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by brandon cannon (wcso480@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

A vicious murder and the investigation that unfolds impacts the lives of a college honor student, a collegiate athlete headed for fame and a shady police detective looking to revive his career.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


WILLIAM SHAW, a black male, 50s, overweight, and slightly
balding is in his living room sitting in his old worn out
recliner; his feet are propped up. He is drinking a beer and
watching the football game on the TV.
KEVIN WILEY, a white male, 30s, average weight, shaggy brown
hair and some facial hair is sitting on the couch that is
located near the front door adjacent to Willie's recliner
watching the football game.
The front door is open, but the screen door is closed. Heavy
rain can be heard from the outside.
ELIZA SHAW, a black female, 50s, and slightly overweight
enters the residence as the screen door behind her slams
shut. She shakes the rain off of her rain coat and hangs it
up on the coat rack near the front door. She has two
shopping bags in her left hand.
You get everything?
For the most part, but we may have
to go back tomorrow sometime and
see about that wagon they had on
Them grand kids don't need no damn
wagon. They got their bikes and
crap everywhere as it is. Just be
more junk to clutter the yard.
Only junk cluttering that yard is
all your damn projects.
Kevin playfully slaps Willie on his foot and stands up.
It's halftime, so on that note I'm
going for a smoke before you and
Eliza start going round and round.
Kevin gets up off the couch and proceeds to the front door.


Better put your hoodie on, it was
really coming down out there.
Kevin pulls his hoodie over his head and exits the front
porch. He can hear Eliza and Willie arguing in the
background and he chuckles to himself.
Kevin sits down on the front porch steps. He lights up a
cigarette and takes a puff. The heavy rain has stopped.
Across the street, Kevin can see DARREN LOVE, a black male,
30s, with bald hair and a goatee pacing back in forth in the
driveway of apartment number one located on Cambridge
Kevin sees Darren on the phone, but can't make out what he
is saying. He sees Darren throw his hands up using all kinds
of different hand motions.
Darren hangs up the phone and kicks at the ground. He sees
Kevin across the street on the steps smoking a cigarette and
walks over to where Kevin is sitting.
Got a light?
Kevin hands Darren his Zippo from his jacket. Darren pulls
out a cigar that is almost down to it's filter tip from his
jacket and flicks the igniter of the Zippo; he lights up his
cigar and takes a puff.
When did you come back?
Shit, not been too long, probably
like a week or so.
You and Chelle trying to work it
out again?
Darren takes one last puff off of his cigar and puts it out
on the pavement. He puts the tip back in his jacket and he
looks at Kevin.


Yeah, something like that, but you
know women, always shit with them.
I hear that.
Kevin takes one last puff off of his cigarette and puts it
out on the pavement near William's black SUV. He leaves it
You working anywhere?
Naw, man. Nobody will hire me
cause of my record.
I know, Willie, was looking for
some part time help around the
shop to help out when we got busy.
Stuff like sweeping, answering the
phones and shit like that. I mean
I can try and talk to him and see
if he would give you a chance.
You a funny white boy, you know
Why is that?
Old ass Willie ain't gonna hire
me. Not after me and his daughter
did our thing. He still mad about
that shit. I mean the bitch fell.
I never touched her crazy ass.
Oh yeah, I forgot about that shit.
Yeah, I would rather risk going
back to prison for knocking some
fucker in the head and taking his
shit before I work for fat ass


Kevin laughs. Darren's phone begins to ring and he pulls it
out of his pocket and looks at it. He then looks at Kevin.
Gotta run, but I'll see you
Yeah, second half is about to
start; better get in there before
I miss it. Later.
Darren throws his hand up at Kevin and walks back over to
the apartment on Cambridge Street. The rain starts coming
down again. Kevin gets up off the steps and goes back onto
the front porch. He turns around slightly and catches a
glimpse of Darren who is shouting to someone on the phone.
Didn't think a damn smoke lasted
that long.
Kevin sits back down on the couch.
It don't, but your future son in
law came over and started talking
to me.
Kevin pats Willie on the leg.
You better get your ass on
somewhere. He ain't my damn
anything. I'll smack the shit out
of that little bastard.
Eliza comes out of the kitchen laughing.
That was a good one, Kevin. So
what did he have to say?


He was just shooting the shit. He
said him and Chelle were trying to
work it out, but hell they always
working it out.
If she had any kind of brain she
would stay away from his sorry
Our daughter finally woke up and
smelled the coffee, maybe Chelle
will too.
William shakes his head at Eliza and then goes back to
watching the TV.
Eliza walks over to the front window and peers out from the
blinds and sees Darren outside pacing back in forth in the
driveway. Darren looks in the direction of Eliza and Eliza
closes the blinds. She walks over to William.
I'm going to bed, good night.
Eliza kisses Willie on the cheek. Eliza looks at Kevin.
Night, Kevin.
Eliza exits the living room. Kevin and Willie begin jumping
up and down in celebration. They begin screaming and pumping
their fist in the air. They embrace each other with a hug.
A loud knock on the front screen door causes Willie and
Kevin to stop hugging.
See who the hell that is.
William sits back down in his recliner.
Kevin approaches the screen door. A BLACK MALE, 20s, tall,
skinny, with a baseball cap turned backwards is standing at
the door.
Can I help you?


There's some dude passed out in
your driveway.
What is it?
Kevin looks back at Willie.
Another college kid passed out in
the driveway.
I'm about tired of that shit. Get
him out of my driveway.
Kevin opens the screen door and steps out onto the front
porch with the black male. Kevin extends his right hand
I'm Kevin by the way.
The black male shakes Kevin's hand.
Show me where he is.
It's raining heavily. Kevin pulls his hoodie over his head.
Kevin can see a pair of legs laying in the driveway behind
William's black SUV.
Kevin goes behind the black SUV and sees a young, white
male's body laying in the driveway with a pool of blood near
his head. Kevin bends down to feel for a pulse and doesn't
feel one. Kevin looks up at Thomas.
I think he's dead.
Thomas eyes widen and he looks at Kevin.
It's your problem now.


Thomas runs back to his car.
Hey, hey! Get back here! We gotta
call the police!
Kevin stands up and looks around the area. William is on the
front porch and Kevin looks at him.
Everything alright?
Call 911.
CHRIS AUSLAND, a slim white male, 40s, with slick black hair
parted to the side is having sex on the bed with MONICA,
30s, black female, attractive and long legs.
Monica is on all fours on Chris's bed. Rock music is playing
over Chris's phone and he is drinking from a half empty
bottle of whiskey. Monica is moaning in pleasure. Chris
turns Monica over onto her back and he gets on top of her.
Chris then sits the bottle of whiskey down on his night
stand. He begins having sex with Monica; harder and faster
this time. Chris then stops and looks at her.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Give me a second, I need a little
extra boost.
Chris then leans over the bed and grabs a little clear
plastic vile from his nightstand. He shakes a white powder
substance onto the top of his left hand and snorts it. He
quickly shakes his head and then turns his attention back
towards Monica.


                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Much better!
Chris's phone rings. He leans over to see the caller ID. The
caller ID reads," JPD." Chris picks the phone up.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
This better be good.
Chris hangs the phone up and gets out of bed. He begins
putting on his dress pants and belt. The female gets up on
her knees on the bed. Chris is facing away from her so she
wraps her arms around him and begins rubbing her hands all
over his chest. She softly begins kissing his neck.
Where you going baby? You still
have another half hour.
Chris turns around and faces the female while holding both
of her hands.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Gotta go into work.
Chris then turns back around and grabs his dress shirt off
the floor and begins buttoning it up. Monica gets out of the
bed and puts her skirt and shirt back on. She approaches
Chris. She kisses him softly on the lips.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Shall we continue this tomorrow?
Monica gives a slight smile to Chris.
I'm afraid not, baby. I'm leaving
for Miami in the morning and will
be gone for two weeks. Ray's
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Two weeks? Monica, when are you
going to stop this shit?
When your fully able to provide
for me that's when I'll stop. I
done told you that.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
I'm working on it.


I know you are baby.
Chris grabs his tie from the night stand and puts it on. He
looks at Monica.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
I'm just tired of living this way.
I just want you to be out of this
shit and for us to settle down and
start our family like we talked
about. You're the one bright thing
in my life right now. God knows
my career has gone to hell because
of all this IA bullshit.
You knew the consequences of being
with a call girl when you got with
me. This isn't something I can
just walk away from easily.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
I know, it just pisses me off.
Monica kisses Chris one more time on the lips.
I know you'll make something
happen, but for now we gotta stay
like this. You better get going
for they call you again.
      (whispers in
       Chris's ear)
Crime awaits, Detective.
Monica pulls away from Chris and Chris's body shakes a
little bit. Chris then looks at Monica.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Alright, you win. Lock up on your
way out.
Yes sir!
He exits the apartment.


Chris Ausland pulls up on scene in his black sedan car and
turns off his wiper blades. The rain has stopped. Chris sees
a couple of Jonesville Police Department patrol cars with
blue lights swirling parked on Bozier Street.
Chris sees OFFICER SIMMONS, a white male, 30s, with an
average build speaking with a few neighbors on Bozier
Street. Chris gets picks up his radio in the car.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
      (on the radio)
383 on scene.
Chris exits the car and opens up his trunk. He grabs a small
hand bag and closes the trunk. Slowly, he walks near the
back of Willie Shaw's SUV.
Chris bends down at the rear of the SUV. He notices a large
pool of blood near the rear right tire as well as blood
splatter all over the rear bumper of the SUV. Blood is
running down the pavement. Chris locates a cigarette butt
and a cigar tip near the rear right tire of the SUV.
Chris opens up his small hand bag and pulls two yellow
evidence markers out and places one at the cigarette butt
and one at the cigar tip. Chris takes out his phone and
takes pictures of the evidence markers beside the cigarette
butt and cigar tip. He bags up the evidence.
Chris notices a couple of strands of hairs located on the
rear right bumper of the SUV. He takes a photo of the hair
strands and and pulls out another evidence bag. Grabbing his
tweezers, he carefully pulls the strands of hair off the
bumper. He puts the hair strands in another evidence bag.
As he stands up, Officer Simmons approaches him.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
What do we know?
Officer Simmons flips through his notepad and then looks at
                       OFFICER SIMMONS
Two neighbors inside 1020 Bozier
Street were watching the football
game when they heard a knock on
the door.
Kevin and Willie approach Officer Simmons.


Is there anything else you need
from me and Willie?
Officer Simmons looks at Chris.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
As long as Officer Simmons has
good contact information for both
of you, ya'll can go ahead and go
about your business. I'll be in
touch with you guys. Thanks for
your cooperation.
Kevin and Willie nod their head at Chris and go back inside
Willie's house.
Officer Simmons looks at Chris and points to Thomas who is
leaned up against the hood of his car smoking a cigarette.
                       OFFICER SIMMONS
That guy is the one who knocked on
the door. He told the two
neighbors that there was some guy
laying in the street passed out.
One of the neighbors, Kevin Wiley,
checked the victim for a pulse and
when he didn't find one, he called
Hey man, when can I leave? I got a
bitch waiting on me.
Chris cuts his eyes at Thomas.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
      (speaks to Thomas)
You can leave when I say you can
Thomas shakes his head and goes back to puffing on his
cigarette. Chris takes notice of this. Chris then looks at
Officer Simmons.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
You got all of boy in the hoods
contact information?
                       OFFICER SIMMONS


Chris looks at Thomas.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Hey Lassie, you can leave. I'll be
in touch.
Thomas shakes his head at Chris, throws down his cigarette,
gets in his car, and leaves. Chris grabs an evidence bag
from his small hand bag and gathers up the cigarette Thomas
threw down. He walks back over to Officer Simmons.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
What's the status of the victim?
                       OFFICER SIMMONS
He's on his way to Franklin
Memorial right now. EMS stated
that he barely had a pulse.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
You get pictures of him before
they hauled him off?
                       OFFICER SIMMONS
Yeah, of him and the back of the
SUV. As you probably noticed,
there was a lot of blood splatter
all over the back of that SUV.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Yeah, I did. I assume you already
got CSA in route?
                       OFFICER SIMMONS
Yes sir, Beasley is on his way. I
also grabbed the victim's wallet
and cell phone from him before EMS
took him away and they are both in
evidence bags in my patrol car
with a chain of custody form
already filled out. The pictures
are on my camera and I will upload
them to the department's server
when I get back to the station and
attach them with my report.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Damn! You trying out for my job or
                       OFFICER SIMMONS
No sir, just trying to be


                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Thorough is fine, but I don't like
that sir shit.
                       OFFICER SIMMONS
Yes sir. Shit.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
So what do we know about our
                       OFFICER SIMMONS
Give me a second.
Officer Simmons goes over to his patrol car and opens the
front driver's side door. He grabs one of the evidence bags
and pulls out an ID. He closes the car door and goes back
over to Chris. He hands Chris the ID.
Chris looks at the ID and notices it's a Jonesville
University college ID and he sees the name, " Josh Gant" on
the front. He then sees a picture of Josh. Chris looks at
Officer Simmons.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
We better get a handle on this
fast because once this shit hits
the media they are going to have a
field day; specially since it's a
college student. I need you to go
to the hospital and stand by with
the victim to let me know of his
condition. Also; give me that
phone you took.
Officer Simmons nods his head at Chris and walks back over
to his patrol car. He retrieves the evidence bag with the
phone in it. He hands the bag to Chris.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Thanks and keep up the good work.
Call me if something changes with
our victim.
                       OFFICER SIMMONS
You got it. By the way, Jackson is
canvassing the area for any other


                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Yeah, I noticed his vehicle when I
pulled up. I'll get with him here
in a few.
Officer Simmons goes over to his patrol car and leaves the
Chris begin scrolling through Josh's phone and sees a call
placed to a contact named," Sis" at 9:14 P.M. The duration
of the call lasted 14 minutes. The call was finished at 9:28
Chris then sees a call placed at 9:29 P.M. and lasted a
duration of 38 seconds. Chris notices the name attached to
that number as," Rose." Chris calls Rose and it goes
straight to voicemail after two rings. Chris hangs up the
Chris is touched on his shoulder and he drops the phone. He
turns around in a fighting stance and it's OFFICER BEASLEY,
a white male, 40s, balding, and slightly overweight.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Jesus Christ! Are you trying to
get knocked out?
                       OFFICER BEASLEY
Sorry to startle you, but damn
what a way to kick off a holiday
week, huh?
Chris relaxes from his fighting stance and looks at Officer
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Yeah, no shit.
                       OFFICER BEASLEY
So what do we got?
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
A messy a crime scene with a shit
ton of blood splatter and not many
                       OFFICER BEASLEY
Just what the doctor ordered! Now,
does semen come with that order?


                       CHRIS AUSLAND
You crime scene guys have a sick
sense of humor, you know that?
                       OFFICER BEASLEY
That we do!
Officer Beasley puts on a rubber glove and snaps it as the
glove makes a popping sound against his hand. Rain starts
coming down and Officer Beasley looks at Chris.
                       OFFICER BEASLEY
Better get the tent before my
crime scene washes away.
Officer Beasley runs over to his van. Chris notices Josh's
phone still on the pavement and is vibrating. He bends down
to pick it up he notices the caller ID reads," Rose". He
quickly answers it.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
JEFF YOUNG, a slim white male, 20s, with short brown hair is
sitting on his worn out couch in his living room. Jeff is
smoking out of a purple glass bong while watching TV and
laughing. Jeff hears a knock at his front door.
It's open!
In walks Jeff's girlfriend, EMILY BASHIER, a petite white
female, 20s, with long brown hair and pretty green eyes.
Emily is soaking wet from the rain and her hair is all
tangled. She stands in the doorway.
Close the damn door before all
that rain gets in here.
Emily steps into the living room and slams the front door
shut causing it to make a loud noise. Jeff stand up from the
What the hell, Em?


You tell me Jeffery!
Jeff puts his index finger over his mouth signaling for
Emily to be quiet.
Keep it down.
Why, you gotta whore over here or
No, I just don't need the damn
neighbors calling the law because
of all the noise.
Well you wanna know why I'm all
wet and pissed?
Jeff winks at Emily.
I don't know why your pissed, but
I can guess why your wet.
Jeff winks at Emily.
Emily shakes her head at Jeff and reaches for the door
handle to exit the apartment when Jeff rushes up behind and
stops her. He turns her around and gently grabs a hold of
her arms with his hands.
Look, I was being an ass. I'm
sorry. Don't leave. I gotta shit
ton of weed that needs to be
smoked and I know a pretty girl I
wanna share it with.
Emily pauses and takes a deep breath.
Fine, but I'm still mad at you.
Emily slips from Jeff's grip and plops down on his couch and
crosses her legs. She grabs the bong from the couch and
lights it up; inhales, and exhales a big puff of smoke which
cause her to cough loudly. Jeff turns around and faces her.


What did I do, baby?
It's what you didn't do. I had to
walk from work because you were
too busy being Cheech and Chong to
answer my phone calls.
Jeff slaps his forehead and then looks at Emily.
I totally forgot, babe.
Emily rolls her eyes at Jeff.
You know what, I'm not going to
make excuses. You're right and I
owe you big time. Forgive me?
Emily ignores Jeff and continues smoking from the bong.
Jeff walks over to where Emily is sitting on the couch. Jeff
gets on his knees and reaches up Emily's skirt. He realizes
she has no panties on. He inserts his finger in her vagina
and she begins moaning.
A BLACK MALE, 20s, tall, athletically built, with corn rows
on his head exits Jeff's bedroom. He is wearing a dark
colored hoodie and jeans. His eyes are barely open.
                       BLACK MALE#1
Hey bro, can you keep it down? I'm
Emily quickly jumps up and adjusts herself. Jeff turns
around and looks at the black male. Emily looks at the black
male as well.
You got it bro.
The black male nods his head at Jeff, turns around, goes
back into the bedroom and closes the door behind him. Jeff
turns his attention back to Emily who is standing up now.
Jeff looks up at her and reaches up under her skirt with his
right hand and smiles.
Now, where were we?


Emily quickly removes Jeff's hand. Jeff raises his eyebrow
and stands to his feet to face Emily.
Was that who I thought it was?
Maybe? Either it is or it isn't?
Jeff brushes past Emily and sits back down on the couch and
grabs his bong. He looks at Emily.
Why do you care?
Jeff lights up his bong and exhales. Emily has her hands on
her hips and is staring right at Jeff.
Fine, you win. Yeah it's him.
Anymore questions?
Emily still doesn't move from her position.
How about for starters, telling me
why he's staying the night at your
apartment when we both know he has
his own place on campus.
I don't know why. All I know is
about a few hours ago he knocked
on my front door asking me if he
could crash for the night and I
said sure. He looked tired. I
didn't ask anymore questions and I
showed him where the bed was. He's
been in there ever since.
How do you two know each other?
Before you answer that it better
be the truth or I will walk my
pretty little ass out that front
door and never come back!
How do you think?


You're his dealer.
Jeff nods his head at Emily. Emily gives a fake smile and
looks at Jeff.
You know if he gets caught, you
will be the one who pays for it
and not him, don't you?
Relax, no one is getting caught.
Besides, if that were to happen,
do you honestly think I wouldn't
pull my infamous rabbit out of the
hat trick?
Your magic bullshit won't keep
working when everyone knows the
damn trick. I'm just fore warning
you, Jeff. He will not risk his
future for a second on someone
like you. He's on the fast track
to success and it will not matter
who he takes down to get there.
Remember that.
Emily snatches the bong from Jeff's hand.
By the way, I'm starving, so get
your ass in the kitchen and make
me something to eat!
Jeff smiles at Emily, gets up off the couch, and goes
towards the kitchen. Emily sits down on the couch and lights
up the bong.
Officer Simmons is standing near the door of ER trauma room
number one. DOCTOR STEVEN HARPER, a slim white male, 60s,
with grey hair is examining Josh Gant's head along with two
WHITE FEMALE nurses. The monitor begins flat lining.
                       DR. HARPER
We're losing him.
One of the nurses charges the defibrillator again. Dr.
Harper puts the paddles to Josh Gant's chest and gives him


another jolt. The monitor is still flat lined. Dr. Harper
looks at the nurse at the defibrillator.
                       DR. HARPER
I'm calling it.
The nurse turns off the machine and Dr. Harper hands the
nurse the paddles. The other nurse near the door looks at
her wrist watch and scribbles something down on her note pad
in her hand. Officer Simmons turns away from the door and
grabs his cell phone and makes a call.
                       OFFICER SIMMONS
      (over the phone)
He's dead.
Chris is sitting in his office with ERICA ROSE, a skinny
white female, 20s, with brown hair pulled up in a pony tail.
She is sitting in a chair wiping her eyes with a tissue.
Chris puts down his note pad.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
I'm sorry for the loss of your
friend, but thank you for coming
in and talking with me.
You're welcome. Just please catch
the person who done this to Josh.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
I'm going to do my absolute best.
You have my word. If there is
anything else you think of, feel
free to call me.
Chris hands Rose a business card.
Erica takes the card and exits the office.
MARK DOSS, a stocky white male, 30s, with brown hair and
clean shaven face enters Chris's office. He is holding a cup
of coffee in his hand.


Mark sits down at Chris's desk and takes a sip from his
                       MARK DOSS
Hell of a way to kick off
Christmas week ain't it?
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
You can say that again. Was Sarah
pissed that you had to come in?
                       MARK DOSS
When is she not would be the
better question. Anyways, what you
got so far?
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
We got one dead college student, a
shit ton of blood splatter, a
bunch of witnesses who heard
nothing and saw nothing before the
murder, and one lead.
                       MARK DOSS
That's it?
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Mark takes another sip from his coffee.
                       MARK DOSS
Ok, so who's the lead?
Chris picks up his note pad and reads over his notes to
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Our victim, Josh Gant, has been a
student at Jonesville U for four
years. He was one semester shy
from graduating. His roommate who
was just in here, Erica Rose, said
she and Josh have been roommates
since freshman year. Erica said
Josh was a nice guy who would
never hurt anyone, but she noticed
the last few months he had been
distant with her. She suspected
Josh was getting involved with the
wrong people on campus because
people were talking but she didn't
have any proof. She also said Josh
was bisexual but that a lot of


                       CHRIS AUSLAND (cont'd)
people didn't know that about him.
Erica said about a week ago Josh's
ex-boyfriend, Shane Carringer, had
showed up in one of Josh's classes
causing a disturbance and campus
police had to escort him off the
premises. Erica says she has no
idea what the argument between
Josh and Shane was about. Erica
said Josh has no family living
here. Erica said Josh's mother is
terminally ill and she lives with
Josh's sister up north somewhere.
That's about all I got.
Chris puts down his note pad.
                       MARK DOSS
Did anyone search her house?
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Yeah, Jackson and I already took
care of that, but we didn't find
anything that was of any use.
                       MARK DOSS
So what do you need from me?
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Go and find the ex-boyfriend and
see what he knows. Beasley is on
his way back from the crime scene
and he is going to analyze Josh's
cellphone. I'll try and find
contact information on Josh's
family. I have to go to the
Hospital and collect Josh's
clothes and speak with the Doctor.
POLICE CHIEF GREG WALKER, a tall white male, 50s, with white
hair and a thick white mustache walks into Chris's office.
Mark gets up from his chair and looks at Chris.
                       MARK DOSS
I'm on it. I'll call you if I find
Chris nods his head at Mark. Mark smiles at Chief Walker and
Chief Walker gives a slight smile back, then Mark exits the


                       CHIEF WALKER
I trust you're getting a handle on
this rather quickly?
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
As quickly as I can, yes sir.
                       CHIEF WALKER
Any suspects yet?
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Maybe one. Mark is on his way to
check it out.
                       CHIEF WALKER
I have no doubt in my mind that
you will find the person
responsible for this, but it needs
to happen sooner rather than
later. I can only hold off the
media so long, and with this being
the big town of Jonesville, people
are going to be wanting answers. I
can't give them any if I don't
have anything to give them.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Yes and believe me you'll be the
first to know once I have the
answers, but I don't need anymore
pressure on me. I have enough of
that shit with damn IA breathing
down my neck. So if you can be
patient with me and let me do my
job like I know how to, I promise
you I will have your suspect and
all the answers that come along
with it. The media and others are
going to have understand that
these cases take time.
                       CHIEF WALKER
I hear what you're saying and I'm
going to try and bat for you as
long as possible. The sooner you
solve this the sooner that hot air
down your neck goes away. The IA
shit is going to work out. You
know how they are. They are always
looking to trip someone up. You're
one of the best detectives this
department has and there's no way
they are going to be able to prove


                       CHIEF WALKER (cont'd)
what they are alleging you did.
It's going to be alright.
Chris is about to speak when Chief Walker's phone begins
ringing. Chief Walker looks at it and looks at Chris.
                       CHIEF WALKER
Speaking of the media, just hurry
and get me answers. Call me when
you have them.
Chief Walker exits Chris's office. Chris gathers up his note
pad from his desk, puts on his coat, and exits his office.
Mark knocks on door number 17. SHANE CARRINGER, a chubby
white male, 30s, with messy blonde hair opens the door. He
is wearing an oversized white tee shirt which has a few
blood stains on the front it. Mark is hit in the face by an
aroma of smoke.
Mark shows Shane his police issued badge.
                       MARK DOSS
Are you Shane Carringer?
Shane rubs his eyes and looks at Mark.
Yes, am I in some kind of trouble
Mark puts away his badge.
                       MARK DOSS
It depends. Are you familiar with
Josh Gant?
If this is about that bullshit the
other day at the school, I'm
sorry. I already told campus
police I wouldn't be back. They
said I wouldn't be charged so long
as I stayed off of the campus, and
I haven't been back, I swear.


                       MARK DOSS
We already know about that. I'm
here to find out what you know
about last night's incident
involving Josh.
What incident?
                       MARK DOSS
Josh was found murdered on Bozier
Street last night.
Shane lets out a loud cry. He falls to his knees and puts
his hand over his mouth. BLAKE, a skinny white male, 30s,
kind of tall, and wearing no shirt approaches the door and
looks at Mark.
                       MARK DOSS
Who are you?
I'm Blake, who are you bitch?
Mark smiles at Blake and shows him his police badge.
                       MARK DOSS
That's who I am, bitch.
Mark puts away his badge.
Blake looks at Shane.
What the hell is going on?
Shane stands up and faces Blake. He wipes his eyes with his
shirt and looks at Blake.
Josh is dead.
Serves his ass right.
Shane then smacks Blake on the left side of his face. Blake
then grabs Shane in a head lock. Mark steps in between them.
Shane backs up and Blake elbows Mark in the face.
Mark then grabs Blake and slams him outside the door. Mark
puts hand cuffs on Blake.


Get off of me you damn pig!
Mark calls out on his portable radio.
                       MARK DOSS
505 to dispatch, I need a unit in
route to the Evansdale Apartments.
I have one male in custody.
Mark puts his radio back on his belt. Mark escorts Blake to
his car and shuts the door. Shane walks over to Mark.
Please don't take him to jail. He
didn't mean to hit you. It was my
fault that I slapped him.
                       MARK DOSS
He should have thought about that
before he hit me in the face.
I know, but please.
                       MARK DOSS
It's too late for him, but not for
you. So where were you and Blake
last night at around nine thirty?
We were here at my apartment the
whole time. We left yesterday
around two in the afternoon to go
get beer, some cigarettes and
food, but we got back here around
three something in the afternoon
and have been inside ever since.
                       MARK DOSS
Besides you two, can anyone else
confirm this story?
Yes, there are cameras right
Shane looks back over his shoulder and points near the upper
tier banister of the apartment complex. Mark can see a fixed
camera in the distance.


                       MARK DOSS
So if I go pull the video footage,
it will show you and Blake leaving
your apartment around two and
returning around three something
in the afternoon?
I swear officer, I'm telling you
the truth.
                       MARK DOSS
I sure hope so for your sake.
It will.
                       MARK DOSS
What's that from?
Mark points to the blood stain on Shane's shirt. Shane takes
a deep breath.
I snorted some cocaine earlier and
got a bad nose bleed.
                       MARK DOSS
Well I'm going to need that shirt
as part of our investigation.
Shane takes off his shirt and hands it to Mark. Mark grabs
the shirt and puts it in a brown paper bag . Mark puts the
bag in his car.
                       MARK DOSS
If you're lying about where you
were yesterday I will get a search
warrant and I will tear every inch
of your apartment up until I find
something to throw your ass in
prison for. Is that understood?
Yes sir.
A Jonesville police car pulls up and OFFICER HOUSLER, a
black male, 40s, with a mustache and short black hair
approaches Mark. Mark opens the passenger door of his car
and gets Blake out. He hands him over to Officer Housler.


                       MARK DOSS
Thanks, I'll be by shortly to file
                       OFFICER HOUSLER
No problem, I'll let them know at
Officer Housler walks Blake to his patrol car and puts him
in the back seat. Officer Housler gets in his car and drives
Mark looks at Shane.
                       MARK DOSS
One more thing, what was the
argument at the school about?
Shane takes out a cigarette from his pocket, lights it up,
and blows a puff of smoke out from his mouth. He looks at
I assume you already know Josh was
bisexual, but let's face it, the
guy loved dick more than pussy.
                       MARK DOSS
Yes, we know.
So anyways I don't hide my
sexuality and well Josh didn't
want people knowing his. So only a
handful of people knew he was that
way. Plus I'm an avid drug user
and Josh said he couldn't be with
me if I didn't give up the drugs.
It was one thing after another and
I got tired of his shit. So I left
him and started hooking up with
Blake and that's when he posted
all that hateful shit on social
media. Well I took it upon myself
to go embarrass his ass at school.
Shane takes another puff off of his cigarette.
Josh had a pretty good reputation
around campus for being smart and
shit. He was going big places and
he was also in good with all the
big time athletes around there.


                       SHANE (cont'd)
They all liked him for some
reason. I could never put my
finger on that one. Anyways that's
pretty much it. He hurt me with
his hateful words so I hurt him by
outing out his sexuality in front
of everyone. As far as hurting him
physically, look at me, I can't
hurt a fly, let alone kill
someone. Despite our differences,
I still cared for him and I can't
believe anyone would want to hurt
                       MARK DOSS
Alright, well I'm going to go look
at that footage and we shall see
if your story adds up. If the
footage adds up and the shirt
comes back clean then we can rule
you out. Just wait by my car for
now until I finish viewing the
Shane nods his head at Mark and he takes another puff off
his cigarette. Mark walks towards the office building of the
apartment complex. Shane leans up against the hood of Mark's
car and begins shaking his right leg while watching Mark
walk toward the office.
Emily wakes up and gets up off the couch. Jeff is passed out
in his recliner. The bong is turned over on the floor and
the liquid from it is soaked into the carpet.
The TV is on in the living room. A WHITE FEMALE news
reporter; wearing a casual business suit with long blonde
hair is seen speaking on the TV. Emily grabs the remote from
the end table and turns the volume up.
                       NEWS REPORTER#1
      (on the TV)
Earlier this morning a Jonesville
University college student by the
name of Josh Gant was found
brutally murdered just feet from
his home.
Emily feels herself about to puke.


Emily is in the bathroom puking. She stands up, turns on the
sink, washes her hands, and splashes her face. Emily exits
the bathroom. She notices that Jeff's bedroom door is open.
Emily goes in the bedroom and flips on the light. She
notices the black male that was there the night before is
gone. She sees the covers on the bed thrown on the floor and
notices what appears to be three or more fresh blood stains
in the center of the bed on the sheets.
Emily exits the bedroom quickly.
She puts on her flip flops, grabs her purse, and cellphone.
Dialing a number on her cellphone, she exits the apartment.
Officer Simmons takes a shirt and jeans from Dr. Harper and
places them in a brown paper bag. Chris is writing some
notes down. Chris looks up from his notes at Dr. Harper
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
So based on your initial
observations what would you say
the injuries were caused by?
                       DR. HARPER
This is just solely based on my
opinion, but I would be inclined
to say the injuries were caused by
some sort of hammer or pipe. Now,
that is just my opinion. Of course
you'll know for certain once he
goes to the crime lab. Now, I can
say his injuries were the result
of blunt force trauma to the back
of his head. That I can be certain


Chris begins writing notes down again when his phone rings.
Chris notices the number and he looks at Dr. Harper.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Give me one second, Doc. I gotta
take this.
                       DR. HARPER
Go ahead.
Chris turns away from Dr. Harper and answers the phone.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
This is Ausland.
                       DISPATCH OPERATOR
      (over phone)
This is Jessica from Dispatch. We
just got a call from a young lady
stating she had some information
in regards to your murder last
night. She said that there is some
bed sheets at her boyfriend's
apartment that may be of some use
to you. She gave me the address to
her boyfriend's apartment. You
need me to send a unit in route to
check it out?
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
No, Simmons and I will handle it.
Thanks for the heads up.
Chris hangs up the phone. He hands Dr. Harper a business
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Here is my card. Anything else,
just give me a call. Also, I spoke
with our victim's sister and she
stated she would be here first
thing tomorrow morning to identify
the body and make arrangements.
Chris extends his hand outward to Dr. Harper and Dr. Harper
shakes Chris's hand.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Thanks again Doc. I appreciate it.
                       DR. HARPER


Dr. Harper exits the lobby. Officer Simmons looks at Chris.
                       OFFICER SIMMONS
So what was that phone call about?
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
A possible lead. Let's go.
Chris and Officer Simmons exit the lobby.
A Jonesville police department patrol car is driving down
Franklin Street. Behind the wheel, is OFFICER JACKSON, a
black male, 30s, with short black hair and a thick mustache.
Officer Jackson sees a suspicious person wearing a dark
colored jacket and a hoodie covering their head, walking
down the middle of the street. The suspicious person has
their back to Officer Jackson's patrol car. Officer Jackson
presses his fog horn once, signaling for the person to get
out of the road.
The person turns around and it's Darren. Darren sees the
patrol car and takes off running down the road.
Officer Jackson pulls his patrol car to the side of the
street, puts it in park, and exits his car.
Officer Jackson takes off running after Darren. Officer
Jackson is breathing loudly as he calls out on the radio.
                       OFFICER JACKSON
380 to dispatch, I'm in foot
pursuit of a black male wearing a
dark colored jacket running north
bound on Franklin Street coming up
on East Dover!
Darren is still running and he is almost at East Dover
Street. He turns around slightly and sees Officer Jackson
catching up to him. Darren turns back around and Bam! Darren
is hit by a car door causing him to hit the ground.


Officer Jackson picks Darren up off the ground. He is
already handcuffed with his hands behind his back. Officer
Jackson leans Darren up against Mark's car and has a hold of
Darren's right arm.
Darren has a little bit of blood streaming down his face. He
has a slight cut on his forehead which is causing the blood.
                       MARK DOSS
So did you honestly think it was
smart to run from the police?
Darren spits on the ground and looks at Mark.
Honestly, I don't give a shit.
A BLACK MALE, 30s, tall, slim, with a shaved head, wearing a
jacket, carrying a blue book bag, and sipping from a bottle
that is in a paper bag stops and looks at Mark, Darren and
Officer Jackson.
                       MARK DOSS
I suggest you move your ass along
unless you want to join him.
Mark points to Darren.
The black male stares at Mark, but doesn't speak. The black
male gives a slight smirk to Mark and keeps walking west
bound on East Dover Street. Mark shakes his head and turns
his attention back to Darren.
                       MARK DOSS
What's your name?
You're the police, figure it out.
Mark looks at Officer Jackson.
                       MARK DOSS
Take this smart ass to the
station. I'll do this the formal
                       OFFICER JACKSON
You got it.
Officer Jackson escorts Darren over to his patrol car, opens
the back door of the car, shoves Darren inside, and slams


the door shut. Officer Jackson gets in his patrol car and
heads back down Franklin Street. Mark pulls out his cell
phone and makes a call as he gets in his car.
Darren is sitting in a black metal chair. The exit door is
to his left and in front of him is a mirrored glass. Darren
scoots his chair up to the brown colored table in front of
him. Darren is no longer handcuffed and he is sipping from a
paper cup.
The exit door opens and Mark walks in holding a brown
colored file. Mark sits in a chair across the table from
Mark puts the file down on the table and opens it up. He
looks at it and looks at Darren.
                       MARK DOSS
Darren Germaine Love.
See, I knew you'd figure it out.
Darren takes a sip from his cup. Mark reaches across the
table and smacks the cup out of Darren's hand. Darren looks
at Mark and raises one of his eyebrows. Mark sits back down
in his chair.
What the hell man?
                       MARK DOSS
Cut the shit!
Mark pulls out a sheet from the brown folder and shows it
to Darren.
                       MARK DOSS
This is a waiver of rights form I
have to read to you before you
choose to sign it or not, so
listen up.
Mark looks at the form.
                       MARK DOSS
I, Darren Love, hereby freely and
voluntarily without promises or
coercions waive my rights and


                       MARK DOSS (cont'd)
agree to speak to Detective Mark
Doss, an agent of the Jonesville
Police Department. At anytime I
can invoke my rights and not speak
with Detective Mark Doss. I also
at anytime can request the
assistance of legal
representation; namely an attorney
to be present during my
questioning of this interview
between myself and Detective Mark
Doss. My signature is an
acknowledgement that I have a
clear understanding of all my
rights as they have been explained
to me in this form and that I
choose at this time to waive my
Mark puts the form down and looks at Darren.
                       MARK DOSS
Wanna sign?
What is this in reference to?
                       MARK DOSS
Has to do with a murder that
happened last night on Bozier
I ain't got shit to hide, so yeah
give me a pen.
Det. Doss grabs a pen from his coat and gives it to Darren.
Darren signs the form. He hands the form and pen to Mark.
Mark puts the pen back in his coat and the form in the brown
                       MARK DOSS
So where were you around nine
thirty last night?
I was at FitLift with my brother
lifting weights.
                       MARK DOSS
Are you sure about that?


Darren leans back in his chair and takes a deep breath.
Darren then leans forward and interlocks his fingers
together. He looks at Mark.
I was at my baby mama's house.
Mark flips through the file on the table. He starts reading
something to himself. He then looks at Darren.
                       MARK DOSS
Ok, but how come you told Officer
Simmons your name was Simon
Johnson and you were Michelle
Bradley's brother?
Cause man, I ain't supposed to be
around her. There is an active TPO
against me in regards to her and
also I have a probation warrant
out on me. So I lied. I didn't
want to go back to jail.
Mark closes the file on the table. He looks up at the
ceiling behind Darren and there is a camera fixed in the
corner of the ceiling. Mark nods his head at the camera.
Mark looks at Darren.
                       MARK DOSS
Alright that's what I needed to
know. Now here is what is going to
happen. You're going to county on
your probation warrant.
Darren is about to speak when Mark puts his hand up
signaling Darren to not speak. Darren doesn't speak.
                       MARK DOSS
I wasn't finished. As I was
saying, you're going to county on
your probation warrant. I'm not
going to pursue the obstruction
and fleeing charges. I'm also
going to cut you a break on the
violation of TPO because we didn't
know it was you at the time, but
mark these words, you better stay
the hell away from your baby
mama's house. If you are caught in
that area again you will go back
to prison. Is that understood?


I got it.
Officer Jackson enters into the room. Mark gets up from his
chair and so does Darren. Officer Jackson puts handcuffs on
Darren. Officer Jackson escorts Darren out the room. Mark
picks up the file from the table and Officer Beasley comes
into the room. He hands Mark a couple of documents.
                       OFFICER BEASLEY
Give that to Chris, it's the
analysis I ran on our victim's
                       MARK DOSS
Anything useful?
                       OFFICER BEASLEY
Unless you consider a shit load of
dick pics to be useful, then no.
                       MARK DOSS
You'd be surprised.
                       OFFICER BEASLEY
So you get anything good from
                       MARK DOSS
No, he was just somewhere he
shouldn't have been. By the way, I
left an evidence bag on your desk.
It's a white tee shirt with a
couple of blood stains on it. I
need you run an analysis for me.
                       OFFICER BEASLEY
I'll take care of it.
                       MARK DOSS
Thanks. I'm heading to Chris's
location. If anyone needs me let
them know.
                       OFFICER BEASLEY
You got it.
Officer Beasley and Mark exit the office.


Chris and Officer Simmons are standing in Jeff's apartment.
Jeff is clearing stuff off the couch. He sends a text
message on his phone. Jeff puts his phone in his pocket.
Jeff looks at Chris.
Here, have a seat officer.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
I'm good.
Officer Simmons picks up a bong off the floor and he
examines it. Jeff looks at Officer Simmons.
It's for medicinal purposes. I
have glaucoma.
Officer Simmons smirks at Jeff. He puts the bong down on an
end table. Chris looks at Jeff.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
We don't give a shit about your
weed. I'm here for the bed sheets.
What bed sheets?
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Then ones your girlfriend called
911 about.
I have no idea what you're talking
                       OFFICER SIMMONS
Stop the bullshit.
I'm not.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Look Mr. Young.
Jeff looks at Chris.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
I'm going to cut to the chase. A
college student was murdered last
night on Bozier Street. Your
girlfriend called 911 about an


                       CHRIS AUSLAND (cont'd)
hour ago and reported that she
overhead on the TV about the
murder. She also advised she knew
the victim. She also mentioned
your name and said you knew the
victim too. She then said that a
black male had stayed over at your
house last night, but she didn't
provide any names. She said when
she woke up this morning the black
male was gone, but she noticed the
bed sheets where he slept had
several bloodstains on them that
looked fresh. Your apartment is
only about ten minutes from the
crime scene. That's why I need the
sheets. I was also hoping you
could provide me the name of the
guy that stayed over here last
Jeff runs his hands through his hair and looks at Chris.
I assume pleading the fifth is not
an option?
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
We both know what assuming does,
Mr. Young.
Jeff is about to speak when JERRY YOUNG, a slim white male,
50's, wearing square frame glasses, brown hair, clean shaven
and wearing a suit enters into Jeff's apartment. He looks at
                       JERRY YOUNG
Unless you have a warrant officer,
I suggest you leave this
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
You are?
                       JERRY YOUNG
I'm Jerry Young, Jeff's father.
Jerry hands Chris a business card. Chris takes the card and
looks at it. Jerry looks at Chris.


                       JERRY YOUNG
So any questions from here on out
regarding Jeff, can be addressed
through me.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
With all do respect Mr. Young,
your son gave Officer Simmons and
I permission to enter into his
Jerry looks at Jeff sternly. Jeff looks at Chris.
I'm going to need you both to
Chris smiles at Jeff.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Alright, if that's how you want to
play it. You know you weren't a
suspect, but now you are. Hang
tight, I'll be back with my search
warrant and the drug task force.
Jeff's eyes widen. Chris looks at Officer Simmons.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Get Lee on the phone and tell him
what we got. Stand by here until I
get back.
Officer Simmons exits the apartment. Chris looks at Jeff
before exiting the apartment.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Daddy's job will not protect you
Chris winks at Jeff.
Chris is met by Mark.
                       MARK DOSS
Darren was a dead end. He lied
because his baby mama had a TPO
out against him and the
ex-boyfriend's alibi checked out


                       MARK DOSS (cont'd)
as well. So what's going on here?
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
A smart ass college kid playing
hard ball. Come with me and I'll
fill you in.
Chris and Mark proceed to their cars. Chris wads up the
business card Jerry gave him and throws it on the ground.
Officer Simmons is standing by his patrol car. Chris and
Mark get into Chris's car and leaves.
Jeff is being escorted out of his apartment in handcuffs by
Officer Simmons. REGGIE LEE, a black male, 40s, wearing a
ball cap and a goatee with the drug task force unit is
holding two brick sized clear packages of marijuana. He
approaches Chris and Mark.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
So, anything interesting?
Reggie shows Chris and Mark the bricks of marijuana.
                       REGGIE LEE
Not too bad. Got these two bricks
of Mary Jane, 12 bottles of
hyrdos, a box of 30 vile bottles
of HGH, and several scales and
smoking devices. I would say
enough to put him away for at
least 30 or more. Not to mention
over ten thousand in cash.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
One second.
Chris looks over at Jeff who is being escorted to Officer
Simmons patrol car. Jerry is following behind Officer
Simmons and Jeff.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Thanks for letting us get that
search warrant. Heard with
everything they found you're
looking at minimum of thirty


                       CHRIS AUSLAND (cont'd)
Jeff turns around and looks at Chris while crying.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Oh yeah, I got my bed sheets too.
So now, you may also be a murder
Jerry turns his son around. Jeff gets put into Officer
Simmons patrol car and Jerry gets into his car. Officer
Simmons and Jerry leave the premises. Chris turns his
attention back to Officer Lee.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Thanks again for helping us out
with this detail.
                       REGGIE LEE
I should be the one thanking you.
Looks like this bust just may get
me that raise.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Least somebody is getting them.
                       REGGIE LEE
I said may. I'm not getting my
damn hopes up. Anyways, I'll take
care of the charges on shithead.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Thanks, tell him I'll be by later
today to see him.
                       REGGIE LEE
You got it.
Officer Lee and another officer, WHITE MALE, 30s, go to
their black SUV with tinted windows and get inside leave.
Mark looks at Chris.
                       MARK DOSS
What a morning.
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
You can say that again and we
still have no solid leads.
                       MARK DOSS
We will. You know these cases
eventually get a break.


                       CHRIS AUSLAND
I know, but with all this IA shit
on me, I need the break sooner
rather than later. If I can get a
suspect in custody for this murder
then maybe, just maybe, IA will
see I'm not a bad officer.
Mark grabs Chris by his shoulders.
                       MARK DOSS
Hey, you're not a bad officer. In
fact, your the best damn detective
I have ever met. IA is just
fishing, that's what they do.
Besides, I know and everyone at
the department knows, you would
not take evidence especially money
evidence. For Christ's sake, if
anybody defines the word ethics,
it's you. Trust me it's all going
to blow over soon.
Chris's phone vibrates in his pocket. Mark lets go of
Chris's shoulders. Chris looks at his phone and reads a text
message. He looks at Mark.
                       MARK DOSS
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Chief just texted and said IA is
done with their investigation and
they want to meet with me on
                       MARK DOSS
What did I tell you, it's almost
finished. Well I would say that's
enough entertainment for one
evening. I'm calling it a day.
I'll meet you back at the station
this evening?
                       CHRIS AUSLAND
Yeah, I'm pretty exhausted. Sounds
like a plan. I gotta meet with
victim's sister sometime tomorrow.
So yeah, we will start back fresh
Mark and Chris get in their cars and leave.


ANDRE HARRIS, the black male that was at Jeff's apartment
the night before is getting out of the shower. He wraps a
towel around his waist. Andre goes to his bathroom mirror
which is fogged up. He wipes the fog away to examine his
chest and face. Rap music can be heard playing on his phone.
He puts on some deodorant and throws his clothes on the
bathroom floor into the hamper.
He looks for a tee shirt. All of a sudden a loud knock can
be heard outside his dorm room.
He opens it.
Standing at the door is Rose. She looks at Andre with a
serious expression on her face.
Andre, we need to talk.
Chris is sitting on his couch looking over Josh Gant's
cellphone report. The TV is on, but the sound is muted. On
the TV, is Chief Walker at a podium speaking. Chris has his
shirt off and his police badge is dangling around his neck.
Chris is leaned over on the couch and he is snorting some
cocaine off of his coffee table. He tilts his head back.
Chris then looks at the coffee table and on the coffee table
to his right is three stacks of packaged money.
PERCY COKER, a black male, 50s, slim, with short grey hair
and a thin mustache is at his residence working on an old
blue car in his driveway. The hood of the car is propped
open and Percy is working on the motor of the car.
Up walks RAYSHAWN WALLIS JR, the black male who passed by
Darren getting arrested earlier in the morning.


Percy stops working on the car and sees Rayshawn pass by
                       PERCY COKER
Where you been , boy?
Rayshawn turns around and looks at Percy.
                       PERCY COKER
Where's out?
Rayshawn rolls his eyes at Percy.
I ain't got time for this shit,
Uncle. I'm tired as hell and I
just wanna go lay down.
                       PERCY COKER
You look like shit. You better not
be into all that mess you were in
before. You know the rules for
living here, boy. I don't have
time for none of your mess. You
best be getting your act cleaned
up and looking for a job if you
wanna continue living here. Ain't
no hand outs. You hear me?
Yeah, I hear you.
Rayshawn turns back around and heads up the front porch
                       PERCY COKER
Another thing, what's so important
in that book bag of yours that you
gotta be carrying it everywhere
you go?
Rayshawn turns around and looks at his Percy.
My shit.
Rayshawn turns back around and heads into the house. Percy
looks at Rayshawn as he goes inside the house, shakes his
head, and goes back to working on his car.


Rayshawn goes into the living room and sits down on the old
raggedy brown couch. He grabs the remote off the end table
and turns on the TV. Rayshawn puts the remote down on the
couch. He takes off his book bag and puts it on the floor in
front of him.
Unzipping the book bag, he pulls out the brown paper bag he
had earlier. He unscrews the lid to the liquor bottle and
takes a drink. On the TV, is a WHITE MALE news reporter,
40s, with brown hair, clean shaven face, and wearing a blue
dress shirt while holding a microphone is standing on Bozier
Rayshawn stares at the TV.
                       NEWS REPORTER#2
      (on the TV)
Earlier this morning, here on
Bozier Street, a Jonesville
college student identified as Josh
Gant was severely beaten with what
the police are saying is some sort
of hammer or pipe just feet away
from his residence. Mr.Gant later
died at Franklin Memorial
Hospital. Mr. Gant was only 23
years old and was one semester
away from graduating college. No
suspects have been identified in
regards to this case. Citizens are
encouraged to contact the
Jonesville Police Department with
any leads or additional
information regarding this
Rayshawn grabs the remote and turns the channel. Rayshawn
takes one more sip from his liquor bottle and puts the cap
back on the bottle. He tries putting it back in his book
bag, but something is preventing it from going in there.
Rayshawn rummages through his book bag and when he does, a
hammer falls out of the bag. Rayshawn throws the hammer back
into the bag. He shoves the liquor bottle in the bag as
well. Rayshawn lays down on the couch and falls asleep.


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