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Serenity Tree (Short)
by N Crnic (Nick.crnic@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

A women seeks to save the Seqouia National Forest in the 1920's by living alone in the forest taking photographs.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The serenity of the trees are passed through with incredible
imagery in current time. Interlaced with photos from Susan
Thew's library of photography from the 1920's.
"Since the founding of Sequoia National Park in 1890,
numerous bills to enlarge the park had been introduced, but
none had succeeded. Not until the 1926 proposal, when Susan
Thew submitted her gazetteer, did an enlargement bill
We are visiting a typical 1920's, Midwestern American home.
Not to fancy and not to poor, very typical.
                       SUSAN'S FATHER
Have you found yourself a suitable
Yes California Father, I'm
leaving, I told you this.
Susan is packing her things it's obvious that they have been
fighting about this topic for a long time.
                       SUSAN'S FATHER
What are you going to do there be
a stripper or a whore or
something? You're not going
anywhere I have found plenty of
suitable men to take of you.
Suitable? I don't need a man to
take care of me. I am not a baby
I am a grown women.
Susan sits on hill from the distance with a camera around
her neck and a notebook in her hand. She is mystified by the
beauty of the forest. We zoom into the General Sherman Tree


of the National Park and back to Susan and to the tree a few
                       SUSAN (V.O)
Something that brings true peace
and joy should be made abundant.
The stage is set for a typical congress meeting. Old school
style, 1920's style!
Members of congress I truly
believe the preservation of the
Sequoia national forest and it's
expansion would be in the best
interest of the country and this
Congress Man 1 and the rest of congress condescendly listen
to Susan's ideas as she is a sexy woman.
                       CONGRESS MAN 1
What type of expansion do you
propose miss Susan?
I am glad you asked, Mr.
Congressman. You see I have this
proposed outline on this map. I
go up north to include the
Susan already has a map, a giant one professionally done to
the extreme on a bulletin board. The expansion is large.
I want to expand the National
Forest about 2300 square miles.
The entire court erupts with laughter.
                       CONGRESS MAN 1
You what? Do you know how much
money is at stake with that
Timber? Miss, I am sorry but this
is outrageous.
Outrageous you say. There is
peace beyond anything human in
those trees not to mention the


                       SUSAN (cont'd)
history. You want to cut them
down for some paper? I am simply
mistified at your ignorance mister
The Congress chuckles trying to act with chivalry.
                       CONGRESS MAN 1
They are trees Mam, and there is a
lot of money in those trees.
Proposal denied.
Are you serious Sir! Have you even
ever been there?
                       CONGRESS MAN 1
Proposal denied mam. You are a
pistol though and cute, right
He looks around chuckling with his counter parts. They are
all laughing as Susan grabs her poster and walks out.
"If you are weary with the battle, either of business or the
greater game of life, and would like to find your way back
to sound nerves and a new interest in life, I know of no
better place than the wild loveliness of some chosen spot in
the High Sierra in which, when you have lost your physical
self, you have found your mental and spiritual
re-awakening." Susan Thew
Susan is walking through the forest... She has only her
camera around her neck and the clothes on her back.
Beautiful imagery is captured one photograph at a time.
The sun is setting with Susan capturing every moment of it's
setting. She finds rest under a large tree and covered in
leaves preparing for sleep.
                       SUSAN (V.O)
Faith was all I had in the forest.
I didn't even know how I was
going to eat the next day.
The sun sets completely Susan still has her camera around
her neck as she lays back to sleep. The place is dark and
scary as Susan remains the only light in the dark forest.


                       SUSAN (V.O)
To be honest I didn't even know
where I was at this point, it's
funny but I wasn't even scared.
As she sleeps... A bear walks by, a coyote, and a wolf. They
all greet her, only to walk away...
The sun begins to rise along with Susan. She is naive to
the fact that she encountered multiple wild animals in her
                       SUSAN (V.O)
Day three I'm hungry for food and
photographs, hehe.
We find Susan fishing in a near by pond on Day 3 of her
journey. She isn't successful at first. She has her skirt
pulled to her waist, she is determined. She catches her
first fish.
                       SUSAN (V.O)
... I never thought I was going to
catch a big fish... I was hungry
Colonel John R White makes his way to Susan as she cooks her
first fish in her make shift grill.
                       COLONEL JOHN
Hello Mam, I thought I would find
you down here.
What are you doing here? Who are
She continues grilling her fish. Clothes hardly on her and
wet. Her legs draw much attention!
                       COLONEL JOHN
I Am Colonel John White and this
is my park. Congress told me to
find you and help you. They're
worried and so am I.
She starts eating the fish like a man. Her mouth is full as
she speaks.


Well Colonel, pleased to have your
aquaintence, but as you can see no
need to be worried about me.
The colonel approaches her aggressively and grabs her arm.
Let go! get away from me! There
is only one thing I need a man
Aggressively Susan fights away from the arm grab.
                       COLONEL JOHN
This is no place for a woman,
you're coming with me, let's go.
Colonel, With all do respect, mind
your business! I don't need you
or any man. I am fine.
                       COLONEL JOHN
No Miss I am not. I was told you
to bring you back.
You hungry?
She stuffs her face with fish...
                       COLONEL JOHN
No Mam I am not hungry, but I am
not going to watch you die out
here for some rediculous cause.
Rediculous you say Sr. What on
earth can make you feel the way of
this forest.
She walks up to him and grabs his dick aggressively.
      (Whispering Sexy)
You see sir, the only thing that
you've got that I need is this...
The Colonel is Stunned...


      (Whispering Sexy)
So Sir what do you say?
Colonel backs away...
Susan continues eating her fish. She throws some to the
colonel who has sat down she got his attention.
                       COLONEL JOHN
I am honored but married miss... I
don't know what to say...
Susan continues eating fish. She tosses some to the
colonel. who sits down on a tree stump. She has gotten his
Night is coming. I could use
someone to keep me warm.
                       COLONEL JOHN
I don't know, I need to bring you
Well I am not going any where...
So if you need to leave then go.
                       COLONEL JOHN
Well Lady I.. just don't know if
it would be proper...
Proper? Let me tell you about
proper. Man creates those
definitions, God creates your
feelings... You do believe in God
don't you Sir?
                       COLONEL JOHN
Yes Mam, I do.
Then tell me what you feel... what
do your feelings tell you?
                       COLONEL JOHN
Well... I should stay...?


Good... Night is coming lay with
Hesitantly the colonel lays next to this mystic woman. The
fire is blazing their stomachs are full and the sun is
setting. The General Sherman Tree is seen in the distance.
You never answered me..
The colonel states shifts around not responding... Shortly
after they begin a heavy make out session.
                       COLONEL JOHN
We better stop.
A few minutes pass and a wild Wolf approaches the couple in
the distance as Susan tries to continue the make out
Susan startled by the swiftly approaching wolf lead by his
glowing yellow eyes stops abruptly.
She quickly buckles his pants.
Colonel help, help its coming for
The wolf's eyes glow with anger as it walks by Susan and
approached the colonels face.
Colonel Wake Up!
The colonel steps in front of Susan scaring the Wolf who
begins to attack the colonel.
Take me, take me, he wouldn't be
here if it wasn't for me!
The wolf is tearing up the colonel pretty bad.
Susan pulls her out her camera. The flash goes off, scaring
the wolf away...
She jumps on the colonel hugging him and pretecting him.


Are you ok, I am sorry.
                       COLONEL JOHN
Don't be sorry, we're here for
more then what you think.
What? That's all you have to say?
                       COLONEL JOHN
Yes Mam, we are here to protect
the most beautiful things on
earth... You have your trees and
we have you.
The two of them continue to take more photos of the great
Sequoias. With the help the help of the Colonel Susan got
what she wanted the expansion of the national forest...
                       SUSAN (V.O)
Some people say I won a forest...
Others say I stood for women... I
say I found something more... I
found my place in this world....
The photograph of the bright yellow scared eyes of the wolf
in the pitch black darkness engulf the screen.
                                         FADE TO WHITE
Dedicated to my sister Lisa.


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