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by N Crnic (Nick.crnic@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review: ***
Jubilee wakes up one day to find that everybody can hear is thoughts...

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


JUBILEE STELLAR(31) and ANNA OBADIAH(33) are in bed half
naked and half covered by a blanket suitable for one. Anna
rolls over facing Jubilee.
Hey Juby are you up? It's about
time for me to go to work and I
was wondering if I could get a
little action?
Jubilee stays quiet.
Juby oh Juby, wake up, wake up.
Alibabba wants to come out and
No he doesn't. He is very tired
from very long night.
You are such a dork. I can't
believe you got me calling your
thing Alibabba now.
A few silent seconds pass.
I can't believe I'm still dating
Jubilee rolls over to check the time. His hand misses and
scans a few books on the shelf below: "Being Happy",
"Finding Love in a Loveless World" and a few more self help
books...Finally, he grabs the clock and glances quickly.
Are you serious? It is barely six
o'clock? You don't have to be to
work until nine.
      (Flirtacious one
       more time)
So, is it a crime to want my boy


                       ANNA (cont'd)
Fine, just let me sleep for a few
more minutes.
She grabs his thing underneath the covers.
      (Flirtacious cont.)
But, I want it now.
Anna please, I feel like shit.
Anna rolls over facing the wall trying not to get upset.
Jubilee turns the opposite way and the silence begins.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
As you can tell I wasn't much of a
romantic. In-fact sex most of the
time was usually more of a chore
than it was pleasurable for me.
Oh my God. I cannot believe you
just said that.
Said what?
You said having sex with me is a
What? I said that out loud?
Are you fucking kidding me? You
must think I'm a complete idiot.
No seriously, I cant believe I
said that. I thought I was only
thinking that.


Shut up! So you mean thinking it
makes it any better? You asshole!
No, I didn't mean that. I meant
that it was nothing personal.
Having sex is sometimes a chore.
We have only been dating 4 months
and you are already tired of
sleeping me.
                       JUBILEE (V.O)
We've been dating for that long?
Damn, it's been a long time.
What the fuck? You really just
said that?
What are you talking about?
We've been dating for a long time.
Are you kidding me?
Wait a second... Are you some kind
of mind reader? How the hell are
you hearing my thoughts?
That's it. I'm leaving. You have
really lost it.
Anna naked, jumps out of bed. She collects her clothes.
Have you seen my scarf?
No. I'm trying to sleep.
She continues getting dressed, while looking for her last
clothes item, the scarf.


Come on Jubilee, this place is the
size of my closet. You have to
have my scarf.
Anna, now on top of the bed. Jubilee ignores her.
Give me it. I know you have it.
Jubilee continues to ignore Anna.
I'm not messing around Juby. Give
me my Goddamn scarf. I cannot
believe how immature you are.
Nope. Just come back to bed. I
didn't mean that I didn't like
having sex with you, I love you, I
was talking about all the other
      (Extreme Anger)
All the other girls? Have you
been cheating on me this whole
Anna is now on top of Jubilee pounding him with her fists.
I told you, you fat little
immature brat - some people have
to go to work! I'm not leaving my
scarf with you.
Anna keeps pounding Jubilee. She stops abruptly and rips the
covers off of him. He is completely naked except for the
colorful silk scarf wrapped around his penis, like Middle
Eastern head wear.
He is holding his scarf wrapped penis as if it is a talking


      (Middle Eastern
Shoot! You have uncovered my
secret underground cave of
terrorist adventures.
She's in complete shock. She desperately tries to hide a
      (Middle Eastern
I thought you'd never find me.
Osama he's the fall guy. I'm the
brains of this outfit.
      (Middle Eastern
OSAMA! He's the fall guy. I'm the
brains of this outfit. Now go
away before I have your head cut
clean off with a dull pitchfork.
You can keep the scarf. Maybe it
will warm Alibabba up, so I could
actually feel him.
Still puppeteering his penis, Jubilee snaps back.
      (Middle Eastern
Fuck you. I don't need your
hospitality anymore. I will find
a new cave to bury myself in and
it will be much better. I am the
brains of this outfit!
Anna walks out the door, slamming it shut.
Jubilee quickly gets out of bed, knocking over a picture of
his Dad. He picks it up and takes a long glance at it.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
You're probably turning over in
you're grave, looking at me now...
Well, At least I am not chained to
a desk.


He walks toward the bathroom. The scarf slides off Alibbaba
almost tripping Jubilee.

He makes it to the bathroom, and starts a giant pee
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
Thank God she is gone. I don't
think I have gotten decent sleep
since the bitch has been in my
life. Has it really been four
months? I can't believe it took
me that long to get rid of her.
Jubilee, finished peeing, turns his head which was
previously aimed towards the sky, towards the open bathroom
door... And a fist hits him square in the nose...
You fucking prick! How could you
be so fucking fake! You told me
you loved me.
Why the fuck did you just punch me
in the face? You bitch?
Anna is busy destroying all the excessive amount of pictures
of her and Jubilee.
I'm a bitch? You can't believe
you've been with me for this long?
Wait a second. This is getting
way to weird. Have you been able
to read my mind the whole time
that we've dating?
Anna stops her destruction momentarily, in-order to cold
clock him in the side of the face.
I cannot believe you. You must
really think that I am a complete
dip shit.
What? I am serious! I did not say
those things, out loud at least.
I...I do love you.


Blood dripping from Jubilee's nose.
Go fuck yourself...
She walks toward the exit dropping a bottle of lotion at his
You'll get what you wanted, never
call me again. You are going to be
alone forever. I have no doubts.
Oh yeah, I left you some lotion so
you can go fuck yourself.
She storms outof the apartment.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
Wow, what the hell just happened?
Was I really saying all that shit?
Banging on the wall comes from the apartment next door.
Jubilee is startled.
                       J'S NEIGHBOR
Hey! I heard that man. You are
one sick mother fucker dude. You
use you penis as puppet! Get a
Jubilee attempts to hide his embarrassment.
      (talking to no-one)
Yeah, shut up man. Go see a
shrink, you werido!
Jubilee, shakes his fist in the air and then gets back to
scrubbing the blood from the carpet.
                                         FADE OUT
Jubilee now fully clothed. He is in a stereotypical Los
Angeles attire. It is a beautiful day in always sunny Los
Angeles. He quickly walks out of his apartment and past the
pool of his middle class apartment complex and down the
street. Until he walks by a few cars and a young tight body
broad is spotted ahead in the short distance. The two
continue to edge towards each other.


                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
Holy shit. Look at her tits bounce
all around. That's so weird how
girls have these curvy round
things that move like that. I
wonder why I'm so attracted to
that...don't know. Oh well, who
cares either way? I'd still like
to grab them and squeeze them dry.
Better yet, there's a bush right
over there. Maybe I'll take her
behind and give her the one, two
pump chump. Yeah, that's what
I'll do.
A look of discuss shines across her face.
                       JOGGIN BROAD
Screw you pervert. Two pump
She slows down just enough to make sure that Jubilee hears
her. She brushes passes him as he follows her with his
For this next comment Juby pulls out his voice.
I know you'd like to.
She slows down to a jog in place, knees still kicking high.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
Damn, I wonder why girls have to
be like that? I mean all I did
was complement her. I mean, if
her and I switched spots and she
thought those things about my
pecks I'd be happy. I would
probably jump in the bush without
She jogs forward, taking her disgusted look with her.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
Damn, wow! Look at that ass? Wait,
why am I so attracted to asses? I
thought asses were for gay guys?
Uh, who cares.
She turns around quickly facing Jubilee.


                       JOGGIN BROAD
Are you kidding? Did you just say
that? I wouldn't let you touch me
if you were the last guy on earth.
Get a life loser!
A bottle of lotion nails Jubilee in the forehead.
Hey wait a second. Stop! Did you
hear me say something or was I
staring to grotesquely?
                       JOGGIN BROAD
There's some lotion. Now go fuck
yourself, pervert.
He pockets the lotion. It's not long before we see Jubilee
knocking on the front door of a near by glamorous apartment.
After a minute or two the door flashes open and a beautiful,
smiling man stands in the doorway. This man is TONY (34) He
is dressed only in red speedo underwear and a cowboy hat.
To our surprise Jubilee is not surprised at his friend's
attire at all.
      (Loud, excited)
Juby, you're alive! What you
Tony strikes a few poses.
Come on man, Do I really have to
answer that?
Tony interrupts.
Oh! You're no fun. Aren't these
sexy as hell? Especially with the
cowboy hat!
Tony please. Can I just come in?
Something is wrong. What the fuck
did we do last night?


Tony, with a grin on his face, steps aside allowing Juby to
enter his apartment. The real housewives would be jealous.
The real question is what didn't
we do last night? Somebody got
their cherry popped.
                                         CUT TO:
What do you mean, cherry popped?
What someone are you talking
I can't believe you don't
remember. You were like the life
of the party amigo and when the
party was over for everybody else,
me, you, and Anna kept on going
homes. One of the best nights of
my life.
Tony keeps on making his breakfast shakes in the kitchen.
What? We didn't go all the way
did we?
Hey homie, here you go. Drink this
down and your hangover will be
gone in no time. And if you need
some cream for your butt I can get
you some of that too.
The shake spits out of Juby's mouth as fast as it came in.
Tony not fazed as Juby wipes his mouth.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
Oh no, this cannot be happening.
If he stuck his dirty little penis
in my ass...


Shut up! Right now, before you say
something you are going to regret.
But, I didn't say anything. You
can can read my fucking mind too?
Besides what's the big deal? I
won't tell anybody. It will be
our little secret and for the
record, you sure as a crazy gay
cowboy enjoyed it last night. Yee
He tips his cowboy hat and kicks his feet before walking
back into the kitchen.
I'm going to go use the bathroom.
I think Im going to be sick
Sick, come on Juby, it was good a
Yeah for you.
Na you enjoyed it for sure homie,
never seen you so happy.
Bullshit, what the hell did you
give me last night.
The bathroom is fit for a queen or a in this instance a gay
guy. Jubilee stands at the foot of the toilet taking another
big pee, head cocked back.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
I swear to God, if that little
fagot touched me any where, I am
going to cut his dick clean off.


                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
And how the fuck could Anna let
this happen? I know she was
dissatisfied with our sex life,
but to stoop as low as bringing a
gay guy into the mix. Wait, I
must have been really fucking bad,
I mean really bad.
He finishes going to the bathroom leaveing his pants undone.
                       JUBILEE (V.O)
I have to see if my butt is still
in tact. I wonder if Anna even
knows? She didn't act like she did
or did she? Wait, maybe she did,
yeah that's it that's what this
all about.
Jubilee quickly pulls his tight jeans down to his ankles. He
begins mooning the mirror, trying to catch a good shot of
his ass.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
My butt looks fine. I mean it
doesn't look like anything touched
it. Yeah, it looks fine, in fact
I have a really good ass, I can
see why that little fagot would
want too...
Tony knocks on the door of the bathroom.
Hey padre are you about done in
there? And who the hell are you
talking to? You talking to Anna?
Tell her I say hello.
Juby quickly pulls up his jeans and fastens them shut.
Hold on, just about done. And
yeah I was talking to Anna.
He opens the bathroom door while buckling his belt. Out of
no where, Jubilee gets bitched slapped in the face.
Pinche cabron! What did I tell you
about using that word faggot? You
are the fucking faggot. Now come
sit down, finish your drink. I
know this must be hard for you. I


                       TONY (cont'd)
remember my first time as well. I
had many different emotions racing
all over the place. But I told you
to never say that word. Now we are
even, cool, cool?
Tony leads the way back into the living room. Juby is
holding his cheek from the very powerful open hand bitch
slap he just received.
Tony already sitting down on the large comfortable couch.
Jubilee heads for the near by chair.
No, you can't sit on that chair. I
just had it cleaned, and you look
like you just walked off the night
club dance floor me am-ore.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
Damn, why did he have to ask me to
sit by him? Does he plan on
trying to seduce me? Wait a
second, there could be sedatives
in this drink.
Stop saying that fucking shit. Who
do you think I am Juby? You
really think I am a monster or
something? What happened to you
homie? Since I was a little boy
you were always there for me.
Tony what are you talking about? I
didn't say anything?
Shut up! I'm talking now and yes
you did just say that. What I was
trying to say amigo is you were
there for me in grade school and
highschool when all them fucking
bitch jocks would pick on me.
Tony tears up followed by feathering fingers.


Who drove me to my Dad's house
when I broke the news to him about
my sexuality. Who? That was you,
the old you.
He moseys over to the couch and sits down.
                       JUBILEE (V.O)
Jesus Christ, this speech again.
I've changed, I am racist now,
hopeless lover, heartless,
negative, resentful,envious
depressed, boring, and oh yeah,
just like my father. Yep, that
just about does it.
And don't forget an alcoholic and
a drug addict.
What the hell is going on. How
the hell did you hear what I was
That's it never mind. Tony I still
am and always will be there for
you, you have been best friend for
as long as I can remember but
right now I have a much bigger
problem. You have to tell me what
we did last night? Did we take any
unusual powerful drugs?
Tony's moment of sentiment has quickly subsided.
What else is new? Little Juby
doesn't remember the night before?
And yes we sure did, it was
What did we take?
Oh nothing too different. It was
MDMA, with a twist or at least
thats what Dr. Blake said.


Are sure that's all we did?
Oh yes positive, but you were
doing it all night long as if it
was coke or something. Line after
line after line. You probably
beat George Young's record for
most lines in an evening.
Are you serious? Why didn't you
tell me to stop?
Tell you to stop? Are you
kidding. I haven't had that good
of entertainment ever in my life
and besides you kept telling me
how you wanted me to do you in
butt. So of course I kept giving
you more. I've been trying to get
your sexy ass in bed since
Shaking his head, Juby sits back on the couch, attempting to
Fuck that's it. That's why this
is happening.
Oh, don't worry about it amigo,
black Tuesday. You will feel
better in a day or so. Well in
your case it might take a week or
Damn, Tony Montana we have got to
do that again. Whatcha you doing
tonight? And this time leave Anna
at home.
Leaving her at home won't be a
problem. I don't think she wants
to see me ever again.


Oh, are you ok? I'm sure she wants
to see you, sweaty.
Juby dodges Tony's arm which was attempting to caress his
Hey I gotta get going. I gotta
figure some shit out. Thanks for
the drink Tony. I will call you
Hold Juby, the timing couldn't be
any better. My man's sister is
coming into town this weekend and
ironically she just broke up with
her boyfriend. Joel says she
needs to get laid and I think you
would be perfect for her.
Don't you think that's a little
No, not at all. When I broke up
with Henry I went out that night
and met Joel. There's nothing that
eases the pain of a break up like
getting laid, and it's like a week
away, come on man.
      (Snaps back)
Five days. It's like five days
He heads for the door without hesitation.
Alright see you then for sure.
Hope to see you sooner.
I will think about it. Is she hot?
Gorgeous! Not as hot as you. Juby
just come out. We all know you're
as queer as my left nut.


Juby shakes his head. Right before the door shuts on Tony...
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
Fucking faggots.
Tony runs to the door and starts yelling.
You bastard! I told you not to say
that word and call your Mom she
is worried sick!
Juby takes off down the sidewalk quickly.
We see Jubilee walking extremely fast. He pulls out his
cell phone he notices nine missed calls from his Mom. He
scrolls down to Anna and dials. While doing this he is not
paying attention while crossing the street. Cars stop
abruptly, honk their horns and yell. Jubilee is oblivous.
His cell phone is ringing, but not fast enough for impatient
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
Come on Anna, please pick up. I
need to talk to you. She was
right. She's can't read my mind.
Pick up, pick up...
                                         CUT QUICKLY TO:
We are now inside of Anna's large, extremely corporate and
professional office in her office building. We find her
making out passionately with a corporate monkey.
She looks down at her phone. Checks it quickly.
Fuck, it wouldn't be fitting if it
wasn't Jubilee.
She looks at the phone debates quickly and presses ignore.
She quickly gets back to business.
                                         CUT QUICKLY TO:


Jubilee struggling to put his cell phone in his pocket jogs
back towards his apartment. Before we know it, Jubilee is in
the court yard. His neighbor the CAT WOMAN (70's) is sitting
by the pool, accompanied by six or seven prowling cats.
Cat Woman is not very attractive up close. Old, woman stash,
ratty salt and pepper hair.
It sure is. I'm sorry I can't stay
and chat. I'm in a hurry.
                       CAT WOMAN
You kids are always in a hurry
these days. You need to take time
to smell the kittens.
She holds a kittens up to her face and takes a big wiff.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
Blah, blah, blah, What is it about
woman and cats? Does it say
somewhere that the more cats a
woman has the lonelier they are,
or is that the more lonely they
are the more cats they have to
have? I should ask her. No wait. I
                       CAT WOMAN
I think the more lonely you are
the more cats an old woman like
myself needs. Besides when was
the last time I received some
affection from a gentleman such as
yourself Juby.
She curls one of the long black hairs from her mustache
around her fingers, cracks a smile and winks an exaggerated
                       JUBILEE (v.o.)
Did she really just do that? That
is fucking disgusting.
Cat Woman's smile turns upside down rather quickly.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
Shut up head. Shut the fuck up! I
know. I'm not going to leave my
apartment, that way nobody can


                       JUBILEE (cont'd)
hear what I'm thinking. Yes
that's it! That's the best idea
I've heard in a long time.
We see Jubilee trying to open his door and out pops his
goofy looking half retarded neighbor. He is still dressed
in a robe looking like he just got out of bed.
                       J'S NEIGHBOR
Except me.
Juby is completely caught off guard.
                       J'S NEIGHBOR
I can hear you through the walls
remember. Damn you got problems
That's great. Thanks for sharing
that with me.
We see Jubilee finally get into...
                                         CUT TO:
Jubilee slams the door on his neighbor.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
That guy is such a weirdo.
                       J'S NEIGHBOR
I know you are but what am I.
Slightly startled by his neighbor's voice he makes his way
to the bed, lays down, facing the ceiling.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
How did this happen? What am I
going to do? Who can fix a problem
like this? I wonder if this has
ever happened to anyone else. Is
this a hereditary mental disorder
like schizophrenia? Wait a
second. Is this schizophrenia?
Yeah that's it. I have
schizophrenia, but isn't
schizophrenia when I hear voices,
not when everybody else hears


                       JUBILEE (cont'd)
voices? Or I guess they are not
voices, because they are actually
real thoughts. I mean I know they
are my thoughts. Maybe everybody
around me has turned schizo, but
how is that possible? No it can't
be that. There's no way everybody
else can have schitzophrenia.
                       J'S NEIGHBOR
Dude! Shut the fuck up! I am
trying to get some sleep and you
are talking like you are cracked
out or something!
Hey! Fuck you man! Who the hell
goes to sleep at three in the
afternoon on a Tuesday? Besides
didn't you just wake up?
Juby still laying on his bed looking towards the ceiling.
                       J'S NEIGHBOR
I do. Now shut up!
Jubilee grabs is hair and lays in bed trying his best not to
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
That fucking annoying ass
neighbor. Does he just sit with a
stethoscope up to wall listening
to everything that I say or think?
I mean everything that I think. He
acts like I can just shut off my
head. The only way to shut off my
head would be to blow my fucking
head off. Well that's the best
idea I've had in a long time. Who
do I know that has a gun? I know.
Tony's boyfriend Joel. He has a
nice gun. I think he used to be a
cop before he came out of the
A loud knock comes from Jubilee's door. It stops.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
Oh thank God it stopped. I didn't
want to see anybody anyway.


A very loud, urgent, knock comes from Jubilee's door this
time. Jubilee nervous, slowly gets up as the loud banging
continues. He makes his way to the door to find...
His neighbor still in his robe standing there holding a
business card and a joint in the other hand.
What do you want now?
                       J'S NEIGHBOR
I heard you say all that stuff
about suicide, and I wanted to
apologize. I've been there. You
have got to find a way to become
one with the universe.
Jubilee surprised and speechless.
                       JUBILEE (V.O..)
I can't believe this insane man is
comparing me to him.
                       J'S NEIGHBOR
I'll forgive that last comment
being that you are crazy in all.
Take this card. He's the best
shrink in town. I've used him for
years. Beside Tony came to my
place earlier and told me to give
you this.
What? You know Tony?
                       J'S NEIGHBOR
Yes, you didn't know? See that's
what I am talking about. You are
lost in that crazy poisoned head
of yours.
                       JUBILEE (V.O)
What the hell is going on, Tony
and my crazy neighbor are friends.
Why the hell do they think I need
                       J'S NEIGHBOR
Well for one, you treat Anna like
shit. I would die to be with her.
Anna, what the fuck?


                       J'S NEIGHBOR
Just go see Dr. Blake. Tony said
you used to be a very good guy.
Jubilee stands there speechless. And before he can think
anything... His neighbor goes back into the apartment and
turns some quiet elevator music on to muffle Juby's
vocalized thoughts.
Jubilee shuts his door and walks back to his bed laying the
card on the night stand, flashing the name Dr. Blake. The
card's tag line says "Changing the way you think from the
outside in."
He shuts his eyes and before we know it Jubilee has fallen
                                         FADE IN.
The following morning we find Jubilee in the waiting room of
the legendary Dr. Blake's office. The waiting room is quiet
with the exception of multiple life size card board cut outs
of the famous actor Roberto Figeroni.
Jubilee makes way to the front desk to find SARA (33)
sitting. She is young and beautiful. She has short brown
hair and Snow White skin. She is wearing a fairly revealing
button up shirt.
Excuse me miss. I believe I have
an appointment with Dr. Blake at
Ok. What's your name sweetie?
Jubilee Stellar.
Wow! Are you serious? Jubilee.
That can't really be your real
name? How did you come up with
She cracks up laughing right in his face.

Jubilee is caught off guard by the question and he quickly


walks away from the desk and back to his seat. He feels
some bad thoughts arising quickly.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
Jesus. What kind of dip shits do
they have working in this cooky
ass place? Who the hell asks
where I got my name? Am I really
going crazy? I thought everybody
knew where the fuck we get our
names from.
He's just far enough away so the beautiful Sara doesn't hear
his thoughts although the only other person in the waiting
room has a disgusted look on her face.
Jubilee sits back in his chair and before we know it Sara
comes strolling into the waiting room, clipboard in hand,
cleaverage falling out of her sexy shirt.
Juby is too shocked to even think.
Hey Jubilee. Can I have you fill
out the three pages attached to
this clipboard?
She quickly flips through three pages showing what he needs
to fill out. To Jubilee's good fortune a smiley face with
the words "I'll Call You" appears on a sticky note.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
It must be my lucky day. I hope
she calls. Her body was banging.
I cannot believe she dresses like
that. I wonder if she knows what
she does to men. Thank God I don't
have to work with her. I don't
think I'd get anything done. I'd
just be thinking about fucking her
all day. I wouldn't be able to
take anything she says seriously.
Hell I don't think any man could,
well except Tony, but that doesn't
He finishes filling out the forms and brings them back to


Here you go Sara. All finished.
Say do you think that I could get
your number? I'd love to take you
out to dinner or something?
Oh, so you won't go out with me?
I didn't say that. I said I'll
call you. Besides isn't dinner a
little cliche and boring? Oh, and
we'd have to change your name. I
can't tell my friends that I am
going out with a guy named
She smiles flirtatiously at Juby. Chomping her gum wildly.
He doesn't know how to respond.
Roberto will see you now.
Who is Roberto?
Dr. Blake sillly, Dr. Roberto
Jubilee follows Sara into...
The office is pure white, the desk, walls, couch, chairs
everything. The words, "Changing the way you think from the
outside in," are stamped behind the Doctor's desk. And life
size card board cut outs of Roberto Figerini engulf the
Just have a seat in the chair. He
will be in, in a minute.
Juby sits in the chair. Before Sara can make it out the
door Dr. Blake sneaks by and takes a seat at his desk across
from Jubilee. He is wearing too big glasses and a


                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
Damn this guy looks alot like the
movie star Roberto Figeroni. This
is going to be good. A doctor who
is insanely obessed with Roberto
Figeroni. He must be a real quack
job. The real Roberto Figeroni
doesn't even have this much
Roberto Figeroni paraphelnia. And
when did shrinks start wearing
Dr. Blake quickly rips the stethoscope from his neck and
throws it under his desk. As Juby continues to think, Dr.
Blake just stairs and follows along by taking notes.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
Why is this Roberto fucking
Figeroni look alike keep staring
at me? I knew this was going to
be a waste of my time, well not
quite a complete waste of my time
if Sara calls me. That's it. I'm
leaving. Raging Tiger weirdo can
stare at somebody else. He's
probably gay, I mean look at this
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
I can assure you I'm not gay.
Juby whom was about to leave stops dead in his tracks. He
realizes the Doc has heard his mind.
So now you know my problem. Sorry
about all the comments, thoughts
or whatever they are. No offense.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
None taken.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
I cannot believe how much this guy
looks like Roberto Figeroni. He
hasn't acted in a decent movie
since Raging Tiger. I don't know
what all the hype is about this
guy? He is god awful ugly. I
thought you had to be good looking
to be an actor, definitely not
this guy's case. That's if he even
is Roberto Figeroni, but he can't


                       JUBILEE (cont'd)
be. He's a shrink?
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Alright enough!
Sorry Doc. I can't stop these
thoughts. Short of blowing my head
off. You've got to help me! I
can't go through life with
everybody hearing everything I
think, please!
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
If your thoughts weren't so
disgusting why couldn't you go
through life with people hearing
them? Uh? Uh? I'm on to something
aren't I eh, eh, eh,?
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
Is this guy a freaking joke? And
what is with all the uh's? I think
he thinks Pesci in Casino or
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
I know. Sorry about my demeanor.
All your comments about Figeroni,
especially the ugly one just
seemed a little much. Anyway, I'm
going to ask you a few questions,
Ok, sure.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Why are you here?
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
Did Figeroni really just ask me
that? Did he not stare at me for
an hour and watch my lips not move
as all these thoughts poured out
of my head? Figeroni should go
back to acting.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
      (Under his breath)
Alright, I got a better idea. I
shouldn't of gave this moron one


                       ROBERTO FIGERONI (cont'd)
of those pills. this guy is real
fucking bad, I mean really fucking
bad. I don't think I can take
listening to that retarded head of
Dr. Blake reaches into his drawer and pulls out a bottle of
moonshine labeled Moonshine and two glasses.
He sets the glasses on his desk filling them about half
Blake slides the full cup over to Juby and he keeps the
other for himself.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Alright, now that's better. My
treatment is based around the idea
that thoughts become words, words
become actions and actions become
thoughts and so on and so forth.
So essentially if we change your
thoughts we can change your
actions. And by changing your
Actions we are going to change
your life. Sound good? good!
You are going to change my
thoughts, yeah fucking right. What
are you God? Nobody can change my
thoughts retardo.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Shut up! Rule number one never
question me or my treatment plan.
And yes this is part of the
treatment plan. Oh yeah and if we
can hear your thoughts we can
change them.
Dr. Blake shoots his down. Jubilee hesitant follows right
behind the Doc. It takes Juby a few gulps, actually two or
three and he finishes the glass, but not without burning
eyes and a head rush like never before.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Alright, now don't move. I'll be
right back.


Jubillee sits patiently as the alcohol quickly begins to
take affect, and before we know Dr. Blake is back in the
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Alright, much better. How do you
feel now?
Actually pretty good. Thanks for
the drink Doc.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Good that's more like it.
Blake and Juby begin a staring contest that goes on for two
to three minutes. No vocals from Doc, and no thoughts from
Juby. Things are going good.
After pulling out a packet of paper, Blakes slides it across
the desk to Jubilee. Jubilee without hesitation signs it.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Good. The medicine is working. You
didn't think even one of your
obnoxious thoughts, so we know
alcohol can treat your symptoms
but we don't want you drunk 24/7
so we will move forward with
treatment. Go ahead and initial
every page, and sign the last
three pages.
Whatever you say Figeroni. You're
the Doc. I can't believe Roberto
Figeroni is my shrink!
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Good again. Your mouth was moving
the whole time that you said that.
So we can confirm your vocalized
thoughts are cleared up for the
moment. Second I am Robert
Figeroni, and yes, Roberto
Figeroni the movie star.
See I told you so. What do you do
this gig for? Charity or
something? Is Robert Blake your
real name?


                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
First of all Robert Blake is my
stage name. Figeroni, that's my
real name and no I do not do this
for charity. I expect to get paid.
And Sara the receptionist, she is
actually Lyndsay Squears and yes
Lindsay the movie star, singer,
socialite. Are we clear Jubilee?
Now can we move on from this?
Valuable time is wasting.
No way, Sara?
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Lyndsay get your sexy ass in here!
Sara pops into the office right away.
Yes Dr. Blake.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Take off that wig of yours.
She pulls off the short black haired wig and golden blond
hair pops out. She rubs her hands through her hair, and
magic, it's Lyndsey Squears.
Holy shit! That's really her. Hey
is Sara your real name? And are
you still going to call me??
No, Sara is my stage name, and no
I will not be calling you.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Thanks sweetie. You can go back to
work now.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Alright, first things first. I was
told that you used to be a very
positive thinking, happy,
compassionate, hopeless lover and
the list goes on and on. Oh yeah,
you fucking enough?


Um, define enough and how would
you know that?
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Alright so you obviously don't. Do
you have any insight as to why
that might be?
I am over weight and it's alot
work for me.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Ok, I guess I always feel guilty
while I'm doing it and directly
after I do it, so I don't like to
do it. Does that make any sense?
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Now we are getting somewhere. You
obviously haven't done enough bad
shit if you feel guilty while
having sex. We will get back to
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Question number two. What was your
favorite movie that I acted in?
That's tough, but I thought you
were great in Making Love While
Eating a Donut.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
I knew it. I have a goody tissue
little nancy boy on my hands. I
have just the remedy. But first
how do you intend to pay for the
treatment? Do you have a job?
No. I am in between work but I
have a small trust and
unemployment that I live off of.
Besides why the hell do you need
the money? I thought you said you
do this for charity.


                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Wrong. You said I do this for
charity. I am performing a service
and I should be paid. It's not
about whether I need or don't need
the money. Capesce? Anyway, take
this here and go checkout with
Blake pulls out a pistol from behind his desk and lays it on
the table.
What am I going to do with that?
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
You're robbing a gas station. Not
another word. Sara will go over
the details. Get out. See you
soon! That is if you're not in
jail after the robbery.
Jubilee gets out of his chair stumbling. He grabs the gun
and heads towards the door.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Hey! You forgeting something boy?
Blake pulls out a sheet of paper and begins to write.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
What could I be forgetting? I got
the gun...
Blake abruptly interupts Juby's thoughts.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
My autograph you little shit. Get
your ass back over here.
                       JUBILEE (v.o)
No. I don't want his autograph. I
mean if he was like Pitt or Cruise
maybe. But even then what would I
do with a little scribble on a
piece of paper. No one would ever
be able tell if it's real. Unless
I took a picture with him holding
the autograph but even then I
don't really want some idiot
actor's autograph.


Roberto gets out of his chair abruptly, knocking it over and
holding the autographed sheet of paper.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Alright come here you ungrateful
little bastard. Here, here take
the goddamn autograph.
Blake starts trying to stuff the autograph in Jubilee's
pocket but he has no success.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Lyndsey! bring the camera in here
right now! Jubileep, lee whatever
the hell his name is wants a
No really Doc, I'm ok. I'll get
it next time, promise.
Jubilee side steps Blake, and quickly heads for the door.
Next time, ok.
All that we see is a crumpled up autograph fall to the
The waiting room is empty and Sara is no longer behind the
counter. She is sitting in the waiting room. Jubilee holds
the gun like an idiot. He is now tipsy and feeling the
effects physically from the moonshine.
Hey, what are you doing? You can't
go around waving that thing like
that. Besides you are drunk and I
believe it's illegal to use your
gun while you are drunk.
A drunken smile spreads across his face.
Before speaking Jubilee burps.
Hey so are we going to go rob a
bank or what? Bonnie follow me to
the bat mobile.


We aren't robbing a bank. We are
robbing a gas station. This is
your first time, don't want to go
professional already do we Juby?
Can I call you Juby or do I have
to be your girlfriend to do that?
And I'm driving.
Yeah, you can call me Juby if I
can call you my girlfriend while
we do this.
Its a deal, but promise you are
not going to fall in love. I'm no
good at relationships. I wouldn't
want to break your heart.
Ok Bonnie. You and Roberto
Figeroni are the boss. Isn't it
illegal to date your boss anyway?
Wow, did you really just say that?
Jubilee if I couldn't date my boss
I would never have job. You
really are sheltered.
Sara guides Jubilee out the door and into the...
And Clyde, quit calling me Bonnie!
We are just robbing one gas
Gotcha Lyndsay. Have I told you
how hot you look right now?
Sara blushes because Jubilee with the remittance of his
belly would be a very sexy young man.


No you haven't, but thank you.
There's my car. I know just the
gas station.
She points to the all black Mini Coupe 2012, totally
pimping. She opens the passenger door for Juby before
entering the driver's side door.
And the two of them take off down the street, quickly and
head for Beverly Hills. It's not long before they get to
their destination, right in the heart of Beverly Hills and
They park the car and wait. It is now noon the busiest time
of the day.
They continue to wait. Before long Sara pulls out a matching
Alright Juby. Are you ready for
this? Do you think you can do
Yeah for sure. No doubts babe.
A crooked scared smile stretches across his face.
Well, you are going to take the
lead. You know what to do, right?
Jubilee keeps trying to impress Sara.
                       JUBILEE (V.O)
No, not really! But I can't tell
her that. Girls don't sleep with
Yeah, for sure. Let's do this!
Right before the car door comes open... He holds the gun as
if he is ready to exit the car and rob that goddamn gas


                       JUBILEE (V.O)
Ok wait, I can't do this. This is
crazy. We are going to get killed,
and what if we fail, and if we
succeed we will go to jail and why
the hell did you pick the busiest
gas station at the busiest time.
Wait a second, I know what you are
doing. You are trying to get me
caught. That fucking two faced
back stabbing phony Figeroni. He's
pissed cause I thought he was ugly
and gay and a bad actor. Yes
that's what this is about.
Sara staring in amazement at Jubilee's worry.
You really need some help, man.
She reaches towards Juby's door handle. Before he can say
stop, she kicks him out the door and jumps out firing her
gun into the air like an Indian. Juby stumbling and
fumbling his gun in hand follows right behind. The two run
as if to be in SLOW MOTION. Sara looking like she's done
this before, Juby looking like an awkward idiot. It's not
long before they make through the doors of...
The gas station is full, ten or twenty people. She points
her gun waving it at everybody, wildly. Juby trickles in
behind... beginning to get the hang of this.
Nobody fucking move! Everybody
down now! Get on the goddamn
Yeah, you all heard the lady! Get
your fucking asses on the floor.
We are robbing this fucking gas
station...Yee Haw!!!!!!
Sara looks at Juby and smiles.
Now that's more like it.
Juby nods his head in agreement.


Now what? What do we do next?
She smiles and hands him an empty bag.
Go nuts, like a kid in a candy
store. Grab as much as you can,
got it? Except for the money in
the cash register and make sure
you get all of it. I'll get the
money out of the safe.
Up to this point we have not seen a smile that big from
Jubilee. We finally take notice to the boy's gorgeous
smile. It's a smile bright enough to light up the darkest of
Really? Ok.
Jubilee and Sara go their separate ways. Jubilee heads
straight for the candy aisle and he starts dumping as much
as he can into his bag as he walks. The moment seemed to
trek on forever. As Juby walks from aisle to aisle he
swiftly sweeps in candy from the shelves and side stepping
Nobody move, or I will shoot.
                                         CUT QUICKLY TO:
We now see Sara with one of the employees as her muse. She
has her gun pointed at the man's back, all the while he
unlocks the dial opening safe.
Hurry the hell up man! Are you
trying to get us caught?
He hurries, faster trying to open the safe.
                       CASHIER 1
I'm going as fast as I can. Please
don't shoot.
Just hurry the fuck up. This is
taking too fucking long.


She fires her gun in the air. The gun makes an extremely
loud bang and smoke spits out of the barrel... Weirdly no
debris falls from the ceiling. Cashier 1 finally gets the
safe open.
                       CASHIER 1
There you go. Please can I go now?
No, don't fucking move. You got
it, good.
She stuffs her bag full with four to five stacks of cash.
Juby! Are you about done in there?
Get the cash and let's get out of
                                         CUT QUICKLY TO:
We see Jubilee, stop grabbing candy. He is heading behind
the counter where Cashiner 2 is on his hands and knees
covering his head terrified.
You, open up the damn cash
register now! Don't make me use
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
Look at this fucking India looking
motherfucker. Why does every
India mother fucker have to work
at a gas station? Is that like a
right of passage for them?
                       CASHIER 2
I am not from India. I am
Surprised, Juby lowers his gun ever so slightly, as he
begins to say...
What? Even your Indian ass can
hear my thoughts?


                       CASHIER 2
And it's not a right of passage.
The American government offers all
types of subsidies for Aliens.
Cashier 2 is scared but he hurries to open the cash
register. The stacks of dollar bills sparkle in Jubilee's
                       CASHIER 2
There you go. It is open. Take it,
just please don't hurt anyone.
Jubilee reaches into the register and starts to grab all the
money from it. He fills his already half full bag with all
the cash except for the few stragglers that fall to the
For the record, I'll consider this
a grant from the government to me.
Do you know how hard it is for a
good old fashion white person to
get any type of grant?
                       CASHIER 2
No sir, I am sorry but I did not
know that. Please take the money,
just don't hurt anybody.
His gun is now laying on the counter while Jubilee frozen by
dollar signs still continues to fill his bag.
Sara, let's go! I got the money!
Jubilee finishes filling his bag and he slowly turns around
to find Cashier 2 holding his gun and aiming it him. He
drops the bag.
                       CASHIER 2
Do not move or I will blow your
fucking head off.
Jubilee about to crap his pants, his smile has definitely
turned upside down. Cashier 2 is holding the cordless phone
in his hand, getting ready to call, when Sara steps out from
the back pointing her gun.
Nice try! Drop the fucking gun,


                       CASHIER 2
No you drop the gun or I will blow
you friend's fucking head off.
Sara looking as confident as ever, there isn't an inch of
fear in her body.
Cashier 2 holds steady with his gun pointed at Juby. His
head is cocked back and forth between the two.
Drop the gun. I'm not dropping
He will not stand down. Juby has already pissed his pants.
Sara drop the gun. I don't want
to die. Jail is better than death.
No it isn't. Shut up Jubilee.
Everybody, not willing to give up their ground.
This is your last warning mister.
I will kill you right now.
Nothing happens...until boom a gun goes off. Jubilee screams
holding his head like a little bitch.
Boom a second gun goes off... Smoke emerges from the
Cashier's gun which is pointed directly at Jubilee. Cashier
2 drops to the ground. His gun follows close behind. Smoke
emerges from Sara's gun.
Lets go Juby, now!
Jubilee brushes his self trying to feel for blood, but he
doesn't find any. He then goes to the cashier.
Are you hit??
Juby now! Let's go! The cops are
Cashier checks himself. He isn't hit.


He missed. You missed. Everybody
missed. Good. That's good. Nobody
got hurt. That's great. I'm going
live. He's going to live...
Juby, shut the fuck up! Let's go!
Grab the bag! We have got to get
out of here.
Juby dancing around grabs the bag and the gun and follows
Sara towards the door. Right before exiting, he stops in
the doorway, points his gun the air, bang, bang...
Wild, wild west! Yee Haw!!
Surprisingly once again no debris falls from the ceiling
that Jubilee just shot twice. He doesn't notice. Sara looks
at him breaking her poker face to cast a bashful smile.
We now see them running out the door of Queens Care and
toward the Mini Coupe. Right before three cop cars come
screaching in, they bust out of there. Juby and Sara
laughing the whole way...
The car is completely decked out. Jubilee is tossing cash
in the air smiling and laughing. Sara looks cool calm and
Hey don't get that cash all over
the place we're not quite done
with this mission.
We are not going to another gas
station are we? I mean that was
fucking awesome but we probably
shouldn't do it again, already
should we?
Don't pee your pants again Juby.
Relax. We aren't robbing anything
again, just yet anyways.


Oh, that's cool. I mean I am down
with doing it again that was
We should probably stop by so you
can change your pants first.
Juby's now eternal smile subsides, as he quickly becomes
Oh, thanks for ruining my mood,
He gives her a love tap on the shoulder.
I can't believe you pissed your
pants! What a pansy!
You don't have to rub in it.
Relax. If I tell you something,
you promise not to tell anyone?
I promise. You can tell me
anything and your secret will die
with me. That's just about the
only thing I am good at.
They share a quick, cute smile together.
Ok, I think I can trust you. Ok
here I go. Nobody knows this
about me, but the very first time
I had a nude scene, I peed all
over the sound stage, in front of
I can't believe you did that! I
thought you were professional... I
thought actors weren't suppose to
get nervous?


I still get nervous every time I
do a scene. It's weird because
real life doesn't make me nervous
anymore. The only time I get
nervous now is when I get on that
stage and see all the people's
eyes staring at me and there is
nothing I can do. I can't run. I
can't hide. When he says action I
go. I act no matter how I feel. In
the real world we get multiple
chances, many chances. When I am
acting, the director wants it
perfect on the first try and if
I'm lucky a second try. So much
time and money is at stake.
Wow, I did not know any of that. I
thought it was all glamour, fun
and glitz?
I wish Jubilee. Sometimes I wish
I could have lived a normal life.
Sometimes I would take back
everything to have a second chance
at life. And to live one where I
have just a husband that loves me,
a cute beautiful white picket
fenced home, and a beautiful
little girl who I can watch grow
Jubilee stares in shock. He has a confused content look on
his face.
They glance back and forth at each other, but remain silent.
That's funny that you say that.
That's all I ever wanted too. I've
been out of college for 8 years
now, and I can't hold a job, a
girl friend, or a bank account,
not to mention a home and a kid.
Although, I wouldn't mind having a
little Juby Jr.


Really? That's sweet. I've never
heard a guy talk like that. It's
The two exchange stares once again and Jubilee leans in and
gives her a kiss on the cheek. She smiles and becomes
Jubilee breaks the ice.
So where are we going?
Patience my dear. You'll see soon.
We're giving the money to
Oh come on! You can't be serious.
Serious as a heart attack.
That sucks! I hate charities. Did
you know that so many charities
spend 90% of the money that we
donate on their staff and business
expenses? Most the money never
even gets to the people that
really need it.
That's weird. I feel exactly the
same. That's why we are going
straight to the source.
What? How do we do that?
You'll see. Just hold your horses
my little apprentice.
They share another smile.
But first we have to make a pit
The next thing we see is the car pulling into...


We see Sara shut the car off and remain seated.
Do you think the cops followed us
No, I didn't see any, but I bet
they will have our car and plates
You're probably right so stuff
your pockets with as much of the
cash from you bag as we can. Then
give me what's left.
Jubilee does as told, without question. When his pockets
are full he hands what's left to Sara and she finishes off
the bag with her pockets.
Both of them get of the car and before we know it they are
on the inside of ...
She goes straight for the gift card aisle. There are gift
cards from just about every store you can think of. They
grab twenty to thirty one hundred dollar gift cards each.
They pay for them with the money they stole, leaving very
little left for themselves.
See Juby. This is called cleaning
the money.
I gotcha.
Jubilee gives Sara a cheesy wink. She stares back with a
face that states, "I don't think he gets it at all."
They walk back to the car. Juby hops in.
Jubilee gets into the Mini Coupe.
What are you doing? Get out of the


What? We're walking?
No, silly. Follow me.
Juby follows Sara who is quickly walking towards the brand
new Porsche Boxster.
You sober now? Or at least sober
enough to drive?
She tosses the keys to Juby and they both enter the...
Jubilee hesitates, but hops in shortly after Sara who is in
the process of putting her brown, short haired wig back on
her head. She is wiping off all of her make up.
Sorry, I am going to have to get
ugly for you. If I go as Lyndsay
even the homeless people will
harass and grab me and all that
kind of stuff that comes with
being famous.
Jubilee starts the car, and the built in talking GPS kick
starts with a voice, "go to Santa Monica blvd and continue
east for six miles."
What is this thing already
preplanned or something?
Sara, now completely free from makeup, glances bashfully at
Jubilee and then quickly back towards the windshield.
Yes, just follow its directions.
It's taking us downtown to the
Ok, no problem. Hey look at me.
She glances at him, but quickly turns away.


Hey why can't you look at me? I
thought real life doesn't make you
It usually doesn't.
Jubilee pulls over to the side of the road.
I'm not going anywhere until you
look at me.
Juby stop it. Go. We haven't got
much time. Please?
Nope look at me.
Gosh, you are like a little child.
If I look at you will you go?
Yes, cross my heart.
She shyly turns towards Jubilee whom is staring at her
directly in the eyes.
Look at you... You look much
Oh God. Don't get all mushy on me.
Just go..
No, I am serious. You are much
prettier without all that makeup.
Sara turns her head bashfully, before she can resist...
Jubilee genlty grabs her chin and slowly turns her face
towards him. He lays a kiss directly on her lips. .

*We hear the loud booms of Fireworks going off in the
distance beating to a mellow rythem*
She is nonresponsive. Jubilee keeps kissing. She can't
fight it anymore. She gives in thoroughly and they start
making out wildly


*The Firework booms are now accompanied by flashes of
Fireworks reflection on the windshield and window, we aren't
sure if these are real or not*
Wait... Stop... I can't and we
have to get going.
Jubilee backs off. He pulls from the side of the road onto
the street. Following the voice of the GPS's directions.
The two are momentarily silent. They both felt the magic
from the kiss.
Breathing hard, Sara breaks the silence.
That's the first time I kissed a
normal... I mean...
Jubilee interupts.
It's okay, you can say it - a
normal person.
Yeah, a normal person.
They both stare towards the road in silence. Both with
gleaming smiles on their face. They finally reach the...
They get out of the car and onto the streets filled with
homeless people. They begin handing out gift cards. Juby
stops to take notice of Sara hugging...
A homeless guy on the street. The homeless guy is your
typical stereotypical homeless guy. Race unknown. His face
is too dirty to tell either way.
So tell me, what's your story?
She speaks directly to the soul of Homeless Guy 1.
                       HOMELESS GUY 1
Oh... you don't really want to
know my story. It's nothing


Sure it is. I bet you have great
                       HOMELESS GUY 1
You are just being kind.
He takes note of the hundred dollar Coffee Bean card that
Sara just placed in his hand.
                       HOMELESS GUY 1
I'll tell you what, if you meet me
every Sunday at the Coffee Bean
right around the corner until this
card runs out and you allow me to
buy you a cup of coffee, I will
tell you my story.
Jubilee still watching the scene unfold, waits in
anticipation for Sara/Lyndsey's response. Sara looks down
contemplating his offer.
Ok, you have a deal. But you have
to let me pick you up.
                       HOMELESS GUY 1
No. That won't be neccessary. I'll
meet you outside and I'll walk you
in. Please allow me that one
little pleasure.
He cracks a tiny little smile.
Ok, you win. You drive a hard
bargain Mr. and you are one hell
of a salesman.
                       HOMELESS GUY 1
You have no idea.
Jubilee still watching in awe. Sara grabs the Homeless Guy
and gives him a hug as if she has just been asked to prom by
the captain of the football team.
Jubilee smiles in the distance and the two of them get back
to handing out the rest of the gift cards. Before we know
it they are both out of cards.
And this beautiful scene has romantically come to an end.
Before we know it they are back in...


The Porsche Boxster pulls up to the Mini Coupe. It is dawn
and the sun is slowly setting.
Neither of them gets out of the Porsche.
I want you to know that I thought
what you did for that man was
What man? I mean there were many
You know the one that you told you
will meet for coffee.
Oh that guy, yeah he was pretty
sweet and cute.
So are you really going to meet
him every Sunday?
Sara pauses and ponders her answer.
You know, I think I actually will.
He made me so curious to hear his
Sara goes for the door to exit the car.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
Hey wait, don't go... I don't want
this day to end.
Sara stops outside the car shuts the door and peers through
the window.
Thank you Juby. I don't want it
to either, but we have time, why
rush it?
Ok, you're right. You are always


Oh, quit blowing smoke up my ass,
and hold on to the money from the
safe. You're going need it. Also
don't forget your next appointment
is this Friday at 9:30 with Dr.
Blake. Don't miss it, promise?
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
But, I don't want you to go. I am
going to miss you.
Sara hears Jubilee's thoughts, but she acts like she
doesn't. She likes what she hears, but doesn't want him to
know that.
Go home and get some rest. Friday
is going to be here quick and
remember - I'll call you.
Jubilee smiles and she smiles back.
Ok, see you Friday.
Oh yeah one more thing. Do you
see your Dad much anymore?
Oh, great question. I'm glad you
Oh, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have
Oh no it's not that. I just always
wanted to use the hamburger in
real life.
The hamburger?
Yeah, the hamburger is a sales
technique. You answer every
question with "great question glad
you asked." Up until just then I


                       JUBILEE (cont'd)
never ever used it in real life.
You are seriously a weird guy.
She turns to walk away.
Hey Lyndsay...He died 8 years ago.
He literally worked himself to
death. Had a heart attack in his
home office. The irony is he left
me 500,000 dollars and I haven't
kept a job for more than 9 months
I'm really sorry to hear that.
Really I mean that.
Thank you. I appreciate that.
He blows her kiss and winks a cheesy wink.
Sara walks away, hops in the Mini and heads West into the
SUNSET. Jubilee follows close behind. Until he makes it
It's now dark and Jubilee walks up to his apartment door. He
hears the elevator music playing quietly from his neighbors
apartment. Instead of rushing to enter his prison of an
apartment, he stops. Still glowing from his day he puts
his ear up to the door and listens to "Over the Rainbow"
playing quietly through the door.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
Wow! that was an awesome day. Best
day of my life, Sara I mean
Lyndsey is fucking awesome and I
think she likes me, no can't be,
that's crazy but maybe. Holy shit
and the gas station. That was a
rush shit, but wait I could still
get caught. Oh well for now the
day was worth it......etc...etc..
The fucking Indians that was
hilarious, and the homeless people


                       JUBILEE (cont'd)
We slide over to inside the door of J's neighbor to find
that Juby's neighbor has his ear pressed against the door
listening to Jubilees thoughts. He sits listening as Juby
continues to listen, both are smiling ear to ear.
Time passes and Jubilee finally enters...
The place is a mess, clothes scattered every where.
Shattered glass consumes the floor. Jubilee kicks around
for awhile, looking for a place to sit down, but there isn't
a chair or a table.
He picks one of the few pictures that Anna left behind and
looks at it.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
I miss Anna. She is so cute and
fun. Wait a second. She is a sex
addict hooker. I don't miss her
at all. Hold on. No she isn't,
maybe I was a selfish, lazy, and a
jerk. I mean under those
circumstances I would have broke
up with me. For God's sakes I
wrapped a thirty three year old
woman's scarf around my penis and
made it talk.
Blaring wildly with rave type music, his cell disrupts his
thoughts of Anna. He looks at the phone and Tony is calling.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
God what does he want. He
probably wants to invite me over
so he can rape me or something.
Stop it Jubilee. Answer the phone.
This guy is your best friend.
Juby answers the phone.
Hey Juby, where the hell have you
been all day? I have been trying
to get ahold of you all day.


Oh no where man. Sorry. I left my
phone at home and I just got back.
Oh, no problem man. How's your
cute little butt feel. I didn't
beat it up to bad, did I?
                       JUBILEE (V.O)
Oh yeah, I forgot that the faggot
raped me a few days ago.
It feels fine Tony. What's up man?
What are you doing?
Oh nothing much man. By the way I
heard you call me a faggot. What
did I tell you about using that
word? I swear if Joel's dick
wasn't currently rammed down my
asshole I would come right over
there and give you a slapping of a
life time. I mean... it would
hurt so bad amigo that you would
never use that word again.
And Why did you tell my neighbor
to give me that business card of
that quack job Dr. Blake?
Hold on for a second.
Tony puts his phone down on the chair that he was leaning
over. And we cut to Tony naked with Joel ramming his ass.
Hey you faggot! Stop fucking my
ass for a second, you big cute bag
of testorone.
Fine, you little short bitch. Who
the hell calls someone in the
middle of sex?


Joel walks away toward the bedroom. Tony picks up the
Juby you still there? Juby!
Hey man, Joel is driving me nuts.
I'm about to throw his ass out.
What would you think if I was to
ask you to come over?
What is up? How do you know
Roberto Figeroni and why do you
think I need help?
Ok, I understand you're not ready
to go full gay yet. I felt the
same way. I'll give you time.
You'll come around I know it.
Don't think so Tony. I gotta go.
Wait Jubilee. What about Friday,
you coming? We texted Joel's
sister Natalie a picture of you
and she is very interested. She
looks like a fucking model and
acts like one two. Wait I think
she is model, any how, you coming?
I don't know man. I might have
some other stuff going on. I'll
let you know.
Don't do that Juby. If you flake..
I'm not flaking. I never told you
for sure that I would.
Whatever. Just please do this for


Ok I'm not going to dinner, but I
will meet you out afterwards,
Ok. See you at 7pm at the Sushi
House. Bye.
What? I said no dinner.
Tony had hung up before Juby could get the lasts words out.
Juby lays down on his bed. Before we know it he falls
asleep, without any rambling thoughts keeping him up all
                                         FADE IN:
It is 9:45 am and Jubilee is still in bed. The sun shines
through his blinds. His phone rings, again and again.
Jubilee finally musters up the courage to answer the phone.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
Holy shit! Sara's calling. That's
awesome! I don't want her to know
I am still sleeping. She is going
to think I am a loser. Oh fuck
it! I better answer. What do I
have to loose? She is Lyndsay
Squears for God's sake.
Juby answers the phone.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
No it's not Sara. It's Roberto
Figeroni, you fucking moron.
Nobody stands me up for an
appointment. Get your sorry ass to
my office ASAP!
Oh shit Dr. Blake. I am so sorry.
What day is it?
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
It's Friday you asshole. What did
you do? Sleep all the way through
Thursday and half of Friday?
You're not taking drugs are you?


No, I mean sorry. I'm walking out
the door right now.
Without showering Jubilee throws some jeans on and walks out
the door to his Porsche that is parked in the back.
                       JUBILEE (V.O)
Holy shit. That was real. I still
have this Porsche, fucking right.
Juby quit celebrating Dr. Blake is
Jubilee drives ignoring the rules of the road and before we
know it we are at...
Jubilee storms into the office. No one is there not even
Sara. He is shocked and pissed.
Sara...Sara...Are you here? Where
are you?
Juby without thinking, storms into Dr. Blake's actual office
the one with white walls and rainbow colored accents.
Sara, where are you?
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Sit the fuck down Jubilee. Quit
calling out for a girl you met
just once like a little bitch.
Is that what she told you? Where
is she? She said we just met
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Sit down now. You know that Sara
that you are calling for. She is
my fucking wife! Did you fuck her
last night? Did you? You little
rat bastard. You did, didn't you?
She's not your wife. She never
told me that.


                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Just sit down. These bitches
aren't worth it anyway Juby. They
act too much on feeling. If they
feel the feeling of attraction
they think they're in love and if
they feel like they are in love
then all rules are out the window.
Lucky for you I have experienced
enough bitches to know this.
Jubilee is sitting in the chair across from Roberto.
Jubilee's ears do not believe what they are hearing.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
Oh my god I can't not believe
this. I feel so betrayed. She
didn't where a ring. She didn't
say anything...
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Enough! Shut that fucking head off
of yours. I told her not to say
anything and I told her not to
where a ring. I thought it would
be good for your recovery to spend
some quality time with a lady.
Jubilee still too shocked about what has transpired to
                       JUBILEE (V.O)
Oh my god this fucking moron. He
thinks robbing a bank with a
married chick is quality time. I
am going to fucking kill this
basterd. He set me up. He fucked
with her and my emotions.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Shut that head up. It is not
thinking straight. Remember rule
number one? Never question my
treatment plan.
Dr. Blake reaches into his drawer and pulls out the bottle
of moonshine labled "The Secret Weapon". He pours two
glasses one half full and the other a fifth full. He slides
over the half glass to Juby and Roberto quickly downs the


Fuck you and your games. I quit
this fucking treatment.
Blake pulls out a berretta from his desk. He points it at
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Shut up. Take the drink and let me
talk before you go getting all wet
in your pants again. Yes, Lyndsey
told me about your little pussy
ass pissing yourself.
He continues to wave the gun in Juby's face.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
I swear, I am going to beat the
living shit out of this guy, or
kill him. Fuck him.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Drink it. Come on...you can do it
little sissy boy.
Blake stands up and puts the gun into Juby's forehead. Juby
quickly downs the drink. It hits him like a ton of bricks
and his mind has gone quiet for a moment.
Blake sits back down and relaxes himself.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Ok, let's both just take a deep
breath and start over.
Jubilee follows order and takes a deep breathe.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Is there anything that you need to
ask me before we get started with
What happened to Sara? Where is
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Great question. Glad you asked.
Yes she told me about the
hamburger. Who the hell taught you
that queer ass shit? What kind of
stupid hick basterd would fall for
that shit?


I don't know Roberto. Will you
please just answer the question?
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Alright, can't even have a little
fun with these 21st century pansie
boys. I fired her. There. You
Jubilee immediately lunges toward Blake ready to flatten his
nose with a fierce punch. But, before he can do so, he
pulls out the secret weapon and places it between the two of
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Take another swig. Now don't make
me pull out the gun.
Jubilee takes a big gulp. By now the alcohol has set in.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Alright, now that's better. First
off, where's the money from the
I have it all safe and secure Mr.
Figeroni. It is sitting right next
to me.
Jubilee pats the bag for good keeping.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Good! Give it to me.
No, I did all the work. I'm
keeping the....
Blake quickly pulls out the bottle of moonshine and waves it
in Juby's face.
Alright, I will give it to you.
But first give me Sara's number.
There's like ten thousand dollars
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
I respect your pathetic attempt at
negotiation, but what is rule
number one? Yes that's right,
never question my treatment plan.


                       ROBERTO FIGERONI (cont'd)
And I bet your next question is.
Is this part of my treatment plan?
The answer is yes, yes it
definitely is. Now give me that
fucking money you little
backstabbing cheat. I need a new
By now, Dr. Blake has already reached over and grabbed the
bag full of money.
Ok, you can have the money. Can I
please just have her number?
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Maybe, but first we have to
continue on with the treatment.
We now see Dr. Blake sitting behind 5 tall stacks of cash
that are laid out on his desk almost covering his face. He
grabs the metal garbage can sitting behind him and places it
on the desk. Next thing we know he is lighting the first
stack of money on fire.
As they watch it burn, he speaks.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
You see Jubilee if you have this..
Dr. Blake points to his head.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
You don't need this.
Blake has already grabbed the second stack of money and has
set fire to it.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
You understand? Capesce?
Yes, I get it. If I have my mind,
then I don't need money. Then why
the hell, everytime I see you, do
you get me drunk?
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
It's part of my treatment plan for
you of course. Now, we both can
admit that your case is rather
unusual or at least extreme. So I
had to take a few extreme


                       ROBERTO FIGERONI (cont'd)
measures, so what? We do what we
got to do. Say it with me. We do
what we got to do.
By now Blake has lit three full stacks of cash on fire and
has set fire to the fourth.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Alright, Juby come here. You do
the last one. I can call you Juby
right, or do I have to be dating
Juby stands up from his seat grabs the last stack and lights
it on fire. He stairs in amazement as he watches it burn.
It burns almost half before Jubilee drops it in the metal
garbage can.
No. Juby is fine.
Damn. That felt really good. I
never thought burning money would
feel so good.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
See? I do know a thing a two, at
least quite a bit for an actor, I
mean Dr.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Anyway, sit down again. Let me get
right to the point. I have your
second task of the three to share
with you in regards to your
treatment plan.
Oh great, this ought to be good.
What next? Do I have to jump out
of a burning building?
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
That's great. Sarcasm. I like
that. That means you're getting
better, but no you don't have to
jump out of a burning building.
You have to take Lyndsay out to
dinner tonight.


Thats awesome! No way. I love you
Dr. Blake. Are you going to give
me her number?
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Don't wet your pants Juby. That's
a ten thousand dollar chair that
you are sitting on. You see us,
rich, powerful, famous, beautiful,
people we...
You beautiful sir??
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Great! At least you had the balls
to say it and I didn't have to
listen to that come out of your
ridiculous head.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
And I was beautiful. Let's see
what you look like in forty years.
Anyway I'm getting off track. What
I was trying to say is that us
supreme beings don't just give our
phone numbers out to anyone, so
here is her address. I told her
you'd be there at seven. Do not
and I repeat DO NOT be late,
capesce? Good. Now get out of
Thanks again, Doc.
Juby heads out of the office without hesitation.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The cops
called today. I gave them your
number and I told them Sara was at
home with me all night, sound
Jubilee hears him but he is not really listening.
Sounds good Doc. Thanks again.
Doc doesn't respond. He is speechless because of Juby's


Dr. Blake is driving through the streets of West Hollywood
on his cell phone. He is screaming to Lyndsey/Sara.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Lyndsey get this! I told Juby that
he had to take you out to dinner
Really? That's good. I mean are
you sure that's good for his
She hides her excitement.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Yeah, yeah it's perfect. Cause
when he gets to your house, you
have to tell the arrogant little
prick to leave and that he is a
fucking stalker.
What? Why would I do that?
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Because we've got to teach him a
little humility. The kid is
arrogant as fuck.
I don't know Roberto...
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
What do you mean you don't know?
What's rule number one? Never,
never question my goddamn
treatment plan.
Ok, sure Roberto.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
What don't tell me you are a
falling for this worthless nobody
prick? You were suppose to bethe
bate, lure him in, so he'll do the
treatment, the bate! You didn't
fuck him already did you? Lyndsey,
did you? I swear to god if you


                       ROBERTO FIGERONI (cont'd)
did, I'm going to, so help me god
never question my treatment plan!
You are the bate that's it!!
Sara has already hung up the phone....
Lyndsey, lyndsey... answer me,
answer me now! You're fucking
fired. You'll never work in this
town again, Lyndsey!!!
                                         CUT BACK TO:
Jubilee gets into his Porshe and drives home and quickly
changes. Soon after showering and changing into something a
little more formal he makes his way up to the Hollywood
Hills. Before we know it, we find Jubilee at the front door
                                         CUT TO:
The home sits on top of the world. We look down upon all the
ants marching resembling stars in the night sky.
Standing at the door with a bed of red and yellow tulips is
Jubilee. He rings the doorbell once and waits.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
Gosh, I'm so nervous. I feel like
I'm in high school again. I hope
she answers. What if she stands me
up, or worse, what if she's not
home? Or, maybe this is all a big
prank, set up by Dr. Blake? Yes
that's it. How could I be so
gullible to believe that a man
would set me up with his wife? I
mean that's just ridiculous...I am
an idiot. I'm leaving.
The front door creeps open, revealing Sara. Her short brown
hair wig, glows off the porch light. She is wearing a
simple but beautiful blue dress, revealing only her
shoulders and bright red lipstick.


*The mellow beat of Fireworks exploding is heard once again
in the distance*
Hi, how are you?
About speechless he quietly answers.
I'm doing great. How are you?
I'm really doing really well
actually. Are those for me?
Oh, yeah. Sorry. I almost forgot.
Here you go.
He hands her the bouquet of thirty or so red and yellow
tulips. She gently grabs them and puts them near her face
to capture the scent.
These are beautiful Jubilee. Thank
you. I hope you don't mind, I
didnt wear hardly any make up. I
thought you would like it if I got
ugly for you.
She cracks an innocent smile.
It's perfect. Again you look
So are you going to come in or
just stand on the doorstep all
Oh, yeah, or did you want to get
going? I was planning on taking
you to this great restaurant
Sounds great Juby, but first I
have a surprise for you. Follow
He follows her through the front door an into...


They make their way quickly past the three story entry way
and toward the dining room area. Directly behind a large
glorious wood dining table is a mosaic of windows creating
from a distance what looks like one giant window. The view
of the city is breathtaking. And directly to the right of
the large glorious dining room table sits a small cute
table. Food is staying warm in little metal food warmers.

Sara grabs a vase from the kitchen, puts her tulips in it,
sets the whole package on the table.
There. Now our romantic dining
set up is complete. I hope you
don't mind if we stay in tonight?
I wanted to cook you dinner.
Oh not at all. This whole set up,
beats the crap out of any
Good. I hope you don't mind my
cooking, as you probably know I
don't cook very often.
I'm sure it's great. I am easy to
please. I could eat a
cheeseburger off the dollar menu
every day if I had to.
Sara smiles while holding the back of Jubilee's chair who is
comfortably sitting at the dining set up. She is gesturing
for him to sit down.
I know. That's why I like you.
Juby smiles.
He takes his seat at the table and Sara follows his lead.
The two sit down across from one another with little space
between them.
I hope you like spaghetti and
meatballs. It's about the only
thing I know how to cook.


I love spaghetti. How did you
know? My mom used to cook it
every Sunday. and I haven't had
it since I moved here. I miss
that little tradition.
Well good. Dig in. You are
probably starving.
She uncovers his plate first and then hers, placing the two
plate warmers on the large dining room table behind her.
Jubilee takes a bite out of the spaghetti.
Wow this is delicious. Where did
you get the recipe?
A chef never discloses her
Juby goes for another bite and Sara follows right behind.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
This pasta taste unusually
familiar, almost exactly like my
Mom's. Weird. How could they both
make a pasta taste so close to the
So my spaghetti tastes like your
Yes, how did you know?
I heard you.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot about my
little problem...It's weird. I
haven't been having that problem
alot since I have been seeing Dr.
Blake. Maybe the crazy bastard
actually knows what he is doing.


I felt the same way about him at
What do you mean at first?
He helped me or cured me, whatever
you want to call it.
You mean you are a patient of his?
Was a patient of his.
Was that how you two met?
We had met a few times before.
Hollywood is like high school,
everybody knows everybody and Mr.
Popular today isn't Mr. Popular
So how long have you guys been
She starts to laugh.
What's so funny?
He told you we were married?
Not in those words. He said you
were his wife.
She starts laughing again.
We aren't married. Although I
think sometimes he'd like it if we


You can't be serious. So he has
had me feeling guilty for the last
few days for no reason.
Juby, he can't tell you how to
feel. Besides Roberto's never been
married. He always says it was
impossible for him to find someone
that really loves him and I can
definitely relate.
Jubilee is completely taken by surprise by this new found
That is awesome! This guy is
good. He had me believing that I
was contributing to your adultery.
You have no idea how good he
really is. I mean everybody in
the country had written me off
years ago.
Anyway, I don't want to spend the
whole evening talking about
Dr. Blake. Besides I quit working
for him.
I don't know.
                       JUBILEE (v.o.)
So you quit for me?
She smiles at him before speaking.
No, I was tired of being a
secretary any way. That is hard
work having to show up every day
at 9am and work until 6pm.
By now Jubilee has practically cleared his plate, leaving
little evidence to what was on it, except for the red sauce
on the side of his mouth and on his cheek.


So you didn't do it for me at all?
Not even just a little?
I don't know. You are putting me
on the spot.
Oh sorry, I won't do that anymore.
No worries, come here. You have
some sauce on your cheek.
She takes her white napkin, leans over the table ever so
slightly and starts gently wiping the sauce from his face.
The two lock eyes and she leans in for a kiss. It's the
kind of kiss that contains magic. It's the kind that
expresses mutual love and respect for one another.
She stops kissing, leans back in her chair, and they stare
silently for just a moment.
Thank you. Thanks for all of this,
everything so far.
It's been my pleasure.
She gets up from the table.
Come here. I want to show you
She walks over to Jubilee, grabs his hand. He gets out of
the chair slowly staring and thinking only of her. She
guides him to...
The bedroom is completely white. At the foot of the bed is
an all white love seat. Still holding his hand, she leaves
him a few feet in away from the love seat.

She stands directly in front of the love seat, stares in
silence at Jubilee. He stares back.


She unzips her dress and it falls to the ground. She is left
in her underwear only, no thong, but a sexy but a
sophisticated piece of under garments. She smiles. Juby
smiles back nervously.
Juby, I want you to draw me like
Rose in Titanic.
Jubilee nervous as hell, remains silent.
                       JUBILEE (V.O)
Oh my god. She looks so hot. I
don't want to disappoint her, but
I couldn't draw if my life
depended on it. Besides Leo
didn't really do that drawing, I
heard it was Cameron. Why is she
asking me to draw her?
Shhhh. Relax. I am joking. Come
Jubilee relaxes his shoulders, and slowly walks over to her,
excited, but relieved.
Juby stands a few inches taller. He holds her in his arms
and the two stare into each other's eyes.
Thank god you were joking. I
couldn't draw if my life depended
on it.
I know. I heard that wild and
crazy mind of yours.
They kiss romantically as they fall onto the LOVESEAT.
Juby's shirt comes off, then his pants, still making out,
sex may take place.

The two of them are MAKING OUT WILDLY and then Jubilee picks
her up and takes her to the bed, still making out. Her
underwear comes off. Juby on top in between her legs, sex
about to take place...
I want you Sara.


I want you more, my little
Jubilee takes his boxers off, they both are completely
naked, still making out, she moans as Jubilee begins to
touch her below the belt.
Wait hold on Jubilee. Let's wait.
What's the rush? And besides if we
do it it already, we will ruin the
excitement that comes with the
anticipation of sex.
Jubilee smiles and stops.
Ok...I like that idea.
He rolls off her and onto his side facing her. Juby takes
the covers, pulss them over both of them up to their waist.
He starts lightly caressing her from stomach to chest and
back to stomach then chest. There is so much happiness in
the room that a third party would probably be disgusted.
I'm glad you said to wait.
Are you really or are you just
saying that?
I am dead serious. I was going to
say that to you.
I bet you were.
Seriously...Why don't you believe
Because, aren't all men, just a
walking bag of testerone waiting
for the first chance they get to
stick there penis in something?


Not all men.
Juby looks down and they start kissing again.
Don't most girls think they're
being rejected if a guy doesn't
immediately try to jump their
No! I thought men thought that???
Wow, weird...Who'd a thought? I
don't believe you. Think you're
just trying be proper.
Think what you want but it's true.
Most women would agree with me.
Anyway this convo is over Mr.
Typical case of men from Mars,
women from Venus.
Sara gets up out of bed completely naked.
Hold on. I have another surprise.
She walks slowly and sexy towards the door of the bedroom.
Jubilee watches her take every step.
                       JUBILEE (V.O)
Wow. Look at her. She looks so
beautiful. Wait, did I just say
that cheesy bullshit?
Right before exiting the bedroom, she turns and faces Juby.
Yes you did just say that and it
wasn't cheesy... It was sweet.
She exits the room leaving Jubilee laying in the bed staring
up at the canopy. The words "Changing the way you think from
the outside in" hang from the canopy.
                       JUBILEE (V.O)
How did all this happen? And it's
happening so quick. I'm in bed
with a star. Who would have
thought? This can't be real. And I


                       JUBILEE (cont'd)
care about her so much weirdly.
I've never cared about a gil like
this before. This can't be real.
Stuff like this doesn't even
happen in the movies...
                                         CUT TO:
We find Figeroni dressed in army attire with binoculars
peeping on Sara Jubilee. He sees Sara naked. His eyes are
perverted. He looks extremely goofy as he tries to keep
from falling.
He pulls out his cell phone and acts like it is a walkie
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
David get your ass to the
Lyndsey's house now! The little
prick is about to screw Lyndsey!
                       COP 1
So, thats not illegal!
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Yes it fucking is! And what about
robbing the gas station. Thats
illegal! Get there ASAP, and
don'tquestion me.
                       COP 1
Alright, fine, We'll be there in
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Ok, good over and out!
                       COP 1
You're not on a walkie talkie.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Shut up, just go.
Blake hangs up his flip phone and crashes to the ground.
                                         CUT BACK TOO:


We now see Sara standing in the doorway completely naked.
She is holding a bottle of white champagne and two glasses.
I thought you might like some
Secret Weapon to stop that head of
She walks towards the bed.
Yes. This is real.
She sits down on the bed, pops the champagne which lightly
overflows. Two glasses of champagne are poured. She hands
Jubilee the one that is a fifth full and she takes the half
full one.
I want to do a cheers.
What should we cheers to?
Hold you glass up.
I cheers to doing things the right
way, to us, and to happiness! Your
Ok, I've got it. It's no longer
good to be bad, from this day
forth it's good to be good!
Well said.
They cheers, followed by drinking..
They finish and the door bell rings.


Oh great. Who the hell could that
be? It's probably the Zaporozhye.
Hold on, excuse me Jubilee, I'll
be right back.
She grabs a robe throws it on and heads to the front door to

Two cops standing on the porch. She quietly sneaks away
from the entry hall way and quickly walks back to the
Get your clothes on Juby. We have
to get out of here now.
What, why?
The cops. They are at the door!
They must have seen my car.
Oh shit, fuck! They know we robbed
the gas station?
Sara is already half dressed. Jubilee starts to throw his
suit back on, leaving the tie on the floor.
Thats what it looks like. What
else could they be here for?
They both completely dressed.
                       JUBILEE (V.O)
Oh my god. What the fuck are we
going to do. I can't go to jail. I
knew this was to good to be true.
Fuck. Just when things were
starting to go good. This is just
my luck. I'm going to jail. I know
Juby, shut up! It's going to be
fine. Trust me. Just follow my
She walks over and lays a kiss on his lips. His shoulders


The doorbell rings again.
Follow me. We are going out the
They scurry towards the back porch door. Jubilee takes a
mental snapshot of the view and dining arrangement before
following her out the porch door and quickly down the
extremely steep steps. But before exiting the home one of
the cops takes notice to their escape attempt through the
door window.
                       COP 1
There they go! They are running!
                       COP 2
Fuck, kick the door in.
Cop 1 kicks the door in and they both run towards the back
of the home and out out the porch door to see the tail end
of Juby jumping off the last of the very steep steps and
into the darkness. By now both cops have guns drawn and
making their way down the...
                       COP 1
Stop, Lyndsay. We know it's you.
We just want to ask you a few
They keep running down a path among the Hollywood Hills
avoiding the cops.
We have to make it down to the
next street. I have a Viper parked
in the street. If we can get
there, I think we can out run
Okay, I don't know if I can do
this Sara. Why don't we turn our
selves in? We may only have to
spend a year or so in jail? That's
better than being dead isn't it?


No it's not. That is the most
horrible thing I have ever heard
come out of your mouth. They
don't have unisex jails Jubilee.
How would we see eachother?
She pulls the Berretta out of her purse.
Besides if they get too close I
have this.
Jubilee doesn't know whther to be relieved or more nervous.
Okay, you are the boss.
                       COP 2
Lyndsay stop! We want to ask you a
few questions. We are getting sick
of you running everytime we come
to your door.
Follow me. Quick!
She fires off a round towards the cops.
Fuck you David. Leave me alone! I
thought we had a deal.
You know the cops by their first
Yeah, I gave David ten grand and
the best blow job of his life.
Why the hell would you do that?
We had a deal. He was suppose to
keep his douche bag crew from
bothering me. But the pig totally
renigged on me. I would like to
put a bullet right between his
eyes. Now keep moving. We are
almost there.


They race down the path toward the street... Before we know
it they reach the street, but not before a few gunshots are
fired off by the Cops and a couple shots fired back by Sara.
What are you doing Sara? You're
going to kill them. I'm just
about done with this so called
treatment bullshit.
I'm not aiming at them. I'm just
trying to slow them down. Come
on. The car is down here. Juby
trust me. Dr. Blake knows what he
is doing.
She turns and runs down the well lit street. Jubilee close
behind. The cops are no where in sight.
I think we lost them. Hurry
though. It won't be long before
they catch up.
Sara, wait! I can't do this
anymore. Ever sense I met Dr.
Blake I've gotten in nothing but
Hey snap out of it! I will not
let you go to Jail. Besides,
things have got to get worse
before they can get better, ok?
They finally reach the viper that Sara spoke about, but it's
not a traditional viper it's a smart car with the words
Viper nicely painted on the side.
How the hell are we going to out
run cops in a Smart Car?
It's turbo charged. But we won't
need speed if we are smart. I
know some back roads. Get in.
Sara pulls her cell phone out of her pocket and dials a
number. The person on the other end picks up right away.


George, get the plane ready. I
have to get out of town for
She hangs up without saying goodbye. Gets in the...
And starts it. She slams on the gas and they scurry away,
right before more shots are fired from the police. Luckily,
no bullets or debris hit the car or the debris that
surrounds them. They take off down the road while the cops
climb back up the hill to get in their cars.
That hill should slow them down. I
can't tell you how many nights I
hurt myself trying to climb up
that hill drunk.
She chuckles a bit and looks at Jubilee.
Are you ok?
Yeah, fine just trying to catch my
I hear you. We should have a few
minutes before they catch up to
Good, I could use a few.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
I still can't believe how stupid I
am. The me that thinks straight
would have instantly walked out
the door the moment I met the
quack job doctor. But, no I had to
let my penis make the decisions.
Sara hears his thoughts. Then looks at him, preparing to


Juby, remember what I said. Things
have to get worse before they get
better. And you have already
improved so much.
Where are we going?
You'll see. It's a surprise. What
do you got going on the next month
or two?
Month or two!? Where the hell are
we going for a month or two?
It's a surprise. How's your
calendar look?
I guess it's pretty fre...yup 100
percent free. I ain't got no job
and I ain't got shit to do.
They share a smile, both still panting.
Where you from Jubilee?
Iowa. Why?
Just curious. I feel like we kind
of skipped the getting to know
each other part of this
relationship. I mean most the
time when I go on dates we
usually exchange the questions;
Where are you from? What do you
do? Do you have any brothers or
sisters? What's your parents do
I know. I get that alot. Every
girlfriend that I have had always
thinks I don't care about them
because I don't ask the bullshit
cliche questions. It's not that I
don't care. I am confident that


                       JUBILEE (cont'd)
the person will natural unfold
before my eyes, over time like a
great character in a movie.
That's interesting. I have never
looked at it that way, and I can't
imagine many other women do as
Sara looks at him, but says nothing. She is shocked at his
I guess all that stuff is just a
theory, because up to this point I
haven't been too successful with
that idea.
Jubilee gives himself a little pat on his own back laugh.
Well, have I naturally unfolded
before your eyes?
Beat. They share a silent moment.
                       JUBILEE (V.O)
Not really, she's really fucking
confusing actually. Why the hell
is she doing this for me. She's
famous, rich, hot... And I am some
unemployed fat loser.
Not really you are kind of
Who said I liked you?
Not to bring up a sore subject but
how did you get your name? I've
never met anybody with the name
It's stupid. My Dad named me after
the fireworks on the fourth of
July...I guess I was conceived
while my parents were watching


                       JUBILEE (cont'd)
Are you serious?
See. I told you it was stupid.
The name literally means
Well, I like the name and the
story. It's unique.
                       JUBILEE (v.o.)
I guess she's right. That was
about the only unique thing Dad
ever did. He was the most boring
man alive...
Sara stares silently at Jubilee. She doesn't know how to
respond. Jubilee drifts off into his own head momentarily
but is quickly awakend by Sara...
Oh shit Jubilee hold on! We're
going off roading! It's a short
Before Jubilee can respond a gun shot wakes them out of
their dream. The cop car is right behind them sirens a
You better take that short cut
fast because they are right on our
It's right up here. Almost there.
Hold on. It's going to be a sharp
The COP CAR is tailgating them. Giving them a few love taps
to the Smart Cars BUMPER.
Right before the cop car makes an attempt to give them
another tap to the bumper, she turns sharply onto a BIKE
TRAIL. The Smart Car fits perfect on the path. The path is
too small to fit a normal sized car.


The car smashes into the over hanging tree branches.
Jubilee keeps looking back, anticipating the cop car to
appear behind them, but no cop car shows up.
Sara, I think we lost them.
I told you we would. We are almost
Are you still not going to tell me
where we are going?
I told you it's a surprise. It
should be a turn right up here.
We see Sara take an abrupt and extraordinary sharp turn, in
fact two wheels come completely off the ground. They
continue down the bike path that is completely hidden by
trees. It's dark. The headlights of the Smart Car are the
only source of light for Sara and Juby.
They are driving towards an airport while Juby is still
unclear of their destination.
Hold onto your seat. Just over
this hill...
The road continues to get even more bumpy. A steep hill
approaches them quickly. The hill is five to six feet high
but extremely steep.
Sara puts her arm in front of Juby attempting to protect him
from danger.
You have your seat belt on tight
Jubilee looks at Sara terrified.
Put your head back against the
seat and brace yourself. I don't
think the car is going to make it


                       SARA (cont'd)
out alive.
What? Then stop!
The car hits the small bump in the road and grabs air for a
second, then FACE PLANTS into the GROUND. The car stands
vertically in the air. Jubilee and SARA are bruised but not
Sara, Lyndsey, are you ok? What
the fuck should I call you?
Yes! Are you? Can you get out of
the car? The airport is about 50
yards straight ahead. Call me
whatever you want. What's a name?
Do you need help? And I'm so
confused. Are you Sara or Lyndsey
for god sakes?
Does it really matter Jubilee? I'm
ou. :et's go. The pilot is waiting
for us.
Pilot? What is going on?
Just run. I'll tell you in the
Sara takes off, Jubilee follows close behind. They run in
slow motion until they reach a sign that says; LIBERTY
PRIVATE AIRPORT. Sara stops right by the sign. The PRIVATE
JET is visible.
Do you see the plane? We have to
run towards the plane, but be
Ok. I'm ready. Follow me.
Jubilee sprints towards the jet, Sara right behind. They
run on the air strip until they reach the stairs to the jet.


George, the pilot and greeter, stands at the foot of the
Hi George. We got to go. The cops
are right behind us and they will
be here soon.
Sara followed, by Jubilee, and George. They run up the
steps, but not before the cops show up. They fire their
pistols toward the jet. These cops must have really bad
aim, because not one bullet hits the plane.
We see Sara standing in the doorway as the other two make
their way up the stairs.
The cops are about 300 feet away and climbing closer, still
Hurry! I have to pull up the
stairs. George is the engine
Yes. We are ready for take off.
George and Juby make it through the entry way of the Jet and
Sara starts retracting the stairs, but not before, David the
cop grabs a hold. The stairs continue to retract towards the
jet lifting David up with it. David goes all the way. He
reaches the doorway of the jet and grabs ahold of Sara.
Help! Jubilee! Help! He's pulling
me out of the jet.
The plane is moving and quickly picking up speed. Sara
can't hang on much longer. Right before she is about to be
pulled right out of the plane., Juby shows up holding a
beretta. He points the gun right at David's forward.
Let go of her! Now!
                       COP 1
Fuck you!
Juby doesn't hesitate. He pulls the trigger. David flies
off the doorway. Sara jumps inside, shuts the door, and
closes the hatch.


David rolls a perfect roll in the middle of the runwayL like
he was pro-actively protecting himself.
Jubilee grabs Sara and hugs her, like he almost lost his
entire world.
Are you ok? I was scared I was
going to loose you.
I'm ok, I can't believe you shot a
cop for me you crazy idiot.
It just kind of happened. I
thought he was going to kill you.
Thank you Juby. I'll forever be in
debted to you.
They stand up in the middle of the smooth flying private
jet. Sara stares at Juby.
                                         FADE IN:
The action stops. We find Jubilee and Sara sitting down,
holding each other's hands.
I want you to relax Jubilee.
She caresses his neck.
I'll try.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
How does she expect me to relax?
In the last three days, I
committed armed robbery, evading
the police, adultery, and now
murder. I'm going to jail for
life... I'm never going to get to
see her again. I'm going to get
ass raped every day. Maybe Tony
was doing me a favor. Ironically
he's kind of helped prepare for
when I drop the soap. Thank god


                       JUBILEE (cont'd)
for Tony.
Sara snaps her fingers.
Snap out of it. You're going to be
fine. We're going to be fine. We
might just have to get you a STAGE
He smiles. She has a way with him.
You get some sleep. We have about
a six hour flight ahead of us.
Can you please tell me where we
are going so I can relax?
Ok. We are going to Hawaii. I have
house there right on the beach.
No way! That's awesome. I've
never been to Hawaii.
She walks over and gives him a kiss on the lips.
Now get some sleep, ok? Sweet
He smiles, leans back, puts his feet up, and shuts his eyes.
He starts to dose off, but not before his telephone rings.
He pulls his phone out of his pocket, and the name reads
                       JUBILEE (V.O)
What the hell does he want? Oh
fuck. I forgot about dinner. He is
going to kill me and if not he
will hold a grudge.
He answers the phone. Sara is up in the cockpit with
Tony man. I'm so sorry. I forgot.


Don't piss your pants homie. I'm
still going to be your friend. You
just missed out on a great night
me amore.
Wait. Did you hear my thoughts
through the phone? How the hell
did you know I was thinking you
weren't going to be my friend any
No me amore. You think I can hear
your thoughts through the phone?
That's crazy talk homie. I just
know you so well. And besides I'm
surprised you are even getting
reception up in the air like that.
Wait, what? How did you know I
was in a plane? I haven't told
Love you amigo...
Tony quickly hangs up the phone, before Jubilee can get
another word in.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
What? That was weird. How the hell
did he know that? Did Figeroni
tell him? Maybe he called the
Doc, but wait I didn't tell him I
was going to see a Doctor. Maybe
he went to my place? And my
neighbor maybe told him. Oh fuck
it. Who cares? I need to get some
sleep. I'm exhausted. It's 3:45 in
the morning.
Jubilee lays back, puts his feet up and closes his eyes.
Finally he is about to get some sleep, but not before his
phone goes off again. This time it's a text from Tony
again. The message also contains an image to be downloaded.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
I can only imagine what this could


He downloads the photograph and waits anxiously... Before we
know it a naked picture of Tony appears on the screen with
the words Alibabba is Mine across his chest with lipstick.
He scrolls down to find a boner with the D X symbol with his
hands. A creepy laugh from Tony pipes through Juby's phone.

Juby cracks a smile, sits back puts his feet up and closes
his eyes.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
There is nobody like Tony. I
don't know what I would do without
him. Wait did I just think that?
Yes I did, and I actually mean it.
Holy shit I actually wish Tony
was here so he could hear these
Before long Jubilee has fallen asleep. Sara peeks at
Jubilee from the cockpit doorway. She smiles.
                                         FADE OUT:
Morning has finally come. Jubilee is sound asleep. Sara has
been up fidgety all night. The sun light shines through the
windows and Juby slowly awakens from a puppy like slumber.
Sara sits in the seat next Jubilee. She touches him lightly
on the leg until Jubilee wakes from his slumber.
Hey are we there?
Good morning sleepy head. We are
still a couple hours away. How
was your sleep?
It was actually very comfortable.
These seats sure as hell beat the
hell out of a commercial air line.
I know. I can't remember the last
time I have been on one those. It
probably was when I was little


                       JUBILEE (V.O)
That would be one hell of a
problem to have. Never flying on
commercial jets.
No, I guess I don't. We've had
this jet for so long now.
That's cool!
Juby sits back in her arms and gets cozy. She wraps her arms
around him.
I still can't believe you shot
someone for me.
I know don't remind me.
He sits against her large pillow like boobs.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
The weird thing is, I don't feel
guilty. Should I feel guilty? I
think I should feel guilty. Am I
crazy because I don't feel guilty?
I could be. Maybe I should call
Figeroni and tell him. No that's
not a good ide. The cops could
have my phone tapped by now after
all the shit that's happened.
It's ok if you don't feel guilty.
It's human. Don't question it.
Besides he almost killed your
lover. He deserved it.
Did you hear my thoughts?
Actually no. I just know how you
think now.
                       SARA (V.O.)
That's actually pretty exciting. I
can't remember the last time I got
close enough to someone to know
how they think.


Just curious, when was the last
time you got close enough to
someone to know how they think?
It's been forever for me.
She smiles. For the first time, Jubilee heard her thoughts.
It's been a very long time.
She sits back, gets cozy and holds Jubilee a little tighter.
Their moment of extreme contentment is reassuring. Both
their eyes are shut and they're in a moment of meditation. A
loud boom from the outside of the planes startles them
Sara quickly arises and heads for the cock pit.
Wait here.
She quickly makes her way to the...
But not before another loud BOOM SHAKES the PLANE, almost
knocking Sara to the floor.
George what the hell is going on?
The plane's nose makes a sharp decline toward the ground.
I don't know Lyndsey! The control
panel says the left engine blew
What the hell does that mean?
The plane picks up pace TOWARD THE GROUND. George tries
desperately to keep the nose up.
George do something! We are going


Hold on. Don't jump to any
conclusions. I know someone who
might be able to help.
George picks up his head set, and makes contact with the
Hawaii airport.
May day. May day. Control booth -
are you there? I think we are
going down.
towards the ground.
                       CONTROL BOOTH/J'S NEIGHBOR (V.O.)
What seems to be the problem
We've had three loud explosions
come from the left side of the
plane, and the control panel says
the left engine is completely out.
                       CONTROL BOOTH/J'S NEIGHBOR (V.O.)
I have you on my radar. It says
the plane is losing altitude
quickly. Can you please confirm?
Oh my God. We aren't going to make
it, are we George?
                       CONTROL BOOTH/J'S NEIGHBOR (V.O.)
Affirmative. It doesn't look good
Thanks smart ass, as if we didn't
know that. Is there anything that
we can do?
                       CONTROL BOOTH/J'S NEIGHBOR
Yes. Please try to crash in some
barron land so you don't kill
anybody else.


By now Jubilee is also in the cock pit listening to the
control booth.
                       CONTROL BOOTH/J'S NEIGHBOR (V.O.)
Hey Jubilee! How are you doing? Is
there anything you'd like to tell
your mother?
And now we cut to the...
Jubilee's mom is sitting next to the man in the control
booth/J's neighbor, who is currenlty speaking. Although the
control booth looks more like the Hawaii beach and the guy
speaking looks more like Jubilee's neighbor.
Jubilee and Sara stare at each other confused.
                       CONTROL BOOTH/J'S NEIGHBOR
Hey kid you haven't got much time
so hurry the hell up. Your mom is
sitting right next to me.
Mom are you there?
                       JUBY'S MOM
Yes, sweetie. I'm here. My God
                       JUBILEE (V.O)
What? How the fuck did my mom get
to the control booth so quickly?
This can't be real. Can it? Mom
are you really there?
                       JUBY'S MOM
It's good to hear you. Yes it's
real and I am here, I am here.
      (Unusually calm)
It's been way too long Mom. I am
so sorry. I'm sorry for the way I
have treated you since Dad died. I
blamed you.
                       JUBY'S MOM
I know you did sweetie and it's
ok. I forgive you. I didn't
understand the pain that you have
been going through for too long,


                       JUBY'S MOM (cont'd)
until Tony called me a few weeks
By now tears run down Sara's and Jubilee's face.
Wait, Mom, You've talked to Tony
too What the fuck is going on?
She ignores his question.
                       JUBY'S MOM
I love you.
Mom... Mom, are you there?
They lose reception. The plane continues to dive quickly.
                       JUBILEE (V.O)
What the hell is going on? Tony,
my Mom Lynsdey Squeers, Roberto
Figeroni am I tripping on acid or
going crazy this can not be real.
Wait it's not over yet. Lyndsey we
still have the parachutes from
when I took you and Britney
skydiving, don't we?
YOU'RE RIGHT! Let me go check the
storage compartment.
Now we see her RUNNING UP the PLANE hall way. It's an
uphill battle, as the PLANE continues to DIVE. She doesn't
seem to be getting any where very quickly. The STORAGE is
in her reach. Close...closer...she has reached the STORAGE
She desperately digs through the storage. She finds two
PARACHUTES and slides down the HALLWAY. Seconds pass and she
is in the cockpit.
Juby, George look! There's two
parachutes. George you were right!


But, there's only two. What are we
going to do?
Sara's smile quickly turns upside down.
I'll stay. You two go. I'm going
to jail for life without parole.
Sara looks at Juby disappointed.
No Juby. You go. Thanks for the
kind gesture, but I'm old, and
I've had a great life.
I can't do that George. I'll feel
too guilty.
George quickly and aggressively stands up and grabs Juby's
Look kid. It's my choice. You have
nothing to feel guilty about, you
understand? Now put that God damn
parachute on before I change my
fucking mind.
Jubilee is shocked but relieved.
and counting, 11,500, 11,000...
George we aren't going to be able
to jump with the plane like this.
The plane has to be level.
Don't worry. I'll get it level
for a few seconds. Just get those
parachutes on!
Sara and Juby run to the cabin to put the parachute
equipment on. A few minutes pass and they're all ready to


                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
But I've never been sky diving
before. I can't do this. I hate
heights and what if the chute
doesn't come open?
You will be fine. We are going
buddy. Britney had never been
What's buddy?
It's when we are attached to
eachother. Here get in front of
She quickly straps Jubilee to her parachute gear. Now Sara
and Juby are prepared to make the jump together.
But if anything should happen, all
you have to do is pull this string
and your parachute will open.
What could happen?
The wind could separate us if the
force is strong enough. But it
rarely happens, so don't worry.
You two better get going and fast.
Sara and Juby now attached hobble into the cockpit. Sara
gives George a kiss on the cheek.
Wish us luck.
Good luck. Now, enough of the
shit. I'm going to count to three
and I'm going to level the plane.
The minute it gets level, you have
to jump, no hesitations. I won't
be able to hold the plane level
very long. Got it? Juby you got
it? Don't you hesitate. I don't
want anything to happen to


                       GEORGE (cont'd)
                       JUBILEE (V.O)
Why doesn't he give me God Damn
note pad for all those directions.
All he needs to say is jump.
You little smart ass piss ant, why
I ....
Shut up enough George. Just get
the plane level
They hobble back to the cabin and Sara without hesitation
on their ass.
Alright. Ready one, two...
Have faith Juby. I won't let
anything happen to you.
Wait, hold on.
Sara OPENS THE DOOR WIDER. She braces herself and Juby from
the WIND.
With all his might George pulls on the instrument. The
PLANE SLOWLY LEVELS. George is about to have a heart attack.
Go now, go, go, go!!
Sara pulls them out the door and into the FREEDOM OF THE...
The WIND BLOWS against their face. Everything below looks
so tiny and IRRELEVANT. The view is BREATHTAKING.


*The loud boom of Fireworks echo throughout the seemingly
silent sky*
HOLY SHIT SARA! We are going to
die. I can't do this. I cant.
We are going way too fast!!
The GROUND is quickly approaching. WIND continues to BLOW
hard against their faces. Sara has her arms out with a huge
I feel so free Juby. You have to
try this. Put your arms out. It's
incredible and try to pull them in
towards your body. It's
impossible. The wind!! It's so
much stronger than us.
Jubilee is holding on to his chest straps for dear life. His
eyes are shut with the exception of a few brief peeks.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit...
Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God...
Mid sentence Juby's thoughts transpose to words.
Holy Shit, Oh my God!!!
Hush, just open your eyes. There
is nothing to be afraid of.
She guides his arms slowly out like a bird. As she guides
them she whispers in his ear...
I think it's about time Ms.
Lyndsey retires. What do you think
Jubilee is enjoying himself. A smile, spreads across his
Sara leans up against his neck and gives him a few little
kisses interchanging with ROMANTIC WHISPERS...


How's Hawaii sound? I think I'm
ready to be Sara for good. All I
want now is a husband that loves
me, a home with a white picket
fence and a little girl that I can
watch grow old.
The two, still FREE FALLING.
What do you think Jubilee? Will
you marry me?
You could have anybody. Why me?
Now that's a great question. I'm
glad you asked! Because! You are
the only person that I can be sure
loves me. Remember, I can hear
your thoughts.
Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. But
we've only known each other for
three days.
So what? Do you love me?
Sara pulls a ring from her chest pocket. It's made of
silver. Engraved in the ring are the words, UNITY, SERVICE,
Yes, but this is crazy. I love
Do you still think this is a
loveless world?
She chuckles at her own joke.
What have you been in my
apartment. How'd you know I felt
that, did you see the book on my


Ignoring his last comment, She unhooks him from her
parachute while still holding him close.
Remember this... If you love
someone you will let them go if
they need that...because it's that
feeling that lasts forever and
that feeling is left behind for
Wait what, you are going to let me
She then throws the RING down towards the ground. The RING
burns down past him as it free falls towards earth. ...
...because sadly on this planet,
love is rarely enough but in this
case it is... And if you ever need
to get lost again, I'll let you,
if that's what you need, because I
love you and that's what love is.
Right before she lets Juby go chasing after the ring she
It wasn't your fault your Dad
worked himself to death. It was
She lets go! She PROPELS Juby towards the ground, chasing
after the ring. He is falling at a much faster pace then the

Sara pulls her string and her PARACHUTE EXPLODES open
jolting her up towardS THE CLOUDS. She is now making a
gradual decline, floating. She watches Jubilee. He is
aerodynamic chasing the ring.
The ring seems to be floundering in the wind. The ground,
only about one mile away is approaching Jubilee quickly. He
gets closer and closer to the ring. It is in his sight. He
reaches out his hand, closer, closer, and finally, he grabs
the ring.

Now we see Jubilee upright, fumbling to put the ring on his

HE CAN'T! Now it is placed in his chest pocket.


Holy shit! I am going fast.
Wait...When did everybody start
hearing my thoughts...?
Four or five friends around, all pressuring him to drink.
Jubilee hesitates, but the thought of being a dork quickly
overcomes him.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
That's right... I remember. You
remember... We all remember.

Juby drunkenly talking out of his ass, calling fat girls
fat, calling slutty girls sluts. Being derrogatory towards
women, treating them like a piece of meat...

Jubilee finally gets the ring stuffed in his chest pocket.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
It was Tony, holy shit, he always
told me that someday he would
repay me, for my kindness. (beat)
Fuck, he's good...Oh the string! I
need to pull the string.
He remembers the STRING. He PULLS it. Nothing! He pulls it
again and nothing. A look of worry spreads across his face.
Juby tugs on the string and tugs and tugs.
Fuck! Open you fucking piece of
He pulls it again. This time pulling the string right out
of its socket and into his hand.
FEET FIRST, it looks as if FACE PLANTING on the GROUND is
Fucking mother fucker! Son of


He explodes with yells. Juby has never blown his temper as
wild as now.
Jubilee stops the tantrum abruptly. He looks down, with a
blank gaze, towards the quickly approaching land that
continues to grow larger and larger.

He is now among the BIRDS but not for long as he passes them
by. If Juby were looking through a small hand held
telescope, he would probably find Figeroni on...
                                         CUT TO:
With a big grin across his face. He is sitting in a
director's chair. He is holding a LARGE REMOTE CONTROL with
a big red button centered and a very large, comical antenna.
Next to him is Tony.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Tony, should we let him suffer a
little longer or should I set him
Above the red button reads "Step 11 Mission Complete."
I think he's had enough amigo,
after all he thinks he got fucked
in the ass.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
I can't believe the little fucker
thought I was a Doctor. I'm just
another drunk trying to stay
He hits the button.
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
Isn't technology great!
Yes, Mr. Figeroni. Have I ever
told you how handsome you are?
                       ROBERTO FIGERONI
When haven't you told me? You've
been trying to get me in the sack
for 9 years!


                                         CUT BACK TO:
The PARACHUTE EXPLODES OPEN! Jetting Jubilee up into the
sky. He is now making his gradual decline towards land.
                       JUBILEE (V.O.)
Holy shit! It's a miracle!! I
thought for sure I was going to
As he floats to the ground he sees two giant bullseye tarps.
The one on his left reads NO and the one on his right reads
YES. His phone rings. He pulls it out of his pocket.
                       JUBILEE (V.O)
Who the hell could this be? It
better not be Tony.
I told you I WOULD CALL YOU. How's
the fall going?
Sara it's so good to hear your
voice. Where are you? Are you ok?
I'm right above you.
He looks up and waves to her. She waves back still holding
the phone.

So what's your answer? Right and
Yes or No and Left?
She hangs up before he can answer. She reaches back,
catapulting her phone towards EARTH.
Sara...Sara... Are you there?


Her phone zips by Jubilee. He watches it as it float
towards the ground.
And he follows her lead throwing his phone towards land and
shortly after we see him land on...
The PARACHUTE covers him and the rest of the bullseye tarp.
He tries to make his way out from underneath, but he
AND NOW WE SEE... Sara land next to him, right smack on the

She quickly unhooks her parachute and goes after Jubilee.

She grabs him and hugs and kisses him, almost knocking him
over. Then she helps him unhook his parachute.

They stand in the middle of the bullseye tarp on the right
side of the left tarp.
Did you get the ring?
Yes. It's right here.
He pulls it out of his chest pocket. He takes one last
glance at the ring which reads, UNITY, SERVICE and RECOVERY.
I knew you would.
Give it to me.
She snatches the ring quickly out of his hand. She takes a
Jubilee Stellar. I love you with
all my heart. I want to spend the
rest of my life with you. Will
you marry me?
You've got it. It would be my


He helps her to her feet, picks her up, we ZOOM back
revealing the SUNS RAYS SPLITTING them apart while they
They stop kissing for a second.