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Mama - A Short Film
by Sarah Kovacs

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****
In the world of prostitutes, heroin addicts and men who don't care anymore, we see one woman's day unfold as she finds out how one day can really change everything.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


We open on a woman who opens her eyes as she takes a deep
breath. Her eyes are tired, cold, scared and confused. Her
face is filled with scratches and bruises. We take a a step
back and look at the woman in full. She's laying in bed, her
body looking bruised and scarred. She's thin. Sickly thin,
her skin is so pale and you can tell by looking at her that
her skin is like ice. The small white pair of shorts she
wears are in high contrast to the crimson stained sheets.
The blood on the sheets is visible and the room around the
woman is small. Her hair is a mess and she scratches the
back of her neck as her other hand places the needle she
just injected herself with into a drawer in the nightstand
beside her bed. This is STELLA EVANS, our protagonist and a
heroin addict. She sits up quickly and smiles as she feels
the drug fill her body. She runs a hand through her hair and
stands up, the room filling with light as she opens the
blinds and opens the window. Stella lets out a small sigh
and steps out onto the fire escape, the world around her
filling with noise. She takes a deep breath, and the voice
over begins.
Shaking her head softly, she reaches out to a plant and
takes one of the dead leaves in her hands. She studies it
for a moment, the drops it as she notices a young woman
being dragged into the alley by a taller man who yells at
her in curses. This woman is Claire, a close friend of
STELLA's. He glances both ways, pushes her forward and
STELLA shuts her eyes, trying to block out the horrible
nature of her uncle.
                       STELLA (V.O.)
Mama, I'm in London. It's colder
than you'd imagine. And those men
down there with accents? Not as
kind as you'd think. Mama, you
told me I'd have a good life here
with him. But the only times I
ever saw him was when I was
working and he wanted his money.
He'd come to the door and beat it
down if I didn't let him in. But
he'd give me my freedom in the
form of a little powdery
substance. I'm sorry, Mama, this
is what my life's come to.
STELLA quickly rushes inside, knowing if they cornered her
friend, they'd surely be looking into her afterwards. She


rushes to the bathroom, searching for any money she has for
the pimp. She runs to through the small apartment to the
spare room which contains only a white dresser with red
stains all over. She rips open a drawer and sees some money
and grabs it, counting out two hundred fifty pounds in
Twenty... Forty... One hundred...
One fifty... Two fifty-
Her mumbling and terrified scatter is hushed by the sound of
a knock coming from the door. She grabs her money, runs to
her front door and slides it under the door, stepping back
quickly. Every bit of her body shakes and shudders in fear
of who's on the other side of the door.
                       STELLA (Crying)
There! That's it, all two hundred
fifty, just like you wanted!
She clamps a hand over her mouth to hide her terrified
cries, and there is some shuffling outside the door, and she
can her the door handle being played with. She slides down
the wall she leans against and closes her eyes, fearing the
beating she's about to take. But the door opens and a small
child runs in, followed by a taller, attractive man who
picks up the money from the ground and looks at STELLA, his
eyes disapointed.
The child is only two years old and has blond hair just like
her mothers. STELLA looks up at the child, whose arms reach
out for her mother. STELLA looks up at the man behind and
lets out a soft smile, then looks back at her daughter, Ema,
embracing her tightly. She stands and holds her daughter
close in her arms.
Oh, um, Ema. What're you doing
here so early, don't you have
Mama, did you forget? It's my


Of course, how could I forget
this. But your party isn't until
tonight, baby?
She kept talking about coming here
for her birthday party here with
us tonight. She's been so excited,
she wouldn't stop talking about
it. She refused and then threw a
fit if she didn't see you before
You said that wasn't a good idea
last time.
It still isn't, but a daughter
needs her mother.
NICK pauses before he continues. He touches STELLA's
forehead softly at a bloody patch and then slowly traces his
finger along down towards her jaw, which is bloody and
disfigured. The same goes for her nose. She winces at his
touch and sends him an ice cold glare.
                       NICK (Quieter)
I thought you said you were going
to straighten your life up for
Ema's sake?
STELLA says nothing and kisses EMA's forehead quickly,
smiling. EMA seems very content, then her face goes into the
infamous sad child look; her lip extended and pouted plumply
with little sad eyes.
Why are you sad, Mama? Did you get
hurt by the bad guys again? Daddy
told me you were a superhero who
fights crime so you can keep me
NICK crosses his arms and looks at the two girls, his eyes
full of care and hope. STELLA looks over at NICK, smiling
softly, and looks back at her baby. EMA would never know
what hell her mother really went through everyday and if
this is what she needed to think so she could still love her
mother, then it would be.


Um... Yes, babygirl. They wanted
to get to you and I made sure I
was going to keep you safe. They
always want something out of the
pretty girls like us.
But my Mama's the prettiest and my
Daddy is the strongest, so no one
will ever hurt me, right Mama?
NICk takes a few steps closer and places a hand on STELLA's
shoulder, nodding softly.
Nobody is going to hurt you,
pumpkin. Mama and I love you very
much. But, your mother and I need
to talk, so go to the kitchen and
we'll go after, okay, love?
EMA nods quickly and carefully, STELLA puts her down on the
ground, watching her daughter scurry off to the kitchen.
STELLA closes her and NICK takes her chin softly in his
hand, turning her to look at him. She opens his eyes and he
looks at her, concern filing his face.
It's going to kill you.
Not if he kills me first.
It's heroin, what the fuck are you
doing? You have a daughter,
Stella. Ema needs a mother.
And her mother's a whore,
remember? How else do you expect
me to get money for my daughter.
Ema's all I've got to care for
since you left and took her along
with you.
Slipping two hundred fifty pounds
under the door for your pimp isn't
the way you're going to give Ema
money. You were a danger to her
and yourself, I couldn't subject


                       NICK (cont'd)
her to such a cruel life.
STELLA pauses and takes his hand quickly, guiding him to the
spare room and opens the drawer cautiously, exposing at
least five hundred pounds. NICK's face goes blank and STELLA
bites her lip gently.
I made sure I had enough for Ema.
She's my everything, Nick. You
used to be too, but like you said,
this cruel kills everything it
touches. Including little girls
hope and ideas of love and
Pulling STELLA into a hug, NICK lets out a small sigh and
STELLA winces at his touch once again. She pulls away from
him as we hear EMA squealing from the kitchen.
You need to get this stitched up
before tonight. It is your
daughter's birthday after all. I'm
getting the cake. Go down the
street East for six blocks and
Get to the hospital, I know. I
will. Ema's turning three, I won't
just leave her like that. I'm not
going to follow my mother in dying
on her daughter's birthday, I
promise. She'll have a mother.
As EMA squeals again from the kitchen, STELLA lets out a
soft smile, and NICK chuckles. He pulls STELLA into another
embrace and kisses the top of her head.
We'll be a family again. Your life
will be how you and I always
dreamed. A small house on a hill,
Ema growing up with an apple tree
to keep her safe, stars to keep us
company at night. Everything we
STELLA closes her eyes and we switch to an image of what
they imagine their life to be. We see a house on a hill, a
small girl playing on a swing from a tree and she lets out a


laugh. We see the back of a couple near the house, and the
couple embraces. The man calls out for his daughter and she
rushes up from swing and the father picks her up quickly.
The family looks whole and happy.

STELLA opens her eyes again, tears scattering her face.
One year from now, we're going to
be a happy family. I promise. I'm
going to straighten everything
I know you will, Stella. I know
you will.
Mama! Daddy! Come here! The birdy
is singing happy birthday to me!
The door closes and we see STELLA just standing with her
back against the door and locking it quickly. She turns and
looks back at her now empty apartment. She lets out a sigh
and goes to the washroom, turning the light on to reveal her
bloody and bruised face. Quiet sad music plays in the
background and she touches the spots on her face that looked
the most damaged. Her eyes fill with tears and she slams her
fist on the counter and lets out an anguished filled cry.
She touches her face in the mirror, not fully recognizing
how damaged she really is. Running her hand down to the tap,
she turns it on grabs a towel and wets it down, attempting
to clean the blood on her face away. But to her dismay, it
doesn't clear up so she drops it and runs her hands along
her face and hair in distress while she lets out a real
heartbroken sob. All while this is happening, the following
voice over comes on.
                       STELLA (V.O.)
Mama, you said love lasts. You
said he'd be the perfect
gentleman, holding doors and
making me laugh during the
greatest thunderstorms. Mama, you
said my life over here would be
perfect. You said I'd be the
perfect mother one day. But, Mama,
where were you to teach me how to
do that? Mama, my life's a mess.
Mama, come back, I'm screaming for
you to be hear. Show me what to


                       STELLA (cont'd)
do! I'm dying, Mama! Do you care?
Mama, what about Ema? What will
she do if I die? Nick can't do it
alone, Mama. Bring me out of this.
Mama, I don't want to die! I
don't! I wish you hadn't. Teach me
what to do. Tell me how to move
past this. Tell me how to stay
alive. Mama, don't let me die. For
Nick's sake. For my daughter's
sake. Mama, don't let them win.
STELLA sits on a hospital bed, her legs crossed and in a
hospital gown. Her body is tense and the room is possibly
the most sterile thing she'd ever seen in her life. STELLA
sits on the bed, not moving a muscle, almost as if if she
did, everyone would know her secrets. She takes a deep
breath and a doctor walks in. STELLA quickly sits up
straight and looks to the doctor.
      (Looking at his
Miss. Evans? Hello, I'm Doctor
Carters. What seems to be the
issue today?
STELLA says nothing and just kind of looks at him with a
dumbfounded look. She slowly takes a hand and reaches up to
the marks on her face and nods softly.
Of course.
He says nothing and moves his chair to STELLA, where he
takes a cotton swab and cleans up the cut a little.
Mind telling me how you got this
nasty cut before I proceed?
STELLA's face goes white and she closes her eyes remembering
how it all went down earlier on that week.


The house is dark and STELLA sits on her bed with the woman
who was dragged into the alley. They both look to be quite
pale and distressed. Their hair is a mess and they both have
that sickly skinny appearance to them. CLAIRE, the woman
with black hair and sunken eyes, adjusts herself and laughs,
pulling out a small syringe from her purse. STELLA lets out
a laugh and grabs it from her quickly, examining it
Your uncle gave it to me. He's
quite persuasive to give more than
he gets when you give him exactly
what he wants, if you know what
I'm saying.
CLAIRE lets out another laugh and STELLA passes the syringe
back to her friend and shakes her head.
You fucked my uncle? That's
messed, even for you, Claire. He's
our pimp, not our costumer.
He's whatever he wants to be when
he's offering the good, pure
CLAIRE lets out another laugh and holds up a couple small
bags of white substance. STELLA raises an eyebrow and laughs
and pushes CLAIRE's shoulder softly, and CLAIRE falls
backwards onto the bed while STELLA lets out a small sigh,
taking a cigarette from the back on the side of the bed,
lighting it up quickly.
It's a perfect opportunity. That's
how you become their favorite, you
                       STELLA (Taking a smoke)
I'm not going to sleep with my
uncle, if that's what you're
Not even for this godly stuff?
Never. That's why I have you.


STELLA laughs and pinched her friends cheek and the two
women hear a knock at the door. Their faces go cold and they
hush almost immediately. They look at each other, terrified
out of their minds and STELLA slowly stands up, handing the
smoke to CLAIRE. Walking to the door, the knocks come louder
and STELLA jumps back as the yelling begins. STELLA looks
back at CLAIRE and she whispers something to her.
                       EDWARD (Yelling)
Well, open up, you little bitch! I
want my money. You owe me.
                       STELLA (Whispering)
It's Edward!
                       CLAIRE (Whispering)
Don't keep him waiting! Remember
what happened last time?
                       STELLA (Whispering)
He almost found out about Ema!
                       EDWARD (Yelling)
Hurry the fuck up, I know you're
in there. Claire, you too!
                       STELLA (Whispering)
Get out! Go through the fire
escape! Go!
You little bitches, I want my
money for the shit I gave Claire.
Now either you open this fucking
door, or I'll kill you both.
                       CLAIRE (Whispering)
NO I'm not leaving-
                       STELLA (Whispering)
Claire, go!
And so, CLAIRE dashes out the window and STELLA turns back
to the door, where she knows her uncle stands. She swallows
hard and opens the door, where her uncle darts in screaming
as he holds a butchers knife. He's obviously a little
intoxicated, but not enough to not know what he's doing.
STELLA pushes herself out of the way and against the wall.
EDWARD looks around the room, then looks back at STELLA.
You. You told her to leave, didn't


Please, sir, I didn't, she was
never here!
Of course she wasn't. She never
is, is she? Fuck that, since she
isn't here, then you give me the
EDWARD pushes STELLA up against the wall, the blade to her
throat. She barely breathes and tears fill her eyes. EDWARD
laughs at his pitiful niece and pulls the blade away only
slightly, just so he can smack STELLA to the ground. He
places a foot on top of STELLA and laughs again.
Let me guess. You don't have the
money, do you? Ah, covering for
your little friend all the time
has its downfalls, now doesn't it.
Please sir, I can explain, give me
time to get it to you.
STELLA shuffles back and EDWARD grabs her by the hair and
yanks her up. She lets out an agonizing scream and he knees
her in the stomach multiple times, then drops her as she
lets out another scream. He grabs her foot and drags her
backwards into the kitchen, dropping her beneath the stove.
Please, Uncle! I can get it to you
by tomorrow, I don't have all of
what she owes! You give her all
the business these days! Please,
give me a day!
A day? You think I have a day?
Please, your dealer doesn't wait
for us like I've been waiting on
you. You used to be the best, what
happened to you?
Please, I'm sorry! I'll work
Isn't that what you said last
time, bitch? This time you need
some reminders when you look in


                       EDWARD (cont'd)
that mirror.
With that, EDWARD grabs a glass mug and shatters it. But as
it drops, we see that it's a mug with EMA's name written
along the sides. He drops down beside her as she tries to
crawl away and steps down on her ankle, making her unable to
move. She lets out a harrowing scream and looks up at her
torturer. He takes a shard of the glass and runs it long
STELLA's temple and laughs. He glances around the room, and
notices a framed photo of EMA, NICK and STELLA. He raises an
eyebrow and takes it off the wall.
A daughter? I almost forgot about
the little baby whore. Didn't you
end up falling for the man too? A
bachelor party four years ago
                       STELLA (Crying)
Please! They've done nothing! Kill
me instead, not them!
Kill them? Why would I do that?
I'll only do it, if I don't get at
least half tonight and the rest
tomorrow. But until then, let me
remind you why we don't lie to Mr.
STELLA lets out another scream as we hear a bottle smash and
we pan up, just hearing all that happens from above. It's
only ten seconds, but when we pan back down to the scene, we
seen a bloodied and bruised STELLA with EDWARD pulling her
up to her feet and scowling.
Get the money, I'll collect the
rest when I come back tomorrow.
STELLA saunters to the drawers she has with money and she
drops to the floor, passed out from pain. EDWARD steps
around her limp body and takes the money, putting it into
his pocket and then leaves, mumbling only a couple words.
Dumb ass bitch.
                       STELLA (V.O.)
I'm sorry, Mama.


                                         END OF FLASHBACK
Shaking her head to clear the thoughts of the past, STELLA
just smiles softly at the doctor.
Just a little trip down the
stairs. Oops, clumsy me.
DOCTOR takes another look at the woman and begins stitching
her up, looking at the small stitches that can still be
faintly seen on her top lip.
I've stitched you up before,
haven't I?
STELLA looks back at the doctor, startled at his knowledge.
But she lets out a small sigh and nods softly.
I'm afraid so. But, it's okay,
this one wasn't abuse. I promise.
You all think doctors don't see
through those lies, don't you?
We'll get you into see a therapist
soon, okay?
I don't have the money.
I'll personally pay for it. I've
got money, let me help you.
STELLA stands up quickly and nods then shakes her head. Her
face knows exactly what would happen if this all went
through. She'd be dead in a week, if that.
                       STELLA (Begging)
I appreciate it, sir. I do. But
please, I can't. You need to know
this. Please.
Ma'am, let us help you.


You're not helping! You're going
to have me killed if you do!
STELLA runs out the door and past the nurses station, where
the DOCTOR stands and whispers to one of the nurses to call
an officer to follow her.
That's a woman in trouble. Call
Detective Duskin, okay?
Just do it.
                       STELLA (V.O.)
Mama, my fate is sealed.
STELLA is finally away from the hospital, her mind racing
and her eyes stinging with tears. The street is busy, loud
and frightening. People shove past her, everyone not caring
if they bump into her really. A few men call out to her, all
seeming to want a piece of what she has to offer. She
becomes uncomfortable, but the men don't seem to really
care. MAN 1 is very creepy and almost as foul as he smells.
MAN 2 is an attractive business man but you can tell what
he's into and it's not pleasant.
                       MAN 1
Hello there, love. Care to come
show me how sweet you can be.
STELLA says nothing and MAN 1 gets visibly upset.
                       MAN 1
Look here, doll. I don't have
money, but I can show you a good
time. Be worth your while.
Sir, I'm sorry but I really must
be off.
MAN 1 grabs STELLA's hand and she shoves him off as he tries
to pull her into an alley. MAN 2 sees this happening and
runs into the street where this is happening, tearing the
man off of STELLA and pulling her into a hug.


                       MAN 2
How dare you touch my dear Elisa
like this! Be gone before I call
the police!
MAN 1 runs off and MAN 2 looks down at the woman, and
smiles. Letting go of STELLA, he lets out a smirk and
touches under her chin after she speaks.
Thank you, sir. You're quite good
at thinking on your feet, aren't
you. I don't know how I could
repay you-
                       MAN 2
I can help you there. A man like
him would never be any good for
you, and well, as you can see, I'm
much more well suited to your
      (Stepping back)
Sir, please, I don't know what you
                       MAN 2
      (Getting angrier)
Oh please, you think I don't know
who you are and what you do for
men? Come on, give ol' Danny a
free ride.
MAN 2 grabs at STELLA and she runs back out into the street
trying to avoid the man who she had just met. After a
moment, she bumps into another man. This is DETECTIVE
DUSKIN, the one the doctor had called for earlier. He looks
at STELLA, then looks behind at the man trying to get to
her, then looks back at her terrified face. He gives her a
small smile and nods, pulling out his badge from his pocket.
I'm Detective Aaron Duskin, come
with me, I'll keep you safe. I
STELLA looks at the man skeptically. Her eyes narrow and he
lets out an agitated sigh and holds out his hand, looking
back at the man who seems to draw closer every moment.


Miss. Evans, if you don't come
with me now, no one might ever
hear from you again. Come on, lets
STELLA finally nods and the two rush off down the street.
                       STELLA (V.O.)
Mama, men are cruel. Even the nice
Walking inside, STELLA and DETECTIVE both make their way
down the hall. STELLA gets a few awkward stares from people
around her and then she stopped in her tracks. She knew what
was happening. She already looked uncomfortable but this
just threw her over the edge. The DETECTIVE turns over his
shoulder to look at her and he lets out a sigh, reaching
back to take her hand again. STELLA's pale face goes a shade
of red and slowly her breathing begins to quicken. Her whole
body tenses up and she looks at the DETECTIVE with fear in
her eyes. Almost everyone stares.
Stella, listen, you're safe here.
We aren't going to hurt you. We
just want to help you.
STELLA shakes her head furiously and big security men grab
her and help her sit down. A nice looking lady brings a
glass of water and places it down quickly, then gives off a
look of disgust. The DETECTIVE kneels down in front of her
and smiles up at her.
It's alright, okay? We just want
to ask some questions so things
that happened today won't happen
They're all staring.
Not at you.
Why're they staring? I'm a woman.
I'm not dangerous.


People are scared of what they
don't understand.
They're scared of me? No, they're
scared of what I could have happen
to them.
The DETECTIVE looks up at the two men and nods to both of
Let's get you to a private room
where we can ask you some
questions, alright?
STELLA is seated in a nice chair in a fairly well groomed
office, and she glances around, taking in all the money it
must've taken to make things look so amazing. DETECTIVE is
pouring a glass of water for her and then moves to his own.
He then sits in his chair across from her, behind the desk
and he pulls himself in quickly, before clearing his throat.
So, Miss. Evans how-
How'd you know my name?
I'm sorry?
How the hell did you know my name?
I'm fairly certain I never told
you it.
The DETECTIVE lets out an awkward chuckle, rubbing his neck
then running a hand through his hair. He leans back and
smiles softly.
You don't miss anything, do you,
I asked you a question.


You really want to know?
I need to know who's sealing my
What does that...
STELLA gives him a look of, 'don't even ask' and DETECTIVE
backs off. He nods slowly and shrugs.
Doctor Carters orders through
Nurse Carina.
                       STELLA (Mumbled)
May I continue?
      (STELLA nods)
How old are you, Miss Evans?
Is that so?
Why would I lie? It's my
daughter's birthday I really must
get going.
Tell her happy birthday from us
then. Have you gotten her a card
yet, with all your running around
                       STELLA (Embarrassed)
No... I... I haven't.
DETECTIVE searches through his drawer and finally pulls out
a card with a cat on it. He nods at it and slides it over
the desk.


Thank you...
STELLA takes a pen from the cup on the desk and scribbles
down some words and she looks back up with a small smile.
So, now that I've done something
for you, do something for you. Or
rather, answer something for me.
What's your line of work?
I'm not at liberty to say.
I do hope you know we aren't here
to judge or take you in for
anything. You're not just a dirty
whore. As much as the others think
that, I don't believe it's true.
You've been playing the game with
the cards you've been dealt, just
like everyone else. You've just
been given a bloody awful hand
this round.
                       STELLA (Sneers)
Maybe it'll be better next time.
Who're you working for?
STELLA say nothing. The DETECTIVE lets out a sigh and raises
an eyebrow.
I'm not going to let you hurt him.
I promise.
You can't promise it.
Please, let us help you. We know
who it is. Edward Evans, right? Do
you know what he does to the rest
of the girls? I spoke to your
friend Claire a week ago, he beat
her in the streets this morning,
right? I was called to the crime
scene this morning. She didn't
have the money. He took the blade
slit her throat this morning. I


                       DETECTIVE (cont'd)
can't let him hurt you. He's
killed all the girls who don't
give him what he wants. You know
this, don't you?
STELLA's eyes begin to fill with tears and she covers her
mouth with her hand, holding back the heart breaking
screams. We see a flashback of Claire and herself.
We see CLAIRE laughing at a table filled with other women,
taking a swing of her drink and then blowing out the cake
with a candle on it, while others sing happy birthday to
her. She laughs and grabs a piece and throws some across the
room at each of the women, each one disappearing once it
happens, leaving just CLAIRE and STELLA sitting on her bed
from the night STELLA got hurt.
Now, we only see CLAIRE's dead body laying on the ground, a
slit in her neck and her eyes gloss over and blood trickling
out of her mouth.
STELLA lets out a few tears and bites her lip hard, slamming
her eyes shut, not letting anything else come out.
Please, sir, I'm sorry, I can't
speak anymore.
DETECTIVE sighs and pulls open a drawer, taking a card with
his number on it out. Taking a pen, he underlines his number
and slides it back across the table.
Use this. I'm useless if you're
going to be stupid. I know it's
hard. I'll be right here to help
you. You're not alone, we'll have
your back.


Just like you had Claire's?
DETECTIVE says nothing and stands up quickly, opening the
door for STELLA as she walks out.
                       STELLA (V.O.)
Thank you, Detective Duskin. You
meant what you said.
STELLA walks down the street, looking down at the card, then
laughing lightly as she puts it back into her bag. She
continues walking, looking at the time on her watch and it
reads 6:10pm. She sighs softly, and the alley where CLAIRE
died catches her eye. She stops quickly and takes a moment.
                       STELLA (V.O.)
Claire, I'm sorry I couldn't save
you. Maybe you'll see me soon.
STELLA continues down the street until she reaches her
apartment and she climbs the stairs and puts the key in her
lock, but before she does, she hears a knife being drawn.
And before she can react, the cold blade of the knife is
pushed against her throat.
Where you been, bitch? I wanna
She turns the key quickly and EDWARD kicks STELLA into the
house, her purse spilling its contents as she lay helplessly
on the floor. He stays silent as he stands over top of
STELLA, who stares back, terrified of him. The knife
glistens, but reminisce of what looks to be blood can be
seen and EDWARD smirks. Then we zoom in on the card, which
then gets picked up by EDWARD and he shakes it head in
You'll work harder, you said? This
doesn't seem like working harder;
it seems more like throwing the
man who raised you from the age of
three under the bus and trying to
get away with being called the
victim. You wanted this life! You
begged me to help you!


I'm sorry! Please, sir! We're
Family doesn't do this.
And with that, EDWARD kills STELLA.
The scene of EMA, NICK and STELLA from before plays again.
STELLA waves goodbye to her family who leave the white place
in the end and we then switch to STELLA embracing CLAIRE,
CLAIRE in white and STELLA in what she died in. We then see
STELLA's mother, a young woman who is bald, come from no
where and she just smiles and nods, walking up to her
I'm sorry, mama.
All is forgiven, my child. You did
what you had to for your child.
She will understand, one day.
We see STELLA's lifeless body, with the window to the fire
escape blowing in the breeze due to it being open, and the
house is quiet and dark. The knife was left beside her body
and the card from the DETECTIVE was left out of her purse.
And the last thing we hear before we cut to a black screen
is a knock and then
The card from before appears back on the screen and it opens
and we hear what is written.
                       STELLA (V.O.)
Hello, my dear. I'm sorry, baby.
I'm sorry you have to see this. I
love you so much and I hope one
day you can understand why this
happened. You are so loved, and so
special. The bad guys got me this
time, but I promise, they will


                       STELLA (cont'd)
never get you. Happy birthday,
Ema. Be the strongest you can ever
be. Mama loves you so much.



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From Timothy Hames Date 4/9/2018 ****
Sara, I appreciated the level of detail you spent on direction. It provides the reader with a clear picture of your vision. Additionally I was wondering if you might be willing to look over something Iím working on. If you are interested email me at: timothy.hames@gmail.com Thanks

From carolina campbell Date 2/3/2018 ****
oh my gosh i loved it so much i was holding back tears at the end

From rose Date 8/21/2017 ****

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