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Products of Damnation - Part II
by Orbin Walcott (orbinwalcott@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

Picking up immediately after the events of Products of Damnation - Part I, Roxie has been captured and forced to work for the enemy, in order to keep her daughter alive. Charlie sets off on a globetrotting adventure to find them, uncovering a sinister plot along the way that could lead to global catastrophe unless he stops it. Products of Damnation - Part II is the epic conclusion to the Products saga.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



We're back at the Train Yard from the end of PoD - P1;
CHARLIE WARNER & KEV CLARK are a few paces behind OLIVIA
DAWES and her bodyguards as they follow them to a large
LUXURY SUV. They get in the vehicle and drive off. As we
pull away from watching the vehicle leave the scene, we are
suddenly watching them from a video feed a few stories high
from what we can assume was a nearby building. Then we:
Multiple Japanese NEWS ANCHORS as they fill us in on recent
events in Tokyo using cellphone footage - all at varying
angles - of the climactic battle from Part One; the first
anchor shows us footage from the start of the battle.
                       MALE ANCHOR
...And in breaking news, several
eyewitnesses say a massive
firefight broke out at an
abandoned train yard somewhere
along the city limits of Tokyo...
                       CHARLIE (VO)
So, you're Lincoln Dawes' sister?
How come I've never heard of you?
                       OLIVIA (VO)
When you find out your baby sister
has become a cop and gets assigned
to catch you, I'd assume it
becomes hard to speak of her. If
We now switch to a female anchor who shows a different side
of the battle, this time showcasing the helicopter CHARLENE
WARNER was in, and her using her powers. The eagle-eyed
cameraman (or woman) doesn't take long to spot curious LOGO
on the side of the helicopter that represents GRIFFIN
                       FEMALE ANCHOR
... Some say the incident that
took place looked like something


                       FEMALE ANCHOR (cont'd)
out of the pages of a Manga book.
As you can see here, there is a
person in a helicopter exhibiting
what are clearly extraordinary
abilities. However, notice the
logo on the side of the
      (freeze on logo)
... This logo, for those unaware,
represents Griffin Corporation...
We cut to another broadcast that also highlights the Griffin
                       FEMALE ANCHOR #2
... A multinational company that
focuses on genetics research.
The broadcast then shows another angle of the battle, this
time highlighting the scene after Marcus Hopewell's been
killed, and TRENT AMHERST is released into JOHN HENDERSON'S
custody while an outnumbered ROXIE WARNER watches.
                       FEMALE ANCHOR #2
Some witnesses claim that, given
the company aircraft, the man in
the suit may have been Trent
Amherst, the chairman of Griffin
Corporation, and was possibly held
hostage during the battle. Amherst
is known for pioneering several
medical breakthroughs, as well as
for his many charitable
contributions, so this falls in
line with rumors that he was being
held for ransom. Of course, this
is all speculative, so stay tuned
for the full story.
The broadcast ends.
                                         CUT TO:


The conversation between Olivia and Charlie & Kev, whom all
sit across from each other, continues as their vehicle drive
down a busy street, while several POLICE CARS frantically
speed past the opposite direction.
                       OLIVIA (cont'd)
I was working for Interpol. Linc
and I had lost touch for a while,
so when he found out, it caused a
rift. Though I had seen him a few
times from afar, Roxie was usually
close by. I had looked up to my
brother my whole life, but with
her, it seemed as if he got the
sister he'd always wanted. So when
I found out she was somehow
responsible for his murder, I was
That wasn't Roxie's fault --
And how do you know that?
I was there the night he was
killed. The Army invaded the Pit,
and Lincoln sacrificed himself so
that Roxie and I could escape. He
died a hero.
Why would you be there? After all,
you're not a F.R.O.G.
Because I'm the reason the Army
came down on them in the first
place; they were looking for me.
Words cannot express the guilt I
feel over that. Lincoln Dawes was
a good man, so please believe me
when I say I wish it were me and
not him. I'm very sorry...
Olivia can't find the words to respond, struggling to hold
back tears as she slowly nods - appreciating finally being
given closure.


I had no idea you and Roxie were
connected like that. I always
thought you just hated her.
      (wiping away tears)
I did. But my brother clearly
loved her like family, so I feel
like I owe it to him to help you
find her.
How'd he take it, when you
arrested him?
I never did. When his file came my
way, I just knew it would be a
conflict of interests, so I
decided to resign as quietly as I
could instead. But when I told him
what was going on, he practically
banished me; said he wanted
nothing to do with any cops, even
if they were family. So I came to
Okay. Well, not to kill the
moment, but the clock's ticking.
Where are we headed and how do we
get there?
      (checking device)
Don't know yet. The bug is still
on the move.
Then, we need to lay low until it
stays put. Cops are all over the
place, and I'm pretty sure some
people saw us at the train yard.
      (to driver)
Hey! Take us to the house in
Yokohama. We should be good there.
Thanks for doing this, Liv. You
don't know how much it means.
She simply nods in response as they continue driving along.


                                         CUT TO:
It's the late hours of the night as the SUV pulls up to a
large home somewhere in the city, away from the main
Olivia and company all step out of the vehicle and walk up
to the front door. One of the bodyguards opens the door; the
other bodyguard is the first to walk inside, securing the
area for the rest of the group. From outside the windows, we
see the lights come on.
                                         CUT TO:
Inside, the house has a very modern decor with a feminine
touch. As Olivia puts her things down, the bodyguards flip
on more switches while she shows her guests around.
I bought this house a few months
ago. Guest rooms are upstairs;
there's clean sheets and fresh
towels, in case you want to wash
I'd really consider it, if I were
you two.
We will.
'Fridge is fully stocked so help
yourself to as much food as you
like. If we're out of anything,
let Roman or Eddie know and
they'll make a run.
And where are you gonna sleep?
Uh-uh, I still haven't forgiven
you for disappearing on me with
Roxie, Kev. If you want a piece of


                       OLIVIA (cont'd)
this, you're gonna have to earn
Oh, it's like that?
      (walking away)
She heads upstairs.
Alright, man, I'm gonna get
cleaned up. I suggest you do the
Charlie nods and they part ways; Kev heads upstairs and
Charlie makes his way to the kitchen.
                                         CUT TO:
Charlie steps out of the private bathroom of a barely
inhabited bedroom, fresh out of the shower with a towel
covering his lower region. He's a bit surprised when he
finds Olivia standing in the room, holding fresh clothes for
him. She's distracted by his scars for a beat until:
      (regains composure)
Um... I brought you some new
clothes. 'Figured you might need
      (taking clothes)
The scars. What happened?
Do you mind?
She turns around, giving him privacy to get dressed. We
focus on Olivia as Charlie speaks.


                       CHARLIE (cont'd)
People always want to hear a story
about the scars. The short
version? Experiments and torture.
"Experiments"? Are you a...
I don't know what that is. But I
have been called a "Product".
Olivia turns back just as Charlie finishes putting on his
The media says that term is
derogatory for your kind.
"Hyper-Sapien" is more PC.
Wait, so the world knows about us?
Yup. After what went down in Metro
City last year, it was like
opening the floodgates. A bunch of
Hyper-Sapiens were found roaming
the streets; some became
criminals, others junkies. The
lucky ones were taken in by the
government and given help; most
others just ended up dead, if not
      (thinking aloud)
Those were probably my friends...
Look, I'm sorry -- for everything.
You seem like a good person, and I
can't imagine the kind of shit
you've been going through.
Thank you.


Get some rest. I'll see you in the
He nods agreeingly as she leaves the room.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
It's early in the morning. Various people go about their
business and all kinds of cars pass by. A typical morning in
the city.
                                         CUT TO:
A nearby FLAT SCREEN is on the news; Olivia is sitting at a
table with Eddie, both drinking coffee while Roman is
cooking breakfast. A well-rested Kev enters the kitchen.
Good morning. Roman's making
I thought I smelled something
good. Yo, Rome, hook it up!
You got it.
Kev heads for the coffee pot and pours himself a cup.
Where's Charlie?
He went for a run. Should be back
any minute. Apparently he never
For real?


Yeah. Said he never sleeps;
meditated the whole night.
Roman places a plate of food in front of Kev.
Thanks, man.
      (to Olivia)
What do we know about Amherst and
them? Where did the tracker stop?
We don't know. According to
Charlie, the tracker died out five
hours ago.
You're fucking with me!
      (sipping coffee)
Mmm-hmm. He didn't even have
anything to charge it with.
Wait, so the girls could be
anywhere around the world, and
we'll never find them?!
I'm sorry.
      (throws plate)
As Kev throws his fit, Charlie, wearing shorts and a T-shirt
arrives moments later, drenched in sweat.
When were you gonna tell me about
the tracker!?


'Soon as you woke up. Relax, their
signal stopped somewhere in
That doesn't give me much to work
Boys? You might wanna pay
attention to the news right now...
Everyone turns their attention to the news conference taking
place on the TV screen.
On the screen is what appears to be a late-night press
conference of sorts. There is a small crowd of REPORTERS and
JOURNALISTS holding up their recorders and preparing to ask
questions. CAMERA FLASHES go off as Amherst, face covered in
bandages and an arm in a sling, approaches the podium
standing in front of the crowd.
                                         CUT TO:
Henderson and some of his men stand some feet behind
Amherst, seemingly providing security detail but more
observing the scene.
Thank you for coming at this hour.
First, I'd like to address the
elephant in the room; yes, I was
caught in the middle of a
firefight in Tokyo just twelve
hours ago, and as you can see, I
barely managed to escape with my
life, but not without taking some
bumps along the way. However, I am
prepared to take your questions
concerning this situation.
The crowd talk over each other, all of them with noticeably
British accents, trying to get a word in before Amherst
points to someone:


                       JOURNALIST #1
Mister Amherst, could you explain
to us how exactly you had found
yourself in this terrible
Yes. I was abducted by a group of
assailants, but thankfully, my
security team - Ice Wing - were
able to find and rescue me. Any
more questions?
The journalist crowd hustle, each doing whatever they can to
get their turn again.
You, Miss.
                       JOURNALIST #2
Uh, yes. When you say you were
abducted, do you think it was for
a ransom, or that it was merely an
act of terrorism considering your
We don't know what exactly these
people wanted. However, money did
not seem to matter to them. I'm
just glad to be back home, with my
                       JOURNALIST #2
Thank you.
The crowd continues fighting for their turn until Amherst
points at another:
Yes, you.
                       JOURNALIST #3
Mister Amherst, there is video
footage that's been going viral of
last night's gun battle. In the
footage, we see someone exhibit
extraordinary abilities; some
people are starting to call this
person a type of Hyper-Sapien, not
unlike those found after the
incident over in Metro City. What


                       JOURNALIST #3 (cont'd)
can you tell us about this?
                                         CUT TO:
Charlie curiously reacts to the term "Hyper-Sapien".
                                         CUT TO:
Amherst briefly looks at Henderson, almost as if looking for
permission to answer. Henderson simply gives him a nod.
Amherst looks back to the jounalist:
Umm... well, yes, one of the
assailants involved was a man of
incredible strength --
                       JOURNALIST #3
      (scrolling on
No, I'm referring to this
Hyper-Sapien --
Journalist #3 shows Amherst what's on the screen; Amherst
reacts in surprise:
What's shown is the same video footage we saw from the
opening scene, specifically Charlene raining hell on the
train yard using her powers.
Henderson is less than thrilled to see the footage as he
approaches the podium, pushing Amherst back.
      (to journalists)
This interview is over!
The journalists continue trying to get Amherst to talk to
them as he leaves the room, flanked by his "bodyguards".
                                         CUT TO:


Back in the kitchen, Kev turns off the TV, as everyone else
remain quiet.
'Can't believe this asshole really
just tried to get sympathy points
from the media. Where do you think
they were anyway?
All those reporters sounded
British; my guess would be London.
What was that term the one
reporter used?
What, "Hyper-Sapien"?
Yeah. So that's really a thing?
The media needed a label.
So, what do we do now?
I'm willing to bet that they think
you're both dead now, so you have
the advantage. I can get you guys
into London; together we can get
the girls back.
"We"? No, you're not coming with
us, Liv --
Oh, I am coming with you. I know
people who can probably help us
Okay, so give us their contact
info, and we'll look 'em up when
we get there!


As Kev & Olivia begin to bicker, Charlie's cellphone begins
to RING (OS). He reaches into his pocket, then heads for the
nearby hallway.
                                         CUT TO:
Charlie takes the call.
      (into phone)
                                         CUT TO:
We're in a very conservative office on the other side of the
world, where we can see that nighttime outside of a window.
A Caucasian man in a US Military uniform stands outside of
his large and neatly organized desk, speaking into the
speakerphone. This is COLONEL DAVID EDWARDS, early-60s, a
war-weary type of military officer with the standard crew
                       COL. EDWARDS
      (into phone)
Charlie Warner?
Yeah, who's this?
                       COL. EDWARDS
Son, this is Colonel David Edwards
of the United States Army and
NATO. I am the man who authorized
your mission in Tokyo, and you
will address me as "Sir". Are we
Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir.
                       COL. EDWARDS
Now, part of this operation was
for you or your handlers to relay
back any intelligence that we
could use to find and catch John


                       COL. EDWARDS (cont'd)
Henderson. So imagine my surprise
when I saw the son of a bitch on
my television screen, but hadn't
heard back yet from neither
Captain Gordon nor Lieutenant
Hopewell in over thirty hours! Do
you want to tell me what the fuck
is going on?! Was it your plan to
let him become a fucking
No, Sir. We... ran into some
                       COL. EDWARDS
What complications?
Lieutenant Hopewell is dead, Sir.
                       COL. EDWARDS
Jesus...! And Captain Gordon?
She killed him, Sir. Captain
Gordon double-crossed us; I think
she's working with Henderson.
                       COL. EDWARDS
      (thinking aloud)
And she knows everything about
this mission. Fuck!
Permission to speak freely, Sir?
                       COL. EDWARDS
Go ahead.
I was at the train yard that's
been all over the news. Henderson
thinks I'm dead, but I think I
know where he is now. I can still
continue the mission --
                       COL. EDWARDS
No. I want you to come back to
base. We need to debrief you and
figure out where to go from there;
probably'll send out a black ops


                       COL. EDWARDS (cont'd)
team to finish the job.
But, Sir --
                       COL. EDWARDS
No buts, Warner -- that is an
order! Do not make me come get
And with that, Edwards pushes a button to end the call.
                                         CUT TO:
Charlie walks in as Kev & Olivia continue to argue.
ALRIGHT ENOUGH! Something needs to
happen, and it needs to happen
fast! Olivia, do you still have
contacts at Interpol?
I can probably pull a favor or
Then you're coming with us.
Charlie attempts to leave the room when Kev grabs his arm:
Charlie, what the fuck are you
NATO's pulled the plug on me, Kev!
I'm on my own now. If she wants to
help then I'll take what I can
get. Right now, I only know one
other person in all of Europe who
can probably help too, if I can
find him. But if you have any
better ideas for me, then I'm all
I don't.


Then, let's go.
Where're we going?
Madrid. We'll start there.
Charlie leaves the room. Moments later, Kev & Olivia follow
                                         CUT TO:
A glimmering GLASS & STEEL SKYSCRAPER standing tall in the
middle of London, almost like a beacon above the city with
the dawn approaching behind it. The LOGO sits at the very
top of the building; this is the main headquarters for
Griffin Corporation.
                                         CUT TO:
It's a large department, and as immaculate as you would
expect. Several scientists in white coats walk by either
individually or in small groups, some carrying clipboards.
We focus on an elevator that opens up, revealing Henderson,
Amherst and MAJOR ALICIA GORDON (now wearing Ice Wing garb).
They step out and walk down the halls, with Henderson
leading the threesome.
My apologies, Sir, I had no idea
there would be witnesses.
A stupid mistake, Gordon!
Although... it could work to our
advantage, now that Hyper-Sapiens
are public knowledge...
Will it alter the plans?


It shouldn't.
      (to Amherst)
How are we coming along?
E-Everyone is working 'round the
clock to meet your demands, Mister
Henderson. Some progress has been
made but not without great
Show me.
Mister Henderson, from what I've
been told, I would advise --
I'm sorry, are you telling ME what
to do?! I said show me the goddamn
test subjects!
Okay. Follow me.
Amherst leads them down another hall.
                                         CUT TO:
ANGLE ON Amherst leading Gordon & Henderson up to a large
window where they find DOCTOR FREDERICK ALDEN, middle-aged,
another scientist-type looking down into a room while
jotting notes onto a clipboard.
Mister Henderson, this is Doctor
Frederick Alden; the lead
geneticist on the project.
Dr. Alden turns to acknowledge them then turns back to the
                       DR. ALDEN (cont'd)
Good morning, Mister Amherst.
      (to Dr. Alden)
How are we looking on the project?


                       DR. ALDEN
The donor's blood is very unique,
so producing the results you want
will take time but we're trying to
keep to your schedule.
They all begin to walk away.
                                         CUT TO:
Henderson, Amherst & Gordon follow Dr. Alden down another
hallway now.
Where are we concerning the other
project, Doctor?
      (no answer)
Answer me, Doctor.
                       DR. ALDEN
Look... we're scientists, Mister
Henderson; pharmacists, some might
even say. Not military men.
Creating weapons is not something
we normally do.
That's not what I asked.
                       DR. ALDEN
As long as we're provided the
resources, we will do what you
ask. But remaining inconspicuous
will prove difficult over time.
You let me worry about that.
                       DR. ALDEN
Dr. Alden leaves.
      (to Gordon)
Get Roxie. It's time we put her to


Gordon nods before leaving as well. Henderson & Amherst go
their separate ways.
                                         CUT TO:
The room is less of a dungeon and more closer to a derelict
holding cell beneath the building and city surface; a place
where no one would hear you scream if you bothered to. One
could spy dripping leaks and mice running by if they paid
closer attention to the environment.
Here we find Charlene and ROXIE WARNER, both chained to a
concrete wall and sitting on the floor; Charlene wears a
SHOCK COLLAR. It's the most defeated we've seen either of
them; Charlene looks to be hanging by a thread while Roxie
looks overwhelmed with fatigue. They both slowly find the
energy to raise their heads when Gordon enters the room.
You know, Charlie spoke very
highly of you when we first met.
Now I wonder what he would say if
he saw you like this?
Roxie says nothing in response; she just stares intensely.
What, cat's got your tongue?
Mommy... tell her to let us go...
I'm sorry, Charlene, but that's
not for your mother to decide.
Don't worry, Honey; 'soon as we
get out of here, Mommy's gonna
kill her.
Oh, is that right?


Yup. You, and Henderson, and
everyone else associated with Ice
Wing. Just haven't decided who
I'll kill first.
Well, before we delve into that,
Henderson has a job for you.
Gordon steps back to the door and bangs on it twice. Moments
later, 2 Ice Wing mercs step into the room, crossing over to
Roxie. They lift her up onto her feet:
'The fuck is this!? Let me go!
Like I said, we have a job for
you. You're going to help us
recruit some more people like you.
Roxie is fitted with a shock collar of her own. Gordon nods
towards the merc; they let go of Roxie who rushes towards
Gordon. Gordon, however, quickly pulls out a small remote
from her pocket and pushes a button, shocking Roxie and
dropping her to the floor. Roxie SCREAMS and writhes in pain
as her body is jolted by the electricity.
That is one hundred million volts
coursing through your body; not
even half of what is in a single
lightning bolt. We know all about
your pain threshold so we had to
get creative and up the ante.
Charlene has only been hit with a
small fraction of what you've just
got. Do you want it to happen
Fine! I'll do it...!
Speak up --


I'll do whatever you want!! Just
don't hurt her... please...
That's more like it. Let's move
Gordon begins to leave the room.
      (to Charlene)
I love you, Baby. Stay strong.
Reluctantly, Roxie follows behind Gordon, with the two mercs
following behind as well.
                                         CUT TO:
There is a HELICOPTER prepped and ready to go. No one is on
the helipad when Gordon emerges, escorting Roxie at
gunpoint, whom is clad in ICEWING GARB similar to hers.
Saying that Roxie looks less than pleased here would be a
vast understatement, not to mention how weird the sight is
for us.
Move it! We haven't got all day.
She shoves Roxie forward and onto the helicopter.
                                         CUT TO:
Henderson is the only passenger on-board when Roxie climbs
on; Henderson grins at Roxie as Gordon climbs on-board next.
      (re: uniform)
Looks good on you.
It'll look better with your blood
on it!
Gordon shocks her and she reels back.
Manners, Roxie. You belong to me


Where the hell are you taking
According to intel, there's been
several sightings of Hyper-Sapiens
in different parts of the world.
So we're going to round them up
and bring them home.
You're hunting Products.
I like to call it "recruiting".
Of course you do. So why bring me
You're my diamond in the rough,
Roxie. That Diamond Serum gave you
abilities that are useful to me. I
just need to polish you up first.
You're insane!
You'll come to appreciate me in
He nods over to Gordon, who turns to the pilot:
Let's go!
                                         CUT TO:
The rotor blades begin SPINNING and WHIRRING, and the
helicopter ascends.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:


We're back in Tokyo, looking at the bustling airport in the
middle of the day.
                                         CUT TO:
Kev & Charlie are waiting outside a large hangar where some
mechanics are doing maintenance on a nearby aircraft.
Further inside, we see Olivia talking to a man in a suit,
smiling before giving the man a hug in appreciation of
something. She walks back over to the guys.
What's up?
So I think I'm pretty much down to
my last favor to pull here in
Tokyo, but I got us the plane.
Great, let's go.
Charlie looks over at the plane inside, a PRIVATE JET, but
with a concerned expression on his face.
What's wrong?
Last time I was on a plane, it
didn't go so well. We got shot
Yeah? Well, get your shit
together; we gotta go.
He puts an arm around him and they head for the jet.
                                         CUT TO:
The interior of the aircraft is that of your typical private
plane: a couple of chairs, a lounging couch, bathroom, etc.
The trio enter the jet where they find a beautiful JAPANESE


STEWARDESS of late-20s, waiting for them with a welcoming
Hello, I am Namika. I will be your
stewardess for this flight. May I
get you all something to drink
before we take off?
Yes, I'll have a martini please.
Beer, if you've got it.
      (to Charlie)
Anything for you, Sir?
Uh, no thanks. I don't drink.
Spain's a long flight from here,
And I need to stay sharp the whole
way there.
Get him a soda, Namika.
As you wish.
Namika heads to the back to make the drinks. Kev follows
behind her moments later.
Hey, Namika? Listen... my friend
back there, he doesn't sleep well,
and that might be a problem.
Kev pulls out some money out of his pocket, holding it up
for her to see:
                       KEV (cont'd)
So, I'm gonna need you to put
something in his drink that'll fix
that. Ambien, Xanax... whatever


                       KEV (cont'd)
you can find. Okay, Hun?
      (taking money)
Consider it done.
Kev smiles as he heads back to his seat, strapping himself
      (sitting down)
Alright, let's go!
Olivia gets comfortable as Charlie looks out his window.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
It's as if a tribe of savages are running through this poor
village as Ice Wing is out in full force, TERRORIZING the
people living here.
The locals SCREAM and CRY as they run for cover, trying to
avoid being captured or killed by the mercenaries. Here we
find DAVID GATES, Henderson's number two from PoD-1,
struggling to chase after a very fast FEMALE HYPER-SAPIEN
who's making a mad dash through the village, dodging GUNFIRE
and EXPLOSIONS, until she is suddenly tackled down by Roxie
from out of nowhere.
      (catches up)
Good job, Warner.
Roxie flips him off as she gets the Hyper-Sapien back on her
      (to Hyper-Sapien)
I'm really sorry.
The Hyper-Sapien spits in her face in response. Gates walks
over and forcefully takes the girl by the arm, walking her
away as Henderson walks over to Roxie.
      (wiping off spit)
Yeah, I had that coming...
      (to Henderson)
Why are you doing this? These


                       ROXIE (cont'd)
people have done nothing wrong.
Pretty ironic coming from a thief.
Roxie looks at him curiously.
What, think I wouldn't recognize
your tattoo? I know all about the
F.R.O.G.s; annoying bunch of
pricks you are. You know, I had a
client hire us once to try and
catch you lot. In a way, you were
always my White Whale.
FYI: Ahab didn't live to catch his
whale either.
      (he looks at her)
Yeah, I read sometimes.
      (scoffs; shakes
       his head)
Walk with me.
She walks with him as he leads her through the village, past
various locals being detained and victimized.
You see, Roxie, I fashion myself a
leader. A savior of sorts. You
call me every derogatory word you
can throw at me -- threaten me
even -- yet I just want to help
our people.
You're not one of us. You say you
want to help Products --
-- Hyper-Sapiens --
Whatever! Point is you have a
twisted idea of helping.
And I supposed you're the expert
on what's right and what's wrong?


I'm a thief! I don't kill -- !
for food -- some even do it for
sport! I am only trying to help my
people survive by any means
necessary, and that means staying
on top of the Human race. The
Hyper-Sapien race is only the next
step in evolution!
"Next step"? What, you're planning
to wipe out all humans?
If that's what it takes.
      (beat; stepping up)
As long as my daughter lives in
this world, you'll have a
snowball's chance in hell at
pulling that off!
Henderson stares back at her for a moment then nods over to
someone else in the distance. Two Ice Wing mercs walk over
and take her away.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
It's a bright sunny day at a private tropical beach
somewhere in the world. The sun is high, the water is
crystal clear; it's a very peaceful sight - almost too good
to be true considering the circumstances.
ANGLE ON Charlene, wearing a ONE-PIECE BATHING SUIT not
unlike a child would, as we find her to be the only young
woman sitting on a beach towel, staring out to the water.
She smiles as she looks on, seemingly content with life now.
REVEAL: Roxie & Charlie playing in the water, splashing each
other and generally playing around like your typical couple.
He grabs her as she stares into his eyes and they fall into
a deep kiss. Moments later, she playfully pushes him off and
he chases her back to Charlene, where they drop onto the
towel and join her.


Ugh! You two should get a room.
One day you'll understand,
Charlene smiles in response as she hopes this will be true.
A beat goes then:
Yes, Honey?
Thank you.
For what?
For not giving up on us.
      (tearing up)
Thank you for saving us, and for
everything else you did for us!
Charlene practically jumps into her father's arms as she
hugs him tightly as if she'll never see him again; he
returns the hug in equal measure. Roxie watches on - touched
by the moment herself. A family finally united.
I love you, Dad...!
I love you too.
Roxie joins in on the hug. It's a tender moment until we
start hearing a SLOW CLAP (OS), almost in a sarcastic
manner. The trio react to it in a tense manner; all three
show a shocked expression.
REVEAL: Henderson and a small group of Ice Wing mercs, all
with automatic rifles trained on our heroes.


Well, ain't this a touching
What, surprised to see me?
      (standing up)
How'd you find us?
Boy, there is no place on Earth
you can hide from me! Besides, I
had a little help this time...
Charlie doesn't want to believe it when he slowly turns to
the girls; this time their eyes are COMPLETELY BLACK as they
stare back at him:
This is your fault, Charlie --
Yeah, you should've stayed dead!
No, please...!
The girls and Ice Wing rush him; an entire mob holds Charlie
down as Henderson takes out what appears to be an
AUTOINJECTOR. As Charlie tries to resist being pinned down,
Henderson injects him in the neck with a serum. Charlie's
eyes turn CRIMSON RED; he lets out a PRIMAL SCREAM as the
world around him turns to FIRE.
                                         CUT TO:
We find out that it's all a dream when we find Charlie back
in the jet. Kev & Olivia watch as he tosses and turns
violently in his sleep. Kev goes to wake him; Charlie
suddenly JOLTS out of his sleep and, almost out of instinct,
POUNCES Kev to the floor and starts to STRANGLE him.
Charlie's pupils are still red almost as if he's gone into
Rage Mode.


Charlie, NO!
Charlie doesn't hear her as he starts choking the life out
of Kev:
Charlie... it's me... Kev...!
Charlie has lost it but it doesn't take long Olivia to find
something to hit him over the head with, making him let go
of Kev's neck.
You alright!?
      (regains composure)
Wha -- what just happened?
I went to wake you, and you
started choking the shit outta me!
I-I was sleeping...?
Yeah, the whole flight.
I told you, I don't sleep!
Duly noted! Let's go.
Welcome to Spain... asshole!
Kev follows Olivia out of the aircraft. Charlie stands there
for a moment, confused until he notices Namika close by,
looking very frightened. Charlie acknowledges and quickly
                                         CUT TO:
To call this place a secret would be stating the obvious.
The one thing that catches our eye is the large ELEVATOR


that descends down a slanted track, an elevator large enough
to carry multiple vehicles. We see a few armed Ice Wing men
scattered about -- either working or passing through when 2
LARGE TRUCKS come down on the elevator.
Henderson steps out of one while Gates & Gordon steps out of
another. Roxie gets out the back of a third truck with a
BLACK SACK over her head, along with some of the captives;
about a dozen of them, all in chains and with sacks over
their heads too.
      (looking around)
Not a bad haul...
Don't you think the chains are a
bit much, Sir?
We don't know what they're capable
of. Until then, we'll continue
taking precautions.
What should we do with Roxie?
Keep her away from the others. The
last thing we need is an uprising.
Gates heads over to Roxie and grabs her by the arm. She puts
up a struggle as he escorts her further into the bunker.
      (to his men)
Take them off.
Some of the mercs take the bags off the Hyper-Sapiens'
heads; some are scared while others are confused.
      (to Hyper-Sapiens)
Listen to me and listen carefully:
this is your new home now! Forget
everything you know, because from
this point on it won't matter. If
you believe in God, then forget
him too, for I am your God now! MY
word is law here and you WILL obey
it! If you follow my rules down to


                       HENDERSON (cont'd)
the letter, then you will have an
easier time adapting. If you do
not obey my rules, then trust me
when I say life will be hell for
you. Are we clear?
      (beat; no answer)
Alright then. Welcome to Agartha.
                                         CUT TO:
It's less of a cell and more of a room, a very small room
with a small bed and toilet off to the side. The door opens;
Roxie is practically shoved into the room after having her
sack taken off.
Hey, where the hell am I?!
Gates ignores her as he starts taking off her chains:
Hey, hey -- it's Gates, right?
Look, I just wanna see my kid.
Please. I need to know that she's
okay. C'mon, man, you have kids,
don't you?
He hesitates for a moment and she notices as he continues:
                       ROXIE (cont'd)
You do. Look, Gates, I don't know
what Henderson's paying you but
it's not worth it. Trust me. He's
insane -- he doesn't give a shit
about you, me or anyone!
Help me get out of here!
He finishes taking off her chains then picks them up and
heads for the door; when he reaches it, he stops for a beat,
looking down and away from her:
I'm sorry...
He leaves and locks the door behind.
"Sorry"!? Fuck you! LET ME GO!!


In a fit of anger, Roxie flips the bed over.
                                         CUT TO:
It's pretty late in the night. The air is cold and crisp,
and the MOONLIGHT provides just about the only lighting in
the dark alleyway. Charlie, Kev & Olivia walk down the
alley; Charlie looks around as if for something to jump out
to him meanwhile his two companions seem more cautious.
You wanna tell us where we're
going, Charlie?
      (looking around)
Keep an eye out for a red door...
It leads to a bar: "La Madriguera
del Conejo". It's Spanish for "The
Rabbit Hole".
And who are we finding in this
My cellmate, Colin. He owes me a
What makes you so sure he'll help?
I'm the reason he survived the
gulag. I can't imagine why he'd
say no.
You'd be surprised; not everyone's
as honest as you, buddy.
Charlie finally stops. He turns:


Well, worst comes to worst, I'll
just kill him.
      (opens red door)
Ladies first.
Olivia looks over at Kev, hesitating on her next move.
Down the rabbit hole you go...
Olivia takes a deep breath before entering through the door;
Kev follows behind then Charlie, who closes the door shut
right after.
                                         CUT TO:
The trio descent down a SPIRAL STAIRCASE into a long narrow
                                         CUT TO:
Olivia & Kev have pretty much followed Charlie into another
world as they emerge through a door. There is LOUD, THUMPING
MUSIC playing, people dancing (more grinding actually),
drinks and drugs being passed around, NEON LIGHTS AND LASERS
flashing about. Overall a good time if you're into that sort
of thing.
      (over the music)
'Never took you for the rave type,
What's a rave?
A confused Olivia looks over at Kev who just shrugs. They
follow Charlie, who makes his way through the sea of people
dancing, down to the bar. After getting through, the trio
arrives at the bar where Charlie find a male bartender:
      (in Spanish)
Hey. I'm looking for a friend
named Colin?


The bartender walks over and taps a woman on the shoulder,
whispering in her ear. The woman turns around but its in
fact a transvestite. This is COLIN, late-20s, good-looking
and feminine-enough to pass for a woman; a Brit that Charlie
obviously grew close with given Colin's reaction to seeing
      (walks over)
Look at you! Aren't you a sight
for sore eyes.
Colin gives him the biggest and warmest hug Charlie's
probably ever received.
Hey, Colin. These are my friends:
Kev and Olivia.
      (shaking their
Hi, Colindra Mathers!
      (to Olivia)
Mm! Honey, I love this whole look
you have -- the whole sultry
thing. It just works!
Uh... thanks. We were expecting --
A man? Yeah, I get that a lot.
Listen, Colin, is there somewhere
where we can talk?
Yeah, of course. Just give me one
From this point on (and out of respect for the character),
Colin will be referred to as a woman, as she walks back over
to the other bartender.


      (re: Colin)
Charlie, you didn't... you
      (Olivia hits him)
Don't be rude!
No, Kev, I didn't. I protected
Colin, we're like family.
Oh, and, she prefers to be treated
as a woman. So, just try to keep
that in mind.
Olivia & Kev nod in response as Colin comes back.
Okay. Let's go.
                                         CUT TO:
Charlie and his friends are sitting across from each other
in a VELVET VIP ROOM, where the light is dim and the music
THUMPS from outside the walls. A PRETTY COCKTAIL SERVER
comes in with drinks for everyone except for Charlie, who
receives water. But at this point, it seems the pleasantries
are gone as the server takes her leave:
      (to server)
      (to Charlie)
Fuck. You!
Colin, please -- !
No! I'm sorry, but I-I refuse!
You said that I could come to you
if I ever needed anything!
You're right, I did. But I meant
it like if-if you were in town and
needed a place to stay or even a


                       COLIN (cont'd)
job perhaps! But this? It's like
asking a lamb to head back into
the lion's den, after it's found
it's way out!
I know, and I'm sorry, but
Henderson still roams free, and I
have to stop him.
Charlie... you're not a superhero,
Honey. Move on -- live your life
while you still can!
Henderson has his kid. And it's
not just that -- we all have a
personal stake in it too. Look,
Colin, Liv and I don't know you,
but Charlie made it seem as if we
could trust you, and right now
you're our only shot at taking
this asshole down.
And I'm flattered you thought to
come to me, but my answer is still
A beat goes by then Liv & Kev graciously accept their
      (standing up)
Well, we tried...
Liv and Kev get up and move towards the exit, past Charlie
who remains in his seat -- staring at Colin in disbelief.
She can't seem to meet his gaze, possibly out of shame.
Charlie, let's go.
      (beat; to Colin)
Six months huh, Colin? And this is
the thanks I get?
Please don't...


Six months I spent protecting you
-- fighting YOUR fights -- and you
can't do me this ONE favor?
Remember Boris the Bull?
Colin shoots him a cold look in response to the name:
      (masculine tone)
You promised you'd never mention
that name again, Mate...!
Who's "Boris the Bull"?
Boris the Bull was a guard who ran
part of the gulag under
Henderson's command.
      (tearing up)
Charlie, I'm begging you. Please
don't do this...!
                       CHARLIE (cont'd)
For some time, maybe even before I
got to that hellhole, Colin here,
because of who he was, was used
for certain things. Things that I
eventually had to put an end to.
You son of a bitch...!
What kind of things?
Liv puts a hand on Kev's shoulder while shaking her head to
him -- she already knows the answer.
      (in tears)
I WAS RAPED! Okay?! Boris the Bull
used me as his sexual plaything!
He would drag me out of my cell
and rape me, sometimes multiple
times a day! One time, he had his
crew run a train on me while he
forced a group of inmates to
watch, just to make an example out


                       COLIN (cont'd)
of me!
As Colin breaks down and sob, Charlie -- now remorseful --
crosses over to her and holds her, trying to comfort his
      (to Olivia & Kev)
I was one of those inmates. I was
so horrified with what I saw; I
couldn't believe that a human
being would actually do such a
thing to another... so I killed
Boris. I snuck into his room one
night, waited til he slept, then
smothered him with a pillow.
Kev & Olivia don't know how to respond, seemingly
understanding Colin's refusal now. Charlie grabs Colin's
face, making her look him in the eye:
I'm sorry I had to make you relive
that, but you're not the only one
who lost a piece of himself that
night. "Colin" or "Colindra",
whatever you choose to call
yourself, you're still family to
me. But if your answer is still no
then I will let you live your life
as you choose, and you'll never
see me again.
Charlie gets up and leaves the room as Colin wipes her
                                         CUT TO:
Charlie, Olivia & Kev step out of the room, which apparently
is up on a balcony overlooking the rest of the club below.
Kev looks around until his attention is caught on something.
Charlie, you shouldn't have done


He sees a LARGE, BALD HULKING MAN wearing a leather jacket
down by the bar and staring back up, as if he's been
waiting. Staring with COMPLETELY BLACK EYES.
                       CHARLIE (OS)
I know, but I'm desperate.
I get that but you took it a bit
far. Right, Kev? Kev?
Huh? Oh, yeah, yeah that was
fucked up. Listen, I'll catch up
with you guys. I'm gonna go check
something out real quick.
Kev leaves in a hurry. Moments later, Colin steps out of the
VIP Lounge. Charlie & Olivia turn:
If you want to take on Henderson,
it's going to take more than just
you three. I hear there's a
chateau just outside of Normandy.
They call it "Sanctuary" -- some
kind of Hyper-Sapien Haven. It's
not known to many... but maybe you
can find some people who'll join
your cause.
Okay, great. Let's go -- !
      (caressing his
No, Charlie, Sweetie, I'm not
going. I've built a new life here.
I'm not willing to risk any of
it... regardless if you succeed.
      (kisses his cheek)
But I do hope you win.
Charlie just looks at his friend, finally understanding.
Down below, Kev makes his way through the sea of people on
the dance floor -- his eyes trained on the Black-Eyed Man
who continues staring back from his seat. Kev gets about


halfway across the dance floor before it starts to become
overwhelmingly crowded. A male patron bumps into him:
      (in Spanish)
Watch it, asshole!
'The fuck!
Kev begins to shove his way through the people, determined
to get to the Black-Eyed Man who now starts to become
obstructed from Kev's view as he tries to make his way to
him. Eventually, Kev pushes the wrong person as another
LARGE and MUSCULAR PATRON angrily turns around.
      (to Large Patron)
Move outta the way!
The Large Patron SUCKER-PUNCHES Kev, who reels back. Kev
looks over, finds his target to be suddenly gone now, and
looks back at the Patron:
Fuck it.
Kev lands a wild HAYMAKER at the Patron as a BRAWL ensues.
Up above, Charlie, Olivia & Colin notice the fight.
      (thinking aloud)
Oh no...!
      (looking down)
Everyone here is a Hyper-Sapien;
your friend will be killed -- !
I'm on it!
Charlie hops over the railing and drops down to the dance
floor, joining the fray.
Kev lands a few punches, all of which the Large Patron
absorbs. Realizing he's made a mistake, Kev slowly backs
away as the Patron walks towards him, about to attack before
Charlie taps him on the shoulder and KNOCKS HIM OUT with a
single punch.


Kev, we gotta go!
      (looking around)
Where is he!?
Where's who?!
Big dude! Had black eyes...!
What are you -- !
Before he can finish, Charlie is suddenly HIT over the head
with a GLASS BOTTLE. He keels forward a bit, putting a hand
over the wound, finding his palm covered in BLOOD.
ANGLE ON a pissed off Charlie suddenly whipping his head
around, HIS PUPILS RED, yet he's controlled. He finds 3
culprits - all of them half the size of the first Patron.
And now the fight continues, as Kev joins in to help
Charlie. It's fast and violent with various ITEMS thrown
about as the rest of the people run every which way to
escape the scuffle.
Charlie & Kev, working well in unison, jump between
opponents fighting fast and furiously, quickly winning the
brawl soon after. Both men look at each other, acknowledging
they need to leave the scene before more people try to
attack them; they run off.
Olivia is waiting outside when Charlie & Kev BURST through
the door:
      (to Kev)
What the FUCK were you thinking!?
You wouldn't understand...
Try me!
I saw a guy... not sure, but I
think he was one of the ones who
killed my parents...!


Kev, baby, you need to let that
I tried! But that's the closest
thing I got to a lead now, Liv!
You gotta let me do my thing...
And if you get yourself killed?!
Just let me do my thing.
Olivia just looks at him, not understanding the obsession.
The faint sounds of POLICE SIRENS (OS) can be heard
Guys, we gotta go.
The trio leave the alley.
                                         CUT TO:
Another batch of Hyper-Sapiens are dragged out of a truck in
RESTRAINTS as Roxie is forced to watch the action unfold
while standing next to Henderson & Gates.
The Hyper-Sapiens are lined up next to each other in a row;
Henderson steps up, walking up and down the line not unlike
a drill sergeant. Most of the Hyper-Sapiens look scared, if
not already broken. All except one who just catches our
I know you're all scared right
now, but I can assure you that I
will provide you a better home,
with food and a warm bed. Much
better than the cold streets of
Munich. That is IF you comply by
my rules.
None of this may make sense at the
moment but, in time, it will. I'm
on a mission to create a better
world for our kind. The more of
you I can find, the higher my


                       HENDERSON (cont'd)
success rate will be. Because,
after all, there is strength in
numbers, and the normal ones will
try anything to stop us. My people
will have some questions for you;
if you cooperate, everything will
go smoothly. If you don't, you
will be killed. Any questions?
The lone unafraid Hyper-Sapien raises his hand, Henderson
notices. The Hyper-Sapien is blond, in great shape, and in
his late-20s. Call him ERIK.
      (to Erik)
What is it exactly that you're
trying to do?
I plan to make the rest of the
world like us, so that we no
longer need to live in hiding. So
that you no longer need to live in
What can I do to help?
Roxie is taken aback by this, clearly this is the first time
a Hyper-Sapien has volunteered for the cause. The other
Hyper-Sapiens next to Erik are surprised as well.
What's your name, Son?
Erik, sir.
Tell me what you know, Erik.
There's a chateau in the north of
France. Sanctuary is what some
call it. It's where many
Hyper-Sapiens go for refuge. You


                       ERIK (cont'd)
will find plenty more there.
You're willing to sell-out your
friends just like that?
I don't have friends. And quite
frankly, I'm sick of running. If
you can put an end to that? Then
I'm loyal to your cause, Sir.
Gates! Get Erik here some new
clothes and some food. Roxie,
you'll be working closely with
him. I'm making you responsible
for his well-being. Anything
happens to him, and you die.
Gates & Henderson leaves. Roxie walks up to Erik, clearly
pissed off.
You sold-out your own people just
to save your own skin? You'll pay
for that soon! Mark my words.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
We follow a PASSENGER TRAIN speeding through the beautiful
countryside in the late morning, unaffected by the turmoil
that's been going on around the world. A pure sight.
At some point we get close enough to the train to see our
Charlie, Olivia & Kev sitting in one of the cabins, taking a
much needed rest.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
The trio are trekking deep within a forest, and from the
look of it, we can assuming they've been on their trek for
miles now.


      (thinking aloud)
I'd kill for an air conditioner
right now...
      (kills a mosquito)
Or at least some bug spray.
      (to Charlie)
Yo, you sure we're heading the
right way?
Charlie, carrying a GPS DEVICE, looks down at the screen.
According to the map, they're pretty close to their
Yeah. We're two clicks out.
And how far's a "click"...?
About another mile or so. You have
a plan as to how we can get
inside, Charlie? I mean, from what
Colin said, I doubt these people
want to be found.
Charlie stops, realizing she's right.
      (phone rings)
One sec.
Liv & Kev wait while Charlie answers his cellphone.
      (on phone)
                                         CUT TO:
It's morning wherever Edwards is. He looks as if he's been
sleeping in his office since the last phone call.


                       COL. EDWARDS
      (into speakerphone)
Son, do you take me as a fucking
No, Sir.
                       COL. EDWARDS
Then, why are you not here,
standing in front of me
Sir, I've been chasing a lead.
                       COL. EDWARDS
I don't care if you have a
thousand leads, if I give you an
order, I expect you to comply!
Sir, let me explain --
                       COL. EDWARDS
No, Warner, you don't get it. This
is how the chain of command works;
I tell you to jump, and you just
fucking jump! If I tell you to
jump on a plane, and get back to
base? I expect you to show up with
one of those little bags of
You know what? Fuck your chain of
                       COL. EDWARDS
Excuse me -- ?!
No, I'm sick and fucking tired of
following orders! That son of a
bitch has my daughter and I'm
gonna do whatever it takes to get
her back! And listening to some
asshole over the phone, won't help
me either. Especially if he's not
in the trenches with me!


                       COL. EDWARDS
You're on thin ice, boy...!
Yeah? Well, do something about
Charlie throws his phone at the nearest tree, SHATTERING IT.
On Edward's end, he just hears a BUSY TONE. He sits in his
chair, and pours himself a drink from a WHISKEY BOTTLE
sitting on his desk. He's pissed but keeping his composure.
An impressed Kev gives a slow clap. Charlie is clearly
frustrated but Olivia walks up to him, acknowledging his
How much time do we have?
I dunno. Not long maybe.
Then, let's pick up the pace.
They continue walking, faster this time.
                                         CUT TO:
Charlie, Kev & Olivia are looking exhausted when they
stumble upon the gates of a grandiose CHATEAU outside of the
forest. The place looks as if it was meant to be kept far
from civilization and was probably self-sufficient.
What catches our heroes' attention almost immediately is
that the chateau is pretty much heavily guarded; dozens of
ARMED GUARDS aim AUTOMATIC WEAPONS at the trio from all
angles. The trio quickly raise their hands.
Hello! My name is Charlie and
these are my friends, Kev and
Olivia. We're looking for
                       SANCTUARY GUARD #1
      (French accent)
There is no Sanctuary. Go back
where you came from!


I don't come with any bad
intentions. I am a Hyper-Sapien,
just like you.
                       SANCTUARY GUARD #2
      (Scottish accent)
We don't give a fuck who you are!
Turn back around!
An elder woman of about early-70s emerges from the main
entrance, obviously having paid attention to what is going
on outside. This is MARIE, kind yet fierce, the Frenchwoman
in charge of Sanctuary. Charlie notices her but stays
focused on the armed guards.
Brothers, believe me, I come in
peace! I am in desperate need of
help, and I just want to speak to
whoever's in charge!
All of the guards begin COCKING their weapons now...
                       SANCTUARY GUARD #2
Turn around, and walk away...!
      (approaching gates)
Enough! Everyone stand down!
      (to Charlie)
You say you're a Hyper-Sapien?
      (Charlie nods)
Prove it.
Uh... probably not a good idea,
what with the guns and all...
It's okay, Kev. I got it.
Charlie closes his eyes as he takes it a deep breath; next
he lets out a PRIMAL SCREAM, opening his eyes to reveal his
crimson red pupils. The guards react by aiming their guns
Marie is astonished as she sees what appears to be a trained
animal in front of her; Charlie simply stands, breathing
like a bloodthirsty beast until he makes himself go back to
normal -- falling to his knees. Kev & Olivia help him back


I know who you are. You're the man
who took out the Exterminators in
Paris. The man who killed Marielle
I heard there was a girl with you
too, during the incident. "Roxie"
is what they called her.
Yes, that's also true.
I'm Marie. Welcome to Sanctuary.
You three must be exhausted. Come,
come! We have much to talk about.
      (to guards; in
Let them through!
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
The moon is out in full, draping the chateau in a beautiful
light. We see several of the armed guards from earlier
patrolling the perimeter, some guards walking in pairs even.
                                         CUT TO:
The interior of the chateau's Great Hall looks like it
hasn't been altered at all but it doesn't detract from it's
antique beauty. The hall is FILLED with various HYPER-HUMANS
of all ages and ethnicity, all happily sitting and eating at
multiple tables; a scene reminiscent of a feast of old.
Marie is joined by her new guests at their own table as
Charlie, Kev & Olivia are served the best looking dinner
they've probably had in days.
... We like to have a feast on the
first night any new guests arrive.
I feel it helps them get


      (looking around)
I've never been to a real castle
before... This place is beautiful,
Thank you, Olivia.
Yes, as you can see, we haven't
changed anything out of respect of
the previous owners. But I feel it
serves as a reminder of a time
before there was so much chaos.
      (chewing food)
All due respect, Ma'am...
... the world was pretty fucked
before the Hyper-Sapiens got to
Olivia slaps him in the back of the head, almost as if to
say to be more respectful to the host.
Hey, I'm just saying --
No, you're right. The world was
already in terrible shape before
Hyper-Sapiens had become news. I
mean there had already been wars,
famine, the economy had collapsed
in America -- again...
      (sips drink)
... but with Hyper-Sapiens
becoming more commonplace, now the
people who are scared have
something to put the blame on.
Are you a Hyper-Sapien too?
No, Sweetie. Just a concerned
It's terrible the tragedies that
have befallen on these poor souls;
things like being chased like
cattle, and abducted for God knows


                       MARIE (cont'd)
Charlie, who has been focused on his meal this whole time,
finds his curiosity aroused now:
I'm sorry, "abducted"?
Oh yes, it's been all over the
news; Hyper-Sapiens being taken by
the dozens!
By who, the governments?
No. Some witnesses are saying it's
more like mercenaries.
Any idea what these mercenaries
looked like...?
Everyone who has seen them say
they have a patch, with the image
of a blue bird's wing, on their
      (thinking aloud)
He's recruiting...!
      (to Charlie)
Sounds like our boy's been busy.
What, who has -- ?
Marie, is there a place where we
can talk? Somewhere private?
      (sips drink)
Mmm-hmm, my room. Follow me.


The trio get up and follow Marie out of the dining hall,
leaving behind their plates. Moments later, a man and a
woman slowly turn around, having overheard their
conversation from another table behind the now-empty one.
They wait before Marie and her guests have left the room
before following behind.
                                         CUT TO:
Her living quarters is modest considering the chateau is
pretty much crowded. The room is standard yet not exactly
one of the biggest, but sizable enough for a desk, her bed,
and a television set, along with 2 chairs. Marie takes a
seat in one of the chairs while the trio stand around.
So what do you want to talk about?
There's no easy way to ask this,
Marie, but we need help. The
people who are abducting
Hyper-Sapiens have my family, and
we need some of the Hyper-Sapiens
here to help us get them back. We
would like to talk to them, and
see who's willing to join our
No. Absolutely not.
Marie, you don't understand --
I do, and I'm sorry. But the
Hyper-Sapiens here, they... they
all came here because they wanted
to be safe. And I have to protect
them. So, no, I cannot let them go
with you.
                                         CUT TO:
The man and woman from the dinner table slowly creep through
the quiet hallway outside, and up to the door.


The man is SEAN and the woman is IRIS, both IRISH
Hyper-Sapiens in their mid-to-late-twenties. Sean is a large
mute fellow, built as if for a Mr. Olympia contest. Iris is
petite and beautiful, but comes off as feisty too. They
approach the door and listen quietly.
                                         CUT TO:
Charlie continues pleading his case:
Marie -- please -- these are
dangerous men we're up against,
and we can't face them alone!
I'm sure you can find someone else
to help you.
Ma'am, we need all the help we can
get. And I'm sure there are plenty
of people here, some, if not all,
with a grudge against these
Do you know why this chateau is
called "Sanctuary"? It's because
the Hyper-Sapiens who come here,
consider it a sacred place. One of
the last few safe zones in all of
Europe, if not the world; those
people outside that door, they've
all come in search of a place to
sleep peacefully, and not fear
that they may never wake up again.
Do you seriously believe that I
would just let you take anyone
away from here, to join you on
your vendetta? My answer is still
      (beat; sighs)
Okay. There's no convincing you,
so... okay. Thank you for your
hospitality. We'll leave in the
morning. Let's go, guys.


Marie clearly feels sorry but stands firm by her answer as
she watches Charlie, Liv & Kev leave the room.
                                         CUT TO:
Iris & Sean are still standing with their ears pressed
against the door. She quickly taps him on the shoulder; they
both run away as quietly as possible, and hide around the
corner of the hallway.
They peek and watch Charlie and his friends walk down the
opposite direction from them. Iris & Sean turn to each
other; she nods at him almost as if seeing an opportunity.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
It's much later in the night when we find Kev and Olivia
sleeping in a small bedroom all to themselves. She sleeps
comfortably in a bed large enough for both of them, but he
struggles to sleep on the floor -- least likely by choice.
                                         CUT TO:
We follow Charlie as he walks alone through dimlit hallways,
eventually finding a door left cracked open; the only open
door he's managed to find. He slowly pushes the door open,
following his curiosity inside.
                                         CUT TO:
Charlie discovers a DARK, GRANDIOSE LIBRARY from olden time
as he walks through the door; we can't really tell how long
it's been since someone last cleaned this room, but the
cobwebs seen around the place hints that it's been a long
Close by, Charlie spots a young boy of about 10 years old,
sitting by a shelf -- reading a book by CANDLELIGHT. Call
this boy ALBERT, a precocious, British lad who gives the
impression that he's more interested in getting lost in
fantasy than playing with other kids.


I'm sorry! I'll go back to bed!
It's okay. You're not in trouble.
What's your name?
Hi, Albert. I'm Charlie. May I
join you?
Albert shyly nods and continues reading his book. Charlie
sits next to him and leans over:
What are you reading?
      (shows cover)
The Three Musketeers by Alexandre
Dumas. Have you read it?
No, can't say that I have. What's
it about?
It's about a poor man named
D'Artagnan, who dreams of serving
the King of France as a musketeer.
So he helps three real musketeers
stop one of the King's servants
from killing him, and taking over
the country. It's my favorite
book; I've read it three times
Wow. That's pretty cool. How come
you're all alone in here?
Shouldn't you be asleep?
I can't sleep. I get nightmares.


I sometimes get nightmares too.
But do you know what I do? I
What's that?
Meditation is when you sit with
your legs crossed. Like this...
      (sits in position)
... Then, you close your eyes, and
you take in deep breaths. C'mon,
try it with me.
Albert mirrors his position, closing his eyes too.
                       CHARLIE (cont'd)
      (eyes closed)
Now, the point of this is to try
to focus on something that makes
you happy. Something that brings
you peace, so you can calm your
mind and be more centered. Take a
deep breath...
... then breathe out, slowly.
Albert follows Charlie's lead, exhaling slowly and with
control. They take a couple more breaths, and then:
Okay. Open your eyes.
      (they both do)
How do you feel?
I feel better. Stronger.
Good. I want you to practice that
every night before bed. That way,
you won't be scared anymore. Okay?
You and your friends, I think
you're like the musketeers in the


Really? Why is that?
I think you three came here to
help people like us. To protect us
from the bad men that are trying
to hurt us. Right?
Uh... I --
-- And maybe I could join you,
like D'Artagnan joined the
Albert, I'm sorry, but even if
that was true, you're just a kid.
There's a great, big world out
there, just waiting to be
explored. Trust me, you don't want
to follow me anywhere.
Oh... I just thought maybe I could
finally have an adventure, just
like my favorite characters.
You can, Albert. You can do
anything you put your mind to, as
long as you keep your head in
these books.
Albert looks up at him as Charlie smiles at him. Albert
musters up a half-hearted smile as he goes back to reading
his book.
                                         CUT TO:
A band of men, somewhere between 10-15, patrol the
perimeter. A routine night for them.
Moments later, we see Ice Wing men emerging from the woods
and various other areas surrounding the chateau. The men,
led by Henderson of course, all wear stealth attire,


carrying high-tech equipment like NIGHT-VISION GOGGLES and
At some point, we see Roxie emerge from the woods, with Erik
closely behind her. Some of the mercs start firing off
SILENCED SHOTS -- taking out some of the men on higher
vantage points first.
                                         CUT TO:
We actually intercut between multiple bed chambers of the
castle, seeing many Hyper-Humans sleeping soundly in almost
every room. They all vary in age, and the scene hints how
overcrowded the Chateau is becoming.
                                         CUT TO:
Ice Wing starts to push closer to the manor, taking out
every guard in their way using guerrilla tactics. The mercs
remain in stealth, until one of the guards manages to catch
a glimpse of them just in time:
                       SANCTUARY GUARD #3
The guard fires off a few rounds, killing one of the mercs.
                                         CUT TO:
Over in Olivia & Kev's bedroom, the sound of the guard's
gunfire ECHOES NEARBY (OS). They both wake from their sleep
almost instantaneously, looking at each other in confusion.
You heard that, right?
      (listening around)
Yeah. Definitely gunfire...
The sounds of BELLS RINGING (OS) begin to break the silence
moments later. The two quickly get to their feet.
                                         CUT TO:


Ice Wing hear the BELLS (OS) too. They start pushing forward
more aggressively now.
      (draws pistol)
EVERYONE, MOVE IN!! We are not
leaving until I get every single
one of those damn Hyper-Sapiens!!
Kill anyone who gets in the way!!
Roxie hesitates as the scene unfolds in front of her.
                                         CUT TO:
Charlie is still sitting on the floor where we last saw him;
he's now reading The Three Musketeers as Albert has fallen
asleep next to him. Charlie hears the faint sound of BELLS
RINGING (OS) outside, and slowly reacts to it.
Charlie gets up to his feet; as he starts to walk over to a
window, a FLASHBANG grenade is suddenly hurled through
another. He notices it and quickly RUNS back over to Albert,
shielding the boy's body with his own. The loud BANG from
the grenade wakes Albert up -- frightening him greatly.
A bit disoriented from the flash-bang now, Charlie slowly
gets back to his feet as 2 Ice Wing mercs JUMP THROUGH the
window. Albert watches as Charlie wastes no time springing
into action, fighting the mercs using a FAST FLURRY OF
HAND-TO-HAND MOVES before they can get a shot off.
Once taken down, Charlie grabs an automatic weapon off one
of the felled mercs, along with some MAGAZINES, and kills
them both with a shot each. He turns back to Albert:
You okay?
Albert, obviously scared and speechless now, can only nod in
response as he holds back tears. Charlie is about to walk
over to him when a BULLET suddenly GRAZES his arm.
Charlie fires back out the window -- providing cover fire as
Albert SPRINTS out of the room. Next, he follows behind.


                                         CUT TO:
Albert is pretty much frozen in his tracks when we see him
in the middle of the hallway, staring down the end. ANGLE ON
a trio of Ice Wing mercs aiming their LASER-SIGHTED
AUTOMATICS at the boy. Then:
                       CHARLIE (OS)
Albert -- !!
Charlie emerges out of the library like a bat out of hell;
he grabs Albert swiftly -- using his momentum to crash
through another door just as the mercs open fire.
                                         CUT TO:
Henderson, with Roxie walking close by, stops while the rest
of his army continue pushing through.
An armed Gates jogs up to him, Roxie watches:
Yes, sir?
Hand me the serum.
Gates hands him a SMALL VIAL with what appears to be a RED
LIQUID. He holds it up, almost as if to proudly show it off
in front of Roxie.
Sir, we still don't know the side
effects to this stuff -- if any.
Are you sure you want to test it
on yourself?
Not me. Someone else. Erik!
      (walking over)
Yes, sir.


      (hand on his
Son, tonight you have the
privilege of being the face of the
new world. Here, drink this.
Erik takes the serum; he looks at Henderson for a beat then
drinks the liquid. Roxie watches keenly as Erik reacts to
the serum. He drops the vial, screaming almost in agony; the
veins in his body become more visible and he, himself,
becomes almost animal-like. Erik, without giving so much a
thought, SPRINTS towards the chateau. Henderson chuckles.
Look at him run! If the serum's a
failure, at the very least
London's not too far away.
      (to Roxie)
Time to see what Charlene's blood
can do for us!
Roxie looks back at him in disgust. She continues running
off towards the chateau.
                                         CUT TO:
Now in the room he crashed into, Charlie finds himself in a
FIREFIGHT with the 3 mercs in the hallway while Albert ducks
behind cover, covering his ears due to the noise.
                                         CUT TO:
Several Hyper-Sapiens SCRAMBLE in a panic as they hear
GUNFIRE (OS) erupting through the hallways. Some guards
inside the room fight to protect their people. Among the
Hyper-Sapiens in the room are Iris & Sean.
      (to Sean)
We need to get everyone to safety!
Sean nods in agreement and they run off, helping others find
a safe way out.
                                         CUT TO:


The gunfire continues as Charlie briefly steps out of cover
to fire back at his enemies. When he steps back in cover:
      (thinking aloud)
I'm running out of ammo...
Albert looks ahead, noticing something. He grabs a fire
extinguisher off the wall.
      (hands fire
Charlie, here!
That's convenient.
      (takes it)
Stand back.
Charlie throws the fire extinguisher in the direction of the
mercs and quickly blind-fires at it; He and Albert both hear
the extinguisher EXPLODE (OS) then the mercs SCREAMING IN
Stay here.
Albert stays put as Charlie runs out.
                                         CUT TO:
We find the mercs blinded from the extinguisher powder as
Charlie runs out towards them. One of the mercs, barely able
to see again, quickly reacts to Charlie approaching by
drawing a COMBAT KNIFE.
Charlie quickly disarms the merc, and kills all three men
using the knife.
      (picking up a gun)
Albert, let's go!
Albert quickly runs out of the storage room, the dead bodies
immediately grabbing his attention as he follows behind
Charlie down the halls.
                                         CUT TO:


Iris & Sean, along with a handful of Hyper-Sapiens walk into
the large kitchen:
Everyone! If you have powers, use
'em! Otherwise, find something you
can hit 'em with!
Iris grabs a KITCHEN KNIFE off a nearby counter. Everyone
else grab ordinary kitchen items like KNIVES, FRYING PANS,
ROLLING PINS, etc. Sean refuses to grab anything. They all
                                         CUT TO:
As Charlie & Albert continue down the hallways, they are
spotted by Kev & Olivia whom are now armed with PISTOLS.
      (he turns; runs up)
Yo, we've been looking for you.
      (re: Albert)
Who's your friend?
Guys, this is Albert. Albert,
these are my friends - Kev and
Charlie, we've gotta get out of
here --
Not until everyone's safe first.
What!? There's an ARMY outside --
we've gotta get the fuck outta
These are my people being killed,
Kev! And I'm not going anywhere
until I know they're safe; so you
can either help me or get the fuck


                       CHARLIE (cont'd)
outta my way!
Well, let's at least get the boy
to safety first.
You two take him and round up as
many more Hyper-Sapiens as you
can, then we'll meet in the
forest. I'll head this way, and
try to find more people as well.
As he's about to leave:
Hey, Charlie?
      (he turns)
You watch yourself!
He runs off.
                                         CUT TO:
Inside the Chateau's chapel, we see an enhanced Erik, just
BULLDOZING through guards, killing them by knocking them
against walls or throwing large items at them; his body
simply a sponge for their bullets.
                                         CUT TO:
Meanwhile outside the grounds, we see some Ice Wing soldiers
have managed to successfully capture plenty of Hyper-Sapiens
                                         CUT TO:
Kev, Olivia & Albert run down the hallways when they
suddenly run into Iris and her group. Kev & Olivia aim
cautiously but Iris and the rest raise their hands.


Whoa, whoa! We're Hyper-Sapiens!
We're not one of them!
Hey, Kiddo!
Albert runs up to her and gives her a great big hug.
Albert, you know these people?
Yes! This is Iris. She's my
friend. Iris, that's Kev and
Kev & Olivia stare at them for a beat before slowly lowering
their weapons.
Are these all the Hyper-Sapiens
No, there's still plenty more left
to find.
Thoughts on how to get them out?
This chateau has many secret
passages and tunnels. That's
probably the safest way out.
Well, lead the way then.
Kev & Olivia follow the group down another path through the


                                         CUT TO:
A hole has been BLOWN OUT of a wall; a couple of mercs enter
through with Henderson & Gates following behind.
Make sure you get everyone of
those Hyper-Sapiens! Show no
Gate and the mercs continue on through.
                                         CUT TO:
Charlie is walking through the Great Hall, aiming cautiously
for threats when he hears:
                       ROXIE (OS)
He spins around but lowers his weapon at the sight of Roxie.
She looks genuinely glad to see him as they run up to each
other, and greet each other with an embrace.
I thought you were dead...!
Me too. But, why are you wearing
Ice Wing gear?
I don't have a choice. Henderson's
got Charlene and he said he'd kill
her if I don't cooperate.
Well, where the hell is she?!
Let's get her so we can get the
hell outta here -- !
That's the thing -- I dunno where
he's keeping her.
                                         CUT TO:


For those who don't know, a "Solar" is a large room -- or
suite of rooms -- occupied by the Lord of the castle. *I
feel the need to explain this because I didn't know this
tidbit myself until recently, but back to our story.*
The room is packed with Hyper-Sapiens making their way
through a SECRET PASSAGE in a wall when Iris and her group
walks in.
      (to her group)
Here we are. Go, hurry!
All the Hyper-Sapiens in her group, except for Sean, head
for the exit.
Is this the only tunnel?
This is probably the safest. It
leads straight out to a clearing
in the middle of the forest.
Kev, we're gonna have to funnel
everyone here.
I know! But Charlie doesn't want
to leave until he knows everyone
is safe!
Your friend is a fool! Those
bastards outside have already
killed nearly half of us in here!
Liv, we gotta go get him... Powers
or not, he's gonna get himself
My brother and I will help you.
Follow us.
Kev & Olivia follow Iris and Sean back into the Chateau
                                         CUT TO:


Back in the Great Hall, Charlie & Roxie peer out of a
They see the gunfighting outside as the Chateau guards
struggle to hold off the mercenaries.
As Charlie checks the magazine on his gun:
      (thinking aloud)
Damn! I'm almost out...
      (to Roxie)
'The hell is Ice Wing doing here
anyway? How'd they find this
Henderson's recruiting; he's
trying to build an army of sorts
-- says he's gonna start a new
I came for the same reason. Who
gave up the location? It was
supposed to be a secret.
This German dude. 'Gave up his own
people to save himself. After
here, I think we're heading to
Oh shit...!
Roxie looks genuinely nervous as Charlie curiously turns
around. REVEAL: Erik standing at the far end of the room,
almost HULKING in size now. Covered in BLOOD, he looks like
a hungry wolf who's got it's prey cornered.
Roxie, what the fuck is that...?
The German dude... He's got
Charlene's blood in him --


It does that!?
                                         CUT TO:
Over in the hallways, Kev & Olivia and Sean & Iris are
battling their way through Ice Wing mercs, proving to work
well together using a combination of hand-to-hand combat and
gun-fighting. Olivia in particular looks very impressive.
They continue on as they search for Charlie.
                                         CUT TO:
Erik lets out a PRIMAL SCREAM, not unlike the one we're used
to from Charlie.
Charlie... I'm sorry but I have to
go... If I'm seen helping you,
Charlene will be killed.
Go, get out of here.
Before I go, I need to tell you
something: don't use your -- !
Charlie gets knocked back against a wall when Erik suddenly
CHARGES INTO HIM like a mad bull!
Go!! I'll find you in London!!
And with that she runs off. Charlie, gets back to his feet
and starts to fire rounds at Erik, but the bullets don't
even faze his target. When his gun goes empty, he quickly
DIVES out of the way just as Erik charges at him again, and
SLAMS HIS FISTS into the ground.
Charlie quickly gets back to his feet; Erik stares at him
for a beat, almost taunting him. It's enough to get Charlie
pissed as he lets out his own PRIMAL SCREAM. His eyes turn
red, and the fight is on as he runs towards Erik.
Charlie lands a big SUPERMAN-PUNCH on Erik who,
surprisingly, staggers back a bit -- getting mad. Next,
Charlie starts to unleash a flurry of punches to his body,


dodging and ducking each time Erik tries to grab hold of
                                         CUT TO:
Kev and his group continue running through the halls,
checking all the rooms they come across.
Elsewhere in the Chateau, we see Henderson casually walking
through as he looks around.
                                         CUT TO:
Charlie struggles to take down Erik, using everything he can
get his hands on. At one point, Charlie even throws a table
at his adversary but still no luck.
Eventually, Charlie's friends manage to find him while the
fight is happening.
Kev and Olivia begin to fire at Erik, the bullets pretty
much bouncing off his back until they run out of ammo. Erik
turns and Charlie uses the distraction to jump on him and
try to get him in a choke-hold. Erik simply throws him
across the room.
I can't take him down!
Sean sprints towards Erik, trying to tackle him down but
gets stopped in his tracks. Charlie quickly runs and jumps
off Sean's back, drop-kicking Erik. Sean & Charlie try to
work together, using any means they can to bring Erik down.
At one point, Henderson arrives at the opposite end of the
room; he watches the fight almost with amusement.
When Sean gets knocked against a wall, Erik manages to grab
Charlie by the throat. Charlie finds himself a little
helpless until he notices something: Erik is starting to run
out of steam; Henderson notices too. Erik lets go of
Charlie, who backs away as Erik suddenly starts suffering a
heart attack! Everyone watches in confusion, especially
Henderson who's quite upset.


As Charlie slowly backs away, Henderson quickly draws his
pistol and SHOOTS Charlie in the head, killing him!
Iris draws a small circle in the air with her finger, and
the events just passed suddenly REWIND BACK to just before
Erik dies of his heart attack. A drop of BLOOD spills from
Iris' nose, but she quickly notices and wipes it away before
anyone else notices. However, everyone seems even more
confused now -- especially Charlie.
      (to Charlie)
Charlie turns and quickly ducks as Henderson tries to shoot
Charlie & Sean run back to their group as Henderson
continues firing, almost chasing after our heroes until they
all leave the room. He stops at Erik's body, looking down in
                                         CUT TO:
Iris' group continues running, following her through the
almost maze-like hallways. Eventually, they enter through a
                                         CUT TO:
Our heroes run back into the room and head straight for the
secret passage.
                                         CUT TO:
In a clearing in the middle of the forest, we see a WOODEN
HATCH open up in the ground. Iris sticks her head out first.


      (looking around)
Oh no...!
She looks devastated as she climbs out of the hatch; the
rest of the group follow behind, each one disappointed as
well. REVEAL: a handful of dead bodies strewn about --
Hyper-Sapiens our heroes tried to save. Among the bodies is
Marie, riddled with BULLET HOLES.
As Iris steps over the bodies, one in particular catches her
      (tearing up)
No... no, no, no!
She runs over and cradles a body in her arms as she cries.
It's Albert, the only child among the dead Hyper-Sapiens;
his body with a few BULLET HOLES in it. Kev & Olivia
respectfully give Iris a moment alone until they notice
Charlie is the last one to climb out of the hatch.
      (stopping him)
Charlie, hold up...
Why, what's going on?
Charlie, no -- !
Noticing what's there, Charlie pushes Kev out of the way. He
looks as if his entire world has shattered as he sees the
bodies of his brethren. When he spots Albert's dead body in
Iris' arms, Charlie falls to his knees and let's out a
SCREAM -- but not a primal scream. Instead, its a scream of
hurt. What we see is a man defeated.
I'm gonna kill 'em...!
      (to Kev & Olivia)
Henderson, Ice Wing, everyone --
they're all gonna FUCKING PAY!!
Charlie gets back to his feet; he wipes his tears as he
walks past Kev & Olivia:


Look, I know you're hurting but
think about what you're saying.
You're talking about turning a
rescue mission into a revenge
mission, which is exactly the
point Marie was trying to make
      (turning back)
These people didn't deserve to
die, Liv!
We know that. And you did
everything you could. But let's
re-focus here, okay?
I ran into Roxie earlier. Ice
Wing's got her working with them,
but she told me they're gonna be
in London next.
What about Charlene?
She doesn't know where she is, but
London's a start. We're going
We're coming with you.
Iris kisses Albert on the forehead as she gently lays him
back down on the ground. Then, she and Sean walks over to
Charlie and his friends; She wipes her tears.
What? No. I don't even know who
you are.
      (shaking his hand)
I'm Iris, and this is my brother
Sean. We overheard your
conversation with Marie earlier,
and we want to join you.


      (walking away)
No, this isn't your fight!
It became my fight when that
son-of-a-bitch John Henderson
killed my boyfriend!
You have a grudge -- so what!?
Hey, you'd still be dead if it
weren't for me!!
This stops Charlie in his tracks. He turns:
What do you mean "still"?
      (walking up)
That's right, you were dead just a
few minutes ago; Henderson put a
bullet right through your fucking
head! But, you see, I changed
that. I'm a Winder. A Hyper-Sapien
that can rewind time... however, I
can only do it for thirty seconds.
But it seemed like it was enough
time to get your ass out of there!
      (to Kev & Olivia)
Is this true?
You know, something did feel off
before we left the castle.
Yeah, like something else had
actually happened but didn't. It
felt like a dream.
Lingering effects of the rewind.
It always feels real, but no
longer is.


What about your brother? Is he a
"Winder" too?
No. He's... different.
Does he speak?
'Took a vow of silence. Look, I
think it's obvious that you three
can't take on Henderson's army by
yourselves. And we know people in
London. People with guns. Lots of
Okay. Let's go.
Charlie, you sure about this?
I need an army and guns. Yeah, I'm
definitely sure.
Charlie walks away. Moments later, the rest follow suit.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
We see shots of London we haven't seen before; the glamour
mixed with the ghetto. The upper-class and the lower-class
close enough in proximity that it doesn't surprise anyone
when the crowds are mixed. This is the London on the future,
where there is no longer a divide among classes, and
everyone is pretty much fighting to survive. We follow the
scene along until we find ourselves back at a familiar
location: Griffin Corporation Headquarters.
                                         CUT TO:
Gordon is standing close by, keeping watch as Amherst
conducts business with 3 executives at his desk. The
foursome seem uneasy -- feeling Gordon's gaze on them until
Henderson & Gates suddenly BARGE through the door.


Everyone out! Out, out, out --
meeting's over!!
      (to Amherst)
You, stay!
The 3 executives, obviously panicked, quickly rush out of
the room.
M-Mister Henderson... what-what
can I do for you...?
You tried to fuck me!
I beg your pardon?
Your serum failed, Amherst!
What, how so?
You tell me. Last night, I had one
of my soldiers drink the serum. It
enhanced him, made him faster,
stronger -- a perfect killing
machine. But then, thirty minutes
later, I see him die of a heart
attack whilst in a fight with
Wait, Charlie's alive, Sir?
Yes, Gordon, he certainly is!
      (to Amherst)
Now, why the fuck was I not made
aware of any side effects!?
Because we weren't aware of any!
We never got around to testing the
serum yet. But if it does indeed
kill the consumer after a half
hour, then that means we need to
isolate the mutagen in Charlene's
blood, before we can finalize the


                       AMHERST (cont'd)
Good. Then, you better get started
so we can have it ready by
What, me? I can't!
You're the scientist -- figure it
No, you don't understand! I have a
charity event tonight that I must
attend. In fact, I'm the one
throwing it. I have to be there
otherwise people will think
something is wrong.
Fine. Go to your event. But my
people and I will be there as
well. And if you try anything
stupid? Well, let's just say you
won't have a family to go home to
anymore. Are we clear?
Amherst nods and Henderson leaves the room.
                                         CUT TO:
A white PANEL VAN stops in front of an alley, and the door
opens. Iris steps out, followed by Sean then Charlie, Kev &
      (to Driver)
Thanks, mate; we'll be in touch,
yeah? Cheers!
They all follow Iris further into the alley as the van pulls
away. About halfway down the alley, they reach what appears
to be a service entrance to a building. Iris bangs twice on
the door before it opens up. A small-sized older man stands
inside; without saying a word, he allows the group inside as
if they've been expected.


                                         CUT TO:
Iris leads the group down a dilapidated tunnel. They head
through another door at the end.
                                         CUT TO:
As mentioned in the logline, Iris leads the group into
(apparently) an underground bunker hidden in the middle of
London. They look around, finding workshops with people
working on equipment; a small gun range not far from where
they stand; elsewhere are people seemingly coordinating on
One of the people coordinating over plans, a man seemingly
in his early-60s, looks up and begins walking over. This is
PAUL HAMMOND, an old British war dog who looks to have had
his fair share of battles. Iris shakes his hand.
Iris. I heard what happened over
in Sanctuary; didn't think I'd see
you and your brother again.
Yeah... we almost didn't make it.
Paul, this is Charlie, Kev and
Olivia. They helped us get out of
Sanctuary. Guys, this is Paul
Hammond, SAS.
Former SAS. I'm retired now.
                       BAXTER (OS)
Olivia Dawes...?
The group turns and a flood of emotions overcomes Olivia,
reacting as if she's seeing a ghost from her past. REVEAL:
Donald Baxter, early-60s, an American Interpol agent.
Sporting a SALT-AND-PEPPER BEARD and PAUNCHY LOOK, it's safe
to say that Baxter is retired as well. He walks over:
Donald Baxter? Oh my God!
She doesn't hesitate in hugging Baxter tightly; he returns
the gesture.


You disappeared without a trace...
I thought you were dead...!
I went off the grid, Don. I
should've reached out. I'm so
      (to her friends)
Guys, this is Donald Baxter. My
training officer when I was with
      (to Baxter)
Are you still with the agency?
Retired, two years ago. It's been
a long time, Liv. We need to catch
Wait, I don't get it. SAS?
Interpol? What is this place?
We call ourselves "VaporSun";
we're a nongovernmental
organization. NGO for short. We
operate outside of the laws. We're
not criminals but we're not
exactly lawmen either. We're just
interested in one thing.
And what's that exactly?
Protecting Hyper-Sapien rights.
Charlie glances over at Iris, who gives him a reassuring
look. These are the people he should be working with.
                                         CUT TO:
The group is now sitting in a large conference room, away
from the noise of the bunker.


Well, I must say, Son -- your
story is incredible. And you're
sure Henderson has your family?
I wouldn't be here if I was wrong,
Wait, but how do you know for sure
that he's running with Griffin
Corporation? From the stories I've
heard, John Henderson's a
low-profile kinda guy.
Trust me, he's working with them.
See, what we found out last night
is that Ice Wing has been
recruiting Hyper-Sapiens --
Yes, that much we're aware of. But
I'm curious about their connection
to Griffin...
I dunno.
I do.
Everyone curiously looks over at Kev, and he looks as if
he's figured everything out.
                       KEV (cont'd)
When I first met Roxie, she said
they kept taking her blood. But
she wasn't sure why. Then, they
started doing it to Charlene. As
Charlene grew up, we noticed weird
things about her; she started
moving small objects by just
looking at them. Roxie called her
a meta-something...


A MetaPSI.
"MetaPSI"? What the hell is that?
My daughter is a Hyper-Sapien that
can shoot energy bolts out of her
So, Ice Wing's got their hands on
a Hyper-Sapien bio-weapon.
We need to gain access to
Griffin's headquarters.
Well, you chose the perfect day to
do it. But it won't be easy. Their
CEO is hosting a gala event of
sorts tonight.
Guys, we only have one shot at
this. And that's our way in.
I agree.
Mmm-hmm, me too.
Well, then... let's get to work.
                                         CUT TO:
We find Henderson standing outside a laboratory, watching a
group of scientists in white coats, including Amherst,
working on the improved version of the serum. Gordon walks
over with Roxie, who's in handcuffs.


      (He turns)
She says she wanted to speak to
      (turning back to
I don't have time for your
insults, Roxie.
I want in.
She has his attention now as she approaches him.
                       ROXIE (cont'd)
Look, I get it -- we Hyper-Sapiens
are a dying breed, and you're just
trying to make sure that we
survive. What I saw last night,
with that German kid? Was crazy as
fuck! But it opened my eyes as to
what kind of power we could have.
I just don't want to end up like
him, though.
Why the sudden change of heart?
Because, it's clear to me now, you
can't fight the future.
      (beat; nodding)
Okay. Gordon, take her out of
these cuffs. And put her in a
      (to Roxie)
I hope you clean up nice.
Roxie gets a confused look as Gordon pulls her away.
Henderson continues watching the scientists work.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
A) Our heroes, along with Baxter & Hammond, are looking over
blueprints at a work-space in the bunker.


B) Roxie is sitting in a small room. An Ice Wing merc takes
off her shock collar, and replaces it with a small,
necklace-like collar. Probably a TRACKING DEVICE.

C) Kev, Iris, and Sean are at the shooting range, firing off
a different assortment of guns and rifles.

D) Charlie & Olivia are looking at a table with various
ELECTRONIC DEVICES. He picks up an EARPIECE and tries it on.

E) Gates and some mercenaries are loading up weapons.

F) Charlie, Kev and Olivia are having a sparring session
with Iris & Sean, along with a couple of people about their
ages, in a DOJO-LIKE room in the bunker. Charlie seems to be
taking on the leadership role.

G) Back in the lab, Amherst has finished modifying the
serum, which is now colored GREEN. He holds up the vial,
taking a look at it but still seems unsure.

H) Roxie is sitting in her cell, waiting for a beat when the
door finally opens up. Gordon walks in, tosses a DRESS at
her, then leaves. Roxie watches her close then door behind,
then looks down at the dress.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
The Gala is already underway as we see various guests
entering through the main lobby, showing passes and
invitations to security staff outside. All the guests
heading inside are dressed elegantly for the occasion.
                                         CUT TO:
The same panel van from earlier, the ones our heroes first
arrived in London in, parks in a near-empty floor in the
garage before they step out of the vehicle.
The sight of Charlie & Kev in TUXEDOS is a complete
departure from their usual attire, but a welcome sight.
Olivia steps out of the van as well, looking as sultry as
ever. Iris and Sean step out last:
Everyone knows what to do?


Yeah. Be careful out there.
They all put on their earpieces.
      (testing comms.)
They all nod in confirmation.
Good luck.
Iris and Sean get back in the van as Charlie, Kev & Olivia
start leaving the garage.
                                         CUT TO:
The lobby is very modern with lots of GLASS AND WATER DECOR,
and the set-up is not unlike an art gallery with different
styles of BLOWN UP PHOTO PORTRAITS, mostly of happy
children. There is a WAITSTAFF catering to the guests with
A LIVE BAND have their own spot in the lobby, playing SOFT
MUSIC for the guests to enjoy. Off to the side, we can see 2
sets of open double doors that lead into a BALLROOM with
what appears to an open space for people to mingle. Further
inside, we spot a stage with a PODIUM, and a SCREEN behind
Olivia, confident as ever, walks in with Charlie & Kev close
behind. This is clearly more her scene than theirs.
      (thinking aloud)
I'm not feeling this...
What, the mission?
Naw, this monkey suit; 'shit got
me feeling stupid!
She turns to him, adjusting his tie:
      (smiling; softly)
Aww, don't worry, Kev. The sooner
we can find Roxie, the sooner we


                       OLIVIA (cont'd)
can get you out of this "monkey
suit". Or not. You look kinda sexy
in it.
Kev smirks, liking the compliment. Charlie looks around
until something catches his eye.
In the far distance is a sight he's never expected to see:
Roxie in a DRESS and HEELS, looking like the most beautiful
woman in the building. She's alone, never noticing a thing
as she heads for the ballroom.
      (looking off)
I got eyes on the package...
You see Roxie?
Yeah. Fan out, follow my lead...
don't make a move 'til I do.
Cool/Got it.
Charlie walks away. Kev & Olivia head off in their own
                                         CUT TO:
The ballroom is filled with people of various ages -- all
looking like they come from money or just well-connected.
All of them mingling with each other.
Henderson, looking pretty debonair himself in a suit, stands
by the stage observing the scene. A well-dressed Gates walks
over to him:
How many are left?


Gates reaches into his inside jacket pocket, pulling out the
same vial Amherst was looking at earlier. The modified
                       HENDERSON (cont'd)
Good. Make sure everyone knows
their part.
Gates puts the vial back in his pocket and walks away. Roxie
approaches Henderson moments later.
Are you enjoying yourself?
A bunch of old people talking
politics? I hope the after-party's
No after-party. We're just here to
make sure Amherst doesn't fuck up.
Then, in ten hours, we've got a
train to catch. So be packed and
ready to go when the time comes.
Where're we going?
Siberia. Depending on tonight,
we'll need to be ready to
mass-produce. Charlene's gonna be
a busy girl.
Siberia? W-Wait, what's in
You wanted in, right? Well, you
have your orders.
Henderson starts walking away. At a loss for words now,
Roxie simply shakes her head, and walks off further into the
crowd now.
                                         CUT TO:


Kev is high above the ballroom, overlooking the scene, while
a small group of people talk amongst themselves. He looks
over at an adjacent balcony, finding Olivia in a similar
situation as she nods over at him.
      (into comms.)
Charlie, we're in position,
standing by.
                       CHARLIE (OS)
      (from comms.)
                                         CUT TO:
Charlie casually walks through the crowd, approaching Roxie
from behind.
I must be dreaming... because I
never thought I'd see you in
Roxie smiles, the happiest she's ever looked in a while, as
she turns to face him.
You found me.
I found you.
You look beautiful, Rox.
He raises a hand up to her face.
While holding what appears to be an EARPIECE, he gently
caresses her face before placing the earpiece in her ear in
one smooth motion.
She goes with his gesture, caressing his hand in return.
They lock eyes for a moment before going in for a tender


How're you holding up?
I'm managing. Not sure about
Charlene though...
We'll get her back.
                       KEV (OS)
      (from comms.)
Well, now that we've got your
reunion out of the way, we can
definitely focus on her moving
Roxie is surprised to hear such a familiar voice:
      (into comms.)
                                         CUT TO:
Kev continues looking down, watching them.
      (into comms.)
In the flesh... sort of.
      (to Charlie)
Who else is here?
      (into comms.)
Hey, Roxie.
      (into comms.)
      (into comms.)


      (into comms.)
You came to help me... Listen, I'm
so sorry, for everything --
      (into comms.)
Don't worry about that. We can
discuss it later. Right now, we
need to work on finding your kid.
Roxie, we need to get you out of
here, like now!
I can't leave. You see this
necklace? It's a tracking device.
They're watching my every move.
Okay... well did you at least find
out where Charlene is?
I'm still working on it. I think
Henderson has something planned
for tonight, but he won't tell me
what it is. All he said was that
we'll be leaving London in ten
Where to?
Apparently, Siberia; something
about a mass-production. We'll be
taking a train.
      (into comms.)
Why the hell would he go to
Charlie gets a look like he already knows, realizing
      (thinking aloud)
Of course, the gulag...!


Yeah, the prison I was in. When
NATO found me, they said we were
in Siberia. And I remember hearing
some of the other inmates mention
something about seeing another
facility under the prison; the
place had a weird name too.
Yeah. I could be wrong, but I'm
willing to bet that Charlene is
If she is, then that would mean
she could've been in the same
facility as me the entire time.
There's only one train that goes
... and I already know it.
You'll need a head start.
                       KEV (OS)
      (from comms.)
Oh shit! Guys, incoming!
Roxie and Charlie turn as they find Henderson & Gordon,
rivaling Roxie in a dress of her own, approaching them.
Well, well -- this is quite the
Henderson. Gordon.
*Captain* Gordon.


I must admit, I am impressed with
you, Charlie. It seems every time
we cross paths, you somehow manage
to stay alive.
I'm resilient like that.
I see you found your little
girlfriend --
Funny hearing you say that word --
"friends" -- seeing as how you
kill yours.
Marcus Hopewell was just a loose
end that needed tying up.
Don't worry, you can tell him that
yourself soon!
Charlie, chill...
                                         CUT TO:
Gates is back in the busy kitchen. He looks around for a
bit, making sure no one sees him dump the serum into a
bottle of champagne. He walks away before a waitress picks
up the bottle and carries it in a tray.
                                         CUT TO:
Back in the ballroom, the conversation continues between
Charlie and Henderson.
What are you doing here,
Henderson? What could Griffin
Corporation possibly want with Ice


Protection, of course. Why else
hire a bodyguard?
I don't buy it. I mean, since when
does a pharmaceutical company just
allow their bodyguards to
slaughter innocent people? What's
your endgame?
Fine. No harm in telling you.
You'll be dead soon anyway.
Griffin is helping me create a
serum using your daughter's blood.
There's a mutagen in Charlene's
blood that amplifies a
Hyper-Sapien's ability.
I saw what it did to your guy in
France, didn't really pan out.
An oversight, I assure you. But
this time, we may have perfected
Okay, so you want to make stronger
Hyper-Sapiens. Then what?
Not just Hyper-Sapiens. Everyone.
Up above in their respective balconies, we see Kev & Olivia
listening closely to the conversation below.
                       HENDERSON (cont'd)
I'm pushing for equality in the
world. No more segregation among
us because we're different.
Everyone will be the same despite
what they can do!
You're trying to play God? Force


I'm just picking up where God left
                                         CUT TO:
The main lobby of the building is empty now. Some Icewing
mercs are locking up all entrances to the ballroom, and
barricading them from the outside.
                                         CUT TO:
We see Amherst at the far end of the ballroom, getting ready
to take the stage.
I am gonna stop you.
      (stepping closer)
Make no mistake, boy, I have no
qualms with killing you in front
of all these people, so long as it
serves my purpose!
And I have no qualms with killing
you. Period!
Amherst takes the podium, speaking into the mic:
Good evening. I hope everyone's
enjoying themselves.
      (to Charlie)
You want to know my endgame? Stick
around and find out.
The four turn their attention to Amherst.
First, I would like to thank you
all for coming out tonight.


The lights dim down a bit and the projector screen behind
him comes on. It's a SLIDESHOW with various images of
children being shown, similar to the ones in the gallery
back in the main lobby, all interspersed with images of
doctors and other medical staff. All images look as if
they've been taken in different third world countries.
                       AMHERST (cont'd)
As you all know, Griffin
Corporation has always worked
tirelessly in providing medical
treatment for less-fortunate
children around the world, through
our organization "Curing The
Future". And I am proud to say
that in it's fourth year running,
we've managed to raise twenty
million pounds through your many
charitable contributions.
Everyone applauds in response.
With the money raised, CTF will be
able to provide more medical
treatment such as vaccines, more
training for medical providers
with new equipment; and hopefully
build more facilities so that
families without immediate access
to treatment will not have to
travel far.
                                         CUT TO:
As Kev listens to the speech, he notices something down
below that catches his eye.
He sees the same man he chased back in The Rabbit Hole. The
figure with black eyes. The man stands by an exit, not
dressed for the occasion but not noticed by anybody as he
stares up at Kev.
Kev slowly raises up as if he's seeing a ghost; what does he
do now?


      (thinking aloud)
I must be trippin'...!
Olivia notices Kev's body-language:
      (into comms.)
All of Kev's attention is on his target below.
                       OLIVIA (cont'd)
      (from comms.)
Kev, what's wrong?
      (into comms.)
He's here....
                                         CUT TO:
Amherst continues his speech, but Charlie & Roxie are
focused on what Kev is saying now.
                                         CUT TO:
As Kev continues staring at the man below:
      (from comms.)
Who's here?
      (into comms.)
The guy from the club! My parents'
                                         CUT TO:
Roxie glances over at Charlie -- what the hell could he be
talking about?


      (quietly; into
Kev... do *not* do anything!
                                         CUT TO:
As Kev looks around:
      (into comms.)
I'm sorry, guys... I have to do
      (whispering; into
Kev, stand down!
Suddenly a SCREAM (OS) is heard, that steals Olivia's
attention away.
                                         CUT TO:
One of the patrons, a middle-aged gentleman, drops his
champagne glass and begins WRITHING IN PAIN, effectively
cutting off Amherst from his speech as he can't help but
watch in confusion. Then, suddenly, a few more people begin
going through the same thing as the first patron. Kev's
target disappears in what becomes a FRENZY.
Charlie & Roxie look around in utter confusion.
                                         CUT TO:
Up in Olivia's balcony, all of the patrons with her are
slowly changing in a similar way Erik did back in the
chateau. Their veins becoming more pronounced, especially
around the eyes, except they remain the same size -- only
becoming more rabid this time.
Olivia makes a run for the door, but can't get it open. She
takes off her heels then runs back to the ledge.


Over on his balcony, Kev tries his door but it won't budge
either. He fights off one of the patrons who tries to attack
him, then climbs his way down to the ballroom below.
                                         CUT TO:
Amherst is now being dragged away by Henderson and Gordon,
disappearing backstage.
      (turning to him)
Henderson, you son of a -- !
Charlie finds his enemy gone now. He & Roxie look around,
seeing all the patrons in the room transforming:
Everyone's been dosed!
                       OLIVIA (OS)
Charlie quickly looks up, seeing Olivia getting ready to
jump. He gets into