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by Erika S Ellis (eeservicesmgt@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

College Student gets into the world of stripping to pay for college.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


SELENA ROGERS, 18, glasses, wavy, messy hair, backstage of
the club pacing around, checking her makeup, and tugging at
her barely there costume through her robe.
She practices a few dance moves in the mirror. Stares at
herself for a brief moment.

She posts up by the curtain, watching PEACHES, 21,perky,
perform, noticing the large attendance.
Club manager, MAXSON, 40, scruffy,loud mouth, hurries back
stage giving Selena a heads up.
You're on, right after she's done.
You betta be ready?
More ready than I'll ever be.
Maxson snatches Selena's glasses off of her face.
Selena grabs for them and misses.
You know I can't see now.
You don't need to see. Just strip.
Selena peers around the curtain, squinting at the audience.
MUSIC stops playing. Peaches, naked, covering herself, picks
up her cash and gathers her costume from off the floor and
walks past Maxson and then Selena.

Maxson goes on stage announcing the next performer.
Alright, gents, and if there are
any ladies in the audience,
fuckin' welcome. Next to the stage
we have our saucy, sexy, newbie
that will surely make your dicks
hard and your wallets empty. So
let's put it together and welcome


Selena closes her eyes,Breaths,reopens, shedding her robe,
revealing her stripping costume for the night.

Selena walks in slow motion, from behind the curtain, onto
the stage to the barely there applause, meeting her mark,
spotlight shines on her, and the MUSIC plays.
Selena stands at the top of the stage, hands on hips, looks
directly into the audience. Audience is muffled in the
A soft voice from the audience awakens her.
                       PEACHES (OS)
Get naked.
Selena strips to the Music, dancing seductively.
Some men come to the stage and throw money at Selena as she
Selena watches as a blurry figure comes closer to the stage.
Selena carries her luggage, backpack on shoulders, takes a
look around,and steps out of the house walking along the
path towards a cab.
JAMES ROGERS, 45, scholarly, follows in hot pursuit with a
photo in hand.
Kiddo wait!
No dad! We talked about this. I'm
not staying. You're gonna have to
learn to take care of yourself.
I have to catch my flight and get
the hell out of here. I need a
life of my own.


No, no, I understand... I just
wanted to give you this.
James hands Selena a photo.
Dad... Wow, I forgot all about
this picture. Mom carried this
around with her. Where did you
find it?
The hospital sent it over. They
had it all this time. It was
tangled up in the evidence bag.
Cab HONKS! Selena and James embrace.
You know your Mom loved you and
will be proud of you always.
Selena leaves the embrace, gives her Dad a final look over,
and hurries to the cab.
The cabbie throws her bags in the trunk.
Selena stares at the photo. Pulls her headphones out of her
book bag.
So where you flying off to young
Huh? Oh, I'm going to college. My
first year, freshman.
You didn't wanna stay home?
There's some good schools in this
You sound like my dad.
I bet he will miss you.


Yeah. But I gotta get out of here.
Cab passes the airport sign. Selena slinks back into her
seat, puts on her headphones, and closes her eyes.
Will you be back home for the
Cabbie glances at Selena through the mirror and turns on the
radio, driving on.
Selena curbside, places her luggage down, as the cab pulls
off. Some girls walk pass her Giggling. Selena picks up her
belongings and heads toward the dorm. As she crosses the
street, MARK CHAMBERS, 24,athletic, jogging, crosses her
path, waves as he jogs by.
Wow... Here we go.
Selena walks through the hall, passing girls Giggling and
Talking. She stops in front of her room door and slowly
opens door, taking in the scene. She walks in and goes to
the empty side of the room, where boxes are stacked.
AUDREY MAESTERS, 18, enters, dragging a bag of fruit.
Wassup roomie. Audrey.
Audrey sticks her hand out to shake Selena's.
Hey. Selena Rogers.
I assumed those were all your
boxes. I only saw one address


Oh yeah thanks. I'm glad they
arrived on time.
Um, so why are you late? Move in
day was like three days ago.
Audrey puts the bag of fruit on her bed and grabs out an
apple, offering it to Selena.
Gotcha. Well, you seem like a
fairly normal person. You're life
is probably as boring as mine.
Selena gestures a thanks and un-stacks her boxes, pulling
stuff out to set up her side of the room. She looks around
at her roommate's choice of decorations,posters, and desk
Is that Mary Astell?
Oh, wow, yes. How'd you know?
My dad was an English professor.
He has an extensive book
Oh ok. That's cool. She's one of
my favorites. So what's your
Kinesiology. What's yours?
Education, maybe. A teacher
perhaps. Not sure yet.
One of the noble professions.
So what's kin..so..logy?


Door KNOCK. They stop-look up. PATRICIA RAY,23,athletic,
walks in with a packet in her hand.
Hey, ladies. I heard someone new
arrived. You Selena Rogers?
Yes I am... I just got here.
Getting settled before class.
I'm Patricia. I'm your Resident
advisor. Here's your dorm welcome
packet. If you have any questions
let me know. But please read
through this, sign at the x, and
give back to me before your class.
Okay will do. Thanks!
Welcome to college.
Pat walks out. The door closes. Selena shrugs.
She seems nice.
Selena puts the packet on her desk and goes back to her
Audrey shifts to the window, peeling back the blinds.
It's the study of human movement.
Audrey sits on her bed, taking a bite out of an apple.
Oh, you were asking what
kinesiology was before she came
Um,okay. So what the hell is it?


Basically biomechanics. I want to
work in orthotics.
Hmm..sounds like you want to be a
saint or something.
Naw. Just a small curiosity into
how the body moves.
Audrey grabs her purse and heads towards the door.
Hey! you wanna come with and get
Um, no thanks. Gotta finish
Gotcha. Bring you back something?
Okay, Sure. You need money?
Audrey walks out the room.
Selena with book bag in hand files into class with other
students. She looks around the almost full class, for an
empty seat and takes one close to the front of the room. She
settles in her seat, fumbling through her bag for notebook
and pen. Mark, sits down next to her.
Didn't I see you yesterday,
Yup. Keeping fit. If you run, you
can join me sometime. Mark
Chambers is the name.
Not a jogger. But you make me
wanna give it a try. Selena.


Hey you got a pen I can borrow?
I'm alittle unprepared this
morning. Long night.
Selena searches her bag for a pen. As she gives the pen to
Mark, professor HOLLSTON, 50, scholarly, begins to take
Hello class. I'm Professor
Hollston. Welcome to Human anatomy
and physiology. If I call your
name say here. If not see me after
Hollston RAMBLES off the roll call and gestures to someone
to help pass out a pack of papers.
He didn't call my name.
Well you will have to go to the
registeration office after class.
Probably an error or something.
Okay. Yeah an error.
Selena stays behind after class. Mark gives her pen back and
waves goodbye. She walks down to talk to the professor.
Hi Professor, you didn't call my
Okay. Whom may you be?
Selena Rogers.
Hollston looks Selena over and FLIPS through his paperwork.
Nope. Sorry, young lady. I don't
see your name. You will have to go
to admissions and check on your


Selena scurries to the register office. She is directed to a
counselor, Maggie Smith, 45.
Have a seat. How can I help you?
My name wasn't called in my first
class. I actually have another
class in fifteen minutes.
Your name won't be called in that
one, either. Let's see what the
problem is.
The counselor types on the keyboard and reads her computer
screen. She goes to a file cabinet, getting Selena's file.
Is everything okay?
You are full-time, right?
Yes, a kinesiology major.
Let's see...It seems your high
school recently sent over a
revised transcript. You got a B
minus in biology.
What? Really? They told me because
of my situation I would be fine.
Oh sorry. Not the case. And
because of the B minus, some of
your scholarship funds were
What! So what does this mean


You now owe money, if you wish to
study here and live on campus
The counselor turns Selena's file around so Selena can see
how much she owes.
What the fuck?
Your parents can take out a loan.
But I suggest they set up a
payment plan with the college.
Come on! I had a full ride.
We did send notification.
Whatever. Gimme the loan.
For the payment plan I am going to
need both your parent's, um your
father's signature.
Nope.I will sign for everything. I
will make all the payments.
You have a job?
Uh... yes I do. I got one before I
got here.
Hun, I suggest you call your
father first and talk to him about
all of this.
He can barely help himself, let
alone me. I can handle it.
Selena, I understand you wanting
to take on the responsibility. And
I commend you for it. But debt and


                       COUNSELOR (cont'd)
studying will stress you out
completely. You have other
options. Call him.
Fine! I will call him.
The counselor hands Selena her office phone.
Selena gets up from the chair and grabs her cell phone out
of her bag. She goes out into the hall and dials.
Selena hangs up and walks back into the Counselor's office
and sits down.
So all cleared up?
Yes. He's going to send money.
Okay great. Payment is due asap,
so he can wire it or even do a
direct deposit. Wait let me check
on that first.
My dad will send the money!
Counselor Maggie sits back in her chair and pauses for a
Selena did you really call your
No I called my dad's lawyer to see
when my mom's life insurance
policy would kick in. Oh, and did
I fail to mention that my dad
drove into a construction site
drunk, killing my mom, and is
being sued.
Selena. I'm sorry...
You'll get your damn money!


Selena storms out of the office.
Selena walks to her dorm room.
She enters.
Audrey stands in the middle of the room, kissing a girl.
Selena CRIES.
Selena. You are back early. I
thought you had classes all day?
Audrey's friend leaves the embrace. She walks pass Selena
and out the door.
I can't win. I lost my full
scholarship due to some fucking
technicality. Have to pay all this
Audrey walks over to Selena and offers comfort.
Come on, come on. Don't lose faith
or give up. It will all work out.
Trust me.
Selena falls to her bed and buries her head in her pillow.
Audrey pulls her up.
Nope, Nope. No pity parties. Get
up and keep it moving.
Selena sits up. Audrey goes to her side of the room.
                       AUDREY (cont.)
Go out with me to this mixer I
heard about. You will feel better
after we get some liquor in you.
I don't drink.
Well you will tonight.


Selena wipes her face and goes over to her closet pulling
out some clothes. She turns to look at Audrey.
Were you kissing a girl?
Selena and Audrey walk into the party and Audrey immediately
leaves Selena and walks over to a corner to the girl she was
kissing earlier in their dormroom.
KELLY ELLISON, 25, sexy, dressed in a short tight dress and
stilletos, sits down next to her.
Hi! You get left by your roommate
too, for her lesbian lover?
Um no. My feet hurt and my date is
busy over there having a dick
contest with his buddies.
That's funny. You are funny.
Pretty too. Sorry not gay, just
drunk I think. Light weight.
Yup. You maybe drunk. Night is
kinda young, you might wanna pace
yourself missy.
Oh who cares. My smart dumbass
college career will probably be
over in a month anyway. Tuition
got me by the balls.
Oh sorry. I heard college is
You know anyone looking to hire a
smarty pants, with mommy and daddy
issues, for extremely high pay?


I think I do. You could probably
work at my job. I make a lot of
Wait? What? What do you do?
Strip. I'm a stripper.
What? Naww! You're not serious?
Kelly's date comes over and gestures they leave. As Kelly
gets up from the couch, she looks Selena over and pulls a
card out of her purse and hands it to her.
Here. I'm serious. You seem to
have a nice body. If you really
need money come to the club and I
can get you an audition with the
Selena takes the card and has a sober moment, stares at
Kelly as she walks away with her date.

Audrey comes over and stands in front of Selena.
Hey roomie. So who was that?
Some chick. Let's dance.
Audrey takes Selena's hand and pulls her up. They both dance
over to other side of the room.
Selena stands at a lab table with her hand on her head,
shielding her eyes from the sunlight beaming in from the
window. Mark comes over and stands besides her.
Morning sunshine. Rough night?
Yeah. I had a few drinks. And I
don't drink.


Okay. So I guess you cleared up
your attendance issue.
Yeah. It was an error like you
Good morning class. This is lab
and you will all be partnered.
Please find a partner and stand
behind a table. If you cannot find
a partner come see me.
I take it we are partners.
You seem like someone who knows
their way around a lab.
Nerd right?
I didn't say that. But you do ooze
And what do you ooze?
Hollston interrupts them passing out a syllabus packet.
Please read through the syllabus
and pay special attention to your
assignment due dates and pertinent
lab fees.
Lab fees?
Selena SHUFFLES through the packet and turns to the lab fees
page and GASPS.
Selena and Audrey at their desks, each with several books
open and pens in hand.


Audrey. Are you working?
Working on what?
No, I mean, do you have a job?
Work study or something?
Oh no. Damn, almost forgot to tell
you. My cousin has an opening at
his restaurant.
Oh yeah, waitress jobs pay good
Audrey hands Selena a business card.
Not sure of the specifics, but
here's his number. Let me know
what happens.
I will. Thanks, this will
definitely help.
See, told you things will work
Selena enters restaurant. Walks to hostess desk.
Phil, 35, mature, walks towards Selena.
On time. I like that in my
Phil gestures for Selena to sit at a nearby table.
This place is nice. Fancy.
Thanks. That was the goal.


So what's your signature dish?
Rockfish with a crab and truffle
mushroom sauce. You cook?
Nope. Cooking shows.
How's Audrey? Has she cooked for
you yet? She use to work here some
Oh we can't really cook in our
dorms. Kinda explains why she's
always eating.
Yeah she likes food.
Phil goes to the hostess desk and pulls out an application
and pen. Comes back to the table and hands to Selena.
Okay, so what's your schedule
looking like? When are you
Um, anytime after 4.
Great. See you tomorrow by 6. And
you leave when the last dish is
Phil gets up and greets customers as they file into the
Okay. Wait... What?
Selena and Mark are working on their projects at their
tables. Class is silent.


I got a job. Start today after
Well..I guess that's a good thing?
Sorry. You look like someone I can
talk to.
Didn't know you were looking for
Why you got a job for me?
Ha! You're not exactly the type of
girl I'd hire.
Excuse me. I work hard and excel
at everything I do.
I bet you do. You're a good girl.
Hollston interrupts,walks by giving them a stern look.
PATTING the paper on their table. They give each other one
look over before they stare back down at their papers.
Selena rushes to her room. Pulls clothes out, getting
dressed in all black, skirt, blouse, and low heels, pulling
her hair into a ponytail.

She grabs her purse and races out of the room.
Selena walks into a semi empty restaurant, with employees
bustling about preparing for the dinner crowd. She meets up
with Phil, he hands her an apron, t-shirt, and directs her
to the kitchen.
I think you are a little
overdressed for dish washing. But
I guess whatever makes you


                       PHIL (cont'd)
Washing dishes?
Yeah, you knew this was a dish
washing and busboy position,
right? You don't have a problem
washing dishes do you?
Oh no, no. Not a problem. I'm
dressed like this, cause I came
straight from class.
Okay, so put on the t-shirt to
save your clothes.
But if I wanted to get a position
as a waitress, what would I need
to do?
Come to work each day and do the
job I hired you to do. And wait
for a position to open up.
Okay. Gotcha.
Selena walks back to the sink area, and gets instruction
from a co-worker. She begins loading the washer with dishes.
Series of scenes:

1.Selena comes back to the dorm late. Doesn't turn on lights
and climbs into bed.
2.In class, taking notes, knodding off.
3.Selena and Mark interacting in lab.
4.Selena at the restaurant washing dishes and bussing
Selena walks in her dorm room. Light is dim. THUMPS her book
bag on the floor. Heads to her bed and falls flat onto her


pillow. Audrey is in her bed, reading a book with a book
Hey roomie. Haven't seen you in
some time. Been busy?
Ha, ha. You are funny?
Seriously, how are you? How's
I scrub dishes for a living. What
you think?
Sorry about that. I honestly
didn't know what he was hiring
It's okay. I needed a job and I
got one. It's not that bad. My
homework is worse.
Hey. You got some mail. Put it on
your desk.
Selena picks herself up and gets the mail off of the desk.
She opens up what looks like a check. Puts it down on the
bed and rips open the other letter. Disgusted she throws the
letter in the air. Heads back over to her bed. Audrey closes
her book and turns off her book light.
Selena and Mark are jogging. Selena is dressed in sweats,
run down sneaks, with water bottle in hand. Mark is dressed
in a fashionable tight shirt and shorts, and expensive
running sneakers.
Thanks for letting me run with
Well you looked like you needed to


Running doesn't actually let me
Selena begins to slow down and Mark pushes her forward.
You know what I mean.
So what do you do besides... run,
sweat beautifully, and cheat off
of me in class?
What? I don't sweat. As you girls
say, I glisten.
They both LAUGH. Selena slows down. Mark pushes her forward.
Can I ask you something?
Would you take a job that you were
afraid to tell people about
especially your parents, but you
will probably make a lot of money?
Oh... you got a job with big
Selena stops running and walks in circles.
No. not big tobacco.
Prostitution isn't legal. Just to
let you know.
Eww! Not a prostitute... But
something along those lines.
Mark checks his pulse, lifts his legs high to keep his heart
rate up.


Are you still running? I need to
run. You don't have to... cause
you look like you may keel over.
But I gotta go.
Run Mark. Run.
Selena waves Mark on as he jogs away. She bends over
catching her breath. Walks in circles and pauses to pull out
a business card and her cell phone from her pocket.
Hesitates. Dials a number.
Selena walks through the hallway and meets up with Pat who
is taping a sign on her door. Reads STUDYING.
Hey lady. So how's your college
experience coming along?
Oh, it's coming along. I think
it's about to get quite
Is that right? Joined an activity
group or sorority? Met a guy?
Yup all that.
Well that's good. And remember I
am here if you ever need to talk
or cry, or whatever. Open door
policy, except when it's actually
closed. I need my alone time too.
Thanks. Maybe we could chat
sometime. Not now of course. I'm
all sweaty.
A girl comes out of Pat's room and waves at Pat.
Okay cool. Gotta go. My night to
host Bible study.


Selena loses her smile and watches Pat go into her room.
Selena goes into her room, grabs her robe, and headphones,
sits on her bed. She stares at the floor.
She gets up and stands in front of her mirror and slowly
takes off her top, bra, and sweatpants, and puts on her
robe. She gets a g-string out of her drawer and switches her

She looks at herself in the mirror and puts on her
headphones and turns on the MUSIC, finding something to
dance to.
She takes off her robe, dropping it to the floor, stands in
the mirror topless and dances seductively, closing her eyes.
Gimme your money boys. Make it
Rain bitches.
Audrey sneaks in the room and watches Selena as she girates,
twirling around.

Selena opens her eyes and is facing Audrey.
Well, look who has a nice body.
Nice ass.
Selena, startled, stumbles.
Selena grabs at her robe, snatches off her headphones, and
hides behind her wardrobe door.
Audrey really! Knock nextime!
I live here. What the hell you
doing anyways? Say, who is that
hot guy you were jogging with?
Mark. My lab partner. How'd you
see us?
Our room faces the street. Make
sure the blinds are always closed.


Audrey comes over to Selena, who is still hiding behind her
closet door. Audrey grabs at her butt. Selena dodges her
So you getting ready for him?
Audrey tries to cup Selena's butt.
Stop! Stop it Audrey! I'm not like
Like me? What the hell does that
Selena fastens her robe, comes from behind her closet and
gets her shower basket.
You know. Gay.
Bitch I ain't gay.
But I saw you kissing that girl.
Yeah, well if you put a dick in my
face, I'll kiss that too.
Selena leaves the room in a huff.
Selena waits nervously outside on the curb with a knap sack
in hand. A compact luxury car with tinted windows,drives up
and the passenger side window rolls down.
Get in sexy. We got somewhere to
Selena hurriedly gets into the car. Kelly skids off.


I honestly didn't think you would
call me. You seem like a good
I honestly didn't think I would
have had to. And I'm not that
You know I don't usually ask
anyone why they do the things they
do, considering what I do for a
living. But why are you going to
do this?
I think I don't have a choice. I
work at a restaurant scrubbing
dishes to the wee hours of the
night. I have all these bills and
no one to help me but me.
What you ain't got no parents?
Daddy not footing the bill.
Naw. My dad fell on some hard
times. He can barely make the
Well, I hope you are prepared for
this lifestyle.
I'm not going to make a lifestyle
out of this. Just a quick way to
make some cash. Besides your
Maxson might not even hire me.
Well, Maxson's an ass man. So if
you know how to shake it, then
you're in.


Kelly and Selena pull up to the strip club and park.
Selena takes her bag out of the back seat and hesitates to
go inside as Kelly walks through the door.

Selena looks around the surrounding area. Selena walks into
the semi empty dark club, MUSIC is playing in the
background, and Peaches is performing.
Selena runs to meet up with Kelly who is heading to the bar.

Maxson intercepts her.
Kell, is this the possible new
Maxson? Selena Rogers.
Maxson walks around Selena, checking her out. Selena tries
dodging his peering eyes.
Yeah. Yeah. A little nerdy but
your body seems tight and perky.
Get up there take them clothes off
and those damn glasses. Shake your
ass for me.
What? Now?
Yeah now. What you think I got
time to audition little shy tarts.
I have a club to manage, that
opens in less than an hour for
happy hour. So get naked.
I'm not shy nor a tart. But thanks
for taking time out of your busy
schedule. Ass!
Selena walks towards the front door swinging her bag over
her shoulder. Kelly looks up from the bar but doesn't chase
after her.


Ahh! a little sassy minx. I like
that. Now get up there and show me
what you got.
Selena stops in her tracks and turns around to face Maxson.
I guess being a dick is just you
Sweet cheeks, if you wanna make it
in this business, your skin is
gonna have to be a lot thicker
than it is.
I can handle myself just fine.
I'll go after her?
Naw, get up there with her. She's
not done practicing her routine.
You dancing in that?
No, I'm gonna change.
Selena scurries about trying to find a bathroom.
She finds one and pulls out a dingy old bikini and changes.

Maxson goes over to the bar and sits on a stool near Kelly
who is pouring two drinks.
You drinking up all my liquor. You
know it ain't free.
Why you testing her like that? I
told you she was desperate, not
Where you find her anyway?
At that college, same place as
those boys.


You still messing with that bunch?
I told you to be careful with
Oh please. They're harmless. Plus
they got money and they ain't
afraid to use it.
Selena comes out of the bathroom, dressed in a bikini. And
goes over to the stage. She hops on the stage as Peaches,
moves over to give her room.
What the fuck she got on?
Kelly ignores Maxson and claps at Selena.
Alright Selena, show us what you
You've taken quite a shine to her,
huh Kell?
She reminds me of what I could
have become.
A stripper?
Kelly looks at Maxson disgusted and continues to clap,
edging Selena on.
Can she even dance?
I guess we will find out.
Selena tries finding the beat of the MUSIC playing. She
looks at Peaches next to her and imitates her as she dances.
Her awkwardness is apparent.
Is this seductive enough?
Honey it could be better.


Go show her.
Maxson takes the drink from Kelly's hand and pushs her out
of her seat. Kelly walks towards the stage.
Hey, Peaches, take a break sweety.
The MUSIC stops playing, and Peaches stops dancing, hops off
the stage, grabbing her robe from a nearby chair.
Can I have different music?
Max, put on my cd.
On it!
Maxson walks to the back and changes the music. The MUSIC
plays and is turned up loudly.
AWW Shit! That's it. Come on
Selena, dance girl. Just find your
rhythm and let it flow naturally.
Kelly goes behind Selena and grabs her hips, moving her
around and they both girate to the music. Selena gets into
it and Kelly unties one of Selena's bikini straps.
You know you have to get naked
Maxson comes from the back, with Peaches, fully dressed.
Sweet cakes take off the top, but
leave on the bottoms. We run a
respectful place here.
Kelly steps back and hops off of the stage. Selena is still
for a moment and finds a comfortable position on the stage.
She closes her eyes and unties her other bikini strap. She
hides her breasts with her arms and as she opens her eyes
she slowly brings her arms down. She twists around giving
her audience her back.


Kell, I can't hire her if she's
not comfortable with her body.
Kelly hits at Maxson and points towards Selena.
Selena shimmies her torso, places her hands on both sides of
her bikini bottoms and unties them, releasing her bottom,
holding it tightly between her legs.
She slowly turns around showing her butt to her audience.
Nice move.
Maxson and Kelly look at Peaches and back at Selena who has
jumped off of stage and runs to the bathroom.
If she's not in the bathroom
throwing up, then she's hired.
Work with her on a routine and she
starts in a week. Oh and get rid
of those damn glasses.
Kelly walks back to the bathroom. She enters slowly, peering
Selena please tell me you aren't
Huh? No, I'm peeing. I've been
holding it in since we got here,
and just couldn't hold it any
Phew, cause I cannot stand to see
anyone sick. Anyway, Maxson says
with a good routine, you start in
a week or so.
What? Really? A week?
You need more time?


Selena flushes and comes out of the stall. Goes to the sink
to wash her hands.
Kelly hands Selena her t-shrt and she puts it on.
No, I need to start now. Need the
Money whore, I like that. But
anyway, Maxson said in a week. The
schedule should be made up
Selena gets out of the car, puts her bag over her shoulder,
and looks at Kelly from the passenger side window.
Thanks Kelly for today.
No problem doll. And don't worry
about Max, he's harmless.
Hey, you gotta come up with a
stage name.
Oh yeah? What's yours?
Why Sunshine?
Cause when I get on that stage,
everyone's day, just gets a little
bit brighter.
Selena smiles and steps back onto the curb. Kelly drives
off. Car SKIDS down the street.
Selena turns to walk towards the door.

Audrey stops peering through the window and closes the


Selena comes in late. Hollston notices but continues to
teach. Mark waves her down to a seat next to him. She
hurries down and takes her seat, pulling out her notebook
and pen.
Well, someone is late. Again.
Five minutes. Give me a break.
More like twenty missy.
Really? Shit. What notes did I
Are you kidding? I usually get
them from you.
Come on Mark. Please, I can't fail
this test tomorrow.
Alright. Alright. Quiet
down...Meet me in the library
after lunch. Hollston has given us
dirty looks twice already.
Hollston looks up in the direction of Mark and Selena,
continues to lecture.
Selena walks into the library, acknowledging the library
clerk. As she looks away from her path, she bumps into
Professor Hollston! Sorry, I
didn't see you.
Rogers. If there is a reason you
are late to my class, I really
don't want to hear it. But if you
must be late, you must be quiet.


                       HOLLSTON (cont'd)
Am I understood?
Yes, professor Hollston. Was just
getting the notes from my partner
Will definitely be quiet in the
future. Sorry.
Hollston looks upon Selena over his glasses and exits the
library. Selena locates Mark and sits down adjacent to him.
Damn, just ran into Hollston. He
kinda laid into me. What was he
doing in here anyway?
Oh, I've seen him in here a few
times before. I think he just
comes to chill in between classes.
Wow, didn't know you frequent the
library Mark.
Mark and Selena GIGGLE and get out their books.
Anyway, so why were you late to
class? You start that secret job
you were asking me about?
No, not yet. Still working at the
restaurant. But last night I was
up late finishing homework for my
other classes.
Well, you are gonna have to find a
balance. I mean it's still early
in the semester and you already
seem to be stressed.
Ahh, that's just me. My life is
stress. Hey, do you live on
campus? I never see you in the
Naw, I got a place off campus.


Wow, how do you swing that? You're
a sophmore right?
You gonna get these notes or what?
I have to go soon. Have a meeting.
Okay a meeting?
Selena takes Mark's notebook and writes down the notes. Mark
texts a few messages on his phone and gets up, walking in
the direction of the restrooms.

Audrey sipping on a drink, walks up behind Selena and
startles her.
Hey smarty pants.
Shit Audrey! You scared me.
Was that Mark? He almost plowed
into me over there.
Yeah that's him. So freaking hot
but annoyingly mysterious.
Y'all on a date or you doing his
Excuse me? I'm copying his notes
from class. I was a little late
this morning.
Yeah, what's up with that? I came
in earlier, and you were passed
out on your desk.
Do you ever sleep in your bed?
Mark walks up interrupting them.


Selena you done? I'm gonna have to
Hey Mark,I'm Selena's roomie,
Oh hey.. Sorry can't stay and
chat. Gotta go.
See you in class tomorrow Selena.
Nice meeting you Audrey.
Mark gathers his belongings, packs his book bag and leaves
Selena and Audrey.
Audrey waves bye to Mark.
You ain't lying, he is hot. He
I haven't a clue. I barely know
his last name. I think it's
Chambers or something.
He picked me to be his lab partner
the first day of class. But not
sure if he's my friend or just
using me.
Well then use him and bang the
shit out him. Pop that virginity
of yours.
I'm not a virgin and I doubt he
even sees me like that.
You not a virgin? Make sure you
tell me about that one day. But
not today, Gots to get to class.
Don't wait up.
Audrey leaves Selena. Selena continues reading her notes and
leaves her table to go get some books.


Selena and Kelly are on the stage. MUSIC is audible and low
in the background.
Peaches is sitting at a table painting her nails, with
headphones, listening to MUSIC.
How long you been doing this?
For awhile. Money is good and can
trap you.
Are you trapped?
Let's just say, I haven't found an
alternative yet.
Well once I pay for my tuition,
hopefully cover all four years,
and some spending money...I am
done for sure.
Maxson comes from beyond the dark curtains as some fellow
strippers, come through the front door, Chattering and
acknowleding Kelly on stage.
Kell, I need you to tend tonight.
Kelly hops off of the stage and goes to Maxson.
Come on Max, make Peaches do it!
Shit that's why you hired her in
the first place. I'm off tonight.
Naw. Peaches broke too many
glasses just stacking. Besides
that little minx got a couple of
regulars, stripping. She making me
my money.
Peaches bobs to the Music in her headphones. Selena
practices her learned routine and catches Maxson's
attention. He walks over to her.


So missy, you come up with a stage
name yet?
Not sure I really care to know.
But why Rain?
I love watching it rain. It's
Kelly walks over to Selena and goes up on the stage. She
hands her cup.
Ain't nothing more soothing than
horny guys throwing money at you.
But it sounds good kid.
Peaches, grinning and upbeat, walks up from behind them.
Everyone turns to look at her.
I think I will work the pole
Kelly and Maxson give looks of confusion and Selena smiles
at Peaches.
Peaches turns from them and goes backstage.
Rain, if you do good tomorrow
night and not embarrass me, I will
put you on the schedule to go
after Peaches every other night.
Why you calling me Rain?
That's your name when you're here,
sweet cakes. Get use to it. Unless
you want perverts looking you up,
always give your stage name.
Selena gathers her things and exits the stage area.


Ok. Understood. I think I'm done.
See you guys tomorrow night.
Make sure them damn glasses are
off when you hit that stage.
Selena walks backstage and to a locker. Kelly meets up with
her and hands her a bag.
What's this?
A gift. Open it.
Selena takes the bag and slowly opens it. She pulls out the
contents of the bag, holding up a a skimpy sparkly outfit on
a hanger.
I figured you didn't have time to
shop, so I got you an outfit.
Wow Kelly. Thanks. Never thought I
say this about a stripper outfit,
but it looks cute.
Try it on.
Can't now. I have to get to my
other job.
You still at the restaurant?
Depending on how it goes tomorrow
night, I'll quit...maybe.
How you getting there?
I'll just hop on the bus. That's
why I'm leaving now.


Kelly takes her keys out of her pocket and throws them at
Selena catches them.
Take my car. You got your license
Selena finishes her shift and takes off her apron. She goes
over to the time clock to clock out.
Phil cuts her off.
Give me fifteen minutes, and I'll
be ready to go.
Oh, I don't need a ride tonight.
You don't?
Borrowed a friend's car for the
Selena walks towards the front door, out the door, and Phil
Selena walks over to the car and unlocks the door. Phil
stands on the sidewalk.
Nice car. Didn't know you were
seeing someone.
Selena gets in the car, starts it up, and rolls down the
I'm not. This is not a man's car.
Oh and don't forget I won't be in
tomorrow night.
Yeah I didn't.


Phil watches as Selena drives down the street, takes out his
cell phone,dials a number, and goes back inside the
Audrey is at her desk reading a book and jotting down notes.
Selena walks into the room in robe and shower cap and
slippers, holding toiletry caddie.
Where you going tonight roomie?
Oh, just to an event for people in
my major.
Phil called me, asking about you.
Really? I think he has a crush on
me or something.
Maybe, but my cousin is very
protective. He tends to crowd you
when he cares.
Well no need for him to worry. I
got things under control.
No one is worried. Yet.
Selena gives Audrey a smirk and gets dressed in jeans and a
T-shirt. She puts her wet hair in braids and twists it up
into a ponytail.
Audrey goes back to reading her book. She talks to Selena
but doesn't look up from her book.
Where on campus is the event?
Maybe I will stop by, check out
the scene.
Selena rushes putting on her sneaks and digs in her closet,
grabbing a bag already packed. She snatches her keys and her
vibrating cell phone off of her desk.


Invite only. And it's off campus.
Selena hurries out the room door. Audrey stops reading and
goes to the window, peering through the blinds.

POV from Audrey in the window:

Selena runs out the building and gets into Kelly's car.
They speed away.
Audrey exits the window.
Selena and Kelly walk through the back door and into the
locker room. Loud CHEERING and MUSIC can be heard.
Selena and Audrey walk pass a few strippers and Peaches
greets them as she gets naked in front of Selena.
Good thing you two got here now,
one of the girls can't make it
tonight so I'm going on in ten
minutes or less. And you're after
What! Already? Shit I just got
Kelly leaves them and walks through a crowd of men to the
bar area and meets up with Maxson who is tending drinks for
customers. She goes behind the bar.
Damn Kell! What took you so long?
You suppose to be mixing these
drinks, not me.
Sorry Max. Had to pick up Rain and
she just got out of class or some
shit. You really gotta hire a


Well, I thought I was doing you a
favor. You wanna strip for the
rest of your life?
Kelly looks at Maxson stunned. Maxson throws the apron at
She puts it on and mixes drinks.
Maxson hurries up onto the stage and as a stripper is
exiting, he slaps her butt and the crowd goes wild with
Alright calm the fuck down!
And no doing what I just did or
those two big fuckers in the back
will throw your narrow asses out.
The audience LAUGHS as the spotlight shines on the bouncers,
Bob, 28, muscular,Kay,28, muscular; near the front door of
the club.
They stand astute and don't flinch a muscle.
Alright, next to stage is that
perky ripe cutey that makes your
mouth water and keeps you coming
back for more. Let's spend some
money on Peaches!
Peaches runs out onto the stage and performs her routine.
The audience CLAPS and some men go to the stage as Maxson
shoos them away while he exits the stage. He walks over to
the bar to Kelly.
Kelly and Maxson are at the register ringing orders and
Yo Max, it's busy tonight. What
Better advertising. I got this
young new millionaire investor.


Shit Max, you ain't tell me all
He's actually waiting for me in
the office. Signed with him last
week. Play your cards right and I
may get you in on the action.
Kelly walks over to a customer and serves him a drink.
Aww Max thanks. I knew you were a
Whateva. Your girl better be
ready. I'm putting her on in five
minutes after Peaches.
She ready...That bitch is hungry.
Maxson leaves the bar area. He walks back to his office and
opens the door.

The camera shows Mark has his penis out and is in
masturbating into a red stiletto.

Maxson closes the door quickly.
Camera pans over to show Professor Hollston holding out his
credit card.
Kelly turns her attention to Hollston.
You want me to start a tab Carl?
Haven't seen you in some time.
Where ya been?
Aww you missed me? Been busy with
I always miss my sexy regulars.


Well if you finally let me take
you out, you won't have to miss
I don't date married men Carl.
I told you Sunshine, I'm in an
open marriage. My wife won't mind.
Besides she doesn't even live in
the country.
I'll think about it and get back
to you.
Hey! our new girl is about to go
Maxson walks back stage, pushing through some of the ladies,
picking up panties off of the floor, throwing them onto
racks of clothes, and finds Selena.

Selena puts on her robe and laces up her heels.

Maxson steadys her as she adjusts to the height.
You're on, right after she's done.
You betta be ready?
More ready than I'll ever be.
Maxson snatches Selena's glasses off her face. He leaves
Selena and goes onto the stage.
Selena hits the stage and begins dancing.
Kelly comes from behind the bar and sits next to Hollston.
She's clapping and Yelling as Selena dances.

Hollston downs his drink and turns his attention to the
Get that money RAIN!


Hollston squints at the stage and takes his glasses out of
his pocket. He puts them on and walks toward the stage,
squeezing through some young guys. He stops at the foot of
the stage and looks up at Selena.

Selena finishes her routine and as she reaches down to
snatch up her money off of the floor she locks eyes with


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