who's ready? The girl? I
don't think she has a say in this.
I'm sorry, my mind's not with it.
I meant to say I'm ready, you can
take the girl now.
      (getting out of
       the van)
'Bout time.
Jim watches the coroner approach the body with a stretcher
and a body bag. Emily stands and watches him load her body
onto the stretcher and zip the bag shut. Then she watches
the coroner walk away.
                                         CUT TO TAMPA
Jim and Ghost Emily watch as the Lab Tech looks at the
fibers through a microscope. He turns from the microscope
and begins typing in his laptop.
                       GHOST EMILY
      (to Jim)
Ask him what he found.
      (looking at Ghost
No shit.
                       LAB TECH
I'm sorry?


Oh, uh. I'm sorry I mean, no
shit, what'd you find?
                       LAB TECH
Well, it's decent news. This type
of fiber, with the color that is,
is very rare. So it should only
take me a minute here to figure
out where it's from.
The Lab Tech types more.
                       LAB TECH
I can't be 100 percent sure, but
most likely this fiber came from
vehicle upholstery. But this
isn't designer upholstery. Meaning
it was built to withstand a lot of
use, rather than sell the vehicle
by looking nice.
So like a business vehicle? Like
a mail truck, or taxi?
                       LAB TECH
Could be. But these particular
fibers have sustained a lot of
exposure to smoke. There's signs
of tar and smoke discoloration.
So a business vehicle that
somebody spends most of their day
in, and they smoke. I know it's
stereotyping, but could it be in
the cab of a semi?
                       LAB TECH
Could be.
                       GHOST EMILY
There's a truck stop not even two
miles away from my friend's house.
Where he took me from.
      (to the Lab Tech)
Thank you so much, this has been a
huge help.


                       LAB TECH
No problem. Good luck.
Jim and Ghost Emily turn to leave the Lab.
                                         CUT TO TRUCK STOP
Jim and Ghost Emily are walking toward the only building at
the truck stop.
                       GHOST EMILY
What do we have to do?
I...have to try to find out what
trucks stopped here last night.
                                         CUT TO TRUCK STOP
Jim approaches the service counter and shows his badge and
Hi, I'm Detective Dorrity with the
Tampa Police Department. I need a
log of all trucks that stopped
here last night.
Sure, give me a sec.
She leaves her desk.
                       GHOST EMILY
Man, I gotta pee.
Really? How does that work?
                       GHOST EMILY
I'm kidding. Just one of the many
meaningless phrases I'll never
have to use again.
The secretary returns with a copy of the logs. Jim looks
them over.


      (to the secretary)
Are these my copies to take?
Yes sir. And it should be close
to accurate.
So, question. How hard would it
be for someone to look through the
tapes from last night. Between
the hours of 9pm to midnight?
I think my manager can do that,
but it'll take some time.
Jim hands her his business card.
That's fine, I have to research
these logs. Just have somebody
call me if they find anything out
of the ordinary.
Jim and Ghost Emily walk away from the desk.
                                         CUT TO TAMPA POLICE
Jim and Ghost Emily walk through the doors, straight into
the captain's office where Jim throws the log on the desk.
What's this?
I think the girl's killer was a
truck driver. This is a list of
trucks that were at a truck stop
just miles from where she was
taken. You got anybody that knows
about semi cab interiors?


There were 4 different trucks
there last night from different
companies. I need to find out if
any of them have orange
Turns his phone on speaker and starts dialing.
My brother's a diesel mechanic. I
don't know if he'll be able to
help but...
After three rings the Captain's brother answers.
                       CAPTAIN'S BROTHER
      (VO through phone)
Johnny! Long time no see, man!
Yes it is. Work's been crazy. Hey
man, if I read you a list of semi
truck companies will you know if
they have orange upholstery?
                       CAPTAIN'S BROTHER
      (VO through phone)
Hmmm, I dunno man but I'll give it
a shot.
We're working a Homicide case, my
lead detective is going to read
you the names.
                       CAPTAIN'S BROTHER
      (VO through phone)
Okay, shoot!
I guess that's not something you
normally tell police officers.
The captain ignores the joke and nods to Jim to read the
Okay, there were Freightliners,
Kenworths, Volvos and Peterbilts.
                       CAPTAIN'S BROTHER
      (VO through phone)
Hmmm...honestly we've worked on
all of those here at some point.


                       CAPTAIN'S BROTHER (cont'd)
None had orange upholstery. My
guess is a color like that was
probably custom installed.
Okay, thanks man.
The Captain hangs up his phone.
Now what do we do?
Now what do we do?
Jim laughs out loud.
What's so funny?
Jim's cell phone rings.
      (to the Captain)
Hang on, I gotta get this.
Hello this is Detective Dorrity?
      (VO through phone)
Detective this is Sarah, the
person you spoke to at the truck
Yes of course! Did you find
      (VO through phone)
Yeah you could day that.
I'm actually at the station with
the Captain right now. Any chance
you could bring it by?


      (VO through phone)
Sure, lemme get someone to cover
my desk and I'll be there in 15
That's great thank you.
Jim looks at Ghost Emily.
      (to Ghost Emily)
She found something.
Emily smiles.
Jim who the fuck are you talking
Shit, uh, no one sir. I was just
saying she found something.
She who? Found what?
      (with confidence)
Keep up with me Captain. I had
the lady at the truck stop
reviewing tapes from last night.
She found something on video
surveillance and is bringing it by
in a few minutes.
Oh good, great.
A few minutes later an officer walks the secretary back to
the captain's office.
      (shaking Jim's
Hi Detective, Sarah.
Great to see you again, and Sarah
this is Captain Stark.


Pleasure. What do you got for us?
She hands the captain a DVD.
He's not even on screen for a
minute, so I just copied that
track and put it on this cd for
Jim puts the DVD in the player and turns the TV on. The
footage shows Erik Cressly stepping out of his cab at 11:45.
Opening the trailer, he pulls out gloves and an orange rope.
He shuts the trailer, and walks out of surveillance view.
Shit, it was the rope that that
fiber came from! He must have
strangled you with....I'm sorry I
mean he must have strangled her
with a rope.
Also, if it matters, the
surveillance picked him up again
at about two in the morning
returning to his truck and driving
      (to Jim)
Well let's find out where he is
and get this bastard.
                                         CUT TO THE CAPTAIN'S
The Captain is driving, lights and sirens, Jim is Shotgun
and Ghost Emily is in the back.
South Florida police have found
his truck on the side of the road
about an hour away from here.
Apparently he wasn't in any hurry
to leave town.


                       GHOST EMILY
And apparently I wasn't enough for
him and he's looking for someone
We need to find him before there's
another victim.
                       GHOST EMILY
When we get there I'm gonna kick
him in his fucking balls.
Jim laughs out loud.
Jim, seriously, when this case is
done you need to rest. You're
scaring me.
I'm doing just fine, Captain.
They pull up at the scene. The Captain climbs up into the
cab and looks toward the back, behind the seats.
Anybody check the trailer?
                       OFFICER 2
      (jogging toward
       the Captain)
I did, sir. He wasn't in there
but we did find this.
Officer 2 hands the Captain a book. The Captain reads the
title out loud.
"Restraining and disposing of a
body without leaving evidence".
Apparently he didn't finish
reading this.
Okay let's think. He was two
miles from his truck when he took
Emily. The swamp was 45 minutes
south, so he actually drove back
out of his way to drop her off.
Are there any other swamps or


                       JIM (cont'd)
secluded areas near this part of
the highway?
                       OFFICER 2
No. But surely he didn't walk
across the highway, he probably
didn't want to be seen walking
down the highway, so my guess is
he walked up off the shoulder and
over the berm up there.
      (to Officer 2)
Take Jim with you and investigate
Officer 2 and Jim head away.
                       OFFICER 1
What should I do sir?
Check the rest of the trailer
thoroughly to make sure we didn't
miss anything else. Then check
the cab, glove compartment, seats.
Anything you can check, check.
                       OFFICER 1
Yes, sir.
I'm waiting on someone back at the
station to text me a picture of
the suspect, then I'm gonna stop
traffic coming the other way and
ask if they've seen anyone like
him walking around nearby.
                                         CUT TO:
Jim, Ghost Emily and Officer 2 walk over the berm, which
leads down to a 3 acre open field. Past the field is a
suburban area.
Let's sweep the field, see if
we're missing something.


                       OFFICER 2
They begin walking in horizontal rows in opposite
directions. Ghost Emily following Jim.
                       GHOST EMILY
What are we looking for?
I don't know, anything.
Footprints, clothing, anything he
might have dropped.
                       GHOST EMILY
                                         CUT TO:
The Captain arrives back at the semi after talking to
motorists on the highway.
Any luck?
                       OFFICER 1
Nothing, sir. He's covered his
tracks pretty good.
Well let's hope your partner can
help Jim find something.
                                         CUT TO:
Jim, Ghost Emily and Officer 2 stand at the edge of the
field looking into the town. To the right of them is a tool
                       OFFICER 2
No, not a thing.
They stand there scanning their surroundings.


                       GHOST EMILY
Hey look, that might be him right
Jim watches as Erik and a teenage girl walk in to the tool
      (to Officer 2)
He just went into the tool store
with a girl. If that's him why was
she so willing to follow him?
                       OFFICER 2
I don't know, lets go find out.
They walk casually to the tool store.
                                         CUT TO:
Jim, Ghost Emily and Officer 2 walk into the store. They
start walking the aisles.
                       GHOST EMILY
      (to Jim)
Wait stop. Let me go look, since
he can't see me anyway.
Good idea.
                       OFFICER 2
Um, I have a good idea. Let's
stop right here.
They stop walking as Ghost Emily continues on. Jim rocks
back and forth nonchalantly, Officer 2 studies him over
trying to figure out why stopping was a good idea. After a
minute, Ghost Emily appears from the very back aisle.
                       GHOST EMILY
      (waving to Jim)
He's here! He's getting more


      (to Officer 2)
Okay, let's go check the back
                       OFFICER 2
What? What was your good idea?
I forget. So I figure we'll just
start at that back aisle.
                       OFFICER 2
Man you really are fucking weird.
Jim shrugs off the comment and they walk to the back aisle.
When they turn in, Erik is looking at rope, the girl
standing next to him. They both turn and notice Jim and the
other Officer, Erik goes right back to looking at rope and
the girl continues looking at Jim, looking scared. Jim
winks at her and nods to acknowledge that he's there for
      (to Officer 2)
Okay I'll wait here, you go to the
other end of the aisle and we'll
close in on him.
                       OFFICER 2
                       GHOST EMILY
Not Roger, his name's Erik, moron.
Jim just stares at Ghost Emily annoyed.
      (to Officer 2)
Okay, go.
Officer 2 walks around the aisle to the other end.
                       JIM AND OFFICER 2 TOGETHER
      (guns drawn)
The young girl screams, Erik pushes her into Jim, causing
them to fall, he jumps over them and runs to the door.


      (yelling to
       Officer 2)
Don't let him get away!
Jim runs toward the door. Ghost Emily is already there, and
just as Erik hits the door Emily turns the lock. Erik slams
into the glass door, and falls onto his back, squirming in
pain. Emily quickly unlocks the door again, as Officer 2
looks at the door confused as to why it did not open. He
tries to open it, and it works.
Jim runs to Erik and handcuffs him as Officer 2 calls it in
on his radio. Jim hugs the teen girl who is crying.
It's okay now. It's over. You're
Emily watches smiling, but crying in a bittersweet emotion.
                                         CUT TO LEEDMAN'S
Jim and Ghost Emily walk toward the mound where her body was
found. It is covered with bouquets and letters. Jim has a
white rose in his hand. As he approaches the spot, with
Ghost Emily next to him, he kneels down and puts the rose on
top of the other flowers.
                       GHOST EMILY
      (reading from a
To the greatest daughter any
parents could ask for. The
hardest thing will be living each
day from now until the end
wondering what you would have
been, what you would have done.
But for the last 17 years we were
the happiest and fulfilled we
could have been, because of you.
Love you always, Mom and Dad
Emily cries and Jim stands up.
So what now?


                       GHOST EMILY
I don't know.
I mean you really helped. I'd
still be looking for your body if
it weren't for you. And freaky as
it was, your company was nice.
Ghost Emily smiles.
You could come with me on all my
cases, maybe. We'll be like
partners, only I'll get full
credit cause I'm the only lucky
fucker that can see you.
They both laugh. A bright white light appears twenty yards
behind Ghost Emily. Emily turns and sees it, turning back
to Jim.
                       GHOST EMILY
Do you see it?
      (looking behind
No. See what?
                       GHOST EMILY
I don't know what it is exactly,
but I think it's time for me to
They stare at each other.
Oh. Okay. This is weird, but I'm
going to miss you.
Ghost Emily hugs Jim tight.
                       GHOST EMILY
Thank you for everything. And
don't sell yourself short. You're
a great detective, even without a
dead person's help.
Thanks. So this is it I guess.
I'm not sure where you're headed,
but if you can come see me some


                       JIM (cont'd)
                       GHOST EMILY
Jim please, you have to let me go.
I'm too young for you.
Oh before you go! If you get
wherever it is and you see Kurt
Cobain or John Lennon, tell them I
love them and I miss the music
that would have been.
                       GHOST EMILY
Will do. Bye Jim.
Jim turns and walks away, as Emily heads toward the light.
Suddenly our of nowhere she appears right in front of Jim's
                       GHOST EMILY
Jim screams at the top of his lungs and jumps.
                       GHOST EMILY
Okay sorry, I'm going now.
Jim shakes his head and laughs. Camera follows behind Jim
as he walks to his car. POV outside Jim's car. The camera
follows as he drives away from the swamp. "If I Die Young"
plays in the background.


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