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by Robert Knox (rknox33@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Comedy   User Review:

Three college friends end up becoming roommates. One has grown up, while the other two are finding it hard to leave their college days behind them.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


We see a plethora of college students both MALE and FEMALE,
outside on a warm and sunny afternoon day.

Some students are mingling among one another.

While others are SCURRYING along with books in hand trying
to make it on time to class.

We see all the different types of factions around the
The nerds, the meathead jocks and of course the beautiful
girls, who happened to be dressed in their scantly clad
                       COLTON (V.O.)
Well, I guess this is the place
where my so called story begins.
Here at this glorious campus.
Although, it wasn't so glorious
for me...(PAUSES FOR A MOMENT) See
I wasn't your typical center of a
crowd type of guy. Instead I was
your all books, no parties kind of
guy and I know what you're all
thinking. That I'm the cliche
label of what most people would
call a dull boy, but it's who I
was and actually who I am to this
very day. In fact I've been that
way from day one. For some strange
reason I really thought I could
change all that when I went to
college. Needless to say that
never did happen. I was still the
same clean cut, proper looking
attire guy with his nose stuck
deep in the books and as much as I
really hate to admit it but
college really did feel like high
school all over again.
THREE GUYS enter into a men's bathroom.

Two of the guys, who are JOCKS, in their EARLY TWENTIES
packed with nothing more than muscle and no brains. Are


escorting the third guy in between them, who happens to be
COLTON HEIGHTS, also in his EARLY TWENTIES, the clean
shaved, proper attire wearing guy over to a stall.

Both jocks have their arms around Colton. Pretending to be
friendly with him.
                       COLTON (V.O.)
Now you may or may not have
figured this out yet but that guy
stuck in between those two
over-sized alpha male jocks. Is
me. I'm about to get my daily
swirly. Yes, you heard right. I
said swirly. It just doesn't
happen in elementary school or
even high school. In fact it was
something that unfortunately
followed me throughout every
                       JOCK 1
      (PATTING Colton on
       the back)
Now, now Colton. Buddy ole' pal.
You didn't think you were going to
get a freebie today. Did you.
                       JOCK 2
Yeah, you didn't think you could
deprive us of our fun.
Now why would I ever think to do
that. There's nothing more I love
than getting my head dunked into a
toilet bowl. All in the name of
                       JOCK 1
      (WITH A SMILE)
That's the spirit.
Jock 2 opens the stall door.

Colton RELUCTANTLY walks in.

The two jocks follow behind.

We watch as one of the jocks closes the stall door.

Moments later we hear the sound of a toilet being flushed.


Soon after we see the stall door open up.

The two jocks walk out from the bathroom stall.

Both jocks are sporting a huge smile from ear to ear.

We then see Colton kneeling next to the toilet. His hair and
shirt now all wet.
                       JOCK 1
      (Walking away)
See you again buddy.
                       JOCK 2
      (Walking away
       behind Jock 1)
Enjoy your day.
Colton STANDS up and takes a moment to gather himself. He
then begins to head out from the bathroom stall. When he
BUMPS into a man.

The man is REECE AGLER, a MID-TWENTIES guy who is very laid
back. Who's always looking to have fun.

Reece is also a friend of Colton's.
Washing your hair in the toilet
Yeah, I ran out of water in my
dorm room.
Maybe one day you'll actually
stand up to those guys.
       THE MIRROR)
Yeah, maybe one day.
Colton looking in the mirror begins to fix his hair with his
Don't worry. There is always


I know. That's the sad and
unfortunate part.
Anyway, I guess I'll see you in
You going to be there today.
I think so. I don't have anything
better going on.
                       REECE (CONT.)
       ROLLED UP
Well if you don't mind I have some
reading to do. My new issue of
Bass Master came in today and I
want to read a couple articles
before class starts.
Bass Master, really, you sure
there's a B at the beginning of
that word.
Of course there is. What other
magazine do you think I would be
reading in the bathroom stall?
First, you never read anything.
Second, never mind, I'm going to
leave you to it cause I got class
in ten minutes and I don't want to
be late. So you have fun.
Oh I will.
Reece heads into the bathroom stall and closes the door.

Colton grabs some paper towels and starts to dry off his


                       COLTON (V.O.)
Well, that guy there is Reece
Agler. I guess you can say he's a
friend. Even though we are as
opposite as any two could get. In
fact aside from MYLES DONNELL, who
was my roommate that I shared a
dorm with. Who I'm pretty sure
right about now is passed out from
last nights keg party. Was my only
other friend.
We see Myles half hanging off a bed in just his boxers and
plain white t-shirt.

Passed out and SNORING.
                       COLTON (V.O.)
Talk about a guy with no ambition
what so ever. I was just thankful
graduation was only a couple weeks
                                         FADE OUT.

C.U.- Colton's college diploma from SAN DIEGO ST.

We hear a voice in the background.

The voice is that of Reece.

Reece is playing a video game on-line with others.

Reece has a headset on and a PS4 paddle in his hands.

We can see Reece is very into the game. By his different
body movements.

We also see a coffee table full of PIZZA BOXES, SNACK


Hey you need to tell me where
these mines are at. I keep
stepping on them every time.
Person on other end of headset responds back to Reece.
No I'm not setting them. I think I
would remember if I did.
Moments later we see the apartment door OPEN up.

Colton walks in and closes the door.
Hey Colton, you're home early.
No. I'm home at the usual time
like always. You would know that
if you could pry your eyes away
from that game to look at the
You know I can't do that. This is
an enticing and very intense game.
It takes a lot of skill to play.
Not to mention great hand eye
None of which you possess.
Colton walks over to the fridge.
       talking into head
DAMMIT! Did I not just tell you to
remind me about the mines.
Person responds on other end.


Oh yeah, you're right. I did set
that one. My bad.
Colton pulls out a bottle of water from the fridge.
Where's Myles?
He's making a beer run.
You mean he actually got off the
sofa to do something.
      (Still playing
       video game)
He had no choice. He lost the bet.
What bet.
Colton begins to take a sip from his water.
The bet of how many girls you have
been with.
Colton QUICKLY contains himself from spitting out his water.
Almost swallowing it down the wrong way in the process.
Wait. What.
Yeah. We had to guess how many
girls you've been with in the past
And what did he say.
He surprisingly said one.
But I haven't been with anyone.


I know. That's why he was wrong.
So you answered correctly.
       VIDEO GAME)
Technically no.
What was your answer.
Negative one.
How is that even possible.
It was the closest without going
over. So I didn't want to say
zero. Duh. I thought you were
suppose to be the smart one.
I don't even know how to respond
to that.
                       COLTON (CONT.)
Besides. It just so happens that I
have myself a date tonight.
Hold on. Pause play. My roommate
just said he has a date tonight.
Person responds on other end.
I know. Right.
Reece puts down the paddle and takes off the headset.

Reece stands up from the sofa and walks over to Colton.


Now this date is it with an actual
Yes. With an actual girl.
Wow Colton. How did this happen.
I bumped into her at the coffee
shop this morning. While I was on
my way to work.
By bumped into her. You don't mean
you actually bumped into her.
Yeah. I literally bumped into her.
Spilling my coffee all over her
That must have went over well.
At first no but given the current
circumstances at the time and the
after shock of having extremely
hot coffee poured onto her wore
off. She was actually quite cool
about the whole thing. So I just
came out and asked if I could make
it up to her by taking her to
And she actually said yes.
I'm going on a date aren't I.
You sure she wasn't still in shock
from the hot coffee. When she said
Colton gives Reece a STERN look.


Yes. I'm sure.
Well than congrats buddy. When
Myles comes back with the beer.
I'll have a toast to you.
You go ahead and do that but right
now I have to go and get ready for
my date.
Colton starts to walk away.
Actually, I have to ask one
Colton stops and turns around.
What's that.
This girl wouldn't by any chance
happen to be blind?
No she's not blind.
      (HANDS IN AIR)
Just making sure. It's not every
day that you come home and say
that you have a date.
Why don't you just go back to
playing your video game. I'm sure
your gaming buddies are missing
Colton walks away to his room.
Reece walks back to the sofa and starts to put the headset
on when Myles opens the door and walks into the apartment.

Myles is carrying a brown paper bag.


Have no fear. I have the beer.
There you are. I thought I was
going to have to start putting up
some missing person signs.
Reece talks into the headset.
Sorry to have to do this but I'm
going to have to cut this game
short. The the roommate just came
back with the beer.
Myles walks over to the fridge.

Reece puts the headset down and walks over towards Myles.
So really what took you so long.
Did you have to brew the beer
Myles pulls out the beer from the bag and hands Reece one
and leaves one on the counter for himself.
Well, it just so happened that I
bumped into a girl while I was
getting the beer.
Wait. I'm having instant deja vu.
You didn't actually bump into her.
Did you?
No. That's something Colton would
Myles finishes putting the beer away.
I figuratively bumped into her and
we started talking the whole


                       MYLES (cont'd)
mumble jumbo. None of which is was
hearing cause I was too focused on
her chest. Anyway before I know it
she's writing her number on the
palm of my hand. Than I'm asking
her if I could take her out to
You dog you. Making it seem oh so
Reece and Myles fist bump each other.
Well, I've had a lot of experience
in perfecting my craft.
      (Bowing head to
This is true. My sin-say.
Colton walks out from his room.
Looking all dressed up. With a BUTTONED DOWN DRESS SHIRT and
a slick pair of KHAKIS.
Wow. Look at this sharp dressed
Damn Colton. ZZ Top is somewhere
smiling right about now.
      (Fixing shirt w/
This is nothing. I just threw it
What's the occasion my friend.
It so happens that I have myself a
date tonight.


A date.
      (To Myles w/
I know. It's hard to believe.
      (TO COLTON)
Did you have to pay for her?
No I did not have to pay for her.
Look just because I haven't been
with multiple women like you two
have(points at Reece and Myles)
Doesn't mean I can't find a girl
on my own to go out on a date.
Without having to (with
quotations)pay for her time.
No offense buddy but it's not
everyday you go out on a date.
      (TO MYLES)
Try like never.
Okay. Okay. As much as I'd love to
stand here all night and listen to
you guys poke fun at my never ever
having dates. I really must get
Colton walks over to the door and opens it.
      (TO COLTON)
Hey Colton.
Colton stops and turns around to face Reece.
Don't do anything I would do.
Colton gives a FAKE SMILE towards Reece.


And remember, don't snip the tip
cause it makes it useless. Which
in turn renders it defected.
Preventing it from serving its
true intended purpose.
Colton is shaking his head with a dumbfounded look. Trying
to comprehend what Myles has said.
You know what never mind. I'm not
going to try and pretend that I
understood what you just said.
Colton walks out of the apartment. Closing the door behind
Yeah, I don't think he knows how
to take what you just told him.
I'm not even sure I do.
Just giving him some wise advice
from past experiences.
Okay. Do I even want to know.
Probably not.
                       MYLES (CONT.)
Anyway, I'm going to go freshen
myself up for my date.
Should I be concerned at all. That
Colton has a date tonight and I
Honestly, yes. I would be very
Yeah. I can't be the only one on a
Friday night. That doesn't have a


                       REECE (CONT.)
Maybe I'll go to the bar and bump
(EMPHASIS ON BUMP)into a girl.
Myles points both index fingers over towards Reece.
That a boy. That's the spirit.
Myles walks away to his room.
Colton is sitting at a table anxiously waiting for his date
to arrive.

The restaurant is an upscale and fancy establishment. With
fine eating and top of the line service.

A WAITER walks past Colton.

The WAITER is a middle-aged man. He is dressed up in a
formal uniform.

Colton calls for the waiter.
Excuse me sir.
The waiter stops and turns around. He begins to walk over to
      (TO WAITER)
Could I get your most expensive
bottle of wine.
Yes, you sure can. I shall be
right back.
The waiter walks away.

Colton picks his cell phone up from the table to see if
there are any messages or missed calls.

A disappointed look that comes upon Colton's face. As he
sees that there are no missed calls or texts.

Moments later we see the waiter come back with a bottle of


Would you like me to pour you a
So what's the special occasion?
I'm just having a nice dinner with
a girl I met today.
I see. You normally go all out
like this for a girl you just met.
Sadly, this type of thing doesn't
happen all the time and sadly, if
it did I probably would go all out
like this.
Well, none the less it's a nice
gesture and I think the lady will
definitely appreciate it.
                       WAITER (CONT.)
Will that be all for now?
Yes. Thank you.
The waiter walks away.

Colton takes a sip from his wine.

Colton then checks his cell phone again. Still no messages
or calls.

Colton continues to wait patiently.


We see Colton still waiting for his date to arrive.

The bottle of wine now empty.


Colton is a little tipsy from drinking the entire bottle of
wine to himself.

The waiter walks up to Colton.
Your date still hasn't arrived.
Nope and I'm starting to think I
may have been stood up.
Maybe she is just running late.
You know how girls are.
I don't but if I did, two hours
late. With no phone call or
message. That has to be a red
Since you put it like that. Than
yeah, you got stood up.
                       WAITER (CONT.)
Don't worry though. It happens to
the best of us. Even Evil Knievel
didn't land every jump.
I'm not exactly sure what you mean
by that but from where I'm sitting
it sounded like you might have
been speaking in euphemism.
                       COLTON (CONT.)
Anyhow, what do I owe for the
Three. As in three hundred!


You did say that you wanted the
Did you step on the grapes
No but it was one of our top wines
that we sell.
I guess so and to think I was
going to order the lobster.
Colton reaches into his back pocket and begins to FUMBLE
around for his wallet.

Colton finally manages to take his wallet out. He opens it
up and takes out his credit card and hands it over to the
Just look at it this way. The
night wasn't a total lost. At
least you caught a good buzz.
I am feeling pretty darn good.
Even though I'll still be waking
up all alone in the morning.
That's not necessarily true.
How do you figure.
You'll have a nice hangover in the
morning. It could actually help
distract you from being stood up.
      (Pointing and
       waving finger at
Thanks for the reminder. You sure


                       COLTON (cont'd)
do know how to cheer up a bummed
out guy.
Hey don't sweat it. Just always
remember one thing. The glass is
half full.
Or in this case just empty.
Would you like me to arrange a
ride. While I run your card.
No thanks. I'm good. I may not be
able to get the girl to show up
for dinner but I think I can
manage to get an Uber to show up
and take me home.
Very well.
The waiter walks away.
Myles is sitting in a booth at at a local pizza shop.

Sitting across from Myles is a GIRL named ANGELA, a petite
brunette in her TWENTIES. Who is easy on the eyes but not
too bright.

Myles and Angela are sharing a pizza. With a pitcher of
       OF PIZZA)
I can't believe how much fun I'm


       OF BEER)
Well, I did make it my mission to
make sure you had fun tonight.
Is that so.
Absolutely, it's my duty to make
sure the ladies have as much fun
as possible.
Oh really. I bet you run that line
on all the girls you take out.
Only the pretty ones.
OMG!... Myles do you think I'm
Why yes. Indeed I do.
You sure that's not the beer
No but it very well could be the
                       MYLES (CONT.)
After all these anchovies happen
to be an aphrodisiac.
Aphrodisiac. I don't know what
that is.
Myles tries to act sophisticated.
Well an aphrodisiac is...actually,
I don't know what aphrodisiac is.
I was just trying to sound all
sophisticated. By using a big
fancy word.


You said sophisticated. Is that
another big fancy word.
Angela points her finger and waves it at Myles.
                       ANGELA (CONT.)
You user of big fancy words you.
That's me. There's no limit to my
vocabulary. Webster has nothing on
Who's Webster?
The dictionary.
There's a dictionary named
Myles looks at Angela with a dumbfounded look on his face.

A WAITRESS, in her Early TWENTIES, walks over to the booth.
       ON TABLE)
You two are set whenever you're
ready. No rush.
Thank you.
The waitress walks away.

Myles picks up the bill and looks at it. A very relieved
expression comes upon his face.
You okay?
Yeah, yeah. I just cut it a little
close with the bill.
Do you need me to pitch in.


Nonsense. I got this.
Myles reaches in his pocket and pulls out a 10 dollar bill.

Myles then reaches in his pocket again and pulls out a
handful of coins and puts it with the 10 dollar bill.
Wow. I'm making you reach deep
into the piggy bank for this one.
Hey, nothing but the best for the
And nothing says the best like
pizza and beer.
Right. I'm just glad I didn't
decide to take you out for lobster
and wine.
Angela give a quick chuckle.
                       MYLES (CONT.)
So would it be presumptuous of me
to think you would come back to my
place for an encore.
There you go again. Using those
big fancy words.
Sorry. It's like I use one big
fancy word. Than next thing you
know every other word is a big
fancy word. Thank you Webster.
You know I'm really going to have
to meet this Webster dude. Maybe
he could teach me a fancy word or
Myles gives Angela another dumbfounded look.
Anyway, how about that encore.


You wouldn't happen to have a game
in mind would you.
Myles once again tries to be all sophisticated. With very
little success.
No. Games are for kids. The only
games I play are Crossword and
I don't know what those are but
they sound really hard to play.
Maybe to the untrained amateur but
not for this here guy.
Do you just want to play a game of
naked twister.
Angela completely catches Myles by surprise.
      (WIDE EYED)
I most certainly would.
Great. After you.
Myles QUICKLY gets up from the booth. Angela follows in suit
and the two head out of the pizza place.
Colton is in the kitchen sitting on a stool.

Colton is leaning forward on a circular island, spinning an
empty water bottle around with his fingers.

Colton has a very disappointed look upon his face.

Moments later we see Reece and Angela open the apartment

Reece and Angela are both laughing and having fun.


COLTON stops spinning the bottle and looks up towards Reece
and Angela.

A confused look comes upon Colton's face.

Myles and Angela see Colton and immediately become quiet.
Reece's smile is now gone and a confused look takes its

Reece starts to point back and fourth between Colton and
You two know each other.
Yeah we met earlier today.
We were suppose to meet up and
have dinner together.
Angela takes a deep breath in. Not knowing what say in
      (To Angela)
Thanks for showing up by the way.
I guess you were too busy having
fun with my roommate.
Angela is still unsure of what to say at this point. So she
comes up with an odd excuse to tell Colton and Reece why she
has to suddenly leave.
      (To REECE)
You know. I just remembered
something. My neighbors are out of
town on vacation and they wanted
me to dust their furniture. I
guess they have really bad
allergies. So um I'm going to go
now and take care of that. Yeah.


                       ANGELA (cont'd)
That's what I'm going to do.
Angela looks at Myles.
I had fun.
Angela then looks over to Colton.
Angela SCURRIES out quickly. Closing the door behind her.
Reece still has a confused look on his face. Unsure of what
to make of what just took place.
Well that wasn't awkward in any
You know what it's okay. I should
be used to this by now. Both you
and Reece getting all the girls
and all the attention. While poor
ole Colton gets left out. All by
his lonesome self.
                       COLTON (Cont.)
In fact I'm starting to think I
should write a book about it.
Myles tries to explain to Colton. Who is all but unwilling
to listen.
Come on now. You know that's not
fair. I had know idea that you
were suppose to meet up with that
girl for dinner.
Myles walks from the door up to the island and stands across
from Colton.
Would it have changed anything if
you did.


Of course it would have. Why would
you even ask that.
I don't know. Maybe it was from
all those times back in college.
Myles pauses for a moment. While shaking his head back and
That was college man. I was young
and stupid.
And what's your excuse now.
Myles pauses again.
Okay. You got me with that one.
Colton EMPHATICALLY stands up from the stool and starts to
walk away in frustration.
This is beyond pointless right
now. I'm going to bed. My head is
absolutely pounding.
Myles SCURRIES up to Colton and grabs his arm.

Colton turns around facing Myles.
Listen man. Things have changed.
We're not in college anymore, even
though I still act like I am at
times. It doesn't mean that I'm
not a good friend cause I am.
We've known each other for a while
now and you need to know that I
sincerely would not have gone out
with that girl. If I had known you
were suppose to meet her for
dinner. So I hope you can accept
my apology cause I am sincerely
sorry from the bottom of my heart
for tonight.


Colton is speechless for a moment. Absorbing what Myles has
just said to him.

Colton than takes a deep breath in and exhales out.
I accept your apology. I know
aside from all the daily
shenanigans between you and Reece.
We have been through a lot
together as friends. So I know
deep down that you wouldn't
intentionally do something of this
nature to hurt me.
Myles extends his fist out to Colton.

Colton reaches his fist out to Myles and the two fist bump.
So does this mean we are still
Yeah. Were still bros.
Awesome cause you know how the
saying goes, bros before...
Colton cuts Myles off before he can finish his sentence.
I know the saying.
Well this has been an interesting
night to say the least.
It certainly has. I think I'm
going to officially call it a
night and get some sleep. My head
is spinning like a carousel right
Yeah. I think I'm going to stay up
a little longer. Catch up on my
Colton walks away to his room.


While Myles walks over to the sofa.

Myles stops and turns around towards Colton.
      (TO COLTON)
Hey Colton.
Colton stops and turns around.
Colton gives Myles a smile. Along with a nod.

Colton then proceeds to walk off to his bedroom.

Myles then turns around and walks to the sofa.

Myles takes a seat on the sofa.

Myles picks up the TV remote and turns the TV on.

We watch as Myles unwinds and lays back against the sofa.
Taking in a breath and exhaling with a smile.


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